Seahawks sign Devin Bush & Julian Love and what it means

Devin Bush is joining the Seahawks on a one-year deal

According to Bob Condotta, the Seahawks have signed linebacker Devin Bush on a one-year contract.

I think it’s a perfectly acceptable signing and the kind that was needed by Seattle.

With the new defensive scheme, they simply aren’t using two linebackers as much as they used to. For example, while Cody Barton played a high number of snaps in the first three games of the season (97% average), between weeks 4-11 he only played 61% of the snaps.

It’s distinctly possible that these numbers would’ve been lower still if Jamal Adams had stayed healthy. Sean Desai liked to use a lot of three safety looks in Chicago and it felt like that influence was coming to Seattle.

So while the ‘LB1’ position remains a key starter for the Seahawks, the ‘LB2’ spot feels far less important — especially if they have three safeties they can utilise properly.

Jordyn Brooks is recovering from a torn ACL and could miss some time but the fact is he remains Seattle’s ‘LB1’. He will return, even if he misses the start of the season (and we don’t have a timeline for recovery yet).

While large sections of the fan base and media petition for Bobby Wagner’s return, he would’ve created a luxury situation that is difficult to justify. Once Brooks returned, one of Wagner or Brooks would likely only be playing, ideally, 50-60% of the snaps.

That’s not really a role you spend a lot of money on. Wagner’s expectation is likely a deal similar to the one he got last year in LA. That wouldn’t be possible for Seattle’s defense. The contract would have to come to the team. They’d need to be able to justify having that linebacker on a cheaper deal.

Wagner might get to a point where he decides he just wants to play in Seattle and will take whatever is being offered. However, the signing of Bush speaks to the reality of the situation.

Now the Seahawks can draft a cheap linebacker. They can let the rookie and Bush compete. If Brooks returns for week one, he starts and the other play replaces Barton. Otherwise, Bush or the rookie fills the ‘LB1’ void until Brooks is ready.

This is a good hedge, therefore, for the draft.

Everything speaks to this being how Seattle is approaching things. A year ago they cut Wagner and didn’t do anything at linebacker. They didn’t draft or sign any serious competition for Brooks and Barton. The two went through the off-season uncontested, with the depth relatively exposed.

We all wondered what was going on — but it spoke to how the Seahawks are adapting their defense.

It’s now been announced that they’ve signed Julian Love to a significant two-year contract worth $12m. He is not some cheap reclamation project. He was ‘the 33rd Team’s’ 28th ranked free agent:

The 2022 season was Julian Love‘s first as a full-time starter. He was voted a defensive captain and thrived in the secondary as a leader and playmaker. Love rarely came off the field, playing 95 percent of the Giants’ defensive snaps. He is a smart, dependable player who is utilized in many roles.

Love can blitz, play as the deep safety and stop the run. He had a knack for making game-changing plays such as his interception in the last 5 minutes vs. the Ravens in Week 6, a timely sack in Week 2 vs. the Carolina Panthers, and he helped clinch a win vs. Jacksonville in Week 7. He should only continue to get better.

He is incredibly well respected by Giants fans and media for his versatile safety role.

They appear to be signing him to cover for the fact Jamal Adams is a big question mark for the start of the season. They might even part ways with Adams as a post-June 1st cut, if he’s not prepared to rework his contract to free up cap space.

Either way — they’ve signed a third safety. They’ve also set up ‘top-30’ visits with safety prospects Jammie Robinson and Jordan Howden.

Do they still need better linebacker depth? Yes. They can’t be in a situation again where someone like Tanner Muse is thrust into battle within weeks of the season starting. They need better depth, even if they are going to go with a three-safety approach a high percentage of the time rather than playing two linebackers.

That’s why the Bush signing makes sense. He’s a former top-10 pick who has had trouble regaining his best form after injury. Yet he has starting experience and a pedigree. The Seahawks are taking a shot-to-nothing to see if he can work out. The worst case scenario is he’s your backup, with Brooks and a rookie leading the depth chart.

It appears his play picked up somewhat in 2022. This article, titled, ‘Steelers Are Finally Getting the Devin Bush They Drafted’ was published last October:

This season, things have changed for Bush, even if it’s not immediately evident in his coverage stats. Bush has been targeted 21 times, allowing 14 completions (67%) for 183 yards and one touchdown.

The opposing passer rating has actually increased, to a career-best 109.8. That’s somewhat alarming, but it also doesn’t tell the whole story. Compared to his rookie year, the average depth of target against Bush has doubled. He defended an average of 3.9 yards from the line of scrimmage in 2019. In 2022, that average is eight yards.

I’m comfortable with this entire situation. I’m not as keen on the nostalgia trip of re-signing Wagner. For all the talk of his continued quality, we’re a week into free agency and the only teams he’s been linked with so far are Dallas (before they quickly re-signing Leighton Vander Esch instead) and Seattle.

There are plenty of contenders out there who need a linebacker — Philly and Buffalo to name two. Yet there’s almost no talk about him.

I would rather the Seahawks pull some levers to create more cap space and keep adding to their defensive line. There are a lot of intriguing players still out there and this is the point where the market comes to the teams.

Stay tuned to Seahawks Draft Blog and my YouTube channel and ‘The Rebuild’ podcast — I’ve got a big interview coming later today with Scot McCloughan.

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  1. Robbie

    I’m really liking the off-season so far. Feels like smart decisions for the most part. Still a few more pieces to add but going into the draft the possibilities are endless.

    • Big Mike

      Liking what we’re seeing so far for sure. Also was mentioned on the last thread that JS stated they’re still looking for help along the d-line. Good to hear.

      • TomLPDX

        This really has worked out well so far and I hope they keep the pedal to the metal and continue adding talent, allowing the draft to fall to them instead of reaching on every pick.

  2. GF

    I think Daiyan Henley will be chosen in the draft

    • BoiseSeahawk

      The way you phrased that, I would 100% agree with that.

  3. Big Mike

    Cowherd stating the obvious, that “the media” owes Todd McShay an apology as it concerns him bringing up the character concerns with Jalen Carter. A reminder: was there any other Seahawks centric site besides this one that said the same?

    • Peter

      There’s plenty that are on the train still.

      Only its the monorail and it doesn’t go anywhere really.

      • TomLPDX

        It goes around in circles, or like the trams at airports, just keeps bouncing back and forth.

        • Peter

          Good visual

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Lyle Lanley would disagree.

        • Peter

          Great pull!

      • Chris

        I wouldn’t call Brockway, Ogdenville or North Haverbrook “nowhere”…

        • Dustin


        • Chris (other one)

          The monorail sure put them on the map!


    • BK26

      It was pathetic how he was treated. There are a few guys that you should at least believe that if they report something, they were told it by a credible source. They don’t need clicks and views. He wasn’t going to break his source.

      Carter will fall on draft day and McShay will proven right when teams pass on him.

      • BK26

        And he got another speeding ticket already? Kid might need to take some serious time and get himself screwed on straight before trying to be a multi-million $ asset.

      • Rob Staton

        You’d think people would give McShay the benefit of the doubt. He’s never been a clickbait hype guy.

        Some people should be ashamed, calling for him to be fired etc

        • Wilson502

          I’ll never understand why so many in the fanbase continue to ride this guy’s jock so damn hard. Jalen Carter seriously has to be the most overhyped and overrated defensive prospect I’ve ever seen.

          • MountainHawker

            He’s talented but when you look at these other prospects and the amount of effort, work and heart they have it really puts things in perspective. Will McDonald testing with a 100°+ fever and still kicking ass. Vorhees tearing his ACL, coming back to the combine and setting the standard on the bench press. Nolan Smith throwing his phone in disgust after running a 4.44 because he knows he can do better. Give me those guys over the Carter’s

            • Glor

              All of this, but to Wilson502, he might not be overrated, won’t know that until he is on the field for the Cowboys or Raiders. Only two teams I could see taking him in the first round at this point. I think in the second quite a few more teams would be willing to take a flier. Doubt he drops more than R2 though, unless he’s in jail and just not draftable, but then again, I remember a linebacker a few years back that this happened to, don’t recall the name, but he ended up playing well I believe.

              • Wilson502

                He is definitely overhyped and overrated, did u see his pathetic “pro day” drills? Dude was gassed after a couple drills. His conditioning was an issue last yr and he did nothing to address it. Let the faiders or Cowboys take a flier on him, he aint worth no damn #5 overall pick.

  4. DW

    Really loving the Seahawks FA so far. I think they’ve killed it to this point. If even just a couple of these things happen to close it out I think its an A+
    1. Sign one more DL, ideally Ashawn Robinson.
    2. Do not sign Bobby Wagner, even at a low cost.
    3. Sign Julian Love (cut Adams)
    4. Bring in someone to compete for WR3. Hardman?

    Super excited, but also kind of nervous for the draft.

    • Forrest


    • Glor

      I don’t agree with 2 – at low cost he could be great as long as his attitude is all in.

  5. Old but Slow

    I was in my late 30’s when the Seahawks hatched. In addition, I have been a draft junkie for most of their flight.

    I am giddy. Never has an off-season excited me as much as this year. What a roll. Last years draft, the unexpectedly good season, now an amazing free agent period, and 10 picks coming with a #5 cherry on the top (sorry for the mixed metaphor, I couldn’t find a bird reference).

    There is an electricity and expectation of things to come. Not if we can just teach them to hit them in the mouth, Kam style.

    • DW

      … and 10 picks coming with #5 perched at the top of the tree”

      • Old but Slow

        That works. Thanks.

  6. AlaskaHawk

    Sounds like some good signings. I really think the lack of linebackers effected the run tackling last year. But would Wagner improve defense? There was a lot of talk about how he had slowed down when he left Seattle. Seemed like he improved last year – or maybe he didn’t need to roam as far

    If they sign Love it would be a clear indication they are. Going to cut Adams – which wouldn’t break my heart.

    They have done more in free agency than I thought they would. Go Seahawks!

  7. JD

    When JS said I feel like we had a clear plan and got our 3 top guys in free agency and it was BJ Finney, Ogbuehi and Brandon Shell, I lost a lot of faith honestly.

    If he came out and said that same thing this year, I’d believe him and it would restore a lot of that lost faith. It has seemed like a clear plan and they might have lost out on some players but they’ve really gone down and filled important holes
    1. Pass rushing DT Dre’mont Jones who’s a difference maker now and large upside
    2. All around DT Jarran Reed who is above average run and pass defender and an upgrade
    3. Starting center and hedge for the draft Evan Brown
    4. Starting caliber LB with upside to turn his career around but low risk and a draft hedge in Devin Bush
    5. Backup QB Drew Lock who is familiar, has upside, can throw other teams off us drafting a QB but doesn’t preclude them from taking one and redshirting.
    6. Sign Geno to a perfect contract for team and player for now and future

    There is a clear plan and he’s going down one by one of setting us up for a BPA draft similar to last year.

    What’s left to fill before the draft? Probably another DT, flesh out safety (cut JA, sign Love), cheap RB to compete for a roster spot? Could be after the draft. Maybe a cheap WR3? Safety CGJ if his market is cold?

    • JD

      I’m sure it was discussed here as well but there was a Bob Condotta tweet that they were in on David Onyemata. Trevor were you the one that always pushed for him? Glad to see they were in on him at least!

      • Trevor

        Yeah I liked him a lot as a run defender with some pass rush upside. Real tough and athletic but I think we basically get the same thing in Reed he is just not as athletic and came in cheaper.

  8. Josh

    Rob, have you considered writing an article exploring the non QB/DE options at 5? Would love to hear your opinion on the guys after the QBs and Andersen/Wilson.

    • Rob Staton

      There aren’t any

      They’re not drafting a guard, running back or cornerback at five

    • OakleyD

      My other thought is: What if Houston/Arizona throws a curve ball and selects Tyree Wilson or perhaps even one of the top 2 x CB’s.

      We could have an option of both Anderson and a Top 4 QB……….what can we see happening then?

      I know the chance is remote, but I’ve done enough mock draft simulators where that has happened without Jalen Carter being taken before #5

      • James Kupihea

        If the QB they want is available, they’ll take him. I think that’s been made clear. The points Rob makes have also been clear. I think that’s the real priority. If the QB works out, you have security in your franchise (product) for years to come, and a QB on a rookie contract. Anderson, even if elite, doesn’t translate into championships on his own effort. Even Aaron Donald had to wait until a more competent QB showed up. J.J. Watt never got his…

  9. cha

    I like this very much, assuming the money is right.

    This feels like a more “obvious” offseason.

    See a need? Fill a need.

    • Hawkster

      indications are 1 yr deal, i.e. a prove-it contract for a 24 year old former top 10. Could expect a fair amount of achievable incentive and sometime late November if he is proving it an extension rework

  10. Forrest

    Hopefully, they said on “Tell the Truth Monday” that Adams is an overpaid bust, Diggs is overpaid and plenty of free agent safeties and rookies are available for this non-premium position. Add Love and a rookie, save money.

    • OakleyD

      Don’t forget how important scheme familiarity is to PC.

      I don’t see any situation where both Diggs AND Adams are cut.

      Given the false loyalty we seem to deploy, I’d be shocked if we gave up on Adams at all at this point (even with the Post June 1st cap savings).

      I think we’re courting Love because there is interest in Ryan Neal. I think we’ll draft one or two safeties so we can cut Adams/Diggs next season if necessary or if one show’s up big in Pre-Season and surprises us like Woolen did last year

      • Rob Staton

        They can’t cut Diggs now

        It’s not about cutting him

        This is clearly either because they don’t think Adams is going to be ready for the season or they plan to cut him and have Love replace him

      • 509 Chris

        I’ve wondered if Diggs looked so bad last year because he was trying to do so much without any help in front of him. Maybe if the box is a functional unit he’ll go back do looking great just roaming the backfield. Either way I believe we’ll get the chance to see this year. I also have more faith now than ever that adams will be a post June 1st cut.

    • Phil

      Just thinking about Nolan Smith playing as a hybrid safety/OLB for the Seahawks. Filling the Peacocks role after he gets the hook. I think he could be the answer at a fraction of Adams’ cost, but would he be worth, say #20?

      • MountainHawker

        It’s a total projection based on athleticism. i don’t think you can spend a 1st on a guy expecting him to play a position/role he’s never played. If we want a combine warrior give me Ade (or Nolan later on).

  11. GrittyHawk

    This has been a truly fabulous free agency. We have hedged against most of our immediate needs and set ourselves up beautifully to draft for talent alone. Really takes the stress out of draft day for obsessive nuts like me lol. Don’t have to sit on the edge of my seat hoping they take the position they “need”.

  12. Roy Batty

    That’s a lot of safeties they’ve met with over the last couple of weeks, both draft prospects and FA’s.

    Something is brewing.

    • PJ in Seattle

      It’s signficant they didn’t put a second round tender on Neal. They are gambling his market will not be strong and they can re-sign him on the cheap. If not, they have to have a plan B. They can’t lose Neal and cut Jamal without being certain they aren’t taking a major step back at safety, where they already have so much cap dedicated.

  13. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Overshown and Henley seem like candidates for a Cam Chancellor role. It will be interesting if either gets drafted.

  14. Rob Staton

    Interview dropping today with…

    The legendary Scot McCloughan

    • Peter

      Can’t wait to hear you two.

    • BK26

      There really needs to be a like button. In general but for this statement especially.

      • TomLPDX

        Fortunately, youtube has a like button so be sure to use it.

        Can’t wait to hear the interview Rob!

    • cha

      Can’t wait.

    • Hawkster

      That is amazing, of all the great interviews you do, that you get McCoughan just blows my mind. So cool. And not to pile on or anything, but your dare-I-say patient style of solid backgrounding, good questions, and then really letting the person talk is a model for how it should be done. Not that I am a credible judge of these things, but just can’t say enough about how rewarding your interviews are to watch.

      • cha

        It yielded us the Pancake Story last year.

    • PJ in Seattle

      This’ll be fire!

    • Big Mike

      Hell yes!

    • TatupuTime

      Really hyped for this. The last one you did with Scot was super informative and interesting.

    • Sea Mode

      Sweet! One of the best!

      Wonder if he thinks JS got final say over the roster…

    • Rokas

      Awesome, i admit i usually don’t watch interview with players, but hell nobody stops me from listening to Mr. Mcloughlan! Thank you, Rob!

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Wow can’t wait!

    • jed

      Looking forward to hearing it! Last interview you did with him was great.

  15. MoBo

    Our FO with a nearly perfecty approach to build a complete roster pre draft to go into the draft without glaring holes and to draft BPA. We still got some options to create cap space and get better at some positions, hopefully another signing at DT/NT.
    If we look into the future:
    24 contracted players for 2024 doesn’t include 10 rookies from this year and 7 from next year.
    No LB, OG or C signed. Only one Edge and TE signed. With some nice options to draft DE, TE, C or OG this year. We can tender Taylor for 3M to 7M.
    Cutting/Trading Geno for 14 / 22 (post june).
    If not already this season, cutting Adams for 9 / 16 (post june).
    Cutting Diigs for 11.
    Cutting Dissly for 7.
    Cut 4 players to gain a max. of 56M fresh money. Maybe Geno and Adams replacements are already part of our roster this time next year.
    Looking promising to me

  16. Joshua Smith

    Random thought but we all pretty much agree that last year’s draft felt like a sign of things changing in a positive direction. Thsi year’s off season it off to an amazing start.
    I started asking myself why now? Why are Pete and John nailing it after they struggled sooo much the last several seasons.
    I’m not going to absolve them if anything but the big reason I feel this 180 has happened is Russ. We put so much blame on Pete or John or both (rightly so) but a very large piece was them trying to work with and placate a star QB who was demanding they cater things to him. Pete trying to keep things HIS way while also appeasing his diva QB. A divided house and all that…
    Now that Russ is out, Pete and John can do things their way. Probably why they LOVE them some Geno.
    Regardless, bring on some more D lineman. Keep this momentun going abs I will be able to enjoy the draft without worrying they HAVE to grab an edge, or. QB. Just keep taking the BPA and my draft holiday (I try to take off work every year) will be the best one yet!😁

    • cha

      Could be that.

      Could also be that they are great at building a winning core and are terrible at maintaining that success.

      • BK26

        That could be it.

        I keep coming back to them getting caught between immediately pushing to win and planning for the future. McDowell was a long-term choice, but then Sheldon Richardson was short-term and the draft capital bit into the future. They were chasing how to go about running the team personnel-wise since then to me.

      • DK

        I have worked with people like that, they are great at building things up, but once it goes into maintenance mode they looked for the next new project.

        I think Pete is the bigger tinkerer, his success at USC he continually had roster turnover and could improve positions each year in recruiting by adding top level recruits at specific positions. The L.J. Collier, Marquis Blair picks were signs of that, not drafting BPA, taking their top rated guy left on the board at a certain positions.

        John seems to look more at building long term and focusing on spending cap space on premium positions.

      • God of Thunder

        They were in constant “win now” mode. That also explains a couple of their trades.

    • Peter

      Pete flat out said they won a lot of games with Russ.

      No doubt they and specifically John loves Geno. Who wouldn’t love qb play at that price.

      You said I’m not going to absolve them….but blank…..then a bunch of stuff about Russ.

      Russ didn’t make them 100% fail on thr 2017 draft. And then almost pull a hat trick with the next two.

      You could have had a diva qb who is corny as heck and nearly a dozen players that contributed while he was still good to great. And that dozen comes from hitting on just a bit better than half of a normal amount of picks in three years had they not completely boned the process.

      Things are looking up. Final piece in this saga would be a farewell to Adams.

      If they kill this draft, skies the limit.

      • AlaskaHawk

        With the news they might pick a center at #20,. They have made a 180 turn in building the offensive line. We haven’t seen this in over 10 years. I’m sure Russell Wilson would haveoved to have a new line. So I think the drafting strategy has really changed.

      • Joshua Smith

        What i was trying to say was im not absolving them of blame…
        I’m also not not blaming Russ for Pete/Johns draft failures..
        But I do think the Pete/John decision making process was influenced by them trying to accommodate Russ. Decisions were made hastily to salvage the “Russ SB window of opportunity” (see Jamal Adams)
        They failed their first attempt to rebuild/reset. Now it appears that are making great decisions. What changed from 5-6 years ago to now?
        We have criticized John and Pete a lot over the last 7-8-9 years. I’m positing that Russ could have been a much bigger influence behind the scenes then we knew. It’s hard to do your job well when you have someone (who doesn’t do your job) telling you what he wants and what he thinks you should do. And he is crucial to your success so you have to, at the least, listen to him.

        • Joshua Smith

          *not putting 100% of the blame on Russ for Pete/Johns draft failures.

        • Peter

          A lot of that is probably true.

          I lean to the side that all parties just got lazy.

          Success does that.

          In my own life from restaurant life to construction I’ve very seen anyone who doesn’t slip as time goes on.

          That’s what makes this so exciting.

          Do I think geno can take them to the superbowl. Not really. But maybe he can. They are certainly resetting and further setting themselves up for another awesome draft.

          When you get to the playoffs every year I think it would be very easy to think you’re just one player away.

        • Big Mike

          Decisions were made hastily to salvage the “Russ SB window of opportunity” (see Jamal Adams)

          I don’t believe that abomination of a trade was done for that reason. It was made out of desperation because Clowney “clowned” them (low hanging fruit there) and they had already mistakenly traded their other quality pass rusher in Frank Clark away. Other moves may have been made because they felt they were in the Super Bowl window because of Russ being in his prime, but that trade was desperation imo, pure and simple.

          • Elmer

            Clowney has apparently been released and is now a FA. For there to be any interest at all from the Hawks I assume that there would have to be big money concessions.

          • Joshua Smith

            It’s all speculation on my part. Maybe Adams wasnt the best example. But I do think they made a lot of decisions based around Russ. Hes a SB winning talent so it makes sense.
            Now they are free to make decisions based the what they want and the future looks much brighter.

        • TJ

          Not really buying the “[draft] decision-making process was influenced by them trying to accommodate Russ” theory. Drafting McDowell, LJ Collier, even Rashad Penny, was influenced by trying to make Russ happy? That doesn’t add up.

          • Hawkhomer1

            Not making excuses but I don’t believe Collier was ever supposed to be part of the plan. The draft board did not fall their way and they desperately needed line help and took a flyer.

            McDowell was supposed to be, and based on college tape could have been phenomenal. His accident and lack of judgement were just bad luck.

            And finally Rashad Penny. I hope he stays healthy for a full year. He is fun to watch when he is not hurt.

            The benefit of hindsight is 100%.

          • Joshua Smith

            Not every decision. I don’t think they asked Russ what he thinks of LJ, Malik or Penny. But if your super star QB thinks you need Online help, you might overpay for an average Lineman you wouldnt have otherwise paid for. You might draft a lineman earlier then you wanted to.
            Russ wants more weapons so you trade a 1st and a good center for a TE who doesn’t fit our scheme.
            Again, this is ALL speculation. But I don’t think it’s out of the question that Russ influenced decision making. Which possibly led to apprehensive decisions that impacted other decisions which led to a poor outcome. We have arguing whether it was Pete or John struggling but we neglected to include how Russ may have impacted our struggles.
            The fact that our best offseasons have become bookends of Russ Seattle career makes me wonder how much was on him.

        • Madmark

          I think some of this is they didn’t replace an injured Cliff Avril, Kam Chancellor, or the 2 cap casualties of Tichard Sherman and Earl Thomas.

  17. cha

    This guy is a beat reporter in Miami. No idea if his sources are legit.

    David Furones
    Former Steelers linebacker Devin Bush Jr. got a one-year, $4 million deal with the Seahawks, per league source.

    The Dolphins were also in talks with Bush, a South Florida product, as they still may be looking to add a LB after reaching deals with David Long, Duke Riley.
    7:37 AM · Mar 17, 2023

    • Mick

      These moves make it less and less likely that we afford to pay Wagner.

      • Elmer

        Or make it more likely that they will be doing something with Adams’ contract. This has been quite a free agency period so far.

  18. JD

    The aggressiveness of the Falcons has scared me a little bit this offseason in terms of them trading up. They signed Jessie Bates to a big deal, signed two linemen to long term deals, traded for Jonnu Smith, signed Onyemata to a decent contract. Signed Lorenzo Carter and Kaden Ellis. They also have Ridder and signed Heinecke.

    Who is more likely to trade up with AZ, ATL or LV?

    • Sea Mode

      I’d say ATL.

      I think McDaniels might think he can actually get a good couple seasons out of Jimmy G. Not that they wouldn’t also draft a QB if given the chance, but I don’t think they will be as aggressive moving up.

    • Simo

      I agree that ATL is more likely to trade up to #3. I think they really need to make a splash more than LV does, and trading up into the top 3 and drafting a qbotf is a pretty big splash.

      It seems most here on the SDB prefer we select a qb at #5, and that’s a great choice if the right guy is still there for us. Now if all four qb’s are gone by 5, selecting Will Anderson is a fantastic choice. He may not be a Miles Garret or Joey Bosa equivalent, but he’s a hell of football player and a strong leader type. Not sure we can go wrong selecting Anderson if it comes to this.

      And if Schneider isn’t sold on Anderson, I suspect another GM is, leaving us with pretty nice trade down possibilities. Can’t lose IMO.

      • Wilson502

        That would be incredibly disappointing not to get one of the 4 QBs which is why I advocated trading up ever since the season ended. I’d almost just bite the bullet and do a deal with AZ just to prevent that from happening.

        • PJ in Seattle

          We are in the best position for AZ to trade with, conference be damned. If they are sold on Will Anderson, we are the only team who can offer them something while they still get their guy. I imagine #5 and #37 would get it done if we felt we needed to make the move. Then would not be surprised to see John flip #20 for a 2nd and 3rd or 4th unless a player they truly love is there at #20.

          If AZ drops to 7 or 8, it would have to be for a lopsided no brainer of future capital. LV and ATL don’t have much to give this year beyond native picks, so you’re talking 1st and 2nds next year as well or maybe even your firsts for the next two years.

          • AC

            If they were willing to trade up for a QB they wouldn’t have resigned Lock.

            All signs point to taking who is there at 5. If it’s a QB great if it’s Anderson great.

            • Wilson502

              Rob has already addressed this. You don’t want your redshirt QB to be a backup.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Seems as likely to me the Falcons pull the trigger on Lamar Jackson

      And I’m not convinced anyone offers Arizona enough to move off Anderson

      • Big Mike

        I lean more this direction too.

        • Simo

          Maybe so, but they better be ready to give him a fully guanteed $240m or so. Not sure any team (except Cleveland) is willing to go all in like that.

          • Big Mike

            Yeah I’m assuming he comes off the fully guaranteed demand. He may not and end up costing himself more millions by sitting out cuz I don’t believe anyone will do it.

            • Blitzy the Clown

              He’s not getting full guarantee money from Baltimore. Why would Atlanta or any other team do that?

      • AC

        The QBs likely to be available at 3 are “project QBs”.

        Yes, I like them, yes wouldn’t be upset if Levis or Richardson were our pick at 5, I’d be pumped actually.

        But not sure if they are going to be starter types game one, both have issues to work on.

        Falcons are making win now moves, not redshirt a QB and start winning next year moves.

        I’d also add, Jackson could and should just sign after the draft. Sign with the Falcons now and they add Josh Downs in the second or sign with the Falcons after they add Bijan or some OL help. And maybe Downs in the second. What is better for Lamar?

    • Cambs

      Detroit is there lurking in the tall grass. Good infrastructure, an incumbent veteran bridge QB to learn behind, extra day two picks to spend, and the expectation that this might be the highest pick they hold for the foreseeable future.

      • JD

        Good point. They could be a wildcard. I didn’t include them because Goff performed better than expected and they spoke highly of him. I guess that’s the same situation as Geno.

        Also if ATL trades for LJ, then Baltimore has the stock to move up as well.

        • AC

          Very low dead cap for Goff next year as well, like three million iirc.

          Is Goff going to be your guy for the next five years? If not, makes sense to take a QB.

          Problem is I don’t think Arizona is going want to move down that far.

    • DougM

      You can use the same login for Seattle. Why wouldn’t AZ want to trade down with Seattle knowing they can still land Will Anderson at 5?
      And what would it take to trade up with Houston?
      Now that Seattle is filling all these holes in FA they certainly will feel more comfortable giving up capital to move up and they certainly have it.

      • DougM

        Logic not login

  19. geoff u

    He has been a bit of a bust, known for avoiding contact and unable to shed blocks. So basically, no real change at linebacker. Apparently he also developed an attitude problem last year.

    However, being the occasional optimist, hopefully a fresh start in Seattle will turn his career around and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. Let’s go Devin!

  20. JD

    Can’t wait for the interview later.

    I just relistened to the Jim Nagy interview from before the Senior Bowl. He’s always a great listen and I appreciate his talent insights right along with Rob’s.

    Do you think another interview could happen before the draft Rob? He’s much less busy now that the Senior Bowl is complete I assume. Can give a review of the Senior Bowl, who stood out, performed better or worse, and then maybe more of an insight what he would do for the Seahawks at #5 and #20 from someone who was in that draft room a few years ago.

  21. TatupuTime

    Really curious what people think about the Drew Lock resigning. I don’t think its necessarily a reflection on the likelihood of them taking a QB at 5, but it is an interesting wrinkle. They haven’t been a team to carry 3 quarterbacks very often.

    • TatupuTime

      Missed the update in the last article – can see the convo there. NVM the above.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      It’s easy to forget there’s no need to carry a 3rd ‘developmental’ QB when your starter is young, healthy and on the ascent to franschisedom. In that situation, carrying a developmental QB is a wasted roster spot. All you need is a decent backup.

      But that situation peaked for Seattle and Russell Wilson in 2016. After that, they should’ve been drafting and carrying a developmental (3rd) QB. Not doing that has been one of Seattle’s most egregious organization mistakes under the Carroll-Schneider era.

      I doubt Schneider makes that mistake again.

      • Big Mike

        Definitely head scratching particularly since John came from the Green Bay system where keeping the position churning and working to develop fresh draftees was part of their DNA.
        I doubt he makes that mistake again as well.

  22. Jonas

    Hi Rob,

    What are your thoughts on Jack Campbell? Im in particualr curious about your “negatives” on him, for the Seahawks? I must admit, he is one of my favorite players, if we can snatch him in the third, maybe even late 2nd.

  23. Roy Batty

    That Evan Brown contract is cheaper than I would have thought.

    Schneider is killing this off season. Just killing it. No wonder he always seems giddy when he’s on the Wyman and Bob show.

    • GrittyHawk

      Yeah that was a solid deal. The price says to me that they view him more as a versatile backup, but I don’t imagine he will be any worse than Blythe was if he does end up starting at C.

    • clbradley17

      According to over the, it’s a 2.25 mil. cap hit, 1.25 base and 1 mil. signing bonus.

      That is a good deal for a possible starting center or guard, or at least a backup who can step in to spell Haynes or a center. Imagine he’ll compete with Wypler or JMS at center to start if we draft one of them.

  24. Sea Mode

    Nagy as well hinting again that JMS could go R1:

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Understand that Jim is part cheerleader/promoter for “his” boys

      • Sea Mode

        Well, it was just reported by Pauline too, so there is likely something there beyond just Jim promoting his guys (which, you’re right, he absolutely does).

  25. Ryan

    What are your thoughts on re-signing Lock and what that means for #5? I honestly figured Anderson would be gone and we would be taking which ever of the big 4 QBs at #5. Thinking back to last off season when Pete said they have 2 QB1s, are they comfortable where they are at QB, and possibly looking to trade back if Anderson isn’t there at #5? Thanks for all the work and content!!

    • Rob Staton

      They’ve signed a backup QB, which was crucial.

      You don’t make a redshirt QB your backup

      • Mr Drucker in hooterville

        Where put the QB3 on the roster? practice squad, they’d lose him. Is there room on the roster for a 3rd QB? Thanks

        • Big Mike

          You have to carry him on the 53

        • cha

          There’s always money in the banana stand. I mean, room on the 53 for a 3rd QB.

          • Space Chief

            Love the reference Cha. Also it used to be standard practice for teams to carry 3 Qbs. Remember when Tim Ruskell thought it was necessary to carry two kickers?

            • cha

              There has been momentum for some way allowing a 3rd QB to be active on gamedays. Like some kind of roster exemption.

              It’s harmful to the game if you have 2 QBs hurt and some WR who played QB last in pee wee has to take the snaps.

              • Big Mike

                The 49ers just called. They agree with you.

      • Madmark

        Thank you. If they get Anthony Richardson I’m not sure I would rely on QB with 1 13 game season under his belt.

  26. Ketch

    Folk, help me understand the “No to Bobby Wagner” views: I’ve been critical of the Seahawks bringing back/-or in for the first time—players clearly three seasons past their prime. But, acknowledging PFF is a far cry from dictum, their #1 rated LB last year was…Wagner. Devin Bush was their 54th best LB. Wagner’s worst year was rated a 67; that is significantly better than ever single year of Bush. Chatter says Bush may have gotten $4M; chatter suggests Wagner might play for $5M or something not much more. Wagner doesn’t seem to be trending down, despite his age, and if he has lost a step, he still seems to be several steps ahead of Bush. I’m not a fan of the Reunion Tour, but statistically Wagner is just head and shoulders better than Bush, or any other free agent LB. So….help me understand why there are such strong “NOs” for Wagner getting a two year deal?

    • Mick

      I’m happy to get him at what we pay Bush.

      • Ketch

        You don’t think Wagner’s numbers the last four years, compared to Bush’s, would warrant paying even a little bit more? I don’t understand that.

        • Mick

          In principle yes, until you want to use the money for something else. Investing in the D-line was the right thing to do, and hopefully we’re not done with that.

        • MountainHawker

          The team doesn’t care about pff. They care about fit/future. I love Bobby. He’s the only jersey I have(signed by big Walt after running into him!), although I do have a Walker hoodie (that I’m wearing right now). But he’s not the best fit for this defense right now. And he’s not going to be our lb of the future. Bush is a lotto ticket. Super high upside if they can get him back in form. And he’s really young still.

    • cha

      Speaking for no one but myself:

      1-Bobby’s play in his exit season was uninspiring. Jogging, not attacking, very little emotion. That “Leader of Men” spark was seriously dulled. Granted he demonstrated it in LA but would a return to familiar environs bring the 2021 attitude or the 2022? I have my doubts.

      2-Bobby got to play behind Aaron Donald. His best season as a pro he played behind Sheldon Richardson and other absorbing DTs. I’ve shouted this from the rooftops for years. The Seahawks deprived their defensive QB of a line, and we shouldn’t be shocked when his play diminishes. People get upset when you pay your QB top dollar but don’t give him a line to protect him or weapons to throw to. The same applied to Bobby. He had no support on the DL. If they beef up the DL more, Bobby will be better. But acquiring him now is putting the cart before the horse.

      3-We do not really know what Devin Bush got. $4m is reported but it very well could be far less when the ‘real’ numbers come in. We do not know what Wagner wants. Let’s not get too worked up about comparing apples and oranges that aren’t even real fruit.

      4-Bush is younger and likely hungrier. Faster too if his knee has fully healed.

      • jed

        For me, it is point 1. I didn’t watch him much outside of the Seahawks games last year. But even despite his good games vs. Seattle, he looked like he’s lost a step from 2021 Bobby, which was a step below 2020 Bobby.

        Plus, I don’t want the young guys going all “Bobby is my hero” around him unless he’s doing a coaching spot or visiting the team to bring back some vibes.

        If he signs, I’ll root for him 100%. You can argue he’s a top 1-5 all time Seahawk with Walt, Steve, Cortez, & Kenny. But, none of those guys plays anymore and in my opinion, he’s way closer to retirement level than good starter.

    • PJ in Seattle

      It’s all about the price. There’s a reason why no other team jumped to sign him. Obviously, a PFF grade means little. Lots of LB’s with lower grades have already been snatched up.

      I think the fact that he’s at the end of his career and is his own agent makes it tough as well. That’s a headache no GM would be eager to take on.

    • Big Mike

      People who understand Xs and Os better than I do can answer this: is he a fit in our scheme now?

      • Ketch

        This can sway me. You tell me that Lavonte David, Truehill, or Bush fits our new 3-4 or 3-3-5 scheme and Wagner doesn’t, that moves the needle. That sits better with me than any trope of an “eye test” or could-be might-be arguments. SDB has the best X’s and O’s followers of any Seahawks site, and I come here to listen and learn. I think we will draft a Linebacker relatively early, maybe R3-R4, but we are thin thin thin of LBs right now, for September.

    • Madmark

      Honestly I don’t think Bobby fits the 3-4 scheme. He’s played the middle LB in 4-3 scheme all of his career. Being older and lost a step and speed is really important in a 3-4.

      • MountainHawker


  27. Sea Mode

    People speculating Vegas cause he changed his profile pic to dice.

    Bobby Wagner

    God is amazing

    • Mick

      I wonder, cause the dice show 54. Maybe he comes back to Seattle?

      • James

        I hope he goes to Miami and retires there. Live a good life B Wags, just… please don’t come back.

      • Hawk Finn


  28. Blitzy the Clown

    There sure seems to be a lot of smoke coming out of the VMAC Safeties room.

    Visits with solid vets. Combine interviews with a couple hard hitting prospects.

    And then there’s that sad, sad video of Adams limping through an easy jog on a treadmill (no dis on Prez he’s recovering from major injury) showing he’s just not on track to be available (or if available, effective) for the first half of the season.

    And his massive cap hit.

    And finally, the undeniable evidence that LB just isn’t a priority for the new defensive scheme, which looks to feature a 3-3-5 3-safety alignment.

    Something’s on Blitzy’s radar

  29. Rushless pass

    It’s crazy to me that drew lock is only 14 months older than hooker

    • MountainHawker

      I try to explain this to people that are saying to take Hooker at 20 or in the 2nd and they don’t get it.

  30. Zane

    If the 3 prototypical QBs & Anderson go in the top 4, I could see us trading back with a team enamored with Bryce Young and then taking BPA in the teens (Mayer, Robinson, Smith-Nijgba, Will McDonald). I really doubt Seattle will be in love with Bryce Young or Tyree Wilson at #5.

  31. Brodie

    I came across this article awhile back when looking at possible ILB FA’s. Pretty fair (if harsh) assessment Devin Bush from the guys at BehindTheSteelCurtain.

    TLDR: Speed was his best attribute and it has diminished since his injury. Coverage and run defense are average or below. His coverage skills were his strongest area in years 1-2, but again… the injury.

    Tore his ACL in 2020 and had a rough comeback in 21. Injured his foot in week 2 of last year (not sure how badly other than it forced him out).

    Maybe being a couple of years removed, he can regain some of his speed/mobility. Pete loves a former 1st round reclamation project. Low cost chance to see if there’s something left and a decent hedge.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Low cost chance to see if there’s something left and a decent hedge.

      And that’s the difference between Bush and Bobby (for those who asked)

      You pay money to a guy who still has the potential to become the best version of himself.

      I’m fine with bringing back Wagner. But only if the price makes sense and in imo, that means about what Bush got, maybe less. Definitely not more.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Devin Bush 2022 highlights:

        Bush shows off the sideline to sideline speed(beats Mixon to the edge twice on toss sweeps), quickness to get downhill and ability to stone big backs- Fournette, Foreman, Hunt- for minimal gain.(not get ridden for 5 yards after contact)

        I know every player looks like a pro bowler in their highlights, but these are desirable traits certainly better than Barton. Really like the low risk signing.

        • MountainHawker

          He looks like an actual linebacker vs what we got from Barton

  32. Thomas

    I think the Lock signing means they don’t expect to get the QB they want.

    I will say again, they’ll take Will McDonald over Anderson. McDonald’s only knock is his Big 12 affiliation. If he could beat Wright and Anderson couldn’t, then he’s better. That’s the direction I think your analysis points Rob. Anderson played on a stacked team. McDonald sounds like the Will Levis of EDGE OLBs.

    • brendon

      they can still pay the iron price for the QB they want. #ironprice

      • PJ in Seattle

        Hear, hear! PAY THE #IRONPRICE!

      • AC

        If they were willing to pay the iron price they wouldn’t have resigned Lock.

        Think they will stay at 5 and take either QB4 or Anderson. Only caveat is if QB4 is Young, they might trade down or take someone like Wilson. Remember Wilson hasn’t had his pro day yet.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        That would mean they have to kill another player. Seems a bit harsh to me.

  33. God of Thunder

    Added some Love.

    • cha

      The Seahawks aint messing around!

      Adam Schefter
      Former Giants’ safety Julian Love reached agreement today on a two-year, $12 million deal with the Seattle Seahawks, per sources. Deal confirmed and negotiated by Drew Rosenhaus and Ryan Matha.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        This ain’t one of your church picnic flare gun signings Flanders!

        That’s real money. Real cap space.

        I like Love.

        I like Love on this team.

        I love Love pushing Adams out the door.

        • cha

          Godspeed, little doodle….

      • Scot04

        Love the Love signing. Now give Neal a 2-3 year deal & cut Adams

      • Big Mike

        Oh hell yes! PLEASE let this mean bye bye pompous peacock!

    • Sea Mode

      Let’s go!

  34. Bballin

    Julian love 2 years/12. Jamal adams has to be gone there no way they can pay resources to FOUR safeties

    • cha

      Yes there is.

      • Bballin

        It doesn’t seem like the best strategy

        • teejmo

          It is when you want to play three of them at a time, which the Seahawks seem like they’re transitioning to…

      • Hawkster

        But one can dream

    • Jabroni-DC

      Good News!

      Call me crazy but at this point what I’d really like to see is a healthy Jamal Adams ball his azz off in 2023 & earn some of the mountain of money that he’s getting. Get his stock up & then sell high in 2024. Sure it’s not likely but damn I hope his Seahawks legacy ticks up a notch from the subterranean level that it sits at now. Rooting for “Comeback player of the Year” in 2023.

      • AC

        Think all Hawks fans want to see Adams succeed. Just not all have any optimism on that front.

  35. ulsterman

    Pretty exciting signing, seems to be a player on the up who had a great season last year

  36. Blitzy the Clown

    Besides a post June 1st Adams cut, is there a Diggs restructure on the horizon?

    I think we’re over the cap at the moment and there’s no way they’re not making any more adjustments to the Safety group.

  37. SpennyDunks

    Jordan Love officially signed! Wonder if JA is cut or

  38. Mick

    He’s coming off a solid season with the Giants, not the worst move.

  39. Rob Staton

    I’ve updated the post to reflect the Love signing

    • Madmark

      I have 2 questions about the Jamal Adams situation. The first is does he have to take a team physical before Jun 1st? The second is if so and he doesn’t pass what would be the situation on his cap and pay.

      • Hawkster

        Seems liek a good question, never understood cut with “injury designation”

  40. Blitzy the Clown

    The twitter comments from Giants fans about Love are uniformly positive

  41. Jabroni-DC

    This is the best feeling free agency period in a helluva long time for the Hawks.

  42. KennyBadger

    Love and Bush in the same day. That sounds pretty good.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Birds in hand my man…

  43. Sea Mode

    A couple interesting tidbits from JS yesterday.

    Said we tried to get Dre’mont in the RW trade but “they were not willing to part with him”.

    Said Jarran Reed could have gone somewhere else for more money. Jokingly said Reed was “bashing” GB in the hall yesterday… JS had to “check him”. So the familiarity, the culture, and the project were more attractive and he wanted to come back.

    “Having the 5th pick in the draft, we’ve gotta go see these guys in person, talk to more coaches, get more questions answered.” (referring to the QBs at pro days next week) [this in the show he was a minute late to because they literally were just finishing re-signing Lock…]

    • STTBM

      Thanks for providing the Cliffs Notes update Seamode!

      • Sea Mode


    • Hawkster

      Being in the GB broadcast area, that D seems to have serious identity issues. Calls for the DC’s head are a somewhat normal part of radio fare, and while I mostly watched the whole Aaron thing and listened to the radio lament the Watson pick (until they didn’t), but did feel without any real metrics that Reed played solid football for the Pack.

    • Dave

      Seamode, great recap! I listened this back last night because I couldn’t believe what Schneider said. Can’t wait for Richardson or Levi’s pick.

  44. Blitzy the Clown

    Call me crazy, but this excerpt from 33rd Team almost reads like it was written about a younger Quandre Diggs.

    Especially with some minor edits…

    The 2022 season was [this safety’s] first as a full-time starter. He was voted a defensive captain and thrived in the secondary as a leader and playmaker. He rarely came off the field, playing 95 percent of [his team’s] defensive snaps. He is a smart, dependable player who is utilized in many roles.

    He can blitz, play as the deep safety and stop the run. He had a knack for making game-changing plays such as his interception in the last 5 minutes vs. the Ravens in Week 6, a timely sack in Week 2 vs. the Carolina Panthers, and he helped clinch a win vs. Jacksonville in Week 7. He should only continue to get better.

    • cha

      Diggs has been Mr Twitter this week.

      Sounds like he’s getting married this weekend, so he may be busy.

      But still, would be interesting to see his reaction to this signing.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        It’s not gone unnoticed by bigger accounts too.

        Makes me wonder if he’s open to restructuring to help the team bring in another quality FA acquisition.

        And, and…they still have trade ammo in Fant and Taylor. Not 100% sure I want to trade Taylor, but if the price is good…

        Definitely ok trading Fant and picking up one of these TE prospects.

        They’re wheelin’ and dealin’ this offseason like we haven’t seen in years

        • BK26

          This is me being completely bored at work, but I would gladly throw Fant, Taylor, 5, and our 3rd at the Texans for #2.

          No clue if they bite, but your post about moving players got me thinking.

          Pay that Iron Price.

          • Peter

            I’d easily do that and would think that’s more the brass price. And I like not love those players.

  45. Sea Mode

    $6m/apy (probably actually a bit lower in reality) sounds so much better than $17.65m/apy…

  46. Sea Mode

    Drew Rosenhaus client. That usually helps…

  47. Brett

    Love could be an option at nickel as well and would allow Bryant to bump outside to play his natural position. But I think it makes far more sense to cut bait with Adams with a post-June 1 designation and let Love play SS. Three safety packages with Diggs, Love, and Neal would be pretty nice. Another underrated aspect of Love: voted a team captain last year – continued emphasis on character. I’m really liking how the secondary is shaping up.

    CB: Woolen, Jackson, Bryant, Brown
    S: Diggs, Love, Neal, Adams(?)

    What’s interesting looking at that is Seattle will have $4.09M in cap space to corners, which is dirt cheap but obviously still solid players and depth, and probably around $42M (pending Love’s cap hit) to safeties. Would probably be $33M to safeties if Adams is cut.

    • Brett

      And a post-June 1 trade of Adams would be $11M in cap savings. It would be nice if the NFL allowed a similar mechanism to designate a trade as post-June 1 like they do for cuts.

      • cha

        Nobody’s trading for Adams.

        • Roy Batty

          $8.44 million from a post 6/1 cut should help pay for both Love and Bush.

    • Jack Frost

      Hopefully, S: Diggs, Love, Neal, Draft pick

  48. STTBM

    The big question is what are they going to do about Adams?

    And Neal is going to be pissed if Seattle doesn’t give him similar pay to Love. Neal has put in the time and effort, he deserves better pay than the limited tender they are offering. I’m hoping they work something out with Neal more in his favor than just a one year low tender.

    But it’s great to have a solid young Safety added, since Adams has brought us nothing.

    Rob, what do you think Seattle will do about Blount, Abram, and the other kid safety who looked good near the end of 21 but struggled last year? Are they moving on, or what? I thought all three showed flashes, and for league min, I’d like to see any or all return.

  49. Brodie

    Well done Rob. Pretty much called this (or a similar) signing in the article.

    I went down a different path this morning, following your breadcrumbs and watched tape on Antonio Johnson. I would think Love rules him out, as AJ’s projected to be an early day 2 guy and surely even PCJS have a limit on how much they will invest in the safety position… right?

    If they do indeed release Adams, maybe going safety early still makes sense – with the thought they move on from Diggs after this year. Have to think there are more pressing needs though. Regardless, I loved Antonio’s tape. He looks like what we hoped Jamal would be. Lines up all over, but is best in the box. Attacks the ball and sheds blocks well. Serviceable in coverage.

    From Lance:
    Big, athletic safety with versatility to line up over the slot or inside the box for additional run support. Johnson has a strong passion for sticking his nose into whatever is going on near the line of scrimmage. He’s constantly flowing downhill to meet the play as close to the line of scrimmage as possible, but he needs to regulate his pace and angles to prevent overflowing and poor tackle balance. Johnson can be overmatched at the top of the route by top-end receivers, but he’s capable of staying with pass-catching tight ends or a receiver with average speed. Johnson is positioned to become a good starter whose best ball will be played near the line of scrimmage.

    Fun tape if you haven’t checked him out SDB.

  50. STTBM

    Given Seattle signed Love, I’m surprised they weren’t after Juan Thornhill. Then again, maybe they were, and he took a bit more money of just plain chose to go elsewhere. But he seemed like a reasonably priced up and coming Safety as well…

    I won’t know whether to laugh or cry if one of our first three picks is a Safety but not a WR. I’m tired of having our third WR be nearly useless. Time to get a guy who can take over for Lockett if needed anyhow, injuries happen….

  51. Henry Taylor

    I really love that they’ve been targeting younger free agents who can be part of the next core, following the Nwosu model of getting guys who can be ascending players.

    Dre’Mont Jones: 26 yrs
    Evan Brown: 26 yrs
    Devin Bush: 24 yrs
    Julian Love 24 yrs

    Only Reed is on the older side but 30 isn’t even that old for a DT.

    • Jabroni-DC

      It’s a refreshing feeling to be adding potential building blocks vs adding bandaids.

      • Tecmo Bowl


      • MountainHawker

        Wish I could rec this. Feels like we’re actually building something

    • Sea Mode


    • EdS

      For sure, Love and Jones are core players. Reed complements Jones – one reaction to Jones signing was “but his run defense needs to improve”. Bush is a flyer, lottery ticket as someone said. Brown is place-holder, and (like Love) multi-position versatile. Just great roster building.

  52. Jabroni-DC

    Now that Cinncy has signed Orlando Brown Jr. as their LT I can’t help but root for them to select Dawand Jones as their RT if he’s available at #28 or even trade up for him if need be. Quite the bookend tackles they would make. Rooting for Burrow & the Bengals to snag a ring while Seattle is in the retooling phase.

    • Ben

      I’m hoping Seattle wins the Super Bowl this season. If players can stay healthy and we pick up a couple starters in the draft, who knows the limits of what we can achieve.

      • Ben

        Also, regarding your main point, that would be a sight to behold with Jones and Brown. Burrow would have all day and night to throw the ball.

      • Mick

        I think that’s overly optimistic, but as long as we’re in it, I wouldn’t actively cheer for any other team.

        • Ben

          It’s pretty optimistic for sure, but I wouldn’t fully write us out of Super Bowl contention after the off-season we’ve had. Replacing Blythe and signing good DTs and a good Safety certainly can give Geno a chance to repeat last season and hopefully make our defense able to stop the run.

          If our D returns to the top 10, then as I said, anything is possible.

          • Big Mike

            I’d be ecstatic with dead middle.

            • Peter

              Me….just improvement. Don’t have a multi game soft spot with no answers.

              No one wants to lose.

              But some of those losses were flat out stinkers.

      • UkAlex6674

        Great comment. This is exactly the diffence from previous years..

  53. Spectator

    I’m loving the signings so far. And interesting that they have been heavy defense. Does this lead to maybe a more offensive centered draft? Ie, maybe a Wr or RB early even?

    I don’t think the Lock signing precludes is from taking a Qb at 5, at all in fact. That’s my first choice and really hope we grab one of the 4. But someone commented and made me think, the Lock signing after Car traded up, does that give some credence to JS believing the top Qb on his board won’t be available? Maybe he really loved Richardson and expected him to be available and doesn’t exactly love Stroud or Young (I think you’ve made good points that Levis would fit the bill for what he is looking for, but I think Colts are keying in on him) as the 2 likely to drop to 5 now.

    I know you have been critical of JSN, Rob, but can’t help liking him. If we don’t like options at 5 with Stroud and Young, there will be teams calling and maybe we can drop to early-mid teens, pick up a first next year to try QB again, we could grab JSN or Mayer or Bijan.

    • Peter

      The smartest play that I see from these signings and mostly short contracts is as close to bpa as reasonable throughput the draft.

      On JSN. Is he really just a slot reciever? If true isn’t that a little high for him?

      I don’t know. I’m way into a Mingo type. Get me a guy built like boldin.

      • Spectator

        Would cooper kupp be worth a high pick when he has dominated in the Slot? Thats just who he reminded of with just a knack to find the open space and magnet for the ball. We Have DK and Tlock that can play outside, command attention, and if we get someone like JSN who seems elite in the slot (judging off of last years plays) and has elite CoD skills, would be pretty worth it to me. IDK if he is just a slot either, he played slot when he had G Wilson and Olave on the outside. I get the wanting Mingo, I agree. He is underrated. But JSN just looked elite in games last year.

    • James

      RB is so deep. Can’t see us trading back for an RB in R1 I hope they take a serious look at Gibbs in R2 though. Pete has always had an eye for pass-catching backs. There just isn’t a NEED to spend a 1R pick on offense. You have a top 3 rookie RB, one of the league’s best WR 1/2 combos, and no TE to write home about.

      Moreover, thinking long-term, having a QB under a rookie contract allows the most flexibility for sustained success. This build isn’t complete from this season alone, I don’t think we see the full form until next year.

      • Spectator

        Gibbs early second is where i was referring to when i said early.

        And i mentioned grabbing a QB would be my number 1 option, but if JS only likes 1 or 2, then you dont force it just to have draft one.

  54. Ben

    Just wanted to see what our lineup looks like.

    DL: Jones, Woods, Reed
    OLB: Nwosu, Taylor/Mafe
    LB: Bush/Brooks
    CB: Woolen, Jackson/Brown
    S: Love, Neal, Diggs

    OL: Cross, Lewis, Brown, Haynes, Lucas
    QB: Geno
    RB: Walker
    WR: Lockett, Metcalf
    TE: Fant, Dissly

    • STTBM

      DJ Dallas is our number two RB, as of now.

    • HAWKS for EVER

      We should trade Taylor now while we can get good value for him – he doesn’t fit our new 3-4 system !!!

      • Ben

        9.5 sacks, perhaps with the improved DL he can find more consistency.

        If there’s value in a trade, go for it. But I’m not sure there’s enough interest.

  55. Julpeck

    So, they will pay to their 4 (Adams, Diggs, Neal, Love) about 45 mil in cap hit. I must be some record.

    • Madmark

      How about 2 Chanceller and Thomas both on there 2nd contract.

  56. clbradley17

    Great first week of FA! We’ve signed a top DT and another good DT in Jones and Reed, a good C/G in Brown, our backup QB in Lock, a young fast LB with Bush, and a very good safety today with Love. As well as tendering our S, CB and DT with Neal, Jackson and Adams. That’s after re-signing our QB to a team friendly deal.

    Check around later tonight or early tomorrow for reports on Michigan’s pro day today. Mazi Smith is supposed to test, and he is reportedly a physical freak like Kancey or Ade Ade with a very fast 40 etc. for his size. Could be our late 1st or early 2nd round pick at DT. During our SB years we were able to rotate multiple big guys in to push the pocket and rush the passer from the inside as well as at DE. Hopefully they want to do that again.

  57. Mr Magic

    Man that Dissley contract looks worse and worse every day. We are putting a lot of $ towards him and Fant. I dont see any savings in Dissleys contract via cut either. That was a clear mistake.

    With Love, table is set to negotiate with Adams, he can restructure or perhaps they cut. He would be smart to restructure but he is a thick headed lad so we shall see.

    • Ashish

      It is clear Hawks are planning to move both safety in 1 years time. Diggs probably will play 1 year and Adams may be asked to restructure or cut by june 1. If they invest in draft it will writing on the wall. Adams know no one will pay him if cut so pressure will mount on him. Best case he plays well one year and we get some draft capital out of him. I will happy to save money this year and book the losses.

      • DJ 1/2 way

        If Adams is cut I think he signs a one year prove it deal to recreate some value (likely not as much) for a final contract or maybe a series of one year contracts.

  58. Gross MaToast

    Who the hell took over the Seahawks and what have you done with Pete Carroll?

    Also, well done.

  59. cha


    Bob Condotta
    My understanding is that the Julian Love signing has nothing to do with Seahawks wanting to move on from Jamal Adams. But it is a hedge against him not being available to start 2023 season, and also could allow Adams to play more WLB when he returns…

    Bob Condotta
    … Seahawks envisioned Adams doing a lot of that in 2022. He was playing WLB on the play in which he was hurt. Seahawks also just really enamored with Love, who they got for a contract a lot less than some speculated he’d be able to command.

    • Big Mike

      The team is not going to say otherwise. Plus I admit I’m refusing to give up hope that he’s gone.

      • Hawkdawg

        Exactly right. And Condotta should know this. They aren’t going to be letting Jamal know he’s on his way out now–no need at all for that.

    • Thomas Wells

      “He was playing WLB on the play in which he was hurt…”

      Sort of says it all. Adams’ shoulder is decrepit. He can’t finish a season as a safety. How does anyone think he holds up a full year as a LB?

      • Madmark

        Drew Sanders looks like he could be a good weak inside LB. He the speed and has the exciting stats you want from the position. 9.5sacks and 13.5 TKL.

        • Thomas Wells

          Would love to add Sanders. 20 may be too rich based on positional emphasis and he may be gone by our next pick but drafting him to replace Brooks as MLB1 has its perks.

        • Ben

          Sanders would definitely be an interesting player if he’s sliding between ILB and OLB depending on if it’s a passing down. There are just a bunch of interesting possibilities at #20. I can’t wait to see who they get and if someone we want at #20 is available at #37.

          I really hope it’s not a C at #20. If Wypler might last longer into the 2nd round and he’s way more athletic, let’s get something more exciting at #20.

  60. geoff u

    So we’ve essentially plugged up most of our holes, meaning we can use the draft to select: best player available, with the luxury of being able to package picks and trade up for a QB if necessary.

    Really great off-season so far.

    • Hawktalker#1

      Or like trade down from 20 to get more valuable day2 picks and add value with even more depth.

      • TomLPDX

        Too bad there isn’t a like button on Rob’s site. I would have given both of these comments a thumbs up.

        I love how John has maximized his flexibility in the coming draft and he doesn’t have to reach for any position.

      • Geoff u

        Or trade down from 5 if they don’t like whomever’s the 5th wheel, and rakc up some more picks. All options are open. All systems go.

  61. Blitzy the Clown

    Running back Zach Charbonnet participated in position drills and looked terrific catching the football. He has the potential to be a steal outside the top 60 picks.

    I thought his hands looked as good as any WR at the Combine.

    • Peter

      Charbonet is one of my favorite prospects over two years.

      This is no way a comp. But I think he could be a brian Westbrook where you count total yards from scrimmage.

    • Sea Mode

      Yup. Second only to Bijan’s.

    • IDhawk

      He reminds me of David Johnson before all of the injuries took their toll.

  62. Alex Higgins

    This has been a great offseason and I really appreciate Rob’s work here. I also wonder if the signing of Lock might be good for a trade down scenario if one of the top 4 quarterbacks doesn’t fall to us. And if we’re not in love with Will Anderson. Personally, I’d rather accumulate picks and stock up on LBs, DTs, a WR and another RB.

  63. Brodie

    Day 3/UDFA target? Ben VanSumeren

    Never heard of him before, but was going through pro-day results and his stand out in a big way. Special teamer/depth possibility at the end of the draft maybe. Would have been #1 in every category except 40 (0.01 off Pappoe)

    LB Ben VanSumeren (PFF’s Big Board Rank: 301)

    40-yard dash: 4.40 seconds
    Vertical: 42.5 inches
    Broad: 10 feet, 11 inches
    Bench: 29 reps

    6’3 – 240lbs

    • Sea Mode

      Saw that earlier. He had a good Shrine Bowl I think.

      • Brodie

        You’re right – 7 tackles and a sack in the Shrine game.

        That’s some freaky athleticism. He said he was disappointed he didn’t hit 4.3’s too.

    • Ely

      Crazy numbers. I couldn’t find times for a short shuttle or 3 cone.

    • Ben

      Who did he play for and how’s his production? Those are some great numbers and size.

      I’m quite interested in seeing how Ivan Pace Jr pans out at LB. I guess he was Senior Bowl defensive MVP, ran the fastest of any LB over at least the past 2 years. So better than Troy Anderson… Would love to see his 40-time. And his production at Cinci was off the wall, particularly because he played downhill, but you can’t fault him for his success. But his size is a major reason he’ll slide.

      Kancey’s arms and height with Pace Jr’s arms and height are going to keep them lower than they should be in the draft. I’ll be rooting for them a bit and hoping we get them somewhere for value.

      • Brodie

        Michigan State transfer from UM. 73 tackles and 2 sacks.

        Think he was a RB turned LB.

        Doesn’t look like a guy you can start on defense, but maybe a special teams/development type. That’s kind of what you’re looking for in round 6-7-udfa.

  64. One Bad Mata’Afa

    Love just might turn out to be a brilliant signing. He’s been a high quality, impact player for NYG. I’m surprised they let him walk. Love this move, pun intended

    • TomLPDX

      Kind of reminds me of when we traded for Diggs and a 5th round pick. That’s worked out pretty well. Diggsy is getting older and looks like he played injured last year, or at least still recovering from the broken leg but finally started playing better at the end of last season. Let’s see what he has left in the tank.

      • Madmark

        It’s a talented TE class the best I’ve seen years. We need to take one because after next year the guy we draft could be the only one on the roster.

    • Roy Batty

      I’m curious if they thought he’d sneak through the first week of FA, since he’s a safety, and they’d get a discount in week two of FA.

  65. Volume12

    Love the Julian Love signing. Versatile, former team captain who called the plays, over 120 tackles last year from the safety position plus 6 TFL, and maybe most importantly? Only missed 2 games over the last 4 seasons.

    Will Bush ever be the same top 10 pick after that injury of his? Probably not all the way but he is a low risk, high reward signing. Remember, dude has legit 4.4 speed and can chase and hit.

    • Volume12

      I also think this will let them play Prez down in the box in a LB role. Wouldnt be surprised to see him play something of a Deonne Buccanon role if/when healthy

      • Bobby54

        Love it too. Had a big draft crush on him and i wanted us to draft him. At notre dame he was a outside corner so he has a lot of versatility. Maybe he fills the role of slot corner for us

  66. Madmark

    I have two questions I hope someone could help answer for me. First, does Jamal Adams have to take a team physical before Jun 1? Secondly if he fails how does that affect his cap hit and pay out?

    • jed

      I’m not sure about any mandatory physicals, but I’m sure there will be something before he’s allowed to practice or participate in OTA’s, etc.

      I asked cha the same thing about injury designation cuts a few threads ago. He said it unfortunately doesn’t change the cap picture.

  67. Hawkster

    Very confused by the Love signing, it said 2yr/12m, I was pretty sure safeties didn’t hit the field (or bench) for less than 15/yr.

    • Chris

      Also confused. I was under the impression that having a safety on the team required giving up two 1st round draft picks.

    • Big Mike

      I laughed and I cried.

    • Nick

      Hawkster for the win!!!!!

  68. seaspunj

    Bush is a scratch and win

    low risk high reward

    Love is a good signing to hedge the saftey positions

    Seahawks JS + front office using all the strategies available for making a fantastic roster

    blockbuster day 1 signjng Jones
    mid tier signing Love, Evans
    scratch and win Bush
    re-signing their own QB Lock

    JS hitting on all areas!

    i still hope Seahawks draft safety JL Skinner. If Skinner is remotely like Chancellor its a huge win!

    • Big Mike

      I think you can add Reed to the mid-tier as well.

      • seaspunj


        as well forgot they signed Geno too lol

        • Steve Nelsen

          And their kicker was the first FA they signed

  69. Lord Snow

    Question for cha or anyone who is an expert with the cap. Cha said above that Seattle could keep Adams after the love signing. So my question is is that without a restructure by adams? And without a restructure where would the money come from who would be affected? And if it is a restructure what would the contract likely look like and could they still move on from him after a year or two? Or if they restructure are they stuck with him for the length of the deal?

    • Brett

      My 2 cents: The way the market for safeties has played out this FA cycle gives Seattle some leverage. They should now be able to go to him and say we know you’ve dealt with some unfortunate injuries, but we’ve paid you over $35M the last 2 years and you’ve played a grand total of 13 games. We can’t keep you this year with a $18M cap hit when we have the ability to save $8.4M by cutting you. And you’ve seen the market for safeties right? We can either reduce your salary by $8M or see that savings by letting you go, which do you prefer?

      I think since they’ve already paid him so much the last 2 years, a restructure is going to be a paycut for 2023, not a lower base salary with a bonus to make up the difference. He’s already due cap hits of $23 & $24M the next two years and they aren’t going to want to increase that. He can take a paycut and if he balls out has a chance to stay in Seattle and make $34M the next two years. His agent has got to be smart enough to realize he won’t make close to that if he hits the market.

      • Lord Snow

        I agree with your take but it seems up above that Curtis was confident that Seattle could work this under the existing cap without him taking a pay cut. Anyway that was how I read his response to people assuming Jamal would automatically be cut.

      • BruceN

        What you are saying is rational but many times players do not think that way and get offended if asked to take a pay cut, even if the market has clearly changed and do something that is worse financially. Case and point, when we offered to restructure Jarran’s salary ($10M?) in 2021 into bonus to get cap relief he got offended that we didn’t offer him a multi-year, big contract. So he left in a huff and ended up signing for $5.5M with KC and the following year for $3.25M with the Packers.

    • cha

      They could keep Adams without a renegotiating his contract, but I doubt they will.

      I also doubt they restructure by converting some of his salary to bonus money. That just locks more guaranteed money and makes him harder to cut next year.

      The clearest path is to be ready to cut him post June 1, and approach him and say ‘take a big pay cut or find out what a cold market out there is like. your choice.’

  70. Brett

    Jordan Schultz
    Sources: 1 year, up to $5M for Drue Tranquill to the #Chiefs, who I’m told chose Kansas City over five other suitors.

    If Seattle didn’t want him for $5M, I doubt they’d offer Bobby more. Investing in the trenches and secondary, probably setting themselves up to double dip at LB in the draft.

  71. Rushless pass

    Have they posted Mazi Smith’s pro day numbers? I can’t find anything

    • Sea Mode

      Nothing yet

    • Bobby54

      Apparently he only did the vert (29.5) and the broad (8-11)

      • Rushless pass

        That’s pretty damn bad

        • Hawktalker#1

          Need to remember he is a NT. Just needs to consume blockers and be a huge wall. Doesn’t need to jump to the moon to help us a ton. May even ensure he is in range for us to select. Don’t forget he is on the freaks list, so don’t knock his physical abilities too much!!!

          • Rushless pass

            Yeah I know! I still. Want him really bad! Bruce Feldman got me a little too hyped up. The guy is a wall for sure!

          • MountainHawker

            Solid but not spectacular tape. Limited testing. He probably gets taken later than expected. Maybe he gets taken early with the surplus of teams need NT help. We’ll see. I feel like free agency has a lot of solid unspectacular nose tackles available. After watching combine drills I’m completely out on Ika.

            I’m starting to like Benton more and more. He’s 6’4 310lbs with great testing. Good tape and kicked ass at the senior bowl.

        • Brodie

          Not really. Keanu Benton had the same vert. Bresee was 29.0, Byron Young was a 26.0

          That said, it was less than people were expecting. He’s possible nursing an injury as he cited that as his reason for not running the 40. He was #1 on Feldman’s freaks list. Some blurbs from that article.

          1. Mazi Smith, Michigan, defensive tackle
          The 6-foot-3, 337-pound senior has rare power and agility. So rare, in fact, it’s hard to find the right superlative to begin with. But let’s start with this: Smith does 22 reps on the bench press, but that’s with 325 (not 225). He vertical-jumps 33 inches. He broad-jumped 9-4 1/2. Smith, who had 37 tackles last season, has clocked a 4.41 shuttle time, which would’ve tied the best by any defensive tackle at this year’s NFL Scouting Combine, and it would’ve been better than any defensive tackle weighing 310 pounds or more in the past decade. His 6.95 3-cone time would’ve been by far the fastest among defensive tackles in Indianapolis. The fastest was 7.33. Smith’s 60-yard shuttle time is 11.90.

  72. Hawktalker#1

    What am I missing? Ryan Neal.

    He has a 85 PFF grade from last year and appeared to play great, but we’re either low-balling him or neglecting him?

    • TomLPDX

      I think we are low-balling and John is overthinking this. Pay the man!

    • Troy

      They are letting the market dictate what he should be paid…his tender means anyone can offer him any contract and Seahawks can match. So if no one offers, his market isn’t high. If he gets a good or decent contract hawks can match, they are letting the market do the work. Their hands won’t be forced until he’s a true free agent.

  73. pran

    not so hyped up about Bush, just for depth. he lost starting position with Steelers by year end. may be better than Cody..

    • Hawktalker#1

      “May be better?” Ouch. He’s a ton better and Cody set a very low bar. This is a great pick-up in many ways. Great start with the LB position. I would also like to see Muse come back for depth. He did a terrific job and earned that shot.

  74. samprassultanofswat

    This signings to a certain extent remind me of what the Bengals did a few years ago. Basically, the Bengals defense improved overnight.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Good call. Even if one of these signings turns out to be meh, the hits will have a major impact and there will be more talent coming via the draft. It could really transform our D in one offseason, without breaking the bank, as Cincy did.

  75. Madmark

    Lavonte David resigned with Bucs for 7 million.

  76. Trevor

    Would love to see the Hawks shoot for the Moon in RD1 and then fortify the middle of the OL / DL in Rd 2.

    #5 Richardson / Levis
    #20 Will McDonald / Mayer or Washington
    #38 Mazi Smith or Benton
    #53 JMS, Wypler or Cody Mauch
    #84 Brents, Sydney Brown or Johnsthan Mingo

    • Ashish

      They might go #38 WR and #84 for TE. Since there is dept for DT might go later rounds. Good draft for TE they might draft one.

    • samprassultanofswat

      If we can snag Mazi Smith with the number 38 pick I will do handstands. I just don’t think the guy will last that long.

  77. Mike

    It’s an exciting time to be a Hawk fan. It hasn’t felt this way in a long time. I just keep refreshing this site over and over. Thanks to Rob (and Mrs. Staton) for being a tireless warrior with an endless amount of analysis, news, takes and enthusiasm from many time zones away.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

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