Seattle’s draft intentions clearer after Flynn signing

This beard will soon be appearing in the Pacific North West

Seattle’s off-season game-plan becomes clearer by the day.    

The latest move to sign Matt Flynn on a deal reportedly worth anywhere between $19-26m with $10m guaranteed provides the team with the competition it craves at quarterback. It also allows the Seahawks to move forward without persistent questions over the team’s direction at the position. Pete Carroll and John Schneider can avoid selecting a quarterback in the first two rounds of the draft – minus the scrutiny.    

It’s not a difficult conclusion to come to. In two seperate interviews at the end of the season (one with KING-5’s Chris Egan, the other with Clare Farnsworth) Schneider prepared the fans for what was to come. “I just know if you panic at the position, it can set the organization back. So we’re not going to do that. That may disappoint fans, because they want to see an instant guy and have that instant success. But really, you’re better off continuing to build your team.”    

The Seahawks certainly didn’t panic in free agency. They allowed the market to develop, initially arranging visits with Chad Henne (who signed for the Jaguars) and Flynn – who spent a night in Seattle and conducted a work-out for the team during his stay. No contract was offered as the 2008 BCS Championship MVP flew to Miami to meet Joe Philbin, his former coach in Green Bay. As the mist cleared – and as news broke that the Dolphins were hosting Alex Smith – Seattle’s patience paid off. A modest contract was agreed that will secure a camp battle between two quarterbacks who may never become the team’s long term franchise player, but they’ll at least be competing to get there. Nice work.    

That level of patience will continue into the draft. As Schneider admits, if you don’t see the answer available, “really, you’re better off continuing to build your team.” While the Seahawks will undoubtedly have interest in several quarterback prospects in this class, the level of interest may not match-up to the team’s long term goals. Sure, they may have a lot of time for Brock Osweiler, Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson (for example). That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re willing to draft one of them in the first two rounds.    

So the Seahawks will likely wait it out. Let battle commence between Tarvaris Jackson and Flynn, while other needs are addressed in the first and second rounds – the impact picks. At the start of the off-season, Carroll highlighted the pass rush and defensive front seven as areas for improvement. The signing of Jason Jones from Tennessee will aid the team’s pass rush, providing an interior force to compliment ‘the big three’ of Red Bryant, Brandon Mebane and Alan Branch. Jones’ flexibility also lends itself to the hybrid nature of the defense and his ability to line up in different positions and looks will be a real bonus.    

However, there are still significant holes at both the WILL and the MIKE with Leroy Hill and David Hawthorne both free agents and the team will surely covet another dynamic pass rusher. Chris Clemons has been a key capture for the Seahawks, but he can’t keep working alone. In 2011, Clemons had 11 sacks. The next best contributor was Hill with just four. That has to be a concern.    

Considering Jones is unlikely to be an every down feature, it would make absolute sense for Seattle to draft a pass rusher in the first round. San Francisco’s decision to take Aldon Smith with the 7th overall pick last year helped push the 49ers defense closer to elite status. The Seahawks would probably like to find their own version. Although all different players physically, Courtney Upshaw, Melvin Ingram and Quinton Coples are capable of lining up across the front four and even playing some OLB in 3-4 looks. If you’re searching for a clue as to what direction Seattle will go with the #12 pick, you can start right there.    

Round two will provide plenty of options to address the linebacker issue. Mychal Kendricks at California is a fast-rising talent with the athleticism and tenacity to play the WILL or the MIKE. There’s also the obvious PAC-12 connection and Kendricks was named the conference MVP on defense as a senior. North Carolina’s Zach Brown is a strong option should he fall into round two (something that remains unlikely despite an underwhelming off-season) while Sean Spence (Miami), Lavonte David (Nebraska), Bobby Wagner (Utah State) and Ronnell Lewis (Oklahoma) could all be on the radar.    

It also seems likely the ground game will get further love at some point this off-season, possibly with a pick in the first three rounds. Seattle’s offense is being built around the run and even after Marshawn Lynch’s contract extension, the Seahawks will need insurance in case their leading playmaker misses time. Expect a running back to be drafted early or a top second-tier runner to be signed during free-agency.    

That’s not to say a quarterback won’t be drafted at all. Depending on which prospects make it to the later rounds (4-6), we could see one or even two players taken to add to the stable. The previously name-checked Russell Wilson is one to watch, alongside the usual suspects Chandler Harnish and Austin Davis. Should Brock Osweiler or Kirk Cousins fall to round three, they could be too good to pass. But the signing of Flynn today almost certainly rules out a quarterback being taken in the first two rounds.    

What about the long term? The Seahawks will be hoping Flynn or Jackson makes a claim for the too-often used title of ‘quarterback of the future’. In reality, both players own contracts with minimal commitment and maximum opportunity. Realistically, both could be discarded within one or two years – ideal if neither locks down the starting role and the team wishes to draft a quarterback early.    

Yesterday’s news already puts the focus on the 2013 draft and the quarterbacks who will be available in twelve months time. It doesn’t take a detective to realise one player in particular stands out – a former Carroll protégé at USC who will surely interest the Seahawks next year. Signing Flynn will do for now, reassuring fans who simply wanted hope for the long term. In actual fact, this leaves the door wide open for the Seahawks to prepare for a potentially greater commitment to the position next year.

This article was originally written for Field Gulls at SB Nation (click here). I’d like to thank the Managing Editor Danny Kelly for inviting me to contribute on this subject and look forward to working with Field Gulls again in the future.
Monday Links    

Michael David Smith believes the Seahawks won’t be the only team keeping tabs on Matt Barkley. Smith: “In this offseason’s game of quarterback musical chairs, the Browns look like they’re going to be left standing when the music stops. And that would leave them stuck with what they have this year, and hoping things turn out differently next year.”    

KC Joyner urges caution for those celebrating Seattle’s addition of Matt Flynn after breaking down tape of his two career starts. Joyner: “(Flynn’s) yards per attempt (YPA) totals are mediocre or worse at every depth level and the 9.0 vertical yards per attempt (YPA) is especially poor. Even more disturbing is the 4.5 percent bad decision rate (BDR). BDR measures how often a quarterback makes a mental error that leads either to a turnover or a near turnover such as a dropped interception. A BDR of 3 percent is considered to be unacceptable and Flynn was 50 percent higher than that in these contests.”    

Mike Florio reports on a negative story for West Virginia pass rusher Bruce Irvin. Florio: “Irvin was arrested late Saturday night in Morgantown for destruction of property, according to  He allegedly broke a sign at a sandwich shop. Irvin’s performance in Indianapolis resulted in a surge in phone calls expressing interest in him. More phone calls than, say, the two he was allowed to make late Saturday night.”    

Sigmund Bloom believes the Seahawks are well placed to find value in the draft. Bloom: “South Carolina’s Melvin Ingram, USC’s Nick Perry, North Carolina’s Quinton Coples, Alabama’s Courtney Upshaw and Illinois’s Whitney Mercilus are all possibilities to generate more pass rush from the edge. The Seahawks are going to get outstanding value from their first-round pick.”    

Final thought    

Miami’s continuing shambles of an off-season will aid the Seahawks if they don’t find a solution at quarterback before the draft. With Mike Sherman the team’s offensive coordinator, they may be backed into drafting Ryan Tannehill – something that should still be considered a major reach. With the Buffalo Bills expected to look at their offensive line after signing Mario Williams, there’s a very good chance the Seahawks will be able to pick from at least two of Courtney Upshaw, Melvin Ingram or Quinton Coples to address the team’s need for a pass-rusher.


  1. CFR

    Another great article, Rob.
    Rumors of a Michael Bush visit have been circulating, while Jonathan Stewart has also been rumored to be on the trading block. Would you see one of these guys fitting well here? If we can get Stewart for a 3rd (where we would probably draft an RB anyways), I’d rather the proven thing. Him and Lynch would be a force to be reckoned with and would definitely make our running game elite. His speed and catching ability would compliment Lynch’s toughness perfectly. Bush would not give us as much speed/pass game benefits, but you’d better believe that Bush and Lynch would have run defenses worn out and ready to go home by half time. They would be a top 6-7 run O with Stewart and a top 10-11 run O with Bush (in my opinion).

  2. Jonathan

    Jarriel King just released from the Seahawks, and Gallery just signed with the Patriots. Correct me if I’m wrong, but all of a sudden our depth at O-line is looking mighty thin. Since Tolbert is also off the market now, I think Seahawks really need to make a play for Lofton or Hawthorne. They are going to need the flexibility to use that round 2 pick for a running back or an o-linesman capable of being a capable backup from day 1.

  3. peter

    Thanks for the write-up….I for one wanted either Osweiler/Cousins in the third for different reasons and still think if either could be had there you almost have to make the move, though it seems to me both will rise to the second, and there seems to be so much impact quality there at positions we still need, that it almost feels like a wasted pick.

    Who knows…I know the write-ups before about two QB’s but now I’m thinking one , unless someone is UDFA….

    I’m still intrigued by Osweiler’s pro-day, and how that plays out..

  4. Jonathan

    Michael Bush or Jonathan Stewart would also be awesome as Rb. Stewart in particular is a beast, but giving up a 3rd sounds a little on the expensive side to me- maybe a 4th or 5th?

  5. Rob

    CFR – Absolutely. Bush is a Tom Cable favorite and a pounding runner who will provide a similar impact to Marshawn Lynch. The Seahawks don’t want Lynch to wear down so they’re going to review their options. With guys like Flynn and Bush not getting big money early on, Seattle is now hunting for value. I’ve never thought the team were looking for a change of pace type, which is why I think they’ll be very high on Doug Martin.

    Peter – I’m disappointed the team isn’t likely to seriously consider Osweiler in round two following the signing of Flynn. For me, he’s the type of guy who could easily become a major talent in this league. I hope he somehow lasts into R3 where he might be a greater consideration.

  6. Dave B

    I would love getting Stewart, he’s a freak athlete. That said I have a feeling they like the guys available in the draft, and I don’t think the Hawks will “panic” at any position, not just at QB. This keeps getting more and more exciting, love the way the team is moving. The draft can’t come soon enough.


  7. CFR

    Jonathan: Getting Stewart for a 3rd is unlikely as is. He’s definitely an extremely talented guy that can get a 2nd rounder easily or, if the GM plays his cards right, a 1st is not out of the question. That’s why I think I’d prefer Bush. We’re not losing any picks by getting him. Also, I think that Seattle being up in the 4th quarter would be extremely entertaining. They’d be able to stay on the field for days.

  8. AlaskaHawk

    Good writeup Rob – the more holes we fill in free agency, the more I am looking forward to the draft. First two rounds defense, then boost our offense.

    With all the trades, and considering the injury list (3-4 last year), it feels as if our offensive line will be in trouble without more help. How many people do we need to draft for depth there?

  9. Jim

    I don’t mean to be too far off topic, but there is an excellent writeup on edge rusher possibilities in the upcoming draft. I found it an interesting read.

  10. Stuart

    Nice write up Rob. What if the choice came down to a 3rd for Jonahan Stewart and Osweiler was sitting there? If he was available, Rob has me sold on Doug Martin in the 2nd round but it would be surprising if he was still there for us. But I can still dream though. As much as I like Os, that would be a tough call if it came down to that. Do you think Jonathon Stewart could be had for this years 4th and 7th?

    T Jack was 0-6 in engineering late game drives last season. Welcome Matt FLYNN!

  11. Doug

    Ya, I’m curious about he O-Line now too. I’m guessing King wasn’t all that, they dropped him like a hot potato on the spot with the police arrest.

    I used to hate bush because I had run DMC on my fantasy team, and I thought they wasted too many plays giving the rock to Bush. But, the guy got yardage in a serious fashion. With Lynch, they will be tough, same with Stu. Awesome to get either of those two guys.

    Robert, do you see any OLine pick-ups in our near future?

    Who is the saddest man in the NFL today? Tim Tebow, unless they decide to turn him into a Peyton Hillis type HB/FB, that can throw the rock.

    Seems like something cool happens almost every day! Can’t wait for the next move…

  12. tompage

    I don’t understand looking at veteran free agent running backs. We have plenty of cap dollars invested in the position with Lynch, Washington, and Robinson. Running backs are a lower value position in the draft so talent can be found later. Draft Chris Polk in round 3 or draft Robert Turbin in round 4 or 5 and call it good.

  13. peter


    Your sentiments are more in line with mine…I just wish we had the type of front office who could make a move like that with a little foresight, and build the pieces around, but I’m worried that they will feel in the second we will need an LB/RB…Osweiler with a bit of time to work, say one year or two, smooth off the edges could be great….

    And if that happened who knows, maybe you don’t need to do the whole two pick, three pick round up, sine you already have your QB….one can dream.

  14. Rob

    Stuart – I’m not sure you’d be looking at a R3 for Stewart. Marshawn Lynch went for a R4 & future R5 so a deal slightly weaker than that would be likely IMO if Carolina is looking to do a deal.

    Doug – I can’t see early OL picks, although the departure of Gallery leaves a question mark as to what the team is planning. McQuistan maybe impressed them enough to start.

    Peter – the most disappointing thing IMO about the Flynn deal, is the likelihood Seattle now won’t draft Osweiler unless he falls in a big way to round three or four. The guy has so much potential IMO.

  15. Kip Earlywine

    Chiefs just signed Eric Winston a couple hours ago. 4 years, $22 mil.

  16. Jarhead

    Rob I’m actually really glad to see you say that about Osweiler and Flynn. It seems we both are in congruence about the whole thing and I’m not the only one who disagrees with the FO’s decision. I’m sure there’ll be a few of us hoping that there is an early run on QB’s and Weeden and Cousins jump off the board early leaving Os in the third. I imagine a certain degree of faith in the franchise can be restored given that move. No one is talking about Os at all, so with luck he’ll be totally off the radar. Especially if Martin, Polk and Wilson are off the board. I’d love to see Osweiler and Barkley battle it out to see who is number one. As for Tim Tebow, who knows where he could end up? You think maybe, San Francisco? Wouldn’t THAT be a total mind screw. But Tebow seems like he could be a Harbaugh guy, and well Alex Smith didn’t always throw the ball that well, and Tebow can manage a run heavy offense. It may not happen, but it would make things very interesting in division

  17. Donald

    I know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but take a look at Flynn’s picture. Is that the face you want representing your football team? I mean, can you imagine that photo plastered on the outside wall of Century link? LOL

  18. Ben2

    With all the draft capital we’ve invested in the o-line it’s painful how unsettled we are all across the line…

  19. Donald

    Okay seriously, I am against the Flynn signing and the only remedy that would make my mind at ease is if they draft Cousins or Os later. Here is how it is going down…
    Miami will pick Tennehill,
    Cleveland will pick Richardson and the best available WR with the #26, and take Cousins in the second. Their offense would be vastly improved.

  20. AlaskaHawk

    You guys aren’t seriously thinking that Osweiler or Cousins would be starters for the Hawks? We would have to develop them for 2-3 years, and then they will be free agents and there is maybe a 30% chance they will be a starter. It’s okay to pick them but lets be realistic that we may have keep picking year after year until finally someone develops enough to start. If that’s our strategy then why didn’t we let Portis play at the end of the year?

    Barkley could be a starter from day one. As will Griffin and Luck. Unfortunately our win forever strategy precludes us from ever picking low enough to get those guys. So we are left with developing someone or buying someone.

    Today it was buy Flynn- and that’s fine, he has more chance of making it than some second round pick.

  21. bballpapa


    Do you think the Seahawks will take a look at Kameron Wimbley and bring him in for a visit? Do you think he fits in with the ‘hawks scheme?

  22. Rich

    I have serious concerns about the oline now too. At this point in time last year’s two top rookies are likely starting the season on the pup and I don’t think we can realistically expect them to start next year. They just lost their starting left guard and back up right tackle. Even with Mquistan starting it seems to me they are down one oline starter with limited free agent possibilities. I would think they would want to pick up at least two olineman to replace the ones they lost. Did Mcneil from Sandiego sign with anyone? I wonder if he can play guard?

  23. peter

    Okung,McQuistan, Unger, Jeanpierre, Giaccominni….

    Same-ish line as last year…at times

    With Moffit and Carpenter coming off the PUP.

    Losing Gallery isn’t a serious loss and losing King isn’t any kind of loss…

  24. A. Simmons

    I like Osweiler’s potential as well, but I don’t like the word “potential” much as I see it tossed out there every year attached to the name of dozens of college QBs coming out, usually by people who either attended the same school or watch their college team or read too many articles about mock drafts. Yet 1 or 2 each year at best live up to the word. Os is no different. As far as I’m concerned Cousins, Osweiller, and the like are all 6th round longshot picks that you shouldn’t waste higher draft slots on unless you’re desperate. Your 1st through 5th round picks should be for finding productive value at positions where you have a higher chance of finding hidden gems like offensive line, defensive line, LB, safety, wide receiver and not tossing away on longshot QBs that have a very low to no chance of making it. I like going with 6th round longshots because you don’t spend much for a chance to develop someone. By that round the talent is running so thin you can afford to grab a QB with potential. You can find quality 5th round offensive line for sure and you can find quality depth with 4th and 5th round picks if you’re a shrewd judge of talent. Your 1st through 3rd round picks should all focus on starters.

  25. Lenny253

    OL has to be a priority this draft. What kind of prospects are out there in the 2nd rd? It seems drafting a DL in the 1st rd is etched in stone, even after giving big Red his due. Oh yeah, we signed J Jones too. Don’t be surprised on draft day you hear Castro’s name called in Rd 1. IDK, maybe bring the Seattle kid home. The hawks gave up 50 sacks last year, I’m just sayin?

  26. AlaskaHawk

    Fortunately PC has good luck with picks in the later rounds. He will need them to bring some depth to the offensive line and find a wide receiver.

  27. Jr

    Maybe instead of draft picks for Stewart we could offer Obo and Butler to Carolina. Do the really have any receivers other than Smith? As for the O-line what about a late round pick of Mark Asper from Oregon. He is 6′ 6″ 322lbs which might be a little tall but he played both guard and tackle for Oregon.

  28. The Ancient Mariner

    I’m not sure signing Flynn really affects the likelihood of them drafting someone like Osweiler at all. You know he’s raw — whatever PC may say about college QBs being ready to start early these days, it doesn’t apply to him — so he’s more of a longer-term high-upside play. If it takes him a couple years to be ready to start, would you really be comfortable with no one but TJ in front of him? Adding Flynn to the mix could — not sure, but could — be a way of building a stronger bridge to make it safe to draft Osweiler.

    I do think the Flynn signing rules out drafting a lower-ceiling-higher-floor type like Cousins, though; someone like that wouldn’t give you anything you don’t already have in Flynn, except being younger and less experienced. Osweiler’s the polar opposite, so he’s a different story. The two might be similar in overall draft value, but since they offer a different type of value, they shouldn’t be lumped together.

  29. peter

    I think depth at O-line is a good move, but spending a pick in the first or second is going ot get redundant. We have a good line, that and good depth depending on how you arrange the chart (is Giaccomini the starter or Carpenter when he is healthy?)

    Poor pass protection is partly to blame on Tjax who mind you I don’t dislike but sits in the pocket to long tryin got make up his mind. A faster thinker back there could smooth some of those patches out.

    I really hope we don’t give draft picks for Stewart…sheesh, for all the people on this sight who don’t want other teams back-up QB’s there sure are a good deal of other people that want to waste picks, or even signing bonuses to older RB’s….talk about a position that you can absolutely get in the draft at a better cost……

  30. andy

    More red flags in regard to opinion on Upshaw…….

    “Weaknesses: Upshaw is not a good athlete. He is limited when playing in the open field. He looks stiff and mechanical dropping into coverage and doesn’t rotate his hips easily to change directions.

    Upshaw’s limited athleticism and lack of top-level speed will hinder his ability to cover tight ends and running backs. While he can chase down plays in pursuit when he has a clear path, Upshaw lacks the agility to move through traffic well when he must avoid blocks.

    Upshaw lacks explosiveness off the ball to threaten the corner as a speed rusher.

    He is a “tweener” between defensive end and outside linebacker. Upshaw’s thick build, playing strength and technique are ideal for a defensive end. However, he lacks the height, explosiveness and edge rush ability teams want in an end.

    Draft status: Upshaw was been highly productive at outside linebacker for Alabama, but he will struggle to carry that over to the NFL because of limited athleticism.

    Physically, he resembles current Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker LaMarr Woodley and plays with the same aggressive and physical style. Upshaw is not as quick or athletic as Woodley, which will limit Upshaw’s production in pass coverage.

    Upshaw is another in a long line of Alabama defenders who enter the NFL with outstanding technique but must prove themselves productive (see linebacker Rolando McClain and cornerback Kareem Jackson).

    Overall, Upshaw will be selected late in the first round or early in the second round by a team that plays a 3-4 defense.

    From Russ Lande/Sporting News

  31. FWBrodie

    Let me guess, that Upshaw report was written post-combine.

  32. Misfit74

    Peter – older RBs? Stewart is 24. He’s not only younger but also better than Lynch in most phases of the game, particularly in pass-pro and pass-receiving. I don’t think we’ll move for him, but if we did I’d be thrilled. Unfortunately, his contract is about up and he’ll command big money next year if/when he reaches free agency. That’s reason enough to believe that with Lynch locked up long-term we’ll more likely draft a runner (or two) this year.

  33. AlaskaHawk

    I would want to give him a medical checkup again before I would draft him.

    I like his work ethic, toughness, and tackling ability. I’m not sure who to choose if the other defensive ends are available. All three of the top defensive ends have flaws, so it will be picking the one you think will work out.

    Back to the offensive line:
    Okung,McQuistan, Unger, Jeanpierre, Giaccominni….

    With Moffit and Carpenter coming off the PUP. Okung hasn’t finished a healthy season yet. We got maybe four starters there. If another gets injured we will be in big trouble. I think we need to draft at least two offensive linemen for reserves.

  34. peter


    Older=Michael Bush

    Draft Picks= Stewart

    I like Stewart, always have I agree he does a great job at many facets of the game…that said unless you can get him in some sort of draft day trade for a 5th rounder, what’s the point?

    Each year there are new RB’s that, although he is younger then Lynch, the new rb’s are younger then them both…..

    As for speed and power through limited sample sizes, I’m a big fan of Robert Turbin and I think he could be had in the 4th round.

    It just seems strange to me to go higher then a 5th on Stewart when he is in a contract year and Carolina probably, though I can’t be sure, extend his contract….

  35. peter


    I agree we probably could use depth, though I’m not convinced in the form of draft picks. With that list above mathematically you have two back-ups, and true about Okung, but I’m not sure you can entirely count a MMA throw as the injury bug, yeah the ankles are worrisome….But it would be bothersome to see a guard or a tackle taken in the first three rounds which would cause us to still have a limited pass rush, which besides our QB was our biggest problem last year, and not the depth of our O-line..

  36. AlaskaHawk

    Actually our offensive line was our biggest problem last year. Too many injuries, too much rotation. We looked a little better toward the end of the year, but Galley is gone, and Okung wasn’t playing at the end of the year. Really our offensive line is pretty unsettled, it looks nothing like what we started with last year. Half the people are backups that have worked their way into starters because are starters are injured.

    The defense kept it close on most of our games. I know that we will pick defense, defense, defense, but they really weren’t that bad last year. I’m supportive of us picking defense mostly because we have so many holes that it will take two-three more years to get a complete team. So go ahead and pick defense this year. We will be back to picking offense next year if the injuries continue.

  37. peter

    I’d just like to see anyone besides Clemmons provide some QB pressure to turn our secondary into a real force. They did awesome last year with little to know pressure, what were we 30th, 31 st in sacks…ughh…in a passing league you are goin gto have to get after the Qb somehow…

    How much depth do you wan to see I guess is the question? Depending again on your starting order you have two to three players who can back up on many spots of the line…if you start having three players go down, well…any team in that situation will be screwed, but that’s true of any position…the Rams Secondary last year….the Seahawks WR’s in Holmgren’s last year….

    I just don’t think you can pick for catastrophes and I don’t think losing Gallery makes us that much more worse off then we would have been if he was still on the team

  38. Rich

    I guess I just don’t see the math adding up, Pete. Everything you’ve said just confirms that we’re down at least one starter on the oline and you want to make do with a 4th or 5th rounder to replace them? It’s inevitable that someone will be hurt for some span of time on the starting oline. Jeanpierre is the backup center for this team and I don’t recall him grading out as a quality starter-yet. I’m not advocating for a first round pick for the oline but don’t be surprised if the Hawks go oline in the second round. Especially if they pick up a vet running back in free agency. The jury is still out whether last year’s rooks are going to be quality olineman too. Part of the reason our QB’s are looking bad is because by the time they hit the three step drop they’re already in danger of being sacked.

  39. AlaskaHawk

    It was okay to have a makeshift line when we had a disposable QB. Now we have a new QB and he needs protection. We also want to showcase Marshawn and he needs help. Why pay all that money for a running back if you aren’t going to provide good blockers? Drafting a great RT would be a start on things.

  40. MJ

    We have no pass rush. There’s no way we can keep spending high picks on the O line. No great NFL team does that. You know what other teams have spent quality picks on the O line multiple times in recent years?…Cleveland and Miami. How awesome have they been?

    I am not saying that O line is not important, but we can’t keep throwing premium picks on it. We have 2 first rounders, and a high second and third rounder on the line in the last 3 years. That is plenty of investment. Its like hiring a bodyguard to protect a honey bucket. In the meantime, we have spent ZERO picks on pass rush. Spend premium picks on premium positions. An awesome left guard will not win us more games next year, like another 8-10 sack player could.

  41. AlaskaHawk

    I never said make another first round offensive line pick. But I won’t say we need a defensive linemen either. We haven’t drafted defensive linemen because we have gotten them in free agency. Branch and now Jones. Branch has played great.

    I wouldn’t pick a linemen for the first round. You want playmakers in the first round. That means a WR, TE, RB or CB, SA, or LB. Someone who can catch the ball or intercept the ball.

    Detroit has two of the best DT in the league. Did that stop our new QB from throwing for 6 touchdowns against them? NO! Did it stop the Saints in the playoffs? NO!

    YOu know what made me want to puke this afternoon? Reading a mock draft with the 49ers picking Stephen Hill WR, he ran the 40 in under 4.4 seconds. Can you imagine going up against them with Vernon Davis, Crabtree and Moss? I don’t like that image at all. And who will we get? Some DE who might sack Smith once or twice and make him hurry 4 or 5 times if we are lucky. If unlucky he will be blocked out. Meanwhile Hill and the rest of the receivers could be ripping us a new you know what!

    Where are our receivers? Who will we pick? No one wants to talk about that! And in the end it won’t matter if our offensive line can’t hold up long enough for the QB to throw a pass.

  42. Belgaron

    The Seahawks have done so well in building their team over the past 2 off seasons, to say they can only fix a weakness like the pass rush with high picks is to completely ignore their recent results. When they are done, they will have added 5-6 great players outside of rounds 1 and 2. That list has already started in Flynn and Jones. The guys they get in the top rounds will just add to the haul. Fans can be just as excited about who they get in the 3rd and 4th rounds or even among undrafted players because they find good gets all around. When they go into camp, they will have talent there to compete for the chance to provide a good pass rush this year and probably enough to push them into a top 5 defense.

    They should draft the best talent on their draft board when their pick comes up and not feel forced to pass over greater talent for a perceived need at the moment. If its Richardson, Floyd, Decastro, or Kuechly, so be it. If they still have a need after that, they’ll fix it. This may be the last time in a while where they see their own pick south of the 20s, so they should enjoy it and get the highest ranked talent available.

  43. Belgaron

    4. Tannehill
    5. Claiborne
    6. Blackmon
    7. Kirkpatrick
    8. Reiff
    9. Poe
    10. Martin
    11. DeCastro

  44. Rob

    Cleveland drafting Tannehill? Cannot see that what so ever. Likewise Kirkpatrick going that early.

  45. Belgaron

    Maybe not but it will be interesting to see how high a 6’2″ cornerback goes after Seattle’s demonstration of how to use taller CBs last year.

  46. Rich

    Don’t get the wrong idea from me. I would prefer a dynamic pass rusher or other unique hard to find talent outside of the oline in round 1 and frankly I would prefer to be able to target other positions in round 2 as well. However, I’m a bit frustrated by the talent level on this line and was not sold on the potential of our rd1 and rd3 picks at that position this year. I actually liked Moffit more than I liked Carpenter. I’ll be surprised if we keep both long term and I formed that opinion before the massive knee injuries.

    I guess what I’m saying is that if you invest high picks on quality olineman then you don’t need to do so repeatedly year after year but if you’ve missed on those picks then you have to keep trying.

    I guess I’m still enamored with running left over Walter Jones and Steve Hutchison. Man that was great.

  47. Belgaron

    From what I’ve heard, teams around the league are extremely impressed with DeCastro, some predict you could pencil him in to pro bowls for the next ten years.

  48. The Ancient Mariner

    Random thought: if the Jags are stupid enough to trade for Tebow, would there be any chance the ‘Hawks would deal for Gabbert?

  49. Phil

    Hmmmmmm — Matt Hasselbeck, Matt Flynn, Matt Barkley. Think of all the $$$ the Seahawks could save if they just put “Matt” on the back of the QB’s jerseys.

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