Senior Bowl game: Open thread & live blog

If you’re watching the Senior Bowl today (2:30pm EST) post your thoughts in the comments section. I’ll update with notes throughout the game.

First quarter

Tyus Bowser (LB, Houston) had the first tackle of the game, working nicely in space. His second snap sent him downfield in coverage. Mike Mayock compares him to Haason Reddick — Bowser is one to watch for Seattle.

The first North drive stalls after Alex Anzalone (LB, Florida) blows up a screen. He’s an underrated player and highlights the depth at linebacker this year.

On the first drive for the South we get a first glimpse of Obi Melifonwu (S, UConn). He’s playing safety and destroys Donnel Pumphrey after the RB squirts into the second level. Melifonwu levels him with a crunching hit. He recovered a Matt Dayes fumble shortly after.

Zay Jones (WR, East Carolina) makes a really nice catch for 14-yards working against Marquez White (CB, Florida State). White has 32-inch arms, monitor him. Jones had a good week and did well to make the grab because the pass-placement wasn’t great.

Eddie Vanderdoes’ jersey and pants don’t fit.

Dan Feeney (G, Indiana) wiped out Carlos Watkins (DT, Clemson) on a run play. On the next snap he did a great job getting to the second level finding a linebacker to block. Nice start for Feeney.

Taylor Moton (T, Western Michigan) gave up a play to Tanoh Kpassagnon (DE, Villanova) and had to resort to tackling him. Clear holding penalty. Great quickness from Kpassagnon.

There are no replay challenges at the Senior Bowl, which is a shame. Zay Jones just made an incredible play at the back of the end zone, extending fully to high point a wayward overthrow and somehow get two feet down. Sensational catch but was called out of bounds. Jones is having a day.

The South team has been decimated by injuries and it’s showing in the game so far. Josh Dobbs just threw a pick after the makeshift O-line collapsed from both ends. Dobbs was hit as he threw and it was an easy pick for safety Lorenzo Jerome (S, St. Francis)

Moton had two flags in the first quarter. The second was for hands to the face with Bowser and Dalvin Tomlinson (DT, Alabama) sharing a sack on the play.

Tough start for Connor McDermott (T, UCLA) too. A flag for a false start and giving up pressure on a couple of occasions. He’s very tall and struggling with leverage.

Haason Reddick (LB, Temple) played exclusively in coverage in the first quarter. O.J. Howard (TE, Alabama) finishes the quarter with a nice catch down the seam.

Second quarter

The second starts with Jamal Williams (RB, BYU) catching a pass and getting absolutely decimated by Jordan Herdman (LB, Simon Frazier). Huge hit.

Lorenzo Jerome makes another nice play. He has contain on an end-around. Although he semi-whiffed the tackle, he fought back to force a fumble by Josh Reynolds (WR, Texas A&M).

Zay Jones has a second touchdown ruled out, this time for an offensive facemask penalty on the center. He locates a deep ball, tracks it in the air, shows terrific body control and completes the catch in the end zone. Jones is the star of the game so far.

Montravius Adams (DT, Auburn) pushed people around all week during drills. He’s playing well here and creating constant pressure. On the next snap Zach Banner (T, USC) and Adam Bisnowaty (T, Pittsburgh) are easily beaten by Tyus Bowser and Jordan Willis. Both rushers hit the QB at the same time forcing a fumble that is comically recovered by Banner.

The defensive lines are dominating the offensive lines. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone. The best athletes vs big bodies. That’s all it is in college with a few exceptions. And it shows up when we do the TEF studies. There’s an O-line problem in football.

Bowser is looking good so far. If you want a Reddick alternative, here’s your guy.

O.J. Howard says during an interview with the NFL Network that he wants to run a 4.58 at the combine.

David Webb (QB, California) has looked the best at quarterback so far. He threw a nice mid-level touchdown to Josh Reynolds. He then throws a nice fade on the 2-point attempt but Reynolds bobbles the football. Antonio Garcia (T, Troy) had nice pass-pro on the original score.

Bisnowaty, who didn’t have a good week, struggles vs Tanoh Kpassagnon and gives up a pressure before the two-minute warning. In fairness, on the next snap Bisnowaty did a much better job and shut down Kpassagnon.

Reddick ends the half rushing the edge for the first time today.

Jordan Willis gets the final big play of the half, destroying Bisnowaty for another sack/fumble. Bisnowaty barely looks draftable here.

Half time

Things to look for in the video below:

1. Haason Reddick taking control of the North huddle

2. Tyus Bowser working in space

3. Obi Melifonwu’s big hit

Third quarter

Highly underwhelming start, including two early time-outs.

The NFL Network tries to kick things into life by interviewing a rep from Reece’s to basically spend five minutes giving a hard sell for their product.

“Thanks for all the awesome candy this week” is the way the interview ends.

Great play by Melifonwu to clatter Pumphrey again. He closed from distance, great speed and a nice fit.

Connor McDermott continues to struggle. This time he gives up a sack to Derek Rivers (Youngstown State). David Webb comes back on the next play with a fantastic throw for an improbable first down to Fred Ross (WR, Miss. State). Webb is easily the best QB we’ve seen today.

The throw gives the South team some momentum. Matt Dayes has a really nice 15-yard run (ended by a good tackle by Melifonwu) and scores on the next play. After the early fumble, Dayes looked sharp on this drive.

Kareem Hunt (RB, Toledo) had a nice burt on a +20-yard run and followed it up immediately with another long run for a gain of 43. Impressive shiftiness. Bisnowaty did well to block two defenders. Bowser chases him down from nowhere to make the tackle. Great hustle:

In the red zone, the North run the ball three times and decide to kick a field goal, trailing by 13 points. Yes, John Fox is coaching the North team.

Mike Mayock lists Haason Reddick, Obi Melifonwu, Rasul Douglas and Zay Jones as big winners on the North roster this week.

Another possible Seahawks target, Carroll Phillips (LB, Illinois) gets a sack before Antonio Pipkin (QB, Tiffin) throws a pick to Brendan Langley (CB, Lamar).

Jordan Willis has had a big impact in the game. He just beat Julien Davenport (T, Bucknell) easily to hit the QB. On the next snap he bull-rushed Davenport and just pressed him into the quarterback. Davenport is overmatched against a player like Willis.

Fourth quarter

Zay Jones continues to make plays. On offense he has been the big winner today. He starts the fourth quarter with a nice completion off play action and then picks one off the turf with his fingertips.

Nice play by Alex Anzalone to chase down an underneath throw on play action. Great range and instinct.

Wow. Montravius Adams just had a fantastic get-off to collapse the pocket. At the same time, Kpassagnon destroys Julien Davenport off the edge and forces a sack/fumble. Adams scoops it up for the turnover. A play started and finished by Adams with a really good example of Kpassagnon’s upside sandwiched in-between.

Matt Dayes has flashed in the second half. He’s not the biggest back but he’ll have a shot to make a RB rotation at the next level and contribute. Nice burst here and showed some toughness plus quick feet.

Lorenzo Jerome has his second pick of the game after a terrible throw/decision by Pipkin. Just awful. On the next play Hunt has a mini-beast mode run. Nice cut, breaks a tackle, makes a move, keeps the legs churning. Impressive second half for Hunt with over 100 yards.

Dion Dawkins (T/G, Temple) just dumped Duke Riley on his backside.

In the red zone and trailing by seven, the North team throws it to Zay Jones. Nice underneath route, contested catch. Jones has been superb today. The player of the day.

The two-point conversion fails and the South are set to win 16-15.

Best performers

Zay Jones (WR, Eastern Carolina)
Kareem Hunt (RB, Toledo)
Jordan Willis (EDGE, Kansas State)
Montravius Adams (DT, Auburn)

To wrap up, here’s Mike Mayock’s top performers in Mobile.


  1. Hawks22Fun

    Any possible late round WR or RB picks to watch today Rob?

    • Greg Haugsven

      Kareem Hunt, maybe not late round anymore.

  2. John T

    I’m looking forward in seeing what RB Kareem Hunt can and/or can’t be.

    • LeoSharp

      Me to been intrigued by him all year

    • Hawks22Fun

      He had a great spin move, and seems hard to get down…


  3. LeoSharp

    Is it just me or does the North team seem like the the significant favourite?

  4. Volume12

    Melifonwu can play for me any day. Boom!

    Stiff hips off one drill or not.

  5. Hawks22Fun

    I wonder if the little guy Pumphrey will be a Tyrek Hill in the NFL?

    • Volume12

      Have you seen Florida St WR Kermit Whitfield? He’s my pick for best 40 at the combine. That kid has easy speed.

      • Hawks22Fun

        I’ll have to look up Kermit…

        Would you want a small speedster in Seattle Volume12?

        • Volume12

          Sure. I’m a sucker for these slot receivers. Love ’em and call for them every year. Size doesn’t equal skill.

          • Volume12

            *fall, not call

            • Hawks22Fun

              Yeah, imagine little Pumphrey on the field with Lockett, PRich, Baldwin and Prosise!

              Speed KILLS! I would take him…

    • JT

      Is Pumphrey an elite athlete? Hill is one of the freakiest athletes in the NFL.

  6. Volume12

    Tyus Bowser looked good. Covers so much ground with so much quickness. Smooth.

    • Volume12

      WR Zay Jones has some mitts man. Good looking wide out.

      • Hawks22Fun

        He looks really good… Zay Jones that is

      • no frickin clue

        Check out this piece on Zay Jones. Background is very Seahawky in terms of focus/fire/effort. Although after his Senior Bowl performance I doubt he would make it to late 2nd round (assuming we even have a 2nd rounder) and I think we have bigger fish to fry in round 1.

  7. JT

    Rough start for Moton with the penalties. He’s getting Kelechi Osemele comparisons, and he should definitely move to RG at the next level.

    • Trevor

      He is a Guard for sure but I think he could be a good one.

      • JT

        and from day 1 too. Interesting day 2 option if Carroll/Cable were willing to move Ifedi to RT.

        • Trevor


        • EranUngar

          You see a guy starting on day 1, all i see is guys failing to block guys that would warm the bench behind Campball, Donald, Quin…

          If those are guys that are supposed to take the field against Cambell, Donald and Quin twice a year starting day 1, I feel very very sorry for them and the QB behind them.

          I am suddenly praying for a lot of continuity for the 2016 OL because help is not coming…not from this game for day 1….

          • Volume12

            Keep an eye on Utah’s Isaac Asiata. Not a day 1 pick, but he’s as ‘Seahawky’ as they get.

            • Rob Staton

              Asiata is a beast.

              It’s a shame he got hurt on Tuesday. Hopefully he’s OK for the combine.

              Bolles + Asiata are tenacity defined.

              • Volume12

                Or at the very least healthy for his pro day.

                Yeah, love that Utah O-line as well.

                He was dominating until he got hurt. Like you said, a real shame we didn’t get to see him today.

          • JT

            Watch Moton’s tape, all I can say Eran. It’s excellent. He had 2 bad penalties today, but he’s a beast. Stick him in a phone booth at RG where he doesn’t have to cut off speedy edge rushers and he could* become a pro-bowler.

            • Rob Staton

              On the snap when he was beaten by Kpassagnon it was a B Gap rush and I believe he had TE help. It was a bad look and the kind of rush he will face at guard. He was barely out of his stance before TK had penetrated. All he could do was tackle him. Not saying he won’t go on to be a very good pro — but it’s hard to watch that and think this is a player destined for the pro-bowl.

              To me he has a lot of physical upside but will take a lot of development at the next level.

              • JT

                Could* be, not “destined to become.” The NFL is littered with day 2 picks who became pro bowlers. The potential is there. I’m not going to significantly downgrade him after 1 rough game on limited snaps. Not after he had such a fantastic season, and a great week in practices by all accounts.

                Run blocking is his speciality as well. Check his film against Wisconsin and Ohio. He performed well when matched up against potential top 50 picks T.J. Watt and Tarrell Basham.

                • Rob Staton

                  Nobody’s saying you should downgrade him. But the play where Kpassagnon blew him up is the type of play he will face if/when he moves inside to guard and TK is the type of player he will frequently face. That to me was merely another glorious example of the limitations of college OL (and specifically this group in Mobile). Moton, like nearly every O-liner at the Senior Bowl, has distinct limitations.

                  We’ll see what the combine tells us about specific physical profiles of the overall class but it’s really hard to look at the options this year and see solutions re:Seattle.

                  • JT

                    Josh Norris comped him to Osemele, which is admittedly lofty praise, but his size and power is reminiscent at least. TBH, I think he’ll fail to hit the TEF “threshold” just like Osemele did

                  • D-OZ

                    OMG!!! He is getting underrated again! As I have blogged on SDB Morgan is one of my favorite O-lineman. He’s a scrappy SOB.

            • EranUngar

              JT, I am not saying he can’t become a pro-bowler. My opinion is not so much about Moton personally, it’s my view of what I saw from most O linemen in that game.

              They fail to dominate against defensive linemen that will be role players at best. If you put those guys on the field on day 1 they will be abused by the type of competition they will face in the NFL.

              It is a growing problem over the past decade. 20 years ago, OL rookies were the most NFL ready of all position group. Now, they are ill prepared and unless they are carefully integrated with experienced veterans around them, they do not stand a chance.

              Some of those guys may end up being solid or even pro-bowlers but to my eyes, none of them should be on the field on day 1. They will need a year in the NFL to be ready for that challenge. There is a reason why a fantastic 1st round physical specimen like Ifedi did not play better than the 4th rounder Glow.

              • JT

                Great comment. I agree that this class of senior offensive linemen is very weak, and it showed this week. That said there are some exceptions. As of now I view Moton, Lamp and especially Feeney as plug-and-play guards at the next level. That may change depending on the combine. I thought all 3 of them had superior tape in college than Germain Ifedi. They won’t match his measurables and athletic testing (Ifedi’s a freak), but all 3 are more technically sound than what Germain showed in college or as a rookie.

                • Ty the Guy

                  Couldn’t agree more with the OL comment. The position has been getting weaker and weaker for years. I feel like defense usually gets the best athletes in college and OL gets the bigger bodies.

                  I personally believe that PCJS have known this for awhile, which has led to projects like Sweezy, Sokoli, and Fant. it seems they are trying to find athletes who can measure up to the “freaks” on the DL.

                  It makes it difficult to find an experienced, athletic OL coming out of college football. It is also what makes me drool over someone like Garrett Bolles. I consider him our best option at upgrading the LT this offseason.

                  • EranUngar

                    I think that the best OL the Seahawks can field on day one is the 5 guys that they paid the tuition fee for last year.

                    Any rookie they pick now, even bolles, will be be less effective on week one.

                    I’d love to get Bolles. He could be the future at LT. I just do not want to see a rookie on the field on day one. We deserve the chance to see a line that has no excuse being “a work in progress”.

                  • Ty the Guy

                    EranUngar,Continuity is a major factor for the chemistry of an offensive line. I agree that moving pieces around too much can disrupt the process of building that continuity. However, the most struggles from last year’s group came from the tackle spots. I’d like to see some more competition there and build for the future. So I see no reason why not to draft Bolles or Ramcyzk or even Cam Robinson if they feel he fits. Bolles in particular I feel would do an adequate job from day one. Growing pains? Of course, but his athleticism combined with tenaciousness would serve him well.

                    As for starting rookies, I used to be against it too. But some guys do pan out. Our QB for one. Also, it can’t be much worse than last year.

  8. Daniel Bryan

    “Eddie Vanderdoes’ jersey and pants don’t fit.”

    LMAO I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that, Rob

  9. Volume12

    Tanoh Kpassagnon. Does he just shoot into the backfield with no plan of action?

    RBs are gonna cut back against him all day at the next level.

    • nichansen01

      He is raw. But big potential is there…

      • Volume12

        Massive project. Right now he’s a measurement guy.

        • EranUngar

          He is raw and he is a project.

          However, beating the OL and shooting into the backfield is the hard part of the job. If he can do that repeatedly, he can be coached what to do when he gets there.

  10. JT

    Zay Jones is a great combine away from finding a home in the first round.

    Tall, long, athletic, he’s killing it in Mobile, and he caught 158 (!) balls for 1746 yards & 8 TD’s this season.

    • Volume12

      Isn’t everyone a 1st rounder from this game? 😉

      • JT

        Haha, there could be a few, and this guy has a chance. If East Carolina went undefeated like Western Michigan, he’d be as hyped as Corey Davis.

  11. Hawks22Fun

    Zay Jones, WR had this stat line last year:

    12 Games 1746 Yards 145.5 PER GAME 158 Rec 8 TD’s

    He seems like he could be a nice mid round WR…


    • JT

      2nd round floor after this week. A big combine puts him squarely in the first round mix.

      • Hawks22Fun

        I think you are right JT… he seems like a R2 Sterling Shepard type.

        Someone will get a SOLID WR…

        • nichansen01

          Yup I would predict Jones goes early second.

          • nichansen01

            Early to mid. But I wouldn’t be overly surprised if he is still there at the end of round 2 for the seahawks to consider (if we still have the pick)

            • D-OZ

              Yea, that would be more like it.

  12. nichansen01

    Tanoh Kpassagnon seems like a candidate to rise into round 2.
    Bowser could be a really nice consolation prize in the first if Reddick is gone.
    I am not sure who I would pick between Bowser and King. I think Bowser is a better player but King is a greater need.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Bowser seems like an exceptional athlete. Not as polished in all facets of his game as Reddick, but he looks like he could have a similar ceiling. Combine will be huge for him.

      Agree about King filling a greater need though.

      • Volume12

        I actually think he’s more natural at LB than Reddick. Which is to be expected because Reddick was a hand in the dirt DE. You can see Reddick having a little trouble picking up on his keys.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          I’m starting to think Bowser in R2 after a trade down from 26. I could see a Bowser/King combo in R2 if the NFL don’t take SEA’s native R2 pick.

          • Volume12

            Yeah, Bowser is a round 2 talent that a team like Seattle would pick in round 1 or with a trade back like you said.

            I could see that too. Isaac Asiata in round 3.

            • Volume12

              Maybe Cordrea Tankersley.

              • JT

                Tankersley is underrated. Should go round 1. I bet he starts getting mocked there more consistently after the combine.

                • Volume12

                  Definetly possible.

                  The thing about this year though is the depth at the top of the board. There’s gonna be a ton of talent that gets pushed back into the 2nd round and part of the 3rd.

                  • JT

                    It’s ridiculous how much there is on defense. It’d be such a shame to lose the second round pick. Every day that goes by without action by the NFL increases my optimism tho.

            • Rob Staton

              Could easily see Bowser being their fall back option if Bolles, Reddick, Cunningham and some of the CBs are gone.

              • Volume12

                I just wonder if Bowser is more end of round 2.

                Don’t get me wrong. I could see him in round 1 with a good combine, but this EDGE class is so damn deep.

    • D-OZ

      BPA for Hawks. Can he beat out current player at his position?

  13. Volume12

    QB Davis Webb has a pretty arm.

    • Hawks22Fun

      Makes me wonder if Cleveland will pick up Webb in the later rounds for backup/insurance at QB… I still think that if Deshaun Watson is there at 12, they take him there…

      Then they would get the best DE, and a Dynamic QB…Good Start to 2017

      • Volume12

        Watson is a winner man. Ice water in his veins. He’s a leader.

        I think they take Myles Garrett 1st overall and wait for next year to grab a QB. Way too early to say with any certainty, but the QB class next year is very, very talented.

        Even if they grab a QB this year, they aren’t going anywhere. Too many needs and they don’t have a culture in place. Gregg Williams will establish one.

        • Hawks22Fun

          I’m super happy Mr.”Target the Knee” Williams is OUT of the NFC West…

          It was ZERO coincidence that in the second game of the year that the LA Rams attacked our players and hurt THREE players at least…

          Lockett’s Knee! Baldwin’s Knee! …and Russell Wilson…

          I would ban him for life personally… He is DIRTY. PERIOD.

          If I was Cleveland and Watson is available at 12, like you said, TAKE THE WINNER QB!!!

          • Hawks22Fun

            If Watson makes it down to the Texans pick in R1, they MUST take him!

            That team would become DEADLY with Nuke Hopkins and Watson together…

            • Volume12

              That would be a great fit. Same with KC.

              I agree with ya about Gregg Williams. He’s still stuck in the ’80s.

          • All I see is 12s

            Wilson was hurt the game before, but Rawls broke his leg though

    • Kenny Sloth

      Hell yeah he does. We’ve talked about him before. 323rd round right now, you think?

  14. Volume12

    Reddick looks much better rushing off the EDGE.

    • Volume12

      He’s one of my favorite prospects, but he might be better suited for a 3-4 defense.

    • JT

      Reddick looked great in man coverage drills all week of practice, where his athletic ability and DB background give him a great platform for success. Zone coverage is a different animal, and it will take him some time to learn the nuances I imagine.

  15. Derron James

    I really like Steve T out of USC. Great run stuffer, as from what I’ve seen watching USC games.

    • Volume12

      I like Montravius Adams, DT, Auburn. Have all year.

      Pet peeve of mine is when people question a 300+ pound DT’s motor in college. These kids are facing such up-tempo offenses with a high amount of snaps played.

      He’s a man amongst boys. Pads get a little high, but that’s coachable. As is everyone of his weaknesses.

      Adams has gotten better each year. High character kid with a great backstory.

      • RealRhino2

        Exactly on the motor thing. People questioned Chris Jones’s motor, too. These guys are often facing 80-90 snaps, often against passing teams. Nobody can give 100% on all of those plays, it’s just too many. Watch the high points.

    • CHawk Talker Eric


      • Volume12

        I like Clemson DT Carlos Watkins too. Nothing special, just a solid, rotational DT that can give a team 4-5 sacks every year. Great length and size, and his foot speed is crazy quick for his size. 6’4, 312 lbs., 33.5″ arms with an 81″ wingspan.

        He’s very disciplined.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          Agree. Watkins checks a few boxes – size, length, gap integrity, agility.

          • Volume12

            Another kid with a backstory that has overcome the odds.

            • Volume12

              Love his physicality and he never stops moving.

  16. Volume12

    Good tackle by Melifonwu.

    • Volume12

      Someone we need to keep monitoring. Could see him as an early pick for us too.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Especially if we think he’s got some versatility.. They didn’t re-up Kam yet

  17. Hawks22Fun

    Hunt looks driven! What Round will he be in???

    • Volume12

      I think we’ll see round 4 as the round when the run on these 2nd tier RBs begin.

      • Hawks22Fun

        Damn…then we either use our 3rd COMP pick or our 4th to get one of these guys… as we have no 5th…

        Maybe they trade back from R1 and pick up a 5th or 4th…

        Hunt looks good, and so does Pumphrey…

        • Volume12

          Sweezy might end up a 5th round comp. If Bruce is a 3rd, Sweezy should be a 5th I would think.

          We don’t have a 4th either. There’s gonna be some wheeling and dealing this year from Seattle.

          8 picks seems perfect for this year.

          • Hawks22Fun

            Team Rd Compensated FAgent Real APY
            DEN 3 Brock Osweiler $18,000,000
            MIA 3 Olivier Vernon $16,750,000
            CAR 3 Josh Norman $15,000,000
            DEN 3 Malik Jackson $14,250,000
            LA 3 Janoris Jenkins $12,400,000
            BAL 3 Kelechi Osemele$11,200,000
            KC 3 Sean Smith $9,250,000
            SEA 4 Bruce Irvin $9,000,000
            CLE 4 Alex Mack $9,000,000
            CIN 4 Marvin Jones $8,000,000
            IND 4 Coby Fleener $7,120,000
            CLE 4 Tashaun Gipson $7,106,250
            LA 4 Rodney McLeod $7,000,000
            KC 4 Jeff Allen $6,875,000
            SF 4 Alex Boone $6,600,000
            CLE 4 Mitchell Schwartz$6,512,000
            CIN 4 Mohamed Sanu $6,500,000
            MIA 4 Lamar Miller $6,500,000
            SEA 4 J.R. Sweezy $6,500,000

            Looks like we JUST MISSED by $250,000 on Bruce Irvin being a 3rd Round COMP… So Irvin and Sweezy BOTH equal 4th Round COMPS in 2017… (Just Realized, Not official, could be a 3rd)

            So no 5th(Taken for stupid “heads hitting” in OTA’s-Total BS)
            No 4th due to trade with NE for Quinton Jefferson…

            Yet 2 – 4th round Comps…(maybe a 3rd)…

            …and Hunt RB is looking very desirable!

            • Rob Staton

              According to this we’ll get a third:

              • Hawks22Fun

                Hilarious. That is the SAME website I cited, but I had a bookmark from earlier in the year…now Bruce is slotted at the END of round 3 Comps, not as the first in the 4th…

                This will be a huge deal to get this 3rd without a 5th…

                Plus Comps are now trade able, and I sense the Sherman thing will NOT equal anything but a fine…

                • Volume12

                  If they do take away the 2nd rounder, it’s upgraded from the 5th. Meaning we’d keep the 5th.

                  • Hawks22Fun

                    Understood. And what BS is that!! Players ‘hit heads in OTA’s’ and we lose a pick??? Total Seahawks bias.

                    …and now Pete says one sentence AFTER the season is over on Mike and Salk, and we get PUNISHED????

                    Now Leveon Bell is under investigation for the same thing… this is NOT worthy of draft capital…

                    The NFL needs a new ‘player chosen’ panel to chose punishments and standards…this is ALL MADE UP!

              • Volume12

                Which is interesting. Isn’t there only 4 comp picks awarded in the 3rd round?

                • Hawks22Fun

                  From what I know, the formula for COMPS is not public and known…

                  I believe the 3rd to 4th is based on $ amount…and there is always on 32 TOTAL COMPS…so they divide it up relative to how much the player$ make, I think…

                  • Hawks22Fun

                    *ONLY 32 COMPS

                  • Volume12

                    Right. But I could swear they only award 4 comp picks in the 3rd round. I could be wrong though.

                  • Volume12

                    Its a soap opera isn’t if? ‘As the NFL turns.’

                  • Hawks22Fun

                    This chart shows 9 3rd COMPS…

                    Last year it was 4, the year before 3…

                    It is definitely based on how much $$$$…

                    Toggle between the years at the right of this page:

                  • Hawks22Fun

                    Looks like Bruce Irvin might be a 3rd R COMP,
                    and Sweezy (maybe cause he didn’t play), has dropped down to a 5th…

                    So we will have a 3rd and 5th COMP it appears…

                    At least I hope Irvin is a 3rd…

      • D-OZ

        2nd and 3rd. Too many team are going to copycat Atlanta after they win the SB. They are going to be grasping for versatile RB,s IMO

        • Volume12

          That trend has already started my man. Theres very few teams that primarily use just 1 RB.

          Atlanta isn’t doing different with their personnel. Defensively they’re Seattle. Offensively its a ton of pre-snap movement.

  18. JT

    I don’t care if Kareem Hunt can’t run sub-4.5 – we already have that in Prosise. He’s my favourite Hawks RB target in this draft.

    • Hawks22Fun

      He looks explosive and hard to tackle…

      Speed isn’t everything… I wonder what round he will land in…

      • Derron James

        Would be a great addition with our stable of backs

      • Volume12

        He has a Marshawn Lynch like balance.

        • Volume12

          Set the HS record in high jump at 6’8″

        • JT

          Even Marshawn Lynch doesn’t have Marshawn Lynch-like balance. That’s how balanced Marshawn Lynch is.

          • Volume12

            lmao 😁

        • Trevor

          He definitely has that nice wide base makes him hard to bring down.

          • Volume12

            There’s that balance.

    • LeoSharp

      Playing just like he has on tape all year.

      • icb12

        And two years ago.

        I was really banging he table for him last year. But he elected to stay in school after a somewhat poor year.

        • LeoSharp

          He’s the ideal workhorse. I prefer him over Foreman or any of the more athletic backs. He’s versatile and consistent, he gets yards after contact in a way many other backs can’t. Very similar to Lynch in the way he can avoid direct contact and stay on his feet while still travelling north and south.
          Lynch adds 20 yards to that play with excellent balance
          The style of play I think Hunt can consistently make in the NFL.

          Also his arms are rather long for his height. no one his height at the senior bow l

          • LeoSharp

            Has similarly long arms in his height range.

          • Hawktalker

            Serious Lynch type pounding runner with speed and I mean really hard to get down,selected as one of the top 16 top CFB freak athletes, ran 427 in a single game and Earl Campbell award finalist . . . Samaje Perine. Check out his tape, pounding with Rawls, how exciting would that be?

            • Ishmael

              Perine reminds me a bit of Le’Veon Bell in college. And similarly to Bell, I think Perine needs to lose about 10 pounds, he’s carrying too much at the moment. He won’t break a lot of those tackles in the NFL the way he does in college. I like him though, if the Hawks had a look at him in the third or fourth I wouldn’t be unhappy.

  19. Hawks22Fun

    WOW. Donnel Pumphrey has been a WorkHorse at SD State…

    Season 349 2133 6.1 79 17 27 231 8.6 27 0

    349 RUNS!!! WOW! He is only 5-9, 180 or so…

    I would LOVE to add this Dynamic Spider of a player…he is tough!

    • Rob Staton

      He’s only 169lbs in Mobile this week

      • Hawks22Fun

        Yet after 2 seasons of over 300 carries,he is HEALTHY…unlike Prosise.

        He would be a great mix up RB, slot WR type… if he runs in the 4.3’s.

        He will be next years Tyrek Hill IMO…

        • Hawks22Fun

          …without the legal ‘baggage’ of DV…

        • Rob Staton

          He needs to be bigger though. Hill is carrying 16lbs on him.

          • Hawks22Fun

            …he could add some weight…I saw him listed at 180 also.

            Even if he is light, taking over 600 tackles in 2 years, over 800 in 3, to me reveals he is naturally tough and not injury prone.

            I know the NFL is bigger, faster, stronger…but I feel he makes it.

            • Rob Staton

              We’ll see. It’s a lot more physical than the level of CFB he played.

              • Hawks22Fun

                Agreed… He would NOT be a workhorse back at all…

                Just ‘Sprinkled In’ as a Dynamic Threat to Loosen up the D.

                • D-OZ

                  Very good return man also…

    • Kenny Sloth

      Y’all ain’t know? He was breaking records or something for a second

  20. Volume12

    Did John Fix just ice his own kicker?

    • Volume12


    • Hawks22Fun

      Wants to test his ‘kickers resolve’! HAH


  21. Volume12

    I like FB Sam Rogers as a possible 7th round pick or UDFA for Seattle. Depends on Marcel Reece.

    • Hawks22Fun

      I feel we need to keep Marcel Reece not only for his versatility and blocking, but because of his veteran leadership in that super young RB room…

      • Smitty1547

        So versatile how many FB can u legitimately split out for anything other than a decoy, one of my must resigns

  22. Volume12

    NC St RB Matt Dayes wouldn’t be a bad fit either. Runs bigger than he is. Nice compact frame, short steps.

  23. nichansen01

    Webb is about as good as Goff.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely and he is bigger.

      • Hawks22Fun

        …and he probably knows what direction the Sun rises! 🙂 HAH

  24. Trevor

    I know I said it in my post yesterday but Montavius Adams is a 1st rounder all day long and exactly the type of pocket collapser the Hawks need at DT.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think he’s a first rounder but he’s played well this week and today in the game.

      • Volume12

        Dion Dawkins is a nice run blocking guard.

        • Volume12

          Another D-line to O-line convert.

          That’s why I love Mayock. Tells us something we don’t know.

          • Rob Staton

            Interesting, didn’t know that about Dawkins. He just had Duke Riley for dinner.

      • Trevor

        I think with the lack of DT penetrators in this class he will go earlier than people think. That is one of the reasons I am surprised Vea never came out.

        • Rob Staton

          There is a dearth of good interior D-linemen but it’s generally a position that is undervalued anyway. Adams will need a huge combine to go earlier than R2-3.

          • Trevor

            Is there a DT you prefer to Adams?

            • Rob Staton

              I think there’s a collection of players of a similar level that will go in the R2-3 range. Tomlinson, Qualls, Adams, Brantley.

              • Trevor

                I like Qualls as well. I thought Brantley was more of a 3 tech.

                There are no Sheldon Rankins in this class but a guy like Adams or Qualls would be a nice addition to the DL on day #2.

                • Volume12

                  Did you see that post of Elijah Quails doing a backflip at 315-320 lbs? Wow.

              • Volume12

                Next crop of DTs for me after that collection would be Carlos Watkins, Jaleel Johnson, Vincent Taylor, Eddie Vanderdoes, and Naz Jones.

  25. Volume12

    Did Daeshon Hall and Dawuane Smoot even play today?

    OJ Howard was a stud today.

    • Rob Staton

      Hall didn’t practise on Thursday so I suspect he didn’t play.

      Not sure on Smoot. Didn’t see him.

      • Volume12

        Oh I didn’t even realize Hall got hurt. Yeah I didn’t see Smoot either.

    • Trevor

      Too bad Hall got hurt I was hoping to see him play!

  26. Trevor

    Karen Hunt stat Pete will love. 850 carried in his career at Toledeo only fumbled the ball one time and he recovered it. So Zero lost fumbles in 850 carries wow!

    • JT

      That’s impressive.

      Where do you (or anyone else get the fumble stats for college RB’s? They aren’t shown on ESPN player pages or on CFB sports-reference.

      • Volume12

        Sometimes the player team page will have that info.

        I use, but they don’t show the fumbles lost or whatever.

      • Trevor

        I got the stat from Dana Brugler CBS sports.

        Most official stats are on NCAA site.

        • D-OZ


  27. Hawks22Fun

    Should the Seahawks take one of these kickers and let Hauschka Walk???

    I kept hearing them say “Most FG in FBS history”

    • Hawks22Fun

      Hauschka would get signed elsewhere, and probably equal a 6th round COMP pick next year…hmm…

      • nichansen01

        Hauschka had a miserable year but I think we him.

        • Smitty1547

          Crappy snapper didn’t help

    • Aaron

      Even though his missed extra points were incredibly annoying, I still think he’s the best option we have. I won’t be upset if we ink him a new deal. More likely they let Luke Willson test FA since they have Graham, Vannett, and Williams heading into the offseason.

    • Totem_Hawk

      I wouldn’t pay 3 million a year for a kicker who missed the most extra points ever in a season and has the “yips” kicking in Arizona the last couple of years. His performance arguably cost the Seahawks the #2 seed and frankly wasn’t good enough. The kid from Arizona State coming out is a stud. Time for someone new.

      • All I see is 12s

        Not arguably. It did cost the #2 seed.

      • Hawks22Fun

        Exactly! He makes that 1 FG in AZ to end overtime, and not only do we end up with the #2 seed, but the team doesn’t go thru that “Funk of a Tie”! Which affected everyone in an odd way…”Hard to process” most said… That might also help the season turn out Brighter…

      • icb12

        would you pay three millions for the 3rd or 4th most accurate kicker in history??

        that’s the real question.

        Seattle was tied for 6th for most field goals attempted in the 2016 regular season.
        Only 1 team with more attempts had a HIGHER percentage of made field goals– and that was Baltimore and Justin Tucker.

        You know what would help Hauschka?? An offense that doesn’t bring him on the field so much.

        Also: Rookie Kicker you say.

        You know who had the LOWEST field goal percentage in the Regular season? Tampa Bay. With the best Kicker in the NCAA history that they took in the draft. Moved up to draft even.

        Hauschka does need to fix the extra points though. That’s on him.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I would pick up the kicker from Arizona. Competition is good.

  28. Trevor

    I thought Dan Feeney was the only OL prospect I saw in Senior Bowl who can come in and start as a rookie.

    Wow the difference in talent between OL and DL is scary now in college football. Quality OL prospects are going to be like gold soon. Makes the idea of a guy like Bolles falling to is a 26 seem like fantasy land.

    • HI Hawk

      I have to agree, but I would add Dion Dawkins to your one man list. But you definitely highlighted the problem. Other than Bolles and Lamp (but T-Rex arms kind of dampens expectations there) who left injured, are a pair of guards who “didn’t fail miserably” really the best college football has to offer as offensive linemen? Both Feeney and Dawkins looked athletic at the second level and capable of moving big bodied defenders at the point. Because of the current lack of offensive line talent in the pipeline, I think its clear that FA money is the only effective way to address the Seahawks biggest weakness for 2017.

  29. EP

    Would you pass on Reddick in the first round if appropriate corner back/offensive lineman was available and potential to to take bowser in second round?

    • Rob Staton

      Depends on which CB’s and OL’s.

      Combine will reveal the likelihood of them being interested in certain prospects.

    • D-OZ

      Don’t count out Anzolone!!!!!

  30. Wall Up

    How’s the misses holding up? Hope all is well.

    • Rob Staton

      She’s very frustrated. It’s five days on Sunday so fingers crossed the baby will be here soon.

      • Ed

        Lots of walks and spicy foods.

      • Cameron

        My wife says to tell her to take a bath and have a glass of wine. 🙂

        • Hawks22Fun

          Also, your ‘fluids’ contain prostaglandins, and they bring on contractions… it helped us…FYI

          • Spirite Seahawk

            With our first my wife was getting equally frustrated. She got told that sex and curry would induce labour. Sadly neither worked and we are not allowed in that Indian restaurant anymore.

            • Rob Staton


            • Hawks22Fun

              Spirite Seahawk!!!! That is SO hilarious!

              • Hawk Eye

                hmmm,, dinner and a show!

            • HI Hawk

              Getting to this late, so hopefully the baby has finally arrived. But, that is an awesome way to start a Monday!!

        • Rob Staton

          We’ve tried a lot of different things — she’s just gone in the bath now funnily enough. Went for a long walk in the morning, pineapple, spicy food. No sign of any arrival though unfortunately!

      • D-OZ

        Let her cook Rob. You will have a Brainiack on your hand’s 🙂

  31. Hawktalker

    Here is an interesting comment from OTC on their comp picks:
    (Fingers crossed)?

    If the entirety of Russell Okung’s contract is counted, Seattle will get a 3rd for him instead of a 5th for JR Sweezy.

    • EranUngar

      Yes, there are actually 2 questions regarding Okung –

      Will they count his 85% availability bonus which will bump him from 5M to 8M.

      Will they count the whole deal if DEN decides to take the option and keep him. It’s not likely that they will count the whole contract if DEN lets him go.

      • Hawks22Fun

        If the bonus hit, it should be counted…maybe another Comp pick!


        • DavidM2

          This sounds logical. Good thing the Steelers are on board too.

        • Hawktalker

          Actually, I believe OTC said that the Okung 3rd comp pick would/could replace the Sweezy 5th comp pick, if granted.

          • Hawktalker

            Don’t get me wrong, I’d take that in a heartbeat. We could seriously juice the LOB prospects with that pick!!! Could allow us to add some extra strength at OT or Playmaking safety we would all like to add. 🙂

          • EranUngar

            Okung’s pick will replace the Sweezy pick.

            There is actually also the questions regarding Sowell and Webb. The NFL secret algorithm also take into consideration the number of games/snaps the player actually played for his new team. There is a small chance that once they apply their magic formula, Sowell will drop behind some player that got a little less but played more and allow us a 3rd pick.

            It’s not simple this year.

            • Greg Haugsven

              Then if we can get a comp pick for Okung maybe we can sign him back once he gets released.

      • Hawks22Fun

        I don’t see anywhere he gets a $3 million bump here:

        A full breakdown of Okung’s contract:

        Salary: $2 million (non-guaranteed)
        Roster bonus: $2 million (non-guaranteed)
        Workout bonus: $1 million (non-guaranteed)

        2017 — Team option ($1 million) must be exercised by Day 1 of league year.
        Salary: $2 million (guaranteed if option exercised)
        Roster bonus: $9.5 million

        Salary: $9.5 million
        Roster bonus: $1.5 million

        Salary: $8.5 million
        Roster bonus: $3.5 million

        Salary: $9 million
        Roster bonus: $3.5 million

        Potential total salary: $31 million
        Potential total roster bonuses: $20 million
        Potential total workout bonus: $1 million
        Potential club option in 2017: $1 million
        = Five years, $53 million

        So it looks very doubtful for an Okung COMP pick… #Bummer

        • Hawks22Fun

          Funny enough, him representing himself COST him, and the HAWKS!

          A real Agent, and we get a 3/4/5th COMP pick for him, Guaranteed!


        • Hawk Eye

          he had 2 bonuses in his first year, one for 60% of the snaps and one for 85% of the snaps
          total bonuses was $3 million
          not exactly sure on snap %, but he did qualify for the $3 million, so he made $8 M this year, not $5M

          but he would just replace Sweezy, maybe as a 4th rounder

          depends on the magic formula

  32. Brotherk55

    Where do you guys see Cooper Kupp going? I was never too high on Jermain Kearse and I think Kupp could come in and seriously push him.

    • Totem_Hawk

      Kupp will probably go late 2nd early 3rd. Kearse lost his job already to T Lockett, so he’s #3 or 4 (depending on PRich) WR. He is relatively cheap, knows the offense in and out and has been a very good Seahawk. But if he lasts till round 5 i’d take Kupp.

  33. Sea Mode

    Mike Mayock said he thinks Haasan Reddick made the most money, but after that:

    My favorite player
    Obi Melifonwu, S, Connecticut: Reddick was probably my favorite, but if I had to go a different route, I’d say Melifonwu. He’s a matchup player; you have to figure out how to use him. His range in the middle of the field was outstanding. At 6-foot-4 and 219 pounds, I think he’s going to run a sub-4.5 40 at the combine. He can cover tight ends and big wideouts.

    • Rob Staton

      Melifonwu definitely someone we should keep on our radar. It wouldn’t be a surprise at all if Seattle liked him.

      That said, I think they need to hit with this R1 pick. Melifonwu is a project player, capable of playing a niche role with the potential to be more. They would have to be convinced of his ability to make that move in R1.

      • Sea Mode

        Right. I was thinking more Rd.2 if the Hawks were to be interested.

        One thing that holds me back a bit is that we already had a tall safety prospect that we couldn’t find any use for other than ST:

        Obi..: 6040, 219, 32 5/8 arm, low 4.4s 40yd (projected)
        Tyvis: 6026, 211, 32 6/8 arm, 4.46 40yd

        I understand it is by no means a perfect comp Obi is bigger and should test much freakier at the combine. Obi is also a much better tackler, while that was a weak point for Tyvis. But Tyvis gets the nod for ball skills and had a knack for big plays in big moments. But it is something that makes me stop and think twice.

        (Also makes me wonder if they ever tried to convert Tyvis to CB. Seems like the dream profile…)

        • Rik

          I know Hester had a good game against Atlanta, but I thought then and still think that it was a bad trade-off giving up a player with long-term potential to rent a returner for one game. It will make me sad if Powell becomes a pro-bowl safety for another team (and really, really sad if it’s for an NFC west team).

          • HI Hawk

            Yeah, did he sign elsewhere then? When he wasn’t given a futures contract, I began to get concerned.

            • Hawk Eye

              hawks cannot resign him till after Super Bowl, other teams can sign him now

  34. Sea Mode

    Unsurprisingly, the Redskins (I like to look at who they talk to because of McCloughan) spoke with OG Dan Feeney, Indiana. Remember when everyone was shocked they took Brandon Scherff over Leonard Williams, and now Scherff is a Pro Bowler in year two… Looks like another guy with that lunch-pail mentality and leadership.

    Interesting as well because of what Bucky Brooks projected to the Hawks in his first mock draft of the year:

    “Dan Feeney – OG, Indiana: The Seahawks could solve their tackle issues by shifting Germain Ifedi to the outside. Taking a big, physical guard would provide them with the flexibility to do so. Feeney established himself as one of the top interior blockers in the draft with a solid practice week at the Senior Bowl.”

    Regardless of the chances of a guard in Rd.1 and PC saying they won’t move Ifedi, etc. this is definitely the type of guy you would look for.

  35. Sea Mode

    Yeah, Byron Maxwell getting cut seems unlikely:

    “Byron Maxwell had a bounce-back season with the Dolphins this year. His first season away from Seattle in 2015 with the Eagles was a nightmare. After being traded to Miami, he experienced a rebirth. Maxwell allowed a 68.9 passer rating and just missed the Top-10.”

    • HI Hawk

      You have to take into account the fact that he was benched as well though and that the CB opposite him was a converted WR in year 2. He wasn’t targeted a whole lot by default, that said, he fits their system about as well as he fits ours.

      At the end of it all, I do think he stays in Miami, possibly with a reworked deal, but that could all depend on the player/coach relationship which we know nothing about. There’s always the chance it’s a fractured relationship, which could reunite him with the LoB – ideal scenario for the Seahawks.

  36. EranUngar


    If the draft goes like Bucky brooks mocked today –

    Do we go Riddick/Baker, trade back for either of them or pick Solomon Thomas a party all night?

    • Sea Mode

      I would unleash the party in an instant!

    • Rob Staton

      I think you run to the podium with Solomon Thomas’ name on the card.

      But he’s going top five.

      • EranUngar

        I know. It was shocking to see Brooks putting him at 27…

  37. 503CHawk

    Here’s hoping Brees & Graham light it up in the Pro Bowl today. Seahawk coaches & Wilson have got to figure out a way to get him the ball on a consistent basis. We will never have another TE like him. Would love to see him in the Ring of Honor when all is said and done.

    • Hawks22Fun

      I greatly agree! The coaches need to watch tape of Travis Kelce, who was drafted 1 pick after the miserable Christine Michael experiment…
      Seattle could have had KELCE!!

      Plus watch tape of Bress and Jimmy… Our OC and offensive staff MUST ADAPT to our players and stop this foolish, “We play what we play” crap.

      Follow the Patriots lead and PLAY FOR MISMATCHES!

      Jimmy not having 1,000 yards and like 8-10 TD’s per season is a COMPLETE FAILURE IMO. This is why I wish they would move on from Darrell Bevell…He has been good, but time for a NEW VOICE to work with Russell!!!

      IMAGINE how much Russell would benefit from a FRESH perspective that actually used our players TALENTS!

      The fact that “the Kearse One” was the starter for most of this year is plain ABSURD! Tyler Lockett is FAR SUPERIOR to Kearse, and always will be…

      The Coaches FAILED badly by leaving Kearse as a starter and not playing P.Rich, who is also far better a WR then the Kearsed One…

      Imagine if we hadn’t WASTED $4.5 million a year on the Kearsed one, we could have signed a real WR like Mohammed Sanu!!! Or spent that money on an actual left tackle…

      The coaches are failing this team…they have gotten too big of a head thinking they can coach ANYTHING into a successful player…andthey keep MISSING. I’m sick of their HUGE Egos thinking THEY can shape every player…how about take ACTUAL TALENT that plays the ACTUAL POSITION.

      Pete failed badly on ‘Compete Forever’ this year…
      1) Ifedi – they NEVER even allowed him to TRY RT!!! (His true SPOT)
      2) Odhiambho – NEVER allowed him to play his position at LT…instead put in a complete DISASTER that had NEVER done it…
      3) Nolan Frese – Need I say MORE???
      4) Paul Richardson and Tyler Lockett playing “behind the Kearsed 1”!?!?!

      Pete needs to rely on actual players Talent instead of his Ego…

      • Rob Staton

        “Jimmy not having 1,000 yards and like 8-10 TD’s per season is a COMPLETE FAILURE IMO”

        He had 923 yards and six touchdowns despite not playing in week one and having about 15 snaps in week two.

        Had he played in those two games fully, he could’ve had the 1000 yards and 8 TD’s.

        Plus let’s not forget, he was recovering from a serious knee injury.

        • Hawks22Fun

          Agree on the slow start from the injury comeback, but the targets in the last games were absurd! Like the Atlanta game they started out well on the 1st drive, running the ball, then stopped! Why?

          Why did they go to PASS ONLY? Bevell/Pete/Cable Mistake!

          I can’t remember exactly but Jimmy ended up with only a handful of targets in the last few games, and that is NOT just because of Defensive planning (taking him away)… if they had kept ‘consistent’, their weakness this season team wide, he would have had 1000/8…but the play calling was Poor IMO. Bevell is good, just not intuitive in the moment… he either really hits, or totally misses. Anyhow…

          Ed. I tend to write kinda extremely as the frustration doesn’t really have an outlet, except here…If I could meet with Pete and them, I’d be able to unwind all these ideas… Wouldn’t that be a Blast!!! Cheers

          • Ed

            Sure would. I said it in an earlier article, all coaches PC/DB/TC/KR have a crucial year coming up. This team has a lot of talent and in my view had a very subpar year. Bad starts, bad finishes, bad gameplans, bad ability to adjust, bad etc….

            Yes, the compete forever is a mantra that should be held a little more accountability, so time for PC and company to rise up.

      • Ed

        A bit extreme, but agree with some of your points.

      • RealRhino2


        Change one player vs. change the entire coaching staff and philosophy? C’mon, you know the right answer here….

        • Hawks22Fun

          Change one player?? huh?

          • RealRhino2

            Well, your answer seems to be:

            To get the most out of Jimmy Graham, we should….

            1. Fire Darrell Bevell, who got the team to the #1, #2, and #4-ranked offensive DVOA in the past five years…

            2. Change the focus of our offensive coaching staff, which probably means getting rid of Cable, since he’s never been able to put together a good pass-blocking line…

            3. Change the QB coach for Russell, since his focus isn’t right…

            4. Get Pete to move away from his stated desire to run more and be more balanced, which is what we did when we earned those high offensive DVOA rankings.

            OR, we could do the easier/smarter/better thing by changing one player (i.e., trading Jimmy Graham), using the money to get Calais Campbell and a vet starting OL in FA, and bolstering the OL and running game to get back to what we were before we traded for Graham, without expecting people to learn to be what they are not.

            • HI Hawk

              Overstatement seems to be the order of the day. Graham can get more targets (specifically in the RZ) without taking away the focus of the offense and would actually benefit from an effective running game.

              1. Graham can be used as a mismatch problem without taking away Tom Cable’s focus on run blocking OL and Pete’s focus on running the ball and playing great defense.

              2. Bevell could scheme Graham for shot plays without running the ball less.

              Honestly, you don’t need to stop running the ball in order to increase Graham’s production, you just need to increase the passing offense’s efficiency by targeting one of the most efficient receivers in the NFL.

              The reason Darrell Bevell had the #1, #2, and #4 offensive DVOA was efficiency, not volume. Graham, when targeted, was one of the surest bets in the NFL, and was #2 on the Seahawks after Doug Baldwin in both targets and success rate. The problem is how close Kearse was to #2 in targets while being the least efficient receiver on the team.

              Here are some criticisms of Bevell/Cable that may or may not be enough to cost him his job (not my concern or call):
              1. Graham was held in to block far too often, when he should be used as a hot-read for Wilson to dump off to when the pressure comes.
              2. Graham was not used in the slot enough either, something he excelled at in New Orleans. You don’t have to change an offense to have Baldwin/Lockett/Richardson/McEvoy line up outside with Jimmy in the slot.

              Here’s why blaming Bevell is fruitless, Wilson shoulders some of the blame too. No one is forcing him to target Kearse or to not throw into tight windows to Graham. Hopefully they do something this offseason to focus back on efficiency, which was the hallmark of the offense in 2013 and 2014. A great running game is needed to run this offense properly, if they can have that then maybe Bevell is still the man for the job.

              • RealRhino2

                Overstatement? Where? I don’t believe you can do the things you think we can. When I hear people talk about our OL woes, the common theme is that if you want to pay KJ and Wagz and Sherm and Earl and Bennett, etc., corners have to be cut somewhere, and that’s the OL. There is a finite cap we have to live with.

                So yeah, we could get there in a year or two maybe IF these current OL develop in the way we hope, but there’s nothing in our recent history to suggest that their progress is going to be immediate (i.e., next year) or even that they’ll be much better than average. So you say we can have a great running game (and the focus thereon) while having JG as a mismatch, but I don’t think you can really have both at the same time. Dollars just aren’t there. You look around the league, there are only about five teams that have two receivers (WR/TE) making about $10 million each, and those generally suck at other aspects. KC doesn’t have a great run game, nor Jax, and both Indy and Dallas have good offenses but poor defenses.

                So, as I said, we’ll be wasting another year or two while we spend our money on a luxury item that doesn’t really suit what we do, our strengths as a team and coaching staff. We need JG to chip because we haven’t spent or developed an OL. We can’t use JG as effectively as NO did because frankly, Russ just isn’t as good at Brees as doing that. He throws to Kearse either because he isn’t learning not to or that’s what he sees or the other team, not facing a real running threat, can afford to take away Graham.

  38. Sea Mode

    DeAndre Elliott jumped 41 inch vert (#2 at 2016 combine among DBs) and 10’5″ broad (#10), with 3.94 shuttle (#3) and 6.93 three cone (#10).

    Wouldn’t we be excited if we found someone like that with 32in arms in the draft this year? Thing is, it will likely be Kevin King around Rd.2 and not a UDFA.

    Anyway, hopeful for his development. Just kind of forgot what a prospect he was/is. I remember they were also really high on Seisay before he got hurt this season. Gave up a pick to get him. Some of the next CBs might already be on our roster.

    • Ground_Hawk

      You could be right about that, Sea. The injury-bug significantly affected Seattle’s roster throughout the season.

    • Rob Staton

      Elliott could definitely be a candidate to take a big stride in 2017. They kept him on the roster all year on a redshirt for a reason.

    • Volume12

      Hopefully he can take over for Lane after this year if Lane has another down year.

      Why can’t they find another UDFA? Good players go undrafted all the time.

      • Kenny Sloth

        The narrative of Lane’s season has been blown a bit out of proportion.

        The whole secondary had a down year , by their standards, imo

        I hope that a little coaching overturn will help with that.

        I want some turnover machines/ big hitters and an explosive running back.

        • Volume12

          A little bit, yes.

          He was OK in coverage, missed way too many tackles. On crucial downs and spots. I know everyone misses a tackle now and then, but not that was just consistsntly bad from Lane in that regard. Hoping its just a down year for him.

    • HI Hawk

      I love DeAndre Elliott – I have since pre-draft numbers came out and his insane arm length forced me to find some video on him. I would put him in the driver’s seat for the job unless outside help arrives, and as much as I like him – that’s a bit scary. With Elliott, Thorpe (hopefully re-signed), Lane, and a couple of young vets with ideal size (Seisay, Jean-Baptiste, D. McCray), there’s definitely hope one emerges – but a high draft pick coming in trying to unseat them wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  39. Wall Up

    With Bolles, C-Ham & Reddick gone @ 26, Feeney, as with Zietler, would be an unlikely pick, since they’ve committed to Ifedi & Glow as there guards of the future. It would be unwise to move Ifedi to RT as Brooks suggests. He’s playing the position that’s best for him @ present, & likely for his future.

    OL is an obvious need. But, when have they’ve done the obvious with their 1st pick. The only obvious that is to occur if the aforementioned players are gone is that they trade down.

    The player that would have an immediate impact is DT Carlos Watkins. He reminds me so much of Big Red, with same gentle heart that that will tear you apart on the field. A team leader on the field & in the clubhouse.

    He had 50 tackles, 16 TFL, 10.5 sacks, just to note a few. They’ve had discussions with him and that type of production up the middle is sorely needed. I would not be surprised if he’s a target with that 1st 2nd Rd pick.

    • Sea Mode

      A boost at DT definitely also needed, but we do also have Quinton Jefferson and Garrison Smith coming off IR next year. Could factor into how high they are willing to draft a DT this year.

      Watkins is definitely an intriguing one, though.

      • WALL UP

        Frankly, Carlos can be a difference maker that can play all three downs, at a high level. Smith and QJ are more situational players.

    • WALL UP

      “Locker room”, I digressed for a sec to the Ms.

    • Rob Staton

      Personally I think it’s a stretch to project Watkins that early. For me he’s a day three option.

      • Wall Up

        That’s good that you see him as a later pick. I hope others do as well, and they pick him before then. Maybe their 2nd or 3rd pick.

        • Volume12

          L3-4th for me.

  40. Volume12

    About time the NFL brought back the Skills challenge.

  41. LeoSharp

    The Seahawks have traditionally picked areas of need in the early rounds it is usually BPA for a particular need. Just a few names I think the Hawks might be interested in

    1st round is always elite athletes with production. Should be first year starters
    Garrett Bolles
    Zach Cunningham
    Haason Reddick
    Sidney Jones
    Obi melifonwu at corner. 4 picks and 3 PBUs as a safety

    2nd early impact backups/starters
    Budda Baker -Hawks won’t draft him to replace Lane so likely to play in Dime packages. FS depth needs to be addressed though
    Obi melifonwu – at safety
    Kevin king – long typical seahawks corner
    Tyus Bowser – lacks experience so probably not close to the first round without an insane combine

    3rd immediate role players with starter upside/solid depth pieces
    Vincent Taylor
    Rasul Douglas- dime coverage and special teams. Unless he can start
    Shalom luani – see above
    Alex Anzalone – injuries will probably drop him a few round

    Round 3-5
    Kareem hunt – C mike upgrade and is capable of backing up Prosise and Rawls. Combine while show his round.

    Round 4-7 need the combine for any realistic guess

    Corner is an immediate need, but it really can’t be filled in unrestricted free agency. A short term trade is more likely if it’s not an early draft pick. Lane won’t be replaced with an early pick but he will definitely be given competition. Elliot didn’t seem too bad could definitely see him having legitimate competition with a draft pick for the Shead’s spot. Thorpe has a big role on special teams and is cheap so he’ll probably stay regardless of the upper end of the depth chart

    DT is not a pick I see occurring in the first 2 rounds Hawks are very capable of finding competition in free agency also Qjeff and Garrison Smith will be back next year and contributing hopefully

    OT is not likely to be an early selection the best will likely be gone before pick 26 and the rest seem to be purely development regardless of round. Potentially free agency or a trade up

    LBs are available all over the draft so a couple developmental guys at some point in the later rounds most likely. It’s really a time to churn the end of the roster and look for a capable SAM and WILL backup at minimum, A new starting SAM at most. K.J. slides into Mike when Bobby is out and Coyle is serviceable anyway plus Kache Palacio is still on team and looked alright in preseason so should be one they’re thinking can develop

    FS and SS: Earl needs a suitable backup. Mcray was out played by Johnson for SS, Kam needs an eventually replacement. Melifonwu is the closest to Kam in height and weight I’ve seen in a DB for a while. No one hits like Kam with Kam’s size so that can’t be the key point in replacing him also the LOB kinda instills that physicalmindset

    WR Depth is typical for the Seahawks not many large bodies the at could be drafted. Loads of competition already at this spot. Kearse will not be cut has absolutley no benefit

    TE depends largely on how the Hawks view Nick Vannet’s progress, Brandon Williams can be retained if he’s wanted, probably a TE free agent somewhere that could replace him. Luke Willson is unlikely to be retained if he is then guaranteed no TE drafted. Jimmy will also not be cut

    Stephen Haushcka is not going to be replaced the long snapping was a significant issue, the consistency of his kicking was significantly better after the change even with the missed XP it was clear all his kicks were going towards the right upright. Xps were also normally blocked.

    Jon Ryan will be back

    Increased competition at Guard and another center for training camp

    • Volume12

      Nice post.

      Bowser doesn’t lack experience. He’s a 3 year starter. He’s a little raw. I do agree that he’s more of a 2nd rounder.

      If they don’t sign an OT in FA, they’ll take one early.

      Agree about DT. And TE. If Luke is back, more about finding another backup or competitor in UDFA. If not, I could see them grabbing one in the mid rounds.

      I don’t know where goes with his injury or how long he’ll be out for, but Michigan TE Jake Butt could potentially be a nice addition depending on how his medical evals check out at the combine and what round he ends up in.

      L’ville TE Cole Hikutini might be someone to monitor as well. Athletic and might be a better version of Luke Willson at the next level. I like his personality as well.

  42. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Jordan Willis, DE/OLB, Kansas State

    Should we be looking at this guy more heavily in the second round range? Some fit with what Seattle is looking for …”Willis has good strength to set the edge in rush defense and pass rush skills off the edge.”

    • Volume12

      High energy, 2nd effort guy. A little tight/stiff though.

  43. Volume12

    Florida CB’s. I’ve been thinking about this since someone brought up a mock draft.

    While I think Teez Tabor is more talented, he seems like a headache. Boom or bust.

    Quincy Wilson on the other hand seems like the type of guy every coach would want to go into battle with. A dude who has his teammates back.

    Tough kid. Love his cocky, outspoken attitude, and the fact he’s described as one of the most competitive guys on that team. Also like that he’s willing to mix it up in the run game.

    A lot will depend on his combine, length, how he tests, but he wouldn’t be a bad option depending on how the board shakes out.

    They appear to have their 👀’s on someone from this team. Could be him, could be LB Jarrad Davis, or could be someone like S Marcus Maye.

    • Coleslaw

      Maye is interesting to me because I feel like he’s one of the safeties that will fall purely due to the depth of secondary players this year. If he’s there or close even they could possibly trade up like they did go Jarran if they feel that’s their guy

      • Sea Mode

        Oh, man! I have been gathering info for a long comment on Maye for a few days now…

        He’s becoming one of my draft crushes. Think the Hawks will be very interested.

        Coming soon…

        • D-OZ

          I was just watching tape on Maye. Ball-Hawk!!! Really growing on me. Underrated???

          • Jason

            Don’t forget Anzalone and Brantley. That D was stacked.

          • Volume12

            Ehh kind of. SS in a FS body. Probably not the speediest guy. Sometimes he can be too hesitant and gets caught flat-footed.

            Reminds me of TJ Ward.

  44. Volume12

    I know its just the Pro Bowl, but Seattle’s out here shining as usual. Bennett ripping at the ball, BWagz punching it out. 😀

    • Nathan

      Who wins a proper AFC vs NFC match?

      • Kenny Sloth

        NFC, I think.




        • Volume12

          I think NFC as well.

          • Nathan

            I think both side pass rushers, would be too much for the others o lines.

            Whoever could establish a run game, and get some play action(more likely rogers than brady) would get home.

    • Sea Mode

      Ha, so much so that put up a Seahawks highlights vid!

      • Smitty1547

        The way things are going, they better enjoy participating in the pro bowl because we have a lot to fix before they are back to a SB.

        • Volume12

          They have needs just like everyone else.

  45. Hawk Eye

    John Lynch hired as 49’rs GM
    6 year contract

    did not see that coming, hope it takes 7 years to learn the job

    • Volume12

      Ha! I was just gonna say that. Did not see it coming at all. Pretty shocking actually.

      • Volume12

        But then again, what’s going on in this country right now, maybe it isn’t so shocking ya know?

  46. Hawks22Fun

    Looks like Mr.Jed is going to continue the mediocrity…

    Read an article about Kyle, and he is not a proven commodity…

    Late signing, No QB, weak roster, tough Division… #NoChance

    I predict the 49er’s stay is squaller for years to come…


  47. All I see is 12s

    Just saw the photo of you and your beautiful child. Prayers for you and your family. Congratulations! I am sure fatherhood suits you well. Such an amazing blessing and no matter what else you ever do, It will be the most important work of your life. Enjoy it. I hope your wife is getting some much deserved rest as well.

    • Sea Mode

      Congrats, Rob!!!

    • Schuemansky

      Congrats to you and your family!

    • Trevor

      Congratulations Rob that is awesome. I hope everyone is healthy and doing well.

      • Hawk Eye

        congratulations on the new baby

        • D-OZ

          Congratulation’s Rob!!!! Take the time to enjoy your family young man….

    • 75franks

      congrats rob

    • Steve Nelsen

      Woo hoo! Congratulations.

  48. DavidM2

    Congrats on the newborn family member Rob!

    Hopefully all the waiting wasn’t as tough as it was on these folks…

  49. Ed

    Congrats!! Hope you both can get some Z’s

  50. Sea Mode

    Alright, guys. Just fell in love with a late-round slot receiver! (sure we have Baldwin, but hey, good players are good players!)

    WR Keevan Lucas, Tulsa
    5-10, 195
    2016 Stats: 74 receptions for 1,108 yards and 12 touchdowns
    2014 Stats: 101 receptions for 1,219 yards and 11 touchdowns

    Has a serious backstory of adversity. Mom (single, dad in and out of prison) passed away when he was 14, followed by his Grandma 3 days later. Then he tore his meniscus in his Sr Year in HS and his patellar tendon in Jr year in college (2015). Bounced back for productive Sr. season this year. Seems to be one of those Tyler Lockett type of nice kid (22 in April), obsessed with perfecting his craft. Will post link to video on his story below.

    I have been trying to back off recently from trusting the eye test for arm length, but I’ll make an exception for this guy cause he has got it. On a 5-10 frame, those arms and hands just look wrong! The best thing is, you can tell not only from pictures, but from the catches he makes.


    – The catch at 2:35 is one of the best I have seen anywhere.
    – He may be small, but he has bulk and uses it, like at 4:31, 0:40, 3:50
    – He may be small, but he can go up and get it: 0:24
    – He may be small, but makes some great contested catches on the outside as well.
    – He may be small, but he is not afraid to go over the middle, essential for any slot WR in NFL.
    – He may be small, but his long arms give him a great catching radius.
    – He may be 5-10, but so are Baldwin, AB, Crowder, etc.
    – Some really impressive over the shoulder ball tracking and adjustments 1:58. (I remember that trait being singled out in JS recruitment letter to Baldwin)
    – Hands, hands, hands. And concentration. Like at 5:51, 5:11.

    Anyway, let me know if you are on board!

  51. CHawk Talker Eric

    Congratulations to you, your wife and your growing family Papa Rob!

    • Volume12

      Congratulations my man!

      • Kenny Sloth

        Happy Birthday Little Ms. Staton

  52. Ed

    Interesting mock by Lance Zierlein.

    Players gone on Robs radar: Bolles/Reddick/Thomas/McDowell

    Hawks pick: Obi Melifonwu

    Players still available after Hawks pick: Peppers/Davis/Cook/Barnett

    • Volume12

      Was Rob a fan of McDowell?

      Barnett is overrated.

      • Rob Staton

        Not a big fan of McDowell. Talent wise he’s R1… but he just flat out disappeared in 2016 after an Okay-ish start.

        It’s an interesting mock. The players available who are on my radar are Zach Cunningham, Obi Melifonwu, Jabrill Peppers, Budda Baker, Kevin King, Tyrus Bowser and Jarrad Davis.

        • D-OZ

          Good to have you back Rob!!! Your going to be a busy man for a while, eah..

        • Ed

          My bad, I think Walker maybe

    • Sea Mode

      Hmmm, give me Cook. There will be options on defense later.

      • vrtkolman

        There are some negative reports coming out on Cook’s character. He hangs out with a rough crew, and might have a drinking problem. He was also charged (but not convicted) of pushing a girl outside of a night club. It wouldn’t surprise me to start seeing him slip a bit in mocks, but if he’s available at our pick I think you still have to pull the trigger.

        • nichansen01

          Doesnt sound like anything worse or even as bad as the clark situation. Cook is electric.

        • Ishmael

          I brought this up a couple of posts back. He’s got a surprisingly long string of issues and offences, some animal cruelty stuff, got cleared of punching a woman in the face despite some inconsistencies in evidence, if he’s drinking as well… Surprising he’s managed to keep it under the radar.

          You’d want to have a real close look at the drinking, because alcoholism doesn’t just switch off – only have to have a look at Manziel.

          • Sea Mode

            Fair points; I had forgotten about your post (thanks for informing us on the situation) and was just looking at Cook the football player. Character flags would have to be looked into by Hawks, as you say.

            If not him, Peppers makes me just as happy if we want to go defense!

            • Ishmael

              Totally. Purely from a football perspective, if he is Jamaal Charles 2.0 you take that with a first rounder every day of the week.

              One thing that gives me a little bit of pause is that college defences, and defenders, are laughably bad at tackling for the most part. He breaks a lottt of arm tackles, part of that is defenders taking awful angles, and part of it is them not knowing how to wrap when they get there. I think he might find it tougher sledding at the next level.

              • Volume12

                Not every guy has to break every tackle attempt. He’ll make ya miss.

                • Ishmael

                  Sure, it’s picking holes in a genuinely elite prospect. I’d be a very happy boy if the Hawks drafted him.

                  • D-OZ

                    Not me. Interview’s will be important for Cook. We’ll see?

              • nichansen01

                Hard to knock a guy for breaking tackle.. even if they are arm tackles

                • Ishmael

                  Sure. And it’s not like players in the NFL are great at tackling either, I think it’s worth noting though.

      • Misfit74

        2nd this! Cook will be long gone though, I think

    • nichansen01

      If Cook is there at 26 I would take him in a heartbeat.

  53. bankhawk

    Been offline so am a bit behind the curve, but wish to send all my most póitive thoughts your way. Congrats to you and the proud mother, Rob!

  54. Robertlas vegas

    Major congratulations to you and your wife .rob rocking good news

  55. Ishmael

    Congrats Rob! Fantastic news! Hope they’re both well.

    I know you’ve been resistant to the idea in the past, but I hope you’ll consider setting up a Patreon account or similar. Doesn’t mean you have to lock content behind a paywall or anything, but I’d like to support you in some small way given how much I’ve learned on this site, and how much fun it is talking football with such a knowledgable community.

    • Ed

      Ditto. At least get some Hawks swag for the new additon.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks man, appreciate it.

  56. BobbyK

    Take some time off… draft is a long way off… we’ll still be here!!! Enjoy the little ones. They are only that age once.


  57. CHawk Talker Eric

    Hey C-Dog I’m starting to like your boy Freddie Stevenson a lot as a Day 3 option. A throwback true all-around FB with surprising athleticism, good hands and excellent blocking, in the vein of Mack Strong, MRob and John L Williams.

    Also, V12 I think Montravious Adams is one of the more intriguing DT options. Someone who looks very Seahawky at times. But I’ve read there are questions about his commitment. If he could get to the point where he’s pissed off for greatness, he could be great.

    • Volume12


      IDK about his commitment, I do know some questioned his motor, which is a non-factor for me, but is he consistent enough? The flashes of dominance are there. I’ll be surprised it he doesn’t test well. You said it. Very intriguing.

      You look at a guy like Clemson DT Carlos Watkins, and while not as flashy as Adams, he impacts every game he’s in. Whether its collapsing the pocket, getting after the QB, blowing up plays in the backfield, or doing the little things that go unnoticed even when watching film for most people, like working the outside shoulder of his opponent forcing the RB back inside. Or keeping that outside arm free on other plays. He’s not freelancing. Rather he plays within the scheme.

      Point is, there’s some good DT options on day 3 (Adams more round 2). Not a ton of interior rushers, but a lot of rotational, 3-5 sack types.

      OK St. DT Vincent Taylor is another good one. Long, explosive, Hurricane Katrina kid. Completely different player this year.

    • Sea Mode

      Think James Conner could play FB and goal line/short yardage RB? Or are we set at FB when Cottom makes it back?

      • Volume12

        Absolutely. I think they’re set at FB with Reece. If he’s back that it is.

        I’d keep him, let Cottom and Reece battle it out, winner stays. Loser? Stay in Seattle because your on the ghost roster.

    • C-Dog

      I’d love to see Seattle grab Stevenson. Love his game. You could see that offense open up a bit more when they picked up Reece. Kind of a big head scratcher for me how they phased away having a play making FB the last season and a half. They’ve gone that direction before. Fingers crossed on that.

  58. BobbyK

    How many people think the Hawks will bring back Gilliam on a 1-year deal that will pay him just under $2 million? I know they can not do it and make him a FA (Alvin Bailey last year) or they can tender him and make him take less if both parties are willing.

    Does Gilliam come back – for any/all of you? I think that decision will affect the first two rounds.

    • Ishmael

      I think they try and bring everyone on that line back if they can. Continuity leads to success, it’s vital.

      Absolutely they need to add competition, add depth, but I think they need to return four starters from last year.

      • D-OZ

        I want him back. His improved play when he got his job back were positive signs for me. He was dealing with some issues early on hindered his development with continuity on the line.Per PC. It didn’t Help having Ifedi out either. Kind of a turnstile at those two positions for a while.IMO

  59. bankhawk

    When does free agency actually open? Any move they make there will telegraph volumes about which direction they go in the draft. Eager to see what they do.

  60. The Hawk is Howling

    Y’all got to check this out! Marshan in Houston Scotland!

    • Volume12

      I saw that the others day. Loved it.

      Marshawn has carved out a nice role for himself entertainment wise. He’s a guy I’ll watch do anything. The NFL is missing characters like him. Soap Opera league, but where’s the eccentric cast at?

  61. Volume12

    Wow. There is a ton of small school O-lineman getting combine invites.

    William & Mary OT Jerry Ugokwe- 6’7, 318 lbs., almost 36″ arms has me intrigued. Haven’t seen him, but heard good things.

    • NathanM

      Based on measurements at the senior bowl it looks like teams are wanting to cast a wider net to find the right physical profile regardless of how raw they might be. If you’re going to take on a project might as well shoot for a high ceiling. Fits the Hawks strategy too – draft for size/smarts/attitude and train them up since they all have mediocre technique anyways.

      • Volume12

        I think they’re trying to find talent.

        This is a good class for Guards. Its why I think Seattle will take one. Awful class as I’m sure you know for OT’s.

  62. The Hawk is Howling

    I hear you Vol! He’s so much fun plus the fact he got sick of the redundant media silly questions makes him such a legend off the field as he was on it!

    Happy Birthday to your Daughter Robbie!

    Go Hawks

  63. JT

    Congrats Rob on your new little miss future Seahawks scout.

  64. Sea Mode

    Interesting post-Senior Bowl tidbits from Pauline. What scouts are saying about a lot of our favorite prospects and their draft range:

    Budda Baker: Rd.2-4 (speed is questioned)
    Sidney Jones: Rd. 1 (rated #2 CB in draft, but size and tackling a concern)
    Kevin King: Rd. 2 or late Rd. 1 (if he runs in low 4.4s at combine)
    Adoree Jackson: Rd. 1 lock (“difference maker” at CB/KR/WR)

    • JT

      I bet Baker crushes the combine, giving him a round 2 floor. He may not run the 4.40 that some will want to see at his size, but he’s explosive and quick.

    • Ishmael

      I’m thinking that unless a player in a serious need area ie. Bolles falls to 26, the Hawks should trade down. If guys like Budda and King are going to be around that area, trade down, recoup some of the lost draft picks, and get a nice haul from a very deep draft.

    • C-Dog

      Dang, with that, I’d go Kevin King R1, Buddha Baker R2, and look for my linebacker R3.

  65. Andrew C Taylor

    Congrats as well on your daughter Rob. Brings back memories of such an exciting time. Wishing you and your little one much time together and a wonderful life.

  66. swisshawk

    What are your thoughts on giving up our 1 pick in 2018 for a high second one this year? It wold be exciting to draft an additional impact player out of this group this year (my favorite woud be DE walker as bennett jr).

    • Sea Mode

      I usually get excited about each year’s crop so much that it makes me want to pull a trade like that, but recently Rob said something on the topic I hadn’t really considered before: what if Wilson were to get hurt and we tank the season next year with Boykin at the helm? Sure, this is worst case scenario, but entirely possible. (Think Dallas last year getting #4 pick) Then we would lose out on a potential top pick.

      Or, what if someone suffers a career ending injury next year and we are left with a big need to fill and can’t do it in Rd. 1. That would put us in a tight situation regarding the draft and FA if our first pick is late Rd.2.

      A lot of “what ifs”, I know. Anyway, if we were to do it, I think it would have to be for a blue chip player that had somehow fallen. Walker is good, but I don’t consider him that high to make it worth it. If they do want him and he is still on the board in Rd. 2, better trade up using this year’s Rd. 3 picks rather than next year’s Rd. 1.

      • swisshawk

        That are some thougths I haven’t considered… Makes sense, I fear I was to eager to get as many players from this great looking class. Thanks for your thoughts, appreciated it

    • Ishmael

      It’s always an exciting thought, but selling the future in the hopes of paying for now is almost always a bad idea.

      • Volume12

        That’s why trading up for Fournette never made sense to me.

  67. Del tre

    I saw a mock on Walterfootball that had Sidney Jones lasting all the way until round 2 blew my mind, if Jones lasts until 26 I think there is no way the Hawks aren’t taking him. I know I have critiqued his size but I am now seeing listings of him being 180+! Personally i would have no problem with the Hawks taking baker in round 1 as a Tyrann Slot type but the great thing with Jones would be we can draft a corner like Douglas or King later and move Jones inside on nickel downs, this would give us a tremendous amount of flexibility. But it is highly unlikely he makes it that far. I’m mostly excited to see the Hawks choose a first or second round talent at corner, you have to expect this coaching staff to be able to make them an all-pro/pro-bowl type player

  68. STTBM

    Congratulations on the little one Rob! As Bobbyk and others have said, they are only little for a short while. My little one is almost three–the time flies. Best wishes on a wonderful future!

  69. Trevor

    I think with the depth in this draft one great scenario would be if the Browns do not go with a QB with one of their first two picks then want to move up into late in Rd #1 to get a QB like Mahomes.

    If they did we could get their 2nd and 3rd likely. If we did an we could realistically have a draft like this. It would address our needs (CB King, LB Bowser, RB Hunt) and Asiata, Vanderdoes would definitely help in becoming a bully again.

    33: R2 P1 CB KEVIN KING
    58: R2P26 LB Tyus Bowser
    90: R3P26 Karem Hunt (RB) Toledo

    • Volume12

      Love the 1st three rounds Trev.

      That’s where I’m at right now as well.

      • Volume12

        *first three picks

        • Volume12

          Temple OL Dion Dawkins is another one that should be on the radar.

          • Trevor

            I agree about Dawkins. He looked good after moving to Guard.

    • icb12

      pretty interesting scenario right there.

    • Sea Mode

      Really like the direction you take this, Trevor. I would do the same trade (although I must say I doubt the Browns will give up the first pick of the 3rd round to move up, but for the sake of the exercise let it be)

      I would then try and trade one of our Rd. 3 picks to move up from our native pick in Rd. 2, let’s say with WAS at R2P17, so we could draft:

      33: R2P1 CB Kevin King (maybe even trade down a few more spots here to recoup R4)
      49: R2P17 S Budda Baker*
      65: R3P1 G Dan Feeney/Dion Dawkins/Isaac Asiata (maybe look to trade down again here for R5 pick)
      105: R3P41 OLB Carroll Phillips
      RB Elijah Hood
      WR Keevan Lucas
      CB Jeremy Cutrer

      *if Baker is off the board, target Maye or Luani/Melifonwu later and get an OW here: Curtis Samuel or Evan Engram.

    • D-OZ

      I would throw Kpassagnon in there too

      • D-OZ

        CB Howard Wilson is an underrated player to monitor also. I like Kazee a lot too.

  70. CharlieTheUnicorn

    What are the Seahawks needs in 2018 and 2019? Seattle always drafts for needs 1-2 years before they need them on the team.

    LB/LEO/DE, SS and RB. These are the position groups that will be the priority for the Seahawks to draft in 2017. I could place CB on the list, but I think they are comfortable with the current group and might add 1 more in FA, so I’m not thinking a true CB will be taken within the 1st 3 rounds of the draft.

    • Volume12

      Shead is going to be 30 soon, Lane is coming off a down year, Thorpe is a FA, Seisay & SJB have proved nothing. Elliott is the only depth on the team.

  71. Volume12

    I wonder if QB Carson Palmer & WR Larry Fitzgerald are even back in Arizona next year? Not to mention Calais Campbell and Chandler Jones.

    Jay Cutler or Tony Romo, and a 2nd-3rd round pick on a QB?

    • Trevor

      Going to be interesting to see how all that plays out. The Cards are a bit of a mess right now.

  72. Ed

    RW continuing his back to back to back weird offseasons. Divorce, dating, marriage, honeymoon, etc…. I want the RW that just talks ball and plays ball. I really hope PC can get the egos in check and get them hungry again. It’s all about fame, fortune and hashtags.

    • Sea Mode

      I know we call him Russbot at times and all, but guy’s got a life outside of football too, you know, and is smartly taking advantage of his opportunities to earn money. And it’s the off season anyway, he is supposed to finally get some time off from football. I really wouldn’t worry about it unless he is running in with the law or something drastic like that.

      Plus, if anything, the baby on the way will anchor him down a little bit. Then he will really know the true meaning of #notimetosleep…! 🙂

    • Ishmael

      He’s a weird dude, even by the standards of pro sportspeople. I’m not a huge fan tbh, but he’s consistently been a top 5-10 QB over the last three/four years. As long as he keeps delivering on the field who cares about his marriage?

  73. Sea Mode

    Part II post Senior Bowl buzz from Tony Pauline:

    TE Gerald Everett: could go late Rd.1 with good combine (some teams have him as equal to OJ Howard, better deep threat and downfield playmaker)

    RB Kareem Hunt: expects to be back up to 215lbs. for combine. Met with 25 teams, 10 extended interviews with GMs on hand.

    OT Garrett Bolles: “On the junior front talk at the Senior Bowl was the expectations of tackle Garrett Bolles being selected much earlier than presently projected.

    While scouts are concerned about his lower body strength they’ve classified Bolles as the “superior athlete” in this year’s tackle class.”

    My comments:
    – Maybe Everett pushes some other exciting TE prospects (Engram, Njoku) down to our Rd. 2 pick. Or even later good prospects (Butt, Sprinkle) down to the bottom of Rd. 3 or further.
    – Someone is going to take a swing on Hunt earlier than expected. Doubt he makes it to our pick in Rd. 3.
    – Finally everyone is catching up to Rob and SDB on Bolles…

    • JT

      Scouts have been on Bolles for many months now. It’s the media that had never even heard of him, since he was virtually an unknown coming into 2016. It’s a shame (for us) that he’s likely to go mid-first round where he belongs.

      If Njoku does anything resembling a Vernon Davis impersonation at the combine, he’s going first round and potentially the TE1. If Everett sneaks in, he’ll likely be the third TE in R1.

      Hunt’s another guy that could be too rich for our blood. I might like him more than Prosise and Kenneth Dixon last year, so I’d be ecstatic if the Hawks could use one of their R3 picks on him.

  74. Kyle

    I’ve been looking at a bunch of mock drafts around the web and they have all consistently mocked Sidney Jones down to around 28-30 range. Wouldn’t that be a treat to have him drop into range for us

  75. JT

    Charlie Campbell (Walter football) just reported that Malik Hooker will be out 4-6 months after undergoing hernia and labrum surgery.

  76. Sea Mode

    Not sure why (via Pauline) scouts are doubting Budda Baker’s speed. At the “Husky Combine” in March 2016, he ran a 4.35. That is hand timed, of course, but even then it’s still going to be low 4.4s, if not better.

    Here’s a bit from the ESPN article:

    “While Ross’ return and performances were a pleasant surprise, Baker’s output on the day likely surprised no one. The star of the Washington defense came back faster and bigger than he was at the end of last season (up to 184 pounds from 171 pounds) and clocking a 4.35 40-yard dash.

    Baker said the main thing for him in getting his 40 time down was working on his start, since last season he just relied on his athleticism.

    “Coaches helped a lot with my first 10 steps, because usually your first 10 yards is going to tell you what your 40 is,” Baker told The News Tribune. “I’m very happy I got better at that, but there’s always room for improvement.”
    [end quote]

    Anyway, we know Kevin King is going to blow up the combine in agility drills and jumps. I think Baker will too and gets into Rd. 1.

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