Talkin’ Seahawks with Joe Fann & thoughts on the top-10

This week I was invited onto Joe Fann’s ‘Talkin’ Seahawks’ podcast. We had a good conversation about Jamal Adams, the off-season and how I came to follow (and ultimately write about) the team.

Check it out here:

I also wanted to share some thoughts on the top-10 picks.

I think we’re starting to gain some clarity on what’s going to happen at certain spots and how this will ultimately shape the rest of the draft.

#1 Jacksonville Jaguars

This is straight forward. They will select Trevor Lawrence.

#2 New York Jets

Short of any medical issues, they will select Zach Wilson. He had a surgically repaired shoulder and players will soon travel to Indianapolis for medicals. Provided everything checks out, Wilson will be the pick here.

#3 San Francisco 49ers

I think this is nailed on to be Mac Jones. Kyle Shanahan’s offense doesn’t call for off-script improv. Not in the slightest. He wants to call the plays, he wants you to read the defender he isolates and execute. There’s a difference between a bootleg and backyard football. Justin Fields and Trey Lance don’t process anywhere near as well as Jones and they don’t throw with the same anticipation either. Fields in particular is better playing off-script, not within structure. Jones is the ideal fit for what Shanahan wants. Remember — his offense in Atlanta in 2016 was virtually unstoppable with Matt Ryan (the MVP) simply executing. Jones will win the locker room over quickly (just ask DeVonta Smith & Jaylen Waddle for their thoughts on Jones over Tua). They went and got their guy and to be honest, I’d be a lot more fearful of someone who can execute Shanahan’s genius rather than a superior, flashier athlete.

#4 Atlanta Falcons

I think this comes down to two players — Kyle Pitts and Trey Lance. To cut or trade Matt Ryan next year will cost Atlanta $40m. So they are tied to him for at least two more seasons. For me, the best thing to do would be to draft Pitts at #4 and then take Kellen Mond with your second selection. However, if the Falcons see this as a rare opportunity to pick a quarterback in the top-five to set themselves up long term, they could select Lance and sit him until 2023. I think the smart move is clearly Pitts and new GM Terry Fontenot insists they’ll take the best player on the board. Plus I think Lance only warrants a placing similar to Jordan Love a year ago.

#5 Cincinatti Bengals

The Bengals are going to draft Ja’Marr Chase. Book it. It’s as nailed on as the top-three picks.

#6 Miami Dolphins

Reportedly the Dolphins are avoiding players who held out of the 2020 season. That makes Penei Sewell unlikely. If Kyle Pitts is still on the board, he’s a strong option. The two Alabama receivers — DeVonta Smith & Jaylen Waddle — are strong options too. However — I still think Patrick Surtain is also a possibility. This is a deep receiver class and with #18 and two second rounders, the Dolphins can wait if they want to. Xavien Howard’s days are numbered in Miami and Tony Pauline recently indicated the Dolphins are planning to take a corner early. Some people view Surtain as one of the top four or five players in the draft, with a low floor and decent ceiling. So I think this pick comes down to Pitts, Smith, Waddle or Surtain.

#7 Detroit Lions

This seems like another cast-iron lock. The Lions are desperate at receiver and will select one of DeVonta Smith or Jaylen Waddle.

#8 Carolina Panthers

All the talk was about a powerplay for Deshaun Watson but that’s not happening now. I wonder if the Panthers will kick the can down the road at quarterback. They could take Justin Fields but I sense Matt Rhule and David Tepper want proven experience. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if they took Penei Sewell here to play left tackle and revisited the Watson situation down the line. Patrick Surtain could also be a consideration, or Rashawn Slater.

#9 Denver Broncos

They could go quarterback but I’m just not sure it’s what the new GM will want to do. You have to be really convinced if you’re going to attach yourself to a quarterback with your first pick. I think they will trade down and target linebackers in the mid-teens. I think New England will have their eye on Justin Fields as an ideal transition project from Cam Newton. I have them moving up to get him.

#10 Dallas Cowboys

The consensus seems to be cornerback for Dallas — meaning either Patrick Surtain or if he’s off the board, Jaycee Horn. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they looked at Rashawn Slater to play guard or one of the top-two pass rushers (Azeez Olujari, Jaelen Phillips).

Other notes…

— I’m going to be publishing TEF results for the 2021 O-line class in the next couple of days. No spoilers here but I can tell you this is by far the most explosive group of offensive linemen we’ve ever covered.

— I’ve also updated my horizontal board and will be publishing the new version within the next few days.

— Teven Jenkins secured a place in the first round with his pro-day today. He measured with 33.5 inch arms (longer than expected) and jumped a 32.5 inch vertical. He also delivered the quote of the off-season. I would draft him for that answer alone.

— I didn’t expect Chubba Hubbard to weigh in at 210lbs and jump a 36 inch vertical and a 10-0 broad. I still don’t think he’s a Seahawks ‘type’ of running back but this combination of size and explosive testing warrants further study.

I shared more thoughts on the top-10, the Seahawks and a lot more in a live stream Q&A I did yesterday, which also featured Robbie and I discussing the Tyler Lockett news. If you missed it, check it out here:

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  1. Rob Staton

    JT O’Sullivan’s QB rankings are the same as Chris Simms’:

    And we’ve been on top of a lot of this stuff for months

    • Spectator

      lol this video was satire for April fools day though it seems.

      • Rob Staton

        Not at all.

        I think it makes a lot of sense.

        • Spectator

          I agree to an extent on the rankings making a lot of sense, as I thoroughly agree with the analysis you have given, but it was clearly (to me at least) that he was trying to be comical with this video. Maybe he does have these rankings, but the comical/satire nature of the video in hole makes me question it. I mean, he said that Wilson is going to come into the league and and be immediately as good as Mahomes and Rodgers “and it doesnt matter that they took a years to develop”, and “he is” a combination of the two immediately. That cant be serious. Saying that he wants to be a fantasy football GM at some point, potentially.” lol and continually emphasizing the head band of Zack Wilson being important. Talking about his dads neighbors cousin telling him to look at him. lol And that is just a little comedy around Zack Wilson.

          • Rob Staton

            Ah… yeah… you’re right. It went over my head at first, I just thought it was a bit of a crap video but you’re right.

          • Spectator

            I guess more than being comical, he was attacking and being satirically sarcastic (is that a thing lol) about the current narratives and hypes surrounding each QB.

  2. Comfect

    So I can’t think of any reason that explosiveness results would necessarily be biased by not having a common combine, but it feels appropriate to be skeptical of extraordinary results that come the one year that we don’t have that centralized combine. Is there any chance that those TEF scores are inflated in some way? Or are they all objective enough measurements that we can be confident even though they came from pro days not the central combine?

    • Rob Staton

      Well it’s possible to run on a fast track at a pro-day.

      I’m not sure it’s possible to jump higher or further or bench more.

      But the combine is a more stressful event which can impact performance.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I think there’s something to that. I remember anecdotes from previous draftees who said they attribute better pro day performances than at the combine to being on their home turf so to speak.

        But regardless, this might be the most athletic draft class ever.

  3. Cawww

    Hey Rob, maybe you have talked about this previously and I missed it, but I am curious about this comment for Atlanta: “I think this comes down to two players — Kyle Pitts and Trey Lance.” Why only Lance and not Lance and Fields?

    • Rob Staton

      I just can’t imagine Fields being comfortable sitting for two years. Lance I think, due to his lack of starts and journey to this point, will be more inclined. It’s a harder sell to Fields.

  4. cha

    Speaking as a fan of good QB play, I really hope Trey Lance ends up with a quality franchise.

    I could easily see a team either trying to fit him into their system, instead of tailoring the system to him. Or rushing him to start Week One and wrecking a really talented player.

  5. Rob Staton

    A request to the community — please do listen to the Joe Fann podcast linked above.

    I’ve really enjoyed being invited onto podcasts/radio shows like this recently and I suppose it’s more likely to happen again in future if the numbers are good.

    • Trevor

      Looking forward to listening on my drive home from work.

    • cha

      The intro by Joe was very complimentary.

      • Mick

        Noticed this too, I must say deservedly so.

    • TomLPDX

      I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this podcast with Joe. One thing that I have taken away from the podcasts you have done lately with our local reports is how much in agreement they are with you. Joe said it best…you can’t argue with your logic! You really are on it, Rob, and they can’t find fault in your thinking. I’m an old faithful here and have listened to your arguments and reasoning and have gotten to the point that I’m just a member of the choir as you preach your beliefs. Don’t stop. Others hear you as well.

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks Tom, appreciate it

      • Isaac

        I’m so excited that you have been on so many of these podcasts and shows. I’ve been you have gotten onto these shows for a long time. Come on guys let’s drive the numbers through the roof!!!

    • Bankhawk

      On my way there as soon as I get through the commentary here, Rob. And I’ll share it out to such football oriented friends as I have, as well.
      I’ve been with you since early days (does that go back to the ‘Dark Ages’ of Jim Mora Jr.?) and feel so gratified that you are finally starting to get your due around the Net, in Seattle media and national stuff. It’s all well-earned with sweat and labor, integrity, and clarity of vision.
      As to your content creation this season, I’m put in mind of a favorite film quote: In ‘Man On Fire’ Christopher Walken sits telling a Mexican Federal about Creasy/Denzel Washington and says ‘a man can be an artist at anything’ and ‘He’ s about to paint his masterpiece’.
      Now the context here is very, very different, but you, good sir, are an artist, and this off season and your commentary and clear-eyed observation have been YOUR masterpiece!
      Cheers, mate! Keep it up. 👍

    • GerryG

      Good pod, and I like Joe, he is the only one that has asked anything brave of Pete. I know some folks gave him crap here, but personally I absolutely loved it when he asked Pete if he thought he won Jets game in the fourth quarter last year. Calling Pete out on his antiquated thoughts that first half doesnt matter was breath of fresh air to me.

    • Jordan E

      Im hoping for that weekly podcast with Corbin! Rob Staton > Rob Rang lol

    • OlyHawksfan

      Great work. The exposure is long overdue. I’m convinced that your strategy is to keep spreading your point of view and eventually JS and/or Jody Allen will hear it. You might have to be a Jedi master to persuade Pete though. BTW the Hans Zimmer reference the other day gave me a solid chuckle.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m really delighted to be getting the opportunity to appear on the radio and several podcasts these days… but I can’t even influence my own kids, let alone the Seahawks 🙂

        • TomLPDX

          HaHa! You aren’t alone, Rob!

  6. SeattleLifer

    So frustrating that this draft seems tailor made for the Hawks needs and if things stay as they are we’ll just about qualify as onlookers to it all.

    • Volume12

      I don’t see a ton of needs personally.

      iOL, WR3, CB, LB, and a developmental OT

      • Rob Staton


        You might want to look at who’s contracted beyond 2021 and 2022…

        • Volume12

          I did. Those are the positions that are needed beyond this year & next. Safety too, but not worried about there.

          • Rob Staton

            The cupboard is bare beyond this year at several key positions. Needs don’t just mean 2021.

      • Peter

        Don’t they need dline help that’s not some spot filling journeymen, a 32 year old Dunlap who gets more done than his decade younger peers, and some hope and prayer draft pick who might not ever play?

        Plus to play pete ball they “need,” a bell cow who doesn’t get injured. Love your dude Carson, one of the best late round spottings on this blog maybe ever btw, but he’s not as consistent as necessary. And I don’t rate Penny. Happy to be wrong about him. Whenever the team attempts to just get by then it seems they barely do if at all.

      • GerryG

        So five positions, and two draft picks. That is a problem, when the cupboard is bare you typically want grab more than one at a position of need, especially when that also corresponds to an area of strength in the draft.

        Ideally, just in this draft they should come away with a C, OT and OG. The Center needs to compete to start, the OT is develpmental, and the OG needs to be able to backup this season (currently we are counting on Jordon Simmons or Phil Haynes as backups, they cant stay healthy).

        We need a WR3 that can contribute this year on day 1.

        That’s four picks thus far, all of which you would like to do within the first three rounds ideally. Now come round 4 you hope you can get some WR/CB/LB to develop and contribute on special teams. So you need a minimum of seven picks to pull this off. And we didnt draft a single DL in this scenario, which should never happen in a draft. Oh, and you might also need to draft a QB…

  7. Jhams

    Re Atlanta, if the Seahawks can eat $39m in dead cap to trade Russ, not sure why ATL eating $40m to trade Ryan is completely out of the realm of possibility.

    • Rob Staton

      Well are you getting three first round picks for Ryan?

      Or are you cutting him?

      • Jhams

        That’s a good question. I do wonder how much he’d get in trade. Less than a Russ or (pre lawsuits) Watson. But Stafford is a clear tier below and still got a couple firsts. Maybe one of those was for taking on Goff’s contract, but if ATL is bearing most of the burden of Ryan’s contract that might be similar.

        • Rob Staton

          Matt Stafford just turned 33.

          Matt Ryan will be 37 next year.

          That’s a big difference.

          • Jhams

            Also a fair point. After Brady’s success at age 50 or whatever though, I could see an “everything but the QB” team being willing to give him a shot. Esp since he’s a relatively immobile pocket passer so the aging will likely affect his game less.

            • GerryG

              YEah but PED Tom drinks 50 gallons of water a day to facilitate him playing effective at an age never seen before in the history of sports.

  8. Rob Staton

    A flavour of the tweeted responses to the podcast…

    “isn’t Jamal Adams an elite pass rusher?”

    “I’m sorry.. I’m confused.. did he NOT break the single season sack record for a safety playing 11 games realistically? Did he not also LEAD the team in sacks last year with 9.5? 4 less than Donald playing fewer games with a statistically worse overall D? Am I missing something?”

    “Yeah they could get elite pass rush with that money.. Someone like Jamal Adams!”

    “respectfully slap him in the face, cause without him our defense would literally be bottom 10 in everything”

    Never underestimate the fans’ desire to give a big name player the benefit of the doubt…

    • Blitzy the Clown

      To use a metaphor, you’re having a conversation about chess and they’re talking about checkers. We should trade Adams to draft a pass rusher? But he’s our best pass rusher!

      Ok, so who’s gonna play safety? Because Adams can’t be both our best pass rusher and the safety this defense needs to work on the back end. Additionally, what a waste of at least one DL who isn’t giving the team the production they should get from that position, such that they have to blitz their safety to a ridiculous degree.

      And that doesn’t even get to the question about whether any safety is worth $18m+ per year. For me, I haven’t seen the safety I’d be willing to tie up that much of the cap into. It’s just not that important of a position in my opinion. And I like Adams a lot.

    • Rohan Raman

      Wasn’t the Hawks defense bottom 10 in pretty much everything except for sacks and rushing yards?

      • Uncle Bob

        Ken Norton as DC has been bottom 10 six seasons running, over two teams. Not going to say he’s fully at fault in either location, but he is the constant. He should be a top LB unit coach, and just because he’s very good at that doesn’t mean he’s DC material.

    • Leo

      I feel like part of it is the fanbase trying to recapture the old excitement of the old-school LoB. We all want to feel like we did in 2012-15, so the discourse just treats Adams like he’s Kam redux, no questions asked. All the same old clichés like “can you win the game in the first quarter?” or “we all got, we all we need” or “CenturyLink is the scariest place to play” stay in use, but they’ve grown absolutely meaningless. No one wants to accept that the team has grown exceedingly staid and normal.

      I wish I could feel the same excitement about Adams that the rest of the fanbase seems to. Apart from that goalline tackle against the Rams, I can’t remember a single moment last year where I thought “Wow! What a player!” KJ excited me way more on a weekly basis than Jamal did.

      • Rob Staton

        All the same old clichés like “can you win the game in the first quarter?” or “we all got, we all we need” or “CenturyLink is the scariest place to play” stay in use, but they’ve grown absolutely meaningless. No one wants to accept that the team has grown exceedingly staid and normal.

        This is so true.

        Apart from that goalline tackle against the Rams, I can’t remember a single moment last year where I thought “Wow! What a player!” KJ excited me way more on a weekly basis than Jamal did.

        This is also so true.

        • Roy Batty

          KJ making Kyler, essentially, lay down on the turf was my favorite highlight from last year. He opened his 25 foot wingspan and Kyler simply surrendered. A smart player showing the younger guy whats what.

          • TomLPDX

            Favorite play of the season for me. Stopped him in his tracks!

        • BigSmooth13

          “Apart from that goalline tackle against the Rams, I can’t remember a single moment last year where I thought “Wow! What a player!” KJ excited me way more on a weekly basis than Jamal did. ”

          I feel like this is just selective memory and confirmation bias. Go re-watch his seahawk highlight tape. Full of plays that only he can do. He’s like a heat seeking missile. The Earl Thomas of the line of scrimmage haha.

          This is not to say I don’t think trading him is probably for the better of the team but come on. Watched the whole season and never thought what a player?!

          • Rob Staton

            I think it’s somewhat poor form to suggest someone’s opinion is merely confirmation bias if you’re just going to offer vague platitudes in response.

            Personally I thought he played very well against Atlanta on debut. I thought his play against the Rams (second game) to prevent a TD was clearly superb. I thought his sack vs WFT was superb too.

            There wasn’t a lot else that I personally got that excited about.

            And watching the all-22 vs the Jets recently made me cry inside slightly.

          • Leo

            I watched his highlights on YT like you suggested, and it really was just a compilation of his blitzes. To be clear, I’m not saying he’s a bad player by any means. But my lasting impression was of a guy who was a talented blitzer but somewhat unremarkable in other regards. I was pumped after his Atlanta performance, but it became clear that the Falcons weren’t expecting our scheme to change so much, and the league adapted almost immediately. I remember him dropping a bunch of potential picks, which I discounted to his injuries. I remember him making a business decision at the goal line in the first Rams game, which again I discounted to injury. And who knows, maybe after a full offseason to get healthy and learn the scheme, they won’t have to blitz him so much this year. But that seems like a lot of question marks for $18M/year.

            • BigSmooth13

              I think this is fair. There just seems to be a lot of disregard for how good of a player he really is on this board.

              I think he’s great at attacking the line of scrimmage, there are very few people who can do it with the speed and authority he does it. Which to me is huge going against the rams and niners and their jet sweeps and misdirections. He’s a great weapon to have.

              The question for the Hawks is how much he’s worth. I like many of you think it would be better off if we traded him as long as we get good value back. I don’t see the Hawks doing this. Pete loves him, loves his attitude and passion. He has high leadership qualities at a young age. There’s very few like him.

    • cha

      Can we trade Rob? here we come!

      • Rob Staton

        I chuckled at that one to be fair

        And the Dolphins do have a lot of picks… and I like Florida…

        • Big Mike

          I don’t think you’d like Fla in the late Spring, Summer or most of the Fall what with the insane humidity and the hurricanes.

          • Rob Staton

            I live in Rotherham mate

            • Henry Taylor


            • Big Mike

              I’m aware of that

            • Neville

              Do you follow Rotherham United, Rob? I discovered Matt Olosunde playing pick up soccer when he was 7, and signed him up to his first travel team.

              • Rob Staton

                They are my local team. I’ve done a lot of work with them over the years. That’s cool that you helped Matt Olosunde!

          • TomLPDX

            Dude, I spent half my life in FL and have been through at least 13 hurricanes, worked as a construction laborer through the hottest part of the year (spring, summer, fall) and still lived to talk about it! It is a state of mind…almost like living in Texas!!! HeHe…

            • Big Mike

              More power to you my friend. Don’t think I could’ve done it even as a young man. I despise humidity.

        • dcd2

          Dolphinsdraftblog would be pretty entertaining this year for sure.

    • cha

      A lot of the fan reaction is what happens when you look at results not at process.

      2 first round picks and a large contract is for players that engulf players on the other side of the ball.

      Jalen Ramsey squaring off an entire side of the field.

      Laremy Tunsil locking down the blind side no matter who is lining up against him.

      Khalil Mack playing 85% of the snaps and getting consistently doubled and still returning the highest PFF grade at his position.

      Patrick Mahomes who can take you to two Super Bowls on a rookie contract.

      The bulk of Adams’ success has come from the exact opposite – from his teammates helping him, rather than being helped by him because he absorbs two or three opposition players.

      There is ample evidence of that process being played out.

      Bobby Wagner blitzed 100 times in 2020 and recorded only 3 sacks. 3!

      KJ Wright blitzed 72 times in 2020 and recorded only 2 sacks. 2!

      Why such low numbers? They’re feinting for Adams to open up the A gap.

      Dollars and cents – the Seahawks spent $25m for Wright and Wagner in 2020, and blitzed them on 8% of their snaps. So it cost the Seattle Seahawks $2 million dollars to set up blitzes for Jamal Adams in 2020.

      And that doesn’t account for covering Adams’ responsibilities when he is blitzing and they’re not setting him up.

      The cost/benefit ratio on Adams is upside down.

      • Big Mike

        Bingo. And everything you said doesn’t take into account the fact that he missed 4 games due to injury and shouldn’t have played in 2 others due to injury, a whopping 37.5% of the team’s games. Nearly all of that is due to the role he has assumed in Seattle. 215 lb safties are gonna get hurt playing as a blitzer a good portion of the time.

        • cha

          Indeed. 2 of 3 Wagner’s sacks came in Week 7 vs San Francisco when he was – wait for it – blitzing like crazy to fill in for the injured Jamal Adams.

  9. Producehawk

    Tried the draft simulator not much fun with three picks. Traded down twice.


    Quinn Meinerz
    OC Wisconsin-Whitewater
    trade icon

    Trill Williams
    CB Syracuse
    trade icon

    Dayo Odeyingbo
    EDGE Vanderbilt
    trade icon

    Kellen Mond
    QB Texas A&M

    • Rob Staton

      Meinerz and Mond will be looooooooong gone

      • Producehawk

        I know but what can ya do? Lol

        • DougM

          You can use the PFF Big Board only drafting players below your current selection. If you utilize the trades that don’t offer much early you will get more trade opportunities down the line. I’ve had as much as 13 picks that way.

      • BruceN

        Thanks to you drumming them up. I noticed both Cleveland and Meinerz kept moving up your draft board. At first I thought we’ll have a shot at one of the two, now I don’t think we will.

        • BruceN

          p.s. Cleveland is no longer a need with signing of Gabe. FWIW, McShay mocks the Hawks drafting Meinerz.

    • dcd2

      How about these:

      80. Dyami Brown – WR
      100. Ben St Juste – CB
      110. Chris Rumph – SAM
      126. Darius Stills – DT

      These guys might all be gone too, but then again, they might all be there.

  10. cha

    If only…

    • Big Mike

      If I were a 9er fan, I’d not be happy at seeing this

      • Ryan

        If I were a 9ers fan, I’d just be happy we’re going to get a franchise QB and that the rest of our team is Super Bowl caliber and that our long-term rival in Seattle is seemingly mired in dysfunction.

        • God of Thunder

          Well let me cheer you up!

          Who says the 49ers will be acquiring a franchise QB with their 3rd overall pick? Take a look at the QBs selected over the years AFTER the presumptive top QB has already been claimed.

          There are legit reasons to think that the 49ers are taking a real risk grabbing Jones, or Fields, or Lance, as they all have flaws in their game. Or physical limitations. Etc.

          • Group Captain Mandrake

            Hell, on top of that, even the “can’t miss” prospects often don’t pan out. That being said, #3 gets a much better chance to grab the right guy than their original pick.

  11. Jeffers

    I was just thinking of something. Have the Seahawks literally every extended anyone, even once, before the second to last year of their contract under John Schneider? I can’t think of an instance in which they have, and I know they say it is a rule of theirs not to do it and players have held out a couple of different times because they wouldn’t. If they haven’t and they do now I feel like it would take away a ton of their credibility in negotiations going forward.

  12. cha

    Atlanta playing in London in 2021

  13. Uncle Bob

    Rob, I like your early round analysis. I especially like the SF commentary since I agree with it completely :). My brain wants to believe we’re beginning to see the tip of the iceberg in the league. The idea that if you’ve got a “franchise quarterback” that’s pretty much “it” isn’t the automatic guarantee of success. A “system” qb may be a better fit. I’m more of a total team assemblage kinda guy so that rings to me. The fanboys that say something along the lines of “If they deal Russ this will be a 4-12 year (or change for the recent 17 game format) might be the out of sync view going forward. That may happen, but isn’t a necessary outcome with a change in qb. BTW, if you haven’t seen it, look for the vid with Bucky Brooks on the Fox Sports talking head show with Acho. He fairly well lays out the case against RW in his current (?) prima donna mode. It wouldn’t surprise me if what he’s saying doesn’t reflect the attitude of a respectable portion of the league. If it is, his trade value isn’t, in reality, as high as Hawk fans think it might/should be. Some will throw out the Brady example, but he and Mahomes are the outliers. The more often outcome is the Rodgers, Brees, Wilson, etc of a team being good enough, plus the qb exceptional abilities, to get into the playoffs, but falling short, year after year, of the big prize. Goff, Garapolo, Folels, etc. have all been “system” fits that helped their team make the big show, even if most often they fall just short of the Lombardi. Even though the future salary caps look to be escalating at a pretty good clip, the more team management across the league figures out that it takes more than just a highly paid qb to actually win, the more we may see the methodology that appears to be in play for SF become the more successful philosophy.

    • dcd2

      Do you have a link to the Brooks piece? I couldn’t find it online.

      • Uncle Bob


        • dcd2

          Thanks. Will check it out.

        • TomLPDX

          Loved that segment. Some of you guys don’t like Bucky but I do. He speakin’ the truth!

        • dcd2

          Thanks. I am on team Bucky. I think he’s got the feel of it.

          FWIW, I’m with you Bob. I think a $1-$4M QB with 5 really good-great guys at $7M cap hits is the way to go for the Hawks. Not saying it’s the best way for every team to win every year. For the style Pete wants to play, I think a low-cost game manager, alongside a great team gives us a better chance at success than a great QB alongside an average team.

          I also worry that RW isn’t worth what most think he is. Particularly when he’s limited his prospective teams to basically the Bears… There are a lot of good or ‘on the rise’ teams that he won’t consider because they won’t let him throw for 5000 yards. I think he’d rather win a MVP than another Lombardi at this point.

          It was a decent effort, but we’ve given “this” a shot for what, 6 years? He got PAID in 2015. Since then, we’re 3-5 in the playoffs. We beat Minnesota on a Blair Walsh 20 yard shank. We beat the Lions – Good Game. We beat the Eagles with a 41 year old QB… That’s it. Since Russ got paid, we’ve haven’t sniffed the NFCCG.

          One quality playoff win in 6 years. I’m ready to try something else.

  14. Rob Staton

    Another quick nudge given it’s been quieter on here today — please do listen to the Talkin’ Seahawks podcast. Let’s make this a highly listened-to episode

    • All I see is 12s

      I did Rob. And enjoyed it very much. Thank you!

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you!

    • Robbie

      I’ll share on twitter to all 4 of my followers 🙂

      • dcd2

        😆 You deserve at least 6 followers Robbie.

    • Blitsy the Clown


  15. Rob Staton

    There are some… significant… changes to my horizontal board…

    Few players I’ve come to late in the day, am very excited about, and want to talk about

    Others dropping after poor pro-days

    • dcd2

      Might as well post it, no?


      Up: Dyami Brown, Jason Oweh, Barron Browing, Tevin Jenkins, Jamin Davis….

      Down: Elijah Moore, Aaron Banks, Rondale Moore, Elijah Molden, Brevin Jordan…

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I was a little disappointed with Alim McNeil’s pro day, specifically his agility numbers. I thought because he’d slimmed down he would be quicker than he was in the 3 cone and short shuttle. His jumps and 40yd were decent for a guy who goes 320lbs. But overall I don’t think he boosted his stock much. Unlike Milton Williams.

    • Gaux Hawks

      just saw this… disregard my post below

  16. Scot04

    Excellent podcast. Especially glad you were able to get your thoughts on Adams out there. Whether people want to realize it or not; it’s nice to see the reality of the Adams situation enlighten a few.
    It’s pretty impossible to dipute, yet we keep seeing the same baseless arguments.
    “But he lead the team in sacks and broke the record for a safety.”
    There are just some will only look at those 2 things, and think without him our defense will fall apart.
    Was a great listen though hope you continue to get more opportunities.

  17. Gohawks5151

    Good showing at Oregon State. I said earlier that Seattle should have 3 of these guys on their radar. Rashed had some good explosive numbers. He seems like an AFC north or Vikings guys though. Jefferson’s numbers aren’t special but he screams Arian Foster to me. Wright ran in the 4.4s at 6’4″, 183. 32 7/8 arms. Put him on the list.

  18. Denver Hawker

    Rob, sincere question:

    When the Hawks have the picks they do this year, how does it make you feel about your work? You’re honestly one of the best draft analysts out there, truly mean that, and a Hawks fan. To put the work in that you do to ID the best targets only for them to not draft them (like 2020) or have little draft capital (like 2021), does that bother you?

    • Denver Hawker

      Check that, you were all over Damien Lewis last year.

      More so, just curious if the Hawk’s recent draft behavior has affected you work. I’d love to see you elevated somehow, particularly as you have a keen sense for other teams needs beyond the Hawks.

  19. no frickin clue

    Let’s talk GM draft strategy for a second.

    If the Hawks are going to trade Russ, the strategic play is to make it happen on draft day, right before the team acquiring Russ is due to make its first-round selection.

    Let’s pretend that the Bears and Jets come together on a 3-way deal that looks something like:
    – three #1 picks (2021, 2022, 2023)
    – Khalil Mack
    – Sam Darnold
    – other flotsam/jetsam draft picks trading hands

    And let’s further stipulate that the 2021 #1 pick is in that 20-23 range in the first round. Call it 20th overall.

    Do any of us believe that Pete Carroll is going to be satisfied with Darnold leading the troops into battle every Sunday? Such that we no longer have a need for a highly-regarded rookie signal caller? I think the odds of that are roughly zero. And from what I’ve read about the 2022 QB class, it’s pretty meh. So if you’re going to use up draft capital on a QB, this is the year.

    But if they made that mega-trade today, every GM in the league is going to suspect that the Hawks are looking at QBs with that 20th overall selection. So any team in the bottom third of the first round knows that they have to push up into the teens to get ahead of Seattle. Of course, Seattle knows this too. So Pete and John might feel forced to trade some of their new draft capital preemptively to stop that from happening.

    How to avoid this dilemma? Keep Seattle off the QB radar entirely. And the only time that happens is when (in this example) the Bears are on the clock.

    The Niners did exactly the opposite – they gave the farm to acquire #3 overall. But that’s because it’s high enough that, worst case scenario, they still can end up with one of Lawrence, Zach Wilson, or Mac Jones. The Hawks sitting at #20 overall have nowhere near the same level of protection.

    • Bankhawk

      N. F. C. : The layers of ‘known unknowns, etc here boggle the mind, and set my head to spinning. But I get the logic to the scenarios you have proposed and if I’ m passing it correctly, it feels internally consistent and coherent.
      So what do I think? Guessing what JS/PC will do in this particular case, when it gets right down to it, could be paraphrased as “The draft is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get”. 😉

    • AlphaDK

      Let’s just rule out a Khalil Mack trade. His contract was just restructured this year to create cap space for more player signings, and if Mack is traded, there will be a $26m dead money charge and $2m in savings, putting the bears $23.5m over the cap.

      Wilson could be traded and contract restructured, but there’s pretty much no way Wilson gets the cash flow he wants for less than a $5m cap charge in 2021. That means the bears would have to come up with $30m of cap space, which would mean cutting 6-7 starters to just get under the salary cap, not to mention the need for 2-3m for draft picks and 5-8m for IR which would require more cap magic.

      Doesn’t rule out a Wilson trade, but it’s almost an impossibility for the bears to move Mack this season.

      • cha

        Correct. Chicago effectively took Mack off the table.

        Which makes me question how serious they were in the first place about acquiring RW.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Or you could question the value of Wilson, which is a lot higher with this fan base than it was with other teams. Every time we talk about the value of Wilson, whatever amount is mentioned, the fans move the bar further away from a trade.

          • cha

            Or you could question the value of Wilson, which is a lot higher with this fan base than it was with other teams.

            I don’t agree with that even a little.

            Just because we haven’t heard of teams falling all over themselves to offer their firstborn child for RW doesn’t mean his isn’t highly valued around the NFL.

            • dcd2

              Hard to know when it’s one team bidding against itself.

      • no frickin clue

        Forgot about Mack’s restructure, but my main point remains: regardless of the trade specifics, if Wilson is to be moved at all, the best way to make it happen is to announce it at the absolute last minute in the 1st round of the draft.

        I’m not averse to trading him for a massive draft haul, but we shall see if anyone is willing to pony up (and whether Pete is willing to entertain this notion at all, no matter what the offered package is).

  20. SeattleLifer

    Solid podcast Rob. You guys worked well together and i thought you did a great job of thoroughly covering all the points that were brought up. I especially hope people can learn from your takes on Adams and maybe come around to seeing the wisdom(and dare I say necessity)of moving on from him.

    • Tomas

      Podcast was another solid winner, much enjoyed.

      • Big Mike

        ditto and ditto

  21. SamprasSultanOfSwat

    After reading these posts it seems like everyone wants to trade Jamal ttAdams. Personally I have mixed feelings. I could go either way. Yes the Hawks paid a huge ransome for Adams. Gut feeling is that Pete Carroll forced John Schneider to make the trade. If we did trade Adams seriously doubt we would get two 1st rounder, let alone a two firsts and a third. We would be lucky to get a first and a third. BTW:
    Jamal Adams is big time in both the run defense and putting pressure on opponents QBs.

    Food for thought. Antonituo Brown had 45 receptions in 8 games last year. Which calculates to roughly 4.5 catches per game. over a 17 game season you would be in the neighborhood of 94 catches over a 17 game season.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      I think what it boils down to for me are the following: 1) Adams just isn’t really a scheme fit. He’s more LB than safety; 2) They paid a ton of capital to get a guy that doesn’t fit. They may not get first rounders back for him, but considering how little draft capital they have, they need something and you’ll get more picks to play with than trying to horse trade with three picks; 3) I don’t like the idea of Seattle keeping and having to pay him as much as he probably thinks he is worth to keep a guy who doesn’t really fit. That’s a ton of money for a box safety.

    • Scot04

      Sampras you should listen to the podcast at the top; Talkin’ Seahawks with Fann.
      Rob breaks down the majority of reasons for trading Adams .
      It also explains the compensation. I don’t think anyone here believes we’ll get close to what we gave; but thats not the main reason for trading him.
      It’s getting back in the draft, cap space, and the fit of the player in our scheme. His sack numbers were inflated.
      It’s a great podcast and will help you understand why most believe a trade is the best option for the team.

  22. Julian Langdon

    As always, the Youtube video was an enjoyable watch and particularly the discussion regarding the merits of Kellen Mond as a QB draft prospect for the Seahawks. So as part of this discussion, how big a consideration is hand size when assessing Quarter Backs for a role in Seattle?

    It’s difficult to judge if the Seahawks have a threshold for this measure because they’ve only drafted two QBs in the PC/JC era. Russell Wilson has hands of 10 ¼ inches. Alex McGough has hands of 9 1/8 inches, though being a 7th round pick, I think we can consider that traits are considered more at that stage of the draft than measurables.

    If Seattle do get back into this draft this year, they may well be wise to consider drafting a QB early. Should they then position potential QB’s on their draft board dependent on the hand size measure? Prior to previous drafts, we’ve seen the flak given to players such as Joe Burrow 9 inches and Sam Darnold 9 3/8 inches, over the size of their hands.

    Once in the NFL though, it’s relevant to note that there doesn’t seem to be a corelation between the bigger a hand, the better the player. Patrick Mahomes has hands of 9 ¼ inches. Perhaps bigger hands are needed for playing in inclement weather, it would make sense, but Aaron Rodgers who plays in arguably the most inhospitable of environments in Green Bay, has hands of 9 3/8 inches. Factor in Tom Brady, who like Rodgers has hands of 9 3/8 inches and Patrick Mahomes who is close to this size, you might consider 9 3/8 inch hands is the optimal hand size for a Quarter Back?

    Kellen Mond’s hand size; 9 3/8 inches.

  23. GlastoHawkUK

    Rob, thoroughly enjoyed listening to you and Joe. Some well deserved praise from Joe for you Rob, how long before you get head hunted by the Seattle Media? Better check out the property prices before committing, look a bit pricier than Yorkshire.
    Would like to add to your comments on the Sheffield football teams. Many years ago my local team were in the unusual position of challenging for promotion, with a few weeks of the season left we had a match at Sheffield United, who were also going for promotion. Four of us booked our tickets on a football special (train from Bristol to Sheffield), we then lost our next 3 matches, promotion for us was now unlikely and only 100 fans travelled up by train.
    On arriving at Sheffield station we were met by a massive Police welcome, horse mounted officers, police dogs, riot vans. The Police outnumbered us by about 3 to 1. Thankfully they did, we were escorted to Bramall Lane home of Sheffield United by the Police, the streets were lined by literally 1,000’s of Sheffield United fans, I swear none of them were under 6 foot tall, and most looked like offensive linemen. (Sheffield is England’s “Steel City) they all looked like they had been born and raised in the steel works.
    We lost the game heavily, and had a similar escort back to the station where the Yorkshire Police ensured we were safely on our train, and insisted our window blinds were pulled down to protect us from the broken windows when the locals threw rocks at the train, we were assured that after about 5 miles it would probably be safe to raise the blinds.
    Remember we were from a small team a couple of hundred miles away in the sleepy south of England, so I can only imagine what the ”atmosphere” is like at the Sheffield Derby.

    • UkAlex6674

      Yes I’ve been to a Wednesday game in 2019 v Aston Villa. Took my best friend who is an Owl for his birthday. He travelled up from Devon where we are both from and stayed with me in Chester. Man, those fans are NUTS! I’m just glad we were home team. They drink and are built like Terminators. They gave the Villa fans some that day, mainly at the train station. To be fair Villa gave it back and it was a bit hairy at times! But gret day, good game, and made it to Hillsborough finally.

  24. Russ

    Great listen on Joe Fann’s podcast Rob.

    Re: Jamal Adams – If we do keep him, I just can’t get out of my mind that it’d be best to try him at one of the OLB spots.

    I know he’s not the size of someone like KJ, but he’s probably only 5-10 lbs off of a smaller NFL OLB (Malcom Smith comes to mind).

    You do that and defense looks more interesting to me. DL of Kerry, Woods, Ford, Dunlap. LBs of Brooks, Wagner, and Adams. Starting DBs of Witherspoon, Diggs, Blair, and Reed. Bring in Ugo for nickel packages for Brooks. If we need a bit more size against run first teams, put Adams back at SS and start Cody Barton.

    To me, that at least gives us a punchers chance of having a more adaptable defense to modern offenses while not wasting the draft capital we invested in players like Blair and Barton.

    • DC

      Unfortunately he gets washed out of plays too easily, happened quite often last year.

      • Russ

        That’s a fair point DC.

        It is something that he’d have to work on to be the elite player that he wants to be seen as around the league.

    • Rob Staton

      If we play Adams as a linebacker you will see a lot more games like Minnesota last season

      • Russ

        It’d have to be a game by game situation.

        We always hear Jamal Adams being referred to as a “weapon”. How he can be moved around everywhere. If PC/JS don’t trade him, I’m trying to see what that looks like in Pete’s defense.

        If you’re playing a Minnesota, start him at SS and have 3 more traditional LBs.

        If you’re playing someone like a New Orleans where they’re working harder to get the ball to Kamara out in space, put him at LB and let him fly sideline to sideline.

    • lil’stink

      If KJ doesn’t come back they really should go with more 2 LB sets unless it’s a heavy offensive formation. Figure out a way to have both Blair and Adams on the field at the same time. Barton has turned into a very solid ST player but has been fairly unimpressive on defense. Not sure how excited I’d be if we have to depend on him for defensive snaps.

      I still think Adams can be a productive player here but they can’t use him the same way they did last year. I’m curious what the opposing QB’s efficiency was on plays where he blitzed.

      • Russ


        That’s exactly what I’m trying to think about here. If we keep Adams, how do we find a way to get the players we’ve drafted out onto the field.

        With the moves they made on DL, I’d hope we see a significant reduction in blitz attempts. As Rob mentioned on the podcast, last year Bobby blitzed 100 times and Jamal 98. Even KJ blitzed 70+ times.

        If they could run 2 LB sets with Adams out there as the “3rd LB”, reduce Bobby’s blitzes to half of what he did and still give Jamal 60-70 blitz attempts on the year, I’d be interested to see how this defense functions.

    • cha

      Bring in Ugo for nickel packages for Brooks.

      Great. So Adams blocked a high second round pick last year, and now you’re proposing he blocks a first round pick.

      No thank you.

      • Russ

        Keep in mind the premise for all of this is IF the Seahawks keep Jamal Adams.

        Addressing your point – yes that’s exactly what I’m proposing.

        If you keep Jamal Adams, then they basically have to figure out how to get the most out of him while doing what he can with the rest of the resources around him that you’ve already drafted.

        We’re only 1 year removed from the Seahawks playing 60% of snaps in a base defense. That wasn’t ideal when we were trying to use Mychal Kendricks, but Jamal Adams could be a significantly more athletic version of that and a guy who you could try playing in that position in Nickel style situations with larger receivers/TEs.

        Jordyn Brooks wouldn’t be blocked, he would be the 3rd LB and would start LB in base formations. Then, whenever we move on from Bobby, he’d take over as starting MLB.

        Another important note – I’m not dead set on keeping Jamal. I think getting more draft capital is important and he’s probably our best bet. But I also keep hearing how there is no persuasive argument for how he could contribute at a high enough level to get paid. Knowing that we might keep him, I’m trying to explore those ideas.

        • cha

          Fair enough – but not only do I think that will not happen and is a terrible use of resources, Adams’ body will take a pounding and you can probably expect him to be banged up for 3-4 games annually.

          I just cannot endorse that.

  25. Hoggs41

    Due to three void years Carlos Dunlap’s cap hit in 2021 will be just $2.9m.

    • cha

      Seahawks juggled a chainsaw and caught it on the proper end this time! No bloody stumps this year.

      It’s thrilling when it’s done correctly.

  26. cha

    This is a job well done

    Brady Henderson
    Per source, Carlos Dunlap’s two-year deal has a base value of $13.6M and three extra void years. A $7M signing bonus and $1.5M base salary in ‘21 make up the $8.5M guaranteed. In ‘22: $4.075M base, a $175K roster bonus and $850K in per-game bonuses. Cap number this year is $2.9M.
    6:38 AM · Apr 2, 2021

    • Henry Taylor

      2 years at less that we had him for 1.

    • DC

      Man when Schnieder is allowed to be an actual GM he does some amazing things. Whenever Pete meddles into anything, (play calling and trades), do things get really bungled.

    • schuemansky

      Every new contract info coming out points to “no borrowing from the future on the contracts of RW and Bobby”. It will be the same for Tyler’s deal I bet.

  27. Magmatizer

    Danny and Gallant just referenced Rob calling them the “W” word and played an excerpt from the Joe Fann podcast.

    • Rob Staton

      Cool, what time did it run? I’ll listen back later

      • Magmatizer

        It ran a little past 8:00 am locally, so that would be within Hour 2 of the podcast once it is uploaded, I think.

  28. BruceN

    Fantastic podcast Rob. I love to see you do more of these. How can we help you do that? The word is getting out about the quality of your stuff.

    Question about DB position, if we could fit one more DB under the CAP, would you go for Sherm or Dunbar? I think I know the answer but I thought I ask with the caveat of the $ it would take to sign one vs. the other.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Bruce. I guess just keep listening and sharing

      I would go for Sherman 100%

  29. Chris

    Rob, you made Blue 42 on danny and gallant.

    • Rob Staton

      Nice… did they like or hate my take?

      • Chris

        None of them agreed with you.

        • Rob Staton

          Of course

          • Rob Staton

            The narrative on Jamal Adams is well established… and completely wrong

            • New Guy

              The fact that there is even a narrative on a Jamal Adams trade is in many ways due mainly to you.


              • cha

                Agree. You’re helping frame the debate Rob. Whether people land on one side or another, at least it is being discussed.

                • Rob Staton

                  I think we’re ploughing a lonely furrow though…

                  • Big Mike

                    Sadly I’m afraid you’re right

            • BruceN

              Jamal Adams is a great player. I think everyone agrees with that. Question you have raised is if he is a best fit for our D and was the cost to acquire him and to keep him long term justified. This is where we don’t agree with the masses. I have to admit having listened to all sort of reports on local media, ESPN,, every show I can watch and they all say we should lock him up ASAP. And I think Pete loves him. I just hope (pray) we don’t break the bank for him.

      • cha

        Minute 12.

        At least they played a decent size clip to let you get your point out.

        But then they threw it to Michael Bumpus to respond.


        • Rob Staton

          Michael Bumpus made a fair point that the team is pretty much trying to ‘win right now’. What I would say though is — that’s fine… if Adams was a couple of years away from needing to be paid. But he’s due to be paid now. And his presumed $18-20m salary will kick in next year.

          That’s when you are facing the issue of no contracted LT, RT, C, WR3, CBx2, FS.

          So it’s fine to say you need to keep Adams this year (I disagree, but that’s another point). The issue is mostly beyond this year — because you currently have no picks to fill some of those pending needs for next year and you will eat a huge chunk of salary and have very little to spend on so many 2022 needs if you make this commitment.

          And to me, this is part of Seattle’s wider issue. Band-aids everywhere, investment in the wrong areas (LB/S) and an uncertain future at many key positions. And you have to play football beyond 2021.

          I would also counter Danny’s point… which MB added to. I think they overstated Adams’ performance in Seattle. I would’ve liked to put to them my point about what exactly the Seahawks did to ‘add’ to their pass rush with Adams.

          MB countered a text on phantom sacks. It’s not so much that they’re phantom sacks — but they are heavily manufactured.

          I think the stuff about value and how we assess picks at the end wasn’t relevant to the arguments I’ve made.

          I do think a lot of people have just assumed a lot of things about Adams, his performance, how he’s used, his scheme fit and his sacks and haven’t really considered the counter arguments. I mean that in the nicest possible way but I think the Adams debate can be quite frustrating because there’s so much assumed and shut off.

          • Rob Staton

            Also, I’ve been on the radio three times in Seattle recently and every time the hosts have joked about my accent. Is a British accent really that funny to you guys?

            We used to have an American ring our phone in in Sheffield every week. I never asked him if he’d just finished a hoedown.

            • cha


            • cha

              It’s an easy way to tag something you don’t agree with in a pejorative fashion and start the conversation with a leg up.

              • Rob Staton

                I’m afraid you’re right

  30. Chris

    I could be wrong, but I feel like if marquis Blair gets a chance he could be a very good player. And a better fit for our defense.

    • Gohawks5151

      100%. Watch the Bucs and Ravens games from his rookie year. There is something there. Potentially something really good.

    • Chase

      I feel the same, but if this was true would the Hawks really have pulled the trigger on Jamal Adams for the cost? I’m not so sure.

      • Scot04

        They blew the offseason and didn’t address the passrush. So they panicked and overpaid for what they evidently viewed as the best playmaker available via trade.
        I still wonder what a broad offer of two 1sts, a 3rd, and a player could have gotten them if offered it to all the other teams.
        I’m guessing they could have gotten a better fit and more value than Adams.
        That trade made 0 sense from day 1.

      • chris

        From what I’ve seen and heard about marquis Blair he can cover because he was our starting nickel. He is a ferocious hitter who is good at separating player from ball. That seems like some good traits for a safety. I think he just needs an opportunity which jamal will block.

  31. Mick

    I’ve finished listening to your podcast too. Solid interview. I find it really nice that you’re so active and your opinions are being heard. Hopefully that leads to something – I’ve seen a couple mocks with Meinerz at #56 for Seahawks, and this idea stems from you.

  32. Scot04

    Was listening to the Reed introduction to KC presser. A couple of interesting quotes.

    “It wasn’t about the money. I wanted to be on a contending team; and a chance to win in a Championship, and a chance to go play in the Superbowl.”

    “The game is to get a ring; not just to keep for playing for the regular seasons, it’s to keep playing after the regular season is done.”

    Sounds like it’s not just Russ and us getting tired of 1 and done in the playoffs. A little shot a PC it felt like.
    Hard to disagree; it does feel like they’ve been content just putting together a roster good enough to make the playoffs.

    • dcd2

      I’m guessing he F’d up, overplayed his hand and cost himself $3M. Now this is the narrative that saves him the most face.

      He wasn’t demanding a trade before they asked him to restructure his deal (that I know of).

      • BruceN

        100%. Everything other narrative is trying to save face. He will find out next year KC WILL NOT pay him $14M a year on a long term contract he was expecting from the Hawks. PFT has a good post about this and I had thought about this previously. Any GM with half a brain can look at his performance with Frank and after Frank. Or his output pre-Dunlap and after Dunlap. Tape don’t lie.

      • Scot04

        His agent told him he would lose millions if he didn’t take the restructure in Seattle.
        He asked for a long term commitment vrs restructure. Seahawks didn’t want to do extension.
        He chose to leave vrs restructure, so he didn’t overplay his hand.
        I’d tend to believe it; alot of questions here with Wilson and were are basically the same team as last year.
        If you don’t feel your part of the long term, I can understand wanting to move on.
        Plus he’s not the only one taking less money to play for true Superbowl contenders.

    • cha

      Wow, it’s almost like he’s frustrated with what the Seahawks did last year on defense.


    • Rob Staton

      Well Reed is spot on

      The Seahawks have become a franchise/team seemingly content to drift along, repeating the same mistakes and having the same season year after year

      Thus, they are one of only six NFC teams not to play in the Championship game since 2015

      • BruceN

        I agree with dcd2. This is just lip service to save face. He lost close to $4M because he misjudged his value. He will find out next year.

        • Rob Staton

          Well not necessarily. Reportedly his agent was telling him not to do this. Which makes it seem like Reed and the Seahawks had a somewhat difficult parting in the end.

          Doesn’t mean Reed made the right financial move but neither do I think he wasn’t aware of the financial consequences of leaving. Apparently his agent laid everything out to him

          • cha

            What’s even more damning to me is Reed’s 2021 Seahawks salary wasn’t guaranteed. They could have cut Reed Sept 1 and hung him out to dry.

            By the Seahawks asking to restructure, they were MAKING it guaranteed.

            He still didn’t want it.

            Something soured both parties on each other in the recent past.

          • BruceN

            I could be wrong, but I think his ego was bruised that Seahawks chose to pay Dunlap over him. I thought he said something like they valued someone else higher.

            • Rob Staton

              Perhaps. But what he’s saying about the Seahawks is… true

              And the Seahawks are still paying him $5m this year. People aren’t talking about how they put themselves in that situation…

              • BruceN

                Can’t argue with that.

                I think we have the roster (as thin as it is) to compete for a SB. We’re ranked by most to be a top 7-8 team in the league. But Pete’s philosophy has held us back. That’s why my big hope is on Waldron. On paper, an offense with Russell, Carson, DK and Lockett and now Everett cannot and should not be inept like the last half of last year.

              • BruceN

                The $5M hit hurts for sure. But after his response what else could the Hawks do. They actually made a better offer to guarantee his 2021 salary and give him a lump sum and he said no and came back with a request for a long term deal. In that situation, I would walk too.

            • Belfasthawk

              I think Mike G mentioned that on Good Morning Football.

              It’s possibly a combination of stubbornness, frustration at seeing others get paid, an overestimation of his own market and a lack of playoff progress.

          • dcd2

            I agree about the difficult parting. This thing fell apart in a hurry.

            It definitely has the feel of him throwing down an ultimatum of – extend me or cut me if you want to free up money to pay someone else.

            When John wouldn’t budge, Reed’s pride won out and he asked for his release. I mean, he would have been a FA next year anyway. Is $3-4M worth a better chance at a ring? Maybe, it was. Doesn’t seem like that tells the whole story though.

            I could be wrong of course. This just came out of left field so much, that it feels like an emotional response, rather than a calculated move to get to some greater goal.

  33. Chris

    Mick, I totally agree. Even if they don’t agree I’m glad Rob has sparked a debate amongst the local media and is starting to get recognized. We all know how good Rob is and I’m starting to think the local media is recognizing it as well.

  34. Hoggs41

    Updated cap hits for the 13 players we sign. All has come in except Al Woods but since its been reported its one year $3m Im guessing its very similar to the way they structured Pocic’s.

    Once again we had roughly $26m in cap space with 49 contracted players. Once you get to 51 you have to remove a players cap hit which actually makes the person hit entering the top 51 lower than it is.



    Woods…$2m (estimate)

    Players cap hits we get back as replacement players for the top 51…$7.5m

    Total to start…$26m
    Total lost w/ 13 players…$33.025m
    Total we get back…$7.5m
    Current cap space…+$475,000

    A job very well done to get all these players under the cap with limited money. Seahawks dont like to restructure if they dont have to. They still might need to later on down the road but dont have to right now. Once the Lockett numbers come out we will have even more but will most likely need that money to operate during the season.

    • J

      Yeah I think Lockett will end up saving at least 8 mil. 2.5 for the practice squad, 2.5 for the draft class, 3 for in season spending, and we are right at our limit.

      For reference, Golladays deal was similar in terms of money and years and he had a first year hit of under 5mm. We obviously don’t know about Lockets structure though. So maybe there is a few million to spend and we’ve seen 3 mil in cap gets you a pretty good player.

    • Gaux Hawks

      and…. sherman!!

  35. David Ashton

    Any chance the Dolphins saying they wont pick holds outs is a massive smokescreen? Its draft season guys! (Smokescreen season)

    • Rob Staton

      Well they haven’t said it

      Tony Pauline, the #1 draft insider in the business, is reporting it

  36. Gaux Hawks

    Rob, can you re-post your draft board? i can’t seem to access articles that are too far back and i miss cross-checking players back to your board…

    • Rob Staton

      I’m posting a new draft board this weekend

      • Gaux Hawks

        …niiiiiice, looking forward to it!

  37. Rob Staton

    This is what we’re up against…

    A person who isn’t prepared to listen to the Joe Fann podcast… but has an opinion on my takes anyway…

    • Mick

      Wondering how many books these people read…

      • TomLPDX

        Comics books

  38. Robbie

    First mock draft of the season….I bored myself with the selections. Most boring draft ever coming up. I just tried to gain picks. :/ John has his work cut out for him LOL

    62. Liam Eichenberg OT Notre Dame
    142. Trey Hill OC Georgia
    151. Shi Smith WR South Carolina
    182. Janarius Robinson EDGE Florida State
    183. Milton Williams DT Louisiana Tech
    226. Deommodore Lenoir CB Oregon
    250. Zach Smith QB Tulsa

    • Big Mike

      All needs for sure. What would you do for the RB depth if that was your draft Robbie?

  39. Scot04

    Milton Williams won’t be there at 183

    • Robbie

      Mostly likely. Javonte Williams won’t be there at 62 but he was in my draft. hoping a player will drop so I gave myself one.

      • Hoggs41

        Those draft simulators are tough because where the players are projected to be taken arent very close to actual.

  40. Lewis

    Pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever listened to the entirety of a podcast in my life. Great stuff.

    It occurred to me near the end that you are uniquely qualified to do color commentary for broadcasts of the inevitable London NFL team. Hope you get the chance.

  41. Mr. Bitter

    If Surtain is a realistic option at #6, then he’s a realistic option at #4. Beyond A.J. Terrell, the Atlanta CB depth chart is barren. I’m thinking ATL/Surtain could be the pick that destroys every mock draft this year.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure you can pass on Kyle Pitts

      • JJ


        What is your comp for Pitts? I have seen Calvin Johnson, Kittle, Sharpe discussed when comparing him. If he is Johnson level I see the reason to go after him early, but is he worth taking over a position like LT that you have a couple guys that could lock down that position for 10 years?

        • Rob Staton

          I don’t think there is a comp

  42. cha

    Stafford, 33, was seen in an Instagram story video posted by Kelly Stafford, his wife, wearing a small brace around his right thumb while on a flight with their family on Thursday afternoon. The Athletic confirmed the nature of the procedure after viewing the post.

    Already in training to beat the Seahawks.


    • Big Mike

      I would’ve laughed if it wasn’t so sadly soon.

      • Big Mike

        sadly TRUE………need edit function

  43. Lex

    Nothing like having a record TEF class without draft capital, augh!!

  44. cha

    OTC updated with Jackson, Dunlap and Chris Carson deals.

    $1.8m of cap room

    Yet to add Al Woods and the Lockett extension looks like.

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