Free agency podcast

This week Kenny and I talk about the additions of Eddie Lacy and Luke Joeckel, the state of the NFC West and some draft topics.

For further reaction to the signing of Lacy, click here.


  1. Kenny Sloth

    HAH i just listened to the seahawkers podcast again!

  2. Ty the Guy


    As far as we know, the majority of the Hawks invitees this FA period have been on the offense. Earl Mitchell came in early on , but signed elsewhere.

    I see this as the management knowing two things:
    1) DTs will have their price tag lowered as FA progresses
    2) There are serviceable DTs in the draft

    I’m convinced, more than ever, that we will draft heavily for defense. Not a bad draft for this at all. The addition of Lacy removes the need to take a RB. Joekel makes it less urgent to draft OL. (admittedly arguable.)

    That being said, I see these players as realistic targets in RD 1:

    Forrest Lamp
    Zach Cunningham
    Marlon Humphrey
    Tre’Davious White
    Kevin King
    Obi Melfinowu
    Jarrod Davis
    Caleb Brantley
    David Njoku
    Cam Robinson
    Teez Tabor
    Quincy Wilson

    Those are in no particular order, but if these guys are all available….who’s the pick?

    For my money, I’d take one of the CBs. Talent galore. Humphrey, King, Tabor, or White.

    • Volume12

      Obi, Humphrey, King, Davis. In that order.

      • Ty the Guy

        I like Obi. Everyone sees him as a replacement for Kam after next year, possibly. I want a 1st rounder to make an impact this year. If we can get a #2 CB, I feel he will have way more impact year one than Obi.

        • DC

          No reason that a 2nd or 3rd round CB can’t win that #2 job if we take something else with the first pick. Deeeeep CB class.

        • Redhawk87

          Honestly, I think he’s not only SS backup, will be constantly featured in big nickel sets. More likely than not if drafted in the 1st, he’d see around Lane’s share of snaps, and Lane would move back to corner opposite Sherman, while serving as backup safety. His freaky combination of size, speed, and explosive athleticism would allow him to serve in a variety of roles.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Watt’s also getting 1st round love. What do you think of him as an option at 26?

      • C-Dog

        I think he’s an option, for sure.

      • BobbyK

        Absolutely. Of all these guys we like, I can’t imagine a scenario where all of Watt, King, and Obi are gone. And if they are gone, then something crazy might be happening like a player I think has no chance to be available, like Humphrey or Davis, may actually be there for us. I’ve never had the Seahawks pick so late in the first round and yet confident they are going to be getting a good/great player like this.

        Of Watt, King, and Obi… I think Watt is the safest pick, yet I also think he has the upside of a guy like Obi, too. The only negative I can see with Watt is that he has an average rookie year (which is still a lot better than Marsh doing nothing on third downs), as he develops an arsenal of pass rush moves. One area I see Obi being better than Watt is impact made as a rookie. King fits the biggest hole on the roster. Good dilemmas to have at #26.

        • Ground_Hawk

          Well said, Bobby. The Seahawks appear to be in a great position, and I’m hoping that if King, Obi, and Watt are available that Seattle stays put at 26, and picks one of them. I don’t think any of those three will last long into the 2nd round.

    • C-Dog

      King might be tops for me, but I’d jump for joy over Obi and Davis.

    • Sea Mode

      Way too many IMO if we are talking Hawks. For me:


      • Ty the Guy

        Thought this might be an interesting exercise. With the depth of this class, we will be faced with a difficult decision. The thought may be to trade down as per usual and try to snag 2 players.

        Like throwing a dart at a board as big as the Hawks Nest, should be hard to miss on our 1st pick this year.

    • lil'stink

      Trade back with #26 to Cincy for their 2nd and 3rd. Use our first pick on Evans or Bowser.

      • BobbyK

        Cincy rarely ever trades back.

        • BobbyK

          Or up – for that matter.

    • D-OZ

      Obi,Awuzi,Watt,King,Cunningham for me. The more tape I watch of Awuzi the more I like him. He is very versatile and has a nose for the ball. always in the mix.

  3. Volume12

    This is an interesting stat that Bob Condotta pointed out. Sure didn’t feel like it, but then again our defense won us 4-5 games that year if not a couple more.

    ‘Seattle last year averaged the same yards per play as they did the year they won the SB despite all the injuries.’

    • Ty the Guy


      How did our 3rd down conversion and # of 3-and-outs compare?

      • Coleslaw

        Just an estimate but I’d say # of 3 and outs are down from the past, last year really seemed like we put together a lot more solid drives. Before I feel like we’d slump the whole game then come in after halftime or the 3rd quarter and go on a huge run, almost routinely.

        • Ty the Guy

          I respectfully disagree. I feel like our defense never got a rest.

          • nichansen01

            I mean, our defense has great games against Miami, Carolina, LA (both times), Arizona, Detroit, Tampa (besides the first two drives) New England, San Francisco at the clink, Phili…

      • Volume12

        IDK, but 2015 when RW went on that tear late in the season we were converting 3rd downs at an insane rate. Last year just felt too inconsistent.

        There were maybe 3 gamers where everything clicked and flowed on all 3 levels.

      • JakeB

        If Lacy could help this team convert a few more 3rd/4th and 1’s and be a goal line back I think he could really help the whole equation

        • BobbyK

          But even when we had Lynch, our OL was so terrible run blocking that we were usually splitting wide and throwing it on 3rd and 2.

          We can pat ourselves on the back for having ranked so high these years run blocking but, fact is, this team, for supposedly being a running team, does not strap it up very often on a 3rd and 1 or 2 and try to beat teams straight up to gain a yard or two. The OL is too terrible for that and has been since ’05.

    • Dlep

      I wonder what the splits were pre and post earl injury

    • C-Dog

      That might lend towards the argument for building up the defense again with this draft, and maybe a couple veteran additions.

    • Sea Mode

      Yeah, same average, but how many less plays?

      • Hawk Eye

        average per play vs how many plays?
        Pretty sure 2013 d has better stats and passes the eye test
        mainly, who was afraid of 2016 D vs 2013 D?

  4. JakeB

    Dane Brugler with some official DL/LB 10-yd splits

    • Rob Staton

      That’s good for Bowser and Watt.

      • JakeB

        I was definitely one of the people that didn’t want to believe TJ Watt was much of anything leading into this offseason. I think he has pretty much vaporized me and anyone else that was on that hill at this point.

  5. Ground_Hawk

    I agree with your take on Lang, Rob. He decided to play for his home town team, a team who also gave him a better offer than Seattle. That an opportunity, for Lang! The ship has sailed, so I’ll wish him safe travels. I doubt PC/JS are worrying too much about it. Next man up!

  6. DC

    Hopefully Lang & Lacy leaving GB weakens them a bit. It seems clear by their TE acquisitions of Bennett & Kendricks that they are adding strength to attack an area we have been weak in. That is why I believe Obi would be our first pick as a potential TE eraser.

    • Redhawk87

      Great point. Lots of big, athletic wide receivers being featured (Jones, Evans for example) as well as talented tight ends; we need to be able to have someone who can both keep step-for-step as well as physically be able to dominate (or prevent oneself from being dominated) in contested balls. Both Obi and King have the height, but Obi has the physicality that I think will truly set him apart. He will require coaching on his instincts, but if here he would learn from three of the top 10 DBs in the league, all of whom have great ball instincts – Kam, Earl, and Richard.

      I honestly was hoping to trade back with our 1st, like with the Browns in order to pick up a pair of 4th, but now I think if we wait that long, we’ll miss him. I would not be shocked if he did not fall past the Steelers. I think the extent of trading we could hope for is with Green Bay, to trade back 3 spots and pick up their 4th and swap our 6th for their late 5th. (Though, dunno why Green Bay would want to move up).

      Of course, PCJS could consider him desirable, but not too different from other top prospects. They might be more that willing to take that gamble on someone taking him if they have several equivalently rated prospects. In such a case, the Browns would be the most likely to accept and want a trade. Assuming they don’t trade away a 1st, they would be able to end day 1 with 3 picks, all within the top 26. For a rebuilding franchise, that really would set the tone to get fans in their stadium. There would be many different options that could appeal in such a scenario.

      Some examples of equivalent trades via the NFL trade value chart (an estimating tool, though poor one at that)-
      1. We give up 26, and gain 33, 108, and 139. Gets us trading power to get back into late 1st should we desire it.
      2. We give up 26 and 58, gain 33, 51, and 108. 2nd round pick lands just outside of top 50.
      3. No net gain, only swap. 26 for 33, 90 for 65. Moves our native 3rd up considerably, but provides no further picks.

      Wow… that went long. My fault for writing while procrastinating on sleep.

      • D-OZ

        Look for a trade-back in the 2nd round.

  7. Deryck

    I read the scouting report on Kevin King over at the huddle report, mentions his lack of zone coverage experience. Is this true for people that have seen a lot of his film/watched the huskies a lot? If true, are the Seahawks less likely to take him?

  8. millhouse-serbia

    Lucke Joeckel at LT.

    So much about continuity, about Fant’s progress etc…

    I think that at this point neither PC nor TC doesn’t know who will be starter and at which position…and that is not a good sign…

    • Rob Staton

      As long as they know half way into camp, it doesn’t matter. It’s only March.

      • D-OZ

        LG, maybe?

  9. Volume12

    We know PC loves the ‘Bama program so it made sense he was there at the pro day and I’m sure they had info on him anyways when he came out, but I’m curious if it was also to get a better read on Eddie Lacey.

    Who knows him better inside and out, what makes him tick, how he responds to adversity/setbacks than Nick Saban?

    • Sea Mode

      Hmmm, could be. Also, although the reports said he was drooling over Robinson, being the DB guru he is, I would be more inclined to think he was checking out Humphrey.

      • Rob Staton

        V12 is probably right. Checking in on Lacy. Also seeing what he can learn from Saban and the way Alabama operates.

        There was talk about Carroll turning his head round when Cam Robinson walked past. That apparently was the green light every national media mock draft needed to put him at #26.

        • HI Hawk

          I know I’m beating the drum quite a bit, but it could also be to get some medical info and check on the rehab of Eddie Jackson. I love him as Earl’s backup, and he has experience at CB as well. He was the leader of the team, even on crutches. I think that says a lot about his standing on a team full of alpha dogs.

      • D-OZ

        Drooling? I wouldn’t read too much into that. Just sayin.:)

  10. Sea Mode

    Love, love, love Jarrad Davis!

    Saw you guys commented on him in the last thread so just had to say that.

    It won’t happen, I know, because teams go off the tape, but I’m still clinging to the faintest of wishes that his injury history and not showing off at combine (and maybe not 100% by pro day) could make him fall to us. Not getting my hopes up, but there is always the slightest of chances!

    • millhouse-serbia

      If Cunningham goes to Miami at 22, it would mean that 4 LB (Foster, Reddick, Davis and Cunningham) go before 26th. I am not sure about that. I think that we will have chance for Davis or Reddick at 26th.

      • Rob Staton

        I wouldn’t expect Cunningham to go at #22.

        There is no chance Reddick lasts. Not happening.

        Of all the linebackers in this class, Reddick is the one we can virtually guarantee won’t be there for Seattle.

        • Sea Mode

          Sorry, millhouse, I agree with Rob on Reddick (unfortunately for the Hawks…).

          I also think for sure Cunningham will be there in R2. Not a huge fan, personally. Apparently Miami and Tennessee have shown some interest in him, and he said he would love to stay local if it happened with TEN.

          • D-OZ

            I was one who was down on Cunningham in the 1st. Although the more I watch of him the more I like.

        • Ben-Ft. Worth TX

          I wouldn’t be surprised to see Seattle trade back to acquire more picks in the 4-6 rds. I know Carroll and Schneider love to find value guys through there.

          Unless there is someone that they just HAVE to have, they’ll probably use one of their 3rd’s to go up a few spots and get him.

          This site has THE BEST Seahawks coverage and break downs, for all Seahawks news, that are currently out there.

          I have to say that I’m still praying and hoping for some of my LSU Tigers. However we can pretty much assume that Fournette is now, not going to happen. I just hope he doesn’t go to a team that I loathe, like a division rival(aka Arizona, who swallows LSU kids out of the draft for breakfast) or Carolina.

          I’m really high on Melifonwu. I love his athleticism and the fact that he could be used at multiple positions.

          I fell in love with Kevin King at the combine, which is something that I hate to do, because it usually means that player is going to FLY up the draft board. Not so much this year because there is such a deep level of talent for cornerbacks this year. That Seattle has an actual shot at getting this guy without having to make a trade is by far insane and tells you how deep the talent pool is at this position.

          BUT, if Reddick is sitting there at #21-23, I don’t know how Seattle doesn’t pull the trigger, or at least try to move up to get this guy. Seattle would have the sickest linebacking corps in the league, hands down. I don’t see Reddick getting any farther than #18 though. And I wouldn’t even be surprised if he went way before that.

          All that, and I still haven’t even got to Tre’Davious White. He’s smart!!! He’s about your typical size for a CB in this league(5’11, 191 lbs.), has long arms and great at flipping his hips. He can also double as a punt returner. I saw this a bunch last year and it reminded me a little of how Odell did the same when he was there. I think White might fall to our range, I’ve got a 1st round grade on him. So I’d be super excited if we got this kid, but Reddick is the one who I’d be licking my chops at.

          • Sea Mode

            Tre White definitely has a shot to go R1.

            Reddick and Davis are the guys I would trade up for if either made it to pick 20. Could be perfect: Denver is rumored to perhaps target McCaffrey, which means they might feel comfortable they could still get him at 26 and be willing to deal. Would be kind of a tip of the hat for last year when JS stuck to his word when they wanted to trade up.

            • D-OZ

              You probably wouldn’t have to trade up for Davis unless you were afraid Baltimore was going to take him. Houston and Denver could be in the mix although they have more urgent need’s. Hmmm, Oakland?

              • Sea Mode


              • Ben-Ft. Worth TX

                I AM worried that Baltimore would take him. They take just about every single player that’s good. Ozzie Newsome is on the same level as John Schneider in my opinion in terms of player evaluation.

  11. Sea Mode


    Eddie Lacy’s One-Year Deal With #Seahawks Includes Weight Clauses & Can Be Worth Up To $5.5M With Incentives

    8:05 PM – 14 Mar 2017


    Eddie Lacy’s deal w/SEA has lots of provisions. He has clauses for his weight, per game roster bonuses and production incentives for 2017

    7:52 PM – 14 Mar 2017

  12. Sea Mode

    Some OL movement in Wave 2:

    The Cowboys have reached an agreement on a one-year deal with free-agent guard Jonathan Cooper, according to a source. Cooper joined the Cowboys during the playoffs after he was released by Cleveland. With Doug Free’s impending retirement, the Cowboys could look to give La’el Collins a shot at right tackle with Cooper moving in at left guard.
    Todd Archer, ESPN Staff Writer


    Sources: After spending 2016 with Vikings, tackle Andre Smith will rejoin Bengals, where he spent first 7 seasons. He has agreed to terms.

    Bills source says Buffalo also made hard run at Smith, but he informed Bills, despite great visit, he wants to go back to his former squad.

    4:14 PM – 14 Mar 2017


    Chiefs signed center Mike Person

    3:16 PM – 14 Mar 2017

  13. Sea Mode

    TEF Alert:

    C/G Thomas Evans, Richmond (6-3, 305)

    TEF: 3.08
    wTEF: 94

    Vert: 30
    Broad: 9’4″
    Bench: 27

  14. Sea Mode

    ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports free agent Percy Harvin is retiring “for real this time.”

    “He’s done,” Harvin’s rep said. Harvin made it 23 days last season before his migraines returned. Harvin is a special talent whose body just won’t cooperate. Stunningly, Harvin is still only 28 years old, but his career is all but over.

  15. Sea Mode

    PC mentioned on the radio yesterday that they signed both Joeckel and Lacy with the idea of a long-term deal down the road. I found this interesting on Joeckel:


    What did you see in him [Joeckel] in comparison to some of the other offensive linemen you were considering?


    He can play LT and LG. He was drafted as a LT with the 2nd pick in the draft or whatever. Because of all of the measurables that he has, he’s perfectly suited to be a LT. But he played LG last year, that’s what makes him really valuable to us. We think that this gives us an opportunity to work it out with the best of our other players as well. He can play both spots, and we’ll see how that works.

    He’s physical, he’s smart, he’s got great flexibility for a big man, he’s really determined. He had two injuries over time that cost him some, but he’s played a lot of good football and we think he’s got a great upside. And he’s young, too, so we think we have a big future with him on the left side.



    I know that last year when I was back in Jacksonville talking to Dave Caldwell, Caldwell liked him. I mean, they moved him out of LT cause he did struggle, but they basically took the position. It’s like, if you do well, we’ll try to pay you. And even in the end, Jacksonville did try to keep him, but he ended up coming out here.


    Oh yea. Because he was injured, they had an opportunity to put him out there and see what would happen. They wanted him to come back from all the indications, and he was really excited about coming here and would have come here for…um, you know… under a lot of circumstances. He really wanted to be part of our club and the future and the winning and all of that. They picked up a guy in FA that could play LT last year and that worked out for him, but it really showed Luke’s flexibility; he played very will inside in our opinion, and that’s really the only opinion that counts.
    (PC interview starts at minute 22:30)

    • C-Dog

      I caught all that on the radio yesterday. Sounds like either Fant, or Glowinski could end up moving to the right side.

      • Sea Mode

        How about Fant, Joeckel, Britt, Ifedi, Gilliam.

        Odhiambo backs up the left side and Glowinski the right side. Find someone to compete at RT, maybe “Snacks” Myers.

        I could roll with that line. It gives Fant someone experienced next to him to help with picking up stunts. Even if Joeckel is slow, he is definitely smart.

        • Redhawk87

          I definitely agree on the left side. Odhiambo was FAR better backing up the left side last year than the right (see the Ankle Safety). I honestly think they’re going to intend on Fant being the starter at LT, with a year of NFL experience and now a full off-season of training. Joeckel’s lack of athleticism will not be as much a hindrance at LG, and he can provide a lot of mental training for Fant. Britt obviously the starting center. However, I think they’ll seriously consider pushing Ifedi back to his college position of RT and put Glowinski back at RG. He’s not spectacular, but he’s not horrible at guard either. I think the combo of Glowinski and Ifedi will be superior than the combo of Ifedi and Gilliam, to be honest. I would imagine their backup would be a draft pick (ideally Asiata).

      • HI Hawk

        I wouldn’t lean too far forward with what Pete says about offensive line. He also said he wasn’t going to spend money on offensive line this offseason, that he liked what they have and expect them to grow together. If there’s a position group he knows the least about, it’s probably the big guys up front. I’m sure he and Tom Cable talk plenty, but this is Tom’s domain. His MO is to put the best five guys out on the field by using position flexible players. Camp will sort out where they all play, Carroll will have very little to say on how that shakes out. Because of his athleticism and inexperience in other spots, I doubt they move Fant to RT if he’s viewed as a starter.

  16. Phil

    One of the smaller schools — James Madison University, the FCS champions this past year — is having its pro day today. It’s a good opportunity for Khalid Abdullah, JMU’s 5’10”, 220# RB to show off his talents. Here’s a link to a video where he talks about his back story, followed by some highlights. I’ll be interested to see how fast he is — he certainly has been productive and he sounds like just the kind of player the Seahawks like to draft in the late rounds or even pick up as an UDFA if possible.

    • D-OZ

      Nice find Phill! I really like him. It’s not how you start it’s how you finnish! Where have we heard that before? Great body type and is explosive. He look’s to know how to keep himself clean while on contact. Leading less injury’s and longevity. I am going to watch more tape to see if I can get a read on his hand’s. Cover’s the ball well while toten the rock. Great story. From what I’ve seen so far, I think he may be draftable. Worth a 7th rounder?

  17. nichansen01

    Joeckel isn’t a left tackle. Putting him there are moving Fant would be a massive mistake. Joeckel is just too slow. I’ll never trust this teams o line talent evaluation again if they force Joeckel into the left tackle position.

    • STTBM

      I dont think they force anything. They really like Fant and want him to do well, but if Joeckl beats him out they wont cry about it. If Fant outplays Joeckl at LT, they will try him at LG. I expect they will play him at both spots early in camp and see how it goes. From their comments, they arent set on a lineup, they are willing and able to move guys around in camp to see which group fits best.

      As much as Ive supported Glowinsky, he just didnt play all that well at LG last year and often looked overmatched physically. I thought he was perfect for the old pulling RG position, but Cable adapted his system to the ever-changing NFL and Glow doesnt seem to fit in now. Seattle wants competition at every single position on the line now, and they intend to get it, no matter how it shakes out.

      They still need to sign another vet T or G, preferably one who could play both positions. No one, not even Seattle, is comfortable with Gilliam at RT or they would have tendered him higher. It remains to be seen what we can get, but you can bet your butt Seattle isnt done chasing FA linemen.

    • Sea Mode

      Pete Carroll yesterday: “he’s perfectly suited to be a LT”.

      Be prepared to possibly never trust them again, oh expert fan.

      • mishima

        We rightly advocate and prioritize continuity and ‘trench explosion,’ so why not question Joeckel at LT? He’s slow and bad.

        Signing Joeckel was a bad deal. Moving him to LT is like splitting sixes.

        Hope this doesn’t become a homer blog where questioning PC/JS is verboten. Risks becoming an echo chamber.

        • nichansen01

          He might be an average right tackle, which would be great. But he’s going to
          be a sowell level tackle.

        • Sea Mode

          Don’t get me wrong: feel free to question and criticize.

          I just get tired of fans doing it in a doomsday tone and speaking as if the current FO who built this great Seahawks team have absolutely no idea what they are doing and would be better served following some frustrated fan advice.

          I mean, we haven’t even seen Joeckel on the practice field yet, and people are already dooming him as a failure. There is such a thing as a reclamation project, a guy who has been held back by injuries, perhaps not been coached to his strengths, and will be motivated to ball out in a contract year.

          Maybe he won’t work out, OK. Then we move on in a year’s time with no dead money. But at least we are taking a shot at getting someone in there with potential upside and without massively overpaying (see: Okung). And Joeckel had a 2.86 TEF at 6060, 306 and has 34.25 in arms. He didn’t hit 3.0, but he’s not bottom of the barrel either and knows some technique. Just give them a chance to work with him, at least.

          • Trevor

            Fair point Sea Mode but can you give me an example of an OL drafted 2nd overall who could not make it as an OT on one of the worst teams in football then tore his ACL / MCL and bounced back the following year to have a great season?

            I hope you are right and he balls out, but my expectations are incredibly low.

            • Sea Mode

              Thanks, Trev. I cannot name any player like that (though admittedly I am lacking in any knowledge of NFL history). My expectations are low too, but I’m not ready to rule it out from the get-go and label it a bad signing. There were not a lot of other realistic options out there, and the good one they went for (Lang) barely got away from them because of his wife’s preference. Even if we had matched Detroit’s counter offer, he probably still wouldn’t have taken it.

              The Jags did want him back, but he wanted to go to a winning culture. That’s at least a positive for me there in his personality.

          • mishima

            “Does not possess elite upper or lower-body strength; only adequate as a drive-blocker and can be pushed back by better defensive ends and shed in the run game. Foot quickness is good, but does not execute the reach block as often as you’d like. Overextends his punch on occasion, vulnerable to a rip move outside or spin inside. ”


            Also, he’s coming off major knee surgery.

            It’s not like the criticism is misplaced or uninformed. They’ve invested a lot of draft capital, time, resources on the OL and STILL have to overpay FA scrubs like Webb, Sowell, Joeckel for added competition, potential depth.

            Stick with youth/continuity/explosive athletes or pay for quality, proven veterans.

            • mishima

              Also, can’t view the Joeckel signing (March 11) in isolation. Rewarding a player that has proven nothing on the field with $8 million affects the team, leads to tweets like these:

              “When workers are appreciated, they work harder.” – Kam (March 12)

              • EranUngar

                When workers stay at home and leave their fellow workers short handed…they should shut the f&%k up….(Eran March 15)

                • mishima

                  Ha. Think I’ll listen to Kam who has balled out more than he’s bailed out.

                  • EranUngar

                    He certainly did. Still, he lost that moral high ground when he held out and should renegotiate his contract away from social media populated by fans with a long term memory.

          • Trevor

            Also PC / JS have done an incredible job of building a playoff caliber roster consistently in their tenure in Seattle but they have not had one OL in their 6-7 years that was not in the bottom 1/3 by any metric.

            So while they have a great track record overall and I think they are the best HC / GM combo outside NE. Their track record with the OL is beyond abysmal.

            • STTBM

              They have built a fantastic roster–excluding the O-line, which has hamstrung this team for years. They won the SB with a very expensive line, remember, not the cheapo-specials they have fielded since. Since then, we have gone to 1 SB and lost, and got DRUBBED in two consecutive Divisional Playoff games, where the O-lines abject failure in those games resulted in a toilet bowl spiral for the rest of the team.

              Last year, in my book, was a total failure by the coaching staff; a waste of a talented roster hamstrung by poor personnel decisions along the O-line over the last half decade.

              Seattle has earned every bit of criticism its O-line moves have garnered during Carrols regime, and then some. Bottom line is they havent fielded a decent line despite outspending every team in the NFL in Draft Capital.

              Thats not to say many of their moves were not logical; most were. But the fact remains they didnt adequately judge talent and have been paying for that. For instance, they let Giacomini and Carpenter go because they werent very good in our system and commanded too much money. Fine. Same thing with Sweezy–dude got WAAAY more money than he was worth, then never played due to injuries. Okung and Unger were totally injury prone in our system and we pretty much had to move on.

              Where they erred was in thinking they would be ok with the guys they drafted (most of whom flat sucked, like Poole, or have underwhelmed thus far, like Glowinsky, Ifedi, etc) plus some low-priced vets (Sowell, Webb). They keep underestimating the market for O-line vets and missing on their picks.

              They have to spend more money and do a better job drafting for the line to have success. And they are showing a willingness to do so, finally. But they have to hit on a young G and T in the next two drafts and Joekl has to be an adequate starter somewhere this year to make their moves a success. At least they are trying, and not repeating the same old mistakes this year!

              • vrtkolman

                The last two years they have made some brutal decisions on the O line. I think they have done a better job so far this off season. Joeckel is (probably) better than Sowell and Webb, the large price tag is just what the market is dictating. They haven’t done anything yet like when they traded Unger and replaced him with Nowak. I’ll be concerned if they start shuffling people around in training camp again, like moving Ifedi out to RT, Glo to RG, Joek to LG…

                • HI Hawk

                  I think the shuffling is exactly what they plan to do. I would certainly hope they do some shuffling and ensure the best five guys are on the field together. No one’s spot is safe, except for possibly Britt.

                  • vrtkolman

                    Then we are back at square one, everyone is learning something new again and making critical mistakes. There is a prospect of continuity for the first time in a while here, I think they should make use of that.

                  • HI Hawk

                    Except they’re all more experienced and understand the blocking scheme a lot better. They aren’t going to catapult to a top-10 unit in one offseason, but if they can be less awful it’s a big win with the quality of the remaining roster.

      • nichansen01

        I’m largely basing this of his athletic profile.

        • DLep

          And he just flat out hasn’t played well at LT in the NFL.

  18. STTBM

    Rob, its been great to see all the posts this past couple weeks–I dont know how you find the time. I may not see eye to eye with you on Seattle’s O-line decisions, but I do appreciate your coverage of Draft prospects and the Hawks.

    Nice to see Seattle plugging holes, and even though they lost Lang, its cool they broke their mold and gave it a go–they offered pretty huge money (for them) to the guy, he just got a better deal in Detroit and got to go home.

    My gut feeling is Seattle IS really crushed at losing out on Lang–he was a big deal to them and a big part of fixing the line. They will go to Plan B, C, D….whatever it takes now. I have no qualms now about whether or not they will bust ass to fix the line–the effort is there and they are putting their money where their mouth is.

    I do, however, worry a bit about who they choose to sign on the line. Joeckl is getting decent money for a guy who washed out at LT and didnt make it 5 games at G before going out with injury. Add to that what others have pointed out, that Seattle could have signed a more sure bet player for a couple million a year more, and once more there is risk that Seattle got cheap, saved a couple million to only cost themselves way more later…

    But I was happy when I heard they signed him, and given the market his deal isnt too crazy, so Im still happy. Of course, if he flops and our line struggles still, THEN I will be pissed, but for now its the offseason and on paper this looks like a good gamble to take for Seattle. Give it some time…

    Wasnt stoked about signing Lacy at first, but IF he can get his lazy ass in shape he can be a real asset to the team. He’s young and strong and not afraid to lower the shoulder and deliver a hit, to say nothing of his penchant for taking a hit like its nothing. Him and Rawls make a great combo on paper, and Prosise is a great talent as a third down/change of pace back. Add Pope in there and Collins and a rookie UDFA or pick and we will have quite the backfield in camp…

    I think Seattle targets a Jimmy Graham type TE in the third. There are about four TE’s who fit that physical profile outside Njoku and Evans, so someone should be there. I can also see them taking a big fast WR in the third or later as well–they dont mind redshirting guys, and Lawler has no speed and is skinny, and Kearse may not be here after this season. To say nothing of Locketts injury and Paul Richardson being made of glass. We have a lot of WR’s but still lack the big physical guy you know Pete craves….

    And they still need a DT with pass rush. But I think we take two DB’s and two LB’s for sure, and I still firmly believe they want Asiata in the second or third.

    Really looking forward to this Draft!

    • DLep

      ‘I think Seattle targets a Jimmy Graham type TE in the third. There are about four TE’s who fit that physical profile outside Njoku and Evans’ – Hodges, Smith, Kittle, Shaheen, Leggett all look like attractive options.

      As for Asiata, I like him but his age gives me a little bit of pause but he does look like a solid eventual starter. Siragusa seems like the one with higher upside but he also might require a higher pick. Ideally I think they would be able to wait until the third and take whichever guy is left (might be only Asiata). That would allow them to load up on the defensive studs with the earlier picks.

      All that said, if they spent a second on Siragusa, I would be happy with that.

  19. McGruff

    Interesting name just popped available. Jeremy Zuttah of Baltimore. 9 year very interior lineman who has played guard and center for the Ravens and Bucs. 117 career starts, 30 years old . . . College TEF profile was 3.12.

    Just released today. With the 2nd wave underway he might be affordable.

    • Sea Mode

      I saw that. Here’s another one who is even younger. G Tim Lelito, whom the Saints released.

      6-4, 308

      FWIW, coming into the league he hit a 3.11 TEF and 95.85 wTEF.

      He’s only 27, and only missed one regular season game in his four years in the league.

      Another Michigan native, he is visiting the Lions now, so maybe now’s our chance to get them back for stealing Lang…

      • D-OZ

        Saint’s dumping salary. Getting ready to give NE back their 1st????

        • Sea Mode

          Worth it for Butler in a deep draft for corners? No way.

    • vrtkolman

      Zuttah is pretty good, but I think he’s only a center. Not sure if he can play guard.

      • vrtkolman

        I should say, not sure if he can play guard well.

      • McGruff

        His bio on the Raven’s official site indicates that he’s started many games at guard in the NFL . . .

        • vrtkolman

          Bring him in!

  20. Sea Mode

    wTEF alert:

    T Tyler Catalina, Georgia (6040, 330, 33 3/8 arm, 10 3/8 hand)

    TEF: 2.92
    wTEF: 96.24

    Vert: 31
    Broad: 8’6″
    Bench: 29

  21. sdcoug

    Cam Robinson

    Even with the signing of Joeckel I think we should be prepared that Battle Plan Crimson is a real possibility on draft day. The FO will be prepared for multiple contingencies as no one knows in advance how Round 1 will unfold or who will be left available. However, the past has proven that:

    When JS/PC identify an area of focus they attack the problem. In no unclear terms they have told us they want a return to a more balanced attack, an improved running game and a bruiser profile.

    To that end, they were fairly aggressive in adding to the Oline within their cap restraints. Joeckel was signed quickly as a LT/LG option, and we saw a serious run at top guard TJ Lang. Big-bruiser RB Eddie (Don’t call me Marshawn Lunch) was the first FA back of four to visit seattle, and by all indications he and his yards-after-contact was the preferred choice. Even Jared Cook was given a sniff test to see if his blocking/catching could be added at a bargain price.

    Now, perhaps this is their answer to the problem, but half-measures isn’t how this FO rolls. Obi may very-well be their preferred choice, but I can easily see how they might be enamored in adding another SEC road-grader to the LT/RT mix should the opportunity present itself.

    • STTBM

      The only way Seattle takes Robinson is if they believe the lack of athleticism exhibited in his drills at the combine is due to a training issue that they can quickly remedy at VMAC. He just doesnt fit their athletic profile for draftees, not even close.

      Unless he has tape that makes him look like the next Kelechi Osemele or Walter Jones or something, I cant see them going for a guy who tests so far below all their other recent picks on the line.

      But what do I know? I thought they’d be all over Chance Warmack as a reclamation project!

      • HI Hawk

        Luke Joekel is certainly a reclamation project – so you weren’t too far off.

        • STTBM

          Warmack got 1.5 million on one year, we paid Joeckl 7-8…

    • mishima

      Agree. Cam should be an option and great value. Extend Britt and you lock up the right side for 4 (Ifedi) – 5 (Robinson) years. Let Gilliam and Fant battle for LT; Glow and Joeckel for LG. Odhiambo provides competition and depth as swing tackle.

  22. Jason

    What are your guys thoughts on Eddie Jackson?

  23. D-OZ

    I don’t think Robinson makes it to #26. Somebody will reach for him. Either that or he will go in the 2nd. Don’t look for Seattle to take. Highly unlikely…

    • sdcoug

      Of course it’s highly unlikely, just as it’s highly unlikely that 40 other guys will be “the” pick. I stated it’s a consideration that makes some sense based on their stated goal

  24. Sea Mode


    The #Patriots and star LB @zeus30hightower reach a deal for 4 years, $43.5M, $19M guaranteed, per @_sportstrust.

    10:36 AM – 15 Mar 2017


    Pats let Hightower determine his market value and did not fear free agency.Hightower returns knowing he exhausted the possibilities win win

    10:42 AM – 15 Mar 2017

  25. teejmo

    Does anyone have any thoughts about Darius English out of South Carolina? It was his pro day today, and he showed off off-the-charts explosion for a defensive lineman (35″ ver, 10’9″ broad), even if it was only at 248 lbs. You can see it at times on tape, too; only problem is, you can also see that he is a liability in run defense (and that might be an understatement). A potential project?

    • teejmo

      Elijah Lee out of Kansas St also showed off some pretty good athleticism at his pro day. His official 40 wasn’t that impressive (4.65), but he got 38 in on his vert and hit 10’2″ in the broad. Perhaps most impressively, he got a 6.91 in the 3-cone. A 4.27 short-shuttle also isn’t shabby.

      • Sea Mode

        Elijah Lee is one of my favorite mid/late-round LB’s. I’ve nicknamed him “Euclid” cause I haven’t seen him take a bad angle on a tackle yet. Highlights (duh) and vs. Stanford.

        He can be taken out of a play at times by a solid OL block, but hey, what LB isn’t? Consistently the first guy there in tackle support, jumps headfirst into the scrum, and even when he is blocked, he still keeps fighting to the whistle to get off and does so roughly half the time. If he had some DTs who could keep him clean, he will tackle everything in sight. Has the frame to add more bulk and has said that is his priority leading up to the draft. Listed at 6-3, 228 lbs.

        His tape vs. Stanford is up on DBD and after watching it, I noticed Redskins SB Nation blog just posted on him. You can find all the vids embedded there from YT and Twitter:

        Gave up a couple completions in coverage vs. Stanford, but at least he was running with his man (TE or McCaffrey) and was there to wrap him up. Has plenty of picks on his YouTube highlight reel too.

  26. David Ashton

    Enjoyed the podcast – thanks Rob!

    • Totem_Hawk


  27. Peanut

    Bit off topic; Put on the Seahawkers Podcast from earlier this week, the one that was posted and my gosh does it sometimes sound like the guys talking are talking about a team that had a loosing record. I mean come on, we lost in the playoffs to the most gunblazing offense, without our best defensive player. I’m almost 100% sure that even the O-line from SB 48 couldn’t have done anything about that.

    My point; Some people are talking about the team as if we’re having loosing records, season after season. Just dont get it man

    • D-OZ


    • bankhawk

      I feel ya Peanut. I had not heard these guys before, but the dude with the cartoon character-ish voice and vaguely manic delivery grated a bit. Really negative, though every man has a right to his opinion.

      I mean, I get that they might be going for that *on-air-broadcast-duo-complementary-chemistry*, but I found the *crazy* one rather obnoxious, especially given the negativity of his overall tone. Sure did not sound like he was talking about a team that made it to within one game of the NFC championship game. The other fellow was much more measured in both his delivery and the substance of his commentary.

      At any rate, at least once Rob was on, he lightened up a bit and stepped back a pace or two in a show of respect. Good to see that he recognizes his betters.

  28. Sea Mode

    Jahri Evans is still a FA…

  29. Steve Nelsen

    OK, so as the draft gets closer I have been getting more excited. I am convinced that at least one of the guys I would love at 26 will be available: Obi, King, Davis, or Watt.

    In fact, I am starting to wonder if more than 1 will be available and Seattle will trade back.

    Plus, I think that there is a chance Ramczyk will slide to 26 or that Cam Robinson will be there and Seattle will draft them. Either of those guys might be a starting RT or they might be a bust.

    So, now I am kind of dreading the first day of the draft.

    I’m still loving Day 2! I especially like the idea of taking a flyer on Sidney Jones with one of the round 3 picks. Thank you for mentioning that in the podcast Rob. Low investment, potential Pro-Bowl corner.

  30. MontanaMike

    Hi everyone, first time posting even though i’ve been lurking for a while since STTBM told me about the site and a few guys i know are here such as BobbyK. I’ve read Rob Stanton’s work for several years, even on other blogs and papers, kid has some credentials. Personally i hope we get Malifonwa, possibly Buddah Baker if he’s there and we trade down, although he doesn’t have the size. I get stoked with the UDFA’s we get in this deep of a draft, it definitely helps that many players that don’t get drafted contribute and even start at many positions. I think Glowinsky looked overwhelmed last year, even after he looked really good the year before in his one start against AZ. As for the Lynch saga; i don’t think he plays again, we treated him with kid gloves and that signing bonus of 5 mil is nothing to scoff at, plus he’s an elite RB. Why would we let him go for nothing? Peace out

    • Sea Mode

      Hey, MontanaMike, good to have you! The conversation usually continues only in the comments of the latest article to be published, so you might consider re-posting these thoughts over there. This thread is already a few days old. See you around.

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