Seahawks seven round mock draft

The projection

R1/2 — Running back (one of Ronald Jones II, Nick Chubb or Kerryon Johnson)
R3 — Dalton Schultz (TE, Stanford)
R4 — Leon Jacobs (LB, Wisconsin)
R5 — Tyquan Lewis (DE, Ohio State)
R5 — Tre Flowers (DB, Oklahoma State)
R5 — Dorian O’Daniel (LB, Clemson)
R5 — Jordan Thomas (CB, Oklahoma)
R7 — Natrell Jamerson (S, Wisconsin)
R7 — Chase Edmonds (RB, Fordham)

Round one — #18
Trade down

It feels inevitable the Seahawks will trade down. The value in this draft will come in rounds 2-3. With no pick currently in either round, Seattle is highly likely to try and acquire some stock in that range. They could trade down into the late first or early second. What can they get in return? The only precedent we have is the 2013 trade between Dallas and San Francisco. The Niners moved from #31 to #18 and gave up a relatively early third round pick.

First pick — R1/2
Running back

Many fans will want the Seahawks to consider adding an O-liner here. It’s a very valid position to take. This is an extremely good class for interior offensive lineman. We’ve talked a lot recently about the possibility of Isaiah Wynn or Will Hernandez. Both players could be a consideration.

However, if the Seahawks retain Earl Thomas and don’t add extra picks in the second or third round, they’ll be limited. Having already spent a bounty of high draft picks on Duane Brown, Ethan Pocic, Germain Ifedi, Justin Britt and Rees Odhiambo, they might feel it’s time to invest in a different area of the team. They’re also creating the kind of cap room that could enable them to sign a veteran in free agency.

‘Getting by’ at running back hasn’t worked for two straight years. For all the talk about ‘finding running backs anywhere’, Seattle’s collection of mid/late round picks, UDFA’s and free agents haven’t brought about a solution. They were at their best when they had a consistent, physical, reliable running back with exceptional skill. It’s time to find another and this is the draft class to do it.

With their first pick in this seven round projection, the Seahawks select one of Ronald Jones II, Kerryon Johnson or Nick Chubb.

Round three — acquired via trading down in round one
Dalton Schultz (TE, Stanford)

The Seahawks need to address the tight end position at some stage, possibly with a rookie and a free agent. Jimmy Graham is on the way out and Luke Willson is also hitting the market. They could re-sign Willson or another veteran. That could be a blocking TE like Virgil Green or Niles Paul. It’s also quite possible they will spend a high pick on the position.

Schultz’s main responsibility at Stanford was to block. He frequently opened up lanes for Bryce Love and was a major factor in the running game. The Seahawks need someone who can be a factor as a blocker and make the occasional chain-moving catch.

Zach Miller did this job superbly and Schultz had a very similar combine:

Zach Miller
Height: 6-4
Weight: 256
Arm length: 32
Hand size: 10
Forty: 4.86
Vertical: 34
Broad: 9-7
Bench: 16 (pro day)
Short shuttle: 4.42
Three cone: 7.01

Dalton Schultz
Height: 6-5
Weight: 244
Arm length: 31 1/4
Hand size: 9.5
Forty: 4.75
Vertical: DNP
Broad: 10-0
Bench: 15
Short shuttle: 4.40
Three cone: 7.00

They’re particularly similar in the short shuttle and three cone plus their explosive testing and size/length are similar. Schultz was quite a bit quicker in the forty.

Round four
Leon Jacobs (LB, Wisconsin)

The Seahawks love speed at linebacker. Jacobs was one of the few to run particularly well at the combine, recording a superb 4.48 at 6-1 and 246lbs. He also jumped a 34.5 inch vertical and managed a 10-2 broad jump. He’s explosive and fast and also has good length (33.5 inch arms). Jacobs put up 26 reps on the bench press (second only to Malik Jefferson among linebackers). His short shuttle time (4.44) was similar to K.J. Wright’s (4.46). After re-watching some Wisconsin yesterday, Jacobs plays with real intensity. He’s a hitter with good closing speed and he can offer some value as a pass rusher. He could be an option to play strongside linebacker.

Round five
Defense time

This isn’t a bad round to own four picks. There will be some value on defense in this range. The four players I’m projecting are Tyquan Lewis (DE, Ohio State), Tre Flowers (DB, Oklahoma State), Dorian O’Daniel (LB, Clemson) and Jordan Thomas (CB, Oklahoma).

Tyquan Lewis had an explosive workout at the combine (35.5 inch vertical, 10-2 broad jump) and has the ideal size to play inside/out (6-3, 270lbs). He also has 34 inch arms. Lewis had a strong Senior Bowl and is a mature, well spoken individual. He could develop quickly into a strong voice on the team.

Tre Flowers competed as a safety at the combine but looks every bit a cornerback. He’s 6-3 and 200lbs with 34 inch arms. He ran a 4.45 forty and managed a 34.5 inch vertical and a 10-2 broad. He’s long and lean and as soon as he started working out in Indianapolis, he just looked like a Seahawks cornerback project.

Dorian O’Daniel is a skull collector on special teams. He’s not the biggest (6-0, 223lbs) or the fastest (4.61) but he ran an excellent 4.07 short shuttle and a 6.64 three cone. These short area tests are vital for linebackers (highlighted here) and O’Daniel found a way to make plays for Clemson in 2017 (11.5 TFL’s, two interceptions, two touchdowns).

Jordan Thomas is 6-0 and 187lbs and has 32 inch arms. He only ran a 4.64 forty but he became only the fifth player since 2010 to run a sub-four second short shuttle (3.94) with 32 inch arms (joining Kevin King, Byron Jones, Tye Smith and DeAndre Elliott). His short shuttle (6.28) is the fastest in 10 years at the combine by an enormous 0.16 seconds. Thomas has some issues but there’s a lot to work with here.

Round seven
Natrell Jamerson (S, Wisconsin) & Chase Edmonds (RB, Fordham)

Wisconsin’s Natrell Jamerson is another fantastic special teams player. Seattle’s special teams wasn’t good enough last year for many reasons and I’ve deliberately looked for players who excelled in that area. Jamerson can return kicks and is an excellent gunner. He had 20 special teams tackles on kickoff coverage. He’s also rangy, running a 4.40 at 5-10 and 201lbs. Jamerson added an impressive 25 reps on the bench press (pretty incredible at his weight) plus a 35.5 inch vertical and 10-0 broad.

Yesterday Tony Pauline reported the Seahawks sent a number of people to watch Chase Edmonds perform at his pro day:

Fordham running back Chase Edmonds stood on most of his combine numbers but looked terrific in position drills, especially catching the ball, for the 18 teams who were on hand. Edmonds ran more than a dozen routes coming out of the backfield as well as lining up as a receiver. He did re-run the 3 cone (6.89s) and short shuttle (4.00s).

The Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons sent multiple people to watch Edmonds’ workout and the running back spent time with the New York Jets, New York Giants and Tennessee Titans.

Edmonds is smaller than they’ve drafted previously (5-9, 205lbs) but he’s also reasonably explosive (34 inch vertical, 10-2 broad). It could indicate they are looking for a complimentary back of this size. For what it’s worth, Ronald Jones II is also 205lbs. Perhaps if they don’t get Jones II they’ll look for a similar runner?

No offensive linemen!?!
If it doesn’t happen early, it might not happen. At the end of the day, they have a collection of highly drafted linemen already. Unless they’re planning major changes to the line, they might be looking to fill one or two spots only. And they might want a more veteran-influenced O-line. So it’s possible they address this next week and focus on other areas. It’s not necessarily what I would do — but they’re limited with their solitary early pick.

What else could it mean for free agency?

— If they plan to draft Ronald Jones II, potentially they could pair him with a bigger veteran like Carlos Hyde or Jonathan Stewart.

— Re-sign Bradley McDougald or consider adding Eric Reid.

— Sign a receiver (Marqise Lee?) and a veteran tight end (or re-sign Luke Willson). They might add a big target too.

— Find some veteran D-line options. With the freed cap room they might be able to retain Sheldon Richardson but they might prefer the 2019 comp pick. Luckily this is one area where they have a proven track record (Clemons, Bennett, Avril, Clark, Jordan). If Ndamukong Suh is cut, would the Seahawks look at him? It wouldn’t cost a comp pick.

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  1. Nick

    Excellent stuff. You’re so right: RoJo, Chubb, or Kerryon are the three running backs SEA has to be looking at. I would be shocked if we left this draft without one of them. Seems like Kerryon is getting slept on quite a bit.

    I could imagine them trading into the early to late 40s if they move to the start of Rd 2 and both RoJo and Chubb are gone. Kerryon has a very good shot of still being there.

  2. Bill Bobaggins

    First look at Leon Jacobs for me. Dude looks like a freak. Rob, why would he last until round 4? What’s the downside?

    • Rob Staton

      Took time to become a starter. Needs developing. Will be a project. But he’s the type Seattle might think they can coach up to deliver on his incredible potential.

    • Kenny Sloth

      Didn’t drop a ton, not a natural pass rusher.

      He’s a tweener for me, but thats who we like

    • Jeremy

      Reading up a bit on Jacobs, he also played some fullback….🤔. It says he could use more seasoning and experience. I like this guy a lot, hope he lasts until the 5th

      • Jeremy

        And for the life of me I can’t find his 10 yard split anywhere. Rob, you’re right, the NFL needs to do the combine better!

  3. Rawls

    Signing a left guard in free agency like Josh Sitton would let us spend draft capital on defense/rb instead.

    • Rawls

      It might cost a comp pick but I think it would be a net positive.

      • Brett

        I am pretty sure Sitton was released so signing him would not factor into the comp pick equation. He’s one of the guys I’ve had my eye on.

        • Logan Lynch

          He actually would cost a comp pick. Some semantics thing in his deal. He wasn’t released, his team option wasn’t exercised or something like that.

          • Brett

            Ok. Makes him way less compelling to me depending on his deal and how that alters the composition picks we would receive next year.

    • Mike L

      yup..would love a left side of the line of Brown, Sitton and Britt. Draft one of those stud rookie rb’s we’ve been talking about and the running game is fixed.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Just Pugh one year deal $8 million. I agree, that then lets us address the RB position and attack the defense.

  4. Unitas77

    Rob with limited draft resources and not many quality d-lineman in the draft. I think the first pick will be either a 3 tech dt or a leo type to rush the passer. Free agency will tell us more, but I think they believe in Chris Carson and to some extent CJ Prosise. You can add ano9ther rookie later in the draft. Without Bennett, Avril, Richardson, and question marks around Malik they have to add quality to the d line.

    • Rob Staton

      I might be wrong — but I don’t see any way what so ever that the Seahawks think they can cure their running game by rolling with Carson and Prosise. Not even the slightest chance IMO.

      On the other hand, they’ve consistently found value and ways to reload the DL and I think they’ll be able to do that again without a high pick.

      • Brett

        Not disagreeing but the counter is they have also shown a willingness to spend high picks on dline as well. A lot will happen in FA before the draft. Will show a lot in terms of what they will focus on in the draft.

        • Rob Staton

          A fair point. I just think on this occasion there are two factors to consider:

          1. The repeated mentions of the need to fix the running game as a priority
          2. The draft class itself which is weighted towards OL/RB/LB early and defense later

          There’s also not really a defender I think warrants pairing with Seattle early. The DL’s Seattle has taken early are freaks of nature. Bruce Irvin ran a 4.4. So did Bobby Wagner. Frank Clark had a sensational combine and so did Malik McDowell. Unique size, speed types. In this draft class they just aren’t there early.

          • Isaac

            If d’ron Payne or vita vea make it to 18 do you see the hawks staying at 18? Seems possible just not probable.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t think it’s possible for Vita Vea to make it to #18. It gets suggested a lot but it’s a total non-starter IMO. The same as Tremaine Edmunds won’t last to #18. Both will be long gone.

              No realistic option at #18 would make me want to stay put. They have one pick in the first three rounds and they need to get into the round 2-3 range where the value is.

      • Mexican Hawk

        I see your logic. Scary to repeat the Lacy experiment that had such devastating results (blew a season up), but just like going for it all with Richardson and Duane Brown (and it not working out at least for past season) you can’t work afraid. What you can do is learn, so I know were you are coming from.

        I just think they might go RB via Free Agency (at least mid tier) and the back that they might try to protect themselves from would be Prosise more than Carson. This to have a backup plan for brittle Prosise. I don’t know why I really believe in Chris Carson as a bonafide #1 not just decent. The injury thing only the people in the building truly know. Seems like Fant is a bit away (also mostly unproven), Carson same issue so I get it.

        My take, stomach churning I know:
        Carson, Gore, Prosise, Davis and McKissic (or two others)
        Carson, Stewart, Prosise, Davis and McKissic (or two others)
        Carson, Dion Lewis, Prosise, Davis and McKissic (or two others)

        Personally like option # 3 if they go this route. Not sure on price, but if they go rookie RB I would be really up for that as well just as long as they can get 1 more above average OL via any method.

        But I get it if the above fails, season is totally lost. So see the Chubb/Jones argument and love both.

        They will contend next year, maybe closer to average than elite (many many things would need to turn their way for an elite sason), but getting cap in order and getting culture to where they want are the priorities for next season. As we have seen the Rams, Eagles and even Cowboys turned their teams around rather quickly.

        Not missing on draft picks also key: GET QUALITY PLAYERS, DON’T DRAFT SOLELY FOR POSITION, DON’T REACH. Imperative for Hawks to remember they are not 1 PLAYER AWAY. Last year maybe. Richardson happened because of McDowell even though Rich way above Mc. Brown because of Fant, both definite upgrades though expensive.

        QUALITY over everything. I would not pass on any position even LB, DE, CB or S where I had a top 5 grade on over just getting your 13th pick on your board for example. With the caveat that their CB drafting history is pretty clear (as per rounds), etc.

        I know the quality over everything (even need) needs to be juxtaposed to Pete’s run the football mantra. That’s the interesting part.

        It’s gonna be an awesome week ahead.

        • Mexican Hawk

          Even if I drafted Delano last year for example if I have a top 5 grade on Derwin I would pull trigger if he is there. Just an example though I think like Vita he might go earlier. Delano you can move or have him as a backup. Idea is to get a loaded roster, even if some holes at beginning (1-53) with 5-15 elite players.

        • Mexican Hawk

          Shudder to state, just saying: Isaiah Crowell, but more Rex Burkhead. DeMarco I think is old. Just thoughts.

          Much prefer a Carson/Ronald Jones II backfield.

          Does Prosise have any trade value?

          • mishima

            Maybe to the Red Cross.

  5. Sea Mode

    Wow, Jacobs looks amazing! Contributes on the edge and holds more than his own in coverage. And those are some great combine numbers. Great find!

    And thank you for not immediately stamping a R2 grade on him. Just because we like a guy doesn’t mean he will be gone in the first 3 rounds! I feel like sometimes we do that to ourselves whenever we find what could be a (somewhat) hidden gem.

    I also agree on taking one of those 3 RBs early and skipping OL if we must (or leaving it to FA).

    • Kenny Sloth

      He’s a total tweener without much footage of his decent coverage

      Splits the gap, but has terrible hand fighting.

  6. Magmatizer

    Sherman was just released by the Hawks. Perhaps the injury was bad enough that he didn’t hold trade value. Still, it’s not a move I like to see considering how much he’s given to the organization.

    • Drew

      Apparently he’s going to start running on the treadmill next week.

      I think it was more out of respect for him that they didn’t ship him off for a late round pick. Plus they still want to be in contention to re-sign him. They are giving him the opportunity of free agency but will be involved. Sherman said they needed the flexibility for free agency ($11M). Curious as to who they might pursue.

  7. Joseph

    Rob, the later rounds seems like the sweet spot for drafting a RB, NO?🤔

  8. Nick

    Also, oh my goodness. The overreaction to this whole “rebuild” year is getting ridiculous. I cannot wait for us to kick ass and win the NFCW this year. That would be sublime.

    • Bill Bobaggins

      Totally agree man. The Patriots do something very similar nearly every year. I believe Rob mentioned it, they build around a couple of key pieces (RW, Wagner, maybe ET). You don’t “rebuild” when you have a franchise QB in his prime. You restructure around him.

      I think PC wants to get young guys in to buy back into the compete forever philosophy without any chatter from the vets who’ve heard it for years. Time to watch Shaq be great.

      • Volume12

        Love the optimism, but here’s the thing. The defense is now going through the same makeover this offense went through. And than what happened.

        • BobbyK

          Young defensive players take less time, on average, to make an impact…

        • Bill Bobaggins

          Agreed, but hopefully they’ve learned their lesson on how the offensive “rebuild” was a total disaster. A lot of new coaches in the building as well.

          • mishima

            Still a disaster: Too many mid-round picks on JAG/OL (Glow, Poole, Odhiambo, et al.) and bad trades for skill posiitions (Harvin and JFG).

            That said, I have total confidence in PC rebuilding a dominant defense, esp. LOB 2.0.

      • Steele

        “The Patriots do something very similar nearly every year”. Part true, part not quite. And not something that is necessarily positive. What the Hawks are going to do this season is already looking like the biggest rebuild/restructure since the start of the Carroll era. The system is not the same as Belichick’s, and AFC East isn’t the same as NFC West. The Pats’ system doesn’t always work, either. Witness them losing the SB to the Eagles because they lacked quality depth., because they didn’t replenish well enough in the last offseason.

        I think both the Hawks and Pats are facing problems at the moment.

        • Isaac

          Um they still made it to the super bowl. You don’t see that as successful.

    • Volume12

      NE also played and built around Tom Brady’s strengths. Seattle has wasted RW’s talents 2 years in a row. NE would never.

      • Greg Haugsven

        If the offense could be more efficient and keep the defense off the field we should be OK. If the defense is out there a long time we could be in Barney.

      • peter

        also new England plays in a joke show of a division, not one with a serious existing contender and another team moving as fast as possible as s an Francisco to get good.

        • 503Hawk


        • BobbyK

          Yes. Look at the history of QBs in the division with Tom Brady. No team in that division has ever had a good QB for any extended period of time.

          It’s like two forces collide: 1. The Pats are great, but, 2. They got lucky never having to have serious contenders to fight for the division title through all these years.

          • peter

            Ridiculous to think their hardest battles came to an end with a guy who invented the butt fumble.

            Even Seattle had to overcome the Niners who were rolling for a little while.

  9. Mike L

    Two Badgers ?? I love this draft!!! ;<)

  10. Trevor

    Interesting Mock Rob. Really like the picks of Lewis, Jacobs.

    The only RB of that trio I would want to take with our 1st pick is Ronald Jones because he has the potential to be a game changing dynamic player.

    I like Kerryon Johnson a lot but think he will be available in Rd #3. Chubb would be option # 4 for me after Sony Michel.

  11. AndrewP

    Rob: An objection and a question…

    Object: Schultz in RD 3. The arm strength is just too off-putting for me to pounce in RD3 with ‘our’ second overall pick… Now, if they trade down a couple of times from 18 and acquire two picks in the 3rd, I’m more open to it.

    Curious: Why does a guy as accomplished and athletic as Jacobs last into the middle of RD4?

    • AndrewP

      See the question answered above. So I guess all I have is a slight objection.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Think I personally might want Smythe or Dissly later on but we are splitting hairs.

        • AndrewP

          I don’t think that’s splitting hairs at all. Right now, they have one pick in the top 120 (although that is certainly likely to change). Anyone they take early had better check a lot of boxes, and Schultz, while intriguing, doesn’t check enough for me with his reception #s and short arms.

          Again, if they get multiple picks between 18/120, ok, then I’m more comfortable. But as of right now it would take several trade down and filling of either needs were I running the show (which thank god I am not).

          • Rob Staton

            The short arms, in fairness, didn’t stop him becoming an excellent blocker at Stanford.

            • Hawk Eye

              I would rather have short arms, technique and tenacity from a blocking tight end, than long arms and no effort, or bad technique. TE does not have to run block for 3 or 4 seconds like a tackle or guard on passing downs, so the shorter arms are less of a deficiency

            • AndrewP

              A counterpoint (feeling feisty today); NFL is a different animal than the (arguably recently down) PAC 12.

              • Rob Staton

                Well, all college football is a different animal to the NFL to be fair.

                • drewdawg11

                  Will Dissly could definitely do the job in the run game, and he will go later. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind doubling up with Schultz and Dissly and make sure that our 3 TE sets with Vannett are outstanding when we need a yard. I do love the athletic LB project a lot. I really want Chubb, I really want an upgraded LB, and I think we do need help at used, but if we don’t get a pick, we can’t get everything.

                  • Hawktalker#1

                    Not sure Seattle can afford to tight ends with the number of needs they have and their limited draft capital.

                  • drewdawg11

                    They absolutely could. Late round picks aren’t exactly major draft capital.

  12. Trevor

    With the release of Sherm, trade of Bennett and likely release of Avril and Chancellor I really think the Hawks best option is to move on from Earl as well if he wants a big $ extension.

    If they can get a 2nd and 3rd fro him from say Dallas or SD then it will basically replace all the draft capital we lost from the Richardson and Brown trades and give us a ton of flexibility heading into the draft.

    His $8.5 million in cap space could be used to sign Mcdougald and Reid. Which would not be a bad Safety duo or the could address Safety in this draft again which looks like a solid group.

    • Drew

      Dallas doesn’t have the cap room.

      • Trevor

        We had no cap space 2 days ago.

      • Trevor

        All they have to do is cut Dez Bryant as has been speculated

        • Volume12

          You didn’t hear? Rumors are, every player in the league may be traded, released, or just kept. 😉

          • Greg Haugsven

            just wonder if the trade market wont let them trade Earl. Teams just dont want to trade draft capital for an aging player. It almost appears like they have no choice but to extend him because they will never get what they want in a trade.

            • Hawk Eye

              2 mediocre players instead of a still in his prime HOF’r?
              I will disagree. Pay your best guys, and don’t overpay the average ones

              • peter

                they did pay their best players and here they are cutting them for nothing, trading them for fifth round picks, and watching two leave to career ending injuries one of which will be getting paid to not play……it’s a cheap deal either way. Hope earl doesn’t get hurt. Hope the rest of the defensive backs keep improving.

                Hope the team can find some pass rush. and some extra third down stopping power.

              • Trevor

                Hate to disagree but Earl is not in his prime and certainly won’t be in 3 years.

                I agree completely he is a HOFer but this team is not winning an SB next year. If you are going to rebuild I say go all in and rebuild with youth.

                If they still had Sherm, Bennett, Avril and Kam to take one more run then I agree extend Earl. Not now however IMO.

                • EBurgz

                  Since when is earl not in his prime? He was in 2017. If that wasn’t his prime I’d still take it. I watch the games so you won’t be able to convince me otherwise. I know, it’s scary paying guys the money they are worth because guys get hurt playing football sometimes. He is still the best safety in the game for my money. Anyone we sign could get hurt, atleast earl has been very durable historically.

              • Patrick Toler

                I agree with this, though of course there are always exceptions. Pay your studs, not average starters. Are either McDougald or Reid better than average? I don’t think so. There are some situations that paying an average player might make sense, but not when that money could go to a stud who is still the key to their defense.

  13. All I see is 12s

    Just thinking out loud : what if the dolphins cut Suh? Let SR walk- get the comp pick-up and sign Suh, maybe for cheaper ( he’s older.) just a thought. He’s a NW guy and was reputed to want to be here in ’15.

    • Drew

      I’d rather have Sheldon.

      • BobbyK

        Seriously? You’d rather have Sheldon than Suh? Wow!

    • Patrick Toler

      The dolphins can’t afford to pay Suh at his $26M cap hit this season – and will he accept a restructuring? I do think he hits the market, and I do think the Seahawks will pursue him. Pete and John love super talented players and guys with a nasty attitude. Is he willing to buy in? He’s an intense competitor, too intense perhaps sometimes. I think there is a very reasonable chance he ends up in Seattle, which would obviously be a very high upside signing. Maybe a team with a tone of cap room throws a ton of money at him in the first couple of years.

      • BobbyK

        Didn’t realize I wrote about it a few years ago (I did).

  14. Drew

    I love the Rd 4 and 5 picks.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I agree, those are my favorite two as well.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I like a lot of those later picks. Its fun to see a few players that I Don’t know about. That Wisconsin Linebacker Jacobs? Sign me up. Sounds like a good tackler. Love it. That safety Jamerson in the 7th is intriguing, and he is also from Wisconsin.

  15. Austin Hall

    I would really like this draft. I’d be really excited to get KJ, Chubb, or RJ, and they won’t last long. Seahawks fill most of their needs with this draft as long as they can sign Maxwell, Sheldon Richardson and a veteran to compete on the interior O Line.

  16. Icehawk

    Anyone know how our cap space is looking now after the release of Sherm,Lane and Bennett?

    • Rob Staton

      About $30m. Will be nearer $40m when Avril departs.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        $38.17m in cap space with Avril leaving too.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Before Bennett $13.1 million (46 on the roster)
          After Bennett $15.3 (45)
          Add Marcus Johnson $14.75 (46)
          release Sherman $25.75 (45)
          release Lane $30.5 (44)

          Answer is $30.5 with only 44 players on the roster.

          • Patrick Toler

            And they might cut Thorpe and Ryan, which would save another $3.8M (I think). We’ve got money, but of course not nearly as much as some teams. How much do we need to set aside for rookies, DL, and whatnot?

  17. Volume12

    Seattle has 1 corner under contract? They betting on Shaq covering the other 2 spots?

    • Mike L

      Pretty weak group of NFC West receivers (outside of Seattle) anyways..we’ll just use our plethora of safeties on them..


      • Volume12


    • Trevor

      I thought Elliott was still under contract? I assume they plan to RFA tender Coleman then try and bring Maxi and Shead back. But who knows at this point

      • Volume12

        All this player movement, amdmy big takeaway? Still zero day 2 picks.

        • Dylanlep

          Its probably going to take a couple years Vol, that is our reality right now

          • Volume12

            I agree my man. I’m expecting a good, not great season. It is what it is at this point. Pool your resources for 2019 and let the chips fall where they may for this year.

            • Dylanlep

              Yep, there are some positives. We have Russell and Bobby and some nice younger players (who I wouldn’t call game changers per se, but good young pieces). And by taking the pain now they should go to 2019 w a lot of cap space.

              That, plus this still being an attractive destination due to the qb, coach and fan base should allow them to add some pieces. And then it really comes down to whether they can get back on track drafting that will determine whether they can be players again. Hope they get it right.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Yep Elliott, Thorpe, along with Tyson and Carter,who might be safeties, are all under contratct. Agreed that Maxi and/or Shead will be back. Coleman is a no brainer to keep.

  18. Awsi Dooger

    Sorry, but plugging holes accomplishes absolutely nothing. Seattle needs the next wave of great players. Every emphasis needs to be along those lines. One great player is more valuable than six plugged holes.

    I am older than most fans here so I’ve seen this dynamic play out countless times. When one of my favorite teams is obviously over the hill after a great stretch, the tendency is denial, and to hang on via patching here and patching there.

    No chance. It’s done. Accept it. Otherwise you are merely fooling yourself. The next era only happens if truly great players are acquired. More often than not that won’t happen either. The regime chances and you are left with fond memories of the guys who did get it done — 5 years ago, then 15…

    A quick restoration is exponentially more available in college than pro, with those 30 first round draft picks.

    New England is not a good reference point for anyone. Talk about a monumental waste of time. Every time I see a whispy desire to emulate the Patriots I have to laugh.

    Belichick/Brady is the ultimate outlier. And outliers mean nothing. Only bar stool fools care about outliers as opposed to the wave.

    • Rob Staton

      Errrr…. OK?

    • Volume12

      I agree to a certain extent. The comparison to NE is silly. Often imitated but never duplicated.

      And this is the end of an era.

      As much as I joke about this team, it’s about Seattle going away from problematic and Pete starting, not from scratch, but a do over if you will. The inmates were beginning to run the asylum. Pete’s message and philosophy is lost on the majority of older players. How can they buy into the ‘rah, rah, everything is great’ when life and the game has beaten them down?

      It can be done. Buffalo is a great current example. But, they aren’t SB contenders for a reason. Because your right, it does take time. And so will this.

      • Bill Bobaggins

        I don’t think there are any “comparisons” to the way NE does it. It’s a reference point. You get rid of a couple of guys and fans start yelling “rebuild” and the indication is that means we’re back to we were in 2010 before PC and JS. That’s ridiculous. The point about NE is that you can use two or three core superstars and not have to spend $97M on defense to field a competitive team THIS YEAR.

        • Volume12

          Competitive being the operative word.

    • BobbyK

      When you have a franchise QB in his prime, that’s almost like having a separate set of rules.

  19. Volume12

    Richard Sherman will forever own the most iconic play in Seahawks history (pretty sure it was 1st down too). He will be missed.

    • Trevor


    • BobbyK


  20. Mike L

    Jamerson (7th round pick) might be a decent candidate for a conversion to cornerback for the Hawks (instead of safety). 4.40 speed and 32 5/8 arm length..

    • Rob Staton

      Only 5-10 though

      • FresnoBrad

        Future FS & Tre as a future CB Wonder if the Alabama DB Gunner can play FS. We could also pass on Da Shawn Hand and draft one of those quick DT to play Elephant.

  21. Sea Mode

    Watching Jacobs just brings to mind the kind of speed and attitude we want on defense. So I wanted to profile a guy I watched today who was not at the combine and who I think could have a serious shot at competing with Delano Hill for Kam’s SS spot. He’s not as big as Kam, but is a touch faster and has the length and is similar in so many ways on the field.

    SS Tray Matthews, Auburn
    6006, 213, 33.125 arm, 78.125 wing, 8.25 hand
    35.5 vert, 10’1″ broad, 22 bench, 4.54 40yd

    Kam Chancellor
    6032, 231, 33 arm, 76.5 wing, 9.5 hand
    32.0 vert, 9’08” broad, 22 bench, 4.59 40yd

    Delano Hill
    6010, 216, 32 1/8 arm, 77.5 wingspan, 9.375 hand
    33.5 vert, 9’7″ broad, 17 bench, 4.47 40yd, 4.27 SS, 6.96 3C

    Go ahead and watch the 2016 highlights (just keep in mind he is playing through 2 torn labrums… dude’s tough.) He’s #28 in your program.

    2016 highlights:

    vs. UCF 2017:

    vs. Clemson 2017:

    Here’s what his Auburn DC had to say about him:

    “He’s a quarterback; he runs it,” Steele said. “He’s the CEO of running things, and he really understands what we’re going conceptually and where his fits are and where everybody else’s fits are.”

    Sounds a lot like “Chancellor of Operations” to me…

    And here’s a quote from a teammate:

    “Tray has always been that guy that flies around with energy and wants to hit everything moving with the football,” defensive back Josh Holsey said. “He’s still that same Tray and that probably won’t change no time soon. So he’s working just as hard. He’s got a vengeance now. I don’t think he thinks about those shoulders anymore. He’s out there still wanting to hit everybody moving.”

    He was a 4-star recruit coming out of HS and played his first year at Georgia before being kicked off the team. He cashed a scholarship check twice along with a couple other teammates and was reportedly disrespectful to a teacher on the last day of classes. Here’s a clear rundown on that latter incident if you are interested:

    Anyway, I think those are probably immaturity things more than anything and I found no reported issues at all from his following 3 years at Auburn. Per Lance Zierlein: “scouts say he has matured and grown at Auburn.”

    Here’s what Jonah Tuls of NDT Scouting had to say about him after his Senior Bowl week performance:

    Tray Matthews is one of the biggest surprises of the entire Senior Bowl week for me so far. At Auburn, he was used as a pseudo-linebacker in their defense. This week however, he has proven that he is more than capable of effectively covering tight ends in the box in man coverage. His reactionary quickness and click and close ability is miles better than I thought it would be. Combine this with the fact that he just looks like a physical freak on the field, and you might have someone to watch here in the coming months. He’s looking more and more like a player who can play full-time safety at the next level, in addition to the moneybacker role he played at Auburn, prompting me to list him as one of the players I need to watch again after the Senior Bowl.

    From his interviews I thought he spoke fairly well and you can see how he would be a communicator on the field and Alpha dog in the locker room as well. He’s an academic standout, already has his degree and is pursuing Masters.

    As for overcoming adversity, from another bio:

    Started 10 games as a sophomore missing multiple games due to shoulder injuries which required surgeries in the postseason. Lost 30 pounds after [2015] surgery and was confined to sleeping in a chair to prevent aggravation. During this time contemplated quitting football. Started 13 games as a junior. [and 13 as a Senior] Has two siblings. Known as chatty and obnoxious with a mischievous charm as a teenager. Early in his college career his coaches called him a knucklehead who enjoyed the spotlight on and off the field.

    He turns 24 in October, so I don’t think he would cost more than a R5 pick, probably even later since the Safety class is so deep and he has the past medical concerns. Could be an option to add competition at that spot along with maybe Tony Brown.

    • Nick

      Incredible analysis. Thank you!

    • Volume12

      Now comp Vandy’s Oren Burkes to Kam and look how eerily similar those 2 are.

      • FresnoBrad

        Yup definitely envision us draft LB for SS, SS for CB, and CB for FS

      • Sea Mode

        Holy cow, you’re right! (as usual… 😉 )

        Worked out with the LBs at the combine. Anyway, here’s the comp for everybody:

        Kam: 6032, 231, 33 arm, 76.5 wing, 9.5 hand, 32.0 vert, 9’08” broad, 22 bench, 4.59 40yd
        Oren: 6031, 233, 33.375, 79.5 wing, 9.125 h, 39.5 vert, 10’11” broad, 18 bench, 4.59 40yd

        That’s downright scary. And he’s considerably more explosive in the jumps than Kam was.

        Tell me more…

        • Rob Staton

          Had Oren Burks down as an option. Not only a short shuttle that could interest them as a linebacker — but I believe he has some history of playing safety too.

        • Volume12

          Yeah, played safety there except his SR season. Extremely intelligent, was president of the student council. Film junkie, called plays from the safety position, excellent tackling technique. Has 3 years of starting experience at multiple positions in the SEC, never had injuries IIRC. Was a late addition to the SR bowl and fit right in.

          Just a really smart, sound, versatile defender.

    • Patrick Toler

      Thanks for sharing!

  22. Greg Haugsven

    I would be very disappointed if they didnt either get a quality interior lineman early or a quality defensive lineman if they addressed the OL in free agency.

    • Rob Staton

      Limited picks though. Might’ve been a more likely option in the mock if they had all their day two picks.

      As it is, they’re going to have to find value at some positions or use FA. And the DL is the one area in FA they’ve had some success (Clemons, Bennett, Avril).

      • Greg Haugsven

        Personally I would rather them use that third rounder on a guy like Sweat or Ejiafor type of guy and use one of the fifths on a blocking TE. Good debate though.

        • Rob Staton

          Not seen anything from Ejiofor to think he warrants a pick that high. Day three at the moment IMO.

          Sweat I can see based on potential but the recent talk is he’ll go R2. Injury history bothers me.

          • Greg Haugsven

            It wouldnt need to be either of those two guys. I was just throwing out some names. How about Dorrance Armstrong or Rasheem Green?

            • Rob Staton

              Not sold on Armstrong. Nearly ran a 4.9 at 257lbs. Had a 1.7 split. That is slower than guys like Da’Ron Payne and B.J. Hill.

              Green will go top-40 I think.

              • Greg Haugsven

                He did have a terrible 40 time but his 20 yard was 4.23 and his 3 cone was 7.12 which is a much better showing than his 40 time.

                • Rob Staton

                  The 4.23 is fine but if he’s playing EDGE at that size, hard to see the Seahawks being interested with such a disappointing 10 and 40 yard time. Their EDGE guys have been really quick.

  23. Kevin

    I think this is a pretty good analysis. These are really hard to predict and I think you have put valuable players where they probably should be drafted. I do disagree on one point. I would expect the Seahawks to draft a FB/H-back type player in later rounds. They tend to take a swing on a player like that in later rounds every few years, and while there is likely to be value for UDFA, I think a flyer in the later rounds could provide a good player of that ilk. Also, a player like that might move the Seahawks back toward the kind of running game like the Marshawn Lynch glory days.

    Rob, are there any players you have seen that might fill that role?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Jaylen Samuels could be a candidate for that role.

      • Sea Mode

        +1 for Jaylen Samuels all day every day.

        Can also double as RB as well. Perfectly fits the size/explosiveness molds that Rob was talking about in his post-combine piece. Tons of versatility as an OW.

        5-11, 225, 4.55 40yd, 34.5 vert, 10’1″ broad

        • peter

          It’s interesting how Samuels is viewed to have played at his potential where as ballage, obviously, has not.

          although oddly they are not very far off of each other both in stats and at the combine.

          I wonder if ballage could be a flyer type to hedge against prosise. Both he and Samuels are nearly as effective runners as pass catchers.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Washington’s Coleman, probably end up as UDFA.

  24. icb12

    Anyone else think that Carolina might be a landing spot for Sherman?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’ll really limit the options to a select few teams. Dallas would seem likely. New England. Possibly one of the California teams.

      • Patrick Toler

        San Diego makes a ton of sense. Gus is the DC. Great pass rush should be attractive to him. A team with a veteran QB that is close to contending (though they can never seem to get it together for a whole season). All the same reasons I thought they would make sense if we traded Earl.

        • 80SLargent

          *Los Angeles* Chargers. That’s still hard for me to get used to.

    • TatupuTime

      I’m mentally preparing for it to be NE.

      • FresnoBrad

        If NE does not get Sherman they’re in a bind. They should have traded us a good pick. So far NE has got it’s butt kicked in FA. Bennett was a huge loss for them, Aquib Taleb was another loss. At this rate NE is going Lane will be their starting CB. They still have to retain their LT.

  25. BobbyK

    When Nick Vannett came out, he was considered the best blocking TE in that draft class. If they can sign another blocking TE to back him up – I think that would be okay. They do need guys who can seal the edge. No doubt.

    Willson has too many concussions to think I hope he comes back. Would probably be cheap though (for that reason).

  26. Jason

    Rob and everyone,

    If Hawks trade back into late 1st/early 2nd who would have to be available for you to not go RB?

    • Rob Staton

      There are alternatives for sure. Not convinced there’s a player at any point you ‘have to have’ to ignore a certain position. I could list several names I like for Seattle — eg Isaiah Wynn, Billy Price, Will Hernandez — that aren’t RB’s. But ultimately the Seahawks are limited in what they can do here with only one pick in the first three rounds. Trading down will only likely net them an extra pick in that range.

      • FresnoBrad

        We have got to acquire a 2nd or 3rd or both predraft to really crush it this draft.

        • Rob Staton

          Well there’s only one way to do that.

          • mishima

            They will (fingers crossed).

  27. neil

    Can some one explain to me why they passed up a 3rd round pick from the Patriots for Bennett ? If you are a good negotiator you would have used that leverage to get the Eagles to pony up a third. What’s that old saying ? ” nice guys finish last ” Truly odd for a team that desperately needs 2nd and 3rd round picks.

    • Mac

      Because we can’t have nice things!

      • FresnoBrad

        We need WR speed on the outside Marcus is “locked and loaded” ready to go if he passes physical. The story is once NE made the 3rd round offer Schneider told Philly he needs more or he’s going with NE that’s when Philly added a 5th to Marcus or added Marcus to the fifth to close the deal. Reported Atlanta, TB and Cleveland were after Bennett.
        So we know Cleveland, TB, NE, Atlanta, and possibly Saints are looking for an Elephant DE along with us. Saints don’t have a second and TB is desperate for OL except LG.

        • Rob Staton

          Malik McDowell might be the elephant for all we know. Nobody has said anything about him. Not optimistic but we have no idea what his situation is.

  28. Donald

    Are there any kickers worthy of a draft pick?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Daniel Carlson from Auburn maybe, Eddie Pineiro from Florida.

      • FresnoBrad

        Someone mentioned Indians kicker they said he’s the best of the 3. I think we’re definitely drafting a punter too

        • FresnoBrad

          Indiana Hoosiers kicker

          • JimQ

            PK-Griffin Oakes, Indiana. should be available Rd-7/UDFA. Accuracy + not a head case. IMO, this is the best place kicker of the bunch and the Seahawks have a big need at this position. Check his stats, he’s better than Carlson and more than equal to Pineiro in FG%, but has had zero hype and will most likely go sometime in the late Rd-7/UDFA range & Pineiro will likely go earlier (Rd-6/7).

            • FresnoBrad

              I was mocking 2 5ths for Kicker & Punter. Jim Q I feel so much better now. What’s your take on Punter? If we trade Ryan during/after camp it will save us $$

    • Kenny Sloth

      <<<<<<<Matt Gay, Utah

      Rodrigo Blankenship, Georgia

      Trevor Moore North Texas

  29. Matt

    Fantastic work Rob. I’m going to be contrarian, however.

    I think RB will be the target next year. Why? I think 2018 is a gap year for Seattle. I don’t think they are going to mail the season in, but I do think there is an air of “this year is a transition.” For that reason, I think they will go with more of a core type of player in R1 (or the trade down). I think it will either be a core DL or OL, or perhaps a blue chip defender who slides down (Roquan Smith, Davenport, etc) due to the number of QBs.

    While I love this RB class and think RB is an important position; I do think it’s necessary to draft a position that needs a season or 2 to click into gear. I feel confident that we can slide in a day 1 or 2 RB in 2019 with a legitimate shot of competing for a Super Bowl. I just think we are on the outside looking (this year) and it would behoove us to go after a position that will need more seasoning.

    I would love one of those RBs, but I think we are dangerously close to becoming the 3rd most talented team in the NFC West. We need a serious infusion of talent at some core spots. Plug in the RB when this team is actually good enough to win a Super Bowl, not simply hoping to eek into the playoffs.

    • Rob Staton

      I really struggle with this thinking though, Matt. Considering it’s a good draft early for RB’s and not for DL (it’s decent at interior OL) — you’re fighting the draft, giving up on 2018 and pushing a need (RB) into a weaker class.

      I also don’t think the situation is as bad as people think. They still have the best QB in the NFC West. They still have Bobby Wagner, K.J., Earl. They aren’t as good as 2013 (of course) but put a running game on the field to support the defense and they can be competitive just not necessarily one of the fancied teams. But who truly fancied Minnesota with Keenum or the Eagles with Foles??

      • Matt

        All great points Rob and I don’t disagree with any of it. I am curious what you’d think of my scenario below.

        And just to clear the record – I don’t think the situation is dire, but I do think that if they aren’t willing to make some bold moves, we could be caught in 7-9 win purgatory, despite having a great QB. My perspective is more about taking a one year hit knowing you have a valuable trade piece in ET AND a great QB who still has a lot of years left to play at a high level.

        Keep up the great work!

    • Matt

      This is a big reason why I’m on the trade Earl Thomas train. What I’d personally love to see is:

      #18 – Trade Down
      #19 (acquired from DAL for ET) – Trade Down

      Trade down twice and get Will Hernandez and Billy Price in late R1.
      Those trades net us a couple 3rds. Package a 3rd and two 5ths to move up and grab Nick Chubb or Ronald Jones in early R2. I’d also like to see us package a 3rd and a 5th to get Duke Ejiofor

      R1 – LG Will Hernandez
      R1 – C Billy Price
      R2 – RB Nick Chubb or Ronald Jones
      R2 – DE Duke Ejiofor
      R4 – LB Leon Jacobs
      R5 – DB Trey Flowers

      I know this is drastic, but I think a draft like this would totally change the direction of this franchise and get the arrow shooting straight up. Take our lumps in 2018 and let the young pups get valuable playing time. Hit 2019 with a top notch OL/Run Game + RW and a young/fast/hungry Defense.

      • Rob Staton

        Ejiofor will be available later than R2 IMO

        • peter

          I like duke ejiofor quite a bit but I think he’s a round four guy. Very solid and has some nice skills to work with but dude has zero hype right now.

          • drewdawg11

            Hey, if Dallas wants to trade us their first for Earl, I would tell them great place to start. I would also ask for a second next year, maybe a third. It’s dallas… screw them. The idea of Hernandez AND Price would be intriguing, but man, I would be tempted to go Hernandez and maybe Davenport and then move up to get Chubb.

  30. Ed

    Before last year, I said trade Sherman/Thomas/Bennett and not resign Kam. Most said I was crazy, those players will retire Hawks. Well, had the Hawks done the right team thing and shipped those players when their market was high, their draft capital would be great. Well, they freed up a lot of money, don’t blow it by spending big on any FA. Get younger and hungrier.

    • Volume12

      You called it.

      I too hope they don’t add a J-Stew,who adds nothing new to the backfield and can’t catch worth a lick or a Brian Cushing.

      Go with Carson, McKissic, and someone in the draft who can create for themselves when the run blocking can’t. And that would still potentially leave Davis, Prosise, and others for depth.

      • Trevor

        I agree about Stewart. I think the only reason Cushing is being considered is as a Vet presence who is loyal to Pete and will help preach the message to the young guys.

        Same reason why Bennett and Sherm are gone because they tuned Pete out.

      • lil'stink

        No one year veteran stop gap measures for 2018. That’s the “thoughts-and-prayers” equivalent for our team. Just roll with a bunch of rookies and young guys to see who proves themselves worthy. Yeah, it’s ot exactly a winning formula. But then target some quality FA’s for 2019, and let the young guys who proved themselves in 2018 take that big step forward.

        Gotta take a step back in 2018 to move forward, IMO.

      • C-Dog


        I’d like them to use free agency to bargain shop on some young and hungry with some level of upside that can be uncorked. More Dion Jordan, less Luke Joekel.

    • Trevor

      I remember you saying this Ed and getting killed for it. Would have been a great move in hind sight.

    • Sea Mode

      Would have been good in hindsight, yes. But with better luck on the injury front, we also could have made a legit run at the SB. (we beat the SB champs despite those injuries…) Just the way the dominoes fell.

      • Rob Staton

        And hindsight is so glorious too. Had they cut or traded everyone a year ago and finished with the same 9-7 record, a lot of people would’ve said they’d acted too soon. And then those people would be delivering their hindsight story.

        • Ed

          No, because a down year was coming. That’s what happens, but do you setup for a bad year, or a bad few years. Look at the Steelers. They are good, have a bad year, then good again. Even the Patriots have a bad year, the only blessing for them is they are in the terrible AFC East, so make the playoffs even when not very good. Teams that get sentimental, hurt themselves for multiple years, let’s hope by making these transactions this year, the pain is only 2 years (last year and this year).

      • Ed

        True. But they waited too long to get desperate and trade for a DT and LT. Most on this blog have been wanting those 2 spots since the SB win.

  31. Rowlandice


    Is Edmonds to be a hedge for Prosise and McKissic? And if they get ROJO, seems like the RD7 back could be someone with a little more size to potentially help back up Carson.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure but they spent time with Wadley at the Senior Bowl now this. So I wonder if their plan is to sign a veteran and a compliment to try and re-create what New Orleans has. With the veteran obviously competing with Carson to be the lead.

  32. Sea Mode

    Wow, 5yr/$82.5m for Mike Evans. Worth every penny, no doubt. That’s $16.5/apy!

  33. Sea Mode

    Landry to be traded to Browns for a pick in 2018 and in 2019.

    Anyone think the Browns have any shot at all at Cousins if they stock the cupboard in FA, then add Barkley and Nelson in the draft?

    • Trevor

      If they get Cousins and then draft Barkley / Nelson that would be a dynamic offense wow. Coleman, Gordon, Landry, Njoku and a really good OL with the addition of Nelson.

  34. Trevor

    The Dolphins tagged Landry and then traded him for 2 picks. Can someone explain to me why JS did not do this with Sheldon Richardson? Tag him and then either sign him to a long term deal or trade him.

    • Sea Mode

      I think they anticipate a somewhat cold market for him and hope to get him back cheaper. Tagging him would only give him leverage in extension talks, as he can always just threaten to play on the expensive tag and then demand even more next year.

    • House

      My personal opinion: Perception. Using the Franchise tag shows lack of true commitment to the player. They could’ve re-signed him at the end of the season. Cap was an issue. This FO has shown to be “friendly” to players in the mindset of “go test the market and see your value”. While it’s a calculated risk, he signs $ elsewhere, we’re getting a 3rd rd comp next year. We have no idea yet what the 2 picks were from Landry. My bet is a 3rd isnt involved.

  35. House

    Jarvis Landry just traded rob CLE. They can really load up that offense with a QB and drafting Barkley #1

    • Trevor

      That new front office will have the Browns as contenders in 2 years IMO.

      • House

        They’re gonna throw money at a QB. That defense has some talented pieces. If we’re hellbent in trading Earl, I’d call the Browns

      • Mike L

        feel sorry for Joe Thomas…he’ll probably miss it

      • Dylanlep

        I think the front office that preceded them actually are the ones who made it all possible.

    • mishima

      OK, I’ll say it: J. Landry is overrated and overpaid.

      Slot receiver good for a billion receptions and a million yards.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s a great move for Cleveland.

    • Patrick Toler

      I don’t love Landry, but Cleveland has money to burn. He’ll help them, especially whichever young QB they end up with since he specializes in catching short passes and (sometimes) turning them into something.

  36. Trevor

    I personally think you can almost lock Shaqueem Griffin in as our 4th round pick.

    • House

      I’m hoping for it

      • Pickering

        I’m hoping for it, too, but think the 49ers might take him before Seattle’s ready.

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Shaquem Griffin to Seattle is written in the Stars! Just look up on a clear night’s sky, you’ll see it!

          Go HAWKS drafting Shaquem!

    • Rob Staton

      Not sure about that.

      • FresnoBrad

        I hope he goes undrafted obviously if that happens he’s ours.

        • FresnoBrad

          In fact Schneider should already be on it

  37. Volume12

    Oh my goodness! Keep an eye on W. Kentucky pro day for OT Jimmie Simms (#75, can find him on QB Mike White ‘tape’). He looks, moves, and plays like a Seahawk late day 3- UDFA tackle.

    Not a ton of starting experience, an obvious project, but man there’s a ton to work with.

  38. Troy

    Great write up Rob, fully agree they are most likely going OL or RB with their first pic, since it matches both need and strength of draft. Really hoping they can hit on some of their later round picks ala 2010-2012, if they don’t this team will not be able to sustain their success.

    • Volume12

      I agree. Hope they DL go OL and then RB or vice versa. Although since they’re reloading on D, I could see them going for a blue chip defender if one slips or they know one will fall down the board.

      And then part of me thinks, if they’re looking into signing a RB Jonathan Stewart then how high are they willing to spend a pick on a RB if he’s your possible hedge?

      Or, could he potentially be a hedge for….

      • Volume12

        * hope try go. Disregard the DL

  39. Volume12

    I wonder when Seattle scouted L’ville a couple times this year if, could’ve been for anyone, they were checking out for DE Trevon Young.

    Great measurables (e.g. 82″ wingspan), didn’t have a great combine although it was still damn good.

    Anyways, here’s a guy who was getting a ton of buzz in 2015 as an up and coming pass rush prospect and then suffered a career threating hip injury. Bounces back with 62 tackles, 12 TFL, 4.5 sacks, 6 QB hurries, and 5 PBU. Really disruptive player as a situational pass rusher.

  40. Greg Haugsven

    Is Leon Jacobs really 6’1 246? The NFL combine has him at 6″3 230

    • Rob Staton

      That’s not a combine listing it’s just a projection from Lance Zierlein. He was officially measured at 6011 (6-1) and 246lbs.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Ok Thanks.

        • Mike L

          Badgers had him measured at 6’3″ 248..that must have been in his spikes.. ;<)

  41. Ishmael

    Tyrod Taylor to the Browns… Do they take Lamar Jackson and give him a year or two? Could take some combination of Chubb/Barkley early and then trade back into the first to get Jackson?

    I like what the Browns are doing. They’re getting good but not great players. Landry and Taylor are far from superstars, but they’re completely functional veteran players who you can start to build a real team around.

    • Rob Staton

      I think what it says is…

      1. Browns are taking Saquon at #1

      2. They know whichever QB they’re targeting needs at least one redshirt year

      And to me, that likely means they’re targeting Josh Allen.

      • Ishmael

        Ah good point. I’m pretty blech on Allen so wrote him off. Going to be a pretty fascinating top of the draft. I do wonder if they shouldn’t take Chubb over Barkley though. Chubb and Garrett off the edges could be a serious sight.

        Anddd they’ve just traded for Demarius Randell. I think this is the Eagles lesson, pay for younger veterans. They’ve gone out and got themselves three guys who have shown they know how to play professional football, now you can start putting kids around them.

        • cha

          Curious what that means for Buffalo’s QB spot. Do they have a veteran in mind? Bradford or Keenum? Or do they flip their 2 #1’s to move up and draft a guy? Or both?

          • Rob Staton

            I think they’ll trade into the top-five.

          • Ishmael

            Have to think they’re going to move around right?

            I do think that all of this is good for Seattle’s chances of trading down. A messy draft will suit is, if teams start getting stressed about where their guys will go they’re far more likely to trade up and make sure.

          • cha

            Just traded Kizer to Green Bay for Demarius Randall.

      • Elmer

        And what does Green Bay want with Kizer? I assume Rodgers is returning, if not I didn’t see evidence that you want to count on Kizer. Of course I could be totally wrong.

    • cha

      Power move for Cleveland. I have always liked Taylor.

      Crazy, the Patriots division weakened with the Taylor & Landry trades. I hope both teams have plans for those roster spots.

      • Patrick Toler

        Yep, I love this move. They know they weren’t getting Cousins, and Taylor is very serviceable if they use him smartly. I hope this means they are picking Jackson, but agree with Rob that it probably means they are targeting Allen at 4.

        • Patrick Toler

          Everyone was reporting that Hugh Jackson wanted to be reunited McCarron, so I’m assuming that this is Dorsey’s choice. It’s probably good for Cleveland that Dorsey is calling the shots, instead of Jackson.

    • STB

      Hey I know I’m new posting here but I’ve been reading this terrific blog for a couple years now… just decided to pop in to add to the CLE discussion. I am a huge hawks fan, but . . .

      I have a lot of friends in CLE (went to school back there) and the buzz locally, both in the press and with the so-called insiders, is that they really like Baker Mayfield, and that Taylor is a bridge to him. could be wrong of course, maybe they do take Allen, but it seems that he is the trendy pick but not necessarily the guy the team covets. it’s clear that the Browns are making some great moves to shore up that team for both short-and long-term, and these three moves really give them flexibility with the draft. It sure feels like they will take Barkley #1 and could go a lot of different ways with the #4 pick.

      I also think the Hawks could be trade partners with them for some of that round 2 draft capital. . .

      Peace and great stuff here, both the blog and all the comments, really great community 🙂


  42. House

    Browns just traded for Tyrod Taylor. If that isn’t an a hedge move, I don’t know what is

  43. House

    They just grabbed DaMarius Randall (CB) from GB as well. Browns are BUSY

    • Elmer

      And now the Browns have traded Danny Shelton to the Patriots for a 5th round draft choice. Danny Shelton used to be a Husky, I’ll bet this is a great day for him, going from 0-16 to a Super Bowl team.

      The Browns are interesting, they are re-shaping their roster and better days are ahead for them.

  44. C-Dog

    I gotta say, if I am a Cleveland Browns fans, this is one of the best days I’ve had in a long, long time and free agency hasn’t even begun yet.

    They gotta take Saquon Barkley #1 over all and if Bradley Chubb is sitting there at there next picks, very interesting decision to make right there..

    Go Browns.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Yeah C-Dog you’re awesome!

      Go Brown’s!

      The true Dog Pound fan’s deserve it, big time!

    • Trevor

      Agreed that is a great new front office and the old group left a ton of cap space and draft capital.

      Adding Darius Randle, Tyron Taylor and Jarvis Landry before free agency even starts is pretty sweet.

      • C-Dog

        Interesting that GB dealt Randle on the day Seattle released RS. Something to keep in mind there.

  45. AlaskaHawks

    Seeing Taylor traded to the Browns makes me wonder if Seahawks will ever address the backup quarterback position in a more meaningful manner. It really helped the Eagles last year to have a quality backup. Who else is cheap and has been a starter?

    • Mike L

      Johnny Manziel

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I’m completely down for Johnny Football if he has sincerely decided to get his Shite together. He would make perfect sense being the same height as Wilson with scrambling ability thanks Mike L., for making me contimplate that thought

        Go Second chances!

        • Mike L

          yeah I’s not like he committed some heinous crime…he just made a really dumb decision that has cost him dearly. I don’t see any reason why he shouldn’t be invited to camp as a FA…and you’re right..he would fit perfectly into the offense they’ve built around RW.

          • DC

            We will draft Trace McSorley in 2019 to backup Russ. Dude is a gamer.

  46. Robert Las Vegas

    I really like what Cleveland is doing they got a QB and receiver who has caught a 100 pass’s and former first round corner and keep draft choices in the first two rounds and you still move up to second pick if you wanted or even pick 18 they many options. The seahawks are a little lite on Defense backs not that many on the roster my guess day three of the draft we will be highly active on drafting corners

  47. Robert Las Vegas

    I really think Levi Wallace is a strong possibility of being part seahawks a great story of being a walk on to start at left corner for Alabama and one stat I really like is he lead the SEC in pass’s defended in 2017 .he plays tough and played with that chip from being a walk on

  48. C-Dog

    For those thinking Justin Ellis might be an option for Seattle, sounds like the Raiders are going to keep him around.

    • Greg Haugsven

      There is also Daquan Jones from the Titans. He is similar to Ellis. I thought Ellis could be a good option if Sheldon signs elsewhere.

      • C-Dog

        He could be an interesting option, as well. I still have a feeling like they’re planning to bring back Sheldon Richardson, although the 710 folks all seem to think he’s moving on.

        • peter

          Gotta say I’m trying to roll with everything this off season but strangely I may be the most upset at wasting a 2nd and letting the player walk the next season….

          • C-Dog

            I totally get that. Part of me thinks it’s okay because it would give an opportunity for Naz Jones to own the 3 tech spot, and I’m a believer in that guy, and Seattle gets a R3 comp. I think it was certainly possible that the team was willing to go all-in with trades during 2017 to win it all with this group and the emergence of Jones lessens the potential loss of Sheldon. Going to be an interesting week.

            • peter

              I hope he would get a third round comp. If that’s it id stomach that a little better.

  49. C-Dog

    Hmm.. a dude on Twitter who seems to perhaps be the Davis Hsu of the Cleveland Browns has tweeted that he’s hearing rumors of a 4th trade, Earl Thomas to Cleveland, potentially in the works.

    Could well be nothing, but also might want to brace yourself. Crazy frenzy today.

    • peter

      Can you imagine the rage and fury of “browns,” Twitter if ours is so out of touch with reality.

      • Ishmael


        I can’t imagine it’d be quite as bad tbh. The fans of losing teams tend to be a bit more realistic and hopeful. Winning teams tend towards a weird combination of manic hubris and outright negativity. They start convincing themselves that they know more than they do.

        • peter

          Honestly you are probably right. Buckeyes Twitter now that is probably a nightmare! Browns Twitter is probably grateful for any likes or follows and more than likely uses please and thank you.

      • C-Dog

        Twitter = Lord of the Flies

        Only poke around on it to try to gather information and insight, but way too much nonsense to wade through. For example, Hsu felt the need to tweet out today his belief that Sherman never thought much of RW, and the team he goes to will be one with a QB he buys into more than he did RW. Really? Gotta put that high school stuff out there? Lord of the Flies.

        • peter

          See it’s that stuff….never thought much? what does that even mean? Most of the NFL qbs are corny. Buys into?

          If sherman is as smart as I think he is what he should and I hope he does do is make as much money as possible considering his injury.

        • peter

          Also did Wilson tell Hsu to f off at some point or call him out on Twitter between all wilsons positive affirmations?

          Was Hsu dating ciara?

          I seriously wonder what a supposed fan of Seahawks football has against the best an the franchise has ever known? I’m not being a honk. I’m 40. I’ve known of in some way or another every qb Seattle has had and none are better than wilson. could he be better? I guess. But winning never gets old and for all the qb gurus online every Monday quote/unquote breaking down film of his missed throws I say: two mentions of mvp seasons in three years, a ring, the best rookie season still…go find me another qb that’s doing that and is curiously cheap and available and you can GUARANTEE success with and then I’ll seriously start listening to arguments. Oh and he’s just now barely entering into his thirties in a position that has greater and greater longetivity.

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, I don’t know what is going on with him outside of the evidence that is seems to be his Twitter obsession.

            Like you, I’ve watched Seahawks football from the Zorn day’s to present. Outside of a very geriatric Warren Moon for a fleeting speck of time, Seattle has had David Krieg, Matt Hasselbeck, and Russell Wilson as quarterbacks, and that is it. Zorn wasn’t that great and was quickly replaced be Krieg once Chuck Knox took over. Russell Wilson is, by far, the best quarterback this franchise has had. He’s a top five quarterback in the league. I will never get where Hsu is coming from on this.

            • DC

              Seen them all too though Zorn is a bit hazy in my early memory. Wilson blows them all out of the water. Krieg was okay but always leaving you wanting. MH was okay. He had the good fortune to play behind 2 Hall of Fame lineman & a 3rd pro bowler at C. Moon? We blew a tremendous opportunity to sign him young but got to have a little fun in his twilight years. Kitna, Friesz(someone has a family tie here?), McGuire, Gelbaugh, Mirer.

              Russell Wilson ain’t going anywhere. Hsu is just making “noise”. Ignore the noise as a wise, young qb once said.

              • C-Dog

                Man, whenever I stop to consider that Seattle could have had Warren Moon fresh out of the CFL paired with that Tom Catlin defense that was loaded, and the Chuck Knox ground game, it seriously gives me the chills. Seattle could have well had it’s first Super Bowl in the 1980s.

                That said, I actually always liked Mudbone. There was a gamer quality about him that was appealing, and had that ability, like Wilson, to come back after mistakes and deficits, not get too high or low through the course of games. I think the thing with him is that the players genuinely loved the guy, and he was the guy that would rally and unify the team. That’s the thing that I personally think RW could get a bit further along with.

                For those who believe that Seattle can just trade RW for a couple first round picks, and the team will be just fine moving on, allow me to show you this history of the 1990s.

                Dave Krieg is essentially booted out the door of Seattle after 1991 after a 7-9 losing season that really had little to do with his overall QB play. He would go on to lead the Detroit Lions into the playoffs, and then do so for the Kansas City Chiefs, as well.

                1992 the dreaded 2-14 Season

                Kelly Stouffer (former first round pick Seattle traded for to beat out Krieg and couldn’t do it, was finally given the opportunity that season, played in 7 games)
                Dan McGuire (Drafted in the first round 1991 to replace Krieg. Krieg moved on to guild Detroit to the play offs, and he played horribly in 1 game)
                Stan Gelbaugh (free agent journeymen who the team finally turned to after horrendous play from the former first rounders for the remaining 8 games)

                1992 Seattle goes 6-10

                Rick Mirer (Second overall all pick, NFL Offensive Rookie of the year)

                1993 Seattle goes 6-10

                Rick Mirer (Defenses finally realize Mirer can’t to his left, they simply take away the right side of the field, he’s never the same)

                1994 Seattle goes 6-10, more of the same

                Rick Mirer plays 13 games, Dan McGuire plays 3 (Tom Flores is fired as Head Coach)

                1995 Seattle goes 8-8

                Rick Mirer plays 13 games trowing 13 TDs and 20 INTS , John Friesz takes over and provides more competence throwing 6 TDs to 3 INTs

                1996, Seattle goes 7-9

                Rick Mirer plays 9 games, throwing 5 TDs and 12 INTS, John Friesz plays better in 6 games throwing 8 TDS and 6 INTS, and good old Stand Gelbaugh gets a start. Joy.

                Rick Mirer is then traded to the Chicago Bears who make the horrendous decision to give Seattle two first round picks

                1997 Seattle goes 8-8

                Warren Moon plays 14 games in a noble attempt to get Seattle into the playoffs, but he is a dinosaur, John Kitna makes a start as a rookie, and Friesz also gets a start.

                1998 Seattle goes 8-8, Dennis Erickson gets fired.

                Warren plays 10 games, John Kitna plays 5, Friesz plays 1.

                1999 Seattle goes 9-7, makes the playoffs for the first time since 1989

                Jon Kitna plays 15 games, Glen Foley plays in 1.

                2000, Seattle goes 6-10

                John Kitna plays in 12 games and Brock Huard in 4

                2001, Seattle goes 9-7 after trading for Matt Hasselbeck, but it was re-tread Trent Difler who really lead the Seahawks to a winning season

                2002 Seattle regresses to 7-9, but Hasselbeck finally shows signs of being able to become a competent QB in the Holmgren WCO.

                That, my friends, was a dark decade of Seahawks football. They were 4th seat behind the Sonics, Mariners, and Husky Football in this town, an they almost moved to LA. So, yeah, I think Trade Russell Wilson talk is kinda nutty.

                • DC

                  1 RW
                  2A/B MH/DK

                  • C-Dog

                    That’s how I’d list it.

                  • drewdawg11

                    I Warren Moon had played under Knox, he never would Jen been the passer or put up the numbers that he would have. He would have never been exposed to the types of plays, opportunities, etc. still, he would have been clutch when they needed him to kill teams off of play action. He chose the Oliers our of Canada. Still, he should have been drafted out of UW.

          • lil'stink

            I think most of Hsu’s criticisms of Wilson have been fairly valid. He doesn’t come across as being a “hater” to me. People get so touchy whenever Russ is criticized; I don’t get it. So many Seahawk fans act like he walks on water. Yes, he’s a franchise QB. The best we’ve ever had. But he’s not perfect, and people are allowed to point that out when he gets paid more $$ than anybody else in the entire organization.

            There are some valid questions about Wilson’s game. I think he needs to evolve quite a bit if he is to become truly elite, especially as the team relies on him more and more. I think his reliance on his legs and sandlot playing style isn’t going to serve him, or the team, very well as the years go on. Maybe I’m wrong, but the QB’s who play at a high level into their 30’s aren’t they guys who rely on their legs or athleticism. It’s the guys who can read a defense, go through their progressions, stand in the pocket, make an accurate throw, and avoid the huge mistakes.

    • Hughz

      If we could get the fourth pick, who would we take? Minkah Fitzpatrick after a trade back or Chubb?

      • C-Dog

        Quenton Nelson

        • Trevor


      • Rowdy

        Probably multiple trades backs with a 1st round pick next year in there

    • lil'stink

      They’d have to be willing to pay Earl what, $14 million APY?

    • Kyle B

      Do you have any links to this at all? Feel like this is something that you should probably link to your post. Lol.

  50. SeahawkeyezSubj80

    Interesting Article. Sorry if posted earlier.

    • Mexican Hawk

      Chubb as feature or Scarborough late as complimentary. Not bad.


    “Skull collector,” my new favorite moniker…

    Also, this sucks we cut Sherman, I’m devastated.

  52. Greg Haugsven

    What does anyone know about Trequan Smith, WR from Central Florida?

    • peter

      I don’t know much about his back story or what not but I just jammed though a few game tapes and the obligatory highlight reel and I’ll say this.

      The seahwk s like speed and pro systems. and he’s got both. And size. And explosion.

      and in the Memphis tape he does a nice job of getting after it in running block when he needs to and has strength to fight solo tacklers.

      I have my doubts with lots of this receiver class because a ton of dudes are body catchers. Obviously he’s still not “snatching,” the ball out of the air but he’s definitely getting g his hands up.

      wins with speed. Routes need some work.

      But had great production last year and for that kearse role? Id be into it for a fifth round pick.

      What’s completely strange to me is that he reminds me so much of breshad perriman who went in the first and……Also went to UCF

  53. Greg Haugsven

    After seeing what teams are getting for these trades I just don’t see a way the Seahawks get what they want for Earl meaning he finishes his career as a Seahawk.

    • DC

      It just depends on the acquiring team. If you really believe he’s the missing piece to a championship then is he worth a 1st or 2 2s or a 2 & 3? We know the Seahawks would make such a trade because they have on multiple past occasions. We don’t need the cap space now so the immediacy of a deal being done is lessened. If someone out there really wants Earl they will have to give legitimate compensation. Maybe it’s a 2019 pick.

      That said he’s like the zipper pull on a jacket for our defense. When that breaks off bad stuff happens. Life will go on either way.

  54. Stuart

    Cleveland really might be interested in trading for Earl Thomas?

    What do you thing realistic compensation would be from them?

    There 2nd round pick? It’s number 33-or Seahawks trade Earl and a 5th to Cleveland for 2nd and 4th?

    • Kyle B

      Where are people seeing this????? Super annoying that nobody has a link but keep saying it lol

    • Greg Haugsven

      You would hope for 33 and 64. I don’t think they would give us 33 and 35.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Look at the bottom Kyle. I’m going to do some searching

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        They no longer have 64, they traded it earlier today….. if I heard the report right.

  55. Coach

    Can someone explain to me how we just release Richard Sherman? Is it because we get a comp pick next year? I just don’t understand releasing him and not getting anything for him?

    Go Hawks!

    • Ishmael

      Cap space

      11 million for a 29-year-old coming off two achilles injuries is no bueno. And this way they let him go to the team of his choice, definitely a better thing for him than being packed off to some junk team like the Buccs for a third day pick.

      • Hawktalker#1

        It will be interesting to find out who the team of his choice turns out to be.

        In the back of my mind, if he gets a reality check on his current value that is quite a drop from his previous salary, I wonder what the Hawks interest migh be bringing him back and what their price point might/should be . . .

    • Sean-O

      There’s 11 million reasons why the Hawks released him. It’s a tough business sometimes.

  56. EBurgz

    Great mock Rob. Would like to see the hawks sign a free agent offensive lineman like D.J. Fluker if this scenario played out. Also would like to resign Willson on the cheap and Eifert on a one year deal. I could also see us drafting a front 7 player in the 3rd (Lorenzo Carter if he fell for medical red flags or Deshawn hand as a Bennett replacement come to mind, maybe even Lewis who you have in the 5th) and a tight end in the 5th (whoever lasts of smyth, Shultz and Dissly).

    Also, curious why you think we are more likely to draft Ronald Jones than Guice. We have drafted non explosive testers before (Alex Colins) but I can’t remember us drafting a smaller RB under PC/JS (granted mckissic was on the team last year). Seems like size and running style (Alex Colins was a violent runner despite his testing numbers) are as important or more so than how high these guys jump. And as you acknowledged in your last post, Guice’s vertical at 225 pounds (and 4.47 40) compares to to excellent running backs like Fournette, Bell, Elliot, Freeman, cook, Ingram. Seems to me those guys are plenty explosive and so is guice. Please explain your RoJo over guice reasoning as a possible draft pick for the hawks. I like RoJo too but I just feel like someone else will take him

    • Hawktalker#1

      Someone else takng him will also be a possibility if he isn’t a real target for PCJS. I’m hopeful that are open to a little variation in their usual RB specs and take a crack at a little different/faster and more of a game changer type of back. If they land a nice hedge vet and get Carson healthy, could be time for a change and move to RoJo. IMO it would be the right thing and right time, fingers crossed.

    • Rob Staton

      Been through it a few times on the blog but the feeling is Ronald Jones II is a rare, explosive, special talent. The type Seattle hasn’t been able to resist in the past. He is also explosive (36.5 inch vert) and expects to be 210 by the USC pro day.

      Guice isn’t as explosive as they’ve taken in the past (explosive traits very important to Seattle), there are legit character concerns too.

      • EBurgz


  57. Eburgz

    Man, reading some of these comments sounds like some of you are ready to throw in the towel for 2018 and just tank it for better draft position. Not me, not when nick foles can win the superbowl. any given Sunday! (or season). If I hear you bitching in the hawksnest I might throw a beer on ya. whoops haha.

    re-watching the Dallas Hawks game from the end of last year now. Really hope maxwell and especially coleman come back next year. I think we will be ok without sherm but he shall be missed (my guess is he goes to the chargers and balls out). Earl is a Baller, still firmly in his prime based off the tape. Teams are scared to test him but his stats are still great too. I pray to the football gods he has a long healthy career with the seahawks.

    • Eburgz

      This Dallas game is after the Rams game and the defense looks great. losing KJ and Bwags for that second rams game is the difference. We need to get the run game going and fix special teams (GET A GOOD KICKER). AND we need depth at LB. gonna check out Leon Jacobs now.

      • Eburgz

        The worrisome part about that rams game is that the team quit. first time we’ve seen that from this group. I’ve deleted the game from my DVR so I don’t have to relive it.

        • GerryG

          ^^hence cleaning house

        • Del tre

          Its funny how negative people got so quickly, spoiled if you ask me, a runningback and a kicker have this team headed in the right direction. If they can find a good linebacker to help runsstop and some free agent depth for the DL i have confidence they can contend.
          Personally i thought the hawks threw in the towel last season

          • EBurgz

            Agreed. Spoiled is a good way to describe it. We don’t want to be like gutless pats fans guys. Their home crowd just goes silent when it looks like they are going to lose home games.

    • C-Dog

      I actually think Seattle has a chance to bounce back a bit in 2017. I like this team getting younger and hungrier on the D again. As long as the team has RW and Bobby Wagner, I wouldn’t count them out of anything.

      • Sean-O


        When you’ve got a talented core of RW, ADB, BWags, KJ & ET3 hopefully you’ve got a shot to be in a lot of games. Just need to stay healthy & hope some of the young players take a leap forward.

    • lil'stink

      It’s not about throwing in the towel. It’s about being realistic. There are a lot of holes on the roster right now, and pretty much no depth anywhere on defense. Pete and John can’t afford to make many (if any) mistakes in FA and the draft this year, and their recent track record has been pretty poor.

      I think 2018 should be about finding the next wave of core players, especially on defense. If that happens, then I would consider the season a success regardless of our record. Let the young guys play. There will be some growing pains, there could be more losses than we have been used to the last few years.

      I don’t think we can move forward without taking a step back. It’s just the nature of the game.

  58. Millhouse-serbia

    C-dog, who is that guy on brown’s twiter, what’s his name?

  59. Ken


    I just saw a tweet from PFF Draft about Brandon Facyson from Virginia Tech. It said he allowed the 7th lowest catch rate in 2017. I checked your live posts from the day the CBS were working out and you had him listed with 32″ arms. Is how does his tape and other measurable look? Do you think he’ll be on Seattle’s radar?

    • Rob Staton

      He could very well be. Great 2015 season. Injuries hampered him since. One to monitor though.

  60. C-Dog

    This is what I stumbled on. I’m not really up on Twitter much, but it seems like this guy is a Browns Super Fan, like Hsu and Hawkblogger are for the Hawks.

    Like the super fans around Seattle, seems like this guy feels like he has some insider source.

    • Millhouse-serbia

      Thank you.

    • Kyle B

      Thank you for posting this!!

      • Greg Haugsven

        He just tweeted that trade talks are back on.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Saw a tweet that Sherman is having dinner with Kyle Shanahan tonight. May or may not be accurate.

          • C-Dog

            The 49ers have a ridiculous sum of cap space. If Sherman thinks has can get a similar contract to what he had in Seattle, the 49ers would be a team that can afford it. Sherman would probably love the opportunity to prove PC/JS wrong twice a year, if he can. I can totally see that.

    • Brett

      I guess my question is if he really is locked in and has sources why didn’t he know anything about the 3 trades until after they were made? They complete 3 trades and now all of a sudden he knows something? I’m not buying it.

      • C-Dog

        I take most of these super fan Twitter warriors was a major grain of salt. Even if they have “sources” they could be feeding them bunk.

        Is it possible Cleveland and Seattle are talking? Absolutely 100%, but they’re probably talking to a bunch of teams over a bunch of scenarios.

        Seattle doesn’t have to trade Earl Thomas, but they are open to being wowed. I believe that. If they deal him, it will probably be a haul that makes sense. If they don’t trade him, they keep an all-pro free safety for at least one more season.

  61. red

    so after Avril and Ryan we will be 40ish under the cap.

    As far of free agents go DT will be interesting not sure we can go over maybe 5 o 6 mil on a FA Dt.

    I could see something like a WR 4-5 mil a TE for about 4 mil and a RB for 3-4 mil. so maybe 11-13 mil on offense. Kendal Wright Terrelle Pryor Levine Toelolo Isiah Crowell types.

    2nd Round Tender for Coleman 3mil tender for Jordan 2 mil so now we are at 16-18 mil

    Extend Clark adds maybe another 5 mil 21-23

    Shead 2-3 mil Maxwell 4-5mil 27-30mil

    So at this point do you look at Bradley Mcdougal or try to find a DT for around 4-5 mil?

    I could see a draft in which we trade down to 33 with the browns and pick up browns 3rd

    2nd Sam Hubbard DE Ohio State
    3rd Martinas Rankins OG/OT
    4TH Tony Brown CB Alabama
    5th Shaquem Griffin LB UCF
    5th Ian Thomas TE Indiana
    5th John Kelly RB Tennesse
    5th Nathan Shepherd DT Fort Hayes State
    7th Kenny Young LB UCLA
    7th Antiono Callaway WR Florida

    • Trevor

      Really like the group of players a lot but don’t think Sheppard will be there in Rd #5 or Callaway in #7.

      I think they have to sign Mcdougald or a guy like Eric Reid with Chancelleor basically done.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Or shaq in the 5th

      • red

        Callaway will be probably off a lot of teams boards. Major red flags but who knows ran a nice 40 had a good 2016 Florida has had some garbage Qbs of late.

  62. DC

    Avril hasn’t given up hope of playing though he has a pretty sober view on it.

    “It’s still up in the air honestly,” Avril said. “…I just want to do what’s right for me from the standpoint of after football and how that would affect it. If the doctor comes back and says ‘things aren’t healing right,’ or even if things are healing right, ‘one hit could mess you up’ or whatever, then that’s an easy decision. But right now, in my head, I definitely want to start training and doing things like I am going to play.”

  63. Fairlawn

    Painful to sink day 2 picks into jag tight ends in 2016 and 2018 while steering around the great 2017 class…

  64. Reggie in IOWA

    What role do you all see T. Thompson D. Hill N. Vannett having with the team next year? Wasted draft picks or guys that just need to see the field and can contribute?

    • H

      Nick Vannett and Delano Hill should given a shot to start imo. Tedric probably remains a back up since he’s not usurping Earl.
      Being a decent back up isnt a bad return from a 4th either tbf

    • Hawktalker#1

      That is a great question. Although I am hopefully optimistic, I think that guys only have a 5050 chance to fall on one side of your fence or the other. It seems none of the three have really shown much to date.

      • Hawktalker#1

        The optimistic side of me is hopeful they are just late bloomers, needed a year under their belt and or are just waiting for the right situation to get some playing time.

    • Del tre

      Tedric is a FS last resort SS but if we trade Earl he will start. I just pray to god we dont waste cap or a roster spot on McDougold. Might as well just take a player off the field when the other team runs the ball.
      Hill is good, i trust him to help the team next season at SS, they were developing his ball skills this year i suspect, same deal with Kam. They have been getting too nervous with rookies lately, look how much it took to start Shaquill, they only want to start veterans, its definitely hurt player development over the years.
      Tedric showed in preseason his ball skills are there he was just moving from cover 2 to cover 1 and thats a huge change.
      Funny how quickly we dismiss rookies when it essentially takes hall of fame potential to do so.

      • Ground_Hawk

        One of the possible issues with the Seahawks these past few seasons could have been micromanaging players, too much, instead of letting them rip on the field, and learning from in-game experience. It’s just a thought.

  65. Coleslaw

    I have a feeling we’re gonna trade Earl to the Browns. They have the cap space still, they haven’t given up much in the recent trades, and he fits their team perfectly. I think they’re gonna make a strong push for him today or tomorrow after thinking about their options.
    They still have 1, 4, 33, 35, 64.
    I could see earl for 64 and a 2019 2nd.

    • Rik

      And Cleveland just picked up an additional 3rd. They traded Danny Shelton to the Patriots.

      • D-OZ

        Could Cleveland be looking @ Vita with their #4….

    • Del tre

      “man we got fleeced giving up bennet for a 5th but lets trade Earl for a washing machine.” Thats what I’ve been getting from these trade talks. Absolutely foolish unless the Browns are giving up something of far more value. That roster isn’t going to be choosing first next year, especially with Earl on it.
      If they trade Earl they are trying to get a blue chip defensive player to help replace his impact. Of all the articles and reports ive never seen one that suggested they would trade Earl for that little.
      So far all ive seen is that it will take a lot, which is definetly more than it took for Peters as Earl is far more talented and valuable (and will probably continue playing at a higher level than him for like 3 seasons). The seahawks knew what they were doing trading away picks, just like the Patriots last year.

      • Coleslaw

        When did I say we got fleeced on the Bennett deal? Don’t call me foolish because you have a different opinion than me lol. You make a lot of assumptions, yet still are pretty hostile while presenting strictly opinions. Tone it down, dad.

        • Del tre

          Damn man, chill, never even directed that at you, its just been the sentiment ive seen. But dont worry son, if your feelings are that hurt I’ll let ya be ✌

      • Coleslaw

        You see all these guys going for gum off the bottom of your shoe? Sorry earl isn’t going to get a 1st rounder. Maybe 33 but we’d have to give up a third at least which we don’t have. Multiple 2s and 3s is the most likely. Sorry you don’t agree but no need to be rude lol

    • Trevor

      For 33 and 64 I make the trade with Browns. Nothing less!

      You don’t need to give him away now for below market. I would not would not sign him to an extension till you see how he fits with a young core as the leader and if it is going well extend him mid season. If it is not working out or the team is not looking like a playoff team you can always trade him before the deadline.

    • drewdawg11

      If they traded Earl for that, JS should be fired on the spot. No thank you.

    • EBurgz

      #4 or 33 & 35 for me to consider dealing ole earl to football hell

      • Rob Staton

        I think a realistic offer would be either #33 or #35 and a fourth round pick.

        That’s virtually the same as a R1 and a R4.

        Yet there’s nothing really suggesting they’re even still looking to trade Earl. I suspect after moving Sherman, Earl stays. Short of an incredible offer being made. And despite initially thinking something needed to happen one way or another (new deal or trade) — now I think there’s an increasing chance Seattle might be willing to wait this out, with the option of a franchise tag in 2019.

        At the end of the day, if they’re not getting good offers there’s not much they can do.

        • drewdawg11

          33 is still kind of low. We would have to assume that they would extend him with a huge raise in Cleveland. I would even offer Earl and 18 for the 4th pick and a 4th rounder. That probably seems high, but he’s a heck of a player. He’s still great. They can afford the picks. They can’t afford more winless seasons.

          • Rob Staton

            I think we need to be realistic. We all love Earl but you’re not surrendering a pick in the top-five for a soon-to-be 29-year-old free safety, even if you get #18 back.

            The best the Seahawks can hope for is a late R1 or something very close to a R1, with maybe a bit of change.

            • Mike L

              I don’t think the Browns will trade for ET because they know he wants to end his career with the Cowboys..

              • Rob Staton

                I’m not sure they’d be put off by that. The bigger stumbling block is probably Seattle’s reluctance to part ways given the moves with Sherman and Bennett. And thus, it’ll take a very expensive deal to tempt them. None of Cleveland’s trades on Friday were particularly expensive. I sense they’re looking for value, not to deal high picks.

  66. McZ

    Fieldgulls has a piece with some handy Excel art.

    If we get 5 picks on defense, it would be as follows:
    – Josh Sweat, Edge, Florida State (or Sam Hubbard)
    – Da’Shawn Hand, DL, Alabama
    – Oren Burks, LB, Vanderbilt (or Matthew Thomas)
    – Holton Hill, CB, Texas (or Siran Neal, who is considered a S, but played CB and is better fit than Hill)
    – Justin Reid, S, Stanford (or Siran Neal, or Dace Cruikshank, or Troy Apke)

    – Hayden Hurst, South Carolina, TE (or Durham Smythe)
    – D.J.Moore, Maryland, WR (or Antonio Callaway)
    – Nick Chubb, Georgia, RB (equally Bo Scarbough)
    – Kolton Miller, UCLA, OT
    – Braden Smith, Auburn, G

    If the Hawks convert their 1st round-pick into two 2nd and maybe one uptraded 3rd rounder, this should be manageable.

    • McZ

      Not covered by the data, but ideal fits:
      – Ryan Izzo, Florida State, TE

    • Volume12

      In other words, let’s just plug in names of guys that tested well.

      • Sea Mode

        Exactly. It’s a good starting point, but nothing more than that.

        • drewdawg11

          Josh Sweat isn’t worth a day two pick. Athletic, injury history, can’t set the edge very well against the run. I wouldn’t touch him before round 4, and I think he’s more of a project.

      • peter

        That is actually the m.o. Though. Christine michael, malik, most of the wide recievers, half of the olinemen. the seahwks aren’t that removed from the al Davis thought process as we think. It works because Pete can coach but when it doesnt work they are waiting for years for Michael to learn to switch hands.

      • McZ

        It’s the result of the data points the Hawks are using apparently. Many of the guys were named on this blog just exactly for this single reason.

        A couple of them are still under the radar. Hill, Neal, Izzo, Smith, Moore.

  67. Coleslaw

    So, who’s the best Seahawk of all time? The SOAT if you will.
    My money is on Richard Sherman.

    • Rik

      I love Sherman and am so sad that he’s gone. He’s definitely in my top 5. But I think Wilson will be SOAT when all is said and done.

      • Sean-O

        I guess it comes down to how you define “best”. Stats, awards, HOF, etc…

        I think you could make the argument for Largent & Walter Jones. Depending on how their careers finish up, I think RW, Sherman, BWags, ET3 could be in the conversation too.

        • Coleslaw

          Rings is the difference maker for me. Sherman’s tip against SF gives him the nod over Jones for me, both are probably the best at their positions of all time

          • Mike L

            Sherman turned into an awesome run support corner these past few years also..maybe the best in the league.

            • Mike L

              I always loved to watch teams try to run to the right against the Hawks..Sherman would come up and turn it inside beautifully..then Wags would streak thru and completely blow it up…

          • hawkster

            Left tackle, 12 years, 5703 passing plays, 23 sacks, 9 offensive holding calls. 180 consecutive starts. You cannot make that stuff up.

            (And Jones raised the 12th man flag for the start of the game that became Beast Quake.)

            The game has seen great shutdown corners, nothing touches Jones.

    • peter

      Unless some freaky trade happens or catastrophic injury Wilson will play 7 more years end end up easily being the SOAT.

      Sherman is one of the best ever but how do you compare him against largent, easley, tez, big walter jones? I’m not saying any are better than him but conversely I’m not saying he’s better than any listed.

      • Coleslaw

        It’s a tough top 5 to make for sure. It could go a lot of ways. For me though, Sherman is the best corner of all time and brought an attitude unlike any other.
        If I had to make a top 5 right now I’d say
        1. Richard Sherman
        2. Walter Jones
        3. Earl Thomas
        4. Bobby Wagner
        5. Marshawn Lynch.
        It’s hard, as much as I agree with that list I feel weird leaving Largent, Russ, Easley, Tez off. Tough decisions. Just trying to get a conversation going since the era is over now

        • Ukhawk

          Sorry but Tez & Easley are both in the Top 5. Both HOFs, all decade, NFL DPOYs which no other Seattle defender has been. Hell Easley was as fast as Earl and played as big as Kam

          • peter

            the hall of fame isn’t the end all be all but marshaw n may never get there and as good as kam was/is he may never get there. where as easley for there in a shortened career.

            Bobby Wagner to me is the sneaky pick for top five. He may end up having a greater overall career and certainly for seattle than any of the modern heros.

            I hate telling kids to get off my lawn and Doug Baldwin may very well surpass largent but otherwise Seattle has never had a wide receiver as good as largent for as long as he did it, and sorry to be a crank but in an absolutely different game for offense and defense. He wasn’t just good he was on many years the best or top two at his position.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve only sat and thought… ‘what are we going to do when this guy isn’t here any more!?!’ once in my time following the Seahawks.

          And that was watching Marshawn Lynch.

          • Trevor

            I felt that way about Walter Jones he was just so good. Funny thing is you never can replace a guy like Jones, Beastmode or Earl even. They are unique talents that are generational talents. To try to replace them with a similar talent would just be a lesson in frustration. Teams and coaches schemes just have to adapt.

            • RealRhino2

              Yeah, Wilson’s not even close. Jones, Largent, Cortez are in the top 3, I think, and then you can start arguing about Easley, Sherm, Earl, Hutch, etc.

              • Rob Staton

                Wilson most certainly is close. Fantastic player and unreal that some Seahawks fans aren’t willing to name him among so many greats.

  68. Rik

    Cleveland just traded Danny Shelton to the Patriots for a 3rd. They could be stocking up on early picks to make a push for ET. Also making cap space for free agents Sheldon Richardson, Wilkerson, or Suh. Or maybe all three, since Cleveland has a huge amount of cap space.

    • C-Dog

      That’s a great trade for NE.

      • Mike L

        Shelton’s career has been kind of “meh” so far hasn’t it?? (especially considering where he was drafted) Maybe a change of scenery will be good for him.

        • C-Dog

          I think he will probably be a really good fit for BB’s hybrid D in that Wilfork role, though. Good move on NE.

          • Volume12

            When doesn’t NE make good moves?

            Them, Philly, and the Rams are playing chess so far this off-season while the rest of the league is playing checkers.

            • Volume12

              Maybe Cleveland. But until they actually put a believable product on the field and not just on paper, I’ll wait on them.

            • Mike L

              Seahawks are playing “Wipe-Out” I think

              • Volume12


            • C-Dog

              Trust BB to know what he needs for his D, and how to fit players. For those thinking Mike B wasn’t going to have a market, BB was willing to toss Seattle a R3 pick.

              • Volume12

                Because Bennett is still a disruptor. He’ll see your ‘Dion Jordan’ and raise you a one foot, over used, still 8.5 sacks Mike Bennett.

                • Volume12

                  And that’s coming from someone who likes Dion Jordan. Quite a bit actually.

  69. House

    Damn… Browns Trade Danny Shelton/‘18 5th rd pick to NE for ‘19 3rd rd pick

  70. Ed

    Get some money on the Browns.

    • Volume12

      To finish dead last in the division still?

      • Mike L

        piling up those sweet ’19 draft picks!!

    • Sea Mode

      With Shelton’s exit, the Browns have purged all seven of their first-round draft picks from 2012-15.


      • Volume12

        Yet Hue Jackson is the last one standing.

        • Trevor

          Yeah can someone explain to me how he is still a head coach with a 1-31 record?

          • RealRhino2

            I honestly would rather have Deshone Kizer than Tyrod Taylor straight up. How does Hue still have a job?! For next year, Taylor gives them some legitimacy. For the next three, I’d take Kizer. What good is giving up a possible future to go 6-10 next year?

            • Rob Staton

              6-10 would be a major step in the right direction for Cleveland.

              They’re not going to go 0-16, 1-15, 10-6. They’ll need to take some baby steps along the way.

              And Kizer is redundant long term because they’ll take a QB in the top-five.

  71. C-Dog

    Nick Foles to Arizona. I got a sneaking feeling this is going to be the move that happens next.

    • Volume12

      Watch all the rookie QBs this year end up in the AFCE. Miami, NYJ, Buffalo. There’s NE’s road back to the SB.

      • C-Dog

        Best take of the day. Go Hawks!

    • Volume12

      If Quenton Nelson goes 2 to the Giants, I could 100% see this happening. Rosen or Darnold to the Jets, Mayfield to Miami, while Buffalo moves up with one of their 2 first rounders for Darnold or Rosen.

      • C-Dog

        Interesting. Even if they sign Norwell?

        That would be a sick interior OL.

        • Volume12

          If they go all in with Eli Manning, there’s only one way to do that. Protect him.

          Its him or Chubb IMO.

        • Volume12

          Something tells me they want Barkley at 2, but with Cleveland getting Tyrod Taylor, they can take him at #1 and either move back up into the 1st or wait until he slips into day 2 and select Lamar Jackson.

  72. drewdawg11

    I would love for Foles to be a cardinal, especially if they have to give up a first for that guy. I would be laughing all day. Please make this happen.

  73. Volume12

    Jacson Bevens with an all-timer here. I am dead! 😂😂😂

    ‘Mark Davis looks like microwaved Jon Gruden leftovers’

    • C-Dog

      Good lord. It’s like out of a Dumb and Dumber movie.

      • Volume12

        One of the greatest tweets ever right?

  74. Volume12

    There’s a rumor that Seattle might move Tedric Thompson to CB? Whoever said on here that Seattle will have their safeties paying corner this season might be dead on.

    Sherm to the Niners?

    • Rob Staton

      Where’s that rumour come from?

      I would be stunned if they moved Tedric to corner. Nothing about his skill set at Colorado screamed ‘corner’.

      • Volume12

        Seahawks draft wire.

        He would be one slow, short (arms) Seahawks corner.

  75. Trevor

    I don’t want him to risk his health coming back but boy would it be nice to have Kam as a veteran voice on defense and to get all the young guys lined up in secondary. Can’t see it happening but one can dream.

    At the very least if the Hawks are paying him that he is utilized in a coaching capacity.

  76. Steele

    Sherm meeting with SF, but will also meet with a lot of teams. The question remains, is he anywhere near what he was anymore with his achilles and bone spurs? I’d hate to see him playing for SF. Amazing how Jimmy G has singlehandedly made SF the place to be.

    • bankhawk

      In the odd turn of events that Sherm really did become a Niner (Stranger Things have happened) Ill know weve passed through a portal and are in The Upside-down!

  77. Robert Las Vegas

    You who has to be real happy right now New England Buffalo no QB and the jets no QB and Miami has Ryan T. I would feeling pretty good right if I were a Pat’s fan

  78. Pran

    Carson wentz cost shashi brown his job, now Dorsey is spending draft capital he accumulated. Even in the last draft missed out on mahomes, Watson.
    They don’t want to do the same mistake again.. Browns will pick a QB in top 4 even if it means trading out from 1st. By acquiring Tyrod they want to relieve pressure on the rookie to start.

    • FresnoBrad

      Lamar Jackson trade out of #4 several teams will trade for #4 but Indy could trade #3

  79. SeahawkeyezSub80

    John Clayton had interesting take on his Saturday show about paying him and making him a more defensive end and move him inside( Bennett role) iI would be bummed if we lose him in free agency, it would be turning a second round pick into a third round comp pick next year. high rental. Have to extend E.T. unless its for 1st and third.

    • SeahawkeyezSub80

      Sheldon Richardson (sheesh cant u read my mind)

  80. cha

    Curtis Crabtree
    30m30 minutes ago
    Seahawks to release DeShawn Shead on Monday after contract tolls for 2018.

    • cha

      Curtis Crabtree
      31m31 minutes ago

      As noted in story, there’s mutual interest in Shead staying in Seattle. They’re giving him a fair shake at free agency after a run of bad luck on contract front.

  81. House

    Sherman just signed a three-year deal with San Francisco

    • Rowdy

      Over 13 mil a year injured, can’t blame him

    • Mike L

      I have got to go read the reaction over at “Niners Nation”..he was enemy #1 for many years

      • Mike L’s every bit of entertaining as I thought it would be

  82. David Stinnett

    They will draft a DL.
    They won’t draft an RB earlier than any DL.
    Therefore, an RB will not be their earliest pick.

    • Rob Staton

      We’ll see about that.

      I’m yet to see a single convincing argument that they’ll take a DL first. Mainly, because the DL options at #18-35 are not very good. At all. And the options in that range at OL/RB are excellent.

      People might think DL is the big need after the Bennett release but let’s have some names. You’re not drafting a position you’re drafting what’s available.

  83. Allen Mattsen

    Double dipping at RB would be nice. Edmunds is a great pick late.

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