Can we be serious about drafting a quarterback please?

I was listening to a segment on 710 Seattle Sports yesterday where a discussion was taking place as to whether the Seahawks should consider drafting a quarterback with their highest pick in 2023.

No analysis or opinion was provided on the quarterbacks available. It wasn’t even about Geno Smith deserving a long-term extension. It was a discussion on positional preference. It was about not drafting a quarterback unless you think they’re the next Patrick Mahomes.

To me, that’s completely the wrong way to look at this.

People forget that Patrick Mahomes wasn’t close to the Mahomes we’ve come to know when he entered the league.

As I noted in an article earlier this month:

Patrick Mahomes wasn’t even listed in Daniel Jeremiah’s top-50 prospects in his February list ahead of the 2017 draft. That wouldn’t be so bad — but in an updated version in April, Mahomes still wasn’t listed in the top-50.

Deshone Kizer, however, was ranked on both occasions.

In Jeremiah’s April 2017 mock draft, he eventually did include Mahomes in round one — at #27 overall. Deshaun Watson wasn’t included in the first frame. They ended up being the #10 and #12 picks respectively.

Mahomes himself revealed he was given a second round grade by the draft committee.

The excellent Lance Zierlein graded Mahomes at a 6.30 — a lower grade than Drew Lock (6.40). In his report, Zierlein noted:

“Mahomes will be a work in progress, but he’s a high ceiling, low floor prospect.”

If the objective is to pick the next Mahomes, otherwise you should avoid the position altogether, don’t we at least have to acknowledge what was being said about Mahomes before he came into the league?

The truth is if you apply the ‘wait until you find the next Mahomes’ standard, you probably would’ve missed on the original in 2017.

There isn’t some ‘Mahomes grade’ you get to apply to obviously great players. As with nearly every top quarterback, there are flaws you have to weigh up.

We can say the same for Josh Allen — a player who was a meme on the internet during the first two years of his career and mercilessly abused by the Twitterati. Justin Herbert was drafted after Tua Tagovailoa. Prior to his Heisman winning season playing with JaMarr Chase and Justin Jefferson, Joe Burrow was merely seen as an Ohio State reject destined for a late round grade.

Drafting a player like Mahomes requires a belief that you know something other people are missing. The Kansas City Chiefs showed that by trading a future first round pick to move up 17 spots to select him. They have been richly rewarded for backing themselves when many of the pundits in the media saw Mahomes as a late first or second round pick.

I would suggest that if your mentality is to avoid drafting a quarterback unless you’re convinced he’s the next Mahomes — you’ll probably never be the team that actually finds the holy grail. You need to show more bollocks than that. You can’t just sit and wait for perfection to fall into your lap.

As a GM — finding greatness at quarterback should be something you challenge yourself to do every year.

When you think back to the great quarterbacks of the last couple of generations — very few had no physical or mental flaws. From Drew Brees to Cam Newton to Russell Wilson to Tom Brady and Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers. None of these players were ‘factory produced’ ready and waiting to dominate the league. Neither was Mahomes.

A D-line pick is no sure thing either. As good as Jalen Carter and Will Anderson are, I also think they are players who would typically go in the #5-10 range and not necessarily be seen as the key prize in a draft class. Such is the state of the top-10 this year. Neither player jumps out in the way Myles Garrett or the Bosa brothers did. They could become as impactful but I can’t say I feel confident they will be.

Indeed, in another article I wrote recently, I highlighted the mixed results of D-liners drafted early in recent years:

Look at the pass rushers drafted in the top-10 between 2017-2021:

2017 — Solomon Thomas

Genuinely looked the part at Stanford, was drafted third overall and was a complete and total bust.

2018 — Bradley Chubb

Recently traded by Denver to Miami, Chubb is a good not great player and while certainly offering plus ability off the edge, he’s not a particularly feared ‘game-wrecker’.

2019 — Nick Bosa, Quinnen Williams, Clelin Ferrell, Josh Allen, Ed Oliver

Bosa is unquestionably one of the best in the game. Williams has needed all four years of his rookie contract to realise his potential and now looks legit. Ferrell was a bust, while Allen and Oliver are fairly middling players.

2020 — Chase Young

Injuries have stalled Young’s career but there wasn’t that much evidence of ‘game-wrecking’ potential when he was on the field. He feels more like a player who can become Bradley Chubb rather than Nick Bosa.

2021 — None

As we can see, the hit-rate isn’t good. It’s worse than the top-10 quarterbacks drafted that have become excellent players (Mahomes, Allen, Burrow, Herbert). You also have players who have flashed franchise potential (Murray, Tagovailoa) and players who could yet reach that level (Lawrence).

No position is more or less likely than another to produce greatness. There’s no reason to favour one approach over another. Drafting either a defensive lineman or a quarterback makes sense for Seattle.

The defense certainly needs an injection of talent and you can make a fantastic case for drafting Carter or Anderson with the hope they can provide a missing X-factor. However, we’ve also seen Seattle’s defense play badly for too long — with different schemes, coaches and wrinkles all ending up with a similar result despite a massive resource spend. As such, it might not just be a talent problem.

Drafting a quarterback also makes sense because it’s still the most important individual position in any team sport. It’s such a rare opportunity for the Seahawks to select one in the top five. If they see someone they like, they should seriously consider making an investment for the long-term future. Geno Smith, after all, is 33 next October. I don’t think you can criticise a team for planning ahead and insuring itself against Smith being unable to play deep into his 30’s or produce his best play from the 2022 season for multiple years.

Look at the Titans. They turned a Ryan Tannehill career renaissance into a $30m a year contract extension and they had some playoff success. Tannehill was well supported by Derrick Henry and A.J. Brown, plus Jeffrey Simmons provided an X-factor on defense. Yet less than three years on from the day that new deal was signed, the Titans face a situation where they need to find from somewhere a longer term solution. There are injury issues for Tannehill, who is now 34-years-old. There are doubts as to whether he can lead them to the promise land.

Unlike the Seahawks, they won’t pick in the top-three to address the matter.

I actually think Carter, Anderson and the quarterbacks are all in a similar boat.

Take Anderson. He’s undersized at 243lbs. That’s 23lbs lighter than Nick Bosa at his combine. The talent is obvious and he had a fantastic 2021 season but was a little bit less impactful in 2022. His sack numbers dropped from 17.5 in 2021 to 10 in 2022. His TFL numbers nearly halved (31 in 2021, 17 in 2020).

Now let’s look at Bryce Young. He’s undersized at around 5-10 and 190lbs. He won the Heisman in 2021 and put up gaudy number on the way to a SEC title and a National Championship appearance. In 2022, with a weaker supporting cast, he didn’t quite have the same production or success. He had an injury. His touchdown numbers dropped from 47 to 27.

They’re both incredibly naturally gifted but there are some question marks over size and a dip in production. You can imagine both being great but if you’re prepared to be honest, it’s also quite easy to imagine why both might fail to live up to expectations.

Now take Jalen Carter. He only really became a starter in 2022 and has a slightly limited college career. His physical profile is quite brilliant and he’s flashed major moments of quality. His production, however, isn’t anything to write home about. He has six sacks in three years at Georgia. There were recently reports of some character concerns.

Anthony Richardson only became the full-time starter at Florida in 2022. He has an unbelievable physical profile and has also flashed some outstanding moments on tape. His production, though, has been patchy at times and he’s more of a rough diamond than the finished product.

See what I mean?

My blurb for Nick Bosa would’ve simply read: ‘draft this guy’. We could all see how great he was. It was the same for Myles Garrett.

The truth is the top QB’s and the top D-liners for 2023 are all very talented but all carry some question marks. There isn’t anyone who screams ‘you have to take this player’ in this draft. The nearest thing is Bijan Robinson at Texas. He will be the highest graded player on many boards and he does have a complete game — but he’s a running back so that will temper his stock.

I don’t see any reason to prefer one over the other when it comes to quarterback or D-line with the top pick. I’m very open-minded about the whole thing. If John Schneider sees a quarterback he loves, he will probably take him. And so he should.

Equally if he prefers to go D-line, you can understand why.

I’m sure people might argue that a D-liner can contribute quicker. Perhaps. Yet let’s note that Kayvon Thibodeaux only has three sacks this season and a PFF grade of 70.2. He’s played well but he hasn’t walked in and become an unstoppable force. He also benefits from playing on the same line as former high picks Dexter Lawrence (92.0 PFF grade) and Leonard Williams (79.3 PFF grade), while playing for one of the best and most experienced defensive coordinators in the league (Wink Martindale).

Aidan Hutchinson has seven sacks and a 77.0 grade. It’s a really nice season for Hutchinson but it hasn’t stopped Detroit having the fourth worst defense in the NFL per DVOA.

Travon Walker, the #1 pick in 2022, has 3.5 sacks for Jacksonville and a 59.2 PFF grade. The Jaguars have the 27th ranked defense per DVOA.

The Seahawks could spend a top-three pick on a defensive lineman in 2023 and their defense could still be really bad, as is the case with the Jaguars and Lions.

I think a lot of people are kidding themselves if they think the problems are all down to talent. I’d recommend watching this video discussing the issues with Vic Fangio influenced schemes. Seattle has long lasting problems on defense stretching over a number of years that might not be easily solved. In particular the jury should be out on Clint Hurtt after an inglorious first year as defensive coordinator. Pete Carroll should also be challenged given the same problems keep reappearing.

Meanwhile, stashing a quarterback and developing him hasn’t done Mahomes any harm. Creating your own version of an Alex Smith-Patrick Mahomes passing of the torch between Geno Smith and a new, young QB is hardly a situation worthy of hand-wringing.

I also think the quarterback class in 2023 is in danger of becoming underrated. I’ve spoken a lot about all four of the ‘big names’ but there is a lot to like, while accepting there are flaws.

Bryce Young is naturally so gifted with skill, creativity and accuracy. He carried Alabama during the 2022 season and dragged them kicking and screaming into games against Tennessee where they had no right to be competitive. He can deliver the ball with timing and accuracy and his velocity on throws is clear to see. Young is also creative with brilliant mobility and improv skill. His size is a legitimate concern and teams will have to square that circle before drafting him. Nobody can deny, however, that he is a wonderful talent with exceptional character and production.

Will Levis has every physical trait you want in a modern day quarterback. He’s an outstanding athlete with a rocket arm and the ability to throw to all areas of the field. He can create with his legs and there’s a reason why people like Jim Nagy, and others, keep making comparisons to Allen and Herbert. He played behind a painfully bad O-line in Kentucky with hardly any supporting cast and had some rough moments — but any of the other top QB’s would’ve struggled in that situation. Levis also has firm experience in a pro-style offense.

Anthony Richardson is a rare physical specimen with the upside and potential to be special. There simply aren’t many people on the planet with his tools. He has the size to match the likes of Allen and the brilliance of a runner to warrant comparisons to Lamar Jackson. It’s very easy to imagine him becoming a superstar. He needs time and seasoning but many quarterbacks do. His timing is off and he has too many throws that are a little high or behind. Personally I think this will settle down with more playing time and experience, just as it did with Allen in Buffalo.

C.J. Stroud throws some of the prettiest passes you’ll ever see. His ball placement from the pocket or on the run is excellent and he can throw with such amazing touch to areas deep downfield. He has good size and plus mobility and no physical limitations with his arm. The issues come with intermediate accuracy and his inability, so far, to shine beyond the extreme hand-holding that comes with playing in the Ohio State offense. He also needs time and development but he has major upside.

I wouldn’t suggest anyone has to ‘love’ all of these players but I also don’t ‘get’ the lukewarm ‘meh’ responses that increasingly seem to be doing the rounds. Especially when we’re a year removed from people in the media trying to argue that Malik Willis should go in the top-10, or Desmond Ridder in round one. You can’t make those mock predictions at the start of 2022 and end the year shrugging your shoulders at this quartet.

Drafting a quarterback should be very much on the table for the Seahawks. They have so many picks in the 2023 draft, they’ll be able to address multiple areas. I’ll be happy with a QB or a D-liner. I’m not fussed. You can make a case for both based on positional value, team need and the players who are actually available.

Let’s try to remember that before we all go to war over our preferences.

One final point — it might be possible to address both positions in the top-10.

The Seahawks currently own the #3 and #12 picks. In 2021, the Eagles moved up from #12 to #10 to draft DeVonta Smith, giving up the #84 pick. Seattle’s third round pick is currently slated to be #81. If one of the top four quarterbacks last to #10, or one of the better defensive linemen is still available, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to move up. After all, with two picks in round two, you’ll have ample opportunity to trade down and recoup lost stock.

Let’s take it a step further. I bet some teams will have Bijan Robinson and Will Anderson as the top two players on their board. It’s not unrealistic, if you pick at #3 and #12, to get both. In terms of talent acquisition, imagine getting the two best players in the draft with a further two second round picks still to come. That’d be really something.

It’s why I’m less interested in being the seventh seed in the playoffs, with little hope of achieving anything, and more interested in getting better.

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  1. Henry Taylor

    Excellent article and I couldn’t agree more.

    I do think the prospect of picking Anthony Richardson and Bijan Robinson is a very enticing prospect, even if we clearly have bigger needs than RB. Think of the rushing potential of a Richardson, Walker, Robinson 2 back set up, any creative coordinator would be able to work wonders with that.

    I think it also has the maximum potential for Seahawks twitter meltdown.

    • 206

      For sure. Run with two uber talented backs on rookie contracts, then give a second contract to whoever (hopefully one of them), has earned it the most.

    • Elmer

      It’s very tempting but we can’t forget that our DL is not good and the DL depth even worse. We have the rest of the season, the senior bowl, the combine, and free agency to go before the draft. Maybe our draft needs will clarify more by then.

  2. Trevor

    Fantastic article Rob, logical and well thought out. Perhaps if more in the media actually studied the prospects or looked at the teams performance and coaching objectively then they would come to the same conclusions. That however is clearly not the case.

    I would be estactic with Anderson, Carter , Levis or Richardson with that top 5 pick. Then with that next pick if they get lucky and a Tyree Wilson is there run to the podium. If not take the best player available and that could well be Mayer or Robinson.

    If the Hawks came out of Day 1 with Levis / Mayer or Richardson /Robinson it would not be my first or second choice but it would be hard to argue with from a talent standpoint.

  3. cha

    It is absolutely insane the potential swing in position of their native first round pick at this point.

    Looking at Tankathon, they could draft as high as 7-8-9 or as low as 19-20-21 with only two games to go.

    Thanks to the NFL and watering the playoff qualification bar down so far, they could potentially miss out on a top tier talent and a chance to double dip as Rob outlined.

    • Big Mike

      No fear Curtis. They’ll lose at least one of their last two.

      • Mick

        I think we’ll win the Jets game, get in a situation to need only a win against the Rams, and screw it there.

  4. Travis W

    Especially when we’re a year removed from people in the media trying to argue that Malik Willis should go in the top-10, or Desmond Ridder in round one. You can’t make those mock predictions at the start of 2022 and end the year shrugging your shoulders at this quartet.

    This right here. Nuff said. Rob, you get this a lot, but frankly there isn’t better draft analysis than this website here. Always good, sober reading in the midst of a sea of crazy people with strongly held positions that lack the research necessary to hold them so strongly.

  5. GoHawksDani

    I wouldn’t mind getting Mayer or Robinson. Not the biggest needs but if those guys will definitely add to the team then I doubt we have any position that couldn’t use a legit starter.
    Getting a young QB with a TE/RB is a pretty good thing. Those guys could be his best friend and security blanket.
    Imagine a TE that a QB can dump a 5-6 yard pass and that TE could make it 10-15 yards.
    Mahomes is great but he wouldn’t be the same without Kelce.
    SF wouldn’t be the same without Kittle.
    A top of the league RB can define and elevate a team. I don’t think K9 is that guy. He’s a quick RB with talents but currently a bit one sided.
    I’d be OK with a DL or QB pick too. But please for the love of God, make these picks count

  6. Romeo A57

    I listen to 710 when I am in Seattle which is almost every week. They broadcast the Seahawks games and host the pre and post game shows. Carroll has a weekly visit on the station. I haven’t heard anyone on there say anything bad about Carroll since Heaps left. It is state radio that wouldn’t think about being too critical of the Seahawks Front Office. Listening to them, the problem with the Seahawks is the players not the coaching or drafting. We know where Heaps bias is but it was nice to have one personality on there who wasn’t already halfway up the arse of the FO.

    • Al U

      I listen a lot too and have found this week’s shows incredibly frustrating. Salk has spent the entire week discussing who the Seahawks should, and shouldn’t, be drafting but hasn’t brought on any draft analysts or attempted to look at the details of the prospects. The opinion seems to be that this team is one defensive star away from the superbowl, which I don’t think is close to being accurate. The opinion also seems to be that Jalen Carter = Aaron Donald, Will Anderson = Nick Bosa while any of the QBs are bound to = Josh Rosen or Christian Ponder. If your job involves spending several days eliciting strong opinions on the draft it would seem that a bit of proper analysis of the prospects wouldn’t go amiss.

      • Romeo A57

        Once Pete finally retires, 710 will talk about how great the new HEad Coach is and how poor Carroll’s last few years were. It is frustrating, predictable and authoritarian not being honest about the team.

        1984- ” We have always been at was with Eurasia “

  7. AlaskaHawk

    Wise words Rob. Yes the top 10 are not looking elite, but they can still contribute. I would love to have Bijan Robinson for an immediate upgrade to the offense, but running backs just aren’t valued highly. He would do better billing himself as a power receiver.

    Defensively you made some great points in your last article. I hope you pursue your 7 points comments regarding defensive in a main article. What I see happening regardless of defensive scheme is a lack of penetration into the opponent’s line and a lot of poor tackling. I do think Siaka Ika combined with Woods would be a great start to rebuilding the line. Ika could probably be had at #12.

    Value wise it’s probably best to get a quarterback and train him up to pro standards. So I would go for Levi or Richardson at #3. Then keep rebuilding the offensive line.

  8. Andy J

    Fuck ’em up Rob!

    • Hawk Finn


  9. Matt

    You tapped into my brain and wrote everything I’ve been thinking. Fantastic stuff.

    I think what I find funny about this debate, which you alluded to – Carter and Richardson are very similar prospects. Flashes of brilliance, obviously rare traits with the hope they can do things they haven’t done or consistently done.

    Yet, it Seahawks Brain Trust Twitterati Land, one is a for sure product while the other would be the worst pick ever and clearly can’t play even though the rare tools are acknowledged.

    I’ve outright stopped listening to 710 because, well…Mike Salk. He has been god awful with everything Seahawks this year and his segment on QBs was downright sophomoric. “If you miss, it will set you back 5 years!” Why doesn’t that count for misses at other positions? He uses the Jets as an example…uh, the Jets are a .500 team and are already showing they will be moving on from Zach Wilson after two years.

    So funny that didn’t derail their franchise for 5 years. I’m firmly of the mind that you should maximize the value of a top pick; and I’m not talking about hits or misses. I’m talking about franchise impact assuming said player becomes “good.” If they become great, even better. But, in the grand scheme, a good guard or defensive tackles or safety is not what makes you win Super Bowls. A good Quarterback or pass rusher can. Positional value is so monumentally important. There are simply too many positions in which a top 3 pick must become one of the absolute best at their position; otherwise it’s a wasted opportunity.

    • bmseattle

      So, using Salk’s “logic”, you should *never* draft a QB in the top 10, because they *might* be bad and it *might* set you back 5 years?

      • Matt

        Something like that. Or wait until Joe Burrow or Andrew Luck come along and hope you’re picking #1. Which oddly enough…it would be impossible to have such pick according to Salk because you built your team so well.

        It’s almost like these people don’t put any real thought into this stuff. “The player and/or method unlike won’t fail because I wish it to be so.”

        Bottom line – there is no right or wrong way. Most of their prescriptions involve wishful thinking and hindsight. My stance is simple – draft the players you have the most confidence will be great. If there is a “tie,” you should always go with the more valuable position assuming it’s not filled.

      • Ben

        I think the idea is that if you’ve already got a good enough QB, you’re better off taking a shot on a player with an easier path to starting (assuming you re-sign Geno).

        What are the chances whoever we draft will be better than Geno over the next 5 years?

        • Rob Staton

          Well, what are the chances Geno Smith is even in the NFL in five years when he’ll be 38

          • Ben

            Exactly, Salk isn’t looking that far down the road.

        • Matt

          Geno has had half of an amazing season and a pretty good second half….out of 10 years in the NFL. I don’t understand this idea that he’s a sure thing for the next 5 years, especially considering his age and how many good QBs we’ve seen fall off the face of the earth around this age.

          And “good enough”…I’m sorry, I just can’t handle that. Is the goal to get orange slices at halftime or to compete for a super bowl? I don’t expect to win the super bowl every year. I do expect us to have a coherent plan/path towards a super bowl.

          It’s like being an Olympic-caliber swimmer and your goal is “don’t drown.”

          • DJ 1/2 way

            Geno is a sure thing-to get paid a lot of money! Maybe not top tier QB money, but still way more than most positions get. I would let him walk.

          • Ben

            Agreed, and I think everyone leaves a caveat for if they’re picking their next franchise QB. They just want it to be a sure thing… When nothing ever is.

            Honestly I think people are on the same page more than they realize.

  10. Trevor

    Ideal scenario IMO.

    Hawks lose to Jets and before Tams game Pete announces it is his last game. Hawks lose our and end up with pick #9

    Bears beat Vikings on final weekend and Chargers beat Broncos. Hawks end up with #2 and #9 and 4 picks in the top 45.

    Seahawks shock the football world and trade thier 2nd round pick to the Saints for Sean Payton who comes to Seattle with the guarentee he gets to pick his QB of the future. He brings Fangio with him to run the defense.

    • Matt

      Who do you think Payton would want? Might be obvious – but I think he’d want Bryce Young. And no, not because he is small. He just processed the game so well. I think Payton would demand a brilliant thinker at the position.

      • Trevor

        Not sure but I imagine where he goes that he will want to pick his QB.

        • BK26

          I think he would want Levis and then Richardson. We know that they were going to pick Mahomes if the Chiefs didn’t take him. When they jumped the Saints, I think it was Peyton that started cursing because he knew who they were taking.

          Levis and Richardson ran more of the play that Stroud and Young after the huddle broke. I think Peyton wants to work with that and a bigger arm than the risk of a guy who is smaller than this accountant currently writing this most (I’m an average sized man).

          Also, Fieldgulls had a summary media post titled “Should the Seahawks draft a qb in the first round?” Ohhhh boy this will be interesting.

          • Joe

            If true, crazy how Payton passed on Dashawn Watson and took Lattimore instead.

    • DJ 1/2 way


      That all sound good, but maybe you left something off the ideal scenario-a change in ownership!

  11. 509Hawk

    It comes down to what front office evaluates the talent to be. Is it a bunch of guys all lumped together, or does anybody stand out? If they feel like any of the QBs are special, don’t hesitate in drafting them. If Anderson or Carter are there at 3, and you feel they are special, draft them. If there isn’t much separation between Carter and other DTs, or Anderson is just another Mafe, then trade down. With Atlanta, Carolina, Oakland, etc. there will be a lot of teams that might feel desperate to move up. If they love there guy, and he is there, we have seen the draft capital they will give up to move up. It just comes down to whether or not the front office feels like they have the chance to draft somebody special.
    Can you draft a LB in the top 12? They need help in the middle, but late teens early 20s feels like a better spot.
    Mayer might be special, but is he that much better than Dalton Shultz from Utah? There will be good TEs available in round 3. Seems dumb to reach for one in the first round.
    Same with RB’s, rounds 2-4 produce plenty of starting running backs.
    Elite pass rushers and game changing DTs are often drafted in the top 5, with some sneaking down in the top 15. I hope one of these guys fits that bill and is available when they pick. If not, move down, draft a comparable player and stock up on future draft capital.

    I think a 4 year 100m deal for Geno with 40m guarantee would be the smart play. Give the man a payday. Give the team the chance to move on after 1 year if it all falls apart. Low cap hit early with the ability for him to be motivated to excel and earn the rest of the contract. Not sure after being with the Jets and Giants why he wouldnt be motivated to stick around and win, over taking the biggest check available. He gets paid, but also is team friendly so they have a chance to continue to build a winner and add free agents to plug holes.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s no linebacker I would take in that range this year

    • Joe

      Screw that. I’m not paying Geno $25 mil per year. Draft a QB and sign Geno to a smaller contract or let him walk. 5 INTs and 3 lost fumbles in the last six games doesn’t convince me that he is worthy of a large contract.

  12. Dubb

    I think there are two scenarios at play here. Carroll has shown that he is loyal to players that he’s drafted, traded for, or signed extensions (Irvin, Collier, Eskridge, Diggs, Dissly, Penny, Jefferson…just to name a few). I see that he’s brought back Hollister. Yikes!!! I thought I had seen the last of that guy on the 1-yard line against the Niners. Anyway, my point is if Carroll doesn’t retire, he’ll roll with Geno. If a new coach is hired, the new coach would clean house of the retreads and draft a quarterback.

    BTW-isn’t Joey Hunt on the practice squad?

  13. Denver Hawker

    I’ve always believed the trade was about drafting a QB this year. The fact we might get to pick the first one off the board is icing on the cake. Nobody predicted Geno’s performance this year to cloud things, but it shouldn’t change the bigger picture.

  14. Group Captain Mandrake

    Thanks for this, Rob. This is a QB driven league, so if you have the opportunity to get a good one, you take it. I think the real upside here is that they have 2 potential top 10 picks plus two high 2nds. Even if the QB doesn’t work out, it doesn’t necessarily cripple the team for years to come.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m comfortable drafting DL instead

      But I think drafting a QB should be discussed properly and I don’t think it is being talked about in the way it should be

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Me too, but if you the team identifies a guy they like, I have no issues with them taking a shot. Unless you are the Browns, a team doesn’t get too many shots at a franchise QB.

      • Tim

        I very much agree with you, Rob.

        The issues of this year are obvious. Something MUST be done on the interior defensive line if at all possible, hopefully enabling our athletic, recently drafted edge rushers to blossom.

        Quarterback we also agree has not been the major issue this year. Geno’s played well enough that I could picture him leading a super bowl winning team, if given the right supporting cast. And that’s the baseline of what you want – someone who could get you to the show.

        But from a standpoint of draft tactics — I think it’d be hard to walk away without one developmental quarterback, given Geno’s age. And it’s a great thing to have three prospects available, even if at least two of them seem like they’d very much need a couple of years riding the bench to get to where they could.

        Perhaps some DL player will give an Aaron Donald style combine performance, and show enough of the basic swim, rip, and bull rush basic tools to give some confidence of his development. But that waits to be seen.

        So… my slight preference is quarterback with the 1st pick, the natural pick being the sweeper.

  15. Romeo A57

    A top 5 pick and all the draft capital that the Seahawks have would give a new regime an opportunity to pick the QB that they want to roll with. If they want to continue with Geno, then they can draft other players to fit their scheme. This just seems to be the perfect time for Carroll to ride off into the sunset. He has set up the next HC with a competent starting QB, some nice offensive weapons, some talented rookies and a haul of draft picks.

    If Carroll stays, with this awful defense. the Seahawks will continue to end up with mediocre record every year. Not bad enough to get a top 5 pick and not good enough to win a playoff game.

  16. cha

    I will never for the life of me understand how people get themselves so worked up about the top of the draft.

    Pick #1 needs to be fitted for a gold jacket before he even takes a snap. All-time great that transcends the franchise player into one of the top 10 at his position all time.

    Picks #2-5 must be 10-year All-Pro’s and a shoe-in for the HOF.

    Picks #6-10 need to be franchise cornerstone types. Regularly in the Pro Bowl discussion and top 3 at their position of active players.

    Picks #11-15 must be candidates for those top three categories.

    Picks #16-31 an above-average starter is not enough. Must be an absolute impact player.

    You look at the history of the draft and the top 10 is littered with washouts.

    If Jalen Carter or Will Anderson are very good players but not maybe generational talents, they will NOT be wasted picks at #3.

    It’s actually OK to both resign Geno Smith and draft say Anthony Richardson. It’s not an indictment of the pick, nor a waste of a high pick not to start him Week One.

    It’s also OK to pair Bijan Robinson with Ken Walker. Or spend a 2nd round pick on a WR.

    • Denver Hawker

      I wonder if the rookie wage scale plays a factor in some of this thinking. Aiden Hutchinson has $35MM guaranteed- how many Seahawks roster players have that? If they pick in Top 3, that player is instantly a top paid player and expected to produce as such.

      • cha

        It better not be. $35m guaranteed is absolutely NOT a ‘top paid player’

        • Denver Hawker

          Certainly not in absolute terms, but DK got $31MM guaranteed with his last contract and carries close to the same Dead Money as a top 3 pick. Hutchinson cap hit would be 6th on the roster this year. I know it’s not apples to apples in absolute terms, but I think it plays a factor in expectations of top picks.

          • cha

            I suppose. It’s irrelevant to me.

            And for the record DK got $31m guaranteed at signing but they basically carved it out to guarantee $58m overall with the super-obvious options to guarantee salary. And that was on a 3yr contract and not a 4yr rookie deal.

            • Rob Staton

              Hutchinson’s contract is also worth $8.9m a year which is less than Poona Ford’s cap hit this year or for comparison, $10m less than Quandre Diggs’ $18m cap hit in 2023

        • Elmer

          Do we have any indication of how much the cap is expected to increase for 2023?

          Gut feeling says they are going to keep Adams on the roster next year and that they will try to create cap room in other ways.

          • cha

            OTC and Spotrac are projecting $225m for 2023

            The Seahawks will have the room to do what they need – if they’re smart and ruthless about it. That’s the challenge.

            • Elmer

              Can they be smart without being ruthless? They are generally loyal to their guys, so IMO it’s a question worth asking. Here’s an example: Can they keep Adams and Diggs, AND re-sign Geno? Not saying it’s what I think they should do, but I think it’s possible something like that is what they will do.

              • cha

                I worked out a way to sign geno and have the cap hit $9-11m in 2023. So maybe.

    • Matt

      I agree – for me the real analysis is positional value. At the end of the day, you want good players, regardless of position, but I do think there is something to be said about drafting an average player at a position that has limited value. More of an opportunity cost than anything.

    • Peter


      Then it doesn’t matter whether we pick 2, 3, 5, etc.

      If we shouldn’t be as concerned with how the player turns out shouldn’t we also not care what the pick numbers are? I mean you and I both no most of these picks in the top ten won’t work out. Why are we spending so much time fretting over where those picks fall?

  17. Old but Slow

    It occurs to me that once the team knows it can not reach the playoffs, we should see some significant playing time for Lock. Can he hold the fort if Geno signs elsewhere? And, importantly, is he the backup we want if we don’t draft a QB and Geno stays.

    • BK26

      Is there anything left to see? He’s been the same since he was in college. Look who he couldn’t beat out in Denver. I don’t want him as any consideration for the team’s future. If we draft a young quarterback, get me a veteran; a bridge, someone who can keep the team even keeled.

      There would be too much pressure on a rookie to be playing over him. I want our own quarterback, no retreads from anyone else.

    • cha

      Barring a Geno injury or garbage time in a blowout on either side we won’t see Lock in 2022.

  18. Palatypus

    Rob said, “I would suggest that if your mentality is to avoid drafting a quarterback unless you’re convinced he’s the next Mahomes — you’ll probably never be the team that actually finds the holy grail. You need to show more bollocks than that. You can’t just sit and wait for perfection to fall into your lap.”

    The problem with having enough bullocks to find the Holy Grail was well documented by Monty Python.

  19. Forrest

    The one thing you didn’t mention is money. If you draft a rookie QB who ends up starting for your team, you can save $30M/year during that 4-5 year span. That’s enough money to pay ANY defensive player in the league (Donald, Watt, Garrett, etc.). Or, it can get you 3 to 4 key players in free agency. It’s the best bargain in football.

    • Rob Staton

      It is, provided you’re willing to spend the money.

      They were in 2011 but haven’t since

  20. Gaux Hawks

    Weekly Win Wish List:



  21. Chancellor

    Hi Rob,

    A couple of questions:

    1. I noticed in watching Anthony Richardson that his throwing motion seems to be shorter and snappier than most quarterbacks. Have you noticed the same thing, and if so, do you think it’s a potential issue?

    2. What Florida games would you recommend watching to get a firm grasp on Anthony Richardson as a player, including strengths and weaknesses?

    Thanks for all the work you do here.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not particularly concerned with his mechanics. Nothing screamed out to me.

      I’d suggest watching Utah, LSU, Texas A&M, Vanderbilt, South Carolina and Tennessee games

    • AlaskaHawk

      I enjoyed the shootout against Travis in Florida vs Florida State.

  22. mantis

    Just for comparison’s sake how do you rate the 2 ohio state qb’s, Fields and Stroud, which do you think is better or has more potential?

    • Rob Staton

      I prefer Stroud coming into the league. Fields had abysmal throwing mechanics and it continues to be an issue. Kudos to him because his unreal athleticism has turned him into a playmaker but I don’t know how sustainable that is. Stroud is more fundamentally sound as a passer

      • mantis

        Thanks Rob, Keep up the great work, Happy New Year!

  23. Shaun

    Thank you for these insights Rob, I really enjoy reading what you post.

  24. Zach

    Its amazing reading peoples thoughts on the qb position that a year ago wanted one of the qbs and thought Wilson’s contract was hindering us from improving our team to now wanting to pay Geno and thinking that the bust rate on all qbs drafted in the first round is almost a sure thing to happen. I’ve seen alot think that d and o-lineman are more sure things. I’ve also seen so many argue that because we found Wilson in the 3rd that we should essentially punt the position and either find our starter in the 3rd on down or hope we are bad enough next year and have a chance at one of Caleb Williams or whoever is rated highly in next years class.

    • Peter

      Next year’s qbs > this year’s qbs…..for every draft.

      I don’t understand the thought process of kicking this decision out for one or more years.

      1. Say we trade out and get an additional pick. Then that teams pick actually doesn’t become a high pick we are stuck in the teens let’s sat.

      2. Hope to be so bad that next year we are picking first overall or maybe second with our own pick…most likely Pete and company are gone and in that case the whole team is collapsing and probably not a qb away.

      3. This pick from Denver is the golden ticket. To get a top five pick gives a chance to do something this team has rarely been able to do.

  25. Paul G

    Sorry if you discussed in another thread. Was curious your thoughts on Sean Peyton coming back to coach next year and wanting vic fangio as his DC. I know there have been a few preferred destinations put out in the media for where he might like to land, non being Seattle. How attractive do you think the Seattle job would be if Carrol leaves? Do you see Sean Peyton as a realistic possibility? How big is next year’s draft capital in attracting a coach, more of a general Q?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think Payton would come to Seattle unless he had complete control

      But I do think it would be a very attractive opening for a lot of the highly touted younger coaches

      • Hoggs41

        Plus its been reported the Saints can ask for draft pick compensation as he didnt get fired and was under contract.

  26. Murphy

    Really excited for UCLA vs Pitt today. As a Bruin, my rooting interests are obvious but I am secretly rooting for Kancey to have a good game. Hoping to see both Kancey and Charbonnet ball out.

    • Rob Staton

      FYI Kancey is not playing after declaring for the draft

      • Murphy

        Thanks for the heads up. Probably should have googled that…. Well the.Go Bruins and go Charbonnet!!

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Go Bruins!

  27. Rob Staton

    Can’t blame Russ any more:

    • cha

      Now do the defense on opposing teams’ screens if you really want to shout in disgust.

    • Denver Hawker

      What an interesting correlation of wins to screen pass success rate. Top teams clustered top left quadrant (Chiefs and Niners close to that too).

      • Hoggs41

        We have never been a good screen team for whatever reason. Even when Holmgren was here.

    • GoHawksDani

      RW was never bad at screens. It was always the OL and especially the WRs-TEs inability to block in space

  28. Jordan

    There will be hints in how they handle Geno’s pending free agency prior to and once free agency opens. 2-3 year deal with a palatable way out after 1 year? Points towards eyeing someone who needs seasoning- Richardson or Stroud. Expose him to free agency for any period of time, whether he returns or not, points towards pro-ready Young or Levis.

    Curveball comes if you get a deal to move off of #3 and can gain a future 1st allowing you to be aggressive for Maye, Williams, Sanders in ‘24.

    • Rob Staton

      I think we need to pump the breaks on those QB’s you mentioned with the exception maybe of Williams

      • Peter

        Lincoln Riley qbs = Ohio state qbs…..?

        I don’t dislike Williams. But Mayfield and Murray are just qbs in the league. And neither are special.

        Hurts maybe.

    • Matt

      Who is Sanders?

      Maye is bonkers good. I think he ends up QB1 next year.

  29. Robert Las Vegas

    Rob the one thing I wish for is the Seahawks becoming more of a physical team. The San Francisco 49ers are consider a physical team I really don’t like them or there fan base. But the following week after playing the 49ers teams are 0 and 14 this year. They take joy in that .the thing that bothers me sometimes is the lack of Quarterback pressure’s that the defense line is providing.if you can’t win the line of scrimmage how do expect to win.i would love to see more physical domination. I want Attitude.i really don’t care if it’s through the draft or free agency I want guys who can beat the guy in front of him.i

  30. Rob Staton

    File this in the highly speculative 2+2=5 category

    But it’s not typical for Pete to be doing a sit down interview like this with Schefter, is it, at this time of year?

    Or maybe they really are just doing a bit on chewing gum.

    • cha

      Either it’s

      1) the silly gum nonsense (even Pete says ‘I don’t know why you ask’ and for once I agree with him)
      2) some kind of post-RW retrospective, give him a chance to say how great RW is and how RW will turn it around in Denver
      3) the other thing

      • Palatypus

        A source close to the situation has told me it goes back to Ren & Stimpy’s days as rubber nipple salesmen.

  31. Trevor

    Spencer Rattlet finally seems to have figured it out. He looks like a different player the last month of the season and heads into next year as a legit prospect IMO. Never dreamed I would be saying that to be honest.

  32. Blitzy the Clown

    Lots of fun stuff to consider here.

    QB or DL with the Denver pick?

    Trade up or down with the native?

    No consensus top prospect (who isn’t a RB) but 4 who (by SDB measure anyway) each in their own way would be an acceptable top 5 pick.

    My order of preference is Richardson, Levis, Carter, Anderson. But I acknowledge Young and Stroud may rank high for Seattle too. Hard to see them targeting anyone else that early. It’s possible they rate all high enough that they’re willing to trade down from the Denver pick and feel confident they’ll get one. I hope they don’t do that though. I hope they take their BPA at QB or DL and not get cute.

    I think it’s important to remember how early we still are in this process. I’ve learned from past Senior Bowl weeks, past Combines and pro days, etc., how much changes to a draft board once we get a chance to measure the two kinds of tape — video and measurement — against each other.

  33. Volshawk

    Any thoughts on trading for Zach Wilson? Sounds like he lost the locker room in NY, but I think he was a guy you were somewhat high on coming out of college. How does he grade out vs this batch of QBs?

    • Rob Staton

      That would be a hard sell given the way his career has started

    • 12th chuck

      please no more trades with the jets for a long time, they have repeatedly got the best from us for a while

      • Big Mike


  34. Canadian Hawk


    Terrific piece.

    Curious, would you consider moving up from #12 if one of the QBs, DL’s or Bijan is still on the board say after pick #7?

    • Rob Staton

      I’d consider anything — depending on price

  35. WEG

    The odd thing to me about this article is that to me, Rob Staton has been making the case all along that the Seahawks should be looking first and foremost to draft a QB. I am already hoping they can get AR or WL.

    There’s another element to all this that I wonder about.

    Just as the Seahawks have been consistently mediocre on defense, they’ve been consistently good on offense. Defensive DVOA rank 2016 – 2022: 5, 13, 17, 21, 16, 21, 26. Offensive DVOA rank 2016 – 2022: 16, 14, 8, 5, 6, 7, 12.

    Beginning of 2022 season Conventional Wisdom point A: Geno Smith is an established commodity who has no chance of being successful.

    Beginning of 2022 season Conventional Wisdom point B: Russell Wilson has been carrying the Seahawks.

    What has the data told us about points A and B above? Point A has now been overturned, everyone seems to agree on that. Point B still seems to be firmly in place, even though WIlson may have broken some sort of all-time NFL record for “under-performance relative to expectations.”

    I’m not saying point B is wrong, I’m just suggesting it should be questioned, maybe, just a teeny-tiny bit. Was RW carrying the Seahawks, or were the Seahawks simply doing a very good job of making him successful, despite his limitations? Putting good players around him, a good plan, that sort of thing.

    Maybe the one thing the Seahawks are good at, whoever is collectively responsible, is putting together a decent offense, even if they don’t have a top QB. Maybe Geno’s success and RW’s lack of success this year is to some extent showing us that. (Maybe like RW, Geno wouldn’t look as good on some random team).

    And maybe one thing they’ll be good at is bringing along a young, inexperienced QB. If I had to choose between “trusting Pete & John to nurture a rookie QB successfully” and “trusting Pete and John to pick the right veteran defensive player to trade a bunch of assets for so they can sign him to a massive salary,” I’d pick the former.

    Let me reiterate: not saying the “Russell was carrying us” thing is wrong! Just saying, if there was a Football God who could answer all football questions, and I could ask Him (or Her), “is it true that Russell was carrying the Seahawks all these years,” I for one would not want to have to bet my life on the answer, either way.

    • Rob Staton

      The odd thing to me about this article is that to me, Rob Staton has been making the case all along that the Seahawks should be looking first and foremost to draft a QB. I am already hoping they can get AR or WL.

      I’ve been very open minded about QB or D-line.

      In my two mock drafts so far I’ve had them taking Will Anderson and Jalen Carter.

      I’m not saying point B is wrong, I’m just suggesting it should be questioned, maybe, just a teeny-tiny bit. Was RW carrying the Seahawks, or were the Seahawks simply doing a very good job of making him successful, despite his limitations? Putting good players around him, a good plan, that sort of thing.

      My suggestion would be that we enjoyed his best years. Simply that. And now he’s lost some of the elusive qualities that made him such a threat and we’re seeing it severely impact his play, to put it mildly.

      Maybe the one thing the Seahawks are good at, whoever is collectively responsible, is putting together a decent offense, even if they don’t have a top QB. Maybe Geno’s success and RW’s lack of success this year is to some extent showing us that. (Maybe like RW, Geno wouldn’t look as good on some random team).

      I would challenge that, especially with the way they’ve handled the O-line for years and the great inconsistency we’ve seen with the running game.

      I think they benefitted from the best years of Wilson and this year, they benefitted from a far better than expected performance from Geno Smith — plus investment in the tackle position, the addition of a talented young runner plus the fact they already had other good weapons.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I think both RW and GS have been affected by the lack of a quality offensive line and the lack of a consistent running game. Perhaps RW was affected more because he needed time for long passes.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not just the line. Wilson created sacks himself. Geno holds the ball too long sometimes.

  36. Bradley

    I think in this draft we have to be very intricate. JS will go in with probably 3 QBs and 3 DL he really likes, of which one of each he loves. We have enough picks. It’s just about getting them. For instance he may love Richardson and may feel that because he’s raw he’ll fall. In which case spend big on DL early and wait/trade up. Alternatively, he may love Levis and if he’s there at 3, take him. I absolutely think it’s imperative you get at least one of your top 3 guys for both position groups in this draft because we have draft stock we’ll never have again. Particularly, to not use that to get a QB would be criminal and I think JS knows that. I don’t really mind how they get it done, just that they do. The tough thing will be if they select a QB with their first pick can they then pick high enough again to get a really good defensive lineman? Is there such a big difference between Anderson/Carter and the rest?

  37. Forlorn fan

    I don’t know how you can pass on taking a shot on QB if you get a top 2 pick, those just don’t come up. I’d make the argument that the Seahawks front office has been tremendous at maximizing average QB to the point they appear elite from a statistical point of view. Top end QB draft prospects succeed or fail based largely on the environment they land in. i Think if Lock had ended up in KC he may have been an MVP, and Mahomes would have been a bust in Denver as anyone would have been. The rest of the draft could be well used on trenches and defense but if I have faith in this coaching staff, it’s that they create an environment for QBs to thrive. Ideally you keep Lock or Geno so they don’t have to play year one unless they look ready.

    • Peter

      It would be quite the thing if you could take an average qb and make the elite.

      I mean geno is playing like a very accurate very average qb. I’d love to see him resemble elite.

  38. cha

    Mike Garafolo
    The #Seahawks list WR Tyler Lockett as questionable. The expectation is he will be able to play Sunday against the #Jets, a source says.
    1:39 PM · Dec 30, 2022

    • Rob Staton

      Shout out to John Schneider for the update

      • Cysco

        Underrated comment.

  39. Hoggs41

    I dont disagree with what your saying and would be happy with a Dliner or a QB in that top 5. For me if you take Stroud or Levis ( I dont think they would take Young but maybe) those should be guys who should start in year 2 regardless of how Geno plays if he is resigned next year. If you have the chance to get Richardson you could feel good having Geno as your starting QB for the next two years then let Anthony go in year 3. If you have a chance to get Carter/Anderson and Richardson its all a win win. That chance is looking better as our native pick gets lower and lower. We can also remember that free agency is before the draft so Geno will be signed somewhere by then. Good things is we have options.

  40. Jace

    I really like Levis. I would be fine drafting him and letting him sit behind Geno for a couple years or letting him start right away. Bryce Young as well, but his height bothers me (probably Russell Wilson PTSD). I lean towards Levis of the two. I’m not sure about the other QBs though. I’m not a Richardson fan – I’ve only watched one game of his and I didn’t come away impressed with anything but his running ability. CJ Stroud looked good the few times I’ve watched him but not “tilt the field” good.

    If we can get Carter, Levis, or Young with the first pick, I think I would be happy.

  41. icb12

    Good lord,
    Joe Milton (QB, Ten) has a howitzer strapped to him. I don’t know how good of a QB he is, but when he uncorks it.. it’s impressive to say the least.

  42. Hebegbs

    Personally I hope we stay in the #3 draft position and pick Levis there or if gone, Richardson. If both gone I hope they go Carter or Anderson or trade back. Not super high personally on CJ or Young at 3. Maybe at 12 if they miss the other two at 3.

    I think both Levis and Richardson have the potential to be long term solutions at QB given the right environment and chance to develop. Levis sooner than Richardson but Richardson likely has the higher ceiling from what I see.

    • Producehawk

      C.J. Is raising his stock tonight against Georgia.

  43. Jessie

    People just assume the bears will trade back or draft a defensive player. I think bears might very well draft a qb. The coaching staff inherited Justin fields and may prefer a more pure pocket passer.

    If bears drafted a qb at 2 like Cj stroud would you trade the broncos 2nd rounder for Justin fields or even our native 1st rounder? I don’t think it’s that crazy of a scenario and it’s a possibility that warrants at least half a second of thought because come draft time it may very well be an option. I don’t think this new bears coaching staff will set their future on the qb they inherited and it’s why they are playing him these final two games through a partial injury in a lost season to bolster his trade value then tank it by sitting him due to injury

    • Rob Staton

      The Bears will not draft a QB

      We can say that with complete confidence

      • Jessie

        Why is this for certain?

        1. Bears coaching staff inherited fields
        2. He really isn’t a very good qb , he is more so a rusher
        3. He is already dealt with injuries from being a rushing qb this year
        4. They are in prime position to draft a qb that fits this coaching staff meanwhile they can recoup some value back for fields

        Not saying it happens but I would not be surprised if this coaching staff wants to go a different direction and recoup some picks for him while they can. They already didn’t like fields to start the season (through the first 5 games only let him throw like 12 times per game or some embarrassingly low number).

        • Rob Staton

          They are not drafting a QB

          They have no DL, no OL, hardly any weapons

          They have a QB who whether you like him or not, and I’m not a huge fan of his, the fans in Chicago love him

          They are not drafting a QB

        • Mick

          I also think he’s staying with the Bears, but if he has so many issues, why would we sign him?

          • Peter

            I don’t get these posts where we attempt to trade for another teams’ bad qb. Fields. Zach wilson.

            I’m starting to lean taking levis again. I’d rather we swing for our own qb with this chance than trade for someone else’s damaged goods.

            • Joe

              Agree. Get our own QB. And The Bears aren’t drafting a QB lmfao

  44. Coach

    Great article!

    What are your thoughts on DT vs. Edge class this year? For example, would it be better to take Edge and then DT or DT and then Edge.

    3 Carter
    12 Verse


    3 Anderson
    12 Bresee

    Which pairing would be better for the Hawks?

    Also, in second round, if we go DT and DE in 1st, is there a safety, line backer, or o-lineman that you would be rooting for the hawks to take?

    Then for QB, I’m with Rob. Let’s take a flier on UCLA’s qb in round 3 or 4 and develop him behind Geno for a year or two!

    Go Hawks!

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t understand why Verse is suddenly being talked about that high

      • Trevor

        I think it shows the lack of blue chip DL talent in this draft. I like Verse a lot but he a late 1st round early 2nd round talent not a top 10 pick.

    • Peter

      Why are people putting Breese at 12?

      I fairly consistently see him mocked in the second to third round range.

      #12 overall? He’s not vita veae, haloti ngata.

      He’s a good big body who is not particularly dominate. Has a previous serious injury, has had additional health reasons preventing him to play. I’ve even read one fairly prominent site suggesting he’d be better off going back to school.

      Is he going to pull a Jordan Davis and be a freak of nature at the combine?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I’m off Bresee completely. Unless he’s there in R2. And if he is you gotta wonder why.

        So no to Bresee. No to Murphy either for me.

        On offense, I’d say the same about CJ Stroud, but that’s based solely on his decision making. Physically, he’s a blue chipper. Likewise, Young is just so small I don’t see how he makes it in the NFL, but I recognize his superior passing and processing skills.

        Also, what happened to DTR down the stretch of the season? He became really sloppy in his passes, threw a bunch of INTs (when he had I think only three through week 7 or 8). Played a bit frenetically. I sensed a certain desperation in him, a feeling that he was trying to do too much on his own to win games. OTOH I can admire a player who feels that level responsible for his team and steps up to lead. But I also recognize the pitfalls of overly emotional players like that. I mean just look at Kyler Murray. I dunno. Something seems off about him, but I hope he figures it out.

        • Peter

          I think DTR will be fine. Agree that there can be a worry about players that press like that but the difference between him and Murray is DTR was part of something building in LA and murray has been told most of his young life that he is a wunderkind that can do anything at a super high level.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I would like to see how Stroud and Duggan play in the BCS games. I see Duggan as an easy pick at the same level as DTR. I would support him as a cheap backup. At least he is willing to give his all.

          Stroud, well lets see how he looks against Georgia.

          I do see some quarterbacks coming up in the next few years that I would be interested in. Tennessee’s Joe Milton being one of them.

          So maybe keep Geno Smith for two more years. Use Duggan as a backup. Try for Joe Milton when he is eligible.

  45. Trevor

    Personally I love that Anderson and Young are playing for Alabama today. Shows leadership and character as well as loyalty to teammates. Speaks volumes to thier character IMO. Just pray they have big insurance policies and come out healthy.

    Both have thier flaws but have to think they will end up being stars given everything you read and hear about them as competitors.

    • Rob Staton

      Well, it’ll speak to a terrible decision if they suffer a bad injury today

      • Big Mike

        Agree with both of you actually. I sincerely hope they come out of the game healthy.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Certainly hope that Young comes away healthy, especially. As a Hawks fan that doesn’t want him on our roster next season, it’s vital that he’s fully available for someone to take before we select.

        • Rob Staton

          I would ignore the mocks

          I don’t think he will be the #1 pick

          The size will keep him on the board

          • ShowMeYourHawk

            I was thinking more along the lines that I wouldn’t want him available before our second pick at #10-12, provided we were able to go defense at #3 or #4. But regardless, still don’t want him on the squad.

  46. Andy J

    I just read that there have been 64 different starting QBs this season. Can we also point out the fact that some serious playoff contenders have been having to rely upon capable backups!! There’s strong reasons why teams need to have depth and options. The Geno-or-Bust squad is so so so unserious.

    So this is just shits-and-giggles, but I posted this in response to some other Hawks related thread on the interwebz. And given that this is only place for primo Hawks content on the WWW, figured I would share it here. You can quibble about who fits what tier and how they might be perceived by PC/JS, but at leasts let’s have some perspective, flexibility, and options.

    (unrelated… but Happy New Year Rob!! The discussion in the comments sections really show how much you are appreciated round here)

    6 Tiers of 2023 QB Free Agents.

    They should consider a 1st round QB unless they sign someone from the top two tiers. They need to draft a 1st round QB if they only sign someone from the bottom two tiers. Obvi the goal should be to not overpay unless you think they can honestly lead you to contention.

    1a) Aaron Rodgers (if released)
    1b) Lamar Jackson
    2) Tom Brady
    3) Jimmy G / Derek Carr / Geno Smith
    4) Gardner Minshew / Baker Mayfield
    5) Daniel Jones / Sam Darnold / Taylor Heinicke
    6) Cooper Rush / Drew Lock

    • Andy J

      Also given the lack of LBs in the draft, the lack of LBs on the team, and the non-development of Jordyn Brooks… I really really hope the Hawks target Roquan Smith in free agency. I don’t care if they have to break the bank.

      • Andy J

        Where the fans petition for Seattle media to fire their shitty talking heads and offer Rob a hefty salary???

  47. Rob Staton

    This popped up on YouTube for me today and reminded me that people used to defend Chris Carson using Joel Seedman as a trainer…

    This included ex Seahawks players liking aggressive tweets defending Seedman

    There are still NFL players training with Seedman.

    How did the Seahawks ever allow this to happen with any of their players??? How do any NFL teams permit this absolute clown to train with their players???

    • cha

      “17 LBs of Waste volume” LOL

      • Rob Staton

        There’s been a lot of head scratching moments over the last few years following the NFL

        NFL players training with Joel Seedman and people defending Joel Seedman is probably the most batshit thing

  48. Gaux Hawks

    Incredible that there is a scenario where Denver gives us the No. 1 overall pick !!

  49. Calgayhawk

    Great read Rob and very much along the lines of my thinking. First of all, I would like to state just how impressed I have been over the years with how the Seahawks, scouts through management have handled the draft. Every year the so called draft experts come out saying the Seahawks had somewhere from lousy to average draft and every year they get proved wrong to some extent.

    All the film and live game and interviews, etc. doesn’t really tell you what’s in a young college mind and personality. Most college players dream of making it to the NFL. Some seem to loose focus when they get drafted. Some get lost when given large amounts of money, impressing family and friends or having a new life style. This becomes more important than the game. Every draft pick is a crap shoot to some extent. Some unknowns just work hard and learn how to become good players.

    That said, I have always felt that a team with a draft pick at or near the top of the draft, should only use that pick on a player they feel in their hearts is a good bet to be a generational player. Doesn’t matter if it’s offence or defence, you want a player you can build around. Every year the top players of that college year get hyped so much, people begin to believe they are a generational player when really they are just the best at their position for that year.

    That’s why I feel the Seahawks should trade their first pick unless they feel someone still on the board is going to be special. Gaining extra picks this draft but especially in 2024 and beyond would be helpful.

    What Seahawk fan doesn’t love this past draft! Five starters so far!!! But a time will come when they will have to pay the piper. Five plus rookie contracts will become positional standards contracts. Plus, there’s something appealing to me having extra picks over several year than a few high picks in one year.

    In my warped little mind, I want to see the Seahawks bring back Penny. I know, a lot of people will say he’s injury prone but he’s not dealing with the same injury being hurt over and over again. It’s seems to be more of a case of bad luck (HE MADE IT THROUGH COLLEGE WITHOUT ANY INJURIES). I like the thought of he and Walker in a two back set, both are dynamic runners, both can block somewhat, both are okay receivers. So many potential options.

    As far as QB, I want Smith back on a one or two year contract. Lock can push him and I’m not against drafting a QB, even later in the draft. Rob, I would be interested in your read on Clayton Tune and Tanner McKee. Neither seem to get talked about.

    • Peter

      Regardless of what he did in college he is injury prone. He also only carried tge full load one season in college.

      I’m fine with a qb in the later rounds if they miss on levis and richardson but I’m not really interested in running it back. Seattle needs a complimentary rb that can stay healthy. Lock? Feels like the idea that geno worked out ergo lock should work out.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        This draft is deep at RB


        It would be hard to pass on one of these guys.

        But for argument’s sake, what if Penny signs cheap and the pick they would have used on a RB instead goes to a DE/DT like Byron Young Will McDonald or Zacch Pickens? Or to an IOL like Van Pran or Schmitz or McFadden? Or both?

        I’m not advocating one way or another. Just raising awareness of the opportunity cost gained by resigning Penny instead of drafting his replacement. Probably comes down to how the board falls. If the right guy is available at the right spot… If not, resign Penny. I’ll feel good enough about the RB group either way.

        • Peter

          Sound reasoning.

          But every year we see a massive stoppage in team performance if the run game stalls.

          I could see resigning penny and draft rodgriguez or other.

          Spend those second round picks on both iol and dline. And prepare for what is now an almost near eventuality that penny can’t go a whole season.

          • calgaryhawk

            I don’t mind the idea of drafting a running back. My take is when Penny is on the field, he is one of the top 3 backs in the league and Walker is almost as good. I would love to see 2 back sets with them.

  50. Rob Staton

    Bryce Young playing badly vs Kansas State early

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Bad start for Bama overall

      Vaughn what a run!

      • Rob Staton

        Easy to forget how half arsed Alabama always plays in these non playoff Bowl games

        • GoHawks5151

          He’s heating up. He looks so good when he’s on

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I will say this about Bryce Young: he’s remarkably composed

          It takes a lot to upset him and throw him off his game

        • AlaskaHawk

          Alabama turned up the heat right before the half. Young is playing well against a poor secondary. I would take him if he slipped to the second round.

  51. Blitzy the Clown

    Dallas Turner my man

    Kid’s gonna be good

  52. GoHawks5151

    Nice to see Bama is using Anderson to cover people and as an outside contain LB. He should fit in nicely here.

    • Rob Staton

      I have no doubt that if the current regime remain, with the same scheme, we’ll be halfway through next season wondering where Anderson is in most games

      • Matt

        “Will just needs to get more time,” says the guy that directly controls Will’s playing time.

        Man does Pete Carroll really have it out for Pete Carroll.

      • cha

        While the press constantly asks Pete about how great it is that they brought Benson Mayowa out of forced retirement to bring leadership to the locker room.

        And in response to questions of why the defense is so bad points to you have to remember how young the squad is.

  53. Blitzy the Clown

    Jermaine Burton reminds me of Jermaine Kearse

  54. Trevor

    Bryce Young reminds me of a smaller Deshawn Watson.

    • Trevor

      Don’t love him as a pro prospect because of his size but he is an incredible college QB.

  55. Trevor

    Anyone else think the two CFB playoff games are going to be blowouts? Hope I am wrong but Mich and Georgia just seem so much more physical than TCU and Ohio St. It is like when the Seahawks played SF this year.

    • Palatypus

      Well, TCU just went up 28-16 and that last touchdown was on a power play.

      • Producehawk

        And Ohio state is kicking ass on Georgia purty good with ten minutes to go.

  56. Joe

    The 710 guys are total homers. They won’t say anything bad about Pete or Geno. Especially Salk, Wyman, and Bumpus. Yes, they’re the flagship station for the Seahawks. They speak glowingly about Geno all of the time and don’t mention that he has had 5 INTs and three lost fumbles in his last six games. I want us to draft a QB as Geno is not the answer. Extending Geno at $25+ mil per year would be dumb. We can draft a QB and extend Geno for a smaller amount or let him walk and just go with Lock or someone else cheaper if another team pays him stupid money.

    • AlaskaHawk

      What about if you can get him at 7 million per year? His value is slipping fast. Lets not forget Minshew is looking for a new team too.

      • Joe

        Yes. $7mil per year is fine. Minshew is more or a backup QB. I wouldn’t mind him on the team.

        • Joe

          But just as a backup.

    • Big Mike

      Last I heard, Wyman was still defending the Adams trade and Adams the player. That’s all I need to know about Dave Wyman.

      • Joe

        lmfao Homer Wyman.

  57. 916MikeD

    Brian Branch … WOW !

    • Trevor

      He has been all over the feild. Great performance!

  58. Wren

    Very interesting tweet since Brock covers college games every week and no doubt talks to coaches, weight staff, scouts, and players. Wish he would elaborate on why there is a gap between those QBs since he is a former QB himself.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t associate this with being a ‘sourced’ report rather just Brock’s opinion

      Charles Davis thinks Levis could go first overall earlier

      I respect the heck out of Brock but this take will not age well IMO

      • Big Mike

        Charles is by far my favorite network announcer. Extremely bright football mind.

  59. Wren

    It’s one of those things where he should expand on why he believes they are behind Young and Stroud. Maybe he’s saving it for a later Brock and Salk episode. Or you could get him on a Live stream, Rob? 😀

  60. KD

    Dude, Michigan is just giving this game away so far

    • Trevor

      That was a terrible call though and definitely should have been a TD.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Michigan has screwed up 3 or 4 times now.

  61. UkAlex6674

    Just a quickie to say Happy New Year to the blog from here in England.

    Hope 2023 is good for everyone personally and also Seahawks wise!


  62. Ben - Fort Worth

    After Geno’s DUI last season Rob, do you think this is a factor into the Seahawks bringing him back next season? How would that affect contract negotiations? Who is the Seahawks starting QB1 next season? The first penalty is a 3-game suspension from the NFL. Will the Seahawks re-sign Drew Lock or would Derek Carr be a better option instead? Thanks. Love you’re articles!

    • Palatypus

      ESPN reported in June that it would take 10 months to get the blood test result since he refused the breathalyzer.

      • Matt

        That’s been the strangest thing about this fanbase with him this year. “This season couldn’t happen to a better guy!”

        Geno? Good guy? Sure sure.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know enough about the legal implications

      And he’s innocent until proven guilty

      But I don’t have any time for people driving under the influence. So I hope he’s shown to be not guilty

      • Big Mike

        With the proliferation of ride share, there is ZERO excuse for a DWI

        • Rob Staton

          Zero excuse

          So he better be not guilty

  63. Matt

    Mazi Smith losing A LOT of money today. He’s been a non-factor. Too bad.

    • Matt

      Great timing. I’m such a good analyst.

    • Palatypus

      Not as much as every Kentucky offensive player not named Wil Levis.

      • BK26

        In their defense, Iowa has one of the best defenses in the country. Worst offense too. There has been a few games where the defense has scored more than the offense.

  64. Palatypus

    For those who still have enough antipathy for Jim Harbaugh to delight in the schadenfreude from a Michigan defeat, I just want to paint this image for you.

    Imagine TCU alum and first-round draft pick L.J. Collier jumping up and down in his living room talking trash to undrafted Michigan alum Brian Mone.

  65. AlaskaHawk

    I hate how conservative TCU has started playing. They didn’t even field a punt and lost 30 more yards. I been rooting for TCU but they deserve to lose with this baloney.

    • Palatypus

      The only dog I have in the fight of the final four is oddly Ohio State, which I typically loathe.

      But Emeka Egbuka went to my alma mater Steilacoom High School.

      • Palatypus

        And I was BORN in Michigan.

  66. Robert

    I don’t think Michigan or tcu know what defense is in this game.

    • Palatypus

      This game feels like the undercard of a title fight.

  67. Madmark

    My first and last mock for the year no draft
    3 Jalen Carter DT Georgia
    12. Tyree Wilson DE Texas Tech
    36. John Michael Schmitz C Minnesota
    49. Drew Sanders ILB Arkansas
    80. Zach Charbonnet RB. UCLA
    115 Jaxson Kirkland OG. Washington
    143 Jaylon Carlie’s S S Missouri
    146 Garret Williams CB Syracuse
    177 Bryce Ford-Wheaton WR West Virginia
    I’m still looking for player from 143 on.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ll be surprised if Kirkland is drafted

      • Palatypus

        I’ll be surprised if Zach Charbonnet goes later than 60.

        • Madmark

          Chris Rodriquez jr. RB Kentucky I want runner. I usually always have a next I just have to change a spot.

      • Madmark

        Thanks advice. Give me alternative for spot please. As far as last mock I traded last year for a center in the 20,s it didn’t happen.The league always draft center from very end of the 1st and beginning 2nd for a good center. My center is John Michael Schmitz C Minnesota I keep thinking pick 36.

        • Rob Staton

          Van Pran at Georgia the clear best Center for me

  68. Palatypus

    Oh Great! PAC-12 referees. This ought to be a train wreck into a clown car.

  69. Big Mike

    Kiper getting a lot of crsp for ranking Young below Levis and voicing the same concerns Rob has about his size.

    • Palatypus

      Yeah, well, consider the source. Alabama football is a religion down here. They don’t have the “Meet and Greet” at the Senior Bowl anymore, but when they did the line for Alabama players always went out of the convention center and about a quarter mile down Canal Street. The other line that said, “All other players” you could get through in about fifteen minutes.

  70. Hoggs41

    Very interested to not only watch Van Pran but Luke Wypler against that Georgia front.

  71. Madmark

    What about Braux Limmer OG. Arkansas ? Or

  72. Hoggs41

    Would love to see a K9/K Mac duo. They would compliment each other nicely.

  73. Palatypus

    “Emeka Egbuka is an excellent complimentary wide receiver.”

    Are you freaking kidding me? He’s a sophomore who would be the number-one receiver on any other team in the nation.

  74. Trevor

    Stroud has had a great 1H. Moving well in the pocket and keeping his eyes down field.

  75. Hoggs41

    Stackhouse has been a beast tonight.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I would like Seahawks to draft Stackhouse in 2024 when he is eligible. Shows good push and penetration.

  76. Romeo A57

    Stroud is having one hell of a first half against Georgia’s defense. Very impressive.

  77. Sea Mode

    Very nice by Stroud:

  78. Palatypus

    Switched to the Pat McAfee simulcast. This is much better.

  79. Palatypus

    Great tackle by that hamster.

  80. Jabroni-DC

    Great blocks by Van Pran to spring McIntosh. First seals the NT & then nails a LB. Would have been a TD if that hand hadn’t reached out of the grass to trip Kenny.

    • Rob Staton

      Van Pran has dominated the first half

      As he has done all season

      But nobody ever talks about him (apart from SDB)

      • Trevor

        If the Hawks could just draft players in this game they would have a great draft. Incredible amount of talent on display.

    • Palatypus

      It was a hamster.

  81. Rob Staton

    CJ Stroud has reached a new level in this first half

    And I’ve had people all day on Twitter telling me ‘no way’ on drafting a QB

    give over

    • TomLPDX

      Pretty impressive so far this game.

    • Trevor

      Hawks fans baffle me at times. We are gifted our first top 3 pick in 20yrs and they don’t want to consider drafting a franchise QB because a career backup has had a good season.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s nuts

        Some fans are acting like drafting a QB in the top-three would be akin to drafting a box safety or a running back

        Many have lost their senses

        • Matt

          But Rob – you can’t draft a QB at #3 when the greatest defensive player of all time that will evolve this defense in LOB 2.0 is available.

    • Matt

      I’m all in on Stroud now. He looks insanely good. And he has all the intangibles.

      I was very skeptical, but he had everything.

      • Matt

        I know this sounds crazy, but he’s eliminating the biggest concern I had about him – create when the play breaks down.

        Gosh he may be the prettiest thrower I’ve ever seen. Really a highly nuanced passer (velocity, accuracy).

        • Rob Staton

          I haven’t seen prettier passes from a QB in college


          His touch is elite

          • Matt

            It really is. And I love him delivering while know a big hit is coming.

  82. Romeo A57

    After this Stroud performance so far tonight, I am very worried for those of us who bet on Levis or Richardson to be the first overall pick. I hope that this game is blacked out in Houston 😀

    • Trevor

      The way Stroud and Young played today can only be a good thing for the Hawks come draft day if they have a top 3 pick. The more valuable those QBs are the better.

  83. Trevor

    My only thought watching Alabama with Young and Anderson and this game with Stroud and Carter is that if the Hawks like one of the top 3 QBs I hope they go that route. These games just drive home that finding an elite QB trumps all.

  84. Trevor

    Van Pran would be the ideal Centre for the running scheme that Waldron wants to run. Athletic and mobile, can get to the 2nd level and is a great combo blocker. We have passed on some great C the last few years. Fingers crossed they take Van Pran or Schmitz and just lock down the position once and for all.

    Macintosh looks like the perfect 3rd down back to compliment Walker as well.

    • Rob Staton

      Schmitz is a very different center. Big, powerful. Not suited to Seattle’s scheme.

      Van Pran is a 310lbs version of the 285lbs center’s they love in Seattle and the Rams’ scheme — only with a shit-ton more power

      • Trevor

        Agreed he is a much better fit for Seattle.

  85. Rob Staton

    Sedrick Van Pran & Dawand Jones — outstanding in that first half

    Might be the best two O-liners eligible for the draft

    • KD

      This is one of those points that I agree very strongly with Robbie on, in that center is a constant worry for me and I would very much like to see an upgrade at that position.

  86. Trevor

    Rob if Harrison Jr was draft eligible where would he be on your board? I tend to think he would be the Bears pick at 2 or 3 if he was coming out.

    • Rob Staton

      Well I would imagine very high but I haven’t studied him to the absolute max yet because he isn’t eligible

      • Trevor

        Has the twitch and footwork like his dad but it 6-4. Egbouka looks good as well and Nimbga Smith is not even playing. Add in Wilson and Olave last year and you have 5 Wr as good or better than any NFL roster.

  87. Matt

    If Stroud can finish this game and take this into the title game…you’re going to have to really convince me how he doesn’t go #1. This is Burrow level QB play…just with a better arm.

    • Rob Staton

      It is worth noting that Justin Fields did the exact same thing to Clemson in the Playoff semi-finals and still lasted to #11

      But Stroud is on a different technical level as a passer

      • Matt

        Totally fair point, but you’re right – Fields was a technical mess. I just see Stroud eliminating the “yea, but” in real time.

  88. SoZ

    Rob’s idea of getting Anderson and Robinson as potentially the 2 best players in the draft sounds like a dream come true. On the other hand having a solid vet QB and drafting one with true franchise potential would also be an ideal situation…I think Geno deserves a shot with a solid defense and more consistent running game.

  89. Rob Staton

    It is staggering watching how good Van Pran is

    Just absolutely beasting up front

    And no MF talks about him ever

    • Trevor

      As long as the Hawks front office are watching him and Macintosh then I hope no one talks about him till the Hawks draft him 🙂

    • Madmark

      Pick36 hehe!

      • Trevor

        Yep I would be pumped with Van Pran at 36.

        • Jabroni-DC

          Doubt Van Pran lasts to 36. I’d be perfectly happy to grab him in the teens. He’d go a long way to completing the puzzle up front & establishing an identity for Seattle. I can see Walker III blasting through future holes!

  90. Palatypus

    I know Jalen Carter is good, but rushing only two against Stroud is a mistake. It was a very easy run there for a first down.

    • Rob Staton

      Carter looks knackered

      I raised concern about his conditioning during the SEC Championship

      • Palatypus

        I agree.

      • KD

        He obviously has a ton of natural talent, but those rumors about his work ethic seem to be true, and that he is just relying on that natural talent rather than being serious about what it takes to have a long term career in professional football

        • Palatypus

          Or maybe he just needs to train with that hamster that made that tackle earlier.

        • Rob Staton

          Todd McShay doesn’t just put out nonsense rumours

          People tried to wash that away

          But they shouldn’t

  91. GoHawks5151

    Watching Carter makes me wonder. Disruptive for sure. He has had his share of plays. But he doesn’t finish a lot of these blow by’s with sacks. Getting sacks is a skill in itself. His stats say he hasn’t figured this out yet. I know sacks aren’t everything but to maximize this pick you’d like that to be part of his game. It’s the difference between getting an Aaron Donald or a Christian Wilkinson.

    • Rob Staton

      He is very disruptive

      But anyone thinking he walks into Seattle and transforms the defense is kidding themselves

      • GoHawks5151

        Agree. I just wonder about his ceiling and finishing ability

  92. Trevor

    In the games today the best looking defensive prospect in my eyes way Brian Branch. All over the feild, solid in coverage, tough and rub support. Just seemed so instinctive. Looks like a guy destined to be in the AFC North. Would be shocked if he does not end up in Baltimore.

    • Rob Staton

      Branch to me screams Patriots

      • Trevor

        Good call.

  93. Schrub

    Jalen who?

  94. Trevor

    Still lots of time left but Ryan Day has called a great game today. They way they have moved the pocket and picked Georgia apart with those deep crossers had been brilliant.

  95. Palatypus

    Love the situational awareness of these coaches. Wish we had that.

    Or a HC who knew when to throw a challenge flag.

    • Rob Staton

      Or give good young players the right number of snaps

  96. Palatypus

    This game sucks.

    • Romeo A57

      Are you not entertained?

  97. Rob Staton

    Makes a change to have two entertaining playoff games

  98. Matt

    Big moment for Stroud.

    • Rob Staton

      Especially without two key targets

      (Three if you include Smith-Njigba I guess)

  99. Trevor

    Game changed big time when Harrison Jr got hurt.

  100. Trevor

    Stroud has shown tonight he can make all the throws.

  101. Rob Staton

    Jalen Carter dumped on his arse during that long Stroud run

    • Trevor

      He had looked gassed all night. Not a good sign.

  102. Palatypus

    50 yard field goal to win.

  103. Rob Staton

    Jalen Carter waving at the Ohio State fans there and getting a bollocking off his coach

    Not a good night for Carter

    • Matt

      Want no part of him in the top 5.

    • Trevor

      Just one game but if the Hawks pick in the top 3 I hope they pass on Carter.

    • KD

      Really worried about the potential for him to be Malik McDowell 2.0

      • Palatypus

        You’re worried he is going to get a serious brain injury in an ATV accident? That’s a little much.

        • KD

          McDowell had serious questions about his work ethic and attitude while he was at MSU.

          • Palatypus

            Yeah, but we’ll never really know what kind of player he could have been. He did something stupid, like getting pulled over doing 90 miles an hour after having “a few glasses of wine.”

            • Matt

              But that’s part of why we don’t know what he could have been as a player, because as a person he was a jackass.

              • Palatypus

                Which is probably why he went in round 2 and not round 1.

            • KD

              I still remember those discussions on the blog about McDowell, and those concerns parallel Carter:

              • Peter

                When the guy from England doing this as a hobby nails it…..

                Good grief. Someone in the FO needs to be sent a link here.

    • RyanL

      Yeah, that was not a good look. Not to be overly emotional but that kinda stuff teeters me away from taking him at 3. Well that, and him not stepping up in the moment.

    • Peter

      Pretty interested in your thoughts after these playoff games.

      Long wondered if Carter was/is worth it or should we be pining for some else.

      In my mind there’s a few others I like better.

      Also, Stroud? Still an Ohio qb or is there something else going on. Still extremely high on levis. It’s quite a trick that he played on such a crappy team. AR obviously that potential is huge. But Stroud? Some absolutely beautiful passes today. With such ease it hurt to watch.

      • Rob Staton

        Video about to drop, just recorded a quick 20 mins of reax

  104. Schrub

    Drafting Carter would concern me.

    • Palatypus

      I dunno. Let’s see what kind of shape he is in at the combine.

      • Matt

        So he will get in shape for the combine but not the National Title run? I’d say that’s a concern.

        • Peter

          Matt I’m getting a little concerned that you’re making me up my wise ass skills.😆

          • Matt

            Lol not my intention to be a wise ass, but what happens when he gets a $30M contract? Gonna go the extra mile?

            • AlaskaHawk

              I didn’t even notice Carter. Other defenders played better.

            • Peter

              Btw I don’t mean just this post.

              I’m here for it.

              Real talk though. I’m officially not sold on Carter. It’s well known how I feel about draft range. That it is bull shit. And frankly there are quite a few dlinemen I like more than him. And a ton more players overall at other positions.

              • Matt

                My issue isn’t even Carter, per se. Forget his name for a moment, it’s about a DT, while having elite physical skills, has yet to show it consistently on the field. Now I wasn’t a pro athlete but I played D1 baseball and now coach and I think the most underrated quality in any sport is consistency. Way too many people (not saying you btw) just assume “well when he becomes consistent…” it is absolutely a skill and it takes a certain mental makeup that not many people have.

                So again, it’s not about Carter, it’s about a highly talented DT that is inconsistent, shows signs of being a dipshit, and hasn’t produced at an elite level. It’s not like we are comparing WRs where one is in an air raid offense and the other run heavy.

                Carter has too many “yea buts” for my liking. Especially when you have 4 Uber talented QBs staring you in the face.

                • Peter

                  Consistency is the most important thing I look for. At the College level regardless of position. I want dlinemen with game logs where tge stats are even through the games. I don’t want to see 3 or more sacks against the sisters of forgotten kids or similar school then stretches where a player does nothing games at a time.

                  Second. Energy of the player. Right now Carter has none of the urgency I saw with quinnen Williams, suh, or others. Bluntly I’m not sure if Carter wasn’t on the field the team would look any different than when he is on the field.

                  • Matt

                    Couldn’t agree more. And that’s what separates Carter and Anderson for me. Anderson’s presence and energy is palpable. You can see his teammates gravitate to him. He’s also consistent. You don’t see him ever take plays off.

                    Carter…complete opposite. I was so unimpressed by him tonight, in so many ways.

                    He may very well become a dominant NFL DT – I think I’d let another team take that chance.

        • Palatypus

          Well, theoretically he’s a student.

  105. Matt

    I want Stroud.

    Candidly I was on the “don’t even consider him at 12.” He showed everything tonight. Love everything. Backstory is incredible too – he’s overcome a ton of adversity and is wired the right way.

    • KD

      Ohio State QB. I’ll pass. OSU just can’t create NFL caliber QBs

      • Matt

        I understand…but…what school consistently produces high level QBs nowadays?

        I’d contend there are none. For every other position I think college program matters, but for QB – I think it has to be about the prospect. There are just too many variables at play with QB which is why nobody consistently produces great QBs. Just too tough.

        • KD

          Well, virtually no school consistently produces NLF QBs, but i have a big problem with a school that has NEVER produced one despite several 1st rounders. The best QB that OSU has produced might be Jacoby Brisette, a career backup. Fields has show some flashes, but he has been mostly terrible. Haskins was a total bust. There is just something about OSU that can’t produce a good NFL QB

          • Matt

            Brissett played at Florida and NC State.

            I think it’s fair to call Haskins a bust. Fields has shown flashes. What other highly drafted guys have gone there?

            I like his skill set. I would have never said the same about Haskins. I thought him and JT Barrett truly epitomized the one read, easy throw to a stud WR who does all the work.

  106. Rob Staton

    Real talk

  107. Hughz

    JS going to haven lots options and should stay flexible to trade down. As Rob has pointed out there are no guarantees with drafting a DL in the top 10. If JS falls in love with one of the QBs I hope he takes his shot. Otherwise we might as well trade back. There are plenty of QB needy teams that will be willing to move up.

    • Hughz

      Also, Rob you have to be stoked this year. Going to be a lot of fun leading up to the draft. Your content is the best. Thank you.

  108. BK26

    The swing of him after one game is surprising. I’m not changing what I think of him just because of tonight. If they would have won tonight and then he plays horrible in the championship then everyone would jump right back off. I’m looking at the whole season and still want Levis or Richardson first.

    • BK26

      Supposed to be a reply to talking about OSU quarterbacks above.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s no swing. Significant pro’s and some con’s were discussed with Stroud. In this game, he smashed through the con’s and illustrated in the most convincing way the pro’s

  109. Rob Staton

    There’s a video coming on my YouTube channel reacting to the CFP from a draft perspective

    It’s taking ages to load because half the world is posting NYE stuff

    • Matt

      Pumped to see it. I have a feeling I’ll be nodding along with most if not all of it.

      One point I wanted to make and this could be unfair. To me, there’s a huge difference between Carter and Anderson. Anderson is truly a heart/soul leader for his team. I see none of that from Carter. And his antics at the end combined with taking tons of snaps off…I just want to avoid that, especially when so many options are available.

      • Rob Staton

        Last year, Anderson played every snap like it was his last. I don’t think we saw that at quite the same level in 2022 but he’s very much a high-effort player.

        Today worried me with Carter.

        • Matt

          I’ve always been reluctant with Carter. I’m fully off-board now. It’s a dumb analogy, but it’s almost like watching a significant other flirt it up at a party that you’re both attending. Gives you that, uh…what are they doing when I’m not around vibe.

          Again, weird analogy, but I just don’t trust him. You’re gonna pay him $30M and then what? He’s going to act better? Going to put in more effort?

  110. QueenAnneGrizzly

    Thought the best offensive lineman i saw today was TCU’s right guard, routinely got blocks both at point of attack as well as picking up a second defensive player upfield.

    • Seahawkwalt

      #78? I noticed him too.. he’s a beast

  111. Alex

    Losing for draft stock is a weak take. Other than that for sure some good points. This years class seems based on your thoughts here seem to lack that top end talent. So seems to me you can be mad at a trade down and try to both nab a QB you mention and another player. Seems to be a better idea than trading up to me.

  112. Steve Nelsen

    “I think a lot of people are kidding themselves if they think the problems are all down to talent.”

    Sometimes I think if we had Cliff Avril on the team today the D coordinator would be dropping him into coverage. That thought worries me when I think about drafting an Edge with the Denver pick.

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