Seahawks interested in Quinton Patton?

I’ve not spent a ton of time studying Patton, but what I did see was generally a bit hit and miss. Yet this tweet seems to suggest a large degree of interest. This doesn’t mean the Seahawks will draft him at #56 if available, they might be really interested but with a third round grade only (for example). Even so, it’s interesting to highlight another prospect who could be a day two target.

Patton’s an interesting character. In this piece by Tyler Dunne (the same guy who wrote the Tweet above), he talked about his admiration for Chad Johnson. The article kind of explains why…

When Rob Likens first met Patton, he thought the receiver took it too far. The Louisiana Tech assistant head coach / wide receivers coach, who is now at California, had the same, mystifying first impression teammates did.

Dude, shut up.

“This guy hadn’t done anything and he’s coming in here, talking and all that,” Likens said. “When I spent every day with him, he’s like that every second he’s awake. He’s just energetic. He’s like that in the lunchroom, he’s like that everywhere.”

Patton’s future roommate felt the same way. Wide receiver Myles White is from Livonia, Mich. Up north, people are more laidback, reserved, he says. White wasn’t used to an unapologetic swagger. Patton was loud, obnoxious. White would often ask, “Why are you yelling for no reason?”

“At first, I said ‘He talks too much,’ ” White said. “After you get to know him, you see it’s his personality. Not just a show.”

I don’t have a problem with cocky, brass players. I’ve interviewed enough people from a multitude of sports to appreciate a guy who loves the sound of his own voice. As long as it never drifts into a negative on-field product, then it’s fine. Sport is better when there are characters playing and starring. Essentially, there’s supreme confidence and being a diva. There’s a fine line between the two sometimes.

The Seahawks aren’t averse to players having an outspoken personality (see: Richard Sherman). They’re not looking for robots or choir boys. That’s a positive thing. Too often under Tim Ruskell this franchise shut out talented players because they didn’t fit a strict criteria. If Carroll and Schneider feel Patton has a certain star quality to him, on and off the field, he could be landing in Seattle on day two. If, of course, he doesn’t leave the board earlier than most people expect. He has been touted by some as a possible first rounder.

Drafting a receiver early can’t be ruled out. Green Bay regularly stocked up their pack of wide-outs during Schneider’s time in Wisconsin. They didn’t shy away from drafting Jordy Nelson in round two despite having a deep crew of receivers. They went back into round two for Randall Cobb. They anticipated a day when Greg Jennings and Donald Driver wouldn’t be on the roster and planned accordingly. I don’t think you can ever have enough good wide-outs anyway.

Seattle should anticipate a future without Sidney Rice’s mega contract or prospective free-agent Golden Tate. Sacrifices will need to be made down the line. Despite what most people will tell you, receiver is a vital position in this league. Adding a potential star in this years draft gives you some security for the future, but it also doesn’t put pressure on the rookie to start in 2013. Patton could easily be red-shirted as he learns the finer points of the play book.

I need to watch some more tape on this guy. I’ve added four games below if you want to do the same.


  1. Nolan

    What is his size rob?

    • Rob Staton

      6-0, 204lbs at the combine.

      • Snoop Dogg

        Identical size to Ryan Swope! He must be cool then!

        • Kip Earlywine

          If Seattle took Patton at #56 instead of Swope, I wouldn’t be happy.

          • Ray graham

            I couldn’t agree more kip!

            • SunPathPaul

              Swope does seem to be a bit more magical in watching him. I still think Miami, if they keep both 2nd round picks, that even with Wallace and Hartline, they would take Swope because of the familiarity with Tannehill and the offense there… They would kind of insane not too.

              If he drops to #56, I would LOVE to have him…

              What if Swope, Patton, Hopkins and Hunter happen to all be available?? Which one?

              What if Ertz or Escobar drop top 56?? I would love Ertz, but over Swope or Hopkins?
              a second catching TE threat would be explosive at widening our offensive attack possibilities…!

              What order to you guys have – albeit presuming we use #56 on a WR or TE…

              • Troy

                I like Hopkins above all those names but I think theres good value in the later rounds @ WR/TE

  2. Colin

    Sid has some big cap hits coming up soon, so I’d almost guarantee he’s going to be cut if he won’t restructure. Now that we have the QB, we need to arm him well.

    • Chris F

      With the Percy Harvin aquisition and Golden Tate’s contract up next year, I thought maybe they were already looking for an alternative for his position. I like Golden Tate, but his skill set is a bit redundant now and a real X receiver would make the offense more diverse.

  3. Chris F

    Recently the Seahawks have also been linked to receivers Aaron Mellette and Tyrone Goard. With the Quinton Patton news, you have to wonder if they aren’t looking for a new X. Nolan, Patton is 6’0″ and ran a 4.48 in the combine.

  4. HardcoreHawk

    Patton could be a great addition. I like Da’Rick Rogers a bit more though. I think we need a big physical receiver to work the middle of the field more. Da’Rick Rogers is probably the best fit for that, in this draft. DangeRuss didn’t work the middle of the field very much, and it seems like the next step would be to utilize the entire field. I think Rogers would be the first receiver off the board, if he hadn’t been expelled from Tennessee.

    • Rob Staton

      And that’s the issue with Rogers, he’s a nightmare off the field. Seattle hasn’t shown a tendency to draft guys with his background.

      • HardcoreHawk

        I have enough faith in our system, that we can get him straightened out. Arguably the best talent of all the receivers in this draft. I think he could end up being a steal in the 3rd round, if he is still available.

        His physicality complements our physical identity very well. I like the Julio Jones/Anquan Boldin comparisons. Tough as nails. Will take the big hit, and still come up with the football.

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t share that optimism, HardcoreHawk. He was a pain at Tennessee throughout his time there, constantly expressing a high sense of entitlement. He failed to heed warnings about his future and was then booted off the team. And according to reports, his coaches at Tennessee Tech were far from impressed with him.

          The Seahawks don’t need a guy like that. I’m happy to let someone else deal with that headache, if they really want to.

          • Chris F


            A week or so ago we had this discussion and I made the same arguements you’re making now. I think it was Eric who pointed out that the coaches at Tech refused to give him an endorsement and in fact went as far as to say that they weren’t sure if he had actually changed. I dismissed this information by saying that if the Seahawks picked him I would assume that he had passed muster with them and that would be good enough for me. I suppose that part still stands, but…

            Since that time, the NFL network aired an episode of ‘Game Changers’ that showcased some of the receivers in this draft class. One of them was Da’Rick Rogers, so of course I felt compelled to watch it. While he said and did all the right things, there was something about his demeanor that just rubbed me the wrong way. Just beneath the surface there was something there that made me understand what the coaches at Texas Tech had meant. Incidentally, I felt the same way about Cordarrelle Patterson, which shouldn’t be a surprise since the two hang out together.

            Anyway, I think I now have to side with Rob. While Rogers is immensely talented, I think there is a lot of risk there. My only hope is that he doesn’t end up with the 9ers.

            • HardcoreHawk

              I have to admit that I haven’t watched those yet. I will look them up in a bit, and maybe I’ll come to the same conclusion as you. I’ve fallen in love with his game tape though.

            • CHawk Talker Eric

              Thanks for the shout Chris. Much appreciated 🙂

          • HardcoreHawk

            Yes, I read that they questioned his maturity. I also read that he was drug tested more than 10 times, so he probably got his marihuana issues under control. I like wide receivers with attitude in abundance, just like Patton. I’m not sure their personalities are that far apart.

            There is no doubt that this would be a chance to take. But the talent is undeniably there. We seem to have a very balanced lockerroom, and I am pretty comfortable with taking chances on these kinds of players, as long as we don’t build our team off of them. He reminds me a lot of Janoris Jenkins’, with the same issues coming out of college.

            • Maz

              I’m in the middle on Da’Rick Rodgers. I actually didn’t pick him as my favorite this year because of all the off field issues, and I think most people feel that way about him. Tremendous talent, tremendous jack ass, at the same time. At least the one who don’t completely love him. I agree with HardcoreHawk on the fact that his skill set is the most intriguing this year at the WO position. However, as Rob has mentioned, he is untouchable, or as close to untouchable there is, right along with the HoneyBadger. After saying all of that, I would gamble on him in the 3rd or 4th round if Aaron Dobson is off the board. He could be a steal in any round if he turns into a professional.

            • Rob Staton

              Jenkins for me was a top-15 talent and he responded well to being kicked out of Florida. Got his life back on track, moved away from bad influences. The same really can’t be said of Rogers unfortunately.

              • nolan

                I disagree if you e-mail people associated with Tennessee tech they will tell you he did everything he was asked and that he had no problems at the school although I have seen the conflicting media reports so maybe they are lying or there is multiple views on him

                • Rob Staton

                  I’m guessing if I email Tennessee Tech as a random member of the public or even as a writer for a draft blog they aren’t going to give me the inside gossip on Da’Rick Rogers.

        • nolan

          I agree with you hardcore I really like darick I hope hawks take a chance on him.

  5. connor

    I like Patton and wouldn’t mind us taking him. He’s actually similar to Greg Jennings just in the fact that he’s coming from a small school and pretty highly regarded and will most likely go on day two.

    He’s pretty solid all the way around. Its the game against A&M though that really impresses he kinda put the team on his back. Attitude wise I think he is more Percy Harvin then Ochocinco. What I mean by that is, I think his fire and passion comes from wanting to win and help win however he can, rather then it being a selfish thing. I’m impressed with his competitiveness and I know thats something JS/PC look for is guys who compete hard and Quinton Patton certainly fits that.

    But there are so many WR options in this draft its almost impossible to pinpoint when, where, and who the Seahawks are gonna take.

    • Hawkfin

      I agree with this exactly!

  6. Hawkfin

    I’m not a fan of D. Rodgers. Not only his character, but his tape too. Not all that impressed personally and I didn’t like his style of play. I don’t think he’s going to make it personally. But, if he came late enough, maybe.

    Patton – I AM a fan of. I like him a lot. I have him right after S. Bailey. Probably about a 3rd round grade or better. I would rather get him or a guy like him in the 4th though, but probably won’t last.
    That’s why I focused in on Harrison so much, cause we could get him there.

    But, if he did drop to the 4th, I would love that pick. 3rd round I could get into it, but we have Harvin now so I don’t know. At the 2nd round, I don’t like so much.

    I think Patton has “big play” ability. He can really stretch the field and make every catch. He runs really good routes and is shifty speed, if not fast. He tore up DJ Hayden who I think is a decent corner in this draft.

    I did have him at 4.53 speed though? Not sure if the 4.48 is right or if my stat log was incorrect?
    But, he looks fast on tape. He had a huge bowl game and could not be stopped. He seems like a real leader from the scouting work I’ve done, and has great hands and very good overall production.

    Some of the weakness I had on him was a small/thin frame. Could be a liability on the injury front. Also, played some weak conference games. He’s not a big guy, but he can get up there.

    I like him overall. He was my 7th rated WR. (S. Bailey #6)

    • Chris F


      I pulled his 40 time from DraftScout here:

      I don’t know where they’re gettin their numbers (pro day?), but his combine 40 was 4.53. Sorry for the confusion.

      • Hawkfin

        Yeah, maybe it was his Pro Day (I have not went back and updated per those)
        OR it could also have been the unofficial time of the combine.

        Anyway, thanks for the additional comment and no problem. I just didn’t know if my notes were off or not? 😉

        I think Patton is fast or fast enough. I would be shocked if he runs much faster then 4.53.
        He looks fast on tape and blows by folks.

        • Hawkfin

          Ugh – Meant to say “I wouldn’t” be shocked if he runs faster

  7. Leonard

    I like Patton. Not the highest ceiling but a pretty low floor. With the depth at WR and Patton running an average 40yd he might be available later than expected.

    If the idea is replacing Rice then Aaron Dobson from Marshall might be a good idea. 6′-3″, 210lbs, 33″ arms and ran a 4.40 forty at his pro day. He was known for his spectacular catches and excelled at jump balls. Could be a really good fit.

    • Leonard

      Sorry, I meant pretty high floor on Patton.

      • Hawkfin

        I had a hard time evaluating Dobson myself. I kept him up there (Somewhere after Patton) but there were things that just made it hard for me. Same with T. Williams, 6’2, 201, 4.52 speed, high production.

        Those 2 guy’s have the size, stats, etc. but something seemed off on tape, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Both could be good values though IF at the right time. But, they aren’t my favorites of the bunch even with those measurables. But, those type guys could push a guy like Patton or Bailey or Swope down for us.

        I have both Dobson and T. Williams way over Woods though.
        (For me they were around 10,11 ranked WR – 3-4 round grades)

        • Hawkfin

          Looking back at my notes, I do have some positive high marks for Dobson and not many negatives at all. He can get deep too on top of what you said. Passes the eye test.
          I actually had him at #8 overall for WR’s. (Right after Patton)
          There still was something about him though on tape, that made him go lower then he should have for me.

          T. Williams a little lower at 11

          • Maz

            It’s his horrible QB. He’s always working way to hard to make a catch, he plays frustrated at times. Kinda give him props for not throwing the kid under the bus. I had to watch the tape and imagine RW throwing to him. Has some of the best hands and body control in football.

  8. Kip Earlywine

    My Quinton Patton 4 word scouting report: “He’s just a guy.”

    I’ve read some comments from scouts that echo that impression. Nothing special about him. Very vanilla.

    • Hawkfin

      That’s what I see with Woods, Rodgers, Mellette, Stills and D. Rodgers…

      But, I think Patton is more special. I see the desire when I watch his film personally.
      But to each is own.

      • Hawkfin

        I guess Rodgers deserved to be on there twice for me! 😀

        • Maz

          Yeah, the Hawks most likely grade kids higher who have a competitive attitude, regardless of whether it comes off negative to most folks. They want guys who need to win. Not just want too. Think, Warren Sapp. I personally think Sapp is an idiot. He just rubs me the wrong way. He is loud and obnoxious a lot of the time. Talks all kinds of trash. Has an overconfident attitude about him. But, he took that to the field and it translated into a B.A.M. BEAST! He got all kinds of things said about him coming out of college and he slipped a little. Richard Sherman is just the first example. Way smarter than Sapp though. Go Hawks!

          • Maz

            Posted this in the wrong place, my bad.

          • Chris F

            I agree about Sapp, an awesome player but not so much as an analyst. His opinions are always superficial as if he based them on the previous weeks highlights as opposed to actually reviewing the games. I recently saw a piece on the NFL Network where they were actually picking the next Superbowl champions (a pointless excercise at this point, no?). Anyway, he had Atlanta beating both San Francisco and Seattle. His rationale? Defense wins championships. Atlanta’s defense? Seriously?

            • Rob Staton

              Atlanta’s defense is average at best. Ryan/Gonzalez/Jones/White/Jackson. That’s the Falcons main strength right there. Not the defense. Not sure why Sapp voiced that opinion.

              • Colin

                Atlanta is the new San Diego. A trendy, high octane offense that gets picked every year to win the Super Bowl, but as a whole isn’t that studly of a team. Perennial underachievers.

              • Maz

                I might say they are slightly above average, but not by much. They don’t scare anybody, but do a decent job most of the time.

      • Kip Earlywine

        Woods and Bailey- it’s fair to call them vanilla. That said, there is something intangible about their games, they have an “it factor” that reminds me of Bobby Engram. I don’t get that vibe from Patton. He’s just a body out there.

        Rodgers? DaRick Rodgers? Definitely not vanilla if you are talking about him. He’s explosive after the catch and is a headcase off the field.

        Kenny Stills isn’t vanilla for me, he’s flawed but unique and talented. He reminds me of Golden Tate.

        • Hawkfin

          I like Bailey a lot and could see B. Engram (Or better).

          Woods I don’t like much. I don’t see a leader with woods at all and I don’t even see that fire.
          He seems like the complete opposite of Patton. I’m sure you have, but listen to all his interviews.
          I sure was not impressed.
          I also think playing with Barkley helped him, not much def played in the pac, and his overall stats not even that impressive. He wasn’t even the best WR on his team and it easily showed. Skinny frame and really doesn’t seem that fast to me. He does catch well, so I can see the B. Engram comparison, but I don’t think he cuts it at the NFL level. Just my view. I ranked him much lower then most.

          D. Rodgers I guess doesn’t qualify for Vanilla, but I didn’t see all that much explosivness personally.
          Maybe after the catch, but during the entire play the route running, speed, crisp routes, deep threat all was less explosive then I would have thought. Add in the red flags, poor interviews, issues, and I don’t like him much at all.

          K. Stills made my list, but flawed is the right word. I also think he gets crushed in the NFL and won’t hold up. I don’t think he’s got that fire about him to succeed. I see him hoping to be like Golden Tate. And it took Tate 3 years to really find his groove. I don’t think he catches as good as Tate though. I like Josh Boyce as much as Stills.

          Patton to me seems way more exciting. I feel he’s got that “it factor” and fire and determination.
          And I see a big play about him personally. He does remind me of a Harvin, or maybe S. Smith or S. Moss.

          • Maz

            Naw, I don’t see Harvin, S. Smith, or S. Moss in Patton. I see Doug Baldwin. In Woods I see, yup, Doug Baldwin. Now I actually think DB Fresh is underrated. So this is not to say they won’t be successful. I think Woods could develop into a Wes Welker type, however I feel the same about Doug Baldwin. The Seahawks WR core is underrated right now. That will change by week 4 next year. Go Hawks!

            • Hawkfin

              Doug Baldwin is probably a great example for Woods. I agree with that. DB was not even drafted though!
              I like him, but so far he’s not good enough. I see Woods exactly like that. Nothing special, but he can catch. But overall, not good enough. And shouldn’t be drafted higher then the 4th. (Even later IMO because I don’t think he turns out)

              And to say he could be W. Welker is a little laughable to me. I don’t see it.
              To me, that’s is far fetch as the Patton is like Rice one.

              R. Swope could be the next W. Welker and has that skill set to me. I like that comparison. But, not Woods at all.

              Patton, I still say is better then Baldwin and in another higher tier then that. (And higher then Woods). I’ll stand by my comparisons I think. I’ll also throw out the comparison of Patton being like J. Maclin.

        • dave crockett

          Agree with you there. He seems to have suffered from poor health and Landry Jones. He’s got a lot of stuff you like, including a dad who played in the NFL. I caught part of an interview with him on NFL Radio with Pat Kirwan. You know how sometimes a guy’s voice is TOTALLY not what you expect? Even Kirwan was like, “You sound like a lawyer.” Articulate and laid back. This is a kid with a blonde-frosted faux hawk. You’re just expecting something else. I suspect he’s done well in his interviews.

          Anyway, he’s got speed. He’s got hands. I like him a lot. He kinda reminds me of Green Bay’s James Jones. He’s got everything you want but his concentration comes and goes a bit.

    • connor

      That was my initial impression of Patton “He’s just a guy.” But when i really sat down and watched him again I saw more then that. He isn’t spectacular but he’s sort of just a “Football Player”. He is so solid at everything. When he steps on the football field it just seems like he outplays his abilities. At times he will completely dominate games and almost be uncoverable.

      Patton and Robert Woods were the two WR’s when I initially watched them I wasn’t especially impressed but when I went back and really locked in and watched all there games online back to back I came away very impressed. They don’t really jump off the screen but I think they will be very productive in the NFL.

  9. jdtjohnson

    I prefer Mark Harrison to Patton, both in terms of size and projected draft round, and as well just by eyeball test, he’s seems more explosive. I think he’s much better value with all of that factored in. I am happy to hear the Hawks are looking at WR’s though, regardless of whether it is some kind of smokescreen or not.

    • Jon

      I am sure they are still looking at WR, and would completely support any round they draft one in.

      Tate is looking for money I am sure (UFA next year)
      Baldwin (RFA next year) and lets be honest he can be replaced, though he was great for a UDFA.
      Rice makes to much, and I cant see that contract on the team in 2014.

      By my count, this means that they need to plan for 2 of them to be gone next year. Which means that they need to effectively replace 1 in this draft. And will still need another next year. There is a reason GB drafts WR constantly. They are expensive to pay, and you can only pay one. But at the same time the way the game is played it is best to have 4-5 high quality WR on the team with the others being capable in case of injury. We will be paying Harvin over 10 m per year in 2014 and beyond which gives very little room for any of the WR’s left on the team. This means a semi high draft philosophy for WR year in and year out so that you do not loose the elite quality WR corp, but have the cap space open to pay the players that are truly elite.

  10. Misfit74

    Patton is a good prospect and I’d be happy to have him in Seattle. I think the play I might liken him to the most is former USC Trojan Steve Smith. He has that good hands, solid but unspectacular game that is better than people give credit for. He seems a technician that can be fed the ball regularly and consistently come down with it. Great hands-catcher. Not a deep threat but good enough to be an outside receiver – not just a slot guy. I like him in the tier that cuts off right after Hopkins/Allen/Patterson/Austin. I might rather have him than Robert Woods.

    Another guy I like is Aaron Dobson. I also saw that we had (or were having) Aaron Mellette in for a visit. Love that guy.

  11. Dan

    Good hands. Good route running. Has the entire receiver tree in his repertoire. Not physically gifted in any aspect but not lacking in any category either. Sounds a lot like Steve Johnson to me..

  12. Bobk3333

    Marquise Wilson — 6’3″, 4.45 40yd, with pretty good skills and great receiver instincts — is better than Quinton Patton or any of the other names mentioned above. Because of his argument with Leach, he could be greatly undervalued and like Russell Wilson last year, a steal in the 3rd or 4th. i don’t think he will be there at the bottom of the 5th.

    There are so many good receiver prospects, I think it’s likely that the Hawks will draft one in the 2nd or 3rd round to cover themselves for the upcoming rice, tate and baldwin contract situations, and in case Harvin gets too goofy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Hawks or the 49ers or Patriots took Lattimore in the 3rd. Lattimore is the perfect Frank Gore replacement and could be back before mid season, especially the way he looked at his pro day. QB? I would go for Ryan Griffin from Tulane in the 6th or 7th because Matt Scott has been discovered and probably won’t be a bargain at where he is chosen.

    Also, I think there is a good possibility the Seahawks will trade up for a higher 2nd round pick, where the quality is significantly better with a lot of normally 1st round talent still available.

    • Colin

      I don’t think so Bob. If Tony Pauline’s sources are indeed correct, there is a shortage of first round talent this year, which seems to be the consensus. He tweeted either some scouts/teams gave approx. 15 players 1st round grades. I don’t think the Hawks will trade up in the 2nd, unless there is someone they must have, which I don’t see happening.

      I also disagree about Lattimore. I think with back to back knee injuries, he is damaged goods. Odds are he’ll be on IR this year, because if he can’t be available for training camp or OTA’s, how will he be any good at midseason? He’s a 4th rounder at best IMO.

  13. A. Simmons

    Keeping a healthy supply of WRs on the roster is good planning considering we’re pretty set everywhere else. It’s better than spending the amount of money we’re spending at the position right now. We have to be able to develop that position and not constantly be paying big money on the free agent market for receivers. I’d like to see a couple of drafted receivers develop into high end players. Tate is the closest we’ve come to that so far. It would be nice to find a Richard Sherman or Bobby Wagner at the receiver position.

  14. Misfit74

    Anyone else remember the comments JS or PC made post-draft last year saying that they felt that WR class (2012) wasn’t very good and so forth? It’s easy to see now how significantly more deep this year’s class is than last. They’ll certainly be dipping into the pool this year – probably more than once. Guys like Charlie Martin, Lockette, Obomanu, Butler, Mike Williams, and others will or have already moved on. We currently need players at WR4-WR6 this year to develop over the next couple of seasons. I’d love for use to spend draft capital as early as round two given the depth of this class on one hand, but even if we wait we should still land a quality prospect or two. Markus Wheaton wouldn’t be a bad idea to take the top off a defense. Mellette has an awesome size/speed combo.

  15. Miles

    Quinton Patton may just be “a guy,” but he may be something much better. You gotta love that of all the qualities receivers are given good marks for, Patton has the most important ones: hands and route-running. Without those two, receivers are nothing. And he is a prestine ball-catcher and route-runner.

    I’m going to compare him, as a total package, to someone no one has considered in this blog yet. Jerry Rice. Rice was considered to be “nothing special” coming out of college. He was the fourth receiver drafted, I believe, and the rest as they say is history.

    Patton may not be flashy, but he has the tools to be great. That’s how I see him right now.

    • Maz

      C’mon MAN! LOL

      • Miles

        What?? It’s not that drastic of a comparison. Jerry Rice turned out to be one of the greatest receivers of all time but no one saw that when he came out of college. Teams saw he had great hands and was a smart receiver, but one thing he “lacked” was speed. Now Jerry Rice was special because he didn’t run a particularly good 40-time (I think he was clocked in the 4.5’s or 4.6’s?? Some diligent person can correct me), but when he got on the field he was much much faster than his 40. Rice was a guy who just loved football and it translated on the field.

        You know who else seems to love football as much as Jerry? Quinton Patton. You know who else didn’t run a crazy 40-time? Quinton Patton. You know who else is a smart, handsy receiver? Quinton Patton. Who produced on the field? Patton.

        Who, as we look at it now, is an interesting prospect for the Seahawks.

        • Maz

          Just saying, Jerry Rice… C’mon Man, give the kid a year in the league before you throw that label on him.

  16. oz

    Hey, is Dobson finally getting the love he deserves. I would take him over Patton. Just sayin….

    • Rob Staton

      Aaron Dobson was the third most productive receiver for Marshall in 2012. That’s not a great advert for the guy.

      • Maz

        Well, probably had something to do with him being the biggest threat. Got to remember his less than spectacular QB. Also, they only really had Dobson as a threat. Don’t get caught up in just the stats. He was the best guy on that team last year, no matter what the numbers say.

  17. oz

    I take it back. Just watched Highlights of Brice Butler, reminds me of a young Sidney Rice. I can see the Hawk’s interest in him….

  18. Robert

    I agree that we need to stock up at WR and TE to prepare for the eminent CAP challenges. I think Mark Harrison is a great mid-round prospect for us. He is big and fast. I think our biggest early round priority is finding a prospect to develop at DT. Brandon Williams is my favorite. I hope Armonty Bryant is on our radar for the later rounds.

  19. drewdawg11

    Jerry rice was 6’4, and was a first round pick. His work ethic is legendary. Comparing a kid projected to go no higher than the third round without the same measurables to the greatest wr of all time is blasphemy, if not just plain silly. I really don’t see the stills to Tate comparisons, either. Kenny is more straight-line speed with little ability to make the acrobatic catch. Tate is a guy Jo always came away with the 50/50 balls. Stills doesn’t have that make you miss, either. In that respect, I think that woods is a better comparison to Tate. Not perfect, but much closer. We absolutely need a big wr with some speed and the ability to win the jump balls. Harrison , Terrence Williams, wilson, etc. we may even take two wr’s. if Williams falls to 56, he may be tempting, even though I’d rather take a right tackle.

    • Miles

      So Rob can compare Ryan Swope to Steve Largent but comparing Quinton Patton to Jerry Rice is blasphemy? My word.

      I’m not saying Patton will turn out to be as great a player as Rice was. I’m just saying I think he will be more than just “a guy” in the NFL because of his consistent play and good hands, like a Jerry Rice.

      As far as a receiver who can win a lot of jump balls, not sure there’s many in this draft. Might be best to take a smaller guy with excellent hands like Swope or Patton and see if there’s any behemoth WRs available next year. I think we’ll take a receiver but not sure if it will be on day 2 or 3.

      • Maz

        Dobson sir. Rice is the G.O.A.T. Where Largent is a H.O.F. WR. There is a different level there. I would consider the comparison of Swope to Largent quite premature though. I would compare Swope to Greg Jennings, possibly.

  20. drewdawg11

    If it’s all about a wr who can run routes, get open, and make catches, I’d love swope. However, we have rice fortune another season, and then his cap number becomes a huge issue. I’d rather have a big target who can not only stretch the defense, but also be a red zone threat. Williams can be that guy. Harrison and Wilson can be in later rounds.

  21. Robert

    I watched an interview with Swope. He said that although he has been a slot guy, he can play outside. Who’s to say he cannot. He has moves and speed…

  22. Colin

    I guess I just don’t really see it with Patton. Seems like a kid people want to convince themselves of becoming great because of his measureables, but there’s nothing that really standouts for me.

  23. drewdawg11

    I do believe that swope can play outside. He just isn’t winning Jump balls, etc. I can’t express how much I respect swope as a football player. I’ve had him targeted since last season. I don’t see us taking him, but I pray that he doesn’t play for a division rival.

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