This is a really important game for the Seahawks

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  1. Big Mike

    “The team has captured my imagination in a way I never expected this season.”
    Perfect description of how I suspect a lot of us feel.

    Forecast for Sunday is rain with 10-20 mph wind. That will likely limit the passing games.

    • Dave

      I was feeling fairly confident that the Seahawks were gonna win this Sunday…until I heard about the weather. Now I think we’re in trouble. Hate watching our guys play in the rain. It just changes everything.

      Fingers crossed I’m wrong.

      • UkAlex6674

        Changes everything for both teams so it balances out.

      • Spectator

        Rain was Russ’ troubles. With this line and K9, it will be interesting to see if they can be different

        • Peter

          I can’t think of a qb in Seattle since they began playing outside that didn’t have different/lesser games in the rain.

          • Spectator

            Could you name a QB that doesn’t play different in the rain, from any franchise?

            The point and difference is that our QB is no longer the focal point, but instead a compliment. Not saying Geno wont struggle in the rain, or wont look bad, but the point is that we have a young line and a young RB that can hopefully be leaned on. We also seem to be able to hit shorter routes to TEs that help produce in worse weather, an area Russ couldn’t.

            I am interested to see what the gameplan is and don’t mind that it is in the rain.

            • Peter

              Rain was russ’ troubles.

              Different game plan? You already said it in your first post. Seattle has over the years awesome olines and strong run games to combat the rain.

              Seattle has that again. Should be good.

              As for qbs in the rain. Not sure.

              • SMARQUIS

                My concern is our Defense in the rain. We still rely upon a lot of speed in our Defense, and speed usually suffers in the rain..

  2. HOUSE

    Spot on Rob. I thought we would only win five, maybe six games. I was more excited about the prospect of the 2023 draft than I actually was with games this season. I have pleasantly been surprised by how the offense is doing and by what the defense has done the last two games. I have been excited watching this season, it’s like a fire that was flickering out has caught brush and the flame is alive and well again.

    I do think that this Giants game is a huge test for us and I personally hope Denver continues to lose games. Russell got what he wanted and I’m hoping we get better pics for his decision. Go Hawks!!!

  3. cha

    Ian Rapoport

    #Bucs star pass-rusher Shaq Barrett is feared to have suffered a torn Achilles based on the initial exam, source said. Coach Todd Bowles said it doesn’t look good and he’ll have an MRI tomorrow.
    8:41 PM · Oct 27, 2022
    ·Twitter for iPhone

    • Chase

      Wow. Hopefully it’s not too bad, super talented player.

  4. Trevor

    Watching the Bucs and Rams this year makes you realize how quickly an NFL roster can go from great to old and slow. The draft seems more important than ever.

    • Elmer

      And how about those Packers.

  5. Charles


  6. Nathan M

    I’m so happy this team isn’t as painful to watch as I expected, but holding back from getting TOO excited still. As good as they looked vs the Chargers I’m just waiting for it to come crumbling down. Maybe this is still a 0.500 team in that “purgatory”zone but I can really live with that this year because we have the ++draft stock to make a jump next year.

    • Peter

      I’m certainly more excited than I thought I’d be. Alternately I don’t think the Chargers are that good.

      Daboll looks to be a great coach so it will be interesting if Seattle’s defense is starting to stiffen up as the season progresses.

  7. Sea Mode

    7 seniors generating buzz for scouts entering Week 9 with Jim Nagy

    • Spectator

      Latu’s background has me intrigued. Dont know the range he will go in tho.

      • Jake

        As an Alabama fan, I’ve watched every game Latu had played. His best comp is probably Gerald Everett. He makes the occasional big play, drops way too many, and garners way too much buzz for what he actually is. Parkinson is a far superior prospect in my opinion.

    • IHeartTacoma

      Those Boise State safeties are thumpers.

  8. Simo

    Given all the positivity surrounding the team right now, what’s the chance John makes a trade in hopes of shoring up a trouble spot?

    Roquan Smith or Daron Payne would sure be nice additions to the defense. Our linebacker play has been mediocre at best, Smith could really stabilize that area. Payne would be great in the interior defensive line as well.

    It may not be wise to give up any draft picks, especially after drafting so well this year, but nabbing either of these guys might be worth a R3 pick. Would need to agree to an extension with either one as part of the deal in order to keep them past this year.

    I’m on the fence about whether or not this would be worth it, so it will be interesting to see what happens!

    • Rob Staton

      I’d say next to no chance. 0.0000001%.

      Roquan Smith and Daron Payne are free agents. You’d have to have a massive contract ready to go or you’d have to franchise them, destroying your cap space in 2023.

      It’s just not worth it.

      They started to build a foundation last year by being sensible. Blowing picks now would be the opposite of that. It won’t happen.

      • Ashish

        In recent Pete’s interview he did mention couple of times how current draft is helping plus what they can do with 2 1st and 2 2nd in upcoming draft. I mean come on guys atleast learn from our mistake i.e. Adams trade.

        • Simo

          I certainly wasn’t talking about an Adams level trade, not even close really. If they could get Daron Payne for a R3 pick and sign him to a reasonable extension, it might be worth it. Guy’s at a great age and he’s been productive as well.

          I also suspect the team will part with Shelby Harris before next season, and take his fairly large contract off the books. This would allow them to fit a guy like Payne (younger, more productive) right into that spot.

          I suspect Rob is right and that they won’t make any moves like this, and their past trade history isn’t very good. We can’t be totally afraid of making good, smart trades though just because the Adams trade hasn’t worked out!

          • Ashish

            Sorry Simo didn’t mean to be offensive here. Yes to good 3rd day pick for young players but in general we are doing okay. DLine is work in progress i think coaches are expecting a lot from this group and now it is fair to give them a chance. Who would not like to see L J Collier doing good ( sarcasm).

      • Jordan

        Well said. Exactly.

        Part of this reset is not just about getting back to drafting well, but also learning from their mistakes and avoiding the same pitfalls. No more trading significant picks and paying for other team’s unhappy stars, no more holding on to coaches too long (Cable), don’t let a singular player become bigger than the team again.

        • JimQ

          I agree, but —- most major decisions should be the primary duty & responsibility of a good owner. Without ownerships involvement in team operations, I guess PC/JS have to recognize the errors of their past ways and start making smarter decisions on everything. I still believe their last draft was exceptionally well done and would hope the next one will be as well. I really liked the concept of double dipping at positions of need and would like to see more of that.

    • cha

      I think their move at LB has already been done, signing Alexander Johnson to the PS.

      • Kyle R

        Can’t forget Bruce cha!!

        • Jake

          Bruce is an OLB. They need someone to replace Barton, hopefully Alexander starts in his place next game. I doubt it, but I think a wet paper bag could do better…

  9. EJ McGee

    I just came here to say – this is the most fun Seahawks season we’ve had in a long long time. I am enjoying the crap out of it.

  10. Big Mike

    Just heard that the Giants are 30th in first half scoring and 4th in second half scoring. That’s coaching right there. Hawks are going to have to be on their game for the full 60.

    • Kyle R

      Sounds like the opposite of the Seahawks this year at least until recently.

  11. jed

    Fun video Rob. Agreed about caring about these games much more now than I thought I would earlier in the year.

    Going back to your long article before this video, what’s making this season fun for me is the uncertainty. Can Geno keep this up for the rest of the year? I’d certainly like to see how he handles a full season of NFL teams game planning against his strengths. Can he lead some 4th quarter victory drives? Can he play well in crap weather? If he leads the team to the playoffs (I can’t believe I’m saying that), can he perform well there? Or, is he the new Kirk Cousins or Ryan Tannehill or Derek Carr? Maybe he’s just playing the best handful of games of his career and reverts to a backup?

    I’d wait until the end of the season to see what happens before signing him, even if they had cap space to do it now. Plus, we get the rest of the season to see where Denver’s pick is. It may change the decision making if we’re talking about the #1 pick vs. #6 or #10. No need to make a choice now, when we’ll have good information in January.

    Add in all the questions about the rookies, new coordinators growing into their jobs, role players stepping up in place of big contract injuries, watching Denver and the old, great QBs implode, and this is probably the most fun I’ve had watching the Seahawks & NFL since 2016 or so.

  12. 509 Chris

    Broncos talking about trading Chubb and Juedy. Who would have thought Broncos would be selling and seahawk fans would be talking about buying at the trade deadline? I’ve seen Kareem Hunt wants out if Cleveland, might he make a good number 2 in Seattle? I would love to see this team that no one believed in win the division!

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s be fair though, there’s no indication of the Seahawks being buyers before the deadline

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I’m very much looking forward to 4:01 ET on Tuesday next

      • 12th chuck

        wait, I thought the hawks were in on every deal.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m sure they will keep an ear to the ground but will they actually pull the trigger on a big splash? No chance, IMO

          • 509 Chris

            I don’t want them to deviate too much from the original plan, the draft. However now that winning the west looks possible (still an uphill climb), spending a later pick to shore up linebacker or wr/hb could be a wise investment. Several people have talked about getting back to an identity. “We all we got, we all we need.” If this team won the division after trading our franchise future hof qb, the “I ain’t write back” era can begin. Just food for thought, but I think it’s worth discussing trade options even if it doesn’t happen.

            • Rob Staton

              But who are you seriously getting for a sixth to sure anything up at LB? Or WR/RB?

              • Jake

                Are Bucs ready to be sellers? LB Lavonte David might be available for a 4th or so. Jets are ready to dump WR Mims, wouldn’t buy for more than a 5th. Maybe Safety depth to push Jones off the roster for a 6th.

                There is one giant hole on this team IMO, I’ll give you, umm 57 guesses who it is. WR and safety depth could be better too. Especially due to injuries.

                Saquon vs Barton is going to be an ugly matchup. Then again, since WRs can easily block him, he might avoid the embarrassment of getting lit up by Saquon.

                • Rob Staton

                  You can’t blow a fourth on a 33 year old linebacker who is out of contract in the off season

                  Mims has been a huge bust

                  That’s your next Woolen or Bryant you’ve squandered on those two deals

                  Just keep the picks (they will keep them, too, they get it)

  13. pdway

    Good Hawks article on The Ringer that comes to the conclusion that the Hawks surprisingly successful season may well continue – and states three main factors:

    1. the way better than expected QB performance from Geno;
    2. this fantastic rookie class that appears to be getting better as the season goes on; and,
    3. the belief that the defense, based on getting used to some new roles, and some key adjustments to the D-line scheme – – appears to have turned a corner.

    ! & 2 are pretty indisputable; thoughts on the 3rd one? Too soon to say?

    • cha

      A fair amount of their “turned a corner” justification has been the recent improvement in the run defense.

      Let’s look at that.

      Arizona was missing their top two running backs two weeks ago.

      Last week the Chargers ran their running backs 11 times. That’s not a typo. They only ran the ball 11 times. Austin Ekeler got 9 runs but gashed them for 96 yards and a touchdown on 12 passes.

      Let’s have at least a middling effort against Saquon Barkley and a Giants team that runs 54% of their plays before we really say this team has improved in a way we can count on.

      • TomLPDX

        That’s amazing actually. I though Ekeler was getting shut down pretty quickly on the run. I had to go check…

        For rushing, Eckeler had 9 carries for 31 yards and a TD, but as a receiver he had 12 targets and 12 catches for 96 yds and a TD. Pretty darned good performance plus he was the primary target for throws.

        • Jake

          The Seahawks have no answer for running backs in the passing game so far. Also, Ekeler is really, really good as a receiving back. Saquon is really, really good as a runner and receiver, so it could be ugly. That said, keep Barton on the sideline and it’ll help.

  14. Forrest


    Are you going to the Broncos/Jaguars game?

    • Big Mike

      If so, he’s one of the few that will see it since it’s on ESPN+.
      Screw the NFL for putting games on streaming.
      Now get off my lawn.

    • Rob Staton

      I am not

  15. TomLPDX

    Both DK and Tyler are listed as questionable for Sunday. We have some talent on the practice squad, let’s hope they can pull it out and play well.

    • Roy Batty

      Loads of 3 TE sets, quick slants and, most of all, ground pounding.

      • TomLPDX

        I really loved the 13 formations last week (3 TEs, 1WR) to let K9 cook. Those were effective!!!

  16. Trevor

    Would love to see the Hawks trade Sydney Jones for a day 3 pick and then trade that day 3 pick plus another day 3 pick to the Raiders for Johnathan Abrams. He is said to be on the block and would be a nice replacement for Adams. Would allow the Hawks to go with more 3 Safety looks with Neal and Diggs moving Jones to the bench. He is also a good blitzer.

    PC / JS were said to really like him coming out. Would not trade any of the Day 1-2 picks but if you could get him for a couple of late picks it would be tempting.

    • cha

      Not sure I see the value there.

      Abrams is a free agent next year, so you’d have to pay him anyway. Why not just give the job to Neal and let him audition for his RFA contract next year instead of giving up picks to get Abrams for 8 or 9 games?

      Unless you strictly mean 7ths when you say Day 3 picks.

      • Trevor

        The idea would bring him in to replace Josh Jones not Neal. The Hawks have played a lot of 3 Safety and would likely play more if they had the depth to keep Barton off the feild.

        Perhaps he comes in a plays well in audition and could be a replacement for Adams. He is not going to be a premium free agent looking for big bucks.

        Whatever draft capital they can get for Jones + a 6th or 7th is the most I would give up.

        • Gaux Hawks

          I like it… 6th + 6th (SJ). Maybe you get that back with future comp pick too.

    • Jordan

      Abram is so bad though. I’d be very hesitant to give up day 3 picks for him knowing what best case day 3 picks can become.

      • swedenhawk

        Wasn’t it Jonathan Abram that the Seahawks were supposedly targeting at #29 in 2019?

  17. Sunjay Jayachandran

    Hi Rob

    Just a question. When Wilson was playing under Waldrons offense, were there a lot of 3 TE, wr or rb sets I dont seem remember too many of them as compared to now? Seems that Geno plays much better under Waldrons offense than did Wilson.

    • Rob Staton

      I can’t remember to be honest Sunjay, I don’t really study X’s and O’s.

      I do think Wilson is an ill-fit for the Shanahan/McVay stuff though. And felt that way when Waldron was appointed — although I was still excited to see how it played out and hoped it would be a big success

    • JN

      Xs and Os guy here, they did not use these 3 tight end sets last year. That full house formation came out of nowhere, even the McVay tree! I think they did it early this year to help the rookie tackles but they saw that it worked and found more wrinkles to keep it going. A QBs best friend is a tight end!

  18. Donovan

    “Seahawks are surprisingly good. Will it last?”

    Cool article from smart football thinker. Love plaudits for the rookie class

    • icb12

      Keaton Mitchell, RB iut of ECU is a pretty intriguing player. Good burst. Good vision. Good hands. Good production. Falls forward. He’s tiny but stays in there to block even though he ain’t great at it.

      • icb12

        Of course no sooner do I finish typing that then he gets stuffed 2x with 6″ to go because he’s dancing too much.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Mitchell is too small to be an NFL RB. He’s only 185lbs. But he’s fun to watch. I don’t know if he has the hands for it, but he certainly has the quicks to convert to WR.

        His teammate on defense, LB Chance Bates (6-1 240), however, is an interesting prospect. Doesn’t play upfield much so no sacks/TFLs, but he’s quick, good in coverage (1 INT) and a solid tackler (42 total thru 9 games).

  19. HOUSE

    I came across this article today regarding Sidney Jones. While Tre Brown returning and being healthy would be a welcome sight, I truly hope we don’t have to just release Jones. Surely there has got to be some team out there that has just lost a quarterback and that would potentially give a draft pick for him.

    • cha

      I can buy that Sidney Jones has been a combination of injured and unable to win playing time when healthy this year and that the Seahawks would feel justified in moving on from him.

      This article positing they will cut him simply to save $480k because they’re that tight against the cap? Hogwash.

      • HOUSE

        Agreed. I just don’t see him not getting traded, cutting him a couple days later and then somebody picking them up anyways. There are literally five or six teams that just lost cornerbacks and someone has got to give up a seventh round pick for him.

        For the first time in a long time, having depth is a good problem for the Seahawks

  20. Sea Mode

    I just imagine him looking at the Senior Bowl draft board and being like: “wow, this guy knows!”

    Rob Staton

    Replying to @JimNagy_SB and @seniorbowl

    Darnell Wright, Christopher Smith, Jonathan Mingo, Luke Musgrave, Olusegun Oluwatimi, Chris Rodriguez, Ricky Stromberg, Jordan McFadden, Jake Bobo, DTR should be listed for starters… and Z. Charbonnet, KJ Henry, JM Schmitz, Byron Young should be in top 25. IMO of course 😉

    Jim Nagy

    Replying to @robstaton and @seniorbowl

    You’re on it, Rob!

    • GoHawks5151

      Love seeing Luke Musgrave getting some love. Send this man to the senior bowl!

      • Rob Staton

        I bet Musgrave goes in R2

  21. JJ
    Those affiliated with the @GatorsFB program tell @TonyPauline that they believe QB Anthony Richardson will enter the 2023 NFL Draft. 

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