Seahawks sign Brandon Marshall & a new podcast

For reaction to the Brandon Marshall signing and a lot more — check out the podcast below…

This isn’t a bad time to look for value.

Mychal Kendricks will provide a team with a serviceable linebacker at an attractive price. Dez Bryant will sign with a team at some stage.

The Seahawks have dipped into the market to add Brandon Marshall, having not drafted a receiver from a weak pool in the 2018 draft.

I struggle to find any negatives to the deal.

No doubt someone will find something to quibble about. They’ll highlight a PFF statistic that shows the Giants horrendous 2017 offense was, well, equally horrendous when Marshall was healthy. Or they’ll note his age (34) and wonder why they decided to add a player who was injured for most of last season.

It’s true that the current Marshall isn’t going to be the one who thrived in Chicago and for periods in Denver, Miami and New York (with the Jets). He might not even be the same player that battled so entertainingly with Richard Sherman in 2016 (one of the best WR vs CB matchups we’ve seen in recent years).

None of that matters though.

He’s signed a $2m contract. The Seahawks can easily cut him at any time. They can take a look, see what he has to offer, see if he fits in. Then they can make a decision.

The worst case scenario is he joins a list of big-name veterans that spent a brief period with the team before moving on. Terrell Owens and Antoine Winfield didn’t exactly destroy Seattle’s dynamic during the 2012 and 2013 pre-seasons before being cut.

The best case scenario is he finds a role on the offense. The Seahawks lost Jimmy Graham and Paul Richardson and aren’t flush with experience at receiver. There’s no guarantee Jaron Brown, Amara Darboh, David Moore, Marcus Johnson and Damore’ea Stringfellow are going to fill the void.

Now another name is added to the competition.

Bring it on.

And if anyone doubts Marshall’s willingness to come in and compete and understand his (possibly) limited/niche role on the offense — you only have to look at his contract. According to Spotrac he’s earned $79,211,648 in cash during his career so far. Yet here he is, playing for a token $2m at the very end of his career.

It speaks to a player unsatisfied with his achievements, seeking one last shot to win a Championship. A player determined to give it one last go.

This clearly isn’t about money. It’s about opportunity. The Seahawks aren’t guaranteeing him anything here. He has to win a job. Just like many other members of this roster.

By signing this contract at this stage in his career — Marshall is saying ‘I’m ready to compete‘.

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  1. Aaron

    If he makes the 53, what does that say about Darboh?

    • Rob Staton

      Well, it depends if Darboh also makes the 53. The beauty is — the competition is on. There’s no easy route to this roster. Darboh, Marshall — they both have to fight that job.

    • lil'stink

      My main memory of Darboh last year was that he couldn’t even run a go route correctly. I think he’ll have to have a really good training camp or demonstrate solid ST skill to make the roster.

  2. astro_domine

    Love it. I remember Pete & John were aggressively pursuing a trade for him when Denver was shopping him.
    I’ve always been a fan of his game and personality- he’s the kind of character Pete cherishes.

    Also, he get’s to kick off the season against two of his previous teams (@Den, @Chi).

  3. astro_domine

    Love it. I remember Pete & John were aggressively pursuing a trade for him when Denver was shopping him.
    I’ve always been a fan of his game and personality- he’s the kind of character Pete cherishes.

    Also, he gets to kick off the season against two of his previous teams (@Den, @Chi).

  4. BobbyK

    I have so much respect for Richard Sherman as a football player. He was great (and may still be again).

    However, Brandon Marshall is really the only WR I ever felt won more than just a few battles against Sherman during his career. Granted, they haven’t played each other a lot of times, but this is something to at least consider a tiny bit (since the Seahawks will be competing against Sherman twice in ’18 – the matchup from ’16 was a real battle, as Rob alluded to).

    Obviously, this version of Marshall isn’t the stud he used to be – but you get a big body like him on third down anywhere on the field or especially in the red zone and this two million dollars looks like a big-time bargain.

    If it’s not a bargain, it’s not like they failed the way they did with a WR like Percy Harvin (contract and 43% of a draft class even if all picks weren’t for the same year).

    Remember bargains like Chuck Darby and Joe Jurevicius in ’05 or even Kevin Williams in ’14? This could be one of those signings. I like it.

    • Kenny Sloth

      A few weeks ago my dad asked me if I’d rather have Brandon Marshall or Dez Bryant.

      I said “Marshall is an advocate for mental illness, Dez just mentally ill.”

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        Jurevicius killed it that year he was with us. It was something like 10 TDs. Obviously that’s not likely in this case, but I love the initiative by the Hawks to see what possibilities could be had with this signing. Plus we need a big target for short yardage redzone passing plays to make up a piece of Graham’s TD production.

  5. Kenny Sloth

    I love Brandon Marshall’s mental health advocacy

    • Pickering


    • Trevor

      +1 Kenny

      Marshall and Baldwin are two smart well articulated guys who go about social activism and change in the correct manner.

      I think he will be a great addition and hope he can get healthy and make the roster. Could be that big red zone WR to replace Grahams targets.

  6. Nick

    The Seahawks WR group, beyond Doug and Tyler, is completely up for grabs. It is this sort of competition which PCJS love and believe brings out the best in players. I agree. I wouldn’t worry so much about “what does this say about Darboh? Or Moore?”. I think it shows that Pete is not going to hand out any roster spot. Good. Those days are passed us. I for one am glad.

  7. cha

    Marshall stripping the ball from the DB in that highlight package is a thing of beauty.

  8. Ashish

    It is worth checking out, they can cut him worst case. They can figure out in practice and Pre-season if he connects with Russ. If it works out he can 3rd down/ red zone threat or decoy.

    Worst case he will push Darboh / Brown / others to be best. Good signing

    • McZ

      Worst case is, he becomes Ed Lacy II, occupying a roster spot on a unit in transition, otherwise falling to a prospect.

      • Rob Staton

        Lacy’s contract was much harder to shift. They can cut Marshall whenever. Very different.

        • McZ

          I think, “doing a Lacy” is being handled by wishful thinking, occupying a roster spot another hungry guy could fill, while not providing anything to the team.

          I think, the Hawks learned their part. I don’t see that happen. But it still is the worst case.

          • Rob Staton

            They were lumbered with Lacy though, due to the cost and the injury situation at RB.

            They will never be ‘lumbered’ with Marshall. He’ll either be contributing or he won’t be here.

  9. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Isn’t Brandon Marshall a quality WR at blocking down the field on rushing plays?
    He could occupy what Jimmy did in the Seattle offense. Not the blocking in-line, but the redzone production aspect. For the 2-3M cost, worth the gamble. And, how many former UCF guys do we need on one Seahawks roster?!?!

    • sdcoug

      Technically, I could occupy jimmy’s in-line blocking

      • Hawk Eye

        I doubt it.
        You could probably be better

        • Kenny Sloth

          Ok this is a little far. Jimmy improved tremendously as a blocker in his time here.

          In the last two years I’ve seen him pin and turn DEs when he’s on.

          The dude is just soft and inconsistent.

          You can’t change who someone is, but this coaching staff didn’t let him get away with being an incomplete player. This narrative has been irresponsibly propogated for years and I’ve never seen any evidence on the field of him being any kind of liability in the blocking game since he returned from injury

    • Hawktalker#1

      How many UCF players do we need?
      As many as we can get.

      • FresnoHawk

        Yup as many as we get, untill Hawks run the table and go undefeated! Amazing accomplishment they were a very special team.

  10. Greg Haugsven

    Im good with the signing as long as there isnt a lot of guaranteed money if any. Wouldnt want to lose a roster spot for someone who could help with this season and beyond.

    • Rob Staton

      Well it’s a max $2m deal signed at the very end of May, with some of it likely incentives. So no concern there over guaranteed money.


        I think Clayton said he only got $90,000 guaranteed. A pittance (relative to NFL players, haha).

  11. Edgar

    Kenneth……get rid of the ‘uhhhhhhhhs’. They become the only thing I hear.

    • rugbylock

      Didn’t Kenny mention something about the podcast going behind a paywall?? If so then I’m sure not paying. Like Corey says I only listen when Rob is on or he brings back Danny Kelly for a chat. Kenny isn’t bad when paired with someone who know what they’re talking about.

      • Rob Staton

        I made a promise to this community years ago that none of the content will be behind a paywall. So as far as I’m concerned — I won’t be doing regular content that people have to pay for. If people want to contribute to my Patreon account, that is much appreciated. But everything on here will be free and it’ll be up to the individual whether they want to use Patreon.

        I plan in 2018 to do a lot more solo podcasts, and to see what options I have to get guests on.

        I’m always open to invitations for podcasts, including those behind a paywall. But I’m not going to turn round to the people in this community and say you’ve got to pay to hear my regular thoughts on the Hawks.

  12. Edgar

    Uhhhh…ummmm…uhhhhhh…ummmm this is hard to listen to.

    • Corey

      I completely agree. I only listen to the Field Gulls podcast when Rob is on. Kenneth is a good writer, but good speaker he is not.

  13. Sean-O

    It looks like Sherman considers Marshall one of the five toughest WR’s he’s had to cover:

    We’ll see what Marshall has left in the tank but pretty cool praise.

    • LouieLouie

      Nice article, Sean-O.

  14. Sean-O

    It looks like Sherman considers Marshall one of the top 5 toughest WR’s he’s covered. Nice praise but let’s see what Marshall has left in the tank.

  15. Pedestrian

    Love the signing! Signals further commitment to the run with a big bodied blocker and receiving target. If someone knows more about his blocking ability, please feel free to correct me.

    Question I have is, are they moving away from the small speed slasher type they’ve been going after like with Tyler Lockett, in exchange for bigger bodies? Feels as though they’ve been shifting in that direction since last offseason. I’m all for it!

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think so — they checked out Christian Kirk pre draft and added some speed at WR too.

  16. Tyler Jorgensen

    Rob, care to guess who gets more Seahawk receptions next year, Jaron Brown or Brandon Marshall? I’m predicting Brown.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure to be honest, way too early to make a prediction there.

      • Elmer

        Change of subject, but, relative to the podcast, isn’t Janikowsk i(kicker) technically the oldest player on the roster?

      • Tyler Jorgensen

        I bet 100 dollars on Brown last night, in a semi-drunk argument. Trying to assess my odds.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          I think that entirely depends on what Marshall has left in the tank. I think he’ll play as much as he merits. If we have a potential #1 or #2 receiver on our hands (not likely, but I give it better odds than most might, given the track record) then he could overtake Lockett’s snaps, even. All things being equal, though, I think this team is actually very bullish on Brown. They’ve seen him break their backs on 3rd-and-long up close and personal for a couple years now. Didn’t they sign him to a 2-year contract? I think that would tell you right away they see an underrated player in Brown. I’m kinda excited for him, too. He never had big numbers but he always had explosive plays against us when it hurt the most, and that size/speed ratio is very good. Seems very Seahawky to me, too — undrafted guy with little fanfare, but with obviously unique traits.

          If I had to bet I would’ve said Brown also. But they’ll probably end up in the same ballpark if Marshall makes the team.

        • Roger Davis

          I loved what I saw from Brown before I even knew his name. I remember thinking, “Who is that guy?”

          I think he’s a steal.

  17. Hawk Eye

    just watching the hawks/texans game on nfl network. wonder how it ends?
    miss football…….

    I know McEvoy had a bad year overall, but he made a great catch on a deep pass and then hit the return guy who fumbled the ball, but the returner recovered it. Needs to be able to do that every game.
    Not sure if he makes the roster, but he is now an underdog and has his back to the wall. 6 ft 6 receivers don’t grow on trees, but he knows he has to improve to stand a chance of making the team.
    This goes back to the PC mantra, compete, compete, compete.

    going to be an interesting training camp

    • Hawktalker#1

      Not sure anyone can do that every game. Not sure it is a fair ask.

      • Hawk Eye

        I just mean make a play, contribute something of a positive nature, rather than being a JAG, or making a mistake

  18. C-Dog

    On a different roster related note, interesting weight changes from the DLiner group. The ends of added weight and the tackles have gotten lighter.

    Dion Jordan 6-6 284 (up 10 lbs)
    Brandon Jackson 6-4 295 (up 25 lbs)
    Rasheem Green 6-4 279 (up 4 lbs from his listed weight drafted)

    Frank Clark 6-3 265 (up 5 lbs)
    Marcus Smith 6-3 258lbs (up 8 lbs)
    Jacob Martin 6-2 242 lbs (up 5 lbs)

    The News Tribune noted Brandon Jackson was working with the ones recently. All the potential 5 techs have added weight.


    Jarran Reed 6-3 306 (down 5 lbs)
    Naziar Jones 6-5 295 (down over 10 lbs)
    Tom Jackson 6-3 285 (down 3 lbs)
    Quinton Jefferson (6-4 291 (same)

    Shamar Steven 6-5 309 and Poona Ford 5-11 310 are the heaviest DTs on the roster. On the whole, it looks like Seattle might be transitioning a bit from the big space eaters to more quickness inside, something DL coach Clint Hurtt has always coached up.

    Very interesting to see Naz slimmed down like that. I thought OTA photos a couple weeks ago showed him looking especially chiseled. That might be the inside rusher for 2018.

    Others changes in players

    Barkevious Mingo has slimmed down 10 lbs to 6-5 235 LBs. Looks like they want to maximize his quicks for edge/SAM.

    Bradley McDougald has increased his weight up to 215 lbs, that might signal he’s getting ready to play more SS than FS.

    Jamarco Jones has decreased his weight even further to 293 lbs. Maybe they are getting him on a crash course to improve his quickness?

    As confirmed, Ethan Pocic is now a robust 6-6 220 lbs.

    • Sea Mode

      Great info. Thanks, C-Dog!

    • cha

      “Ethan Pocic is now a robust 6-6 220 lbs.”

      I’m guessing that’s a typo. LOL

    • Coleslaw

      Thank you! I think Naz has a good chance to make a big leap in year 2. Mingo might be playing the LEO role on third downs. Reed, Stephen and Ford should be a really good run stuffing group.
      As for the DEs adding weight, look at where they’re all at in their careers, it makes sense for all of them to add weight, some need to bulk up, some are probably just filling in as they age and getting stronger and done tuning ( clark, Jordan, Green, Smith)
      Looks promising to me!

  19. C-Dog

    Anyone notice on the roster how the 5 tech’s have built up weight?

    Brandon Jackson 6-4 295 lbs
    Dion Jordan 6-6 286 lbs
    Raheem Green 6-4 279 lbs

    Even the Leos have added some weight, but it looks like they want to get back to that big power end. The Tacoma New Tribune noted Brandon Jackson was getting a lot of work with the ones.

    The heaviest DTs are Poona Ford at 310 and Shamar Stevens at 309. Jarran Reed is down to 306 lbs, and Nazair Jones dropped all the way down to 295 lbs. Tom Johnson is only 285 lbs. It feels like they might well be transitioning away from the big bodied space eaters to get more quickness up front now. I think that’s been coach Clint Hurt’s whole thing.

    Naz down to 295 is very interesting. I thought early OTA photos showed him looking especially chiseled.

  20. Largent80

    Good signing. He can help the younger WR’s learn some tricks of the trade as well. I’m hoping he can stay healthy. Dude can block too, a very low risk addition.

  21. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Had a Dream early this morning that Rashaad Penny had a 57 yard kick off return his first touch in preseason it was in a dome. Then later in the drive he had his first touchdown run of 11 yard’s walking in barely scathed!

    Go Dreams

    Go Hawks!

  22. House

    Have you guys seen Marshall contract details? $90K signing bonus. Can’t get much less low-risk than that

    • Greg Haugsven

      This looks like an MSB Contract. The pay him the minimum for a 10 year player which is $1.015 million in base with a $90k signing bonus. Then he only gets the cap hit of a two year player which I believe would be $720k. (630 + 90)

    • Greg Haugsven

      Looks like an MSB Contract. He gets the 10 year vet minimum in base salary ($1.015) plus the max of $90k in signing bonus but he only has a cap hit of a two year player which is $720k ($630 + $90)

  23. Madmark

    The deal with Brandom Marshall is a win. There no downside to it. This is PC/JS way of kicking the tires on a veteran and bringing in more competition to push WR spot. His interview with John Clayton was start forward and brutally honesty. He said no one else was asking for him except Seattle and that most teams think his career is over.

    This is a make it or retire for Marshall and I think he wants end the game on a high note. He has 959 receptions, 12,215yds receiving, and 82TDs. His contract has a lot of incentives that if he made them would pay him more money plus it would add to his career stats. If he had like a Jearmane Kearse type year 49 receptions, 685 yards receiving, and 5TDs. He get a $75,000 for getting over 40 receptions and $75,000 for over 500 Yards. He would join the 1000 receptions WR club.

    Realistically, He makes the team and if he stays healthy for the year. He’ll finish with 34 receptions, 537 yards, and 6 TDs. He’s never had a Russel Wilson type QB before. There’s a chip on his shoulders to prove he can still play if not he gone like Owens. I all in on hoping this is a good deal for him and this team.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a fantastic deal. Absolutely zero risk for the team and it highlights Marshall’s determination and desire to play football.

      • Madmark

        In the last paragraph I stated what I think his stats could be due to the number of opportunities I think he could receive and he has a good year for us. I’m not saying its likely to happen but lets say he has a great year thou and he gets over 1000 career receptions, 13K in yards receiving, and does 90 TDs would this be enough for him to be considered for the football Hall of Fame? I

    • cha

      It’s a Nordstrom’s deal. You don’t like it, we’ll take it back no questions asked.

  24. cha

    I’ve mentally written off Malik McDowell so it hasn’t occurred to me to look for it – has he been around the offseason activities/on VMAC campus at all? Has PC given any kind of update on his status?

    • Rob Staton

      There is no update and he hasn’t been present. Unfortunately, the writing appears to be on the wall there.

    • GerryG

      There’s been no sign of him.

      He done (no source, but…)

  25. Coleslaw

    Thanks to C-Dog for the DL weight updates.
    I think it’s likely to see a couple guys take some specific roles this year.
    First. Dion Jordan, I think we’re overstating how much he’s gonna play DE. At 6’6 284, he looks like an interior pass rusher, and he needs to be on a snap count, so, I see him being a blitz package DT, while our next guy takes the early down snaps at DE.
    Rasheem Green, I think he’ll play a lot of 5 tech. The big man role. Also, I think he’ll factor into the interior pass rush as well, being that’s his future position. He should play a lot.
    And the guy taking over the Leo in nickel is Bark Mingo, dropped to 6’5″ 235, hes probably the SLB and blitz package DE, taking over for Avril as the speed rusher.
    Another guy who could take over plenty of snaps at DE is Shaq Griffin, him and Mingo could battle it out, they’re both good so it would be a win win situation with a good backup either way. I think either way we’ll see a lot of 3 DEs in blitz packages (Clark, Shaq, Mingo)

    Early down:
    DE: Frank Clark, Branden Jackson
    DT: Jarran Reed, Poona Ford
    DT: Shamar Stephen, Naz Jones
    DE: Rasheem Green, Dion Jordan

    3rd down:
    DE: Barkevious Mingo, Shaquem Griffin
    DT: Naz Jones, Rasheem Green
    DT: Dion Jordan, Tom Johnson
    DE: Frank Clark, Marcus Smith (?)

    • H

      Idk about Green starting at 5 tech. Needs to get way stronger at holding down the edge against the run. I think the best case scenario for him this year is he and Dion split whatever snaps Bennett got last year as the 5/3 tech. Maybe getting on the field together in certain 3rd down nascar packages.
      A guy who i think should be getting some starting consideration is Naz Jones, Shemar was a rotational guy in Minnasota and he’s 34. If Naz stays healthy i think he and Reed will get the starting DT spots.

      • Coleslaw

        The thought on Green and Jordan is they play the same role, 5 tech on early downs, 3 tech in blitz packages. Jordan, as good as he is, has a snap count, so if you want him to start at 5 tech and rush the passer as a 3, that’s likely not possible. Which pushes Green up to the starting 5T spot (which I think he can handle as well as anyone on the roster) and pushes Dion to 3T pass rush specialist and backup 5T, keeping him fresh.
        The thought on Naz not starting is that hes probably our second best interior pass rusher besides Jordan and Clark, so the idea was to keep him fresh as well and use him as a rotational run stuffer on early downs. Or 2nd and long too. But he is young and probably could handle playing 80% of the snaps, so i could see that too.

    • purpleneer

      I don’t think I could disagree more on Dion Jordan (and almost as much on R Green). The frame means his weight isn’t the same as it would on a guy even just 2 inches shorter. Green is absolutely not ready to play a lot, especially in multiple roles; I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I want Green to focus in his first year almost exclusively on being the best edge guy he can be and not expect many snaps.
      I also don’t want the rotation to be so tied to the run-down/passing-down myth. Of course there are plenty of obvious passing situations,but not so much the other way, when a D can ignore or downplay the threat of pass. I’m not expecting Shaquem to provide pass rush outside of blitzes either.

    • purpleneer

      I think I’m in the minority, but I don’t want Green thinking about playing inside this year or expecting a lot of snaps. He should start out focusing almost exclusively on becoming a complete edge player. He’s not ready to play a lot or play multiple roles.
      I’m not worried about keeping Jordan’s snaps limited.
      I really don’t want the rotation to so tied to the run-down/pass-down myth. Of course there are plenty of clear passing situations, but not so much the other way, where a D can be comfortable really downplaying the threat of pass. Offenses also sometimes to a good job of limiting substitutions, so everyone needs to be prepared for plays when they can’t be perfectly planned and avoid being taken advantage of by being surprised.

  26. Coleslaw

    Another thing I’ve been thinking about is we’re probably gonna get Schotty some more weapons in the next draft, most likely a pass catcher but undoubtedly going to invest in the offense again somehow. We got him Penny, he has Baldwin and Lockett. That’s about it for pass catchers. He likes a stable of running backs, and hes got a good group, but we could target a new shiny pass catching toy like he had in STL in Tavon Austin and Benny Cunningham.
    An X factor if you will, Graham was a good one last year, Prosise could step up into the role this year, but I wouldn’t bet on him, let’s get another high upside playmaker for Russ and Schotty, then keep loading up the D .

  27. Coleslaw

    Myles Gaskin, Karan Higdon and Justice Hill could be guys to watch as Prosise replacements. All could fall due to their weight but all would be a steal in the 3rd.

    • EBurgz

      I don’t think they will draft any RB’s under 215 pounds. They have had lots of chances to draft talented little backs before and so far… they haven’t. Didn’t we learn our lessons from RoJo this year and Tyler Ervin a couple years ago? Seems like it doesn’t matter how “dynamic” or “explosive” they are if they aren’t big enough.

      I was told Guice and Penny weren’t options for the hawks because of their jumps. “not explosive enough, only jumped as high as Leveon Bell, Zeke Elliot and fournette”. Then we talked about RoJo all offseason even though we haven’t ever drafted a smaller back (we have drafted a non explosive RB; Alex Colins).

      Size looks like the most important characteristic in determining who the hawks might draft and we shouldn’t ignore that. Running style (being able to create for themselves) and explosive measurabless seem like the other big things to me.

      • Coleslaw

        Never say never lol these guys are all 5’10” , 2 in the 190s. As I alluded to they would be more of a receiver. As Brian Schottenheimer had in St. Louis with Tavon Austin (not even a RB) and Benny Cunningham (3rd string RB, led group in receptions, pulling in more balls than the 2 guys above him combined)
        The past doesnt matter, this is Schotty’s offense now, that’s been clear so far at camp, he has control. And a lot of it. If he wants a small RB to catch passes and motion around (the past says he does) then he will get one. Prosise and McKissic are options but CJ is unreliable even if he does play 16 games and McKissic isn’t anything too exciting.
        We gotta study Brian Schottenheimer and what he likes in his players, that will be the key to the offense.
        If you need proof that Schotty is in control, he said Carroll told him that fixing the run is his responsibility, not Mike Solari’s. Schotty is the OC, QB coach, and Offensive personnel director/of scouting now essentially. He’s in.

        • EBurgz

          Good points. We shall see how much input schotty gets in player acquisition. Seemed like cable got quite a bit with the OL.

      • Coleslaw

        Also, they met with Ito Smith this year a guy who’s the same weight but an inch shorter than 2 of the guys I named

      • Rob Staton

        I think they were fully prepared to draft Ronald Jones II. There are reasons why they didn’t, including size, but I don’t think there’s a carte blanche approach. Otherwise they wouldn’t have drafted Russell Wilson.

        • EBurgz

          What makes you think that? I think Penny was their guy and they got him. I remember you had some kind of inside scoop about RoJo’s bad interview or something.

          The fact that they had McKissic last year shows that they are willing to have a smaller back on the roster. But he wasn’t drafted.

          Wilson is a qb , I think they have different criteria for each position. I guess it shows that they are willing to make exceptions for certain players that aren’t ideal size (at least for certain positions). BWagz and Lockett were considered “too small” also so I can see what your saying. Hawks want a rb that can set a physical tone and create for himself (according to Pete), it’s tough for an undersized back to do that but never say never I suppose. I’ll be focusing on rb’s that a similar size as the other Rb’s they drafted just like I’ll be looking as CB’s with 32 inch arms until those trends change.

          • Rob Staton

            The fact they met with him privately and did a ton of work on him and other smaller backs. Penny ended up being their guy but there’s a process here. If Jones had ended up being ‘their guy’ I think they would’ve drafted him regardless of size.

            They have size ideals at all positions but have shown, on more than one occasion, they are willing to look beyond those for the right player. More often than not they will stick to the ideals. But it’s not an exclusive thing.

            • EBurgz

              Good points. Didn’t know they met with him and did a ton of work on him. I though Ito Smith and Chase Edmunds were late round guys but both were drafted earlier than expected for me(I’m a big Ito fan). They could have been round 5 targets for sure. Thanks for the reply.

              If we’re talking little dudes it’s Bryce Love for me.

  28. Coleslaw

    Brock and Salk say Dissly is standing out above all the other rookies, running with the 1s. Also, Flowers is getting to run with the 1s as well due to injuries and no Byron Maxwell, they said he looks comfortable. That’s what will get him early looks, he’s got the skillset, if he’s comfortable that’s big, then it’s just a matter of working on technique. He could be a dark horse rookie starter like Quill. Man they’re gonna be an awesome tandem one day.

    • H

      Thats encouraging to hear, i see no reason why Dissly shouldnt start year one. He’s kind of a “is what he is” player, not much in the way of major upside as a pass catcher but he already blocks and catches really well

      • BobbyK

        He’s like a young Zach Miller without the massive contract. Miller (and Ryan Hannam before him) was such an unsung hero. However, that was with Wilson making nothing (they could afford a hugely paid TE to do dirty work). Now they have a highly paid QB that they need most everything else (Dissly) to be a bargain. Just the way it is.

  29. Gohawks5151

    Virginia tech DB Adonis Alexander may be entering Supplemental draft due to academic issues. 6’3″, 207. Real good explosion and body control. Obviously long limbed. Speed may be average. AKA the classic Seahawks corner type. Has been consistently compared to Sherman and the Seahawks throughout the scouting community. May be a but redudant now with Tre Flowers at corner and Hill/Thompson at Strong. However I don’t think it’s out of the question to reopen the big nickel conversation again. This is the supplemental drfat though so you would have to bid. Draft pick for next year. I would like to think a 4th would get it done, but with so many Seattle copycats out there it may need to be a 3rd. I like the kid a whole lot though. I mean… Look.

  30. Gohawks5151

    Virginia tech DB Adonis Alexander is entering Supplemental draft. 6’3″, 207. By eye test seems to meet length requirements. Explosive and great body control. Little raw and average speed. AKA the classic Seahawk corner. Been compared to Sherman and Seattle a lot in scouting reports. He can play corner and safety but could be a little redundant with Tre Flowers and Hill/Thompson at strong. Could be an upgrade on Tyson, Thorpe and Elliot though. Also big nickel could come back into play. Supplemental draft means we are bidding a draft pick and lose it next year. I would like to think a 4th gets it done but a lot of Seattle copycats can push it to a 3rd. Not sure of the price but a lot to like.

    • Ghost Mutt

      I might be wrong here, buy I think Houston own our 3rd as part of the Duane Brown trade.

      • Rob Staton

        Houston own our second round pick in 2019.

  31. CharlieTheUnicorn

    “Former Virginia Tech cornerback Adonis Alexander told me on Friday that he is applying for the 2018 NFL Supplemental Draft after being ruled academically ineligible for his senior year. NFL scouts say Alexander’s size (6-foot-3, 207 pounds) and talent…..” ~ Tom Pelissero

    So, would this guy be of interest in Seattle or is he too big a knucklehead to take a chance?


      Depends on the round for me. I’m positive they won’t spend anything higher than a 6th round pick on someone with major character flags this year.

      • Sea Mode

        At least he has admitted it and is trying to mature.

        Alexander says the academic issues date to his freshman year, when he had some instant success on the field, got “really big-headed” and stopped paying proper attention to classes. He withdrew from three classes that year to avoid failing them, Alexander says, and eventually landed on academic probation, meaning he had to maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better while taking 16 or 17 credit hours some semesters to stay on track for his degree.

        He also has some other off-field issues NFL teams will surely question him about, including a publicized arrest in April 2016 for marijuana possession. Alexander served a one-game suspension to start the 2016 season and also was suspended the first two games of 2017 for violating team rules.

        “I thought I was untouchable, doing stuff I wasn’t supposed to do,” Alexander told me, “but as I got older, I realized the other opportunity that I was messing up. Back then, I was probably a more in-the-moment guy. I didn’t really look ahead. But I can honestly say as I mature, I begin to think about my future before I make a decision.”

        Of course, that could be agent-speak he’s being fed, but at least it’s good to hear he’s trying. The Hawks will have to decide. Let’s see how he does at the pro day he is scheduling.

    • Coleslaw

      I sure hope they get him. He could push Dontae Johnson off the roster and probably start over Maxwell. Him, Griffin and Tre Flowers would be scary for most receiver groups in the NFL. Add in Justin Coleman and that’s a really nice group.
      I’m sure Seattle knows what they’re looking for and if it’s the right opportunity they’ll do it. After they hit on Shaquill Griffin I’m convinced Pete knows exactly what he wants.

      • Hawktalker#1


        Thoughts on this subject?

        • Rob Staton

          My thoughts are — I’m not convinced anyone will spend a pick. But there’s a chance someone, including the Seahawks, might bring him in for a look.

          • hawktalker#1

            It seems he could be worth a late round pick based on his tape, don’t you think?

            If no team chooses to use a pick on him, would be be available just as any other UDFA player and then teams would likely be bidding using their bonus payments for him?

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t think there’s any need. With his off-field issues not sure anyone is biting there. And not sure the Seahawks need to spend any more future picks.

              • hawktalker#1

                Thanks for the responses. I had a similar feeling – he would need to be substantially better than some of their current prospects in order to use a future pick, although a late future pick might possibly work if he was indeed better – but not convinced he is.

  32. H

    A healthy reminder of how impressive Chris Carson looked before his injury last year

    • AlaskaHawk

      I wonder if they will go down to 4 running backs on the starting squad this year? Seems like plenty of running backs if Penny holds up. I see them as using Penny, Carson, Davis, and McKissic.

      • Eburgz

        Procise will make the team if he stays healthy through training camp. Too talented not to. McKissic has an uphill battle to make the team with penny able to return kicks.

        • FresnoHawk


      • Rob Staton

        I think Prosise has a good chance to last provided he doesn’t get hurt in camp.

  33. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Mike Solari had a quote about rhe OL… essentially… I don’t know what I have yet, we have to see them work and progress through the system. This my friends, if why you needed a new coach willing to call a spade a spade.

    Duane Brown mentioned that he thought the biggest single player, who would improve under Solari…… was…. Ifedi. He gave very high praise after the minicamp/OTA/whatever they call them this week. IF Ifedi can turn the corner, then watch out…. because we know he can move guys when he gets his hands on them.

    • Coleslaw

      I’ve been a big critic of Ifedi but him panning out this year would be huge. If we can keep Fant a secret then lock him up on a cheap-ish deal, that would be perfect considering Duane Brown’s age.

  34. 503Hawk

    Rob and SDB crew…

    I hope the Seahawks are paying attention to the Mariners. The M’s look very similar to the 2012-2013 Hawks. A bunch of youngsters with attitude playing as a TEAM. I think everyone from Pete and John all the way down to Earl and company would do well to spend some time observing that crew at Safeco and remember what got them where they were when they were on to of the world.
    Newbies such Griffin & Griffin, Dissly, Ford and others offer hope that this team can refocus on “we” and not “me”.

  35. Bigten

    Another CB possibly entering the supp draft, Western Mich Sam Beal. 6-1 190. Supposedly touted as a top first round talent for next year. Any chance we drop a 4 or 5 on Him? Or does this possibly water down the market for Adonis even more so. I personally liked Adonis’s game, and looking at the situation, he got caught up as a freshman after immediate production that inflated his head. And was required to make a 3.0 after that to stay eligible. It’s not super easy to be a D-1 athlete and maintain a 3.0. So it’s not as boneheaded as it sounds. We are after football players, we knock guys who are smart and care about med school or poetry because it makes us question their commitment to football. Yet in situations like this, we Question again there commitment. I like what he had to say, eve if it was agent talk. A 6th or even 5th round flier seems safe. Especially if it so happens to bump out a FA we signed, and helps us get a 4th comp in return.

    • teejmo

      S Brandon Bryant out of Mississippi St looking to be eligible for the Supplement Draft. He’s supposedly an athletic freak, running a 4.24.

    • Gohawks5151

      Great points. Especially pertaining to the guy at the combine that was knocked for liking poetry. I like Adonis a whole lot too. To me he is the most Sherm like Prospect to come along in a little while. I like Bieal as well but I don’t quite see the degree of separation that makes him a first-rounder and Adonis 3rd. The Bryant kid is supposed to be fire. Fast, good tackler. Functional strength. Possible Earl replacement candidate. This draft is more interesting than most years.

  36. Gohawks5151

    Great points. Especially pertaining to the guy at the combine that was knocked for liking poetry. I like Adonis a whole lot too. To me he is the most Sherm like Prospect to come along in a little while. I like Bieal as well but I don’t quite see the degree of separation that makes him a first-rounder and Adonis 3rd. The Bryant kid is supposed to be fire. Fast, good tackler. Functional strength. Possible Earl replacement candidate. This draft is more interesting than most years.

    • hawktalker#1

      Is it just me, or are some of these posts starting to look alike?

      • Hawk Eye

        I think there is a technical problem with the blog. When I post it does not show up right away, so I think some people think it did not post and do it again. I also noticed I tried to reply and it came up as a separate posting.

        but still my first website of the day to look at with hot coffee as I try to wake up……

        • Rob Staton

          Will have some new stuff on soon guys. Busy week this.

          • hawktalker#1

            Now that’s exciting!! Any hints? Come on . . . throw us a bone!! LOL

          • Hawk Eye

            Don’t worry Rob, we will keep ourselves entertained until you give us the good stuff

  37. Hawk Eye

    interesting news coming out of the Pats

    Edelman suspended for 4 weeks for PED and his guru/trainer is throwing him under the bus. This from a guy that sold fake cancer medicine to dying people.

    One of these days the whole Alex Guerrero thing is going to blow up and everyone is going to be shocked. But all the signs are there, just waiting for someone to blow the whistle.

  38. Coleslaw

    With all the cap space we’re bound to have soon I’ve been looking at free agents in the coming years. One name that intrigues me the most is Khalil Mack. The team had been publicly upset with him recently, and could be on the outs with the new regime. I know hes gonna be expensive but hes a cornerstone type of player.

    • Coleslaw

      Mack, Clowney, DeMarcus Lawrence, Dante Fowler, Frank Clark, Ansah, Wilkerson are all free agents in 2019. Why pay Clark $15M/year when you can get Mack or Clowney for the same price or a few million more.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Both Clowney and Mack are going to pull in between 18-22M / year.
        Frank Clark might pull in 10-15M / year. That is no chump change to be sure.

      • Gohawks5151

        That’s a hell of a list but i don’t think any of them make it to FA besides Fowler and he is kind of a projection guy like Frank depending on this year. Mack would be a stud but Oakland cannot let him go. Clowney and Lawrence will get tagged if anything. Maybe Ansah has a chance at leaving and he would be a great fit.

  39. Logan Lynch

    Echoing what Rob and others said above, as long as Prosise is healthy he’s making the team. Just listen to Pete’s OTA presser from yesterday where he was raving about him. You can tell he loves Carson, Penny, and Prosise. If those 3 guys can stay healthy, that’s a potentially lethal backfield combo.

    Another nugget from Pete that I picked up…I think they’re legitimately opening up the RCB spot and not handing it to Maxwell (nor should they). Flowers may get a real shot there early on. Shaquill gave Flowers props for how he’s picking up the system. I don’t remember verbatim, but when talking about moving SL Griffin to LCB Pete said something along the lines of “we like Maxie on the right side and if we’re going to open this thing up, we want to do it at RCB”. Flowers is similar to the Browner body type that played RCB while Sherm manned LCB. If we can get a young outside corner duo with Coleman in the slot too? Hoo boy, that’s exciting to me! Mike Tyson recently got some love in a writeup on the official website too, so he may be another dark horse candidate. I’m excited for minicamp next week!

    • Hawk Eye

      3 healthy running backs.
      I crossed my fingers, toes, legs, arms, I even have body parts cross that don’t exist, just hoping for that.
      Wonder if they would play Carson with one of the other 2 and sometimes use Carson as a fullback???

      would love to see Flowers end up as Sherm 2.0.
      Probably just wishful thinking, but I was dreaming of a Super Bowl victory for a long time before it happened, and JS is due for a breakout draft

      when does football start???? I got a pile of open Sundays

    • Gohawks5151

      Gonna be quite the competition. Technically you cant count out Johnson but no corners they have brought in on FA have worked out yet. Thorpe is a vet too and has had enough time here for me to believe that he won’t move past his current role. I have always been interested in Elliot, particularly after the Atlanta playoff loss 2 seasons ago that i thought he played well in. Got a lot of athleticism. Tyson is a big unknown he could turn some heads i suppose. I’m cheering for Flowers and it seems he is picking it up fast. The talk on him kind of sounds like how they were talking about Shaq last year. The 2 corners in the Supplemental Draft have their appeal as well.

      Carson, Penny and Procise are going to be filthy! Cant wait for august!

  40. RWIII

    Earl Thomas. A couple of years ago you were talking retirement. Now you want a long-term deal. Can you be trutsted with a long-term deal? It doesn’t make sense that ANY team would give you a long-term deal.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Was a brief comment when he was hurt. Who doesn’t want a long term deal. Can’t fault any player for that. Just because a player wants security and some respect they think they’re not getting, can’t fault them for that. What team wouldn’t want a pro bowler on a long term deal. He’s a great safety and everyone know it, thus the situation we are in.

      • Hawktalker#1

        I will say it is very irritating having Sherm be the one whispering poison into his ears. I think Sherm is very spiteful at the moment doing whatever he can’t to hurt the team as payback for not resigning him. That may never change. I’d much rather have the battles take place in the field than in these private conversations Sherm is having with ET.

        • Gohawks5151

          Is Sherm whispering in his ear? Haven’t heard this.

  41. Kenny Sloth

    The ever inconsistent French national team just drew at home to a desperately young USA side that will be missing the world cup.

    Not sure how you could evwr call that team a favorite in Russia haha

  42. Ed

    Just trade ET now to Dallas for a 2nd and move on. Let the young guys play. ET will not be the reason the Hawks are good or not good. That all falls on RW and the ability of the Hawks to run. Happened in Dallas two years ago. Awesome running game, terrible D and they still got far. Bye bye ET

    • John_s

      Should’ve traded him during the draft. Even if it was for a 3

    • sdcoug


    • Gohawks5151

      Never thought I would see anyone on here want to be Dallas. It was said above, you can’t fault a guy for wanting security and respect. This is the money game. Both the management and the player have to look out for themselves. It’s natural fans want to pick sides but it really is business. Personally, I think it sucks for Earl. He is being made to pay for the past sins of the team. The big contracts of Lynch, Sherm, Bennet (Attitude, performance), Kam and Avril (Injury) have jaded the team. Until the very last part of last year you never heard anything negative about him. He was a grinder, great teammate and performed at a HOF level. But he is weird. Even now all the negative comments can be traced back to an off comment that got caught in the locker room and being burned by ither players contracts. The thing I don’t get is that aren’t we clearing $90M in space soon? If ET gets 13M and RW gets 30M that still leaves money for a Splash FA

      • sdcoug

        Earl was paid handsomely for his past performance, multiple times. In my humble opinion, paying him $13M/ moving forward would be a foolish venture that depends on the very best of circumstances being realized…which is highly unlikely. How much cap we have/will have is almost irrelevant.

  43. Coleslaw

    Unfortunately, the best we could get before was a 3rd fir Earl, sadly we wont even be able to get that more than likely. At this point if it’s not a 3rd, just let him holdout and take every penny you can then let the door hit him on his way out.

  44. Hawk Eye

    Earl is holding out of camp until he gets a new contract

    another hurdle to overcome. Based on what the team did this offseason, I think they will trade him during the preseason if he does not get his new contract, or show up for training camp.

    I am not going to be upset, I can see his position and I can see where the team may be at also. Could be a no win situation for Seattle, unless they can get a decent return (unlikely) and Hill can step up at SS and McDougall can be a decent FS.

    • Hawk Eye

      just to put a little perspective on this and one (but not only) reason I don’t get upset about this is if anyone remembers this guy named Walter Jones, played a little LT for the Hawks. He probably held out half the time he was with them. Just business. And for anyone to complain they make enough money and signed a contract, the owners make a lot more money and do not honour their contracts. And Earl is within his rights to hold out. He pays a penalty for it, but he is not breaking his contract. Leverage is more important than a contract, I had a few contractors teach me that lesson the hard way a few times in life. Contracts are something rich people don’t believe in, unless it is to their advantage.

      • RealRhino2

        I read this a bit on Twitter: “Owners . . . do not honour their contracts.” What do you mean by that? Because it’s not true.

        As far as I understand it, the standard player contract is essentially a 1- to 3-year contract (meaning with certain guaranteed payments) and then a team option for additional years with prescribed payments for those years. IOW, the contract terms themselves allow the team to terminate the player’s services after a certain time period with no money damages payable to the player. So when the teams cut a player who is under contract (but no longer guaranteed), they aren’t “breaking” the contract; they are simply adhering to its terms and taking advantage of a term that they bargained for and the player agreed to.

        • Rob Staton

          This is exactly true.

          A team is never breaking the contract when they cut a player. They’re adhering to the terms agreed. Which is why, quite often, Seattle has been carrying a fair chunk of dead cap over the years. They’ve cut or traded players they owed money to. The team suffered as a consequence.

          It’s no different to having a team or player option on the contract. If you choose not to take it up, you’re simply following the rules. If the player opts out, he’s following the rules. You wouldn’t argue in either case anyone is doing anything shady.

      • hawktalker#1

        Playing Devil’s advocate here, but the owners actually own the business and what they make or don’t make is not really the point. The point is what is the market for the player’s position based on all the relevant factors. Contracts should be legally binding documents that make sure both parties perform their responsibilities and if they don’t, the contract should include penalties or remedies, which I understand that they do. Holding out is one of those situation where the lack of performance includes a penalty. That happens often in this business.

        What I’m not following is, in what situation are the owners not honoring (are in breach) their part of the contracts?

        Looking forward to getting beyond the ET contract issue.

        Go Hawks.

        • Hawk Eye

          what the owners make is relevant, since I think the players get a % of the revenue.
          And the NFL is not a normal business that can hire anyone. The players have a unique skill and many suffer life long and deadly injuries as a result.

          “legally binding” and “Honour their contracts” is a little misleading. While technically correct, it misses the practical application. Leverage is more important than the contract, as more than a few contractors have taught me over the years. The owners hold the leverage of keeping the player or letting him go, the player cannot break the contract. His only leverage is to withhold services, which is not much different that the team using their leverage. But in these 2 cases, the teams hold more leverage and they know it.

          I don’t fault Earl for holding out. I doubt it works.
          I don’t blame the Hawks for not extending him, if that is the case also.
          Just business on both sides.
          Earl, Donald, Julio, Mack and a few others will all hold out to get the deal they want.

          the bigger part of the problem is the NFLPA is terrible and agrees to collective bargaining agreements that are the worst in sports.

      • Gohawks5151

        Great perspective. I appreciate the level your level-headedness. I always feel like i get pushed onto the players side in these discussions. Players have very little leverage and whenever they use it they are the bad guy. The way I have always looked at it is this is someones job. If you are the best in the world at anything you expect to be paid as such. He is still not breaking his contract til he misses games. Its just business. The part that bugs me is that that there is really no other reason not to sign him except the are gun shy from other peoples 3rd contracts. There is a round table discussion on ESPN about the Seahawks and Earl. It was unanimous that they should resign him (Also unanimous that he is a HOF guy right now). I feel like we are making it too hard on ourselves. We all want to win. I think we are better with him.

        • Hawktalker#1

          Nice post. Agreed. At bare minimum, franchise tag him – won’t cost a lot more to get him planing again, assuming he won’t sit out if we do that.

          Are there any additional contractual conditions when a play is Franchise Tagged? When was the last time a player help out after they were tagged?

          Thanks all – good discussions.

  45. Pran

    Thanks for the clarity ET. If I am Pete will do nothing and prepare as if ET is not on the team. 99% chances he will show up for game 1 and simply suit him up with whatever game plan had already been created. If he does not show up wait until a fair trade materializes, injuries do happen once the season starts. I see a replacement in-house already unlike Kam situation.

    • FresnoHawk

      +1 it’s probably been the plan since the 2017 draft. We can’t afford Earl especially with league & player negotiations around the corner, I think we have been targeting 2019 draft picks, possibly 2020 picks.

  46. Largent80

    While Earls importance is obvious giving him a huge chunk of money at this moment seems pretty hard to do when you consider they guaranteed Kams money for this year and our QB will be up for an extension next year. We’ve all seen guys like Cousins getting 30 mil.

    Plus Duane Brown will need to be re-upped, and Wagner/KJ after that.

    Earl needs to honor his contract, then get franchised next year, and that’s a pretty large amount of money. He also may want to hold off on buying any more sports cars if he’s truly worried about his family’s future.

  47. Hawktalker#1

    I wonder if Franchising ET would be enough to get him to play.

    Could he still hold out after getting franchised for a larger contract?
    Not sure how these things work exactly.

    If he is getting $10Mish this year, isn’t it worth another $3M just to get him off his butt and on the field, then make another decision after the season is over (assuming they won’t extend him before then)?

    • Hawk Eye

      they cannot franchise him this year, he is already under contract. They can do it next year and the year after and it would probably be cheaper than extending him, but the 2nd franchise would get costly.
      OR, they can tell him they will franchise him as leverage.
      lots of options for both parties

      • Hawktalker#1

        Thanks for the reply.

  48. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I was reading an article that said… essentially… only the Houston Texans would have the cap space and the need for a FS….. no other team (except the Browns) would have the room or flexibility due to cheap rookie QB deals.

    It is funny actually, the Texans came to mind a few months back when rumbling surfaced about ET. I see both sides on this situation, which makes it hard as a fan. : /

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