Seahawks sign Tyler Lockett to big extension

If you missed it earlier, here’s a re-run of the live stream I did with Robbie reacting to the Tyler Lockett news. Plus, I did a 30-minute solo Q&A after…

“Tyler’s been a great Seahawk”

Those were the words of Pete Carroll, when Lockett signed his last extension in 2018.

Several times over the years, Carroll has made reference to his fit within Seattle’s culture.

It shouldn’t be any surprise. All Lockett has done since entering the league in 2015 is produce. He has delivered big numbers, key plays and a level of consistency which remains highly underrated within the wider NFL.

Further to that, you never hear anything negative about him. He never complains. He’s never in the news for the wrong reasons.

Tyler Lockett is the perfect player for a coach.

One of the silliest debates during this off-season was whether the Seahawks would trade Lockett to recoup draft stock. It was never, ever going to happen.

Quite aside from the impact it would have on an already troubled relationship with the franchise quarterback, or the already thin depth at receiver, there was no chance Seattle was going to send Lockett to play somewhere else.

He is too treasured, too reliable, practically too perfect to move.

You might say this is too expensive. However, you need to look at where the receiver market is.

Here are the league leaders in average salary:

DeAndre Hopkins — $27.25m
Julio Jones — $22m
Keenan Allen — $20m
Michael Thomas — $19m
Odell Beckham — $18m
Kenny Golladay — $18m
Tyreek Hill — $18m
Allen Robinson — $16.5m
Mike Evans — $16.5m
Robert Woods — $16.25m
Brandin Cooks — $16m

We don’t know the structure of Lockett’s contract yet but $69m divided by four is $17.25m. It’s hardly unfair to place him, fresh off a new deal, somewhere between Golladay and Brandin Cooks.

The market simply dictates the value and that’s what he is worth.

No doubt this will be structured to save money this year and maybe there will be outs down the line — or the contract will be structured to coincide with an increase in revenue as the NFL economy recovers post-Covid.

But there was never any chance of Lockett leaving Seattle — via trade or free agency next year.

This was inevitable, it is deserved and the key for the Seahawks now is to make sure they take some of the pressure off Lockett and D.K. Metcalf in 2021 by adding a proper third weapon to the arsenal.

Keep an eye out for Joe Fann’s latest podcast dropping tomorrow. I was invited on and had a great chat with Joe about a number of topics.

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  1. Ashish

    Tyler deserved it. Very happy with the news. Can i hope now will they trade Jamal Adams? Does this new signing give us insights on what PC/JS are thinking?

  2. Denver Hawker

    Wow. 4 years.

  3. JJ

    Any news on if this replaces the last year of contract?

    • Hoggs41

      If its an extension its now basically a 5 year deal. Most likely wont finish it.

    • cha

      Not yet but very likely.

  4. Hoggs41

    Structure will be interesting here. They have always paid all guaranteed money at signing in year one. Will they this time. I guess we will find out soon. Easier to lower first year cap hit when guaranteed money at signing is paid over two years.

  5. AlaskaHawk

    Wow – I”m surprised at the commitment to Tyler Lockett, but he deserves it.

  6. Belfasthawk

    Excellent news. Will keep him and DK together for the long haul. Like his previous extension will seem very reasonable in a year or two when prices rocket.

  7. Chase

    17.3 APY? Seems a little rich, but looking at the other WR contracts it seems to be a fair value.

  8. Jordan E

    17.3??? Damn. DK may be around 25million then…

    • Chase

      Looking forward to the day when it comes.

    • lil’stink

      WR’s not named Rice or Moss aren’t worth that sort of money (20+ million APY). They just aren’t. I’m happy for Tyler but want to see the cap hits and dead money. I hope this deal doesn’t have much guaranteed in the last year or two.

  9. Big Mike

    Happy for Tyler and happy as a fan of the Seahawks. Class person and a fine player.

  10. dcd2

    He’s the only person other than Duane who made any sense to extend. Wish they would have done this prior to cutting Reed to free up cap.

    Looks like we’re not done after all. KJ?

  11. Cwagner

    Love Tyler Lockett but wow that seem like a lot. He’s now one of the top 10 paid WRs. Looking forward to seeing Rob’s take on the signing.

    • dcd2

      There is an article above, full of his comments.

      Everyone said the same thing when he got his last extension (too much). By years 2 & 3 it was a good value.

      Davante Adams and Stephon Diggs aren’t even on that list and they were arguably the top WR’s in the NFL last year.
      As guys like that, along with DJ Moore, Calvin Ridley, Deebo, AJ Brown, DK, etc. come up, they’ll all push him down the line. He’ll be back in the 15-20 range for WR’s before you know it.

      Then we’ll be saying “they got ahead of the market with Tyler”.

      • CWagner

        Yeah I commented before he posted the article, but yeah I hear ya…

      • Sea Mode

        Yup, exactly this.

        • Lewis

          And the cap is going to skyrocket in the next year or two, pushing those numbers higher. This will soon look like a bargain.

  12. DC

    I’m sure it’s really 3 additional years and re-writes his current year like they do most extensions, with little guarantees towards the end of the contract

  13. Submanjoe


  14. John

    That 2022 cap space is drying up.

    • Roy Batty

      They’re one QB away from a boatload of money…

    • king.

      2021. All in! Pure desperation mode. As they should be. The HoF franchise QB will seek greener pastures if drastic measures aren’t taken. Without him, the roster is suspect.

  15. Ed

    I once heard/read Lebron James criticize the NFL that contracts are not guaranteed. It was a hilariously uneducated statement (like he is prone to make), as a large portion of the contract is guaranteed and the other is just a possibility (which hardly ever comes to fruition). I wonder if the NFLPA will try and make the possibility go away, as it is never adhered to. Either the team will cut (which will still happen as they are still guaranteed whatever the contract is) or the player and team renegotiate. I know it’s funny money, but why not say TL got 4 year $37 million, so averaging a little over $9 million per season.

    • dcd2

      It doesn’t work like that. If he plays 4 years under this contract, he’ll make $69.2M, not $37M.

      You don’t just disregard the non-guaranteed money while also calling it a 4 year deal.

      • Ed

        So if he plays two years, and is paid $34 million and the Hawks decide to cut him before year 3, they only owe him $3 million for the final two years? And if he plays year 3 and makes $51 million, they can cut him after year 3 and not owe him anything else?

        • dcd2

          No, we need to see the structure. That $37M guaranteed could be all signing bonus, which would pro-rate to $9.25M per year. If you cut him after year 2, that’s a $18.5M dead cap hit.

          The guaranteed money could be guaranteed salary, which doesn’t pro-rate. Some of the non-guaranteed could be roster bonuses, workout bonuses or just base salary. It really depends on how they put it together.

          Let’s say the guaranteed $$ is all signing bonus, and his non-guaranteed is all base (it isn’t, but for argument sake). Then, let’s say his $32M in base is split up: 4/10/12/16. If you cut him after year 2, you avoid the base hits of 12 & 16, but you also incur the pro-rated bonus money as a dead cap hit. You’ll have paid him $46M for two years, and also have $18.5M in dead cap on your books.

          • dcd2

            My numbers are off there. Assume 4/6/9/13 for the base.

            Paying him, $42M for two years with the same dead cap as above. You save the $9M & 13M in real money and cap for the last two years, but his dead cap effectively ruins any savings. Year 4 is a clean slate though.

            • Ed

              Got it and appreciate the breakdown. While that is the market for WR, too much for my blood.

    • Big Brew

      Well, guess you don’t agree with Lebron’s political leanings, as you are calling him stupid here.

      • Ed

        Uneducated statements and stupidity are two different things. His NFL stance, his China stance, amongst others, if you want to call political leanings, yes, I do not agree with.

    • Mac

      I don’t count on athletes to be highly nuanced about how the financial structure of large organizations work, if they were fully versed in it, you’d see less agents. The smartest athletes I’ve met have been offensive lineman and a fullback from my high school who went on to play for Harbaugh at Stanford. He was a different animal entirely and could’ve made it there on an educational scholarship alone, he chose Stanford over Ivies to try to go pro.

      In all fairness, regular fans wouldn’t think about the NFL having teams put money in escrow to pay for players contracts. I’m more of a Jordan fan myself, I find the modern NBA boring and would rather watch soccer or hockey.

  16. cha

    Golladay got $72m 4yr with a $17m bonus and $40m total guarantees.

    His first year cap hit is only $4.478m

    So I’d guess Tyler’s will be about in the $7m range and opens up $7m of cap room.

  17. TomLPDX

    Awesome news about Tyler. Look forward to seeing the actual breakdown on the contract. Now bring back KJ (we still need a solid SAM) at a reasonable price and I’ll be even happier.

    Don’t you know that DK is going to cost us when his time comes!

    • Hoggs41

      I still think Bruce Irvin is an option at SAM. He would be cheap and he has played it before. Plus then you can keep Brooks on the field for 100% of the snaps and just let Irvin play around 50% or whatever the nickel amount is. He tore his ACL early enough to make it back. I would rather have KJ but he could be a fall back option.

      • J

        Sounds like he is retiring though.

        • TomLPDX

          That’s what I heard too, J. He had a tweet last week about it but it wasn’t definitive. Plus he had a setback in December that required more surgery. Not sure how much that set him back for a return.

        • Hoggs41

          He said its Seattle or retirement.

      • Gary

        Hawks would be better if Irvin plays 0% of the snaps!

    • cha

      The bulk of this extension will have been paid out by the time the Seahawks start feeling the weight of a DK extension. It’s great timing.

      • Big Mike


  18. JJ

    Freeing up space for a Wilson trade or who is left on market for CB, WR, etc.?

    • Hoggs41

      Maybe Sherman? If we do sign Sherman would the Witherspoon signing be a waste though? You would have given him $4m to play where? Opposite Sherman? Wouldnt Reed deserve that spot? Or would Reed start opposite Sherman and Witherspoon come in on nickel at outside corner and Reed slide inside in nickel?

      • cha

        Depth is not a bad thing.


        Depth is not a bad thing.

        • Roy Batty

          Good gawd, cha, please keep repeating that phrase whenever you can , cuz the last few years are the poster children for the depth argument. Signing Sherm is also akin to having a DB coach under contract.

    • JC3

      Trade RW?
      They will be in rebuild mode if RW is traded, then why re-sign Tyler and waste money?

      • Sea Mode

        They’re never going to tank with 70 year-old PC at the helm. If they trade Russ, they will want the best weapons possible for the new QB to succeed.

        If anything, if they are planning on trading Russ, I would even say that getting contracts done before you trade him is important. Because once you trade him and agents know you have a boatload of free cap space to spend in 2022 and beyond, they are going to up their asks.

        • cha

          Agree. Also a RW trade hits the cap at $7m so you will need room for that.

          If you’re not trading RW you have room to address the other needs on the team.


          • dcd2

            Ohh boy. RW’s trade cap would be -$7M, eh? Didn’t you just say above that Tyler’s new deal probably clears $7M in cap space?

            • cha

              That’s my guess, $7m it clears, yes.

              • LLLOGOSSS

                There will be no RW trade.

                • Rob Staton

                  You don’t know that

    • dcd2

      Sherman and KJ?

      WR’s left are very uninspiring.

      Something is brewing though.

    • J

      I’d like to add another pass rusher. It’s time to get greedy.

      DE and LB are the deepest position group left on the market.

      Olivier Vernon, Ryan Kerrigan, Everson Griffen, Melvin Ingram, Kyle Van Noy, KJ Wright, Aldon Smith, DVondre Campbell…

      This likely clears 7-9 mm in cap, let’s go.

  19. Blitzy the Clown

    Every word of your post, aside from being 100% accurate, is also testament to the undeniable conflict between the Seahawks and Russell Wilson. They would’ve done the same thing with Wilson if he wasn’t 100% not going anywhere else.

    On a different topic, what’s with all the insane athletic performances at pro days this year? Maybe some of the 40 times are a little generous, but you can’t fake jump numbers.

    • Roy Batty

      Itchy trigger fingers on the hand held digital stopwatch? And, as for the other great measurables, maybe not travelling to a pressure cooker, nationally televised second by second location (aka the combine) is upping the numbers for the players?

      I have to say that the one player I really enjoyed watching ar yhe combine over the years was Minshew. The guy looked like he was hanging out with friends at a party. Smiling, laughing and trying to get his fellow QB’s to loosen up. I believe one of the hosts at NFL Network were making the comment that Minshew was doing a better job of calming nerves than any of the non-players on the field.

  20. Rob Staton

    Mel Kiper doesn’t get enough respect. He’s connected.

    He knew Jamin Davis was going to have the work out he had today, thus he promptly moved him way up his board.

    He has a few moves like this every year.

    • Roy Batty

      Rob, you of all people know, the general public is much quicker to point out when someone is wrong rather than praise them when they are right.

      • Rob Staton


    • BruceN


      Mel gets plenty of respect and has his own spot light every year during the draft. I will say having listened to him every year and following you for a few years, I like your track record better (I believe in 2009 he called Aaron Curry the safest pick in the draft or called JaMarcus Russell the next big QB, and most importantly he called Russell Wilson pick a Seneca Williams type player and bashed it). I was going to suggest you should have a live podcast for the draft and go over your thoughts with the fans. You don’t sleep much anyways! And it will be more entertaining and accurate.

    • DAWGfan

      While I don’t always agree with Kiper, no one can doubt how much work he puts in evaluating players coming out of college. The draft industry has blown up over the last decade and most of his colleagues would agree he has an unparalleled work ethic and drive. And honestly, how can you not appreciate that man’s hair.

      • Rob Staton

        Mel is the draft, in many ways

  21. Rob Staton

    Just read a tweet by a member of Seattle’s media claiming this news should be enough to allay any of Wilson’s concerns.

    So many people really don’t get this whole issue, do they?

    • cha

      “GO HAWKS”

      Problem solved.

      //wipes hands

      • Big Mike

        “How awesome is Bobby coach?”

        • Hoggs41

          The problem is Pete, and that isnt going away anytime soon.

    • trippsixxes

      This almost assuredly means the quarterback is traded any day now, already handshake traded on draftday, or gone after next season at the latest.

  22. Gibbster

    Off topic, but a little thought on Jamal Adam’s. I feel we will completely use him different this year. I personally feel we had a plan for him that we were never able to use. The lack of a pass rush forced our hand. It has seemed the S position is one that Seattle values above any other position. Maybe the past few years have shown I shouldn’t, but I have a lot of confidence in this front office and how they view Adam’s. His playmaking doesn’t show on paper, but I also don’t believe you have to pay someone for what they bring on paper. Just some thoughts I feel maybe haven’t quite been heard here yet.

    • Rob Staton

      But if you don’t mind me saying, what exactly are you arguing?

      That you hope they do a better job with him and that he might still be worth $18m a year (or more) even if his numbers aren’t great?

      • Gibbster

        He allows us to use him in a multiple of situations and I feel last year our roster did not allow us to use him that way. If he’s the best pass rusher you have and you need help getting after the QB then you are going to use him there. I feel keeping Dunlap for another year will open the door to use Adams how we intended to use him.

        I 100% understand the intrigue of adding salary and draft picks. This is also a players league and you need star players to win. He made plays for us all over the field. He arguably won the game vs the Rams. I think being the leader and tone setter in the back end is more important than we think. Wagner gives you a bit of security in the middle. He can fly sideline to sideline and is able to defend the run and the pass. Adams gives us the same thing in the back end, but he also is allowed to roam up and help. The safety position has always been important in PC defense. Even when you go back to his days at USC with Polamalu and Taylor Mays.

        Just felt this was a different side we could talk about.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not just about adding ‘intrigue’ though via picks and salary.

          It’s about debating whether a safety is ever worth $18-20m. How you address numerous holes — such as who is your left tackle after this season?

          You’re saying they get to use him in different ways now with Dunlap. If you’re reigning in his role as a pass rusher, what exactly is his role to justify $18-20m a year?

          What evidence is there that he’s a leader or tone setter? This to me is just an assumption fans have about Jamal Adams.

          The safety position might be important to PC but that doesn’t mean it’s right to invest as much as they have in one, at the expense of other areas.

          I’m happy to talk and debate about this but I think it’s also important to have some meat on the bone so to speak.

          • Gibbster

            Meat on the bone like always referring to his pass rush numbers? Have you given them an opportunity to use him how they want? We have entered a passing era. Yea getting after the QB is huge, but so is having guys that can make plays in the backend.

            We are in a division with a lot of weapons. He gives us someone who can cover Higbee or Kittle. He can spy on Murray. He can fly downhill on the run, which LAR and SF Excell at. He can help against legit WR like Hopkins, Green, Woods, Kupp, Jackson, Aiyuk, and Samuel.

            • Mike

              I think this blog has already established the team building value of trading Adams for picks. I wont repeat those points.

              I can also appreciate the counterpoint, which is that Adams has potential to do a wide range of things outside of rushing the passer. We just didn’t see that too much last year.

              But assuming our defense is more complete, a versatile player like JA could potentially be more impactful. Our d-line isn’t looking to be a complete liability it was last year, but that’s TBD. If we can rush the passer with 4, that free’s him up to focus on other areas. Id be curious to see what that would look like. If its more of the jamal blitzes all day show, id rather pass on that and just trade him.

            • Rob Staton

              Meat on the bone like always referring to his pass rush numbers?

              Providing statistical data to backup ones opinion is meat on the bones, yes.

              Have you given them an opportunity to use him how they want?

              You’re assuming we haven’t already seen how they want to use him.

              He gives us someone who can cover Higbee or Kittle.

              Didn’t see much of evidence of that to be fair.

              We are in a division with a lot of weapons. He gives us someone who can cover Higbee or Kittle. He can spy on Murray. He can fly downhill on the run, which LAR and SF Excell at. He can help against legit WR like Hopkins, Green, Woods, Kupp, Jackson, Aiyuk, and Samuel.

              I’ve never argued he doesn’t have strengths. I’ve argued that I don’t think he’s worth $18-20m a year, provided detail as to why I think that, and argued that the Seahawks should be investing their resources in other areas given the extreme amount they’ve spent at LB and S.

    • Big Mike

      We could use him better by obtaining draft choices in a trade for him as well as having 18 per to spend on players that don’t require a total change in defensive philosophy.

      • God of Thunder

        Succinct and accurate. Well said.

        But I think we’re keeping JA. So let’s hope they use him optimally.

  23. Volume12

    That’s my guy! Stoked for him tbh.

    • Sea Mode

      All he does is…

      • Sea Mode

        …catch extensions from the Seahawks. (oh, and TDs)

  24. Rob Staton

    Live stream at 1pm PST reacting to this news plus LOADS more

    Join us live, ask questions, get involved…

  25. Zachary Williams

    So happy for this extension! The future of the Seahawks is so much brighter with No-E on the squad! Seems like he has the potential to retire as a Seahawk. Love it!

    • J M

      Played out nickname. Wasn’t that good to begin with.

  26. Hawk Mock

    Wish they would have done this earlier so we would still have Reed but good to get him Locketted up for the future.

    • cha

      Something about the way the relationship ended makes me think it wasn’t simply about cap room though.

      • Hawk Mock

        Yeah, I suppose. It just seems weird the way it all ended there. The perception was(or at least seemed to be) that they loved his attitude, what he brought to the “culture’ and that he was also a great Seahawk as well. Guess not.

        • TomLPDX

          I’m guessing that Reed wanted more than John was willing to pay and it they ultimately couldn’t work out a deal that was probably designed to free up cap space this year. The mistake was the contract last year.

    • BruceN

      If he had restructured his contract Seahawks would’ve done it. But I think longer term they like to try Collier in his spot and use the $ for pass rushers. I can’t disagree with that.

  27. BoiseSeahawk

    Unrelated but I hope we somehow come out of the draft with Kellen Mond on the squad.

    • Benjamin Davis

      John Schneider’s DRAFT GRADE for the offseason just keeps going up AND up!!

      • Benjamin Davis


        Mental error, my bad.

  28. BobbyK

    Good. I like Lockett.

  29. Mick

    Really awesome news. With Lockett and DK we are ensuring life after Wilson, should that moment come.

  30. Gaius Marius

    It feels like they had to do this to keep a credible WR corp.
    I really hope there are outs though down the line.

    Lockett’s size and physique make me nervous every time he catches the ball. It’s also why he falls down if a defender so much as breathes in his direction. He has never been the same since his injury, but to his credit he has still put up remarkable numbers. Yet it also feels like he is one hit, a hit that ADB would have gotten up from, from injury.

    I am glad he is getting paid. I don’t think we had much choice and I hope he can keep avoiding contact as he has.

    • J.P.

      Felt like this was necessary.

      Not saying this has any bearing on Metcalf’s future, but with Lockett settled, are we prepared for DK Metcalf, highest paid receiver in football soon? Or do you want go the Stefon Diggs route and hope you can find Justin Jefferson?

      • Gaius Marius

        I do not think DK will re-sign here. He’ll want a QB that’s not on a leash to maximize statistics. Plus he will get TOP dollar. I do not think that style of play will ever be the Seahawks under Carroll with or without Wilson.

  31. Sea Mode

    • Big Mike


    • TomLPDX

      One of my favorites! Right up there with Jermaine Kearse’s

  32. Gaux Hawks

    warms the soul

  33. Tecmo Bowl

    “This was inevitable, it is deserved and the key for the Seahawks now is to make sure they take some of the pressure off Lockett and D.K. Metcalf in 2021 by adding a proper third weapon to the arsenal.”

    100%. Happy we got Lockett locked up.

    Looks like WR3 is coming from this draft class. Too bad Toney or Elijah Moore will be gone by #56, they both look great. Pretty long list of intriuing WR prospects though.

    Rondale Moore, Dwyane Eskridge, Amari Rodgers, Marquez Stevenson, Cade Johnson, Tutu Atwell, Jaelon Darden, Shi Smith, Dez Fitzpatrick
    Conor Weddington is a sleeper who could surprise.

    Any other favorites?

    • Volume12

      Dyami Brown

      Tutu Atwell is 155. Bet he goes undrafted.

      • dcd2

        Dyami Brown looks like he could be a nice fit for the Waldron.

        I’m high on Demetric Felton too for that role. Could play RB in a pinch as well.

        I don’t really see it with Elijah Moore. He doesn’t look nearly as fast on tape as his pro-day would suggest.

        Here is every snap VS Bama. A couple of nice plays, but a lot of – meh.

        • Volume12

          I like Felton as a gadget guy. Wedington too, but he’s a late day 3/UDFA guy.

          Boy. We’re gonna completely disagree about Elijah Moore. He’s a little undersized, but plays bigger, tough guy, and has incredibly strong hands. YAC monster too.

          • dcd2

            I’ll have to re-watch Moore, I suppose. Seems like there are a bunch of those undersized slot guys and he didn’t stand out to me.

          • dcd2

            Well, I watched a couple more games (FLA & ARK) and while I see some nice things, I still see him as a 3rd round guy at best. I thought his QB was pretty crap, so that plays in a bit.

            He is shifty, and he’s got some burst when he’s got it in his hands. I saw him break some tackles, but I wouldn’t call him a YAC monster. He got taken down on 1st contact plenty of times.

            His blocking is atrocious. If he can be bothered to put his hands on his defender, he puts up almost no effort. He looks really slow and disinterested off the line and in plays that aren’t going to him too. I’ve seen some people hyping up his route-running (hard for me to gauge based on the sideline cam) but it seems like his completions are mostly LOS stuff or hitting holes in zones.

            He looks really athletic and quick at his pro day drills. Not someone I’d be super excited about with pick #56 though.

      • Tecmo Bowl

        Like Dyami Brown a lot. On tape I only see him line up outside. Not sure how versatile he is, but think he could develop into a solid #2 WR.

        Would be surprised if Atwell went undrafted, but youre right at 155lbs he has to be slipping down boards.

        Felton had a very disappointing pro day. Thought he had a little more juice than how he tested.

        • Volume12

          Brown is 1 of the best vertical threats in this class. He does line up on the left side the majority of the time, but he can play in the slot imo.

          I’m not a huge fan of his, but I think Seattle is gonna be really high on Auburn WR Anthony Schwartz. Speed for days, can play a gadget role, played outside & inside at Auburn, really quick off the LOS, competitive, likes to get physical w/ DBs. Just a TON of raw talent.

    • JimQ

      With the limited draft capital, I think a veteran FA WR, perhaps a future cut player that got replaced by the draft is the guy they should hope for. If a WR was a need with a late round pick, I’d tend to look at this guy, Tall, fast & AGILE is a nice combination. WR-Simi Fehoko, Stanford: 6′ 3 7/8″/220, 10 1/4″ hand, 31 5/8″ arm, 76 7/8″ wing 4.44 40, 16 bench, 34.5″ vertical, 10′ broad, 4.26 shuttle, 6.78 3-cone @ pro-day.

      • D-OZ

        Like Simi a lot. Big time sleeper…

        • JimQ

          A 6-4 guy with a fantastic 6.78 3-cone must mean he’s really very, very flexible with short area quickness combined with his 40 time, I see a lot of upside potential with good coaching. Combined with Metcalf & Lockett a high trait WR3 could be perhaps had on the cheap with a late round pick. Simi has some decent
          production with fairly high yards per catch numbers. A WR “Sleeper” to keep in mind.

          Another late round (Rd-7?) sleeper option for a pass receiver is:
          TE(& punter)-Zach Davidson, Central Missouri: 6′ 6 5/8″, 245 lbs., 9 1/2″ hand, 32″ arm, 77″ wingspan, 4.64 40, 17 bench, 37.5″ vertical, 9′ 9″ broad, 4.26 shuttle, **6.95 3-cone** – @ pro-day. He should be considered more of a WR/hybrid & H-back that could be available in Round 7. Great value for a highly productive small school All-American with upside.

          With only 3 picks, the Seahawks are going to have to “beat the bushes” & find some high value sleepers.

  34. SeattleLifer

    Can’t argue with the contract vs production. Just hope he stays healthy because yes he’s a great great receiver when at 100 percent, but when he gets dinged up he can drop off a good bit. I did think he was older though – only 28👍

  35. Volume12

    Anybody watched VA-Tech RB Khalil ‘Juice’ Herbert?

    Very, very intriguing. Catches the ball well, contributes on STs, patient but not hesitant, good burst.

    • Rob Staton

      Yes, watched him a lot. I am a fan. Very quick.

  36. Gohawks5151

    Odds on the next extension/restructure? My money is on Duane Brown

    • ThOtherJordan

      My guess is Sam Darnold.

      • Chase


        • Hoggs41

          Only a few guys it can be. Brown, Diggs or Adams. Im hoping Brown and that would eliminate LT as a need in the draft. It could wait until next year.

        • Hoggs41

          Could be Dickson as well. Due to his PPE he is at $3.4m now. An extension could take him down to $2.5. Not much but why not extend him.

          • cha

            Heck yeah. After his season they have no reason not to.

  37. cha

    I demand a sequel

    • Sea Mode

      I think my favorite thing is Lockett borrowing Carson and whoever else’s gold chains. 😂

  38. Kip Earlywine

    Next year the cap is going to explode and the price for a high end #2 WR will easily reach $20 mil per. It won’t take long for this deal to look like a bargain, especially if Lockett keeps reeling in 80-100 catches a year.

    • TomLPDX

      I don’t think the cap explodes until 23/24. Don’t forget that the NFL and NFLPA hedged their bets and are spreading out the 2020 losses over several years. My guess is the cap (in 2022) will be back to what it was in 2019 and then explode!

    • Rob Staton

      The early estimate is the cap will rise by $18m. I’m not sure it’ll explode as soon as next year — but within a couple of years, maybe three, hopefully the NFL will be beyond Covid

  39. Sea Mode

    Wow, great numbers (except that bench press… what happened?)

    Jim Nagy

    Official results from @GatorsFB pro-day:

    WR Kadarius Toney
    HT 5115
    WT 193
    Hand 9 1/4
    Arm 31 1/4
    Wing 74 3/4
    40-yd 4.41/4.39 (NFL scouts ⏱)🔥
    VJ 39.5🚀
    BJ 11-4🚀
    SS 4.25
    3C 6.88👀
    BP 9x

    • Rob Staton

      In fairness… benching 225 nine times at 193 is pretty freaking awesome.

      I’m amazed how many reps these guys put up who are lifting significantly more than their body weight

      It’s a piece of cake for the +300lbs guys

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Just goes to show you how freakish these athletes are. I’m in decent shape and I would love to be able to bench 225 ONCE.

        • Rob Staton


          I take a lot of pride in being able to bench my body weight. Nine reps at 225???? Dream world — and I’m a three-times a week lifter in the gym.

          • Hawk Finn

            I’d just be happy to press the bar

          • Denver Hawker

            I assure you this isn’t a brag, but in my mid-twenties, I could easily bench 225 10x in multiple sets while weighing 160#. I could also squat 425 and clean 325, while running a 58 sec 400. I trained 15-20/week and dieted hard. It’s totally possible when you’re young and train for it. That’s what these guys are.

            We’re old, have kids, sit in chairs most of the day, and work actual jobs so it sounds crazy to do now. Just perspective.

    • Ishmael

      The bench is a ridiculous test, especially the way they do it. Just change it to a seated med ball throw. I’d love to see what these boys could power clean too.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve long thought the powerball throw or a one-rep max is a far better test

        • dcd2

          First guy that tears a pec on a one rep bench max would have the player’s union calling for blood.

          I do agree it’s a dumb test though. I remember Christian McCaffery had the worst (or close to it) for bench reps in his class. He turned out ok.

          Longer arms is a disadvantage in bench. Absolutely something you want in a player though.

          • Rob Staton

            Do the powerball then.

            The bloke I train with always says anything more than 10 reps is cardio

            • Peter

              There’s tons of tests I’d rather see….Power ball is definitely top of the list.

              As a fan of Strongman and training those implements I’d rather watch players carry a heavy a** sandbag up and down a field. Test raw strength plus cardio then have them jump right into the broad jump to test being gassed and recovery. Anything less static and less predictive of practical football power than prone on a bench moving weight up and down.

              plus 225 long arms or short is pretty impressive for small corners and rangy WR’s. But for the big fellas on either oline or dline it’s a pretty ho hum weight.

  40. Blue

    What the Seahawks need now, is finding some gems in the undrafted market. They have done this before and they would have a great sales pitch – “We only have 3 picks – you got a shot here” Who are the gems that go undrafted or un-discover this year?

    • Rob Staton

      That’s easier said than done when you have 31 other teams competing in the same market

      • Lewis

        How many of them can plead their case with “we need starters?”

    • cha

      Some of the UDFA guys they have on the roster already have chances to make an impression.

      Cody Thompson, Aaron Fuller at WR (probably John Ursua’s last gasp as well)

      Jordan Miller at DB

  41. DAWGfan

    While this seems like a overpay now, if he performs as he has(which I fully expect since he’s in his prime) this the type of $ that is expected from a top tier #2 receiver down the road. He makes DK a better receiver, a safety blanket for a QB, and someone the staff fully trusts. He is worth the $$.

    • TomLPDX


  42. Hoggs41

    Question to community.
    If you could sign three available players with cap space in mind who would they be?

    • dcd2

      My bargain bin, high-upside flyer list:

      Isaiah Wilson to the PS, and get him checked out in the head. Get him some counselling etc. and get his mind right.

      Malik Hooker – FS. Former #15 overall pick. 25 years old, coming off Achilles injury. 5th yr not optioned. Get him healthy, have him on special teams and see how he looks mid-season, while you figure out Diggs.

      D’onta Foreman – RB. 2000 yards at UT. Former 3rd rounder. 25 yrs. Amazing when healthy, but never is. Platoon him with Penny as the backup if he can beat out Dallas/Homer.

      • dcd2

        One more…

        Gareon Conley – CB. Another former 1st rounder with the length (33 arms, 77.5 WS) and 4.18 SS. Teach that young man the kick-step and throw him in the reclamation bin as well.

    • IHeartTacoma

      Malcom Butler

      Just to annoy our Franchise QB™

      • Big Mike

        Butler signed with AZ, but the other 2 are available. LOL

    • Poli

      Geno Atkins

      • Chase

        +12. Id be very happy with this. Trade Jamal for some picks back and I’d rate the pre-draft offseason as an A. Currently I would rate it a B- with what we had available.

    • SpennyDunks

      Lots of guys that I like still. As it stands, we are set to probably receive 1-2 compensatory picks so it would be ideal to wait until the compensatory cutoff after the draft. However, I hate when PCJS try and select based on need as it tends to not work out – go BPA and bring in some of these guys after the draft, unless of course you’re bringing back Dunbar or Wright on a good deal.

      WR1: Dede Westbrook / Marquise Goodwin / Golden Tate?
      CB1: Richard Sherman / Brian Poole / AJ Bouye
      3T: Geno Atkins / Jurrell Casey

  43. Ryan

    Was anybody from Seattle even at Mond’s Pro Day?

    • TomLPDX

      I asked that question yesterday. I don’t think so. Seattle is really good at deception though.

  44. Matthew Still

    It is not a 4yr 69mln deal, its a 37mln gteed deal for I dont know ho many years. Lets say 3, thats 12mln a yr and crazy good value for him. Id like to see the full breakdown but the headline numbers in these deals are ridiculous and rarely come to fruition unless they are QBs.

    • dcd2

      This is just not right. Why do people think that the base salary just doesn’t count if he plays out his contract?

      If, in your scenario, he plays 3 out the 4 years and we cut him… We are off the hook for ONE year of base, while also eating a good chunk of dead cap. He still gets his base for the other 3 years. So no, it’s not $12M/year.

      Doesn’t make it a bad deal, but you’re working off of bad numbers with this conclusion.

    • Rob Staton

      You sound angry Matthew

  45. Troy D.

    Man how I wish/hope that if the Wilson trade is gonna happen that it would be with Miami. Getting their picks could be a dream scenario for a nightmarish ending to a relationship which seems inevitable anyways. Get both of the Dolphins 1st round picks this year (sort later but focusing near term in this rosterbation comment). That way you can trade down with 18 and possibly target Sewell with the 6th overall pick. The 18th could turn into a slew of picks throughout the rest of the draft (or another top 20 player if not). Then it really is just about finding the new guy..whether its Darnold or someone else. Lockett and DK are excellent weapons for a QB. I find Everett to be very promising (although I wonder if Pitts is there at 6 and Sewell ((doubtful I know)) it would make a really hard choice).

    It seems every move done thus far is covering bases on if Russ stays or goes (this year or next). So a decent dance John is doing right now.

    Also and not because if WIlson is gone or not. Adding a pick this year (and next hopefully) for Adams would be great as well. I dont mind the idea of having a strong defense and a good offense. I just dont want us to continue to lose leverage as Wilson nears the end of his deal. I know we are a ways away from that happening but I think the time is now to get this done. If Russ wants out…open up the amount of potential destinations. South Beach wouldnt be so bad Russ.

    • Benjamin Davis

      How good will Chicago actually be with Andy Dalton? Could very well possibly wind up with a Top 10 pick next year? Does that and change get it done for RW3 next offseason? Russell also has an easier cap number to move next year as well. That also certainly has to be a factor in Seattle’s decision making.

      • Rob Staton

        So does the fact that if Chicago ends up with a top 10 pick, their coach and GM will be fired.

        And they made the playoffs with Foles and Trubisky last season.

        • Benjamin Davis

          No doubt about it. I also factored that in. Unless there is a plan or something happens during the draft. I’m very much looking forward to the next couple of weeks. I for one would love to see Wilson in Seattle. That’s not to say I’m not curious as to what the Bears might offer come draft week.

  46. BobbyK

    My grades (I didn’t say “your” grades, as I’m sure we look at it all differently)

    QB… A-
    RB… C+(Carson is B+ worthy healthy, Penny has potential, but depth is terrible, imo)
    WR… A starters, D- depth
    TE… B-
    LT… B+
    LG… B
    C… D- (least physical/weakest starting center in NFL history?)
    RG… B
    RT… C- (Shell was weird last year because he was about a C+ for me before he got hurt, but then we was about a D after he came back)

    On paper, our offense should be good. It seems Russ is surrounded by a pretty good group. That being said, if he’s gone – I wonder how Sam Darnold would do with this level of talent? Remember, the Jets offense sucks and the talent difference is unbelievable between both teams on offense.

    • Peter

      I still have doubts despite Rob’s excellent Darnold breakdowns about how much better he would be with improved talent. Sure it helps. it helps a ton. But…

      Just scrolling through past rosters in 2018 Lockett had a great year. Tremendous. But Baldwin had a fairly just above middling year and David Moore looked strangely like he was ascending. Nick Vannett had a year that seemingly every TE with Seattle has which is to say pretty non-dynamic…..The O line had some good and certainly some bad. But Wilson was a 65% completion rate with a 35/7 td to int rate. I picked this year because it was probably the most average offensive line up Wilson has had.

      The problem with Sam Darnold is Sam Darnold. He played two years in college. Did not improve year over year and left for the NFL probably because USC was going to lose all it’s star power. So a not great QB who looked the part went to work for maybe the worst run org….

      I’m sure he’d be better with Metcalf and Lockett. But the chicken and egg here is that there is something to be said for if he was actually better he might make his team better….

    • Gohawks5151

      “C… D- (least physical/weakest starting center in NFL history?)”

      I have some Joey Hunt clips to show you

      • Peter

        that’s pretty dang funny btw!

  47. jopa726

    NC State Pro Day results for Defensive Tackle Alim McNeill:
    According to Jim Nagy, the Executive Director of the Reeses Senior Bowl, McNeill checked in at 6-foot-1 7/8 and 317 pounds (trimmed down from a high of 335lbs during the season). The Raleigh native also posted a 4.94-second 40-yard dash, 30.5-inch vertical jump, nine-foot broad jump, 4.59-second short shuttle, 7.71-second three-cone drill and 27 reps of 225 pounds on the bench press.

  48. Sea Mode

    Lindsay Jones

    NFLPA continues to push hard for no in-person work this spring.
    Says NFLPA President J.C. Tretter: “The NFL doesn’t get to decide when the pandemic is over, or when we get to stop caring about COVID.”

    Tretter said players are still worried about catching COVID, and don’t want to risk contracting it during spring practices / workouts or meetings.

    • Tree

      Considering the average cap space, I think the Hawks have had an amazing offseason. We added depth on both lines (17 game season) manipulated the cap, committed to some core players, and improved some key weaknesses (TE & G). JS is great at bargain shopping and the lower cap is playing to his strength. And unlike last year the draft seems strong in the positions we need (C (OL), WR, & CB). Where are we at with comp picks? If we have one, maybe they feel comfortable trading a pick next year (they also have an extra 4th from the Jets), to get another pick this year.

      • dcd2

        I think we need to lose KJ to get a comp pick. Guys that signed vet min deals (Dorsett, Hollister) don’t appear to factor in.

        We’ve lost: Shaq, Moore & Hyde
        Gained: Witherspoon, Everett & Hyder

  49. Rob Staton

    Jim Nagy on Kellen Mond & Davis Mills…

    We knew…

    • dcd2

      Growing buzz indeed. Shooting up draft boards those two.

      Both of whom were in your first 2 round mock back in November!

      Next to come:

      Quinn Meinerz could be gone by the 2nd round
      Ben Cleveland rising quickly, could go day 2

  50. Sea Mode

    Thought this would eventually happen. Makes too much sense.

    Albert Breer

    Great detail in this story from @RossDellenger on how the people who run the combine are bringing 150 prospects to Indy next week (April 8-10) for medicals. Teams are allowed to bring 2 people (doctor, trainer) in for it.

    Big box to check for everyone.

  51. Sea Mode

    Around The NFL

    Antonio Brown, Buccaneers have talked return, but are not close on money right now (per @MikeGarafolo)

  52. Denver Hawker

    I love this kind of honesty:

    • Scot04

      Lol. Could you imagine PC saying anything similar about the last few drafts or Free-agency. Especially blowing 50M and overpaying for Adams. Accountability just doesn’t exist for him. The Seahawks definitely need a New stable Ownership group.

  53. Sea Mode

    I knew 100% this was coming today:

    What’s the best one y’all have seen so far?

    • Mick

      They should have thrown Deshaun Watson or Aaron Rodgers in there.

    • dcd2

      Ahhhh!! Someone (Benjamin?)posted that AB signed earlier.

      I called him a troll. Totally forgot about April fools!!

  54. Sea Mode

    WOW wow wow! I think I just found our day 3 RB!

    RB Gerrid Doaks
    9 3/4
    77 3/4

    He looks perfect!

    Gerrid Doaks || UC Bearcats Running Back || 2019 Highlights

    • Peter

      Great testing!

      good production. Bit of an injury history so that ( sarcastically ) checks out for RB type. But I do think he’d be one to keep and eye on since the current stable seems pretty tenuous.

    • Starhawk29

      Totally agree, he’s super physical too. While watching tape of Ridder, I found myself falling for Doaks as a Seahawks back. Glad the testing agrees!

    • Lewis

      I like it!

  55. Gohawks5151

    Oregon State pro day at 1pm today. They got 3 dudes Seattle should have on their radar. The numbers for them all will be crucial to see if they fit but they all have some Seahawk traits.

    Jermar Jefferson: Rob touched on him a bit. Could be a steal. Decisive, one cut guy. Good vision. Good stop/start. Can hit the homerun. Hate to see him go to SF like Rob mocked.

    Hamilcar Rashed Jr: Stock dropped from last years 15 sack, 20 TFL season but was asked to do different things for some reason this year. Speed drills will tell a lot but he should be OK. Good hands and effort. Nice bullrush. Slippery to block.

    Nashon Wright: 6’4″, 187. Should hit the arm length/wingspan requirement. Quick learner. JUCO guy. Nose for the football. Got Ints, pbus and forced some crucial fumbles. Suffers from some of the “tall corner” issues but he can stay on top and takes coaching well.

  56. Rob Staton

    Got to give the Jets credit.

    They are really, really, really trying to create a market for Sam Darnold

    • Blitzy the Clown

      So that’s not an April Fool’s joke?

  57. cha


    First Things First
    “I’m not sure Pete Carroll has done any compromising. Bringing back Tyler Lockett, who was already under contract this season, is not the sign of compromise.”

    • Rob Staton

      Spot on

      A lot of clutching at straws reading into the Lockett extension. They simply extended the contract of a player they love

      • cha

        And is the Gabe Jackson trade a direct response to Russ’ comments? Hmm.

        Well, PC specifically said LG was an issue in his season ending press conf. Before all this blew up.

        It is entirely possible the Seahawks haven’t responded in a single doggone way to Russ’ issues. Just made their team better overall like any team would.

        • Denver Hawker


          Every move so far is done in effort to build a competent roster while managing the cap. Has nothing to do with who is behind center.

        • Scot04

          True, i definitely don’t think this was for Russ. I’m just they’re finally addressing needs early.
          He said the same things about the passrush last year. We all know what happened there.

      • Gohawks5151

        The things that stuck out to me were about Pete. B Marshall thinks that Pete is compromising. Also that Pete will “listen more on game plan things”. If you think he was being fed by Russ’ camp this seems like a shift. The other guy makes the points that we all know well but I just think it’s interesting that Marshall is changing his tune.

        • Rob Staton

          I’ve just listened to Marshall. You might be right — he has certainly changed his tone

    • Big Mike

      I found the news that Roy Williams is retiring interesting (I know this isn’t Hawks related, skip the following comments if you desire).
      So hey Roy, you bailing because of the grade scandal in your program? Love how the joke that is the NCAA allowed it to be swept under the rug because you coach at a “legacy” program. Well you got that championship in 2017 that you didn’t deserve as well. Hope you find it unfulfilling for the rest of your life since the refs screwed Gonzaga when your guy was clearly out of bounds but it wasn’t called. All those phantom fouls they called on Zach Collins helped gift wrap it for you too. You didn’t deserve it and you know it Roy. Cheater.
      If it sounds like I’m bitter over that ’17 championship game, it’s only because I am.

  58. Rob Staton

    This whole Jarran Reed situation is weird

    • Denver Hawker

      I think he continues to overestimate his value. That said, it sounded like he was a good ‘company guy’ which the Hawks have tended to reward.

      • Gohawks5151

        Doesn’t he know void years are all the rage? What’s his problem?

      • DC

        I think he wanted a legit extension, not just cap relief. Seahawks didn’t want to do that, so now he gets to hit FA next year when the cap starts going up. Sacrificing $3M this year to potentially be a top DT on the FA market next year playing next to Chris Jones and Frank Clark?

        Could be a smart move on his part if he goes back to how he played w/ Clark in 2018.

        • dcd2

          Ya, but they just extended him. They said – Hey, let us give you all of the money we owe you for the 2021 season today, instead of having to wait for game checks each week. Instead he would rather get cut and play for $3M less…??

          He was set to be a FA next year anyway. Just seems that the conversation went sideways in a big way. If you owe me $10 and say you want to give it to me today, instead of $1/month until January, I’d say – absolutely. I would tell you to piss off, work elsewhere for $7.

          He basically paid $3M to get out of Seattle an onto KC. That’s a drastic and sudden change of heart for one of our ‘leaders’.

    • cha

      Something must have soured inside the building.

      The Seahawks extended him coming off a very blah season where he was suspended 6 games. But coming off a season where he closed like a freight train and was one of the lone defensive bright spots in the playoff loss, they wouldn’t extend him?

      Yeah, this stinks like day old fish.

      • CaptainJack

        Perhaps they thought it was a case of “buy low, sell high”

        But when a trade didn’t materialize, the interpersonal damage had been done.

    • Scot04

      I can understand wanting an extension. The key would be how much he was asking for in that extension. We all know the Seahawks have certain values on players, just like Frank Clark. If it doesn’t match they move on.
      I’d prefer to have traded Adams and kept Reed though, even without a restructure.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I don’t think this is about what Reed wanted. It looks like it was about what the Seahawks weren’t willing to do – extend Reed. Seems like price never was at issue.

        And, knowing what we know about Reed, it sounds like he took their unwillingness to extend him as a personal insult and said something to the effect of “you can’t fire me next year because I quit now”

    • Sea Mode

      Yup, I don’t get it.

      My only guess is he wants to get 10+ sacks again on a loaded DL and cash in next year. Easier to do that on the Chiefs than the Seahawks, I guess.

    • CaptainJack

      Please say April Fools Jarran…

    • GerryG

      What am I missing here?

      Seattle could have restructured without his consent correct?

      Seattle released him, so how is this Jarran decided to leave?

      • TomLPDX

        I think it was a a 2-yr deal to begin with and this year would be his final year, so nothing to restructure without a new extension.

        • cha

          Right. Jarran would have to work with the Hawks.

          Garafolo just said on KJR that Za’Darius Smith was approached by GB for the same reason. GB said no, just a restructure, and Smith took that. Jarran was looking at guys getting extensions and said that’s what I want.

          He mentioned the Seahawks didn’t close the door on an extension later in the year, but Reed wasn’t interested.

          • GerryG

            Ok right, that makes sense. Thanks.

  59. Dave1401

    Great content! Love the Q&A at the end

    • Rob Staton


  60. Rob Staton

    Adam Schefter with an April Fools day troll…

    • Scot04

      Well the Wilson trades rumblings had died down a bit. Perfect day to get them going again.

  61. Scot04

    Saw McShays new draft his 1st 10-11 picks are practically a duplicate of what you proposed yesterday in the podcast for your top 10.

  62. Sea Mode

    Hahaha, no lies here!

  63. Sea Mode

    Tom Pelissero

    Meanwhile, teammate CB Benjamin St. Juste was 6-3 1/4, 202 with 9 3/8 hand, 32 5/8 arm, 78 5/8 wingspan. 9-11 broad jump, 34 1/2 vertical and 11 bench reps.

  64. Scot04

    Rob, Very surprised how low many have Josh Myers ranked in 3rd round. I think your analysis spot on, even with the foot injury. Would love to see him somehow slip to 56 (Won’t happen)Like you said quite a few good interior lineman in this draft.
    Unfortunately I’ve lost hope of getting back in this draft with an Adams trade. Would be thrilled to be wrong though.
    If you could have your choice of any Center in this years draft, who would you choose?

    • Rob Staton

      I am very intrigued by Landon Dickerson but don’t trust the injuries. I find it hard to separate Myers and Meinerz but I can be sold on Humphrey too.

  65. cha


    Jamal Adams
    #33 for life!! #Prez
    10:39 AM · Apr 1, 2021

    • TomLPDX

      Another April fools tweet?!

      • Rob Staton

        Think he’s just talking about players potentially being allowed to wear single digit numbers.

        • cha

          First 17 game seasons, and now this? Is nothing sacred?

          • Rob Staton

            I know. Not a fan of the direction the league is heading with a lot of this stuff

            • Sea Mode

              I would like the on-field ref with access to the camera angles, though.

  66. JimQ

    S-Tyler Coyle, Perdue/UConn, Height: 6’1″ (66th percentile) Weight: 209 (70th) Arm: 32 3/8 (78th) Vertical: 39 (85th) Broad: 133 (96th) Bench: 24 reps (97th) **4.36/40** (97th) Short shuttle: 4.00 (93rd) 3-cone: 7.14 (18th) Career stats: 274-tkls, 172-solo, 7.5-TFL, 3-INT-(2-for TD’s),16-PBU, 2-FF, 2-FR. = Ranked as an UDFA = an overlooked sleeper Safety? I haven’t watched any tape, but his #’s are pretty damn good, could be a nice developmental Safety and he’s likely an UDFA that may be available for a look by the Seahawks.

    • dcd2

      Really good numbers. Haven’t heard of him and can’t even find highlights.

      I’d be more interested if he weren’t a SS. Unless we trade Jamal, that’s about the last position I see us targeting.

  67. Sea Mode

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that qualifies… 👀

    CB Israel Mukuamu
    HT 6041
    WT 212
    Hand 9 3/8 (left hand)
    Arm 34
    Wing 80 3/4
    VJ 36.5
    BJ 9-11
    BP 13x
    *no 40 or shuttles (hamstring inj.)

    Saw an image of him and was like: who is that guy?!

    • Rob Staton

      Yep, that’s what a Seahawks cornerback looks like

      • Sea Mode

        And looks like he actually might have ball skills too! Seems like forever since we’ve had one of those!

        And did I hear “willing tackler”…?

        • Sea Mode

          (oh, never mind, it says he’s NOT a willing tackler… 😢)

          will look into it.

    • dcd2

      I’ll bet his agility numbers would have been quite poor.

      From that pic, he looks… gangly?

      Looks like a basketball player

  68. JimQ

    A potential (slightly smaller & a pure slot WR) Tyler Lockett clone? #’s are really close.

    WR-Tyler Lockett, 5-10/182, 30“-arms, 8-3/9“-hands, 4.40-40, 34.5“-vert, 121“-broad, 6.89-3-cone, 4.08 20-yard shuttle, 11.14 6- yard shuttle.
    Career Stats: 249/3710/14.0-ypc/29-TD’s + 32/488/15.3-ypr, 2-TD’s

    WR(slot)-Jaelon Darden, No. Texas: 5′ 7-5/8″, 174 lbs., 8 3/4″ hand, 30 5/8″ arm, 72 1/2″ wing., 4.46 40, 11 bench, 35.5″ vertical, 10′ 2″ broad, 4.10 shuttle, 6.67 3-cone.
    Career Stats: 230/2782/12.1-ypc/38-TD’s, + 35/310/8.9-ypr/1-TD on punt returns.

    TL: 5-10; —- JD; 5-7-5/8
    TL; 182; —- JD; 174
    TL; 30“-arms; —- JD; 30-5/8“-arms
    TL; 8-3/8“-hands; —- JD; 8-3/4“-hands
    TL; 4.40/40; —- JD; 4.46/40
    TL; 34.5-Vert; —- JD; 35.5-Vert
    TL; 10‘-1“-Broad; —- JD; 10‘-2“-Broad
    TL; 4.08-20-yd shuttle; —- JD; 4.10-20-yd shuttle
    TL; 6.89-3Cone; —- JD; **6.67-3-Cone**

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