Senior Bowl day two notes: 2nd February

With footage from the Senior Bowl usually arriving very late in the day, I’m going to introduce a daily ‘live blog’ where I update with notes.

Keep refreshing for updates.

— Earlier today I was on 710 ESPN with Jake & Stacy to discuss the Senior Bowl and the Seahawks off-season. If you missed it you can listen to the segment via the embed below:

— I know Seahawks fans don’t like to linger too much on ‘what could’ve been’. Yet the first day at the Senior Bowl was a crushing blow, in my opinion, knowing they don’t have the #10 pick.

Firstly, Florida State pass rusher Jermaine Johnson was an absolute terror. We’ve referred to him as a complete rusher for months and that’s what he showed on day one. He has fantastic strength in his arms, plus length, to extend and drive tackles off the spot. He combines that with great quickness and balance to attack the edge or counter with an inside move. He was unstoppable on day one. He looks like a star and would’ve been an ideal partner-in-crime for Darrell Taylor.

Secondly, Washington State right tackle Abraham Lucas was equally impressive. He looks sensational — with a perfectly proportioned frame for a tackle. Remember, he ran a 4.30 short shuttle at SPARQ. In scrimmage snaps he pushed around pass rushers — launching into his set and quickly establishing ideal positioning. His hand-use is good and he connects his hands and feet to wall-off the speed rush. In the running game he punished opponents — driving defenders backwards. Whether he starts on the right or left side — he looks like a potential 10-year starter.

Seattle’s bad 2020 off-season that led to the desperation hail-mary trade for Jamal Adams right before camp continues to leave scars. Frankly, it’s difficult to garner excitement for this off-season given the same decision makers are the ones trying to make amends. This was a long-lasting, damaging trade that they doubled-down on with a new contract. It might be convenient to try and forget about it and say what’s done is done — yet after one day in Mobile, the consequences are there for all to see. The Seahawks are going to miss out on potentially a terrific player at a key position of need and are stuck with a dead-weight contract for a player with a bad shoulder.

— One of the big challenges during the Senior Bowl is establishing fact from fiction. There are so many people attending in Mobile, firing opinions onto the internet. Here’s what I think I’ve been able to establish by watching various clips and highlights from the first practise:

— Devonte Wyatt had an outstanding first day. He showed off his 4.8 speed at 300lbs on multiple reps — bursting into the backfield with great agility, setting up blockers before delivering a quick change of direction and fast feet. Yet when he needs to dig-in and absorb a pair of blocks or battle to control his gap he can do that too. I am convinced he will be a first round pick and could easily be an incredible disruptive force at the next level. A potential star.

— Travis Jones was not too far behind Wyatt in terms of first impressions. He’s 6-4 and 326lbs with 34 inch arms. On multiple occasions he connected in 1v1 reps and brutally walked back blockers deep into the pocket. He abused opponents on several occasions. He was a train. Yet he’s not just a powerful nose tackle — he flashed some quickness too. Boston College’s Zion Johnson is a bit of a ‘draft media’ favourite and gets a good press as a consequence. Jones stole his lunch-money on one rep and did it easily. I’ve since seen the 1v1 reps from day one and Jones had multiple wins against the somewhat overrated Johnson. I immediately went back to see what I could find from UConn and I found some tape of Jones competing against Clemson, where he landed two terrific swim-moves to create pressure. This was a performance worth shouting about.

— Perrion Winfrey gained a ton of buzz on Twitter for his first day but it was just more of the same. He is far too inconsistent. Yes he has great size and length but he doesn’t know how to put everything together. His approach to rushing is haphazard, he doesn’t often have a plan. He doesn’t play with enough aggression down-to-down. You’ll see him boss a blocker into the backfield on one play, then on the next rep get completely shut down. I’d call him a busy, choppy runner too. He hunches his back and runs on his toes leading to a lot of indecisive movement as he tries to work out a plan into the backfield. The top defensive tackles keep it simple — gap-control, swim/rip, brute force to drive people backwards. If you have great agility and speed, attack those gaps and find angles. It’s always front-foot and forwards though — while Winfrey is a bit of an over-thinker. He has the physical tools but he remains very much a flash-in-the-pan type.

— Myjai Sanders’ lean frame is a bit of a concern but there’s nothing to worry about in terms of his quickness and ability to attack the edge. He looked like a huge threat in scrimmage sessions with burst and suddenness. While the likes of Kingsley Enagbare received positive comments online, he doesn’t have that same quick/twitch ability. Sanders has it in droves and really challenged the tackles he came up against. On one rep he even dumped Daniel Faalele on his back. He was quick to work through traffic, he showed excellent speed when attacking the edge. He looks like Spiderman out there — with great agility and his long arms and legs enable him to stand out. Sanders just looks the part of a NFL rusher. On appearances alone he looks like Montez Sweat. Now — he probably won’t run a 4.4 like Sweat. He has been timed in the 4.00’s in the short shuttle though. He’s one to watch.

— Based on what I saw of the tight end reps — there’s a reasonable chance Jeremy Ruckert could be the first off the board. He looked tremendously fluid running in space to create separation. A lot will be determined by agility testing at the combine but of the group, Ruckert looked especially sharp. I managed to see some of Greg Dulcich too. He has been a blog favourite for quite some time — and as with the Devonte Wyatt’s, Abe Lucas’, Dameon Pierce’s etc — he looked very good with his blocking duties and route running. I think Dulcich will go a lot higher than people think (depending, of course, on the agility testing). Keep an eye on Charlie Kolar too. He doesn’t have the speed and quickness running routes but showed well turning back to the quarterback in reps. He has a lot of the size preferences you look for.

— Darian Kinnard had that one bad rep against Jermaine Johnson but as a pure right tackle prospect he looks the part. He has everything to hold down that side of the line and just needs a little bit of technical work.

— Arnold Ebiketie was as advertised on day one. He has a nice blend of speed and power. On one rep he dipped inside having read the blocker’s momentum and just exploded to the QB. On another rep he bull-rushed with authority, driving the blocker into the backfield. He is a high-upside talent with a lot of first round potential (depending on how he tests).

Here he is again look, Travis Jones repeating what he did yesterday by driving blockers into the backfield. It’s the same move every time, a powerful one-arm bull-rush. He just straightens that arm and it suddenly becomes men against boys. A terrific showing of power. Sign me up for a bit of this.

— On the contrary, it’s not getting any easier for Logan Hall. A few of us had big expectations for him this week but he just hasn’t been able to put it together. His technique is all over the place and he looks out of control in the 1v1 reps. Look at him here against Cole Strange. There’s a lot going on — including a spin — but he needs to learn how to use his hands to engage and rip/swim, or work off his hands or with some deceptive footwork. At the moment there’s no real plan other than ‘having a go’. This was a better rep though — and it’s also a reminder of how badly we need full footage of the 1v1’s to properly assess these players.

— The internet has decided that Zion Johnson is a first round pick and a really exciting prospect. I’m just not seeing it. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying he is a bad player by any stretch. For me he’s a perfectly adequate mid-round guard and that’s fine. All this first round talk though is spreading like wildfire and I just think people need to calm down. Boye Mafe got a nice, fairly straight forward win against Johnson here. There have been a few reps like that. Here’s another one where he got flat-out beat by Perrion Winfrey. Johnson does a good job arching his back to anchor and when he squares up a defender and meets him head-on — he can have success. Angles aren’t his friend though and as we saw here, he’s giving up inside pressures to edge rushers. It happens every year though. The internet overhypes a player before and during the Senior Bowl. It’s not Johnson’s fault people are going over the top but let’s be honest about what he is and stop the hype train.

— Cornerback Akayleb Evans says he’s attracted a fair bit of interest from the Seahawks. I’ve been able to watch a couple of 1v1 reps and he looked relatively close in coverage. He’s nearly 6-2 and 201lbs with 32.5 inch arms. He’s one to take a look at.

— I’ve not seen many reps for Max Mitchell the Louisiana right tackle — but I watched some of his tape after he was named in Daniel Jeremiah’s top-50. I like him, he reminds me of another former blog favourite Austin Corbett. He was a left tackle at Nevada who was undersized. It didn’t work for him in Cleveland but he kick-started his career with the Rams at guard. Mitchell’s tape vs Texas is very impressive. The concerns are similar though — he’s undersized (around 300lbs) and doesn’t have amazing length. On the limited reps I saw from yesterday, it was a follow on from what he showed against Texas. He’s an attack-minded blocker who meets pass rushers and engages combat. I like that — and it has been Louisiana’s style over recent years. His feet and hands work well together. He has good balance and power. Today he pancaked Kingsley Enagbare. He was well beaten by Jermaine Johnson yesterday on a deadly spin move — but Johnson is going to be tough to stop all week. The Seahawks could easily address pass rush in free agency and then seek to replace Brandon Shell in the draft. If so — Mitchell could be one to watch.

Here’s a nice rep from Abraham Lucas vs Myjai Sanders. Look how easily he gets out of his stance, uses a nice base to plant and then once he connects with Sanders, there’s no escape. This is what a legit NFL tackle prospect looks like.

— By now you all know Dameon Pierce is a blog favourite. Here’s why. Watch him in this 1v1 to end practise today. That is what he’s all about. Teams are going to love Pierce a lot more than the media. He will go earlier than people think.

Just look at Jermaine Johnson’s footwork and hands on this rep. Reason #18394 to be devastated about not having the #10 pick. Imagine Johnson lining up across from Darrell Taylor. Sigh.

— I’ve spoken a lot about Daniel Faalele’s size being a problem rather the easily excitable ‘draft twitter’ take that he’s awesome because he’s 6-8 and 380lbs. Yet if you’re immobile and struggle with leverage, you’re going to end up on your backside. Which is what happened yesterday and happened again today. I wouldn’t draft him, personally.

— From what I’ve seen, most of the tackles struggled today. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or something else. I’ll wait to see extended footage of the 1v1’s and reassess tomorrow. However, this kind of rep where Boye Mafe easily beat Bernhard Raimann was commonplace based on the clips on Twitter.

I’m ending the live blog for today. I’ll watch any practise tape I can find online in the morning and start a new article with fresh notes.

I’ll finish with this though — the thought I came into the day with (what a shame it is they don’t have #10 for Jermaine Johnson or Abraham Lucas) is exactly the thought I’ll take to sleep tonight.

The Jamal Adams trade wasn’t just a random minor error. It’s potentially a long-lasting dead weight that will cloud this team. You’re talking about 2-3 (at least) club controlled, young players to help shape your foundation. You’re talking about $17.5m in cap space. All for a player they don’t know how to get the best of, with a bad shoulder.

People are literally discussing defensive coordinator candidates under the premise of ‘how can they rescue this trade?’

They can’t. The damage is done. And it’s going to cost the Seahawks a potential foundational piece in this draft based on what we’re seeing in Mobile. It’s hard to have much faith in the people who thought that was not only a good deal — but one worth doubling down on with a contract.

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  1. Palatypus

    On my way to Mobile. It’s very windy here in Pensacola. Also, we should have some rain. Might be a very interesting day for the quarterbacks.

  2. Peter

    Travis Jones come on down. One of my favorite unquantifiable traits in any athlete is when they use every opportunity to shine. A lot of big school players are doing big things such as Wyatt and I love to see it. But not as much as I love to see some big dude from Uconn treat this like a working interview for everyone who still hasn’t put on Uconn tape.

    I get Seattle rarely drafts outside of the power five but the interior dline is perhaps the most unremarkable part of the team and gives immediate benefits to improving LB and edge play.

    Love Wyatt. But he has to go well before Seattle puts the cardboard cutouts away and stops goofing around long enough to head to the phones.

    Pre combine not gonna cry all senior bowl “dogs,” draft:

    2nd Rd: Dameon Pierce, RB: low mileage runner that looks to hit you in the teeth. Great size/weight. Looks field fast with great short area quickness. I have yet to see him waste effort running outside.

    3rd: Travis Jones, DT: classic numbers (height, weight, length) apparently pretty amazing quickness, looks very, very strong.

    4th: Cam Britt-taylor, CB: hard hitting, lightning fast field speed DB. Will take on all comers.

    4th: Darrian Beavers, LB: first draft crush. Player still growing into his body. Showed up at UConn nearly 100 pounds lighter as a WR. Then safety. Then LB. There are better LB’s in the draft. But none I see that take over the much missed long bodied KJ Wright role of sniffing out screens, run-pass options, qb keepers, and has the size/speed to take on modern TE’s in the short game.

    • Seattle Person

      What are the reports on Cam Britt-Taylor? Things I’ve seen and read said that his long speed is a concern. He got smoked a few times deep yesterday in practice. His tape is pretty good with him recovering. He looks like a smash mouth CB but should we be concerned about whether he’s a CB or a FS?

      • Peter

        Realistically i don’t see Seattle drafting him. As per long speed Rob can correct me but I think 10yrd split is more important for seahawks corners than straight line speed.

        I get Tariq Woolen is the nane of the day. But Britt-taylor and McCreary both have more passes defended and for me both are better, more active tacklers.

  3. Mark

    “The Seahawks are going to miss out on potentially a terrific player at a key position of need and are stuck with a dead-weight contract for a player with a bad shoulder.”

    You have a way with words, Rob. Ouch ouch ouch.

    • Peter

      Rob is being kind.

      “A,” terrific player. For me if there was ever a year for trader john to go shopping and move down and get two players of need this is it. Take the ten pick move down to say 18 take Lucas, burn a new second and one fourth and come back to the bottom of round one and take DT Wyatt. Or thereabouts.

      But instead even if you like Adams his career may actually be closer to over then restarting with chronic shoulder injuries.

      • TomLPDX

        For some reason I have a feeling that you are correct about JA. A recurring shoulder injury like his will make it hard for him to play at the level of his salary and end his career prematurely.

        • Peter

          One of my best friends is a highly regarded physical therapist formerly a sports therapist at ASU for women’s sports. Shoulders are one of the hardest body parts to ever heal to a previous level.

        • cha

          The entire premise of tackling is now ‘lead with your shoulder’. If your head is the lead you’re getting flagged.

          While that’s good for player safety, that’s very, very ominous for an in-the-box safety with very little in the way of coverage skills.

  4. EM

    Thanks for the amazing coverage here. Really fun to refresh and read!

    Just curious if you think there’s any hope that the Seahawks have silently improved at drafting with Taylor, Brooks, Brown as more recent examples? They just seem to have been hitting more the past two years than in the prior years before that. Is the improvement in my mind or has the proportion of hits gotten a touch better? #Optimism #GoHawks!

    • Rob Staton

      I think the jury’s very much out. I don’t think Brooks deserves to be viewed as a positive so far. He graded as a 58.4 in 2022, year two. I want to see much more from him before declaring that a good pick.

      Taylor — it’s a hard one to assess. Because he clearly has shown a lot in his first season after a bad injury but the challenge for Seattle is to turn him into a dynamic, consistent player and develop his role.

      Lewis — they’ve messed around moving him to right guard and they should be ashamed for doing that. I hope they haven’t blown it with him.

      • EM

        Good points. I’m likely grading on a curve since Brooks and Taylor at least are starters and so many previous picks became healthy scratches or disappeared entirely. That’s a bit of a change, but perhaps not enough of one!

  5. Sea Mode

    Assuming you have seen them already, but Couch Potato GM has OL/DL drills on YT. Camera angle is not ideal, but at least he adds in the names.

  6. cha

    Smart hire.

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Broncos are expected to hire former #Vikings OC Klint Kubiak as their news QBs coach and passing game coordinator, sources say. A big hire for new coach Nathaniel Hackett, as Kubiak helped Kirk Cousins have one of his best seasons in 2021 while calling plays in MIN.

    • Henry Taylor

      Similar systems, rising coaching talent and with obvious family connections to the team. Makes a lot of sense.

      Man if they do get Rodgers that division is going to be unbelievable.

  7. Pran

    ESPN – Depending on how things play out with others like Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, Garoppolo could be one of the most accomplished quarterbacks available.

    // Its an uncertain time, When will Russ kick the can and how will that impact draft.

  8. cha

    Bruce Feldman
    · 18h
    SOURCES: Former Auburn/LSU/Clemson/Alabama DC Kevin Steele who just became the new Maryland defensive coordinator, is leaving to become Miami’s new DC for Mario Cristobal. @mzenitz first reported the move.

    Clint Hurtt not getting the Miami DC job.

    • TomLPDX

      I didn’t make that connection until you mentioned it. I like Hurtt but if he becomes our new DC then it will be more of the same I’m afraid.

  9. Sea Mode

    Washington Commanders… um… yeah…meh.

    As mentioned in the last thread, there’s the problem with shortening it.

    Then there’s also the epic chants already being made up. Truly on par with European football’s best… 😬🙄

    I think RedWolves would have been cool and was apparently their first choice, but it is already trademarked and so was ruled out.

    Warthogs is cool too, has character, and is “footballish”. Plus, alliteration bonus. Shortens to hogs. Cool logos. Also has ties to their history.

    Even Redtails with the aviation theme I think I would have liked better.

    At least i think their “W” logo is well done, I guess.

    • Rob Staton

      RedWolves would’ve been good

    • cha

      The RedTails would have been my choice. Nice connection with the Tuskegee Airmen, and sort of a super-mea-culpa for the racial aspect. Also, could have kept the feathers as part of the logo as redtail hawks could have been incorporated in a third-jersey kind of way.

      Also, some fans did mockups and there were some super clean fighter plane logos.

      • GaiusMarius

        Yes, that was my preference too.

    • Sea Mode

      ok, at least I got a chuckle out of this one:

      PFT Commander

      Free Agents who sign with the Commanders are elegible for USAA

  10. Palatypus

    Out here in the rain at Senior Bowl practice. First impression. Penning is a monster.

  11. Rob Staton

    12 noon for Jake & Stacy today

  12. Palatypus

    Failele is VERY obviously the biggest guy here. Very thick arms and thighs and moves better than I thought.

  13. Julian L

    We know it’s unlikely to happen with the current Executive, but a new broom approach to attacking this draft with an early draft pick would be to trade DK Metcalf.

    A top 12 pick, 3rd rounder and 2023 2nd rounder would I think be attractive trade for two parties.

    DK would be missed, but we could probably strengthen well on the OL and DL with the compensation received?

    As of now, the Seahawks do not have a starting LT under contract for next season. If there is a long term solution in this draft to that position, a DK trade could be a solution to this conundrum.

  14. Palatypus

    Lucas working one on one with Failele.

  15. Blitzy the Clown

    Seattle’s bad 2020 off-season that led to the desperation hail-mary trade for Jamal Adams right before camp continues to leave scars. Frankly, it’s difficult to garner excitement for this off-season given the same decision makers are the ones trying to make amends. This was a long-lasting, damaging trade that they doubled-down on with a new contract. It might be convenient to try and forget about it and say what’s done is done — yet after one day in Mobile, the consequences are there for all to see. The Seahawks are going to miss out on potentially a terrific player at a key position of need and are stuck with a dead-weight contract for a player with a bad shoulder.

    I don’t know that I’ll ever understand why the Jamal Adams trade and contract extension weren’t sufficient grounds to fire the PCJS braintrust. Especially – especially – after the second season when it became undeniable how colossal of a failure the trade and contract are.

    For all the talk about how weak this draft is at the top, there are numerous prospects to covet at or around our native first round pick. And if there ever was a draft to do the JS trade down shuffle, this is it. To have one pick late on Day 1, then two more picks on Day 2…

    • Big Mike

      And the next time someone complains that myself, Rob and whoever else pounds on the shit trade for the peacock, PLEASE re-read this paragraph that Blitzy quoted from Rob and then ask yourself the question that Blitzy just posed about why in the hell these 2 people were not fired because of it.
      Are we to just ignore what an absolute fiasco it was and how badly it has hurt this franchise and will continue to do so? For example, I proposed couple of days ago that if the Seahawks still had that 10th overall pick, they could draft Lucas, insert him at his college position of RT from day one while re-signing Duane for one more season while Lucas learns the NFL game and learns some of the ins and outs of playing on the left side from Duane in preparation for being moved to the left in season #2.
      That will not happen and the reason it won’t is Jamal Adams. Instead the team has no succession plan at LT outside of a 6th round draft choice.

      “What’s done is done” and “we need to see them make the best of it” are not reasons to “move forward” as fans of this team. They’re excuses for Pete Carroll’s bad roster management the worst example of which is Jamal Adams.

      • Rob Staton


      • cha

        Quit complaining.

        I was a Seahawks fan during the 2-14 season so I feel I have the moral authority to tell you to shut up.

        In those days, when the ushers took your ticket, they kicked you in the crotch on the way in. The team would hand out cyanide pills as the game day promotion.

        And we loved it.

        When Ken Behring threated to move to California, we laid down in front of the vans so they couldn’t go. I still have the tire tracks across my back.

        And when Cortez Kennedy thanked the New Orleans Saints for finally getting him a Super Bowl ring in his Hall Of Fame speech, minutes after recounting a story of that 2-14 season where he was told by a defensive coach “alright boys, we’re not going to win today, but let’s not embarrass ourselves”, my chest swelled with pride as a lifelong 12.

        You have no idea. Spoiled brats.

        //spits in spitoon

        • Rob Staton


        • GaiusMarius

          That was awesome!

          • cha

            Thanks. BTW that Cortez speech was real. The first Legacy Seahawk elected to the HOF and in his speech he tells a story illustrating how awful they were and thanking Sean Freaking Payton and the New Orleans Freaking Saints for getting him a Super Bowl ring.

            He’s a HOFer and has the right to say what he wants. But if you didn’t feel kicked in the crotch by that speech as a Seahawks fan, chances are you and I aren’t going to be friends.

            • Peter

              I’m old enough for all that……and have zero interest watching 10-7 football because “it could always be worse.”

              How’s that any way to operate as a fan?

        • Big Mike

          “Tire tracks all across your back
          I can see you had your fun”

  16. Blitzy the Clown

    Any word on how Bernhard Raimann has done in 1v1?

    His arms are on the shorter side for an NFL OT, but I still think he could be a Pro Bowl caliber RT.

    • Julian L

      Same length as Rashawn Slater, A Pro Bowl Left Tackle.

  17. Palatypus

    Boye Mafe can bend and turn speed to power. People are murmuring.

    • Seattle Person

      He’s my favorite 2nd tier pass rusher. We already know Jermaine Johnson is going to go super high now.

  18. JJ

    Any news on DC job?

  19. cha

    A concise way of pointing out this defense was trash last year.

    Seattle is fresh off ranking fifth-to-last in edge pass-rushing grade for the 2021 season. While the Seahawks might not have their first-round pick, they do have plenty of cap space to help this issue. With six edge defenders inside the top 25 of PFF’s free-agent rankings, they could make a move to substantially improve on the edge for 2022. Improving their slot coverage should also be a focal point this offseason. Seattle allowed 1,341 yards to the slot in 2021, the second-most in the NFL.

    • Bmseattle

      Imagine having, not only that 1st round pick…but even *more* cap space!

    • Seattle Person

      Besides his arm length, Roger McCreary has been really sticky in coverage. He’s someone that will compete his ass off in the slot or outside.

  20. Palatypus

    Current weather at the Senior Bowl, 62 degrees and rainy. Beers are $6-7 and nobody is drinking them. Lots of football writers here. Very few fans.

  21. Rob Staton

    You can listen live to the Jake & Stacy segment on their homepage:

    • TomLPDX

      Great stuff Rob! Got a lot of love from Stacy today and your comments were right on!

  22. cha

    Hey Jake and Stacy, who on the Seahawks benefits most from an improved pass rush?

    Darrell Taylor? Jamal Adams?


    Russell Wilson. Hands down.

    And it’s not even close.

    • swedenhawk


  23. Gross MaToast

    It’s the best time of the year again on SDB – even with the Seahawks’ Powers That Be still being in power. This is the time that I strengthen the already overwhelming grudge I hold against the Coffee Cup by watching Jermaine Johnson and Abraham Lincoln over the next decade and imagining what might have been.

    (Speaking of the Cup, there’s absolutely no way – zilch, nada, none – regardless of rehab or any of the “best shape of his life” garbage coming out in August, that he’s anywhere close to 100% with that shoulder. I speak from experience. I expect many, many business decisions going forward as he faces ball carriers around the goal line. You know, now that I think about it – nothing actually changes. Sorry. Carry on.)

    But, I’m most disappointed that the PC/JS combo will continue to make decisions for this franchise. The ramifications of that will be felt for years and it only increases the difficulties for whoever follows.

    I read this statement, by Richard Sherman. Although he’s speaking about Seahawk fans, it could just as easily be addressed to Pete:

    “They were talking about getting rid of us and they were like, ‘We got replacements. We got LOB 2.0. And then you got rid of us and then you realize you don’t. You realize we were once in a generation talent and you should have kept it and appreciated it when you had it.”


    The Cult of Pete was born with the LOB and people are holding on for dear life as if it could ever happen again. How many chances has he had at that now?

    Finally, the Broncos are for sale and the price is rumored to be in the $4B range. I would imagine that the Seahawks could go for a similar price. My GoFundMe to buy the franchise currently sits at $11.87 and I put $10 in. You guys really need to pick up the pace, so give til it hurts. To be safe, I think we need to get to about $7B. (I apologize for mentioning the ‘San Diego Seahawks’ earlier. I probably have no immediate intentions of moving the franchise to San Diego.)

    • TomLPDX

      A GoFundMe. Ha! Love it. Wouldn’t it be cool if it actually took off and got the money needed!

      • Gross MaToast

        I, for one, would be thrilled, as would all fans of the Barcelona Seahawks.

        • Gross MaToast

          Obviously, I meant the ‘Seattle’ Seahawks and regret the error.

          • TomLPDX

            How about the Vancouver (BC) Seahawks! We did just get rights to market in Canada after all!

            • Gross MaToast

              The St. Tropez Seahawks are the World’s Team.

              • Gross MaToast

                Obviously, again, I meant ‘Seattle,’ and again regret the error.

    • Bmseattle

      The business decisions last season were probably because he *knew* that his shoulder was a ticking time bomb.

      And if that is true, than the team knew it as well,but still decided to sign him to a long term deal.

      • Gross MaToast

        Trying to save face in a cascading series of unfortunate decisions rarely works out well.

        • Big Mike

          Bingo. Just cut your losses and move on. You screwed up. I’d have way more respect for Pete if that’s how it had been handled.

          • Gross MaToast

            I don’t think he’s able to admit that he screwed up. As is, Pete will likely extend him for as long as the team remains unsold.

            • Big Mike

              Sadly, I believe you’re right. He’s gonna pay Bobby 20 this year too isn’t he?

              • TomLPDX


              • Gross MaToast

                Unless Bobby requests a trade to a team with a chance to win. That would kickstart the Cascadia Subduction Zone in the PNW.

  24. Big Mike

    Love that during the interview you got the dig in about not having the 10th overall pick Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s crushing watching Jermaine Johnson and Abe Lucas out there

      • TomLPDX

        I missed the first 5-7 minutes so please post a repeat of your talk today. I got in when you were telling people to not give up on D Eskridge just yet.

        • Rob Staton

          I will post the full audio at the top of the article when it becomes available (which is an hour after they come off air)

          • TomLPDX

            Thanks Rob, this was a really good show for you.

      • MychestisBeastmode

        Jamal Adams – the gift that keeps on giving. Except “gift” is financial and draft burden and “giving” is taking.

        Jamal Adams – the financial and draft burden that keeps on taking.

        I hate singling JA out because he did what we would all do and take the money. It’s really Pete’s fault, which, should we never make a serious run again in his tenure, will always be looked at as the pinnacle 101 of poor roster management.

    • jed

      Great segment Rob, really enjoyed it. Hope you get a chance to come back and do some draft recap or even early FA recap.

    • cha

      Ditto. Excellent segment. Brought a lot of positive energy.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you

  25. Palatypus

    Everybody is huddled up because the rain is picking up and I just ran into Brian Bulaga (said so on his press badge wearing an NFL draft countdown shirt.

  26. V

    “Just spoke with Akayleb Evans, he said his length is the one thing teams have liked from interviews this week and he said his game is physical and he tries to emulate Patrick Peterson. Says that numerous teams had good conversations, and the Seahawks liked him a lot!”

  27. Rob Staton

    I’ve just updated the live blog with some new notes

  28. Sea Mode


  29. Peter

    Akayleb Evans…one to watch….or pointless team meeting ala Jonathan Taylor?

  30. Palatypus

    Just talked with OL Max Mitchell’s father who informed me that his son has been interviewed by the Seahawks rwice. The he excused himself to talk tohis agent Jim Denton.

    • Sea Mode

      Cool to have some SDB “boots on the ground” out there. Keep it coming!

    • Rob Staton

      Mitchell’s tape vs Texas is very good

      • Palatypus

        Also interviewed with Arizona.

      • Seattle Person

        I think Mitchell is very interesting. When I first saw him, I thought he was missing some power to his game and he doesn’t seem to fit at RT. He’s more of a LT and a good pass-protector. Moves well and uses technique well. Can he possibly be a RT fill and a LT in-training?

        • Rob Staton

          He looked really good at RT for LL but there aren’t many guys his size playing RT in the NFL

  31. Sea Mode

    Who’s ready to do whatever it takes to get back to more of this…?

    · 5h

    Eight years ago today, the Legion of Boom DOMINATED in Super Bowl XLVIII. Flexed biceps (via @nflthrowback)💪

    • Peter

      Do you mean:

      1. Draft talent in every round that can start?

      2. Spend money in free agency to bring in great talent?

      3. Build a philosophy and draft to it?

      4. Recognize when a player may be great but not for the team ala Lendale White, drafting earl thomas and Kam chancelor instead of taylor mays?

      5. Turn over every stone from CFL players to spending low value draft picks on game changing talent instead of the reverse?

      Then sure. I’m in.

      • TomLPDX

        Ah, the good old days! I remember when Lendale got cut. He was so sure of himself. And Taylor Mays couldn’t believe that Pete passed on him.

        Back when this FO has some cohones!

        • Peter

          Mays felt like a lock at the time.

  32. Sea Mode

    Keep crushing on him, Rob!

    • JJ

      Oh my! I need a cigarette after watching that.

    • Seattle Person


  33. Palatypus

    Tomorrow’s practice being moved indoors and closed to the public.

  34. Palatypus

    83 wr super quick and small. 98 TE reminds me of Travis Kelce.

  35. Rob Staton

    Notes on Max Mitchell added

    • Palatypus


    • Peter

      You mention Shell in your notes but is Mitchell a potential guard project type? Maybe move on from Jackson or better yet move Lewis back to RG and Mitchell who i just read played both LT and RT at a left guard spot?

      • Rob Staton

        He is a potential guard type but I can’t see them targeting guards

        If they take Mitchell I think it’s because they believe he can play RT

        • Palatypus

          But how do the Cardinals view him?


  36. Rob Staton

    If you missed the Jake & Stacy segment — I’ve added the audio to the top of the article

    • Nathan_12thMan

      Oh man, you had a take I strongly disagree with which is super rare. I don’t think it’s fair at ALL to say the quibble over the Eskridge pick is a “hindsight” take. Some people on Seahawks twitter, bloggers & podcasters like yourself and even I (who knows very little) were banging the table pre-draft day to take C with our first pick and that Creed looked like a stud worth taking. Then DURING the draft those same people, and even more when SEA is on the clock and Creed is sitting there, said “take Creed”. Hell, that night Hawkblogger is tweeting and writing a piece calling it an F (obviously a bit of hyperbole on the grade) because they didn’t take Creed and took a WR3.

      There have been a BUNCH of guys I and others have 20/20 hind-sighted or only knew about a bit at the time (someone like Kittle comes to mind as someone I wanted and was pissed they didn’t take but I didn’t think he’d become elite). I’ve banged the table for guys who then bust like everyone else. But nahh, the Eskridge-vs-Humphrey issue isn’t one of those 20/20 hindsight situations. It’s one of the rare cases where people at the time actually made that call and didn’t have to wait until later to realize we shoulda taken a certain player who was available.

      As for “no issue with the pick” and third receiver value, I contest that as well but that’s personal opinion. Then again, you’re preaching, as you should, that they have needed in the past and desperately need to invest in the trenches this year. “It’s all about the trenches.”

      How is there no issue with the pick for a WR3 who is stuck at WR3 (getting limited snaps & targets) behind DK (soon to be paid >$25m APY) and Tyler ($17.25m APY) for the next 3+ years when you coulda had a stud C who plays 100% of offensive snaps, on the cheap, for 4 years? I’m not gonna even mention him being borderline AP, let’s instead just assume in SEA he’s a PFF 80 grade not a 90+ like in KC).

      Does our OL look more like it did at the end of the season in the beginning of the season if instead of Fuller & Pocic we start Humphrey? Does Humphrey solidify the line (with Brown-Lewis-Hump-Gabe-Sowell) which results in a less dysfunctional offense, more running lanes opened and better pass pro? Does that help keep your QB healthy or maybe the finger injury is just flukey and happens to anyone no matter the OL quality.

      • Rob Staton

        That’s fine. I know plenty of people wanted the Seahawks to take a center. We spent a ton of time on here running through the options.

        But I think the whole ‘Creed Humphrey’ thing has gone too far. There is a lot of hindsight there. We’ve got people who barely watched him play acting like they knew from the off that he was destined for greatness. Heck, the Packers took a different center literally the pick before and they’ve been superb at drafting for the O-line over the years.

        Increasingly I hear more and more people clinging to Humphrey as some kind of golden goose opinion. I liked Creed Humphrey and explained in some detail why. He had explosive traits and there were aspects to like about his play. But nobody could imagine what he did as a rookie and I’d suggest it helped playing with who ended up with on a revamped, heavily varnished line.

        So yeah, that’s the hindsight. This idea that people had much more than a passing admiration for Creed Humphrey now acting like they’re season ticket holders at Oklahoma and knew he was destined for greatness. There are many fans out there doing that kind of thing.

        • BobbyK


        • cha

          I’m not sure everyone who points to Creed Humphrey claims they knew he’d have such an impact in his rookie year and are trying to shove that in everyone else’s face.

          Is pointing out that Eskridge hasn’t done much yet in the NFL and that Humphrey has an extreme hindsight 20/20 position? Of course it is. And the scales could very quickly tip back to Eskridge in the very near future.

          I think fans take the Seahawks passing up Humphrey to select Eskridge as another indicator for of the way the Seahawks do things. Ignore the trenches. Patch together an O-line, convince yourselves it’ll be fine, and then pull a shocked_Pikachu_face when the Rams destroy them by chasing RW all over the field while the WR’s run routes 20 yards downfield and then nothing happens.

          Meanwhile, you have Eskridge, who the Seahawks drafted and clearly thought highly of, with the Seahawks acting like they have no earthly idea of what to do with him other than a jet sweep that was innovative 8 seasons ago and now is so predictable it is near dereliction of duty. They wouldn’t even let him return kicks.

          If those two players were flipped and the results were the same for each team, sure we’d be upset. Humphrey got hurt early and then couldn’t get on the field. Eskridge explodes for KC. Yup. Eskridge is the one who got away.

          But as you rightly pointed out in the segment, at least you could say the Seahawks attempted to address a serious, serious need that’s been crying for attention since Max Unger left.

          For my money, that’s what I consider when I gripe about not drafting Humphrey. Not necessarily that he’s a star and Eskridge isn’t yet.

          • Rob Staton

            I’m not sure everyone who points to Creed Humphrey claims they knew he’d have such an impact in his rookie year and are trying to shove that in everyone else’s face.

            Plenty do and that was the point I was addressing.

            Never said everyone — we talked plenty about the C position a year ago. I would’ve loved them to draft a center.

          • MychestisBeastmode

            My 2 cents in regard to the Hawks stating how they rank their board vs their current on-the-roster position groups rather than simply ranking guys from top down and taking BPA regardless of position is this – it seems they tend to pick at least 1 or 2 picks that are future oriented toward position groups that may suffer major losses of current talent via age, contract or fit — recent examples: Brooks with the impending KJ decision and knowing Bobby would likely be just a couple seasons behind in potentially ageing out of MLB, Stone Forsythe as a redshirt in the event Brown leaves or is injured (ditto with Curhan and relatively large signing bonus). With Dee, I think they see a chance to mitigate potential loss of DK should his contract demands be too unsavory for our front office to meet. That last one, if I could be a fly on the wall, I’d bet outweighed whatever scouting they had on Creed vs Pocic/Fuller because they knew they’d always go cheap on Oline.

            I still think Dee has potential to put on some Lockett-esque or Tyreek-lite performances if he can avoid getting his bell rung; which was truly unfortunate for him and the team (and seems to be the case for lots of draft picks over the last few years dealing with shitty injuries).

            Obviously all draft picks are future oriented. So, take this analysis with a grain of salt. But that’s at least how I explain it to myself when trying to understand why guy X was taken over guy Y. Also, they miss too, Collier is most glaring, and Blair too (injuries are a big component here too 😖).

        • Scot04

          I honestly was hoping Eskridge would be there and had him in our competition.
          Wasn’t expecting both Centers to be there though.
          When they were I was having a tough time between Josh Meyers & Eskridge.
          I know many were high on Humphries. I preferred Meyers over Humphries.

        • Big Mike

          I am one who has beat the drum for Humphrey numerous times. If I came across to anyone as knowing that he was going to be as good as he’s been, that was not my intention because I certainly did not. I DID beat the drum for a Center and it is my opinion that Pete and John are the ones tasked with being able to see that this team desperately needed (and still needs) an anchor in the middle of the offensive line (Aaron Donald!). I believe they should’ve prioritized the offensive line in general and the Center position in particular. Rob outlined the depth of the position before last year’s draft and I was very, very hopeful they would go in that direction. I might also add that if the Chiefs were able to see his ability, it disappoints me that PCJS apparently did not. Couldn’t they have filled the WR3 position through FA?

          • Rob Staton

            Certainly wasn’t aimed at you

            Or anyone on here for that matter

            I’ve just noticed a bit of a trend with Humphrey that I felt was worth pointing out, within the broader fan base

            • Big Mike

              Oh I knew that but still felt it important to own it but also state why I’ve brought it up a number of times.

    • Scot04

      Just finished your segment with Jake & Stacy.
      Well done, always enjoy it when you get an opportunity on these shows.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you

        • L80

          Here’s the thing…..When you have Donald on the other side of the line, and play him a minimum 2 times a year and you have Pocic / Fuller as your centers, AND the draft is loaded with good centers, you DO N O T take a WR……This after your franchise QB says he gets hit too much.

          Their logic is flawed, their thinking is flawed, and we ALL see the results of these flaws.

          • Rob Staton

            You can take a WR. A rookie C might struggle as much as anyone vs Donald.

            Corey Linsley should’ve been signed

            • Big Mike

              He would have to want to come to Seattle tho. Money being even, I have my doubts. More dough, sure.

  37. Scot04

    KJ confirms what we already knew.

    In other words it’s all PC.
    Ownership is a trust, JS answers to PC.
    PC has final say in all personnel decisions.
    Several offseasons of poor roster building.
    KJ is 100% correct.
    Unfortunately PC is not held accountable to anyone;
    So it’s impossible to be optimistic about change.

    • Rob Staton

      KJ delivering some truth bombs

      • Rob Staton

        And he liked this response, so he’s on the same page with a lot of the issues many of us have raised:

        • Poli

          Any chance you’d interview him?

          • Rob Staton

            Not sure. He’s done other interviews but I don’t have a means of requesting a conversation (don’t have a contact)

    • Gross MaToast

      Obviously KJ reads SDB regularly.

    • Big Mike

      “Dan Quinn called about 4 plays in the Super Bowl”

      But hey, the new DC is gonna make a huge difference. Woo hoo.

    • Hughz

      I didn’t realize PC makes almost all of the defensive play calling. This is further evidence he’s got to go or at least give up that responsibility and just be a leader.

  38. Billy

    Hey Rob! Love your articles! This is not a bash comment! I look at it from the other side
    If things don’t go bad with Russ getting hurt, the hawks are 12-5 at least! So they wouldn’t have
    Had that high pick! They weren’t expecting this to happen! I think with the right DC that utilizes Adams right he will be worth the contract, hopefully😂😂😂and knowing this regime they would prob have traded down from Top 10! I know I’m prob in minority in this comment! The 10th pick would have been nice tho!

    • Rob Staton

      If things don’t go bad with Russ getting hurt, the hawks are 12-5 at least! So they wouldn’t have

      That’s not what the evidence of the first few games of the season told me. I didn’t see anything close to a 12-5 team in Minnesota.

      • Big Mike

        Nor at home blowing that lead to Tennessee……….

    • Scot04

      After another offseason of no improvement; I had them going 10-7 & missing the playoffs. Regardless of how good Adams plays in the future, he will never be able to justify the package we gave up.
      That’s not Adams fault though That’s all on PC & JS.
      I do believe many here believe Adams could be the player he was in NY with the right scheme.
      Hopefully PC will allow it. Regardless a horrible trade.

  39. TomLPDX

    Worth a listen…Michael-Shawn and Chris talking to KJ in their podcast:

    Lot of truth there…

    • TomLPDX

      KJ, on several occasions in this podcast: “Starts from the top down.”

  40. Rob Staton

    I’ve ended the live blog for today. Back tomorrow for more…

    Please check out the 710 ESPN hit if you can.

    • TomLPDX

      Rob, thanks for all you do and I hope you are starting to feel better.

    • Palatypus

      I was just about to listen to it in my car on Audacity when the second practice started.

  41. Palatypus

    Rob said, “— From what I’ve seen, most of the tackles struggled today. I’m not sure if it’s the weather or something else.”

    To be fair, having been there, the end zone was a mess. And it had been raining all day. I was there for both practices and it stopped raining for about 20 minutes after the first practice, but that was it.

  42. Big Mike

    Shout out to you Palatypus for the reports from Mobile. 🙂

    • Palatypus

      I got ONE good piece of information.

      But it was worth it.

  43. WallaSean

    If a team hires Brian Flores as head coach, they will own free agency for as long as he coaches.

    • Palatypus

      Have you heard of Drew Rosenhaus?

  44. swedenhawk

    Missouri State DL Eric Johnson. Not a bad spin move… at 300 lbs:

    • Seattle Person

      He seems very interesting. He’s suppose to be really quick and explosive. Reports are he has held his own vs higher competition. He beat a pretty good RT in Kinnard too.

      Meanwhile, I feel bad for the kid. He supposedly had a better day today but he’s been put on his ass too many times and by multiple guys.

  45. Sea Mode

    So looks like no khakis in Minny.

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Vikings met with Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh for 9 hours today, but the team didn’t make an offer, per source.

    So Harbaugh returns to Ann Arbor and Kevin O’Connell — soon — is expected to head to Minnesota.

  46. Rob Staton

    A new live blog has been posted with fresh notes

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