Senior Bowl 2019 — game notes

— None of the quarterbacks were particularly impressive. Certainly nobody performed like Josh Allen a year ago. He really elevated his stock with the way he played in the game. Drew Lock spent the day checking down. Will Grier floated passes and was lucky on a couple of throws not to turn the ball over. Trace McSorley was off-target and inaccurate. Gardner Minshew also missed on many throws and appeared limited physically. Daniel Jones holds the ball far too long. Jarrett Stidham took an avoidable sack (leading to a fumble). Tyree Jackson had some decent throws but also had an ugly turnover. Ryan Finley was fine. It seems like Lock is the most highly regarded of the group with Stidham being a possible mid-round wildcard. Even so — the big winners today were Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins.

— USC’s Chuma Edoga and Washington’s Kaleb McGary were excellent at tackle. Edoga, as he did in practise, flashed terrific balance and agility. His hand-use was good. He handled Montez Sweat on a run play and kicked out into space on a stretch run. Edoga is incredibly intriguing with the skills and athleticism to compete in the NFL. McGary was really terrific again and surely leaves the Senior Bowl as one of the big winners. He was awesome in this game — moving people in the running game, appearing in complete control and handling his duties in pass-pro. He’ll need to go through rigorous health-checks at the combine (he has had heart issues in the past) but all being well he’s a lock for day two of the draft.

— Washington’s Drew Sample and Boston College’s Chris Lindstrom also impressed. Sample caught every pass thrown his way — none were easy. We know he can block but this week Sample also showed he can get open and has soft hands. He’s a very interesting player who had a great week in Mobile. Lindstrom was very convincing at right guard. On one play in the fourth quarter he progressed to the second level with ease and absolutely destroyed a linebacker. Lindstrom is tough and has the same level of composure as Kaleb McGary. Big performance today.

— Montez Sweat is officially an enigma. At times he looks the part of a high pick — then he just disappears or is easily handled. That happened during the college season and was evident again here. Early in the game he showed great closing speed to the QB when he was left unblocked on a handful of bootlegs. He had a good rush vs Max Scharping early on and blew up Tommy Sweeney on a run call. This all happened in the first quarter. After that he struggled to make an impact and was being handled with relative ease by the tackles as the game wore on. Teams may look at his length and quickness and be willing to take him very early in the draft. However, it feels like he still has plenty of questions to answer about his play on the field and his departure from Michigan State.

— Khalen Saunders was a big winner this week. He recorded a huge sack in the game, swimming by the Ole Miss left guard and flashing amazing quickness to break into the backfield and hammer the quarterback. His mobility at his weight is very impressive and it’ll be interesting to see how he runs at the combine. On this evidence he’ll start to creep into the third round range.

— Miami safety Jaquon Johnson closed quickly throughout the game and had an excellent play vs the run in the first half — identifying the call and flying to the ball carrier for a TFL.

— Terry McLaurin didn’t have any big chunk plays but he again showed great quickness, suddenness and was constantly getting open. He had a great catch on a floaty flea-flicker from Daniel Jones. He did also drop a ball he should’ve caught in the red zone. McLaurin is a complete receiver with blocking skills and special teams ability to match his dynamic athleticism. I think people are seriously underestimating his stock after this week in Mobile.

— Some other quick notes — Jaylon Ferguson had a nice rep against Max Scharping and had a sack on one of Daniel Jones’ ‘holds the ball too long’ moments. Ryquell Armstead is tough and finishes runs. Kingsley Keke made plays throughout the practise week and was a force again in the game. Zach Allen didn’t have any impact plays as a pass rusher but blocked a PAT. Elgton Jenkins is a powerful center with a great frame and length. L.J. Collier did as much as anyone to improve his stock this week and he had a good performance in the game. Wisconsin full back Alex Ingold had a massive block on an end-around that had Jon Gruden marching onto the field for a high-five. As a former unbeaten wrestling star in High School (45-0) — Ingold could be a Seahawks target.

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  1. Dale Roberts

    Corbin Smith from Football Maven named Anthony Nelson, Iowa, Nate Davis, Charlotte, Andy Isabella, Umass, along with Nasir Adderley and Drew Sample as the five players Seattle should look at from the Senior Bowl. Any comments on Nelson, Davis, and Isabella?

    Also… Why does Seattle need leverage in negotiations with Wilson? Both sides want a win-win. Wilson has at least one more contract coming and it makes no sense for him to bankrupt the team’s ability to surround him with talent especially on the offensive line.

    • Rob Staton

      I thought Nelson looked extremely limited as a pass rusher. Nasir Adderley I’m just not getting the hype. Not particularly interested in Isabella to be honest. Nate Davis — I thought there were much more interesting O-liners out there.

      I think I answered the question about contract leverage with Wilson in the piece. I don’t want to repeat it but here’s a quick summary. It’s nothing to do with Wilson wanting or not wanting to bankrupt the team. The fact is the franchise tag guarantees him $110m over three years. So he’s well within his rights to ask for that and he almost certainly will. That includes $43m for one season in 2021. That’s not possible. He can easily turn to the Seahawks and say, fairly, ‘what else are you going to do?’. If the Seahawks can say, ‘we’ll start this guy’ and have someone they’ve drafted as insurance, it puts the onus back on Wilson.

      And besides all of that, it’s all about covering your arse if you get to 2020 and you still don’t have a deal with RW.

      • SoCal12

        I’m curious why you’re not interested in Isabella. I’ve heard a lot of good things, and he played pretty well in the Senior Bowl. Is it the height? Or perhaps concerns that he might not fit our system that well? Would you spend maybe a 4th or 5th on him?

        • Rob Staton

          It’s a lot of things. He’s a sprinter but he’s not especially quick or sudden in his breaks. He does too much to try and get open and had wasted movement. His catching was majorly inconsistent all week. He’s very small and not sure he makes up for it in a way Terry McLaurin does.

          I think he’s a late day three type personally and not someone I would covet for Seattle at any point really.

          • McZ

            You cannot really compare those two receivers, as they are different types of players. Isabella is more of a Amendola type, while McLaurin is a Baldwin-clone. In fact, if Isabella falls to R5 or 6, I would take a chance in a hardbeat.

            Tbh… will not happen, because the Pats will be there and will turn him into a Edelman/Hogan replacement. If not, they take Renfrow.

            • Rob Staton

              It’s perfectly plausible to compare the two when discussing why one smaller receiver is more preferable than the other.

              I can’t see the Seahawks drafting Isabella. Not that sold anyone will.

  2. AlaskaSouth

    Where is McLaurin projected at the moment? Sure seems Seahawky, but will he be out of reach with multiple trade downs?

    • Eburgz

      Tony Pauline has moved him up to a round 2-3 projection after the senior bowl up from an UDFA ranking. I’m not beholden to Pauline’s (or anyone’s) projections before I get accused of that again. Although I do think he is one of the best in the biz.

      I don’t think we’re talking about a R1 guy despite the awesome traits and great fit with the Seahawks. We are talking about a guy who had 33 catches in the Big 10 this past season. A breakout season where he had a heisman finalist throwing him the ball. Not trying to knock the guy, I really like him and would love to see him as a Seahawks. Ideally using our 3rd round pick IMO. No one but the team that drafts him knows where he will go, and they won’t know that until they do it.

    • Rob Staton

      Many are saying rounds 2-3 now.

      I think he’s solidly round 2.

  3. Zxvo3

    Rob, if you could choose between Terry McLaurin and Deebo Samuel for the Seahawks who would you pick? Also, D’Andre Walker’s groin injury could cause him to miss the combine. Do you think Walker could fall to round 3 in the draft?

    • Dale Roberts

      Whoa, that could really hurt Walker’s stock. The other analysts I’ve read aren’t as high on Walker as Rob. Most already see him as a second round pick and some don’t even mention him in the top ten at his position. If he can’t put on a show at the combine I could definitely see him being pushed into the third round by all of the defensive quality above him.

    • Rob Staton


      Not sure on Walker.

  4. C-Dog

    I wonder if JS doesn’t try to work out a deal with Indy to bring Jacoby Brissett to Seattle. Familiarity with the OC, still a young player. They brought in Clipboard Jesus as a hedge for Matt Hasselbeck in his final year during a weak QB class year. So there is some precedence there.

    Maybe they look at these guys and decide Brissett would offer more, or if Murray doesn’t fall to them, they just avoid the position another year and bank on franchising Wilson, and hope they don’t lose any one of Frank, Jarran, or Bobby in the process.

    • millhouse-serbia

      There are few problems with Brisett. Indy won’t let him for nothing. And he is FA after 2019. Don’t waist another one high pick for one year rent. And he was starter at this league, more than ok starter. He won’t be cheap after thiss season. And he already said he wants to play.

      I dont see Jacoby as a hedge for Russ at this moment. To expensive (money and draft capital) for hedge. But as a true replecemant? That is what I wouldnt rule out completely. Small chances, really really small but you never know.

    • Eli

      When you consider the cost of acquisition – probably a first round pick, certainly nothing less than a second round pick – as well as the fact that the Colts whole point in grabbing Brissett was as a hedge for Andrew Luck (unhealthy at the time, did some spot relief for him this year on hail mary throws), its hard to envision. I am a big fan of Brissett, but think he would only be an option on the open market.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I suspect that the Colts GM has stared at this same QB class, has matched it up with Brissett, and feels there’s a pretty decent chance for a QB needy to cough up more for a first. The one way that perhaps I can see a path for him to Seattle in 2019 is if PC/JS have determined that they won’t be able to extent RW and they don’t want to lose another key starter by playing the franchise tag game with him, and they either deal him in 2019, or they deal with Indy to bring in Brissett with the understanding that he is QB1 in the waiting and they reach a deal with him. Maybe they swap the 21st pick with one of Indy’s R2 picks and Brissett and consider the QB a part of this draft class; maybe it’s a player for player and they deal Baldwin for Brissett and AD gets to play with his old college QB, Seattl opens up further cap and targets one of these WRs early and keeps their pick.

        This is about as wildly Madden scenario stuff as I can imagine posting but if Rob is right, Winter is coming between RW and the team, and this isn’t a great QB draft class and there are other core players coming due, I have to think a scenario like this is somewhat possible.

        The biggest question for me is did PC sign his short extension to attempt another championship run only to move on from RW for a lesser QB in the process?

        This is the question that has be pumping breaks on all of this. RW is a legit top ten QB. Murray might well become that. Brissett could maaayyyybeee become that. RW is that and if they play the franchise game, they can keep him for as long as both PC and JS’s contracts are due in 2021.

        • Rob Staton

          The full intention will be to keep RW and get a new deal.

          The smart move is to prepare for that not to be the case because it’s a possibility in a year or two.

          • C-Dog

            Fully agree. Didn’t mean for this to become about replacing RW, might have gone there a bit with the Brissett scenario. Just trying to spit ball ideas of how they gain leverage with a lackluster 2019 QB class.

  5. Dale Roberts

    Let’s do a Belichick and trade Justin Britt, a pro-bowl alternate in 2016 who will be up for a new contract after the 2019 season. We have Pocic who’s best position is arguably center waiting in the wings. At the least Pocic needs to be the backup center this year if nothing else for a plan B on Britt’s next contract.
    What might Britt return in the way of draft choices?

    • Adog

      I’m in favor of trading britt also…I don’t think he calls a good game…certainly the Dallas game bears reminding that he cannot pick up or read a inside twist or rub reliably. They drafted pocic and hung on to hunt for a reason…to eventually move on from britt. This is the year…how about to the raiders for a 4th and a 5th?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t get why anyone would want to trade Britt.

      Besides, what do people honestly think Britt’s trade value is?!?!

      • Adog

        I’ll take a 5th…draft Greg gaines…

      • Dale Roberts

        It’s not that I’m excited to trade Britt but rather I’m looking for tradeable pieces where we have ready replacement. Belichick’s GM magic is that he doesn’t get attached to players. If he can get a cheaper guy to do the job he moves on. Belichick would have moved on from Sherman, Thomas, and Chancellor accepting whatever he could get. The Hawks got zip, in fact worse than zip if you include Chancellor’s contract. I don’t know what the demand for Britt would be but he’s the only healthy, tradeable piece I could come up with to enhance our draft stock without leaving a hole. He’s also redundant if Pocic could do the job as a younger, cheaper player.

        • Rob Staton

          It’s fine not to get too attached to a player.

          But Britt isn’t Richard Seymour or Deion Branch. His trade value will be risible.

  6. Mark Souza

    I agree with the assessment of the quarterback play. It was horrible. I wanted to scout the receivers and DBs. But the balls were so far off the mark that I couldn’t judge either. The one thing I did notice was how sudden Deebo Samuels is. If he has good hands, he’s a game changer.

    • charlietheunicorn

      What could be interesting is seeing how a WR or DB adjust to the bad passes. IF they still are making plays on less than ideal throws, then they could be more viable in the NFL.

      After some of Robs notes on Montez Sweat, I would take him out of the running for the Seahawks. If you are taking a guy early in the draft, you have to see the want to and then you toss in everything else. He appears to be a huge gamble, Seattle needs to go with a more “sure fire” product.

      Lastly, Drew Sample is intriguing as hell. A complete player. I’m not sure what the TE group looks like next year (already on the roster), but he would be a fine addition.

      • Rob Staton

        I think the Seahawks will be attracted to Sweat’s incredible length and quickness. Doesn’t mean they’ll take him or covet him though. There are some character Q’s to answer.

        • no frickin clue

          Rob – I see your comments on Montez Sweat and I start getting worried that we’re talking about Malik McDowell 2.0. A guy who flashes massive potential but then disappears for long stretches – which either means his ability isn’t superlative or (more likely) he’s taking a lot of plays off. It gets to character. The Hawks have gambled on character risks and won (see Clark, Frank), but I think there’s a difference between guys with on-field character issues and guys with off-field ones. In other words, if you aren’t displaying a high motor on the field, what does that say about your ability to fit into Seahawks culture? Would PC and JS be willing to use another high pick on a boom-or-bust guy so soon after the failed experiment with McDowell?

          • Rob Staton

            It’s a good question. Much will depend on how he tests I think. They love traits. If he has an out of this world combine they might roll the dice. We’ll see. But the concerns are fair.

      • H

        Hunter Renfrow was that guy who adjusted to the bad passes. It’ll be fascinating to see how early that guy goes, because he’s not gonna test well but he’s absolutely going to be a great player in the league. Probably for the Patriots.

        • McZ

          Renfrow has the best hands of any WR in the draft, and he is the intermediate slot target we need.

          • Rob Staton

            Not sure about that

  7. H

    Tyree had some decent throws? Come on Rob, gotta give my dude some more credit than that, I was falling asleep watching all these inaccurate, check-down QBs. Then big #3 came out and hits an absolute bomb down the field, I shouted at my laptop at was so excited. His one step throw on the slant for his first td was also a great testament of his arm strength and accuracy, those are the kind of throws Wilson has never been able to make. Yeah I’ll give you some of his bad showed up, but even that ill advised cross field throw to Renfrow showed off his improvisational ability that I love to see in a QB and it was 3rd down where you have to make a play.

    Andy Isabella is the other player who really got my juices going, that dude is electric with the ball in his hands. Time for the bubble screen to return to Seattle? And Zach Allen, what a disappointment he’s been this week, he put a fantastic year on tape, but just looked so limited as an athlete and almost certainly won’t be an early pick for Seattle as I’d hoped.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it was a very fair assessment to be honest. Tyree’s interception was an awful, terrible throw and decision. He has the balance of a giraffe out of the pocket and looked like he was going to trip up several times. The end of the Senior Bowl often has that kind of laboured feel to it. Ryan Finley and Tyree both benefited from that. But he also made some nice throws. It doesn’t make up for a week of awful play in practise though and I think he’s a cert to be an UDFA. Rounds 6-7 at best.

      I’m not intrigued by Isabella at all really. Small hands, struggled to catch all week, too busy in his routes, very quick but not sudden like McLaurin, Deebo and Penny Hart.

      • H

        Fair enough, not sure I agree i.e udfa though, to much upside in a QB driven league. We’ll have shall see though.

  8. millhouse-serbia

    Novak Djokovic! GOAT!!!

    • no frickin clue

      Easy there sport. The Joker still has some ways to go. Having won 15 Slams is a lot, but he still trails Nadal (17) and Federer (20). But to be fair, he absolutely demolished Nadal last night, which never happens. He played a perfect match.

  9. Trevor

    What dreadful QB class! You nailed it Rob the big winners his week were Murray and Haskins + Nick Foles and Joe Flacco. QB needy teams are in trouble this offseason.

  10. Trevor

    Really like the attitude that Dalton Risner and McGary play with and think both will be solid NFL RT.

    • Rob Staton

      Risner as a man seems like an absolute class act. Watched his interviews over the week and he seems like a great dude. I just wish there was more to like. Laboured footwork, looks like he should have to kick inside. And yet they never tried him at guard or Center at any point this week.

      McGary on the other hand was tremendous.

      • Sanders

        Question for Rob and others…If we trade down a couple times out of the 1st round, would you be opposed to drafting an offensive lineman like McGary with our first pick in the 2nd round?

        My thought is; we our paying our LT, OC, also probably re-signing Sweezy and Fluker. I don’t think it is wise to have so much money tied up into one position group. Ifedi is going to be a restricted free agent in 2020. Ifedi did improve this past year and may become one of the better run blocking RT in the league. I think an option for us would be to draft a offensive lineman (McGary) in the 2nd round and put a 1st or 2nd round tender on lfedi after this next season. By doing this we will save money in not have to pay a another second contract to another offensive lineman, McGary will have one year of experience in our playbook and random playing time, so as lessoning mistakes when he starts in his 2nd season, and we gain an additional 1st or 2nd round pick from another team signing Ifedi as a restricted free agent.

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not against it if the value is there. I really liked McGary at the Senior Bowl. There is a scenario where I’d be happy to take him as a cheap heir apparent to Ifedi. It’s not preferable but there are options where it could come into play.

  11. clbradley17

    2019 Pro Bowl Mic’d Up: Seahawks Linebacker Bobby Wagner

    2019 Pro Bowl: Michael Dickson GoPro

  12. Trevor

    Montez Sweat is a physical freak and has incredible flashes but I am not sure how to feel about him because I am not sure how a guy with those tools and ability disappears for such long stretches. Not just yesterday but all season. That worries me more than his reason for leaving Mich St.

    • Rob Staton

      I share those concerns.

      Proper boom or bust potential here.

      • Eburgz

        I noticed no mention of Omenihu in your article. Another guy with crazy length but he showed legit hustle in the game (I only got to watch clips and highlights). I saw your comment a couple days ago that you didn’t think he would be an early rounder but I don’t see much separating him from some of the guys touted earlier. Would love to grab this guy in the third round personally. Do you have issues with his game or just trying to keep the hype from getting out of control?

        I’ve noticed that I tend to favor guys who lack great flexibility like Omenihu and Ferguson, for whatever reason.

        • Rob Staton

          I didn’t really notice him in the game. There will be others too. Watching once through on a laptop on delay isn’t going to mean you catch everyone.

  13. Sea Mode

    Seahawks Mock Draft 1.0

    It’s that time! I feel ready to take my first stab at it this year.


    – Trade down to recoup enough picks. (duh)
    – I’m assuming no blue-chip DL (Polite, Clemson guys) or Kyler Murray fall to 21.
    – We re-sign Kendricks at LB and the 2 Guards, but are prepared to lose KJ and Coleman to better offers and Ed Dickson, Jaron Brown, and Barkevious Mingo as cap casualties replaced with younger players. Avoid contracts in the $3-6m APY range as much as possible (except ST), unless it’s for a guy who should probably be getting paid more anyway. (e.g. McDougald)
    – Choose guys with relatively high floors in the early rounds, not boom or bust.
    – Continue last year’s theme: No drama, all football.


    All trades calculated using the Rich Hill trade chart:

    (N.B. there are some errors in the draft picks, especially in the later rounds, so use a different source to confirm, like this one: )

    *TRADE 1: GB sends R1P30, R3P64, and R7P202 (261 pts.) to Seattle for R1P21 pick. (261 pts.)
    Basically using the trade Rob proposed in his latest mock. GB has two picks in R1, R4, and R6, so they feel comfortable moving up to select an OL to help protect Rodgers so he can work his magic.

    *TRADE 2: JAX sends R2P38 and R3P95 (197 pts.) to Seattle for R1P30 (196 pts.)
    JAX has two R2 picks, and after having been outbid for the QBs at the top of R1, they make sure to jump ahead of the rest to snag someone at the back of R1.

    *TRADE 3: ATL sends R2P45 and R4P110 (157 pts.) to Seattle for R2P38 (157 pts.)
    ATL has been aggressive in past years trading up for their guys. They pull the trigger again.

    *TRADE 4: CIN sends R5P138, R6P169, and R7P199 (21 pts.) to Seattle for R4P117 (23 pts.)
    They see a player they like and move up to get him. They have two R6 picks and don’t mind giving up one of them plus change to make it happen. Seattle picks up some late-round ammo.



    R2P45 — Terry McLaurin (WR, Ohio St.)
    We’ve already talked extensively about this guy. He is a PERFECT fit for the Seahawks. Ultra-athletic, reliable target, not only willing but good at blocking, ST ace. Competitive and an amazing character. I think this pinned Tweet from his feed is a good summary of the kind of guy you are getting:

    Will fit right in the WR room and compete with David Moore for WR3, while also contributing right away as a gunner across from Thorpe. For precedent on waiting this long to pick, Paul Richardson also happened to be exactly R2P45 after trading down twice from late R1. The top DL in this scenario are gone, so Seattle doesn’t fight the board, trades down to recoup picks, and goes with a (potentially historically) dynamic athlete.

    Fallback: WR Deebo Samuel (SC). A Golden Tate comp. who showed well at the Senior Bowl and also contributes on ST as a returner. Adverse backstory and brings attitude to his game. Injury history, however, is a concern.

    R3P75 — Christian Miller (OLB/DE, Alabama)

    “He’s done a really, really good job for us,” Alabama head coach Nick Saban said. “He’s battled through a lot of adversity here, mostly injuries. He’s worked really hard to gain weight, get stronger, become a little more physical player. I can’t say enough about the kind of person he is.

    “He’s graduated, doing internships, developing a career off the field, working hard to develop a career on the field. Always done everything we’ve ever asked him to do. I always think he’s a positive influence on his teammates. So, he’s an outstanding young man, all the way around.”

    Length, athleticism, explosive off the edge. Miller is a bit of a forgotten man at the moment since he wasn’t able to participate in the Senior Bowl. About half of the teams won’t see him as a fit, and others may be scared off by his injury history and by questions about whether his success was more a by-product of playing next to other elite DL at Alabama. Don’t let that throw you off. Miller is an excellent player and a threat off the edge. High character and a self-proclaimed perfectionist, he will work tirelessly at what he still needs to develop to succeed at the next level:

    Fallback: D’Andre Walker (DE/OLB, Georgia). Another underrated player who hasn’t been able to shine in the draft process due to injury. The dude is a BAMF and just makes plays. Not a flashy pass rusher, but he will help stop the run and make your team tougher. Don’t underestimate him though, he had 7.5 sacks and 11 TFL in 12 games his senior year. While in the other cases I strongly prefer the pick over the fallback option I offered, in this case I would be equally happy with either of these two.

    R3P84 — Damien Harris (RB, Alabama)
    What?! Another RB?! But we have so many other needs! Let me give you a sneak peek of PC/JS 2019 Draft Day 2 Presser:

    JS: We had other plans for this pick and a couple trade offers on the table to move down, but he was so high up on our board that we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. We had a… *glances at PC*… we had a first round grade on him since last year.

    PC: We’re real fired up about this guy and have been for a long time. He’s legit. Can do it all. Run physical, pass protect, catch out of the backfield. As complete and explosive a runner as you’ll find them coming out. We’re all about competin’, and he’ll push Rashaad and Chris to make our RB group even more competitive. This pick speaks once again to who we are as a team, our identity.

    So yeah, it’s a wildcard pick to take advantage of a player dropping. They can let Prosise, Davis, and McKissic battle it out for the other two spots in camp.

    Fallback: OT project as insurance for Ifedi/Brown in a couple years’ time. There are plenty in this class with outstanding length who will be available but need time to develop. They could find value there. Edoga, Risner, Udoh? Need to wait for the Combine to pin down a name or two.

    R3P95 — Renell Wren (DT, ASU)
    A (literally) huge project with sky-high potential. After three relatively safe picks, the Seahawks take their yearly swing for the fences. They are confident that they can find his best position and coach some technique and discipline. This guy’s a certified freak that has strength and athleticism at his size that you can’t teach. Can collapse the pocket and command double teams. From Feldman’s Freaks list:

    A 301-pounder [n.b. 315 at Senior Bowl], 6-5 Wren clocked a 4.85 40 this offseason with a 2.88 20-yard split. He has a vertical jump of 34.5 inches and a broad jump of 10 feet. Wren (22 tackles, three TFLs last year) squats 600 pounds and benches 430.

    JS was also rumored to have attended an ASU game this season; take it for what you will. The hunt for the 3T continues… (and he has potential to play more spots as well)

    Fallback: Khalen Saunders (DT, W. Illinois) Massive man, massive athleticism, who put himself on the national radar at the Senior Bowl. He’s like a bigger, more athletic Poona Ford in a sense. Jim Nagy said in an interview that he’s waaay better than a similar prospect we talked a lot about last year, Tim Settle, who ended up going in R5. Does his special athleticism lets them look past his 32 3/8 arm length?

    R4P110 — Jamal Peters (CB, Miss. St.)
    This is the annual long, athletic CB pick to add to PC’s CB factory and compete with Griffin. Tony Pauline reported the interest in him and it’s easy to see why: there just aren’t that many CBs (so far) in this draft that meet their 32” arm + 77.5” wingspan threshold. He should be one of them, though we don’t have his official measurements yet because he had to pull out of the Shrine Game due to injury.

    Fallback: Isaiah Johnson (CB, Houston) Nagy called him a prototypical “Seahawks CB” earlier in the season. He’s the only one so far to officially meet (and greatly exceed) the size criteria, and he surprisingly recorded the 2nd highest speed (behind only McLaurin) on day one of Senior Bowl practices, so that bodes well for how he might test at the Combine.

    R5P138 — Rock Ya-Sin (CB, Temple)
    This guy has been one of Volume 12’s favorites for a while now, and it seems clear that the Seahawks have had their eye on some Temple players this year. He’s one of the single digits.

    He is 5116, 189, with 32 3/8 arm and 76 3/4 wing. That is good size and outstanding length for the slot, and he was also a winner with how shredded he looked at the Senior Bowl weigh ins. Then he recorded one of the top 10 speeds in practices the first day and was one of the only ones who was able to win a couple reps throughout the week against Deebo Samuel.

    I think the Hawks will almost expect to get outbid for Justin Coleman’s services, and this is the guy with physical the traits and toughness they look for. Just for reference, Coleman was 5’11”, 185, 31 1/4 arms at the Combine.

    Fallback: Jimmy Moreland (CB, James Madison) Seahawks scouts attended practice at James Madison twice this season, so they were obviously onto this guy before his breakout performance at the Shrine Game and subsequent Senior Bowl call up. Pauline reported Deebo Samuel said Moreland was the best CB he faced during Senior Bowl week. Pauline also gushed about how he shut down Renfrow. The thing is, he’s severely undersized, even for the slot: 5096, 179, 29 1/2 arms and 73 1/4 wing measured at the Shrine Game. But there is something to be said for that kind of production and stepping it up against higher competition at the Senior Bowl.

    R5P148 — Michael Dogbe (DT, Temple)
    Continuing with both the Temple theme and the 3T hunt, this guy stood out with his quickness when I watched him on tape, and then he came and measured in at 6031, 286, 33 1/4 arm, 78 wing at the Shrine Game. Like Wren, he is also one of Feldman’s Freaks, as is Renell Wren. But they are two very different profiles, with Dogbe being more of a traditional 3T build.

    Earned a single digit at Temple. That tells you about all you need to know about his work ethic and leadership. On the field, he’s not the finished product either, but if he were, we wouldn’t be talking about him possibly being available on Day 3 as we are now… at least until he beasts the Combine. Here’s what Feldman wrote:

    At 6-4, 280, Dogbe (26 tackles last year) is the rare defensive tackle who is so chiseled, he looks like the mannequins they use in the team’s lobby to show off their uniforms. Dogbe recently earned jersey No. 9 at Temple, where the single digits are reserved for the toughest players. His workout numbers are remarkable: He bench presses 500 pounds, reps 225 37 times, squats 685, broad jumps 9-7 and ran a 4.85 in the 40.

    In other words, he’s also going to test not only quick, but extremely explosive, possibly putting up one of the highest TEF scores we have seen.

    Fallback: LJ Collier (DE/DT, TCU) I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about this guy yet. But he just showed up bigtime at the Senior Bowl as he continually won his 1v1s and made plays. Then I look at his measurements and he is 6022, 280 with 34.75 arms and 81 1/4 wingspan. Incredible. From what I understand, he played DE at TCU, but his best fit at his size might be sliding inside at the next level.

    R6P169 — Trevon Wesco (TE/FB, WVU)
    A unique player at his size, with mobility and versatility to line up at both in-line TE and FB (ala Luke Willson, but much bigger and more compact). He gets the job done in the blocking game, as seen on tape and confirmed at the Senior Bowl, and has surprisingly sticky hands in the passing game. At 6034, 270, 34 5/8 arm, 81 1/4 wing, he could boost our running game, provide a viable option in the short passing game, and might just save a roster spot as well.

    FB Tre Madden was only used on 8% of our offensive snaps this past season; that’s not worth a roster spot IMO as long as he can be replaced on ST as well (55%). Wesco also gives us the option of moving on from Ed Dickson as a cap casualty if we want, as well as providing an alternative if they don’t want to pay Vannett after this coming season.

    Fallback: Drew Sample (TE, Washington) Just another Washington TE in the mold of Will Dissly. Showed well at the Senior Bowl. Solid, not spectacular. Bring him on.

    R7P199 — LB Kahlil Hodge (LB, Buffalo)
    Could one of the nation’s leading tacklers still be available in R7? Well, last year’s Big 12 DL of the Year wasn’t even drafted. Hodge lacks ideal height and length and is limited to ILB at the next level, so we would strictly be looking at a backup/understudy for Bobby Wagner. It might also be good to give Wagner some snaps off here and there to help extend his career, as well as at least having a viable alternative to point to in upcoming contract negotiations.

    Hodge is 6011, 255, 31 3/8 arm, 75 5/8 wing at the Shrine Game. He’s not gonna run in the 4.4s like Bobby but, like Bobby, he sure will tackle the heck out of anything that moves. Pauline tweeted that the Seahawks love him, and it’s easy to see why.

    Fallback: Drue Tranquill (LB, Notre Dame) He’s a smaller WILL who can specialize in and dropping in coverage. Was chosen in a scouts’ poll as one of the big winners in the Senior Bowl. Looks pretty athletic and could contribute on ST from day 1. Has overcome a lot of injury adversity. But is a bit undersized (6020, 228) and lacking length (31 arm, 74 wing) and needs to be kept clean to make plays vs. the run. But he’s a baller and an over-achiever, so they could take a shot late in the draft.

    R7P202 — K Matthew Gay (K, Utah)
    Looks like the best of the bunch this year. Not much else to say:

    Daniel Jeremiah (IIRC) mentioned at the Shrine Game that the ball just sounded different when Gay kicked it as compared to the other kickers. That’s probably indicative of a big leg, which would correspond with the statistical study of him hitting the most from 50+. Burn a R7 to get him in the building instead of risking him choosing another team in UDFA.


    Whew, that turned out longer than I intended! I’ll try to keep it more concise next time. I am pretty happy with how the mock draft class turned out, and I think it shows where the Seahawks might be able to find value in this year’s draft given their lack of picks, while also covering the potential loss of Wright, Coleman, Ed Dickson, Brown and Mingo as we look to extend our core guys.

    The first draft of this mock had us taking Hockinson at R2P38 and then McLaurin and Miller in R3. I think that’s pretty much out of the question though now that Hockinson and McLaurin’s stock has taken off. Kudos to Rob and the other SDB commenters who have been high on these guys for a while now.

    No Safety pick? Nope, I just don’t see anyone in this class I think is that much better than Delano Hill.

    No QB pick? Sorry, with Murray long gone, I just couldn’t see who offers more potential than Paxton or Hundley. I probably like Rypien the best from all those we’ve seen at the all-star games, but not sure if he has an NFL arm. I just like the guy though and his leadership, and he got the job done at the Shrine Week.

    Well, happy to hear your thoughts to get us through this month of waiting for the Combine… 😊

    • C-Dog

      Sea Mode

      You’re taking it all to a whole new level. This is straight up rock star mocking. Excellent work.

      I think this is a great looking draft class, and I think the first four picks make a ton of Seahawks sense. I got nothing to add.

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks, man. I enjoy doing them and reading what everybody here posts.

    • Trevor

      Love the logic that went behind the needs and the off season moves prior to the draft they all make a ton of sense. Only things I would wish different is that they keep Coleman. I just think a solid slot CB is really valuable in todays NFL.

      The trades you suggest seem realistic and make sense value wise for sure.

      As for the draft I really like the picks the only one I think you may be off on value wise is Rock Ya Sin who I think will go on day #2 and as long as they can get a guy like Peters I have faith in Pete to coach up CBs.

      Instead of Harris at RB I hope they add another hope they add another young TE with one of the RD#3 picks or a high upside developemental OL prospect.

      Awesome post all around! Really appreciate all your contributions here on the blog.

      • Sea Mode

        I’m all for keeping Coleman too, he’s the first of that group I would keep, but has to be at the right price because we need to sign Clark and extend Russ, Reed, and Wagner. And just like KJ, I could easily see him getting a $7-8m/apy offer from another team that puts him out of our reach.

        You could be absolutely right on Ya-Sin’s stock. PC is an excellent evaluator of CBs he can work with, and if they see Ya-Sin as one of those, then I say definitely go get him if he is still there in R3 and see if Wren falls to us in R4. If Wren doesn’t fall, then you grab Dogbe instead a bit earlier.

        I don’t see any TEs though that I like in the mid rounds. For me right now, it’s either Hockinson early or one of the guys on day 3.

        Appreciate our conversations too. Our guy Isabella had a pretty rough going at the Senior Bowl, though he did bounce back a bit the last couple days and made some plays in the game. Did you see that he told media he’s run in the 4.2s before? His stock will likely go back up at the Combine and some team is still going to get a weapon, but I’m not as excited as I was about his potential fit in Seattle.

        • Trevor

          I agree about Isabella but you have to remember most of the small school guys struggle on day #1 I remember Davenport looked awful day #1 last year. I still really like Isabella but agree I think he is a better fit with a team like the Patriots that would utilize this after the catch ability etc. He eve looks like a faster version of Edleman.

          I think he will still be a really solid NFL WR but perhaps not with the Hawks.

    • Eburgz

      Awesome stuff. Great mock.

      Only criticisms are I’m not willing to let Dickson go for a couple million (as long as health isn’t in question). I really like him. Would love to see what he can do with a full healthy season. And I don’t think Rock Ya-Sin will be available where you have him. Top 100 at the latest and he’s even getting top 50 buzz. If we lose Coleman he would be an ideal guy to try and replace him. But that’s why you included fallback options, some great fallback options for every pick.

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed the mock.

        Dickson’s a good player and doesn’t cost a lot, so definitely possible we keep him on board for one more season, even if we do draft a guy like Wesco.

        On Ya-Sin, he totally merits top 100 buzz. He’s got all the tools you look for at the next level. See reply to Trevor above on him.

    • Aaron

      Seahawks Twitter would be so triggered by another RB drafted, but I think it could happen too, just not before round 3. Carson is the workhorse but he needs another RB to split the carries and keep him fresh. Penny is still developing, and Davis could be gone in FA. Really solid mock based on the positions and types of players we need, and a spot on Pete Carroll impersonation on the Harris pick, lol!

      • Sea Mode

        Haha, forget Seahawks Twitter. If Harris actually falls to late R3, I’m flying to Nashville and handing in the card myself!

        I had fun with the PC bit as well. Petespeak is so easy to imitate. I’m sure others on the blog can do it even better.😂

    • Kenny Sloth

      I really like Matt Gay, definitely should be drafted.

      I like you going scattershot and getting lots of defenders.

      Explosive playmaker early and valuable athletes later on.
      I like the idea of adding two defensive tackles because I’m concerned about the viability of bringing back the Red Bryant 5tech with our current personnel

      • Sea Mode

        Yeah, I wanted to take a shot at a couple DTs that could be special, but I also want to be careful to avoid it becoming as overbooked as the FC Barcelona midfield… Some of the current guys have to be expendable for it to make sense to add two more, so I’m not sure.

        (BTW, what do you think of the new USMNT coach? Maybe start a new thread below. I read an article on ESPN yesterday, but otherwise don’t know anything about him and his vision for our selection. )

        • Kenny Sloth

          Smart but unspectacular guy. Seems to have a system in mind and a vision for the culture. Not sure how much more we could ask for from that corrupt federation that hired him.

          Game against Panama today. 60,000 seats at state farm only 6,000 sold.

          Really depressing metric. Tickets getting more expensive even tho nobody is really going

    • Dale Roberts

      Echoing the other folks, nice job Sea Mode.

      I question committing our top pick to a receiver. A player that may fall to 45 is Taylor Rapp who could be a perfect guy to take over the slot for Coleman or flip to either safety position as needed. Fast, quick, smart, big hitter, a slightly bigger version of Budda Baker. Think he’s being undervalued which is good for us.

      Damien Harris doesn’t help this team. If Harris were to fall to this point I’d hope another team coveted him enough to sway with us to get him. There will be value in players that fall because of the defensive quantity/quality in this draft.

      • Sea Mode

        Thanks, Dale.

        I haven’t looked at Rapp yet, so thanks for the name.

        The question about the WR pick is fair. I don’t think it’s important to target a specific position with our first pick. I just want the best talent available and a guy who fits our team. In this scenario, I’m imagining that guy is a WR. Think we could greatly benefit from adding McLaurin (or Deebo), especially if Doug continues to be hampered by injury. And who knows how long Doug plans to keep playing anyway; there have been insinuations that it might not be that much longer.

        Gonna have to flat out disagree on Damien Harris not helping us. I’m not going to advocate spending our first pick on him, but if we do manage to accumulate multiple picks in R3 and he is still sitting there for the taking, IMO we’d be crazy not to pull the trigger. RB shelf life is short in the NFL. Rawls was the future after Lynch…until suddenly he wasn’t. Carson is amazing, but hasn’t proven to be the most durable over the course of his career. I think a season like last season is about best case scenario we can reasonably expect from him, missing a few games and needing a week off to be fresh for the playoffs. Prosise is hanging on the roster by a thread. Davis could leave in FA (hopefully not). Penny is a huge talent, but not as physical a runner and still unproven. McKissic is a role player.

        Once again, if a borderline R1 talent is there for the taking in late R3, IMO you don’t overthink it. There will still be defensive talent to tap into, as I feel I have managed to do in my mock.

        • Dale Roberts

          A talented player will always help but how much? In the 2018 regular season Chris Carson had 247 carries, Mike Davis 112, and Rashad Penny 85. If we draft a RB and replace Mike Dave there’s no reason to believe that freshman would get more than 85 carries unless someone gets hurt. 85 carries is only 20% percent and for that 20% I think you’re better off looking for splash plays. As good as Harris is he’s more of an every down back than a breakaway talent. I hope Harris drops to us because I think several teams would be interested in swapping picks for the chance to draft him. I think a lesson Pete/John have taught us is that used correctly a lot of players have first round talent while the league has taught us that first round talent doesn’t come close to guaranteeing success. I don’t think you would properly cast Harris as a lightly used back.

  14. AlaskaHawk

    Hey Sea Mode,
    There is a lot to like about your draft. Some names I haven’t really considered. A bit counter to strength of the draft, perhaps taking advantage of offensive players slipping while the first round of defensive players go. I especially like targeting improvements on offense – since most of the fans here want defense and more defense.

    The Seahawks are losing Davis at running back and their are only two reliable wide receivers. So your picks make total sense, and Harris is a good inside runner that will show well on a power team. If anything is missing, it would be replenishing the guard spots. I want Fluker and Sweezy playing, but I don’t expect them to last. So it would be good to find better backups.

    Defensively, you got the DE rusher, the project linemen, and you got the cornerback. A decent linebacker is probably going to require a round 2-3 pick, and that ain’t happening. I love the picks from any team named Alabama, Georgia or Clemson.

    You even found room for a kicker. Rightly, you called off he search for a QB – this draft will disappoint.

    I like your picks!

    • Rob Staton

      Alaska spent years complaining about the OL…

      And now it’s fixed we get to hear him complain about the backups.

      Quick reminder on their backups — Simmons who played excellent against the Rams (Sug & Donald) and Pocic (a high draft pick, proving simply splashing endless picks on the OL is not an answer alone).

      • AlaskaHawk

        Rob – and you spent years defending a line that was going downhill against many bloggers. Now we can both revel in a decent offensive line. I’m just hoping what they put together will last for awhile.

        • Elmer

          And it’s important to build quality depth on the O line, injuries are a fact of life there. Currently they have Simmons (can he stay healthy?), Pocic (can he get stronger?), Fant (how high is his ceiling?), and Hunt (is he too small?).

          Building depth doesn’t mean that you just throw draft choices at the problem. Reserve O linemen aren’t as versatile special teams players as you get with some other positions. Plus, the team has (it seems to me) more pressing needs elsewhere and has limited draft capital.

        • Rob Staton

          I hope so too Alaska. We certainly agree there.

          I just wish we could celebrate in the OL a little. It feels like we’ve never stopped talking about it.

          (And I’ll say this — I didn’t defend the line the last two years. I defended it when they were winning Super Bowls).

    • Sea Mode

      Hey, Alaska, thanks for the feedback. Glad you like the picks!

      I think Simmons is the future at Guard.

      My take on OL has become similar in a sense to what we did at DT for a long time. We spent years drafting player after player on the OL, many of them pretty high picks, and very few have panned out. Given the state of the college OL coming out and the fact that most need a year or two to bulk up and learn proper technique anyway, you don’t even get the full benefit of the cheap rookie deal for very long even if they do end up playing. Let’s let other teams’ take on the growing pains of developing these OL, then see if we can’t find a diamond among their outcasts.

      So I’m content for now with searching in the bargain bin in UDFA, FA, and other teams’ roster bubble to find a guy who might fit us and who might have fallen out due to injury or scheme fit or something. We’ll churn through a lot of them, but eventually we’ll hit on a couple. We’ve finally found success down that route, so why go back to trying the other frustratingly unsuccessful method?

      Also, I’m not particularly worried about the quality of our depth there. Most teams’ backups stink pretty bad too and usually get exploited if they have to step into a game. It’s hard enough to find good starters, let alone good backups too. I’m more than happy we have 5 starters who have finally put it together, and another two young guys in Fant and Simmons who show adequate backup capability already and great promise for the future.

  15. Trevor

    So who are some potential free agents the Hawks should target either on value prove it deals or veteran short term deals? I tried to think of some DL options to start with.

    Darius Philon (DT /LAC)
    Brandon Graham (DE/Phil)
    Mario Edwards (DT/NYG)
    Marcus Golden (DE / Ariz)
    Ziggy Anzah (DE /Det)
    David Irving (DT / Dal)
    Christian Covington (DT /Texans)
    Michael Pierce (DT/Ravens)

    • Dan

      Don’t forget about Danny Shelton.

    • Sea Mode

      Honestly, I just don’t watch other teams enough to know which of these guys might be able to help us. I guess just wait and see which of them are still available in the 3rd wave of FA when they come cheap and don’t affect comp picks. Would be nice to start accumulating those again.

  16. Trevor

    I have a question for anyone with solid insight on the NFL cap system.

    What would the impact on the Hawks cap if the Hawks signed Russ to a 4 yr /120 mil fully guaranteed extension before free agency period started?

    Is there any cap savings by getting a deal done now and what are the cap implications of a fully guarenteed deal?

    Have to think that is a deal Russ would sign right?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure he would, simply because it’s not an improvement on Rodgers’ deal.

      • Trevor

        That is a scary thought.

        That is why I think JS should offer him something like this prior to free agency and ideally he accepts it and we have our franchise QB for the next 5 years to uild around.

        If he turns down a deal like this then I immediately put him on the market and plan to move on ASAP to get maximum trade value. The last thing you want is a redskins situation when a QB holds the team hostage and you are basically in a holding pattern for 2-3 years.

        I think the lack of quality QB options this year could provide max value for Hawks and with Murray entering the draft if they can get a top 5 pick it might end up being the ideal alternative solution. I just dont know what the market would be for Russ if teams know he wants more than $120 mil guarenteed.

        • Sea Mode

          There would be a huge market, no doubt. QB purgatory (or worse…) sucks.

    • Dale Roberts

      5 years, $170 w/4 years guaranteed and 3 years up front money. Guarantees Wilson will be here until Carroll retires.

  17. Trevor

    One other cap related question.

    Would we have the cap space to sign Frank to a market value deal 4yr/$80mil , Reed to a 4 yr/55 mil extension (5yrs total) , Wags to a 4yr /60 mil extension (5yrs total). These three form the core of the defense along with Mcdouglad and the young CB. By locking them up now you have the foundation to build around for the next 5 years.

    This would be assuming they deal with Chancellors contract in the best way possible via the cap and cut Mingo as well as perhaps Jarron Brown and Ed Dickson.

    • Volume12

      Doesn’t Baldwin have a cap hit of over $10 mil coming too?

      • Trevor

        You are right I think they keep him assuming he is heathy but it is far from the lock I thought it was.

  18. mishima

    Having drafted Green and Martin and signed UDFA Poona Ford + the inevitable trade down/out of range of the best front 7 players, I think the Seahawks might double dip in the LB pool.

    Team defense has struggled without Wagner, Wright and/or Kendricks. Wright and Kendricks are FA and Wagner is due an expensive 3rd contract, soon. LB unit needs an infusion of youth, speed and competition.

    Thoughts? Who are the linebackers out there that fit the Seahawks’ mold?

    • Volume12

      Does Seattle struggle more w/o KJ or does Bobby?

      • Eburgz

        Did you see Bobby playing this year? Without KJ. He looked great to me.

        • Sea Mode

          Yeah, I think he means more “struggle with the idea” of playing without his buddy.

    • Sea Mode

      For LB fits, it’s just too hard to identify them without the testing numbers. Seattle’s preferences are too specific at the position, just like at CB. IMO we just have to wait on that one for the Combine/Pro Day circuit.

      I also have little doubt Kendricks will be re-signed and able to play.

    • Dale Roberts

      In my opinion Wagner is the best linebacker in football and he’s in his absolute prime at 28. I think he worth every penny of a new 3 yr contract. Everybody other linebacker can be replaced. KJ healthy, a little younger would still be a decision because he’s not a pass rushing linebacker. I think Belichick would move on.

      Anthony Chickillo (26) is a Steeler UFA. His 3-cone was 7.17 and his 20 yd shuttle was 4.25, both substantially quicker than KJ. Chickillo has been criticized for not getting sacks and for being a tweener. I think he’s been miscast in his first three years in the league.

      Deiontrez Mount (26) has similar physical characteristics to Wright and Chickillo but has even better 3-cone and 40 times. He tore his achilles last June and was subsequently waived by Denver.

      With both of these guys I don’t know about their coverage ability or their brain which is what makes KJ special. As great as KJ has been I think the Hawks would love to have someone a little more adept at covering a tight end downfield.

      Mack Wilson would be my favorite draft pick to replace KJ. He’s got the winning pedigree, KJ’s knack for reading the QB, and the athletic talent to keep up. Another possible is Troy Dye who has the speed and agility to keep even play safety. That said he may have to gain a little weight to play NFL linebacker.

  19. Awsi Dooger

    Very good summary. I’ll add several thoughts:

    * Tyree Jackson was a 2-star recruit. He has bizarre goofball traits both physically and mentally. Some of his turnovers almost defy belief, like yesterday and also the final possession of the bowl game when it almost seemed like he intentionally wandered to the left sideline and trapped himself there so he could donate the ball to Troy.

    Jackson does make the occasional lethal downfield throw but you mostly have to ignore it

    * Drew Lock has the Jay Cutler hair and tendency to throw off his back foot or while senselessly leaning backward. More smooth than a young Cutler but not as strong or daring. I like Lock above any of the other second tier guys but I suspect he’ll always be a tease and disappointment like Cutler. If there is a great quarterback coach out there, Lock could benefit more than anyone

    * All of the three Canes defensive backs are good prospects. Jaquan Johnson is the smallest but closest to a sure thing. Smart instinctive player against the run and pass. Sheldrick Redwine made the greatest advancement this season. He can play inside or outside. But since he has the coveted 32+ inch arms it probably makes most sense to try him outside initially. Michael Jackson could be the best value. He had a quiet senior year after really flashing late in his junior season, to the point Kirk Herbstreit was raving about Jackson as one of the best corners in the country during that 2017 rout of Notre Dame. Many Canes fans expected Jackson to turn pro last year. He did not, and now his stock has fallen, for no particular reason. Good value pick. Needs to believe in himself a little bit more out there. Does a good job finding the football.

  20. GoHawksDani

    Let’s get real… Hawks MUST draft Hunter Renfrow. A guy with this name will be a superstar. This name is even more success-destined than Adam Thielen’s. It’s like Khalil Mack. You see the name and you know this guy will ball out.
    Apart from the joking (although I really have the hunch about Mr Renfrow), there are a couple of talented receivers. Not top10 dudes, but late 1st and 2nd rounders. McLaurin, Deebo, Renfrow all looked good. I laughed about Isabella’s 1-on-1, but he has some talent and when used well it can be an asset. He got better during Senior Bowl so he might be another option too. And there are other guys as well. I think the Hawks will draft a WR. Maybe not with the 1st pick, but probably in the 3rd, 4th round at least

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