Seahawks trade for left tackle Duane Brown

October 30th, 2017 | Written by Rob Staton

Let it never be said that the Seahawks left anything to chance during this Championship window.

This is their fourth big trade since 2013 and second during the 2017 season alone. The Seahawks want to win the Super Bowl. And they’re going to do as much as they can to make it happen.

The price is quite steep but Seattle, once again, found itself in a sellers market. The Seahawks have traded both their 2018 and 2019 second round picks for Sheldon Richardson and Duane Brown. That tells you everything you need to know about Seattle’s urgency to add another title.

This is an important move for a couple of reasons. Firstly, there isn’t a left tackle answer forthcoming in the 2018 draft. With five wins already and the Seahawks well placed to make a run, they’re unlikely to be picking in the top ten. Notre Dame’s Mike McGlinchey is playing well enough to go early, Trey Adams’ knee injury means he’s reportedly staying with Washington next year and Texas’ Connor Williams is talented but raw and currently injured.

So this trade works in two ways. It provides an immediate answer at left tackle and buys the Seahawks some time.

They won’t need to dig through a bad looking free agent group at offensive tackle. They won’t need to be aggressive in the draft or pick at the O-line scraps in the first round.

These were basically the options available to solve this problem:

— Trade up in the 2018 first round (hard to do without a second round pick)
— Sign one of the ‘top’ free agents (Nate Solder was the only mildly appealing name)
— Hope Fant recovers in time for the 2018 season
— Try to make a trade now that helps both immediately and for at least next season

With so few good left tackles actually playing in the league, Seattle managed to acquire one. Which is no mean feat.

It’s an immediate upgrade at a vital position, filling one of the teams’ biggest voids and finally putting to bed the constant talk of improving the position.

Brown is 32 so he isn’t likely to be a long term solution. That could be Fant. Indeed this trade also allows Fant to recover properly and in good time. Brown isn’t a bad mentor either.

People have often complained about Seattle’s unwillingness to pay attention to the offensive line. They’ve answered that call. Now they have, potentially, at least three positions solidly filled with Brown, Justin Britt and Germain Ifedi. Luke Joeckel has shown enough promise to consider a possible long term fixture (health permitting) at left guard. Ethan Pocic could fill the right guard slot in the future. That’s a strong looking quintet for this year and potentially beyond.

If you missed it earlier, I also posted some further notes on yesterday’s win.

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271 Responses to “Seahawks trade for left tackle Duane Brown”

  1. Ed says:

    Thought the OL looks good in pass pro, not so much run blocking and since Hawks don’t have. RB, they should just keep passing. It’s a weak link, so If you can fix it, fix it.

  2. House says:

    I’m curious what we gave up

  3. House says:

    Ian Rapoport is reporting Jeremy Lane was notified he was traded. I can assume part of deal for Brown

  4. Trevor says:

    Curious to see what they gave up but if this team wants to win an SB it was a move that JS had to make.

  5. James says:

    What are the odds they view odi as a LG? Pocic as a RG?

    • House says:

      I was wondering the same thing. Odhiambo looks naturally fit at LG. I think the idea was he back up/compete with Joeckel prior to Fant’s injury

  6. Trevor says:

    Now if JS can somehow get Carlos Hyde I think this is the NFC rep for SB

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      I’ve been on that train fow a couple weeks now. Lacy and Rawls aren’t getting it done.

      • Robert says:

        Rawls looked awful on the end zone pass. First he flailed badly, then flopped all over the ground like the maximum effort program was still running, or he was having a tantrum. Pete has talked about the challenge of harnessing his energy.

    • C-Dog says:


      My thoughts exactly.

  7. vrtkolman says:

    Brown will improve the line so much, I can’t even begin to explain it. He’s a HUGE upgrade over Rees. He’s a veteran from a zone blocking system, he’ll be able to coach up the young guys and get their reads right. He’ll improve the run blocking for sure. Awesome trade.

  8. drewdawg11 says:

    Ecstatic! We definitely needed him. Reece just can’t play left tackle. He’s a guard moving forward. Not sure we have enough picks to get a running back now. That first round pick HAS to be a running back this April now.

  9. House says:

    Sorry for all the posts. Wish I could edit.

    Duane Brown for

    Jeremy Lane
    2018 5th rd pick
    2019 2nd rd pick

    • Trevor says:

      The 2nd in 2019 sucks but it is a deal JS had to make with the Hawks in the midst of an SB window.

      • vrtkolman says:

        I wonder if JS had to out bid other teams, such as Philly?

        • House says:

          DEN was in the running. They were discussing Brown @ LT and moving Bolles to RT.

          • vrtkolman says:

            Ah, that would have been great for them. Bolles would be a pro bowl RT IMO.

            • Hawk Eye says:

              Bolles has been up and down this year. Takes a while to develop. But should be a good Lt in a few years. Too much for these guys to learn, it takes time

      • Volume12 says:

        Those late 2nds aren’t too bad to give up. Hardly any points on the trade chart separate those and an early 3rd for example.

        • AlaskaHawk says:

          Anything less than a first rounder is fine be me. Good move John Schneider. I think the owner had a talk with them this year and opened his wallet – two great free agent moves.

          • Just a guy says:

            There is a salary cap so Allen opening his wallet has no bearing on this. It’s not baseball.

          • Manthony says:

            AlaskaHawk, referring to Paul Allen as “owner”, or inferring he needs encouragement to financially provide for this team is asinine.
            They are pretty .ugh right up next to the salary cap every year. Every year, he’s paying his roster maximum amount the NFL allows, compared to teams like JAX, OAK, CLE, who will sometimes be 30-40 million under the cap.
            Mr. Allen is one of the best owners in the NFL, and Pete Carroll and John Schnieder both know they are supported by ownership.

        • Awsi Dooger says:

          Late second round is when most drafts turn into a grab bag. The trade chart is correct to devalue that area. These are very sharp moves by the Seahawks as long as the second rounder is pick 50th or lower, which is where the 2018 version now logically slots.

          On the other hand, early second round is great value considering quality available and salary devoted. Another astute move by the Patriots to secure a top of the round second from San Francisco.

          These moves are mandatory. Once the championship window closes, it’s lonely and dark. You have to kid yourself about one aspect after another, that you’re getting closer. No, you are irrelevant and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

          Seattle needs to run the ball more frequently. I’ve seen related comments down below…to pass, pass, pass without concern.

          Yesterday the Texans had 34 rushes to Seattle’s 21. That type of advantage carries greater than a 90% win expectancy. The Seahawks got away with one. But if you try to buck the odds in a meaningful category time and again it will not pay off.

          Never use the Patriots as an example of stylistic football. There has never been a team like that, one that can switch drastically from heavy offensive slant one way to heavy offensive slant the other way, often from week to week and with no tipoff. One team after another harms itself by trying to pretend the New England method can work for them.

          Be true to yourself.

  10. drewdawg11 says:


    • House says:

      Full trade: Seahawks traded CB Jeremy Lane, a 2018 5th-round pick and a 2019 second-round pick to Texans for OT Duane Brown, per sources.


  11. Ishmael says:

    Lane, a 5th round pick in 2018, and a second-round pick in 2019 is well worth it IMO.

    Say you get… Two seasons out of Brown? Can keep Fant working away behind the seasons. He’ll make whoever is playing LG better as well. The pass pro was significantly better against the Texans, so things are on the way. Swinging for the fences, I love it.

  12. Brazilianguy says:

    Great deal, good players are expensive, specially when you need the trading team to absorb a three year contract.

    This is by far the best FO in the league.

  13. Aaron says:

    This whole offseason I’ve watched the Hawks and Pats arming themselves in some kind of modern day NFL Arms Race. This acquisition is HUGE for this team this year and for the next few years. Hawks are in it to win it all, and won’t take no for an answer. Hawks v. Pats SB52 – The Rematch. GO HAWKS!!!!!

  14. CC says:

    Fantastic news!! No slam on Rees, but he isn’t ready to be the regular LT. Hate losing a 2nd rounder but we’ll likely trade out of the first anyways and get a 2nd and something in return. So now, let’s go get it done!!

  15. Pickering says:

    I don’t like giving up the 2nd round pick, but if Brown’s addition improves OL play the next two years that’ll be a plus. Curious to see how long it’ll take before he can mesh with those playing beside him. Is Oline continuity more important than the talent of individual Oline members?

    • Hawktalker#1 says:

      I think there’s definitely some value to that, but a lot of those guys look like they get beat sitting out there on an island. They need to make it happen on their own.It’s just them against the other guy and they too often get their butts kicked. Time to turn the tables.

      I know Dwayne Brown is not going to save the team or anything like that, but I have to say I haven’t been this happy for a trade-in a long long time. So many wins for the Seahawks in this deal. Number one, getting rid of the lane regardless of the cap Implications. I have heard everyone under the sun complain about this guy’s performance including PC. He’s gone, that’s great. Way better for the team. Then there is the Space relief. We could use that cap space, and we did!!! And last, but definitely not least. A tackle that’s going to help us. Win, win, win. That’s what I call a great trade deal.

  16. Ishmael says:

    Picks are overrated, just look at the Browns. The entire point of them is to get good players, and, well…

    It’s less fun come draft time sure, but as far as team building goes? Imagine what the Packers would look like if they had JS pulling the strings instead of Ted Thompson.

    • Volume12 says:

      Its not a deep draft this year at all. It’s incredibly top heavy. The cliff or drop off talent starts mid 4th. I’d bet the house on it.

      • Volume12 says:

        It’ll be a rookie class made up of 2-3 big names early and the rest will be athletic projects. With the 2-3 UDFA standouts as well.

  17. Greg Haugsven says:

    Still need someone to run the rock. Maybe CJ can get it done

    • Aaron says:

      We don’t need to run the ball anymore tbh. Actually I think we just need to sprinkle it in a bit to keep teams honest. Nice thing is Brown is a veteran of the ZBS so he’ll help Cable in coaching these guys up. I think they’re just wiffing and missing assignments way too often. But this is a passing team now, only Brady is passing for more yards per game right now.

      • Volume12 says:

        You still want a balance. Its a passing team, but come late season and playoff time, one dimensional teams hardly advance far. Not a recipe for success.

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          We do need to run the ball. Otherwise your QB ends up like Aaron Rodgers

        • AlaskaHawk says:

          I get what you all want – but let’s get adjusted to the current situation. There were 21 runs last game and that was 17 times too many. If they want to run in practice – go for it. But save your best plays for game day. New England has made a living off playing to their passing strength. The Seahawks can to – and if the run is successful once in awhile that’s just a bonus.

    • Matt says:

      I’m not sold getting an RB is the answer. The Hawks coulda had Zeke in the backfield yesterday and it wouldn’t have mattered; the OL didn’t block a soul.

      • Robert says:

        Me neither. The culprit is the obsession with an over complicated ZBS scheme. We got the size and athleticism to sprinkle in more power blocking.

  18. Volume12 says:

    I agree with Rob.

    With 2 big name LTs going down in Connor Williams and Trey Adams, it solves a need. Now you can still add an O-lineman later in the draft, another athletic project to develop like a Fant if you want to go that route.

    With their O-line so young as it already is, it makes sense to add a vet as well.

    Not a fan of Lane at all. Not like my boy Jimmy Graham. 😉 Glad they’re moving on there. Not a huge fan of Brown either, but it was obvious they needed a LT. Not sure where the ‘they don’t need one’ started coming from in the 1st place.

    • Rowdy says:

      Do you think they gave up to much for a half season rental?

      • Volume12 says:

        I’m not sure he is a half a season rental. But, no. Not when their championship window is 3 years and closing.

        • Coug1990 says:

          As long as Russell Wilson is a Seahawk, the window is not closing. The Seahawks have one of the best QB’s in the NFL and he is not even 30 yet. QB is by far the most important position on a team and QB’s play well late into their 30’s and early 40’s now.

      • Drew says:

        He’s on contract for next year as well.

  19. GeoffU says:

    Love it. Added two beasts in the trenches. Let’s go get another Super Bowl.

  20. pran says:

    Hope it solidifies OL and helps run game.

    Let’s admit FO whiffed on Okung’s extn (and the plan for Gilliam at LT) bite them hard for 2 seasons.

    • Just a guy says:

      It takes 2 to Tango. Who says it was up to the Hawks and they passed? It’s possible that Okung didn’t want to come back.

  21. House says:

    I’m curious who else gets moved/contract restructured?

  22. Greg Haugsven says:

    Elijah Hood on Waivers. We talked about him quite a bit around draft time.

    • Hawktalker#1 says:

      That is intriguing for sure. If we had no other options I’d say Dump Lacy and pick up Hood.

      • jujus says:

        Or we could Trade Lacy to a RB needy team like say… the cowboys, get a pick and sign Hood and bring up Mike davis. I really liked what Davis was showing in preseason.

  23. pran says:

    Hawks spent 4 draft picks in 2018 and 2019 drafts for LT this season

    Tobin, Battle and Brown

  24. House says:

    49ers just got Garappolo off NE for an ‘18 2nd rd pick. Looks like Garappolo and Barkley can be good building pieces for them

    • C-Dog says:

      Very interesting development there. I would have thought they’d go heavy after Cousins as a FA.

      • Hawktalker#1 says:

        Agreed. I think everyone was thinking that. I would have preferred they picked up cousins. I think Garapolo has a much bigger upside. Which I don’t really want to see twice a year.

      • DavidM2 says:

        Probably bringing in Jimmy Garappalo to test him the rest of the way this year throwing him into the fire to see how he plays . If things look grim, then they can roll pursue Kirk Cousins in FA with JG as a backup QB.

  25. Volume12 says:

    Niners just traded a 2nd to NE for QB Jimmy G

    • Derron James says:

      I did not expect that, I could be wrong but didn’t the browns offer like 2 first rounders for him in the past?

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        I wouldn’t let him play this year. Dude might get killed. Also why do that now and not wait until the off season.

        • vrtkolman says:

          I wonder if they panicked over the QB class declining? Or maybe they want Barkley all along? I wouldn’t want a Belichick coached QB though, this feels like a fleecing.

      • House says:

        Apparently the Pats said #11 in the past drafted wouldn’t be enough

      • icb12 says:

        I expect Jimmy G had some say in it.. Otherwise why trade him at all?
        Tom Brady is 40. The patriots now have to go get a backup QB.

        JimmyG probably wants to start and play, and play with Shanahan

        The question to me is now what do the patriots do for a backup? They traded Brisset to the colts, Garrapolo to the niners.. those sneaky fellas in NE have something in mind..

      • Volume12 says:

        I’m not sure. That was the 1st thing that crossed my mind too. Why didn’t the Browns make the deal? Either they got a QB in mind come draft time or they’re commuted to Kizer.

  26. Ehurd1021 says:

    Pete and John understand the championship window is now.

    I wonder if Rees goes back to OG and Pocci moves over to RG. Honestly, Rees looked VERY promising at RG before Fant went down and he was forced outside. Interesting and fantastic news.

    I wonder what happens with Fant now? Do the Seahawks wait until next season to see what the draft class looks like and use Fant as draft leverage to acquire a pick? Or do the Seahawks hang onto Fant and keep him stashed away until Brown retires? Interesting scenario.

    • House says:

      Pocic looks solid at LG and Odhiambo could complete arc RG. Aboushi is only signed for ‘17. Brown’s contract is through 2018. That gives Fant time to recover fully and learn from Brown as well

  27. icb12 says:

    Now 3 players on the offensive line drafted in the first round…
    Plus 2 Second Rounders

    Brown, Joeckel, Britt, Pocic, Ifedi the future??

  28. John says:

    Is Brown that much better than Reed? I am hoping someone here can shed some light on the technical details. Freeney owned Brown yesterday….

    • C-Dog says:

      Brown is a solid LT, in his prime, who understands the ZBS. I wouldn’t put too much into Sunday’s game. He held out of training camp, it was his first game back, the Texans were playing in Seattle with the crowd against them. There was some rust, but I also saw him make a few solid veteran blocks that put the Seattle rushers on their butts.

  29. Mike B. says:

    This trade made too much sense, and many of us anticipated this going down today or tomorrow. Odhiambo simply wasn’t ready at LT and has been beaten far too often and too easily–he might be the Seahawks’ worst starting player on either side of the ball, and now they’ve implemented an immediate fix with one of the consistently best OTs over the last several years stepping in.

    Seattle has a fair amount of cap space in 2018–if Brown performs well and stays healthy, will they sign him to a front-loaded contract and let Fant recover and get back into playing shape beyond next season? Fant might not be the answer in 2018, but maybe in 2019. Very excited for this.

    I wonder if an upgrade at RB is coming. Mike Davis promoted from practice squad? Patriots trading one of their RBs (they have a bevy of good ones) for some help on defense?

  30. DC says:

    Oh Yeah B A B Y !!!!!

    Lane gone!

    Brown here!!!

    I love the aggressiveness of the front office! Absolutely got to get to Minny!!! We will.

  31. C-Dog says:

    Fantastic day to be a Seahawks fan. They day after they won an epic shootout game, they make a trade for a proven vet at the weakest position. Today is a very good day.

    Could there be another trade in the works? Carroll keeps lamenting the issues with the run game.

    With San Fran loosing Staley for a while, Gilliam for the year, and just acquired Jimmy Garappolo, and with Carlos Hyde rumored to be on the block, could Seattle swing Rees and another 2018 mid rounder for Hyde?

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      I’d take Hyde in a second. He fits what Carroll wants perfectly. 6′ 0″ 235 is what I’m talking about.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      I’m still bitching that they didn’t try for Blount. That guy has only made 1.5 million a year while running for a championship team, and a good chance he will be in the playoffs again!

  32. dumbquestions says:

    I love this move. Love it. I love it even more because they didn’t have to trade Jimmy Graham, not that I thought they would. I don’t care what the nay-sayers think – Graham is a valuable piece, he’s tight with RW, and he hauled in a pair of TDs yesterday. If the two of them keep building on that connection, the team is golden.

    Duane Brown doesn’t solve everything, but he’s an instant upgrade. As others have suggested, he doesn’t have to turn the running game from straw into gold — he just has to make it sufficiently respectable. People are talking about Carlos Hyde, and that would be stunning, but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. My ideal move would be pulling Mike Davis from the practice squad and letting him replace Rawls, who doesn’t seem to have his head on straight, for reasons I don’t understand.

    • frontrower says:

      I’m onboard with bringing up Davis and trading, IR or whatever can be done with Rawls. I really wanted them to keep Collins and move on from Rawls after camp. Injuries have taken their toll on Rawls, he presses to hard now, gets tunnel vision and ends up leaving yards and plays on the field.

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        I agree on Davis, Rawls almost hurts you more than helps you. Just imagine how much CJ would thrive in this kind of offense. Man if that guy could stay healthy this offense would be incredible.

        • AlaskaHawk says:

          I would like to see Rawls again in late season or next year preseason. Just let him heal up a little more and give him a last chance at making the team.

    • RWIII says:

      Totally agree. Let’s give Mike Davis a shot.With that said you cannot blame the lack of a running game on the running backs. I don’t understand why the Hawks cannot run the football. The run blocking has been a nightmare. A pleasant surprise however is their pass blocking. Which is not what you would suspect.

    • DavidM2 says:

      RWIII will be looking for and throwing to Jimmy Graham likely much more with Brown helping patch up the left side. Last year RW and JG grew immensely in chemistry and going forward would look for that relationship to heat right back up. Texans game was the catalyst and Duane Brwon will be the bonding agent holding the line together and probably will free up JG from blocking assignments.

  33. SgtPeppy says:

    Love the idea of this trade. But I haven’t watched the Texans play ball before yesterday, so can anyone comment on whether Duane Brown is actually good? Are Texan’s fans as mad as Jet’s fans were when we got Sheldon (a positive sign in my mind)?

    I worry a bit that our core is ageing, and that the league is trending towards players peaking earlier and earlier.

    KJ looked a step slow in coverage yesterday (and in the Pats SB). He can be had by the right athletic TE/WR. Kam’s still solid, but seems like less of an absolute beast week to week. I wonder if they ever test the vets on combine metrics (40 yard dash, 3-cone), and compare to the upcoming class of rookies? All the more pressure on the FO to find gems like Shaquill year after year.

    • Drew says:

      Duane Brown is probably a top 5 tackle.

      I agree with you comment on Kam. He looks like he’s playing solid right now, but he doesn’t make any impact plays anymore, hardly ever hear his name called.

  34. Greg Haugsven says:

    Right now the Seahawks sit at -$26,136 of cap space after the trade.

  35. nichansen01 says:

    I LOVED the trade before I heard about the draft picks. Another second? Too expensive for such an old player.

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      I’m wondering if it was a second because it’s a year later. If it’s for this year maybe it’s a 3rd instead. John wouldn’t want to not have a 2nd and a 3rd the same year.

    • Shady_Hawkster says:

      On the bright side, barring disaster we should be able to wait until next year to activeate McDowell. A year to prep for NFL but a fresh contract in 2018 could make our lack of 2nd rounders sting less.

  36. Michigan 12th says:

    I don’t know if teams are capable of cutting someone on Injured Reserve, but could the Seahawks cut Joekel? It would be cutthroat I know, but he is on a one year salary and getting paid way to much. I don’t see the Seahawks as a better team with him, especially with his salary. They do not have the money to resign him next year, so why not cut ties from him. Let Pocic or someone else play LG and save the money for Clark and Richardson.

    Of course maybe it’s not possible to cut someone on injured reserve.

    • Rob Staton says:

      They wouldn’t save any money cutting Joeckel. His salary on the one year deal is guaranteed. You’d be paying him not to be on the roster and wouldn’t have room for a replacement, so better to keep him.

      FWIW I think Joeckel has played well. Carroll seems to like him. I’d be interested, health permitting, in a longer term deal.

  37. nichansen01 says:

    Predicted NFC Playoff seedings (by me):

    1. Seahawks
    2. Eagles
    3. Saints
    4. Vikings
    5. Panthers
    6. Rams

    Predicted AFC

    1. Patriots
    2. Chiefs
    3. Steelers
    4. Jaguars
    5. Bills
    6. Texans

    • Volume12 says:

      Not the same order, but I’d predict the same teams as well. Although this week will swing the odds heavily in favor of whether its Atlanta or Carolina.

      • Volume12 says:

        IMO, Philly & Pittsburgh are the most complete teams.

      • jujus says:

        the odds ofa SB losing team making the playoffs after that kind of a mental F’ing are historically very low, as much as we like DQ “a trend is your friend”

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        I like the underdog so I’m liking Buffalo this year. The little team that could get it done!! I think they have some excellent coaching there.

    • Coleslaw says:

      Switch Carolina out for Dallas and I agree completely

  38. nichansen01 says:

    Here’s a thought: Colin Keapernick to the patriots.

    • Trevor says:

      That makes some sense actually.

    • Ishmael says:

      The Pats leadership, from Kraft down, are very buddy-buddy with Trump. It would be a frankly stunning move, especially in light of Kraft’s comments about wanting to ride the protests out.

      • Hawk Eye says:

        no way they sign Kap. They are very right wing and Kap does not fit their type of model at QB.

  39. Trevor says:

    I think Tobin going back to Philly and a trade for an RB are the next two moves before the deadline.

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      Those are both good ideas. I saw Elijah Hood was put on the waiver wire. Maybe an option?

  40. Volume12 says:

    Seattle made no alterations with Brown’s deal. They own him for next year and JS said they want him to finsish his career here.

    Re-sign both Richardson’s, Graham, and probably one other guy (Wilhoite, McDougald, M. Smith, or Luke).

    • Volume12 says:

      And this pertains to Brown and what to look for in draft prospects.

      He’s described as an Alpha male, and he’s one of many on the team, for whatever reason, from Virginia.

      • Volume12 says:

        They can lower Brown’s cap hit to $2.5 mil!? For one of the top 10 or so LTs in the game? That’s insane.

        • Kenny Sloth says:

          Probably why he wanted out.

          I hope the second rounder is conditional on an extension but thats unlikely

    • C-Dog says:

      Really hope they can keep both Richardsons.

    • Ed says:

      Highly doubt they resign Graham. Too much money for too little value

      • Sea Mode says:

        Too little value? Really? Did you watch the same game I did two days ago?

        We are a pass first team now (whether we like it or not) and he caught 2 TDs including the game winner.!

      • D-OZ says:

        There is no doubt in my mind that they will resign Graham. It will be for less money though. IMO…..

      • AlaskaHawk says:

        Despite the fact that Graham is having a record year, I’m still not convinced that the coaches know how to draw up passing plays that use the tight ends. They always seem more interested in having them block and catching passes is a secondary thing. Anyway – if you like Graham, imagine what a late first round or second round tight end could do for this team! A big guy that can jump. I think they can find someone in the draft to replace him. And his salary will be needed to sign on Sheldon Richardson and Duane Brown.

      • seasquawks says:

        I would think if they wanted to shed Graham after this year, they would have picked up one of the very good TE in the draft this year. As it was, they decided to go all in on the secondary. I’m thinking they will re-sign Graham if they can.

  41. Ishmael says:

    A little thought about FA next year. I bet you the Steelers don’t sign Le’Veon Bell, partbof why they’re comfortable running him into the ground this season. If you’re the Hawks, and he’s available, how closely do you have a look?

  42. drewdawg11 says:

    Bell would struggle in Seattle, especially when you look at his guards there and our guards in Seattle. He’s patient almost to a fault and we need someone to hit the hole and go. Bad fit, I believe.

  43. House says:

    We need to clear about $1.4M to complete this deal. Could we trade a pick/Eddie Lacy to a team? Get Mike Davis on the roster?

  44. Volume12 says:

    Anyone notice a a trend with Seahawk RBs they’ve drafted?

    All but 2, Turbin & Collins, have battled injuiyres and hardly had much tread on their tires.

    Brooks- hardly played. Career backup
    Carson- JUCO guy. Split carries, battled injuries
    Prosise- battled injuries. Wasn’t even a HB for more than a year
    Rawls- switched schools so he didn’t get a ton of reps over his career, battled injuries
    C-Mike- battled injuries, split reps
    M. Davis- A guy they liked a lot coming out, battled injuries

    • DC says:

      I totally forgot about Zac Brooks even being on the team. Thought I was having amnesia there and had to look it up. lol

    • DC says:

      They ride’em hard and put them away broken…

      • Volume12 says:


        If ur referring to Seattle, yes. That’s literally the point of a RB. Ride ’em till the wheels fall off.

    • Kenny Sloth says:

      I have absolutely noticed that.

      I think it has more to do with trying to find a type amd ignoring orange flags

      • Sea Mode says:

        Exploiting yet another market deficiency: reclamation projects. (Dion Jordan, Joeckel, Lacy, these RBs, etc.). Get better value in draft/FA for players with the orange flags of past injuries/mediocre performance, but knowing that it also comes with the benefit of less tread on the tires as far as tackles and hits. And then, just like UDFA, hope you hit big on a couple of them.

        And it’s not just a blind swing on any injured player, they put a ton of confidence in their sports science team being ahead of the curve and their coaches/scouts being able to identify guys perhaps not utilized in the right way on their former teams.

  45. GoHawks5151 says:

    Great job! What does Schneider have to do to win executive of the year!? Brown, Joeckel, Britt, Pocic, Ifedi looks like a very capable line going forward this year. Assuming Brown has 3 good years left, that is a lot of time to have Fant sit and wait in the wings. I think the coaches think too much of him to have him wait around til Brown gets old. If they are trying to get the best 5 on the field assuming Joeckel leaves it may be more like Brown, Pocic, Britt, Ifedi, Fant next year. As Brown transitions out Fant will move over to LT and Ifedi to RT with reinforcements being drafted. It.may not be great to
    change positions but you have already spent the capital so its about utilization at this point.

    • Sea Mode says:

      My gut goes against training Fant’s brain and muscle memory to play anything but LT, but Cable does love to cross train as a tendency. I still wonder if that contributed in some extent to Gilliam’s regression.

  46. Alex6674 says:

    Don’t want to dampen enthusiasm…..but everytime we add someomne to the line it’s ‘what a great adittion, added to x/x/x/x will form a capable line moving forward/strong looking quintet this year and beyond’….until it flunks the very next game and everyone turns on it and says how poor it is and needs urgently upgrading etc.

    Names look good on paper. Doesn’t automatically translate to success on the field. We all know better than that.

    However……………this does have the POTENTIAL to morph into something. It doesn’t have to be special or good…..just ok will be fine with me.

    The championship window is wide open for us (we have it wedged open with our Lombardi) and I think that the front office have realised thsat giving the team everything it needs for the next 2-3 years is crucial.


  47. RWIII says:

    I love the trade for Brown. To be honest Rees Odiambo got smoked a number of times. It just was not working out. Next year in the draft I hope John Schneider uses that first round pick and trades down a couple of times. The Hawks are now without a second and fifth round pick. Every year some team just has to have a certain player in the draft. So they trade up to get him. I believe Schneider traded down three times. In my opinion Schneider made out like a bandit.

    It’s just to bad that C.J. Prosser cannot stay healthy.

  48. millhouse-serbia says:

    I think that there is a real possibility that JS will trade Sherman for second round pick.

    • millhouse-serbia says:

      We have Shaquill and Shead as starting CBs for nest year.

      • Sea Mode says:

        I don’t think so, millhouse. Sherm is still erasing 1/3 of the field and is a core player and team leader. And even if Shaquill and Shead were to play well as starters, what happens if one of them gets injured? Who is filling in for them (we just traded Lane as well)? I see Shead as a plus backup player and he is only a year younger than Sherman.

        Plus, the Brown trade–as Rob pointed out in the piece–signals clearly that the front office is intent on making the most of their chances to win in these next couple years with their current core. Trading Sherm would make little sense in that case. I think we can put it to rest.

    • Alex6674 says:

      Sherm won’t be traded at the end of this season. We will get 1 or 2 more seasons out of him.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      How can anyone say that when he just had 2 interceptions. Is this a case of trading while he is hot??

  49. drewdawg11 says:

    Trade Sherman??? Why? It’s not like the other guy we have are shut down corners at this time. Maybe revisit that in s year or two.

  50. Forty20 says:

    Wow. Jay Ajayi to the Eagles for a 4th and there is talk the Eagles are also sniffing around T.Y Hilton. Philly going all in on 2017?

    Wonder if Miami didn’t like the outlook on Ajayi’s health?

    • John_s says:

      Ajayi’s knees have always been a question mark. Dolphins cashing in now before he wants an extension.

  51. Sea Mode says:

    Speaking of Sherm, here are some quotes from him on Watson:
    (taken from MMQB article:

    […]or maybe the seven or eight heartfelt seconds Richard Sherman embraced Watson, the new great lion among NFL quarterbacks after only six starts, a sign of true respect by a cornerback who does not give respect easily.

    “What’d you say to Watson?” I asked Sherman two hours after the game.

    “I’ll tell you,” Sherman said. “‘You played the best game any quarterback has ever played against us, and we’ve played all the legends. I respect how you hung in there and kept battling and battling.’”


    Maybe Watson studied Wilson playing hurt. He was doing it too. Sherman was impressed that, late in the third quarter, Watson seemed to hurt his ankle or calf, and it didn’t affect how he played the rest of the game. During a TV timeout, Sherman went to Watson and told him, “Hang in there! Ain’t no time to come out of the game!’”

    Said Sherman: “My God, Houston’s so lucky. By next year he’s going to be a top-five quarterback in this league, and that includes the two big dogs [Brady and Rodgers]. He makes you dig to the deepest part of your competitive juices to beat him.”

    • YankinTa says:

      lol Sea Mode,, Richard Sherman was also the one to say that Andrew Luck would be the greatest QB of all time. Please,, let’s slow down and give the kid a year or two. Watson isn’t RW.

      • Volume12 says:

        Your right. He’s actually bigger, stronger, and faster.

        • YankinTa says:

          lol,, yeah,, Volume 12, meet jamarcus russell.. the biggest, strongest, fastest QB. The greatest QB according to your formula. 🙂

          • Volume12 says:

            According to my formula? That’s what u took away from my comment? That being bigger, stronger, and faster means the GOAT?

            Sherm and Sea Mode aren’t the only 2 people that see similarities between RW and Watson. Could care less if its a 6 or 7 game sample. Some people don’t need 35 games to realize he’s got ‘it.’ Just like RW.

            The kid is special.

            • Volume12 says:

              Only 2 QBs have ever thrown for 400+ yards, 4 TDs, and rushed for 30 yards or more. Watson and RW. So it’s not laughable to see why he’s getting comp’d to him.

              QBs let alone rookies, don’t come into Seattle and do what he did against them. Its rare and flat out incredible. He’s a human cheat code.

              • YankinTa says:

                Volume12, I agree with you. I’m impressed by Watson. But but there’s a huge asterisk you’re overlooking. This defense is OveRRated. This D isn’t 2012 or 2013 D.

                This D has been really weak in QB pressures (31st in the NFL before this game) and really bad in 3rd down Defense (ranked 27th in the NFL before the Giants game). Truly Elite Defenses don’t have these numbers, not even close. We have really good pieces but we have not really played that well as a team. Watson have high draft-picks/Targets that were able to expose this D. I would think that a few other QBs with that kind of weapons and facing this overrated Defense could have done what he did.

                Thank God for this year’s weak schedule… Let’s hope it gets better in Nov and Dec. 🙂

            • YankinTa says:

              lol,, just saying that bigger, stronger, faster doesn’t mean better in QB position. 🙂

  52. millhouse-serbia says:

    RW renegotiated his contract to make space for Duane Brown. He converted salary to bonus.

    • Sea Mode says:

      Here’s the report:


      Wilson converted $6.26 million of salary to bonus, prorated it over remaining three years. Bonus payable immediately. Created $4.1M of room.

      6:08 AM – 31 Oct 2017 from Pennsylvania, USA

      • C-Dog says:

        Go Hawks

      • House says:

        Conversation between FO and Russ:

        JS: Russ, We’re gonna get Duane Brown to help protect you, but it’ll cost you…
        PC: Smacking bubble gum
        Russ: Where do I sign? #gohawks

        At the risk of sounding cliche, I’m glad to see players doing stuff to help the team. There are so many greedy players and it genuinely feels like our guys care about each other and the overall wellness of the team!

  53. House says:

    Jay Ajayi just traded to PHI for a 4th rd pick. Arms race will be strong today.

    Rumors are Jarvis Landry and TY Hilton are in play for trades as well

    • vrtkolman says:

      Good trade for Philly IMO. He’s a younger version of Blount who is starting to look a bit washed up.

    • Forty20 says:

      DeMarco Murray could be on the block as well. Given the activity yesterday and already today it is going to be one of the more memorable midseason trade deadlines.

  54. 503Hawk says:

    Bummer that the Eagles got Jay Ajayi, and they spent only a fourth.

    FWIW: I’m in the process of re-watching the Houston game, specifically focusing on Odhiambo and Brown.
    Have got through the first half. Here are some quick observations.
    *Brown moves quite well for a big man.
    *I didn’t see any pancakes, although he did de-cleat M. Bennett. His positioning is fantastic. He consistently walled off his man and gets to second level easily.
    *M Bennett did blow by him twice in the first half on run plays both times resulting in TFLs.
    *Just before half he gave up a 1/2 sack to Freeney.

    • D-OZ says:

      That wasn’t his fault. It was a miscommunication between him and the guard. It was the guard’s responsibility. Brown gave up two pressure’s on the day. Per Clayton yesterday on 710 ESPN….

      • 503Hawk says:

        The half sack by Freeney was against Brown. Freeney did an amazing job of rounding the corner.
        BTW; Clayton also said that Brown played the entire game. The film shows that Brown was spelled for a series in the first half.

  55. Sea Mode says:

    What do you guys think about the 49ers acquiring Garoppolo? Is he the right building block for them or will he soon go the way of Matt Cassel, Ryan Mallett, and Brian Hoyer? With all their cap space available, should they have just waited it out and paid Cousins so as to hold on the the high draft pick?

    • D-OZ says:

      49er’s sure could use Hilton or Landry…

    • C-Dog says:

      I think they looked at the quarterbacks in the draft and weren’t entirely sold, and would probably love to land Barkley. Perhaps the see more upside with Garoppolo than Cousins. I don’t think they trade a high second for a player just to audition him.

    • AlaskaHawk says:

      Every draft we get into this debate about whether a bad team should take a QB or the best defensive player available. Cleveland and San Francisco are cautionary tales about not picking the right QB. In San Franciscos case they accumulated 5 veteran QBs and have pretty much given up on all of them.

  56. 503Hawk says:

    BTW; another observation…
    Clowney is a BEAST! (Duh, right.) But look at the tape closely. It appears that he dials it down (takes plays off) from time to time. Curious. Not that it matters because he isn’t in our division, but I would like to hear from others if they noticed that.

    • Volume12 says:

      Takes plays off? I never understood this with this generation of players. Yes, 300 lb pound men that play 40-50 snaps a game will do that.

      Pass rushers are only going to impact 5-7 snaps a game on average. Anything more and that’s incredible. You got a special talent. These guys are trying to hand fight and bend at unimaginable angles for the human body against 300-330 lb brick wall a** kickers. They tired.

      • Volume12 says:

        Its why the best coaches like PC, Nick Sabah, etc. understand the need for a rotation amongst their D-line.

  57. Sea Mode says:

    So here’s the salary cap breakdown as far as I can tell:

    The rest of Brown’s contract for this year: $4.9m
    Seahawks cap space before trade: $1.4m
    Lane savings: $2.1m
    Wilson savings: $4.1m

    Remaining cap space: $2.7m

  58. neil says:

    I see Wilson allowed a tweaking of his contract o free up more money to pay Brown. Good for him. I appreciate Wilson as a terrific qb, but was somewhat turned off by his ever overly optimistic, and goody two shoes persona. But hat’s off to him for doing what is best for the team.

    • C-Dog says:

      Hearing it from players after the game, they credited that very optimism from Wilson for fueling them to the win.

      • House says:

        I can’t see how positivity can be looked at negatively. He’s a model dude. He is that genuine good person. While some players are hung over on Tuesday morning, he’s at the Children’s hospital. I’ll say Tebow did good things, but wasn’t a good football player. Russ is both

    • Sea Mode says:

      Um, and just to clarify: it’s not like he’s taking a paycut or anything. He is receiving $6m upfront now instead of later AND gets a huge upgrade at LT.

  59. PowerPeanut says:

    On Russ taking a “paycut”; It’s something I have wanted to see from RW since I heard that Brady is paid little compared to other QB’s in this league, even with 5 rings. To me, the absolute best team players will take those paycuts to better the team.

    • Hawk Eye says:

      um, not a paycut.
      he got a bunch of money now instead of later.

      the Brady pay thing is more myth than reality. He is currently paid less than his value, but NE never though he would be playing and he would “Marshawn” a few years of remaing contract. And now he will take less to win.

      this is from last year. Brady has made less than others, but remember he was a 6th round draft pick and started way behind a lot of others. Almost the same as Brees per year and everyone says Brees is greedy
      Brady also had a huge cap hit a few years ago, that people forget

      Flacco $85.800,000 8 years
      Brady $162,779,000 16 seasons
      Palmer $138,127,242, 13 seasons
      Manning, P $248,732,000, 18 seasons
      Manning, E $187.700,000 12 seasons
      Brees $150,455,000 15 seasons
      Rivers $151,000,000 12 seasons
      Roethlisberger $140,000,000 12 seasons
      Romo, $118,900,000 13 seasons

      • PowerPeanut says:

        Thats why I said “Paycut”, as i know this a shifting of money. Still, you would think the ( in many people’s view) best player of all time would get paid as such. But if the facts talks against him being less greedy as other QB’s for the benefit of the team, I’ll take the L, haha 🙂

      • Volume12 says:

        LOL at a franchise ever paying Joe Flacco that kind of money. Jesus Christ.

  60. brazilianguy says:

    Question for the cap guys:

    Are the 49ers allowed to extend Garoppolo now, and inject money on his current rookie deal?

    • cha says:

      Yes they can. They have gobs of 2017 cap space free if they want to go that route.

      • brazilianguy says:


        “The 49ers are now presented with an interesting opportunity. They can offer Garoppolo a large contract extension now and use up a ton of their 2017 cap room in the process making things much easier down the line if he becomes Rob Johnson. The 49ers haven’t signed a premier player contract since Colin Kaepernick a few years ago and in general are one of the tougher organizations with contracts. I’m not sure if they can do that with him given what they just moved for him.”

        My goodness, they are already gambling for Garoppolo, they should gamble it right. Extend him now, with tons money up front, and keep his cap hit low for the next 2-3 seasons, and use that leverage to cheat a la Seahawks in Russell Wilson’s rookie deal.

  61. Volume12 says:

    Come on guys. We all they should trade Sherm. Just like they were going to this off season. Remember that nonsense?

    He’s not an elite CB unless he doesn’t allow a single catch for all 16 games and never gets beats. Its not like theres ever a guy across from him that also has talent.

  62. Volume12 says:

    What happened to the NFL this year? They f***ed around and went and made the trade deadline actually exciting.

    Wonder if Denver tries to get Kirk Cousins at some point in the future.

    • cha says:

      Not everything has changed.

      The Browns had a trade for AJ McCarron voided because they didn’t file their paperwork on time.

      • vrtkolman says:

        They were going to trade a 2nd and 3rd for him…. LOL! I can’t believe how bad the Browns front office is.

  63. Trevor says:

    Perfect Seahawks OL for 2018-2019

    LT Brown / backup Fant
    LG Quenton Nelson (1st round pick) / Backup Rees
    C Britt / Backup Jordan Roos
    RG Poocic / Backup Glowinski
    RT Ifedi / Backup Tobin or Battle

    Take Nelson in Rd#1. Then add Carlos Hyde in free agency to go with Carson and Prosise and the run game should see a huge upgrade.

  64. vrtkolman says:

    This is probably the team’s best offensive line in the Carroll era since 2012. There are similarities. Two studs at LT and C (Okung/Unger – Brown/Britt). A mauling RT who draws some personal fouls. The big difference are the guards. In 2012 we had two road grading run blockers who couldn’t pass bock to save their lives. This year it’s the opposite. Throw in MVP Russ and the offense is looking like a huge problem for even good defenses.

    The wildcard is the run game. It will improve with Brown, but how much? The guards still get zero push, Lacy is done, and Rawls can’t seem to find a hole. Prosise is probably the best back on the roster right now. Even if he only plays a few games this year, he could be the x factor against the top teams on our schedule, especially if they defenses don’t get a chance to gameplan for him.

    • Hawk Eye says:

      I think a healthy Procise is the missing ingredient to a lethal offense at the moment.
      now, if he can ever be healthy for 16 games is another question, but if he could be healthy for the last 6 or 7 games, plus playoffs, I think they would easily be a top 5 offense.

      now if we can get 2015 Lockett back to return kicks also….

      • Volume12 says:

        Seattle might end up drafting 2 RBs this year. Need to replace Rawls and Lacy.

        Carson is thee guy IMO, buy ya gotta hedge for him with that injury he’s coming off of.

        Grab a Chubb, Harris, Adams, Freeman early and then a guy like Lavon Coleman later on day 3.

  65. Logan Lynch says:

    I realized something that might have been mentioned above, but I was too lazy to read all 220+ comments (sorry guys and gals). For those of us worried about losing the 2019 2nd rounder, remember the possible comp picks we might be getting. If Sheldon leaves, that’s almost sure to be a 3rd rounder. Jimmy could be a 4th or even another 3rd. Even though we wouldn’t have a 2nd in 2019, we could possibly have 1, 3, 3, 3…

    • cha says:

      Plus they already have a stacked roster, plus JS always finds a sucker to give them great value to move down 3-4 spots in the first round, plus they find great value in the mid rounds, plus they’re one of the best if not the best at finding value in UDFA.

      When this team trades away draft picks anymore, I just shrug and reason they know what they’re doing. Great, great feeling.

  66. vrtkolman says:

    Carolina just traded Kelvin Benjamin to Buffalo. Wow, Carolina’s WR corp is challenging SF’s as worst in the league.

    • vrtkolman says:

      I’m not the biggest Kelvin fan, but their WR lineup is now 1. Funchess 2. Russell Shepard 3. Curtis Samuel. Greg Olsen is on IR and their LT is Matt Kalil. Why does Carolina management hate Cam so much?

      • Volume12 says:

        They just spent a top 10 pick on a slot receiver. That tells ya all u need to know about them trying to assemble weapons for Cam.

  67. nichansen01 says:

    what’s the estimation of players with first round grades in this draft?

  68. Jason says:

    With the addition of Brown does the need to go OL lessen or do we still think we need to go OL early? How does this trade make you rethink the first few rounds of the draft next year? (Obviously still very early)

    • House says:


      We potentially have 4/5 positions locked down. Brown, Britt, Ifedi and Pocic (either OG position) are pretty set. Odhiambo was competing for the RG spot prior to moving out to LT. Unless a guy like Nelson happened to fall and was a steal, we shouldn’t be looking to early. Not a lot of depth in this OL draft. Projects in mid-rds shouldn’t be too different.

      I believe the FO knew that and forecasted it which made Brown make more sense

      • Trevor says:

        Agree completely the only OL I would even consider in Rd #1 would be Nelson who would be an absolute steal late in Rd #1.

        • Jason says:

          So what positions do you think we should be looking at in top of draft? DL RB TE?

          • Coleslaw says:

            I know you didn’t ask me but I’m looking for RB, LB, FS, TE, OL. In that order of what I think is most likely in the 1st fwiw

            • House says:

              You put together a good list. I don’t think RB is that high on my list TBH. Guys like Rawls/Carson are available in the 7th/FA. If Carson didn’t get hurt, we wouldn’t be worried about RB right now. That said, if a true game changer is available, it would be hard to pass up on a BPA that fits a need.

              I’d put DE near the front of the list as well. If Avril retires, Clark should take his spot and we to start grooming another Clark. Bennett isn’t getting younger and keeping him fresh is definitely going to help us.

          • LeoSharp says:

            I think it’s very clear they want retain Jimmy Graham his contract is likely be smaller next year as he is currently the highest paid TE in the league. Luke Willson doesn’t appear to have a big market outside of Seattle and if he does get poached Nick Vannett should be the No.2.

            Carson is the clear starter when healthy so they may not be looking for a starter. Saquon Barkley and Derrius Guice won’t be available late 20s. Nick Chubb reminds me of Eddie Lacy. Really good if he has an open lane to the 2nd level but not really that dynamic of an athlete, pretty much straight line speed with loads of power. Sony Michel and Darius Hamilton (if he declares) look like much better options who will probably be available 3rd and later

            If the team Dion Jordan is any good then the team will have 3 DE/DT on the roster including Michael Bennett and Malik Mcdowell. Sheldon Richardson contract magic would erase the need for a 3 tech. This would leave LEO the spot that needs the additional look, especially with the Cliff Avril injury. Josh Sweat is looking like the only real option that will be available in the Seahawks early round range. Everyone else is either too small/big or not athletic enough

            WR could be an option if Richardson leaves, CB if they want to move on from Sherman and his salary soon and potentially SAM/DE hybrid if Obo Okoronkwo is a good enough athlete

  69. Forty20 says:

    Jeremy Lane failed his physical. The trade details were altered to:

    Texans receive:
    Seattle 2018 3rd Round Pick
    Seattle 2019 2nd Round Pick

    Seahawks receive:
    Texans 2018 5th Round Pick
    Duane Brown

    No Day 2 picks this year as it stands before an expected trade back. Wonder if we can flip lane in the next trade window after the season for something?

    • House says:

      Damn… how does this effect our cap. Looks like the money Russ cleared was for Brown/Lane

    • Aaron says:

      Smh!!! At least the trade isn’t nullified and we still get Brown. JS will trade down anyway out of the first in 2018 and 2019. We need the CB depth but doesn’t this make us over the cap now?

    • vrtkolman says:

      Lane is the gift that keeps on giving.

      • Hawktalker#1 says:

        Ha funny. Would be even funnier if it wasn’t so disgustingly true. Am I the only one that doesn’t like the smell of hot garbage? I don’t care what I might have paid for it or that I may have told other people it’s actually nice garbage and its gritty and has a good work ethic. If it stinks and makes me gag at the smell, I’m getting rid of it sooner than later. That’s just how I roll . . .

    • Forty20 says:

      Another part of the equation beyond cap space is that we are now short of a roster spot with 54 players on the books. We now need to cut someone.

  70. Sea Mode says:

    Idk, I can’t help think the Texans didn’t have that card up their sleeve the whole time. I mean, how can a guy who played on Sunday and had no apparent injury fail a physical two days later? Is a sleightly strained muscle really a cause to fail someone on their physical anyway? I bet if we (in some alternate reality, of course…) had traded them Earl he would pass with flying colors, hammy and all…

    Sorry for the negativity, I’m just bummed to now have no R2 or R3 pick this year and we lost the perfect opportunity to dump Lane’s salary. His value will only decrease as he receives less and less playing time the rest of the season and he left us up against the cap limit. Or who knows, maybe we will need him to fill in down the stretch. Injuries can happen at any time.

    • Greg Haugsven says:

      I’m betting they were doing back flips when he failed. Even though there corners get beat like they stole something

      • Greg Haugsven says:

        Mock drafts sure aren’t going to be very fun this year.

        • Greg Haugsven says:

          We can also look at like McDowell is our second rounder next year since his contract probably won’t start until 2018

  71. Volume12 says:

    Jeremy Lane has been confirmed as always and forever hot garbage.

  72. House says:

    I didn’t realize we were getting a 5th rd pick in ’18 as well