Free agency updates: Ndamukong Suh to Miami for $114m

The key tweet there regarding the Seahawks (apart from Anthony McCoy re-signing) is the suggestion from Jason Cole that Julius Thomas is close to agreeing terms with the Jaguars. That would be a blow for the interested Seahawks. It could push them towards Jordan Cameron as option B, as long as they’re comfortable signing a player with a history of concussions.

If they miss out on the top two tight ends this could increase the pressure to draft a receiver as a priority at #31.


  1. Lenny James

    Seahawks vs Jags for Thomas. I like our chances. Who wants to go to the Jags to die with Gabbert? Thomas with Lynch and Russ would be nice. Sprinkle in some ADB and Kearse, that offense is immediately upgraded. Upgrade the OL through the draft and we are SB bound.

    • BrianH

      Seems like JT would rather die rich with Gabbert. Damn shame but we’ll see what happens. Maybe the McCoy signing was a clue that Pete and John knew they had missed out.

      Two sources indicating TE Julius Thomas is just about done/signed in Jacksonville— Jason Cole (@JasonPhilCole) March 8, 2015

      • Grant G

        He’d be dying rich with Bortles, then.

      • Rob Staton

        It’d be a great addition for the Jags as they try to break in a young QB. Shame for the Seahawks, but opens up the possibility of other free agents (if Cole’s report is accurate).


        U guys are apparently dumb for not even knowing who the Jaguars QB is since the last tyme I checked Gabbert has ben long gone #Bortlecombat #era J.T would be a big help on bringin this franchise closer to a championship

        • Rob Staton

          It’s ‘time’.

          But thanks for stopping by to offer this fantastic dose of irony.

          • Regan

            Punctuation and spelling are not taught in Florida.

            • JW

              Wow. Classic.

              • PROBLEMOCHILD

                Punctuation and spelling is taught everywhere!doesnt mean everyone chooses to use it correctly.ever heard of the term slang?its used everywhere these days!aha classic!

              • Misfit74


                “U guys are apparently dumb for not even knowing who the Jaguars QB is since the last tyme I checked Gabbert has ben long gone #Bortlecombat #era J.T would be a big help on bringin this franchise closer to a championship”

                I need to put that in my sig.

          • BugJuice

            And it’s “been.” Hard to take serious being called dumb by someone without an education. Congrats on your team’s apparent signing, Problemchild, now time to get back to that 6th grade grammar class.

        • Lenny James

          Forgive me for not knowing who the irrelevant Jags QB is. Don’t get mad at me. The only thing I know about the Jags is that’s where our great DC and two DL ended up going. They might as well went to Outer Space.

  2. bdawg17

    Love the McCoy resigning… for those who are worried about having an in-line TE who can block, there ya go. Now just stay healthy big boy!

    A TE rotation of Thomas, Willson and (a healthy) McCoy would be insanely productive. Mismatches all over the place, esp considering if McCoy can match his past level of play, and if his physical abilities haven’t fallen too far due to the past 2 years of injuries.

    I’d anticipate us running quite a few 2 TE sets if we can add a Julius Thomas or Jordan Cameron to the mix. Talk about nightmares for opposing D’s, and adding more flexibility and guise to the run game.

    • Jeff M.

      I agree about the 2 TE sets if JT comes, but I’d guess many of them would involve him split out wide (like he frequently did in Denver) as a big mismatch WR, and one of Willson or McCoy as a true TE, so it’s 12 personnel that lines up like 11.

    • O

      Look, I like McCoy, but no opposing D is having nightmares of him and another TE. He hasn’t played a snap since 2012, and before that he was just a guy.

    • Ho Lee Chit

      I think re-signing McCoy is a sign of how desperately poor the TE market is. After two years of getting paid for doing absolutely nothing, McCoy is going to try for the hat trick. Banking $1M per year for hanging out in the training room is a pretty good gig if you can get it.

      • Steele1324

        I think McCoy was a desperate and poorly timed move. Why now, mere hours into FA? Was there a line of suitors for McCoy? Every dollar not spent on fresh talent is waste.

        • Ho Lee Chit

          I am sure there was no market for McCoy. He has shown little even when healthy.

        • Rob Staton

          I doubt this is a desperation move. Probably league minimum with no guarantees.

          • Jake

            Exactly, why wouldn’t they sign him (assuming the cost is minimal)? He is a good, solid contributor when he’s healthy. He could be the starting TE, if all the FA targets sign elsewhere.

  3. SunPathPaul

    I’m glad Suh went to Miami! He can go make Brady’s life hell now…
    Plus he’s in the AFC now, like a lot of talent is going.

    Having McCoy sure would help, if he can be healthy and play…

    I wasn’t wanting to spend big on JT, but it seems so deadly if we get him!
    If they can get JT, then we better get 2 quality WRs! No conversion QB TO WR projects, but playmakers!!! (Chris Harper in the 4th reference)

    JT, lynch, Russell, say McBride/Lockette/or Conley, we hopefully can stop the 3 and outs and can score more points!

  4. CA

    This is why I didn’t get too excited about Suh in an older thread. Way over paid IMO(I wouldn’t say that to his face). Great football player don’t get me wrong. Our FA DL pick up is coming and I hope he is an excellent pass rusher. We’ll need one impact pass rusher in FA and another impact pass rusher in a quality round. Improving the pass rush on this defense will make life easier on whoever replaces Maxwell when somebody else outbids us for Maxwell. Losses in the NFC championship game and that last game against the Patriots lacked an effective pass rush.

    With McCoy back, even if we sign a FA TE such as Thomas, I still see the need for a mid to late round TE. This offense needs weapons and depth.

    • Rob Staton

      “Way over paid IMO(I wouldn’t say that to his face)”


    • Bryan C

      Pass rush was great until Avril went down. I think it is more a case of lacking dline depth we had in ’13 season.

      I believe JS/PC come up with some great dline FA in 2nd/3rd tier FA on prove it 1 year deals, as well as a CB. LOB and associated alumni’s have $100M in guaranteed contracts. Think about that for a minute. No where else a young, overlooked CB wants to go if they have unique size and are willing to put in work. Long term, big $ at stake if you’re a CB in Seattle.

  5. Mylegacy

    Thomas is just 26 – in his prime –

    Question for Rob’s followers: Would you take an “old man’s gotta get a ring” contract with the Hawks now or go for another 4 or 5 year big contract and then look around for an “old man gotta get a ring” with whatever team in 2018 or 2019 is that time’s Hawks? Me, with the serious daily health threats to my career in this brutal sport I wanna go “with the money” in my prime. I say – no way the guy leaves a few million on the table to come and hope he doesn’t have to watch Wilson throw a pick on the final snap of the game costing him the ring he gave up millions to get.

    Rob – keep lookin’ at them WR’s in the draft – we may be needin’ one soon!

    • BrianH

      As I said above. Looks like he’s going to the Jags. Clearly opting for option 2.

    • lil'stink

      When it’s your first big contract, you go for the money. Guys in their mid-20’s aren’t as concerned with their legacy as opposed to making as much $ as they can. Fans want to believe that a star player will take a discount because the allure if playing for their favorite team is too much to resist. This is more fantasy than reality. Players know this is a business, and it’s a very tough pill for them to swallow if they feel like they are making less money than they are worth. I’m going with the money over the ring. Every contender is only one injury away from missing the playoffs, and every cellar dweller can turn the corner at any time. Follow the money and hope the wins come with it.

      • Rob Staton

        Randall Cobb disagrees with this.

        • lil'stink

          Well, there are always exceptions to the rule. Cobb is also 2 years younger than JT. I’m sure Green Bay’s GM reminded Cobb that he can get another big contract at age 28, and that staying with the Packers and Aaron Rodgers is going to be better for his long term value than going to any of the other rumored teams.

          Also not sure I completely buy the 4 years $48 million rumors being floated out there. That seems pretty exorbitant for Cobb, and there is plenty of disinformation being spread around this time if year, even after a contract is signed.

          • arias

            I totally agree with this. Cobb is the exception to the rule. Most guys are going to be chasing the money on their first chance at a big contract. Just look at Byron Maxwell. No need to be surprised JT is doing the same.

            All the signs were there that he’d value the highest bidder over a winning team since he’s been with a consistent winner in Denver. He has no idea what playing in a losing environment is like, and a Bronco teammate was quoted in the Denver Post saying his first love is basketball and there’s no similar love for football and with JT he’s doing it to make as much money as possible. No one should be surprised the Seahawks would lose in any bidding war for his services.

      • Colin

        I’ve heard the rumors floating around that JT really isn’t a ‘love football’ kind of guy. It’s not surprising he’s chasing the money to JAX. If it’s true he’s more interested in the $$$$$ than playing for a contender I’d rather he not be here.

      • realrhino2

        I disagree with it, too. Seems like somebody with the benefit of hindsight and age could tell these guys that losing flat out sucks and that the benefits of a great work environment and a class organization will have more impact on their quality of life than an extra few millions dollars.

        I know, easy for me to type, right? But seriously, once you are talking about dozens of millions of dollars, the difference will have no real impact on their lives as long as they aren’t complete idiots about spending it.

        I think what really may be happening sometimes is that they sign the biggest contract knowing that at some point the Jags/Raiders/Titans will get smart and realize they can lose 12 games a year just fine on their own without paying that fat contract, and they will trade him to a contender.

      • Ben2

        Income tax in Florida (or lack thereof) also “adds” money to Hags offer vs ours

  6. Rob Staton

    I’ve just updated the post (and will keep doing so) following a Tweet from Jason Cole suggesting the Jaguars are close to agreeing terms with Julius Thomas.

  7. redzone086

    I’m shocked that there hasn’t been more open interest in G?d I’m glade to see him leaving the NFCW and I am watching AZ with the CJ Spiller interest.
    Rob have you considered Lance Kendricks as a TE option?

    • redzone086


    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t and I’m not interested to be honest. The last thing I think we need is to add more average outside players to the offense. They need to go big to get better or dedicate draft resources to WR.

      • redzone086

        Fair enough. The Hawks need playmakers to help Russell and take advantage of limited opportunities not sure where they will come from but they will come.

        • Rob Staton

          If they miss out on Thomas and are concerned with Cameron’s concussion issues (I think he will be option B, however) then it will put some pressure on to find a dynamic option elsewhere. I’m not sure what they would consider — but it could open the door for a very aggressive draft plan in terms of the WR position.

          • BrianH

            Rob if they worry about the concussions and see a mismatch TE as a player that the offense desperately needs, do you think they look at Maxx Williams at 31?

            I know you had some nice things to say about him, he’s consistent on tape and would be much cheaper than a FA acquisition. I read somewhere that he was arrogant in the interviews at the combine, though.

            • Rob Staton

              I think Maxx is going to be a really solid pro for someone and a decent pick. I don’t think it’ll be the Seahawks though.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            They could still try snagging AJ in FA (or Smith if his knee checks out), or maybe yet working a trade with Tampa for VJ.

            • SunPathPaul

              The only plug and play threat I still see we can get is Andre Johnson.
              He would immediately change our whole WR corp!

              He is 34, but would still be a great weapon for RW…

  8. Dawgma

    Thank you Jags for saving us from ourselves.

  9. lil'stink

    If the Jags really want JT we would be foolish to get into a bidding war with them. Our #1 TE was a non factor last year and we still made the SB; I think we have other needs that we should be able to better address through FA and the draft. I’m really hoping we don’t overpay for someone in FA, although when there is more cap room than talent it’s hard to do.

    • Ben2

      Yeah no bidding war- jags HAVE to spend $$$$ we have all pro players that I want to keep (BWags, RW, and Bruce Irvin) so we gotta keep a healthy cap perspective. Maybe we take a WR in rd 1 and then trade up in rd 2 to grab maxx Williams too?

  10. Hawkfaninmt

    Torrey Smith… Paging Torrey Smith…

    Why isn’t he getting any love or publicity? I think he would be an awesome addition to our offense, at probably less than what JT would cost if not the same.

  11. cha

    Jayson Braddock
    Byron Maxwell deal is done. Guarantee came in higher after more discussion. Byron Maxwell will become an Eagle Tuesday w/ $25 mil guaranteed

    • Rob Staton

      Who is Jayson Braddock? Can we trust this report?

    • cha

      Jayson Braddock ‏@JaysonBraddock 7m7 minutes ago
      Deal also changed from 6 year $63 mil. It’s now reportedly set to be a 5 year deal around $53 to 54 million. Byron Maxwell / Eagles

      • UKhawk

        How do the comp picks get worked out again … Got to be a 3rd??

        • Jon

          yes, unless we sign someone in the 7+/year range it will be a third.

          • Attyla the Hawk

            Hard to say. It’s not a flat value threshold. It’s relative.

            If there are five 11+ million dollar deals, the top 3 or 4 will be thirds.

      • redzone086

        Wow that’s way too much period. I like Maxwell but holy cow when did he become a top 5 cb in this league?

        • mrpeapants

          agreed maxi is over rated. he just looked lazy out there to me. not sure if simon is the guy, but im kinda glad maxi is gone. time for some new talent outside. go hawks

          • arias

            Simon looks more lazy out there to me.

        • arias

          I wonder if Chris Harris Jr regrets his decision to re-up with the Broncos on a massive discount rather than testing free agency. If Maxwell is getting 10.8 annual with 25 mil in guarantees CHJ could have probably broken the bank this year with twice the guarantees and 14-15 annual.

          Instead he agreed a couple months too soon on 24 mil guaranteed at 8.4 annual.

        • Ben2

          Sam shields got about 10 mil a year too ….top 5 lists ke revis or Haden or Sherm gotta be around 12 mil per year now ….make ur cabbage maxi always be an LOBer in my heart but way too much for us!

  12. Ross

    The Jags are probably about to make Julius Thomas the highest paid TE in the league. I feel kind of sorry for him. He’ll spend his prime on a team going nowhere fast and get cut a couple of years down the road when his contract inflates and the new front office start the rebuilding process all over again.

    Yes, I am saying this because I’m jealous.

    • KingRajesh

      Jags are going to be good soon. I anticipate them being over .500 this year.

      • peter

        Wouldn’t be that hard one of the weakest schedules based on strength of schedule and quite possibly the overall worst division in NFL. 8 wins would feel like the AFC championship game for them.

  13. Jon

    wow, almost 11 per for maxwell and just about 50% gteed. Shermans contract looks to be so cheap today as well as E. Thomas’.

    • Rob Staton

      Has this been confirmed by any of the usual suspects yet? (Schefter, Mort, Rapoport etc).

      • Colin

        I can confirm via a source. RT @JaysonBraddock Byron Maxwell deal is done, will become an Eagle Tuesday w/ $25 mil guaranteed— Jimmy Kempski (@JimmyKempski) March 8, 2015

      • Grant G

        Braddock appears to be a sports talk radio guy in Houston

        Mike Garafolo also backs the Maxwell report, but hedges by saying nothing is certain.

        By contrast, I can’t find anyone confirming Jason Cole’s report on Thomas. Hesitant to trust B/R

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      When you have money to burn….. might as well burn it

  14. Steele1324

    JT to the Jags is pretty disastrous. I have been leery of the pricetag, but the need for a TE who is a mismatch threat is urgent. Problem is, everyone is looking for the same thing and jacking up the price.

    I do not want to see them reach for Maxx Williams. I don’t like Jordan Cameron’s concussion risk.

    No JT frees up dollars towards Andre Johnson, but that is a somewhat different project.

    • rowdy

      I never thought JT would be there for us. Great player but I didn’t see us breaking the bank for him. Maybe we offer around 7 mil but you know somebody will offer 9-10 with so much cap room available and not much to spend it on. Add in the fact the teams with high cap space have to overpay to get their players. JC and Gresham seem like the only options at this point in free agency. It’s a week TE class but I think waller could fill that void that rob talks about JT filing. I always looked at waller as a mismatch move te type player. Obviously not at the level JT is at but he has the potential to get there.

      • arias

        The Raiders are set to massively overpay to get Gresham, and they can have him afaic.

        • Jake

          When did a poor blocking TE become such a priority for the Seahawks? Luke Willson blocks better and can do about 75% of what JT and Cameron can do as a receiver, so why spend there? I think a big WR is a better use of resources, and Andre Johnson is there for the “old man discount”. Draft one, develop him – and let AJ mentor him. This big TE fetish comes down to the redzone, the redzone, the redzone… But, lets not forget that all those flashy TDs came in a high volume Denver passing attack, with guys like DT, Decker, Welker, and Sanders to worry about. Seattle doesn’t have those guys, maybe Baldwin can simulate Welker – but JT is going to be the top defensive priority in the redzone. Like so many have said, a flashy receiving TE at the cost of another pass rusher, DT, or re-signing Okung or Irvin doesn’t seem prudent.

          • Rob Staton

            I think there’s an important reason why the Seahawks are pursuing this (and Cameron, and Fleener, for example). The blocking aspect of Miller in Seattle was always slightly overstated. The Seahawks will always try to focus on what a player can do, not what he can’t. Miller’s best fit for this team was as a blocker. In the same way Red Bryant’s fit was at the five technique. But ultimately the Seahawks knew they could get more out of both positions. Now they start Bennett at end and have kind of abandoned the previous plan at the five. They can play six OL and use a TE when they want to, they can use five OL and put the TE in the slot or out wide. They can use a conventional look too. Ultimately it’s about getting a mismatch on the field that they simply haven’t ever had under Carroll. The player who draws the coverage and matches up against the S/LB and can be exploited. The great redzone target who scores TD’s. I mean, who on the Seattle roster right now is a TD maker at WR/TE? You need those.

            If they don’t land Thomas or Cameron I bet they just role with Luke Willson as the starter next year. He’s not physical enough, doesn’t box off defenders and isn’t likely to draw coverage in the way Thomas would. But he’s closer to the direction they probably want to use moving forward. And they didn’t suffer too much when he started most of the 2014 season. It’ll just put more pressure on going WR early in the draft.

            • Jake

              I hear you about the redzone threat – but I think Wilson’s legs and Lynch as a receiver are under-utilized in the redzone. Wilson’s ability to move is a nightmare, but unfortunately we don’t see it used enough – he should be running for about 10 TDs a year. Lynch on a linebacker (or occasionally a DE) is the mismatch we should be exploiting more often.

              • Rob Staton

                I’d point to the play where Wilson scrambled on the two pointer in the NFCCG we see the problem when a defense sell out to attack the OL. It was a flukey play, Wilson got creamed. And let’s not forget the Lynch on a linebacker matchup against Carolina that led to a late first half interception.

                Seattle has been a rotten red zone team for a while with that duo. They both need help that the presence of a great red zone WR/TE will provide.

                • Jake

                  The 2 pointer in the NFCCG was a terrible playcall, and did not put Wilson in position to be a true threat. Scrambling TOWARDS Julius Peppers and relying on Justin Britt to block him is asinine. Bevell has these brain farts occasionally and having JT in there instead of Luke Willson wouldn’t fix that. Matthews was abusing some pretty decent CBs in the Super Bowl, no one else in the NFL has a Brandon Browner to put on him. The jump ball role is looking pretty solid.

                  Lynch dropped a pass, it was a TD pass turned interception – the play was there. It’s an example of what he can do against a LB, he was WIDE open. I also like his ability to stretch out wide and make plays against LBs. He runs a nice slant pattern from out wide, he got one TD and could have had another, but Wilson decided to tuck and run (still got a TD, so its cool).

                  • Rob Staton

                    I think we’d be overrating Matthews to say no other team has a corner that can match up to him like Browner.

  15. big dub

    I love the Antgony McCoy resigning. I see him as more physical than our other tight ends. Of course his past injuries scare me however look at his combine numbers. He has a chance to be very good. I feel the resigning and release of Miller is a testament to his recovery. I think he plays with an edge. His blocking is not suspect I clearly remember quite a few pancakes when he did play. Hopefully his upper body strength has improved while he rehabbed his tendon injuries.

    • Ben2

      Whatever. He was slow before all the injuries….blocking te only now. We need recieving threats

      • big dub

        40 Yard Dash: 4.71 seconds
        10 Yard Dash: 1.66 seconds
        Bench Press: 19 reps
        Vertical Leap: 35.5 inches
        Broad Jump: 113 inches
        20 Yd Shuttle: 4.57 seconds
        Three Cone: 6.99 seconds

        40 yd dash 4.68
        10yd dash 1.62
        Bench press: 16 reps
        Vertical leap: 35.5 inches
        Broad jump: 111 inches
        Three cone: 6.96

        Im just saying the explosiveness and measuarbles between
        McCoy and Thomas aren’t as much as you might think. So I don’t see the argument that he is slow. Maybe post achelies injury but prior to that I don’t see it.

        • Steen

          This should show you how worthless combine numbers are. If their numbers are that close but their production isn’t maybe its time to factor in something from the actual field of play.

          • Jake

            Don’t sell McCoy’s athleticism short. He can get up in traffic and he can run. His stiff-arms are deplorable and occasionally his hands fail him. Achilles injuries don’t usually negatively affect speed, but his jumping ability could be impacted. He’s an aggressive blocker, but not always that technically sound. He is a better blocker than Luke Willson and miles better than either JT or Cameron. He could wind up the starter with a strong camp and if he did, he would probably produce more in the passing game than Miller did as the starter. He’s a good athlete, he is comparable athletically to JT – the production is more about depth when he got here and injuries since he was promoted to the #2 TE.

  16. realrhino2

    I guess the FO’s interest answers my own question, but is it possible they just don’t see TE as a dire need position b/c Wilson may not see well the part of the field in which the TE normally operates? (Wow, that probably reads like garbage.)

    Speculation that Russ’s height means he may not see the short and intermediate middle of the field as well as taller QBs. TE normally operates in that area a lot. Possible we aren’t going to get into bidding war for TE b/c we won’t see the results other teams will see w/ the upgrade?

    • Steele1324

      Russ’ height is an issue that needs to be addressed with a better O line that provides him with clearer passing lanes. Drew Brees deals wth it.

      • peter

        They invest in guards and a boatload of talented WR’s oh and jimmy graham….seattles investment in Russel’s success as a Qb…not so much, yet…

    • arias


      Besides, the solution to that is to have taller pass catchers in that area, and it makes landing those guys an even more dire need. 6’5″ tight ends like Julius Thomas could have been a solution to that need, but at his break-the-bank cost I can understand why the FO passed.

      Surrendering a 3rd of the field is a losing strategy for any QB. It’s not that he doesn’t throw to the middle of the field at all, he just has considerably less success doing so when he does go that way relative to his success elsewhere.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t see it as an issue personally. Classic example — Luke Willson beating Larry Foote repeatedly over the middle. It was a classic seam mismatch Wilson was able to exploit.

      • arias

        Yeah but those happened on a designed rollouts for Wilson though. It’s not like he hit Luke from the pocket.

        Designed rollouts are fine, and the Seahawks run bootleg/roillouts 14% of the time to help him with the visibility issues. But designed rollouts still limit your quarterback from using the complete field since he’s restricted to throwing to the middle or side he’s rolling to. He’s not going to throw across his body. It’s also inflexible since they have to be called from the huddle beforehand whereas being able to throw deep middle from the pocket can be a dynamic play taking what the defense gives you. If you have to depend on calling a bootleg just to better exploit the middle of the field that’s pretty inefficient that you’re only able to do so 14% of the time when you happen to call a bootleg/rollout.

        And again, it’s also limiting your passing range to one side of the field anyway.

        And again,

  17. drewjov11

    We desperately need a big wr who can own the red zone as well as convert on third down. We haven’t had that guy ever, (don’t tell me Sydney Rice because he was not a special). I’m not sure if Andre still had any jets left. I would hate to overpay for a guy on his last legs.

    • arias

      Matthews could be the guy.

      • Steele1324

        I think the next star WR or two will come via the draft. Andre would be a stabilizing mentor type only. I can’t imagine Hawks will head into camp without a huge WR competition with many new faces.

        I am more worried about finding That Big Target With Speed. Every team wants that. Other teams have more money.

        • arias

          We just need a big target that can box out and create vertical separation high pointing the ball. Speed would be nice but holding out for the perfect player that has all the ideal qualities sounds like a great way to never end up improving.

  18. Grant G

    Rob Rang @RobRang · 35s 35 seconds ago
    Multiple sources telling me in past hour that reports of the Jaguars agreeing to a deal with Broncos UFA TE Julius Thomas are premature.

    • Jon

      was just about to post that.

      • Grant G

        Lucky for me I’m sick, so I can spend a sunny day hitting “refresh” on 10 football sites 🙂

  19. Steele1324

    If the Hawks miss on JT, I think they should shift focus to Lance Kendricks, Rob Housler, Virgil Green (probably impossible to pry away from the Broncos). Owen Daniels is ancient. The list becomes smellier, the lower down we move, but that’s all that’s left. Look into trade possibilities. Or forget the whole thing, and do the best they can with Luke Hands of Stone Willson.

    At CB, the same bad situation at the top. They should look where it is quieter. Alan Ball, Will Blackmon, Cort Finnegan?

    • arias

      I don’t think Green’s “impossible” to pry away. He’s clearly holding out for more money from the Broncos which is why he hasn’t signed their offer yet. He wants to make sure he’s getting what his fair free market value is. If a teams steps up and offers more than what the Broncos can pay or think he’s worth, he’ll probably take it.

      • Rob Staton

        His fair market can’t be that much given his minimal production and game-time in the last four years. If I were him — I’d sign on the dotted line for a season with Manning.

  20. redzone086

    Jags hot for Murray and they aught to be!

    • Steele1324

      Jags are hot for everyone and everything. Teams like the Jags and Raiders, with money to waste on ridiculous shopping sprees. Wish the Hawks had that kind of fun.

  21. bobbyk

    I’ve been wanting Cameron and/or Sheard first and foremost (well, obviously Suh, but you get the idea) so my pipedream is still available. Would love to add Cameron.

  22. smitty 1547

    Finnegan is a far better player IMO that the other 2 CB we have been discussing, although lacks length. He is feisty and would fit in with LOB and Pete’s always compete. Also surprised i never hear more love for Britt, he has more talent than anybody currently on are team and should come pretty cheap.

    • Steele1324

      I love Britt and Finnegan, both chippy badasses. However, Cort is old and limited to nickel, I think.

      • Bryan C

        Finnegan and Andre Johnson should both be signed by Seahawks in FA, it would make OTA’s fun to watch.

  23. Misfit74

    I was just posting my thoughts about this over at FG a few seconds ago. Glad to see this post, Rob. I’ve basically lost hope of landing JT even if you never know what Seattle might be doing behind the scenes. I’m bracing myself for at least an outside shot of landing Cameron. I’d be VERY HAPPY if we get him. A receiving TE is arguably the biggest need this team has. Sure, we need WRs, too, and I remain hopeful we can get a guy like DGB, Strong, McBride, etc., but TE and WR must be addressed heavily this off-season. We almost have to expect some regression from the defense and the offense has to take a step forward in terms of dynamism. #GoHawks!

  24. smitty1547

    I’m fine with Finnegan as a nickel, we need one. Britt should be looked at hes got all the tools and he stayed out of trouble last year, so maybe hes grown up.

  25. drewjov11

    I keep wondering about Perriman. He’s physical and makes big plays. I haven’t seen any footage of him going up to high-point the ball. He seems like he plays close to the ground. He can box people out and adjust to the ball, though. I would have to consider him early and if Funchess falls a bit, take him later on and coach him up.

  26. Steele1324

    Devin McCourty retained by NE for 5 yr/$47.5 million.

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