Seahawks sign Evan Brown, continue to make good decisions

Evan Brown is joining the Seahawks on a one-year deal

The latest free agent moving to Seattle is Detroit offensive lineman Evan Brown. With 24 starts in the last two seasons, he had a not-terrible PFF grade of 64.8 last season. He offers versatility at guard and center and that’s what makes this such an ideal signing.

The Seahawks are now ideally hedged for the draft. Yesterday we noted connections to John Michael Schmitz — possibly in round one. Both Luke Wypler and Schmitz are ideal scheme fits with a physical profile and background perfectly matching what the Seahawks are looking for.

However, Brown’s signing means they don’t need to force anything.

Although he’s bigger than the other centers we’ve been discussing — he ran a superb 4.46 short shuttle at 302lbs at his pro-day. He could potentially drop weight now that he’s moving to Seattle (he’s currently listed at 320lbs). Either way — the Seahawks have a player who can start, ‘do a job’ and avoid any reaching for need in April.

If the center they want is available in the range they’re comfortable with — perfect. They can select them. If not, they’re not going to be caught short desperately looking for an alternative.

Furthermore — if they draft Schmitz or Wypler and they win the starting job, they’ll still benefit from Brown’s ability to provide depth anywhere along the interior.

This has been an impressive start to free agency for Seattle. Already they appear comfortably in position to draft for talent with their high picks. Yes — they still need more on defense. There are no critical gaping holes though that must be addressed at #5 or #20.

Dre’Mont Jones was the talent injection the D-line needed, while Jarran Reed will provide great solidity. Now, they have an experienced lineman who can start at center or guard. This is all after pulling off a great contract with Geno Smith — full of incentive for the player and flexibility for the team.

It’d be nice to see some levers pulled to create more cap space and take advantage of the names still available who look appealing. If it doesn’t happen though, this has already been a far more effective free agency period than we’re used to seeing. They’re addressing their biggest needs, they’re setting up the draft.

This has been a good start to the off-season.

Other notes

— The Seahawks love a reclamation project so it’s interesting to see Devin Bush coming in for a visit. He was once a fantastic draft prospect with major potential. The Steelers traded up to the 10th overall pick in 2019 to get him. However, injury stalled his progress and nobody in Pittsburgh was surprised to see him moving on (the Steelers signed blog favourite Cole Holcomb instead). He’ll be cheap so it’ll be interesting to see if they bring him in for camp.

— The Seahawks are also visiting with cornerback/safety Lonnie Johnson. These are potential reclamation/development projects too. It’s always good to have a few of these up your sleeve.

— The interesting visit is Julian Love. He had a 70.0 PFF grade last season and is well regarded in New York, after a strong season in the Wink Martindale defense. He’s not a reclamation project. He could be a potential starter. If they sign him, what does that mean for Jamal Adams?

— There are three confirmed ‘top-30’ visits for the Seahawks pre-draft — tackle Dawand Jones and safeties Jammie Robinson and Jordan Howden. It certainly feels like they’re preparing for the future at safety. Ryan Neal is a free agent in 2023 while the future of Jamal Adams is a major question mark. Quandre Diggs has an obvious out on his deal next year too. They’d be wise to plan ahead if they can — so don’t be surprised if Julian Love is signed and/or they draft someone in the middle or later rounds with a view to the future.


The Seahawks have also re-signed Drew Lock today on a one-year deal. Another excellent move. They needed a backup quarterback, regardless of their plans for the #5 pick. Lock knows the offense and has more physical talent than most backups.

Again, it doesn’t preclude anything in round one. It’s a one-year contract. Let’s say the Seahawks draft Anthony Richardson. You want to redshirt him, not make him the backup where he’s a hit away from starting.

This is a good move — securing the QB position for 2023 but leaving the options open for the future.

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  1. Peter

    I’m loving all this.

    This is starting to feel like 2011 or whatever year you prefer when they could almost draft anyone to make the team better.

    • Matt

      Amen Pete. I mean once Cross was drafted a year ago how could you not think of the Okung pick that started it all a decade earlier? 😏

      • Peter

        Excellent comp.

        • Matt


          • Kenny

            You gentlemen covered it well this year is starting out beautifully. I feel like good things are to come.

  2. Brodie

    “It’d be nice to see some levers pulled to create more cap space and take advantage of the names still available who look appealing”

    Any thoughts on how this could be done? It looks like extending Nwossu would free up some space. The other options that I see – Adams, Diggs, Dissly, Fant – aren’t that appealing.

    Locket maybe? I’m just going off of what I see on OverTheCap for ‘Extension’ options. I assume ‘restructure’ is converting base to bonus and thus kicking more dead cap out.

    • Rob Staton

      June-1st for Jamal Adams is one

      Extending Nwosu another

      Might be able to do something with Lockett to free up space

      • Matt

        Extending Nwosu should be a no-brainer, but wondering if he took a short term deal in Seattle to try to blow up his value in free agency 2024 and thus wants (significantly) more than the Seahawks would offer him now.

        Also possible…Nwosu might be more (or less) valuable to the Hawks after the draft so either side could be waiting to see who is drafted before extending.

        • OakleyD

          If we sign Anderson or Macdonald @ 5 or 20, Nwosu becomes expendable.

          Pretty sure the Hawks will see how the draft falls before making a commitment

      • Lethal Lance

        If we draft Will Anderson, do we still try to extend Nwosu with a crowded edge room?

        • Rob Staton

          You’d need to make that call before the draft

          • Peter

            Why are we talking about moving off of nwosu?

            I like taylor but I’d rather pay the more well rounded player as of now of the two. And they’re the same age basically.

  3. Blitzy the Clown

    Love these moves but we’re not done.

    I gotta ask about the elephant in the room…

    What’s the plan at ILB?

    Even if they do resign Wagner (and please, only if the cost is reasonable), that’s not gonna do it. We need more.

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s remember — a year ago their plan at LB was to just have Brooks & Barton. No draft picks. No veteran signings.

      It’s possible they just draft a couple of guys and wait for Brooks to come back

      Or sign a Devin Bush type as a reclamation project

      It isn’t a position they appear to be prioritising — and they clearly like Jordyn Brooks enough to think he’s the guy when he’s back.

      • Blitzy the Clown


        • Red

          It is a smidge stressful for sure, but maybe they think by building up the D-line they can take the pressure off of the LBs to stop folks via catching up to them and to run more down hill. I have the feeling they are looking for warm bodies on one year deal while potentially adding a player or two in the draft to develop. Similar to the DBs, you gotta have some dawgs up front to allow the LBs to be proactive and not reactive. I have no idea if Brooks is a proactive guy, but would love to see him behind a line that can get consistent pressure, not just total sacks (which they had a good chunk of last year, in spurts albeit) but consistent hurries and hits.

      • DAWGFan

        I wouldn’t mind bringing in another recent former Steelers LB in Myles Jack. Still a productive LB and will be 28 after the season begins.

    • Phil

      Also, they’ll be playing a ton of 3-3-5. The fourth LB (or second ILB) is off the field more than he’s on.

      Ideally, they’d often have either the third Safety or third CB on the field. Third Safety provides much more flexibility while (in theory) the third CB gives better coverage.

      Most Offensive personnel groups make it tough to leave the 2nd ILB on the Field very often – unless both ILBs are excellent in coverage. (Niners, for instance).
      I hope this helps.

      • G. Jones

        I’ve heard a suggestion about moving Jamal Adams to linebacker- especially if they keep Ryan Neal and are rich at the safety position but lacking at inside linebacker. Does Adams have the size to play inside linebacker?

        • Rob Staton

          Adams isn’t a linebacker

          Never will be

          He is a box safety

          • Blitzy the Clown

            At least he was

            • G. Jones

              I thought that the rationale for the switch to a 3 – 4 defense was to take advantage of Adams’athleticism in the box in lieu of another inside linebacker. The plan got derailed because of Adams’ injury in the first game, so it never got a chance to see how well it would work. If they’re now going to give up on Adams after June 1st as a cap casualty, they could still continue the plan with another really athletic safety such as Brian Branch who may be available at number 20. Safety is not a great need but I think Branch is going to be an elite pro and is a Pete Carroll type of player. Just a though.

              • Rob Staton

                If they end up paying $36m for Diggs and Adams, signing Julian Love, tendering Ryan Neal then spend a first round pick on a safety — I would suggest the Seahawks have a safety addiction and should seek help

                • G. Jones

                  LOL. Good point. I was surprised by the Love signing because I was convinced they were going to take Branch in the draft. I still think he’s going to become a pro bowl safety some day, but alas not for the Seahawks

      • Gary d

        3-3-5 is great but also part of our running game woes. Jl skinner or D overshown is a guy I think fits Seattle’s odd 4-3 box safety/monster LB role

    • cjjo

      I have been pounding the need for ILB, most all feel not a need.
      Our run D totally sucked the last few years. Should have never let Wright leave, he was the glue.
      Wagner did lose a step, and we did good letting him walk at 16M.
      Would like to see him back for a reasonable cost as a leader and mentor.
      Yes, the front line needs to occupy blockers so LB has room to make tackles.
      Brooks and his 130+ are almost all well behind line of scrimmage and NO impact plays.
      We have ZERO starter quality ILB for gthe start of season.
      I really do like what we have done in FA. We have filled all immediate needs, other than ILB, at least with good hedges to allow our management max flexability for players high on thier board.
      I am in the minority on this board, in that the only sure thing at QB is Young, yes small, but plays the game far superior to the other “3”. I understand potential and a need for franchise QB, but the setback on a miss, can be huge.
      If john and Pete have a QB worthy of 5, I am totally behind whatever thier decision is.
      (sorry I degress) Hopefully Adams can give us 1 healthy year as the dead cap is $$$
      He can be a monster, when right. Skinner would be a good pickup to hopefully start in 2024.
      Would really like Smith, Washington, Campbell , Center, a quality pass catching RB and a 3rd WR.
      With Brown healthy and Pete coaching up DB, a late rounder will suffice for CB.

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’s a need

        But I promise you if you sort out this DL — you can have fast, young and most importantly cheap LB’s thrive

        Look at the two SB teams. Nobody spent any time talking about the LB’s. Eagles just let both of theirs walk in FA. Chiefs drafted day two guys.

        • Luis

          Nick Bolton fell on their lap, to be fair. Better MLB prospect of that class.

      • SpennyDunks

        Its easier to find LBs and for them to adapt to the NFL than the other positions (please note that I didnt say easy, just easier). Theres probably guys they like in rounds 3-6 and they will let the value present itself. I can see them walking away with 2 LBs later as they have a decision to make on Brooks.

        LBs also usually make excellent special teams guys which adds extra bonus to taking some later.

  4. EIEIO

    Heard Seahawks having Zeke Elliott in for a visit. Don’t know if it’s true but…Interesting if it is.

    • Rob Staton

      That was a fake report

  5. DarrellDownUnder

    Not bad at all.
    Fingers crossed for Tranguil and maybe a reclamation project or two on cheap deals.
    Then off to the draft.

  6. Robert Green

    I’m hoping JS and PC take a look at SS J.L. Skinner out of Boise State. Claims to follow Kam Chancellor…

    • Steve Nelsen

      He hits a bit like Kam too. There are some great clips out there. He had a solid Senior Bowl and was reported to have met with the Seahawks there so you know he is on Seattle’s radar.

      He tore a pec training for the combine which has put his draft stock in question. He was looking like a round 2-3 guy if his combine matched his tape. I’d love to get him in Round 3-4 even if he seems a bit redundant with Adams and Neal. There are no guarantees right now that either Adams or Neal will be back next year. Heck, we’re not even sure Adams will play for Seattle this year.

  7. cha

    Rob how close are the Seahawks to getting the coveted ‘playing a blinder’ award for their offseason?

    Darned impressive so far.

    • TomLPDX

      What’s that mean Curtis?

      • cha

        To do something exceptionally well and with a great amount of skill. Primarily heard in UK.

        • TomLPDX

          Figured it had to be something like that!

    • Rob Staton

      Would like at least one more “dogs bollocks” signing to confirm a blinder has been played

      • Old but Slow

        Thanks, Rob, I have always wanted to learn to speak English.

        • STTBM

          Aren’t we all lol?!

  8. Steve Nelsen

    Rob, this has indeed been a surprisingly positive Seattle off-season so far. I hoped for a Nwosu-type signing but I didn’t think it would actually happen and the Jones deal was perfect. The Geno deal was even better than my most optimistic expectation. They moved on from Barton. None of the deals have been overpays. They have set the table for the draft perfectly as you noted.

    I was hoping for a multi-year deal for Ryan Neal to help bridge the inevitable safety transition. Maybe that still happens. I also hoped for a Nwosu extension. Maybe that still happens.

  9. Matt


    You said, “The Seahawks are now ideally hedged for the draft.” I usually don’t care about linebacker, but if there was a game tomorrow they wouldn’t be able to start 3 LBs. Don’t you think that cap space needs to be opened up to sign 1-2 cheap vets at just a base level?

    Again we never want to have Schneider drafting for position over BPA, so hopefully some LBs a brought in so we aren’t forcing a Drew Sanders or Jack Campbell pick above better players (at more valuable positions).

    • Rob Staton

      I just think it’s a position of minimal importance in this scheme. The way they approached it a year ago showed that

      Get a cheap veteran in, draft someone on day three

      That might be all they need until Brooks returns

      • Hawkster

        I guess I’m thinking that whatever they did or thought last year has been shown to be wrong. Sure, a tiger doesn’t just sneeze twice and change it’s stripes, but the must be thinking they needed to re-think. I’ve always been under the impression a Fangio-tree scheme depends on elite ILBs, significant coverage responsibilities coupled with gap filling the run. That said, if kept clean Brooks may well be up to the task (not to be confused with elite). When drafted the impression was one of quick downhill gap filling and coverage potential.
        Given the holes everywhere, definitely agree they seem to be putting LB lower on the list than DL, regardless of who plays LB they must be cleaner than last year. Images of Barton washing out of plays, almost seeking to wash out of plays, was unbearable. Brooks at least seemed frequently aware of where the football was and where it was likely going even if he was powerless to effect the outcome.
        Point of the babble? Must go DL first, but that I think that ILB is demanding in this scheme.

        • Rob Staton

          The thing is, the LB2 isn’t on the field that much

          LB1 — sure

          But they see Brooks as their LB1

          They seem to want to put an extra safety on the field. Thus, I suspect, why they’re meeting with Julian Love

          • cjjo

            I can see the point, if D is frequently changed of a 3-4.
            Adams, if healthy would have been perfect as a move player hedging to line.
            Skinner wojuld be much of the same, more of a thumper than a coverage back.
            Hopefully, we are collecting the right fit players for a 3-4.
            Would really like to draft a Wagner/ Kuechly/ Warner type ILB.
            Rob, do you feel thier is this type of LB in the draft?
            Where do you see the round to pick the same? Thank you

          • Hawkster

            Suppose its the exception and not the rule, but I’m thinking Bowman and Willis and thinking those two didn’t leave the field and made the whole thing work. But your point is taken, a more realistic implementation likely has LB2 off the field a good bit.

            PC’s LOB (while great everywhere) was perhaps most made possible by elite safety play. The single high infinite range of ET, the tweener wrecking ball of Kam. Great DLs, great corner tandems, great linebacker duos, these things happen all the time. Kam and ET really sealed the deal on making it legendary. The Rams have had a great DL, great CBs, but nobody is naming their children LOBby.

            Babbling again, point is somewhere in all that coupleed with deperation led to the major Adams gaffe … but it doesn’t change that PC really values safety play So yea, meet with Julian Love.

            • Rob Staton

              We need to fully understand what they did last year — and what they intended to do pre-Adams injury

              It’s a lot of one linebacker, three safety stuff. Thus, they didn’t prioritise LB at all a year ago and it’s playing second fiddle to DL and S again this year

              • Hawkster

                Good points as always. Also consistent with their willingness to basically skip last year’s rather remarkable LB draft class.
                Honestly, while I hear “fangio” and maybe see elements, I really struggled to have a clue what they were trying to do last year. Granted, had Adams been on the field it may have been more clear.
                This off-season is almost blurring away the memory of just how cluelessly awful they looked last year.

  10. Red

    There is something about these last two offseasons that is beyond exciting. For me, gone are the days of the ho-hum minimum signings that seem to be nothing more that retreads and roster fills. There is intent to their signings that are, though I don’t know how they will play out, nonetheless exciting. Maybe it was getting rid of Russ, maybe it was a shift to more John less Pete, I don’t really care. I haven’t been this excited about the hawks in nearly a decade. I have never paid more attention to the offseason than now. I am also excited that despite how media folks think, this team seems to be building for beyond the 2023 season. Whether that is 2024, 2025 or 2030, there seems to be an effort that was lacking in looking beyond the current year for a long time (see jamal adams trade).

    When I win my investment in the lottery Rob you will be the first beneficiary.

  11. Nick

    Invest in the trenches — the thing we’ve been screaming for five years now, it seems.


  12. Madmark

    Tell Rob what to Bryon Young De/DT from Alabama?

  13. BobbyK

    “…this has already been a far more effective free agency period than we’re used to seeing.”

    The only explanation, imo, is John Schneider has the big boy pants now and we’re seeing what he’d like to do and not these desperation Jamal Adams forced trades.

    • Bob Johnston

      Let John cook!

  14. Allen M.

    Very happy with this off-season so far. I love going into the draft with few or no glaring holes to fill. Draft flexibility is something we’ve done well in years past but not always.

    Teams with committed ownership, cash can easily find cap space. Uusuall, by converting salary into cash/signing bonuses even when not extending players (see: Mahomes recently 9+M instantly available for KC). If the team really wants more space they can do it.

    Extending Nwousu is going to be huge. Waiting until post-draft does make some sense.

    Evan Brown being a C/G is a perfect draft hedge. Now if we can find a Devin Bush or Myles Jack type to hold the fort until Brooks can return…or a rookie can be added.

  15. TomLPDX

    What is everyone’s opinion of Jon Rhattigan? Can he start while we wait for Brooks?

    • cha

      Hasn’t played a snap at defense yet.

      Not one.

    • HS

      The Seahawks may not want/need to invest anything significant at ILB, but I wouldn’t count on Brooks doing much next season.

      He tore is ACL week 17 and I assume had surgery in mid-January. With a “typical” recovery, he could return to practice in mid-October, and perhaps be ready to come off PUP some time in November. He probably won’t return to pre-injury form until the 2024 season. I wouldn’t be particularly surprised if he didn’t play at all next year.

      • Rob Staton

        In fairness, the advancements in science mean recovery from an ACL is not what it once was

        Maybe week one is a stretch but I’m not sure November is accurate. It can be a six month thing these days.

        • HS

          I could be wrong, but I struggle to think of a player not named Adrian Peterson who returned that quickly, particularly at a position requiring lateral mobility. At RB in particular, I can think of three players – Dalvin Cook, Saquan Barkley and Rashard Penney – all of whom were back on the field in 10 months give or take, but didn’t really look like themselves until the season following. Perhaps it’s different at LB, but I’d have to be convinced.

          At least in the world of non-elite athetes, it hasn’t changed much in the last several decades. I had an ACL reconstruction in 1996; my daughter has had two in the last six years. Depending on the ancillary damage, the procedure and recovery was similar for all of them.

          • Rob Staton

            I haven’t got the time to do a thorough search on this but I’ve talked to many people in pro-sport over here who’ve told me the recovery time is night and day to what it used to be and I’ve heard people say in the NFL in interviews etc that technology is so much more advanced that recovery times are slashed.

            Heck — Jimmy Graham had a more serious injury (torn patellar tendon) and played week one the following season. He suffered that injury on November 30th.

            • cha

              What about a torn quad?

              Asking for a friend.

              • Rscott412


  16. Sea Mode


    Knock yourself out!

    • Peter

      Thanks! I could ask my wife who is brutally tech savvy.

      But no offense to all of us here I’m not risking that eye roll so I can hang out with my friends!😀

      • Big Mike


        The Dallas Cowboys are nothing more than a media creation at this point

        • Big Mike

          Worked! Thank you

          • TomLPDX

            Congratulations! You get a blue star! 😉

  17. Trevor

    Hawks are a Jamal Adams June 1 cut, A’shawn Robinson and True Tranquil signing away from an A+ Free Agency period. Can’t believe I am saying that but its true.

    Not sure if it has anything to do with that “meeting” with Jody Allen last off season but it is clear that JS is in charge of personnel now and I think it has made a huge difference.

  18. Josh

    Rob – thanks for all you do – you are my favorite Seahawks-related follow by far. When I first started following a couple years ago, Geno Smith was filling in for Russ and we beat Jacksonville, and I remember thinking you just liked being negative w the hawks because of your reaction. Turns out you were right regarding the talent and destiny of the team that year.

    All that to say, when you are encouraged by what the Hawks are doing, it says a lot because I know you will be critical of them when they aren’t going in the right direction. I too am encouraged right now and think they are setting themselves up to go BPA in the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve always been honest and just say what I think

      Positive or negative

  19. BK26

    Best part of the whole article and Seattle’s current situation: “There are no critical gaping holes though that must be addressed at #5 or #20.”

    That tells me/gives me hope that that was the plan all along. Get to that situation for a rookie quarterback. Trust the depth that is coming out with the defensive line. It’s easier to say best player available with holes that are much smaller.

    There is still a lot of work to do, but capable veteran linemen compared to only one high pick is what is going to turn the defense around faster.

    I’ll also say this: John and Pete have won me over this last year: free agency this year and changing their whole draft strategy. They have said the right things, talked about long-term planning such as a rookie quarterback and how they look at potential rookies, and then how Geno’s whole off season was handled. Incredibly impressed. Now just keep going. You took a giant leap, keep driving forward and don’t deviate.

  20. Trevor

    Does Myles Jack have anything in the tank?

  21. Hawktalker#1

    It has been entertaining to watch JS put on a chess-like Staffing masterclass so far this year, continuing from last years “opening moves”. Some previously valued pieces may need to be sacrificed (perhaps even the queen) to set the team up for the “long game” and it feels as if there are more inspiring tactical moves already in the works. Looking forward to watching them all unfold . . .

  22. Trevor

    Went back and looked at some Clenson games last night mostly to see if Breese could be an option for the DL.

    The player that jumped off the screen was Jeremiah Trotter Jr. That kid is going to be a star. Wish he was coming out this year. He would be LB 1 in this draft class for sure I think. He looked really instinctive and plays with an edge. A lot better than Trenton Simpson.

    • Rob Staton

      Trotter is a top-10 pick for sure

  23. James Kupihea

    Just so happy to have a glimmer of real hope for this team. I don’t need championships every year to justify fandom. I just need to see intelligent effort applied to making the team work. It’s interesting to watch the team shift culture. Win or lose, you got to respect the job being done.

  24. Brett

    This is a great hedge at C (9th best PBWR for centers in 2021) so they don’t have to reach in R1 and some competition for Haynes (and hopefully a draft pick) should they draft JMS or Wypler in R2, which I think they will. If nothing else, he’s good depth for the IOL.

    • cha

      I hear a 74 PFF pass blocking grade too.

  25. Hawkdawg

    I agree on linebackers, but in a 3-4 defense, that nose tackle really matters, no matter who the MLBs are. Big AL is a 40-50% snaps guy at most, with his age and injury history. Reed and Jones are not 3-4 nose tackles. So where is our hedge for that position?

    Short of that we are looking good. Brown signing really helps….

    • Rushless pass

      Crossing my fingers they get some depth at nose

    • Zeke

      Rob has mentioned A’shawn Robinson and Greg Gains a lot, not sure who else is available

    • PJ in Seattle

      A’Shawn Robinson or Greg Gaines could be the nose tackle hedge. We can hope.

      Jarran Reed could probably handle nose as well. I’m fairly certain they have their eye on a true 3-4 NT prospect or two in this draft but don’t necessarily feel they have to be desperate after signing Jones and Reed.

  26. cha

    Tom Pelissero
    The #Colts agreed to terms with QB Gardner Minshew, per source.

    • Peter

      Bryce young here if Houston doesn’t take him.

      • cha

        Ian Rapoport
        The #Colts are giving QB Gardner Minshew 3.5M fully guaranteed on a 1-year deal that can be worth up to $5.5M, source said. There are low thresholds on the very reachable incentives.

    • Steve Nelsen

      So now the Colts have their starter and are not drafting a QB right?!

      Sarcasm font

      • TomLPDX

        They have their Colt McCoy. Be real. And let me tell you, AZ is going to be missing Colt at the beginning of the season.

      • geoff u

        Correct. Jalen Carter to the Colts is back on the menu, right!?

  27. Mac

    It’s been a little funny to see many hawktubers worrying about our linebacker core or pushing that we should sell out on picks to go for a Super Bowl. To me this team appears to be trying to open up their early picks and acknowledging that this roster is going to be a project going 2-3 seasons into the future.

    I’d love to have a qb at 5, if you don’t love the qb options at 5, trade back and take skoronski, Bijan, Mayer. Go for the home run instead of a bunt. No draft picks are a sure thing, but that’s not an excuse to avoid drafting players, you’ll eventually need to turn picks into players.

    In the second round I want Mazi Smith, a center, Henley etc.

    Hope the Seahawks continue to get value in free agency to keep the draft open for bpa

  28. Brett

    Seattle Sports 710 hosts asked if they’d take Carter at 5.

    Salk, Brock, Wyman, and Bob: definitely not.

    Rost: maybe.

    Bumpus: still banging the drum yes and said “he is dealing with a lot. So it doesn’t surprise me at all that he showed up and he was out of shape.”

    I can appreciate diversity of opinions, but c’mon man. That’s such a weak argument.

    • Rob Staton

      So what’s the excuse for him being out of shape vs LSU and Ohio State?

      Or the maturity concerns reported on and expressed by multiple people — including before this legal issue came to light?

      • Peter

        Him dealing with a lot and not handling it well is also a sign.

        I mean every single one of us on this site is going to be dealing with or has dealt with something at some point.

        I really get a downward arc. Truly.

        I just wonder the what it’s going forward.

        Like nothing stupid but say an injury. Does he just pack it in or does he bust ass to stay in shape?

        • Brett

          Him dealing with a lot and not handling it well is also a sign.

          Yeah it’s telling. It’s really got to suck to be involved in the death of a teammate and staffer. At the same time, that’s life right? You’re 100% going to face adversity at some point and how you respond is more important than what actually happened. The other UG players, while not involved like Carter was, have been showing that they’ve been putting in the work and getting ready. They don’t need that excuse Carter is getting. He’s just showing he doesn’t have that grit, which really is disappointing because he’s such a talented player.

          • Peter

            I literally can not understand what he’s going through. Really.

            Been thinking this for a day.

            Nfl us very forgiving. Too much so perhaps.

            If I were Carter I’d have my agent schedule a redo in four weeks. I’d get on an all egg white diet. Do cardio in the morning. Farmers carries about presses in tge evenings (easiest exercises to dial up upper body aesthetic)

            Football drills in between.

            Then I’d redo my pro day. And….give a hopefully sincere statement about being a jackass and apologizing and getting myself right.

            • TomLPDX

              That actually might work…but we are talking about Carter. The effort to do this isn’t there.

              • Peter

                Exactly the conundrum if he could do it he already would be doing it.

            • EdS

              Too much work for $10-$20M or whatever he loses by dropping in the draft.

            • geoff u

              That would 100% do it. A month’s work for 10-20 mil. Is that really not enough incentive?

      • Hawktalker#1

        IMO. Shows that anyone (and far too many btw) can get emotionally attached to a talented prospect and ignore the other important factors in order to keep their emotional attachment. Regardless of how illogical their attachment is and how significant the other concerning issues and known facts really are, their desire to draft the prospect just won’t change. Dysfunction.

        • Roy Batty

          Bumpus also wanted them to pay Geno, then tag Geno, then, miraculously said that they did a great job of signing him to a team friendly contract.

          Which is it, Bump? Quit waffling.

          • TomLPDX

            I stopped listening to Bump last year. When he joined Stacy I stopped all together.

        • Rob Staton


          And I am happy to say I fell into that trap when I started this blog

          But after 15 years I’m as emotionally detached from these players and positions as can be. Irrespective of what nonsense people suggest. I judge as I see fit, will be happy to admit when I’m wrong when necessary but also think I’ve got a lot right

          • MountainHawker

            With the Geno contract and our current team build I can admit I’m emotionally attached to taking Richardson and I’m not ashamed.

    • cha

      “he is dealing with a lot. So it doesn’t surprise me at all that he showed up and he was out of shape.”

      The spin is really a sight to behold.

      Some are saying “give the kid points just for showing up for his Pro Day…”

      Other are saying “he’s a top prospect and Pro Days don’t mean much…”

      I think my personal favorite though is “Look at what he did on the field! If he did THAT while out of shape, imagine what he’ll do when he gets professional training in the NFL!”

      • Hawktalker#1

        Some feedback I got today was, I can’t remember the last time I saw a NFL game played at the combine. People take what happens there too seriously – it really doesn’t mean much and it shouldn’t. LOL OUCH

        • Peter

          Minus every team like the seahawks that have specific parameters they look for in drafting people. Tef. 3 cone, etc, etc….

          Combine doesn’t matter. Tell that to every player who has seen their stock rise or fall due to testing.

          • MountainHawker

            I was called an idiot for stating that some teams will rule out players if they don’t meet certain parameters like arm length, 3cone etc etc.

            • TomLPDX

              Just smile and walk away. Don’t forget to write their name down in your book and then cross it out. 😉

    • DC1234

      Pete/John likes to select player that have overcome adversity, have grit. Carter couldnt even show up in shape on his pro day shows he lack mental strength to overcome adversity. How can he handle the inevitable roadbumps of the NFL?

      Bumpus IMO will not give up his take on Carter. He is just doubling down. He said ppl should be concern with young player’s mental health. Young players make mistakes.

      If I knew some media/fans accept drafting players with character issues, I’d wish they had drafting Joe Mixon and Tyreke Hill.

      • Hawktalker#1

        Even if the accident impacted him, how many “get out of jail free” cards are you really going to give one person. The list if concerns is just too long and there are zero valid justifications for all of them. Personally, as a GM I would never draft a guy that showed me he just didn’t “want it”.

      • AW

        Young people making mistakes is one thing. Looking at those mistakes and lack of motivation and turning around and making them the 5th pick in draft and giving them a contract of ~$35 million is ridiculous. No way this guy is going to decide to get into shape after already getting paid when he can’t do it to get paid.

    • Wilson502

      Not surprised Bump and Stacy have the most dumpster fire takes.

    • MountainHawker

      I keep seeing people making excuses for Carter and I don’t get it. He’s had 2 years to address conditioning. The closer he gets to the NFL the worse he’s gotten. If Georgia couldn’t motivate him, the NFL won’t motivate him either. If you have to make speculation based excuses for a player to explain away his red flags he’s definitely not a player you want at #5 overall.

  29. Joe

    If they don’t improve their run defense it will be a long season. I am not convinced they have the hog they need inside. Edge rushers are great, but without the ILB you have to stop the RB’S from getting to the second level! Getting a young QB in this draft would be a great move. Someone to learn from Geno so they can take over when his contract is up. This will be the last year for a top 10 draft pick for some time!

    • Hawktalker#1

      Not sure anyone is convinced of that yet. There’s a lot more of this staffing game to be played. Let’s see where we are when it’s over.

  30. Sea Mode


    Rick Stroud

    Bucs GM Jason Licht has no regrets borrowing $100 million from future years to pursue a SB with Tom Brady. “If I go back in time I would do it all again. We we we pushed we borrowed about $100 million against this year’s cap and future cap to do what we did.

    • Brett

      At least they didn’t trade 7(!) R1 picks and other mid-round picks in addition to putting themselves into cap hell to make it happen like the Rams. Granted, the Rams have done well drafting the mid to late rounds, however the past two drafts haven’t panned out well so far (I think).

  31. Rob Staton

    Absolute crickets on any reported interest in Bobby Wagner

    Speaks volumes

    Nobody is rushing to sign him

    Nobody is even being linked with him

    • Steve Nelsen

      I told a friend of mine in sales that Bobby is currently doing “cold calls.” Even teams with $ and a need like Detroit are quiet.

      I think Seattle could bring him back on a very team-friendly incentive-laden contract.

    • EdS

      Any more thoughts on Julian Love? Googled an ESPN article that said he’d cost $8-10M, Giants couldn’t afford him. Was team captain. For sure, it means we cut JA if Love is signed, but can we afford that kind of contract? Speaking as one ignorant of cap space calculations. Maybe a Cha question?

      • Rob Staton

        To be fair, I think PFF projected three-years for $32m for Evan Brown

        He might be a lot cheaper

      • cha

        They can afford him if they want. Just depends on how in on 2023 at the expense of 2024 they are comfortable with.

    • cha

      I think Wagner is going to get to the point where he gets a baseline amount anywhere he decides to go, so why he might just wait and see if something else opens up before deciding. Kind of like backup Geno Smith.

      He might get the same amount from the Seahawks as he does from another team. He can wait and see if someone offers him big incentives or he can wake up in his own bed during the week and drive the 7 minutes to VMAC every morning.

  32. CL

    [Garafolo] #Seahawks have agreed to terms with QB Drew Lock on a one-year deal worth $4 million base with incentives that can take it to $7.5 million, source says. Seattle brings both Geno Smith and Lock back for 2023.

    • Big Mike

      4 million if he’s not cut or traded after we draft Richardson 🙂

  33. Ulsterman

    Drew Lock back apparently

  34. Big Mike

    The biggest issue Carter has is the people that have been around him for the last about 6-7 years. It’s blatantly obvious he’s not been held accountable when he made mistakes because he was a star football player. The sense of entitlement that results from that kind of preferential treatment is tied to all the crap we’ve seen, especially being sheltered from the consequences of the vehicle accident. Imagine if he’d been held accountable after the first racing incident.

    I admire athletes that are put on the same type of pedestal and don’t end up like this. And actually, it’s really the vast majority that don’t let the “star treatment” affect them to the extent this guys (and others) have. And saying stupid shit like “he’s young” and “boys will be boys” is nothing more than further enabling of the lousy behavior, even if it is indirectly by some talk show host in Seattle. (good Lord Bumpus, you’re giving Cougar grads a bad name here)

    • TomLPDX

      Well said Mike.

    • Peter

      Nailed it Big Mike.

      You think Will Anderson or Bryce Young with that crazy ass program aren’t on pedestals as high as Mt. Rainier.

      How about Nolan Smith.

  35. Rob Staton

    I’ve updated the article with a small note on Drew Lock re-signing

    • DC1234

      Maybe Lock’s market was only tampa bay or seattle. Once they signed Baker, he signs with Seattle. I am still curious how he will do. Hope he gets to show it in the preseason.

  36. Neymar


    with the return of Lock, do you believe in any change in pick #5? Could Seattle still pick a QB or are the odds down?


    • Rob Staton

      Just added to the article:

      The Seahawks have also re-signed Drew Lock today on a one-year deal. Another excellent move. They needed a backup quarterback, regardless of their plans for the #5 pick. Lock knows the offense and has more physical talent than most backups.

      Again, it doesn’t preclude anything in round one. It’s a one-year contract. Let’s say the Seahawks draft Anthony Richardson. You want to redshirt him, not make him the backup where he’s a hit away from starting.

      This is a good move — securing the QB position for 2023 but leaving the options open for the future.

  37. Gaux Hawks

    Curious why Drew Lock would sign with us… feels like a high risk, low reward opportunity. Maybe Tampa Bay’s lack of interest is telling. Agree, good for Seahawks.

    • Rob Staton

      If there’s no starting job out there, might as well go back to where you’re happy

    • cha

      Why is that high risk for Lock?

      And maybe the rewards aren’t as low as you think.

      Maybe…and I’m spitballing here…Pete Carroll actually meant it last year when he said Geno and Lock were competing for the starting job. Geno’s contract opens it up to the possibility of that being the case again in 2023.

      • TomLPDX

        I actually thought Drew improved in the off season last year as he listened to the coaching staff. I think he is better than people believe. Now he is trying to believe in himself. Just my take. Good luck Drew.

    • Rich_ru33

      Yeah same I wonder why he would resign back. But I don’t really have faith in lock being good because he has struggled his whole career. If Seattle somehow drafts Richardson or stroud, then I’m making a bold prediction right now and that is that one of them would end up beating lock out for QB2.

      • BK26

        I think that’s a fairly easy given. I get why they resigned him but that amount gives me a little pain between my eyes. A lot of other options I’d have preferred.

  38. seaspunj

    Rob can you see Seahawks carry 3 QBs in regular season?

    1st round pick

    • Rob Staton


      Because the R1 pick will be a redshirt anyway

      You can’t be a redshirt and a backup QB because you’re one hit away from playing

      Not sure why anyone thinks the Lock signing changes anything because we’ve all been talking about redshirting the QB

      • Scot04

        Yet now it seems the new trend is all going towards this definitely takes QB at #5 off the table. Seems like the perfect scenario for any rookie QB to me.
        With John saying they’re still looking to bolter the D-line, it feels even more like Anderson or QB after today.

  39. Gaux Hawks

    High risk would be adding another year as backup to his resume, along with the additional risk of a R1P5 rookie jumping in front of you.

    I’d imagine that there were more options available with a clearer path to starting (Tampa Bay went with Baker… his own coach, ouch).

    My point is this feels like the « safe » choice by DL. I’m more inclined to be excited for a « swing for the fences » candidate. I was expecting a more « high risk, high reward » decision.

    But definitely a great hedge for Seattle.

    • cha

      You’re entitled to your opinion, but I think this IS a swing for the fences move for Lock. At least the best one he could find.

  40. 805Hawk

    At first I was worried the Lock signing could indicate they won’t take a QB at 5, but I think I agree with Rob, that it won’t affect it. I’m sure they are concerned about injury for Geno and don’t want to thrust a rookie into the fire in that circumstance. I do also wonder if they are anticipating a suspension for the DUI that is still lingering out there. It’s gotta be cleaned up one way or another by next season, right?!? That could mean Drew starting for multiple games.

  41. Bllitzy the Clown

    Dugar, Michael-Shawn @MikeDugar

    John Schneider on Evan Brown’s position: “He can play both (center and guard) but he’s really, truly a center.”

    4:12 PM · Mar 16, 2023

  42. Brett

    It’s very unlikely Seattle catches lightning in a bottle twice, but… Maybe Lock can have a similar story to Geno? If a team trades up to #3 for a QB and Seattle is left with Anderson, who’s a pretty great consolation prize, you’ve got 26yo Lock as the backup and can try to continue develop him. Maybe he gets some game action in 2023 or 2024 and shows some flashes, making them comfortable to move on from Geno and roll out Lock at age 28. Just spitballing because I’ve been pretty hyped about the offseason so far haha.

  43. Hawks Fan 0503

    John Schneider also mentioned on Wyman and Bob that they’re still looking to address the defensive line in free agency. “We’re working with a number of different guys right now, talking to a number of different players.”

    That is good news that we still might be in the running for Greg Gaines and/or A’Shawn Robinson. Who else do you think they would be targeting?

    • Rob Staton

      Excellent news

      Bring us another big fish

      • Peter

        I’d get a cap specialist and see about both.

        Get some depth going. A nice rotation.

      • Wilson502

        You think this signals even more strongly that provided Will Anderson goes at 3, QB will more than likely be the pick at 5, barring some draft day trade up by the hawks?

        • Rob Staton

          To me it doesn’t change anything

          What was true two hours ago is true now

          • Wilson502

            I suppose thats true. I just get the sense that JS is in charge of talent acquisition now, and seems to prefer to be addressing the D Line in FA rather than just relying on the draft and “draft for need”. I just hope AZ stays at 3 and takes Will Anderson so it forces us to take a QB. Will Anderson might be a good player, but he won’t impact the team like a long term answer at QB would.

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t think we should absolve JS of responsibility for the mistakes. Just like I’ve never liked giving credit to other people for the early drafting success.

              PCJS built a legendary team. The reset in 2018 didn’t work. Now, they’re having another go. They’ve made a good start.

              • Wilson502

                Im not absolving them of past mistakes either. But it came out in prior years that JS too often deferred to PC on decision making whether in the draft or FA. I suspect that “meeting” with Jodi Allen gave JS more control over operations of the team.

  44. samprassultanofswat

    Rob do you think the Seahawks have any interest in bringing back Poona Ford/Shelby Harris? Maybe on a minimal/team friendly deal.

    • Rob Staton

      Sure I think they are both options to return

  45. samprassultanofswat

    BTW: So far I think the steal of the draft has to go to Philadelphia. Rashad Penny! .3million wow!

    • geoff u

      And that’s just for playing 1/4th of the season, imagine what he’d get paid if he played a full one!

    • Romeo A57

      Rashard stealing $3M from the Eagles to sit in the Training Room is good for him.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Rashaad Perry. 1.3mil

    • DougM

      I hope he stays healthy. If he does and behind that OL he should have a helluva year.

  46. Roy Batty

    Well, it took all of 5 seconds for the “You can forget about Seattle picking a QB at #5 now” BS to start making the rounds on the various sites and streams.

    Why do people think signing a backup QB, when they only have one QB under contract, makes the signing of Lock a nail in the coffin for picking a QB?

    With that rational, they should also be saying, “You can forget about them drafting a DT, since they just grabbed two in FA.”

    It’s hedging, plain and simple.

    • Rob Staton

      People will twist things to suit their preferences

      What I find weird is how ‘QBOTF’ isn’t a preference for a whole bunch of fans

      • bmseattle

        Usually getting a potential QB, high in the draft is a wet dream for fans.
        I can’t understand the hesitancy, now that we are in position to get one.
        Especially after how everyone was clamoring for one last year!

        All I hear is what a “risk” it is.
        So…unless the equivalent of Burrow or Luck is in the draft, it’s too risky?
        I don’t get it.

        • Roy Batty

          I don’t know why I’m perplexed. Minutes after the announcement that Carter was getting probation, community service and a fine, Seahawk fans were all aboard the Carter hype train, once again.

          And that’s in addition to almost all of them giving the “he’s under so much pressure, no wonder he had a bad pro day”.

          FFS…playing in the NFL is a lot of pressure. The guy is who he is.

          • Wilson502

            The amount of fans that went back on the Jalen Carter D ride train after that announcement just goes to show how many clueless morons there are in the fanbase and media.

        • Wilson502

          Nothing to get……. Most of your average “fans” are clueless idiots. The cognitive dissonance is strong with them.

      • geoff u

        It’s not like it’s the most important position in football that can set you up for a decade of competing for a title.

        Thankfully Schneider/Carroll understand this.

      • cjjo

        QBOTF and QB for now are or should be always the #1 hope of fans and management as you are not advancing
        far in playoffs without. As to bmseattle and burrow/luck, that is my contention.
        I know Rob, you are hard on all of the top “4” are franchise QB’s.
        In history, this does not occur. Bluechip QB’s are far and few inbetween.
        I would have been hesitant on Mahomes and that was at 16?
        Richardson, Levis just dont show enough on records and tape to go top 5, IMHO.
        I kinda understand 5 is a “gift”, but not sure you go all in on potential.
        I trust in John, Pete and scouts.
        I bow to you and your extensive research, this is best site on net, by far.

        • Rob Staton

          I know Rob, you are hard on all of the top “4” are franchise QB’s.

          No, I am not.

          I am hard on all four being worthy of a high first round pick, with the potential to develop into a franchise quarterback.

          In history, this does not occur. Bluechip QB’s are far and few inbetween.

          It doesn’t happen often but not because the universe decides only a set number of QB’s can succeed each year. It happens because QB’s aren’t there, or are reached for. You have to judge every class on its own merits. If these four end up in good situations — and I actually think Carolina, Houston, Indy and Seattle would be — and will be if it’s Detroit and Atlanta — then they’ll succeed IMO.

          And in 2004 Eli, Rivers and Big Ben were all top-11 picks and succeeded. It’s about the players, the potential and where they land.

          Richardson, Levis just dont show enough on records and tape to go top 5, IMHO.

          “You have to be able to project where they’re going. You just can’t look at here’s A, B and C and that’s part of their game, you have to be able to say here’s A, B and C — what’s it going to look like at X, Y and Z? Where are they going to be? That’s the study, that’s the art, that’s the projection that’s involved.”

          John Schneider

        • Chris

          Top of the draft this year is bad. Any of those 4 QBs at #5 are fine this year. Other years, maybe not, but this year they are.

  47. Peter


    Thanks. Just watched the entirety of that “mop fillin”” video.

    So pro days and combines don’t matter….but…how about some practice footage to prove your point.

  48. BK26

    Or start developing him. Better late than never. I’ve been harsh on him but he shouldn’t be any part of a long term plan.

    • BK26

      Wow that was supposed to be a response about 10 comments up.

  49. ShowMeYourHawk

    Every Johnny YouTube and Sammy Twitter has determined that the return of Lock means “you can forget about Seattle going QB at #5. They’d never carry more than 2 QBs because you need the roster spot.”

    While not the same front office, this is the same franchise that only 15 years ago carried two KICKERS on the roster, but I presume many “diehard fans” didn’t hop on until about 2012, so perhaps that’s news to them.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks never had a need to carry three QB’s when they had Wilson

      What did these people expect? We’ve always talked about a redshirt season. You don’t make a redshirt QB your backup

      • Alec

        Well there was BJ Daniels, but the exception proves the rule.

    • Peter

      Johnny YouTube and Sammy twitter…..perfect.

  50. Trevor

    Hawks fans fail to grasp that the Hawks pick at 5 not 1st. Even if they want to draft a QB there is no guarentee he will be there at 5. They can’t just wait around after the draft and hope someone is avaible should they miss out on the QB they want.

    Bottom line if the QB they want is there at 5 they are taking him and a 1yr backup QB deal does nothing to change that as Rob has stated in the article.

  51. BK26

    Turns out that Seattle is going to draft Carter now to help him and reform him. Ol’ Grandpa Pete is here to save him….

    How is it that the tax deadline feels like tomorrow but the draft feels like 3 months away?

    • Peter

      Yep. Just do the combine and two weeks of pro days and wrap it up.

      Post combine til the draft has always been bad as a hawk fan with the late picks or the the interminable trades.

      But somehow this year has become worse.

  52. WestSide72

    Drew Lock is 14 months older than Hendon Hooker…I’m good

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      And, without needing a year to heal. Easy call to bring back Lock, though I’m surprised he didn’t have more of a market. Figured that TB or one of the teams that plans on taking a QB high would’ve signed him as a hedge.

      ….though, perhaps one did? 😈

  53. Hawkster

    I though the league was considering a rule change re 3rd QB, some sort of emergency roster spot?

  54. Ken

    Hey Rob,

    Thanks for all your work.

    Can we finally move off from Jamal “Made out of Glass” Adams? This guy can break something just walking down the street. We had a good player like that with the Vancouver Canucks, Sami Salo, good defender but was ALWAYS hurt. He hurt himself 1 year before training camp walking up a flight of stairs! Bite the expensive bullet on Adams and move on, part of being a professional player is being AVAILABLE. This is nothing about them as people, I like Penny and Adams but if they are not AVAILABLE, they are just taking up space and $$$, which could be better utilized.

    I really like the Drew Lock resigning, I understand everyone likes the “shiny new car” (Will Levis, AR, etc…) but not everything new is a good thing. I’m not a professional scout, far from that…. but when I look at Drew Lock’s college highlights, I would say the “arm talent” and the pro/con is on par with any of the “new shiny cars” available in the 2023 draft. I understand AR has through the roof testing which few will rival in the history of testing combine but I rather have a QB that can actually play the position.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s time to move on from Jamal Adams, yes

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Rob, sorry if this has been addressed here ad nauseam but given the amount of dead money that would weigh down the ‘Hawks if Adams was made a post-June 1 cut, how many current deals would have to be extended/restructured in order to offset the hit? I know that extending Nwosu and restructuring Lockett have been discussed as possibilities, as well as Harris, before he was released instead.

        Have you or Curtis broken this down? Thanks!

        • Rob Staton

          None at all

          They can easily eat the dead money this year and next

          And they have outs on Diggs, Dissly and Smith if they need to create any cap room next year

          Which they won’t if they nail this draft

        • Hawktalker#1

          Great question

          • ShowMeYourHawk

            Thanks, Curtis. So, it looks like about a $10 million hit this season to dump Adams post-June 1, which would net us nearly $9 million available, but only after June 1?

            I suppose that would open us up to additions via trade midseason but likely not much of value available in FA by then.

            • Rob Staton

              You can designate someone as a post-June 1st and you can use that money now

            • cha

              Right. Adams would be free to join another team but he stays on the roster (and cap) until June 2. That’s when the money becomes available.

              But the Seahawks can spend the cap they have now and just use the $8.44m as a fallback position, for their draft picks and other business.


            • Ben

              Just to be clear, the dead cap hit is going to hit the payroll regardless of if he’s cut. It’s not extra money that needs to be accounted for, it’s part of his salary already. The 8 mill we get is saved from his salary.

    • Jack Frost

      Best ability is avail-ability

      • Bballin

        Trade Noah fant if possible would be a good way to open up space. He’s pretty replaceable

        • Hawktalker#1

          And replace that TE loss with Washington. How great would that be?

  55. Old but Slow

    Risk. They are all risks. It is important to look at the risk face first. With Carter, it is staring at you. Even a “sure thing” like Anderson might turn out to be a tweener with no right position.

    So, when someone points out the risk of taking a Richardson, or whomever, it is best to ask if they have a riskless player in mind.

    • Rob Staton

      Jalen Carter of course

      Risk free

      Next Aaron Donald

    • 805Hawk

      See Aaron Curry. The “safest” pick in the draft that year. How did that turn out?

  56. Jabroni-DC

    I’m very excited about the players who will be available at #20. There are going to be a lot of cool dudes & now that most of our hedges are in place it’s just going to be fun.

  57. Rob Staton

    I never realised this…

    Kelee Ringo is originally from Tacoma

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Yet another reason not to draft him…. 🤪

      I keed, I keed…

      • Bballin

        He like most people couldn’t get out of Tacoma quick enough 😂

    • drrew76

      UW just missed out on Ringo and Bowers in consecutive recruiting classes — they were finalists for both.

      Worked out best for both players.

      • Bballin

        Probably got more money and won 2 national championships, I’d probably chose Georgia too

  58. Rob Staton

    Reminder… got a big interview for you tomorrow

    Stay tuned…

    • geoff u

      BIG, huh? Does their name start with a Jalen and end with a Carter?

      • Dingbatman

        John Schneider!!!

        • Geoff u

          Rob on the Schneider show would be pretty awesome…

    • Thomas


      • Rob Staton


    • Romeo A57

      Michael Bumpus?

    • Brett

      You hinted at Moro Ojomo a couple weeks ago didn’t you?

      • Sea Mode

        Already said it’s not a player

    • JN

      Chomp chomp Anthony Richardson please

  59. Silly Billy

    The little note JS mentioned at the end of his interview today was fascinating about the cap implications of draft picks. The answer is pretty obvious to stay put if you want a QB, but what if they go defense?

    Is the best Defensive player at #5, with a cap hit of $6.1mil, $2mil better than the guy at #10 with a cap hit of $4mil?

    • Ben

      That is a big reason to go with a QB at #5. It gives you the best chance at saving money I’m free agency. Geno is the highest paid Seahawk, if you nail a QB, you’re saving around 20+ mill the next few years.

      • Silly Billy

        Agreed. Seems like only option is QB @5, or trade back.

  60. Henry

    “The Seahawkz hav 2 QBs, they are def not draftin a QB at 5 and it’ll be Tyree Wilson!” is the most common refrain heard on Twitter. Then when asked about what Wilson does best the only thing ever said is his size. Dude is Shawn Oakman 2.0.

  61. Robert9

    Looking at the center situation. Maybe we can get Van Pran early in next years draft if needed.

  62. Bert Wershington

    I’m currently living in a fantasy world where the Seahawks draft both Darnell Washington and Tank Dell and they become best friends and find great success.

  63. Mr drucker in hooterville

    Rob, you think Schmitz /Wypler for center. What about Juice Scruggs as a Plan B? You interviewed him and he seemed Seahawky.

    • Rob Staton

      4.82 shuttle works against him

  64. samprassultanofswat

    The big interview tomorrow wouldn’t be Scot McCloughan or Bill Polian?

  65. Blitzy the Clown

    Aaron Wilson @AaronWilson_NFL

    #Seahawks Evan Brown one year, $2.25M, $1M signing bonus, salary $1.25M; $500 playtime incentive
    7:39 PM · Mar 16, 2023

    Pretty good deal

    • cha

      “$500 playtime incentive”

      Man that doesn’t even cover the orange slices and Capri Suns when it is Evan’s mom’s turn to provide the after game snack for the team.

      • Brett

        Seahawks: OK Evan, how does a $1M signing bonus and $1.25M salary sound?

        Evan’s agent: Good, but my client wants playtime incentives as well.

        S: We can probably make that work, how much are you thinking?

        EA: $500

        S: … Deal.

    • SwedenSeahawk

      Keep wondering, why they didn´t offer a 2 or 3 year deal if he was that cheap. If he indeed is a success and they want to resigned him, he will probably demand 4-7M per year after that.

      Why not offer a 2 year deal of $4M with like 2,3M guranteed?

      • SpennyDunks

        If the market wasn’t there, he probably wanted a 1-yr in a place he can reasonably expect to start to try and get a bigger contract next year. Now he is just competing with a rookie and/or Joey Hunt so theres a path to PT.

  66. Old but Slow

    Looking at the draft from last year and the smart signings this free agent period, there must be some awareness around the league, especially to agents, that this team is going places and will be an attractive landing place. Agents might encourage players to sign here because we are a team on the rise but with holes to be filled. Additionally, there is no income tax in this state, so a contract is a bit larger than in a taxed state.

    • JC3

      Dru Tranquill next?

    • Dave

      6’1” 235lbs, ran 4.43 40, 1.53 10 yard split, 40.5” vertical, 10’4” broad jump. Only reason I know his name is he blew up the combine in 2019. He could be amazing.

    • Sea Mode

      One-year deal

      Bob Condotta

      League source tells the Seattle Times the Seahawks on Thursday night came to terms with free agent linebacker Devin Bush: via @seattletimes

    • Mick

      I don’t have high hopes but why not give it a try. We definitely need more action at LB.

    • Dregur

      Devin Bush is an interesting case. He was pretty good his rookie year. Tore his ACL in 2020, came back and was really bad in 2021, and 2022 was better, but was still hesitate in his play, 22 months after his AC injury. It sounds like his tackling has gotten better, but his coverage skills have degraded, but he’s still only 24.

      I wonder if the Seahawks see something they can coach up in him and get back to where he was when he was 20, and it appears to be mostly mental at this stage.

      • SpennyDunks

        Look at RBs who hurt their ACL. Takes a while to recover explosiveness. Look at Dobbins this year. Really got it going in the last 4 games.

  67. PJ in Seattle

    Let’s all hush up. Let the Twitterverse go on about how the Seahawks have their QB room set and are seriously looking at Carter or Wilson at #5. Pump it wherever possible.

    I’m guessing GMs don’t buy it, but if anything gets the Raiders and Falcons to sit tight and hope a QB falls to them rather than trying to move up, better for us.

  68. DriveByPoster

    Good to see the ‘hawks taking an interest in Jammie Robinson. I think his tackling technique needs cleaning up a bit but he is a Johnny-on-the-spot kind of player, always in on the play, which is exactly what you want from a safety.

    • PJ in Seattle

      Not sure what they see in him. He’s no physical specimen and his testing at the combine was underwhelming. Haven’t seen much of his tape to be honest but it sounds like he may be one of those guys who is more than the sum of his parts by just loving football, playing with aggression, and having the heart of a lion.

      PFN’s scouting report on him is mostly positive though and they project him as a late Day 2 or early Day 3 pick.

      “As a versatile two-high safety with box and slot capabilities, Robinson holds appeal as a potential starting talent at the NFL level. His mix of athleticism and tenacity is conducive to strong coverage ability, and he’s terrific in run support as well. Without overarching elite traits, his ceiling isn’t astronomical. Nonetheless, Robinson can be a solid NFL starter and tone-setter who also provides early special-teams value.”

  69. samprassultanofswat

    The big question is will the Falcons/Raiders trade up with Arizon? To snag a QB. That is the big question.

    • PJ in Seattle

      It would have to be for an absolute haul. AZ would be giving up Will Anderson, who is the best defensive player in the draft and who just happens to be at a sposition of major need for them. Even if they think Tyree WIlson is a close second at Edge, they would be trading down far enough that they’d have to assume they’d have no shot at either.

  70. Scot04

    I’m really hoping to be surprised with a Julian Love signing followed by a Jamal Adams post June 1st release announcement.

    • SpennyDunks

      But isn’t he a FS? Or would you want to start Neal in this scenario and have Love take over for Diggs next year.

      • Scot04

        Actually he plays both safety positions & slot corner.

  71. samprassultanofswat

    Looking forward to listen what Kent McCloughan has to say about the QBs in this draft. Also what he thinks about Jalen Carter/Tyreek Wilson among other players. Already tired of listening to the talking heads on ESPN. Just listened to Joe Fann. Fann thinks the Hawks should take Jalen Carter at 5.

    • HOUSE

      I was just watching NFL net work and Jeremiah Trotter was talking about Jalen Carter. He said that plenty of teams were very high on Carter during the combine and he recently spoke to some of those execs again and they stated he’s going to drop. The big thing everybody is talking about is his lack of professionalism.

    • AC


    • Wilson502

      I normally respect Joe Fann, but hes so wrong with this dumpster fire take. Way too many in media and fanbase are still on the stupid Jalen Carter D ride train. Most overhyped defensive player ever

      • LetARichCook

        Isn’t he a shill for a betting app now? who cares what his take is

    • Rob Staton

      I barely ever guarantee anything

      It’s too dangerous

      But I GUARANTEE Seattle isn’t drafting Carter at #5

      • Wilson502

        I really hope so, really tired of seeing these dumpster fire takes from “fans” and the media regarding this overhyped prospect.

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