Seahawks @ Niners open thread

I’m doing national radio in the UK on week 17 so instant reaction will be a little less ‘instant’ today. Here’s an open thread for now.


  1. Vista

    I guess Trent Baalke has already been fired

  2. Rik

    Once again our offense is totally unprepared in the 1st half. And our defense is getting manhandled by one of the worst offenses in the league. Embarrassing. If I was OC or DC I’d start worrying about job security.

    • vrtkolman

      The defense has been declining pretty heavily since the Eagles game.

      • LordSnow

        Most people think it’s fine, though.

        Even if they pull it together, and say, hold the niners to 14 pts, 17 pts, or whatever after this game, people will think all is well. But it’s been bad enough to put a horrible offense in a position to have to play catchup.

        “second best defense in the NFL” shows that stats can lie.

    • John_s

      Does this team even win a playoff game even at home?

      This D is getting worked by a 2 win team whose coach is about to get fired.

      Where’s the passion? Where’s the emotion? Kams the emotional leader of this team right? He needs to step it up.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Pretty sad when you’re gifted the ball on your opponent’s 21 yard line at the start of the game and all you can generate is a FG vs the League’s worst defense.

  3. Trevor

    Whatever pre-game routine they are following needs to be switched up. Week after week they come out and stink up the first quarter. Offense in particular.

  4. Vista

    This is painful

  5. DC

    V12, you have a favorite at DT between;

  6. LordSnow

    Really no energy from either unit today. I guess the players are tuning out Pete’s upbeat rah rah style.

  7. Rad man

    a team loaded with skill position players and gets owned on the LoS is just not a very good team

  8. Trevor

    Getting outgained by the 49ers 155 to 10 in the first quarter is an all time low for this group.

    Starting the think a complete collapse like Dallas had last year would have been a better result this year because this team has Zero chance against Atl, GB, Dal.

    • LordSnow

      13-3; 12-4; 10-6; and if things don’t change, 9-6-1. An unmistakable pattern.

  9. Trevor

    If we go with anything other than OL /DL in the first two days of the draft I will be disappointed. We have lost the battle at the LOS on both sides of the ball all year.

    • vrtkolman

      The D line has been a huge disappointment this year despite Avril and Clark’s big years. There is no consistency and the DTs are mostly JAGs.

      • vrtkolman

        If the team wants to aggressively trade up, I think Jonathan Allen would help the team more than Fournette. Allen would be a freakishly huge upgrade over Rubin and McDaniel.

        • LordSnow

          Totally agree with this.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I’ve also been disappointed with secondary play. Granted Thomas is out, but it just seems like the opponents receivers are wide open. But when the Seahawks receivers catch a ball there is a defender right there to tackle them.

          • vrtkolman

            I still haven’t anything from Terrell that suggests he’s a NFL caliber safety.

        • Trevor

          Agree but they need more than one guy. They need help and youth on both lines in free agency and the draft.

  10. Trevor

    If I see Jermaine Kearse targeted one more time in the red zone I am going to throw up.

  11. vrtkolman

    Why the heck did Sherman try to jump over a group of receivers/db’s? What was he thinking?

  12. LordSnow

    Finally, some energy. Some life. Some emotion.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Like they woke up and realized they’re playing a game. Maybe Trevor’s right and they need a new pregame routine.

      But that is a good example of how JG benefits the red zone offense even when he’s not the target.

  13. AlaskaHawk

    Thank you Clark, for providing the spark the Seahawks needed. I’m sure the Seahawks will win this game. But there is something seriously wrong with a team that is incapable of playing offense in the first quarter/half.

    • LordSnow

      This next drive will tell a lot since two plays before the strip fumble we gave up a 3rd and 10. Time to see if the defense will say enough is enough.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Considering San Francisco’s record my bet is that they will self destruct.

  14. Trevor

    Watching Atlanta / NO and that Atlanta offense is crazy good. They have fixed that OL this year and that is the main reason Matt Ryan and the run game are so much better. Ryan has all day back there.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Did you see that TD catch by Julio Jones in the corner of the end zone? Almost defies description.

    • vrtkolman

      They do have a fantastic line. Matthews and Schroeder on the edges with Mack inside.

    • JT

      Their OL was already solid last season, and they replaced the worst position (Center) with its best player (Mack). Seattle should try to follow that blueprint. Replace the worst performers on the OL with high end talent. Easier said than done, but it’s the fastest way to offensive improvement. Obviously this would mean signing an FA like Whiteworth or Zeitler, or getting an instant impact rookie early in the draft (Ramczyk, Bolles, Lamp)

      • AlaskaHawk

        seahawks worst performers are two tackles and a first round right guard. No one wants to give up on the first round pick, so that leaves the two hardest positions to replace. Or they can just pray for improvement next year.

  15. JT

    San Fran has incredibly given up 2600 rushing yards on 5 ypc and 24 rush TDs this year, and we still can’t run the ball.

  16. CHawk Talker Eric

    Nice offensive play. Solid pass blocking, Wilson steps up in the pocket and delivers a dart, and DB makes the contested catch.

  17. LordSnow

    Much prefer plays like that to Baldwin rather than Kearse. Baldwin finds a way.

  18. LordSnow

    THAT is how you use Graham.

    • vrtkolman

      Was just thinking that, he finally threw one up to him.

  19. vrtkolman

    Our special teams has been trash this year, that needs to be addressed.

    • LordSnow

      It has cost us two wins this year on its own and I don’t think special teams have won us any games. So absolutely just as important as looking at the defensive interior and the running game.

      • vrtkolman

        It’s not just the kicking game either, Lockett hasn’t been a difference maker. The blocking has been awful for the most part.

        • LordSnow

          One thing that bugged me about Lockett’s kick returns this year is it seems he has a green light in almost any situation and we’ve started too many drives < 20 this year.

  20. vrtkolman

    Arizona might have just ruined their 2017 season. DJ looked like he tore his ACL in a meaningless game.

    • LordSnow

      I always endlessly say I’m against selling the draft for any one player. And this is why.

  21. vrtkolman

    With Atlanta pasting NO, so we sit the starters in the 2nd half? Does the 3 vs. The 4 seed matter?

    • lil'stink

      Depends on who the 6 seed is.

  22. vrtkolman

    Our longsnapper is hurt? Haha good god.

  23. AlaskaHawk

    Yee Haa Bennett getting a sack on a defensive stunt.

    • Rad man

      love Marsh’s burst on that sack, too.

  24. CHawk Talker Eric

    Ifedi just got abused by Ronald Blair

    • LordSnow

      Next season, please rotate him to RT.

    • Rik

      Rookie against rookie, and the one we didn’t pick (but talked about a lot on this site) won big time. Ifedi ended up on the ground after offering zero resistance.

  25. Trevor

    The way in looks to me is we are going to have the following route to the SB

    WC Round at home vs Det.
    NFC Semi at Atl
    NFC Final at Dal or Home vs NYG.

    To me winning that game at Atl looks like a pipe dream right now given the way they are playing on offense and Vic Beasley against Fant could get very very ugly. Hard to imagine us getting enough pass rush to slow that offense down and I don’t see this offense being able to score 30+

  26. vrtkolman

    Wilson misses a freaking layup TD to Jimmy, and then on the next play Ifedi gets pancaked by a 5th round rookie. That about sums up the season.

    • Rik

      Is it the player or is it coaching? Or is it a combo? Wrong scheme for the players out there? Whatever the case, we can’t run the damn ball at all. On a craptacular defense.

  27. LordSnow

    Vrtkolman what were you saying about special teams?

    • vrtkolman

      Bye Frese! Nice knowing you.

    • rowdy

      That’s all on the coaching staff

  28. Rik

    Wilson’s now overthrown both Graham and Kearse for should-have-been touchdowns.

  29. Darth 12er

    Again…what was wrong with Gresham?

    • LordSnow

      They were saving something like 400,000 dollars or something like that.

      • Darth 12er

        Wow!! I don’t remember him having these kinds of problems

  30. CHawk Talker Eric

    SEA look pretty shortsighted for cutting Gresham to save a measly $600k against the cap.

    Frese has been a liability all season, particularly the last 2 games. His high snaps contributed to the loss vs ARI. And now a safety vs SF.

    • Darth 12er

      I’m honestly surprised Joey Hunt isn’t groomed for the position.

      • LordSnow

        I’m not sure all the requirements for the long snapper. I think I read an article way back when Norm Johnson was kicking for seattle and the long snapper of the time said they liked him because he was able to throw the dart correctly, a straight tight spiral right above the surface of the field to the snapper that hits the same spot every time. He was not a normal center either.

        • LordSnow

          snapper = holder

  31. CHawk Talker Eric

    Strange to see Thomas Rawls on the sideline with his helmet off like he’s done for the day and it’s a one-score game not even in the 4th quarter yet.

    • vrtkolman

      He doesn’t look explosive at all, did Collins take his job?

      • Trevor

        He has not looked good all year. What do they have to loose by giving Collins a shot. If he can hold on the ball there is no way he can be worse.

        The only chance this run game has is if Prosise has a miraculous recovery as the only games they have looked respectable is when he played.

        Ifedi is not an NFL Guard at this point, Really hope they try moving him back to RT this off season because he has shown zero improvement at Guard this year from what I see. He almost looks like he is getting worse by the week. I have been a big supporter of his but wow he has been awful the last 3-4 weeks.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        It’s good to see Collins get some carries, and to break off a 26 yard gain.

        But it’s highly discouraging to think SEA can gain only 51 yards on 15 carries (through 3 quarters) vs the League’s worst run defense.

    • LordSnow

      You wonder if he’s going by way of Cmike. Perhaps they are done with him and reducing his role.

    • Rik

      He doesn’t seem to be seeing the holes as well as he did last year. But this OL is so terrible that maybe the holes just aren’t there. They could be saving him for the playoffs since he’s kind of fragile.

  32. JT

    Fant completely whiffs the block on that screen, otherwise it’s an easy 6 for P-Rich

  33. Trevor

    What is up with Russ’s mechanics and all the over throws. Is he still hurt or did he get bad habits with the pec injury. He has never looked this inaccurate.

    • LordSnow

      Has he had one game this year where he’s looked like everything like the end of season last year? I don’t believe so, even in our blowout games like against Carolina.

  34. JimQ

    Serious question for Rob, or anyone – I’ve always wondered about this, but why exactly is a long snapper deserving of an active roster spot. In the case of the Seahawks, their backup center should be more than capable of filling a role on game day as the active backup center and as a long snapper on the kicking teams. Aren’t most active backups normally required to play significant snaps on special teams. It would sure seem to me that the extra roster spot would be well worth the effort to “make it so”, if not this season, then next. Any thoughts?

    • LordSnow

      They prefer a dude who can throw a dart, like if you were looking between your legs and throwing a tight pass (but learning how to do it with your head up so you can block). I’d guess a lot of centers can’t do that.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Fair point. Seems logical to me. Save a roster spot and some cap space.

    • Fairlawn

      I’m not sure there’s a satisfying answer other than that it happens to be a skill that turns out to require *that much* specialization. We all take for granted that kickers have their own roster spots but it didn’t necessarily used to be that way 50 or 60 years ago — hence a George Blanda type, playing QB, hitting half his field goals. The game just developed such that guys playing QB or DL as their main gig couldn’t kick as accurately in a moonlighting capacity as a specialist full-time kicker, and the extra value the latter provided was worth more than the roster spot.

      A long snapper has to be able to whizz that spiral into the breadbox with sure 99%+ predictability to holders and punters on maybe 8-15 plays per game. If you could do it 95% of the time you’d consider yourself pretty damn good at it but you’d be clean-out-your-locker-son bad in the NFL since you’d be creating a special teams botch every 1-2 games and giving away maybe a point or more per game on average in blown kick attempts and turnover field position.

      It’s probably possible to imagine a world where longsnapping is just something that someone playing a different position can pick up as a side trick, sort of like placeholding is. Turns out that it’s a full-time craft to get that last essential 4.whatever% margin.

    • Old but Slow

      The two types of snaps are only kind of related, but are distinct.

      The normal snap with QB under center is a one-handed exchange while the center is looking at the defense. Even the shotgun snap is one-handed and no-look (and a talent on its own).

      The long snap is a two-handed snap with the center looking back through his legs at the target. The long snap is a bit like the forward pass, a spiral to a target, just upside down.

  35. vrtkolman

    Strange were only up 9 and Boykin is already in. The game isn’t over yet.

    • LordSnow

      If SF scores here does he put him back in?

      • vrtkolman

        I guess not? If they don’t care about winning why play the starters to this point? Baffling decision by Pete.

        • LordSnow

          I guess “Win Forever” needs a new appendix addition.

          • Litl Gravy

            Personally, I think Pete is one guy in this organization who’s earned better than potshots after a couple of down weeks compounded (caused?) by injuries.
            Two super bowls, however many ridiculous wins and the most endearing and entertaining roster in pro sports.
            Bevell? Ok, sure. Russ? Ok, well, maybe. Pete? Not really, no.

  36. JimQ

    Hunt has a pretty speedy and accurate snap, seems to me if you have him try a few thousand long snaps during the off season/next preseason and I’d bet he would excel in that role, at least IMO.

  37. vrtkolman

    WOW! Reed and Clark fighting on the sidelines. This team is lost.

    • LordSnow

      This will be interesting with Shermans blowups this year, all the black lives matters and national anthem stuff, it seems to me that there has been a serious loss of focus on football.

      An early playoff exit is inevitable like this.

  38. LordSnow

    Wow this team has problems.

  39. Rik

    Clark and Reed fighting on the sideline. This team is losing it. Sheesh!

  40. rowdy

    Pretty obvious the coaching staff is losing the team.

  41. John_s

    So even when you need to burn the clock you throw on 1st down. Got it. I know we’re not supposed to bash the OC who shall be nameless but that’s dumb

  42. CHawk Talker Eric

    I missed what Reed did to get ejected.

    • rowdy

      Nothing from what I seen

    • LordSnow

      Kicked the snapper on the extra point, it looked like.

    • AlaskaHawk

      It looked to me like he bull rushed the snapper onto his ass, fell on him along with whoever was beside him. Then when they stood up it was very close, maybe even not letting the snapper stand easily, and then they cut away. Few seconds later they showed a bunch of pushing but I didn’t see hands to the face or any reason why a player would be ejected.

  43. Trevor

    I don’t question Pete about much but does he not care about the 3 seed? Why pull Russ?

    I would much prefer playing Det in Rd #1 vs NYG.

    Pete really needs to reign in this team a little they seem almost out of control now. All started with Sherm being an idiot and it seems to be snowballing. Not sure how they turn this ship around in one week.

    • Nathan

      You don’t know for sure who were gonna play.

      We could end up playing Green Bay.

      • Trevor

        You think Det is beating GB with home field on the line?

        • Volume12

          This game had little importance with Atlanta wining other than the fact we’ve gone 5 straight years with 10 wins or more.

  44. vrtkolman

    Ifedi is losing it too.

    • LordSnow

      This draft class, as promising as it appeared, has really had a crappy rookie year for the most part.

    • Trevor

      Seems like the young guys are really frustrated. Not sure what that says about the current state of the locker room. Never thought I would be saying that about a Seahawks team. Started with Sherm and seems to be snowballing.

      • Volume12

        They’re young guys out there battling hard. Clark was right to get in Reeds face. Stupid avoibable penalty in the clutch.

        If you guys think this is the only team that infights, your mistaken.

        • Trevor

          You are right Vol and I normally like the passion but they just don’t seem to be pulling together and this late in the season it is not a good look.

          Clark was one of the best players on the field today along with Wags.

          • Volume12

            Agreed about Clark and BWagz. Rubin too. Big game from him.

            • Trevor

              That was nice to see from Rubin. He looked really active hopefully he is on the upswing heading into playoffs. He is so important in the run game.

  45. LordSnow

    Normally I saw all road wins are good wins no matter what, but this one has really left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Trevor

      Worst feeling I have ever had after a Hawks game in the PC / JS era win or loss.

  46. Trevor

    On a positive note credit to Boykins for showing composure and closing out the game. Props to him with all the silliness going on around him. He and Collins.

    Wish Collins had gotten the start so we could really see what we had in him before the playoffs.

  47. Trevor

    How much would it suck to be a Raiders fan right now after the great year they had to see what that team looks like without Carr.

    • LordSnow

      Or a titans fan that had the playoffs in your grasp and you lose Mariotta.

      The raiders are soon going to lose their franchise qb on a rookie contract soon, then they join the rest of our pain.

  48. Trevor

    Poor Rob having to do a write up for this one!

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’ll start it for Rob:
      It was the best of games – it was the worst of games.

      Feel free to pitch in!!!

      • LordSnow

        It was hard to know who was the two win team

  49. AlaskaHawk

    Well Falcons take care of business and clinch the bye. There is something seriously wrong with this team – and I’m going to blame the coaching for part of it. They can’t keep coming out looking flat and giving the other teams a 10-14 point advantage. It’s just not right.

    • sdcoug

      Personally, i’ve been tired of the “its how you finish” mantra for several years. While technically true, your ability or positioning to finish is absolutely impacted by how you start as well. You just can’t consistently give away entire quarters/halves without evenually being burned. It’s been a big problem for this team for a long while now.

      • Smitty1547

        Ive said several times Pete is right you can’t win a game in the first quarter, but you sure can lose one and we have.

  50. 503Hawk

    This team is in real disarray. I don’t remember the last time I saw so much in-fighting before. Has Pete’s philosophy on individualism coming back to haunt this team where the inmates are running the asylum?

  51. Volume12

    Personally wouldn’t have pulled RW, but I get it. That was a ballsy call. That’s a PC move if there ever was one. His roll of the dice worked.

    • bobbyk

      Not sure how players can buy into the mantra of “compete” when coaches don’t compete 100% of the time.

      • bobbyk

        Not saying I disagree with him for doing what he did, but his “rule” is to compete at all times. Then he doesn’t.

        • Volume12

          How so? He pulled a QB that is still clearly bothered by an injury. It was the only way he could get his starters some rest w/o a bye. They knew Atlanta had won.

        • lil'stink

          Rumor is they were concerned the 49ers might try and put a cheap shot on Wilson.

  52. KingRajesh

    Something is wrong with this team behind the scenes. No discipline on the field, players fighting with each other, low effort from the defense if the offense isn’t working, Sherman attacking Bevell, They’re not playing together, there appears to be a clear divide between the offense and the defense, and defensive players (e.g., Sherman) appear to be out for themselves instead of playing as one.

    I wonder if Pete’s message is getting stale with the older crew. I wonder how deep the scars of Super Bowl 49 still are with the defense. I wonder where the leadership on this team is right now? How can you have Reed and Clark fighting on the sidelines? Rein in that energy and put it toward the field!

    • John_s

      I don’t care what anyone says. I think Kam holding out broke the comraderie of the team and it will never be the same.

      • Trevor

        Plus it is hard to be a dog with a chip on your shoulder when you have 20 mil in the bank.

      • LordSnow

        There maybe more to this than originally thought.

    • Trevor

      I agree with the idea that something seems to be up I have been saying that for weeks but the idea was consistently shut down as silly talk. They have always been loud brash and obnoxious but team first the recent actions by Sherm in particular are anything but that.

      The funny part is for all the griping about the offense I am more worried about the defense as they have not shown the ability to even slow down an elite offense. I think if they play this way that Dallas or Atl would put up 30+ easily on them.

      I was really hoping the Bennett contract would help as it is continued proof that this organization takes care of their guys.

      Hope on the trip home that defense and the leaders Kam / Bennett in particular find a way to get everyone on the same page for a playoff run.

      • Volume12

        And yet were still the #2 defense and the 10th youngest team in the league. Last year we were 19th or 20th?

  53. Volume12

    They’ve yet to play a consistent game on all 3 phases and put it together.

    They’re frustrated because they are better than this and they know it. Guess what? Adversity happens. Don’t run from it when it rears its head.

  54. POB

    That missed FG in AZ looms large now. A week off and homefield would have been nice. That said, if the Hawks win next week, I’ll have the chance to go to the Divisional Rd. game since I live in ATL.

    • Trevor

      That game in Atl looks like a mismatch right now and not a good one.

      One thing about RW and this offense they can get hot and all they need is a couple of games on a roll so who knows.

      • vrtkolman

        Atlanta’s defense has improved quite a bit. Don’t let the 32 points by NO fool you, Atlanta was up something like 38-13 and went full prevent mode.

      • POB

        Yeah, I think the Falcons will (and should) be favored, provided we make it that far. At least they don’t have sort of dominant D-line that has given the Hawks fits these past two seasons.Missing ET will hurt, though, vs. Julio & co.

        • vrtkolman

          Vic Beasly against Fant? Yikes. Grady Jarrett is a beast as well, I don’t see Ifedi or Glo doing much to slow him down. I can’t believe he lasted until round 5.

          • Trevor

            No idea how Jarret lasted that long either he was a favorite on here.

            Fant vs Beasley could get ugly. Pray for lots of chipping and help.

            • POB

              Beasley hurt his shoulder today. Idk how serious it is or whether he re-entered the game.

              • Volume12

                Wow. Wasn’t DQ here when they didn’t draft Jarrett or had he left already?

    • Volume12

      Bingo. One damn kick and we’re the 2 seed.

      With the play of the O-line, RW’s injuries, season enders to Lockett, ET, and Prosise. Starting week 3 with an injured RW and your two backs you were gonna lean on in Rawls and Prosise both hurt.

      Yes, this season has been incredibly frustrating. But its hard to win in this league and win 10+ games in 5 straight seasons. That’s on a NE type level. Sometimes it just isn’t our year.

  55. Trevor

    On the bright side! No injuries today and Collins looked pretty good.

    Wags, Clark, KJ all had great years.

    • vrtkolman

      Wagner and KJ have to be the best 4-3 LB duo in football right? Wagner might be D MVP of the entire league.

    • Volume12

      Wagner should get votes for DPOY.

      • Volume12

        Avril had a great year too. As did Bam Bam.

        I know there’s a lot of references to PFF about how bad the O-line is, why isn’t it referenced when it has the top 3 safeties as #1 Landon Collins (DPOY candidate), #2 Kam Chancellor, and #3 Eric Weddle.

        • Trevor

          You are right Vol forgot about Avril and Kam really has been the glue.

      • 503Hawk

        So with so much talent on that side of the ball why have not lived up to it?

        • Trevor

          Not working as a unit and lack of pressure up the gut. Plus can’t get off the feild on 3rd down.

          • Volume12

            That too.

            And this defense is tied on a string. Everything is connected.

            In order to play this type of zone defense, with an overhang safety, you have to, have to get pressure with your front 4.

        • Volume12

          Well, most won’t agree but they’re still one of the best defenses in the NFL.

          It was always going to be impossible to live up to the standards of 2013 and 2014. I think we’re so used to seeing unstoppable, intimidating defensive football that anything other than that feels like it’s some run or the mill type thing.

          • vrtkolman

            It really is a team game too. The offense consistently doing nothing and going down by 7+ points doesn’t help at all. It’s much easier to play defense when you have a lead.

  56. Trevor

    I was looking back at the previous drafts under PC/ JS and one thing stuck out like a sore thumb and probably scares me more than anything else when thinking about the Hawks rebuilding during the draft.

    The first draft JS had without Scott McLaughlin was in 2014. From that point on we have not uncovered any mid round gems. That were a mainstay in their first 4 drafts. The only what your would call impact picks are Lockett, Clark and Britt.

    Surprised this does not get discussed more because from 2013-2106 the drafts have not been great. Granted we have beem picking late in each round and traded away two first rounders for Graham and Harvin. Still we need a couple of home run drafts to rebuild the depth and talent level.

    • Volume12

      I agree to some extent, but last year I bet most fans wouldnt have listed Clark and Britt.

      IMO there’s too many unknowns from this draft class. Odhiambo and Vannett were drafted a year in advance, QJeff got hurt, Ifedi and Reed if they don’t improve next year then yeah. Collins looks like the game is slowing down for him.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely about this years draft class I still have lots of hope and thought it was our best draft since 2012.

        I really think in 2-3 years time Ifedi, Reed, Vannett, Prosise and maybe 1-2 more will be legit NFL starters.

        • Volume12

          Absolutely. But, yes losing McCloughan hurt. He’s a great scout. Unfortunately like most of them, their addiction got in the way.

          • vrtkolman

            He was probably going to get snatched up one way or another. The great programs lose personnel every year.

          • Trevor

            You almost need a compulsive personality to be great at anything that is why addictions and other mental issues are so common.

  57. coachmattson

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’m hoping Green Bay beats Detroit tonight. I feel good playing Detroit at home next week. Then hopefully we can carry that momentum into Atlanta!

    • POB

      Football Outsiders has Detroit as the #32 defense somehow. Kapadia had an article saying Seattle would be favored by 9 or 9.5 vs. Detroit instead of just 4 vs. GB.

    • Old but Slow

      Agreed that Detroit would be easier, but this is the only way to get GB at home, and that may be the only way to get them this season.

  58. vrtkolman

    Going down 14-3 to a wreck of a team like SF is significant. I really hope Pete starts taking the first half of games more seriously. They matter as much as the 4th quarter. The regular season is over. Honestly I think this team needs a 2012 Baltimore run to win the Superbowl. It needs a historic effort from Russ to carry the offense, and some big breaks like the Raven’s hail mary against Denver.

  59. Trevor

    Any chance at all Prosise would be back for the Atl game if we win next week?

  60. Hawk Eye

    Hard to see them as a championship team this year.
    O line is terrible, no running game and Russell is off.
    Kicking game has problems with blocks and no Lockett.
    Defense misses Earl, but I also worry about a scheme that depends so much on one player. When there are 6 or 7 pro bowl caliber players still playing the defense should be better. Not enough turnovers this year.
    I think they need a couple new, fast, young aggressive players on D and some old vets for the O line
    and maybe a change to the defensive scheme. If you are not adapting, you are falling behind as everyone else adjusts.

    Possible they can win 4 games in a row, but highly unlikely.

  61. nichansen01

    meaningless game and you could tell it by the way the starters played. Nice to see collins boykin richardson and mccevoy try to make cases to stay on the team

    • Volume12

      I think P-Rich is coming on nice. They mentioned he’s becoming a leader.

  62. Volume12

    Seattle tied for 3rd in sacks this year with 42.

    The other 3? Arizona with 48, Carolina with 47, and we’re tied with the defense everyone wanted to duplicate last year in Denver with 42.

    Only Seattle is in the playoffs. And those other 3 are playoff teams that had a bad year.

    • Volume12

      Is Gary Kubiak retiring? I’m very curious to see who Denver gets if that’s the case. We all know Elway loves to make big, splashy moves.

      • vrtkolman

        They need a mini-rebuild IMO. Talib and Ward will be 31 next year. They probably can’t afford Darian Steward. Ware is probably gone. They gave 22 carries to 31 year old Justin Forsett. Their O line might be in worse shape than ours.

        • Volume12

          Yeah, you could be right. Good points.

          Didn’t they resign Stewart?

          • vrtkolman

            Ah you are right, good job by Elway as usual.

  63. Hughza

    Is there more to the story with the Hawks moving on from Clint Gresham? Can it really be about saving a few $$$? It’s one my biggest questions for JS.

    • Volume12

      What’s sad about it is that we probably beat Arizona twice this year with Gresham.

      Shoulda brought him back. I kinda think they will in FA this off-season.

      • lil'stink

        Just think – trying to have a few hundred K by getting a cheaper long snapper might have cost us the #2 seed in the playoffs. Crazy.

  64. Volume12

    Brothers fight.

  65. vrtkolman

    Green Bay’s running game looks much better than ours, with a converted WR and a blocking FB as the primary ball carriers. I really hope Seattle is aggressive in signing the top O linemen this off season.

  66. Volume12

    Anyone else been pleasantly surprised with GG or Gilliam since he’s returned to the lineup?

    • dylanlep

      Agree Vol, very encouraging

    • Trevor

      I forgot to mention Gilliam! Great point Vol he has bounced back nicely. Shows mental toughness too. I really do think the injury set him back last off season.

  67. Trail Hawk

    Hope we get The Packers for WC game. If we can take them out after that beat down they layed on us, just maybe it would light a spark to take us through. If we can’t beat em, we don’t belong in there, better draft position. Doesn’t look like we belong there now how we’re playing.

    • vrtkolman

      It would be amazing to beat Green Bay, especially after the trash talking they did in the last game. I’m not sure we can, but at home you have to be somewhat confident.

      • DC

        Our team would be pretty fired up for a shot at redemption. I would prefer the Packers, not because we match up well, simply because they are our top rival. We will see them at least once next year.

  68. Ground_Hawk

    A road victory against a division rival, and the 3rd spot in the playoffs is an accomplishment for this seasons Seahawks team. There are improvements needed on both sides of the ball, and today those faults were both exposed by a familiar foe in the 49er’s. No success running the ball early, and the defense allowing chunk plays. I was hoping that Seattle’s defense would hold San Fran somewhere in 10-14 point range, but another slow start by the offense allowed the 9er’s to take an early lead. I’m glad the offense got things together in the 2nd quarter to make a surge, but after halftime they put up just 2 field goals to finish the game, which was enough for the win against an awful San Francisco team. I still think the Seahawks are a team that can go up against any opponent and win the game, even if the wins aren’t pretty. They are still built under the “win forever” mantra, and they also have the talent to be dominant on both offense and defense, so long as both units do their jobs consistently well. If they are firing on all cylinders from here on out, this could be a great playoff run for the Seahawks.

  69. Trevor

    If Bo Scarborough declares for the draft what round would be be projected to go in?

    He looked every bit the big power back we could really use.

    • Litl Gravy

      He really did. He looked exactly like Rob S’s description of Fournette: a physical presence that effects a game with or without cooperation from the o-line.
      But who is he? Is there a realistic chance that he comes out? And (echoing Trevor) if he did, where would go in the draft?
      Can anyone supply the Scarborough primer?


    • AlaskaHawk

      With the way people have been drooling over Fournette, I would guess that Scarborough would go in the first round or high second.

      • Rob Staton

        Scarborough is a one-game wonder so far. Didn’t do much this year despite high expectations.

    • RealRhino2

      Declare? No chance. Like Rob said, one good game. I would guess 4th round, at best. He can’t play.

  70. DC

    NFL Divisional breakdown by WINS,

    EAST 36
    NORTH 26
    SOUTH 29
    WEST 38

    EAST 39
    NORTH 30 (unless they tie tonight)
    SOUTH 33
    WEST 23

    Welcome back NFC Worst. The NFC East had quite a turnaround this year.

    • vrtkolman

      It’s not getting any better anytime soon. Seattle can dominate the West for the next 3/4 years if they so choose.

  71. Trevor

    I believe Pete is a HOF coach and one of the great leaders / motivators of all time. I hope he coaches the Hawks till he retires.

    This playoff season I hope he proves that he is not only a great leader but also a great coach scheme wise and they come up with some different schemes for whomever they play Det, GB, Atl, Dal to cover up a little for the loss of Earl and to generate some more pressure up front.

    Have to think if they were to change things up just a little on defense it would really throw off teams like GB and Atl who have already played the. This is what makes NE so great for so long. They prepare for each game / each opponent.

    In the past Pete could rely o a simple scheme with elite talent and let them play fast. This is no longer the case and it is amplified without Earl.

    We still have a shot if our coaches can adapt and play to our strengths and cover up our weaknesses (Free Safety, Run Game, Interior Pass rush). If Russ can get hot and the defense steps up who know what can happen.

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