Seahawks end pre-season with defeat in Green Bay

I’d love to offer some thoughts on the final pre-season outing. Sadly with GamePass switching over to DAZN this year, unlike the previous system, you can no longer watch online when you’re travelling Europe. Thus, I was shut-out. At least it wasn’t a regular season game.

I’ve seen bits and pieces courtesy of some rogue YouTube channels posting highlights. From what little I’ve seen it felt like a classic Drew Lock game. His arm talent was clearly on show again, as was his athleticism. His ability to complete pretty, explosive passes can be a thing of beauty. He made some excellent throws (including another touchdown to Jake Bobo — who is going to surprise a lot of people this year, I’m convinced of it).

Lock’s near pick-six in the first quarter though was clear evidence of the other side of his game.

He’s immensely talented. He is right up there in terms of natural gifts, arm strength and he is well above par when it comes to size and mobility. There is this side to his game though where you feel like a glaring error is never too far away. If he can eliminate those plays, the sky’s the limit for him. You just wonder, however, whether he’ll ever be able to do that. This is year five now.

Nevertheless, there’s little point in focusing on a negative today. He is, if nothing else, a talent-rich backup. There are plenty of lousy backups in the league, so that’s a plus. He’s in a tough spot — intriguing enough to want to see more but will he get the chance somewhere one day?

Let me know what you thought of the game in the comments section.


  1. Rob Staton

    Derick Hall — sprained shoulder

    Another rookie injury

    Devin Bush — concussion

    Joey Blount — shoulder

    Oh joy

    • Big Mike

      Defense is really hurting

    • RealDangerRuss

      Pisses me off that they played Devin Bush so much in a meaningless game. They make such stupid decisions sometimes.

  2. Thomas

    Maybe no trades until we can sort the injury bug…

    On Lock and turnovers, remember PFF on Geno’s number of turnover worthy plays. I know it’s not clear cut. If the Seahawks had to win tomorrow, Geno would be the pick. Still, Lock seems to have progressed and I’d like some regular season reps.

  3. Hawkdawg

    I thought Gotel showed up, actually. Was able to stack and shed quite few times, rarely got driven back very far, played a lot of the game. They might keep him, at least for now…

    Our offensive line played poorly most of the game, except for an inexplicable couple of minutes on Drew’s last drive. Not sure about Olu himself, though…but Forsythe did not impress at all…

    Bobo has a knack, no doubt…

    • Elmer

      Gotel might be as good as Mone. If so they probably keep him at least in Version 1 of the roster.

    • MountainHawker

      I researched the clips I could find on YouTube. In every one Olu owns his man. Great snatch technique. The Thompson TD run was because Olu sealed his man perfectly and effectively blocked 3 guys because they had to go out and around his man. By then it was too late for them.

      • MountainHawker

        Rewatched* Twitter has a bunch of clips too

  4. seaspunj

    Bobo has been the talk of this entire preseason and rightfully so. He has earned his roster spot and i hope he can make plays while JSN heals up.

    i am not concerned about the offense this season. They have depth in RB WR TE and QB it just looks hopeful for a top 10 maybe top 5 Offense this season

    Stopping the run will be the main issue

    I still dont like the Seahawks inability to stop the run.

    the 1st string Packers just ran over the Hawks Dee repeatedly and all i can hope is that these Seahawks find a way to stop the run.

    the one area mentioned and is very noticeable with all these Seahawks players are that they are very united. I really sense and see this team comradery and everyone is cheering one another on.

    Excited for Week 1

  5. Tommy boy

    Just like I said, no need to have drafted Charbonnet, when a beefy DT was needed

    He clearly lacks the elite vision to make big plays or creative moves. He won’t contribute much and Walker is a far superior talent.

    We shall see but my eye test was never impressed with Zach and he’s looking worse than expected. The run last week I could’ve run through that hole.

    And he didn’t stay in bounds to finish the run

    • Rob Staton

      He ran the ball three times today

      And you’re writing that


      • Gary

        And he was running behind an O-line with no ones. Come on man.

      • geoff u

        Ken Walker III had 5 carries for 19 yards in last years preseason. Shame we didn’t cut him.

    • SEAhemoth82

      “…my eye test was never impressed with Zach…”
      “…I could’ve run through that hole.”
      Is this a real comment?

    • STTBM



      Oh, wait…are you serious dude?!

    • Malanch

      Tommy Boy, YouTube and X are thataway →

  6. WA Vandal

    From Brian Nemhauser: Artie Burns, Jerrick Reed, Levi Bell, Easop Winston all helped themselves.

    I’d agree with those and add Matt Gotel and John Rhattingan. Bobo’s making the roster. Burns outplayed Mike Jackson. DJ Dallas had some nice runs. Jake Curhan had a nice game, Stone Forsythe again looked like a liability. Hopefully Hall’s injury is minor.

    Betting roster churn will happen around cuts at DT,
    DE, maybe OT.

    • Rob Staton

      Bobo is as much a lock to make the roster as anyone

      • Palatypus

        Bobo is a lock.

        But is Lock a bobo?

        • geoff u

          Lock did get a booboo in the last game, does that count?

        • geoff u

          Lock did get a booboo in the last game, does that count?

          • Marc Edge

            What happens when Bobo gets a booboo? . . . you guys will be rolling in the aisles

        • cha

          Hey, how was kindy, Bingo?


          Wait, no. Bad.

          Oh, why bad?

          Banjo called me a Bobo head.

          What’s a Bobo head?

          I don’t know.

          Did he call anyone else a Bobo head?

          Yeah, he called everyone a Bobo head.

          Oh, OK. Well, still, not nice, Banjo.

  7. Big Mike

    In defense of Lock, the near pick was his only poor choice all day, at least that I can remember. Get that down to once every 3 games or so Drew and you’ll be starting somewhere with success

    • Hawkster

      I thought he threw an easy pass breakup on essentiallt an identical throw that smacked of lesson not learned.

      • Big Mike

        Sorry to hear that. 😞

    • Sean

      That one play was the only glaring error I remember, though I did not watch Q2. There was also a play where Lock threw under heavy pressure and the pass was batted into the air…not sure if that was a bad decision by Lock or not.

  8. Sean

    When the Packers 1st team was running so much on Seattle’s second stringers, they were mostly running to the outside. And our edges repeatedly failed to contain. I don’t know much about defensive scheme or game planning, but our edges were so consistently cutting in and leaving the outside runs open that I wonder if the coaches were trying to compensate for the weakness in our interior d-line. Is that reasonable, or am I way off base?

  9. vanhawksfan

    It was a tough game to judge run defense since there was no real rotation to speak of on the inside and they played those guys all game. Considering that they were second and third strings against the starting offense of Green Bay, I think that the Hawks did pretty well to hold them to 12 pts at the half. The secondary was excellent. The pass rush was decent. Run defense will be the big question this season. I thought that Gotel looked at least as good as Mone in his rookie season, probably even more active. The offensive line was meh, especially the tackles. Stone Forsythe and Greg Eiler don’t seem to move well enough, especially in the run game. I thought that Bradford, Oluwatimi and Randolph were solid. The pressure came from the edges, not the middle. Lock was solid and worked hard at playing mistake-free football. He had that one off throw but otherwise did okay. Better than last year. Easop Winston Jr had himself a great series that probably solidifies him as the #5 wide receiver with all of the injuries and suspensions. Sa’roderick Thomas looks to be the first running back call up.

  10. Zane

    Is it just me or are we having a uniquely terrible run of injuries? I can’t remember a preseason with so many important young players banged up. Really takes the gloss off a potentially exciting roster and season.

    • Palatypus

      “Nothing is more dangerous than a rookie in shorts.” – Tim Green, The Dark Side of the Game: My Life in the NFL.

  11. Palatypus

    I believe the term Brian Baldinger coined for these games is “Employment Bowl.”

    • Huggie Hawk

      Baldy rules

  12. Palatypus

    Wyatt Davis of the Giants just got carted off the field.

  13. Mr drucker in hooterville

    No need to put Ahlers on the PS as QB3. . Just cut him and take his playbook. Find a released QB this week. Thompson looked good at RB. McIntosh to practice squad?

    • Palatypus

      No need to put Ahlers on the PS as QB3… Just cut him and take his playbook.

      Mr. Drucker, you are a cruel mother…

      • Mr drucker in hooterville

        No enavling.!

  14. Forrest

    With a surplus of CBs and a huge hole in the middle of the D line, I can’t help but wonder if Jalen Carter might have been the player we’re missing.

    • Frank

      From a process standpoint I’m 💯 behind taking Witherspoon over Carter, but a little disappointed they didn’t go heavier looking for a NT after that in the draft. I agree with avoiding need based drafting, but still feels like they should have added another body or two. Felt like both sides of the line looked underwhelming in the trenches again today especially early in the game.

      • Palatypus

        Keeanu Benton is listed as the starting NT for the Stealers on Ourlads. I might be a bit happier right now if we had taken him, but he was gone three spots before we took Charbonnett at 52.

        The next pick was Gervin Dexter Sr.

        But hey, Benton is a Stealer so he’s dead to me.

        Currently, Ourlads has Cody Barton as the starting MLB for the Condom Kings. So, what do they know?

      • McZ

        Our top pick grabbed months of attention by not signing his contract, practically sitting out, which is just a wonderful way to start a career. He also failed to build up bulk, which should have been his priority. Practicing against players 30 lbs heavier, he already hit the stretcher. We missed all the red flags on this young man, and we ignored his athletic profile. All I see is peacock #2.

        What exactly was the thinking behind taking a CB high, and then only the second best Illini CB?
        Who is QBotF?
        How does all change our problems winning against balanced teams?

        From a process standpoint, this draft sucked.

        • Mr drucker in hooterville

          Overdramatic dontcha think?

    • Aaron

      If Carter was drafted at 5, he would have found an ATV or a sportscar and would have been trying to emulate the Fast and Furious films. He has a babysitter in Philly, just imagine dedicating roster spots and/or spots on the staff to continuously monitor a grown man like a toddler.

      • Palatypus


        I know there is a lot of angst around here. Our first, second, and third picks in this draft are all injured.

        But they are not out for the year, as of yet.

        • Big Mike

          It’s not angst I feel for the fact that Witherspoon has barely participated in camp and played in zero preseason games, it’s frustration, annoyance, sadness and even some anger as well as trepidation that he may not play anytime soon.

          • Palatypus

            I think some of that may be the memory of Shawn Springs.

            • Palatypus

              I can’t rhyme Hooerville.

              • Palatypus

                Or spell it apparently.

          • Big Mike

            And let me be abundantly clear, I did NOT want the Hawks to draft Carter.

  15. 509 Chris

    I worry we’ll have to talk about carter everytime he makes a play or Witherspoon makes a mistake. The team did their homework and drafted around philosophy, that’s that. We’ll have to see at least 1 full season to really judge the pick anyway.

    • Malanch

      Talk about whatever and whomever you feel like talking about. Anything or anyone you don’t want to talk about, don’t. There: solved.

  16. samprassultanofswat

    Yes: Lock did have a near miss on a pick six. But how often did Geno get his breaks last year. Geno had two pick sixes called back because of penalties on the defense. Geno had a number passes that could have been intercepted. But were dropped.

    Geno Smith did get lucky quit a bit last year. Smith very easily could have had 4-5 picks last season. Maybe more. And it was Geno Smith’s fumble in the 49er playoff game that turned the game.

    The Seahawks unfortunately have an early bye this year. Let’s see how Geno comes out of the blocks.

    • Malanch

      “Yes: Lock did have a near miss on a pick six. But how often did Geno get his breaks?”

      Is this supposed to be comforting?!

      • Nathan

        Lock wasn’t super impressive in the first half when the tackles were struggling to contain the edge.
        That’s not surprising given the wr and timing and runninggame woes.
        ; strongly he did well in play action and just making stuff up, running around off script later in game.
        When the o- line found their footing it allowed him to Excell and be a real plus force.
        First of all the offense and play calling is not tailored to him like with Wilson.
        So a clear, game planned identity and role is not carved out.
        I mean a pitcher throws a curve ,a fastball, then a change up.
        Well the running game wasn’t working so it was like, imagine, changeup-changeup-curve, and no plan.
        I5s a team game and he’s playing with a lot of different players.
        Some guys thrive in chaos and he can.
        But the game plan was not to just run it up the middle like Ahers.
        It wasn’t necessarily a game he’s trying to win, but rather that of working on specific execution and specific routes, in specific situations players have practiced for crying out loud.

      • samprassultanofswat

        Malanch: Jus the facts.

        Just the facts!!

  17. Romeo A57

    The Rams were sure pathetic against the Broncos today. They also lost all 3 Preseason games by at least 17 points. I sure want to really like the Seahawks to win in Week 1 but am quite nervous with all these injuries piling up.

    Are any of the Seahawks 2023 Draft Picks going to play against the Rams or will they all be in Street Clothes?

    • Luis

      Our 3rd stringers could win against the Rams. Even with Stafford, Kupp, and Donald. The rest of their team is *really* bad. (And that’s my fear, that we go into the game with a “we already won” mentality).

  18. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    The Good
    C Olu Oluwatimi appeared to play most if not the whole game. Assignments were not missed, I don’t believe GB was able to generate any meaningful pass rush up over the center. He definitely wasn’t getting pushed back into the QB lap.
    WR Jake Bobo continued to perform as advertised. Great hands. Shifty route running.
    NT Matt Gotel really stood out to me. Routinely taking on 2 and 3 blockers. 1 TFL.

    The Bad
    S Joey Blount getting banged up. Really wanted to see him get a good look for the #4 S spot.
    WR Matt Landers had a drop or two in tight coverage and ran the wrong route towards the end of the game that almost led to INT. I see the potential, hopefully they can stash him on PS.

    The back end of the roster is really tough to predict. Will they keep 6 WR? Which LB will stick on the roster…… and what wildcard cut FA will the Seahawks grab to bolster the roster? Exciting times.

    • Big Mike

      NT Matt Gotel really stood out to me. Routinely taking on 2 and 3 blockers. 1 TFL.

      I an hoping he sticks. I feel like they’d be foolish to risk cutting him considering how thin they are up front and considering he’s the space eater we all (including Mike Bennett) can see they need.

  19. cha

    Cryptic tweet incoming

    DeeJay Dallas
    Such is life.

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