Senior Bowl invites: Bisnowaty, Reddick to attend

The Senior Bowl rosters are shaping up nicely and today a new batch of invitees were revealed.

Alabama linebacker Ryan Anderson is set to attend along with Pittsburgh tackle Adam Bisnowaty, LSU receiver Travin Dural, Texas A&M defensive end Daeshon Hall, Iowa defensive tackle Jaleel Johnson, Temple DE/LB Haason Reddick and Florida safety Marcus Maye.

You can see today’s full press release here.

Prospects will inevitably accept these invites and pull out for various reasons nearer the time. However, as things stand this is looking like a good group. The following had already agreed to participate before today’s update:

Obi Melifonwu (S, UConn)
Takk McKinley (EDGE, UCLA)
Evan Engram (TE, Ole Miss)
Justin Evans (S, Texas A&M)
Dede Westbrook (WR, Oklahoma)
Dan Feeney (G, Indiana)
Jamaal Williams (RB, BYU)
Jeremy Sprinkle (TE, Arkansas)
Seth Russell (QB, Baylor)
Taylor Moton (T, Western Michigan)
Forrest Lamp (T, Western Kentucky)
Desmond King (CB, Iowa)
Dion Dawkins (T, Temple)
Matt Dayes (RB, NC State)
Montravius Adams (DT, Auburn)

The full list is here.

This is a nice blend — players with potential to go in the top-20 (Melifonwu, McKinley, Evans), players with an opportunity to really push themselves into the top-40 (Engram, Lamp, Feeney, Westbrook, Anderson) and players we’ve talked about on the blog over the last few months (Bisnowaty, Reddick, Engram, McKinley etc).

The week of workouts begins on January 23rd in Mobile, with the game taking place on the 28th. I was originally planning to attend the Senior Bowl in 2017 — but with a new arrival, a daughter, set to arrive on January 24th — we’ll have to push those plans into 2018…


  1. icb12

    Congrats on the daughter Rob!
    I’ve got a 8mo and another cooking.

    Being a Dad is pretty freaking awesome.

    • Jason

      Just had my first child (daughter) born on December 2nd. Congrats Rob.

      Now down to business. What are your thoughts on Lamp? Is he worth looking at with 1st or 2nd pick?

      • Rik

        I’m curious about Lamp, too. Trying to figure out where Lamp and Moton fit with the larger school prospects at OT. They seem like potential players at the next level.

      • Rob Staton

        I’ve watched a game of Lamp and wasn’t blown away. To me he looks like a next level guard.

    • Rob Staton

      Best job in the world.

      My little boy has just turned three and was born during the Super Bowl winning season. I’m hoping history repeats…

      • 503Hawk

        Ha, Ha. “Post hoc ergo propter hoc?” If it works, you are going to have a big family!

        • JT

          After, therefore because, in Latin?

          Congratulations on the daughter to be Rob.

      • Jorel

        My boy just turned 3 same as the Super Bowl Season. My second, a girl too, due next week. Hopefully its a precursor for things to come! Congrats man.

        • Rob Staton

          Thanks πŸ™‚ and congrats to you too!

    • STTBM

      Congratualtions Rob! And congrats to Jason and Jorel as well. My son is almost ten and my daughter nearing three. Best thing in life, being a Dad!

  2. Derron James

    Congrats Rob!

    • Rob Staton


  3. nichansen01

    Green Bay is playing for it’s life right now. Defense will keep it close but against Aaron Rodgers, Earl will be missed.
    Offense Sputters in the cold.

    Green Bay wins 17-3

    • nichansen01

      Basically I am expecting the Tampa Game to happen again.

      • Rob Staton

        I doubt they can play as badly as that, plus Green Bay don’t have Noah Spence, Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy. They’re also incredibly banged up on defense, the O-line and even Aaron Rodgers was limited today with a hamstring issue.

        The Seahawks also have regained Britt, Morgan, Bennett and will be going out of their way to avoid TB happening again this year.

        I can imagine several scenarios. A comprehensive win, a win similar to the Pats game and a loss similar to last seasons game at Lambeau. I think if they lose it’ll be more like that 2015 game than the Bucs game.

        • STTBM

          Nick Perry, GB’s leading sacker with 8, is OUT. All they have is Peppers. Matthews is playing with one arm.

          And Seattle has Britt again this week.

          Britt being out is why Seattle lost in TB. Even with the emotional flatness the whole team exhibited, I think they win that game easily with Britt.

    • STTBM

      Its possible they beat us, due to weather and homefield, but 17-3?! In a pigs eye!

      Seattle will have to throw, but GB’s secondary is pitiful. Nelson cant go deep anymore, certainly not on the LOB–even without ET–and our pass rush should be smokin’ with Bennett back and Clark really getting going.

      As long as Seattle passes to set up the run and doesnt try to Ground Chuck it (you know, run on first, run on second, pass on third and long) I’m going with Hawks, 24-20 or perhaps 20-17.

      • AlaskaHawk

        Green Bay defense is banged up. Seahawks will score 35 with mixture of long bombs and Rawls running.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      I’m thinking 23-17 Seattle, but not as close as score indicates.

      I would fully expect us to have better than 50% run to pass ratio. It’s an ideal scenario for Seattle to get back to being the bully and affirm our power game.

      The elements, and especially their defensive attrition for the Packers will be a perfect breeding ground for a 200 yard rushing effort.

      This should be a game where we can stick with the run even if GB manages to force punts. I’d expect a fair number of explosive runs (12+ yards) with the shape their LBs are in heading into this game.

      Think if we were without Bennett, Wagner and Wright — playing Moore, Pierre-Louis and Coyle. That’s about their drop off in their front seven.

      I foresee the kind of game for us that KC had against us in KC (Bradford in for Wagner).

      If we don’t get cute — we should be able to just smash them physically. After last week’s game — I would be shocked if we don’t just run with power all day long. Seems like Pete’s just been jonesing to get back to beating teams up. It was his theme since the end of last year. And now all of our principle actors for that purpose are healthy. I get the sense Pete wants to give this young OL a real taste of beatdown success. Something to give them a real charge heading into the championship stretch drive. Give them a basis of confidence that only breakout success can bestow.

      It’s often said that nothing demoralizes a defense like running the ball down their throats. The inverse is also true. Nothing puts the swag in your gait like snotbubbling their defensive front all day long. This OL needs that to take the next step and start to emerge as the unit it has the potential to be.

      This would be a good game and opponent to make that kind of affirmation. Be the bullies we envisioned.

      • taxspecialist

        snottbubbling gotta love it if our offensive line can do that, that term

  4. RealRhino2

    Don’t they all have a chance to play their way into the top 20? πŸ˜‰

    Rob, do you think Reddick could be another Bruce Irvin type for us? The comments I heard/read about him from somewhere sounded a lot like Irvin, in terms of role. Something like, “lot of tackles for loss and rushes well, but probably a stand-up linebacker at the next level.” Sounds like Irvin, no? SAM by day, extra rusher by night. Big enough? Quick enough?

    • Rob Staton

      “Don’t they all have a chance to play their way into the top 20?”

      Figuratively yes. Realistically no.

      I certainly think there’s a chance Reddick could be a new Bruce for them. Depends how he works out though. Apparently he’s quite the athlete — and he has the production.

      • Volume12

        Love Reddick.

        Ole Miss Marquis Haynes could be a smaller version of Anthony Barr at the next level.

        And Illinois LEO/SAM Carroll ‘Wild Man’ Phillips (6’3, 240 lbs.) could absolutely play a Bruce Irvin role. Better size than Haynes and Reddick, could be just as athletic, former JUCO product. He’s a relentless rusher, with good technique, excellent burst, plays violently, and his backside pursuit is next level stuff. I like the fact that he developed under NFL coaching in HC Lovie Smith. His production is almost identical to Reddick’s.

        Reddick: 59 tackles, 21.5 TFL, 9.5 QB sacks
        Phillips: 56 tackles, 20 TFL, 9 QB sacks

        He’s a guy to monitor for the other All-Star showcase, the Shrine Game.

        • C-Dog

          I’ve been curious of Phillips, and look forward to watching him.

        • Trevor

          Definitely a guy to check out.

        • Ukhawk

          Some say Phillips is outplaying Smoot

          • Volume12

            He has. Smoot is someone I’ve cooled on tremendously.

            Doesn’t play the run well enough for me, no gap discipline, doesn’t seem to be very assignment sound.

            And the thing that bothers me the most? Smoot is getting NFL level coaching in Lovie Smith. So it makes me wonder how much better he can truly get.

  5. Trevor

    Congrats Rob! That is great news and good luck to you and your wife.

    That is a great list of players for Senior Bowl. One of my favorite weeks of the year.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks πŸ™‚

  6. Trevor

    Great article on Joe Thomas. I don’t think he will ever be a Hawk but you have to love this guy. Never missed a snap in his entire career which is mind blowing. 9600 and counting. Think about that he has played every offensive snap for 10 years straight. It is a crime his career has been spent with that organization. Behind only Walter Jones, Anthony Munoz and Larry Allen on my all time OL list.

    • cha

      Hue Jackson recently underlined how they won’t be trading Thomas, saying if Thomas goes, he’ll go too.

      Not sure if that’s the wisest thing to say when you’re 0-fer but there you go.

      • Trevor

        Yeah as I said I don’t think there is any chance he is a Hawk but just thought it was a great story about the kind of attitude you need to have and resiliency to play 10 years and not miss a snap.

      • Frank

        The Vikings were saying the same thing about Percy before we made that trade. Browns will try to get the most value if they do trade him.

        Hue Jackson at this point can replaced easily, they couldn’t possibly do worse than they are now. I wouldn’t take his statement at face value, or assume he has any leverage with the owners.

  7. Seahawcrates

    Happy for you Rob! Recently found out I’ll be a grandpa in June. I’m lobbying for “Kam” as a name – boy or girl.
    Any thoughts on the Reece signing? Watching tape I have really felt Tukuafo has been a liability. Can’t reach guys in space. So many whiffs. I was extremely impressed with Brandon Cottom in training camp. Really hope he recovers and can be a fixture at fullback. One way to add effectiveness to the run game we haven’t talked much about would be to have an above average fullback to wedge open holes but especially to pick off second level players and create more explosive runs.
    Obviously a fullback is only a small part of improving the run game back to Seahawk-expected levels, but I do think it’s a missing component and a drag on performance.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks! πŸ™‚

      I think more than anything it’ll be interesting to see if Reece still has any juice. They’ve been looking for a player like that for a while — Coleman, Cottom etc. One who is multi-faceted, capable of running the ball and catching it. Will be fun to see if he has anything left in the tank.

  8. bankhawk

    Rob-congrats on your little bundle of joy set to arrive in the new year, and as always-thanks for all you do!

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks πŸ™‚

  9. CHawk Talker Eric

    Congratulations! With sincerest gratitude and respect.

    Many blessings to your family.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you πŸ™‚

  10. no frickin' clue

    Congrats Rob on the matching set!

    On the Senior Bowl…any thoughts on RB Kareem Hunt from Toledo?

    • Rob Staton

      Bigger back — seemed to have a lot of easy yardage at Toledo this year. Not one of my favourites but will be interested to see him test.

  11. LouieLouie

    Hey Rob:
    What are your thoughts on the running back Alex Collins? He has the size, but has fumbled the ball. The Hawks keep him on the roster while cutting other RBs. I don’t know what to make of him.

    • Rob Staton

      A weird one. They seem to not want to give up on him. I get that because he was really good at Arkansas. I really liked him anyway. But at the moment they don’t seem to trust him. Probably want to give him another camp before giving up on him. Bit of a redshirt year.

  12. KyleT

    Congrats Rob! I don’t know how you find time to keep this site updated with all the amazing content!

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you πŸ™‚

  13. Kenny Sloth

    Thoughts on Oregon hiring Willie Taggert?

    Any USF fans here?

  14. Trevor

    Not sure if it can be done from a Cap standpoint as I am not sure how in season contracts work with regards to the Cap but I would absolutely love to see Kam and Bennett get extensions before the playoff! I think it would be a huge shot in the arm for those leaders.

    I remember our SB year we extended Avril and Wright before the playoffs and those were probably two of the best deals JS has done.

    Anyone know how extensions this time of the year work with regards to the Cap? Is it even possible for Kam and Bennett deals to get done before end of year?

    • lil'stink

      I’m 99.9% sure Cliff and KJ were both in the last year of their respective contracts when they signed those extensions. Technically Kam and Bennett aren’t in the last year of their contracts until after this season is over so I can’t imagine the team will do anything at this point.

  15. Trevor

    Gotta say one of my favorite things about the Carolina game was seeing Beast Mode on the sidelines. One of the great all time characters in the game and I really hope they get him in the HOF.

    When you think about the incredible personalities we have had on this team in the PC / JS era (Sherm, Kam, Balwin, Bennett, Beast, Breno, even now Rawls) the list goes on and on. We are very fortunate as fan base.

    That why I am glad Rob you always comment on the players media interviews and how he conducts himself. It is clear that the PC/JS value that almost above all else and it is where they have had the greatest success in their draft picks.

    When you look at the very few busts (i use that loosely as all played significant # of games) they have had Moffitt, Michael, Simon, Carpenter they were all lacking that Seahawk confidence and passion love of the game. At least that is how it appeared from the outside.

    That is why Bolles and Demarcus Walker are my two dream picks in Rd #1. Both play with great passion and are leaders with their squads. They would fit right into that locker room.

    Would love to get some names of mid to late round guys who are known for having great leadership and personality who might be Hawks targets so I can check them out. Anyone have some guys they can think of?

    • Trevor

      Vol likes to use the term Seahawky and I am thinking more character wise than physically to start.

  16. John T

    Kareem Hunt accepted! Been high on him for a while and looking forward to see what he can do. I think he’s a perfect fit for the Seahawks. Here he is at draft breakdown vs. BYU.

    • Trevor

      I like his toughness too John. It will be interesting to see how he runs / tests at the combine because he does not seem that explosive. I thought that about David Johnson coming out of Nothern Iowa too though so what do I know.

      • D-OZ

        That is a really terrible offensive line he has to deal with.

  17. Trevor

    Really looking forward to seeing Kyler Frackrell play this weekend. I was never a big fan but I know he was a favorite on here.

    Always love seeing how they guys we want to see as Seahawks pan out. I know my favorites from last year Shon Coleman, Jatavius Brown, Keanu Neal, Chris Jones, Travis Fenney, David Oneymata, Sheldon Rankins, Noah Spence, Deiondre Hall, Braxton Miller have had mixed results.

    Jones, Spence, Neal and Rankins look like they are going to be stars. Jones and Spence were clear top 15 talents IMO who somehow fell to Rd #2 and look like steals. Neal is the dynamic physical presence Rob highlighted and Rankins while hurt to start the year has shown in the last 5 games with 3 sacks and numerous pressures is the type of interior pass rusher the Hawks crave.

    Coleman is having sort of a redshirt year (sucks he went to Browns), Hall has been hurt and play has been limited for Bears, Braxton Miller still seems to be learning the WR position and Feeney is a PS player and has not really panned out.

    I still think Onyemata is going to be the steal DT pick of the entire draft and so wish the Hawks could have gotten him. He played 1 year of college football in Canada before the draft and is already getting significant snaps and playing well. He is the Saints George Fant.

    Jatavuis Brown was looking like a steal for SD with 54 tackles and 3 sacks in 8 games before getting hurt as well and showed the same speed and instincts e played with at Akron. That SD defense is starting to get some real talent.

    Love to get updates on other favorites people had last year if you track them a little like I do even if they are not with Hawks.

    • Rob Staton

      I think Fackrell is injured at the moment

    • C-Dog

      Onyemata, I think, is the reason the Saints let go of John Jenkins, so at least we got Big JJ out of the deal.

      • Volume12

        Trev, I agree. Was not a fan of Fackrell.

        Are you kidding me? Chris Jones has been a monster for KC. Its why I think Oklahoma RB Joe Nixon is a perfect fit for KC. They take Tyreek Hill, they’d roll the dice on Nixon. They aren’t afraid of these guys because they have an extremely unselfish culture.

        Jatavius Brown has been lights out!

        Noah Spence? Kid is playing with one arm and wrecking O-lines.

        Keanu Neal looks great.

        Shon Coleman looks bad. Gets his shoulders to far over his feet and doesn’t get his 2nd & 3rd steps down quick enough. That 2nd step is EVERYTHING!

        • Volume12


        • Kenny Sloth

          Fackrell was looking like a steal to begin the season. I think he’ll be a great rotational player. Still finding his best position along with the injury setback.

          • Volume12

            Yeah, he could be. I wasn’t a fan of his coming out, but in no way does that mean he’ll be a bad player.

            • Kenny Sloth

              I can see what you didn’t like. Narrow frame. Scheme restrictions.

  18. C-Dog

    Simulated Mock regarding Senior Bowl prospects.

    29: R1P29

    61: R2P29

    93: R3P29

    135: R4P32

    207: R6P28

    214: R6P35

    224: R7P6

    I think there might be something to Adoree’ Jackson as one to watch for Seattle. The team has been watching someone down in USC, he’s a special athlete that can do a number of things for the defense, corner, nickel, FS, not to mention special teams. In terms of ET, Gee Scott, who has the pulse of the locker room vibe, said on the radio yesterday that players weren’t too surprised by the mulling retirement talk because he has made statements like this before. I think as things stand, all we can say is that it’s 50/50, and with this being such a deep draft for DBs, Seattle might be wise to take one of them early.

    I think of the Senior Bowl invites I might be most interested in that fill Seattle’s needs could be Dion Dawkins, Jaleel Johnson, and Matt Dayes. Dawkins looks like he could play left and right tackle. Jaleel Johnson can play both DT spots, had a monster game against Michigan and may have a personality that would blend in well with the other veteran DLiners on the team. I only watched one NC State game this year, but it was the one against Clemson, they almost beat Clemson, and Dayes looked nifty.

    As a late round project, if Morgan’s brought back and they don’t go rush LB early, they might take a flyer on Wooching. He might have some upside that could pay off. I invite you to check out this article:

    • STTBM

      I like Chesson, and would love to see a bigger WR like him in Seattle.

    • 503Hawk

      C-Dog… Thanks for the link. What a great article!!! I was raised w/ many of the same principles. Psalms would make a great Hawk. And it seems as if Petersen has a lot of Carroll qualities. Football in the great NW has never been better!

      I invite all of the SDB followers to read the article… POWERFUL!

      • C-Dog

        It’s a cool write up.

        Wooching could be an interesting player as a late pick. His best football could be ahead of him, and he may not be intimidated fighting for a roster spot. I thought he had a great game against Colorado. Go Hawks!

  19. Nick

    Do you think SEA is happy with Glow? The praise for him has been limited. If we focus on O-line this year in the draft, do you think it’s mostly through addressing the Tackle position?

    • vrtkolman

      Glow has been pretty darn good this season IMO, aside from a few games. The coaches seem to glow (haha!) whenever his name comes up in press conferences. He was also graded out as one of the best guards last week against a good Carolina front. He’s a big piece going forward.

      • cha

        “pretty darn good this season IMO, aside from a few games”

        I don’t mean to parse your statement, but ‘a few games’ would mean half the games the Hawks have played this year. So you’re saying he’s only been good 50% of the time?

    • LordSnow

      Probably the lack of headlines on him is a good thing. He’s disappointed me this season mainly because when he’s been blown up on a few plays they led to some noticeable tv results, but Im getting a feeling that he’s locked it down long term..

      I also don’t think they look in the draft to replace Fant. I think it says a lot he’s ahead of Odhi on the depth chart and it says a lot that Sowell gets moved to the right side to compete, and now replace Gilliam. They must love Fant to death and will give him every opportunity to make it.

      • Volume12

        Glow has been good for a rookie.

        And Odhiambo is not a RT. He’s a left side of the line type guy. Same with Ifedi as a right side guy. They determined this when thery worked them out. Its the whole ‘left side of the brain vs the right side of the brain.’

    • C-Dog

      Pete Carroll and Tom Cable have consistent spoken positively about Glowinski. Right now, he’s probably been their second best offensive lineman. I think they are pretty happy with him.

    • DC

      Tom Cable on Germain Ifedi, April 28, 2016-

      β€œAs typical of us, we try to find guys who are going to be capable of playing more than one spot. But I think, long term, down the road, we see him as a guy who can be a cornerstone player for you at (right) tackle.”

      So the question is, when is down the road? If it’s 2017 then the Seahawks could shift Ifedi to RT where they claim his long term future lies. In that case they could look at a pure OG which would be atypical of what the they generally do. Glow could stay at LG or shift back to his college spot at RG depending on who they bring in.

      • C-Dog

        I think Glowinski college position was LT, no? I always thought the team projected him as a RG because of his athletic profile. I wouldn’t be shocked if we see the starting OL next year become Fant, Odhiambo, Britt, Glowinski, Ifedi; especially if they want to go DL early, RB, or DB if Earl does call it a career.

        • Rob Staton

          Glow might’ve played T at some point, but he finished up at guard.

  20. vrtkolman

    Nick Perry out for the Pack this week. That’s a huge blow, he’s their best pass rusher and arguably has been their best player on D this year. I think the game is a toss up, I had GB favored by a bit before the Perry injury. My head still says GB by 4-7, but it should be a great game.

  21. vrtkolman

    Atlanta re-signed Robert Alford for almost $10 million a year. Yeesh, the Lane contract looks great now considering I don’t think Alford is that much better than Lane, if at all.

  22. EranUngar

    During the NFL season i do not watch college games and just follow here as a reader until the season is over and i can set my mind into draft scouting. Keep on the great job.

    However, I have bee following a 6-2, 215 WR. is gradfather was an all pro guard and his father was a QB.

    I like this guy. A LOT.

    • STTBM

      He’s been an amazing player for them. But he hasnt played against elite competition much. Hard to say if he translates to the NFL, but he’s got the size. Be interesting to see if he makes the combine how he does on agility/explosion tests.

      • Rik

        EWU always schedules elite competition. Kupp has had huge games against Oregon State, Oregon, U of Washington, and Washington State in the last 4 years. They’ve also made the FCS playoffs every year he’s been there. Nobody at any level has stopped him.

        • Rik

          12 receptions for 206 yds and 3 TDs against Washington State this year. 15 receptions for 246 yds and 3 TDs against Oregon in 2015. 8 receptions for 145 yds and 3 TDs against Washington in 2014. 5 receptions for 119 yds and 2 TDs against Oregon State in 2013 as a freshman. EWU won those games against Washington State and Oregon State and came close to beating Oregon and Washington. All away games. Kupp averages well over 100 yards per game for his entire career, and holds all kinds of national records for yards/receptions/touchdowns. I don’t know how he will do as a pro, but I’m going to be watching.

    • icb12

      That was a cool read. Thanks for posting it.

    • Attyla the Hawk

      Absolutely love Kupp. EWU has scheduled a lot of division one teams, and every game I’ve seen him play, he’s been obviously the best player for either team at any position.

      I don’t expect us to take him. My money is Green Bay takes him in the 2nd round and they have their next Greg Jennings/Jordy Nelson WR pick in the 2nd. But I see him as a much better version of Jared Abbrederis. I don’t know if he’ll have great measurables at the Combine. On the field, he looks a bit slow. But for whatever reason everyone chasing him looks a step slower.

      • C-Dog

        I mocked him R2 a couple weeks ago, but Rob’s response was that Kupp would have to have an almost unreal combine to be selected R2, which he doubts he will. I love the love kid personally, and know one thing; he runs routes and catches footballs all game long. I’d love him as a Hawk.

        • Rob Staton

          I like Kupp but need to see him perform well at combine to believe SEA takes him R2.

  23. Volume12

    I love the fact that Tiffin QB Antonio Pipkins gets a Senior Bowl invite as the 67th ranked QB on

    Perfect example of how far behind these draft websites are from NFL scouts and it goes both ways. These draft sites are also way too high on a lot of prospects. We see it every single year.

    • RealRhino2

      Who are some guys you think are being overrated by the media at this point, V12? Just a handful.

      • Volume12

        Jake Butt, Dawaune Smoot, Charles Harris, Zach Cunningham, Cam Robinson, Lowell Lotulelei, Caleb Brantley, Malik McDowell, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Brad Kayaa to name a few.

        • Trevor

          Agree 100% with all of the above!

        • icb12

          Agreed on all except Cunningham.
          Personally I think he’s the real deal.

        • C-Dog

          Malik McDowell has been pretty underwhelming this year. If I were him, I’d return for my senior year.

          • Rob Staton

            Think he was one of the first to declare, already signed with an agent.

          • Ukhawk

            Rob et al. Q: Of the overrated, who would you consider in R1 for the Hawks. IMO McDowell & Cunningham. Both are fantastic athletes with true versatility and I’d be very happy with either. McDowell is the definition of inside/ out & Cunningham shut down Engram from what I saw. Maybe a spot on each is in order as they may slip.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Maybe Smoot.

              McDowell is starting to look like one of the biggest boom or busts in the draft.

              • Volume12

                How does Smoot fit this team? He’s just like Caleb Brantley. All or nothing. There’s no consistency. Smoot regressed this year under NFL coaching. He doesn’t play the run, too much standing around.

                McDowell plays out of position. He’s a ‘bear trap’ player. If the play comes into his area he’ll make it. Other than that he’ll half a** it.

                Cunningham? I do like him. But top 20 for a guy that struggles to get off blocks?

  24. Volume12

    Joey ‘he’s a bust before he even stepped on the field’ Bosa has to be DROY right? This kid is incredible. A talent that transcends scheme. As the top 7-8 picks should.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Let’s slow the roll on this guy….. he hasn’t finished the season yet.

  25. Volume12

    Kenny, you asksed about new Oregon HC Willie Taggart?

    He seems like the perfect fit. Left 2 programs in better shape than when he inherited them, was part of Jim Harbaugh’s staff at Stanford and played a huge role in the recruiting process, has a big personality, said he doesn’t ‘get along with boring people,’ says that everyone who touches his program will attack the day ‘with enthusiasm unknown to mankind.’

    And it looks like PJ Fleck is staying in Kalamazoo and Lane Kiffin got the HC gig at Houston.

    • icb12

      I kinda want to see Coach O pick up Helfrich as OC.

      I just think that would be fun.

    • Kenny Sloth

      If the team buys in he sounds like a great fit, for sure.

      I don’t know if he’s bringing a whole new crew in or what. Wouldn’t want to see a power struggle with any of the coaching staff.

      His energy and enthusiasm, scheme flexibility and recruiting prowess are great strengths.

      He’s a self professed smash mouth, West coast guy. But he spread it way out the last two years with great success.

      Former dual threat QB so he has that kind of cerebral in-game mentality. From the Harbaugh coaching tree.

      Wish he was bringing his QB Flowers with him

  26. Smitty1547

    Kiffin going to Houston probably clears way for Sabin next reclamation project as Sark becomes new OC

    • The Hawk is Howling

      I’ll drink to that?

  27. Kenny Sloth

    Are Bobby and KJ actually the best 3-4 ILB duo in the league?

    • vrtkolman

      Yes, they overtook the Davis/Keuchly combo this year.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        I think this is a push. Just because one of the 2 guys is injured, doesn’t mean they are still not 1A (SEA) and 1B (CAR). The Bucs also have a very good LB group and the Raiders one is rounding into form. I probably just listed the top 4 LB groups in NFL right now.

        • vrtkolman

          I just think Wagner and KJ have been better this year, regardless of the Luke injury.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Yeah they’ve really outplayed the field.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Sorry to correct you Kenny but it’s 4-3 unless the mushrooms are kickin in?

      Go Hawks!

      • Kenny Sloth

        I know it.

        The Hawks have run a 4-3 under with 3-4 personnel.

        Their responsibilities are very similar to a 3-4 ILB duo, imo.

        Obviously with KJ being the weakside Mike.

        • The Hawk is Howling

          Okay I get it then, thanks buddy. I know they have different schemes then other teams. Just alwat thought B-wagz and J Wright were the focal point with another linebacker lining up in the box with them or hands down in the dirt on the line of scrimmage. Alot of the time especially in nickel they have a 5-2 without a blitz formation. I guess that’s what stirs the pot a without getting anyone out of place. I don’t know? Guess that’s why we need a truly athletic linebacker who can come up and blitz like Irvin did?

          Go Hawks

          • Kenny Sloth

            You’re not wrong hahah

            I was specifically being incorrect. To show the ambiguity in scheme and personnel.

            • Kenny Sloth

              And also to put KJ’s production into perspective.

              Rather than being compared to outside pass rushers he is put up against other Weakside LB’s (they’re called Will’s inside of the 3-4, as well)

  28. The Hawk is Howling

    I always thought the terminology was defense line – Linebackers. Is it vise versa?

    Go Hawks

  29. Volume12

    Tyreek Hill is a flat-out stud! What a game changer man.

    • The Hawk is Howling

      Yeah Vol! T Hill has been a playmaker this year for sure. He’s had some great highlight plays most definitely!

      John Schneider will shock the World come draft Time. Always do, always does.

      Go Hawks

  30. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Chiefs are the team to watch in the playoffs in the AFC…. they look like a team that can get to the SB.

    • Volume12

      I’m a little partial to them, they’re my 2nd team I root for or my AFC team, but they really do have as good a shot as any team in the AFC to get to the SB.

      Wouldn’t surprise me to see them there.

    • vrtkolman

      Hard to get too excited about Alex Smith and Andy Reid though. They have been great in the regular season the past 3 years though.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        It doesn’t matter Vk! The Hae with PC always find a way. Though I think its closing on proof now that Andy ” The Dandy ” Reed is a superior choice to be a coach on a NFL team.

        Let’s play a game?

        Who would you want as coach other then Pete ?

        Answer is?

        There is no answer for he is thy Best!

        He’s all we got!

        He’s all we need!

        Go Hawks!

        • The Hawk is Howling

          Oops VRT

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        That defense … you can get very excited by that… and the ST has been outstanding.
        They feel a bit like the 2013 Seahawks in a funny way. Nothing too flashy, but they shut the door on opponents inside the redzone. 2 Chiefs turnovers within their own 30 yard line.. and the Raiders come away with 3 points. That is EPIC.

    • Rob Staton

      Alex Smith and Andy Reid. Hard to trust that pairing in the playoffs.

      • Trevor

        Exactly nothing in either of their extensive history makes me think they can win an SB. I take that match up instead of Brady and Belicheck any day I don’t care what the supporting cast around them is like.

        The Chiefs did look great last night on D though.

        • Volume12

          I actually think Seattle matches up better with NE.

          Right now, Houston, Ford, and Hali would eat Fant and Sowell alive.

          Smith plays exactly the type of ball that would keep this defense on the field for long stretches.

  31. John_s

    I’m interested to see Des King. Hopefully he gets some snaps at FS as well.

    Julien Davenport, Daeshon Hall, Ryan Switzer, Tanoh Kpassagnon are other prospects I will be keeping an eye on.

  32. The Hawk is Howling

    Okay I’m sorry I’ll leave for awhile. I have problems but it doesn’t stop me from Loving People I Love you all and this great blog that Rob has created helps me connect to people who share a passion for something I do as well. All I want for the world is Love, acceptance, and happiness. That’s why I always say……

    Go Hawks!

    • The Hawk is Howling

      I bought a bottle of Gin yesterday and don’t know why I typed that? I get emotional when drinking and apologies for my drama. Surprisingly my grammar wasn’t so shabby considering, I Love you guys!

      Go Hawks!

  33. The Hawk is Howling

  34. DC

    I’m excited for the Hawks vs Packers game. Since the downfall of the 49ers the Packers have taken over the mantle of NFC public enemy #1 for me. Aaron Rodgers… Can be Scary.

    A win at Lambeau would be big.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I dislike Carolina more….. way more to be honest. Starting with the QB….

      • C-Dog

        Agreed. I think the Carolina v Seattle rivalry has taken on a life of it’s own. You know that beat down last Sunday night has ignited their fanbase as well for future games. And for ours, the Cam Newton and Shaq Thompson antics from last year will stick in the minds of many fans for years to come. May not see them for a while now though, schedule-wise, because of their down year.

        • LordSnow

          Brock has painted a pretty good narrative this week that Cam is regressing and his attitude is putting himself into a bad position for improvement going forward.

      • The Hawk is Howling

        I actually Dig Cam Newton’s youthful exuberance. The QB I personally Can’t stand is Aaron Rogers his attitude blows especially when he looses. Another reason that Russell Wilson is such a great leader. He takes adversity and loosing well while helping him prepare for the next game. Man I Love Russell, he’s the best!

        Go HAWKS!

    • AlaskaHawk

      I think Green Bay is a rivalry , especially to their fan base. If only the Seahawks kept Tate we could really taunt them. Another good rivalry could be the Vikings. That was a tough playoff game last year.

      I still dislike the Rams – darn dirty players – watch out for injuries. Has Harbaugh mellowed since he went back to college? Not according to the last referee poll.

      Arizona could be a rivalry though not so much this year.

  35. Ed

    Rob, you identified this a few years ago, but thought you would get a kick out of. Major props, if I ever become a billionaire and buy the Browns, you’ll be my first call. Ha ha

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Ed — I look forward to helping you turn around the Browns πŸ™‚

    • Trevor

      That is a great article thanks for the post Ed!

  36. Kenny Sloth

    Man Cam Robinson looked like one of my lil homies when he was accepting the Outland Trophy.

    He sounded like he was ordering a Big Mac. Or giving a presentation he wasn’t prepared for.

    I look in those eyes I see a scrub, yo. He gonna flinch. This guy doesn’t look like a pro.

    He looks like the type of dude I’d fire at a fast food joint.

  37. Volume12

    Would not surprise me to see Seattle really like Iowa DT Jaleel Johnson.

    They’ve scouted Iowa twice, once was against Michigan with multiple Seahawk scouts in attendance. He was the best player on the field that night. The other game was against North Dakota St. and he had 2 sacks alone in that one.

    IMO he’ll shoot up boards during the practice week of the Senior Bowl. Those drills are designed to showcase/highlight the D-lineman and I think its gonna be him.

    He’s from one of the worst neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY, but his parents moved him to Chicago to live with his Aunt because they thought he’d have a better chance of success.

    Might just be a rumor, but he reportedly speaks multiple languages too.

    His coaches say this is a guy that wants to be great. Hes a mean, aggressive, physical guy on the field. Off the field hes described as a high character kid. Has a whole lot of nasty in his game.

    He’s got the size Seattle seems to like at 3-tech. 6’3-6’4, 310-315 lbs., almost 34″ arms. 10.5 TFL & 7.5 QB sacks.

    Johnson is quick and explosive off the ball like every Seattle D-lineman. High revving motor that never stops, excellent run defender, shoots gaps all day, great upper and lower body strength, his technique can use some work, but that’s a fixable issue. Although he does have a damn good stab move.

    This dude ticks off a lot of boxes. Pretty ‘Seahawky.’ At least for me is. I like guys that put the team on their back and carry them. He did that this year.

    • C-Dog

      I’m taking a real strong liking to this guy. I think he has a sly sense of humor that sneaks out in interviews as well. Something that also seems Seahawky.

  38. icb12

    This is absolutely must watch Youtubing.

    Marshawn Narrating Planet Earth. Epic.

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