Seahawks vs Vikings

I’ve only watched the first half (3am kick off here, driving to London Saturday morning). I wanted to put this up as an open thread with a few thoughts…

— What a shame for George Fant. He was looking strong and in control. It’s a cruel game sometimes. The Seahawks’ injury bug is already in full force. Malik McDowell and George Fant are out before even week three of the pre-season.

— Germain Ifedi unfortunately appeared to have several errors in the first half. He gave up a way too easy sack vs Danielle Hunter, just ‘opening the door’ as Brock Huard put it. There are too many of these instances. It wasn’t all bad by any stretch but that’s the thing. We need to start seeing a level of consistent play.

— After the first offensive drive it felt like Kasen Williams had won a roster spot. He had a high-point catch vs Xavier Rhodes on the left sideline and scored a touchdown on a fade in the red zone.

— Earl Thomas had a huge hit for the second week in a row. He’s ready for week one.

— Doug Baldwin was yelling at Chris Carson after he checked out of the game late in the first half. He did this during training camp too. Mike Davis duly obliged, entering the field to score a touchdown on a Wilson checkdown.


  1. Thy Hawk is Howling

    I was just thinking it would be such a smart choice for Lineman especially Tackles to wear a considerable brace on their inside leg even if it’s dehablitating which it obviously is on a movement level. It’s like wearing a helmet on an ATV you might not feel as free but you have the security of protection which does make you feel more confident feeling more secure about not getting rolled up on as tonight. It’s such a bummer about George Fant however my thought process is thank Lombardi it wasn’t Wilson!

    Positive thoughts Hawks Family

    Go Hawks

    • mister bunny

      Tons of linemen wear knee braces. I hear you saying it should just be mandatory, which might not be a bad idea. There are already many of them who wear them even when healthy.

  2. FresnoBrad

    Now we’re gonna find out if Joeckel is worth 8 million. Hopefully Darrel Brown (Jets tryout player) is something Cable can work with. It’s Schneider time, magic time!

  3. nichansen01

    On the O line we are doomed.

    Ifedi is a turnstile.
    Odhiambo is a penalty waiting to happen. And also a turnstile.
    Joeckel gets blown up by the bull rush every time.
    Pocic decided to make himself stand out amongst the vets by accumulated two penalties on one three and out drive, and function as a turnstile when he wasn’t holding.
    I wasn’t really impressed by Glowinski or Aboushi tonight. In all fairness Pericak played decently against the Viking’s threes.

    George Fant is done for the season. That’s honestly tragic.

    This team is reminded me of the 2016 Vikings. Oh so much talent. But all the potential ruined by injuries and a poor offensive line.

    8-8 here we come.

    • davidess

      This guy ^^

      we had a bad Oline (understatement) last year and we went 10-5-1 with an injured RW. I think we will be fine. Sky isn’t falling yet. its week 2 of PRE-SEASON

      but you are entitled to your opinion

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      • Curt

        + 2

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        + π

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      • HawkTalker#1

        +4 trolling?

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Damn Nichansen01 what’s with all the doom and gloom out of you. I haven’t noticed it in years past but you’ve been posting a lot of negative thoughts about our team. Then you take the time to make a list of your projected 53 man roster?

      I’m obsessed about our team and this blog and sometimes I actually wish I couldn’t come on this site or look up Seahawks news everyday. I just love our Team and the atmosphere they create of brotherhood and positve motivation.
      I don’t like telling people what to think however I despise hearing negatively about the Hawks and I know other people do as well. All I’m meaning to say is be thankful for being a Seahawks fan! For this entertaining ride since Pete Carroll took the reigns has been amazingly awesome.

      It’s just a game

      George Fant and Malik McDowell are just two blokes out of 53. It can always get a lot worse.

      I should probably just be a long time lurker first time poster. Except I like being honest about my feelings and always being supportive of my Team, Rob, and fellow Seahawks Draft Blog M8’s! Sometimes I am in a mood to attempt to make you people laugh. I never intend to affend or bother anyone which I know I do being an esoteric eccentric. Damn my Insomnia I’m so tired right now.

      Hey Nich, I Love you man because that’s who I choose to be. Focus on all the good about are team, I promise you will feel more Joy from this mindset. Or be negative, it’s your right as an individual Human Person.

      May Peace Bless all who have Love in Their Heart

      Go Hawks!

    • pmoney

      8-8? Slow your roll.

    • RWIII

      Rich : You are entitled to your opinion. However I am also entitled to disagree with your assessment. No doubt the injury to Fant was a huge bow. However it is no way the doomsday senario you predict for the Seahawks.

  4. CharlieTheUnicorn

    If you are to have a major injury, then having it week #2 of preseason is better than week #2 of the season. At least they have extra guys on the roster right now and can mix and match. The OL was actually looking decent, until the injury to Fant. The front 7 of the Vikings is no joke, but Seattle did give up a few pressures, which was understandable, against this team.

    The positives:

    Passing game looks like it might be top notch…. and actually getting the backs the ball via the passing game looked like it was working better than advertised. RW looked on point with a vast majority of his passes.

    The RBs all had some nice rushes. Lacy looked much more comfortable and had some tough inside rushes. I thought he would play a bit longer, but I thought he looked as advertised. Carson is on the roster. I’m also tempted to say Mike Davis made the roster as well…..

    I thought Vennett looked solid in both pass catching and protection. One very nice catch up the middle of the field for close to 30 yards.

    I thought Walsh had a very solid game. Very strong leg. One missed FG hit the crossbar, so I’ll let that slide. Kickoffs all appeared to go where he wanted them to, even if it was the 1 yard line.

    Kasean Williams also is going to make the roster, not for the ridiculous catches, but because he really added something to the Special Teams coverage unit on several series. I was very impressed by this facet of his game today.

    The negatives:

    Alex Collins more or less played himself off the team. Fumble. Close to a fumble. Special Team penalty (or was it 2?). I can see what some people see in him, but I think there are too many “better” backs on the roster right now for him to make it.

    The #2/#3 CB still seems up in the air. I thought Griffin played solid, but he definitely was getting picked on…. but when they rotated other guys in, they fared no better to my eye. The reserve safeties played solid, but a few coverage errors… and some friendly fire hits.

    The Special Teams was a complete joke the second half. Way too many avoidable penalties. Coverage was decent, but a few missed tackles…. all appear correctable. They had to use a timeout to get the right personnel on the field. The QC needs to pick it up a notch.

  5. C-Dog

    A few thoughts.

    1. Russell Wilson, again, looks really good and in command. He had the offense driving even after the Fant injury. The offense line seemed to collapse when Boykin was in the game.

    2. The Fant injury was brutal. It was interesting that they didn’t shift Joekel to LT and have Odhiambo at LG, and they kept Odhiambo at LT the whole game. Last week, I thought Odhiambo looked really good at guard. Perhaps they know what they have with Joekel at LT and they want to evaluate Rees there.

    3. Ifedi struggles in pass pro but mauls when run blocking. Pocic handles pass pro well enough, but isn’t the physical mauler Ifedi is. Do they look at Pocic now on the left side of the line at tackle?

    4. Chris Carson continues to impress at RB, but man, is Mike Davis looking good. Seattle is deep at RB.

    5. Amarah Darbah left game early concussed? The preseason hasn’t been kind to him. I think he makes the 53, but Kasen Williams is going to push someone with talent off the roster.

    6. The rookie safeties each had a good bounce back game, Shaq Griffin continues to impress at corner, but holy cow does Naz Jones continue to impress at DT showing disruption and pursuit. He was billed as a run stuffer, but he looks like a three down player inside. He’s my favorite rook, thus far.

    7. Nick Vannett had himself a nice game.

    8. The lack of KJ was felt when the Vikings got Cook going on those runs. Garvin got himself leveled and Dewie McDonald does not seem especially physical. I think if it were the real season and KJ was out, we might have seem Whilhoite at WILL.

    9. I’m continually impressed with edge rusher David Bass. In two games, he just seems always around the ball. He played for the new DL coach Clint Hurtt in Chicago. It won’t shock me if he makes the 53.

    10. Fans are going to freak the F out a fair amount about the offense line now that Fant is out, but my gut is that this line is still on course to be better than last year’s mess. Last year when we played the Vikings in preseason, the Viking DL destroyed that Seattle OL and gave Russell zero chance. That was not the case this time around. Did Odhiambo struggle a bit replacing Fant? Yes. Did Ifedi continue to show leaky pass pro? Yup. However, both players got their hands on defenders and moved them. Add Joekel, Pocic, and Aboushi to the mix, and this line is still better than the one that got us another division title. The loss of Fant is a major bummer, but that alone does not derail a season. They got two more preseason games to get it settled.

    • FresnoBrad

      Schneider & Cable need to get on it & get some more LT’s in camp ASAP. Time to try to trade our way out of this mess without sacrificing the future if we can.

      • Sea Mode

        Why? I think we roll with Joeckel and Odhiambo at this point, the only question is who plays G and who plays T.

        I would like to think Pocic can back them up, but his lack of length at T stood out to me on a couple of snaps. Just not long enough to reach the defender and got bull rushed because of it.

        • C-Dog

          Yeah, I’m not really expecting them make a big move outside the organization, but just whenever I think they aren’t going to do something like that, they do.

          My hunch is that Joekel moves to LT, and LG might become a battle between Odhiambo and Glowinski. Roos and Pericak have had nice enough camps to add depth at guard, Pericak can also play center. Pocic might get work at LT to become the swing tackle. I think they give Ifedi the RT to have him be the mauler in the run game and keep their fingers crossed in pass pro whenever they are in third and long.

          The thing that stands out about Pocic to me is his feet and balance in pass pro. I stood about thirty feet away from the group during practice drills and I thought he looked really polished for a rook. I think where he could have his biggest trouble is against an end with an elite bull rush, but a pure speed rusher he might be able to handle. Getting stronger in his second year is going to help him a lot. If you look at his run blocking, I think is strength issues show up there too.

          • SeaTown

            I’m sure JS will simply go to the LT tree in the back yard and just pluck a new starting LT. Geez. No reinforcements coming. We have who we have. Odhiambo has to step up. He was a 3rd round pick. This also possibly opens the door for Roos. Maybe LJ at LT and Roos at LG?

            • C-Dog

              My early hunch is Joekel at LT, for sure.

    • Lewis

      I thought Mike Davis was the best running back on the field in week one. That opinion hasn’t changed.

      I think they didn’t push Luke out to tackle because they didn’t want to disrupt the plan any more than they had to and it was a chance to look at Odhiambo at tackle. But I expect he will be at LT tomorrow. If you heard Pete after the game, he was asked if LJ at guard was the plan going forward he said not at all or similar.

      With the time he has missed in camp and the depth at receiver, I’m wondering if they don’t put Darboh on IR so they can keep another receiver. Zero doubt Williams makes the roster. I’d keep him over Kearse in a heartbeat.

      • C-Dog

        I think you’re spot on, Lewis.

        Davis has looked really nice at RB, but I gotta stay on that Carson bandwagon just because I put myself so firmly on it as assistant to the conductor.

        I think you’re probably right on the nose about last night being an evaluation of Odhiambo at LT more than anything else.

        Good call on Darboh finding his way onto the IR. I think that might just be in the works. Kasen has just been on fire and they might not want to let go of McEvoy or McKissic.

      • Rowdy

        He’s also a vet playing against the bottom of a 90 man roster. He’s looked good but against some really bad defenses.

      • Thorson

        I would imagine that PC/JS will be looking intently at other team’s OL who appear to be on the bubble, in anticipation of the cutdown at the end of preseason. Hopefully, we might be able to pick up someone decent to add to our depth, if they aren’t happy with what they can roll out there now in the absence of Fant. Such a bummer for him. Football is such a violent game. Having stood on the sidelines during a few NFL games, the collisions are intense – almost like cars colliding. I suppose we should be thankful injuries don’t happen more often than they do. Still, heartbreaking for Fant.

  6. All I see is 12s

    Brandon Albert …..maybe?

  7. Chris Calvert

    Kasen bringing down that TD pass that hit him right in the stomach, would have been icing on the cake though…..

    • C-Dog


  8. Sea Mode


  9. Ishmael

    Good spot on Carson. The conditioning of some of these guys is shocking, they’ve got absolutely no tank. They just train for one-out explosive events, don’t have it in them to get back up for the repeats. I heard from a doctor the other day, who’s worked in the States, Europe, and Australia, that when it comes to sports science the NFL is six years behind football (soccer) which is six years behind Australian rules football.

    • C-Dog

      I’ve wondered with all the limitations during practice, lack of two a days, etc because of the cba agreement that isn’t a big contributing factor. It just makes it harder for players to get in football shape with conditioning and that’s why we see the amount of preseason and early season injuries that we now do.

    • Kenny Sloth

      What if he spent six years in the states and then six years somewhere else and sox years somewhere else?

      I’d put the Seahawks sports science department up against any in the world shiit

  10. Ishmael

    Naz Jones looked studly again in the second half. He could end up being a sneaky important pick.

    • C-Dog

      He looks really good, doesn’t he? Very excited about that kid.

      • Lewis

        You know, with as strong a motor as Naz has shown, all the more disappointing not to have McDowell out there with him, with a fellow rookie showing him how to give that kind of effort on every play.

        • C-Dog

          Definitely stings not having McDowell out there but it is pleasant to watch Naz emerge. In my glass half full approach, if McDowell was healthy, would Naz be getting these extended looks? I just see a player seeing an opportunity and seizing it. Seattle could have an interesting assortment of riches on the DL whenever McDowell gets physically right again. Also, Jarran Reed had a nice rush on Bradford racing into him as he was getting rid of the ball. I think when the real season gets here, we could see a legit elevation in his game. Excited about this DL.

          • RWIII

            Naz Jones has been given the opportunity. And he has grabbed the bull by the horns.

      • lil'stink

        I was underwhelmed by the Naz pick when it happened. I’m thrilled to be completely wrong about it. It’s only 2 preseason games, but the kid looks like he could be a great pick. Seems like a Seahawk type of player through and through.

  11. Ishmael

    Andd just to make my third post in a row, Fant tearing his ACL isn’t the WORST injury he could have.

    It’s obviously a season-ender, and it usually takes at least 18 months to come back from properly. But look, he put on 20 pounds of muscle on in the offseason. He clearly has a good doctor, should be able to help speed this up. The technology is good enough these days that it’s a pretty simple procedure, recovery doesn’t tend to go weird in the way that, say, broken legs can. Feel for the guy though, it’s the cruelest sport – the players deserve every penny they get.

    • C-Dog

      I think the thing that is so gut wrenching about this is just how much it might set back his own development. He was really starting to look like a big storyline, and he needed this season playing to evolve his craft as a LT. Now, not only is he going to miss that precious playing time, he’s going to be limited next offseason. Seattle invested so much time to get him to this point. They threw him to the wolves last season, built him up physically during the offseason, signed an $8 million dollar vet to play next to him to bring him along, and now they have to shelve him, and reshuffle the line. Major bummer.

      • HawkTalker#1


  12. House

    I’ve rewatched the game and the Fant injury was so difficult to see again. He was showing great potential and I wish him a speedy recovery.

    QB: Russ looked great and Boykin played really well. Boykin made a few silly throws and I’m just hoping we don’t see him in real time.

    RB: Lacy looked physical. Carson is continuing to pleasantly surprise. Davis looks very versatile and is playing to make the roster. Collins’ fumble really hurt him in the pecking order and may have cost him his job. Rawls’ ankle injury was deemed minor, but while he sat and others played, it doesn’t help his cause.

    WR: ADB… Just wow! The dude is awesome. Kasen Williams is going to force SEA to cut/trade a good player. He seems to be putting things together in his game that he hadn’t solidified before. Looked good blocking and on ST as well.

    TE: Vannett made a great catch in the seam. TE seems wrapped up with Graham/Willson/Vannett

    OL: Again, the Fant injury is heartbreaking. I am personally not surprised Joeckel stayed at LG. Shuffling may be something we look at doing, but last night doing it would’ve been a bad idea. I am perplexed by Ifedi.He is proving to be very hit/miss and I’m wondering when/if Pocic is going to knock him out. Odhiambo looked ok at LT. I know the plan was to get him time at LG, but we’ll just have to see what happens

    DL: Naz Jones looks really good. He plays very relentless and is disruptive. Avril/Bennett are ready to go. Depth needs to continue to play. I wasn’t inspired by Rubin’s play.

    LB: The defense looks different without Wright. He brings vision and a very high IQ to diagnose and break things down quickly. He is just so much more physical compared to the guys we brought in.

    CB: Griffin was picked on… A lot. I think he did a decent job and will only continue to get better. I wasn’t expecting an “island CB” out of a 3rd rd pick that is learning a kickstep. People should probably hamper expectations as well. Interesting enough, when Brock came in, I had even assumed (with others) that Lane could be gone. I don’t think thats necessarily the case. With zero money guaranteed, he’s fighting for a roster spot. Didn’t see any real “stand out” plays from the rest of the supporting cast.

    S: The heat-seeking missile aKA Earl Thomas was all over the place! Thompson and Hill played well. Hill can tackle. The kid is physical.

    ST: McKissic’s fumble (recovered by us) could hurt him. He’s done well, but not great. Blair Walsh hit 2 52yd FGs and I’m not shitting on him for hitting the crossbar on a 53. Time will only tell if Walsh was a good option, but I’m optimistic that MIN messed up and we got a steal.

    • C-Dog

      Yeah, I gotta say, I’m not super excited about McKissic as a returner, I just don’t see that extra gear. I think he shows more promise in the slot. I don’t know if he makes that 53, but it wouldn’t shock me if he does.

      I think that was valuable time Griffin got at right corner, and the Vikes picked on him the way they did because you know that every quarterback they face is going his way, and it’s best to sharpen those blades early.

      • Lewis

        If having an ok McKissick back there means Lockett isn’t, I’m ok with that. The fumble should have been a fair catch. He seemed to learn the lesson, though, and made that call later.

        • House


          I agree. I’m all about keeping Lockett from being back there!

          • Eburgs

            I understand not having Lockett return kicks in preseason and looking to see if someone can compete for that role as we ease him back in. But why would we keep our all pro kick returner from returning kicks? It’s not like he is our only capable wide receiver and he didn’t break his leg returning kicks. Injuries happen but I want our best players on the field and as far as I’ve seen Lockett is our best return man when healthy and it’s not even close.

    • RWIII

      House. Pretty much agree with your assessment. Except I think Eddie Lacy needs to step it up. As far as George Fant injury it us a blow. No doubt. But as Chuck Knox would say. “You have to play with the hand you are dealt with.

  13. Pran

    Procise is quietly turning in to a disappointment. How could he keep hurting himself..never available.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      This seems like an overreaction. Procise felt a little tight in his groin during pregame warmups, and the coaches needed to evaluate other RBs. Why risk serious injury for a preseason game, especially when other prospects need playing time?

      • Pran

        Listen to Pete…they really wanted to play him but..

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Eh, that’s just Petespeak. Of course he’s going to say how much they wanted him to play.

          But it’s preseason, and there are several other RBs who need playing time so the coaches can evaluate them and make roster decisions. There’s no doubt about Procise making the roster.

          • Rowdy

            You can’t really argue his point though, the guy has never been healthy more then a couple weeks. Rawls is a huge question mark too. Lacy,rawls, procise, carson, Collins and davis could be on the 53 because there’s no way you can count on those 2.

  14. CHawk Talker Eric

    Fant’s injury is a kick in the crotch — to him, the team, and to all of Seahawks Nation. So disappointing. Not sure if I’d be in favor of moving Joeckel to LT. Why weaken both LG and LT? I thought Odhiambo looked great in the run game, even if he had issues in pass pro. Isn’t it unreasonable to expect him to come in cold and play lights out?

    Ifedi looks like he’s struggling with the mental aspects of his new position, just like he did last year at this time. By the end of last season, he had improved dramatically. Do PC/TC give him another season to grow into his new position, or do they move him back inside and let Pocic, who looks better in pass pro, take over at RT? Pocic’s penalties, while frustrating, are totally natural for a raw rookie. That’s what the preseason is for.

    Perciak played really well, as did Hunt. But Perciak has versatility, so he makes the roster.

    Kasen makes the roster.
    Mike Davis makes the roster.

    Alex Collins won’t.

  15. Pran

    Looking at 2016 class’s disappointing.

    Ifedi – hit n miss, not worthy of 1st round
    Reed – pick of the class. Hope he takes next step to be a pro- bowler
    Procise – talented and injured often. Can’t really count on him for game to game.
    Vannett – developing. Hope he takes #2 position this season
    Odihambo – a focused offseason might have helped him like fant. With 2 position focus and a backup situation dint help him. His chance is now with fant out.
    Jefferson – he need to take next step. Dint stand out yesterday
    Collins, hunt, brooks – you know better
    Lawler – one more practice squad season on cards

    What was supposed to be a good group..under achieved with injuries and lack of development

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Not trying to pick on you so I hope you don’t take my comments that way…

      I think you’re being too hard on Ifedi. He improved dramatically last season. By the playoffs, he was blasting opponents off the line. Like literally erasing them from plays. Very few OL prospects play well in their rookie year, and the ones that do usually go top-10. Also, it’s pretty clear to me his problems are mental. He has the physical tools to dominate. He just needs the experience and coaching to make the most of his talent.

      • Pran

        Agree on mental aspect.. for me he took a step back mentally from at the same time last season. Dude better stay on field and battle it out good or bad. Once he steps out tough to get back. He is at the least better option than what we had at RT last season.

  16. C-Dog

    Projected 53 after the Vikes.

    Quarterback, 2

    Russell Wilson
    Trevone Boykin

    Boykin is RW3 light. His ability to run the zone read solidifies it in my mind.

    RB 5

    Thomas Rawls
    Eddie Lacy
    Chris Carson
    CJ Prosise
    Mike Davis

    Mike Davis beats out Alex Collins

    FB 1
    Marcel Reese

    The win goes with the cagey veteran play maker and keeps Russell Wilson happy.

    WR 6
    Doug Baldwin
    Tyler Lockett
    Paul Richardson
    Kasen Williams
    Amarah Darboh
    Tanner McEvoy

    In a bit of a shocker move, I have the team parting ways with Jermaine Kearse, more so with the emergence of Kasen Williams high pointing and his sudden play making what nots than anything else, and Darboh essentially being Kearse on a rookie contract, and McEvoy providing that unique big target option that Carroll wants to have as an option. McKissic and David Moore become practice squad hopefuls.

    TE 3
    Jimmy Graham
    Nick Vannett
    Luke Willson

    I think the team hopes to sneak Tyrone Swoopes on the PS. Marcus Lucas was a tough cut

    OL 8
    Luke Joekel
    Rees Odhiambo
    Justin Britt
    Mark Glowinski
    Germaine Ifedi
    Ethan Pocic
    Oday Aboushi
    Will Pericak

    With George Fant lost to the season, versatility (a word some fans might be a bit tired of hearing) becomes even more critical. Ethan Pocic might become the swing tackle, making Pericak more valuable as a player that can play guard and center. Aboushi can play RG and possibly RT. Glowinski can play both guard spots. Odhiambo can play LG and LT. I have Pericak narrowing beating out Jordan Roos, and the team hoping to sneak Roos on the practice squad.

    DL 9
    Cliff Avril
    Michael Bennett
    Frank Clark
    Jarran Reed
    Naz Jones
    Ahtyba Rubin
    Quinton Jefferson
    Cassius Marsh
    David Bass

    Quinton Jefferson had some flashiness against the Vikes, if he continues this course, I think he gives Seattle a decent option to what they probably wanted out of Malik McDowell to be the back up 5 tech behind Mike B, and slide inside as a pass rush DT. In my mind, it’s a toss up between Q Jeff and Tylor Harris as inside players, and a healthy Q Jeff probably wins that. Reed, Rubin and Jones are the big three rotating inside. Marsh is a core special teamer, and the team like what Bass brings to the depth at edge.

    LB 5

    Bobby Wagner
    KJ Wright
    Terrance Garvin
    Michael Wilhoite
    DJ Alexander

    The team knows David Bass and Cassius Marsh carry some experience at LB, so they decide to go a little thin there with Wilhoite being able to play all three spots, and Garvin being able to play SAM and Nickel WILL. Alexander provides special teams value. Dewey McDonald was a tough cut for them.

    Cornerback 6

    Richard Sherman
    Shaq Griffin
    Neiko Thorpe
    DeAndre Elliot
    Jeremy Lane
    Tramaine Brock

    I thought DeAndre Elliot quietly had a nice game against the Vikes, and looks the part of an outside Seattle cornerback. The Brock signing likely signals they want depth and or upgrade at nickel. Lane is valuable in his versatility to play outside and nickel. Thorpe is a special teams baller and adds depth outside. Pierre Desir was a tough cut.

    Safety 5

    Earl Thomas
    Kam Chancellor
    Bradley McDougald
    Delano Hill
    Tedric Thompson

    I think the team holds onto both rookies. McDougald becomes a key contributor. Delano Hill might make a LB expendable as a death backer.

    Specialists 3

    Blair Walsh
    Jon Ryan
    Tyler Ott

    • Coleslaw

      Replace Pericak with Roos and I agree completely. Solid list, man. I am a little skeptical of McEvoy, though. Just don’t think he’s done enough to demand a spot and could imagine us keeping someone at another position instead

      • C-Dog

        Roos and Pericak is a tough call. Carroll definitely sounded high on Roos.

        I chose McEvoy over Kearse because of his unique size and that he made the 53 last year, just going on a hunch Coach Carroll might weigh that in again this year. They could just as easily hang onto Kearse and his experience. With all the talent at WR it feels like they would likely hold onto six of them, yes?

        • Coleslaw

          I was thinking Darboh or Pericak/Roos. Kearse can go to NY(hell) for all I care lol

  17. Trevor

    So bummed out about the Fant injury. I have been a big fan since day #1. Even when he was struggling last year (expectedly so) you could see the perfect body type and extreme athleticsm required to be an elite LT. I really think he would have been the anchor of the OL this year along with Britt.

    I really hope he recovers well and that he does not have any setbacks. If so he can continue his assent into a quality LT in the league and will replace the likely 2017 LT Joeckel next year when he signs elsewhere.

  18. Tien

    The Hawks again has a solid game last night and despite Fant’s serious injury, our OL still looked okay. I’m totally fine with the OL being okay for this year as we haven’t been overwhelmed (like so many times last season) yet this preseason and a decent/competent OL will take us far!

    The Fant injury was terrible but for me, the biggest bummer is that it delays his development by at least another year. It’s not as if Fant was already a finished product at LT and was dominant so we should be able to get close to his current level of production from someone else.

    Mike Davis looked great last night and ran hard. Collins again looked ineffective and if I had to choose now, it’s an easy choice of Davis over Collins.

    Like pretty much everyone else, I was again pleasantly surprised about how good Naz Jones looked! If he keeps it up, our interior might be tough and deep again!

    So great to have NFL football & Rob back!!

  19. Trevor

    I know a lot of people on the blog are supporters of Ifedi and Rees but I really don’t think either guy is close to being a quality OT in the NFL. Way too inconsistent and a ton of technique issues.

    What the heck has Cable been doing with these guys the last 2 years. They look worse technique wise than they did in college.

    Both guys can be dominant in the run game when they get engaged with a defender but their inconsistencies will kill drives and could get Russ killed.

    Unless things improve really quickly I think the most consistent and solid OL we could field in 2017 looks like

    LT Joeckel (We brought him in as insurance for Fant , time to cash in that policy.) Rees was a disaster last night against backups.

    LG Glowinski – Move him back where played pretty solid last year.

    C Britt – He is going to have to earn his money to keep this OL on task

    RG Oday Aboushi – He is solid not spectacular and that will do right now.

    RT Ethan Pocic – He does not have ideal arm length but Ifedi is just way too inconsistent in my opinion and I am not sure how you fix his technique issues in 2 weeks.

    Backup LG /LT Rees
    Backup RG / RT Ifedi
    Backup C Hunt or Roos if they decide to use Pocic as the backup C

    • SeaTown

      Roos is better than Glow.

      • Trevor

        Would have to see him play against starters not 3rd string guys before deciding that I think. I like Roos but it is so hard when he is playing against greatly inferior pass rushers and DTs.

  20. Trevor

    I think this is the best I have seen Russ look. I know it is pre-season but wow he seems in absolutely complete command. He and Dougie are going to make some fantasy owners real happy this year.

    Wait they unleash Jimmy G!

    I am so pumped about Kasen Williams and his potential. He really does seem like the big WR Pete loves and to be honest we have lacked. I know it is only 2 games but to me he looked like a Dez Bryant Clone almost.

    A WR Corp of Baldwin , Locket, P Rich and Kasen is an incredibly under-rated group and IMO one of the best groups of WR in the league.

  21. icb12

    Lot of folks down on collins.

    Personally- aside from the fumble he had a pretty good showing. His vision is better than the other backs on the roster. On replay that looks like a pretty good play from behind by the defender. No excuses but it happens.

    I think it would be a mistake to cut him. I think Davis is this years Pope.
    Davis had 6 carries for 37 yards- but a 38 yard carry….. Yeah. The other 5 carries were negative yardage.

    I don’t trust prosise to be available consistently, Rawls has potential, again will he be available, will he return to 2015 form? Lacy hasn’t yet truly flashed, but certainly could. It’s entirely feasible to me that Carson and Collins be the guys leading the charge this year.

    • Lewis

      I keep waiting for the light to go on with Collins. I want him to be great, but right now, I’d rather have Davis.

  22. KD

    Ian Rapoport confirming that Fant indeed suffer an ACL tear. I feel absolutely horrible for him, but this team will press on.

  23. Misfit74

    Sad news about Fant. 🙁 I suspect they keep, Joeckel at LG and use Ohiambo at LT. I thought he held it down serviceably. He has the tools, just needs more time and experience.

    Glad to see the Patreon link added. This is the first time I’ve used it. Easy to do and worth contributing however much.

  24. Coleslaw

    It’s okay guys, Fant is still really new to football, this could help his overall development and make him hungry. I don’t think this injury kills us at all, Fant was never going to have a pro bowl year.

    • Trevor

      An ACL tear never helps any athlete that I can assure you.

  25. Aaron

    For all those thinking the sky is falling after we lost Fant last night, here’s something to cheer you up…

    The season isn’t over, the Seahawks aren’t doomed. Take some sagely advice from SNL…

    In all seriousness, I feel bad for Fant. However, I’m confident in the team to deal with this situation. The line was shakier last night, but that’s to be expected. The Vikings are easily a top 5 d line in the NFL. They are deep and talented. Expect some struggles next game too. The Chiefs are a top 10 d line in the NFL and are likewise deep and talented. I saw enough last night to be encouraged that, even minus Fant, we’re going to be better than last year up front. I still hope they bring in another T/G either now or after the cut to 53. That being said, here’s my o line depth chart prediction for week 1…

    LT: Joeckel, Odhiambo
    LG: Odhiambo, Glowinski, Roos
    C: Britt, Pocic
    RG: Aboushi, Pocic, Glowinski
    RT: Ifedi, Pocic, Aboushi

    I know a lot of people are down on Ifedi. I think he’s the kind of guy we need at RT, a mauler. Sure he’s not good in pass pro, but that’s why you have things like slide protections, max protections, chips, and double teams. The right side is traditionally the weaker part of any offensive line. Even the great Cowboys o line the past few years had it’s weakest spot at right tackle with Doug Free. Russ just needs a place to escape. Last year there was no safety valve, no place to step up and escape. In 2013 when we had the highest cap dollars invested in the o line per this site…

    …we went through multiple games where Okung, Unger, and Breno were out. We replaced them with journeymen and undrafted guys. So I don’t understand the panic over the Fant injury. We’ve weathered much worse than losing a second year left tackle who was a college basketball player and the worst left tackle in the NFL last season. Everything we want is still in front of us. Go Hawks!!!

  26. Dawgma

    Line will once again be a mess.

    Williams is making the team, and Lockett and Baldwin are obviously locks. Kearse is…probably safe. P-rich is hurt again, and everyone is just shocked by THAT development. It’s time to cut our losses with that guy. He can be ready for a breakthrough this season while sitting on someone else’s PUP list.

  27. Fresno Brad

    We need Schneider to find another player young RT/LT & trade for him in the next week! Then Cable needs to go to work on him, even if he’s not ready till November that’s ok. Looks like we’re going to keep 10 OL on 53 man roster!

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