Some thoughts on the roster ahead of the Oakland game

Keenan Reynolds to make the roster?
I have a feeling he will. They’ve made a big push to involve him in the pre-season with the starters. He’s basically been Doug Baldwin so far, featuring in the slot. And Russell Wilson went to him for key third down conversions against Minnesota. Reynolds had four targets against the Vikings — no receiver had more. He’s also a useful special teamer. Yes it’s a very competitive group at receiver this year. However, the Seahawks have regularly ‘stashed’ a player over the years — Kristjan Sokoli, Benson Mayowa, DeAndre Elliott. I wonder if Reynolds will get that spot this year? Especially with question marks over Baldwin’s knee.

There will be changes
The Seahawks are usually busy at the end of pre-season, making deals and bringing in players cut by other clubs. This worked particularly well a year ago when they traded for Justin Coleman. With this being a competitive refresh for Seattle, I wonder if we’ll see more moves than even last year? There are question marks at cornerback, the pass rush, linebacker depth, fullback, tight end and quarterback. So while everyone’s busy doing their 53-man projections — four or five new players might be added before the regular season starts.

Will they cut Ed Dickson?
Probably not yet but they might do eventually. Dickson hasn’t featured at all in camp or pre-season. If they put him on the PUP-list it buys them some time. If there’s no sign of a return, they might just rip off the band-aid. It’d be costly. It would cost an extra $1.8m in dead money to move him on — but his $4.5m cap hit would be off the books for 2019. Unless Dickson gets healthy soon, it might be best to move on. For now, the PUP is a good option.

What about Byron Maxwell?
He took forever to sign a contract in Seattle and he hasn’t been practising. It might be time to move on to ensure his contract isn’t guaranteed. That would leave the Seahawks thin at corner but if Maxwell is injured they will be anyway. They might need to check out the trade market here. If Maxwell departs, corner could be a problem in 2018.

Who must they keep?
Poona Ford is cheap and looks at home in the NFL. It’s not worth risking losing him to try and sneak him onto the practise squad. If you have to carry another defensive lineman, so be it. They need depth at running back so Mike Davis should make it along with Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny and C.J. Prosise. Jacob Martin looks too quick and full of potential to risk losing and Erik Walden showed against the Vikings he’s worth keeping as a pass rush specialist.

What will they do at backup quarterback?
They know what they have in Austin Davis. That’s probably why he barely had any snaps against the Vikings. They wanted to get a good look at Alex McGough. While he didn’t play badly at all, he equally didn’t look ready. He needs time. Yes — Seattle’s season won’t survive if Russell Wilson gets hurt and misses a long period of time. That’s not what a good backup is about. It’s about being able to hold the fort if you have to play a game or two or even just a half or a series. Davis, admittedly, is a limited QB. Yet his experience and control might be more useful to the Seahawks if they need to try and win one game during the season. Is McGough likely to make the practise squad? I think so. Who takes him for their roster? The wildcard is whether they try and add someone from the outside. It’s distinctly possible — either via trade or collecting a cut QB. There are teams with multiple decent backup options at the moment. Seattle’s backup QB in 2018 might not currently be on the roster.

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  1. Saxon

    Wouldn’t be shocked if we see 5-6 new faces claimed off waivers. The second and third units were pretty unimpressive this preseason to my eyes. TE, QB, DL, CB, OT, high priority but hard to see anybody of quality at those spots getting cut. Coaches usually prefer to keep guys groomed in their culture but the back end of this roster needs some churn.

    Poona was terrific and I’m thrilled he’ll stay.

  2. Aaron

    Thoughts anyone on Baldwin and KJ’s knees? Seems like Baldwin is going to be like Jimmy a couple years back, always on the injured list during practices. Also seems like KJ could be out the first month of the season. That’s a lot to put on Shaquem so early.

  3. Ishmael

    Davis is a play not to lose type QB, pretty much my least favourite type of player. If Wilson goes down, the team is better off swinging for the fences. The defence will be better than the national media are predicting, but it still won’t be near what was.

    I’d rather send Reynolds out there and run the triple option than watch Davis

    • Rob Staton

      Worth noting Austin Davis beat the Seahawks at their peak in 2014.

      He’s a conservative QB but asking a rookie seventh rounder to ‘swing for the fences’ could lead to an absolute pasting.

      • Cameron

        At the same time, we’ve seen them roll with an undrafted rookie in Boykin before. The playbook would be much smaller with McGough over Davis in 2018, but he’d bring a greater X-factor, and the overall structure of the offense would stay intact.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Wow that sounds like so much fun.

          I’m gonna do that in Madden career mode.

          The only x factor is how many more picks you want.

          Sound like more turnovers than a failing bakery

          • Cameron

            Moot now with the Hundley trade, but again, my point was there’s precedent based on past decisions and willingness to put more stock in upside rather than experienced/safe option.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Or the knowledge to avoid it as is evident with the trade

      • Kenny Sloth

        Worth noting he was coached by Brian Schottenheimer at that time.

  4. MyChestIsBeastMode

    Rob, I’m also interested to hear if you think Calitro has chance? He seems to be a natural backup to BWagz and with KJ suddenly under the knife it would seem to me to be a good fit. But geez it is tough to think who would be let go in place of him.

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly. I’ve liked what I’ve seen from him. But it depends how they view some of the other LB’s around the league who might become available.

  5. Brandon Adams

    Cut your 6th LB and run with five. Doable on a 4-2-5 defense like this, and Poona Ford is just making too much noise to cut.

    WR is tough. Baldwin and Lockett are locks, Marshall has a skill set we need, Jaron Brown is showing nice chemistry with Wilson, and David Moore’s return against the Vikings may have set him apart from Kasen Williams as a preseason flash.

    • MyChestIsBeastMode

      I love me some Marshall and if he’s healthy he could have a solid season, especially in the redzone. However it’s tough to see him take a spot from one of those young WRs with potential for upside. I’d still keep him, but I have a feeling it will sting in a year’s time with one of the younger WRs potentially catching on with a different club after drawing the short straw here.

  6. Pedestrian

    Great points Rob! I would also add David Moore to the ‘must keep’ list. Much like Ford, Moore just looks like he belongs in the league.

    Pete came out with his song of the day, which he does so infrequently. It was Return of the Mack by Mark Morrison. Already fans everywhere are trying to decode any hidden message and thinking it pertains to trading for Mack.

    It probably means nothing, but the conservative guess would hint at Byron Maxwell coming back – who Pete is very fond of. It could also just be his overall attitude looking forward to this season. Another possibility, but less likely, is Earl Thomas is ending his holdout…

    Although at the time of writing, I am hearing there are further clues linking Mack to Seahawks. Will update if no one else beats me to it.

    • Rob Staton

      I think David Moore is a lock to make it. Not even a question mark.

      I’d be interested to hear the clues — but I sense Pete was just enjoying some classic British 90’s R’n’B.

      • Pedestrian

        With Baldwin’s knee being in question possibly for the whole season, I’d say Moore, Reynolds, and Johnson could all make it. They may need the depth especially when you consider Marshall could be injury prone.

        Yeah, I think all the clues I was hearing are circulating the internet now. Got a little too excited. I think Mack is worth Earl Thomas + a 1st, I just don’t know if I wanna give that up. Maybe if we had our 2nd. If it’s Thomas for Mack straight up you take it without blinking, but of course, wishful thinking.

      • Saxon

        New fave Brit band: Fontaines DC. Pete needs to give them a listen.

      • Pickering

        Maybe as simple as McGough’s qb #2.

  7. Lewis

    Definitely on board with the idea of keeping Reynolds, but I wonder if the RB injury situation doesn’t make that difficult initially, since carrying an extra rb and an extra wr seems unlikely. If they do keep Reynolds, does it show there is concern about Baldwin’s health.

    Regardless, don’t know how they can justify keeping Darboh when Brown, Moore, Reynolds, Marshall (do they waive then resign after week 1), and Johnson have all done more.

  8. Omar

    Hey Rob, what do you think about Marcus Johnson. Imo I think he should make it over Reynolds. If Maxwell is cut who do you think wins the starting job? I also think Poona should make the team and he has outplayed Shamar Stephen.

    • Rob Staton

      I suspect Dontae Johnson would start at CB.

      I like Marcus Johnson. Do wonder if he has much more value than simply being a deep threat though.

  9. Elmer


    It feels like they are going to do something at DE to try to bolster the pass rush.

    I have a roster question at defensive tackle. J think that Reed and Jones are sure things to make the team. If Poona makes it, do you see both Johnson and Stephen also making it?

    • Rob Staton

      Reed and Naz are locks. Johnson is a lock. Stephen I think they will want to keep. I just think depth in this area will be a priority and it’s not worth losing Poona.

  10. Isaac

    I’m curious if the hawks are more interested in signing a guy like Khalil Mack next year vs resigning Clark. I’m not sure how that would relate to this years cuts. Just a thought.

    • Rob Staton

      If they can get Mack, I think they would go for it. Let’s put it this way. Do you want to spend $22m a year for the best EDGE rusher in football on a five year deal to take him to age 31? Or do you want to potentially overpay Frank Clark? Or is there a way to keep both and build your defense around Mack/Clark/Green with Bobby at LB?

      And Mack in Seattle in 2018, for me, completely changes the complexion of the 2018 season. It puts Seattle in a position where they can contend if the offense progresses as expected (run & OL).

      Massively intriguing and an interesting discussion. Of course they could just play out the season and use a R1 pick on a rookie DL.

      Regardless, I do think Pete was just having some fun on Twitter today. Return of the Mack is a great song.

      • DJ 1/2 Way (Sea/PDX)

        My favorite article recently, and Robs comment above is the best comment so far.

        I wonder if ET or Mack makes this team better this year? The money long term is tough with either. Those “top of the market” numbers for 2nd and 3rd contracts add up to 6-7 high paid players. Trends point to having more like 10-12 players together making about the same total with some good values mixed in.

        The good rookies are great values, especially at high priced positions. That and paying the “right guys” and the right time is key. Frank Clark and KJ Wright will be interesting choices. Mack blows the top off everything, but my stupid loyal preference is the keep cheering for Hall of Famer Earl Thomas until he is done and pick a 1st round DE in the draft.

        My prediction is that this will be a fun year, that Rob will keep writing great articles, and we will all feel much better at the end of this season than we did last season.

        • Pedestrian

          Agreed! Great comment and thoughts on Mack to Seattle Rob. Maybe if Mack were to sign a deal that is really back loaded so you’re ready to cut him if production falls sharply. Thing about rookies is they almost always take time to develop and then you have to pay them big – see Frank Clark. I do think getting Mack is a great move IF it’s the right price. With a defensive line draft that looks so amazing, I really cringe at giving up a 1.

      • Jujus

        Khalil macks most recent twitter follow is bobby Wagner… Tj Lang saga all over again

  11. vbullen65

    If the Hawks were going to spend a ton of money to upgrade their pass rush, would you rather they attempt to trade for Aaron Donald, as opposed to Mack?

    • Rob Staton

      There’s no chance the Rams trade Donald to another NFC West team.

    • Michigan 12th

      But yes

  12. Pedestrian

    Here is my 53-man projection, curious on the communities thoughts!

    Russell Wilson (QB)
    Alex McGough (QB)

    Wide Receiver
    Brandon Marshall (WR)
    David Moore (WR)
    Doug Baldwin (WR)
    Tyler Lockett (WR)
    Jaron Brown (WR)
    Keenan Reynolds (WR)
    Running Back

    Chris Carson (RB)
    Rashaad Penny (RB)
    CJ Prosise (RB)
    Mike Davis (RB)

    Tight End
    Ed Dickson (TE)
    Nick Vannett (TE)
    Will Dissly (TE)

    Duane Brown (T)
    Germain Ifedi (T)
    George Fant (T)
    Jamarco Jones (T)
    Isiah Battle (T)

    DJ Fluker (G)
    Ethan Pocic (G)
    JR Sweezy (G)
    Jordan Roos (G)

    Justin Britt ( C)

    Defensive End
    Frank Clark (DE)
    Branden Jackson (DE)
    Dion Jordan (DE)
    Rasheem Green (DE)
    Jacob Martin (LB/DE)

    Defensive Tackle
    Tom Johnson (DT)
    Shamar Stephen (DT)
    Quinton Jefferson (DT)
    Nazair Jones (DT)
    Jarran Reed (DT)
    Poona Ford (DT)

    Bobby Wagner (LB)
    Barkevious Mingo (LB)
    KJ Wright (LB)
    Shaquem Griffen (LB)
    Austin Calitro (LB) – Maybe DJ Alexander instead, haven’t heard much from him

    Strong Safety
    Bradley McDougald (SS)
    Delano Hill (SS)
    Maurice Alexander (SS)

    Free Safety
    Tedric Thompson (FS)
    Dontae Johnson (FS)

    Shaquill Griffin (CB)
    Tre Flowers (CB)
    Justin Coleman (CB)
    Akeem King (CB)

    Sebastian Janikowski (K)

    Michael Dickson (P)

    Tyler Ott (LS)

    I’m sure some from the above will be cut so new players can be signed. Let me know your thoughts!

    • SeventiesHawksFan

      One of the more sensible projections that I’ve seen. Mike Davis, Poona Ford, Branden Marshall, JR Sweezy (might be a first week cut and brought back later and when healthy) are all included. They all seem pretty certain to not just make the team.

      I don’t think we’ll go with just four corners however; five is the minimum they’ll carry. I think they want Maxwell around assuming he’s healthy enough to play. Though he may be left off the roster week one and until at full health.

      Bubble guys to me on that list are Calitro, Battle, maybe Keenan Reynolds.

      • Pedestrian

        Fair points about the bubble guys. One thing to note, Jones will move to PUP so that will clear a spot. Depth at WR is needed given Baldwin’s injury and Marshall being injury prone. Too much talent on Dline to let walk. With CB I’d feel confident you could resign Maxwell off the street in a pinch. Teams aren’t likely to sign him given he only plays well in Pete’s system. Dolphins and eagles got burned learning that. Have to keep 4 guards on the roster if Britt goes down Pocic slides to center.

    • GoHawksDani

      I agree almost completely. Just a couple of changes:

      I’d keep McKissic. Can return, OK WR, OK runner, OK pass blocker. He’s like a swiss knife RB. Pretty good for backup, and in rotation used as outside runner, for screen passes, for checkdowns, or sneaking out from the backfield for a 7-15 yard gain.
      To keep him I’d drop Jordan. I know, we’re thin at DE already, but if he’s back to his injury-prone form he’s no use to us.

      Dontae Johnson is CB 🙂

      I’d drop either Mo or Hill, hopefully, we’ll be fine with McDougald, and T2. If T2 injured and McDougald needs to switch to FS, the remaining SS can do the job. I’d rather get some quality backup FS for the previous SS spot or some good rotational DE with either trade or getting some player who was cut during the down to 53 period.

      If Jones and/or Sweezy and/or Ed Dickson won’t be 100% for like 1-2-3 games when the season starts, I’d probably put them on PUP, and if it’s possible I might even put Jones on IR.
      For these spots I’d try to get some backup CB, TE or DE

      • Kenny Sloth

        McKissick over Keenan Reynolds 100%

    • Kenny Sloth

      Rolling with McGough is a terrible decision.

      Too many WR not enough RB

      No FB?

      Isn’t Dickson hurt?? Ditto Jones and Battle?

      Just Britt and Pocic at C? We have some really good depth options besides Pocic. Phillips and Hunt are good pieces.

      Erik Walden instead of Calitro.

      Dontae Johnson is DEFINITELY a CB.

      Definitely need more than 4 CB.

      • Pedestrian

        Well looks like McGough has been beat out by Hundley by trade. Either way, if Russell misses more than 3 games, season is shot.

        Really felt the depth at WR was needed given Baldwin’s status and Marshall being injury prone. Plus I don’t think guys at bottom of WR list clear waivers.

        Kept a fullback off the list given injuries at the position and gambling you can resign one – maybe Madden. They could attempt to see how things go without having a fullback.

        Jones, Dickson, and battle will start on PUP or IR, but think they need to start on 53 before moving to IR. Dickson may come back the soonest, but don’t want to risk losing these guys to waivers.

        I’d be willing to drop battle for Dontae Johnson, just depends how much depth you want at Tackle. I would trust Pocic to lockdown the center spot in a pinch. Pete and John mentioned that aspect to his selection repeatedly, so used this to save a spot. Plus I don’t think any team is going to claim Joey hunt.

        Wish Walden was here for the first two preseason games to evaluate. With so much uncertainty at DE and some injuries already, we may need the depth. Think someone claims Walden if cut.

        Depth at guard is needed for scenario Pocic has to slide in, so reluctant to take any names down from that group.

        Just don’t see them cutting Dickson, seems they’re high on him to help the run.

        • Kenny Sloth

          Makes sense.

          On the center depth. If Britt goes down, now you’re replacing two starters, at LG and C, instead of just Justin

          • Pedestrian

            Yeah but can you say that Joey Hunt or Phillips would be a better option than Pocic at center? No matter which direction you go with in terms of who to keep, the line as a whole will take a step back. Pocic I think, would be the best option at center. You can argue JR Sweezy is chomping on the heels of Pocic at LG already, so he’d step in there.

            Not saying I’m right, they may want to keep two centers, and maybe after moving a player or two to IR they’ll bring Hunt or Phillips back. No one is going to claim either of those guys, the other guys I’ve projected I cannot say the same.

            With injury to KJ Wright, I think they may want to keep a fifth linebacker, but guessing that guy isn’t on the team right now.

  13. Kevin Mulle

    Send Earl Thomas & Poona Ford to Oakland for Khalil Mack. Straight up.

    • Rob Staton

      It would take more than that.

  14. Pedestrian

    So listening to hawk blogger podcast and they asked the question, would you package Earl and Frank Clark to Oak for Mack. It’s a really interesting dynamic because both teams have disgruntled top tier players who want to be paid. Both Earl and frank will need to be paid – combinedprobably more than what Mack gets.

    Personally I think that sounds too good for Oak. While Clark doesn’t have the production and not as much consistency, he is a young up and comer who’d be cheaper than Mack. Since that seems like over paying in the trade, I could see Clark + Earl + 3rd rn pick for Mack + 2nd rn pick.

    There’s a whole bunch of combinations you could argue would work better. Like Earl + Ifedi + Dion Jordan for Mack + a 3rd

    • Darnell

      Earl + Frank for Mack is too lopsided in Oakland’s favor I would think. Earl is 29, Mack is 27- you’d be swapping all-pros and saying Frank is only worth the two years age difference.

      Earl is every bit the player Mack is and has champion pedigree.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s no way you’re getting Khalil Mack without giving up you’re first rounder in 2019.

      • Pedestrian

        From the point of view of Oak, you wouldn’t be enticed by Clark and Thomas?? The downside is they have to shell out more money in the end but get two great players. Without my Seahawks bias, I think that deal would still need to be adjusted to be fair for Seahawks with a draft pick of some kind.

    • H

      Id do it in a heart beat, Mack is exceptional.

    • Pedestrian

      Interesting to hear the same idea of Clark + Thomas. I agree with Darnell it seems too good for Oak. We would need something in return to even it out.

    • john_s

      Don’t get me wrong, I like Frank, but there’s baggage with Frank and I think Seattle is leery of giving him all that money and trusting him otherwise they would have already done it.

      There’s is the domestic issue before the draft, there was the issue that he had with a writer Natalie Weiner where he said “People like you don’t have long careers in your field. I have a job for you cleaning my fish tank when that lil job is ova”. He had the run in with Jarran Reed on the sideline (I think it was more an issue with Reed, but I don’t know) then the punch to Ifedi.

      Khalil Mack is a top 3-5 defensive player and a DPOY.

      I would give up Earl, Frank and a 1 for Khalil in a heartbeat. Especially since it seems like we’re at the point of no return in Earl’s case. I think Seattle made up their mind a long time ago that they were not going to extend him and even moreso after he skipped out on OTAs and Training camp. I want to say around the time of the pro bowl when Earl said that he wanted to be paid, John Schneider made a comment that he was in contact with Earls agent and the agent said that Earl would not be skipping camp.

      • Pedestrian

        Agree with your points about Earl. He probably sunk any chance of getting an extension himself. But on the other hand, if he wanted to be in seattle he wouldn’t be acting the way he is. He just doesn’t want to be here.

        The more I think about it, packaging Clark with Earl makes a lot of sense in terms of dollars and the risk of giving Clark an extension. But I do not think we should giving anything more than a 3rd on top of that package. Oak would be getting the better end of that deal I think for sure. I am VERY nervous about paying a defensive player $20mil/year though. If he doesn’t deliver on expectations, could be very bad. Russell will need a new contract soon, KJ still needs a deal.

  15. Old but Slow

    It is encouraging at this point to see the pickup of Eric Walden at this point. Yes, he is old as players go, but he has been productive. 4 sacks last year is not earthshaking, but I believe he had 11 in 2016, and he didn’t seem over the hill in the Minny game.

    My point is that there may be another player or two who could contribute in the cuts to come.

  16. UKAlex6674

    Another scenario – we trade for Mack and work out deal with ET.

    • Pedestrian

      No. That’d be giving up our next two 1s. Plus cap reasons

      • Tyler Jorgensen

        There’s no way he costs 2 number 1’s when he’s got the contract situation he’s in.

  17. Sea Mode

    I know they will be active on the waiver wire/trades, as they always are, but it’s hard enough as it is to cut down to 53, then you have to cut even more to add those other players!

  18. Georgia Hawk

    Rob, you’ve touched on Khalil Mack a little here and there, any thoughts on the insanity late yesterday? All the Mack and Earl conspiracy theories that went nuts after that Pete SOTD tweet?

    Personally I think it was a tweet storm over nothing, but that’s just me.

    • Georgia Hawk

      Nevermind, just finished reading through the previous stuff and found your thought buried above.

  19. Georgia Hawk

    “I’d be interested to hear the clues — but I sense Pete was just enjoying some classic British 90’s R’n’B.”

    1. Pete’s SOTD
    2. Bunch of beat writers said something along the line of “can’t talk about whats going on in practice today, so here’s some fluff piece instead.”
    3. No Pete Presser after practice
    4. Khalil Mack followed Bobby Wagner on twitter

    From there the conspiracy theories went wild. It was a ton of fun to watch, but ultimately amounted to nothing (so far).

  20. Kenny Sloth

    Hard no on Reynolds.

    Remember how they cut the guys that perform in preseason? I’m not basing any roster on the outcome of those games. Reynolds looks like a toolsy QB convert. He created Austin Davis’ int in the first game by not getting a release, not seperating, and not finishing his route. It wasn’t the best throw, but you could tell he doesnt play the position. Could easily see him clearing waivers and if not? I’m really not gonna cry.

    Certainly doesnt look like Doug Baldwin Rob.

    • UKAlex6674

      Totally agree with Kenny on Reynolds. Can’t seem him sticking around.

  21. Kenny Sloth

    Rob, remember when the national media had Aaron Donald in the third round.

    *sigh* I wish the draft was in October

  22. Drew Castleberry

    Looks like the winner of the backup QB spot is Brett Hundley. Traded a 2019 pick to the Packers.

  23. ross

    Brett Hundley – you nailed it, Rob. Hopefully a late rounder in return. Put McGough on the practice squad. See ya, Austin

  24. Logan Lynch

    Good call on the backup QB situation Rob with the news of the Hundley trade coming out! I hope it’s a 7th rounder or something conditional… Living in Wisconsin, I had a first-hand look at Hundley’s struggles last year. He’s an upgrade over both Davis and McGough, however, that’s for sure.

    I’m not going to do a roster projection until after the OAK game because I think there will be more moves to come.

    As for Ed Dickson, I agree that the best course of action may be to release him eventually. We have to remember that he was signed before the draft. They wanted Dissly at that point obviously, but had no way to ensure they’d get him. Ed Dickson was a hedge in case they couldn’t get Dissly. I think they’d be ok at TE with Vannett, Dissly, and Swoopes.

    Regarding other possible veteran cuts to avoid guaranteeing contracts…I don’t think SEA is so hard pressed to save money at this point that they’d cut a player they plan to bring back and risk losing him. This applies to Brandon Marshall. They wouldn’t chance someone else picking him up. Maxwell is at risk.

  25. clbradley17

    Rob, what do you think about the 6th rd pick for Brett Hundley from the Packers? How did you view him when was drafted?

  26. Ishmael

    Hmm just picked up Brett Hundley from the Packers for a 2019 6th. I’ll take that. Hundley wasn’t nearly good enough to start last year, and the Packers grabbed Kizer from the Browns.

    Still, he’s a country mile better than Davis and McGough. Can do some things, can run at least. Doesn’t score touchdowns and does throw interceptions which historically isn’t a great combination, but then again the Jags got to the conference finals with Blake Bortles so who knows.

  27. C-Dog

    And the backup QB is..

    .. drum roll..

    .. Brett Hundley

    Now trade for Khalil Mack.


    Rob, what do you think about the Seahawks trade of a 6th round pick for QB Brett Hundley of the Packers?

  29. SebA

    There we go – Brett Hundley for a 6th rd pick. Was hoping we’d go for Josh Dobbs, more of a RW clone.

  30. SebA

    There we go – Brett Hundley for a 6th rd pick. Was hoping for Josh Dobbs of the Steelers as he’s more of a RW clone, ah well.

  31. SebA

    There we go – 6th rd pick for Brett Hundley. Was hoping for Josh Dobbs of the Steelers, more of a RW clone. Ah well.

  32. Rik

    It’s being reported that the Seahawks traded a 6th to Green Bay for QB Brett Hundley. Looks like McGough is headed for the the practice squad.

  33. KD

    Oh Wow! Seahawks acquire Brett Hundley for a 2019 draft pick. Haven’t seen which pick yet, but there’s your backup QB question answered.

  34. bigten

    Well, we received our back-up QB answer. Brett Hundley.

  35. Georgia Hawk

    Just traded for Hundley. Looks like Davis is done and McGough will be a practice squader at best.

  36. Volume12

    Is it true that Lockett and Seattle agreed to a 3 year extension?

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