Seahawks add Eric Winston, McCoy injures Achilles

Replacing Breno Giacomini isn’t going to be easy. Today’s addition of veteran right tackle Eric Winston explains why.

Michael Bowie has been slowed by injury while rookie Justin Britt is, well, a rookie. He was drafted highly in the second round but he’s also a Tom Cable project — not a decorated college prospect who was expected to go early in the draft.

At a time when neither Earl Thomas or Richard Sherman had signed new deals, you can understand the Seahawks not wanting to pay millions on a veteran right tackle. Even so, Giacomini was seriously underrated by many fans and media — a viewpoint seemingly based on a difficult start to the 2012 season. Having shaken off his liability tag regarding sloppy penalties, he’d gone beyond competent. There aren’t many better right tackles in the NFL.

Winston might be a decent make-shift tackle. He knows the ZBS — mastered it in fact during a lengthy and productive stint in Houston. He struggled somewhat in Arizona last year, albeit on a patchwork offensive line that offered little support.

If Britt isn’t ready and if Bowie isn’t healthy, he could end up winning a job in Seattle.

If that’s the case, at least he’ll only have to face Kam Chancellor on the practise field next year…

Meanwhile there was bad news regarding tight end Anthony McCoy today…

On the field at USC, McCoy flashed legit first round talent. It’s probably why Pete Carroll gave him a shot as a late round prospect while other teams sneered at his character red flags.

This will be his second serious Achilles injury (both legs have been injured) in two seasons. It’s too early to write him off, but this is a tough break. In 2012 he showed progression and greater consistency. He was trending upwards.

Now the Seahawks will be forced to look elsewhere.

They clearly wanted to utilise bigger targets over the middle having re-signed McCoy and looked at Jamichael Finley. This is a setback.


  1. CC

    I feel bad for McCoy – Chase Dixon – line 1, Seahawks calling!

  2. SunPathPaul

    Do they now reconsider Jermichael Finley???

    He seems to still be up in the air with his health? Worth a try?

    • Rob Staton

      The problem there is he’s due a massive insurance payout if he never plays again. Financially it might not be worth it, and he’d also be putting his life at risk too.

  3. kevin mullen

    Damn, tough break for McCoy. I was looking forward to his contribution this season. In 2012, I thought his run blocking was really underrated. I think he really could of snuck in some damage on a few games, two TE sets.

  4. James

    – ya’ll know that the Santa Clara a**holes will pick up Pryor in a New York minute to back up Kaepernick if we release him….therefore we are keeping 3 QBs this year, which means…

    – 5 RBs seem a lock: Lynch, Michael, Turbin, Coleman, Ware; unless Beast retires which seems more likely every day, and
    – 6 WRs seem a lock: Harvin, Baldwin, Kearse, Richardson (who is looking terrific), Norwood and Lockette/Bates, so
    – something has to give at OL, keeping 9 max, and might they try to get by with 2 TEs, with Bailey the short yardage guy? Britt played the 2 point stance in a spread offense, so he is simply not ready to block nfl DEs, and needs more time to learn technique, so Winston to start the season and Britt to take over down the road. If they keep Hauptmann, then the number crunch is untenable with 10 OLs. Bowie better get his game face on. Have to keep lots of DLs or release Hill or Marsh, which does not seem likely, minimum of 6 LBs and 9 DBs, so the cutting and bleeding is going to come at RB, TE or OL.

    • Josh

      2 TE’s is really pushing it. I don’t think there is anyway they do that.

    • Mike Roddy

      Beast ain’t retiring. He loves his charity work with the Oakland homeboys, and won’t let them down.

    • cha

      Can’t imagine the Seahawks would make a decision about a 3rd QB based on fear of what the Niners would do. We’ve played this game several times and it rarely has panned out or come back to bite us…BJ Daniels…

      It does bring up the question of who the emergency QB would be if the Hawks only went with RW and Tarvaris. Mike Rob is gone. Anyone else on the active roster have college or high school QB experience?

  5. Steve Nelsen

    I had high hopes for McCoy this year. His blocking was solid and he is crazy athletic so if he could show some catching ability, he had starter potential.

    Winston’s struggles last year with Arizona had many analysts writing him off. He might be done. But there are two encouraging signs: 1) His play improved over the course of the year and his two best games were the last two of the season against Seattle and San Francisco. 2) He hasn’t missed a game in years. A big part of ability is availability.

    • cha

      I see what you did there 🙂

  6. Madmark

    This article is depressing on one note and on the other its encouraging. I really thought Anthony McCoy was ready to break out like Golden Tate did last year but of course he had the injury. Then I thought that this was the was the year he was going to breakout and show us that he was going to be Zach Miller replacement. Now, I’m not sure what’s going to happen.
    Eric Winston was a player 2 years ago that I was looking at in free agency although I thought he was overpriced. Now that he’s on a 1 year deal I think he’s a perfect fit for RT whether he starts or is the backup at RT spot. Michael Bowie makes a better guard if he backs up spot this year we may see him starting there next year. Funny in this 1 article, I find myself depressed and then again optimistic at the same time.

  7. Radman

    I’d not be a bit surprised to see Winston play better than Breno, if both are healthy. Winston has done well in a ZBS. He did struggle in a ARI last year, in a completely different power run scheme that doesn’t fit his talents. I imagine the O line will struggle, collectively, in pass protection because they’re not good pass blockers, collectively. It’ll be basically the same as last year in this regard, perhaps a bit better only due to some improvement in the guard play (maybe). Winston has been a pretty solid pass blocker.

    I don’t think the line will be all that much different than last year, and I don’t think Breno will be all that missed, assuming health.

  8. Hay stacker509

    — Brent Urban Lost for Season with Torn ACL —
    Thu Jul 31, 2014 –from

    ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports Baltimore Ravens rookie DE Brent Urban torn his ACL, and is lost for the season.

    — Jermichael Finley Not an Option for Seahawks —
    Thu Jul 31, 2014 –from

    NBC Sports reports a source says the Seattle Seahawks will not revisit discussions with free-agent TE Jermichael Finley.

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