Seahawks and NFL free agency predictions

Could Tramon Williams replace Byron Maxwell in Seattle?

Seahawks predictions

Julius Thomas (TE)
The Seahawks cut Zach Miller yesterday and they’re unlikely to find a replacement in a weak draft class for the tight end position. They need a mismatch at the second level. Thomas is a 4.63 runner with a 35.5 inch vertical and 10 1/4 inch hands. He had 24 touchdowns in 19 games for Denver. He’s special. He’s #3 to Gronk and Jimmy Graham. They earn $9m and $10m a year respectively — Thomas is worth $8m of anyone’s money. Seattle didn’t need a blocking tight end when Miller got injured last year. They used a lot of 11-personnel with an extra offensive lineman and started Luke Willson at tight end. The identity of the team didn’t change. When Thomas splits out wide he takes a linebacker or a safety out of the box (helps the run game). If he draws the top cornerback that creates a match-up for one of the receivers. Thomas is just the kind of weapon Seattle is crying out for — and it’s probably why they tried to trade for him during the season. Jordan Cameron is the possible consolation prize.

Tramon Williams (CB)
John Schneider played a big part in Williams’ success story in Green Bay and he’s set to hit the open market on Tuesday. He’s 31 so won’t command the big bucks — but he’s a plug-in-and-play corner with length who can play press-man and zone. He might cost you $5m for a year or two. That’s just the way it is. The Seahawks need a starting cornerback who can act as a stopgap until the next young prospect comes off the LOB production line. Schneider’s familiarity with Williams, the scheme fit and the opportunity to play in Seattle’s much vaunted defense makes this a fit for all concerned. He’s a better option compared to the other Williams (Cary) who recently met with the Seahawks. The alternatives in free agency are unremarkable. This is one of the few opportunities to get a legitimate starting corner and a known quantity. It also takes away the desperate hope that one of the top cornerbacks falls your way in the draft (increasingly unlikely).

Dwight Freeney (DE)
The Seahawks have reportedly shown interest in Trent Cole. They’ll be hunting for value just like last year when they spoke to Henry Melton and Jared Allen. This year they at least considered a move for Darnell Dockett. They’re not going to pay big sums for a rotational cog. Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril got the cash to play edge rush in Seattle. Very few teams pay three edge rushers big money. The Seahawks also have Bruce Irvin as a hybrid linebacker/pass rusher. Cole and others like Brian Orakpo will likely get decent starter money elsewhere. This probably needs to be someone who understands he’ll be a role-player and will take a salary in line with that standing. Freeney is well suited to a support role aged 35 and would replace some of the experience lost if Kevin Williams retires. Apparently they’re also showing interest in Adrian Clayborn. Who’s willing to come in and compete at a cheaper price for a Championship? That’s the question. If it isn’t Freeney, I expect another experienced DE to come in at a modest cost.

Can they afford these moves? When I asked cap expert Davis Hsu about a realistic approach to free agency, he told me they could make a couple of moves at around $6-7m APY. If Thomas receives $8m APY and Williams $5m on a one year deal, it works out at as a $6.5m average for the pair. So it could be possible. It shouldn’t be hard to fit a modest salary for Freeney onto the books (essentially replacing O’Brien Schofield).

They could also make other savings. One of the reasons I’m touting Stanford’s Henry Anderson as a possible second round target is he’s a very similar size-match to Tony McDaniel. Cutting McDaniel saves another $3m. Anderson’s run defense, size (6-6, 300lbs) and athleticism is a good fit for the defense and he would be able to start quickly.

This plan would allow the Seahawks to target wide receiver and offensive guard within the first three rounds. At #31 they could take Jake Fisher, Cameron Erving, Ereck Flowers or La’el Collins and covert them to guard (whoever is available). They could select from a vast array of receivers in that spot. Alternatively, the depth at receiver is strong enough to wait until rounds 3-4 and Ty Sambrailo is a Seahawks guard in the making in the middle rounds.

NFL predictions (I chose 15 players)

Ndamukong Suh (DT) to Miami
How can you bet against this? The Dolphins are cleaning house today to create cap room. Owner Stephen Ross is determined to make a splash. The tax-benefits of South Florida vs California make too much sense for a player determined to be the highest paid non-quarterback. This feels like it’s going to happen.

Devin McCourty (S) to Philadelphia
The Pats are currently $4m OVER the salary cap. They had to cut Vince Wilford just to have any chance at keeping their better free agents. It might come down to McCourty or Darrelle Revis — and Revis has to win that battle. The Eagles swoop in to get a long needed upgrade at safety.

Randall Cobb (WR) to Oakland
There’s talk he could get offers worth $12m APY. He has a Super Bowl ring so he can afford to think about his wallet. If the Raiders miss out on Suh and Thomas, they’ll need to spend big on someone. Cobb and possibly Kevin White or Amari Cooper would be a nice pair of targets for Derek Carr.

Greg Hardy (DE) to Cincinnati
The Bengals are always willing to give a player a second (or third) chance. Hardy is damaged goods with a reputation some will run a mile from. Someone is going to employ him, though, and the Bengals need to bolster a tepid pass rush.

Jerry Hughes (DE) stays in Buffalo
The Bills want to maintain a dominating defense and after David Harris signed a contract to stay in New York, Rex Ryan should do what it takes to keep Hughes in town.

Byron Maxwell (CB) to Philadelphia
It seems inevitable. Philly just wiped out several big names to create masses of cap room. While the likes of Atlanta will probably show interest, the Eagles are in the driving seat for a lot of free agents. They will be aggressive, before trading possibly their entire draft to get at Marcus Mariota.

Jabaal Sheard (DE) to Jacksonville
He’s an ideal LEO fit. Let’s say the Eagles trade up to #2 to make sure they get Mariota. The Jags can take Leonard Williams with the #3 pick and still get a quality edge rusher in Sheard. The Jags have to pay somebody, it might as well be Sheard.

Stephen Paea (DT) stays in Chicago
They have the money to keep him and he’s a terrific run blocker. Re-signing Paea allows them to target an outside rusher with the #7 pick instead of needing to target Danny Shelton.

Rodney Hudson (C) to Oakland
Hudson was a Seahawks Draft Blog favorite building up to the 2011 draft. He was fantastic at Florida State and he’s been terrific for the Chiefs too. He’ll get a big contract somewhere. The Raiders have been linked and it makes sense.

Pernell McPhee (DE/OLB) to Indianapolis
He played for Chuck Pagano in Baltimore so obviously he’s a scheme fit. The Colts have a ton of cap room and will spend it somewhere. They need to upgrade their defense badly.

Brian Orakpo (DE) to Atlanta
The Falcons are likely to add an edge rusher at #8 but they need more than one. Orakpo was reportedly a target for Atlanta a year ago before he received the franchise tag.

DeMarco Murray (RB) stays in Dallas
I just have a feeling Jerry Jones is going to work this one out. It took him a long time to establish this teams identity with the run game. Murray tests the market and re-signs with the Cowboys.

Jordan Cameron (TE) to Jacksonville
They need more weapons for Blake Bortles. Even with the concussion issues — a rancid class of tight ends and the diminishing market at the position could lead to a big contract for Cameron.

Torrey Smith (WR) to Cleveland
They have to do something at the position. This move would also weaken a division rival. Smith would be a decent acquisition for a team in Cleveland’s sorry state but they might have to overpay.

Darrelle Revis (CB) stays in New England
I just can’t see Revis bouncing back to the Jets after collecting a ring with a hated division rival. He’s become a rent-a-cornerback and needs some consistency. The Pats probably can’t afford McCourty and Revis — so you stick with the better player.


  1. 907Hawksfan

    Rob, what do you think will be the next move for Seattle… RWs contract or signing a TE? Or something else?

  2. Volume 12

    Nice work Rob. I’m personally a fan of both Julius Thomas and Tramon Williams. Dwight Freeny would be a good pick-up, as you said, along the lines of Kevin Williams.

    I like the idea of adding Adrian Clayborne though. Yeah he’s a reclamation project, but he’s versatile and would give Seattle a much needed upgrade over the likes of Dobbs, Cohen, and if Scruggs gets hurt again. Keeping fingers crossed. He was a good player coming out of college, and IMO Seattle would be a great change of scenery for him.

    I’m not sure TB knew how to use him. Just like they didn’t with Michael Bennett. And could Bennett help recruit him if that’s who they want? Great mentor for Clayborne.

  3. Elijah

    From everything I’ve heard, Paea is a better fit for a 4-3 than the 3-4 that Vic Fangio will run. I’d like to see the Seahawks kick the tires on him, he could be a good replacement for McDaniels and even potentially Brandon Mebane should the Seahawks decide to cut ties with him.

    Another interesting guy on the market is Ron Parker. Former CB for us, played S for the Chiefs and did well there. Could he be an option to move back to corner on an affordable (~$2.5-4M) deal, while providing depth should our safety unit need it?

  4. Geoff Potter

    That’s a lot of talent leaving the NFC. Pleasant to see.

  5. Volume 12

    Rob, living here in the PNW I get a chance to watch some Idaho games. I’m not sure if you’ve ever gotten the chance to check him out, but there’s a D-lineman from Idaho that is highly intriguing in the later rounds.

    DT QuayShawne Buckley- he has the size (6’2 or 6’3, 305 lbs.) that Seattle seems to like in the interior, but he’s built very uniquely. I was just wondering what your opinion of him was, if you had one?

    • Rob Staton

      Haven’t seen him V12 but I’ll add his name to the list.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I had to check him out based on that uniquely built teaser. You weren’t kidding. He carries it really well, almost like a FB, with tree trunks for legs.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Keep an eye on him.. see if he gets a regional invite… then you know there might be interest 7th rd or UDRFA

    • Colin

      I’ve watched that kid in person several times. He definitely flashes at times, much the way Korey Toomer did (ironically behind Buckley). He stands out on the field.

    • sdcoug

      Pretty sure he was a WSU commit at one point; can’t remember the backstory

  6. smitty1547

    How about the other Packer DB Davon House? 25 years old and has the length we like. i also have another question maybe someone can help me with, who scouts the free agents, is it the same scouts working on the draft? Is it the coaching staff looking at the position’s. I know of course John and Pete have final say and iam sure it all starts years prior, like what their original thought was of the player coming into the league, however a lot of time has past, players have either grown or not as both players and people. Who breaks down all the new film on these guys John can’t do it all?

    • Rob Staton

      From a physical stand point House ticks the boxes. I just think they go with a shorter term, more proven commodity.

  7. Volume 12

    This is just a thought, but with all the nickel packages and more teams going to the nickel as a base defense, I’m wondering if Seattle being as physical as they are and priding themselves as being quote-unquote ‘bullies,’ are they perhaps trying to go with more 6 O-lineman looks?

    Is that what they have in mind for Garry Gilliam?

    Potentially adding TE Julius Thomas and pairing him with TE Luke Willson who IMO is one of the up and coming TEs in the league, and then adding a couple of WRs from a deep/pretty fantastic class this year, is damn exciting. The offense could finally be on par with the defense.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you’re onto something…

      • Robert

        Gilliam is a SPARQ freak with tremendous upside. I predict he is working hard this off season to gain 20 pound of good weight and a lot of functional strength. Sweezy really took his game to another level last year after a great off season where he put on 20 pounds and added strength with the strategic program the Seahawks customized for him. My question is: what are your thought on Gilliam and his upside? Could he be a serious contender for the RT position, which would allow Britt to take over at LG?

        • Rob Staton

          It’s hard to project Gilliam to be fair because we’ve seen so little. It’d be nice if he can take a big step forward this off-season and potentially get into contention for time on the field next year but I think it’ll be a bonus more than anything.

          Personally I think they should keep Britt at tackle rather than asking him to learn another new position.

          • Coug1990

            I believe that fans are more worried and disappointed with Britt than the Seahawks are. For years, fans wanted Sweezy to be replaced, but the Seahawks were happy with him and he has been a multiple year starter now. Britt has taken the place of Sweezy in many fans eyes. They want him replaced. But, I would be surprised if Britt is not the starter at RT for at least the next three years.

            • Robert

              Not me…I think Britt is a beast with his run blocking, which should greatly improve over last year. But the combination of short arms and slow feet only work at RT because RW is a magician. I was always patient with the Sweezy growing pains because I saw improvement via flashes and remained focused on his upside as an extraordinary second level blocker with meanness! I remain optimistic that Gilliam is a special player with tremendous upside….

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Perhaps they will continue and expand the use of Lynch in the passing attack, which would also free up TE and WRs in coverage. Lynch has been working hard to improve that part of his game…. and we have seen the results, when he gets the ball in space, domination.

      I still can’t believe Seattle had Gilliam inactive for the SB…. he has looked solid.

    • cha

      If they added JT that would make the “base” offense quite flexible:

      RW and ML

      That’s 10 regulars and the 11th could be:

      The 6th OL/TE Gilliam-Bailey for a power run look with multiple options
      Willson for a ‘which TE do you cover??’ look where LW or JT is almost guaranteed a mismatch
      A FB for power run with swing pass options
      A 3rd WR

      Combine those with RW’s ability to run and that would put a lot of stress on defenses.

  8. Lil'stink

    I think we should make an offer to a Broncos tight end, but it’s Virgil Green and not Julius Thomas. Thomas has that “shiny new toy” quality that Percy Harvin had, but I just think he’s a disappointment waiting to happen. Yes, we need the red zone threat that he could be. Green isn’t that at this point in his career, but he’s actually more of a SPARQ warrior than even JT. I just don’t like the idea of spending that much money on a guy unless you know he is willing to lay it on the line for his team when the ball isn’t going his way.

    Also, would Buster Skrine fit our scheme at all? I know he’s short, but if the rumors of Williams wanting $4 million+ are true I wonder if it makes sense to kick the tires. He’s younger and would be more of a long term solution, but ultimately I doubt we could afford him. I guess we can’t pay big buck to everyone in the secondary.

    I’m still hoping we prioritize Jabaal Sheard. Our LEO situation seems to be a square peg-round hole situation for the coming year.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      Green would be a better choice than Julius Thomas. Denver made Green a low ball offer in the $2-3M range. 13 teams have contacted his agent. We need to go after this guy. He was the #20 pick in the 2011 draft.

      • Rob Staton

        Virgil Green was a 7th round pick.

    • j

      Why not both?

      A TE is defined not by body type, but by their ability to in-line block – to act as a sixth OL. Thomas is not that guy. Not to say he is not a great athlete and playmaker. Not to say that we shouldn’t sign him. But if we do, it would be as a WR, IMO. Which means we would still have a hole at TE, with a shitty draft to fill it in

      Which is also why the “this is a shitty draft for TE, so we need to sign Julius” falls flat. Its actually a good draft for WR, which is who Thomas should be compared to.

      • Rob Staton

        The TE position can’t be defined that way anymore — Gronk and Graham changed it forever. Thomas is 250lbs and runs a 4.64. He might not be a classic in-line blocker but he’s a thoroughly modern TE. You can’t compare Thomas to Nelson Agholor.

        • j

          So why isn’t Calvin Johnson a TE? Vincent Jackson? Kelvin Benjamin is one inch and ten pounds smaller than Thomas. Why isn’t he a TE? I would assert Thomas is more like these wide receivers than Gronk or Zach Miller. You can’t just take every tall, big WR and say “TE”. There has to be something else.

          There is no such thing as the modern TE. Rather, the modern thing is to replace the TE with a big WR.

          • Rob Staton

            10lbs is not insignificant. As for the other points, see my other comment.

            • j

              10 lb is not insignificant – all else equal. When you have poor blocking technique and don’t give max effort, that negates all of the weight gain and more. I’d have a guy at 230 who knew what he was doing and tried hard – more effective.

              • Rob Staton

                Poor doesn’t mean incompetent. Thomas isn’t a great blocker but I think people are starting to go a little OTT on the whole blocking/effort thing.

          • Dawgma

            Because they’re smart enough to see that top receivers make 30%+ more than top TEs. Doesn’t mean r their not actually receiving weapons.

        • j

          Then my question is, what is the difference between a TE and a WR?

          There are lots of WR that are big and mismatches against corners. There are lots of WR that are threats in the red zone. There are lots of WR that line up in the slot. Those can’t be it.

          Without blocking as the separating factor, the distinction between TE and WR disappears.

          • Greg haugsven

            Just worried about paying Thomas…you’re looking at leat 4 years $32 million minimum..high priced free agent receivers just never work out…you could say Randy moss but they got him for cheap…can anyone come up with a high priced WR free agent that actually worked ? Vincent Jackson has been OK but there are more Mike Wallace examples.

          • Rob Staton

            It’s the line up. You aren’t going to line a receiver up next to the right tackle and legitimately run the ball. Thomas is 250lbs. Even if you put a 230lbs wide receiver (massive for the position) he isn’t going to do the same job as Thomas, whatever your views are on his blocking. It’s the ultimate chess piece, to have a guy who can pretty much do 3-4 things on any play call… a play call that could also be one of 5-6 different options. If you put a receiver at the line and then split him out he’s not getting a linebacker or safety in coverage no team would do that because it’d be house money. But you put a 250lbs guy in there and they try to make it work. And when you have a unique difference maker at the position it can be a fantastic mismatch opportunity. I’m just scratching the surface here.

            • j

              So what makes a TE a TE is the ability to block in-line next to the right tackle. That is exactly what I said. Sounds like you are agreeing with me.

              • j

                Where we disagree is – Thomas is bigger than a 230 lb WR, but he gives that up with poor technique and effort. So essentially it is a wash.

              • Rob Staton

                What makes a TE a TE is the ability to line up to give the perception they are going to block or run a route because of the greater size. It’s not about being able to simply line up and in-line block. It’s that you aren’t tipping your hat by putting the player in that position and having the flexibility to call any player and make that player a factor. And then by motioning him if it’s a pass it draws a man out of the box. If you put a receiver at that position they’d just put a corner on the guy and have done. If you have a 250lber lining up there they’ll take their chances more with the S and LB.

                • purpleneer

                  I’ve been mostly with idea that some of these guys are just big wide receivers, but Rob’s point here makes sense. How they are treated by defenses matters. That’s the main thought that has me coming around more to JT, though I’m still wary and the way it seems that Denver is done with him no matter what adds to my reluctance to guarantee much.

                  • Dawgma

                    You guys are basically saying that roster designation (it’s a TE! They might run it!) is more important than the actual skill set (the move TE sucks at blocking and half asses it and never makes a block).

                    NFL DCs are not that dumb. If you never ever run with your move TE on the field, or he’s constantly getting blown up and failing to run block, they’re not going to respect it anymore than they would if you just lined him up as a Wr, because that’s what he is.

                    • Rob Staton

                      The whole ‘effort’ angle is being exaggerated to the maximum here. You wouldn’t call Thomas a blocking tight end but the idea he got blown up every time Denver tried to run the ball simply isn’t accurate.

    • Rob Staton

      I understand some level of trepidation when it comes to big purchase FA’s — but ultimately if you want the best you have to pay the going rate. I don’t see any evidence of Thomas being unwilling to lay it out on the line on tape. Virgil Green is a player with four years’ experience and 206 career yards. SPARQy or not, he’s a total unknown quantity and might just not be very good.

      • arias

        He’s an incredibly solid blocker though. If they’re looking for a Zach Miller caliber cheaper replacement as a blocker who could blossom into a pass catcher, they could go after him. I think at this point they’re looking for an established and proven receiver at the tight end spot though.

    • Steele1324

      The character knocks against JT might be colored by bad chemistry within the Broncos org, led by Manning. Give JT a fresh start in Seattle, there shouldn’t be a problem. I am also balking at the cost, which looks like it limits them to two free agent acquisitions (I see 4-5 spots where free agents are necessary: CB, TE, WR, D line, LEO pass rusher).

      As for Skrine, he is one of many mediocre options at CB. Skrine is nickel only, and even in a good season for him, he gave up plenty of yardage. He will be overpaid in this bad free agency.

  9. peter

    Financially what do you think is a cutoff point for Tramon Williams? 3 yrs 15 mil. 10 guaranteed? Past that I couldn’t really see the point. And would almost feel more comfortable doing the secondary summer camp showdown with new corners and Simon.

    Julius Thomas I hope happens because past him i honestly can’t see offensive FA’s that are worth it. Outside if him.

    Any thoughts for Freeney financially? 1 year 2 mil guaranteed lots of bonuses tied to production? I just personally think that I would rather tie up money if its more in a sheard/paea/hardy due in part to age and due in part to Bennett plays inside as much as outside and when Avril went down it wasn’t the only reason why the SB was lost but then you have Bennett manning basically the line with Schofield.. Not a frightening challenge for most teams. I know Williams was actually pretty good. But man that age. And McDaniels I can take it leave. I hope everyone in Seattles Ir makes it back next year and Scruggs gets to play I would maybe feel more comforted knowing there was some starting pieces added to the d.

    Klug? Perhaps.

    • Hawkfaninmt

      On offense I would like Wiesenewski and Torrey Smith still… Paea on Defense. I know we can’t have them all…

      A Free agent period of JT, Smith, and Paea would be nice!!

    • Rob Staton

      I think a deal like that would work for Williams providing the last year contains no guarantees or dead money. That’s about right for Freeney too I’d say. Sheard, Paea and Hardy are going to get overpaid IMO — and I’m a big fan of Sheard and Paea.

      • peter

        Sadly you’re probably right about those two getting overpaid. Jacksonville, Atlanta, the raiders, Philly, Dan Snyder, Jerry Jones, teams and owners with a lot if cap to spend or are willing to make terrible decisions!

        • Greg haugsven

          Nobody talks about Greg Hardy, dudes a beast. Anyone interested or scared of off field or just think someone will give him coin. If he doesn’t sign in first two days I could see the Hawks pouncing

          • Steele1324

            He is a beast, on field and unfortuntely off. There could be an opportunity there, however, if other teams are spooked.

            • peter

              Reports are that Indy might consider him plus the commish could still put him on suspension since he got paid last year and as per modified rules he did lose the first hearing but not the second so any team could be signing a guy with a 6 game suspension

              • Greg haugsven

                Your right…if you signed him without knowing you would have to put a clause in his contract taking away salary for suspended games

                • peter

                  Honestly that could be a unique signing structure perhaps something teams may consider I the future for players with problems

                  • Greg Haugsven

                    If I’m the Seahawks and they decided to sign Jordan Cameron I could see that happening due to his concussion issues. You could have a base salary and roster bonus that pays him per game

  10. MoondustV

    I’d like to imagine RW3 throws several fade ball to JT80 every game.
    AND I damn want SEA to sign Paea.

  11. Donovan

    Greg Hardy carries big baggage, but also enormous talent. What do u expect him to sign for and do u think the Hawks will entertain him at the right price?

    • Steele1324

      Hardy’s baggage is serious enough that it can’t be overlooked. That said, in terms of on-field, I would love to see a proven pass rushing terror like him lining up for the Hawks. We will have to see how the market shakes out. If he is avoided like the plague, someone will make him a low ball offer eventually.

      • Greg haugsven

        If he would sign for one year six million to get his stock up I could see the hawks doing that…kind of like Bennett and Avril. You never know if some team will just give him fat bank though. Well see

        • DC

          If the hot money dries up & teams stay leery of Hardy, Seattle is desirable destination. Adding that talent to our rotation would be a coup. Oh, the baggage… Stay tuned.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Avril, hill, Bennett, and hardy rushing the passer, that’s murders row

            • DC

              That would be an epic group.

  12. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I’m still on the SUH to Oakland bandwagon. Nothing screams the perfect RAIDER than SUH. Dirty, doesn’t care what people think…. Black Hole would absolutely LOVE HIM.

    As for Murray, I think he is GONE from big D. They won’t pay him what he can get on the open market. Now that Lynch got paid big money, Dallas got screwed in the process… trying to underpay him. Murray would be an outstanding fit in Indianapolis.

    The Kraken is the guy, that might be had for little money….. very tempting high impact player, if his head is screwed on straight.

  13. rowdy

    Any word on what exactly was wrong with miller? Other then a failed physical I haven’t been able to find any info.

  14. Steele1324

    I am not a fan of Freeney, who is capable of backup situational only. He had 40 QB hurries and 3 sacks for SD last season, which I suppose is not shabby, but he is ancient.

    I think the Hawks need a younger, more reliable weakside pass rusher, so Irvin can move to his more natural position on the other side. Jerry Hughes/Jason Worilds/McPhee will be too expensive, probably Orakpo, but who knows if Brandon Graham, Sheard or Trent Cole will command too much. Derrick Morgan is a reclamation project like Adrian Clayborn. Morgan was bounced around between 4-3 and 3-4, and would probably do better with a new team.

    • Rob Staton

      “I am not a fan of Freeney, who is capable of backup situational only”

      That’s what I have him down for. The Seahawks are already paying two DE’s major bucks and they won’t pay the third (a rotational guy) major money. So you’re looking for a guy willing to play at a certain price who can still do a job. Sheard will get way too much money, Cole will get an opportunity to start somewhere.

      • Steele1324

        I think what they need is a replacement for Schofield right away, and preferably also Irvin. And even if Irvin is a future priority re-sign, having someone at weakside—starting—is ideal. They need to get back to the depth of 2013, when they could rotate defensive linemen freely.

        • Rob Staton

          It’ll be tough to recreate that depth, especially given the way they’ve since had to pay their stars.

  15. red

    So this how I am finding the cap for Seattle might go for 2015.

    Before anything else we are about 24mil below the cap with draft pool included.

    Wilson +5.5 M 18.5 Mil of cap space

    Wagner + 2.5M 16 Mil of cap space

    FA Corner + 4M 12 Mil of cap space

    At this point if you are going to give JT 8 Mil per year it would put you about 4 under but you would probably budget another couple million for IR so we are just about at the limit. We could cut Tony Mac that would free 3Mil but you are just going to put it back into our D Line and I am not sure we get a better D Line man in in this market for 3 Mil. Also if we want to extend sweazy you can give him Tony Macs 3 mil. So I guess the question is would we rather have JT or maybe a Cameron and Klug I prefer the later. You can make the case that depth cost us the SB last year. Being in the NFC West you need quality depth.

    • Greg haugsven

      If JT got $8 APY his first year cap hit wouldn’t be to bad…probably about $4…I still don’t think I want the guy…be interesting if the Hawks do

      • red

        If it averaged 8 I am not sure you want to back load that contract.


        97 mil

        Wilson +15 112mil

        Okung +8 120

        Wagner +8 128

        Unger -4 124

        FA corner signing from 2015 +4 128

        Sweazy +3 131

        Irvin option +7.5 138

        JT 9-10 mil 147-148

        No Mebane No Tony Mac we better hit DL in draft because we are not bringing outside FA in.

        • Greg Haugsven

          It wouldn’t be backloaded, just the first year cap hit would be low due to the signing bonus pro ration. Lots of these contract are backloaded so they can cut them and not have paid them so much. But your point is taken

        • Greg Haugsven

          This would assume they resign okung

          • Greg Haugsven

            It will also be interesting if they pick up Irvin’s option. They have to say pretty soon.

            • red

              It might actually make some sense to extend Irvin this year if we are going to pick the option for next year might add a mil or two to his cap for 2015 but might actually shave 2 mil or so from his cap hit in 2016. Might make some sense, also cap increases by 5 mil or so from year to year so you might get a better deal on him by re doing him now instead of after 2016. Might be smart to gamble on Irvin now if he explodes in 2016 he is 11 -12 mil a year FA going forward.

              • Greg Haugsven

                Could Be an option, he’s might be to old by then, he was drafted when he was 25, will be 29 going to his year 5, that’s the main thing I didn’t like when they drafted him. Unlike Earl Thomas who is now 25

    • Steele1324

      I am going off of Davis Hsu’s estimate of $130 million of cap after things like special teams and routine stuff. He sees $75 mill for defense, $55 mill for offense, resulting in 2-3 medium-priced signings, two on D, one on O.

  16. JimK

    Did I miss a mention of Andre Johnson – Rob, not a FA target? How come?

    • Greg haugsven

      Not a FA yet…probably a matter of time though…sign me up for AJ…I wonder what number he would wear? Would Largent give him some love?

      • JimK

        I thought the exact same thing – I see Steve once a year at an event I conduct – I’m thinking he probably doesn’t but it would be the HOF thing to do – hope that isn’t a deal breaker haha.

  17. Jeff M.

    One thing to note about a Julius Thomas acquisition is that it probably costs us a 2016 third round pick (by canceling out one we otherwise would get for Maxwell, if rumors of his price are correct), so that needs to be priced into the cost-benefit equation.

    This is all moot if we’re going to make some other big FA signing anyhow, though. To get the pick we’d have to either a) only sign low-$ guys who are counterbalanced by the departures of Carpenter, Smith, etc. or b) limit our big acquisitions to guys who were cut by their previous team.

    • Greg haugsven

      Good point Jeff…I’ve been saying for weeks I hope Maxwell signs for coin because if its over $8 a year were getting a third round comp

  18. David M

    Welp randall Cobb is now off the charts

    • Rob Staton

      $40m over four years to stay in Green Bay.

      • Steele1324

        Wasn’t a fit anyway.

        • Matt

          That’s good for the Hawks. The Pack is well situated at WR meaning they shouldn’t be looking at one high in the draft, if at all. They have the pick in front of us, so we don’t have to worry about them targetting our potential WR target.

  19. Ehurd1021

    What about Cortland Finnegan as a possible solution in the slot. Only 31.

    Finnegan is a scrapper, a vet and the Seahawks could probably sign him for the vets min and still get great value.

    • DC

      Doug Baldwin in the slot.

      Someone else on the outside.

    • Steele1324

      I always like Finnegan, even though he has been a hated opponent.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a question of length (or lack thereof) with Finnegan.

  20. Turp

    Well this would be a great surprise.

    This would indicate the Hawks don’t care for the fa cb market or draft cb class, especially with flowers and k. Jackson now signed.

    • Steele1324

      I am not surprised. The FA market absolutely sucks for CB. Over the hill types asking for long, expensive deals, mediocre nickels asking to be overpaid. The draft may suck even worse.

      Does the Hawks FO hate it all so much that they will pay Byron $8 to 10mill? Byron’s foot appears to be out the door already, with a lot of noises he’s making about how much he would like to play in the Eagles system. Would he turn down his huge payday to stick around for $4-5 mill?

      • Martin

        Maybe the chance to win more Championships offset the money. He knows what to expect here. He knows he will succeed, an that the team values him. Philly looks to me like a little bit of a mad house. They traided their best player for a 1 year wonder (at this point) because he didn’t see eye to eye with the coach. A year after D. Jackson was let go for mostly the same reasons. Oregon was good but they never could get to the top of the mountian. I just think the Eagles will be the same way, win 10 or 11 games then get knocked out of the playoffs by a team that can control the clock and run the ball. We seen what Seattle did to them, others followed. Maxwell can chase the money or stay in Seattle and chase Championships.

        • Turp

          There’s not gonna be a discount. Max is not gonna play for 5 mil. i doubt he goes lower than 8.5, and could still hit 9.5-10. He’s not gonna get less APY than Kareem Jackson. If we get him back, it’s at the cost of another FA pickup.

          DAVIS HSU @DavisHsuSeattle ยท 10h 10 hours ago

          If Kareem Jackson got $8.5M…Maxwell gonna get $10M

    • Rob Staton

      It might just be that an unexpected opportunity to keep Maxwell has emerged. I still think he’ll be too pricey.

      This report in the last few moments suggests that’ll be the case:

      • Ukhawk

        Hawks retain him for a more, palatable sum or drive the price up to get a comp 3rd rounder next year….win-win

  21. Martin

    What about Shareece Wright. Played for Pete at SC. Pete praised his toughness before the SD game. He played at right corner, ran a 4.46 at the combine. Not sure what his arm length is. On the downside he led the league in PI penalties last season. But that can be fixed with coaching we have seen that. We could get him on the cheep and if nothing else he would be good for competition.

  22. Steele1324

    Akeem Ayers is a pass rusher I would like the Hawks to look into. He’s young, played very well in relief duty with NE (a brilliant signing by the evil Belichick), then played sparingly after Chandler Jones came back from injury. Ayers can still develop into a star if given the right setting.

  23. Cysco

    wowha, when did you start cross posting your blog on the seattle PI site Rob?

    That post was liked to on Profootballtalk’s Sunday one liners this morning.

    Looks like you’re on your way to national recognition! :0)

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for the heads up Cysco

  24. CC

    Great write up as usual Rob! I’m warming to the idea of JT. It would open up more options in the draft if we had a legit pass catcher already set up. There are so many good reports on pro days of guys not invited to the combine. I expect some nice picks come draft day.

  25. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    In football news, TE Anthony McCoy agreed to a one-year deal to stay with the Seahawks.

  26. Alaska Norm

    Looks like seattles signing McCoy again. Can’t see this changing much in regards to JT.

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