Seattle’s John Schneider won’t panic. Will you?

John Schneider won't panic. Recent comments suggest he doesn't want you to either.

John Schneider doesn’t conduct a lot of interviews. Every now and again he’ll join Pete Carroll for a press conference, but mostly he stays in the background. It’s perhaps telling that in the last two weeks he’s spoken twice with one clear message: “We won’t panic at quarterback.”  

Schneider initially spoke to Chris Egan at KING-5, an interview you can see for yourself by clicking here. He was pretty firm about Seattle’s situation at quarterback, that the team wouldn’t make any drastic moves to solve the greatest question mark on the roster. It’s perhaps not a surprising position given the team’s draft position this year. When I put the KING-5 interview on the blog on February 5th, I also wrote: “If you’re a Seahawks fan pinning your hopes on this situation being resolved during the 2012 draft, it’s time to start preparing yourself for that not happening.” That’s as true today as it ws twelve days ago.  

Now Seattle’s GM has conducted a similar interview with Clare Farnsworth for It’s almost identical, reaffirming the message the Seahawks want to make to their fans.  

Schneider: “I just know if you panic at the position, it can set the organization back. So we’re not going to do that. That may disappoint fans, because they want to see an instant guy and have that instant success. But really, you’re better off continuing to build your team. Initially when I got here, I thought we were going to plug the quarterback in and we were going built around him. If we had done that, we would have panicked in a way. And I’m not sure we would have been able to host the Saints (in the 2010 wild-card playoff game) and had that great atmosphere and all that.”  

I sense the Seahawks are trying to prepare people for what may be perceived at the time as disappointment. Despite the various mock drafts doing the rounds at the moment projecting Ryan Tannehill to Seattle, it’s not going to happen. I’ve seen mocks promoting the Seahawks as a candidate to move up to draft Robert Griffin III, but it’s not going to happen. Get used to the idea of this team not solving the quarterback position because as with  Schneider and Pete Carroll’s previous two drafts in Seattle, they have little choice but to take their lumps.  

In 2010, the team had two first round picks yet no logical quarterback option with either. Last year, four quarterbacks were off the board before Seattle even picked at #25. People mention Andy Dalton, but I firmly believe it’ll be proven over time that they were right not to draft him as their long-term quarterback hope.  

The situation has lent itself to criticism from some, but whatever anyone says – you do need effective quarterback play to win consitently in this league. In 2011 the Seahawks didn’t re-sign Matt Hasselbeck after he received an incredible deal from Tennessee and went with a player insted who was at least familiar with the team’s new offensive coordinator and new #1 receiver. Tarvaris Jackson was likely never perceived as the man for tomorrow, rather just the man for today. I still put this in the category of making the best of a bad situation.  

Schneider: “We’re going to try different things at the position all the time, but we’re never going to get ourselves in a situation where we just completely panic.”  

There’s that word again. ‘Panic’. I look at the use of this particular word in two different ways. Firstly, not panicking means not making a bad move. In my opinion, chasing the situation will only compound the situation. The Seahawks don’t currently have a long-term answer at quarterback unless Josh Portis ends up being an unlikely one-in-a-thousand UDFA starter at the position. If you grade a player in round two or three, reaching to draft that prospect in round one would be a classic panic move. A lot of Seahawks fans want the team to draft Kirk Cousins in round two, but there’s every chance he will only carry a R3-4 grade and therefore that too would be constituted as a panic move.  

Making a bad commitment to a player is just as bad as not committing at all. Carroll and Schneider have had a lot of success building their roster up and that will all be for nothing if they make a crucial error at quarterback.  

Then there’s the other side of the story – letting a desire to ‘not panic’ drift into complacency. Hoping the perfect quarterback will fall into the team’s lap is beyond wishful thinking. People refer to the way Green Bay drafted Aaron Rodgers, but the Packers had the luxury of having a future hall-of-famer as the occupant starter. The Seahawks surely don’t believe they’ll be able to coast along for years using re-treads at quarterback waiting for the glorious day to arrive when a generational quarterback just happens to appear on the scene? That’s a sure-fire way to waste a lot of talent at other positions.  

If this team doesn’t intend to endure a 2-14 season like the Colts, they’re never going to be in position to draft a guy like Andrew Luck. This is such a quarterback-centric league now that we’re going to see more and more QB’s drafted early. Not panicking is one thing, but letting a glorious opportunity pass you by is another. Eventually this franchise will have to make a bold move to trade up the board and get ‘their guy’.  

A lot of fans think the team is ready to make the big splash now – go after the quarterback and this team will be ready to compete. I more than anyone during my four years writing this blog have insisted the team must solve this issue or face the consequences of not being a consistent challenger. However, I do also sympathise with the team’s current stance.  

For starters, trading for Luck or Griffin III will not be possible. Indianapolis won’t trade the rights to Luck having made such a meal of the Peyton Manning situation. They are committed to moving on and there’s no going back now. Luck will be a Colt, whatever anyone offers. I understand there are front offices in the league that believe Robert Griffin III will be drafted in the top three picks – either because a team (Cleveland or Washington) trades with St. Louis, or because Minnesota drafts RGIII with their pick. In my latest mock, I had the Browns trading their two first round picks this year to get the Baylor quarterback, a trade which would make a lot of sense for both parties.  

The second tier options – Ryan Tannehill etc – are not worth the #11 or #12 pick. I am a big fan of Brock Osweiler, but believe that he’s likely to be available with Seattle’s second pick if not later. The Seahawks are determined to improve their pass rush and with players such as Courtney Upshaw, Quinton Coples and Melvin Ingram potentially available in round one – they will address this key need in 2012. If Trent Richardson is available, he also comes into play as one of the elite players in this class.  

I understand there’s a distinct possibility the Seahawks won’t address the quarterback position until rounds 4-6 this year. We’ll see what happens in April, but the message Schneider is putting out there appears to be preparing fans for what many would be perceive to be ‘bad news’. It’s almost a plea for calm, to understand their position and that a plan is in place. The Seahawks don’t want to panic about quarterbacks, and they don’t want you to panic either.

In 12 months time – with a thriving defense including a much improved pass rush, a developing offensive line including a growing running game and more depth across the board – nobody will argue about the team making their splash at quarterback. I think that will be the time Seattle goes big at the position and becomes aggressive. It’s going to take another year of patience, but that’s the situation. There will be good quarterbacks available in 2013 including one player very close to Seattle’s Head Coach. Of course, there’s every chance USC’s Matt Barkley is taken very early – but it’s worth noting how other quarterbacks have suffered slight falls after returning to college. And let’s not try to preempt the 2013 class 12 months too early.

That’s not to say there won’t be an upgrade at quarterback this off season. As both myself and Kip Earlywine have discussed, we understand there’s a possibility of something happening in free agency that will improve the team significantly. Could it be a quarterback? Who knows, we’ll have to wait just under a month to find out. The Seahawks are going to add to the position at some point because Charlie Whitehurst is unlikely to be retained as a free agent. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a very modest deal for a veteran signal caller who can carry the team for one or two years, upgrade the position and help continue Seattle’s progress. Just don’t expect this team to draft a quarterback in round one on April 26th.


  1. John

    Part of me tries to fool my better judgment and think Seattle is a possible place for Peyton, but yeah… that’s not going to happen. Someone I hope we can get is Landry Jones who I think is really good. But again, what are the odds we’ll draft high enough to get probably the second best QB prospect in next years draft.

    For me, it comes down to TJ playing “better” next year. For me, he’s just so damn frustrating to watch. He seems “timid” in a system that just breathes aggression. But blah, I’m a broken record, I don’t like TJ. I wonder if Seattle would sign Vince Young to a short deal to compete. I think he’s more talented than TJ and has shown he can lead that game winning drive, its just his headcase-iness that worries me. I think making him a bridge QB would be a step up. Just don’t drop big money.

    … I hate that football is over. Turn on ESPN… only football is Peyton 🙁

  2. Attyla the Hawk

    “Not panicking is one thing, but letting a glorious opportunity pass you by is another. Eventually this franchise will have to make a bold move to trade up the board and get their guy.”

    I totally agree with this. Which is precisely why I think this is ‘the year’ to make that move.

    Griffin is an elite talent. He is also a guy worthy of being the face of the franchise. I don’t see any dog fighting rackets in his future. In other years, would he merit very serious consideration as the #1 overall pick? Certainly. Bradford and Stafford both were #1 overall picks, but there was very legitimate questions whether Detroit and St. Louis would pass them up for a non QB prospect altogether. Griffin is a better prospect than either of those two #1 overall picks.

    Griffin is a legit #1 overall level of prospect. But more importantly, he’s a prospect that can be had. How often does a prospect truly worthy of a #1 overall pick become available? Very rarely. And usually there is a secondary reason (Vick and Eli were dealt but San Diego had Brees and Eli just refused to play).

    It is very remotely reasonable to expect a better opportunity to get a legitimate #1 overall QB prospect in the next 5 to 10 years. We may covet guys down the road but there should be no expectation that the pick needed for those guys will even be available. And there shouldn’t be any expectation that the price will somehow be less.

    If you think this team is on the rise, then it’s not likely we’re going to have a better position to trade from than #11. We couldn’t even crack the top 10 with Tarvaris Jackson!! Even an injured Jackson for good measure. What would lead us to think we will be worse in the next 2-3 seasons?

    The time is now. We have probably our best draft stock for trade we will have in the near future. There is a legit franchise QB prospect. The pick to get him is openly being shopped. You don’t get that confluence of draft stock, prospect level and opportunity.

    Can you conceive we will have a better option in 2013 or 2014? We could in theory get lucky and get a Tannehill like prospect in the mid to late teens who ends up being the next Freeman/Rothlisberger. But as a prospect he won’t be as polished or with as much upside as Griffin.

    This position is our #1 need bar none. It’s been so even before Carroll got here. If you want to see how waiting for a guy to fall to you turns out — look at the Washington Redskins since 2000. They waited and didn’t panic. Took a lesser prospect in Campbell that as the odds predict — failed. And they’ve been stubbornly inflexible in their refusal to make a move on QBs that they could have traded for.

    We’re following that blueprint to a T right now. If you are going to build the cart before you buy the horse, then you have to do whatever it takes when that horse finally — through just dumb luck — becomes available. Griffin is the best prospect we’re going to have an opportunity to acquire. If we wait for a Rodgers to fall, we’re probably going to have to pick a few Campbells before we get him.

  3. JS

    I’ve been wanting a QB for a few years now just like most Seahawks fans, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine a big move. My biggest hope, now that I’ve mostly moved on from QB desperation, is to make the biggest baddest defense in the league. There is a chance of this happening. We have some difference makers, and if we can score a guy like Upshaw and maybe Campbell in free agency, and perhaps another starter in the second, third, or fourth round we may be on our way to a dominant D. Any thoughts on Trumain Johnson from UMontana? Nice CB with good size perhaps in the fourth round?

  4. Jarhead

    I agree completely that Rob’s article is on point with the Seahawks direction. Which is truly unfortunate. Mark my words that Matt Barkley will be more highly touted as a prospect perhaps than even Andrew Luck and will be a lock for the number one pick. Again unfortunately, teams like MIN, JAX, WAS, ARI, and NYJ will ALL likely be in the market for the best QB when they realize after next season they are going nowhere at QB. And I wager we will be drafted behind every one of those teams. This is foolish posturing and hoping that ‘Shortround’ Aaron Murray, Logan Thomas, or Tyler Wilson will be the man for this team is a fool’s errand. I can still hope against hope that Seattle makes a significant move for youth and talent at QB this year- there is still time. But I believe that their trepidation at addressing QB by now in their tenure will prove to be this FO’s downfall… Another year of 7-9 or 8-8 is just a bleak idea to think about. Cause think about the cupcake schedule we played last year. Especially when Baltimore and the Giants laid an egg in their games with us on those sundays. We’re not going 3-13, but even WITH a marginally improved pass rush next year, .500 is about where we’re going to be

  5. David

    I think the Hawks should go after a Kyle Orton type this year, if they’re not looking to upgrade greatly this year, hes a decent QB and i think he could play well with our recievers and adds some competition to Tjack like what they want

    Orton or even Henne or V. Young would be a nice addition, but im leaning towards Orton more so.

    John-Although i dont mind L. Jones that much, i dont think he is a Pete guy, Pete wants his QB to be mobile and L. Jones is not that at all. I wouldnt put Landry Jones as one of the top 2 QB prospects next year but thats my opinion,

    I am really hoping for Upshaw/Coples 1st pick
    Oswieller 2nd pick
    Pead or Martin or Polk 3rd
    maybe Bruce Irvin 4th if hes there

    I am sorry if you answered this already Rob, but i was curious to why Frank Alexander wasnt at the senior bowl, if you know that is. I am also curious to what you think of him as a mid to late round pick for the hawks?

    Thank you and have a great day! Go Hawks!

  6. dave crockett

    I have always felt that a FA/trade at the position was always the most likely short- to medium-term option for SEA.

    I think the Manning deal will set off a chain reaction of movement if for no other reason than it will precede the opening of the free agency period. So it’s probably much easier to think of QBs SEA is unlikely to pursue than those it will. I do think the Raiders will move Palmer for what they can get, as Kip suggested. They are starting over from scratch. I don’t suspect that SEA will be a player for Palmer because OAK will be looking for picks.

  7. Ryan

    The Seahawks are in a tough position,

    I believe John and Pete are doing this the right way by adding talented players with the cards they are dealt. we have not reached for a player significantly yet as a front office.

    The question I have is what if their plan works. If we add talented players and avoid the QB position again this year what makes us think we are in a better position next year to draft a QB? Won’t we have a better record and pick later than 11/12 if their plan works? The flaw in this plan is that by improving our team and adding a few W’s next year, we will be likely picking in the early 20’s.

    I have the utmost confidence in our management because they consistently improved every yea IMO. However, if we plan to get the QBOTF next year and improving this year aren’t we essentially making life harder?

  8. Jeff

    It’s easy to say the Seahawks should go all in and get RGIII

    But its a waste of your time. Theres no way the Rams, who control the No . 2 pick, will trade that slot inside the division. That pick is gonna be where RGIII goes. So quit all the calls for RGIII, its a waste of time. Rams will trade that slot to WASH or CLE most likely.

    Yes, its ideall to go “all in” and get the Heisman Trophy winner. But its not going to happen. Jeff Fisher isn’t stupid and won’t be trading in the division.

    Robs article is logical, and thats why the FO is doing what their doing. Gotta add a surefire talent with the round 1 pick and that seems to be in the front 7.

    Good work Rob, keep up the good work.

  9. Your Mom

    You never want to reach for any position and no QB is worth the #11/#12 pick outside of Luck/RG III. So we either ride with TJ and hope to develop Portis or a later round draft pick (Cousins, Foles, etc.) or go the FA route. Personally, I would roll the dice with Flynn but if you can’t get him I would look to Orton or J. Campbell. Not saying that either of them our the saviors but going with TJ again is going to be a really tough sell.

  10. Rob

    Jeff is right – a trade for Griffin III is nearly impossible. He will be drafted 2nd or 3rd overall and the Seahawks only potential trade partner is St. Louis – which is a complete non-starter. Even if they wanted to do a deal, they couldn’t.

  11. Rob

    Plus – as both myself and Kip have discussed – keep an eye on the trade market when free agency opens next month. You may be surprised by what happens.

  12. jim J

    Lots of bold talk about getting Griffin – but at what price? I think the minimum cost will be two #1’s and a #2. What if Seattle gave up their entire draft this year and their #1 next year? Would you be willing to do that? Give me a simple yes or no and why.

    My response: NO – I love Griffin but the team is still rebuilding and a hot young QB could be injured behind our mangled offensive line and frustrated with our fumble fingers receivers. We need to rebuild our positions first.

  13. Michael (CLT)

    This is all psychology. JS would have no problem selling his soul for a QB if PC thought he could get the guy to be “all in”. To have the psychological makeup to take on the PC mantra… to be “like” PC.

    I find it funny that a 2nd rounder is so “critical”, when we’ve got two first rounders under JS that have never played a full season, and the only draft choice of the bunch that has gone to the Pro Bowl is a guy they were willing to let go to Philly “so as to” have the chance to draft “Golden” Tate. Too funny. By chance, Philly was dumb enough to draft someone else. Go figure. Dumb luck = No Panic.

    Draft picks, for their true consistency in value, are way overvalued. This has been proven in numerous studies. This is PC saying he has to get a guy that is hungry, and will not wilt under pressure, can lead, and will have the acumen to play “PC” football. Fair enough. In all reality, despite what PC has stated earlier this year, PC hates rookie QB’s. Which is fine, so does Gruden. It happens. But to use “draft value” to justify your psychology is weak psychology in and of itself.

    So, JS. I say it is weak to think that drafting a WR or a DE, a godforsaken OLB, or DT at the expense of men who have proved themselves to be of great value is “not panic” when compared to making a play for a QB in the first round.

    How is drafting a risky QB in the first round any different than playing an unwanted, proven to be average, retread QB.

    I scoff at this report. If it is true, then Seattle has no balls. It is not willing to go for it. Safe. We love our retread! Weak. Go sell insurance if you want to be safe. Football is about winning. About risk. About massive risk. Seattle is comfortable with 7-9.

    So be it. Weak.

  14. Thomas

    I’m very intrigued by this trade I’ve seen you Rob and Kip discuss in your blogs. Looking forward to it.

  15. Richard

    Rob, Your local TV new style teases for the upcoming free agency period are intriguing. Pardon me while I go off on a wild irrelevant tangent. NEWS FLASH: Jerry Jones can’t go another year without having the Cowboys in the thick of the playoffs. So I predict bold moves to get the “Boys” back into the Superbowl 2013 talk. Will he trade into the Top 5 to get his shut down cornerback. Will he trade into the Top 3 to take RG III. Will he spend big to get the impact players in Free Agency to get back to the game they play in between those great commercials. Stay tuned.

    This would be the kind of panic I think that you and John Scheider would be talking about, Right? After having long history with the “Boys” and many family members who are loyal to Dallas, I wouldn’t be surprised by any of those kind of “Panic” type moves in someplace like Dallas.

  16. Rob

    Michael (CLT) – I’m not really sure what they can do. I mean, we’re talking about not having the nuts to make a move up the board, but if – as we’ve discussed – RGIII goes 2nd overall after a deal, or 3rd overall because Minnesota just drafts him, it makes such a trade up nearly impossible. I know a lot of people are high on Ryan Tannehill – but others are not. I wouldn’t go near Tannehill in round one. I also think there’s a chance he is drafted by Washington, putting him out of range too. So are we then criticising Schneider and Carroll for not trading into the #5 spot for him? Because that makes little sense to me and is the very definition of a panic move.

    Likewise, what deal could be done last year? Or the year previous for that matter? I’m quite sure when the situation is possible they’ll make the kind of deal you want to see – but such a deal is just not possible in 2012. We all want the situation addresed, but it has to be logical too. I speak as someone who has passionately argued for the Seahawks to solve this dilemma sooner rather than later – but I also appreciate we can’t magic a quarterback out of thin air. In 12 months, I think we’ll all be talking about quarterbacks in R1 even if it takes a trade. But for now, I cannot criticise the team.

    And I agree picks are overrated by fans.

  17. Rob

    Maybe so, Richard. I think the Cowboys will stay loyal to Tony Romo but I could see some moves to force the issue a bit. I also think it’s clear what Oakland are doing right now which is essentially making cap room available at every possibility. They are trying to trade Darren McFadden. They are not franchising Michael Bush. They cut Stanford Routt. This is a team with no draft picks until the 5th round and a lot of money tied into players the new GM and Head Coach haven’t signed. I think we could see further cuts which could make a certain veteran quarterback available for practically nothing – maybe even a throwaway 6th rounder. After all, said quarterback is earning $12m this year, $5m of which is guaranteed. The only way Oakland can rebuild this off season is in free agency, so it makes sense for them to make cuts to free up some cap room. But this is just me speculating.

  18. Michael (CLT)

    Rob – apologies. My rant was part frustration of Neagle being traded by the Sounders and simple bad math by Seattle. Your rational response is both wise and true.

    And yes, I would trade up to the 5th pick for Tannehill, if all he has is “a chance” to be great. A chance is all I want. I know what we have now. Retread city.

    But see, this creates problems for PC. His mantra requires balance with his roster. It requires everyone to feel somewhat equal. Going all in risks his mantra. And he is a big mantra guy.

    BUT… if we wait another year, what do we have in 2013. Even with Sanchez, you have a retread. In 2013, Sanchez/Palmer or no, you really have a bunch of QB’s nobody wants. You have nothing.

    Now, factor in that your prized first round draft picks are coming due for new contracts. Chancellor is 2 years away from his payday. Okung only three. So take another year away, and you are talking serious “1st round” losses that cripple a team.

    So, my friend, you find a way. You make your enemy look at a deal they have to say yes to. You eat your own dog food, and “win with the guys we have now”.

    Or, you flat out say rookie QB’s are not the real deal.

    Last note. If we had drafted Dalton last year, he would have four years left starting in 2012 on his rookie deal. It would be a late round first contract. I live in Charlotte. Believe you me, you can sit a high draft pick, or even cut him, and still have a great team. PC had a year or two to fail miserably and be cool. Now, he does not. Mediocrity is starring him in the face.

    Competition must come with a price. Win now. Arizona has no problem with it. Lienart at 10. Fail. No problem. Make Warner work his ass off. Warner retires, go all in for Kolb. That doesn’t work, go all in again. Go all in. Every year. This does not sacrifice a team; rather, it makes one. Wow. I’m frustrated. And I’m a contradiction. Sounders go all in and I’m upset. Seahawks don’t go all in, I’m upset. Go figure.

  19. seattl

    Attyla the Hawk is on point: this year is a unique “confluence of draft stock, prospect level and opportunity.” Barkley should be next year’s #1 pick, near impossible to trade for, and we’ll be trading with a lower pick. It’s not a given that St. Louis trades the pick, and it’s not a given that Minnesota picks him if he falls.

    Optimism is great but let’s not excuse a weak pick in advance. What would you say, Rob, if Griffin fell to Minnesota and they traded the pick to someone else? For, say, 2 R1’s. For PCJS that’s moving up for the price of a Right Tackle. ‘Setting back the franchise’ is when you’re consistently unwilling to pull the trigger. Get the high-demand players while they’re there, that’s the name of the game in R1.

  20. Ryan

    Any plan that is not aggressive at the quarterback position is a bad plan. If you’re 10 spots away from a potential franchise QB, you go for it, because you never know when you’ll be that close again. You might not succeed because of the circumstances, but you have to try.

  21. Bill Clifford

    David above had a really nice wishlist. I think that there are several acceptable alternatives to moving up the board for RGIII which seems nearly impossible at this point. I’d be happy to see Jason Campbell or Vince Young competing with TJ for the starting job. I’d also like to see Osweiler or maybe the Oregon kid competing in camp too. I also think that Carson Palmer’s only real chance of being a good QB would be here in Seattle re-uniting with PC. He looked like he was just throwing it up there this year, kind of like Hasselbeck used to do when he’d get frustrated. I don’t think I’d really like that move but it could work. Carson does kind of look like Cap Rooney from Any Given Sunday so I guess that’s a plus. I also believe that Tarvaris will be better next year if he is in fact our starter. The line looked way better as the season progressed even with the backups but by that time Tarvaris was pretty banged up. Despite his inability I give the guy a lot of credit for his toughness and would be thrilled if he somehow became good. Regardless, I’m not going to panic because this staff has made the team into something that is really fun to watch and cheer for. Whoever we end up with hopefully will be just as exciting as our D and Marshawn were this year.

  22. Doug

    Interesting arguements gents. All in this year, or the front office sucks, PC/JS are mired in mediocrity. AZ goes all in every year, at least they are trying….hrrummph. Seems to me AZ kinda sucks. Maybe with a few better draft picks, they might be a better team.

    What if nobody wants to make a deal with us no matter what they offer? Then what? Trade up for Tannahill? Really?

    So now, without a QB, say they select Coples or Upshaw, and suddenly they have an insane pass rush, Thurmund returns to join Sherm, Browner, Kam and that other little fellah back there. Let’s say maybe in Round 2 they grab a killer LB with speed. Suddenly we have a top 5 Defense, and we start winning games with the defense that is rediculous now.

    Our 3 starting linemen return, and the running game is now even more powerful. Beastmode and round 3 RB beta-beast Polk spells Marshawn to bring even more power run.

    Rice, Tate, and Dougie damn Baldwin begin to grab TJacks few throws and gain serious YAC, Miller finally is set free to grab a few balls too…

    Portis and round 4 QB Cousins are battling hard for the back-up slot, and looking good.

    The world does not stop spinning because we didn’t get a QB in rd. 1
    We are nowhere close to being mired in mediocrity. We are the team that NOBODY wants to play, because we are BIG, YOUNG, FAST, SKILLED, and NASTY !!!

  23. Michael (CLT)

    Doug: hope you are right on. If that is the plan, then extend Tarvaris now.

  24. Ryan

    Re: “We are nowhere close to being mired in mediocrity. We are the team that NOBODY wants to play…”

    We were 7-9 each of the the past two years. That’s a losing record each season. It’s what I personally would call mediocre… We’re not exactly the ’85 Bears out there.

    Perhaps your point is that we’re not “mired” in mediocrity yet. True. But I fear we will be if we don’t improve the QB position soon.

  25. Jonathan

    This discussion is KILLING it!

  26. Jim

    I’m supprised nobody here has put forth the thought that maybe, just maybe the GM is sending out vibes of “no early QB interest” for the NFL world to see, while secretly hoping that gives them an edge on draft day (where they really want a particular QB with their1-st or even 2-nd round pick maybe?). Coudn’t hurt.

  27. RS

    One QB that I’m curious about that hasn’t really been talked about being available but could be depending upon other signing could be Matt Cassel. He does have a connection to PC and could be replaced by Orton. He’s had 2 very good years previously in his career and led KC to the playoffs a couple years ago. Given the right supporting cast he’d be a better bridge option than T-Jack.

  28. Colin

    The Cardinals went “all in” with Kolb and they got 3-6. It’s more than just a QB. He isn’t very good, (not worth what they gave up IMO, didn’t want him here in Seattle). Three more of their wins came courtesy of Patrick Peterson. So really they are farther behind Seattle in terms of being a complete football team.

  29. williambryan

    Going all in with Kolb may have been a mistake but it has not crippled the team. Arizona still has the ability to make a run at Manning or make something happen in the draft. The days of being crippled by QB moves are gone, (unless you’re the Raiders and even they will be able to dig out of there horrible Palmer trade). Again, it’s value of draft picks. A QB with franchise/super bowl potential is worth any amount of draft capital. I think it’s even more true with this Seahawks team. Last season, with a roster decimated with injuries, they competed well and had opportunities to win every game except the stealers in week 2. If RGIII can do what most everyone thinks he can, he’s worth an Atlanta Falcons/Julio Jones style trade. But Doug’s post kind of made the alternative a lot more palatable.

  30. Ryan

    In answer to the article’s title…


  31. Tezlin

    I’m with Doug. Lets see a young QB competition while we continue to enhance our team. If we see an opportunity to trade into a franchise QB pick, I don’t see JS and PC hesitating, but they can’t do it at the expense of everything they have already built.

    Although half of me wants to see someone (anyone) else taking the snaps out there so long as they aren’t a retread, I also know that we might be able to capitalize on another teams mistake (I am looking at you Miami and Washington). I must say though if we don’t have a come from behind victory next year then I will advocate a the next person I see on the street for QB.

  32. A. Simmons

    I never know what to think about Schneider and Pete come draft day. It was easier to read Ruskell’s moves than Schneider and Carroll. For all we know they’re blowing smoke about the QB. I’m confident they are looking to upgrade the front seven. They haven’t spent many picks on defensive line since they’ve been here. They’ve been getting by with what we have, signing veteran depth, and traded for Chris Clemmons. I figure they’ll give Bradley some love and spend some high round draft captial on the defensive side of the ball. I’m happy we’ll finally look to upgrade the front 7.

    I have no idea what the “don’t panic” comment means. Does that mean Flynn is off the table as well? Does it mean they won’t spend any high round picks on a QB candidate? Does it mean they’ll do nothing? I don’t understand what “don’t panic” means. Does it mean Schneider and Pete are perfectly happy with Tarvaris? Great, let’s not panic. I’m not panicking. But as a fan, I don’t feel comfortable with Tarvaris helming this team. The guy isn’t very good. He produced on the level of some of the worst QBs in the league. I don’t see him getting any better. If John and Pete find that level of QB play acceptable, I have to start questioning their ability to build and lead a team. You should never accept that level of QB play when trying to build a championship team. I hope behind closed doors both Pete and John are looking over Tarvaris’s stats and play on the field and saying to themselves “This is unacceptable. We have to upgrade this position.”

  33. Ryan

    Over the last six years (since the Seahawks lone Super Bowl appearance), 15 different quarterbacks have taken their teams to a conference championshp game. One (Warner) went undrafted. One (Brady) was a 6th-round pick. Two others (Favre, Brees) were drafted in the second round. The other eleven (Peyton, Rivers, Roethlisberger, Flacco, Sanchez, Grossman, Eli, McNabb, Rodgers, Cutler, and Smith) were all first round picks.

    First-round quarterbacks win in the NFL. Without one, get used to 7 to 9 wins.

    Listening to comments and rumors, it seems as if we’re going to be content drafting Cousins in R3, or Foles/Davis/Harnish etc in R4-7, and then in 2-3 years see if they can grow to be a decent QB. Great strategy, if Captain Kirk turns into the next Tom Brady. Of course, we’ll only find out several years down the road. And how will our record look in the meanwhile? And will Pete still be around? Regimes don’t last forever. Remember, Carroll has yet to have a winning season here.

    And this calming talk from the FO frustrates me almost more than the actual QB situation. It broadcasts the idea that they don’t care about the position; that they think they can outsmart the rest of the NFL and win with mediocre QB play. It won’t work. They may have been pushed into a tight spot by the previous regime’s lack of commitment to a QB succession plan, and by circumstances in the last few drafts…. and they may not be able to jump up for an elite QB in the ’12 draft (Luck, Griffin)… but they shouldn’t be proud of it, or try to convince us that it’s all part of their seven-dimensional chess-master plan.

    They say “we don’t want to panic,” but all I hear is “we’re too scared to take a risk.”

    Argh. I need to go to sleep.

  34. Bubba gill

    Look all Iam going to say is that Seattle Seahawks 2013 starter will be Matt Barkley, I bet Seattle will bet the farm on him, I have watched so much film on him its crazy how amazing he is, he single handily defeated the Ducks, still got it on my DVR. He reads so quick and so fast, that his release is almost always perfect, I hope pete and co trade whatever it takes to draft him, just think Brees to the second power. Think Cutler trade. I would be happy with that, I would think Rob would ecstatic with that pick, even if it hurt Seattle for two years.

  35. Ryan

    No chance at all for Barkley. At all. He’ll be the lead pipe #1 pick, hyped to death by Kiper & Co. all year long, and [INSERT SUCK TEAM HERE] will never trade out of the #1 spot of a franchise elite QB, no matter how many #1s we give up (just like Indy will never trade Luck’s rights). Never ever gonna happen. Put that fantasy away before it hurts you more.

    On a side note, I do wonder how Barkley would feel playing for the coach who abandoned him at USC…. still hard feelings, or all is forgiven? Hmmm.

  36. Bubba gill

    Well Ryan Pete only bailed on USC because of the things Bush did , remember Pete hand picked Barkley and heavily recruited him because of not only his playing ability but because of his integrity, the guy is the next Drew Brees. If I was Pete and Co I would trade our next three first rounders and smile on every draft because if Barkley comes to Seattle Championship in the next 2-4 years guaranteed. No QB Rob has talked about in the later rounds can read and release the ball like Barkley, simply put. Any team can be talked out of their future pick just by trading that many picks for the future. WE have top ten defense and a future top 15 running offense, give us Barkley and we have a top contender for years to come.

  37. Doug

    Ryan, you seem to be speaking out of both sides of your mouth here…

    Just a few posts ago you wrote:

    “Ryan says:
    February 18, 2012 at 1:31 am
    No chance at all for Barkley. At all. He’ll be the lead pipe #1 pick, hyped to death by Kiper & Co. all year long, and [INSERT SUCK TEAM HERE] will never trade out of the #1 spot of a franchise elite QB, no matter how many #1s we give up (just like Indy will never trade Luck’s rights). Never ever gonna happen. Put that fantasy away before it hurts you more.”

    In other words, we have no chance at trading up for Barkley. And just a few posts before that one, you chastise JS/PC for not busting a move this year…:

    Ryan says:
    February 18, 2012 at 1:11 am

    Listening to comments and rumors, it seems as if we’re going to be content drafting Cousins in R3, or Foles/Davis/Harnish etc in R4-7, and then in 2-3 years see if they can grow to be a decent QB. Great strategy, if Captain Kirk turns into the next Tom Brady. Of course, we’ll only find out several years down the road. And how will our record look in the meanwhile? And will Pete still be around? Regimes don’t last forever. Remember, Carroll has yet to have a winning season here.

    And this calming talk from the FO frustrates me almost more than the actual QB situation. It broadcasts the idea that they don’t care about the position; that they think they can outsmart the rest of the NFL and win with mediocre QB play. It won’t work. They may have been pushed into a tight spot by the previous regime’s lack of commitment to a QB succession plan, and by circumstances in the last few drafts…. and they may not be able to jump up for an elite QB in the ’12 draft (Luck, Griffin)… but they shouldn’t be proud of it, or try to convince us that it’s all part of their seven-dimensional chess-master plan.”

    You make it sound like they aren’t even trying, yet almost immediately say it’s impossible to trade up for a good one… Don’t you kind of shoot your own arguement down?

    Just sayin bro….

  38. Phil

    Wow – can’t wait to jump in on this one!

    If you accept the premise that there are two predominant needs for the 2012 version of the Seahawks to be better than the 2011 version — a better pass rush and better QB play — why would you “panic” to fill only one of those needs? That is, if you can improve your team by EITHER using your existing #1 pick to draft a pass rusher at DE or LB, or by mortgaging the farm (using this year’s #1 and most likely next year’s too) to jump up to draft RGIII, why would you do the latter? Why not fill one of your needs this year and save next year’s #1 pick for next year when you hope you will have only one predominant need to fill?

    Hope this makes sense …

  39. Phil

    Wow – can’t wait to jump in on this one. I haven’t read the other posts, so I’m sorry if this is redundant.

    If you assume the premise that the 2012 Seahawks have two key needs to fill — (1) a better pass rush, and (2) better QB play — then why would you “panic” to fill only one of those needs if you could fill the other without panicking? That is, why would we use this year’s #1 pick and probably next year’s too, to jump up in the draft to pick, say, RGIII? It seems more prudent to use this year’s existing #1 pick to fill the pass rush needs (Upshaw/Ingram/Coples) and save next year’s #1 for next year. If our QB play doesn’t improve sufficiently this year (via TJack improving, or via picking up a free agent QB, or via trade), then maybe next year it will time to roll the dice — particularly if better QB play is our only key need.

    Hope this makes sense …..

  40. Colin

    Here’s an element forgotten in this mess: The previous regime.

    John and Pete are on year 3. Going into year 3 of the Ruskell admin, the Seahawks were steadily (although unknown at that time) headed into decline. Yes, the brilliance of Holmgren and Hasselbeck and Kerney’s 14.5 sacks got the team to 10 wins. From there Ruskell and Co. were going to reap what they sewed: A bad football team.

    A REALLY bad football team. One that is still being cleaned up. So before you get all bent out of shape about not having the QBOTF, let’s just pay homage to who really needs deserves it.

    No, I don’t expect 12 wins this year. But could it happen? Sure. Did anyone honestly think Alex Smith could lead that Niners to 13 wins in one season? How did they do that? Played great defense, ran the ball, and had Smith take shots when they presented themselves. 2012 is not all doom and gloom like some people make it to be.

    I said it before and I’ll say it again. Seattle was a handful of plays from being 8-0 to finish the season. That is not a fluke, and it should not be treated as such. There is no reason at all this team cannot be a 9 or 10 game winning football team this season. Yes, I want a championship, but I DON’T want to see this regime be fired because of a Blaine Gabbert/Jason Campbell/Alex Smith decision in the 1st round.

    You all do realize that’s what happens if they screw that up? Gone. Done. Finito. We’re back to square one. We’ve got something brewing that could lead to YEARS of sustained success. Let’s not blow it being irrational.

  41. Jarhead

    The crux of the matter, and I believe the root of everyone’s frustration is, the idea that Seattle is completely against drafting a QB in the first couple of rounds. That would be a ridiculous stance to take by this FO. But that is exactly what they are inferring. Okay so draft Upshaw in the first (sorry but Still, Coples, and Ingram have no value at that spot), that’s just fine. But I guarantee Osweiler will be sitting there for the taking in the second round. And he will have VALUE at that spot. He will be a significant talent at a position of need and assuredly of equal talent at any position on the defense you could draft. And really any D lineman/pass rushers you would draft there would likely need as much development time as Osweiler. So I wish they would stop all this foolish posturing and just say- ‘We will draft the best player available who fills what we have deemed a need. If it’s a QB, RB, DL or what ever. That is our draft philosophy.’ And stop all this don’t panic nonsense. I’m sure that’s what we all would like. Oh, and Kirk Cousins will be garbage in the NFL. Just saying…

  42. Dave

    Yeah…sounds like a lot of panicking happening. SO GLAD most of you aren’t in Seattle’s FO calling the shots. Anyone with a brain can see the positive long term direction this team is heading in. And with the NFL becoming more QB centric, I can only see more talent developing on the college level that will spill into the NFL. I would in a heartbeat recruit a backup running back this year than getting the next messiah at QB. I know we in Seattle have been waiting too long for our next massive QB star, and it WILL happen, just putting the pieces in place first. JS and PC have told all of us to be patient, and we should do just that. We are building our dynasty. Can’t rush greatness now can we? Our division is becoming alive, and we will soon be the envy of the aging league. So get off your computers, stop bitching, and go for a walk around the block…God knows you need it.

  43. Ryan

    “Don’t you kind of shoot your own arguement down?… Just sayin bro….”

    Not really, bro. They’re different QBs. Luck and Barkley are unavailable. Griffin may not be.

    If I’m wrong, and Barkley slips from #1 next year, then by all means mortgage the house for him in 2013. But I don’t believe that’ll happen. Griffin isn’t an absolute lock for #2 this year. If St. Louis picks Kalil at #2 (their OLine last year was atrocious), Minnesota could be a trade partner at #3. And it’d be ridiculous not to try to win that trade sweepstakes. Hey, if Griffin is picked at #2, I won’t blame the FO at all because there was nothing they could have done. Pack up and try again next year. But if he’s still available at #3… TRY.

    And a late-round flier on a QB would be nice: after all, they’ve yet to draft one themselves in the current regime, and who knows, lightning can strike. But right now I wouldn’t have much faith in that guy (Cousins, Osweiler, Harnish, etc) becoming the QBOTF. History has shown it’s usually the R1 guys who succeed as starters. I’d still be looking for more talent down the road.

    And the FO are the ones who are making it sound like they’re not even trying, not me. There’s a chance Griffin can be had for the right price, and to not entertain that idea is weird. The thinking that they’re OK with mediocre QB play for 3+ years because they don’t want to make a mistake is troubling. It’s as if they’re amplifying the potential damage of a QB misfire, and yet not seeing the potential damage of year-to-year mediocrity (damage which, as a long-time Seahawk fan, I’m finely attuned to).

  44. Doug

    Well, I guess that we don’t really know what JS/PC are thinking about. Can you really tell what they are thinking from one little interview? They might be cooking up a mega-trade, and just blowing a bit of smoke right now just to throw off the potential competition. I’m sure they would like RG3, but Cleveland, Wash, and Miami are in a better position than we are, so we might not even have a shot period, And besides, I really doubt it gets to Minnisota, the Rams have so many needs… And they will NOT let him go to us.
    So the point is, who is to say they aren’t trying to win the bidding war? Also, giving away the farm might not be an acceptable risk for the team this year, esp. when they can get an elite pick on D and, they might not have a big enough farm anyways.
    I personally am totally stoked with the way this team is headed, and last years 7-9 team was miles ahead of the previous 7-9 team. I personally believe this team is on the verge of being an elite team, with exceptional depth that will keep us powerful in spite of injury.

    Like someone else just said, we were just a handful of plys away from a much better record. Nobody dominated us, and the memory of the Ruskill era is quickly fading away. I no longer hang my head in embarrassment when people talk about our team, and I truely believe we have a seriously good chance of winning any game now. The current management team has transformed a small weak soft team, into a bad a$$ ballin team.

    I am “all-in”

  45. Rob

    Hey Doug,

    I think it’s logical to ponder whether there’s blowing of smoke here – but I promise you that isn’t the case. There’s a bit of resignation about this situation and JS and PC are trying to prepare us for the situation. Improving the QB position and improving the pass rush are the team’s greatest needs, but only one is solvable in this year’s draft. Even moving up for Griffin III isn’t possible. So we’re kind of stuck here, and I hope people can understand the position they’ll eventually find in the next couple of months. But the QB position will be addressed by the 2013 season.

  46. cliff

    2 years ago Mike Shanahan took over for the Redskins. In 2010 they went 6-10 and last year they were 5-11. Their roster is still inept of major talent at a lot of positions. They have MAJOR needs at QB, WR, and OT. If they trade up to get RG3 it wont do them ANY GOOD because they have so many needs that he wont be able to win regardless.

    PCJS took over 2 years ago and in that time has replenished the talent on the team much faster than the Redskins. We still have MAJOR needs at QB and DE (pass rush in general) and minor needs elsewhere but those needs can all be taken care of in THIS DRAFT. Trading the bank for RG3 doesn’t make sense, you only think it does because its been soooo long since we’ve drafted a QB that we MUST get one in the first round or else we’ll never make it ever. That isn’t true.

    You make the Julio Jones trade if you think you’re that close. We’re not that close, yet. They can still end up drafting a Tannehill/Osweiler in the 2nd/3rd or a Cousins in the 4th effectively “solving” the QB position while taking that impact pass rusher in the 1st that we need for our defense to be elite.

    The Rams wont trade us the 2nd overall pick so get over it we CANT get RG3. Not to mention the cost of at least Two first round picks and a 2nd this year. Think where our team would be without our first round picks. We’d have huge holes at both Tackle spots and at Safety. Much like the Redskins will STILL have huge holes at OT, and WR because they’ll end up trading their future.

    Lastly, if we can go 7-8 with TJ think of what we can do with a savy vet like Palmer or any Rookie with talent. We would be at the very minimum .500, but if you add in a better pass rush and depth elsewhere like we will this year then we have a winning record and will make the playoffs. That’s whats going to happen next year so please calm down and don’t be irrational.

  47. cliff

    Looking at Osweiler he seems to make some amazing throws when his mechanics are right but most often there are a few things wrong with his throw. How long do you think it’d take for him to rework his mechanics?

  48. Rob

    Hey Cliff,

    I actually really like how unorthodox he is. His mechanics are not orthodox, but the way he adjusts his release, the way he finds way to make plays in a way that looks a little awkward – I like that. I think sometimes we get into feeling QB’s have to follow one straight path – I know I’ve felt like that sometimes. But I actually think he’s capable of being an effective player even if he’s nothing like we’ve seen before.

  49. Me Ne Frego

    Trade down and get picks next year so they have the ammo to move up. And I’m not sure how picks are overrated when the best teams in the league build through the draft.

  50. Ryan

    “Even moving up for Griffin III isn’t possible”

    If STL takes Kalil at 2 (which is a possibility), why is moving up for Griffin impossible?

    The resignation of failure before the fact irritates me here.

  51. Rob

    It’s not a resignation of failure, Ryan. It’s pretty well received now that Griffin III is going to go in the top three picks. Jason La Canfora and Michael Lombardi have been stating for a few weeks now that he’ll go #2 overall for sure after a trade. My source tells me there’s no chance the Seahawks can get at Griffin III because they’ll have to trade with STL and even if he makes it to #3, Minnesota will take him. I’m sure we’ll see on April 26th how such a deal was never possible for Seattle – however much we want it to happen.

  52. seattl

    It might not be a resignation of failure so much as a resignation to play it safe in the face of a great potential opportunity. A determination not to mess up.

    Another thing about it that bothers me is, JS is dismissing any criticism of his draft process as panic. I think his draft process as a whole speaks for itself so far (GOOD), but you have to swing the bat in Round 1. R1-Carpenter is not swinging the bat, neither is passing on Mallet twice, passing on Dalton. I feel rational when I say that, not in a panic. If they’d taken Ingram and he didn’t pan out, that’s swinging the bat and it’s ok. If they take a safer pick instead of at least attempting to trade up, that’s not swinging the bat. We know what our needs are and it’s way too early to give up on RGIII, just as it would be to give up on Upshaw.

    Like Jim said maybe it’s a smokescreen. But even a lopsided trade for Minnesota’s pick would be less than it would usually take to get a guy like Griffin= trading for pick # 1. That might be bad and it might be good, but it should be up for debate.

  53. seattl

    And for us hopefully, that means trading for pick # 1 from pick 20-something. If we’re improved, we’ll have to give up so much more to get Barkley next year, that is if he’s available, if we want him and if PCJS understand the value of a franchise QB.

  54. Ryan

    Well, Rob, that’d be a shame if it ends up being true. It means going yet another year without addressing the obvious gaping hole on the roster.

    I guess I’ll just have to look forward to next winter’s QB profiles on Landry and Wilson and others…

  55. seattl

    Also, I remember how convinced people were at this point a few years ago that Aaron Rogers would go number 1 over Smith.

  56. Misfit74

    If Griffin measures in at 6’0 or 6’1 I’ll really not like him. I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m not ready to make him the next Cam Newton. He’s not a ‘trade the farm for him’ QB.

  57. Rob

    Ryan – Let’s concentrate on Barkley, Wilson, Thomas rather than Jones! I firmly believe Landry Jones will be a mid-round pick at best next year.

    seattl – I won’t be so sure on Barkley. We’ve seen many seniors fall because of another year at college. He will have to continue to progress and have an unbelievable season at USC to maintain his stock. And I do think the NFL has changed a lot since that Rodgers draft. All I can tell you is I’ve been told by a source I trust implicity that getting at RGIII just isn’t possible. I fully expect Griffin to be playing in Cleveland next year, or Washington.

  58. RJD

    I love this front office! As much as all of us armchair executives want a young dynamic qb to lead us to the promise land, we don’t want them to gamble on a QB in the 1st round this year. We have no chance at Luck. I’d bet the farm that RG3 will be injury prone and will be carted off the field often throughout his career. Tannehill, Osweiller, Cousin’s, and even Foles could become very good players but all of them are worthy of only 3rd or 4th round discusssion.
    This team is not that far away…
    Remember the story about the young bull and the old bull sitting at the top of the hill?
    no need to rush.

  59. Phil

    I’m surprised I don’t read more about Keith Price. I’m in a part of the country where I don’t get to see him play that much, but he sure looked great against Baylor. What are the chances that he will declare for the draft after next season? What’s the rap against him?

  60. PatrickH

    Quote from Rob – “As both myself and Kip Earlywine have discussed, we understand there’s a possibility of something happening in free agency that will improve the team significantly. Could it be a quarterback?”

    Then I read Dan Pompei of NationalFootbalPost at this link today –

    Quote from Pompei – “Based on the buzz around the league, the Seahawks could be the early frontrunner for Peyton Manning, assuming he is released. Pete Carroll needs a quarterback and is believed to have a strong interest in at least exploring Manning. The Seahawks could offer Manning an attractive scenario. They have a young team with some fine skill players to put around him. They play in one of the league’s loudest stadiums. Manning wouldn’t be subject to the same kind of scrutiny in Seattle that he would in a lot of other markets. The Seahawks also could have a better feel for Manning’s medical situation than some teams. One of their team physicians, Stan Herring, who also is one of the country’s preeminent specialists for spine injuries. Herring is a member of the NFL’s Head, Neck and Spine Committee.”

    I won’t get my hopes up, but free agency just got a bit more interesting to me.

  61. Dave

    RJD love the “old bull young bull” reference. All i’m saying is DEPTH, DEPTH, DEPTH. We are rebuilding, and doing so in the right way. WE WILL NOT GET OUR STARTING QB IN THIS DRAFT SO STOP WHINING. You have to see the forest for the trees people. I would feel so much better knowing we have solid relief midway through the season when our team is beaten down. Another thing: I know the FO has learned lessons with every bad decision they have made in previous drafts and FA pick ups. If you really follow the steps JS/PC and FO have made since coming in we are doing all the right stuff. PATIENCE PEOPLE! If you have waited this long…a little longer won’t break you. I would love a team that dominates multiple years as opposed to a single or double season.

  62. Rob

    Patrick H – I definitely wouldn’t get your hopes up. Peyton Manning will not be a Seahawk.

  63. Hawkspur

    I’m with Misfit74. Griffin could end up having an amazing career but he’d need to be regarded as a sure thing to sell the farm for him. Especially with other needs to address. If Schneider & Carroll believe that he’s worth the investment I’m sure they’ll give it a go, but it’d be a crippling investment if it didn’t work out. Has Griffin shown enough to be regarded as a sure thing? (I haven’t seen a lot of his play so the answer may very well be yes, FWIW)

  64. seattlesetters

    ” … the message Schneider is putting out there appears to be preparing fans for what many would be perceive to be ‘bad news’. It’s almost a plea for calm, to understand their position and that a plan is in place.”

    I don’t think there is “a plan in place.” What could it be? As long as this team keeps drafting out of the top 3, there is no White Knight riding into Seattle.

  65. Brad Q

    Rob, why are you so sure that there’s no chance for either moving up for RG3 or making a run at Peyton? I don’t see how this regime can maintain a QB patience mantra and wait until year 4 to make a move. Guys like Campbell nor Orton are answers and you should know that. Do you really believe we’ll wait until rd 3 or 4 to draft a QB? (you predicted DL/passrush and RB in rds 1 & 2). I would be disappointed in P&J if they went that direction as 2012 would be a wasted season. 2012 should be a year to develop a QB for 2013+ playoff and SB run. Anything less is considered poor planning and I have too much faith in those 2 to believe they’ll be so passive. Your thoughts?

  66. Brad Q

    hawkspur, at some point we’ll have to make a significant investment in a QB. We’re not a top 5 drafting team. I want us to keep drilling through the mt. side so we’ll see some light. We’re building a solid team but how many more years do they wait to address the QB situation? No matter when our org decides to go QB, it’ll take a significant inv unless we just unravel, so why not do it now for RG3?

  67. Rob

    Brad Q – Just relaying information we receive from a trusted and proven source. It’s going to be impossible to trade for Griffin III because the team you’ll be dealing with is St. Louis. When you take away the top two quarterbacks in this class, what else is there to work with? Last year, the Seahawks picked #25 overall. In 2010, they had two very early picks and no quarterback close to warranting the pick. At no point in three years have Seattle had a realistic shot at solving this dilemma, which is why we must be patient. You can’t force the issue. Should they offer 3-4 first rounders to a division rival for Griffin III? That would be a huge risk. This year they will continue to build the team, they will acquire a veteran QB at some stage. It won’t be Manning, but we’ll see what they come up with. This team has made some superb trades so far (Lynch, Washington, Clemons) and I’d back them to do it again. And in 2013 who knows – maybe they’ll have the opportunity to quench our thirst for a R1 quarterback?

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