Seahawks sign Eddie Lacy

Interestingly the Seahawks are still meeting Jamaal Charles. If they were to sign Charles too, it’d create a ferocious competition in 2017. Considering how much Seattle struggled in the run game last season, that wouldn’t be a bad thing. Relying on Thomas Rawls and C.J. Prosise staying healthy would’ve been a gamble.

Lacy when healthy and in shape is a force. The type of runner that will commit defenders into the box and create better opportunities for Jimmy Graham and the other tight ends. It’ll help the play action game too.

The problem is, Lacy hasn’t been able to stay healthy or in shape. He missed most of last season with an ankle injury. This tweet from Bob McGinn suggests he’ll again need to lose significant weight over the summer:

This wasn’t going to be a problem for someone like Adrian Peterson. It’s possible Peterson was unwilling to sign a deal worth $5.5m ($3m guaranteed). Lacy is currently set to be the ninth highest paid running back in the NFL in 2017. It’s a modest contract and a minimal gamble with no long term commitment.

Lacy is also a better scheme fit — but don’t take my word for it:

With only Luke Joeckel added to the O-line, they needed a runner to get the hard yards. Lacy, in fairness, has excelled in that area:

Let’s see what he can do. It’s a minimal risk addition. If he gets in shape (admittedly a big ‘if’) and stays healthy, it could be an inspired signing.

What does this mean for the draft and running backs? It’s worth noting again that there aren’t many runners in this class that fit Seattle’s ‘type’. They’ve drafted players who weigh +220lbs and are really explosive, running in the late 4.4’s or 4.5’s.

It’s also quite an overrated bunch of running backs. Leonard Fournette will go in the top ten. There are two or three others who have a shot to be really good. Then there’s a lot of average runners.

The Seahawks had around $12m in available cap room after T.J. Lang opted to sign with the Lions. They still have some room to seek value or extend contracts (e.g. Kam Chancellor, Justin Britt).

We’ll see if they agree terms with Jamaal Charles. They’re also meeting with tight end Jared Cook today.

The second wave of free agency is oddly still quite expensive. The Chiefs just signed defensive tackle Bennie Logan on a one-year deal with $7.68M fully guaranteed. Value will be the key for Seattle if they add anyone else.


  1. cha

    The best signing at a decent rate. $5.5m with $3m guaranteed per Rapoport.

  2. Ed

    Nice. Was saying it last year.

    Still young
    Is a thumper
    Needs a little fire, which I think the Hawks will give him.

    • Volume12

      You’ve been calling this one for quite some time. Hat to you my man.

      • Volume12

        *hat tip

        • Ed

          Was definitely a hope, not prognostication. If I had that power, I would be a lot richer. ha

  3. Trevor

    First instinct is that 1 y $5 mil is pricey but he seems like the ideal big RB to go with Rawls and Posise. If he is in shape and motivated which he should be on a 1 yr deal this could be a nice signing.

  4. nichansen01

    Do we still have enough money to sign Cook? Or is he basically a lock for Minnesota to sign?

    • nichansen01

      I’d like more Vet tight end help.

      • Mr. Offseason

        I wouldn’t mind signing Cook. But I think it’s a good leverage move to try and get Luke Willson back here on a modest salary.

        Not hard to envision that Cook could be more productive than Willson, though. And that catch against Dallas in the playoffs last year SO CLUTCH!

        • Greg Haugsven

          Why not Willson the. I’d probably rather have him then Cook

          • LLLOGOSSS

            For the price? Maybe. For the player… I could give Cook a chance, seems like a better blocker and has that untapped potential that keeps earning him opportunities. There’s a reason Cook is taking visits right now and Willson isn’t, even though I do like Luke.

          • James

            Luke has made a lot of plays for Seattle, and he is a guy you root for. His best attribute is his speed. But how many of his big plays were because the play call freed up the TE, and how many were because of some special talent he brought to make the play? With Jimmy Graham of little use in the run game, the Seahawks need their other TEs to be above-average blockers. Vannett has not played enough to know what he will bring, so Cook seems like the better choice.

  5. McGruff

    Freaking brilliant. Wish it was a longer term deal, but like Joeckel if he busts out, we can find a way to get him long term.

  6. Spirite Seahawk

    So which is it? #Feastmode or #Obesemode

    • sdcoug

      Marshawn Lunch


        All winners so far, crackin me up…

    • Steve Nelsen

      I heard Beast a la Mode earlier.

      • Coleslaw

        LOL that should be the one! That’s hilarious

  7. McGruff

    Michael Robinson endorses Lacy, calling him the best fit for our offense.

    • Mr. Offseason

      I do trust Michael Robinson’s opinion. He has always been a brutally honest observer of the Hawks ever since he joined NFL Network. Like Mike Rob, I agree that Eddy Lacy fits this offense very well. The ceiling is through the roof and it would not surprise me if Lacy ended up taking over this backfield.

      He just needs to get in shape.

      • Volume12

        It was also interesting that he said this team runs through RW. Not the run game anymore.

        I’m not so sure he’s correct about that.

        • C-Dog

          I think that can be true With 2016. We will if that remains true for 2017.

        • Mr. Offseason

          Well, you can certainly see that Russ shouldered the burden of not having a run game last year. Until a RB steps up and steals the show, I think the team has to run through RW for the time being.

          But I have a hard time seeing us win a superbowl if our running game is not productive.

          • Volume12

            RW has to have a run game.

            • Rawls1234

              Or pass protection*

        • Trevor

          I hope not too Vol.

          With our OL we have to be a run first / defensive team and go back to Russ making big plays when needed and not turning the ball over.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Guy was averaging 5.1 yards per carry before he got hurt. Could be nice addition. It will be interesting to see his roster bonus

          • Hawks22Fun

            After hearing the Baldwin almost hour interview on Brock and Salk this AM, I feel what Mike Rob is saying is that Russell Wilson is now a leader…

            Doug pointed out when RW arrived he was quieter and just learning how to win the QB job…NOW he is a leader…

            So I feel Mike Rob is saying that this team is now RW, not that the ‘offense’ is predicated ONLY on RW now…

            Just a thought. GO HAWKS! Pound that ROCK!!

            Lacy!!!! WOOHOO!

            • C-Dog

              I think it’s pretty obviously Russ’s team now. That said, they are working build the run game back up around Russ, but to think this offense doesn’t go through Russ, I think you have to go back and look at what it’s been doing for the last two years.

        • DavidM2

          No team can ever have enough good running game.

  8. Trevor

    Rawls is a slasher, Prosise is a 3rd down recieving speed RB and now with Lacy they have the thumper Pete loves. Seems like the ideal 3 headed monster to me.

    I have a feeling Pete and Bevell get on the same page this off season and we get back to being a big time run team again. These games where the Time of Possession was extreme in favor of the opposition had to drive Pete nuts last year.

  9. Trevor

    Nice signing by JS now get Kam / Britt/ Jummy locked up and the scour the Vet minimum market for some OL / DL competition for camp.

  10. Sea Mode

    vrtkolman posted this in the earlier thread, thought it was relevant:


    Source said #Packers and #Vikings offered Lacy similar contracts. Chance to be in a run-first offense might have been deciding factor.

    9:38 AM – 14 Mar 2017

    • Hawks22Fun

      Makes sense. Why would Eddie Lacy not want a chance to be a Star?

      You know Aaron Rodgers will always throw all day, and the Vikings have Sam Bradford as QB…

      I hope Lacy breaks 1,000 and 8 TD’s… Rawls 600 and 4 TD’s…Prosise with 400 ad 12 TD’s/700 receiving yards… RW with 450 and 3 TD’s…

      Let’s RUN the BALL!

      • Rawls1234

        You need an o line for a run first offense.

  11. Nick

    I love the move.

    Also, I think this signals that RB is out of the conversation for this year’s draft. The more I think about it, the more WR makes sense in Rd 3 for Seattle.

    A guy who fits the bill? Amara Darboh. Big, physical WR who played in Harbaugh’s pro-style offense. Loves to block and has 4.46 speed. If he’s available near pick 100, I think it’d make a lot of sense.

    • Volume12

      No it doesn’t. RB could still very well be in play. This is a 1 year deal.

      • Nick

        Fair—your guess is as good as mine!

        • Volume12

          I agree with you in that they probably just add an UDFA or two at the position, but I wouldn’t rule anything out with this team.

          • Trevor

            I think there will be some decent talent in the udfa market after the draft. This is not a great RB class but it is really deep. I could see a guy like Joe Williams as an UDFA.

            • negative neil

              I don,t know about drafting a running back. They must like Pope, they tendered him, probably for the practice squad, and emergency help.

      • Mr. Offseason

        What if Leonard Fournette fell to 26? For me it would still be hard to pass.

        • juju

          if he fell to 26 it would be amazing because someone would want to trade up for him and drastically give us more value with a trade down.

          Imagine a team like Tampa bay in the middle of the draft wanting to come get him, they would give us a crazy haul it would probably have to be their 2nd 4th and a 3rd next year maybe more im just guessing , it would be a huge jump and I would take the value now in a heartbeat

      • negative neil

        I am not so sure about that. They must like Pope, they tendered him, probably for the practice squad and emergency help.

    • McGruff

      Love Darboh. Darboh, Noah Brown and Chris Godwin are my three favorite realastic options as potential Kearse upgrades.

      • Trevor

        For me it is Godwin and Tewan Taylor.

        I love Zay Jones as well and think he will be a great pro but I think he goes top 40.

        • Hawks22Fun

          I’d vote for Robert Davis. 4.44, 6’3″, 219, 33″arms, 9 5/8″hands, 41″Vertical, 136″ Broad, 19 Reps…

          He is an inch taller, longer arms, and a touch faster…

          But ANY of Davis, Godwin, Darboh, or Chesson I would be happy to have…

          Any scouting on Robert Davis guys??

          • CLB

            If we can get Robert Davis in UDFA or maybe round 7, I’m all for it. He drew comparisons to Julio Jones with similar size, speed and explosiveness.


            Also if we can get either Aaron Jones of UTEP or Christopher Carson of Ok. St. in UDFA or rd. 7, we can use all the talented, explosive RBs we can get. They may replace Pope, who looked great in the 2016 preseason, but was injured shortly after getting on the field later in the regular season. Or might be able to put one or more on the practice squad. Seems like no one is as durable as Marshawn, and we need a lot of RBs on speed dial/practice squad in case of injuries.

            • juju

              Yeah Davies is smaller school, but with NFL bloodlines and being the #1 sparq reciever you really think he goes undrafted?

  12. Sea Mode

    Worth re-posting this good stuff from Eric:

    CHawk Talker Eric says:
    March 14, 2017 at 9:41 am


    Eddie Lacy has averaged 2.15 yards after contact since entering the NFL — sixth-best. Can pick up yardage when blocking’s not perfect.

    This is a big reason why I think Lacy was SEA’s primary FA RB target, and why they didn’t let him leave without signing.

    Also why I think he could become Lynch lite.

    • Mr. Offseason

      Well, Rapoport said that Jamaal Charles was the Seahawks main target while Davis Hsu of Field Gulls said he had an inside source telling him Latavius Murray was.

      Davis if you’re reading this, you’re still my go-to guy.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Sometimes 2-3 yard runs are good. Gives you 2ND and 7 instead of 2nd and 10 or more.

      • Shadow

        And Gee Scott was saying on KIRO710 yesterday that his sources pegged AP as the guy the Seahawks were targeting. Kudos to Seattle for keeping everyone guessing!

  13. AndrewP

    Been mentioning this to friends, and I’ll repeat it here…

    The whole world is trumping how great this RB (Draft) class is, but it seems like the Hawks might be less than enamored. Rob points out the Hawks have a certain type they target, and there aren’t a lot of those types available. The fact they’ve signed Lacy and are still hosting Charles might just back that point up.

    Rob- Feel free to correct me if I’ve misinterpreted what you’ve said.

    • Volume12

      Remember. Most FA signings are in case you don’t get ‘your’ guy at that position. Your hedging.

    • Rob Staton

      Agree with everything you’ve said there. Not many ‘Seahawk’ types in this draft. And overall, I think it’s a very average class of runners. Fournette is a monster, there are 2-3 others who could be really good. Then it’s a whole heap of average.

      • Mr. Offseason

        How about Curtis Samuel? He seems like a Golden Tate clone. If we could get him in the third round, I might prefer that than adding Charles.

        • McGruff

          Samuel is one of my favorite players in the draft, but I susepct he’s a round 2 pick. Playmakers go early.

          • Mr. Offseason

            Maaaybe. I’ve heard an inkling from somewhere that RBs are slipping down boards in this draft. With so much talent out there on defense Samuel could slip into round 3. Can he slip down to the back end of it? Probably not. But we have shown a propensity to trade up in this area of the draft.

            Especially if we trade out of 26.

            • Sea Mode

              Possible, but with his 4.31 40yd, I doubt it.

              (P.S. I like Samuel too)

        • Rob Staton

          Samuel might go top-50. Lot of buzz around him and he ran well.

          • Misfit74


    • McGruff

      I think this draft has a few potential elite players, and a whole bunch of Robert Turbin types. Mid level, mediocre, big but not fast or agile, big but not powerful type runners.

      • Greg Haugsven

        If you haven’t you have to check out Devane Mays from Utah St. He was often injured but dude is 230 and will pound people. Late round or UDFA

  14. Matt

    If they sign Jamaal Charles after he visits tomorrow, I bet they’re planning to trade Rawls.

    They have no 4th or 5th in a class deep at RB. Rawls is a great player but has never played a full season of football in his life. They raved about Prosise. Rawls was a UDFA. Lacy + Charles + Prosise + Collins + rookie would be a great stable for 2017, and would set up Prosise + rookie + Collins for 2018 and going forward.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d be shocked if they traded Rawls. They love him, Pete loves him. I think this signing just takes the pressure off him to have an extreme workload.

      • sdcoug

        And he’s exceptionally cheap. Not sure why they’d entertain moving a potentially high-production / low-cost asset, especially with Lacy only signed to a one year deal (and with his notorious issues)

        • Volume12

          Rawls has issues too. PC mentions it every time.

          ‘He doesn’t need to try and get 1,000 yards on every carry.’ Meaning? Slow down. Not every run has to be highlight worthy. U ain’t Lynch.

          • Volume12

            That was C-Mikes problem too. His feet move quicker than what’s between his ears.

          • sdcoug

            Oh he surely has issues. But issues are much easier to roster when they come at a dirt cheap price

            • Volume12

              Very true.

              • juju

                would you trade rawls straight up for shon coleman?

      • Trevor

        Agree completely Rob I think the Hawks love Rawls but realize he is a 10-12 carry a game guy where he can come in an run hard. He is an ideal change of pace to Lacy IMO and that is why this signing could be perfect IIIIFFFFF Lacy can get in shape.

      • Matt

        They do love Rawls, but it doesn’t matter how good a player is if he isn’t on the field. If they value Rawls and Prosise ~ equally, and both have injury concerns, I’d bet on them sticking with the one with the higher pedigree and upside, and definitely not both.

        Rawls is a FA at the end of the year. If they think they can get someone approximately equal to him in the 3rd-5th round, Lacy/Charles on one year deals can bridge the gap to Prosise/rookie taking over, potentially freeing up another pick to add an edge rusher or another CB. I think it’d be a far better use of resources.

        Especially after listening to Pete’s comments today. They ain’t paying Lacy $5m to come in and compete, mantras be damned. You could see them getting frustrated with Rawls’ fragility last year.

        • Rob Staton

          Rawls is a restricted free agent, not a free agent. Can be kept on a cheapish tender.

          I don’t agree with this sentiment that they’re unhappy with Rawls. Pete defended him greatly when he spoke to Brock and Salk at the end of the season. This is an addition to what they have, not a replacement.

          • Matt

            I don’t think they’re unhappy with him at all. I’m not saying I think they cut him. I think he’d easily fetch a mid-round pick.

            I just think the opportunity to use a depressed FA RB market coupled with a strong RB draft class could push a tough decision where they have to decide whether they’d rather have him or the player they could get with the draft pick he’d return.

            I love Rawls and I’d hate to see him traded. But the NFL is a business, and an unproductive asset isn’t worth very much.

            • Matt

              To put it more tangibly:

              Lacy + Charles + Prosise + Collins + Samaje Perine + Akhello Witherspoon


              Lacy + Charles + Rawls + Prosise + Collins + no one

              Given the above type of possibility, the former is definitely preferable. Obviously there’s a multitude of possible iterations. But I’m not suggesting they just lose out on Rawls. I’m suggesting they turn him into a position of greater need (assuming they sign Charles and assuming they like an attainable RB in this draft as much or more than Rawls).

            • Rob Staton

              I don’t think there’s any reason to or any desire to trade him.

              • Matt

                With JLC’s bit today about the context of the Seahawks’ interest in Charles, I agree with you.

                Now, if Rawls gets hurt AGAIN this year, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s non-tendered after 2017, especially if they draft a RB.

    • Volume12


      This is not a good sign for Rawls. This particular signing.

    • Sea Mode

      Depth, competition, upside. No need to trade anyone.

      • Mr. Offseason

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Seattle kept 4 HBs on the roster. They have a good crop and cutting any of them would be painful. Especially if they end up signing Charles, which seems like a decent possibility.

        Can you imagine a backfield of Rawls, Lacy, Charles and Prosise. That is a squad right there! My only question is, if we sign Charles, where does that leave Prosise? Do they split up the third down role? Do they put Prosise in more of a Percy Harvin role, rotating between WR and RB?

        This is starting to sound like D-Bev’s wet dream.

        • Sea Mode

          I guess just split the workload so they can all stay healthy. Lacy and Rawls 50/50 on early downs and Prosise and Charles 50/50 on 3rd/passing downs.

          Or perhaps bringing in Charles at this point is just to establish contact in case we get a chance to bring him in later for the playoffs or in the future. Who knows.

        • BobbyK

          You can’t afford to have 4 HBs on one team that do nothing on special teams, imo.

          • Mr. Offseason

            Meh, I don’t mind it. Seahawks have consistently found all kinds of players that can do the dirty work on special teams.

    • McGruff

      Silliness IMO

    • nichansen01

      Trading Rawls makes abolsutely zero sense.

      • nichansen01

        Trading Kearse on the other hand…

        • Mr. Offseason

          Also makes zero sense because who would want him right now?

          Kearse is a Seahawk in 2017. Much much more likely he won’t be here in ’18.

        • Trevor

          I have been wanting Kearse gone more than any Seahawk fan I think but given his contract this is the one off season where it really does not make sense to cut him as we don’t save anything. Would love to see a young guy come in and win his spot during camp however. I will never understand why Russ always tries to force him the ball so much.

          • vrtkolman

            Russ makes his decisions based on the matchups. Kearse is always single covered thus why he’s targeted a lot. One of the big reasons the offense struggled in the red zone was because Graham and Baldwin were bracketed and Kearse couldn’t win those 1 on 1 matchups in the end zone.

          • sdcoug

            I’m willing to fight you for that title! If I had a cheeseburger for every time I’ve complained about kearse the last few years, i’d be bigger than Eddie lacy t

            • Trevor


        • Dale Roberts

          Kearse’s contribution as a blocking wide receiver is under appreciated. It seemed like the only times he got a target were late, desperation throws. Is that because he couldn’t get separation or is he just a fourth option on most plays? If the Hawks get back to their running identity Kearse becomes more valuable.

          • Reggie Regg

            Definitely a separation problem

    • Trevor

      I remember Petes USC days where he would just have a stable of 4-5 different types of RBs each year and role through them playing the hot guy. They always seemed like they had so much RB depth.

      I think last years lack of run game really pissed Pete off and he decided this year he would have a ton of depth and competition in that position. I love it.

      • Matt

        Trading Rawls and drafting a RB would leave them with Lacy + Charles + Prosise + Collins + rookie.

        One of the biggest issues with the run game last year was Rawls’ injuries and his streaky ineffectiveness when he came back.

        Rawls was a UDFA who happened to hit. They don’t have a lot invested in him, and there’s a few RBs in this class who they could see as essentially fungible in terms of talent, without the injury track record.

        • Kenny Sloth


          • Matt

            My original post and theory about them trading Rawls was all in the context of them possibly signing Charles.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Yes but when Rawls was healthy he had higher yards per carry than Marshawn Lynch. It’s worth carrying him another year and see if he can get over the injury bug.

    • Davidess

      So if I am reading your post correctly. you think the hawks could potentially get a 4th or 5th for Rawls? an oft injured RB who cant stay on the field?

      No way could we expect anyone to trade for Rawls because for one he is injured quite often and like you said, he cant stay on the field. Two this RB class is deep so anyone can pick up an injury prone RB in the 4th or 5th.

      • Matt

        He’s not so oft-injured he has no trade value. Right now, he doesn’t have the “injury-prone” label quite yet. One more injury-filled season will do that.

        The problem with him on the Seahawks is that Prosise could be verging in that direction, and rostering two backs who can’t be relied on to stay on the field consistently is problematic. It isn’t a concern yet, but it could be; and them adding Lacy and Charles and having a deep RB draft could provide an opportunity to prevent it from ever becoming a problem by recouping value for him while his value is high with other teams.

        • Davidess

          He has yet to play a full season, including college. He has some trade value but I wouldn’t anticipate a 4th or 5th. maybe a 7th MAYBE. He needs to show he can play a full season.

          Would be one thing if it was just his ankle but it was also his Fibula. 2 seasons 2 major injuries.

  15. Sean-O

    I like it! Hopefully he has a productive ’17 season. Then in ’18 we can either try to re-sign him or if he leaves hopefully get a decent comp. pick.

    It will be fascinating to see how the running game will be divided this up coming season.

  16. Volume12

    They really liked Lacey in 2013. So it makes sense.

    As others have noted, he’s a nice big, bruising back.

    Just keep the Chinese food away from him. Please.

    • BobbyK

      And anything else one can eat.

      • Volume12

        He loves Chinese food. All that salt intakeis not good for him.

        • Mr. Offseason

          Good thing the Chinese food sucks in Seattle. (Just don’t tell him about China Harbor in South Lake Union – oops I’ve said too much).

          • nichansen01

            Green Bay Chinese food better than Seattle Chinese food? Would be kind of funny.

        • BobbyK

          He loves apple orchards, too. lol

          • Mr. Offseason

            Just have him hang out with Doug Baldwin. He will not let Eddy get anywhere close to food that is delicious.

          • Volume12

            Is that a Washington state joke? Because that was cringe bro. Cringe worthy.

            • BobbyK


              • Volume12

                Nice. So glad I can joke with you and u don’t get all personal, I knew u wouldn’t, unlike that other site.

                • Del tre

                  This site is much more chill and willing to have dialogue about really anything. The content is great and the comments reflect that. Its amazing how excellent a culture Rob has created

  17. Blueshawk

    Now I will back off my belief the Hawks will take an RB in the first few rounds. The defense doesn’t work without a running game to control time of possession. The running game is the most critical aspect of this team..

    I wanted the Hawks to draft Lacy originally and he fell to them in the draft but they traded down and missed him by one pick and took Christine Michael instead..

    I hope they snag Charles as well!

    • Volume12

      IMO they always wanted Lacy.

      • Mr. Offseason

        So when they traded back in 2013, you think they were targeting Lacy and just settled for Michael? The way that Schneider described it after made it sound like that may have happened. “When you pass up on a great athlete like Christine, that’s when you start making mistakes,” or something to that effect.

        • Volume12


          • Blueshawk

            I always thought they wanted Lacy..

  18. BobbyK

    While Lacy isn’t a good blocker, he’s not bad like Rawls and Prosise. He’s our first RB who can also pass block a bit.

  19. Sea Mode


    Sources: A huge part to #Seahawks signing Eddie Lacy was him assuring team he would be in good shape. Now it’s on him to actually do it.

    10:37 AM – 14 Mar 2017

    • McGruff

      What shape is a good shape?

      • sdcoug

        As long as Round is still a shape, I’m in shape dang it

        • Volume12

          Is 268 pounds good shape? Good lord. They cut Alvin Bailey because he couldn’t get in shape and spent his off-season day drinking with his daddy.

          Lacy had better put in work.

          • Mr. Offseason

            Can you put incentives in a contract that require making weight?

          • Volume12

            Maybe with a couple pizzas he’d give us that veteran O-lineman they’ve been looking for?

            I’ll stop now.

          • sdcoug

            I often just wonder about some of these cats, whether it’s pot, weight, partying, whatever. If millions hinged on me just putting down the cheetos, it would be no issue. I can’t fathom how these guys don’t seem to appreciate the little sacrifices that could mean being financially sound forever

            • Ishmael

              I suspect, but have absolutely no proof, that a lot of these kids have never actually had to ‘grow up.’ From the time they were very young they’ve been looked after and coddled because of their athletic gifts. Once those patterns of behaviour are ingrained, it’s hard to change them.

              Probably one of the main reasons why Seattle are so interested in guys who have overcome adversity and hardship. They don’t need to have their hands held, and they know what the alternative to succeeding is.

              • sdcoug

                I think you’re absolutely correct. I’ve had this conversation many times. A lot of these guys don’t know anything different than having no (or few) consequences. When the actions of the world around you always show you you’re the man, you start believing it

                • Volume12

                  And that’s why the pysch profiles Seattle has are so important.

              • Darnell

                A good point, but the inverse also exists.

                Some people from poorer backgrounds (and if you read up on Lacy he comes from a tough background), grow up ‘food poor’. Essentially growing up in survival mode where you’ll eat all of anything available, anytime that there is food available. Nutritional knowledge, portion control and healthy eating habits probably weren’t part of the equation – throw in that he was raised in the south and it is even more understandable – everything fried, gravy as a condiment, sugar packed breakfast foods and drinks.

                Obviously at this point he has all the means and support necessary to be better, and it is ultimately about individual responsibility – and has been for close to the last 10 years of his life. But I don’t think his issues are a product of privilege.

                • Ishmael

                  That’s a really good point man, thanks for bringing it up. Always worth being careful about making assumptions.

                  • Darnell


                    Part of what makes this blog great. Solid intellectual give and take. I could be dead wrong though and perhaps he really just is a glutton haha.

                    But Eddie did live through Katrina as youngster, so there were probably times when he went hungry.

                  • Hawk Eye

                    I think both points are valid. Just depends on the person involved, but I do think he part of overcoming adversity is something that might overcome some of the issues with athletes who never have to be responsible for their actions. An experience that removes the thought that you are invincible can increase work ethic and a willingness to be part of a team

                  • PPast

                    If you need anecdotes about poverty and diet, read this:


                • Dingbatman


            • Volume12

              You think it would. As someone that’s a recovering addict myself? U gotta hit rock bottom. Its all very cliche but so true.

              Some of these guys come from money already.

              • Volume12

                Look at Zeke Elliott. That kid has a problem.

                • Ishmael

                  With drink?

                  Did you see Rembert Brown’s post-Super Bowl piece? Throwaway line about Zeke coming into a bar and ordering a quadruple Patron on the rocks…

                  • Kenny Sloth


              • sdcoug

                Not to be personal, but I’m glad you have this site, team and passion. I’ve had some issues and always found my surest way to improvement and positivity is having something to point myself toward. Keep taking those steps brotha.

                • sdcoug

                  And yeah, I sense that Elliott is a time-bomb

                • Volume12

                  Thank u. I’m 7 years clean on June 28th.

                  • Trevor

                    Congrats Vol! That is awesome! As a recovering addict myself that this best news I have gotten all week. Good for you.

                  • Group Captain Mandrake

                    Glad to hear it. I’m glad I don’t have any problems like that. It’s always scared me that I may not be strong enough to overcome it. Glad to hear that you are.

                  • mishima

                    Ha! Same: Got 7 years, February. Congrats, dog.

                  • C-Dog

                    It will be seven years for me in October. Go Hawks.

                  • Coleslaw

                    Congrats man, addictions a crazy thing, glad you could make it out.

          • McGruff

            I’ve seen pictures. Two things . . . first, Lacy isn’t 267. That’s a flase leak. He actually looks pretty good. Second, I’m betting Lacey oplayed at 240-245 last season and he looked really good doing it.

            • Volume12

              I’m betting he didn’t. It goes back to Mebane being listed at 315 lbs. Yeah right. Or Lynch at 218.

              We see it at the combine every year. What these guys are listed at and what their play weight is? Night and day.

            • Sea Mode

              He is also coming off ankle surgery and was unable to run for the last 4 1/2 months. He did his best stay in shape in the pool vs. a water current, but it’s not the same.

              Source: Adam Schefter show, Eddie Lacy & Landon Collins: 2/28/17

            • Trevor

              He seems like the type of body type who can loose or gain 20lbs in a couple of weeks anyways. He will be motivated on a 1 yr deal IMO. He also knows the Hawks love to run the rock and saw how well the Hawks treated Marshawn. Have to think he feels this is a huge opportunity for himself. I certainly think it is.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        If Lacy is any indication, the answer is “pear.”

  20. bankhawk

    Ive heard it said that when a hammer is the only tool in your tool box, all problems begin to look like nails. Well, we already had a ball peen hammer for metal working (Rawls) and a tack hammer for doing fine custom upholstery work (Procise). But there are a lot of 16 penny nails sticking up out there. Now we got us a good ol 16 ounce framing hammer, too!

    • sdcoug

      The analogy really hammers home your point

    • McGruff

      Nailed it.

    • Sea Mode

      Hit the nail on the head.

    • Mr. Offseason

      Thank you for the metaphor, Ron Swanson.

      • JamesP

        🙂 This genuinely made me laugh!

  21. Sea Mode

    I know this is gonna get lost in the Lacy hype, so I’ll probably re-post again later, but I can’t wait…

    Discount Obi Melifonwu?

    Obi Melifonwu.: 6037, 224, 4.40 40yd, 1.51 10yd, 44 vert, 11’9″ broad
    Yamen Sanders: 6—4, 215, 4.56 40yd, 1.60 10yd, 42 vert, 10’4″ broad, 4.44 SS, 7.35 3C, 24 bench

    Here’s the vert (and ripped physique):

    • Sea Mode

      Check out these two plays, #9 coming down from SS:

    • Sea Mode

      Cool interviewer:

      • Mr. Offseason

        I just feel like, with how deep the DBs are, we should just trade down at 26 regardless of Melifonwu being there or not. We can just take our pick at the top of the second round and should feel like we got a good prospect regardless.

        • Del tre

          Yeah i like a trade down more and more when i consider that the orginization is looking for the successors to the LOB and i see that it’s possible to get Tedrick Thompson to back up earl and sit behing him

          • Del tre

            And Witherspoon and possibly king as well, depending on the trade down, being mentored by Sherman i think that creates a situation where Obi becomes less enticing in the first

    • Ishmael

      Nice find. It does highlight how freakish Melifonwu is though, that even a monster like that is smaller, slower, and less explosive.

      Could well be worth a late round look.

      • nichansen01

        Emphasis on discount…

        • Sea Mode

          Hey, shopping at the bargain store can pay off if you get the right guy…

          Yamen Sanders: 6040, 215, 4.56 40yd, 1.60 10yd, 42 vert, 10’4″ broad, 4.44 SS, 7.35 3C, 24 bench
          Kam Chancellor: 6032, 231, 4.59 40yd, 1.61 10yd, 32 vert, 9’8″ broad, 4.41 SS, 7.36 3C, 22 bench

          Not saying he will be the 2nd coming of Kam, but don’t dink him for not being an early round pick or the freak Obi is.

          • McGruff

            Player C . . . 6026, 211, 4.46 40yd, 1.59 10yd, 34.5 vert, 10′ broad, 4.24 SS, 7.03 3C, 15 Bench.

            Tyvis Powell, FS, Ohio State 2016

            • Sea Mode

              Right, it has to be the right guy. Powell was a notoriously poor tackler. Opposing coaches admitted they would run right at him. Watch this guy’s highlights vs. the run.

          • Trevor

            Wow that is a scary close comp to Kam from an athletic standpoint.

            How is his tape? I have not even heard of him to you hi-lighted him.

            • Sea Mode

              Fast and physical. First into the fray. Plays up in the box a lot. Looks like someone you could work with.

              I only have those junior highlights I posted above though.

    • Sea Mode

      That’ll work…

    • Sea Mode

      Ok, he’s got a story too. And the title of this article nails the nickname already: “Cerebral Steel”

      “The thing what kind of separates Yamen is how mature he is,” [DC] Semore said. “He’s a grown adult, the way he handles himself and prepares. He knows what he wants out of life and that really impressed me the first couple conversations we had.

      That’s exactly the combination of physical and mental tools that Montana loves in Sanders. Where Semore admired Sanders’ maturity as a player, safeties coach Shann Schillinger narrowed his analysis even further to pinpoint the player’s leadership.

      Communication in the defensive backfield runs through Sanders, Schillinger explained.

      “I think his best trait is his ability to get everyone else lined up and get our defense on the same page,” said Schillinger, a former standout Griz safety who played four seasons in the NFL. “There’s a lot more to that than everyone might realize.”

      • Hawks22Fun

        Looks like a “Seahawky” player to me…Good Find!

        Would he be there in R6-7???

        • STTBM

          Really cool to see my hometown college team getting at least one player serious press on here every year! Griz have had up and down seasons for years now, but Sanders is really an interesting prospect. A little slow for his size, like you’d expect for a guy playing a step down from the upper echelon of college ball…

          He’ll probably be available as a late rounder or UDFA, IMO. Be fun to see him get a shot in Seattle.

          Go Griz!

  22. Sea Mode

    DT Grover Stewart was the main attraction at Albany State Pro Day, per Pauline:

    “The final talley of teams who showed up at Albany State was 24, not a complete league ensamble but an impressive number none the less. Stewart measured 6045/334 pounds and completed 30 reps on the bench, much fewer then expected, but he did well in the runs. His forty was clocked under 5.1s (5.06s), he ran the short shuttle in 4.76 second and timed 7.65 seconds in the three cone. His broad measured 8-foot-10 and he touched 26 inches in the vertical jump, albeit against a wall. I’m told he looked real good in drills. The Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals had coaches on hand.”

    • Volume12

      All 32 teams were there. This is the guy Seattle sent scouts to see when they scouted Albany St during the season.

      • Trevor

        He sounds like a beast and definitely a guy to monitor as they seem to be looking for a late round wide bodied DT.

      • Jujus

        He who shall not be named…. Thinks that he should go a round higher then Brandon Williams went to the ravens – which would be round 3.

        • Jujus

          Some scouts had him at 4.8 in the 40.

          • Trevor

            Really if that is actually the case that is crazy for a guy at 345 lbs

  23. Sea Mode


    Carroll to @ClaytonESPN on Lacy: “I like that we’re bringing in a big, trough guy that’s gonna send a message the way he plays the game.”

    11:39 AM – 14 Mar 2017

  24. Sea Mode


    Carroll has already mentioned Rawls a few times. Calls it a one-two punch with Lacy and Rawls.

    11:41 AM – 14 Mar 2017

    Asked about Lacy’s previous weight issues, Carroll says: “There will be a real concerted effort to make sure he’s at his best.”

    11:42 AM – 14 Mar 2017

  25. Hawkfaninmt

    Interesting case study if anyone wants to dig into the past a bit…

    Didn’t Big Mike Williams practically eat himself out of the league before PC got him in the program? I wonder if there are any parallels there that we could look to for a sign that the Hawks food and nutrition program can help turn weight issues around?

    • STTBM

      And BMW still had some weight issues after his one good season here. But yeah, Seattle has a top flight nutrition system for the players that want to utilize it..

  26. GoHawks5151

    Love the Lacy signing. Power, YAC, zone runner is just what was needed. Also a pretty underrated pass catcher and screen runner. Incentives on weight were a must at this point, and leaving the “frozen tundra” he no longer needs as much insulation. Also seems resign able if he really takes off.

    Seattle wont trade Rawls but the team has expressed more than once in public that they are aware and almost afraid of his reckless style of running. Even Marshawn made comment during the game he showed up. I really think he can’t/won’t be the starter past 3 more years on injuries alone. This was a hedge for sure and a very necessary one.

  27. Elliott atk

    I think the real plan for Lacy this year is to convert him into a right tackle.

    • Ed

      Probably what Cable is hoping. He’s got good feet, so maybe he can make he the LT. ha ha

      • SgtPeppy


        • Greg Haugsven

          Funny as hell. He’s not far off from 267. Just keep mowin them taters and he’ll get there.

    • nichansen01

      Haha! He’s too short though. Maybe center.


      I’ve heard he has a wrestling background.


        And is a former basketball player.

        Checking all the boxes…

  28. Nick

    Hmmmmm. A hint?

    Bob Condotta: Carroll notes “very few players” in the draft ready to start.

    • Nick

      Was in reference to OL. Nevermind.

  29. SgtPeppy

    I’m going on a diet in solidarity with Eddie Lacy

    • Jujus

      if you are serious I can help guide you in a great direction that has cured my food addiction.

      • southpaw360

        I’d love to hear it. I’m being serious too.

      • Yimba

        I mean this is random but I could use the help in losing some pounds lol.

      • Beastmode24

        Same here 😀

      • HawkTalker #1

        Ok me too . . .

        • jujus

          I have been doing this Way of eating for 2 years now with my wife. both of us are in the best shape of our lives. I previously have been 300+ lbs at 6′ and today was 213 around 15% bodyfat.

          For me sugar is more addictive and craving causing then any other substance I have ever ingested. This way of eating can reverse type 2 diabetes, control seizures frommultiple neurological disorders amongst a litany of other benefits. People you may know that eat this way Cliff Avril, Lebron James, Joe Rogan (talks about it alot on podcasts)

          It can be hard but not having to eat normal diet food makes it simple for me. When I can have bacon eggs steak hamburger meat (homemade pizza) and a host of other foods that are satisfying and delicious its well worth the sacrifice.

          Below is a link to the FAq/wiki that explains The “diet” in detail.

          If you have any questions let me know.

  30. Sea Mode

    News of Eddie Lacy’s arrival in Seattle reaches the local Krispy Kreme store #Seahawks

    • 75franks


  31. Sea Mode

    Pete Carroll 0n 710 ESPN


    Carroll said 235 is not reasonable. Lacy’s target weight will be in 240s. Emphasizes that Lacy has future $$ at stake with 1-year deal.

    Seahawks will make “concerted effort” to make sure Lacy stays in shape. “I want him big.”

    on T.J. Lang: “We thought we had him.” Said team isn’t done with OL, but not many starters available.

  32. McGruff

    My favorite nugget from Pete on lacy . . . Laughed at him playing at 235. Says there is no weigh. Figures his best weight will be in the 240’s somewhere, but its not about wweight, its about being healthy and fit. Wants him big.

    Translation. Weight is not something the Seahawks are concerned about. They aren’t interested in changing Lacy.

  33. House

    I am curious to see what you all think of this signing and what it could mean for Prosise. He was a WR-RB convert and I could potentially see him being used more as a WR (the opposite of what GB did with Montgomery this year).

    I believe a Lacy-Rawls backfield brings a tougher dimension to the running game. Could Prosise make a shift to WR? We are down T-Lock and Kearse stunk it up last season. Not advocating cutting Kearse so Prosise can become a WR, but what do y’all think?

    • McGruff

      If anything Pete and John have talked up CJ has having full time RB upside.

      • House

        That’s true. It just makes me wonder how we fit all 3 in the backfield. He would potentially get used very little and maybe his role is carved out like Tevin Coleman’s role in ATL last year.

        I personally like the Lacy signing and as long as his weight is in check, we can get some more smash mouth running to relieve pressure

        • LLLOGOSSS

          3rd-down back with opportunities to rotate in, ad also likely some special plays/formations with trickery in mind. He should see the field often enough, and will be split out from under center often to confuse the defense.

    • mishima

      Think Rawls/Lacy will get the bulk of the carries, but Prosise will see more snaps (3rd down, split wide, etc.). Fun problem to have.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Could even see some w back sets with Prosise and Lacy/Rawls. The defense won’t know what to do.

        • Greg Haugsven

          2 back

        • mishima

          That’s what I mean: Should see Prosise on the field with Lacy/Rawls in 2-back sets, in motion, split wide, etc. and as lone back on 3rd downs. He is too dynamic/versatile to not see the field, get touches.

        • LLLOGOSSS

          I hope they bring back Reece. Imagine an I-formation with him and Prosise, that turns into an empty-set, 5-wide. Now that’s tough to scheme against.

          • CHawk Talker Eric

            Or a wishbone with Reece, Lacy and Prosise. With Jimmy Graham and (late last season’s) PRich split wide. That would be a helluva triple option. Especially with RW running it.

  34. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Pete Carroll mentioned that they are not done yet in FA.. according to the 1130 interview with John Clayton on 710 ESPN in Seattle. Just wait, there is more!

  35. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I keep thinking Lacy could play more of a FB type of roll in the offense. Lead block for Rawls sometimes… as well as being able to catch the ball on the perimeter….. scheme flexibility. This would make the offense more dynamic and the ability to mismatch… like a certain Patriots team from 3-4 years ago.

  36. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Last one, Green Bay / Lacy was drafted 1 spot in-front of Seattle/Micheal in the 2nd round 2013 draft, could he have been the true RB target for Seattle in the 2013 draft? *scratches scruffy chin*

    • House

      We did trade down and missed out on Lacy. I do believe Michael was the target because of the workout numbers. Getting Lacy now makes things better.

      Kind of crazy Michael goes to GB when Lacy gets hurt and now we have Lacy. Lol

  37. Sea Mode


    Carroll confirms that Luke Joeckel is an option for Seattle at LT or LG. “We’ll see how that works.”

    11:47 AM – 14 Mar 2017

    • House

      Interesting. I previously had him pegged at RT with Pete gushing about Fant (LT).

      • DLep

        Yeah which is confusing/frustrating to me. I happen to think Fant has actual upside and sitting him now after playing a good majority of the year is taking a step back. But if Joeckel was paid 7m to play left guard, huh? Why wouldn’t you just up your offer to Lang to get a player with solid pedigree?

        • LLLOGOSSS

          Good question. Only makes sense if he can play tackle…

          • LLLOGOSSS

            Maybe they will consider a Fant at RT? I heard his run blocking was far better than pass-pro last year.

            • Reggie Regg

              Maybe they planned on upgrading both guard spots with joeckel and lang…. move ifedi out to Rt and let fant continue to grow!

      • McGruff

        This makes me dislike it even more . . . It joeckel could push Gilliam out of the starting lineup, then its worth it. But as it stands now, Gilliam is still our starting RT, and that’s not acceptabel IMO.

        • House

          It makes sense to me that Joeckel starts at RT. I know his salary puts him in the Top 3 @ RT. Swapping Fant to RT could potentially be an option to keep him starting.

          I saw Lang as a CLEAR upgrade over Glowinski. I don’t know if Joeckel is. The only other thing I can think of is Odhiambo pushes to start. Pete and John mentioned keeping the interior core together and Ifedi at RG. If Odhiambo is pushing to start, was the Joeckel signing necessary? They’ve also mentioned they aren’t done with the OL yet…

    • C-Dog

      My hunch is that they might like him at LG, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see some more position changes ups with the final shake up being Fant, Joeckel, Britt, Glowinski, Ifedi.

      • STTBM

        They might still be looking for a RT or another G. And as C-Dog pointed out, they may very well be willing to move darn near everyone around. We could possibly see Ifedi at RT, where I think he should be, and see a new G come to town.

        • HI Hawk

          Most likely Carroll is just responding with what he knows of the situation, could be right and could be completely incorrect. Look, he said the team wasn’t going to go big at FA offensive linemen. That was incorrect. The line is Tom Cable’s domain, I don’t think Pete Carroll has a lot to do with where the offensive linemen play. He said Gilliam was going to be at LT last year and he ended up at RT. So, don’t take his comments on a guy that has never practiced in Seattle too seriously.

  38. 12thManderson

    I know along with myself, a couple of people on this blog have been advocating how Lacy will heavily intrigue The Seahawks F.O. Well since I live in MN and have seen the heavy majority of all of Lacys snaps, being I have alot of Packer friends, I could enlighten a bit on Lacy’s career.

    I’m not going to really touch on his OROY Rookie Season due to that playing weight, peak physical shape is just purely unattainable. I’d also argue that in the last 2-3 years he’s never been under 245lbs.

    At his best he was running behind a Green Bay folk hero in John Kuhn and he’s extremely

    • Sea Mode




      I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight, bro!

      P.S. Funny how the subconscious was at work in your first paragraph: “heavily intrigue”… “heavy majority”… “en-lighten a bit”… 😉

      • 12thManderson

        Haha!! Well when I’m listening to Pete on the John Clayton Show, speaking about how he likes them Big and Physical, all the while referencing Lendale and Reggie in The SC Days when speaking about the Lacy signing. My subconscious was all but consuming itself.

        Sidenote, today was a good day on 710, Baldwin for an hr on Brock&Salk, then Mike B and Pete on with Clayton and Gee Scott👍👌

    • 12thManderson

      Whoops accidentally hit Submit Comment.

      Like I was saying he’s extremely potent when he gets that body moving from The I, especially with a Fullback. His pass catching has really just consisted of mostly screen plays, and mini wheel routes in the flats, which allowed Rodgers to get the ball out of his hands quickly. We’re not a very successful HB Screen team but I also think we were robbed of seeing Prosise running screens due to his injuries. The thing about Lacys screens and why they were moderately successful was because he’s a Large Human, which made teams assume his only in to block if he wasn’t immediately given the ball.

      Eddie will more likely than not be solely that 3rd & short, goal line back, Possibly some FB action, not necessarily as a lead blocker but that 2nd receiver out of the backfield. But I assume he’ll get alot of 3rd Qtr play to wear down the opposition only to incorporate our speed in the 4th qtr. He’s fun to watch, and alot of my Packer buddies are upset over him leaving because when he’s on, FeastMode Will Eat Your Heart Out especially late in games.

  39. Nick

    Do you think if Njoku is there at 26 SEA goes for him?

    • House

      Rob wrote a great piece about him awhile back. I think this is a good/athletic TE class and we potentially have much bigger needs to fill @ #26.

    • Dale Roberts

      Gerald Everett is a guy I find really interesting. Check out his combine numbers and you’ll see he is uber athletic. He’s also know as a dominating blocker. He’ll probably last until one of our third round picks.

      • Greg Haugsven

        CB and LB for me in first 2.

        • AlaskaHawk

          or safety, cornerback and then linebacker in the third round. With three picks in the third it could be very interesting. Assuming defense in first two picks, they could go LB/secondary, offensive line and wide receiver in the third. That would complete the initial round of replenishing defense, and give them a backup on offense, and hopefully a good wide receiver to work with.

  40. Dale Roberts

    My three favorite players for this draft are Kevin King, Obi Melifonwu, and TJ Watt. All three will be gone before the 26th pick of the second round. In all of the scenarios I’ve run most of the names we’ve discussed are gone by our second pick. Willis and Bowser should be there but it might be a little early to take Bowser. Rasul Douglas is the most prominent CB left on the board and Marcus Williams the best remaining safety. Who do you guys see as a second round pick? Spoiler: I think it’s pie in the sky for Sidney Jones to last that long.

    • Darnell

      I do love the thought of sliding back a bit for Watt, Takk, or Jarrad Davis, and then in turn, use that ammo to jump back up in round 2 if one of Obi, Budda, Conley, King, Q Wilson, Tankersley or J Evans is still hanging around.

      I would do it that way as I feel the OLB cliff is more pronounced than the DB cliff is.

      Play it similarly to Ifedi/Reed last year

      • Hawks22Fun

        I want R1 #26 to be one of these: King, Watt, or Obi…

        This draft is SO loaded up top that who is available at #26 is a big toss up this year!

        Does Mike Williams drop for no 40 time?
        Does the 3 OLineman go early?
        With SO many DB’s, which team takes what type??
        Do other teams use Seattle’s ‘criteria’ and take our CB’s???

        I keep hoping that the offensive weapons go first round…
        If Fournette, Cook, McCaffery, Njoku, OJHoward, Ross, Etc., go early, it pushes choices down to us…

        Round 2 is super hard to know what will be available… Can’t Wait!!!

      • Dale Roberts

        I’m not sure if we have the ammunition to move up in the second round without giving up a future pick. I suspect we’d need to move into the first half of the second round. Since we don’t have a fourth(to NE) or fifth (forfeit) round pick it will be tough. Our 58th overall pick is worth 320 points, 90th overall is 140 points, number 102 overall is 92 points, and 106 overall is worth 82 points. The 1st pick in the second round (Cleveland) is worth 580 points while the 10th pick in the second round (New Orleans) is worth 480 points. So if we use just this years picks we’d have to trade our second round pick and at least our two compensatory third rounders just to get into the top ten picks in the second round. While I would make that trade the Seahawks seem to go for quantity in their drafts.

  41. Misfit74

    Carroll said he expects him to be big. Like what Le’Veon Bell did in getting in peak shape and gaining more quickness, I think anything closer to 230 seems ideal. It will help him stay healthy, too. My guess is 245 is what he will play at after weighing 267 at at least one of his job interviews (free agent visits).

    I heard one scout yesterday say Lacy has the best balance of any back he had scouted. He’s got a lot of good things going for him, and I’m excited to see him punish defenders. He’s a fairly good pass catcher, too, having caught 101 career passes to his 788 rushing attempts.




    • McGruff

      Carroll laughed at 235. No way Lacy gets down to 235 or 230 . . . last time he was 230 was middle school.

      The target seems to be in the 240’s . . . but they seem less concerned with pure weight than they are bwith body composition.

    • Dawgma

      267? Ah, I get it now. Get him in the program bulking and Tom Cable will make a Pro Bowl guard out of him for well below market rate!

      • Volume12

        Former OROY of the year too.

    • Logan Lynch

      Just for fun, a comparison of the same categories above using Marion Barber’s first 4 seasons. Take into account he played in 9 more games than Lacy, but Barber only started 3 games in his first 3 seasons due to splitting time with former SEA great (kidding) Julius Jones.

      Marion Barber
      First 4 Seasons:

      715 – 3,052 – 4.3 – 36

      137 – 1,010 – 7.4 – 6

      As we can see, the numbers are somewhat comparable. Lacy has more rushes and a higher yard per carry/reception. Barber had more receptions and TDs. Both were 22 years old in their first season. Barber had one more good year in his 5th season with 240 total touches for 1,153 total yards and 7 total TDs. He played 2 more seasons after this, but they were pretty unproductive. His body seemed to break down from the punishing running style. This is my worry with Lacy as he has already had a number of injuries including concussion problems a few years ago (2 diagnosed and reported) in addition to the ankle injury last season. I hope I’m wrong and he has a resurgence for SEA.

  42. pran

    Lacy, Rawls, Prosise, Collins, Pope, Magee

    Charles inline

    FB Reece is gone unless signs for vet minimum

    Pope looks to be a practice squad candidate. Collins have a lot to prove and at risk should they sign charles.

  43. pran

    Lacy was at 231 at combine..240s seems reasonable like pete says

    • Greg Haugsven

      Earl Campbel…5’11” 245. That’s a little stretch but Lacy’s thighs look like Campbell’s and when Lacy is right I see a little bit in him.

  44. Jujus

    Completely Spitballing but is there any chance a trade of Kearse + Collins to the browns for Shon Coleman would be feasible. Really want that guy on our team.

    • Hawktalker

      I would love that!!!

      • Hawks22Fun

        If it got the “Kearsed one” off our team, YES!

        • Darnell

          I get that it is a play on the word ‘cursed’, but I’m not sure it applies to a WR who has a handful of the biggest and most clutch catches in franchise history (4th down TD NFCCG vs SF, multiple broken tackle TD in the SB vs Broncos, long catch and run TD in playoffs at home vs Car, final drive agianst Pats in the SB, game winner NFCCG game vs Packers).

          No doubt dude is a mediocre WR, but he is Robert Horry in the clutch.

          • sdcoug

            Sorry but the GB comeback was largely necessary only because Kearse let TWO on-the-money slants clank off his hands for Ints. The SB against NE?…the one where his big catch literally fell into his lap as he was laying on the ground…he dropped a deep ball down the sidelines late in the game that hit him in the hands and likely would have iced the game. No thanks.

          • Del tre

            I mean that’s great and it’s something Cleveland needs, we have ADB, Jimmy G, Paul Richardson, Tyler Lockett and Tanner McEvoy. All those clutch catches worked against Kearse this season as Kearse tends to be Wilson’s ‘chuck it up and pray’ read so teams paid him more attention. If we can get some kind of value on the O-line by trading him I’d be very in favor of it. I would rather have Wilson trying to get catches to Jimmy Graham, or if everyone is covered the 6’6 guy who is probably matched up on a 6 foot tall corner than Kearse, he’s just so average. So to your point maybe he doesn’t deserve the monicker the Kearsed one but he wouldn’t be a bad guy to trade for a developmental prospect and a late pick. I’d even take that trade for Coleman straight up, a good way to avoid using draft picks to get a position of need.

          • Hawks22Fun

            I know the ‘word play’ of cursed seems strong, but 1 of 14 in the Red Zone seems cursed to me!

            Plus, the name is connected to someone I knew a while back…

            Words, vibrations, names… they have some effect…CraZy

    • Trevor

      Don’t know why the Browns would do it but I would absolutely love that deal!!!!!

  45. Jason

    Hawks are bringing in S Bradley McDougald. Based on stats last year it could be a decent pick up.

    • Volume12

      He flashed a few times in this years game when we faced them.

      • Jason

        I do like my football players extra flashy.

  46. NathanM

    West Georgia pro-day report from Tony Pauline:

    The program’s top prospect, defensive end/outside linebacker Dylan Donahue, performed well.
    He measured 6026/248 pounds, completed 31 reps on the bench press (5 more than his combine number) and timed 4.16s in the short shuttle despite a slip (timed 4.46s at the combine).
    Donahue, who projects as a solid last day pick, looked solid in position drills and met one on one with the Seattle Seahawks.

    That shuttle time jives with Rob’s recent point about quickness in LBs. Sleeper?

    • Volume12


      The other dude they met with Alex Armah? He seems about as close to a lock as you can get. They love to convert guys over to FB.

      • Volume12

        Donahue is a long shot. 30″ arms. Might be an UDFA.

  47. Volume12

    With Carroll stating Joeckel figures in at LT or LG and him mentioning they thought they had TJ Lang, anyone else getting the feeling they’re trying to replace the left side of their line?

    • Kenny Sloth


      Not Clayton, surely?

      • Volume12


        • Volume12

          I believe they still like Fant and are banking on him starting there, but Joeckel will push those 2 on the left, provide depth, and give them an insurance policy.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Has he ever played on the Right to your knowledge??

            Not that that is wholly important

            • Volume12

              Who? Joeckel?

              • Kenny Sloth

                Yes, I don’t think he has.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Where did he say that? I haven’t seen it.

          Someone on here was saying Clayton said Pete said that, but they were wrong. That was purely an educated guess on Clayton’s part

          • Volume12

            He just said that during his interview on 710.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Thanks, man.

              It feels like a double edged sword, Joeckles either expensive depth or our young guys don’t beat him out :/

              • Volume12


                Although relative to what those other OTs got this year, Joeckel’s ain’t bad. Gives us depth at 3 spots if not a new starter at RT.

                BTW, Carroll wants to keep Lacy and Joeckel going forward.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Not saying it won’t be proved true, but I’ve yet to see a quote about where Joeckle plays. That came from Cable or Carroll

            • Kenny Sloth

              Lol Seamode just shared the tweet above hah

          • Steve Nelsen

            Pete said it on ESPN earlier. “He has the profile of a left tackle. He played left guard last year and that versatility made him extremely valuable to us. We see him coming in at LT or LG.”

            I had wondered about Joeckel at RT but that does not even seem to be on the radar. He is there to push both Fant and Glowinski and probably replace one of them. I am wondering now if Fant or Glowinski is a possibility at RT.

            • HI Hawk

              I would take a wait and see approach, Pete doesn’t get very hands-on with offensive line. Last year at this time he said Gilliam was sliding over to LT, and we know that didn’t happen.

  48. Kenny Sloth

    The fat shaming of Eddie Lacy right now xD

    • Volume12

      Too bad we didn’t live in Seattle. Could set up shop with a food truck specializing in Chinese food.

      • Kenny Sloth

        We would make 3 million, guaranteed!

    • Jujus

      Kenny – Fat shaming saves lives. Anyone telling you otherwise is enabling someone with a mental illness akin to depression.

      • Kenny Sloth

        I can respect your point of view, but #leteddieeat is too good

      • HI Hawk

        The ease with which people pick on overweight people is absurd. It’s hateful at worst and mean spirited at best. Did you know the second part of fat people is the word people? Feeling bad about yourself isn’t generally a good way to go about dealing with depression. Honestly, why is it ok to tease fat people? I really don’t understand why it’s widely accepted, while other sensitive issues that people deal with are off limits. Just stop hating in general, why is it so hard to do that?

  49. Volume12

    VMAC visitor alert!

    Richmond S David Jones- 6’1, 205 lbs.

    4.43-4.45 40, 4.3 SS, 34″ vert, 10’9″ broad jump, 12 reps on the BP

    • Volume12

      Earlier in the year this guy was considered a 3rd-4th round prospect. Seattle likes them VA boys.

      • Volume12

        Wonder if they see him as a CB.

  50. Misfit74

    However unlikely, Dane Brugler has us getting Bolles at 26. Looking over the rest of the mock, it’s certainly plausible. That’d be suh-weeet. Cook to TB, McCaffrey to PHI, and Corey Davis & M. Williams both going early.

    Biggest confusion I have is about just how valuable some of these DLs are. Also the CBs after the top 3 or so.

    NDT scouting has my man Corey Davis as a top 5 overall player. #2 IIRC. Love it. And that’s without testing numbers.

    • Rob Staton

      A lot of people are mistakenly underrating Bolles.

      I hate to say it — but it’s as plausible as Sheldon Rankins falling to #26 a year ago (something else that was mocked frequently).

      • Misfit74

        I agree completely. Only two negatives on Bolles that teams will weigh are his age, which has cost players in the past more than a few draft slots, and some say his lack of strength (which seems a reach/nitpicking). He is the top OT and maybe the top OG, too. Can’t see him making it out of top 10~15.

        I loved Rankins last year, and he only fell a few spots due to injury. That guy is a beast.

  51. swisshawk

    Could the comment of pete, that joeckel will compete on the left side mean that they are open to move ifedi outside if necessary? (joeckel LG, glow RG)

    • swisshawk

      I don’t believe it, but I don’t get it that they want to improve the left side with joeckel (they praised fant and joeckel would be something like the 4th highest paid guard, and he is surely no osemele/zeitler/…)

      • AlaskaHawk

        Joeckel is a left tackle. If he is healthy than Fant will have to move o another position.

  52. Rob Staton

    Just watched a press conference at the combine with Jarrad Davis.

    He’s going in the top-20.

    Teams are going to love his tape — and they’ll love him as a person even more.

    • Volume12

      He’s a tone setter man. When is Florida’s pro day?

      • Rob Staton

        March 28th.

        Someone is going to take Davis early. Big time. Possibly Baltimore. Ultimate character guy, team player, productive tape, athlete, prototype size. Home run pick.

        • House

          Jarrad Davis was a guy I liked after Reddick for our #26 pick. As all these guys continue to climb, I think someone may fall into our lap that we previously was out of reach.

          • Rob Staton

            There will be a great option at #26 for sure.

    • Forty20

      I popped on some of his tape last night and really enjoyed it. He can tidy up his approach when he is attacking a runner laterally but by god when he gets his hands on someone he will go to every effort to bury them into the ground. Absolutely a tone setter in defence. Looked like he had some ability in coverage as well. If he is there at #26 you would have to think he is on the short list for the Seahawks.

      Shame he missed out on testing at the Combine – I would have loved to have seen his 10-yard split. In some of games he had ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ closing speed blitzing up the middle and tracking QBs that had escaped the pocket.

  53. Volume12

    Not in any order and it’ll depend on Marcell Reece at least this scenario, and I’m expecting Seattle to either trade back at some point at least once or use a pick next year to get another this year, but…


    Priority UDFAS: WR, K, DE/EDGE

    • BobbyK

      Part of the reason they traded a future pick last year is because they knew they were getting comp. picks this year and could afford to trade one. Schneider even admitted that (they wouldn’t have made the Jefferson deal if they weren’t sure they’d have that pick(s) covered). There will be no comp. picks next year. I think they will be more careful trading future picks in this scenario.

      • Overtime

        The Seahawks may receive a 6th round comp pick next year for losing Steve Hauschka who signed a contract for $4.13APY.

        • Seahawcrates

          I’m pretty sure that signing is cancelled out by Joekel and Lacy.

    • DC

      Ideally those 3 DBs are going to claim one starting spot this year and be ready to assume another next year.

    • jujus

      IMO we need minimum 2 DT one run stuffer and 1 3T

  54. vrtkolman

    Arizona lost a lot of good young players and replaced them with old has beens. They signed Antoine Bethea to replace Swearinger and they are trying to get the band back together with Karlos Dansby and possibly Boldin. They just signed Jarvis Jones… ouch. I’m convinced they went all in last year and it’s going to be rough seas for a while.

    • DC

      Our division is the weakest in the NFC. Looking for a 5-1 record or better this year vs the NFC West.

      • Dingbatman

        You’ve seen us play the Rams, right?????

        • DC

          Jeff Fisher is gone. The curse should be over.

          • Greg Haugsven

            We need the rest of the West to turn into the AFC East. I think the Bills, Dolphins, and Jets have been the Patriots MVP during there run

  55. Totem_Hawk

    I wonder what $$$ differnce will ultimately be between what Jared Cook and Luke Willson sign for? Personally, id prefer Willson bk on a team friendly deal. TE market seems pretty reasonable for teams…

  56. Benny Bee Jr.

    Rob, I am curious if you have heard of free agent Ty Nsekhe. He’s a back up offensive tackle. He had to take over for Washington’s All Pro tackle (Trent Williams?) I think that’s his name. What I’m getting to is that he looked great in relief. In my opinion he might be an affordable free agency pick up for The Hawks. The man is a giant! 6-8 335 Lbs. but still fairly agile. The downside is that he is 31. I still think he would be a quick one or two year fix and most likely inexpensive. What are your thoughts? Also do you think it’s likely that Pete and John would actually be thinking about signing J. Charles even after the Lacy signing? If they did that I wonder if they might possibly be thinking of trying to trade Alex Collins for a mid to late round draft pick? Is there anyone else on our roster that Seattle may trade away either for player or draft picks?? Last but not least…I really like running back J. Connors of Pitt. What round do you think he will be drafted. He looks like a Seahawk RB. Hes quick,strong and has pretty decent moves for a bigger built back.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve heard of him not seen him. He’s a RFA. I think he’s probably a little overrated based on one positive quote by Scot McGloughan. They’d have to trade for him.

  57. House

    We re-signed Neiko Thorpe today. That is CB depth and a ST standout.

    • Del tre

      I thought he looked good in relief last season, wouldn’t be surprised to see him improve with more time in the scheme, our CB depth could be insane after the draft this year.

      • Volume12

        Good re-sign. Great gunner and we know how important that is to this team.

    • Ishmael


      He’s a guy I’m irrationally high on. Reckon he fights his way into more playing time this season. He’s an absolutely stud gunner, would have to be close to the best in the league.

  58. LeoSharp

    Rob I just thought. Pete said he wanted a big physical athletic RB who could do all the things they wanted and you thought it was maybe in reference to Leonard Fournette who is currently at 240lbs. Quite possible they were talking about Eddie Lacy all along?

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt it — but they probably see an opportunity to get a similar sized guy.

  59. JimQ

    From pro day at Alabama State, OT-Jylan Ware, Measured 6074 and 316 pounds, his marks included 40 times which ranged from 4.93s to 4.95s and a short shuttle at 4.7s as well as a 29-inch vertical jump and 9-foot-5 broad jump. No bench #’s, —-but using avg. bench #’s, isn’t he a TEF guy? Obviously an UDFA type, but maybe he could work out as a garbage man type for Mr. Cable to develop?

  60. Coleslaw

    We talked a while ago (When focusing on Fournette) about getting a tone setter at RB. Lacy can be just that. He doesn’t need to get 1000 yards, he doesn’t need to get 5 YPC. He Just needs to consistently get at least 3 yards on first down and pass block. The more bruising he can be while doing this the better. But as long as he’s giving us 2nd and 7 and keeping Russ clean, this signing is a huge win

    • Coleslaw

      Also I think Lacy is a lock to start. Just cause he’s a better pass blocker, we could start every game however we wanted to.

  61. Hughz

    I know it’s been said but we might have to come to a realization that Cam Robinson could be our first pick. I thought Joeckl was heading to RT but Pete said he’ll be a LT or LG. That leaves us with Gilliam at RT…yikes

    • Rob Staton

      If Joeckel starts at LT, there’s every chance Fant moves to RT.

      And they can always look at Moton or another in the draft. Maybe even a Bisnowaty type in R3. Someone they like with the length and toughness.

      This doesn’t have to be a R1 pick. I struggle with the idea of Seattle drafting an OT who goes against their physical ideal in R1 when there are so many fantastic, freaky defensive players available. I’ll be shocked if they take Cam Robinson at #26.

      It’s also possible, of course, Ifedi ends up at right tackle (rightly or wrongly) and they plug in a guard like Asiata or Siragusa.

      • Hughz

        Good points Rob. I’d like to see fant beat out joeckel then joeckel replaces glow then glow replaces ifedi and ifedi kicks out to RT.

        • Rob Staton

          If they don’t add/acquire another O-liner before the draft I suspect we’ll see one of those first five picks go on an O-liner. And there will be some options for them. Bit more on that in a piece I’m writing for tomorrow.

          • Pran

            Remember they spent R3 on Reese last year.. unless they draft well it’s just like pouring water in a leaky bucket!

            If Reese is bad then they may go early in draft otherwise it’s a late round flier for OL. I guess they will get another vet and a late pick

      • STTBM

        Excellent points Rob. I agree. Really weird all the attention Seattle is showing Robinson, and all the buzz around him to Seattle. Cant understand it myself…

    • Overtime

      Let’s hope Gilliam and Fant improve because I don’t think we should expect much help in the draft. They probably will not use an early pick on an OL. Looking at prior years, consider that Ifedi was the 7th linemen selected in 2016 and he struggled. Britt, went in the third round and needed three years to figure it out. Glowinski and Odhiambo sat for a year. Some of the linemen in the 2017 draft might turn out okay but I would bet they all need at least a year before they contribute much. These guys are all overvalued due to the lack of OL talent available.

  62. dumbquestions

    I like the Lacy signing. The risk/reward ratio feels OK. He’s young.

    So the plan (as if we didn’t know) is situational RB by a committee of role players, and the necessity of hoping that sharing the ball reduces injury risk. Clearly, Alex Collins will be fighting for a job.

    Jamaal Charles is a fascinating piece, but only at a low price. The bet is that he can still flash in space. I am sentimentally attached to that idea, because when he’s good, he’s so good.

    His last two injuries are a minus, but the resultant lack of pounding is a plus. He would become the best receiving RB in the group instantly, no?

  63. Old but Slow

    At first, I was puzzled by the Lacy signing, but it brings me back to my original perception, that this team is meant to be running dominant. Beyond quick backs, we need a banger to change the tempo. To be effective as a running attack, you must make gains on first down. The game becomes difficult if you are constantly trying to make second and 8, or third and 6.

    In addition, when you have third and one, with a first down or TD in reach, it is nice to have a good short yardage back to get the job done.

  64. Old but Slow

    The backfield is suddenly getting crowded. QB, no problem, could use some competition for the backup. FB, need a good lead blocker, which we have, but a challenge could happen.

    Running back. The dude who hauls the rock when the QB isn’t tossing it. The Lynch era featured a dominant, physical back who scared defenses. Shaun Alexander used athleticism and finesse to dominate. So, what kind of back is best for this team?

    The boss says we need big. Of course, we know Pete, he likes to throw a little smoke into the atmosphere, but with Rawls, Procise, et al, we have some excitement, but it is interesting to throw in some punch.

    But, as I said, it is getting crowded. It is not as though we can keep 8 running backs. Probably 3 running backs and a fullback. Maybe one more if he can double as a wide out (Procise?).

    • Peanut

      Lacy and Rawls are more truckers, and Prosise is a piece. Can run very well, but like the backs of Atlanta this season, it gives RW another potential Reciever. Lacy and Prosise can line up in the backfield at the same time, making the defense wonder if it will be a hard run play or a throw to Prosise ( or ofcourse any reciever) With all the injuries last season, there needs to be more solid backup. And Lacy´s contract is just one year, maybe its a year where Rawls will develop more as a runner, behind a total wreckingball?

      I like Collins, but it´s becoming a “nice” problem to have. Few teams have 3-4 running backs that can take a workload.

      • House

        Prosise was a WR in college. He converted to RB due to team injuries. I think he’s a moving puzzle piece. I personally wonder if he could move to WR and we can move on from a dismal Kearse. He’s gonna have a bounce back or bounce out year…

        Keeping 4 RBs isn’t unheard of. Lacy, Rawls, Prosise and Collins. Maybe a FB or one of our TEs lines up as lead blocker

      • Misfit74

        Lacy has 101 career receptions, and by all accounts is a competent receiver, so it won’t be ‘automatically’ flying to Prosise with Lacy in there at the same time like it would Rawls, who so far has offered very little in the way of receiving ability.

        I like that Lacy and his huge body can get in the way of incoming pass rushers

  65. Steele

    Lacy is a wait and see proposition, at worst a meh. Lots of question marks.

    Lynch was much more than a big body. He was a big body with moves and quickness, and speed, in his prime. Lacy is a far cry in all categories by comparison. And he is overweight and injury prone.

    Not a good offseason for RBs.

    Would rather have Adrian P in the short term.

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