Seahawks status check — the present, the future, the draft

This feels like a good point to take stock of where the Seahawks are, where they’re potentially going and what the future holds in terms of team building.

How are things taking shape for the 2023 draft?

A lot has changed since the start of the season and yet things are also still the same in their own strange way.

Many people expected the Seahawks to end up with a top-10 pick and a pick later in round one. They didn’t necessarily expect the Broncos to be the ones delivering the top-10 pick, however.

Denver are not just struggling — they are in crisis. There’s a very real chance Nathaniel Hackett could lose his job in the coming weeks. Maybe he’ll be gone if they lose to the Jaguars in London this weekend.

Russell Wilson is struggling, has suffered two relatively serious injuries and missed the last game against the Jets.

It’s not unrealistic for the Seahawks to get a top-five pick out of this mess. At the very least, a top-10 selection feels extremely plausible short of a major turnaround.

Right now Seattle would have Denver’s pick at #6 overall and their own native pick at #23 (due to them being currently ranked first in the NFC West and therefore in possession of a playoff spot).

How is Seattle’s start to the season changing opinions?

Geno Smith has performed way beyond anyone’s expectations (including the Seahawks — otherwise they wouldn’t have signed him to a mere one-year contract).

The defense is also showing signs of life after the now annual awful first few weeks.

People are starting to wonder whether Smith could start for multiple years, negating the need to draft a quarterback early.

Is that the right approach to take?

I would push back against that view at the moment.

With any draft class you have to play the cards you’re dealt. If this was a fantastic defensive draft at the top of round one, it’d be far easier to make the case for pivoting away from quarterback.

The truth is it’s a very poor draft class at the top of round one — apart from at quarterback. There are no obvious offensive linemen, cornerbacks, receivers or pass rushers (outside of Will Anderson) who deserve to go in the top-10.

Alternatively, this is a rich QB class with four players you can justifiably argue could end up being franchise quarterbacks.

So although many fans might be tempted to make the argument that a defensive-focused first round is the way to go — we have to embrace what is actually available in the top-10.

Should they extend Geno Smith now?

Smith has become a cult hero and fully deserves not only the praise he is receiving but also longer-term consideration as Seattle’s starting quarterback.

Fans and media are already discussing whether contract talks should begin immediately.

Personally, I think this is something that should wait until the off-season.

The Seahawks would be bidding against themselves, with no real leverage in negotiations.

It’s also difficult to project Smith’s value. This is a fairly unusual situation, with a quarterback aged 32 enjoying a career renaissance. With the top quarterbacks earning $50m a year and Smith currently only earning $3.5m — there’s a lot of space between those two numbers from which to establish fair value.

The danger for Seattle is twofold. If you wait until the off-season, the league will set the market for you. However — you also run the risk of losing him. Yet if you start talks now, you run the risk of spending more than you need to.

As we’ve noted previously — that would be a problem. Seattle only has $31m in effective cap space for 2023 according to They also only have 33 contracted players for 2023. That’s not a lot to play with — and this accounts for a $17m rise in the cap that OTC fits into their calculations.

Contrary to popular belief, the Seahawks don’t have that much money to spend.

There’s also some risk for Smith. Negotiate now and he can guarantee longer-term security after years of going year-to-year. You avoid the potential for regression later in the season impacting your value.

At the same time — if there’s a robust market for his services next year, he stands to benefit from a bidding war. It remains to be seen, however, whether such a bidding war would take place.

Clearly it’s a complex situation for both parties, deserving of greater thought than the too frequent ‘pay the man’ shouts on social media.

What’s the ideal situation for Seattle?

An A+ outcome for the Seahawks would be waiting until the end of the season and the market remaining sceptical that Smith can repeat his success with another team. You would then have the opportunity to find common ground with Smith on a 2-3 year contract that doesn’t eliminate most of your cap space for 2023 — enabling you to make some choice additions in the market and retain or replace key starters.

Ideally you then draft someone as an understudy. Geno becomes at worst a bridge to the future, much like Alex Smith in Kansas City before he handed off to Patrick Mahomes. At best, he remains a productive starter and you don’t worry about covering your arse with a quarterback draft investment at the most important position in the sport.

Wouldn’t it be best to draft an understudy outside of round one?

Again, you’ve got to play the hand you’re dealt.

I don’t have all the answers and will never claim that I do. But unlike most people, I’ve dedicated the last few months of my social life to watching all of the quarterbacks eligible for this draft (I know, what an exciting life I lead…).

Draft media is very good at rolling with a narrative. As noted yesterday — you’ll often see Jalen Carter and Bryan Bresee mocked in the top-10 yet Mazi Smith is clearly, for me, the top defensive tackle in this draft.

At quarterback there are four players you can make a very strong case for drafting early — Will Levis, C.J. Stroud, Bryce Young and Anthony Richardson. Levis, Stroud and Richardson all have outstanding physical traits. Young is a creative yet extremely undersized natural talent. Levis is as pro-ready as you’ll see from a quarterback. Young could be able to start quickly, too. Stroud and Richardson would benefit from time and development.

Beyond these four, there’s a ton of depth and people will have heard several names being mentioned and touted as possible targets.

Personally, I think this is overstated. You can make an argument to draft someone like Hendon Hooker in the middle rounds but he plays in a half-field, cheat-code offense and despite his extreme success this year — the truth is, when you watch the tape, his accuracy is erratic and he has a lot of easy throws.

People will make a case for Mike Glennon, errr, I mean Tanner McKee. Players like K.J. Jefferson and Dorian Thompson-Robinson (who I like a lot) are more suited to the round four or five range and I can’t say with any certainty they have the necessary skills to ever become a starter in the NFL. Washington fans will ask about Michael Penix Jr. I think he has a good arm and size but he’s a one-read quarterback who locks onto intended targets, playing within a QB-friendly scheme. He will get a shot in the NFL but he won’t be a high pick.

There are a ton of others too. I have 15 quarterbacks tentatively graded between rounds 5-7. The chances of any becoming NFL starters, though, are slim.

I would prefer to draft a quarterback who can become a great starter, rather than someone you’re ‘taking a flier on’. That would likely be a wasted pick. A third rounder on a player destined to be a backup, to me, would be more egregious than a top-10 pick on someone who could be the next football superstar in Seattle. And I believe the top-four quarterbacks in this draft carry that potential.

Also — I’ve been compiling by horizontal board and right now — there are some very attractive non-quarterbacks in rounds 2-4. It’s worth repeating — a draft isn’t an idealistic process where you target ‘preferred positions’ when it suits you. You have to act accordingly based on what’s available. At the top of round one — it’s simply a fact that quarterback is the strong position in 2023.

What were the Seahawks thinking before the season?

I think they spent a large chunk of their 2023 cap (which is why they only have $31m remaining in effective cap space) because they fully expected to be starting a rookie quarterback next year.

Joe Burrow’s year-one cap hit as the #1 pick in 2020 was just $6m. Based on what Seattle did this year, I think they expected to be paying that as a maximum in 2023 for their starting QB.

This is something to consider as they move forward. As noted, they are probably as pleasantly surprised as the rest of us that Geno Smith is playing at the level he is. They can pivot to retain him — and they should do, if his play continues at the level we’ve seen so far. But a plan is a plan and this is a puzzle you have to piece together — the draft, the cap, the players on your roster.

If Smith becomes too expensive, it might be a situation where you have to stick to the original idea.

What if key quarterbacks aren’t available?

This is certainly possible and could force Seattle’s hand. While it’s certain that Levis, Stroud and Young will turn pro — it’s possible Richardson could return to Florida. He would almost certainly benefit from another year starting in college. However, I also think he’d equally benefit from getting into a pro-playbook and preparing for life in the NFL — much like Mahomes did at Kansas City.

On top of this, the Seahawks might not be in position to draft a quarterback. If their first pick is only in the #6-12 range — they might be on the outside looking in. They have the draft stock to trade up. They should consider doing so, given this is looking like one of the worst first rounds in some time. It’s very top heavy. However, you also don’t want to blow a ton of stock on one player, eliminating the ability to repeat what you did in the 2022 draft in building great foundations.

If Richardson opts not to declare and the top three quarterbacks go in the top-four, meaning the Seahawks miss out, what could they do?

As much as I remain sceptical that Will Anderson is a Bosa-brother, Myles Garrett, Von Miller level player — he’s still a very talented prospect and a top-five lock.

The player likely to receive the highest grade on most boards will be Texas running back Bijan Robinson. As much as I celebrated the Ken Walker pick and wasn’t one of the voices noisily pushing back against it on Twitter — I think it’d be a hard sell to pick a ‘RB2’ in the top-10 even if he has the highest grade on your board.

Even so — the dearth of alternatives in the top-10 may push the Seahawks to consider it as merely a representation of value. Prepare yourself for that. The alternatives simply aren’t there I’m afraid.

You can make a strong argument for Mazi Smith. He’s so disruptive despite his nose tackle size and while he’s unlikely to be a game-wrecking pass rusher at the next level — there aren’t many players with his physical profile. He will be a combine superstar and his tape is a lot better than people realise. For me, he is a player who deserves legit consideration in the top-12.

Notre Dame tight end Michael Mayer is also very good but again, that position is a hard sell with a top-10 pick.

After that, it’s very difficult to recommend alternatives. I still think Bryan Bresee and Jalen Carter are second half of round one types rather than legit top-10 types. Bresee played better against Syracuse and might be able to make a late charge in the second half of the season.

This is a class with a serious shortage of top-end players outside of the quarterbacks, Anderson, Robinson and Smith.

Which positions are strong beyond round one?

It’s the #25-65 range where you’ll likely get your best value on the defensive line.

I have six centers graded for day two. None of them fit the Austin Blythe/Rams model for a center, which makes me sceptical that the Seahawks will show much interest. Even so — it’s a good center draft.

There are tremendous options at receiver again, with nice depth at the position. This is an annual occurrence these days.

There’s edge rush depth going into day two. I think some of this group will get pushed into round one as teams scramble to identify legit first rounders. Overall it’s a class with a lot of upside at the position but not a lot of proven, dominating quality.

If they want to replace Rashaad Penny with a draft pick, they’ll have no problem doing so. This is a good looking running back class.

Which positions are weak?

There’s a black hole at offensive tackle. Good job the Seahawks found their answers this year. There are no viable first round options at linebacker or safety. Tight end is thin again.

Could trades come into play?

The fact there’s a dearth of legit first round prospects increases the chances of trades taking place before and during the draft. This year we saw Devante Adams and Tyreek Hill dealt pre-draft, then Marquise Brown and A.J. Brown followed during the first round.

It won’t be a surprise if several teams see more value in trading for veterans than using picks in the #18-30 range. I wouldn’t count the Seahawks out of that either. They’ve been burned on big veteran trades in the past but they’ve equally been burned reaching on inadequate players in the early rounds.

If they end up with pick #23, as they’re currently projected, I don’t think it’d be a mistake to see what’s out there. Just make sure it’s a premium position, this time.

What should be the key priorities?

Come up with a long term plan at quarterback (preferably combining Geno Smith with a very talented rookie understudy).

Upgrade the defensive line. If you can create a fearsome D-line for the long term, this team has the potential to go far.

Who are the 10 best players you’ve seen who are eligible for the 2023 draft?

The four quarterbacks — Levis, Stroud, Young and Richardson.

Two running backs — Robinson and Jahmyr Gibbs.

Two defensive linemen — Will Anderson and Mazi Smith.

One offensive tackle — Darnell Wright.

One tight end — Michael Mayer.

After that, the next group are more prospects based on potential that proven production. This includes players with a lot of talent but mixed tape and/or injury issues such as Kelee Ringo, Bryan Bresee and Jalen Carter.

I would also include the two Clemson pass rushers here — K.J. Henry and Myles Murphy, plus Tennessee receiver Jalin Hyatt. Receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba can work into range if he gets healthy plus Quentin Johnson has wowed in flashes, as has Zay Flowers.

Who are some lesser known draft prospects to watch?

Chris Rodriguez (RB, Kentucky) — Incredibly powerful, drives through contact, always finishes runs. A pleasure to watch, just like UCLA’s Zach Charbonnet.

Jonathan Mingo (WR, Ole Miss) — A 6-2, 225lbs receiver who runs with great fluidity, is an explosive play specialist and can be a real mismatch weapon lined up in the slot.

Olusegun Oluwatimi (C, Michigan) — Mr. Consistency at the heart of Michigan’s offensive line. He might lack the flashy traits but Oluwatimi just gets the job done.

K.J. Henry (DE, Clemson) — A legit pass rusher with 5-star tools and a passionate approach to football and leadership. He gets after it and flies off the edge.

Byron Young (DE, Alabama) — Big bodied 3-4 DE who doesn’t look amazing and probably won’t test brilliantly but every game he is disruptive by breaking into the backfield with a combo of sneaky quickness and brute force.

Ventrell Miller (LB, Florida) — A heart and soul leader who leaves it all on the field and has just made play after play for the Gators this year.

Christopher Smith (S, Georgia) — Pulsating safety with the quickness and range to cover ground quickly, great ball skills and a nose for the football.

Abraham Camara (S, TCU) — He can line up in the slot, at free safety or in the box. He’ll knock your block off and he’s a fierce hitter — but he has quickness and agility to cover ground superbly.

Who are the overrated players?

I think Georgia linebacker Nolan Smith is a second or third round pick and not the first rounder the media says he is. I am not convinced Paris Johnson Jr is a first round pick at left tackle and I think Peter Skoronski is better suited to kicking inside to guard.

What about early suggestions for free agent targets?

It’s too early to say with any certainty but here are five names I’ll throw out there:

Isaiah Wynn — it hasn’t worked at tackle for Wynn in New England but he always projected best during his Georgia days to the guard spot. The Rams blocking scheme, which Seattle is using, has had great success using converted tackles at guard.

David Edwards — a guard for the Rams, he already knows the scheme and would be a plug-in-and-play type who presumably won’t break the bank.

Garrett Bradbury — hasn’t lived up to expectations at center in Minnesota but he has the size/profile the Seahawks and Rams are looking for in a center.

Daron Payne — the Commanders are going to find it very difficult to pay everyone on their D-line. Payne would be a terrific addition and worth spending a pretty penny on. He’s at a good age, he’s physical and tough and provides pressure and size.

Zach Allen — perfectly sized to play 3-4 DE and he always seems to perform against Seattle. He currently has a PFF grade of 76.0 with 18 total pressures.

Notice a theme? The trenches. That is where Seattle should be spending their resources as they continue to develop this roster.

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  1. Zach

    One possible argument for extending Smith in-season is to avoid a bidding war. Given the state of the QB position around the league, there might be upwards of 10-12 teams looking for a new quarterback this offseason and if Geno continues to play well, what’s stopping at least one of them from offering him $25 million or more per year for 2-4 years? That’s the risk of letting the rest of the league set his market price.

    Yes, extending him now might run the risk of buying high, and if Geno regresses, well, that’s a bummer, but on the other hand, if he continues to play like a top-10 QB I think the odds are good that someone is going to talk themselves into him as worth at least $25 million per year. Suddenly the Seahawks could be in a position where they’re either paying $5-10 million more per year than they would have needed to had they extended Geno now, but also with two first round picks that aren’t quite good enough to snag them a QB of the future.

    Obviously the Seahawks likely have better insight than we do as to whether or not Geno is likely to keep this up, but it does seem like from all the available evidence that this isn’t some massive fluke. He probably won’t keep playing at a top-5 level, but Geno Smith, Pro Bowler feels well within reach, which is truly wild!

    • Rob Staton

      Think I answered this in the piece

      • Rob

        One critical factor to consider is the distinct possibility that if this continues, we could lose Shane Waldron. If he ends up at Carolina or a team that needs a QB, we’ll find out how he really feels about Geno and we could be bidding against Shane. How nice would it be for Geno to leave to play for the only coach he had success with in the NFL? We should sign him now. No matter what we think about those 4 QBs, there have been 19 QBs taken in the first round in the last 4 years. There are only a handful that are better than Geno is right now. Everyone cites that John Schneider was at Josh Allen’s pro day. Sure, but that doesn’t mean that he was going to draft him. We were picking in the 20s and a lot of people thought he’s fall. For all we know, if we had the first pick, he’d have taken Darnold or Mayfield. Of course, he didn’t go to their pro days because that was a total waste of time when you’re holding a pick in the 20s.

        • Rob Staton

          One critical factor to consider is the distinct possibility that if this continues, we could lose Shane Waldron

          I’m not particularly concerned about this after one good season (well, seven games). He’s not getting any buzz in that regard currently

          We should sign him now

          This is how teams get themselves into trouble. Panicking, acting emotionally, making a mistake.

          This is a situation that calls for calm, measured thinking — not throwing money at a player who’s had a good seven games when you’d only be bidding against yourselves

          Everyone cites that John Schneider was at Josh Allen’s pro day. Sure, but that doesn’t mean that he was going to draft him. We were picking in the 20s and a lot of people thought he’s fall.

          Nobody expected Allen to fall into the 20’s. It’s well established by now that Schneider was open to trading Wilson in 2018 and was eyeing Cleveland and the #1 pick.

          For all we know, if we had the first pick, he’d have taken Darnold or Mayfield. Of course, he didn’t go to their pro days because that was a total waste of time when you’re holding a pick in the 20s.

          John Schneider attended Sam Darnold’s pro-day

          But it has been reported that he most liked Allen and understandably so given his physical profile (which we discussed plenty in 2018, so this isn’t speaking after the fact)

        • Joshua Smith

          I feel like we need to slow down the Geno type train just a little bit..the Den/SF were bad outside the first couple drives. That means we would be paying him what? 20 m based on 5 games and a 3-2 record. I really doubt there will be a bidding war for Geno and if there is I don’t want the Hawks involved and that includes whatever we think would be a great offer right now.
          He is 32-33 years old right?
          GMs might just look at how Russell has struggled without Pete, how good Geno has looked with Pete and realize that maybe Pete’s system makes QBs look better then are. I’m just rambling now. I’m in Vegas, I’m drinking ,smoking and typing
          Have a good evening boys and girls…😀😀😀

          • Ben Ft. Worth

            Just extend him a Qualifying Offer, and if he doesn’t sign, then we gain an extra draft pick to replace him.

    • cha

      Signing Geno this year would be an interesting theoretical exercise.

      They really don’t have the cap money to do anything meaningful this year with him, and nobody has a big salary that they can convert to bonus to open some room up.

      Which means if they signed him this year to an extension, it would have to be crazy creative. And any option they can come up with would have to be sold to Geno that he would get money next year, which he would do anyway in the free agent market.

      They painted themselves into a corner. Which is further proof they did not expect this kind of season from him.

    • JC3

      Cut both S after this year get you the money.

    • Romeo A57

      I think that we need to see more from Geno before A 20-25 million a year commitment. Let’s not forget that the offense did go 6 straight scoreless quarters against the better defenses they played. I am still skeptical that we will see much from Geno against the Rams, 49ers, Giants or Jets this year. If they can put up 20 points against any of these teams, I will be impressed.

  2. Starhawk29

    Thanks for the breakdown Rob, love seeing the new names. Slowly but surely this draft is coming together. Mayer is the reason I was asking yesterday about 1st Round TEs…While he’s a talented player it just seems like very poor value given how rarely those guys succeed (I know he’s only that high due to a talent-poor 1st round, but still).

    With the top draftable QBs now pretty clearly defined, I find myself wondering what the move should be to acquire them. I’ve always been the type to lock onto a specific QB I think might succeed rather than having a list of guys I’d go to in a specific order. I’ve tended to view QBs as either “the guy” or “bust,” with little grey area. What I’m curious about, is whether you think that is the right way to view these prospects, or if it should be more of a ranked-choice list? If it’s the former, would you be for the team being hyper aggressive and getting “the guy,” or would you rather them be patient and, say, pick Richardson at 6 (assuming he’s not the one they zero in on)?

    • Rob Staton

      I think you just judge every player on his own merits. You make a projection based on the information available and stay consistent with the way you evaluate. You will have hits and misses but the process is solid

  3. Palatypus

    I’m a bit skeptical of the whole idea of the current quarterback mentoring his replacement. If you go back and look at Brett Favre, he publicly said that it was not his job to teach Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers ended up just fine. Then when the Packers drafted Jordan Love, he lost his mind just like Brett Favre.

    Now, I’m not saying every situation is like this. But, I’m pretty sure Steve Young’s mentor was Bill Walsh and not Joe Montana. Joe Montana wanted to keep his job but got dealt to Kansas City.

    But, hey, maybe Matt Flynn is available.

    • Rob Staton

      Well let’s be fair, I never mentioned Geno mentoring a quarterback.

      Drafting a young QB doesn’t mean Geno has to mentor anyone

      • Palatypus

        I wouldn’t want him to. Just keep doing what he’s doing.

  4. cha

    Daron Payne is a target I can get behind. I can see a Leonard Williams-type contract for him. A $9.4m cap hit in 2023 is imminently workable.

    He seems remarkably durable. He’s played 70-80% of the snaps and missed one game in his career.

    I would hope there would not be too much drop off going from working with Allen-Sweat-Young to being relied on far more in Seattle’s defense.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Imagine pairing Payne with someone like Bryan Bresee with Seattle’s native R1, or even Byron Young with one of their R2s.

      Sadly, I don’t think Mazi Smith will be an option unless they either trade down from the Denver pick or take him with it.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        An additional word or two on Bresee…

        I was encouraged by his performance vs Syracuse. He only had 1 tackle on the day (33 snaps) but it was a sack, and he otherwise created havoc for the Orangemen OL. He’s over 300lbs and every one of those pounds looks lean.

        I’m looking forward to watching him (not to mention Murphy and Henry) vs Notre Dame this weekend.

        • Big Mike

          But what will you glean from watching him against a JV team?
          Notre Dame fans, I kid…….sort of. 😀

        • TomLPDX

          Could he be considered to take over for Big Al? Just wondering (not a DLine guy) who we can get to fill the huge void Big Al will leave up front.

  5. Ukhawk

    Hi All

    Sorry but slightly off topic. Anyone going to Munich for the game?

    I’ll be heading over for a long weekend and hoping to get some tickets sorted having missed out on the Ticketmaster sale (fiasco).

    Any tips would be appreciated and hope to see fellow blogsters there

    • Big Mike

      Ticketbastard a “fiasco”? I’m shocked

  6. Ralphy

    Frank Clark suspended for two games for conduct.

  7. Jeff

    What about the idea of trading this year’s early first round pick for an early second round pick this year and a first-round pick next year? Essentially punt on two first rounds this year and gain another second round this year. Not sure if the NFL math works but if the value is in the late 20’s and 30’s it could offer them a QB next year.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t really know why any team would make that deal with Seattle

      • Jeff

        Thanks for the response. I don’t know NFL pick valuation but if the quality isn’t there when they pick, granted it could be a top five and maybe that changes it, and they can kick the can into next year and pick up a second or third for this year, thought it might be worth a question.

        • Ralphy

          I agree that it is not likely. Don’t forget though that Denver traded a first round pick the following year for the Seahawks second round pick (#37) in 2009. The Hawks got Denvers first in 2010 and used it on Earl Thomas (#14).

          Its one of my favorite moves that they’ve ever made! Of course the team trading always thinks they have a shot at the SB and therefore the first would be at the very end of the first.

          • Big Mike

            Easily one of Ruskell’s best moves. And even better, he wasn’t around to make the pick.

  8. SebA

    I still find it borderline ridiculous how high the quality of your journalism is on a free site like this, thank you very much for everything you do, Rob!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Seb

      • Ben

        Was thinking about this as I was reading- there is Patreon if it fits in your budget! Been excited to watch a lot more college games with all the names coming up. Even if it’s a weaker class at the top.

    • Spectator

      Second this.

    • TomLPDX

      Third this. I was going to post a thank you to Rob for the quality of his reporting but you did it for me SebA. Very balanced and if you pay attention, unemotional and to the point. Very well done!

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks Tom

  9. Spectator

    Great piece. Thank you, Rob,. Draft season going to be exciting I think. If we cant grab either Wills, I do hope we can leverage a team that is desperate for Stroud or Young and move back in the draft and get future picks. Im not wanting the most important position neglected, but Stroud and Young scare me. Ideal scenario for me is a team gives us close to a 9er for Lance haul and we can still grab Richardson in the middle first.

    My way too early rosterbation draft: Get Richardson ~15, trade back with our native first to end of first, grab KJ Henry and Keelee Ringo (you mentioned befroe the projection to pair a freak next to a freak at CB1 and CB2 and i cant stop wnating that lol) with early second. JSN with other second (watching him last year he just played the slot like Kupp to me). Pick up a 3rd with trade back and get Joey Porter Jr. Grab Rodriguez later. Fill rest with trenches

    Also, any thoughts on Safety Joey Porter Jr.? Runs in 4.4s reportedly. Always like legacies lol

    • Rob Staton

      Porter Jr is a corner — I like aspects of his game. Good size. Gets beaten a bit too often on in-cutting routes but like his competitive nature on the outside. Can imagine him coming into the league and playing well. Top-45.

      • Spectator

        Ah. Thought I read he was a safety. Well with PSU playing OSU this weekend, will be watching to see him play against the OSU WRs. My wishlist probably doesn’t need two CBs tho so will change him to a LB.

        Any good looking or interesting LBs to replace Barton and maybe even Brookes? Besides Miller

        • Rob Staton

          It’s not a great LB class

          • Hawktalker#1

            Q1: Any thoughts on how to upgrade from Barton with a sufficient skill-level player?

            Q2: If the Cards would cooperate (I know doubtful) what would you think about trading for Isiah Simmons, who they are underutilizing and who is getting a surprisingly little number of snaps?

            Go (new better, stronger, faster) Hawks

            • Rob Staton

              Just sign a cheap, competent veteran.

              Or draft someone later on.

              It’s not a vital, impact position. You just need someone who can do the basics.

  10. Blitzy the Clown

    Love these scouting articles man. Lots of meat to dig into. Gotta get my viewing schedule set.

    Thanks Rob

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Blitzy

  11. Sam D

    How would you feel if the Seahawks traded out of the high denver pick if a team offered the trey lance package to get one of the qb’s? Would give us more draft capital for next year. Or would you rather stay put and take any of the top 4 qb prospects?

    • Rob Staton

      I think I’d rather have a QB then picks

      But two extra first rounders is always a tempting offer

    • Cambs

      The Eagles will surely look to bank a deal like that if the 1st they have from New Orleans sticks in the QB zone.

  12. FrogsAlum

    Curious of your opinion on Zach Evans (Ole Miss, RB). Smooth smooth athlete in the Kamara mold who seems to have fallen off the national radar.

    Also what is Skoronski’s potential fit as a tackle turned guard in this new blocking scheme? Any possibility there for a move inside with him.

    • Rob Staton

      I like Evans, have done for a while. I think he’s good value in R3 with the potential to go earlier with solid testing

      The Rams have been able to plug college tackles at guard at a discounted price. Not sure the Seahawks will feel like they need to make a big investment there like Skoronski

  13. Jeff

    Rob, apologies if you’ve answered this before and I missed it or forgot the answer. I just looked up Anthony Richardson’s stats, and his accuracy seems to be horrible. 57% completion rate this year and 7 INTs, 59% last year and 5 INTs. What gives you hope he can significantly improve on that (assuming he needs that in order to be valuable in the NFL).

    • Rob Staton

      I’d refer to my long articles over the last few weeks. Run through those — it will explain a lot and save me just repeating a lot of it

      • Jeff

        As you just suggested, I just searched through all the mentions of Anthony Richardson from this season to see what you wrote. My interpretation of what it boiled down to was he has all the tools/potential and he needs more development time, and you cite Josh Allen.

        So let me ask a different question then – what other players where an NFL team drafted such an inaccurate passer that had the tools, and developed their accuracy. Josh Allen is one. I’m wondering how many other examples exist?

        • Spectator

          I would ask what other players have come out with the tools and profile of Richardson and Allen.

          • Jeff

            Sounds like a great question too. Would love to know the answer to either one. I’m not saying anything Anthony Richardson is a lost cause (I have no idea at all). I’m just super curious who else fits a similar profile – and how that player turned out.

            • Spectator

              Rob and others have given that comp tho, which is Josh Allen. There really isnt anyone else that has had the skill set and measurables/profile of Richardson and Josh Allen.

            • Jeff

              I guess I’m surprised if Josh Allen is literally the only similar player. I was thinking maybe Cam Newton is similar? But his college completion % was 66% (if that’s relevant). He ended up with a 60% NFL career completion rate.

              • Ben

                Jake Locker?

                Surely there are others.

                • Rob Staton

                  Richardson has far more upside than Locker and in fairness, I’m not sure JL’s heart was ever in it

                • Spectator

                  Locker never had the tools or skill set of Allen or Richardson. Locker was only 6-2.

          • 509 Chris

            Dan Marino’s arm with Mike Vick’s legs. If he’s got Montana’s IQ he’ll be the terminator of quarterbacks.

        • Rob Staton

          Anthony Richardson is not ‘such an inaccurate passer’

  14. BoiseSeahawk

    Lets just say they go LB and pick Noah Sewell…

    Will Anderson is gone
    Will Levis is gone

    …hypothetically are you angry about that?

    • Rob Staton

      Noah Sewell is not a first round pick

      • Big Mike

        There’s definitely some folks here (and elsewhere I’m sure) that maybe ought to consider taking the green and gold glasses (Bo Nix). Some that maybe ought to consider taking the purple and gold lenses off as well.

        • Peter

          I think this every year my friend.

          Every other week with the penix talk…I’m not sure he gets drafted and if so I sense round five or later.

          • Big Mike

            And look I get being a fan. I’m a big Cougs honk and I would’ve loved to see Max Borghi in round 1 or 2 last year but I knew better. Bottom line, if Rob and other draft sites out there don’t have Nix, Penix, Sewell er. al. in their 1st or 2nd round, it’s pretty likely they aren’t 1st or 2nd round talent. It’s just facts.

  15. Peter

    Rob, what are your thoughts on JL Skinner the safety from Boise State? We’ve talked about how resources and money have been squandered at the safety position and it’s unclear what the Seahawks will do with Diggs and Adams at the end of the season. Skinner just runs and hits guys! Just watch this play against Oklahoma State and he does this at least once a game for Boise State.

    • Rob Staton

      I haven’t watched him Peter, apologies

  16. Bankhawk

    Another posting simply bursting at the seams with food for thought Rob.
    Each time I thought I had an intelligent question, reflection had it that you’d already mostly addressed it in the body of the article.
    Keep it up, man-you are crushing it this year!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you 👍🏻

  17. Chris

    Thanks as always Rob for the time you put into sharing your in-depth expertise and analysis.

    Do you see the non-exclusive franchise tag as an option for Geno? I haven’t heard this option mentioned so I might be missing something obvious.

    • cha

      The franchise tag is projected to be about $31m guranteed.

      That would potentially eat up almost all of their available cap money.

  18. Denver Hawker

    I love seeing content like this:

    Hard to tell if he’ll ever be a coach that can win a SB or just never had THAT QB, but I sure like Vrabel.

  19. Redzone086

    Why no trade geno this year and get more picks?

    • Jordan

      Because he’s the starting QB of a first place team, affordable and just entering his prime.

    • JN

      Doubt thered be much of a market for him

    • Rob Staton

      Trading Geno is about as likely as the Seahawks also playing their next home game on the Moon

      • Big Mike

        Oh but think how high Goodwin could get on one of those backflips if we did play there.

        • Hawk Finn


        • Sea Mode

          We could see Michael Jackson doing a real moonwalk…

          (I’ll see myself out…)

      • God of Thunder

        Well, I never thought the team would be playing in Munich!

  20. Pran

    I don’t think anyone will give Geno long term deal with 20+ APY, he is a journeyman for a reason. Is Nick Foles the comp for Geno if he ends up taking team in to playoffs. Seattle should let market decide his value. There will be plenty of veteran bridge QBs this off-season should Seattle draft a QB. Every time Pete paid favorites like Diggs, Jamal, Wagner(his last deal) it ended up hurting team.

  21. Dave

    Here’s hoping the Broncos lose against the Jaguars this Sunday. According to Florio, Bradley Chubb will almost certainly be traded if they do. That can only decrease their odds of winning future games this year.

    Some say Jeudy is on the trading block as well. I don’t understand how a team could go all in on Russ and then trade away his weapons. Will be interesting to see what happens next week.

    What an absolute disaster for the Broncos. Russ has to be blindsided by how this season has gone so far. Will his play improve this season? How many times can he give the same optimistic speech during his press conferences after a loss?

    It’s going to be interesting.

  22. Robert Las Vegas

    I totally agree with you about building up the trenches on the DL and OL as well there is a possibility that Grady Jackson might not be there next year . have you seen any Guards this year that stand out. I realize some will say you don’t draft guards very high in the draft.zach Martin was picked in the first round I believe it was 16 pick . That wasn’t a bad pick .if the Seahawks drafted a guard on day 2 of the draft is there couple of guys that stand out to you

    • Rob Staton

      This scheme has shown you can play converted tackles at guard and have a lot of success

  23. Scott

    Thanks Rob and love the site!

    Do you have thoughts on where you would target a replacement for Barton, and whom?

    • Rob Staton

      I’d probably just sign a cheap veteran

  24. Alexander

    My dream draft day scenario (aside from getting the #1 overall pick) is getting the #3-4 pick. If that happens and say Cj Stroud/Will Anderson go 1-2 then Will Levis or Bryce are there. How would you feel about trading down to 10-12th spot and getting that pick + 2 future firsts. Draft the BPA at that spot.
    Franchise tagging geno then in next years draft we can trade our first + the other team’s 2 first to go #1 overall and try for Caleb Williams or another qb.

    A bonus would be if Geno plays well two years in a row i think we could definately get 2 2nd rounders for him and possible a first and some if we make the playoffs and he outduels one of the high regarded qb’s.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t know where to start with this to be honest Alexander…

    • Peter

      Re: Williams

      Is he also not a system QB? I’ve watched a bit of USC and I just see another Lincoln Riley led team with great coaching and great scheme.

      • Starhawk29

        System QB seems a bit of a stretch to me. We’ve now seen three guys come out of that system and play very well early in their careers (Mayfield tied the rookie TD record, Murray played well enough to get a massive contract, Hurts is an MVP candidate and 6-0). It’s fair to criticize QBs for the offense they play in, but this offense has demonstrated carry over to the NFL. I’ve also seen evidence of the QBs in that system going through progressions.

        • Peter

          I think we’re looking at two sides of the same coin.

          Mayfield is busting himself out of tge league. Were it not for the mile high follies Murray’s contract would be one of tge worst in the league relative to what he has done plus what that team is doing now, currently trending down.

          The eagles are a fun story but the MVP there is the coach. Hurts may well win it but it’s a bit of a stretch to call him a good qb. He’s an exciting “player.” His qb play is more supercharged wildcat than tangible qb skills. On pace through the air: 17 tds 5.5 ints.

          For Williams maybe “system,” isn’t quite right. But Riley gets guys to produce.

          • Starhawk29

            To an extent, sure. But let’s look at the individual cases. With Murray, it’s an attitude thing, and that’s clear. As Rob speculated, he doesn’t look like a guy that wants to be a pro QB anymore. That, combined with putrid coaching and drafting have the Cardinals in a tailspin. He’s still plenty talented, and if he rekindled his love for football with a coach that actually deserved his job, might yet be worth that deal.

            Baker is just a case of everyone falling in love with the character. Personally, I thought he’d work harder than everyone and overcome his limitations to be a good player. Turns out, not the case. Ultimately, the best thing he produced were some clever insurance ads.

            Agreed that they have a good coach, but I think Hurts is a better player than you’re giving him credit for. I don’t honestly think he’s MVP caliber, not in a universe with Allen and Mahomes, but I think he’s a plenty good QB that is getting a lot of hype right now. He’s improved consistently and remarkably as a passer, and makes some pretty throws. Yet he doesn’t have a crazy arm, and running only works so long as a QB. He has a ceiling.

            All of these guys, however, did not miss a beat when they came into the league. From day one, in every case, (including Hurts’) these guys were productive. That’s not a given with rookie QBs. Many of them just look lost like Kenny Pickett does right now. Or Zach Wilson, Trevor Lawrence (who is still streaky and inconsistent), Justin Fields, etc. But the guys that Riley coaches have been ready to go from day one, unlike other system QBs like Stroud or Hooker. I think you have to judge WIlliams as someone that can make the leap to the pro offense. The question will be, who does he go to, and does he measure up to the hype?

  25. 509 Chris

    Rob you’ve said a few times you thought the front office didn’t see this resurgence with Geno coming, because they didn’t sign him to a longer deal. Is it possible that he refused a longer deal knowing that with his chance to finally start he could leverage that deal to something big next year?

    For example, Seattle offered 50 mil over 4 years and he wouldn’t take any less than 100. The way Pete talked about him and that ridiculous “competition” we saw in preseason leads me to think maybe Pete wasn’t as surprised as we have been.

    Different topic, but this is a couple years in a row without a lot of obvious picks at the beginning of the first round. Does anyone have any ideas as to why? Less in person stuff with covid for a couple years perhaps? I don’t remember it being very often that a draft didn’t have many potential superstars.

    • Rob Staton

      Chris, if they offered $50m over four years he would’ve signed. It wouldn’t have been a $3.5m contract signed late in April a month after FA started.

      The situation is what it is. This is a big surprise to everyone. Probably even Geno. A pleasant surprise.

    • Sea Mode

      A thought I had earlier today: even if you did sign him to a long-term deal like that, if he actually keeps playing like he has been, he’s probably going to hold out anyways for more. If you don’t draft a QB high as a replacement option, then you’re back is against the wall. If you do draft a QB high, then why did you sign Geno on a long-term deal?

  26. Bradley

    In this draft it seems as if there’s more value in trading two first and second round picks to get into the top 5 or 6 and get your QB. There’s nothing wrong with that, sometimes there is more value in fewer but higher picks and sometimes vice versa. Be adaptable. Would make a nice complement to last year’s draft.

  27. Paul

    Are either of the safeties worth a low first? I’m not as down on Adams as others, but it’s clear that SEA can’t count on his health. Diggs will be 30 at the start of next season, and he’s already past his peak.

    • Big Mike

      Since you’re not as down on the peacock as others here, I’ll leave his what I consider abysmal play on the field out of my response. His contract makes him utterly untradeable considering his injury history and abysmal play on the field.
      aw shit, I just couldn’t do it.
      even setting aside how bad he’s been, the contract and injury history makes him utterly untradeable.

      • Big Mike

        As for Diggs, in my opinion you’d be lucky to get a 5th even if you could find a trade partner He’s an overpriced, past his prime (as you mentioned) average at best player at a position most of the league does not value highly.

      • Paul

        A possible response might have been:

        “It’s unclear what you mean about the two safeties. Do you mean the two we already have or the two Rob mentions?”

        In which case, I might have replied:

        “Sorry for being unclear. I meant are either Smith or Camera worth using a low first round pick on. I know that we already have safeties, but one is always hurt and the other is aging.”

        Here’s a question for you: Who are you to be so certain about Adams’ play? Actual football players say that he’s really good—that he does everything he’s asked to do. Why should I believe you and not them?”

        • Rob Staton

          Paul, Big Mike doesn’t need to be a five time pro bowler to not be a fan of Jamal Adams

    • Rob Staton

      A low first?

      We’d be lucky to get anything

      • Spectator

        Is he asking if our Safeties are worth a late first, or if the safeties you have mentioned are worth a late first? I read it as the later, given he said “the safeties” not “our safeties”, but I could be wrong. I am curious what range you think those 2 safeties you have mentioned will go in tho. But I tend to like Neal and think value could be had later at that position.

        • Rob Staton

          The safeties I like are not first rounders. Smith could potentially get into range if he tests well but I’m not convinced he’s about to run a 4.4

      • Elmer

        Maybe a low 7th.

      • Paul

        My question was about Smith and Camaraderie. Are either worth using a low first on.

    • cha

      Jamal Adams is untradeable right now.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Isn’t Diggs too? Who’s gonna pay the balance of that contract for an aging, slowing, apparently disinterested player post serious injury?

        • God of Thunder

          Diggs had his best game of the (young-ish) season last time out, so I’m encouraged!

  28. HawkfaninMT

    It’s a small piece of the puzzle but has gone relatively unmentioned…

    IF the Hawks draft a QB they feel comfy starting day, and let Geno sign a big contract somewhere else, it would most likely mean a high comp pick in the following draft as well. As high as 3rd round gif memory serves

    • Rob Staton

      That would depend on whether the Seahawks sign any free agents themselves though

      And I would hope that they do

  29. Chad Schobert

    This is probably a bit convoluted, but Ive been rolling this one around in my head.

    Rather than extend Geno, franchise tag him. Take a QB high 1st round and then see how they do in pre season. If drafted qb isn’t looking up to the task, keep Geno with no long term committment while new qb develop while also being hedged against Geno regressing.

    If new qb looks to be a good first year starter, trade Geno for what would probably be a substantial pick.

    Biggest hang ups are that cap space may not he able to cover qb franchises tag monkey and that Geno may hold out if tagged.


    • Rob Staton

      If you franchise Geno you won’t have any cap space left in 2023

    • Peter

      Minus the seahawks from a few years ago I can’t recall too many teams giving much in a trade for a player not on a contract. If you franchise him (terrible move cost wise) and set about trading him teams know you are essentially giving him away for free. When that happens teams often pony up like fifth and sixth rounders.

      I have enjoyed the Geno story as much as anyone because this far I have been totally wrong in a good way.

      I can’t see any team giving anything higher than a conditional third for a qb with a …..and let’s be right here… SOLID year of play.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      The franchise tag for QBs expected to be $32m next year.

      That’s actually more than the Seahawks currently have available.

      Also, I’m not sure how much you’d in trade for a player on a massive one year contract.

      • Chad Louis Schobert

        Quandre Diggs is an example of places where they could free up cap space if that is the true issue.

        My concern is that if we extend Geno, that will certainly be a larger long term commitment than $32mm even if it might be broken up across a few years.

        The idea of trading him is if he and the drafted QB are both looking good, surely a team will step up to the plate, and if traded on the franchise tag, he could then negotiate a deal with his new team.

  30. Forrest

    I think Lavonte David is a free agent Seattle should target. I think he tilts the field. Pair him with Payne and that defense gets exciting.

    Any chance Drew Locke is our QB of the future (in waiting)? Can’t rule it out.

    • cha

      David will be 33 next year.

      I think that lemon has been mostly squeezed of its juice.

      This is just the kind of deal the Seahawks have typically done that eats up so much cap.

      • Ashish

        The concept of having vet DT/DE with relatively low cap hit (2013-2017 season) works fine when you have young developing DL group. Hoping to have that after 2023 draft. We do have Taylor Mafe T Smith (IR)

    • jimmy98661

      I’ve looked for any mention of Lock and agree: why is he off anyone’s consideration? Carroll’s program obviously stresses healthy competition but complete honesty in passing along critique to improve at every position. And besides, Lock was selected for damn good reasons by very aware Scouts. If Carroll goes looking, it will be because he does not see potential in Drew. My bet is nobody better than Geno understands how it works, and more importantly, how it could be better made to excel.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        If Carroll goes looking, it will be because he does not see potential in Drew

        Why would that be necessarily so? Could it be that Carroll’s not convinced of Lock’s potential, as he was obviously not convinced of Geno’s (else they would have signed him to a multi year deal)?

        Could it also be that regardless of Lock’s individual talent, he’s just not Carroll’s kind/preference of QB?

        I fully expect them to get a QB in this draft, regardless of whether they resign Lock or not.

        • Elmer

          Pete doesn’t like QB’s that chuck the ball up for grabs. He’s about taking care of the ball.

    • Pugs1

      I’ve been having similar thoughts about Lock. Geno has to be one hell of an example for Drew if he has any plans on reviving his career.

      • God of Thunder

        If Geno is this good, wait til we see what Drew Lock can do!😉

  31. no frickin clue

    I wonder whether the Patriots would be willing to part with Wynn and we try him out at guard. How much draft capital do you think that would require?

    Separately, I’d be interested in prying Mond away from the Browns, maybe a low-round pick to kick the tires there.

    • Rob Staton

      The Seahawks aren’t going to make that move now. They’ve no need to for a rental

      It’s a name to watch in the off-season though, at least I think so

      • Trevor

        Agree completely Rob. Wynn seems like he would be an ideal convert to G in the blocking scheme they want to run. Also gives them insurance at OT.

        Thought Center would be a bigger priority but the more I see of Blighe the more I think he might be worth keeping if he stays healthy. Seems like a good leader for this young group and there is value in that .

    • HOUSE

      If they want Jamal Adams’ contract… I will personally help pack that dude’s house. 🤣🤣🤣

  32. EJ McGee

    I’m not shouting “Pay the man”, but I certainly want to keep him on.

    If the Hawks want to look for leverage in this negotiation, you said it yourself Rob, “There’s also some risk for Smith. Negotiate now and he can guarantee longer-term security after years of going year-to-year. You avoid the potential for regression later in the season impacting your value.” Nuff said.

    I would love to see the Hawks sign Geno, and find their guy in the draft that they love. We’ve seen what happens when a franchise pins all there hopes on one man (ehm Broncos), and I feel like Geno and [INSERT YOUNG QB HERE] could get along great together next season.

  33. Trevor

    Rob any thoughts on the LB Ivan Pace at Cincinnati? Lots of producion and looks like a good athlete but I have not watched him enough to get a good read on him. Not sure he has the length the Hawks look for at LB either.

  34. Roy Batty

    Gibbs is one of those RB’s who makes sneaky, unrelenting yardage gains.

    You think he’s stuck, then he pops up and is clear of traffic. A great motor and mentality. Grinds out yardage, any and all ways possible.

    I would love him as a value pick, if available.

  35. Trevor

    If Tre Brown comes back and shows the same promise he had last year then this CB group could be set up incredibly well going forward. I thought Brown was our best DB before the injury.

    • Hoggs41

      And because of it Id be willing to bet we see a Burns or Jones trade in the next week.

      • Rob Staton

        I bet we don’t

        No way Carolina is dealing Burns. They’ve already said they aren’t

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I think he means Artie or Sidney

          • Rob Staton

            Ah! My bad

  36. GoHawks5151

    Eagles nab Robert Quinn. Going for it while the NFC crown is vacant

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Eagles only had to give up a fourth rounder for Quinn? Even with the attempted youth movement here, it’s negligent if Jon and Pete weren’t in on him.

      • Rob Staton

        Nah, no ageing vets and short term deals. Keep your picks. Build. That’s the key.

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          Yah, I suppose with Collier returning from IR, there really wasn’t a place for someone like Quinn right now…. 🤪

          • Big Mike

            LJ is coming back? Sweet! Championship

        • Mick

          I agree with you on this one. I’d rather give Boye Mafe, Alton Robinson or Tyreke Smith (yes I know he is injured but we don’t sign Quinn just for this season) more snaps than overpay for a DE. We have Taylor and Nwosu as starters.

      • HOUSE

        Not negligent at all. Quinn is owed $18.3M (23) and $17.3M (24). That is literally half of the open cap for next season where we have a roster with no quarterback on it.

        It comes down to dollars and sense and right now that trade doesn’t make sense…

        • ShowMeYourHawk

          Fair enough but if the aim is to draft a QB with an (increasingly) earlier Denver pick, then our cost for that position is much lower than we’d otherwise anticipate.

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to blow this thing up early but this isn’t a matter of trading the vault for a player wanting a huge new contract (Adams). This was a fourth rounder, which is a lottery ticket, and the cap space to keep him for another season. Considering we can recoup some (not nearly enough) of the Safety monies post June 1st next year, why no go for it in a season when the NFC is in the crapper?

      • UkAlex6674

        Far from negligent.

      • cha

        A fourth rounder and don’t have to pay him the bulk of his $12.8m salary this year.

        $13m non-guaranteed salary next year

        $14m non-guaranteed salary in 2024

        That works for Philly, in the hopes that he gets more than the 1 sack he’s got so far this year.

        Chicago just joined the “over $70m dead cap” club with Atlanta and Houston. A third of their available cap is for players no longer on the roster. Ouch.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          I’m happy we passed I prefer to keep our R4 pick.

          But it looks like a sweetheart trade for the Eagles in the midst of a SB run.

  37. cha

    Wednesday Press Conf w PC

    “Giants great, NFCE stocked, benefit from playing really good team, tough challenge.”

    [q] More teams this year leaning on ground game? More important? “Always important. How the game works. Never not been important. Last year teams finished at the top all ran the ball well. I’m not giving you that one. Tremendous team averages running well, these guys avg over 5 yards a carry. QB enhances it. ”

    [q] Defending running QBs? “Challenged by it. Aint easy. Whole other element. Scrambles hard enough. Designed runs QB running, challenge to defend.”

    [q] Designed runs Daniel Jones? “Tons of opps.”

    [q] DK Metcalf health? “Walkthrough nothing else. Feels a little better today. See how he responds. Quiet for a couple days.”

    [q] Saquon, how do you bottle him up? “Oh man. Power, speed, elusiveness, breaks tackles as good as anyone. Ultimate threat. Receiver out of backfield. Using him every way they can. Has a real style about him. Flexibility, lateral movement great as it gets.”

    [q] They finish well? “They know they can finish a game. Mindset, feed off it. Tremendous advantage. No time it’s over, gotta go, 60 minutes plus.”

    [q] Daniel Jones’ game this year? Josh Allen? “Similarities, Daniel’s a big guy too like Josh. Designed runs not just classic RPO. Created ways to hurt you. Good enough to do it. Always made long runs. Ever since in league. Commitment is clear now, not new. Tailored to fit rest of game. Makes it hard. Creativity in Buffalo to here, love from Kansas City too.”

    [q] Test as run stopping? “174 yards game average. Huge test. RB huge. QB too. Most explosive running team in NFL.”

    [q] Way they run the ball you like? “Respect the heck out of it. Throw FB plenty. Demonstrates commitment though when they go to run at end of game, need it. Developing a new QB in championship fashion.”

    [q] DL more equipped to handle in last two weeks? “Long way to go. Legit, significant strides. Keep getting better, consistency. One or two games forget if you can’t keep it going. Started a couple weeks ago, but this is ultimate challenge, find out where stand.”

    [q] Goodwin background? “Sanjay had background. Validated he’s really fast. Can fly. Hasn’t lost any speed. Vouched for him as a teammate. Dedicated to little things, discipline. Everything added up. One of the reasons I say we’re fastest we’ve ever been. Gonna use him. Great game last week.”

    [q] One win from Bud Grant career coaching wins, mean to you? “Doesn’t seem right. Way out there to me, always will be. NO statement to make.”

    [q] Tre Brown return to practice, where at? “Flying around in rehab. Ready to go. Chomping at it for two weeks, not on field yet, was in walk through today. When he got hurt he was playing darn good football. Really consistent for young guy, loved that about him. Kept doing things right. Picking up where left off, see where he fits in competition.”

    [q] Depth at CB, Sidney Jones not starting, how handle? “Hasn’t been 100%. Competing, deserves to play, good FB player. Can start for us still. Two practices and see how he feels.”

    [q] More speed than you hoped? “Pretty high expectations. Dareke Young more explosive than we thought. Even OT’s can run, they run 4.9’s.”

    [q] Joey Blount when did he get on your radar? “Live opps in special teams. Showed kind of thing you’re looking for. Hasn’t disappointed. Four tackles in one game. Crazy number. Consistent, fast, ST work jumped out. Now trying to figure out him playing safety for us. Not enough turns yet to show that off, in the mix.”

    [q] What led to getting team so fast this year? “Walker, Goodwin, Fant, tackles, outside rush guys too. Joey makes the team, can fly.”

    [q] Coincidental or scouting speed? “Always trying to get faster. Trying to keep playing off it.”

    [q] Shelby and Poona couple weeks? “More active at LOS, knocked more balls down. Huge factor. Really good, part of adjustment.”

    [q] Ryan Neal good game? “Oh man, beautiful pick, technique wise. You remember a couple years ago, active, you know he’s out there. Matches up well with a lot of different guys.”

    [q] Best OL in a few years? “Yeah, most consistent we’ve been. Pass pro consistent. Love that Phil and Gabe can both play, Stone ready to play, Kyle Fuller can start for us. Depth, still competitive.”

    [q] Drafting earlier a gamechanger to get Cross top 10? “Big deal. Took us two #1’s to get Jamal. He was 6th. Feels different now with couple 1’s and a couple 2’s exciting opp for club.”

    [q] Dickerson brought to OL group? “Been really on point with fellas, get along great. Understand system, raised in it. Depth of background every aspect connected. Related really well. Very demanding of guys, smart about how he handles it. Relationship with players strong. Fun watching.”

    [q] Coby Bryant all snaps? “Didn’t phase him. That position has so man intricacies and nuances, guy like Coby who studies hard, bright, intuitive, just gonna get better. You can take chances at that spot. Be a big factor. He was raw starting out. Only 7 weeks in. Way better than started. Already demo’d he is a playmaker.”

    [q] Pass rushing? “Indication of how we trust him at the position. Versatility experimented with.”

    [q] Draft pick converted outside to nickel? “Ugo one of the guys. Didn’t start this quick. We pretty much found those guys. Experienced guys, so much going on there. Coby unique player. Even faking it to figure things out he was doing OK. Now knocking balls down, I don’t see we’ve done that with anyone else.”

    [q] Phil and Nick concussions? “Phil practicing today, Nick not yet. Both have a chance.”
    [q] Penny Hart? “Not this week, maybe next week.”

    [q] Darrell Taylor what did you see Sunday? “Catching onto his stride now, good rhythm for him. High level of energy and explosion. Still working at it. Bruce Irvin play a little more this week.”

    [q] Haynes a buzz from upstairs protocol? “It was. Popped in chin. They thought he needed time. Right thing. Followed through. Heightened awareness better.”

    [q] Your med staff have anything to do with concussion people? “I don’t know.”

    [q] Turf injuries vs grass, studies? “Definitely need to look at this. Discussion before, safest for players. Pound on the ground for that. Figure out studies. Def need to keep working. Sometimes feels like somethings up with so many guys going down.”

    [q] Gabe Jackson health? “Practice today, ready to go.”

    [q] Jamal Adams health? “Sounds encouraged. Getting over the hump and moving. Serious injury, rehab, will take some time. First 3-4 weeks important no setbacks. Careful at home. Will come here to work out when it’s comfortable. Upbeat.”
    [q] No chance he comes back this season? “No.”

    [q] Collier this week? “See how it goes. Practiced last week. Check how it all fits together.”

    [q] Midseason turnaround feel similar to improvement the last couple years? “YUP”

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Drafting earlier a gamechanger to get Cross top 10? “Big deal. Took us two #1’s to get Jamal. He was 6th.

      I’m astonished Carroll would bring up the Adams trade by himself, let alone as some sort of yardstick to measure the value of high first round picks.

      It’s concerning to be honest.

      • Rob Staton

        Desperately trying to validate a bad trade

        • Sea Mode

          Adams getting injured unfortunately saved Pete from having to swallow his pride. At least it allows the players to just move on in the locker room and on the field.

          • HOUSE

            For the time being. Him potentially being healthy and on the field keeps a Ryan Neal-type of hungry off the field.

            Not trying to be a jerk, but I’m all for him retiring or us willingly eating $7.1M worth of dead cap for 3 years to move on from him.

            • Rob Staton


              There’s no justification hanging our hat on him and denying a chance to start Ryan Neal who is perfectly good for what we need at safety at a fraction of the cost

            • 12th chuck

              hypothetical, would you trade seahawks 2nd and adams for say a mid-level player?

            • Big Mike

              I badly, badly want to be wrong but this doubles down on my gut feeling Carroll will try to run it back yet again with Adams next year in a desperate attempt to justify the expenditure. The good news, Adams will likely get hurt very early on in the season and they can move on from him.

      • Hawkster

        That was so weird, like, ‘like when I was drop-dead drunk and bet everything on a box safety’ – w-what?

        • Big Mike


    • Ashish

      Cha, how can you hear the questions asked to Pete? Most of the time based on the answer i figure out the question and many time never understood which player media is asking for. Thank you for the transcript, as always.

      • TomLPDX

        Ditto. You are the maestro Cha.

      • cha

        I usually listen in on headphones with a decent amount of volume.

        Also make liberal use of the back button when a question is mumbled.

        Every couple months I jump in the press conference chat to ask the Seahawks to PLEASE mic up the reporters, or get better mics, or buy more sensitive mics. I usually get a big agree from a few people in the chat.

        It’s silly. They occasionally in the stream show the team setting up the room, and there’s a mic on each side of the podium and the first row of chairs is at least 5 feet away. It literally would take about $200-300 to suspend mics from the ceiling at strategic positions and would improve their streams many times over.

        • TomLPDX

          Or just use a directional mic that someone can’t point at the reporter with. It’s not rocket science.

  38. Roy Batty

    The recent Kenneth Walker interview is a great watch.

    So damned humble. All he wants to do is make the team a winner.

    The first steps to becoming a Seahawk legend?

    • Rob Staton

      I just hope he stays healthy after the last few years at RB

      • Starhawk29

        After watching Breece Hall go down this week, that’s my top fear. If he makes it to thanksgiving though, I know which jersey I’m buying this year!

    • cha

      Have a look at his new twitter profile pic.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        That’s brilliant

    • TomLPDX

      Links, people! We need links!!!

  39. Sea Mode

    Here’s the cheap LB addition. At least good to see them turning over some stones. I say plug him at MLB with Brooks at Will and see what happens. Can’t be worse than Cody…

    Doug Kyed

    The #Seahawks signed ex-Broncos veteran LB Alexander Johnson to their practice squad.

    Johnson led the Broncos in tackles in 2020 and last season graded out as Pro Football Focus’ top-rated ‘backer against the run prior to suffering a torn pectoral on Oct. 17, which shot his value in FA.

    • Tony

      Finally the Barton replacement we’ve been waiting for.

  40. Gaux Hawks

    Why would Chicago trade Quinn? Selling low on valuable assets right after a big road win doesn’t seem to be a very big culture building moment for the franchise… tanking?

    Either way looking like Denver won’t be a top 5 pick with Carolina, Houston, Indianapolis, Detroit, Pittsburgh… and now Chicago heading the wrong direction.

    An L in London hopefully leads to a fire-sale in Denver.

    • Rob Staton

      Quinn hasn’t been playing well, they are in the middle of a rebuild and want to accumulate assets.

      It was always expected Quinn would be dealt this year.

  41. Rob Staton

    I saw two pre-game huddles here, one for the defense and one for the full team.

    And Ryan Neal is the guy in the middle leading the group.

    Which is both fricking awesome and also mind-numbingly frustrating that we nearly had another year of him squeezed because they’ve thrown money at the position on two players they shouldn’t have thrown money at

    • Big Mike

      And imo Carroll is hellbent on a repeat next year.

      • Rob Staton

        Well they’re kind of stuck with at least one of them due to the contract

        • Henry Taylor

          I would expect them to keep Diggs because they respect his leadership, but taking the hit and post June cutting Jamal feels like such a no brainer at this point.

          • Big Mike

            Wager you a virtual cold one Adams is back next year Henry. As I said above, I BADLY want to be wrong.

            • Henry Taylor

              As much as it feels like a no brained to me, I also wouldn’t take that bet. Not even for a virtual cold one.

          • Rob Staton

            I don’t think you can justify an $18m cap hit for Diggs

            • James Cr.

              It might just be me, but I was really p**sed off at Diggs for at least twice this season trying to intercept passes in the end zone on 4th down, when just batting it down would get you better field position. Maybe I am over-analyzing though – are they taught to intercept the ball no matter what?

    • Ashish

      Do you think this will led them to think what they are getting out of Adams vs Neal? what Adams bring to table on $$ spent vs Neal? They need to say good things about Adams to media but in meeting some one has b*lls to say the truth.
      I really want Hawks to move on from Adams and possible Diggs to save on $$ and bring fresh new safety. We have draft capital but they need to do better than Blair and many other disaster picks.

  42. Sea Mode

    I may risk sounding like a suck up/fan boy, but I feel it needs to be said anyways: this article is simply brilliant. One of your best that I can recall, frankly. (and I’ve read every single one over the past, I don’t know, 7 or so years)

    It’s like a summary of the new level you’ve somehow managed to reach this year. Acknowledged and much appreciated.

    Hope plans are still on to go the Senior Bowl. It will be the only worthy way to cap off this season of Seahawks draft coverage.

    And if the website update is still in the works, I can’t wait for that either.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely Seamode. Rob has taken his already incredible content to another level. As a Hawks / Draft plan it truly think it is the best content available anywhere.

      • Roy Batty

        It must be confounding to the anti-Rob crowd.

        They don’t realize that his true fandom is on full display when the team is winning or losing. All the chatter about him wanting them to lose just to prove his point is, and always has been, a load of crap.

        Pointing out flaws and making suggestions to correct those flaws has been his way, just as pointing out positives and making suggestions to enhance those gains has been his way.

        Thanks for all the tireless work, Rob.

    • Henry Taylor

      100% agree, it tackles every angle of what is looking like a fascinating offseason for the Hawks.

    • cha

      Hear hear! 👏

      • cha

        Also a little plug for the store. I have an SDB shirt on the way!

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Store? What SDB store?!?!

        • Rob Staton

          I hope it’s OK 🙂

          I don’t get to test the stuff. I just set it up via YouTube

        • pdway

          Link? I want one too…..will wear it around LA…..

    • Rob Staton

      The website update had to be shelved sadly. I am still eager to do it. Its a problem having a website with 12 years of data attached to it 🤦‍♂️

      I am desperate to attend the Senior Bowl and am going to do what I can to try and get there.

      Thanks for the kind words 👍🏻

      • Peter

        Would the senior bowl be a family trip to mobile or just yourself?

        • Rob Staton

          Just me, it’d be too expensive for us all to go

      • Elmer

        Saw a mock draft that has the Hawks taking the Clemson edge rusher at #5 and passing on Levis, who falls to the Colts at #17. How can that opinion be possible based on what we know at this point. Then taking Notre Dame TE with our own pick. TE doesn’t seem like a position of particular need.

        • cha

          PFN’s simulator has gone off the rails. Badly needs updating.

          I ran one the other day and traded down a few times. Able to get

          13 Will Levis
          33 Zach Charbonnet

          And add Mazi Smith and Zach Harrison in the 2nd round, and net 3 first round picks and a third in 2024 for trading down.

          FYI, the simulator had Jaxon Smith-Njigba going #1

          • JJ

            PFN was way off last year as well. FIrst year was great, but it has been downhill since then. Loved Rob doing those live mocks a couple years ago.

  43. Andy Heck 66

    When is the Sidney Jones and a 7th for a 6th trade going to happen?

  44. Zane

    Tariq Woolen – Coby Bryant – Tre Brown
    What a superb looking group if Brown returns to form. They really could be the cornerstone of a new identity- that, and K9.

    • Sea Mode

      Well, according to an ESPN, we might consider upgrading at slot corner because Bryant has allowed a 122.8 passer rating in coverage this season.

      Do the turnovers and good tackles cover that he is actually not playing as well as it seems to the eye?

      • cha

        I’m fine with it. He has been targeted 34 times so we’re talking about a pretty small sample size. I can easily justify that with the turnovers and the sack he has collected. He had a game or two with perfect QB rating conceded but only on a couple targets.

        Sunday against LAC he conceded 7 on 9 targets for a 98 rating. PFF said he conceded 5 on 6 targets and awarded him a 71.8 rating in coverage.

        He had a great game against Arizona, targeted 6x and only allowed 2 completions for 10 yards, and a 42.4 QB rating. Also had 8 tackles. He was targeted 6x with an average depth of 11.5 yards downfield.

        PFF agreed, rating him at 79.3 for the game and a 77.3 in coverage.

        Also FWIW Quandre Diggs is allowing a 140.6 QB rating.

        • Spectator

          I honestly dont remember how Tre Brown played last year, was he in the slot or outside? If slot, could this be a way to get Bryant more work on the outside, his more natural position?

  45. Sea Mode

    Music to our ears:

    “I can’t believe we didn’t draft that dude,” one NFL assistant general manager told me after Walker torched the Chargers for 168 rushing yards and two touchdowns Sunday. “We thought about him in the first round, and then decided to take him with our next pick. (Seahawks GM John Schneider) got one of the best players in the draft.”

    “Wish we had him,” a Pro Bowl defensive player told me. “He’s so freaking fast.”

    Fast is an understatement. Walker clocked 22.09 mph on his 74-yard touchdown run Sunday, the fastest time by a ball carrier this season, according to NFL Next Gen Stats.

    “Freak,” the assistant GM added. “He’s got everything in his bag. He’s short, but he’s not small. He’s strong as shit.”

    • Big Mike

      PLEASE stay healthy Kenneth.

      • TomLPDX

        Doubling down on this thought. Stay healthy young man.

  46. Rushless pass

    Toney to the Chiefs.

  47. Denver Hawker

    Andrew Thomas pff grade of 90 this season. Incredible. Seem to recall some early scouting on him somewhere.

  48. Palatypus

    And so begins the Tom Brady farewell tour.

    • Palatypus

      Boo Buccaneers! Just lose baby!

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