Could the Seahawks make a big move after all?

August 24th, 2023 | Written by Rob Staton

Chris Jones is holding out in Kansas City

I wrote an article last week discussing the defensive tackle position and kind of dismissed the idea of a late, bold trade to bolster Seattle’s thinnest position.

So why, a week on, am I writing something different?

I think a few things have changed. Firstly, injuries. Cam Young is still out, Jarran Reed is receiving a rest day to limit his workload and Mike Morris has a concerning, lingering shoulder issue.

It’s one thing to be a bit green and small up front — it’s quite another to simply have a lack of bodies due to injuries.

I’ve also been watching with interest the developments in Kansas City. The Chris Jones holdout felt like a point-proving exercise for a while that would eventually get resolved without much fuss. Yet it’s now veering towards crisis point. He’s threatening to sit-out half a season. Andy Reid is having no time for it, stating, “Whatever happens, happens. The game goes on.”

It’s worth remembering that we’re only two weeks removed from Chiefs GM Brett Veach saying they had “no intention” of trading Jones. I suppose it’s also worth recalling that’s the exact same language the Seahawks used before the Russell Wilson trade. “No intention” stops short of a firm ‘no’ and sounds like a denial when it’s only sort of a rejection of the idea.

I did a bit of digging around Chiefs’ sites to gauge how they feel and was surprised to see some fairly open-minded articles.

This one points out they were willing to move Tyreek Hill. They were validated in doing so, winning a Super Bowl the next season. When you have Patrick Mahomes and a decorated Head Coach, it seems you can out-last anyone else.

An interesting dynamic is also noted regarding other players who will need to be paid in the future and how firm the Chiefs were in negotiations with Orlando Brown Jr:

Certainly, Chris Jones deserves to be paid more than what his current contract is set at. His play has dictated that he is arguably the best defensive tackle in the league, outside of Aaron Donald. Once again, Kansas City reportedly made him a significant offer. However, the Chiefs have been okay with moving on from star players that are seeking a noteworthy raise or are attempting to reset the market. Look no further than the aforementioned Hill or Orlando Brown Jr.

All told, recent history indicates that the Chiefs are unlikely to budge on sizable offers. The future salary cap outlook is always going to be crucial for a team with the best quarterback in the NFL. And while they would likely want to keep Jones for his entire career, other names like Creed Humphrey, Trey Smith, Nick Bolton and L’Jarius Sneed are in a contract year in either 2023 or 2024. Outside of Mahomes, it is going to be rare for a player to reset the market in Kansas City. The Chiefs have made that abundantly clear.

It’s still unclear why the Chiefs haven’t just sorted this out by now. They have over $47m in projected cap space next year, 10th most in the league despite the fact they’re paying their franchise quarterback big money. They can easily afford to give Jones a front-loaded pay-rise to secure the rest of his peak years.

It could be that Jones is simply being too unreasonable and therefore, he’s pricing himself out of an extension anywhere not just Kansas City. That would also seem an odd thing to do. He’s won the jackpot getting to play with Mahomes. He has two rings, a healthy bank balance and moving away will make him richer financially but probably not in the ring department.

Then again, Hill also sacrificed the chance to play with Mahomes to go to Miami. He’ll be productive but not as productive as he’d be with a quarterback seemingly destined to be the best to ever play the game.

Maybe there are cashflow problems surrounding a $477m commitment to Mahomes over 10-years that are not abundantly obvious? It helps the cap hit but maybe hammers the spending money. Who knows? That’s speculative, it’s just a bit weird how the team and player haven’t found common ground. Jones is a rare talent.

One other reason why I dismissed a trade last week was the potential cost of a deal. Why wouldn’t the Chiefs ask for a Jamal Adams-esque haul?

Yet in this article, from another Chiefs fan-site, the suggested price is a lot less extreme:

As I’ve said before, wide receivers are a hot commodity, but pass rushers are worth their weight in gold. Which is why I think the Chiefs could easily get at least two first-round picks for Chris Jones. However, his age could absolutely play a factor in that outcome.

At the absolute least, it seems reasonable that a team would give up one first round pick, a second, and then a few late round picks similar to the Hill trade. Anything less would feel like a net loss for the Chiefs.

Jones has just turned 29 so this is likely to be a one-contract trade. You’d be making a deal for his remaining peak years — age 29-33.

It’s tricky to project how a defensive tackle will hold-up. It’s not easy being 310lbs and retaining speed, agility and quickness into your 30’s. Joints have taken a beating by that point. Yet Jones isn’t a typical defensive lineman. He had 15.5 sacks last season. That’s insane. He has 65 sacks in six years as a featured player.

If he produced 40 sacks in four years, that would easily — in my opinion — be worth a first and second rounder plus change. It can be the difference between a good and great team, especially when you have decent overall depth but lack a generational quarterback like the Chiefs.

He also wouldn’t necessarily need to have massive-sack numbers. His impact in crucial games could be defining. Many consider the Frank Clark trade a bit of a miss for the Chiefs but ultimately, his sack production in the playoffs was a major contributing factor in Kansas City playing in three Super Bowls.

I genuinely thought ‘never again’ on trades like this and I’d say that for probably any DT not named Aaron Donald or Chris Jones. Yet his talent combined with team need makes it intriguing. I don’t think you’ll find anyone in the draft next year like Jones. I’m tempted to say it’d be worth the outlay to see if he can take you to the pinnacle.

It would be a huge move but then they’ve already invested a handsome sum in Dre’Mont Jones. Perhaps he’s their one splash and makes a big trade highly unlikely? I’d say that’s probably right. There is something quite exciting though about the two Jones’ teaming up inside with Seattle’s exciting young edge rushers (and perhaps even a blitzing Jamal Adams) attacking a key third down.

Josina Anderson loves a cryptic tweet almost as much as a mention that she can phone or text many players for breaking news — but I couldn’t help but be drawn to this bait:

The Seahawks have been kind of quiet, right? And that isn’t typical for them.

Is something building behind the scenes?

I think the answer is ‘probably not’ but it’s August, the ideal time for a bit of ‘what if?’ talk among friends.

I’d prefer the Seahawks to keep building through the draft, find ways to be opportunistic and follow the plan that has worked so well in the last two off-seasons. Yet there comes a point where you’re close and the temptation to make that one big move to push you over the edge just grows exponentially. When it’s a truly world-class player you’re talking about, it becomes even more intriguing.

The Head Coach turns 72 in September. They have accelerated the build somewhat by paying top dollar to players. Would you be in favour of a big trade? Would you offer a first and second rounder for Chris Jones, plus some later round compensation?

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182 Responses to “Could the Seahawks make a big move after all?”

  1. Josh says:

    As tempting as it would be, I’d still say no to giving up a first, a second, and more. The only reason is because the future at QB is still a question mark. We need the draft capitol.

    • Peter says:

      First thing I thought….very few things would be more seahawky than getting Jones but both qbs trend down to carr or lower levels and not having draft stock.

    • BK26 says:

      Bingo. Keep your ammo for that. Sort it out first. Much more critical and necessary.

  2. no frickin clue says:

    Well I for one would be willing to trade Jamal Adams straight up for Chris Jones. I know it would be a setback for the utilization of our rehab facility, but sometimes sacrifices need to be made. 🙂

  3. Peppapig says:

    You’ve got to get him. 1st , 2nd . Whatever.

  4. Palatypus says:

    According to Spotrac, Chris Jones’s agent is Jason Katz of Katz Brothers Sports.

    His former agent is “Yellowfingers.”

  5. ShowMeYourHawk says:

    If we are serious about a last push for this and net season, seems like a no-brainer. I’d presume that unless Jamal comes back and has another post-trade season in sacks and effectiveness, he’ll likely need to be released (or traded?) prior to the 2024 season to work towards offsetting the cap hit that Jones would accrue. Win-win?

  6. Sam says:

    Intriguing. But it has to be ‘no’ from me. When has a “big” trade ever worked for Seahawks? Percy Harvin, Sheldon Richardson, Jamal Adams, Clowney etc. They will need to shell ridiculous amout of money to keep him. I prefer building through the draft especially with the new drafting strategy. They can stack the roster with talent year after year. However, I would be all in for opportunistic trades which won’t cost more than 3rd round pick for underrated/underutilized players.

  7. Phil says:

    This sounds fun…but probably not wise.

    …but if it we did make the Super Bowl, then a pick in the 30s & 60s would end up being worth it.

    I just don’t think having Chris Jones puts our odds of making the Super Bowl at over the 35%….but if Pete & John think it gives them their best chance of making the Super Bowl in the next 3 years, they’ll try to get it done.

  8. geoff u says:

    Considering we were trying to sign both Dre’Mont Jones and Zach Allen, I wouldn’t put it past them.

  9. cha says:

    Can’t help but feel whereas Jamal Adams was the absolute wrong move (as in, your defense stunk and you’re trying to save it with a strong safety/weapon at the last minute), this would be a more properly fitting move (as in the defense has several good-to-great pieces in place, the offense has young talent on rookie contracts and Jones makes everyone better).

    The cap workup would be fun to see how they could do it.

    He has $20m on the cap this year, so of course with only $11m they need to manufacture some room.

    They could give him Aaron Donald’s 3y $95m extension. Write him a check for $43m right now as a signing bonus and conversion of his 2023 salary to spread out. Add a couple void years.

    2023 – Age 29 – $9.167m cap
    2023 – Age 30 – $27.167m cap, all guaranteed
    2025 – Age 31 – $27.167m cap, no guaranteed salary
    2026 – Age 32 – $37.167m cap, no guaranteed salary
    2027 void year $7.167m
    2028 void year $7.167m

    They’d need to find about $3-4m more to fund the practice squad. Go to Adams and ask him to work with them?

    They’d need to find some money between Adams, Diggs and Geno Smith in 2024 to make the cap work.

    2026 is when they have to start thinking about paying their awesome draft classes.

    • Palatypus says:

      Paying that 202 d2raft class could be so upside down. How much would Woolen and Abe Lucas command? Normally you would think that the first two picks would be the hardest to re-sign but Cross and Mafe so far have been minor disappointments by comparison.

      Could we be talking about letting Kenneth Walker III leave because we have Zach Charbonnett?

      It would be like when Rachel Bonnetta lost that pantsuit war with Cynthia Frelund and the NFLN canned her.

    • Big Mike says:

      Go to Adams and ask him to work with them?

      It’s to the point where I just laugh when I think of this or see it suggested yet again. No disrespect to you cha and all disrespect to the peacock.

    • Blitzy the Clown says:

      For me it’s the trade compensation more than the cap hits. Though I totally understand that’s a concern too, as you’ve outlined here in short order, it’s doable.

      When I look at our 2023 R1 pick, I think I’d happily send our 2024 R1 pick to KC for Jones. Pete and John don’t have a great track record hitting on their R1 picks. Jones is a rare talent at a premium position.

      But adding a R2 + … beyond that, I just don’t know.

      Looking over the Chiefs’ depth chart, they’re pretty solid throughout their roster. Interestingly, they’re a little light at EDGE. Karlaftis is a true 4-3 DE, and Felix Anudike-Uzomah has a hand injury. I wonder if they’d fancy Darrell Taylor.

      I’d send him and our 2023 R1 to KC for Jones in a heartbeat.

      • Blitzy the Clown says:

        2024 R1.

        Sorry I didn’t mean to imply I’m sour on Witherspoon

      • Rob Staton says:

        I think Boye Mafe has certainly made Taylor expendable, he’s played that well

        And with Hall and Smith excelling, they have depth

      • cha says:

        Taylor seems like one of those players a team could really sell their fanbase on.

        “We got two cheap years of control of a guy who has 16 sacks the last two seasons” and quietly try to get him to be good-enough in run defense so that nobody notices.

        Taylor and a 2024 #1 would be really hard to say no to. Seahawks would probably have to throw in one of their CBs. Jackson or Brown.

  10. Gaux Hawks says:

    Love it!

    Darrell Taylor
    Mike Jackson

  11. bmseattle says:

    I’d be hesitant to trade for Jones.
    I know nothing about his personality or work ethic… but, I think paying top dollar for a DT who is almost 30, who has already won 2 super bowls, is not a safe bet.

    If he were a couple of years younger, maybe. But I think we’ve likely seen peak Jones already, and counting on similar production from him going forward is probably not wise.

    Certainly, he would improve our defense this year, assuming health… but if it doesn’t lead to a Super Bowl, it could seriously hamstring our current rebuild.

    • slartbartfast42 says:

      My only hesitation would be the cost in draft capital, esp. after the last “big” trade for a defensive star.

      To me, if the opportunity is there to add someone who can change your entire defense this year and next, you have to do all you can to do it. Maybe he’s on the wrong side of his peak years, but do you think the Hawks have time to further develop Geno or Lock, or some other undrafted QB? I think you can accelerate a rebuild and take advantage of some young, hungry defenders flying around a disruptive interior lineman. I say: roll the dice–NFL rebuilds don’t always follow a consistent trajectory.

  12. Graeme says:

    Wonder if the hawks would be open to moving Walker for someone like Jones. And if the Chiefs would value a potentially elite RB. Every time a big name becomes available at that position, the buzz starts with a “what if KC could add a stud RB to that offense”.

  13. Gaux Hawks says:

    Hard to ignore this potential…

    DE: Dre’Mont Jones, Mario Edwards
    NT: Jarran Reed, Cameron Young
    DT: Chris Jones, Mike Morris
    LEO: Boye Mafe, Tyreke Smith
    SAM: Uchenna Nwosu, Derick Hall
    MIKE: Bobby Wagner, Pat O’Connell
    WILL: Jordyn Brooks, Devin Bush
    RCB: Tariq Woolen, Artie Burns
    LCB: Tre Brown, Coby Bryant
    DB: Devon Witherspoon, Julian Love
    FS: Quandre Diggs, Jerrick Reed
    SS: Jamal Adams, Jon Sutherland

    • Peter says:

      Why trade mike jackson? Tre brown hasn’t shown anything yet.

    • Jabroni-DC says:

      Tantalizing. Chris Jones presence would magnify Dre Jones & everyone else’s ability to wreak havoc. He’s a heart of the defense type player. Commands attention. A Marshawn on D.

  14. BoiseSeahawk says:

    Remember the hype around Isaiah Simmons out of Clemson?
    He was just traded to the Giants for a 7th rounder.

  15. Palatypus says:

    And the Schitts Creek Stealers are boat racing the Falcons early.

  16. BK26 says:

    Chiefs fans are currently one of two ways: butt hurt that he would dare sit out and not do everything for the team, or understand the situation and saw this coming. He was always the one that would be the hard future decision, partially as an offset of Mahomes. He’s the key to the defense. Without him, that defense probably is average at best. And not something to count on.

    Decently hard pass for me just because of the draft capital. They need elite, but lomg-term cornerstone elite. Quarterback still needs to be addressed. Too much to still be done. They have a path to establish something and it would just be the kind of action that they have done in the past that didn’t work. Not because of Jones’s talent, but it hasn’t fit with the team. And has backfired.

  17. Belgaron says:

    Pre 2022, yes throw away the picks you typically waste anyway. But now that they are winning the draft, keep those picks!!

  18. cha says:

    Eagles defenders are coming in stone cold on Richardson and they still cannot bring him down.

    And Al Michaels is interviewing Jason Kelce and asking him to tell stories about growing up with Travis.

    • Big Mike says:

      Damn I wanted AR for Seattle. Still angers me how Indy got to #4.
      Bonus: he’s actually on the practice field and plays in games

      • bmseattle says:

        me too, Big Mike…me too.
        Of course, you can always console yourself with the thought that they may not have picked AR, even if he was there at #5

        • Gary says:

          From Peter King’s Football Morning in America this week:

          “We thought I was going to Seattle. Seattle was like, ‘If you’re at five, we’re taking you.’ ”
          – Rookie defensive end Will Anderson Jr., who was the second overall pick in the draft, by Houston, with a mini-scoop on the “Green Light with Chris Long” podcast.

  19. LouieLouie says:

    Rob: I think you are focusing on one player that would take a huge hit out of our future draft pool, as well as our salary cap. The real question-mark for this team is run-d. The league will be cutting down from 90 to 52 shortly. There will be a number of solid d-tackles, run stoppers and linebackers who will fit in the 3 / 4 scheme that the Hawks are running, but may not fit the schemes being run by their current team, or they may be salary-cap casualties. We will definitely see some cheaper signings to firm up the run-d after next week’s games. Carroll and Schneider have learned some hard lessons about this kind of trade in recent years. They won’t go after the big (expensive) stars.

    • Palatypus says:

      What defense is the Seahawks running?

      The hybrid 3/4 goes allllllllllll the way back to George Seifert in 1984. Keen-eyed commenters on this board noticed a standard 4-3 look on many sets this pre-season.

      Is it, to paraphrase the title of Doug Farrar’s book, “The Genius of Desperation”?

      And Jamal Adams just got off the PUP. For all we know, backed up by what we have seen so far, he could be joining the Seahawks “Dancers.”

    • swedenhawk says:

      Unless you have Vic Fangio as your DC, the surest way to success using the Fangio scheme is to have a game-wrecking DT. With what looks to be a dynamic offense and a wide-open NFC, I’m all for the Seahawks trading for Jones.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Rob: I think you are focusing on one player that would take a huge hit out of our future draft pool, as well as our salary cap. The real question-mark for this team is run-d. The league will be cutting down from 90 to 52 shortly. There will be a number of solid d-tackles, run stoppers and linebackers who will fit in the 3 / 4 scheme that the Hawks are running, but may not fit the schemes being run by their current team, or they may be salary-cap casualties.

      People keep saying this and I’ll keep posting the same reply

      Teams don’t cut good defensive linemen, they collect them

      Too many people are assuming a solution will be forthcoming here. Even if a good player is unwisely cut, they are on waivers and could/would be claimed by another team who didn’t qualify for the playoffs last year

      So I would suggest, at best, what you’ll get on cut-down day is an extension of what we’re already seeing — try-outs and having a bit of a musical chairs situation trying to find a solution

  20. Tony says:

    I would be for it for the sole fact of, who’s a real threat in the nfc? Eagles are the class of the nfc. But 9ers have a qb issue and have already spent there resources. But outside of those 2, who else really scares you in nfc? Cowboys? There’s a real lack of threat that makes me think that hawks would make this move if given an opportunity.

    Hawks have been aggressive in worst scenarios. My gut says they do it, and I’m OK with it. I think geno and to a lesser degree lock, look good enough for a few years. I hate punting qb future. But I also believe we are drafting in the 20s with this roster.

    • MountainHawker says:

      I wouldn’t sleep on the cowboys. They’re pretty damn solid on both sides of the ball

      • James says:

        Much like Seattle, a glass cannon there. Scary lack of depth. Their OL is gonna be gassed by mid-season if they can’t find more bodies to trust.

        If you have a good front seven, you’re going to give Cowboys a rough time late in games.

  21. Jabroni-DC says:

    I’d go for it. With the Jones brothers up front flanked by our OLBs the NFC West is winnable. Would be one helluva pass rush. There are exactly zero proven franchise QBs in the entire NFC. If we’re holding our chips, banking on drafting a second SB winning ‘QB of the future’ I’d be leery that civilization will have gone Mad Max while we were waiting.

    • BK26 says:

      I’d say the guy that led the best (or second best) team last year, outplayed the best quarterback in football head to head, and should have been Super Bowl MVP even though he lost is legit. He’s the only reason his team was in the game.

      You don’t win without a legitimate, top talent quarterback. Unless you have an overall roster that is the best or a defense that can win by itself. That’s how the game is. No matter what, we don’t have a quarterback that would make it in the top 6 in the AFC. We still have to beat and AFC team. As far as I’m concerned, without getting that kind of talent, all of this positive work over the last two years will be wasted.

      • LouCityHawk says:


        There is a long way to go to build up the kind of depth that is needed to be a perennial contender. A window is opening for the the Seahawks, but that QBotF needs to be found (I’m ok thinking they weren’t in this draft)

        I’m a huge fan of Jones, and would love to see him in action green, but not at the cost of the draft capital it would take.

        There are some depth pieces that don’t have that price tag.

        • Jabroni-DC says:

          The ‘QBOTF’ chase can be a looooong wait.
          It took Seattle 36 years to find Russ.
          Kansas City had 50 years between Super Bowl wins & won it with the best QB in the league.
          Cincinnati had 32 years between Super Bowl appearances & lost it with the 2nd best QB in the league.
          Sure, chances of winning a SB without a ‘franchise QB’ are slim but adding Jones to this roster I could see a path to win a very odd NFC. Do that & it’s a one game deal. Weird things can happen. Critical people can get hurt. In theory compensation for Jones would be a 2024 1st & a 2025 2nd (eerily similar to the Frank Clark compensation). We’d still have a 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 in 2024.
          Realistically we are not gonna find another ‘Moses’ at QB before the lights go out. So as Rocky Balboa says…”Go for it!”

  22. Mick says:

    Not saying that he isn’t a great player who will probably make our Dline a strength instead of a problem. But the Adams story makes me cautious about giving up big picks for a vet who might get injured and leave you paying a big contract and with no first round picks.

    • UkAlex6674 says:

      So on that basis the FO should never pull the trigger on a trade?

      • Peter says:

        Not against this trade concept. Nor for Buckner. Or similar. But Seattle hasn’t exactly hit it with the trades…Harvin, Graham, Sheldon richardson, clowney, and of course Adams.

      • Cambs says:

        If the club followed the heuristic “do not give up a first-round pick for the right to pay a veteran” they would be right almost all the time. You lose both the chance to pick a cost-controlled young player on the upswing AND the financial flexibility that could sign a top free agent or extend your own.

        This thread makes me want to photoshop Deion Branch, Percy Harvin, Jimmy Graham, and Prez into the “… but it might work for us” meme.

        • Brodie says:

          Stephon Diggs, AJ Brown, Khalil Mack, CMC, Trey Brown…

          There are other examples of the trade benefitting both sides as well.

          Personally I side with you that it isn’t something that I’m hoping they do. Because we’ve previously failed (with these types of trades), doesn’t mean it wouldn’t work though.

          I feel like our biggest front office question mark (aside from leaving position groups with odd deficiencies) is cap management. Our most recent strength has been drafting. A deal like this would hit cost us in both regards.

          Definitely think it’s worth talking about, considering the current state of the iDL.

      • Mick says:

        No they should pull the trigger given the opportunity, but they should calculate risks better and they shouldn’t reset the market value of a position.

  23. HOUSE says:

    Cardinals making moves today. I wonder how horrible that team is going to be.

  24. Daniel says:

    If acquiring him puts you into the conversation of reaching the NFC Championship game , you have to do it.

    Taylor + one of our corners whose last name doesn’t start with a W + some draft capital would be ideal.

  25. clbradley17 says:

    Seahawks All Access: Preseason Week 2 vs. Cowboys

    Looking forward to the real games starting on 9/10. The depth at several positions looks a lot stronger than it did the previous few years, when our 2nd and 3rd teams were getting crushed during preseason.

  26. Chris says:

    I’ll say the same thing I’ve always said before one of these failed trades … it’s bad policy to give away high picks just to pay someone fair market value.

  27. Denver Hawker says:

    I recall seeing a comment maybe from Nagy that 2024 is supposed to be a strong DT class. If true, hate to give up the picks. Has anyone assessed this?

  28. Tim says:

    Good article on last minute trade options/possible cuts on NFLtrade rumors today by position group including DT:

    • Sean-O says:

      Nice find! Others have suggested DAL as a possible team that may have some D-line depth to spare (or will have some tough decisions to make). I don’t know much about Bohanna but he’s 6’4″, 360 lbs. That’s some beef in the middle!

  29. PatrickH says:

    I think PC and JS are willing to trade picks for Chris Jones, but I don’t know if the Seahawks have the cap space to make it work, even if they cut Jamal Adams. According to the KC rumors I read, Chris Jones is asking for Aaron Donald type of contract (> $30 million per year).

    • PatrickH says:

      The Seahawks will need to front-load Chirs Jones’ contract as well, since in a few years they will have to re-sign Abe Lucas, Charles Cross, Riq Woolen, DK, and if they don’t find a great QB prospect, may have to pay Geno closer to the QB market rate in order to keep him around.

    • BK26 says:

      What I have heard and read, he’s realistic. He wants to be the second highest paid DT. And deserves to be.

      KC is going to get a bit of a wake up call if he’s gone. As a Seahawks fan living in a sea of McDonald’s-colored fans, I can’t wait.

  30. KH says:

    Any interest in John Jenkins? He’s 34 but has the size and fits the position. I imagine the Raiders would be willing to part with him.

  31. Blitzy the Clown says:

    High praise from Pete Schrager

    Every year there’s a team that goes worst to first. I don’t know if this is a double-the-win-total team…everything I’ve heard from, that these teams are going to be really good: the Seattle Seahawks are gonna be really good this year. And I know that they were a playoff team last year, but when everyone just hands the division title to the 49ers, I would say hold off. Seattle added a lot, gets a lot back from injury, including Jordan Brooks and Jamal Adams, and had two first round picks that were universally top ten guys, and they’re one of the best coached teams in the League. I think Seattle might be my team that I’m like, okay, I know they’re not double-the-win-total team, but why are we not talking about Seattle as the NFC champion team.

    • Peter says:

      I must have missed the season where brooks had any impact plays and jamal adams played the full season at the same time.

      It’s cool brooks got himself healthy so fast. But he’s never done much of anything to effect the game.

      Adams getting sacks is cool. Adams playing like an all pro safety would be cooler.

      • Peter says:

        I nean not to pile on but…didn’t brooks play all last year and Seattle’s defense was still a mess…?

    • Gary says:

      He lost all credibility with, “they’re one of the best coached teams in the league.”

  32. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Somebody’s been reading SDB

    Brian Nemhauser

    One Pro Bowl-capable DT might be worth 2+ wins for the Seahawks this season.

  33. Thomas says:

    It feels like the Seahawks are the “pretty” pick to win the NFC right now. I think 10 or 11 wins assuming the defense is average and Geno and or Lock do not look like Mahomes.

    • Rob Staton says:

      The media is doing a great job sleeping on the Niners

      Making them even more motivated to prove a point

      We have a developing team with a lot of promise but we have nowhere near the level of extreme talent SF has, plus they will always be fine at QB with Shanahan working the controls

      • Big Mike says:

        But we got Jamal Rob. He alone offsets that talent gap.

      • MountainHawker says:

        I think you’re overselling the Niners. Trent Williams is all they have on the oline, with bad depth. Their dline/edge depth as also suspect. They lost their d/c and their secondary was average last year before losing 2 starters at cb and safety. They’re talented, yes, but I think the Eagles are far more impressive roster wise. Oline alone swings it to the eagles.

  34. cha says:

    Totally meaningless 53 off the back of a napkin that will undoubtedly change in less than 24 hours.


    QB (2) – Geno Smith, Drew Lock
    RB (5) – Ken Walker, Zach Charbonnet, Deejay Dallas, Kenny McIntosh, Nick Bellore
    WR (5) – DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Jake Bobo, Easop Winston (cut then brought back when Dareke Young goes on IR)
    TE (4) – Noah Fant, Will Dissly, Colby Parkinson, Tyler Mabry
    OL (9) – Charles Cross, Damien Lewis, Evan Brown, Phil Haynes, Abe Lucas, Olu Oluwatimi, Anthony Bradford, Stone Forsythe, Greg Eiland

    Total 25


    DL (6) – Jarran Reed, Dre Jones, Mario Edwards, Myles Adams, Cam Young, Mike Morris (Roderick Perry or OLB Josh Ferguson first up if/when one of those goes on IR)
    OLB (5) – Uchenna Nwosu, Boye Mafe, Darrell Taylor, Derrick Hall, Tyreke Smith
    ILB (4) – Bobby Wagner, Jordyn Brooks, Devin Bush, Patrick O’Connell
    CB (6) – Riq Woolen, Mike Jackson, Artie Burns, Tre Brown, Coby Bryant, Devon Witherspoon
    S (4) – Quandre Diggs, Julian Love, Joey Blount, Jerrick Reed (cut then brought back when Jamal Adams goes on short term IR)

    ST (3) – Myers, Dickson, Stoll

    • Rob4q says:

      Curious why you kept Mabry and Eiland on there as opposed to another WR like Johnson? I also think they may keep one of the true NT – either Faoliu or Gotel. I’d also be surprised if the S Sutherland doesn’t make it, he’s looked very good so far.

      And I agree 100% that Adams is likely going to the short term IR…

      • cha says:

        They typically go with 4 TEs. And 9 OL is the least you want to take into a season.

        You might be right on NT. But we have so little information there’s no way to really project those spots too well.

        • Scot04 says:

          I would think they keep Curhan as 10th for O-line, then cut O’Connell; & go with 3 at LB

        • Palatypus says:

          Eiland played well in the Dallas game. I noticed it, but Rob called it out on the podcast.

          For some reason, Curhan feels like a player that will get snaked by somebody before we re-sign him.


          …And you are never getting rid of Tyler Mabry, he is like a nasty STD.

    • jed says:

      Do you think adding Jones turns this team into an real SB contender?

      I can see an optimist saying “yes, if these guys get better” type view. I think they’re further than 1 player because I think they need quite a few guys to get better (OT, Edge, CB) and the coaches to coach better.

      If they did pull off a trade for Jones, it would be really fun. Just maybe not the smartest move.

      • cha says:

        Do you think adding Jones turns this team into an real SB contender?

        With the defensive coaching staff so unproven it’s hard to say.

        But overwhelming the staff with talent is a great start.

        • Jabroni-DC says:

          Franchise QBs & dominant, pass rushing DTs are like catching unicorns & leprechauns.

          Jones also matches our greatest need. His age isn’t ideal but that’s also why he might be made available. Jones, Jones, Nwosu, Mafi, Taylor, Hall & Adams🤡 would allow a DC an embarrassment of options & looks to work with.

          • BK26 says:

            Or just do well at scouting, find your guy, make the play to get him. There’s a reason you don’t with without at least the qb. You don’t just pass on it because it’s hard. Smart teams do it frequently enough.

  35. Rob4q says:

    Cowboys trading for Trey Lance, looks like a 4th round pick…

    • LouCityHawk says:

      Steep price to pay for Rush’s backup. I didn’t think Grier looked that bad.

    • cha says:

      Cowboys now control Lance for 2023, 2024 and can exercise the 5th year option for 2025.

      Dak out of contract after 2024.

      Just saying.

      • geoff u says:

        Yeah but he’s really really bad. I feel like they could pick up a 4th round qb next year and come out ahead.

    • Gross MaToast says:

      Smart. When the mistake is obvious, admit it and move on.

      I can’t think of another example where a team really would have been better served moving on from a bust involving high draft picks and injuries, but it’s likely out there.

  36. BK26 says:

    Yeah, he went from being a third stringer to….maybe a third stringer?

  37. ErickV says:

    I know I’m late but I just got done watching Pete and Sherman interview. It was really interesting to hear some of the behind the scenes stuff from the LOB era and the whole fallout of Super Bowl 49. I’m truly wondering how long Pete will continue coaching as it seems he’s really energized with the new core we’re building. Obviously the ideal scenario would be to retire after we win another Super Bowl but who knows ?

  38. Palatypus says:

    Attention Devon Witherspoon. If you are lurking on this site, I am pleased to report that your Alma Mater, Pine Forest High School defeated Tate 48-21 in their season opener.

    And the secondary is now calling themselves, “The No Fly Zone.”

  39. Rob Staton says:

    Anyone got a stream for the game?

    It won’t let me watch gamepass on DAZN in France

  40. Big Mike says:

    Non-existent run game thus far.

    • TomLPDX says:

      The whole game is pretty underwhelming so far.

      • Big Mike says:

        When was the last win in Green Bay? 1999 iirc
        Yeah it’s preseason but it’s still not exactly a place the Hawks play well at.

        • Hawkcrazy says:

          Given Jordan Love is still playing and Hawks playing 2nd and 3rd stringers I think the defense is doing well. On offense Lock playing but stuck without good receivers…. and OL has not opened holes for running game.

  41. Big Mike says:

    Mike Jackson has had a difficult preseason

  42. Big Mike says:

    QB sneak on 3rd and nearly 2?

  43. cha says:

    Packers run yards 90
    Seahawks 1

  44. Malc from PO says:

    Our backups are just not that great. Not much competition for spots. Injuries and rotation are going to challenge us.

  45. TomLPDX says:


  46. cha says:

    Green Bay brings their backups in and Seahawks mow them down.

    Olu and Bradford moving bodies.

    Take that as you will.

  47. Rob Staton says:

    Jake Bobo is so freakin good

    Legit, legit, legit

    Good throw from Lock too

    (Thanks to Twitter posting the TD)

  48. cha says:

    Tyreke Smith holding his own against starters on OL.

    Definitely enough to be a backup OLB and ready to get some snaps in a rotation.

  49. Big Mike says:

    Really bad penalty there cost the team 3 points

  50. cha says:

    Underrated factor: first quarter Seahawks were slipping all over the field. Once again the equipment staff can’t get this figured out before the game.

    Once they got their feet under them, things got a bit better.

  51. cha says:

    Curtis Allen
    First half players who showed well: Artie Burns, Tyreke Smith, Jake Bobo, Drew Lock, Roderick Perry, Olu Oluwatimi and Michael Dickson. #seahawks
    Curtis Allen
    A step below but notable: Derrick Hall, Matt Gotel, Mike Jackson, Anthony Bradford, Patrick O’Connell, Joey Blount. #seahawks

  52. TomLPDX says:

    Good to see Cade out there playing. Guess he will be back onto the PS this year.

  53. Big Mike says:

    Any really old people here besides me that do a double trake seeing a Packers RB wearing #31?
    (for you youngsters, that was Jim Taylor’s number during the team’s dynasty years in the 60s)

    • STTBM says:

      I ain’t old enough to have seen Taylor play, but I’ve read about him. Lombardi was a bastard to him, and when he left, GB didn’t do squat. I think that speaks volumes about who was most important to GB winning two SBs….

  54. Sean says:

    Yeah…it had the feel of a talking point he came into the game with, instead of watching the game and making the very obvious observation of first vs second teamers.

  55. Mick says:

    We having a punt contest?

  56. Big Mike says:

    Good call there by Stink. Drew made the smart play and Mark pointed it out rightly so.

  57. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Easop won’t stop!

  58. KH says:

    That ball just flys out of Locks hand. Sheesh.

  59. Blitzy the Clown says:

    Anyone else getting a little excited about Drew feeakin’ Lock?

  60. Mick says:

    Come on now, a winning drive, would be great for morale.

  61. Thomas says:

    I wish they had signed Lock for two years. Maybe they wanted to but couldn’t.

    I also still wish they would have gone with him this year. Their playoff odds would initially go down, but if it’s finally coming together for him…

    The job is still Geno’s to lose.

  62. cha says:

    Derrick Hall hurt his shoulder and Devin Bush had a concussion.