Seahawks first round big board & Tony Pauline’s mock

April 3rd, 2017 | Written by Rob Staton

Earlier today Field Gulls published a piece I wrote for them looking at possible options at #26. It’s written in a ‘big board’ style. Check it out and let me know what you think, either in the comments section here or on the FG site.

You might also want to check out Tony Pauline’s new three-round mock draft. He has the Seahawks taking Chidobe Awuzie at #26:

“The Seahawks like to play five defensive backs and the versatile Awuzie can play corner, nickel and/or safety. The fact he scored a 35 on his wonderlic at the combine makes him that much more appealing.”

Awuzie is gritty, athletic and had a better combine that a lot of people expected. When we talk about players in this draft who could go anywhere from the teens to the early 40’s, Awuzie is that type of player.

He is undersized — but if the Seahawks are looking for a slot corner that might not be so much of an issue. We don’t have the data to sufficiently judge such a pick. It seems a bit rich though to consider the possibility of Seattle drafting Budda Baker to play as a third safety/nickel and not consider the likes of Awuzie or Adoree’ Jackson.

Personally I think Jackson, who was available in Pauline’s mock, could be more attractive to the Seahawks if they are looking for a slot specialist. His special teams value, freaky athleticism and ability to score every time he touches the ball screams ‘Pete Carroll favourite’.

That said, Awuzie plays with great toughness for his size and he made several big plays in the backfield in 2016. He’d be a creative blitz option and not just a coverage specialist. He has high character and fits the mentality of Seattle’s defense perfectly. He could be a serious option.

Here’s a video if you’re unfamiliar with Awuzie’s playing style:

187 Responses to “Seahawks first round big board & Tony Pauline’s mock”

  1. JT says:

    Nice article on FG Rob.

  2. 503Hawk says:

    Concerning Pauline’s draft… HOLY COW!!!!!!
    I agree w/ you on Awuzie in the first, but what a draft haul that would be!!!

  3. Hawks22Fun says:

    Awuzie is talented, but if all of King/Adoree/Obi are on the board, there is no way they take Awuzie…

    Rob, if all 3 of King/Adoree/Obi are on the board at #26, how would you proceed?

    Would you risk a trade down?

  4. Sam Jaffe says:

    Living in Colorado, I spent a lot of time watching the Buffs, but am not a fan, so don’t take my remarks for homerism.
    -Awuzie-He’s a very good cornerback and is probably the best nickel in the draft. But the dropoff to someone like Corn Elder or Cam Sutton is very small, and guys like that can be had in the late third round. Seattle has two starting needs in the defensive backfield: Nickel and CB2 (who would then eventually become CB1 after Sherman finishes). Lane’s nickel play was horrid last year and needs to be upgraded. But the chance to get an eventual CB1 and the available players at 26 in Pauline’s mock (King, Melifonwu) would make me feel like a missed opportunity with the first round pick if we went Awuzie.
    -Witherspoon–the very first time I saw him, i thought “Pete Carroll cornerback”, his playing style, his length, his ability to jam, his conservation of motion all shout Seahawks. He is VERY GOOD. There’s not a good argument for not taking him in the first round, outside of the flood of other very good CB’s in this draft. If he’s still there at 58, the Seahawks will take him. He is not a third rounder.
    -Tedric Thompson-Not fast, caught a lot of center fielder interceptions. Shoudl be a UDFA.
    -Sefo Liufau–If he’s there after the draft, he should be UDFA target number one for the Seahawks. Would be a great backup.

    • Sea Mode says:

      RE: Witherspoon
      As much as we like his technique, we dislike his apparent unwillingness to tackle. This certainly takes him not only out of R1 consideration, but perhaps even off the board altogether for a team like the Hawks.

      • Sam Jaffe says:

        I agree that Witherspoon is a bad tackler. But I disagree that there’s such a thing as a college outside CB who is good at tackling, who relishes it, who is good at it, who is effective at it. Tackling is 5% attitude and 95% technique/athleticism. I agree that a player is worthless on a football field without the attitude, but I don’t think you can judge that by watching college film–these guys just aren’t taught enough technique. BTW, the most useful stay here would be YAC after catch on passes targeted. That would be a good analytical method for judging tackling effectiveness of outside corners. Has anyone seen a ranking of this year’s WR prospects by that stat?

  5. Hawk Eye says:

    1 db, 2 OL and 2 DL
    I don’t see it.
    I know everyone thinks they have the worst o-line in the league (and they might!), but I doubt they take more than 1 with the first 5 picks. For better or worse, they believe the group will get better with more experience, plus the 2 additions.
    Same with D line. They will probably take one in the first 3, and maybe one (DT?) in the later rounds
    But I think they take 2 DBs in the first 5 picks also. Probably a 3rd round LB also. Was thinking they might pick one higher, but hearing them talk about the bufalo and only 15-17 snaps per game for the SAM, and I don’t see them taking an LB in first 2 rounds.
    Doubt they take an RB in this draft, but I would expect to see a WR or TE somewhere.

    and of course, they will surprise us and take someone we completely do not expect. Draft “experts” will give them an F or a D for not fixing the o-line……..

  6. VM says:

    Tony Pauline has Reddick falling to #29…

  7. Hawktalker #1 says:

    The big issue I would have with that draft pick for Seattle is that AFTER their selection of Awuzie at #26 are some (SDB and other respected sources agreed) much higher valued prospects:

    Kansas City Chiefs
    Kevin King

    Dallas Cowboys
    Adoree’ Jackson

    Any arguably the most outrageous, . . . .

    Green Bay Packers
    Haason Reddick

    The moch just lost a lot of credibility in my book . . .

    • Misfit74 says:


      • Ukhawk says:


        & Jarrad Davis at #63?!

        If the draft fell like this, for me it’s

    • Old but Slow says:

      Yes, it is hard to believe that the draft will fall that way. It is encouraging, though, to have an astute analyst like Pauline show so many desirable players still available when we pick.

      The Seahawk draft team may have some tough decisions.

  8. Attyla the Hawk says:

    Respect TP. He always seems to have his ear to the ground as far as what we’re interested in.

    In this case, I kind of have issues with all of the picks. Just seems like there are far better options in every round than what we’re projected with.

    I can’t say I necessarily disagree with the positions chosen (DB, DE, OL). I don’t think though that we’re looking at role players in THIS draft. We basically did that with the entire 2016 draft outside of Ifedi.

    Age at some roster spots and quality in this draft coupled with what we reloaded with in 2016 kind of leads me to think we’re looking at the next core group of guys this year. Of all of the picks, I think I could see Asiata being one that is close. Every time I watch him, I hear “We want to be the bully” echoing in my brain.

    These picks (Awuzie/Harris) in R1/R2 seem to me like guys we might consider if we moved back 10-15 spots for. Guys in that pocket of talent category.

    We’ve said it before, and I think this draft bears repeating: We draft unique quality early. I don’t see Awuzie or Harris to be anything close to that. Especially when you have the likes of King, Melifonwu, Davis, Njoku, McKinley and Reddick still on the board.

    I can’t conceive of a reason the one CB we’d take before R4 in Carroll’s history would be Awuzie. Does he physically come close to the kind of special talent we’ve proven to covet?

    Do we really think we’d go for Harris over Jarrad Davis?

  9. AlaskaHawk says:

    I like Adoree Jackson as a slot corner and think he is worth consideration in the first round. He should be rated as a cornerback without chasing the fools gold of expecting him to be a returner. I don’t think the Seahawks will be willing to risk him in that role. After all he could easily have a season ending injury. They are more likely to use one of their numerous running backs or wide receivers.

    • Rob Staton says:

      The Seahawks love special teams and Pete loves the return game. He played Harvin there, Lockett there. If you draft one of the potentially greatest returners ever to enter the league, you’re not taking him off return duties.

      • Ground_Hawk says:

        I agree, Rob. As a rookie, Jackson would have to earn his keep, and what better way to prove his worth than being an effective Swiss-Army knife?

        • CLB says:

          Talk about a swiss army knife – here’s Tony Pauline last December praising Jackson on his risers/sliders page after the USC vs. Notre Dame game:

          “Adoree’ Jackson/CB-RS/USC: Jackson often takes a backseat to Jabrill Peppers and many, including myself, feel it’s unjustified. The USC junior is just as explosive and as much a play maker as his Wolverine counterpart, something he proved against Notre Dame. Jackson scored three times against the Irish, the first time on a 55-yard punt return then catching a 52-yard touchdown pass and finally bringing a kick back 97-yards. He also broke up a pair of throws. Jackson has home run hitting speed, comes with rare athleticism and is a developing cornerback who shuts down opponents. I stamped him with a first round grade prior to the season and feel Jackson has only improved his game in 2016.”

      • Seahawcrates says:

        Golden Gate too, and he scared the crap out of all 12’s when he put Earl back there to see what would happen.

  10. nichansen01 says:

    Patrick Mahomes to the hawks round one. What would this blogs reaction be?

  11. DLep says:

    I dont know, maybe Im the only one but I think Awuzie’s athleticism is being undersold a bit on the board (to be fair, Rob alludes to this in his post).

    The board has generally spoken of what a great athlete Adoree is, but Awuzie ran almost the same 40 time but at about 15 lbs heavier. Adoree had a 10.17 broad, Awuzie hit 11 ft, which is outstanding. Awuzie upped his vert at his pro day from 34.5 to over 39, that is 3 inches better than Adoree. Even with just his combine vert, he measures at 89 percentile sparq per Zach Whitman. His improved vert would put him firmly in the 90s for sparq percentile. So basically, an outstanding athlete.

    Awuzie doesnt have the arm length to be a boundary corner, that is certain. So it depends on how Pete sees him and whether that matches up with value as a first round pick. By all accounts he looks like an outstanding slot prospect, and perhaps free safety prospect (arm length doesnt need to be 32 plus for free safety and he matches up well athletically w Earl)? Im not saying Awuzie would replace Earl anytime soon, however, it is interesting to ponder when you consider Awuzie’s value as a potential first round pick. He plays nickel back early in his career and is heir apparent to Earl later? When you think of that as a possibility then I think value starts to line up a little more in the first round.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Awuzie is a really good athlete.

      The difference IMO is Jackson is really sudden. He has that stretchy, elastic style of athleticism that you see in the elite, Olympic athletes. You only have to watch the way he returns kicks to see he’s made of a different material to most people.

      This isn’t always testable. Harvin had it too and he didn’t blow up the combine either. But it was there. And it’s within Jackson too.

      • Hawk Eye says:

        that is why the tape is so important.
        The underwear olympics can give you some clues about what tape will not work at the next level, but the stats mean less if there is nothing on tape to get you excited.
        Athletic ability and great football player are not the same thing, Michael Bennett did not set the combine on fire

      • STTBM says:

        Rob, this is one of the finest, most concise things you’ve ever written. Bravo! Special players just have IT! If Adoree is one of these I hope we get him.

      • Dale Roberts says:

        Is Jackson durable enough for the NFL? Lockett is 5’10” 182 lbs while Jackson is 5’10” 186 lbs. Lockett has been great but how long can he survive? Jackson’s role would arguably see him experience more violence that Lockett. Add that to Jackson’s under 32″ arms and I wonder if the Hawks want a bigger body. Counterpoint: Earl Thomas has be very durable, is also 5’10” but weighs 202 lbs.
        Conclusion: Jackson is 25 lbs lighter than Thomas. I suspect they want somebody bigger and more durable than Tyler Lockett on defense.

        • Rob Staton says:

          It’s a fair to question to ask about Jackson. I don’t know is the answer really.

          He might be able to get up to 190-195. That’d only be a few pounds lighter than Earl.

          • Sea Mode says:

            idk either, but he seemed to do fine in college. Of course, everyone is bigger and faster at the next level, but then again he was already one of the smallest guys out there anyway.

            This would definitely be why the Hawks also give prospects a durability grade based on studies of their sports science dept.

            • Dale Roberts says:

              Are you saying they actually give prospects a durability grade or that they should? If they do that’s a really smart idea that I wish I’d thought of.

          • STTBM says:

            Size/weight/speed/toughness doesn’t correlate to durability. Harvin is made of glass, as is Paul Richardson; Golden Tate, Desean Jackson, Tyler Lockett are the inverse. Where do Adoree, Awuzie, John Ross fit?! Who knows?!

        • D-OZ says:

          16 lb’s

      • Reggie Regg says:

        The type of guy that makes the other fast guys on the field look slow…. ie: the Percy Harvin kickoff return in the SB!

  12. Donovan says:

    Interesting he has Sidney Jones falling so far.

    • Smitty1547 says:

      I made the comment we should use a 3rd on him and got laughed off the board saying he would be long gone, and he could be. However nice to see I’m not the on the one who see it as possible

      • HawkTalker #1 says:

        Dont let a bad mock reverse common sense. HE WILL IN FACT BE LONG GONE.

        • Bob says:

          I seriously doubt any team would spend a 2nd round pick on a CB in this draft who just suffered a torn AT. The team could use the pick to draft a starting CB for this season. He could last to day 3. AT is not ACL. Some players never recover from a torn AT.

      • Kenny Sloth says:

        You probably didn’t get laughed off the board.

        I bet someone just disagreed with your opinion.

        If he falls to the third there’s a good reason and I don’t think that’s the kind of risk we take.

        • Smitty1547 says:

          I think Cleveland takes him, extra picks there not in win now mode, makes since to me

  13. Hawkfaninmt says:

    Goodness gracious… the dilemma!

    Love and appreciate your work Rob… I love the site, check it out daily.
    Tony Pauline has been doing it longer (I think?), is nationally recognized as one of the best in the biz, included by you…

    How can he justify those picks when the Hawks could conceivably have King or Obi, Jarrad Davis, Sidney Jones, and Asiata as our top 4 picks?! Do you think he is right that those could be players that are available to the Hawks at those positions, or are his grades that far off?

    I wouldn’t be shocked to see Davis, King and Obi off the board before 26, and Jones off the board in the mid 2nd

    • Mike says:

      I think if you’re a GM you’ve got to figure Jones to not play this season..that would be tough to invest a second round pick in..

    • Rob Staton says:

      I have mad respect for Tony but disagree with him on a number of the picks in his mock, in particular how low Reddick and Davis are.

      • Misfit74 says:

        Norris has Reddick top 10, Rang has to Lions at their native pick. Rang has J. Davis around 30. Rang has us with Cam freaking Robinson…ugh.

        Norris has us with Bowser at 26 (!)

      • D-OZ says:


  14. RWIII says:

    I posted this yesterday on a thread in which Pete Carroll hints Seattle will feature a “Buffalo”. But I am going to cut and post it on this forum.

    In this posting I am talking about if the Seahawks should trade down or not.


    “I don’t think that Obi Melifonwu will be on the board at 26. In fact Rob has Obi going to Oakland at 24. So then if Adoree Jackson is still on the board at 26 what will John Schneider do? He can take Adoree Jackson or he can trade down. There is a chance Adoree Jackson could be board at 26.

    Hypothetical: Let’s say John Schneider trades down with Chicago. Chicago wants Patrick Mahomes. When the Hawks pick at 35 ( Bears pick) Adoree Jackson is gone. Is it worth losing Adoree Jackson to get an extra pick.

    Brock Huard likes Tre’Davious White. So even if you lose Adoree Jackson you can probably get either Budda Baker or Tre’Davious White at 35.

    I would give Baker a much higher grade than White. The problem is you don’t know if Baker will still be on the board at 35. Baker is a much better tackler then White. Kevin King is probably gone if you trade down.

    So if you trade down you might get a chance at an extra third but you might lose your chance at Adoree Jackson, Kevin King and/or Budda Baker. Do you really want Tre’Davious White or even a Chidobe Awuzie as your first pick in the draft? Just so that you can snag an extra 3rd round pick?”

    Yesterday: I posted that if Seattle traded down one of the players that John Schneider might snag was Chidobe Awuzie. Appartently Tony Pauline thinks much higher of Awuzie than I do. He may have convinced me that trading down is a good idea. Orginially I did not like the idea of trading down (if Obi Melifonwu was off the board). This is going to shock Seahawk fans but I think it is more difficult to play slot corner than a conventional cornerback position.

    One thing I know for sure. Seahawk fans should be glad that John Schneider is our General Manager. Seahawk fans are lucky that JS is in charge.

    • RealRhino2 says:

      Not sure about Budda at 35. I have a feeling he goes before Melifonwu. Could be wrong, but wouldn’t surprise me.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

        Obi will not make it out of the 1st round. There are 4-5 teams running some variation of the Seattle defense looking for EXACTLY this type of player.

    • Dale Roberts says:

      I don’t Tre’Davious White is a first round talent. He’s fast enough but not nearly physical enough and doesn’t tackle well. He’s also not extraordinarily athletic posting only a 32″ vertical and a 4.32 shuttle. A good second round value maybe but he’d have to learn to tackle and use his hands. The Hawks like combative corners that tackle well in run support.

    • D-OZ says:

      RW, If that was the case, I would take Basham.

  15. BobbyK says:

    I can see some team in the early teens debating between two players and then the player they passed on still available late in the first round. That’s how crazy close some of these players are this year. I could easily see the Saints or Eagles take King or perhaps King was their #2 option to take… yet King slips all the way to the Raiders, Seahawks, Cowboys, or Packers. Crazy year.

  16. RWIII says:

    Chidobe Awuzie is much bigger than I thought he was. I didn’t realize that Awuzie is 6’0 and weighs 202 pounds. For some reason I was thinking Awuzie was 5’11 and only weighed 190 pounds. So that does change the equation.

  17. drewdawg11 says:

    I sincerely hate this mock draft. What a huge reach for a player.

  18. Bill says:

    Here is a link to a different(negative) take on Sidney Jones. Not sure I completely agree with the on-field production analysis, as teams generally avoided his side of the field. Still, an interesting read.

    • RWIII says:

      As far as SidneyJones is concerned I am going to leave it up to John Schneider to decide on Sidney Jones.

      • BobbyK says:

        That’s funny. We debate every player on this blog but Sidney Jones is now off-limits. lol

        • Del tre says:

          The injury he sustained is unpredictable but Seattlw would be a good place for him. We wouldn’t need him year one if we get him in the 3rd or 4th round. I’d be all for it so long as the price isn’t too high

          • CharlieTheUnicorn says:

            Low risk, high reward pick, if he was in the 3rd round. Then some knucklehead team like Dallas will scoop him up in the second round… just watch.

          • Dale Roberts says:

            After the surgery they upgraded his outlook for 2017 to probable. I don’t think this kind of injury is a harbinger of future problems. Whoever gets Jones will get great value. Remember, he was projected as one of the top 3 CBs in the draft probably going in the top 15. He may not fit what the Hawks want be he will have an excellent NFL career.

        • RWIII says:

          Bobby K: You can debate Sidney Jones all you want. I just think very few on this forum knows much about Sidney Jones and his medical issues. Bobby if you know something I don’t know. Let me know and then we will both know.

    • Steve Nelsen says:

      The NFL is a win-now league and so you can’t discount the potential slide for Sidney Jones due to his injury.

      3 years ago we started talking about top teams with deep rosters “red-shirting” players but the success of that approach has actually been mostly disproven. Did New England get 1st-round value out of Dominique Easley? Did any of the 49er red-shirts turn into starters? Dallas is often mentioned for their early 2nd pick last year but with his lingering injury concerns I think Dallas would go a different way if they had a do-over.

      This is such a deep draft for CBs I think you could easily have FOs passing over Jones in the 2nd because “we had a 1st-round grade” on the guy they pick in the 2nd.

      Seattle hasn’t had much luck with the injury red-shirts either but we haven’t used 1st or 2nd round picks. I would be on board with using one of our 3rds for Jones if he does slip.

  19. Sam Jaffe says:

    Interesting take. Agree that KK is a better athlete. Complaint about tackling can be made for any college corner.

    • Peanut says:

      Sherman wasn´t a big tackler when he arrived, now look at him. Tackling is one of the many things corners really learn in Seattle.

      • peter says:

        Sherman had 113 tackles in 2 seasons at Stanford to Jones’ 145 in three seasons, and Witherspoon’s 71 in three seasons.

        I actually think a lot of the reason why PC had him on the radar was his tackling in just a short time into playing the position.

  20. drewdawg11 says:

    King has a willingness to come up and support the run. He blows plays up at times. Willingness is a great start.

  21. bankhawk says:

    Rob, the piece over on FGs is strictly top-drawer material. Youve long had me sold on the fellows listed under *could be thêre at 26* as my own personal first round wish list.

    To my eyes, going off the highlight tape (admittedly a rather skewed way to base my assessment) Awuzie is most certainly a player with an electric quality and an intensity to his play, but something about his tackling style bothers me .I mean he looks to hit like a freight train, but I dont see him wrapping ball carriers up the way Id like. An incomplete record, I realize, and a coachable skill, to be sure. I guess Id be better put to defer to thóe who have seen more of him. Still, with Obi and Adore stlll on the board…

    I get your rêspect for Pauline, but time on this site has me firmly planted in the *Melifonwu/Jackson camp*.

  22. nichansen01 says:

    Go zags!

  23. C-Dog says:

    Nice write up on Field Gulls, Rob. Especially appreciate the players to consider in a trade down scenario section. It’s starting to get exciting thinking about those possibilities.. so many good players, it’s almost hard to pick favorites.

  24. CharlieTheUnicorn says:

    I concur with an earlier comment. I’m not seeing 2 DL and 2 OL in the first 5 picks. Max 1 OL and 1 DL, but I’m having a hard time pinning down which OL or DL. 2 CB also seems like a stretch, but if you open it up to CB/S hybrids, then 2 are a very reasonable outcome.

    Note: Where are the TE and RBs in these mock drafts? They are not need positions, but could very well be in the plans when you start talking latter round 3 picks. Also, don’t sleep on a possible back-up QB.

  25. Coleslaw says:

    I would add Evan Engram as a guy they could target after trading down. We know they like separation and he could definitely do that out wide. Maybe that’s why they keep Graham inside more than many of us like, cause he’s more likely to separate against linebackers and safeties.

  26. Dale Roberts says:

    Tony Pauline had Sidney Jones as the 100th player picked. That’s 85 slots lower than he had been projected. I think if he were available for us in the second round it would be a no brainer. Just dreaming but if we snag a future shutdown corner in the first round and lucked into Sidney Jones in the second… Richard Sherman doesn’t get a second contract. What do you guys think of Sidney Jones? What do you think of the reality of him dropping?

    • cha says:

      I’m hesitant because of the injury and the break-in period for DB’s the Hawks draft. Jones will miss all the offseason work, and only get reps in game planning practices during the season. So 2018 would be more like a rookie season for him.

      That said, he’s got real potential if he can get over the ruptured Achilles.

      • RealRhino2 says:

        Love Sidney Jones, but my take has always been that great teams should be in the business of avoiding risk. You’re winning a golf tourney by 3 at 18, you lay up, 2-putt, take your par and you go home with one of those giant checks. It’s the guy three shots back that should by trying to wrap it around trees or get on the green in 2.

        Teams like Seattle, the Pats, Green Bay, etc., are at the top of the leaderboard. Yes, we want great players, but it should be losing teams that are taking chances on bouncebacks from injured guys, guys who could turn into something if they ever got motivated, failed drug test guys, etc. We just need to make the easy play and take our trophy home.

        • Dale Roberts says:

          But a top 15 player in the second round would be a huge value. His achilles injury is less significant than the knee injury to Jaylen Smith who the Cowboys took with the 34th pick. Typically achilles injuries are not a harbinger of future injuries. The only real risk I see is that he might not be able to contribute as much in 2017 as we’d like. That being said, after the surgery there was more optimism that he’d be ready for the 2017 season. How do you from being one of the top 3 corners to the 100th pick? He’s such a natural, I don’t think he’ll last past 40.

          • Sea Mode says:

            And exactly what has Jaylon Smith done for Dallas? Add to that the fact that Jones, while a great corner, is not a Seahawk style corner, and so many other great prospects likely to be available through R3, it all adds up to a big no from me.

          • Steve Nelsen says:

            Achilles injuries do frequently impact explosiveness so even if they are not a harbinger of future injuries, there is no guarantee that Jones will be the player he was.

  27. RWIII says:

    Can’t comment on Sidney Jones. Don’t know enough about his I jury situation. Let me say this about Jones. There is no guarantee he will recover completely from his torn Achilles. Secondly you have to assume that he will not play next year. Even if he does play you have to be careful or he could reinjure( don’t know if that is a word) the achilles. There is much risk in the case of Sidney Jones. As John Clayton would say: “Those are the cold hard facts. ”

    On the plus side. Sidney Jones is a good person. More important a hard worker and is a student of Chris Peterson. He is very smart and very intelligent. He also is the benefit the best coaching in the Nation. So in fairness he has a lot going for him.

  28. Overtime says:

    Here is my draft of the day. I focused on filling out the D Line this time.

    102: R3P38 C ETHAN POCIC LSU

    • Suzanne Hansen says:

      Like you, I’m excited about what McDowell COULD be. Don’t see how he’s much worse than Jarran Reed on tape.

      • peter says:

        Mcdowell could be great. But I agree with Rob he seemed to check out as MSU’s season went south. It seems like a trait that PC would not like to see in a player with his desire for competitiveness.

        • Rob Staton says:

          Also speaks terribly, seems like a really uncomfortable personality. Apparently teams were unimpressed with him during interviews at the combine. Not surprised. Just doesn’t seem like the kind of guy Seattle would entertain.

    • Ed says:

      That draft is impossible. I just hope they go 3 DB with first 5 picks.

    • Dale Roberts says:

      Gotta agree that draft is not going to happen. To make Fanspeak a more fun proposition you have to tweak your big board so that guys like Kevin King can’t fall to you in the third round and Kittle probably goes in the fourth. McDowell is more possible than I thought based on Tony Pauline’s mock.

  29. If some way we could get jarred Davis in round two I would be happy as a clown

    • Dale Roberts says:

      Won’t happen without a trade-up.

      • peter says:

        I agree mostly but Tony Pauline thinks he’s going way later than expected. I don’t think Seattle will draft him because he will be out of reach but PC loves LB’s just a little less than DB’s. Seattle has spent a good deal of draft capital over the years with project players to find the right mix. I would have to believe that PC would love a player like Davis if he were available and figure out a way to play him.

    • Rob Staton says:

      I think we’d all be dancing on Friday night if that happens

  30. Coleslaw says:

    Daniel Jeremiah says the 4 players who’ve helped themselves the most since the season ended are:
    Kevin King
    Haason Reddick
    Christian McCaffrey
    Evan Engram

    Notice the lack of one Obi Melifonwu, maybe we will have a crack at him.

    • peter says:

      Maybe. I think they may have to do with Obi being considered a pre-combine season an early second round player so he might only be moving up a bit.

      Compared to the other 4. King was considered a possible third round prospect. Reddick has moved from wherever he was to in the mid upper first round in most mocks. Those two have really seen their stock go up.

  31. EranUngar says:

    I have a question regarding Kevin King.

    To merit a first round pick you need both the physical traits (that he has…) and a very good if not great tape. King’s tapes looks the part but he did not face the top WRs (Sidney Jones got that assignment).

    Does that add an asterisk to his tape?

    • Dale Roberts says:

      King also showed technique and coachability. As we’ve seen some the best NFL players weren’t the most well known in college. I think Sidney Jones is going to have an excellent NFL career but King may be even better suited to succeed in the NFL. Also, it’s not like he played in the WAC. He played against top notch talent. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t recall Jones switching sides to match up. I think they stayed at their respective positions regardless of the receiver they faced.

      • hawkdawg says:

        I think all that, too, and further think that he is particularly suited to succeed in Seattle.

    • Forty20 says:

      You could suggest that while he may have not matched up against the #1 opposition wideout he was tested more than nearly any other #2 CB in CFL given the reluctance that QBs showed in throwing the way of Sidney Jones. The tape backs up a pretty hefty body of work.

      Pete Carroll has backed himself regularly to make diamonds out of prospects with inferior metrics and tape. King really only needs a little bit of polish to be something special in my opinion and that warrants a first round pick.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Not for me. He can only handle the players he comes up against.

      • EranUngar says:

        I’m sorry, I did not myself clear.

        I have no doubt about him and would gladly have him with our first pick.

        However, he did not play “his side of the field” you can see him all over.

        I was just wondering if it could affect the call by other teams picking higher than us and leave him for us.

        I.E. – would some GMs be apprehensive in justifying using a high 1st round pick on a college CB2….

        • Rob Staton says:

          Again, I don’t think so. Not when the other guy is Sidney Jones. Let’s put it this way, are teams going to knock Gareon Conley too simply because he isn’t Marshon Lattimore? It’s to Washington and Ohio State’s credit that they had two really good CB’s in the first place.

        • peter says:

          In King’s case I think it’s a benefit. He showed through testing and through game tape that he has both the long speed to play outside and the short area speed to play slot.

          I agree with your assertation that some GM’s may give it pause with the number 1 vs. number 2 receiver stuff. And in fact I hope several teams do think that way still.

          Me. I think it’s kind of boneheaded to have one person run around after the other teams “best receiver,” to shut them down only to allow an O-coordinator with half a brain the chance to scheme plays to all the other players at their disposal. I think and Seattle has proven that it makes way more sense for players to play sides or parts of a field so that you can scheme over deficiencies.

  32. Sea Mode says:

    So if Bolles makes it to Denver’s pick at 20 as in Pauline’s mock, would you pick up the phone if you were JS to call up Elway and offer R3P90? They did get OL help in FA and may target McCaffrey and feel they could get him all the same at 26. A little return the favor for last year…?

    Say King is off the board, Obi is still on the board but no guarantee he will still be at 26.

    Your call.

    • Old but Slow says:

      No. There are too many good prospects to go with to justify this move. Bolles is a promising player, but not a potential pro bowler, so make a more promising move.

      • Dale Roberts says:

        Agreed. Even though Bolles is the class of this draft’s tackles he only tests out at the 73rd percentile when comparing his athleticism to current NFL tackles.

        • Steve Nelsen says:

          Bolles may test out in the 73rd percentile athletically but he tests out in the top 10% for bad-assery. He reminds me of Steve Hutchinson but he can play LT.

          I am hoping that the Hawks go DB but I wouldn’t be too upset if they got Bolles.

          • Misfit74 says:

            ‘Only’ the 73rd percentile? That’s well above average…

            • Dale Roberts says:

              Yes but there are special players in this draft to be had at #26. I’m just saying that Bolles is good but not special.

    • ukhawk says:

      I think you do, as you say, if king/reddick/obi has left the board…maybe not if you have a shot at those guys.

    • peter says:

      I don’t think you do that. I’m not sure how it benefits Seattle to lose yet another draft pick especially in the third where Seattle could potentially find three starters.

      Plus I think Denver may just go after McCaffrey regardless and if JS felt as confident as I do about that there wouldn’t be any point to deal for a player that may at that point just fall to 26.

      The teams in between, mostly Oakland and Detroit are losing games because of their D so I’d assume that they at least would not pick Bolles. Houston who knows, but you have to think they are going to reach out for a QB. New York I don’t think Bolles would make a ton of sense there. And I’ll betray my ignorance her, I have no idea what Miami will do. I don’t follow the AFC east as that it’s been garbage for about 15 years minus two competitive seasons from the Jets before the Butt fumble.

      • East Side Stevie says:

        IF we do anything it will be trade down in the 1st this is the deepest draft there has been in quite some time. Rob talks about the players from #15 to #40 will have a similar grade. Last year was considered a very deep draft if you remember now it wasnt deep with the positions this years draft will be but it was a deep draft. That being said look what we did we traded down in the 1st so it is very very likely we will be trading down in this years draft. I would be willing to bet that come draft day they will have “their guy” just like last year John S stated after the draft that Germain was their guy and somebody told him way back that if he didnt take Germain ifedi in the 1st round he would be makin a mistake. I could see them having a specific player that they want and they trade down anywhere from 29 to 34.

  33. JT says:

    Has anyone seen any game film of these offensive linemen?

    Jordan Roos, Purdue
    Jylan Ware, Alabama State
    Geoff Gray, Great White North
    Andrew Wylie, Eastern Michigan
    Michael Coe, North Dakota
    Cam Keizur, Portland State

    Each of them had fantastic Pro Days, with athletic scores indicating they could be late round or UDFA targets for Seattle.

  34. RWIII says:

    One of the members on this forum mentioned durability could be an issue when it comes to Adoree Jackson. With that being said I am starting to give Kevin King another look. Is it possible that both Obi Melifonwu and Kevin King would both be off the board at 26. I just saw that In Josh Norris had Kevin King going to the Colts at 15.

    I am actually warming up to the idea of taking Kevin King.

  35. Forty20 says:

    Geez there are really a lot of prospects to love at the top end of this draft. After sitting through some YouTube analysis of John Ross you just sit back and wonder what he could do for Seattle. The wider consensus outside of SDB seems to be that Corey Davis and Mike Williams are comfortably the better receivers but Ross is going to do nasty things to whatever conference he lands in.

    • peter says:

      If there wasn’t such great Defensive talent in this draft and if I felt John Ross would even be at 26, he’d be the pick I’d make. I lie Davis and Williams and agree with some posters here on SDB about picking Davis if events go differently than expected. Such as King, Obi, perhaps Watt are all gone. But I agree that John Ross is going to kill it for some team at the next level and it would be kind of cool if that team was Seattle. Won’t be a I know…

  36. EP says:

    Houston surely taking a QB at 25 now you’d think

    • EP says:

      Could potentially mean teams like Pittsburgh/Kansas City trying to trade up and pick before Houston. Could mean teams like Oakland/Detroit/Miami trading down. These teams are potentially looking to pick similar players to Seattle. Could be an opportunity for some players to fall a little further. Just a guess however, impossible to predict what teams will do.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Very likely I’d say.

    • Ed says:

      Really looking more and more like at least 3 QB go top 25 (Watson/Trubsiky/Mahommes). Maybe whomever doesn’t go QB in the top 10, looks to trade back in for Kizer. Let’s hope so (assuming Reddick and Obi gone). King would great too, but adding a 4th and getting Tankersley is fine by me.

    • Overtime says:

      Everybody knows Houston has to find a QB. The four good ones may well be gone by the time they pick and none will fall into the 2nd round. Houston’s desperation will discourage teams from waiting until R2 for a QB. I really see Houston reading the tea leaves and making a move for Kaeperenick, now. They cannot go into the season with Tom Savage at QB. They probably wish they had Osweiller back. Maybe they trade with Cleveland for his contract. HA!

      • DC says:

        New Orleans Saints trade 38 yr old QB Drew Brees for the Houston Texans #25 first round pick.

        Would make some sense for both teams.

    • Misfit74 says:

      I think Houston needs to consider a trade up or work on Garropolo

  37. Josh says:

    Rob, how likely do you think it is that the Hawks pick someone from the players we haven’t talked about on this board? I know we’ve covered quite a few players, but what are the odds they go a different direction?

    • Rob Staton says:

      Well of course there’s a chance. I don’t work for the Seahawks front office so I don’t know what they’re planning. However, the purpose of the blog is to try and identify players they are likely to be interested in using the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the last seven years. We’ve generally done a good job of that for a few years now.

    • Steve Nelsen says:

      This draft is deep in DBs and we have a clear need at nickel CB and outside CB plus concerns about replacing Kam, Sherman and/or Earl in the not too distant future so it is natural that we have all been talking about DBs.

      But, remember Rob’s caveat when he talks about CBs – “Seattle has never drafted one before round 4.” If that trend continues this year, then we could see a surprise 1st-round pick. This is a very deep draft fro DBs and Seattle evaluates guys they think they can coach up in their system. They could very easily feel that those guys will be there in the 3rd this year.

      They have drafted safeties early and Melifonwu is clearly in play at 26. But, what if he’s gone? Maybe they surprise us with a different safety we haven’t really considered or take a pass rusher we are looking at in the 2nd. They took Bruce Irvin in mid-1and there are some guys that comp favorably athletically in this daft (Watt, Bowser). Would they be considered a surprise?

  38. East Side Stevie says:

    PFF latest mock draft is a joke

  39. Sea Mode says:

    I know it’s a painful subject, but this is very interesting of Bill Belichick breaking down the 4th quarter of SB49. (don’t worry, the final play is not included). Shows how an opposing coach, and a great one at that, wants to attack our defense (which was obviously missing key players in Avril, Lane, without which no comback would ever have been remotely possible, etc….)

  40. Sea Mode says:

    The Cowboys have turned in the paperwork regarding Tony Romo’s release and they have officially designated him a post June 1 release. -Todd Archer, ESPN Staff Writer

    According to, releasing Romo as a post-June 1 release will free up $14 million in available cap space while creating $10.7 million in dead money. I understand they can spread it however they want over the next two years.

    Could help in extending Zack Martin this summer if they want to.

  41. Vista says:

    Apparently Deshaun Watson is visiting Jacksonville. If they pick him that would ruin my early mock 😞

    • Misfit74 says:

      Jacksonville would be wise to threaten to draft a QB and trade down, in order to draft Fournette if that’s their target, as many seem to believe.

      • EP says:

        Blake Bortles has 6 more interceptions than Russell Wilson and has played 2 seasons less. Telling stats. Bortles is not a franchise QB. Doubt he ever will be.

      • Ed says:

        I wouldn’t gamble, I would just take LF. Defense looks solid, BB should be a playaction throw deep type. 20-25 passes.

    • Overtime says:

      I expect the NY Jets to draft a QB but it JAX does it the run on these QB’s will be on. There are by my count at least 9 teams ahead of Houston that could go for a QB. JAX cannot trade back too far and get Fournette because Carolina probably wants him.

      • Vista says:

        I could see the jets trading with JAX sending their first and Richardson to move up 2 spots. I dont think it is that likely but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened.

    • OCDavid says:

      I know I don’t understand the world of journalism but I was surprised to see a SeattlePI article that was Rob’s buffalo piece from 3 days ago (minus the comments section). Do you know if Rob shares his work around different sites, or if there’s something more sinister going on?

    • Nick says:

      That’s a shame – he’s gotta do better there.

    • Trevor says:


      • Trevor says:

        Basically plagiarism at least source Rob

        • STTBM says:

          Kapadia makes money. He’s occasionally a hack. Remember his piece on how Kaep was better tha RW a couple years ago…talented dude, but he’s got zero morals and less ethics…

  42. Coleslaw says:

    I can’t express enough how much a healthy Russell Wilson will help our line. I think we’ve forgotten just how elusive he is and how lethal his escapes can be, since we didn’t see any of it last year. I believe our first offensive play I’m super bowl 49 was Wilson read option for 20 yards like He’s sleeping.
    If you think about it, we should be in pretty good shape

  43. Dale Roberts says:

    Lee Vowell at Fansided conjectured that Kam Chancellor could slide into the SAM position with a backup safety taking his safety spot in certain alignments. Essentially Kam would become a buffalo right? It was a clever idea I hadn’t considered. Thoughts?

    Here is the link to Vowell’s article:

    • Rowlandice says:

      I had considered this – but thought if they were going to do it, then Kam might have gotten a few snaps last year. BUT, I think they didn’t have enough depth to replace Kam at his normal SS position so never tried it. That’s what Obi will be for!

    • Overtime says:

      Fewer snaps would probably extend Kam’s career as he has missed a lot of games the last two seasons. I am sure they did not attract 26 year old Bradley McDougald to the Seahawks without some guarantee of playing time. McDougald actually had more snaps and more tackles than Kam the last two years. They could easily slide him into the SS position. He was a starter in TBay the last two years and has played both SS and FS.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Don’t think Kam has the speed for it.

      • Dale Roberts says:

        If not then how does he survive at strong safety? I also assumed that the CBs and safeties were the fastest guys on the defense.

  44. Jason says:

    I am usually puzzled with walterfootball’s picks for the hawks, but sign me for this draft except maybe an OL or LB instead of DL in the 3rd.

    1) Adoree Jackson
    2) Zay Jones
    3a) Cordrea Tankersley
    3b) Eddie Vanderdoes
    3c) George Kittle

  45. Vista says:

    Interestingly, Schneider went to the Texas Tech pro day. I have a feeling he is gauging who is willing to trade up to land Mahomes.

  46. RWIII says:

    Was listening to Brock. Its sounds to me that he wants to go offensive tackle with the first pick. He mentioned. Bolles, Ramczyk, and even Cam Robinson. Sounds to me that Brock would be interested in Cam Robinson as their first round pick.

    • southpaw360 says:

      No thank you. I think Brock is off base on this one. I hope he is anyways. I want 4 defensive picks out of the first 5 picks. Defense in round one for sure.

  47. Dale Roberts says:

    Rob, have you considered a FB page for the blog? I looked and didn’t see one. The reason I ask is because the comments are so much more interactive. Not only am I notified of responses but I can edit them when I screw up or delete them when I realize how stupid I was. It’s just a lot friendlier for followers. It seems like it would be a fairly straight forward transition.

    • Rob Staton says:

      Yeah the comments section is a problem via WordPress and I appreciate the patience people have with it.

      However, I don’t really have enough spare time to manage a FB page too and prefer the comments section to directly work with the articles.