Friday tweets – Gholston, ten for #56, Mayock & Scott

I’ve got a lot of time for Davis Hsu and his take on the Seahawks. I’m guessing most of you share that opinion. This was an interesting shout, bringing attention to a name we haven’t discussed yet.

With Gholston’s height, reach and ample size, he’s someone to keep an eye on. He carries 281lbs well and could even add another 10-15 to feature inside. The Seahawks have looked for length at defensive tackle, and length is Gholston’s best asset. He ran a 4.93 at the combine but shaved it down to a 4.8 at the Michigan State pro-day.

I do think he’s the kind of project Seattle could take on. He came into the college season as a possible top-50 selection, but ended up a major let down. I watched him against Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan and Nebraska and he failed to generate a single sack. It’s not all about stats, but in general he was a non-factor. After looking like an unrefined physical talent in 2011, he simply dropped off the radar this year. It was a little bit surprising he turned pro in the end. He was given a grade in the round 3-4 range by the draft committee.

He relies far to much on power and the bull rush to beat his man off the edge. It’s so predictable. Gholston’s incapable of mixing it up. He’s not got the foot speed or the hand use. He won’t think three snaps ahead to set up a blocker. There’s no repertoire. He’s basically a one-trick pony off the edge.

Any team looking to draft him as a power end will be distinctly unimpressed with the 2012 tape. In fact, I’d argue he’d be lucky to find a home in round four. Aside from rank average tape, he’s guilty by association. Gholston. As in, cousin of Vernon. To look at him, Vernon Gholston was a monster. And he played like a pussy cat.

You can’t help but think of the titanic bust from 2008 when watching his namesake at MSU. It’s incredible that at just 26, Vernon’s career is over. At one stage last season I wondered if William’s would ever get to age 26. His tape, particularly against the run, was just so lethargic. Underwhelming. Underachieving. He flirted with brilliance, but never quite got there. When you watch him getting driven back by a tight end you start to worry.

Yet the Seahawks dare to go where others won’t. A 6-6, 281lbs lineman to Seattle may scream ‘potential’. He’s not a big personality or character. He’s going to need some pushing around and cajoling. But get him up to 290-295lbs and he might be a capable defensive tackle in this unique 4-3 under-with-a-twist scheme.

Whether or not they’d take him at #56 I’m not sure. Mike Mayock ranks him as the #4 3-4 end available in the draft. In other places I’ve seen him with a grade between rounds 3-5. I suspect if they were going to take a chance, they’d want to wait a little bit. I’m thinking in that round 4-5 range. He’s one to keep an eye on though. There aren’t many tall, long defensive tackles in this class. Guys like Gholston will be all the more intriguing as convert prospects.

Wild stab in the dark time…

1. Khaseem Greene (LB, Rutgers)
2. Terron Armstead (T, Arkansas Pine-Bluff)
3. Brennan Williams (T, North Carolina)
4. Matt Scott (QB, Arizona)
5. Johnthan Banks (CB, Mississippi State)
6. Jordan Mills (T, Louisiana Tech)
7. Denard Robinson (RB, Michigan)
8. Travis Kelce (TE, Cincinnati)
9. John Simon (DE, Ohio State)
10. Christine Michael (RB, Texas A&M)

I could’ve included others, but tried to keep names in the list who might have a chance of making it to #56. The likes of Sylvester Williams, Menelik Watson, Robert Woods, Kyle Long, Gavin Escobar and Margus Hunt (for example) were assumed to be off the board. I didn’t include a single defensive tackle because unfortunately, I’m not convinced there are any players that fit what Seattle is looking for (length, size) in the round two range. I think this is a need they will try to address later on.

I wanted to put Steadman Bailey on the list. And Ryan Swope. But ‘short receiver’ probably isn’t a priority right now. If you want to know why Matt Scott is on the list, scroll down to the bottom of this piece.

Really I could put thirty names on this list and they’d still draft that player who was kind of obvious in hindsight but nobody thought about at the time…

Earlier I referred to Mayock’s rankings. As noted in the tweet above, Mayock is connected. It doesn’t mean he’ll get everything right, but he doesn’t do any mock drafts to be officially proven wrong either. He’s moved Eric Fisher above Luke Joeckel this week. Could that represent an indication that Kansas City might be leaning more towards Fisher at #1?

If Joeckel doesn’t go first overall, should we expect a mad scramble for the #2 pick (currently owned by Jacksonville) as teams like Arizona, Detroit, San Diego and Miami contemplate the opportunity to lock down their left tackle position for the next decade?

I’ve no doubt the Jaguars would love to move down. Perhaps more than once. I suspect their game plan will be to rebuild a terrible defense, add a big running back to partner Maurice Jones-Drew and just become tougher across the board. That’s how the Seahawks started under Carroll. That’s how the Jaguars should start under Caldwell/Bradley.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Joeckel and Fisher ended up going #1 and #2, whichever teams they end up with. Geno Smith should follow shortly after. Then it’s a crap shoot. Which is why a guy like Tavon Austin could suddenly find himself within the top-ten. Not impressed with anyone in particular? Draft the chess piece who ran a 4.2. Would anyone be surprised?

One final note… Tony Pauline is reporting that Matt Scott had a terrific work out with the Seahawks today. Apparently Scott completed, “all but two of the 65 passes he was asked to throw.” He also finished the session with a 65-yard downfield bomb. That’s why he’s on the list above for options at #56. As you can see from the tweet, Pauline believes the late second is a possibility.


  1. Scott Allen

    In regards to Gholston, just listen to the response from question #1 of Pete Carroll’s Q&A session via Win Forever.

    Unless Pete is willing to completely overlook his prime objective, I would say Gholston is not Seahawks material.

    • Rob Staton

      A fair opinion.

      • Nolan

        I don’t have ability to listen what he say

        • Kip Earlywine

          He said that he looks for guys who “compete.” Didn’t really call it his prime objective, sounded like more of a peripheral thing if you heard the context of the question he was answering.

          I don’t see the appeal in Gholston. Even MSU fans thought he was very disappointing.

          • Maz

            Agreed, not high on Gholston at all. Something about the recent bloodline connection maybe. Gholston = Bust in my mind.

  2. MattH

    Have to wonder about the value of M. Scott at 56. With backups you’re hoping they can turn into picks from limited reps. Would love to see him around the 3-4 range alla Ryan Mallett. But that’s pretty much my only reservation about the guy. Love his tape. Gholston on the other hand definitely looks like a late round flier candidate. Still love WLB with the second round pick. Just seems like the value is there to pick up a starter. (Really I just want Khassem Geene).

    • Rob Staton

      Agree completely. If they were to take a QB at #56, they’d have to be almost physically fighting themselves to not pull the trigger. That guy would have to be that good. And they’d have to believe they could generate a future 1st rounder or at least another second rounder in that player down the line. Otherwise you’re just wasting a pick and overpaying for the backup all over again.

      • Turp

        I’d actually love this pick if we made it. We would have sooo little money invested in Wilson and Scott. Huge value. Scott looks like a great backup to step into our offense with some time on the bench.

      • Bryan C

        Kind of hard to justify taking your backup QB in 2nd round when your starter is from 3rd round. I would guess they’d wait until at least the 3rd round to pull the trigger on Scott as the value simply isn’t there for a player that ideally would never see the field.

        • Maz

          Yeah, I feel the same way. I would think they will pass on a QB, until later in the draft. At least til after round 3.

  3. Jeff

    I really like Scott but don’t think taking him at #56 makes sense. If he is there in round 3 I will be mildly upset if Seattle passes on him but to me Scott is about a back up you can flip in 2-3 years. Taken at the bottom of the 2nd round gives little room for flipping. Like Scott a ton, really want him in Seattle (almost as much as I wanted Wilson last year) but just feel that if it involves the 56th pick it makes more sense to go in another direction. Would support trading down a few spots then making the pick though. Would consider the value gained from dropping (say a 4th in 2014) part of the long term flipping of Scott.

    • Rob Staton

      I agree. I wouldn’t take a QB until round three personally.

      • Scott Allen

        Rob. What do you think about BJ Daniels? I think Kip did a post about him. His highlight film is amazing but I haven’t seen any actual games so I haven’t seen the flaws between the flash. I have to say that from the highlight reel, he looks like he would be a great late round option.

    • Chris F

      If Scott is still available when Seattle picks in round three, it will be interesting to see what they do. I agree with you about being mildly upset if they choose to pass on him, but that’s mainly because in this draft class the QB position is so underwhelming. While there are probably adequate backups available in the later rounds, none of them really do much for me. I guess the question is, do they really need to?

      As for Pauline’s comment about hearing that he may go in the late 2nd, that actually makes sense to me. If we as a team with a presumptive franchise quarterback would value Scott enough to consider picking him in the 3rd round, how would a team like say Cleveland value him. For them he would represent Weeden’s potential replacement and maybe a future starting quarterback. That would have to be considerably more valuable than a backup being groomed to trade for future draft picks.

  4. Jacob Stevens

    You don’t think Kawann Short qualifies in length & size? Or you don’t think he’d be available? He’s still on my radar for 56.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not convinced he fits what they’re looking for. I wouldn’t rule him out — and I’m a fan of Short’s — but they seem to want Calais Campbell, or a slightly bigger version, playing in what we refer to as the three technique. You know it wouldn’t surprise me if Scruggs ended up seeing more time in that role. Especially if he’s got up to 295lbs as he seemed to suggest on his twitter feed.

      • Leonard

        A later round guy that might fit that mold is Quinton Dial from Alabama. 6-5 1/2″, 318lbs and 34 1/2″ arms. He just looks like a monster and has a bit of a nasty streak. Nagging injuries have kept him from working out but he seems pretty athletic and strong for his size.

      • Michael

        Can’t wait to see what Scruggs is able to do this season!

        • Leonard

          Me too. I always bring my binoculars to the games for when I want to watch individual guys, or cheerleaders, and I would always end up watching Scuggs if he was in. So much potential there. He was on his highschool’s marching band until the football coach convinced him he could get a scholarship if he played football his senior year. At first he just wanted to be a drummer. He’s only played football for about 6 years now. Another year of professional coaching and he could take a huge step forward next year. I think for sure he takes Jason Jones snaps from last year and maybe more than that at the 3Tech DT.

          • Maz

            Yup, totally agree he has that kind of potential. He really jumped off tape when he was in rushing the QB. He was very raw still last year. He will most likely improve with the extra weight, if it is healthy weight. He has the frame to be around 295lbs.

    • Kip Earlywine

      I think Short is very likely to be the pick if he’s there. He may not be exactly what they need right now, but he might be what they need in 2014.

  5. Cameron

    Rob, I have a few follow up questions re: Matt Scott. What other teams do you see as possible suitors? Do you see him only drawing interest from teams running RO, pistol etc type offenses?

    • Rob Staton

      Any team that is prepared to think with an open mind really. I think there’s a wave of euphoria around the pistol and read option. There were some games at the end of last season where Seattle didn’t use either, and some (Buffalo) where they milked it dry. It’s a wrinkle, not a gimmick. Teams who could show interest Scott IMO: Jacksonville, New York Jets, Buffalo, Cleveland, Denver, Philly and Tampa Bay. Oh, and Seattle.

  6. Madmark

    I’ve completely talked myself outta of Ryan Swope with Seattle getting Harvins. I’ve also talked myself outa John Simon due to speed and where to play him. I’d grab Khaseem Green if he drop to 56. I don’t think he’ll get that far and I’m not so sure JS/PC would grab him just because of his combine speed. The one on your list has been my choice but I had him later is Travis Kelce TE.

    • Maz

      I think the Seahawks would pick Vance McDonald at #56 if they want a TE there. Eifert and Ertz, most likely are off the board at that point. McDonald has all the tools the Seahawks look for in the athleticism department. Shows to be a competitor on film. Has a lot of experience lined up in the slot. Strong enough to block in-line. Vance has decent hands but will occasionally drop one, not a major issue though. Runs well after catch for a TE. Uses his size, speed, and strength to break tackles. His size, speed combination, and will to compete, may be to much for the Seahawks to pass up. Plus he doesn’t have any issues off the field. He is a small town Texas kid.

      I think the Seahawks go T, TE, WR, HB, DL, OLB, CB, with the #56 pick. With whichever player they value the most, at one of these positions, in the order above. I think Terron Armstead would be drafted if he makes it to #56. If a guy like Margus Hunt, Desmond Trufant, or Datone Jones happens to still be on the board, or some other premier defensive talent falls, I could see them jump to the front of this list. Otherwise I think they go with offense at pick #56.

      • Madmark

        Travis Kelce is ranked nu 4 by Mayock above Vance but I think it doesn’t matter Tom Cable will have a big decision in this due to ZBS that Seattle runs that’s why we got Milller. The best reference I’ve heard is this guy plays with a gladiator mentality and Tom Cable loves nasty. I also like to mention that last season when he when he was brought more into the passing game, He ended up leading his team in receptions. If this averages 3 receptions at 55yard a game for us we will be banking. With the play maker we have on this team those numbers in fact would be incredible. This guy has no problem with being moved around since he’s played in line , h-back , and split to slot position.

        • Maz

          Yeah, I know what Mayock’s board looks like. I’m convinced Vance McDonald will be a better pro. I compare Kelce to Shockey and McDonald to Witten. Cable may prefer Kelce, but I think Schneider and Carroll will prefer McDonald. He is the better athlete and was used more as a slot receiver at Rice rather than an in-line TE. He brings a skill set we would like to have, and currently don’t. The Joker, only McDonald is bigger and stronger than your typical Joker TE. I don’t see Kelce filling that role.

  7. Aaron

    I was surprised to see Travis Kelce on your list of 10, but I would 100% support it. He is a tremendous blocker, and I only recently learned that he put up stats similar to the big name tight ends in this draft.

    45 catches 722 yards and 8 touchdowns

    Seems like they might trade down to get him though, or wait until round three or even 4 in order to maximize value. (Of course that’s only based on what I read on the internet and in mock drafts.)

    Btw, When you’re talking about Eric Fisher visa vis Mike Mayock, I think you should spell Urich, because that’s how he says it. Where’s he from anyway? His weird accent only comes out when he pronounces his E’s. Not that I have anything against accents. 🙂

  8. kevin mullen

    TE or CB? Only an opinion but I think those two positions are gonna be the most abundant with quality in and around the #56 pick. I also think that TE and CB are now our two weakest positions in terms of depth and quality. No one to challenge Miller, no one to challenge Sherman ( and I’m sorry but Browner has flaws and not yet exposed), and if these two go down, both positions are in a world of hurt. And that would be a waste…

  9. Clayton

    With the newly acquired pass rushers this year, my fear is that there will be too much focus on the pass rush and the run defense will be abandoned. I wouldn’t mind seeing Jesse Williams being drafted at 56.

  10. Leonard

    Very good list. There are a few names that I would add. I’d rather they pick up any of these guys in the 3rd so a 10 spot trade down would be great.

    Sio Moore, OLB UConn: A top performer among LB’s at almost every event and a good football player. The Hawks might prefer more of a nickle type LB later though.

    Vance McDonald, TE Rice: Elite size and measurables with subpar tape. Could be a good project.

    Aaron Dobson, WR Marshall: 6-3 210lbs 33″ arms 4.4 forty good hands and jumping ability. Rice insurance.

    Thomas, Safety Syracuse: a back up for Earl has been a priority for a while. Shamarko is short but has elite speed, good strength, great work ethic and a huge chip on his shoulder.

    Robert Alford, CB: Doesn’t have great size but has the speed, agility and ball skills to be a very good nickle corner.

    • Maz

      Wow! Every one of those guys I see as a Seahawk. I would sacrifice Sio Moore if we could get the other 4 guys. I really like Jordan Campbell late in this draft at OLB. He has been a D1 player twice, and seems to have gotten it together. He played for Pete Carroll at USC. Transferred to Louisville, then left for personal reasons. Really missed football. Made some workout videos and was accepted to NM Highlands, a DII school. Dominated on that level as a MLB, also played HB. Another true sleeper pick based on his background, but one I believe will pan out. Pound for pound, the strongest player in the draft. Runs a 4.5 forty @ 240 pounds.

  11. Ray graham

    Good job with your list Rob but the one guy I would have to find room for is David Amerson. If there’s any player in this draft that shouts seahawk to me it’s this guy. He’s very long, 6’3″ with long arms and huge hands. 4.35 40!! 13 picks as a sophomore. 18 picks in two years with three tds!! He has some issues with his technique apparently but that’s coaching. This guy is a freaking play maker! He has the best nose for the ball in this years draft in short a very special, unique player. I would love to get your take on him in the future.

    • Chris F


      I know this is going to sound weird, but I think Amerson is 6’1″ and change. I’ve seen his reported height all over the place from 6’1″ to 6’3″, but I’m pretty sure the just over 6’1″ is correct.

      For what it’s worth, I like this guy too, although he may already be gone by 56.

      • Ray graham

        Thanks for the link, and i see what you mean different measurements all over the place. I agree that hes probly gone by 56. Im thinking gus bradley scoops him up for his own version of the sherminator!! Lol

  12. Misfit74

    This was an awesome post. 🙂

  13. David

    Hey Rob love your blog. I was just wondering why no one is talking about Eric Reid to the Seahawks. I have seen many mocks having him in rounds 2-3. Even your mock draft has him going to Cincinnati @ #53. I know it doesn’t mean much when making NFL comparisons, but compares him to Mark Barron. We were very high on Barron last year, so why would we not look at a safety like Reid early in the draft? He’s 6’1, 213 lbs and ran a 4.53 forty and I would love it if the Seahawks picked him up. What are your thoughts on his fit in our system?

  14. James

    Pete and John have stressed over and over that they are looking for guys who love football and play with maximum effort. Gholston is the opposite of that. He is a top talent who is an abject slacker. Anyone who has followed the Seahawks drafts in the past three years knows there is no way they select Gholston. Davis Hsu surely knows this…he must have been having a bad day. All of Seattle’s picks, Okung, Thomas, Tate, Chancellor, Carpenter, Wright, Sherman, Irvin, Wagner, Wilson, et all, play hard all the time. Both Okung and Carpenter, who each lost their first two seasons to injuries, play with great effort and force. Third time was the charm for Okung and hopefully will be also for Carpenter.

  15. Hawkfin

    This might be a nice list of prospects that we look at in any given round.

    But, if this is the list for pick #56 I would be highly disappointed in that list. I don’t understand how M. Scott can go from a late prospect and of value, to all of a sudden a shot for our top pick? He’s a great value in rounds 3-5 where you found him, but at #56 I think the love fest has gotten to be to much. I keep seeing his name tied to 56 now all of a sudden.

    It’s funny how when a nice prospect gets noticed on here (which is cool!), somehow that player goes all the way to our highest pick and target, and then all of a sudden we might lose out on him? A lot of the guy’s being evaluated are late targets, and even though we like them, shouldn’t be grouped in our top pick/s. This seems to always happen here for some reason? M. Scott is a good fit for a later pick, but I wouldn’t touch him in the 2nd or 3rd round. And I wouldn’t touch another Oline guy either.
    I guess this is just my views and evaluations though. 🙂

    Or maybe I misunderstood the intent and that was just a list of prospects for any given pick. That makes sense. But, a lot of these will drop much later then 56 OR to me is not a real need or good pick.
    The only 2 I like from that list at #56 is Greene and Banks. The others (while nice prospects) should be drafted much later IMO if at all.

    Here’s my list in ranking order “for pick 56”:
    1. K. Greene/LB
    2. S. Williams/DT
    3. T. Eifert/TE
    4. M. Teo/LB
    5. J. Taylor/CB
    6. K. Short/DT
    7. S. Moore/LB (Also Chase Thomas/LB)
    8. R. Logan/CB (Also J. Banks/CB)
    9. Z. Ertz/TE
    10. J. Jenkins/DT (Also B. Williams)
    *Wildcard likes: R. Swope/WR, S. Commings/CB, J. Williams/DT, K. Reddick/LB
    *Note: I would also consider Lacy/RB & A. Ogletree/LB if they dropped. (Not before #5)

    • Leonard

      I would be really excited if 2 or 3 of those guys made it to 56. I’m guessing several will go in the 30-45 range. I bet Eiffert goes in the 20’s. I’ve even read a few draft “experts” saying the CB Taylor could slip into late round 1. I’m thinking maybe Moore, Jenkins, Logan and possibly Greene have a chance of getting to 56. 30-60 could get crazy though. Ratings are so close, scheme fit is going to be more important than ever.

      • Hawkfin

        Good thoughts Leonard. I agree with you on everything you said there. I still have hope that S. Williams could even be there too. I know we are all high on him at this site, but other DT’s could go in front of him in the actual draft. Jenkins could even go in front with his massive size, etc.

        Any of those guy’s on my list could be gone, but also any could also be there too. There are LOTS of solid guy’s out there. I can think of about 25 other guy’s that might all go before any one on my list.

        I personally can’t see Greene being there. If he is, I would take him in a heartbeat. He is by far my top rated LB. I think he’ll be a 1st round pick actually, but I dono.

        Regardless, I think this is a valid list tying in our biggest needs. I’m pretty sure, like you said, a few of these guy’s will be there at 56.
        All way ahead of the likes of M. Scott, Gholston, Honey Badger, R. Woods, etc.

        • Maz

          I believe the Seahawks would really try and trade down at this point. That is if these were the best players available on their big board. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of the guys on that list you put together. I agree for the most part on Khaseem Greene, if he is avalable, take him. If not, no worries. There is real value in the 3rd and 4th rounds this year. I could see Seattle trying to acquire additional picks in each of those rounds this year, for their second round pick. This would give the Seahawks 2 picks in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds, a pick in the 6th round and 4, 7th round picks. We could end up with something like this…

          Brandon Williams DT, Vance McDonald TE in the 3rd, Aaron Dobson WR, Will Davis CB in the 4th, Marcus Lattimore HB, David Bakhtiari T/G in the 5th, Joseph Fauria in the 6th, Cooper Taylor S, Jeff Tuel QB, Jordan Campbell LB/HB, Jayson DiManche OLB/LEO in the 7th.

          The 7th round in particular could go many ways. I think it will be used to acquire superior athletic developmental talent. In this example, the 7th round would be used to get a backup QB and some DII top tier prospects.

          What y’all think about a scenario like this?

          • Ray graham

            Some thoughts on this thread; Teo?? Where does he fit? I don’t see ilb as a big need on this team. I also don’t see the concept of trying to acquire more late round picks. This team is to deep in talent, there is no way 11 rookies are gonna make this roster. I agree that the value in this draft lies in the 3-5 range. I’d rather trade up into those spots and target a smaller scheme specific # of players then load up on late rnd picks.

            • Maz

              I.m.o. Teo doesn’t fit. I see him similar to Tatupu or London Flecther. Teo is a solid MLB, a great pure football guy. Not necessarily the best athlete. He competes! Just not at the speed, we need to upgrade our team.

              I understand about not moving back, however we don’t have starters as backups at every position yet. There is still room for improvement. We are definitely deep, but the later potential in this particular draft will make us better. We have four 7th round picks and 2 of them we cannot move. It is possible; we use the other 2 to trade up in the 5th or 6th rounds, to get a certain player or two. I feel Seattle can pick up, every extra needed piece this year.

              All of the picks I listed, I feel would have a shot to make this team. In this scenario if they all made the team, we would be getting rid of a few more guys. We already need to replace, Hill, Trufant, Flynn, and Washington. So that’s already 4 guys. Plus we need better depth at TE, CB, S, and OL. McCoy could be a casualty this year. Also Mike Person T, John Moffit, Rishaw Johnson, and Paul McQuistan could all possibly loose a spot to competition. Aaron Dobson would make our roster most likely at WR. As far as the LB’s go on our current roster, we will need another starter somewhere… Jayson DeManche or another prospect most likely also makes our roster as a special teamer. I have a feeling there will definitely be guys who have had a couple years to show what they can do. Our F.O. will always be looking for a better guy at every position. Nobody is safe, this is the NFL. I see the Seahawks bringing in about 20 guys this offseason to compete with our current team.

              When it comes down to it, there is no way we can say we do not have no room for x amount of guys. Our mantra is “Always Compete”. We have the option now to keep the best guy on our team at the end of pre season. In a year this deep in mid round talent, how many Richard Sherman’s, Kam Chancellor’s, or KJ Wright’s could there be? It’s up for our front office to decide. I never see them comfortable at every single spot on our team. This draft offers a unique opportunity to churn our roster with better talent than we currently have.

            • Hawkfin

              I’m also not a big fan of trading down, and might even want to trade up at certain points even.

              As far as M. Teo – I don’t really agree. I think he can play OLB or ILB. But, from what I seen on tape he is really good in coverage. I think he does an all around good job and would plug into a starting LB. Like our other LB’s he can rotate around, but IMO he offeres a bit more coverage skills.
              A coverage LB to cover TE’s is a important need.

              M. Teo had lots of Int’s and PD’s and looked fluid in coverage to me. He actaully seemed to excel here I think. I actually see him more as an OLB rather then MLB. But, even MLB who stuffs the run really good could be considered a need too.

              I think M. Teo would be gone, but I would take him at 56 pretty quick.

              • Hawkfin

                He also ran faster on his pro day, which probably gets him picked before us.
                “Always competes” like you said, is “exactly” what our FO looks for.

                Greene and Teo are my #1 and #2 overall LB’s. I really like both.
                Greene the more athletic/fast and big play with speed. Higher ceiling.
                Teo the more solid ready player that maybe is better in coverage/run support.

                • Ukhawk

                  Really hoping we can get Greene layer than R2. He’s been slipping down boards since his 40 time. Russ Lande at NFP has him ranked 21st in OLBs. Lots of other options later in the draft including Stewart at Nevada.

                  Wondering about Kip n Rob’s thoughts on 2 nuggets… David Bass Western Mizzu & Caleb Schreibeis Montana St??

                  • Ukhawk

                    …later not layer

                  • Kip Earlywine

                    Caleb Schreibeis (if I’m remembering the right player) reminded me a lot of Mike Vrabel. Good pick for a big/slow 3-4 OLB type team.

                    David Bass does nothing for me. He looks the part physically, but doesn’t have LEO speed and doesn’t have a great repertoire. He comes from a lower level of competition too, which just makes it worse. I think he’s a classic 6th round pick that’s out of the NFL in 3 years.

              • Maz

                TTS = Teo Too Slow. Sweezy might get him in a foot race. JK, but really. Teo doesn’t fit our system. 4.7 – 4.8 forty. He would be slower than half the D line.

                • Hawkfin

                  Greene only ran a 4.71. Ogletree 4.70. Minter a 4.81. Reddrick 4.72. C. Thomas 4.91.
                  I mean Teo is in the ballpark here. Sometimes it’s not always about speed anyway and what the guy actually did. Teo is a good coverage LB.

                  Our speed LB is who we got last year.

                  Sio Moore is one of the fastest if you want the speedy guy other then the two guy’s that played primarily DE in Jones and Mingo.

                  And how does he not fit our system exactly? Seems like just words. I guess Red and Mebane are so fast. 🙂

          • Rock

            Love the Cooper Taylor choice in the late rounds. At 6-5, 230 with 4.5 speed he definitely has the size we like. I see them moving him to the WILL linebacker position. He is better in coverage than some of the higher rated guys in the draft at that position.

  16. Barry

    Thoughts on Gholston, remove Hsu from your feed.

    Back when K.C. cut Winston I wondered if that was a move to take Fisher. He has the highest upside of the top three guys, and put him at right side untilll he’s moved to left either mid-way point or next season.

  17. Jon

    I would be very happy with Scott in the 4th. Before that I don’t see much value to this team.

    If you take him in the 2nd expecting to trade him in 2-3 years that suggests that you are 100% sure that you can get a 1st rd pick out of him at the very least later on. Also, if you are going to be getting that high of a pick it is important to get him time on the field in real games early and often. If the Hawks were to pick him up in the 2nd, I would guess that they have in mind to take Wilson out of the game any time there is a sizable lead (by sizable I do not mean 49-0 in the late third quarter). If it is the late third quarter and you are up by three scores (or 17 points) you would be puting Scott on the field, in order to getting other teams uncontrollably excited about him. This is not a threat to Wilsons job, but you may even be giving him select drives to showcase his talents as early as the Second quarter with anything more than a lead of 1 TD.

    I just feel that in order to get a 1st in the future for a guy you have to get him on the field. I don’t know, but that kind of investment suggests a lot of strategic play time.

    • Jon

      JS/PC have said that they are wanting to do things in a way that has never been done before. This has certainly never been done (drafting players with the intention of playing them and trading them for high 1st round picks). Some teams bring in QBs and trade them for picks a few years later, but none of those teams regularly play those players in the process (Matt Flynns 2 games in GB are not regular contribution, and Matt Cassels season in NE does not count as he replaced an injured Bradey)

      Bringing in a QB to play (and trade) when you have a franchise QB on the roster has never been done before. and if it worked well it could potentially turn a third round pick into a first round pick ever other year por years to come.

      Maybe JS/PC have something like this in mind when they say they want to do this like it has never been done before? I don’t know.

      • Jon

        “ever other year por years to come”
        every other year for years to come 🙂

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Seems that they had this opportunity last season but didn’t go that way. Not sure why they would this year. I would think it’s of greater importance/value to continue to develop RW. Nothing speeds a player’s development like game snaps. Even PC thinks RW hasn’t hit the steep part of the development curve yet – and if that concept doesn’t get a ‘Hawk fan salivating, nothing will!! Plus, changing QBs for any reason and at any time has big impacts on all facets of the offense – from snap cadence to C-QB exchange to pass timing to hand offs.

        IMO, the “break the mold” type moves that the FO have pioneered are more like redeveloping players in new positions, a la Sherm from WR to CB and Sweezy from DT to OG, and also fostering constant intra-squad competition at all positions.

        Having said all that, your idea isn’t without merit. Especially if SEA can draft a Matt Scott type prospect in a good round. But the value would have to be there – by which I mean whatever round you take the prospect, you could reasonably expect to trade him for a higher pick in the future (e.g., take a QB in R3, trade him later for a R2, etc.). Also, I suppose it would be fairly risk free (from a win-loss perspective) with a truly dominant defense.

        • Jon

          yeah, I don’t think it would be an easy decision to make, and don’t know that I would want them to play a different QB all that much (besides to keep Wilson Fresh and such. Like I said above though, I would not want him in the second because there is to much other talent IMO to take a back up QB with our 2nd rd (our first pick).

  18. Madmark

    I don’t think QB in the 2nd will happen now that Seattle signed Josh Portis to a 2 year deal. I’ve been looking into QBs since Kip’s article on B.J. Daniels who I like as a 6th or early 7th round pick.
    I still get this feeling there will be a run on TEs and Ertz, Eifert, and Escobar will be gone at 56 but I’m alright with that as I rated Kelce as 2nd rounder. I don’t see this guy having any problems getting on the field in his first year and I believe we won’t have to wait 3 years to see something from him like we did with Golden Tate another 2nd round pick. I really think this is a great pick here with Miller injuries and big contract, McCoy in his last year of his contract and Moore poor performance I see us getting blocking and a tall target for RW all in one.

  19. James

    Just listened to an interesting podcast with Doug Farrar and Greg Cosell on Shutdown Corner. They were discussing DTs and they were both emphatic that Jesse Williams from Alabama is the 3rd best DT in the draft, behind Floyd and Richardson (they LOVE Floyd). They rate him better than Lotulelei, Sylvester and Brandon Williams, Hankins and Jenkins. If the scouts see the same thing they see, Jesse Williams will be long gone by the end of R1. Also, they like Jenkins more than Hankins, Logan of LSU would be good late R2 value, and can’t stand Kawann Short (super lazy).

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t agree with a lot of what they’ve discussed there, but then I’m not a huge fan of Cosell.

      • Chris

        What don’t you like about Cosell? Just curious.

        • Rob Staton

          Just find myself disagreeing with him a lot and don’t get much out of his projections. Things like naming Ryan Lindley as the QB with the best arm talent in the draft last year, ahead of Luck, RGIII etc.

          • Chris

            Ah, I see. I like his X and O’s breakdowns a lot, but he does seem to have some strange opinions about prospects.

        • Colin

          I tend to agree with Rob regarding Greg Cosell. I think he’s a fine in-game analyst/X’s and O’s expert, but his draft projections tend to leave much to be desired. That and it’s some sort of sacriledge to criticize him at all.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          I think Greg Cosell has forgotten the golden rule of draft prognostication:

          You don’t know everything. Don’t act like you do.

          I think that sums it up, because he’s pretty much a blowhard at times who infers that he’s the only one that can analyze tape.

          It’s one thing to disagree, but he doesn’t really allow for dissenting opinion. That and he can be so off the charts wrong and never own up to it.

          I still like reading his stuff. But I definitely don’t ever take it at face value at all.

    • Leonard

      Second round would be too high to pick Logan for me. Sometimes he is so slow reacting to the snap that he only takes about half a step and then just catches the guy trying to block him. Kinda negates the athleticism.

  20. smitty1547

    Has anyone ever stoped to think how great are D would be if we would have taken Mathews or Cushing instead of that turd Curry. But to stay on point no way we take Scot at 56, as close as we are to really being elite they will be looking for a player who plays and not a clipboard holder as a trade chip, not at 56 anyway. Plus love to see what Josh can do, hes showed talent when given a chance plus stayed out of trouble and been good team mate.

  21. Nate

    Johnathan Hankins or Khaseem Green Rd.2, Zaviar Gooden or Terron Armstead Rd. 3 Honey Badger Rd.4

  22. usnret

    How about WR Marquess Wilson WSU and QB Nick Florence Baylor in the 7th round

    • Rob Staton

      Wilson is an option, but Florence has chosen not to pursue a career in the NFL.

  23. ivotuk

    Gholston is all bark and no bite. 6th round would be appropriate. Devin Taylor is a much better prospect but I wouldn’t take him before the 4th because he’s to gangly and uncoordinated.

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