Seahawks trade for Percy Harvin

So, who expected to see this today?

The Seahawks will acquire Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings for the #25 pick in 2013, a seventh rounder this year and a mid-round pick in 2014. Life is never dull with Pete Carroll and John Schneider in town.

Firstly, Harvin is a tremendous playmaker. Without doubt one of the best in the NFL. Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell worked with him in Minnesota for two years (his rookie season in 2009 and the following year). Pete Carroll also tried to recruit Harvin for USC in 2005. He met with the Gators and the Trojans and nobody else. He chose Florida, which isn’t a total shock given he’s an east coast guy (he’s originally from Virginia). Basically, they aren’t making this deal without deep inside knowledge in the player.

You can put him anywhere on the field and he’ll make plays. Receiver, runner, kick returns. He’s a nightmare to match-up against. If the Seahawks want to persist with the read-option within their offense, Harvin can be effective there too. He certainly was for the Gators in college. Speed, power, game-changing skills. He has the works.

Carroll and Schneider want unique players. Difference makers. Playmakers on both sides of the ball that possess rare qualities that you just don’t find every year in the draft. Harvin doesn’t just fit the bill, he’s the poster boy. There isn’t another Percy Harvin in the league. There isn’t another Percy Harvin in this draft class. That’s why he fits in Seattle.

Then there’s the other side of Percy Harvin…

His fall out with Minnesota was ugly. Very ugly. It was reported he clashed with Head Coach Leslie Frazier in front of other staff members and players. He was seen visibly screaming at his coach in the Vikings defeat to Seattle in November for no obvious reason. ESPN’s Tom Pelissero reported on the fall-out at the end of the season:

TV cameras caught Harvin waving his arms and screaming at Frazier on the sideline over his frustration with the Vikings’ struggling offense.

According to four NFL sources, Harvin and Frazier had another heated exchange weeks later in front of some players and staff members, fueling speculation about a deteriorating relationship that could spell the end of Harvin’s four seasons in Minnesota.

Details of that altercation remain clouded, though it is believed to have begun in the training room at the Vikings’ facility.

CBS Minnesota offered this take:

Multiple sources tell Mike Max that Harvin had an embarrassing tirade directed toward Frasier, disrespecting the coach during the season when Harvin was sidelined with an injured ankle.

Teammates were present, and Max was told that is when Harvin left the team and was put on injured reserve.

Sources say teammates were disappointed in Harvin’s actions and the organization has moved toward less tolerance for that behavior.

Harvin apparently had a similar incident when Childress coached the team.

The Vikings will try to trade him, Max reports, as Harvin does have market value.

It was quite a bizarre situation given Minnesota’s successful season where they made the playoffs. Really, what was there to complain about?

Harvin’s had two Head Coaches in his pro-career and fallen out with both. Will Carroll be the hat trick?

There’s also a substantial injury history.

In 2009 and 2010 he suffered severe problems with migraine’s and was constantly listed on the injury report as a consequence. He’s also had ankle, hamstring, hip, shoulder and finger injuries. In 2009 he was listed as questionable seven times. He was on the injury report eight times in 2010, seven times in 2011 and five times in 2012 before being placed on injured reserve (missing Minnesota’s last five games). He’s competitive for his size when he’s actually on the field, but he’s also been quite brittle.

According to Jason Cole, Harvin is also targeting ‘Calvin Johnson’ type money:

While the Vikings and Harvin’s agent, Joel Segal, have yet to exchange contract proposals, it’s believed that Harvin wants money closer to what Calvin Johnson got from Detroit in 2012 (eight years, $132 million) than to Jackson or Bowe. That’s an average of $16.5 million per year compared to a little more than $11 million for Jackson and Bowe. As one person put it about Harvin, he considers himself a “special” player and executives around the league have fed that attitude by telling people close to him how difficult it is to cover Harvin.

The Seahawks will have the framework for a new deal agreed before any trade is completed. However, this will not be cheap. And it makes you wonder if other players — like Sidney Rice ($9.7m cap hit) or Zach Miller ($11m cap hit) — will be asked to re-work their deals given their substantial salaries in 2013. Cutting Rice would potentially save $6m in cap money — does that become an option? What about releasing Leon Washington (due $2.875m) given Harvin’s quality as a return-man? And surely moving Matt Flynn now becomes even more of a priority?

Then there’s this article by Jeremy Fowler to consider, where he notes other concerns about Harvin:

Percy Harvin “epitomized the climate” of player entitlement under coach Urban Meyer at the University of Florida, according to a Sporting News report posted online Monday, April 9.

Harvin, who played for the Gators from 2006-08, reportedly was one of three players who missed the 2008 season opener after allegedly failing drug tests for marijuana – penalties dictated by university policy – although Meyer publicly blamed an injury for Harvin’s absence.

Harvin also refused to run stadium steps with the rest of the team during offseason conditioning before the 2007 season, according to the Sporting News, and once allegedly threw wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales to the ground by his neck.

Harvin reportedly wasn’t punished for either of those incidents, according to the report, and was treated differently as a member of Meyer’s “Circle of Trust.”

Harvin told strength and conditioning coaches while boycotting stadium runs, “this (expletive) ends now,” according to the report, and the team played basketball as conditioning the next day.

It makes you wonder how this undoubtedly talented but also flawed player will respond to a big new contract. Will this play to Harvin’s entitled nature? Or will he be able to buy into Carroll’s ‘all-in’ philosophy and knuckle down? He’s not managed a 1000-yard season in his career yet, which is incredible given his talent-level. He needs to stay healthy and stay away from drama. If he can do that, he’ll be among the league’s best.

Harvin’s on-field talents will give Russell Wilson a truly dynamic receiver to target. Off the field though, will he be willing to give up time to work with such an intense character like Wilson, who’s a stickler for detail and putting in the hours?

Despite all the perceived negatives both Carroll and Darrell Bevell know the guy and aren’t walking into this blindfolded. They’re acquiring a player who doesn’t even turn 25 until May. And the fact is nobody is going to look forward to facing Wilson, Harvin, Marshawn Lynch and co.

Finally, what does this trade say about the draft? The Seahawks perhaps feel Harvin is too good to pass up. It could also be a review of what’s available in the late first round range. If they feel nobody gets close to Harvin’s level of talent (and they don’t) you can understand the deal. However, there’s little chance now for Seattle to attack their pass rush problems early. The options at #56 won’t be great. So while the offense continues to improve, there will be some concern that the biggest hole within the team will remain unresolved. Signing Harvin to a big contract won’t leave much room to make many other moves in free agency after all.

Yet think of it like this. Sheldon Richardson, Star Lotulelei and Sharrif Floyd were way out of range. The top pass rushers will be long gone too, perhaps even Datone Jones. So if you’re looking at Kawann Short, Sylvester Williams or Percy Harvin, this is a no-brainer, right? Over the next few days we’ll focus on options with the #56 pick, which presumably will be spent on a defensive player (if they keep the pick).

There’s a lot to get excited about as you’ll see in the video below. It’ll make day one of the draft that little bit less exciting, but the Seahawks just acquired one of the best playmakers in the league. If they can keep him in tow, this could be a defining day for the franchise. It’s a big ‘if’ though.

What do you make of the trade? Let us know in the comments section and vote in the poll below.


  1. shamus mcgee

    Just too big of a risk in my opinion. Not so much the draft capital (which stings a bit also) but the money probably involved just freaks me out…

    • Rock

      You never get a talent like Harvin in trade without the player having a little baggage. PC has proven he can deal with it. Marshawn had baggage. Rice was injury prone. TO was a diva. The contract will be structured to pay for play. If he causes trouble or does not take the field it will cost him in incentive and escalator clauses. The team was not going to get a player at #25 that ’tilts the field’. Harvin does that. He makes everyone else better and frees up roster spots at KR and WR (Leon and Obo). I expect the Hawks to address the pass rush in FA and use their #55 pick to replace Breno Giacomini. We have to protect the QB first. Only 4% of our runs last year went to the right side. Look for Terron Armstead in the 2nd round. If they re-sign Branch and Jones, we would be fine on defense. The risk is going backwards by letting Branch walk.

      • Barry

        So you can get a player in round 3, 2, 5, or even seventh but not the later end of round one?

    • Chris


      If this is really the type of player they wanted for the team I would’ve been much more comfortable with a Tavon Austin pick in the 1st round and using that 10+ million per year on the d-line.

      Or how about this T.Austin with the 1st round pick and signing Wallace? That’s pretty close to what was paid for Harvin.

  2. The Ancient Mariner

    Not happy about this. I don’t like the cap effects adding Harvin is going to have, and I really wanted the ‘Hawks to go after DT in the first round. If they were going to make a move, I would far rather they had moved up for Richardson.

    Any meaningful chance this all blows up?

    • Rob Staton

      I guess it depends on which DT’s were available. As I’ve noted in the piece… all of the top DT’s will be gone. As will most of the DE’s. So if it’s Kawann Short, Sly Williams or Percy Harvin, surely you choose Harvin?

      • Turp

        Harvin, absolutely. This was a guy everyone was talking about for MVP around week 7 last year. Why would you not pull the trigger on this trade? There is risk, but it is mitigated with Bevell/Rice, and the reward could be incredible.

        Easier to rush the passer when you always have a lead, right? 🙂

        • Nate

          I will only be happy if they keep Rice to go along with Harvin, as I admit I have a little paranoia hearing they might drop Rice to make cap space.

      • The Ancient Mariner

        Ehh, I’m coming around; Davis’ point that what we gave up is roughly equivalent to the price to move up 5 slots is well taken. I’m still concerned about the contract and the effects on the cap, but our FO has shown themselves adept cap managers, and I don’t think that was all (or even mostly) Idzik; it’s reasonable to expect that they’ll structure this one well, though the uncertainty will remain until we actually know the terms. And if it’s true that SF was also going hard after Harvin . . . well, it’s worth the price not to have to deal with that nightmare.

        It’s a double whammy on DT, though — not only will we be shorter on options in the draft, but I can’t think we’ll be able to afford any FA, such as Desmond Bryant, who will require more than a Jason Jones-type contract. Here’s hoping Sylvester Williams is there at #56; I think he could be a good fit for us. I don’t see Kawann Short fitting the bill. Dealing up for Richardson might have been a pipe dream–more significantly, it might have been less about Richardson as such than about the idea of him as the best 3-tech in the draft; if we can get Sylvester Williams in the second, that might well be better value.

        I’m not too concerned about Harvin’s character issues; the coaching staff knows him, and he has a strong locker room to keep him in line–including, apparently, a big brother-little brother relationship with Rice. Though I’d bet the most important factor that way will be Russell . . .

  3. Stuart


    Boy have things changed in a huge way regarding the upcoming draft. Well now we all get to rethink everything…thats ok with me. Folks, dont sweet the draft picks, no need to nitpick. We have traded the unknown for the known.

  4. Sea-Town

    Hard to complain about geting Harvin, but this is a risky move and quite frankly this will hamper their ability to address their biggest need which was DL.

    • dave crockett

      But address it how?

      The market doesn’t supply in-their-early-prime stud pass rushers just because Seattle needs one.

    • Rock

      They can get DL’s well into the middle of this draft. Heck, Datone Jones might be available at #55 along with Sam Montgomery.

  5. Stuart


  6. Burner

    I absolutely love it.

  7. shamus mcgee

    i almost wonder if they have a deal in place for Leon Washington now…

    • glor

      I would put money on it

    • jtperson

      As I was watching the video I was saying my goodbyes to Leon Washington as a Seahawk.

      • shamus mcgee

        but will they be able to get anything for him or will the league know they are looking at moving/cutting him and just wait for us to do so? wonder what his value would be.

        • Michael

          I tend to think that Leon will simply be cut…

        • jdtjohnson

          Seahawks won’t get anything in return for him. He will simply be cut. The combination of his age, salary and limited positional skills leads him to be a cut only situation.

  8. glor

    %*&* YA! 🙂

  9. Stuart

    You guys lighten up, none of us our experts. PC and JS are. Add in the fact that Bevell was his coach for two years, have some faith. This is a happy day in Hawkville.

  10. sdcoug

    I wonder if PC/JS made this move knowing we already have a DT lined up in Free Agency. This could also lead to Leon and Obo being released, offsetting some of the cap room Harvin (or a new DT) will eat up

    • Rob Staton

      It’ll be tough to go too big in free agency now, with Harvin likely to command a big deal. Could see Branch re-signed on a modest deal, then #56 spent on a pass rusher.

      • shamus mcgee

        i think they better go that route Rob… Branch was solid if unspectacular in pass rush duties…

  11. Zane

    Seahawks are getting a dynamic playmaker who would have been a top 5 pick in the draft this year–even at his age. Hopefully we can answer our pass rush problems too, but this is going to make the offense so much more consistent and dynamic!

    • Michael

      great point about how he stacks up to this draft class. That is how you have to look at it I think. Imagine for a second that a soon to be 25 year old Harvin is actually in this draft… Is there any possible way he makes it to #25? I doubt it.

      • Chris

        The money is a bigger factor than the pick. 10 million a year is equivalent to an elite level player.

  12. Colin

    I can’t see the Seahawks giving him a ton of guaranteed money. Not going to happen. Big contract? Sure, but Pete and John will not overpay. If the time comes to cut him, it will happen.

    All in all, a risk worth taking. This move confirms what alot of us have been thinking for several weeks now- the lower part of round 1 has no real significant talent- all very good players, but any game changers? No.

    Percy is a game changer. A stud. His value is that of a #25 pick. I like the move.

    He just better be ready to work his ass off and not be a little brat.

    • Michael

      I agree about the money. There is zero chance that he get’s “Calvin Johnson Money”. He is not even in the same stratosphere as Megatron, and PC/JS are not stupid.

      That said, I don’t think the $10-$14 million range is gonna be as much of a blow as many people think. Here is some quick and easy savings that takes very little creativity:

      Cut Ben Obomanu – $2.5MM cap savings
      Cut Leon Washington – $2.9MM cap savings
      Trade Matt Flynn – $3.25MM cap savings

      That’s $8.65MM right there and you’ve lost what? 2 guys who are immediately replaced/upgraded by Harvin’s presence on the roster, and an expensive backup QB who doesn’t really fit your offense anymore anyway.

      • Colin

        The other part of this we are getting a guy WHO WILL CONTRIBUTE- not an unknown draft pick. Lots to be said for that.

        Now we just need pass rushers.

        • A. Simmons

          He’s already developed. Minnesota drafted and developed him, we’re paying for the result. Which is a great player and worth the coin.

      • SeaMeat

        There are positives and negatives.

        Cutting Flynn will require another QB to be signed/drafted. Signing will cost a couple million, the draft obviously the cheapest route; however, most risk involved.

        The money and cap space is my concern unless they can get Miller and Rice to restructure. Also losing Tate is a possiblity, and I don’t like that.

        His health and mental state is the scariest

        • Rob Staton

          Green Bay regularly drafted QB’s and put them in the backup role. We have to be prepared to do the same.

        • Rock

          They certainly will not cut Flynn as that would cost $6M against the 2013 salary cap. Indeed, I think the chance he stays on the roster just went up. The Hawks are obviously ‘going for it’ this year. If RW gets hurt Flynn is capable of salvaging the season. At this point he is pretty cheap insurance. Still if they get a good offer I hope they move him because he deserves a starting job.

  13. Misfit74

    I’m ecstatic!

    I instantly thought of all the possibilities with Harvin in our offense, esp. the read option and similar stuff that Harvin can from the RB position run with Wilson in the backfield – or maybe even Wilson/Harvin/Lynch in the backfield. So many options!

    Harvin is also very good at getting separation in the red-zone from what I’ve seen. He’s not just a tremendous play-maker: he can get open.

    The cost in draft-capital is reasonable. Harvin is no Deon Branch. He is just 24 years old and one of the top WRs in the NFL. I’m not worried about him getting on board a contender with our leadership and falling in line. Injuries worry me more than character. I have to think Sid Rice and Bevell both vouched for Harvin and I take some comfort in the fact they’ve worked together for several years together before in MIN. A lot of his discontent stemmed from the fact he is one of the best WRs in the NFL and was getting paid very poorly compared to his peers – and the Vikings didn’t really want to take care of him or continue dealing with him. Going to a contender is another key here in the attitude department. I’m not worried one bit.

    This solves what I perceived to be a big need at WR opposite Sid Rice. What this means for Golden Tate and Baldwin I’m not sure. Will we run more 4-wide sets now? The possibilites of offensive diversity and play-making have me really, REALLY excited.

    • Misfit74

      Doug Farrar: “The real challenge for enemy defenses is what Harvin will add to Seattle’s zone option and Pistol packages. Killer for DEs looking to press.”

      • Dobbs

        A read-option play-action pass involving Harvin is also going to wreak havoc.

    • dave crockett

      I do have some concerns about how he will act. If the scuttlebutt is to be believed–that he threw a weight at Brad Childress and physically assaulted an assistant coach at Florida–it’s easy to overstate how much team “leadership” matters. PC/JS had better be writing language into his contract about their expectations for how he is to behave.

      Sometimes so-called “character” issues are blown way out of proportion, but when a person has trouble with laying hands on folks when he gets angry that tends to be a recurring problem. It doesn’t go away just because their is a strong locker room.

      I feel like the draft compensation is a no-brainer. (The mid-round pick could really sting next year.) The contract compensation we’ll just have to see the details. But to me, the fulcrum on this deal is about how good a citizen Harvin is in Seattle. He is already a great player and shortly he will be making some rather long money. By definition that makes him a focal point, a reference point, to other players on the team. And just like any other workplace where salary information is widely known, it impacts the organizational culture (especially when the high-priced new talent makes waves). Right now the culture is really good. The wrong contract to the wrong guy can wreck that overnight.

      I’m not saying Harvin’s going to blow up the locker room, but quite frankly if there were zero risk of this Minnesota wouldn’t have moved him.

      • Barry

        He is a amazing talent… if hes on the field, which his trouble in staying on the feild dates back to college. Guy don’t just magically change all the sudden. Moss never did and he was twice as Provence and the player

        • JW

          He hasn’t really had trouble making the field due to injury. He only missed 3 games in 4 years due to injury. Last year he was put on IR for his outburst, not his ankle.

          He hasn’t had a migraine in 2 years, apparently.

          He’s a lot more durable than people seem to think.

    • Phil

      I haven’t read the other posts yet, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who will be comparing Harvin to Tavon Austin re: what he will bring to the Seahawks offense. He’s a great return man, and can play all the receiver spots. And, he has experience as a read-option RB. Plus, he’s bigger.

      I posted yesterday that the only player I could get excited about at #25 was Austin and that I was pretty sure he was going to be gone by then. So, trading our #25 for Harvin is a no brainer to me with the caveat that his contract gets written in a way that gives him incentives to play and to “behave”.

      Regarding what this means to the draft, I still think that we are too focused on players being the solution to our pass rush woes. I think that our lack of an adequate pass rush stems principally from our defensive scheme — how many other teams “tie one hand behind their backs” by having a 300# non-pass rushing guy play DE? I like Red for the leadership he brings to the defense and he’s an effective guy against the run (when healthy). But, with him on the field, we will always be using him in place of a guy who could be a better pass rusher. I think we will look for DEs in the draft and also in FA if we can free up some cap room. And, I don’t see us cutting Flynn. A trade maybe, if we can get a high enough pick for him.

      • JW

        good point RE: scheme

        I also think the sack numbers will go up if the team is ahead more, and ahead earlier. This team was in close games all the time. If the offense can build leads, you can get into more pass rush oriented play calling.

        THinking back to the Holmgren defense in some ways (admittedly PC’s defense will always be different) but getting a lead early and building on it helps your pass rush…so, Harvin helps the pass rush…sorta.

        • JW

          woops, not in close games all the time, obviously, but until the blowouts, the strategy seemed to be to keep it close and then win at the end

  14. Sam Jaffe

    If someone had said in week 6 last year that some team would get Percy Harvin for a first round draft pick and change, nobody would have believed them. He was outplaying every other offensive ball handler in the league til he got injured. The sad thing about this trade is that it pretty much just ended Seattle’s offseason. No more big free agent moves and not much of a draft left. I will now enter my hibernation state until September.

    • Misfit74

      Very true, Sam. He’s an elite player.

    • Trudy Beekman

      I think there will be movement. Look for us to off-load a couple guys and hopefully restructure at least Zach Miller.

      • Sam Jaffe

        I think Miller becomes an even bigger part of this offense now, both as a run-blocker for Harvin end-arounds and as a tall under-the-zone pass catcher. With defenses tilting their coverage to account for Harvin, it makes a guy like Miller so much more valuable. My biggest fear is that Harvin is so small, RW will have trouble spotting him. But I trust that PC/JS know exactly how RW’s height limitations impact his play and they would never have made this trade if they thought it might be an issue.

        I think that the most interesting aspect of this trade is that people will expect Harvin to have blowout stats. I don’t think he will in this offense. He’ll force defenses to widen out, opening up the running game more. And he’ll make the other receivers more open. He’ll be good for one touchdown a game (either from offense or as a returner. That would have been good enough for the team to go 14-2 last year.

        I think it also has meaning for the defense the team will run next year. I think they will start transforming into the kind of defense the Colts had with Manning: defend the pass to allow the team to outscore opponents. That means lighter d-linemen and a better coverage strong safety than Chancellor. I’m not suggesting a complete change, just a moderate shift in priorities.

        • Michael

          The last thing I want is for our defense to be anything like, “the kind of defense the Colts had with Manning”. I don’t think any of those defenses were really any good, and to my recollection they haven’t been able to stop the run for the last decade+

          The more potent our offense becomes, the more important it should be to stop the opponents RUN GAME. The last thing the Atlanta’s and New England’s of the world want to face is a team that is gonna posses the ball all game and not commit turnovers. If teams line up and simply try to go toe-to-toe with us by passing the ball, that just plays into the ball hawking nature of our secondary.

          In their Superbowl winning season in ’06 the Colts D ranked 23rd in the league in points allowed, and have clearly gone further down hill since then. Not really the sort of thing I want to emulate.

          • Sam Jaffe

            I agree with you that I love the Seattle defense and how it works. But I just don’t think it’s sustainable. When it’s time for RW to sign his second contract, then Seattle will be in the same situation as Indy–all extra cash goes into one position. The way Indy handled it was they went super cheap on defense–they had more UDFA’s than any other team for a decade. You can do that if you don’t pay more than two big defensive salaries (in Indy’s case it was Freeney and Bob Sanders). Everybody else is there because they’re fast and cheap. Then you let you’re franchise quarterback out-throw the other team’s qb. It worked in Indy (usually up until the second playoff game, which is when they usually lost). There’s no way that Seattle can afford long term to keep a top-5 run defense.

            • Michael

              I am of the opinion that it is cheaper to field a good run defense than a good pass defense. On the line, pass rushers are always more expensive than run stuffers, and corners are far more expensive than linebackers.

        • dave crockett

          Nice post. A few points…

          1. Good insight about Harvin opening up Miller.
          What I like about getting Harvin is that we were so hampered by the absence of a WR (and specifically, a WR) who could consistently beat underneath coverage; I mean win right at the LOS and for big plays. When we couldn’t go deep we really struggled. In that sense, I don’t suspect Harvin’s and Wilson’s respective sizes will matter much. Harvin catches a number of passes behind the LOS. Having said that, the one pass I thought RW consistently struggled with was the flare/swing pass. (Not about size. Hass couldn’t throw it and neither could Warren Moon.)

          2. Interesting point about stats.
          My initial thoughts are yes and no. I get your point. Seattle under Carroll is very unlikely to turn into the Saints under Sean Peyton. Remember though, Seattle’s offense, though explosive on a per play basis, was at times artificially constrained. First, we had four weeks of dismal offense as RW’ climbed a steep learning curve. Second, we also had abnormally low interceptions per pass defensed for a long chunk of the season. One thing we saw when Seattle really got it rolling (starting with Arizona) was that the turnovers came more in line with how well the defense was actually playing. At the very least, RW (assuming he’s healthy) won’t be learning the offense from scratch again.

          3. Disagree on the defense. The scheme is prides itself on specialty sub-packages for situations. But, philosophically it is a run-first defense. Score might dictate the relative prominence of one sub-package over others but it won’t morph to a pass-first philosophy I don’t think. Remember, our offense is still run-first. Carroll wants explosive offense but a fairly slow pace.

          • Sam Jaffe

            I hope you’re right that the defense doesn’t change. I just don’t see how they can afford to pay all those big guys up front over the long term.

            In regard to stats, the other thing that will be fascinating to see is how RW/PH do the read option. PH’s running stats might actually look better than Adrian Peterson’s next year.

            • Rock

              The long term is one year. Everyone can be cut or restructured. Stop worrying about the future. 25% of the roster turns over every year. You pick mid round guys like Sherman to come in and develop on the DL. Dexter Davis is still on the roster. For all we know, he is the stud that will replace Chris Clemons. As long as you have a front office that can evaluate talent and draft well the team will be fine.

  15. ChavaC

    Wow. My biggest concern is the new contract, as he deserves about half of what he’s asking for( assuming he really wants 15m/yr). The character issues are a problem, but the fact that Bevell had to OK this tells me there’s probably very good chemistry between the two, which makes the clashing with the Min coaches less of an issue. Either way, if he can stay healthy this offense will be scary. Imagine the read option with Harvin lined up all over… that’s a nightmare.

    • shamus mcgee

      after watching that video i forgot just how fast Harvin goes from 0-60… its just on…. definately makes the offense quite scary…. trying to warm up to the idea… =)

      • Phil

        I think he ran a 4.41 at the combine, and his broken-field quickness is close to Tavon Austin’s IMHO.

  16. jtperson

    My dreams of trading up for Sheldon Richardson are gone. That being said this is amazing value for the 25th pick. If he looks anything like he did last year this offense will be truly incredible. I wonder if Dan Quinn has big hopes for Jaye Howard…

    • Michael

      I don’t know about Quinn, but I personally have very high hopes for Greg Scruggs.

  17. Wes

    So who is gonna get cut/traded? Leon? You know its coming…

    • Rob Staton

      Flynn and Washington two most likely IMO… with Rice and Miller perhaps needing to re-work their deals too.

      • Wes

        Think they will be willing to do so? I’m not sure Rice would be too pumped about taking less money so his new team can sign his former number 2 from his old team.

      • shamus mcgee

        i think Obo was gone regardless as he is farily well paid for his role/contribution

  18. Turp

    Does this make the signing of Desmond Bryant in FA more likely?

    • Rob Staton

      Less likely IMO, given the money they’ll need to pay Harvin. I wouldn’t expect any other big moves in free agency. Could see Alan Branch return now on a modest deal.

      • Wes

        They have got to do SOMETHING to address the pass rush though, right? And with no first round pick I would think it will have to be through free agency at this point. There likely is no one they are going to be able to get in the draft that will make the necessary impact.

        • Rob Staton

          You can’t spend money you don’t have. After Harvin is signed, there simply won’t be enough money to go after the bigger names in free agency. Unless they start making high profile cuts.

          • Michael

            I think the older/cheaper veteran pass rushers are still very much on the table. I can’t imagine this deal would preclude us from getting one of Osi, Abraham, Freeney at a reasonable price.

            • Rock

              Agreed. They will give Harvin a big signing bonus which allows the cap hit to be spread oveseveral years. Then the base salary will be filled with incentives and back loaded to protect against injury.

      • Turp

        I could still see it, but Flynn/Leon would have to be dealt, and probably Miller getting his contract reworked. I definitely agree with Branch coming back.

  19. Chris

    Great write-up (as always).

    FYI – I heard a MN beat reporter on one of the two local sports stations a few months back, they asked him about Harvin’s attitude. He said he didn’t think Harvin was a bag guy, just ultra-competitive. Expressed that he didn’t think he would cause any problems on a good team.

    I’m definitely a bit nervous about the possible risks you outlined, but SUPER excited about the upsides.


    • Rob Staton

      Definitely an exciting trade.

  20. Snoop Dogg

    Would I rather have Percy Harvin, or Darrell Revis for the same money? I trust John Schnieder and Pete but this is pushing it….

    • Turp

      Not really a need for Revis, but definitely a need for Harvin.

      • Alex

        Completely agree we just picked up a guy who is a threat to take it to the house any time he gets the ball something we don’t have

  21. -R

    If Harvin is healthy, it’s a great trade. If Harvin is not, then it’s a horrible trade. If Harvin had a few more years of NFL experience with the same track record I would also say it’s a bad deal. At this point my only hope is that he’s so young that he might be able to shake the injuries and the migraine. Not to mention the spotty attitude.

    Having said all that. I was firmly in the camp that didn’t believe we had a good WR core so that need has been filled. It appears doubtful they would go WR in rd2 or 3 this year.

    • Michael

      “If Harvin is healthy, it’s a great trade. If Harvin is not, then it’s a horrible trade.”

      Isn’t that the case with any trade?

      • Bruce M.

        Nope. Because there a lot of guys in the NFL who can be as healthy as a horse and STILL not be a great trade for us.

        But Harvin has rare talent.

        • Michael

          Haha, good point. I simply meant that bad health can make any trade a bad one…

  22. Alex

    Well I suppose Carroll finally has his touchdown maker that he has been talking about since he got to Seattle. And really who better to advise them than the former OC of the Vikings they definitely have the inside track, further as you said in this draft although it may be deep it is definitely lacking that elite talent if they keep Harvin under contro then that’s what we just got, because boy is he explosive.

  23. Davison Phipps

    I don’t comment frequently, but just wanted to drop a note thanking Rob and Kip for all their hard work and excellent draft coverage. Normally, this trade would seriously diminish my interest in the draft, but since I know so much more about non-first round prospects, there’s still a lot to look forward to.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man, appreciate that.

    • jdtjohnson

      I completely agree with this Davison. I feel the exact same way. Still a lot to look forward to in the draft due to the fact that Rob and Kip have covered so many players, I will still be able to recognize names going into the 4th round. Haven’t had that prior to coming to SDB a few years ago, but feel like it is even more so this year.

      Thanks for all the hard work guys.

  24. Hawkfin

    WOW, I am shocked still!
    Misfit said it best. The possibilities and playcalling are endless and so exciting.

    Other then Richardson, who I think could be gone in the top 12 picks, WR was probably the best position to land at #25. And with all the WR needy teams out there, Patterson and Austin would probably be gone too.
    Besides that, Harvin is a proven thing with what I had hoped a Patterson or Austin would bring to us.

    So now we get an elite WR at the cost of drafting one anyway. SWEET.
    Harvin seperates among the best out there – Something drastically needed. He can stretch the field and get deep OR just take it the distance on his own. He can work the spread like Misfit said, he can kick return for us so letting Washington (who is old) go could open up a roster spot.
    He catches well, and was one of or even the best last year.
    And all this, with what I consider a lacking QB. I don’t think Minn’s QB is all that great. AP opened the passing, but so will Lynch.
    I’m most exicited about when Wilson stretches out the play, and the lightining fast Harvin will really excell.

    Some of the issues pressented are valid. But, I think Harvin wants to win. Minn did not make that happen. I think with solid coaching and frame work and a winning team. Harvin will be a model.
    I’m not really concerened at all.

    The injury things are minor, the headaches are a concern a bit. The biggest thing is probably the contract? I really hope he doesn’t want Calvin money? That would suck.
    The good thing is that this is all based on him signing. So I bet both party’s will come to a medium of happyness.

    I STILL feel like we could land a Ryan Swope or Harrison in the 3rd or 4th round. And I would still do it. I don’t think S. Rice will be on the team to long.

    Also, I wonder if they have some solid plans to trade M. Flynn and gain some draft pick stock back.
    That would be great too!

    But even if they don’t, we really only have 1 Issue left! One single missing element. Pass Rush.
    And hopefully a healthy Clemmons and Irvin year #2 would help with that.
    But, they can land a decent prospect there in the 2nd round. I think the value is good there at DT. Some are better then the 1st rounders like Star and Floyd.
    Some of note that I like that might be there: Kawann Short, Sylvester Williams, John Jenkins, Brandon Williams.

    Anyway, very very happy to land P. Harvin! Well done!
    SB run! Go Hawks

    • Michael

      “I don’t think Minn’s QB is all that great”

      That is probably the nicest thing anyone has said about Ponder since draft day…

    • Rock

      Harvin should be doing back flips right now thinking about playing with Wilson on the Hawks. He wants to win. That is the source of his personal problems. When he realizes he could go to the Super Bowl with the Hawks he may moderate his salary demands. We don’t have to sign him. The team can always void the trade and send him back to Minnesota.

      • Michael

        I sure hope he’s not doing any backflips… I would hate for him to go on the DL for something backflip related.

  25. Lou Thompson

    Goodbye Datone Jones Hello Corey Lemonier

    Goodbye Ryan Swope Hello Marcus Davis or Mark Harrison

    • peter

      Not exactly bad consolation prizes, would you say?

      • Michael

        Harvin in R1, Lemonier in R2 and Harrison in R3 would be a pretty great off-season if you ask me. Throw in a patented John Schneider late round gem and years from now we look bat at this draft as the turning point of the Seahawks dynasty.

  26. Nolan

    Well I hope I’m wrong but I do not like this. First in my opinion Mike Wallace is better then Harvin and we would have just needed to pay Wallace not lose a pick and $. Secondly if this is the type of player they want why not just pick tavon Austin in the draft I bet the Viking use one of their firsts on him now. Third he is going to want the ball a lot, I assume that’s why he wasn’t happy in minny because the team was playoff caliber, but were do those throws come from because we are a run dominated team with multiple receiver options that are also talented and deserving. The fourth part that I also am concerned with is his contract not only the size of it ( which we don’t know yet but can assume it will be at least what Sydney rice gets and probably more) and how the size of that deal effects the rest of the locker room.

    What I expect now though is that Leon Washington will be cut or traded because harvin will be the primary return man and may get looks as a change of pace back. I think Flynn will also find his way off the team via trade or cut to clear extra cap space. I think either rice or miller might also be asked to restructure…

    Only because of the equity that Pete and John have built up over the last few years am I cautiously optomistic that this will work out in the Seahawks favor.

    • Sam Jaffe

      “Why not pick Tavon Austin instead?”
      1. Tavon Austin might already be gone by 25.
      2. If Tavon Austin fulfilled all his potential, he would become a player like Percy Harvin. Why not just get Harvin now?
      3. I’m of the opinion, as are many others, that Tavon Austin is a “poor-man’s” Percy Harvin because of the frailty of his body. Harvin is already a pretty frail guy, but if he were smaller he would be more like Jahvid Best, who barely set a foot on an NFL field.

      • Chris

        Regarding 2., because Austin would cost next to nothing while the 10+ million to sign Harvin could be used to add an additional stud. The 1st round pick is no where near the cost of signing Harvin. The $ is a bigger factor. If this was a free agent signing I’d have much less of a problem with it.

    • Lou Thompson

      You’re right, both Miller and Rice will have to re-structure for 2014 or they’re not back which leads me to believe we’ll have that WR/TE draft around round 5, but both will fit in the cap for 2013.

      WR’s are typically risky as are pass rushers, so why not go and get a proven player that we “know” is explosive than go draft a player that we “hope” is explosive.

      There is going to be very little difference in the 25th pick and the 56th selection and there was absolutely no “hot” player that anyone came up with at #25. Jones? no position Short? takes plays off? Maybe Andre Hopkins since they went WR with #1 but that’s the only guy I’d want if going WR in rd 1.

      PC/JS like playmakers and they just gave us fans a 25 yo, in late May, playmaker.

      Let ’em worry about the $$ and capology and let’s look forward to playing for a SuperBowl because we still have our 2nd, 3rd, 4th and high 5th. That is plenty of ammo to find 3 defensive players and one more RWill weapon.


      • The Ancient Mariner

        Actually, both Miller and Rice are a lot cheaper next year than this year; that’s why I doubt we restructure them.

    • Michael

      The Austin point is a good one, and this move does make we wonder about Pete’s confidence in his offensive coaches ability to develop guys. It’s no secret that our drafts have been dominated by defense, while paying the price for proven commodities on offense.

    • dave crockett

      1. Wallace is better in a vacuum, arguably. He doesn’t give SEA what it needs, and that’s a guy who can beat underneath coverage for big plays.

      2. Tavon Austin has size concerns that Harvin does not. The two are often compared but Harvin is bigger and plays with more power.

      3. Harvin will want the ball. Interestingly, Harvin played in a low-volume/high-explosiveness pass offense with a work horse back at Minnesota and with a low-volume/high-explosiveness pass offense at Florida with Tebow. That said, it raises this issue for me. I have to figure that Seattle HAS to be thinking of removing carries from the RBs to shift toward short passes and screens. That’s Bevell’s specialty. So, Harvin may signal a move from low-to-moderate volume in the passing game.

      4. Leon. I hope that Seattle gives Washington the option of restructuring. Could he catch on with another team that might use him more as a runner? Absolutely, but at this stage of his career I’m reminded of the scene from Pulp Fiction with Ving Rhaymes and Bruce Willis–not that one, the first one, where Rhaymes tells Willis: If you was gonna make it youda made it by now.

      • JW

        ” I’m reminded of the scene from Pulp Fiction with Ving Rhaymes and Bruce Willis–not that one, the first one, ”


        Well done

    • Misfit74

      I’d take Harvin over Wallace any day. I’d take rookie M. Wheaton over Wallace, too. Wallace is a one-trick pony who expects to be paid like a well-rounded, top WR in the game. Harvin’s skillset is so much better and diverse. I’m so glad we didn’t go after Wallace.

  27. Hawkfin

    Ryan Swope is well known here, but I don’t think he’s that highely rated outside this forum.
    Maybe I’m wrong.

    I think, WE THINK, he’s a 2nd rounder. But in reality, he could slip to the 3rd round. Harrison easily to the 4th.

    That being said, we might not even go WR now? DT/DE/LB/TE I could see all now before WR.
    I hope we add at least one late though, as this draft class looks good for depth.

    • Rob Staton

      Got to be a defensive player now at #56. Got to be.

      • Hawkfin

        I said that earlier on my post… I agree. DT/DE or maybe LB at 56.
        I’m just saying, I could see Swope drop to the 3rd round though. Or Harrison in the 4th or maybe even 5th.
        If that happens, I still think we could take a WR maybe.

        But I agree, WR is probably far from mind now.

        • Michael

          Ya, defense all the way at #56. The only thing that would change my mind is if Ertz or Eifert fell that far, but I think the odds of that happening are pretty close to zero.

  28. Chris A

    When PC got here in 2010, he said this team needed to add “firepower” to this offense. Harvin is the definition of firepower. This team has some serious weapons now and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this offense in the top 5 next year. They may very well outplay our defense. I just hope his contract is not too killer. And we’ll surely be cutting some players as well. Leon, Flynn, obo… I hope its all worth it in the end.

    • shamus mcgee

      Touchdown makers i believe Pete speaks of at times…. well, that threat will now be on the field for lots of snaps…

      • JW

        “Touchdown maker”. I don’t mean to rain on any parades, but Harvin’s career high in TD receptions is 6. He’s not making many touchdowns, so far.

        • A. Simmons

          We’ll see if that number goes up with Wilson.

  29. Jerry Nice

    Regardless if I LOVE this move, part of me feels badly for Rob and crew – How much time have they spent analyzing our options at #25? That’s a lot of work and just “poof!” #25 is gone.

    Thanks for all the work guys! Onto our 2nd round pick?

    • Rob Staton

      Just glad this happened in March not sooner! Hard to spend an entire season talking about a second round pick.

      • glor

        haha, true — the only thing about this trade that will upset me is if we pay the guy more than 12mil a year

  30. Hawkfin

    Wallace is NOT better then Harvin. Not even close IMO.
    Wallace has Big ben throwing him the ball on what was a great team at the time.

    Harvin makes things happen on his own, with what I consider a lousy QB.

    Wallace is a 1 trick pony that goes deep, and does not catch all that many balls. He’ll disapear. He would be a bust with MInn throwing him the ball. We have a Wallace in S. Rice.

    Harvin is young and electrifying and can do so many more things. Havin fits this offense well and will help make it really explosive. I don’t even think Harvin has hit is career year yet!

    Some of your other concerns seem pretty valid. Hopefully, the money thing works out.
    I DO expect S. Rice to be cut eventually. Hopefully, after a SB win though. 😀

  31. Jim Q

    After watching hours of tape of draftable WR’s, Percy looks like he is so very much better than any WR’s in the draft. His speed is mind numbing and he’s as alusive a player that I’ve ever seen. PC/JS have done it again……Super Bowl will be fun to watch next year. WOW.

  32. Vin

    I dont like this trade for several reasons.

    1) The potential $$$ involved. If all accounts are true, then he’s asking for alot. Which is fine, except that on this team, our high-priced offensive weapons arent used in ways that justify their price tag (Rice & Miller).

    2) I believe adding Harvin will change our offensive Identity. if you’re going to sign someone like Harvin for $14+ Mil/year, he’d better be the focal point of the passing attack….which very well may happen (along with the return game). So I just cant see him getting 5 touches a game plus returning punts/KOs. Between Rice/Miller/Tate/Baldwin….I’d guess each of those guys got 3-5 touches a game…so now they’ve added another mouth. In this offense, its Quality over Quantity, Im just not 100% sold that Harvin’s Quality is that much better than what we have…..especially as a Run-first team. It almost appears to me that the Hawks are trying to re-create the Vikings the year Favre almost took them to SB….I hope it works out.

    3) Injury history. Between his injuries/concussions/migraines…im just concerned that the Hawks wont get the games out of him that we all hope for. We’ve already discussed how Depth is an issue and how Rice was one play away from being done….cant the same be said about Harvin?

    4) I know I already brought up $$$, and Im no cap expert, but this signing has to have a huge domino effect for the upcoming players who will be UFA/RFA. We all know the names that are coming up with new contracts, and I just wonder of that list, who will be sacraficed? What happened to the “homegrown, promote from within, draft our guys” mentality we thought we pegged the hawks for?

    I dont know…obviously I could be wrong, but I didnt think we were a Harvin away from taking it to the next level? I was excited to see what a full offseason with Wilson & the bunch would yield in the Fall. If the playoffs were any indication, it looked very promising & I thought that if the Hawks offense could play 16 games like that, we’d be golden. I really do hope it works out…I just dont want us to be one of those teams that has one or 2 great years, and then has to cut people. Thanks Rob & Kip.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I agree with you Vin, this will change the team identity.

      We can’t be a run first team when we will be spending 30million+ per year on receivers. People say that Rice and Miller will have to restructure their contracts, but why should they take less than Harvin? And Harvin isn’t being hired to block for Marshawn Lynch, Harvin will want the ball thrown to him. So you have a player that expects the ball, and will get high pay, on a team that has never had that identity.

      Of course with Russell Wilson’s skills I expect the Seahawks will change from run first to pass first anyway. This just confirms what I already suspected.

      • JW

        “We can’t be a run first team when we will be spending 30million+ per year on receivers”
        Why not?
        I think PC and JS are pretty committed to a team that bruises the other team offensively, and I don’t see that changing very much. Harvin is a guy who can make the most of few touches, catch high percentage short passes, and despite what he’s been labeled, he’s not actually been a ‘quick strike’ kind of player.
        I’m sure RW’s pass attempts per game will rise but I don’t think this team is going to be a Holmgren/Reid/ Tom Brady type of offense very soon. I think they’re pretty dedicated to the ‘beat’em up’ approach on both sides of the ball.

      • A. Simmons

        This team blasts away at opposing defenses anyway we have to. Remember the Atlanta game? Wilson threw for 385 yards with the receivers we have. Now we gave him another dynamic, explosive weapon. The offensive identiy was changing the last half of the season last year anyhow. Just like it changed when Favre was in Minny for his one good year and Peterson became secondary to the offense.

  33. Rory

    First off, I don’t like it. Too big of a risk with injuries and attitude. I think those picks/money could have been used to target a player that fits a need better, and thus, makes more of an impact. With that being said, we got we got, and here’s what I see:

    Leon is gone, plain and simple.

    The team must feel confident one the options on the team will blossom into a pass rushing DT.

    We have arguably the two most dangerous receivers in the league in space. I can see a lot of teams running shallower zones to combat this. If a defense sees 4 wide with Tate and Harvin on opposite sides, they pretty much can’t afford to play soft. Moving the zone up closer means that deep ball that we like to throw will be even more effective.

    Overall, I don’t like it, but I am going to enjoy watching defenders chase Harvin, Wilson, Lynch, and Tate around the field. Talk about some tired linebackers

    • Turp

      I don’t think Harvin will line up outside in 4 wide sets, and probably not that often in 3 wide. He is such a threat underneath that his presence will definitely occupy the mind of the free safety and free up Rice and Tate a bit.

      • Rory

        I agree, I can see him being used in the slot more so than outside, but I was just painting a picture of how the defense will have so much space to worry about occupying.

        I hope they find a way to use Tate and Harvin effectively. This kind of reminds me of when we brought Zach Miller in and everyone thought that meant we didn’t want Carlson, when in reality, they would have had more value together than separately.

        Tate isn’t as explosive as Harvin, but if he is given more space, we could see increased production on fewer snaps.

        It kind of sucks that our top 4 wide receivers are all very injury prone, but I guess we have strength in numbers. If any 3 of Tate, Harvin, Baldwin, and Rice are healthy, we have a dangerous offense. Now if that goes down to 2 healthy receivers, we’re in trouble.

        I’m really curious to see what the contract ends up being. I’m afraid this means we lose someone in a year or two. We have the cap space now, but when we start resigning people, the numbers won’t add up. I’m sure Kam won’t be resigned now, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Rice cut in a year or two.

  34. -Rich

    Three of our four WR’s are among the most injury prone in the league. Hope you can find the Hawks a gem on defense, Rob. We may need to lean on the D at times for sure!

  35. Michael Kelly

    I am guessing that Pete Carroll and Company are going all in for a SuperBowl in the next few years. It is obvious that we will not be able to keep all these great young players we have drafted over the past few years and with Russell Wilson proving to be so good so early I think they believe the window is now to pull out all the stops. Cannot say I blame them. This move makes me nervous be these guys certainly deserve the benefit of the doubt. Wilson will be a nighmare for other teams next year. Cannot wait to see it.

  36. Rob Staton

    Greg Bedard’s take:

    “This is going to be a real boom or bust pick for the Seahawks, who might be good enough to deal with any of the problems that Harvin, a spoiled brat of a diva with injury issues, presents. Teams get in a lot of trouble when they give out big contracts to people who might not see the end of them for various reasons (age, injury, performance, drama). Harvin is a worry in three of those departments.”

    • Barry

      That quote nails it. I cant be excited over someone who has been in the league so long and missed so much time. The negatives out-weight the on field performance so far. Right now PC and JS are gambling because we can speculate and say a ton of things but the just of it is we have no idea who might have been there at pick 25.

      • williambryan

        Harvin only missed three games in three years before his “ankle” last season. And I only see two of those issues as having a chance of being legitimate. Age: is 24, will be 25 later this year so that’s a good thing. Injury: has had nagging injuries but has the toughness to play through them. Could see worry here about it though. Performance: really? Drama: this is obviously well documented and concerning but if anywhere could get him turned around, it’s Seattle for obvious reasons.

      • A. Simmons

        He’s been in the league four years. How many on here were saying Tarvaris would turn around away from the dysfunctional Vikings? Remember the stories when Childress was fighting with Favre? Children was on the hot seat and he couldn’t control the team. Then Frazier is hired, a guy that worked under Childress. Why would it be any different?

        Why was the situation at the Vikings bad when Favre was there and players were flying to see Favre while Tarvaris had no support from his head coach? Now it’s Percy Harvin’s fault things were bad in Minny? Is that how it is now?

  37. adog

    i think that this acquisition helps the defense out more than drafting any player in this year’s draft does. It has been well documented how effective time-of-possession\ball control is in improving defenses around the league. Harvin without a doubt will convert more third downs into firsts than any other player on the roster, and (i think this is the outlier) he will do it in more ways…run, pass, catch, and special teams than any other player on the roster. It gives the hawks much needed depth at WR…and i mean elite depth also. I think on the pass rush issue…it might be a bit overblown. Everyone…fan and media expects a high draft pick…or FA to fill that need, yet i think and trust that PC\JS will look to fill this pass rush need on past merits. Here i think that Irvin will better this year…rookie LEO’s usually improve upon their first year in the league or at that position, and i think scruggs,howard, jackson, etc…one or two players of this late round draft picks and free agent ilk will plays themselves into eight or more sacks this next year.

    • Nolan

      Just curious what rookie Leo’s have improved in there second year?

      • Colin

        Mario williams notched 4.5 sacks his rookie year. He turned out alright.

        Chris Long had like 9.5 sacks his first TWO years. He’s pretty good now.

        Maybe they are not necessarily “leo’s” but the point remains the same. He’ll get better.

        • Nolan

          I was being a smart ass because no other team uses a Leo…. But I do get your point.

        • jdtjohnson

          JPP got 4.5 sacks his first year

          Justin Tuck for 1 sack his first two years.

          Jared Allen had 4 sacks his first year.

          and on and on. Yes I too realize they aren’t LEO’s, and no other team has a “LEO” position. Looks as though DE’s are a little more like WR’s in that they take a little time to develop.

          • adog

            ha…good catch i was taking liberties…but the point being…i expect Irving to improve on a decent rookie year

  38. Hawkfin

    For those not liking this:
    What would happen if R. Wilson fell off next year? Flat on his face? Would everything be questioned?
    Would we again question our QB situation? Would we be chanting for Flynn?
    Would others question our coaching situation?

    Tate had a career year last year. Wilson was unexpected and will be keyed on with lots of tape to watch. S. Rice could get hurt or really show that he’s so overly paid and not a #1.
    Doubters could get in Wilson’s head? 2nd season collapse?
    Everything could head the wrong way….

    This move getting Harvin, assures R. Wilson’s status of being a premier stud. It’s sorrounding him with an amazing weapon and depth at WR. And really, this was a position of need even though some of you might not think so. Before our run, there were a number of games where our WR’s could not get open. Earlier in the year, number of games they dropped the ball.

    This is a great move for our young growing QB! Harvin fits our system perfect and can really be utilized in a special way. Team have to game plan for him alone. This opens up EVERYBODY else including Lynch.

    I’ve seen Minn games where P. Havin single handely won the game. Even when ADP was hurt the year before, Minn stayed competative with Harvin leading the way.

    I’m pretty sure S. Rice (Or Tate because of money) will be gone from this team.
    I like this move for a lot of reasons… If anybody is left out to dry because of his money, it will be on the WR position. (i.e G. Tate and S. Rice and Baldwin)

    And IMO, I would never resign any of those 3 for big money.

    • Rock

      Too many times Russell Wilson had to scramble to extend the play. He is great at it. It is fun to watch. It is a poor football strategy. He needs weapons and protection. He throws well. We need to keep him secure in the pocket and give him open WR’s to throw to.

      • Rob Staton

        Part of his brilliance is that he creates lanes via movement. The pass protection was fine overall (apart from when teams went all out blitz, but he’ll learnt to exploit that). Now he has another amazing weapon, the offense should explode.

  39. Jeremy

    Interesting move here. If harvin was in this draft, he would easily be worth the 25, a 4th and 7th rounder. The value is good here. I thought the biggest need (DT and pass rush) would be filled with the 25 though. I’m curious to see how they address that need now. Having said that, this move is exciting for Hawk fans. Clearly the continued development of Russell Wilson is in play here. They need to hit big this year with a KJ Wright/ Sherman type pick on day 3……enter Zaviar Gooden?

  40. John

    Probably reading too much into this, but this might say something for they how feel about Jaye Howard.

    Like most others, I crave interior pocket collapse but outside the top few DTs, it seems pretty likely that even if we had hit on a guy, it would be a couple years before we reap the benefits.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s perhaps more a review of the defensive options at #25. If they couldn’t find a difference maker for the defensive line, you could argue why force it?

      • John

        fair enough. probably just wishful thinking on my part. hope he’s improved enough to get some snaps this year. really anxious to hear the contract details. by far the splashiest/riskiest move of the PCJS era.

  41. JW

    I understand the fact that Harvin appears in injury reports but until last year he missed 3 games in 3 years. That’s pretty good for a WR. Last year, apparently (?) he missed most of those games for disciplinary reasons. I’ve read that he hasn’t had migraines in 2 years…so I’m not too concerned about his health/durability.

    I like the trade given what was likely available at 25. And I think the cap situation will be worked out ok. But even if it doesn’t, you have to let guys go for cap reasons sometimes. Windows are always open when you have a great QB, but some windows are more open than others, and right now that window is a open sliding glass door. The time to do the trade is now.

    I will say that while I see explosiveness on the film, his actual stats are pretty ‘non explosive’. 11 yards per catch for his career. Never caught more than 6 tds. Longest play from scrimmage in his career is 39 yards. Granted, there were some QB issues there, but he also played with Favre. And you’d think he’d create more on his own if he’s so explosive. I wonder if he actually is the home run hitter people always describe him as or if he’s just a really dynamic slot wr/ strategy piece. Which is fine, but the numbers look pretty ordinary. AP was the home run hitter on that team, not Harvin, the way I see it.

    • JW

      correction: Longest run 39 yards, longest catch 53 yards. So, sure, the field is only 100 yards long, but…the TD production and 12 yards per catch, and 1 TD a year on punts, it’s not like we’re talking about the most explosive player in the league based on stats. So, I have some reservations with the title I hear being tossed around by some pundits. He’s a good player, but he’s got to show me more before I think of him as a center piece to a good offense.

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’ll help playing in an offense that starts an actual quarterback.

        • JW

          I think so too, but I also think his actual accomplishments are being over stated. If he’s as explosive as many are saying, why can’t he produce more on his own? AP can.

          • glor

            what were Fitz’s stats last year without a QB to throw to him?

          • Rob Staton

            I suppose because all they have to do to get the ball to AP is hand it off. With Harvin, unless he’s running a jet sweep or taking a snap in the backfield, they have to throw. Favre in 2010 and Ponder since have been among the worst QB situations in the league.

            • JW

              good point.

              Harvin’s YAC are very good, so that is encouraging. I like the move, but fear he is a bit overhyped.

              Here’s hoping he explodes with a string of monster years in this offense. He looks like he can, but hasn’t so far, is all I’m saying.

        • Hawkfin

          Yeah, that QB is the issue… Also, AP is the closer. When they get it down there, he finishes it.
          But, Harvin is keeping drives alive, opening up the offense, getting that 3rd down that’s needed, and splashing the big play.
          Harvin will be interesting with a real QB that can throw it deep and is super accurate. And one who can extend plays allowing Harvin even more time to get open or adlib.

          Wasn’t he a rookie with Farve also? Can’t remember?

          • JW

            I recognize the QB is the issue, like I said in my first post. But less than 12 yards per catch and a career high of 6tds? I’m not calling him a home run hitter. One can also argue that AP opened the passing game for Harvin.

            I’m not saying he’s not a good player, and a nice chess piece, but he’s got to show me more production before he gets the props I’m hearing/reading about him in the media. Statistically he’s a mediocrity. He does look like he was getting on a roll last year, but it was 9 games on a team with near record setting running back, and still only 11 yards per catch and few td.

            I’m on board with it, but not as wildly as others seem to be. But I’m willing to be impressed.

            • ChavaC

              So you trust the stats more than the film? If you’ve seen him play you know what he can be capable of in an offense with a QB. It’s no different than any prospect in the draft, the stats are a distraction.

            • Hawkfin

              All valid points…. Can’t argue against the actual numbers. Also he’s probably not a great Red Zone option. (Not the tall WR)

              But, he also had very little help on the opposite side of him. He was also going against the top corner back every single game, and keyed on. He was leading the league this year or near tops before going down. He’ll help the WR core one way or anther.

              I do hope we don’t pay him huge/Calvin money, as he’s not that kind of player. But, I don’t think he’ll get that anyway. He’s not there yet. He might get there though being here instead of Minn and with a real QB.

              But, when I watch him I see that the big play is there. The explosiveness. The way he gets open and the speed. The cool ways he can be used in our Offense will take pressure off Lynch and Wilson.
              I think he has not hit his ceiling yet!

              It’s worth the 25th pick who may or may not even turn out?
              We will recoup a mid round/nice pick out of Flynn this year or next anyway. I’m pretty sure of that.

              • JW

                ChavaC: production matters. I think I’ve qualified it plenty. For a ‘home run hitter’ he sure hits a lot of singles and doubles so far.

  42. Hoberk Unce

    Frankly, I’m disgusted by this trade. If I had to pick players who epitomized everything I personally despise in a pro athlete, Percy Harvin would be near the top of my list. That he now plays for Seattle turns my stomach. While I agree that his on-field production will exceed anything we can rationally expect from the #25 pick, I will have to keep my enthusiasm for the team at arms length while Harvin is under contract. He is vermin.

    • Rob Staton

      Strong views.

    • Sam Jaffe

      I agree that it’s despicable to throw a weight at someone. But to call someone you’ve never met in person a vermin because of rumors about his behavior? That’s a little too much. Outside of that comment, I agree with you that a player that acts like that is very worrisome. However, it’s one thing to throw a weight at Brad Childress. It’s another thing to throw a weight at a coaching staff that includes Tom Cable.

      • Nolan

        Got to wonder what he thinks about lynch, he hit someone with his car a left the scene …

      • Hoberk Unce

        You’re assuming I haven’t met Harvin in person. But don’t take my word for it. Without going into details, with a little effort I think you’ll find Harvin has consistently demonstrated selfish, immature, corrosive behavior since he was in Pop Warner.

  43. James

    This is a brilliant trade. We “draftniks” tend to over-value a pick. Let’s take a look at the value of the #25 pick. The Seahawks biggest needs are WR, Leo and 3-tech DT. Harvin is only 24 years old and is so far advanced over Keenan Allen or Cordorelle Patterson that it is laughable. As far as a R1 Leo, all of them will be gone by #25: Ezekial Ansah, Dion Jordan, Barkevious Mingo and Jarvis Jones. The R1 DTs worth the pick will also be gone, Sharrif Floyd, Sheldon Richardson and Star Lotulelei. So, the Seahawks were looking at reaching for a WR, Leo or DT or adding the most electrifying TD playmaker in the NFL. No Brainer.

    • Rob Staton

      We as fans definitely over value picks vs players. It’s really because not many things beat the unadulterated joy of waiting to see a name get read out from a podium. Actually, players always beat picks. Good players anyway. Seattle got a very good player with a flawed character.

      • A. Simmons

        I think it is mostly college football fans. I prefer a proven player like Harvin over a draft pick, unless it is some freakish huge dude liike Warmack. I love to draft freakish giants that are the vanguard of our offense and defense.

    • JW

      an interesting question is: if Jarvis Jones is there at 25 do you still like this trade?

      I don’t think he will be, but a guy drops every single year, and he seems like as good a candidate as any.

      Would you rather have Swope on a low cost contract for 4 years? And then use the money for, say…Jared Cook or Fred Davis or Martellus Bennet?

      It’s a costly move. I don’t think it’s a bad move. In fact, I like the move. but it’s spendy.

  44. sdcoug

    Boldin to the Niners for a 6th. good pick-up on their part

    • Michael

      Damn… That is a good move.

      • JW

        looking forward to Kam demolishing a big, slow Boldin.

        • Misfit74


    • James

      The Seahawks 6th round pick was higher than the 49’ers, so if they had wanted Boldin for a 6th, they could have had him.

      • ChavaC

        They’re going to have to pay him though.

      • The Ancient Mariner

        The Seahawks wouldn’t have had the advantage of nepotism.

  45. Hawkfin

    Dang, our div keeps getting better and better!

    Those will be some amazing games vs the 49ers next year.

  46. Christon

    Hell of a player! Absolutely worth what we are paying for him – and had he not had character issues there is no way we could have got him. I hope it works out – I think a new change of scenery will do him a world of good.

  47. Spencer Vail

    Absolutely there is a risk to this. However like has been stated the changes of a good talent being there for Seattle at 25 to upgrade was just not likely to be there at the time. Harvin offers an immediate upgrade that can fit in quickly thanks to the similarities to Minnesota that we have especially since the offenses are built relatively the same. In terms of risk/reward the Seahawks are in a good place. I bet that Obo and Washington are already on the trading block to eliminate the cap cost and if not traded they will just be released since Harvin fills both their roles and more. Not to mention This essentially signifys that Tate or Baldwin will not be with the team after next season. Lastly though none of the DL in this draft added the instant impact that Harvin brings to the table you can make an argument for trading up but that is just guessing at this point. Plus its always easier to rush the passer with a lead. This trades sends ripples through the team assuming it turns out relatively positive.

  48. Bubba Gill

    Hey Rob, I remember asking you a while back would it be a good trade our 1st rounder for harvin and at the time you said something along the lines of “yes” and “no.” and here he comes to Seattle, do you still think that pete will be able to handle him, also how smart would it be to go after Ellerbe for our will spot. Now for your thoughts on if Ellerbe would come to seattle. Also someone was saying that Abraham would love to play for the Hawks, heard any rumors of that actually being true.

    • Rob Staton

      I trust PC and JS implicitly and back everything they do these days. They deserve that trust. This is hitting for the fences stuff. If he stays healthy and stays on board, then he’s dynamite. A generational playmaker. It’s a big IF though.

      I’ve not heard any rumours about Abraham, only that he visited San Fran after Seattle then headed back to Atlanta.

      • Bubba Gill

        So no on pursuing Ellerbe? Because of the Boldin Trade what about freeney or anyone else maybe a Harrison for our will sounds crazy for our scheme but a new d coordinator could make it work.

        • Rob Staton

          Ellerbe is an inside guy, not sure how he fits in the 4-3 especially in Seattle’s front seven. Freeney I think will get a nicer deal than Abraham. Might be costly. Osi remains an option to keep an eye on. Abraham too.

  49. Madmark

    I don’t like this trade what so ever. It just smells to much like the Deon Branch trade. We gave up a 1st for him and his playing time was shorten ever year with injuries. With all the depth at receiver in this draft its already become to expensive and if he’s injured in his 1st year for us I’m going to be screaming and pulling my hair out.

    • Hawkfin

      Branch ? Really.
      Branch had arguably the best QB the league has ever seen throwing him the ball? And he still never had very good stats.
      Branch never had big play speed, never even went up against top corners, and IMO is not even comparable to the type of athlete Harvin is. Harvin can be used so many different ways then just at WR.
      Seems like Branch was much older at the time too.

      Not even close to the same thing, at least in my view.

      • JW

        agreed. Harvin is not only a fundamentally different player, he’s a better player.

    • Madmark

      So much for building thru the draft.

      • peter

        How is this not building htrough the draft…?

        With the 25th pick of the 2012 draft the Seattle Seahawks select the bigger, faster, stronger, proven Tavon Austin…whom many people were clamoring for at the 25th spot for Seattle…..

        Apologies for our difference in semantics, but to me not building through the draft is pulling a Dan Snyder and paying for Albert Haynesworth, or to a similar fashion pulling a Tim Ruskell and doing the aging veteran shuffle, with peterson (who was good,) Kerney (who was real good before getting real bad) Branch (who sucked), and TJ Houshmanzadeh (who did jack crap while here)…or pulling a Mike Shanahan and dropping a ton of draft capital on a dude who did only slightly better statistically then a guy you could have had in the third round….Not one late first and a mid rounder on a guy who is way in his prime.

      • woofu

        Using draft choices to get players is building through the draft as well. Signing FA is not.

    • Elijah

      You can’t let past events influence current and future events. Should the Seahawks never draft a 1st round linebacker again because Aaron Curry busted? Should the Seahawks only ever draft a QB in the 3rd round from now on?

      In only 9 games last year, Percy Harvin was 5th in the NFL in yards after the catch, and he also forced the most missed tackles. When he’s on the field, he tilts the field and provides explosive playmaking abilities.

    • Rob Staton

      I will say that Harvin is a much more emphatic playmaker than Branch. And Harvin didn’t have Tom Brady throwing him bullets.

  50. Dawgpack

    The way this looks to me is PC/JS trying to create match up problems within the division. Everyone in this division has above average front 7’s IMO. This guy should be able to help Lynch in the run game and in turn, himself in the passing game. As long as his head is on straight, this could become one of the greatest steals in seahawks history. The one other thing i am wondering, is what this means for Tate. Does this make him expendable? Why keep two players that can do the same things albeit, harvin does it better than Tate. I hope it works out in our favor! Awesome day to be a Hawks fan.

    • Hawkfin

      How scary would that be to not know if it will be Harvin or Tate doing it? 🙂
      And on either side.

      However, I do think this means when Tate wants big money – He’ll be let go.
      We’ll have a franchise QB to worry about signing instead.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        I think that was always in the cards. This team is going to need to replace the good/not vital players. Tate is among that group. Wright. Chancellor. Baldwin.

        The thing is though, that’s 2014. Or later. We just don’t have any way of knowing who from 2013 (or late round 2012) will pop and compete for a roster spot. Those players, while good — are not irreplaceable. Or even upgradable.

        Injuries amongst other things changes things. We can’t account for that.

        • JW

          like the old adage goes, the future is now in the NFL. They can make the cap work as they go along. But right now they need pieces around RW to take this to the next level. The iron doesn’t stay hot forever.

    • dirk

      Tate could very well be our #3 receiver and punt returner, very important spots on a contender.

  51. bruiser

    didnt read all the comment, but in regards to your comment rob that hes injury prone, i dont think its as bad as what it seems, yeah he spent alot of time on the injury report but so did Marshawn Lynch, and before last season Harvin missed only 3 games in his first 3 years

    i am excited for the possibilities of this offense, just nervous to see what the contract were giving him is.

    I cant see PC/JS not having a plan with this, either cutting, or trading flynn, or restructering Miller or Rices contract.

    • bruiser

      sorry injury problems not being prone, wrong wording

  52. Rob Staton

    New article now on the blog discussing draft impact. Check it out. Hit ‘home’ at the top of the page.

  53. woofu

    So many have overlooked the idea that getting Quinn and losing Bradley may have been the best move we could have made to improve the pass rush. Trading for Harvin shows that #25 would have been likely a WR anyway which adds credence to the Quinn discussion.
    I had proposed this trade elsewhere weeks ago but thought it would (and should) have involved Flynn for Minny’s sake but it is obvious they overly value Ponder. For those that doubt Harvin just go read ADrian Petersons quote on Roto. It will “kick” you in the stomach.

  54. aredub

    I heard we also got the 52nd pick (vikings 2nd round pick) Anyone else hear this?

    • Rob Staton

      Nope, not heard that.

      • SeaMeat

        I only read that from other comments of non-media. Would have been nice though.

  55. nick

    The real question is… What # does he wear?
    We have retired 12…..should we give it to him anyway?

    • SunPathPaul

      Funny you ask that… 12 is a winning number per some documentary i saw recently… I was happy he was 12. Didn’t know it was retired. hmmm… maybe 88… Join the ’88 club’? lol

    • Misfit74

      Everyone keeps asking this, heh. He’s not wearin’ 12.

  56. Misfit74

    Just watched the highlight video. That deep ball catch up high over Josh Wilson was one of my favorites. No more mighty-mite corners for us. And, Harvin has some hops. 😀

  57. A. Simmons

    I wish some of these folks down on the trade because of Harvin’s attitude would explain to me why Minnesota’s situation was dysfunctional when Childress and Favre were there, but it was ok with Frazier and Ponder? Frazier was Childress’s hire. I don’t see why he could inspire any greater confidence in the team than Childres. If the Vikings were dysfunctional when Harvin first arrived, no reason to believe it wasn’t the same now. A change of venue may very well get Harvin on the right path.

  58. Michael (CLT)

    Deione Branch Part Deux? This trade feels real bad. Some bad karma going on here.

    • Rob Staton

      Percy Harvin didn’t have Tom Brady throwing to him and has a much, much, much higher upside than Branch. It’s a bad comparison IMO.

      • SeaMeat

        Agreed. The only talent around him in Min. was of course AP and a pretty good O’line. The have/had a lackluster WR core and mediocre QB. Plus Branch is not even close to the upside of Harvin. There is always room to be nervous, but that is with any player every year.

        • Michael (CLT)

          I’m all in. I am working on my cynicism. Not sure I’m making much progress.

          Go Hawks! Go Harvin!

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