Seahawks trade for Brett Hundley, extend Tyler Lockett

As projected in yesterday’s piece, Seattle’s 2018 backup quarterback wasn’t on the roster.

And this news followed shortly after…


  1. Ben Ft. Worth

    Yeah just saw this. I figured they were gonna make a move for quarterback. Just didn’t think it would be so soon.

  2. samjaffe

    I think this means that JS is more optimistic about this season than everyone else. No reason to care about a backup qb if you expect a bad record anyway. But if you think you’re going to be good, you see that the single biggest weakness is backup QB, and you try to fix that situation. Hundley has proved that he won’t lose every single game when called to duty (3-6 last year for a team that depends on its starter more than the Seahawks do), which is all you can ask of a back-up qb worth a six-rounder.This might also give a hint that the Mack trade might happen: JS wouldn’t do it if he thinks the team will pick in the top ten next year. Plus, you know, there’s a song about it…

    • UKAlex6674

      I think the same about the FO thoughts on the Mack trade trade and viewing the season more optimistically than we do.

      Although not so much on saying GB relies on Rodgers more than we do RW after last season………….:-)

  3. Pran

    Interesting…Packs consider him a failure for an investment of 5th. we are paying him a 6th and he will be a free agent in 2019.

  4. Group Captain Mandrake

    Makes me wonder if they could have gotten Hundley after roster cuts and not lose the pick. It’s fairly obvious that the Packers didn’t want him and were higher on Kizer. Sure, you risk losing him to another team, but I wasn’t that impressed when I’ve watched him play and would have been happy with someone comparable available after cuts for free.

    • UKAlex6674

      Who would you have been happier with?

  5. Elmer

    Is this really an upgrade from the backup QB’s already on the roster? Has anybody seen the offsetting cut that will have to happen?

  6. Ghost Mutt

    I know he may have been cut after the Kizer trade but a 6th still seems like a really fair price – delighted with the trade.

  7. Ashish

    Many more to come watch out for DE, CB, OL, LB. I’ll not be surprised if we have at least 5 new players making 53 from cut’s and trade. Interesting week which will define 10+ for less than 7 year.

  8. YankinTa

    Not impressed with this trade. Unless he’s been playing well the past three preseason games (I have not seen him play this year),, he would have been cut and we would have gotten him for free.

    • STTBM

      Seattle wouldn’t have traded for him—certainly not a sixth round pick—if they thought they could get him on waivers. They were obviously sure a team ahead of them on the waiver list would get him. And the sixth instead of a seventh implies there may have been another team or teams trying to jump the waiver line and trade for him.

      Either way, Seattle liked him enough to give up a sixth to ensure they got him.

      Let’s hope he’s more T-Jack than Whitehurst.

      • YankinTa

        Well, it certainly seems that way but I would say even JS would admit he doesn’t know for sure if there are other teams interested.

        I guess I would just state a FACT that when it comes to trading for players for JS doesn’t have good track record,, especially lately. His batting average has been declining quite a bit especially the past few years hence my trust level declining.

  9. Glor

    Wow, correct me if I’m wrong but we just gave up a 6th rounder for a guy that was getting cut?

    • Kenny Sloth

      We gave up a sixth to eliminate the choice.

      • Pran

        for a year rental of backup..probably sunk cost for 3 years of development behind Rodgers!

        • Glor

          true true to the sunk cost bit.. didn’t look at it that way

    • AlaskaHawk

      Eagles may be getting rid of Foles soon, he hasn’t looked good in preseason. In fact there will be a lot of experienced QBs cut loose, and lots of inexperienced ones too. I question the trade of a 6th rounder. But at least he is cheaper than Flynn was.

    • Coleslaw

      To be fair, Justin Coleman was going to be cut anyways last year too. Nobody is complaining about that one.

  10. HawkfaninMT

    Big deal for Lockett….

    Is he worth that much? Will be interested to see the details and see what WRs are getting comparable dollars

    • STTBM

      Unless he has another catastrophic injury, Lockett will be an absolute steal at this price. He’s way better than P-Rich. Wilson misses him on 6 sure td’s a year—the guy is a total stud. If he played with a q.v. like Brady, Rogers, Rapistburger, Brees or even Rivers, he would have 1,000 yards and 10 td’s a year.

      He’s a good kid who works his tail off, and he doesn’t piss and moan about lack of opportunities like Tate. This is an awesome deal for Seattle!

      • Tyler Jorgensen

        1000 and 10td’s a year, if only he didn’t have to deal with Wilson, huh?

        Then he should have NEVER signed that contract, he would make 15 a year on the open market.

        If that were true.

        I guess I just didn’t realize he’s a top5 WR being held back by a crappy qb.

  11. STTBM

    Funny. I took a lot of heat awhile ago for saying Davis wasn’t good enough and Seattle should be looking outside the team.

    Since then, Seattle barely played Davis and then traded for Hundley. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were seeking to find a good candidate for awhile (Brissett, maybe others?).

    I’ve been accused of thinking I’m better than JS and PC at talent evalaluation, which is absurd: I’ve never claimed that, nor is it possible for any fan/outsider to be. But atleast I saw this one coming.

    Still wish I’d been right and Rawls had worked out…

    • Rob Staton

      Heat off who?

      Nobody gave you any heat on here.

      • Omar

        Lol I tend to think this blog and comment section is polite and respective to people’s opinions and thoughts

        • STTBM

          Omar, it all depends on the stated opinion. I’ve been accused of thinking I’m better than PC and JS simply for questioning some of their failed decisions.

        • Isaac

          People have a great discussion. You don’t have to always agree. I asked rob to look at other possibilities and he obliged. While I was wrong it gave us some other prospects to look at. Ultimately we are all Seahawks fans. Go Hawks!!!

  12. Nick

    I love the move, personally. He’s got experience in the NFL and his style fits (relatively) well with what the Seahawks are trying to do. Hundley will now be our backup for the next two years, it seems.

  13. Kenny Sloth

    And extend Tyler

    Return of the Mack… Return of the Mack…

  14. Ishmael

    Good move. He’s not good, but his not good is better than Davis’ not good.

    But surprised by the Lockett extension, not sure I would have paid that much

    • 80SLargent

      Have you seen the WR market lately? You’re going to look back on this deal in 1-2 years, and it’s going to look…pretty team friendly. It already looks pretty team friendly to me. Seattle obviously sees Lockett as a WR on the rise. They’ve made deals like this numerous times in the past, particularly for defensive players (i.e. Kam’s and K.J.’s 2nd contracts).

      • Ishmael

        Lockett’s a country mile away from Beckham to be fair.

        I don’t think it’s an outrageous deal by any means, but from the outside I’m surprised. I think he’s plateauing rather than climbing. Maybe he’s been unlucky with injuries and he’ll have a big year, but I think he’s been a bit underwhelming.

        • Jeremy

          He was #4 last year in all purpose yards. Coming off a broken leg, where the first part of the season he was clearly not himself. Not only is this a great deal, it’s a 3 year extension on my Tyler Lockett jersey!!

  15. KingRajesh



  16. Guillermoman

    I can’t imagine Hundley being a better backup than Davis. He looked horrible starting for the Packers last year,has 5.8 YPA and throws more interceptions than touchdowns.

    • 80SLargent

      I don’t know the numbers off the top of my head, but I don’t think this trade is necessarily about the numbers Hundley had last year. Green Bay kept a guy (Kiser) who probably had the worst QB stats in football. Say what you want, but Hundley has light-years more upside than Davis and to this point, more experience than Mr. McGough. I like the trade and the idea of McGough on the practice squad.

  17. SeventiesHawksFan

    Those seem pretty rich numbers for Lockett. Given his recent health issues. Especially the guaranteed money. The front office must be confident that is well behind him. Good to know.

    Does leave us nicely solidified at LT, 2 WR’s, RB, C and QB (I’m assuming there is no chance they won’t give RW what he demands next time).

    Can possibly assume Pocic and at least one of the young WR’s will be a part of that core as well. The offense isn’t that far away.

    I just hope they get Frank Clark done before the off season. That seems to me the true priority outside of RW.

  18. Isaac

    The reason for a trade like this is we get the guy we want. If he’s a free agent the Hawks risk losing hundley to another team. All we needed was an average qb to get us by in case of an injury. We aren’t asking him to be Russell.

    Lockett’s signing is awesome. Obviously they valued him over Richardson. I wonder if K.J. Wright is next on the list of extensions we see.

    • John_s

      You’re exactly correct.

      Any player with less than 4 years of service is subject to waiver. So even if the Seahawks wanted to place a claim on Hundley, a team with a worse record than Seattle could place claim and get him.

    • DC

      With all due love to KJ, he’ll be 30 next season and is having a knee scope now. The FA market might be the best way to set his value. We’re getting younger on defense and I’m a proponent of limiting big buck defensive spending to pass rushers & the absolute core guys going forward.

  19. Trevor

    The deal for Lockett seems pricey but given what WR got in free agency this past off season it could look like a steal if he stays healthy. High quality kid with a great attitude. You can tell character and being a good locker room presence has become a focus for PC / JS when considering extensions. First Duane Brown and now Lockett.

    I like the idea of paying for proven offense talent and going young on defense personally.

  20. Trevor

    Rob which scenario do you think would be best for Hawks.

    Option #1 -Trade a 2019 1st round pick and Earl for Mack + extend him for the $20mil annually he wants.

    Option #2 Extend Clark for $15mil / yr, Trade Earl for a 2nd or 3rd and draft a DL with the 2019 1st round pick.

    • Rob Staton

      Depends where they are picking in 2019

      • Greg Haugsven

        WE also dont have a second round pick next year so if we trade we have no first or second which is no good.

        • Trevor

          Yeah I personally think from a rebuild standpoint the ideal scenario would be to
          -Extend Clark
          – Trade Earl for a 2nd
          -Draft DL with a top 15 pick.

          • GerryG

            if we could get a second rd pick for Earl he would be gone already

        • John_s

          I would take a top 3 defensive player and former DPOY in his prime over the first every time. Especially if it’s a mid 1st pick

    • DC

      Option #3 – Extend Clark, sign Mack in FA, trade Earl for a 2nd or 3rd, trade down in the 1st round, rock the draft, extend Russ.

      • Isaac

        That sounds expensive!!!

        • Ben Ft. Worth

          [i]”It’s the cheapest drug there is!!”[/i]

      • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

        Any of the option is better than what it is now.

        Here is a new view. Maybe Earl Thomas is really mad at Bobby Wagner and there is no way he will play with Bobby and if you trade Bobby then Earl will report. It is unlikely and is not my top option, but while we are speculating all over ourselves, would you trade Bobby Wagner for Mack if Earl returns and signs an extension?

        • SebA

          No way are they trading BWagz, he’s the QB of our defence.

        • Rob Staton


  21. Drew

    Aaron Rodgers just got $100m guaranteed, $33m APY

  22. SebA

    Was hoping we would trade for Josh Dobbs of the Steelers, more of a RW clone. Ah well.

  23. UkAlex6674

    Pleased for both the trade and the extension.

    • CHawk Talker Eric


  24. icb12

    Hundley was very good when he was given a clean pocket.. And very bad when he wasn’t.

    He’s having a good pre season.

    And Aaron Rodgers Just got Paid.

  25. bigten

    Bridgewater traded to Saints. Not sure on the draft picks yet. Lots of exciting moves today.

    • SgtPeppy

      Schefter has it as a 3rd. Seems like a fair haul.

    • teejmo

      Saints sent a third over for Bridgewater and a sixth. That sounds like they’re anointing him as Brees’ successor to me.

    • Sean-O

      The Saints are all in for ’18. With the Bridgewater they give up a 3rd in ’19 & for Davenport they gave up their 1st in ’19 as well.

      Bridgewater is decent but he’s in the last year of his deal. I guess giving up a 3rd to see him up close & personal so they can decide if they want to extend him long-term was worth it to them.

  26. STTBM

    I really like Bridgewater. The Saints trading for him is a bit of a surprise though. I was hoping he’d get a chance to start…

    Excited to see what Hundley can do, though hopefully he doesn’t play except in garbage time this year.

    And thrilled to hear we extended Lockett!

    PS if you think Lockett got paid a bunch, consider Baldwin’s balky knee, and then loook up WR salaries: he’s going to be a bargain. Just my two cents…

    • Shadow

      The Jaguars will be kicking themselves in a few years for not trading for Bridgewater when they had the chance.

  27. Gohawks5151

    Wow. Good for Tyler. Personally that’s too pricey for me for his production. I would have rather let him play it out or extend after some games. The WR corps though somewhat untested have some boom potential, especially Moore. His production is not irreplacable. I think he is comparable to Marquise Lee who just got paid less than this. Heck if he hits his max he will make just short of what SF gave Sherm. Even his value on special teams has taken a hit with Penny, Moore, and JD as legit options. If we were gonna spend 10+ mil a year to extend one of our own FA I would’ve picked Earl

  28. Josh emmett

    I am very optimistic this season. I feel like the organization finally woke up. Stop paying top of the market value for defensive players. Defense is Carroll’s thing. Let him do his thing and coach up the young bucks as they come in. 3 years later they finally got that bevel isn’t an effective coordinator without a hall of fame running back. Bevel isn’t even with a team. 2 of the starting guards from last year’s squad are not on a team. They have a new look offense where they will actually surprise opposing teams instead of banging their collective heads against the wall with the same crappy plays every week. Young and hungry on defense is great! I think they are going to turn quite a few heads!

  29. Matt

    Happy for Lockett but I can’t say I love the deal. I am happy to see the team be this confident in him being healthy and ready to produce.

    Next offseason is loaded in Free Agency and I think I would have like to have seen us pay big bucks for premium players (DE specifically) and avoid the “middle class” for the most part.

  30. 12th chuck

    I wonder how much this is related to D. Baldwin’s health. Pay a little extra is worth the piece of mind

    • JimQ

      IMO-A comparison of WR contracts isn’t enough, it’s an apples to oranges thing if returning kicks (at a pro-bowl level, mind you) is in the skill set of a player like Lockett and is completely disregarded. I feel the same about RW’s running yards & TD’s, they add a lot to the team but are often completely ignored because QB’s really should “only” pass the ball and those are the only QB numbers of any importance according to the National gurus. + Kick returns are important too!! I’d hope to see both Penny & Locket back on KO’s & Lockett as the primary (backed up by Penny) on punt returns. The speed and elusiveness of both these guys should be fun to watch. I can’t wait for Penny to show his talent and take one 100+ to the house, it’s coming soon.

  31. Coleslaw

    Lockett’s extension is fair, the WR market is growing as fast as the QB market, and you gotta remember Tyler is a pro bowl return man, that adds quite a bit of value.
    Is he worth $1M less than Doug based on what we’ve seen? Maybe not. But the coaches see what we dont, and if he never got hurt, he may have already priced himself out of that deal. I see this as the coaches knowing hes “back” and betting on him having a huge year. I find this extremely satisfying to know they think so highly of him still.
    Also, Lockett is a class act, super smart and great teammate. It’s not unlikely that they see him as a future leader of the team and probably the #1 post Baldwin. Ive said Baldwin is like a coach, and is invaluable to young WRs on the roster. Tyler has been under his wing and came from a father and uncle who played in the NFL. Lockett is the complete package and IMO worth every penny. He should be a Hawk for life.

  32. Coleslaw

    Some context for Lockett’s value as a returner and steadiness as a receiver. Sky is the limit.

    • Isaac

      I don’t see the value in this stat. Those guys get a majority of their yards from solely catching the football. It don’t feel like it’s fair to compare Lockett with those guys.

  33. 12th chuck

    well said!

  34. Old but Slow

    So far in the coming season we have only reports on how the rookies are doing, if they are skill players. Have we had any reports on guys like Quenton Nelson, or Vita Vea, Tim Settle, Billy Price, and others?

    • H

      Ive heard good things about Settle, early signs point to one of the steals of the draft. Still cant believe he fell that far.

    • McZ

      Every year, I choose a second team to focus on. This year, it’s the Lions. Thought, they silently had one of the best drafts this year. Ragnow and Crosby seem to bend well in the OL, with Ragnow a certain starter with good run blocking stats and Crosby in the run for the LT job. Kerryon Johnson had only sub-10-carry-games, but above 4 ypc in each game. Tracy Walker is contesting as the #3 safety, and Da’shawn Hand is playing snaps on three different spots on that DL.

      Billy Price hasn’t allowed a single pressure in preseason to date.
      Vita Vea hasn’t played a down.

      Btw, Tanner McEvoy got signed by the Saints.

  35. line_hawk

    Wow, the Seahawks begin to resemble the Mariners. They have failed to develop homegrown elite talent for many drafts. Now, to address the deficiencies, they are trading their youth (draft picks) for replacement level talent on a one year rental. Classic Mariners!

    Back to the trade, the only reason they do the trade is if they think Hundley will be useful this year if Wilson goes down. There is no way they extend Hundley next year for $8-10M. So, I guess they actually think its worth investing in a backup QB on a 1 year rental. Not sure how I feel about it.

    • Rob Staton

      Feel like it’s a minor move which will likely have minimal impact.

      It’s not worth getting caught up about.

      And as for not developing talent, the Seahawks just extended one of their best recent draft picks and had a terrific 2018 draft.

      • Hawk Eye

        if giving up a 6th round pick for a guy who is better than what you have is a bad deal, then those who are complaining should be doing so by giving us the value of the 6th round pick based on what % makes the team, how many make a meaningful contribution, etc.
        Pretty sure the 6th and 7th round are “just hope to get lucky” rounds where finding a good player is rare.
        Carson is a good one, and before people say Moore, they cut him last year and anyone else could have signed him. Lots of 4th and 5th round guys are busts, and they can easily find an extra 6th rounder next year if they want.
        I doubt anyone will sign McGough and put him on their rooster, so they can have him on PS all year.

        no reason to get excited about trading a 6th round pick
        (can we get someone to do a post with Alan Iverson and change “practice” for “6th round pick”? I’m talking 6th round pick……)


  36. UKAlex6674

    Not sure why people are citing Locketts ‘lack of production’ on here. Dude has caught 130 passes in three seasons (although he was injured for the third). Which is more the Baldwin reeled in during his initial three seasons. Plus there is the return yardage he has contributed. This far outweighs the value of what he Redskins paid Richardson this off season.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve found correlation between the worst examples of Seahawks twitter and those suggesting the Hundley trade and/or Lockett extension are not good moves.

      At least it gave us all a break from the anti run game stuff and d**k measuring.

  37. line_hawk

    Love the Lockett extension. He is a good kid and worth the money, even if its a bit on the higher side. Though Paul Richardson signed for $8M per year and Lock also plays KR, so this deal seems like close to market value.

  38. UKAlex6674

    Re the Hundley trade……………could be FO actually think Wolfe/Von Miller/Chubb/Ray will actually kill RW in Week One.

    Jokes – but what a test for the O-line straight off the bat. I’m excited to see how well they do against the Broncos.

  39. Old but Slow

    According to the Seahawks site, Lockett has the most total yards of any player in the league over the last 3 years.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s a terrific player and the Seahawks paid a fair price in the current market.

      A deal to celebrate not critique. It’s a shame Seahawks twitter has got its head wedged up its own backside.

      • STTBM

        Well said Rob!

  40. Largent80

    JS has said that it has finally sunk in that they simply can’t keep paying huge contracts to older players any more. It’s not the way business is done in the modern NFL. The team isn’t going to get jack squat for ET. And pipedreaming about Mack is just that, PLUS he’s also holding out. Who needs more of that?

    QB is a different story obviously.

    Lockett’s extension was right in line with a #2 WR, plus he is a great return guy. Except for the horrible leg break and subsequent recovery he’s been relatively injury free and has set many Seahawk records.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s been a bit of a facepalm moment to hear and read people discuss any kind of Mack for Earl trade. It’s a total non starter.

      It’s simple really. It will take a R1 pick to get Mack plus another high pick.

  41. Logan Lynch

    I’m excited to see a few guys MAKE the team tonight. I want some of the bubble guys to ball out and show that they should undeniably be on this roster. Moore should be a lock at this point, but I want to see him make some more plays anyway because he’s fun.

    Who’s going to step up and take that 6th WR spot if they decide to keep one? Johnson, Reynolds, Stringfellow, maybe even Darboh. Someone step up. Same with the final DL/LB spots. I’m looking at you, Poona. I just want to see some young guys fly around and prove they belong, even if that means a spot on our practice squad.

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