Seahawks trade down, draft John Moffitt at #75

The Seahawks added a second player to their offensive line on Friday, drafting Wisconsin guard or center John Moffitt. It follows the acquisition of James Carpenter with the #25 overall pick, a player expected to feature at right tackle. It further emphasises the team’s ambition to improve the offensive line with three high picks in the last two drafts.

Seattle traded down from the #57 pick after a deal with the Detroit Lions (who took running back Mikel Leshoure). The Seahawks moved down to #75 where they took Moffitt and added another fourth round pick (#107 overall) while switching picks in rounds five and seven with Detroit.

The Seahawks will be back on the clock shortly after round four begins, making the second pick when the draft resumes at 9AM PST on Saturday.

So what about Moffitt?

He’s 6-4 and 319lbs, with 33 inch arms and experience starting at guard and center for the Badgers. He ran a 5.55 at the combine and benched 23 reps. The first thing that stands out to me is a need to improve his overall strength, because for a guy his size he’s not that powerful. It’s something he’s had an issue with against physically superior defensive lineman. Neither is he particularly mobile or an above average athlete.

Moffitt does a good job finishing his blocks and he’s a grafter, but he’s not an obvious zone blocking fit. Aside from a lack of obvious mobility, he’s not a great second level blocker and sometimes struggles to diagnose what his role needs to be on a given play. There are flashes of an edge on the field, which is good to see – but you’d like to see that nastiness more often because it exists.

Some things you maybe don’t know about Moffitt, apparently he’s a soundbite wonder for the media, often making entertaining quotes to the press. He’s also started 42 out of the last 45 Wisconsin games.

Watch John Moffitt in the NFL Networks ‘First Draft’ series

Watch John Moffitt’s combine work out

Two things stick out to me as we approach the final day of the 2011 draft. Firstly, despite the links to Tom Cable and Alex Gibbs, this is very much a different approach to the Gibbs philosophy. Size is the order of the day, which goes against a lot of what Seattle’s former line coach would preach. Clearly the offensive line has been an issue for some time and it’s getting a make over in two drafts. It’s not the only area of need, however, and it’s not the only reason why Seattle’s run game has been poor the last couple of years.

Secondly, there appears to be real contrast in the way the team has gone about business. Last year there were bold moves to trade for running backs like Lendale White, Marshawn Lynch and Leon Washington – all at the expense of draft stock. The trade for Charlie Whitehurst was considered an expensive yet calculated gamble to fill a vital position. Last year they invested a second round pick in a wide receiver with very raw talent but needed some polish (Golden Tate).

Twelve months on, it’s been nothing but conservative. Two additions that won’t win any style points and a determination to accumulate picks rather than spend them. Of course, the lockout plays a part in that. Yet this is seemingly a very different approach.

Seattle’s remaining picks

Round Four: #2 (99) and #10 (107)

Round Five: #23 (154) and #25 (156)

Round Six: #8 (173)

Round Seven: #2 (205) and #39 (242)


  1. Michael

    Seven more picks so lots of options. Wow cant believe were going into round 4 & were still havent drafted a qb or a cb! Im still in till pc shows me otherwise but not a pretty or flashy draft. I saw a lot of guys I really liked go in rounds 2 & 3 that stung a little.

  2. Jeff M.

    I know Rob was not a fan of the trade value at the time, but I think we’re pretty well-placed to get some value at the top of the 4th.

    If we come out tomorrow morning and get one of Davon House or Brandon Burton plus a guy like Christian Ballard who can rotate at 3- and 5-tech, I think we’ll have done a pretty good job of filling some major holes.

    Obviously QB isn’t one that we’ve filled, but if we get an upside developmental guy like Enderle or Devlin and trade for Palmer, I think we’d be doing all right.

    It certainly doesn’t turn this team into a Super Bowl contender, but I think a completely rebuilt OL and an improved running game (plus increased contributions from young guys like Thurmond, Chancellor, Tate, McCoy and a return to health for Bryant) keeps us right in the hunt to defend our NFC West crown.

  3. Michael (CLT)

    Greg Salas would salve a deep wound.

    • Matt Q.


  4. Derek

    I would like to see Ballard at #99, and either Burton or House #107. Then use both our fifth rounders to get back into the 4th and get either Taiwan Jones or Jaquizz Rodgers to complete our running game.

    • Derek

      I really think Rodgers can be a special back in this league, especially with the O-line we are creating. I think #99 actually should be Burton, he won’t las until #107.

      • Jeff M.

        Please no RBs.

        We already have two very talented shifty/speed guys in Washington and Forsett, and there’s nothing to indicate that Jones or Rodgers would add much there.

        And we already spent a 4th rounder in this draft on a power back.

        CB, DT, DE, S, LB, WR, QB are all bigger needs than RB. I’d probably even prefer a 3rd OL.

        • Michael (CLT)


  5. Carl

    When Casey went two picks later, I cried a little inside. I get what they’re trying to do, I really do, but I’d just like to start seeing some best-player-available type picks.

  6. Nick

    They should really take burton with the 1st fourth, then go BPA on the D line with the next 4th

    I really think there are some good safety prospects left and that we could nab one in the 5th. Tyler Sash and Quinton Carter come to mind. Lawyer Milloy is awesome to have around, and i know we have Kam Chancellor, but those guys could provide some good late round value.

    Not really thrilled with how this draft has gone so far, but considering the O line was such a huge area of discussion/concern last year, I think we will all enjoy watching these new guys in camp help improve the line, and at the very least provide some much needed depth.

  7. Will

    I get that we have a clear strategy establishing the line and run game, and I trust PC enough to see where it goes.
    What are your thoughts on Tyrod Taylor at qb, lateround developmental value?
    I think he’s a dynamic intriguing prospect, even potentially a Michael Vick without the inital character issues. Can we land him? Should we?

  8. Ed

    i’m with you guys about ballard and burton. i think ballard first (bigger drop after him). i would feel comfortable getting 1 of 3 dbs’ (burton/house/brown). while it has not been sexy, this is exactly what i thought our draft should be a long time ago. improving our line will help the run, pass and defense.

  9. D

    Anyone notice on the how PC and JS looked at bit bummed after day one and positively psyched up after day two? I have a feeling they like what they see coming into the beginning of day three with pick 2 and 10.

  10. TonyB

    why don’t we just go OL for the rest of the draft..two is not enough, I would like to see us pick up nine big uglies…

    get it done PC!..nine for the road..

  11. Will

    I love that we’re building up the OLine. Ever since we lost Hutch, the OL hasn’t been great.

  12. Peck

    I am wondering if this Front Office has vision.
    We spent 3 of last 5 top picks on offensive line. I just don’t know who will be QB to protect.
    They want to improve running game. Carpenter and Moffitt are the answer? Why non Ingram? We drafted two non elite players. Do we better team now? Can they take us to SB? Palmer is the answer? He is 31. We still need to take young QB in the next years draft. Let’s say it will take 1-2 years to take one. Then it will take 2-3 years to develop him. Then 2-3 years to get to his prime. We should wait 6-7 more years. Why not to start now? We don’t have any talent on positions of impact (QB, #1WR, elite RB). Did we get something from this draft? Yes, bunch of low picks.

    • D

      Actually I think that what this F.O. has going for it is the abundance of vision and values. They are very clear about what they want to do and what they think is important. When running a large organisation this is key if you want success.

      Now is the vision and values the right ones to get to teh promised land. Beats me…

      • Peck

        What vision is it? No franchase QB, no true WR, no elite RB, not elite
        (exepts Okung) OL. They put all the money in OL.
        Who is playmeker in this roster? We still will be horrable in running ball and also
        no air game and no defence.

        • Kao

          I disagree that this franchise has no vision. No QB yet, but PC always has something up his sleeve. He is just keeping it quiet. I really don’t think Jesus is the answer, but still can’t prove much with 2 starts where he did win a huge game with almost no real quality starts.

          WR- Williams has proven to me all-star material. Butler proven to be a deep ball threat. In Tate we did see some play making ability, but just his rookie year. Carlson is not WR, but because we had to use him to help block with our lack of OL we did not see him be available much to catch the ball, but showed up when playing teams with weaker DL.

          Safety- Earl Thomas was candidate for rookie of the year. play maker when he is not helping one of the other CB in double coverage or loss coverage.

          RB- You can’t tell me that after that run we saw in the playoffs that we don’t have an elite RB in Lynch. No OL no consistent run, pass, or defense.

          They drafted for good solid foundation to win consistently instead of changing OL 12 times a year. They simply didn’t believe in the QB’s they had available for their picks. I really did think that they want to draft one of the 3 QB’s but when that was not available they went for protection up front for a new QB to develop. PC has gone through this with NE and he knows how to develop players. Got my faith in this guy and his philosophy, but we will just have to see.

  13. Vin

    So I just heard the Cable interview. Our Oline will look like this: Okung, TBD, Unger, Mofitt, Carpenter. One can assume theyre targeting Gallery @ LG. I wonder why they wont put Mofitt @ LG? He played all season there….he looks like Hutch to me.


    I was pretty bummed yesterday, but I am holding off judgement until free agency gets going and the 4th round could provide some value. If we pick up Palmer, Gallery and maybe even Nnamdi Asomugha or Richard Seymour, we’ve improved a lot. Of course, that damn Elite 8 Rule will be a pain in the ass, but I think we’ll lose some free agents pretty quickly (Locklear, Robinson, Hass, Jennings, etc.).

  15. Snoot

    Many Front Offices looking for a guard in round three would have picked Will Rackley over Moffit. Much greater upside potential. At least, as others have pointed out, they have a plan. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

    Our qb’s may well be: CBJ, Palmer, Leinert.

  16. Jarin

    come on seahawks we didn’t draft a q.b. yet we drafted a million offensive lineman
    i was looking forward to a q.b. like andy dalton, tyrod taylor, or ryan mallett

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