Senior Bowl day three notes: 3rd February

Here is today’s new live blog. Keep refreshing for updates. My notes are based on tape study as drills were uploaded online and broadcast on the NFL Network. I have watched in full the OL vs DL 1v1 drills from Wednesday.

Also, if you missed it yesterday I was on 710 ESPN with Jake & Stacy to discuss the Senior Bowl and the Seahawks off-season. You can listen to the segment via the embed below:

— Travis Jones continues to really impress. Firstly, he looked especially agile in the figure-of-eight drill which bodes well for his combine testing. Then he had a tremendous rep against Cole Strange — once again connecting with his arms and driving him deep into the backfield (which has become Jones’ calling card in Mobile). He has difference-making power and if you’re looking for traits — that’s a very appealing one. On the next rep, Strange adjusted his approach and closed quickly on Jones to eliminate space so he couldn’t drive his hands into his chest and gain contact. However, to be fair, Jones still found a way to latch on and drive the center backwards. On a rep against Zion Johnson Jones also won with a great push/pull move. He flashed a terrific club on another 1v1 rep to create a pressure. Jones has been one of the big winners this week and he has the potential to cause havoc up front as a nose tackle with plus athleticism and incredible power.

— Perrion Winfrey had a handful of really good snaps. In a 1v1 vs Michigan’s Andrew Steuber he showed great hands to slip any attempt to stall his progress. That created separation and he duly finished to the QB. Winfrey showed a nice combination of technique and quickness. On the next rep, Winfrey drove Steuber deep into the backfield with a well executed bull-rush. Later during scrimmages he had another big win — slipping a block to fire into the backfield and make a TFL on the running back. Zion Johnson got the better of him on one rep — Johnson leaned into the block a bit too much but he was still able to stick with Winfrey and gain positioning. On the next rep Winfrey won easily against Johnson with a spin move. There’s no doubting Winfrey’s clear talent and upside. Consistency is the big question mark — and it will be throughout the draft process.

— On a couple of reps we saw evidence of Trevor Penning’s athleticism. He has light feet and moves well. Yet there was evidence of a lack of refinement too. He would drop too far and give up the inside. On tape he’s in attack mode and I’d like to see a bit more of that. He was on the back foot with some of these reps and it isn’t really his style.

— Abraham Lucas did a terrific job on his first rep. He has a superb, natural drop — planting the anchor, engaging and slamming the door shut as the defender attacks the edge, then counters. It was textbook. On the next rep the opposite happened. He was off-balance, lost leverage and was dumped on his backside for an ugly loss that had the D-liners celebrating. I’ve already seen enough from Lucas this week to not have any concern. He is the real deal. He showed that against Myjai Sanders late in the session — again getting into a great position on his drop and catching Sanders, stoning him on contact. On their second rep, Sanders tried a bull-rush and gained some traction.

— Haskell Garrett looked really quick and dynamic in 1v1’s. It’s a shame his arm length probably keeps him out of Seattle’s range. He’s a cannonball of a prospect who is really tough to get your hands on.

— I’m stunned how OTT the coverage of Zion Johnson has been. The internet does this and it’s why it’s important to watch the tape and not rely on group-think. In his first rep he was literally flagged for holding by the officials as he clung on for dear life to avoid a sack. They don’t throw flags in these 1v1’s — yet Johnson garnered a penalty. On the very next rep he was easily beaten — just brushed off by Otito Ogbonnia who used his hands to create separation and then just exploded into the backfield. Johnson is a mid-round guard. That’s it. And that’s fine. People touting him for round one need to give it a rest. The coverage of his Mobile performance has been nuts. He looks athletic — he carries very minimal body fat. You can’t help but be impressed by his frame. I get that. Yet the reps don’t show the player many are claiming. Later in the 1v1’s he was easily beaten by Perrion Winfrey too.

— Logan Hall beat Marquis Hayes with a nice swim move on his first rep. On the next rep, Hall was too high and Hayes gained hand-position and leverage to win the 1v1. I still want to see more from Hall, this hasn’t been the dominant display I was expecting. Late in the session Hall battled with Andrew Steuber and had a nice win — driving to the right gap and then spinning to disengage and releasing to the quarterback. That was a really athletic play.

— Boye Mafe won his first rep easily against Bernhard Raimann — who has struggled a bit. Raimann dipped his head and lunged at Mafe, who just brushed him off to round the edge and finish. On the second rep, Raimann stalls him initially but a counter from Mafe enables him to break free and get to the quarterback. Two quality reps from Mafe — still a lot of technical work needed for Raimann. He has the athleticism and upside but on this evidence, it needs to be developed with better technique.

— When scrimmages began I noticed Daniel Faalele dumped on his backside yet again (see below). I’ve said it all week — he’s too big. It’s really difficult to play the edge at 6-8 and 380lbs and retain balance and control. He gave up an easy inside move in 1v1’s too. The more he has to move, the bigger the problems are. He catches pass rushers and tries to absorb them. He can’t be a dancing bear at that size. Which means if you’re willing to have a 6-8, 380lbs guard — fine. But that in itself comes with issues in terms of leverage and throwing windows. I wouldn’t draft Faalele personally.

— It was a quiet day for Arnold Ebiketie in the 1v1’s. He was easily sent to the turf by Matt Waletzko in his first rep and on the second he slipped while trying to execute a spin move.

— During American team scrimmages, Greg Dulcich caught a really nice touchdown pass on a throw by Malik Willis. Dulcich is just so smooth and he’s shown this week he can block. He is seriously underrated.

— John Ridgeway was well handled by Kentucky centre Luke Fortner on their initial 1v1. On his second rep, Ridgeway drove Cade Mays deep into the backfield. I like aspects to Ridgeway’s game — his power and size. I’m not sure he has special qualities though.

— Devante Wyatt was well handled by Ed Ingram on their first rep. Wyatt was too high, Ingram gained hand-placement and leverage and dominated the 1v1. Wyatt’s second rep was far better against Georgia team mate Justin Shaffer — a nice club, violent hands and then having created the angle he sprinted into the backfield for a clean, superb win. In his third rep, Wyatt blew by Dylan Parham by engaging contact then just throwing him off. The combination of power, hands and speed is scary. He is an interior dynamo and exactly what Seattle hasn’t had for many, many years. If he’s there at #41 — run to the podium. I fear he’ll be long gone.

— Spencer Burford shut down Kingsley Enagbare on their first rep. Enagbare was too high and offered a big target for the tackle. On the second rep, Enagbare tried a spin move on Burford and it didn’t work — he was easily shut down again. It’s easy to like Enagbare’s length and size. He’s had some wins this week. Is he a special athlete though? Not on this evidence. Not compared to some of the other dynamic edge rushers.

— Eric Johnson destroyed Darian Kinnard with a spin-move. Kinnard kicked inside to guard and was easily beaten. Too often he just doesn’t get low enough — he’s too upright and high. He looks the part of a NFL right tackle or guard but he has to be able to bend and play the leverage game better. He did have a win against Zach Carter to end the session.

— Phil Mathis had a tough time disengaging on his first 1v1 rep. He also really battled with Jamaree Salyer on his second — it was a good tussle and Mathis got free right at the end. He doesn’t appear to have many clean wins. Everything is a battle. He does win most of his 1v1’s but it’s always late in the rep after a lot of hand-fighting. You can’t fault his motor but you’d like to see a few easy victories like you see from Wyatt — using quickness and a nice swim. I’m not sure that’s him though. He’s violent, tough and plays his tail off. But is he a bit limited as an athlete? That’s my question based on what we’ve seen in Mobile.

— Sam Williams destroyed Max Mitchell in their first 1v1 rep. Mitchell was flat-footed and Williams easily showed to the outside, swam inside and looked quick, dynamic and explosive. He’s a late arrival in Mobile but a very exciting prospect. On a rep against Kinnard he took the edge, dipped under the attempted block and won the play. He’s just too quick for Kinnard. Williams will test well at the combine and could be on Seattle’s radar.

— I’ve no idea what Max Mitchell was doing against Jermaine Johnson. His drop was fine but then a mild club by Johnson dumped Mitchell on his backside. It was a really ugly rep. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Mitchell’s tape vs Texas but this was not a good 1v1 session for the Louisiana right tackle. He did have a better final rep vs Sam Williams after switching to left tackle but even then — Williams looked the superior, more fluid athlete. I want to really like Mitchell but I’m starting to think he is what he is — a decent lineman who lacks great size and length.

— Jermaine Johnson is the wow performer of the Senior Bowl. Just incredible. Feet, quickness, hands. On his first rep he just juked away from the blocker who got nowhere near him. He wins with speed, speed-to-power, a bull-rush. He is the complete pass rusher. If only Seattle had the #10 pick.

— For his size (280lbs), Zach Carter is quick and sharp. When he kicks inside he shows good power and an ability to drive blockers into the backfield. He has talent.

— The Seahawks need more BAMF’s. We’ve been talking about it for years. And this is why I want Dameon Pierce in Seattle. He’s an absolute beast, who gets everything (and everyone) going:

— Cole Strange has taken some snaps at center and has faired better than some others making the switch (eg Zion Johnson). This is not a good center class and it makes me wonder whether a team like the Seahawks would show interest in Strange. He’s had an up-and-down week with some impressive wins and a few whiffs. This was well emphasised yesterday when he barely got a finger on Isaiah Thomas on one rep but then bounced back on the rematch to stone him at the LOS. He has the size Seattle likes (6-4, 304lbs, 33.5 inch arms, 10 1/4 inch hands). This was a nice rep on a screen pass from earlier today. He moves well at the second level. He also had a nice 1v1 win against Travis Jones. This is great hand/feet coordination and he looks the part here. He could be a very intriguing center project.

— It’s being reported that Haskell Garrett had to be helped off the field during Thursday’s practise with a suspected upper-body injury. It appears this is the incident. Not sure at all what Andrew Steuber was doing at the end of this rep but it was unnecessary and dangerous.

— This isn’t Senior Bowl related but regulars will know how much disdain I have for the Ikem Ekonwu hype. He isn’t a left tackle, he’s a guard. He’ll need to test well to be a high-ish pick because his tape is average. Here’s Jermaine Johnson easily defeating him off the edge. And yet the media calls Johnson a borderline first rounder and I’ve seen Ekonwu as high as the #1 overall pick in some mocks. Utter nonsense.

This is the Trevor Penning I expected to see this week. Aggressive, punishing. That’s how he played at Northern Iowa. He seemed tentative on Tuesday and Wednesday, almost like he was playing ‘defense’ with his blocks. This is the front-foot, physical blocker who finishes plays he can be. Here’s another rep from today showing more of the same.

Here’s a good rep from today with Zion Johnson winning 1v1 against Travis Jones. Presumably the internet will crown Johnson as the next Quenton Nelson as a consequence.

— Brian Asamoah is a thoroughly modern day linebacker. He could easily be a top-45 pick. This rep in coverage shows why. He’s very good at working in space, chasing down the ball-carrier and delivering jarring hits. Yet it’s his work against a tight end as you see in that 1v1 that makes him such an interesting player for the next level.

— Here are two really good reps for Abraham Lucas vs Arnold Ebiketie. In the first 1v1, Lucas’ footwork isn’t great to begin with. His feet are choppy and his drop starts poorly. Yet he still manages to engage Ebiketie, drive him wide of the quarterback and not offer a pathway back to the QB. On the second rep, Ebiketie tries an inside move and Lucas just shuts it down.

— At times, Boye Mafe just makes it look easy. Watch this comfortable spin move to get away from Matt Waletzko. Show outside, spin inside. Simple but effective and extremely fluid in his movements. He can maybe get vertical a bit quicker on the spin but the agility and quickness is obvious. On the second rep he chops the hands away and easily beats Waletzko to the edge with speed. Mafe is a very impressive athlete.

— This looks like a win for Cade Mays vs Phil Mathis but it’s slightly deceptive. Yes — Mays obstructs the path to the quarterback. Yet Mathis has forced him deep into the pocket. Do this in a game and the QB has to move off the spot — and that’s really the name of the game.

— Coming into the week we talked up Zach Carter’s upside and talent and he’s had a good time in Mobile. Check out this rep where he drives Chris Paul right into the QB’s lap. He’s quick and powerful with great size (280lbs) and has legit inside/out potential.

I’m finishing the live blog today. If there is ample indoor footage from Thursday’s practise I will do another review post tomorrow. I will also be offering thoughts on the game on Saturday.


  1. Sea Mode

    Thanks for keeping the notes coming. Haven’t been able to watch much this time around, so I appreciate it all the more.

    On our DC search:

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Raiders are interviewing former #Bears defensive coordinator Sean Desai today for their DC job under new coach Josh McDaniels, source said. He coordinated a Top 10 D last year in Chicago, his first year calling it.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s gone very quiet for Seattle there.

      Not even any buzz in the media, fans seemingly not interested much. Complete contrast to the OC search a year ago.

      All signs point to an underwhelming hire.

      • BobbyK

        I think everyone knows Pete is returning for his 13th season as Seahawks defensive coordinator so nobody cares who his puppet is going to be.

        • Big Mike


      • Sean

        The lack of any news of Hawks interviewing candidates gives the impression that they do not care too much. If you aren’t going to go out and explore a different approach to DC, why bother firing Norton? Makes it look like he was the fall guy, maybe a place for Pete to lay the blame to save his own job. Don’t get me wrong … I didn’t see much evidence that KNJ was doing a good job, but the Hawks don’t appear to be intent on upping their game at DC. Sadly, this felt like the most likely approach for Pete to take.

        • Rob Staton

          It definitely looks like they were basically told to make a change, so they did. And KNJ was the fall guy. And they didn’t have much of a plan to replace him.

          Thus, it’s probably going to be Clint Hurtt

          • Bmseattle

            Has KNJ spoken publicly since the firing?

            And we’re still waiting for an end of season presser from Russ, right?

            • Rob Staton


            • cha

              Russ is definitely doing whatever he’s doing much quieter so far.

              No press conference.

              Reportedly appearing on ManningCast with the condition he wasn’t asked about his future.

              Even Mark Rodgers is keeping a low profile. Right after RW got named as a Pro Bowl alternate, a Philly fan tweeted congrats and at the end of the tweet said “Go get him Howie!” and Rodgers replied with a congrats to Russ for another Pro Bowl, then very quickly deleted the tweet. Probably read the first half without looking at the first half.

        • cha

          Carroll deserves the entire weight of the blame for the defense, yes. I’d argue it’s Carroll the Personnel Exec just as much if not more than Carroll the Head Coach that needs the bulk of the blame. Stiffing Norton with no SAM, precious little in the pass rush dept, and the pure tonnage of the Jamal Adams expense is just too little ammo to work with.

          But Norton showed very, very little ability to work with what he had.

          Basic things like having the defense ready to play early in the season. Snap distribution on the DL. The DBs knowing their assignments (looking at you @Minn and @SF games). Fielding the worst defense in the passing game vs RBs in a decade.

          These aren’t obstacles that are insurmountable for a placeholder DC. But they were for Norton.

          • MychestisBeastmode

            Nice synopsis!

    • STTBM

      Either nobody wants to be Carroll Henchman, or Seattle’s DC search is a sham so they can promote Hurtt.

      They need new ideas, and to push Carrol. Without that, this team is in a death spiral.

      • BA

        The whole organization just seems to be looking at their watches waiting for Pete’s contract to end and for the team to be sold. It’s akin to the Herm Edwards situation at ASU where you’re stuck rooting for major violations/spectacular failure in order for anything to happen.

    • pdway

      I know we are traditionally closer to the vest than most orgs – but man it feels like there’s such a lack of urgency around the franchise these days. Very frustrating.

  2. Mick

    Rob, you’ve mentioned Cole Strange a couple times and it didn’t all sound too negative. Do you think he could be a 3rd day solution to plug at LG so we can move DLewis back at RG? Or would you rather try to get some vet?

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t expect them to cut Gabe Jackson, so I think the guards will remain the same.

      Could they see him as a center project? Yes. He has the size they like. He’s been up-and-down in 1v1’s.

  3. Peter

    Great spot with Jake and Stacy.

    Really enjoying all this effort you are putting in for the senior bowl. Like you said on radio “get excited!!” I don’t know if that was you trying to end positively on the air but I for one am excited. I’ve worked through the five stages of grief (i kid,) about blowing a top ten pick and habe moved on to trying to find good names rounds 2-5.

    Max mitchell. Not feeling it. Didn’t watch vs. Texas. Did watch vs. Iowa state. Looked very much the part of a current day seattle olinemen. Win some. Lose some. Some standing around aimless. Nothing popped. Just a generic pocic-esque guy. On the other hand…not totally a fan of his build but his teammate who just transferred to Florida, O’cyrus Torrence is a player I’m watching next year.

    Would be a very seattle thing when Center is 100% the top need to go look at a smaller school, bland, “multi spot,” value pick at RT who might not be better than Curhan.

  4. Rob4q

    Rob, you’ve mentioned Cade Mays name a few times in the 1v1 drills – is he getting any work at OC or just at guard? I know he played some OC this season and there was some talk it might be the best fit for him…

    • Rob Staton

      He’s struggled IMO. Too upright, too easy to jolt off the spot and get him off balance. Not a great week so far.

      • Rob4q


        So then he’s a perfect fit for the Seahawks to draft…and then move to RT?!? Haha!

        Sounds like this is going to be a year for them to find a OC in FA rather than the draft. It’s the one spot they just have to upgrade on the OL.

  5. Peter

    Luke Fortner. Just watched a few games of his. For a late round pick to battle for the starting job I’d love to see it. Not an immediate “wow!” Guy but really enjoy how fast he gets to the second level. Only a one year starter at center so room to improve for sure. Almost always stays busy on plays. Very quick off the snap. Since Seattle seems to draft olinemen that are versatile he started at guard first. Apparently very quick on the uptake in diagnosing plays. Side bar: seems to love football as he doesn’t “need it,” as noted by his dual masters degrees.

  6. Sea Mode

    Looks like it wasn’t just that one rep for Pierce in pass pro either…

    • MychestisBeastmode

      Yoooo. Russell has got to like that! Pierce was having none of it.

  7. Palatypus

    Andrew Steuber was one of those guys I thought was having trouble getting traction in the end zone because of the rain. Wrong cleats?

    Because it is the “Reese’s” Senior Bowl the end zones are painted in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup colors. But what you couldn’t see on T.V. is that the paint in the end zone looked like what happens when you sit on one.

    Also, down in the front row the rain collected in the bleachers about a half inch, which is the kind of thing you have to notice when you have diabetic neuropathy and need to inspect your feet everyday.

  8. Happy Hawk

    Love Pearce – the question is can you take him at #41 with all the holes to fill and Penny and Carson still on the roster. If it came down to Wyatt v Pearce at #41 you probably take Wyatt? Will Pearce last to #74?

    • Peter

      Wyatt *if* he lasts to 41. Unfortunately with this RB class Pierce will most likely be gone at 74.

      • Ace

        Interior D line is more important. There is a slight hope that Penny can continue his streak and hold down the fort at RB. I don’t have that same hope for someone like Poona Ford suddenly becoming a pressure and QB hitting machine

        • Peter

          Interior d line is what makes this engine go. 100% agree this should be the focus.

          • BobbyK

            They can improve both this off-season. It isn’t either/or.

            • Peter

              I’ll hope for one. Wish for them to fix both in one hand and crap in the other, watch which fills up first….

            • Peter

              10 odd picks for “db whisperer,” carrol to get safeties right over five drafts and still haven’t done it yet.

              • Big Mike

                Insert smart assed peacock comment here………..

    • Scot04

      If they add a top DE & DT in Free-agency, then yes you take Pearce.
      We need to hope they shock us & go aggressive in Free-agency to address our 4 man passrush.
      I’m greedy, Get Jensen for Center then Chandler & Hicks for passrush.
      Leaves us free for best available in the draft.

      • Peter

        I miss the days when Free agency was used to clear the field for the draft.

        I’d love a big name on the edge and love Pearce but really want someone on the inside who is a load to handle.

    • GoHawksDani

      Forget Pierce. They would never take him with Penny’s late heroics and Carson also on the roster.
      This is PC’s team and he’ll see the RB position as set.
      It’d be awesome, but I see close to 0% of happening.
      First pick will be a DT or DE

      • Rob Staton

        Penny is a free agent

        There’s no guarantee he comes back

  9. MychestisBeastmode

    Just had a listen to your segment with Jake and Stacy. Man, you’re crushing it! The substance you provide mixed with enthusiasm, good organization, and general speaking skills are are sharper than ever. Great job! I’m excited for more as the draft approaches. I Appreciate you and your craft!

    • cha

      You sounded like you are feeling better for what that is worth!

  10. MychestisBeastmode

    From what I’ve taken from Rob’s notes, my ideal draft scenario at this time would include landing these guys:
    2. Wyatt DT
    3. Pierce RB
    4. or later? Dulcich TE
    And/or Abraham Lucas if we can finagle a way to get him.

    Wyatt gives me vibes of Cortez Kennedy (I know the comp is too bold) and the tone I take from Rob writing about him reminds me of his past excitement for Donald back in the early 2010’s. Which, also unfortunately makes me feel like people will catch on making his draft stock rise out of our reach. DAMN YOU Jamal Adams trade!

    • Gross MaToast

      This would be best case scenario, particularly if they could find a way to add Sam Williams or Mafe.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Penning and Zach Carter as well! Lots of good looking beefy dudes out there.

  11. Blitzy the Clown

    Great listen on your Jake & Stacy appearance. I think you do a good job of laying down truth in a non-confrontational way. I also enjoy how you conversationally flex your extensive draft knowledge, and I get the feeling Jake and Stacy genuinely respect you in that regard. As do I.

    Well done.

  12. Blitzy the Clown

    I’m really starting to fall for JJII. And I don’t think I’m alone around here. The thought of pairing him with Taylor at DE is almost painful to consider, since I know it won’t be.

    • Rob Staton

      Been saying since October — he is the complete pass rusher

      And he’s showing it this week.

    • Peter

      I can not even bother with Johnson, Lucas, and a few others. Just trying to entertain myself with “finds,” later in the draft. Loved Earl Thomas with his bad ass goal line karate chopping of the ball but how on earth from the Jets to the Seahawks does any org think one single safety is the difference between them and greatness. Even Earl had a cast of badasses to run with.

  13. Blitzy the Clown

    This is the best DL draft I can remember. Especially for pass rushing DTs and DEs.

    If Seattle had all their native picks this year, they could pick Jermaine Johnson at 10 (assuming he tests as athletically as expected, yes he’s a top-10 prospect), then target Mathis, Jones or even Winfrey at 41. Or they could trade down around 10 spots in the first and take Wyatt, then Mafe early in round 2.

    As an overall strategy, I recommend filling holes on the OL through FA, and drafting to fill holes on the DL. That’s just how this draft class is stacking up IMO.

  14. Blitzy the Clown

    Pierce is the most beastmode RB I’ve seen since the original. I’m talking about attitude and influence not running style.

    Watch how everyone feeds off of Pierce’s energy and enthusiasm. Imagine that kind of brotherhood in Seattle’s offensive huddles next year.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      Pierce is the kind of warrior you go into battle with knowing two things:

      1. He’ll fight to the gates of Hell and beyond, to the very end on every play, every game; and

      2. He’s guaranteed to do something so heroic and inspiring that it elevates his teammates to greatness

  15. Sea Mode

    There’s a bit of the bully mentality coming out.

  16. Sea Mode

    One of JimQ’s guys making some plays

  17. Sea Mode

    Well played…

  18. cha

    Mike Garafolo
    · 1h
    The #Giants are expected to hire #Chiefs QB coach Mike Kafka as their offensive coordinator, sources tell me and @RapSheet. Deal not done yet but that’s the way it’s headed.

  19. cha

    James Palmer
    · 3h
    Burrow with a strong statement about being involved in the process of acquiring talent. Being asked his opinion on players coming in for visits, or watch film on draft prospects. Said you don’t have to use my opinion, but it’s nice to have it heard. Said he’s seen QBs frustrated

    Who I wonder?

    • Ashish

      Until Pete was winning no one cared who is making decisions including QB, media or fans. But hawks is worst shape even with QB at prime because of poor decisions taken in last 5 years.
      I’m afraid we are in for prolong suffering.

  20. clbradley17

    Thank God for you Rob. You’re about the only one with a full slate of reports about the Senior Bowl, especially on day 2 when they played inside. Even Tony P. had a LOT of player reports still saying until a short time ago “report will come out at the end of day 2”. Kind of disappointed this year that the Shrine Bowl is the same week, so several of their best players can’t participate here like Sam Williams is from the NFLPA game. The Shrine has 3 or 4 DTs, mainly the ones from Tenn., Stanford and Kentucky playing well, Wattenberg from UW was the only OL able to stop DT Butler from Tenn. this week and has looked great, and QB Coan of ND has made some great passes all week. Might be a day 3 shot at backup QB – he threw for 25 TDs with just 7 ints. this year and 66% completions, just under 70% last year. That’s playing behind a line without anyone I’m seeing at these all-star games. I’m hoping for a DE, DT, RB=Pierce, backup/competing OT and OC after we get good starting vets in FA, LB who can cover for a change, and a slot corner. Pitre here from Baylor and Yates at the Shrine Bowl are getting rave reviews for their coverage ability. S Yates from K. St., played great at 4 different DB positions at Shrine week including slot corner, lastly twice knocking down high passes to a 6’6″ TE Muse from South Carolina who dominated other DBs. What do you think about Penning’s teammate Woletzko? Pauline said he was stopping the bigger DTs and agile enough to not let the quick DEs get around him on Wed., and he’s 6’6″ 310 with 35″ arms.

    Some OL-DL matchups at the Shrine Bowl this week of practices.

    • Palatypus

      Today they played inside. I was at day two. I’m still wet from it.

  21. DarrellDownUnder

    Great read & spot with J&S. Such a pleasure to wake up to a cuppa and go through all this info.
    Damn fine site mate!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you!

  22. Palatypus

    Hey Rob, someone told me at day two that they expected Roger McCreary to be the first cornerback taken in the draft. I wasn’t really watching him, but I suspect this is local bias for the Auburn product.

    What do you think?

    • Rob Staton

      If I had a million dollars, I would bet it all on McCreary NOT being the first cornerback taken.

      • Big Mike

        Gonna be Stingley is it not?

        • Rob Staton

          I would say so

      • Palatypus

        That’s what I thought.

  23. TomLPDX

    I just found our next DC!!!!

    • Big Mike


    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Don’t recall. Was HE the “foot” guy, or was that Rex?

      • TomLPDX

        That would be Rex. He loves his wife…

  24. jianfu

    Interesting article here on the Shrine Bowl’s efforts to steal some of the Senior Bowl’s thunder:

    • Rob Staton

      Seems like a futile load of old bollocks to me.

      The Senior Bowl isn’t going anywhere. And look at the stark difference in talent between the two games. If this was an attempt to close the gap, the Senior Bowl kicked the Shrine Games’ arse.

      • Palatypus

        Agreed. Some of the offensive linemen at the Senior Bowl looked like that Wookie gladiator in the Boba Fett series.

  25. V

    Russ’s finger looks just fine

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      Yep. Also, for someone that was pouting at last season’s Super Bowl, dude looks pretty content to be chilling at the Pro Bowl this year. Maybe he’s networking with players that have their GM’s ear……

  26. Seahawkwalt

    Any Razorback fans here? Curious about John Ridgeway DT who looks really disruptive and country strong

  27. swedenhawk

    Doug Pedersen to Jacksonville per Schefter. Finally, Shad Khan got it right!

    • Tomas

      Damn, I’m envious. I expect rapid improvement, a good break for TL.

  28. Palatypus


    If anyone on this board is going to be in the Mobile area on Saturday, I have and extra FRONT ROW ticket on the 45 YARD LINE that I will give to you FREE OF CHARGE.

    And as I am driving from Pensacola, you don’t even have to buy me a beer. That is all.

  29. Scot04

    Rob wondered if you’ve had a chance to watch Deangelo Malone out of Western Kentucky. I’ve liked him for a couple years now.
    Long & explosive.
    Height: 6-foot-3 1/4 inches
    Weight: 234 pounds
    Hand Size: 10 1/8 inches
    Arm Length: 33 inches
    Wingspan: 79 1/2 inches
    Been trying to find something on him from the senior bowl.
    Finally found a clip of him, a be it 2:30am here; glad I finally did.

    • Rob Staton

      Apologies no, I haven’t had a chance to watch him.

  30. Rob Staton

    New post is up with plenty of fresh notes/thoughts

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