Seahawks off-season predictions & possibilities

Supporting Bobby Wagner and K.J. Wright could be a key off-season target

— No big splash in free agency. The Seahawks have some cap room but it’s the 24th most in the league according to Spotrac. A big move for someone like Calais Campbell isn’t impossible but it’s unrealistic. Campbell earned $11.25m, $14.75m and $15.25m in the last three seasons and he’s good enough to justify a continuation of that level of salary.

— Seek value on the O-line. The Seahawks are not known for signing second rate players on first rate money. Spending $10m a year on a player like Ricky Wagner hasn’t been their thing. With the likes of Russell Okung expected to be available and possibly Jason Peters and Jared Valdheer, Seattle can check out different options and hunt for value. It might not be what fans want to hear — but they genuinely might be willing to continue developing their own guys instead of signing an ageing veteran with injury history just to appease the masses.

— If there’s going to be a creative move it might be on the O-line. Is there a trade out there to be made, possibly involving one of their third round picks (assuming they receive a third round comp pick for Bruce Irvin)? The only problem is — the dearth of talent at offensive tackle becomes so obvious when you start to scour the depth charts for possible targets. The league has a left tackle problem.

— Add depth to the D-line in free agency. The Seahawks have consistently had success bringing in cheap veterans in this area. There are some nice options this year that might not break the bank — such as Dallas’ Terrell McClain. Would they also consider adding another EDGE — for example Jabaal Sheard or Connor Barwin if he leaves Philadelphia?

— There’s a desire among the fan base to see a dynamic interior rusher added. Seattle’s defensive scheme, however, places a large responsibility on gap control and discipline. While the Seahawks need that 5-6 sack presence they had in 2013 (Clinton McDonald) and 2014 (Jordan Hill) they might be focusing on finding a cost-effective solution considering the lack of options in free agency and the early rounds of the draft. Finding someone who is relatively cheap to compete with Quinton Jefferson might be the plan.

— What veteran running backs are available? If the Panthers cut Jonathan Stewart, he’d be intriguing. Pete Carroll has often spoke of his respect for Stewart going back to the USC vs Oregon days.

— Pay Kam Chancellor. Without doubt Chancellor proved in 2016 he is the beating heart of this team. With cap room available, the priority needs to be paying Chancellor even if it’s a deal similar to Marshawn Lynch’s golden handshake before retirement. Seattle needs Kam.

— Let Jimmy Graham play out the final year of his deal. There’s little reason to do anything else right now. If you want to move on in 12 months you’ll likely get a nice comp pick down the line. The franchise tag for tight ends in 2016 was $9.118m. This is less than Graham’s 2017 cap hit. If they want to retain him beyond 2017 and can’t agree on a long term deal, they can simply use the tag.

— When Carroll talked in detail about his desire to draft another linebacker, this was arguably the most revealing nugget in his end of season press conference. Bobby Wagner (99.35%) and K.J. Wright (97.41%) played virtually every defensive snap in 2016. Keeping them fresh — not just for 2017 but to extend their careers — might be a bigger priority than fans imagine.

— This could match up with how the Seahawks view the first round of the draft. Yes they have other needs (CB, OT). The best option at #26 might clearly be a linebacker. The top two tackles (Bolles & Ramcyzk) could be off the board. Five or six corners might be gone by Seattle’s pick. And while the CB depth extends deep into day two, that isn’t the case at LB. Simply put — if Haason Reddick, Jarrad Davis and/or Zach Cunningham are there, it might be an obvious case of BPA at a position of need.

— We know the Seahawks are comfortable drafting cornerbacks without spending first round picks. So unless a player like Kevin King proves to be an athletic freak or Adoree’ Jackson actually is 5-11 and has the requisite length, they might be willing to wait on this position until day two. With as many as 6-7 cornerbacks possibly going in round one — the key for Seattle is to identify when the second wave occurs.

— Haason Reddick in many ways is the ideal pick at #26. He has the athletic profile, production and gritty backstory. He’s a sound fit at the SAM but he’s capable of spelling Wagner or Wright at the MIKE/WILL. Jarrad Davis is more of a MIKE/WILL but is highly athletic, intense and plays with the same ferocity as Wagner/Wright. Both Reddick (6-1, 237lbs) and Davis (6-2, 238lbs) have similar size to Wagner (6-0, 241lbs) entering the league and a similar athletic profile.

— The wildcard is the notion of a ‘Buffalo’ or ‘Big nickel’. It could be that Reddick and Davis aren’t there at #26 or they might simply love the potential of Obi Melifonwu, Budda Baker, Justin Evans or another. Jeremy Lane (71.39%) played the fifth most snaps on defense in 2016 so they played a lot of nickel. Spending a first round pick on this position wouldn’t be a luxury. It could also help the Seahawks provide greater depth at safety and tap into arguably the superior positional class in this draft.

— Melifonwu, Baker and Evans appeal for different reasons. Melifonwu is a greek god type of athlete, Baker plays like a Seahawks defender while Evans is expected to dominate the combine and he’s a ferocious hitter. All possess the range and athleticism to play in a 4-2-5. If the linebackers and offensive tackles are gone — this type of player feels like a very possible option at #26.

— Keep an eye on Washington State’s Shalom Luani. They might be able to add a ‘big nickel’ later on. He might be as good as the names listed above. Deone Bucannon is tipping Luani to emulate his role in Arizona at the next level. It’s not unrealistic for the Seahawks to get their ‘Buffalo’ without spending a first round pick.

— While the Seahawks might not be able to get at the likes of Garett Bolles or Ryan Ramcyzk in round one — and overall it isn’t a good O-line draft — there will still be some options on days 2/3. Dorian Johnson, Antonio Garcia, Roderick Johnson, Taylor Moton, Dion Dawkins, Chad Wheeler and others exist. We’ll learn more about potential targets at the combine thanks to TEF.

— There will be options at linebacker in round two but then there might be a drop. Houston’s Tyus Bowser is a name to monitor.

— A possible plan could be: R1 — Linebacker, R2 — O-line or cornerback, R3 — O-line or cornerback, R3 (comp) — Shalom Luani. This would address the key needs emphasised by Pete Carroll in his press conference within the first three rounds.


  1. Shadow

    Would love to see us address the O-Line in free agency and the defense heavily in the draft. No, there aren’t going to be any free agent franchise left tackles available but this team needs options while developing their young talent and above all needs more of a veteran presence in a position group where Justin Britt was the team’s oldest starter to end the 2016 season. The defense has the opposite problem: established veteran starters at most positions but in dire need of an infusion of young talent (other than Frank Clark, who is the last rookie or young player to make a significant impact on defense in the last couple of years?)

    I still think extending Graham this year would make sense if they could use the extension to lower his 2017 cap hit. Kam needs to get an extension for sure, though. If nothing else, with all of the chaos we saw amongst the LOB last year (and with Sherman in particular) we need Kam’s leadership now more than ever.

    Rob, I know we’ve got two months to go, but at this point what option do you see as the most likely pick with our first rounder. I know you list Reddick as the ideal pick but from previous posts I know you expect he won’t last to #26. Of the players whom you think WILL be available, any thoughts on which will be most likely to be drafted? (Or do you see a trade down as most likely?)

    • Rob Staton

      It’s hard to offer a ‘likely’ first rounder at this stage. The names I’ve listed here aren’t totally unlikely to go before #26. I think Reddick could end up going #16, #17, #22, #23 — but could see him lasting to #26 too. I could say the same for Budda Baker, Jarrad Davis, Justin Evans. I can even see arguments why Bolles or Ramcyzk could last or equally go top-10. Very fluid situation right now.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I agree that Okung would be the best target. What about Wagner at $7 million a season? The highest paid RT is Schwartz at around $6.3 ( when you remove Lane Johnson who is paid like a LT) so $7 could be right.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Sorry Bryan Bulaga at $6.75

        • Rob Staton

          Ravens fans really didn’t like Wagner when he replaced Michael Oher. If anything he’s an example for why SEA should trust their young talent to develop.

        • lil'stink

          I wonder if market forces and a thin draft class don’t push Wagner’s APY well over $7 million. I just want to avoid spending money on scrubs like Sowell and Webb.

          • Mr. Offseason

            To be really honest, I think we’re essentially going into next year with the same offensive line as this year. The interior is pretty much set, Gilliam played well enough to compete for the RT spot again, and like Rob said, there are not very many good LTs to go out and get. The most obvious realistic option is to continue developing Fant, but bring in a couple more veterans to push him and Gilliam. For better or worse I think that is what’s going to happen.

            • lil'stink

              I agree, I think that’s probably what the plan is for the OL next year. I’m not particularly thrilled about it, though. I really think we need to improve significantly at one of the tackles spots. Not sure that will happen if Fant and GG are the starters next year.

  2. Nick

    Excellent predictions.

    I am very much expecting Seattle to trade down in order to get draft capital. Would anyone really be surprised to see them use these extra picks to trade up in the second round? If a player they love is still available, they’ll go for it. Two years in a row now they have done so (Lockett and Reed).

    They are not afraid to make a bold move if they love the player. And I can’t help but feel like the real meat of this draft is going to be around the 40-70 pick range.

    If they were to move up in the 2nd round, it could be because Kevin King, Obi, or Baker have slipped and are available. To my mind, it would be great if we could get one of the dynamic linebackers in the 1st Round and then either a CB or Big Nickle prospect.

    Also, slightly unrelated, but do you think this community is sleeping on the WR position? We know Seattle likes to address positions before they become a need. P-Rich is almost out of his rookie deal, Kearse is aging (and had a pretty sub-par season), and Lockett is recovering from a gruesome injury. A big bodied X receiver could be in their wheelhouse.

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’ve longed for a big, dynamic WR for a while but that type is quite rare. I think it’s a possibility but maybe day three for value. Or round three. Don’t anticipate an early pick at WR.

      • Nick

        Totally agree.

    • BobbyK

      I think they could go WR in the second round but only if it was a best player available situation. With having drafted 4 offensive players with their 5 picks in the first three rounds last year, I think it’s obvious they need to restock the defense with some young, hungry talent. Even though I think the first round is going to be LB or CB with the other in the second round, I could see a scenario where they take a WR in the second and load up on defense with the #1 and both #3 picks. More than WR, I am still scared about Rawls and Prosise at RB. Love them both but Rawls hasn’t stayed healthy for an entire season since he went to public school and Prosise had lots of injuries last year, not simply one big one that kept him out. He was hurt all the time. For a team wanting to run the ball, there is absolutely no way they can bank on those two carrying the load. Collins improved as the year went on, but if you want to run the ball and Rawls is hurt (which history says he will be for at least awhile), Collins isn’t exactly the guy I’d want to hitch my wagon to. With the injury history in our backfield, I think it’s more important than ever to have another good/great option at RB, too. Our RB situation would almost be like our CB situation if we didn’t have Sherman. Or had a Joe Haden type instead of Sherman who was good – but was guaranteed to miss a bunch of games every year.

      • Nick

        Yes, RB depth is thin. As Rob pointed out, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Seahawks sign a veteran RB and then draft another RB later on (Rd 5 onwards).

        • Nathan_12thMan

          Is our RB depth thin? I get there are injury concerns and questions in regards to proof of NFL level talent, but our RB depth chart is actually pretty nice IMO and somewhat deep (with talent).

          1. Rawls, who needs to stay healthy.
          2. Prosise, who needs to stay healthy.
          3. Collins, who needs to pick up where he left off at the end of ’16.
          4. Pope, who needs to stay healthy and prove himself.
          5. McKissic, who needs to prove himself in the NFL.

          IMO Collins seems like a real workhorse, durable back who was starting to look good the last few weeks. He has the potential to have RB1 (all 3 downs) potential but even if he doesn’t peak to that level, he seems like he could be a quality 4 YPC durable workhorse that steps in if Rawls or Prosise go down. Don’t forget that Collins only got 10(!!!) total snaps before the last few weeks when he started to look good. He also was running behind a truly awful OL (run blocking), he can catch the ball well and Pete mentioned him looking much better after losing weight during the season.

          IMO Pope flashed in the preseason and got praised by the coaches (something to the effect of “He is the most natural ZBS runner we have ever seen, we love him”). We just MIGHT have another star RB on our hands that we got from UDFA.

          IMO McKissic has shown very little in the NFL but the little we did use of him I really, really liked. He looked FAST and like a natural runner (not stiff & poor with changes of direction like George Farmer). With his background as a WR and his potential as a RB, he just might be a backup to Prosise. We’ll see.

          IMO Prosise’s lack of durability really, really bothers me. However I will give him ’17 to build up his body, add weight and work on his durability. If he shows up to camp looking more like Ty Montgomery (google his body) physically and we get way more playing time from him then I’ll stop calling him C.J. Harvin.


          Yes, I’d like to see us add RB talent. Whether that be in the draft, UDFA or maybe even FA. I do think we need to add some competition because we don’t have a sure thing on the roster. However I wouldn’t call us thin at RB. I think one of the most important key’s is improving our RUN BLOCKING. If we can consistently open running lanes then even Pope and McKissic should be able to get 4.0+ YPC if need be.

          • Nick

            You make good points. We do have bodies at the RB position, but I suppose I should have said we are thin with talent at RB.

            Collins, Pope, and McKissic simply aren’t proven commodities. And to go into the 2017 season without a 3 down back (apart from Rawls), imo, would be a huge mistake. And that’s why I’m pretty convinced they will add to the position via FA and/or the draft.

            Thanks for your analysis. You’re a great voice on this website.

            • Nathan_12thMan

              Thanks. I do think Collins has proven to have 3 down back skills. Pete has said as much and they have used him as such, given his pass catching ability. Now he is ideal? No, I doubt it. But still.

              I agree that we need an influx of talent (again, whether that be the draft, UDFA or FA) but to be fair, a rookie (whether R1 or UDFA) isn’t a proven commodity either. Only a FA would be a proven commodity. And paying for a RB in FA doesn’t seem that smart now adays.

              • Naks

                Also, there aren’t a ton of 3 down backs anymore.

            • HawkTalker #1

              Two excellent back to back posts guys. Makes for a very good read.

              That is one thing I find very refreshing about those who post here. Almost without exception, everyone is extremely well football educated, know the Seahawks very well, make very good points (even though opinions may vary) and are very respectful of differing points of view without being negative, critical or confrontational. A classy group

              • Nick

                Thanks HawkTalker. Go Hawks!

          • Ishmael

            Sorry, how is getting huge going to stop a broken scapula? Prosise is already 220 pounds, how much bigger do you really want him to get? I’d be pretty unhappy if Prosise showed up bigger and heavier next year.

            Collins showed up to the team far, far, too heavy because he thought he needed to be bigger for the NFL. Took him until the end of the year to lose all the unnecessary weight, and when he finally did he started looking like a halfway functional athlete.

            Different players have different playing weights. Marshawn Lynch was hardly ever injured badly enough to miss a game, and I doubt he ever weighed much over 220. Some get injured when they pack too much on. Some are just made of glass, and all of Tom Brady’s miracle smoothies won’t prevent the injuries.

            • Rob Staton

              There is a feeling Prosise was not a legit 220lbs at playing weight. That while he topped that at the combine, he was lighter in camp. Increased strength is something they want to see from him.

      • Rob Staton

        I’d be surprised if they go WR as early as round two personally. Not sure the value there will match-up compared to other positions. There are actually some nice O-line options for the second round. Plus they need to make sure the CB’s aren’t going so quickly that they miss out. By taking a WR in round two you run the risk of missing out during an OL and CB rush.

        • BobbyK

          The Christine Michael pick and Jimmy Graham trade are the reasons why I wouldn’t put anything past them. I don’t think they will go WR in round two, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it either.

          • Rob Staton

            The thing is though, both of those moves fit their needs at the time. Carroll’s stated priority in 2013 was ‘touchdown makers’ and the first two picks ended up being Percy Harvin and Christine Michael. We spent a lot of time discussing Michael as an option pre-draft. Carroll didn’t say anything about needs in 2015 (largely because all of the focus was on the lost Super Bowl) but we spent a long time talking about Julius Thomas as a possible FA target before they ultimately traded for Jimmy Graham.

            Because Carroll specifically listed three priority needs (CB, LB, OL) I think it’s relatively safe to assume those will be the draft targets.

    • RealRhino2


    • EranUngar

      I believe that McEvoy is the next big thing on the WRs group. With a full off season dedicated to working as a reciever (last year he was rotated between positions), he could be that guy for us this year.

      • Rob Staton

        They kept McEvoy around for a reason, that’s for sure.

        But it’s hard to imagine them going WR early in this draft however they view him.

        • Hawks22Fun

          Yes please develop McEvoy!

          Rob, the talent and skill levels are getting so saturated that I believe the next true development in the league is what we see all ready…specialization and ‘hybrid’ type players. ie. Jimmy Graham in New Orleans was literally used more as a WR than TE… I wish Seattle would let him be that here! Instead they waste $10 million last year teaching him how to block…nice, but not a ‘Dynamic’ use of such a formidable weapon.

          I feel McEvoy has the ability to be a WR/TE hybrid with Big Play ability, which he has all ready shown!

          Why doesn’t Seattle run a “TREE Trips package” with Jimmy 6-7, Vannett 6-6, and McEvoy at 6-5… NO team could cover this with Baldwin or Lockett on the field too!

          Obi and the ‘Buffalo’ type player is the defensive response to this new ‘hybrid’ player development… “Tweener” used to be a bad thing, but now they are more like unique chess pieces to play with…

          Thoughts people?

          • Kenny Sloth

            Blockers can be weapons.

            Adding that tool to Jimmy’s arsenal is a-ok by me

            • Hawks22Fun

              Agreed it is nice…it makes him more complete…
              But my point is that on a 3 and 6, down by 4, I want him running routes, not blocking…Vannett or Brandon could do that…

              • Duceyq

                This is so true!

                • McKitrick

                  To Nick’s point at the top of the thread, I don’t think trading up in the 2nd again this year is in the cards. I’m sure the FO thinks the gap from the 4th to the 6th needs to be addressed with at least one of those 3rd rounders to pick up depth and players we have our eyes on that might fall. At least I think that would be the opinion around the league.

                  I say take those 5 picks in the top 106 and continue to build in FA and with UDFA’s.

  3. Totem_Hawk

    Spot on Rob. The more i run through the draft scenarios the more LB in round one seems like a done deal. Not many good LBs in freeagency (unless you like Nick Perry) and Wagner/ Wright playing 97% of defensive snaps is not sustainable.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Would for sure want LB over CB due to the depth. Ramcyck and Bolles seem unrealistic at this point.

  4. Nathan_12thMan

    This is the type of post I love to read. Just a bunch of your biggest and clearest predictions and possibilities.

    It’s interesting to read all the (legit) mock drafts and see either Bolles or Ramcyzk falling to us at 26. Here is a question for you (which would be better to ask right before the draft, after the combine & FA has been open, but oh well):

    Let’s assume (impossible as it may be) that Bolles, Ramcyzk, Budda, Reddick, Obi, etc are all there at 1-26. But you can’t just trade down and grab two from the bunch that are still there. You gotta stay at 1-26. Who do you pick?


    Personally, as awesome as it would be to get basically any of those defenders (Reddick, Obi, etc)…I think you’d have to go Bolles or Ramcyzk given our critical need for talent at OT and the leagues desperate need for OT’s. CB, S, and LB talent are all likely still around in R2 and below but OT talent?

    I’m expecting you to agree but I’d be super curious to see you go in a different direction.

    • Greg Haugsven

      For me, Bolles all day long.

      • Trevor

        Bolles for me too! LTs are the rare commodities coming out of CFB right now. If you can get one run to the podium.

    • bankhawk

      Bolles has to be option one-no equivalents on the horizon for him this year. Option two is Reddick (edges Ramczyck due to injury history-Ramczyk becomes option three).

  5. Sean-O

    I love the idea of ‘Buffalo’ or ‘Big Nickel’ sooner than later in the draft. The defense sorely lacks the “big plays” it’s had in the past. Hell, any freak athlete/playmaker at safety or a LB likes the ones you mentioned above would be great fits. Need to generate more turnovers.

    I doubt there is a big splash in free agency either. But I’d love to see the Hawks make a run at OT Andrew Whitworth. It seems like he’s coming around to playing somewhere other than Cincinnati. A one year deal? Him on the left side then let Gilliam & Fant compete at RT.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Lobe the idea but hate the fact it would be just 1 year. Seems like you have this conversation again in 12 months.

    • Rob Staton

      I just have a hard time imagining the Seahawks signing a player who is 36 this year considering the punishing physical nature of Seattle’s scheme.

    • Dale Roberts

      I think we heard Pete say loud and clear that Fant is their guy. He still has to compete and learn quickly but they are infatuated with Fant and for good reason. If he is the guy then they’ve filled a difficult position for zero draft capital and zero free agency money. If he turns into an all-pro then he’s another Richard Sherman type get for PS and that is the biggest rush for any personnel guy.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      I read CIN intend to prioritize resigning Whitworth over Zeitler.

      Also, Whitworth has stated pretty clearly he prefers to remain a Bengal, as long as he gets to play LT.

  6. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Prediction: DL to OL convert 6th or 7th round pick.

    • Hawks22Fun

      No please, never again! HAHAHA

  7. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Sidenote: Budda Baker has been as high as a top 20 pick in some mock drafts. Some teams might view him as a ET clone… able to play the FS spot.. with speed to burn. Some even are claiming a low 4.3 40 time, which will only enhance his draft stock imo.

    • Rob Staton

      Could certainly see Budda going top-20. Not sure he runs a 4.3 but he should have a decent workout.

      • McKitrick

        I love my Dawgs but I wouldn’t take anyone but Jones in the 1st. Latest BR mock has him going to GB at 29. I doubt he will be available beyond ~15.

        • Rob Staton

          Jones is a top-15 lock IMO

  8. Aaron

    Great article Rob. After the combine we should know for sure which players they’re looking for with that TEF metric. Would rather they address the o line and d line in FA. It would free them up to make the focus of the draft on the back seven on defense. Hoping to come out of FA with 3-4 players (e.g. RT, OG, DT, DE). I don’t think they’re going to be quick to demote Fant to second string LT or RT competition. That’s why I see it more likely they’re going to look for a person to beat out Gilliam at RT in FA.

    • BobbyK

      Did we ever come to any conclusions using TEF why they went with Obi last year over Joel Haeg? If I remember correctly, Haeg was one of the highest ranked TEF guys in the entire draft and he didn’t get picked until the 5th round.

      • Rob Staton

        Odhiambo didn’t perform at the combine as he recovered from a serious injury and he was nowhere near 100% at his pro-day so we kind of wrote off his numbers as unknown. Ditto Joey Hunt.

        • BobbyK

          Gotcha. Thanks.

        • Kenny Sloth

          We knew Cable visited both schools and we assumed both players linemates were the targets!

  9. HawkFan907

    A very possible scenario for me is Rd. 1 – Reddick, Rd. 2 – King, Rd. 3 – Asiata, and Rd. 3 (comp) – Luani. I would be very pleased if it played out that way.

    • Rob Staton

      I could see that.

      Some combinations:

      R1 Reddick or Davis
      R2 Dorian Johnson
      R3 Shalom Luani, Ahkello Witherspoon or Howard Wilson

      R1 Reddick or Davis
      R2 King, Douglas or Wilson (Quincy or Howard)
      R3 Shalom Luani, Taylor Moton or Roderick Johnson

      R1 Melifonwu, Baker or Evans
      R2 Tyus Bowser
      R3 Shalom Luani, Taylor Moton or Roderick Johnson

      For example

      • Trevor

        All those look good and would really upgrade the defense in 2017.

      • HawkFan907

        I like it. Unless Bolles is available at the end of the first somehow, we need to take advantage of the wealth of talent on D this year. If we add an OL in the first two days, and another vet in FA to compete then I’d be satisfied.

        Eric Galko from Optimum Scouting recently rated Bowser as a day 1 prospect, so word about him is getting out fast. Here is hoping he falls to the bottom of the 2nd. The more I watch, the more I like.

    • bankhawk

      That has to be the Dagwood Búmtead-style sandwich of dêfensive drafts! Reddick and Luani for that Buffalo Nickle role, with a legit corner to die for in between! And, Asiata in thêre to put some mustard on it! Lookin gôd thêre, Hawkfan!

  10. Dale Roberts

    All of these scenarios have the top three or four picks going to defense. I understand this is a defense first team and that’s what will keep us in contention. However, last year the offense scored 20 points or less in 8 games and 13 or less in 5 of those. Is it all on the offensive line to change that scoring line? I agree with developing the line using the current athletes. We’ve done too much moving around to get any consistency. That being said, if you were Coach/GM how would you address the scoring issue for 2017?

    • HawkFan907

      I see what you’re getting at. One big thing for me is look at our turnover differential this year compared to the last few years. Points come off turnovers in a big way. It’s no secret we need to fix our running game, but Russ had a solid year despite the injuries. I feel like having an opportunistic bully of a defense puts our O back on the field and gets us those points we were missing last year.

    • Rob Staton

      I did note at the end that it’s plausible the second rounder could be an O-line pick. That is a very real possibility IMO.

      How would I personally address the scoring issue? Get Wilson, Rawls, Prosise and Lockett healthy again for camp.

    • BobbyK

      I would say that 4 of 5 picks in the top three rounds last year went for offense. Offensive players, on average, take longer to develop than defensive players. Two of those third round picks weren’t drafted, imo, with the expectation they would start last year. CJ was drafted to be the third down back (another non-starter).

      There’s no way Vannett was going to play over Graham or Willson last year. But he is/was good insurance for the TE position with Willson most likely to leave via FA after this year (which is about to happen). And if this is the last year of Graham – then Vannett becomes a starter in his third year (or this year if Graham gets hurt).

      The line was supposedly set to be: LT Gilliam, LG Glowinski, C Britt, RG Ifedi, RT Webb. The swing tackle was to be Sowell. Nowhere here was the expectation that Rees would contribute to the OL last year even though he was a third round pick. He was to be quality depth who would push for a job in the future.

      Now some of that young depth may have a chance to play more this year and contribute to the offense. A major progression all by itself is the fact that we return every starter with the possible exception of right tackle.

      Whether we like it or not (I’m fine with it), they like Fant at LT. Instead of not knowing what he plays… he returns as the starting LT. That’s huge. He actually now has experience and is only going to improve.

      Glowinski doesn’t have to switch sides. He played on the right side at West Virginia and mainly backed up Sweezy as a rookie. I read a recent interview from his hometown paper and he talked about how this upcoming season is the first time he knows/understands going into a new season. Year one was the normal rookie stuff. Year two was switching sides but mostly handling the body rigors of a full season. As with many NFL players, past and present, year three is when they truly rock after the development has passed and they are young enough to play at a high level. I’m jacked about Glowinski next year. I don’t expect him to be Pro Bowl good, but I do expect him to be a player that we are happy with. An asset, not liability.

      We were all happy with Britt last year. He’s another guy who is excited about actually knowing where he’s going to play next year. Who wouldn’t be?

      The development of Ifedi is going to be huge. And it’s only natural that players greatly improve from year one to year two.

      Right tackle is the only worry right now. Do they keep Gilliam? Does Rees get a legit shot? Do they sign a veteran? Trade? I think it’s in the best interest of the team for a quality veteran to be added, as that would greatly help a greenhorn like Ifedi, too. However, they have demonstrated they won’t pay superstar money to a decent player. Maybe they go with a Gilliam/Rees competition and make fans mad… but we all had high hopes for Gilliam last year and he had surgery. He wasn’t himself early or mid-year. He played well down the stretch and could this be it was because he was finally playing with two legs (i.e. healthy)?

      The line sucked last year. No doubt. However, every single position on the OL is trending upward from where it was last year. That’s good and huge. Sure, it has nowhere to go but up but every spot is going to take a leap individually based on their ages and experience in those positions. With that being said, the most important aspect is the fact that most of this line is intact and we shouldn’t have to wait for Cable to switch 239 starters again around week three of the pre-season.

      That in and of itself is going to be a huge reason why the offense is going to take a gigantic leap forward this year with basically the same personnel. And a big reason they can afford to go defense early and often. Personally, I expect three of those projected four picks in the first three rounds to be defensive players with the most likely offensive player being a RB.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Ifedi and Gilliam have great chemistry.

        I think we rock 100% same line next year.

        I don’t see a hole. Don’t outdo yourself. Draft and develop, repeat

      • Kenny Sloth

        Yeah RB or WR early for me, too.

        It’s hard to deduce what they are targeting at those positions year to year.

        I never thought they’d take Paul Richardson or Cj Prosise

      • HawkTalker #1

        As much as the talk about the defense and the defensive prospects in the draft has me very excited about the future of the Seahawks and the LOB – I do really love this stuff . . . I still carry heavy reservations about the o-line without some significant changes.

        Although the following story is true, take it with a grain of salt (or dismiss it if needed): In my younger days I played for a soccer team the was very bad. We knew we were bad, the coaches knew we were bad and the parents and fans knew we were bad, but we did have some fun playing. We would not have started for any other team in our league, but we were all our team had. In our first year we didn’t win a single game. Mostly because we were just bad and that means at the core of our problem. Honestly, I don’t think there was one coach or fan that thought, well, they just don’t have a lot of experience yet and to be fair, we have been moving them around in different positions a lot or they would have done better or yeah I know they under-performed this year, but they have potential and if we can just keep them all together and don’t make any positional changes, I’m sure with another year of experience they will be fine next season.

        I just get a similar feeling about the Hawks o-line. Trust me, I have my toes, fingers and everything else crossed and am hopeful that the FO and coaches will make the right decision and things will be better this year. On one hand I do know that offensive positions can take longer to grow into and become more skilled at playing. On the other hand, I also know doing the same thing and expecting different results is a flavor of insanity. I know Fant was a basketball project seen to have a lot of potential and Ifedi was a rookie and so on and so on down the line, literally.

        Based on the defensive draft possibilities, part of me wants the Hawks to address the o-line issues outside of the draft so get some of the studs we want (and get all buffalo ready), but the other says we need some quality draft help on the line this year that will transition to next giving us the ability to let us run the ball, pass and just have Russ survive.

        The o-line has been a tormenting subject this year, to the point where I have enjoyed taking a break (somewhat) from it and talking more D and D prospects of late. Thanks for enduring my o-line rant and for the continued great posts!!

        • Kenny Sloth

          I would like to take one or two depth olineman

        • BobbyK

          If players are bad I can totally see this. Like the Seahawks WRs of somewhere between ’08-’10. Jordan Kent, Logan Payne, and that Taylor I think from Auburn. All were touted as supposedly being good and needing time to develop. Well, they were absolutely terrible.

          The thing is that I see none of that in Glowinski or Ifedi. Glowinski is going to be a really good player, imo. And there’s no reason Ifedi can’t play in a Pro Bowl or two. We all like Britt at center. I really like our interior moving forward.

          I do have my worries about Fant. However, based on everything Carroll has said… it really doesn’t do us much good to “hope” they get a good veteran because they seem intent on going with him at LT next season.

          That leaves RT. Some like Gilliam. Some don’t. That’s my biggest question mark. I like him because he’s going to be playing for a contract and he was good the last month of the season. I don’t like him because he’s been a liability plenty of the time, too. He’s an example of the soccer team you’re talking about – you know he’s not good and yet he keeps playing. I can see the pros and cons with him, but I see zero cons with Glowinski, Britt, and Ifedi in the middle of our line.

      • Old but Slow

        Great post, as usual BobbyK. It seems to me that in the sixties and seventies the expectation for offensive linemen was that it would take 3 years to play well. Most rookies were backups at first (and by the way, much smaller; 270 was large then). That said, I agree that we need to go with the guys we have, perhaps a FA vet for stability or something. And, add some OL depth later in the draft and udfa.

        Bobby, now that you worked so hard to get Kenny in the Hall, do you have another crusade? Good job, by the way.

        • BobbyK

          Thank you. No new crusades planned at the moment. 🙂

      • Aaron

        The line doesn’t need to be blown up, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t be mad with a new RT and depth/competition throughout. I’m still not sold on Gilliam being our RT, but I really like where Fant could go in his development. It’s about time we settle on a group and let them grow together. Britt has a shot at being a pro bowler next year, and I agree that Glow is going to take a big step. Ifedi has all the physical tools to be a perennial pro bowler. Many fans are going to be really upset if we don’t go big on a FA LT, forgetting that those types of contracts really put you in a bind.

      • Sea Mode

        Great stuff, Bobby.

        Unless we are getting one of the top tackles, I don’t see how throwing any rookie into the mix is going to help our line this year.

        We’ve banked on young, cheap players growing together with coaching. There’s no turning back now.

      • Dale Roberts

        BobbyK we’re on the same page with the O-line. The impetus was to get athletes that could compete with the superior athletic ability of today’s defensive lines. That has been accomplished. Now, we need the one thing the Hawks haven’t done well with the O-line which is having the patience to stop fiddling.

        I also have an issue with play calling. Many times last year a successful series of runs would be followed by a series with zero running plays called. The line and backs were never really allowed to get into a rhythm and gain confidence. The Detroit game showed that this line can dominate given correct play calling. They also used a slightly different blocking technique in that game. Establish the running game as a top five attack and the rest will follow.

    • bankhawk

      I feel ya, Dale. However lets not dícount the litany of injury-induced factors that limited offensive production last season. Start with uncertainty as JG was eased back from serious ịnury. And we had only a taste of what a healthy CJ Prosise could mean to this O..

      Now factor in the difference a healthy RW, legs AND pectoral injury-would have made to the run game (teams having to respect and game plan for read option not to mention straight up production Russ has shown in the ground game in the past). How much stress would that have taken off Rawls hímelf hampered half the season, it seemed). AND play action deep shots?

      Now, Tylock going down? Icing on a nightmare cake? Maybe we can say Russ ịnuries were bound to happen with protection (or lack thêreof) he í forced to operate under. But hey, the most stellar O-line in football saw Romo go down in successive years.To a point, ịnuries are football.

      Now, envision a 2016 where none of that current was running against us. The synergy would have been breathtaking. Who knows what might have been? But dont get me wrong-if some plum falls in our laps as far á a skills-position selection-sure, snatch it! Just that ít an overwhelmingly dêfense-laden draft and Pete feels we do have needs thêre. Fate is offering up some nice looking lemons and it is a pretty hot day…

      • BobbyK

        Lets not forget Ifedi looked like a star of training camp and then had the high ankle sprain which ruined his early season progress (and some line cohesion, too). Then the revolving door with Sowell starting too much, too.

        • McKitrick

          I have to put the lackluster scoring this year squarely on Bevell.

          We consistently abandon the run too early and we need to utilize Jimmy in the RedZone.

          Stay cool under pressure and stick to a game plan.

  11. Hawk Eye

    great write up Rob. No idea where you find the time to do it, I barely have time to read it and make the odd comment. But keep them coming 🙂

  12. JakeB

    Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks did a mock draft on their podcast today, one guy making the even picks and the other making odds. Doesn’t mean much before free agency, but Bolles and Reddick were still there at 26 (along with Bowser, Budda, Tre White). Regardless how things truly shake out there should be some exciting names available. They gave us Bolles, but they had started talking about him coming off the board at #10.

    • Rob Staton

      That’ll be the issue. Someone will take Bolles in the top-15 picks.

      • JakeB

        FWIW I don’t think Tim Williams was selected

  13. Nate

    So you’re saying Haason Reddick is going to be a Baltimore Raven?

    • Rob Staton


  14. KD

    What’s the impression of Joe Williams (RB Utah)? I haven’t seen him on anyone’s rankings, possibly because people are afraid that he doesn’t have the heart to play after his “retirement”, but PFF had an article detailing why it happened, and nothing seems to be amiss for the long term. Good size, speed, vision, etc.

    • Old but Slow

      As I understand it, ball security is a biggie and he couldn’t catch a cold. Helluva runner, though, with sprinter speed and attitude.

    • Rob Staton

      The articles about him this week were a clear PR exercise.

      I think he has some talent. He’s quick and tough. There are things to like. The retirement does bother me though as do the fumbles.

  15. michigan12th

    Thanks again Rob, unfortunately I think your spot on with this. I really had my hopes on seeing Dontari Poe come through the the tunnel with Hawks blue and green but Oh well that’s life. I always thought no way we would land Campbell. Here’s for hoping we gather another game changer whether on offense or defense in this draft.

  16. pqlqi

    I can’t source it, but I’m pretty sure this FO doesn’t believe in using the franchise tag.

    • Kenny Sloth

      John Schneider said he prefers to lock guys up

      • Old but Slow

        Does that make him the sheriff?

        • Kenny Sloth

          You didnt know?? (;

    • Rob Staton

      I think they’d happily use it. It’d be madness not to for the right situation. And Graham in a years time, considering the small TE tag number, would be an ideal candidate.

      • Sea Mode

        I had not thought of that, but that is actually a great option financially for the Hawks. If nothing else, it at least gives them a lot of leverage in extension talks if they do happen.

  17. EranUngar

    correct me if i’m wrong –

    The SAM/LEO and the BUFFALO/BIG NICKLE are playing the same position. They are the 11th guy added to the basic 4-2-4.

    When you are strong at one of those roles, that player will get his high share of snaps and the others will play less and have a minor effect. The 3 down SAM is actually playing “big nickle” on that 3rd down.

    If that is the case, picking Reddik or any other 3 down SAM makes a big nickle high pick a bit redundant. If you pick your 3 down SAM, you should go CB, OL, DL afterwards.

    On the other hand, If you pick that big nickle with your top pick, you may still want an edge LEO/LB but picking a 3 down SAM becomes a lower priority.

    • Rob Staton

      This is too matter of fact Eran. For starters, a ‘big nickel’ is a safety. So you’re not wasting a third round pick on a redundant position. Seattle needs safety depth. They drafted Nick Vannett in round three a year ago as TE depth.

      Secondly, there will be some specific games when you want the big nickel playing. That might be against a key TE or big slot receiver. The match-up might dictate you use the big nickel instead. And we’ve talked about Seattle wanting to lessen the work load for Wagner and Wright at linebacker, so it’s not improbable we saw a rotation there sometimes and the big nickel playing.

      This doesn’t have to be an either/or in the slightest.

      • EranUngar

        I see the need for both players. I am not sure they will go big nickle/ 3 down SAM with the first two picks.

        Reddik with the top pick and Luani as the 3rd/4th pick makes perfect sense. Melifonwu, Baker or Evans in the first followed by Cunnigham in the 2nd – not so much.

        • EranUngar

          In other words, you need/can use both types but you will rarely use both together. (only when spelling Wags/K.J. on passing downs…

        • Rob Staton

          Nobody has suggested they will go SAM and big nickle with the first two picks.

  18. Spirite Seahawk

    Just thought I’d add that unfortunately nowhere have I seen Irvin’s possible comp be higher than the 4th round.

  19. Kenny Sloth

    Job interview at Microsoft Redmond, wish me luck, y’all

    • EranUngar

      Good luck Kenny. My older son works for Microsoft Israel.

      • Kenny Sloth

        It’s just a cook job, but the benefits and pay scale are top notch!!

        • Redhawk87

          Good luck! Which building? I’m in 121

          • Kenny Sloth

            Cafe 43 my man!

            Come grab a burger in a week or so!!

    • Trevor

      Good Luck Kenny!

    • Sea Mode

      Wait, would that mean more or less guest posts from you…? Just kidding! Go get ’em!

      • Kenny Sloth

        All that bus time from Tacoma?

        Yeah, It means more 😉

        • Trevor

          You need to ask them for one of those new Surface Books those are sweet!

    • Rob Staton

      All the best Kenny

    • Kenny Sloth

      That SDB love really did it.

      They’re starting me at 17 an hour xO

      Friggin’ Blessed!!!

      • Rob Staton

        Excellent news

        • Kenny Sloth

          My buddies work up here too.

          Positively beaming!!

          • Sea Mode

            Happy for you

          • Trevor


  20. Trevor

    I think one dark horse to keep an eye on in Rd #1 is Adoree Jackson.

    I know he may not have the length Pete loves but the Hawks love unique athletes and this guy is one of the most unique and gifted in this draft class. He is going to absolutely blow up the combine in the running / jumping events. I would not be at all surprised if he set a SPARQ record. He has run a 10.3 100 meter in competition and is the PAC 10 long jump champ.

    He would be the perfect lot corner to start and is one of the only guys coming out in a long time with similar range to Earl to eventually replace him a FS. He is also a great competitor and plays with passion. He is also a ball hawk who turns the ball over. He needs work on technique as sometimes he relies too much on his athleticism but who better to teach him than Pete and Kris Richards.

    He also adds incredible value in the return game.

    I think after the combine he will be a top 20 pick but if not I think he is a guy to keep an eye on.

    • Ishmael

      A 10.3 hundred is RAPID. That’s proper pace.

      His SQARQ numbers from 2013 aren’t out of control though, at 5′ 9.5″, 182 lbs he did a 4.44 40, 4.09 short shuttle, 39 powerball and 36.6 vert for a SPARQ of 122.7. It’s very good, but in that same class Nick Chubb put up 143.91 and Speedy Noil had a SPARQ of 153.51 (!!!)

      Noil is going to absolutely ruin the combine. He’s apparently put up a 45+ vert before which is just… obscene. Take a late round swing at him?

      • Kenny Sloth

        I swear that name crossed my mind a few weeks into the season and I was like… “That can’t be a real name!!!! That must have been one of those randomly generated names for Madden draft picks!”

        Imagine my surprise when I saw him darting around irl

        I said “….Noil huh…”

    • D-OZ

      Adoree Jackson is one of those player’s the Hawks love so much. He can play the slot, play outside, jet sweep’s, and is a fantastic return man. Insurance for Tyler. You know he is on Pete’s radar. Very much so, I think.

    • Rob Staton

      He is an option but will likely need to be 5-11 and not sub 5-10 as suggested by Tony Pauline — and he can’t have Cam Sutton arms. If he somehow passes the 32-inch arms test and is 5-11 he should very much be on the radar. I wrote an unpublished piece about him a few days ago and might add it to a notes piece today.

      • Trevor

        That would be appreciated.

  21. Trevor

    What happens with the Comp picks if the Broncos pick up Okungs contract?

    • Sea Mode

      The folks at OTC have a note on him:

      “Very similar to Beachum, Russell Okung, formerly of the Seahawks, signed a deal with the Broncos on March 17 that was initially reported as a five year, $53 million contract for an APY of $10.6 million. However, like Beachum, the Broncos contain a team option on all but the first year. I’m projecting that his APY for the compensatory formula will be only $4 million ($2 million base salary plus a $2 million roster bonus, but not including a $1 million workout bonus) and thus Okung is projected to be valued as a 6th rounder. However, as with Beachum, if I’m wrong on Okung he will be valued as a 3rd rounder and impact comp picks for both Denver and Seattle.

      If the entirety of Russell Okung’s contract is counted, Seattle will get a 3rd for him instead of a 5th for JR Sweezy.”

      • Trevor

        That would be sweet.

        Seems like a long shot but thier OL is almost as much of a mess as ours and perhaps theu keep if if they do not see better options. Unfortunately if they do they would likely re-work the deal and then who knows how it affects the comp pick.

  22. Wall Up

    I agree with the logic of going LB with there 1st pick, if Bowles is not available. Another thing to consider when selecting that potential LB, whether WILL or SAM, is their length. Bruce Irvin had 33.38 in arms, Bobby Wagner has 33 in arms and KJ Wright has 34.75 in arms, yes 34.74 inches!!

    I say this because length of their LB group enables them to cover lanes that may be just out of reach by others in their zone scheme. This could be an important element in determining their possible selection for that future SAM/WILL or MLB.

    Reddick’s arm length is 32.25. This could be a determining factor in their selection, whether we like it or not. The question for debate is whether arm length is a criterion for determining a selection, as is the case for CBs? Viewing from history, I say YES.

    • Sea Mode

      While it’s no secret that the Hawks love length, I would think that elite athleticism could make up for an inch in at the SAM spot.

      Would be interesting in this case to know Malcolm Smith’s arm length, but I couldn’t find it. I wouldn’t try looking too much to find a Bruce Irvin comp. You will be hard pressed cause he is a total freak.

      Either way, Deion Jones has 32 3/8. Reddick has 32 1/8. I think that’s the speedy LB profile we are looking for.

  23. EP

    Irrespective of who we eventually draft I am very much looking ahead to the coming season. Healthy Russel Wilson, healthy Early Thomas and Richard Sherman at 100%. Not to mention an O line with a years experience and a few exciting young running backs. Add a couple of free agents and a good draft class for that. If we managed to go 10-5-1 and make the divisional round considering the shape we were in last year with the inconsistency and injuries. Next year could be a very exciting year indeed. Let’s just hope teams pass on reddick and he falls to us at 26. Wouldn’t mind Kevin king as well.

  24. Sea Mode

    Interesting notes from Pauline on the OG class:

    “How many offensive guards could be selected during the draft’s first round? It could be more than anyone expects.

    Most teams across the league believe the offensive line as a unit is probably the weakest area of the draft from both a quality and quantity perspective. As a result, some of the higher-rated prospects and even those in the middle rounds will be overdrafted.

    Though final boards have yet to be assembled, there is a belief that two or possibly even three guards could end up in Round 1.

    Similar to many teams, Dorian Johnson of Pittsburgh presently grades as our top-ranked guard. Dan Feeney is not far behind in my opinion, and several teams list the Indiana product as the top guard in the draft.

    As it stands now, both have the distinct possibility of being selected during the first round.

    If there is a third guard selected at the end of Round 1 or the opening stages of Round 2, it’s going to be Forrest Lamp of Western Kentucky.”

    Wouldn’t a couple OG in R1 be great to push more players down to the Hawks!

    • Trevor

      I think if any Guards like Lamp, Johnson and Feeney go in Rd #1 it would be late. I can’t see the Hawks taking a G in Rd#1 again if they plan to keep Ifedi at RG as Pete stated.

      I loved the pick of Ifedi last yer when I thought he was going to be our RT of the future. If the plan really is to keep him as an RG then it was a very poor 1st round pick IMO but that is water under the bridge now.

      I don’t think the Hawks will take a G in RD #1 and the only team in front of them who perhaps could would be the Texans or Broncos but who knows.

  25. Sea Mode

    Per Tony Pauline:

    “D’Onta Foreman of Texas has been running swift times during combine training. The big back has tipped the scales around 235 pounds and is clocking in the low-to-mid 4.5s in the forty, an exceptional time.”

    All you Foreman fans from the last couple months, come out!

    • Trevor

      I am not a huge fan but if he can run a low 4.5 you have to think the Hawks would like his running style.

    • Kenny Sloth

      We need a back with legit size on the roster

      • Trevor

        That is for sure and with some durability. We have struggled in short yardage the last couple of years.

        That is why I thought a guy like Blount would be a great FA RB addition.

      • Sea Mode

        Here’s some gifs:

        • Kenny Sloth

          He’d be a great pick for the Raiders

    • Ed

      Present and accounted for. Think a RB is a big need.

      1st Foreman
      2nd Bowser/Anazlone
      3rd Luani
      3rd Witherspoon

      Gives a starting caliber RB with short yardage ability and still fill the LB, CB, S needs.

      • Trevor

        That would be another sold draft.

        This really is a deep draft in the 1st two days.

      • Rob Staton

        Foreman is nowhere near physical enough for the Seahawks. Quick for his size — but so soft running up the middle.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Yeah the size/speed makes you drool, but we don’t need another finesse back.

          I can’t say I wouldn’t be excited if we picked him in the SECOND, but only because it would mean I was incorrect in my projection of his upside.

          Hood is probably your best bet for a day two back.

          Very physical, but roughly the same size as Rawls to my eye.

          Pete went on record saying his ideal back played like Rawls, but packed about 20 more lbs. and several inches taller.

          D’Onta Foreman only fulfills half of that requirement.

          Of course if they believe in his ability (and their own) to develop his power and trucking, it could be an easy decision to take a player with a sky high ceiling.

          We’ve seen them take incomplete players, but rarely do they take Soft players.

          • Bayahawk

            He reminds me of Robert Turbin in how easily he can be brought down by a defender hitting him in the lower leg.

            Pass on Foreman.

            • Kenny Sloth


          • Ishmael

            Plays like Rawls but bigger? Pete’s out here looking for the second coming of Bo.

            Wouldn’t mind them having a look at either Hood or Perrine. Don’t love either of them, but good enough to do a job.

            • Kenny Sloth

              I agree with you there. And it’s not like we’re afraid of taking talented role players.

              We need a professional rookie backup 😀

              • McKitrick

                I say go after a veteran FA at a discount at RB. Rawls has the fire in him, he just needs to take it play by play, take what they give him and not beat himself up over missed opportunities. Really hope he can stay healthy next year. He is all gas pedal.

  26. LeoSharp

    The Seahawks had multiple/significant injuries this season at every position group. Many before the season even started or very early on in the year.
    compared to the other playoff teams i looks quite significant

    With Wagner and Wright playing so many snaps, an injury to either player would have been extremely damaging to the defense. The LB group probably has the biggest discrepancy between the starters and the depth behind them and likely another reason Pete wants to add guys who can legitimately compete with them.

    • Kenny Sloth

      If they think a player will be an upgrade to the depth, they’ll take him no questions asked.

      You don’t have to be a starter to make an impact

  27. Hawkfaninmt

    For now I would be happy with:

    LT- Russell Okung
    WR- Robert Woods
    DL- Jabaal Sheard, Lawrence Guy
    CB- Dre Kirkpatrick

    Mike Morgan


    1st- Jarred Davis LB
    2nd- Kevin King CB
    3rd- Shalom Luani SS
    3rd- Isaac Asiata OG

    • Trevor

      Like the draft a lot.

      I am leary of bringing in a vet DB like Kirkpatrick however. I love the re-signing of Reece and would like ot keep Mcray too but I doubt we will be able to afford him as he likely will want the chance to start.

    • Sea Mode

      Looks good to me, but do we really have enough cap space to pull all that off?

      Okung- $8-9m
      Woods- $7-8m
      Sheard- $6-8m
      Guy- $1.5m
      Kirkpatrick- $8-10m

      I think you are going to have to sacrifice a couple and hold off on JG extension. Plus, as Rob pointed out, we have JG at $10m this year (no dead money) and $9.1m on the tag next year if they can’t work something out long-term. That’s a lot of leverage for the Hawks, so the only way he gets an extension is if he takes a discount.

      • Hawkfaninmt

        Going to have to do some re-thinking on this!

        I misjudged the value on some of the FA targets. I though dre would be 4-5 apy, and Sheard would be closer to 4-5M… some adjustments coming for sure!

  28. GoHawks5151

    Really hope Reddick is there at 26. There is really nothing to fear as far as usage. Played a lot of nickel with Lane due to necessity and putting the best 11 out there. Reddick, or someone like him, gives them the ability to play a bit more like the past. He can drop back in coverge (Malcom Smith) or rush (Irvin)

    Rob, a question. A lot of talk about Kevin King being freaky enough for Seattle to use a first pick. If no better options and King and Sidney Jones are still there at 26, who do you take? This may have been discussed but is Jones “freaky” enough for Seattle?

    • Kenny Sloth

      Sid Jones IV needs to add some weight, but may have as high a ceiling as any corner in this class..

      Top three with Lattimore and Humphries. At that point it’s personal flavor

      Humphries looks to be a zone guy, Jones struggles with strength at the L.O.S.

      Lattimore…. He’s just dope.

      • GoHawks5151

        Cool. Agree on Lattimore

        • Kenny Sloth

          All my opinions.

          Rob may feel differently, but I can’t help but compare Sid Jones to Sherman when I watch him.

          Long and sticky (oh geez) he is a suffocating corner, but can be beat on the release.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Lol beat on the release

            OH GEEZ

  29. Ed

    Although not announced until March, Clayton says Hawks will get 3rd (Irvin) and 5th (Sweezy), that’s it. Won’t get anything for Okung.

    • Rob Staton

      The Sweezy 5th will turn into another 3rd if Denver keeps Okung. However, nobody expects Denver to keep Okung.

      • Ed

        One time I will be rooting for Denver.

  30. Trevor

    I was thinking about it and with the depth in this draft I really like the chances of us getting a truly unique athlete at #26. With that in mind heading into the Combine the 5 Players who I would love to see us take in order if available are.

    #1 Garrett Bolles- One of two true LT tackle prospects in the draft along with Ryan R. What I love about Bolles is his athleticism and nastiness in the run game. Have to think Cable would love him and that he would be an ideal fit in our ZBS run scheme. He looks to have good length and his footwork for a guy with only one year starting in CFB is really good IMO. People will cite his age as a negative but he has low mileage on his body with one year at JUCO then 1 yr at Utah. Also has no injury issues.

    He is an absolutely no brainer pick if he is on the board and IMO the only player in the draft I would trade up to get. There are so few legit OT prospects coming out of college that if the Hawks could get Bolles it would be a huge coup. That being said I think after the combine there is every chance he could be a top 10 pick.

    #2 Hassan Reddick – I love the backstory and the fact that he was a walk on who became the team captain and inspiration leader at Temple has to appeal to PC/ JS. He was tremendously productive as an edge rusher. His performance at the Senior Bowl covering RBs and TEs was what really sold me on him however. He is a true 3 down linebacker and and LB corp of Redick,Wags, and KJ would be scary good.

    #3 David Njoku – Only 20 yrs old and really raw but an absolute freak. Great size, strength and speed. OJ Howard is the prototype TE in this draft but Njoku has off the charts potential. The idea of lining him up with Graham, Baldwin and Locket would give the Hawks an unstoppable combination of mismatches all over the field. Of all the players at the combine he is the guy I want to see most.

    With Graham in a contract year this pick actually makes sense if the Hawks don’t plan on extending him. Either way he is an incredibly unique offensive weapon that would be a great pick.

    #4 Obi Melinofwu – Another size, length speed freak. He can play either safety spot or perhaps even CB if needed. Looked much better than expected at the senior bowl. He is not nearly as raw as I expected. We know the Hawks love length and size in the secondary and no one provides more of that in this draft than Obi. Rob outlined yesterday the flexibility a guy like him would give the Hawks on defense.

    #5 Adoree Jackson – Truly special athlete who just happens to also be the best returner in the draft. Watching him move around the field it looks so effortless. Has some of the best range I have seen from a DB since Earl. He does not have the height and length the hawks look for so he may not be picked because of that but I love his potential as a slot corner / returner to start and legit replacement for Earl long term with the range to succeed in our scheme.

    Others Players who were in consideration (Kevin King, Joe Mixon, Buddah Baker, Taco Charlton, Montavius Adams)

    Would love to get other posters top 5 in order of preference and what makes the player unique.

  31. Kenny Sloth

    Hey, Vol, if you see this and have a little free time, I’d love to see some kind of running list for our visits and interviews down the line.

    I feel this is an excellent reference point for targets.

    It seems we are aware of them meeting with half of their picks every year.

    Leaders, locals, interviews, athletes.

    That’s a great frame of reference

    • Kenny Sloth

      And you’re just so in-the-loop about these things every year.

  32. C-Dog

    Super Hot Take.

    The Miami Dolphins decide not to trade for Julius Thomas. Why? Because John Schneider has gotten on the phone asks about Byron Maxwell, and it leads to deep discussions. In a stunner, Seattle swaps Graham for Maxwell and Miami’s 3th round pick. They resign Luke Willson.

    Seattle stays a little patient in FA, and it pays off. They agree to terms with Dontari Poe on a two year Cliff Arvil type of deal, who with a down couple years, found his market cooler much than expected. They add another former first round name player in Eddie Lacy after a positive workout. They add former Raider RT Menelik Watson, who Cable likes his physical profile.

    With the 26th pick of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks select Jarrad Davis, linebacker, Florida.

    26: R1P26

    71: R3P7

    90: R3P26

    98: R3P34

    105: R3P41

    111: R4P6

    184: R5P39

    211: R6P26

    229: R7P8

    Davis spends time on the field at SAM and also comfortably spelling Bobby and KJ with a design down the line to potentially take over WILL with KJ moving back to the SAM spot he had when he started his career.

    Seattle does a trade with the QB hungry Chargers that gets them picks 71 and 111 in R4. They take the best corner available in Tankersly at 71, and with three other picks in R3, they select Ifedi’s college buddy Gennesy to compete at OT, Cal WR Hansen to compete with Kearse and add another redone target, and the draft single high safety Thompson to back up ET and possibly work in their version of the Buffalo defense.

    R4 they take a Jordan Hill-ish pass rush nose in Tanzel Smart. They get a R5 steal in Joe Mathias to play the rush SAM. They spend late round picks to provide depth at RB in Hood, and TE in Washington’s own WR TE convert Darrell Daniels.

    Seattle aggressively addresses depth and quality at LB with Davis and Mathias. They aggressively attack cornerback bringing back a former player and drafting the position higher than they ever have. They aggressively add to their interior DL with the addition of Poe and Smart. They aggressively address the run game by taking a flyer on Lacy, drafting Hood and adding one tackle in FA and another through the draft. They also address their red zone offensive blemishes by taking former PAC 12’ers Hansen and Daniels in the draft.

    • Kenny Sloth

      That’s a wildly expensive offseason, I think.

      Trading Jimmy for ByMax and a 3rd is three steps back.

      Jimmy Graham is probably like a top twenty tight end, all time.

      On a good day he’s the best TE in the league. And that boy got a lot of good days left.

      • C-Dog

        That’s why we call it a hot take. In this wild scenario, Seattle decides they would rather get back to their defensive DNA, and an offense that runs more. They decide Graham is expendable for that to happen.

    • Ed

      I thought they did trade for him though, just in separate deals.

      • C-Dog

        Don’t think it’s official yet.

  33. Hawks22Fun

    So it seems this to be close to our draft picks with COMPS added in:

    R1 – #26
    R2 – #58
    R3 – #90, COMP #105
    R4 – NONE (Traded to NE, Quinton Jefferson)
    R5 – NFL stole it for heads hitting (Stupid), COMP #185
    R6 – #212
    R7 – Unclear Yet…Ours to OAK, Panthers to SEA, ???

    The COMP pick numbers may not be perfect, but pretty close…

    So we have 4 picks inside #105… If we went CB, LB, Buffalo Nickel, OL…I would be totally ecstatic!!!

    Appears without a trade down, we only have 2 picks after R3…


    • Ed

      First 3 I agree with, last one for me would be BPA WR/S/CB/OL/DL.

  34. nichansen01

    My first round mock:

    Browns: Myles Garret
    49ers: Mitch Trubisky
    Bears: Jonathan Allen
    Jaguars: Leonard Fournette
    Titans: Marshon Lattimore
    Jets: Malik Hooker
    Chargers: Jamal Adams
    Panthers: Garret Bolles
    Bengals: Rueben Foster
    Bills: Sidney Jones
    Saints: Marlon Humphrey
    Browns: Quincy Wilson
    Cardinals: Pat Mahomes
    Colts: Dalvin Cook
    Eagles: Mike Williams
    Ravens: Taco Charlton
    Redskins: Solomon Thomas
    Titans: John Ross
    Bucs: Charles Harris
    Broncos: Ryan Ramcyk
    Lions: Teez Tabor
    Dolphins: Hasson Reddick
    Giants: Zach Cunningham
    Raiders: Jarrad Davis
    Texans: Cam Robinson
    Seahawks: Obi Melifonwu
    Cheifs: Budda Baker
    Cowboys: Derek Barnett
    Packers: Takkarist Mckinley
    Steelers: Tim Williams
    Falcons: Adoree Jackson
    Patriots: OJ Howard


    • Hawks22Fun

      Looks solid to me. If we only had a crystal ball and could know what ‘trades’ will occur.

      Obi is more and more appealing daily…see what his 40 is here soon…

      I also like the Jags taking Fournette…I think it would save Bortles’ Job…

    • Ed

      Mahomes gets a big jump. If it falls that way, maybe Seattle trades back with Browns/Bears/Jets/Chargers for Watson or Kizer.

    • Sea Mode

      No Njoku (swap for Cam Robinson maybe?) and Solomon Thomas falling too far IMO, but otherwise seems quite possible.

      • nichansen01

        A first round tight end is usually a luxury pick. I considered having Howard go to New York and the pats take Njoku but New York has a pressing need for inside linebackers.

    • Misfit74

      I think we’re gonna be surprised how high McKinley goes. I think a lot of those are good fits, picks. Njoku is a first round lock, in my view. QB Kizer is going early. Probably before Mahomes. Watson may also go round 1.

      • Misfit74

        I think the Giants would love one of the top 2 TEs over a LB, a position much easier to fill in other rounds, despite my love for Cunningham.

        • nichansen01

          The giants could definetly use a tight end, but all the quality linebackers are kind of gone after the first and early second. And linebacker is a very big need for New York.
          For quarterbacks it’s hard for me to tell, unlike earlier years. I considered having the browns and the bills both take quarterbacks.

  35. Kenny Sloth

    My hot take of the day;

    Someone is going to take a huge gamble on Deshone Kizer.

    If he isn’t taken in the first frame, he will go early in the second.

    • Misfit74

      En fuego

      Kizer will go top 5~15, easily.

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