Five of the grittiest 2017 eligible draft prospects

ESPN’s Sheil Kapadia published a really insightful piece today and I’d highly recommend checking it out.

Kapadia details the influence of author Ryan Holiday and his book ‘Ego is the Enemy’ on the Seahawks. We’ve often talked about Seattle’s penchant for players with ‘grit’.

Kapadia notes:

Carroll and Schneider have become infatuated with building a culture of grit and have researched how to identify those traits during the pre-draft process.

Holiday visited Seahawks training camp in August and discussed with Schneider the idea of finding players who have overcome obstacles on their way to the NFL.

“We were talking about that in the sense that if you make it in the NFL, you’ve already been really good at football at different stages in your life,” Holiday said. “You were good in high school. You were good in college. But undoubtedly, this is going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. So if you fall to pieces, if that’s the first time that you’ve ever bumped into your capacities as a human being, that’s a really bad time for that to happen.

“So I think one of the reasons they probably look for adversity is the same reason … wouldn’t you rather find out what you’re made of when everything wasn’t on the line? I think that’s why they look at that.”

Increasingly we’ve tried to identify players possessing ‘gritty’ characteristics. Backstories, tales of adversity. Combine that with physical ideals and you’re generally on the right track.

We’ve talked about some of these players many times before — but I think it’s worth revisiting how they fit the ‘grit’ factor in light of Sheil’s piece…

Shalom Luani (S, Washington State)

Luani, originally from American Samoa, travelled to the U.S. alone in 2012 with no house, no scholarship and about $400 in his pocket trying to realise his dream of playing college football.

He’d previously played soccer, rugby and football for his country at international level, competing in tournaments like the IFAF U-19 World Championship. He moved to America and gambled on his own ability. As Stefanie Loh explains, “His plan was to get to the mainland, play in the U-19 tournament, and then figure out a way to stay in the U.S. and play football somewhere.”

He ended up playing for Chabot College while living in a garage in a house homing 20 players, a situation he describes as a “ghetto”. When they were evicted, a chance encounter led to an opportunity in the JUCO’s and then eventually a shot in the NCAA. Nothing has been handed to Luani. Nothing has been easy. He’s had to work for this career. That’s grit.

Luani has played safety and nickel so he has some versatility. He’s been touted as a possible ‘deathbacker’ too — earning praise from the man who virtually invented the position (Deone Bucannon). He’s a playmaker — he has eight interceptions in the last two seasons with 8.5 TFL’s in 2016 alone and two sacks.

Before the Apple Cup, Pete Carroll made reference that the Seahawks had been watching Washington State closely this year. Could they be keeping an eye on Luani?

Garett Bolles (T, Utah)

Bolles has battled adversity throughout his life — some of it self-inflicted. He had a difficult childhood before turning to drugs and crime. He was eventually arrested for vandalism, kicked out of the house by his father and taken in by another family.

He’s since completely turned his life around in a similar fashion to Bruce Irvin — going through the JUCO’s and being courted by virtually every major college in the NCAA. The story is well explained in this video.

There’s no question in my mind that Bolles is the best left tackle in college and is destined to go in round one. Is it realistic he falls to the Seahawks if he declares? Possibly not. What works in their favour is the fact he turns 25 next May so he’s not necessarily a 10-year option in the NFL. Tony Pauline ranks him as a borderline first rounder.

He’s a physical tone-setter — a terrific run blocker with the balance, loose hips and athletic profile to excel in pass-pro. He’s a bully on the field and now a family man off it, expecting his first child with his wife.

He just screams ‘Seahawks’ and he might be the most underrated player in college football.

Haason Reddick (LB, Temple)

In High School, Reddick suffered a fractured femur and missed an entire season. Upon his return, he suffered a torn meniscus. With no tape to impress potential landing spots in college, he went to Temple University with the intention of becoming a regular student.

His father grew up in Camden with one of the Owls’ assistants — Francis Brown — and put in a good word for him. He was offered the chance to walk-on.

Even then it wasn’t plain sailing. He was told there was no place for him on the team. A change of coaching staff from Al Golden’s crew to Matt Rhule’s led to one last chance and he took it and eventually earned a scholarship.

The rest is history. In 2016 he has 21.5 TFL’s in 13 games, 9.5 sacks, an interception and three forced fumbles. He needs two more TFL’s in the Bowl game against Wake Forest to set a single season school record. He helped Temple win their first Conference Championship in program history last weekend.

At his junior pro-day, Reddick reportedly ran a 4.47 at 6-1 and 235lbs. He also supposedly had a 10-10 in the broad jump and a 36-inch vertical. That’s special.

He’s a hybrid linebacker/DE (and actually started as a defensive back at Temple) and could fit in nicely as a SAM/LEO. He speaks like a grown man and has the personality to survive in Seattle.

D’Onta Foreman (RB, Texas)

Foreman is a twin. His brother Armanti was a highly coveted national recruit, drawing interest from schools like Alabama, Florida and LSU. D’Onta was a two-star recruit according to Rivals.

The story about the brothers landing at Texas is incredible. This piece by Chris Hummer illustrates the journey.

If you want the condensed version, D’Onta was essentially a pawn in the battle to recruit Armanti. According to Hummer’s piece, former Texas Head Coach Mack Brown sat both brothers down and told them: “You’re a good player D’Onta… Armanti, you’re a great player.”

Eventually, Texas reportedly told Armanti if he committed to them they’d offer his brother a scholarship too. Neither brother really wanted it to go down like that.

According to Hummer, D’Onta ran a sub-4.5 forty that at least partly convinced Texas they were getting a player they could work with. What I’ve written down here is only scratching the surface. Foreman’s father’s colourful language in the article to describe the Longhorns is indicative of the ill-feeling.

Neverthless, the situation has evidently served as motivation for the lesser rated brother. This year he ran for 2028 yards and scored 15 touchdowns.

I feel like I have a lot to prove to the people who didn’t think I was going to be what I am now.

Sounds gritty to me.

Dalvin Tomlinson (DT, Alabama)

Tomlinson’s father died when he was five and his mother passed away in 2011. This article by Terrin Waack highlights how important she was in his life. He writes ‘RIP MOM‘ on his wrist tape for games, stating: “She’s the reason I’m here… I want to give respect to her because she can’t be at the games like everybody else’s moms.”

He tore knee ligaments while playing soccer in High School. In 2013, as a redshirt freshman, he suffered a similar injury in his other knee. He’s been through a lot.

Nick Saban: “You’re talking about a guy that is a great example of perseverance… He always seems to make the obstacle the way to get better and improve: as fine a person and as fine a young man as you’re ever going to find.”

Tomlinson isn’t like most defensive tackles either. He has a passion for art and music, playing several instruments. Don’t doubt his physical skills though. He’s a punishing, physical tough guy with good gap control. He has great length and size (6-3, 308lbs, 33 1/4 inch arms, 10 inch hands) and he has a terrific physique with minimal bad weight. He’s a former four-star recruit with a background including track & field and wrestling. You know the Seahawks love that, not to mention the ‘grit’.


  1. C-Dog

    Rob, outside of Bolles, do you think any of these other guys would be a consideration R1?

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Are we only talking OT or any position?

      • C-Dog

        Of the guys mentioned.

    • Rob Staton

      Foreman could get into round one with a great combine.

  2. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Shalom Luani (S, Washington State)

    Had a minor scrape with the law this prior season. He is only 6’0 198 and listed primarily as a SS, but could play some FS. Only thing I can find of measurables is that he is expected to be a 4.4-4.5 40 type of guy. I was actually trying to find where he is projected…. and I’m seeing 6-7th round or UDRFA. If he is indeed around in the 6th round…. and the Seahawks still have a few comp picks left to burn…. why not. He is someone I’ve been eying as a later round type of Seattle.. and an earlier round type of safety I think Seattle would HAVE TO BE intrigued with would be Connecticut SS Obi Melifonwu … who is projected round 2-4 range. Heck, I would draft both if I had my hands on the draft button!

    • daniel

      Wouldn’t Luani be a little small to play deathbacker/strong safety?

      • Rob Staton

        Deone Bucannon was 6-1 and 211lbs at his combine. ESPN lists Luani at 6-0 and 205lbs.

    • Rob Staton

      Luani’s listed at 6-0 and 205lbs by ESPN. Troy Polamalu was only 5-10 and 207lbs.

      I will be surprised if he lasts until round six personally. I would envisage a round three type range depending on his combine.

      Melifonwu, if he tests as expected at the combine, will go in round one.

    • Ukhawk

      Luann play bigger than his size. Really like his tackling technique and how he strikes the ballcarrier.

    • j

      His “scrape with the law” was when he got jumped outside a Domino’s. When police showed up, the only witnesses were the same dudes who jumped him. No charges were filed.

    • AndrewP

      Re: The incident this spring… He had three frat bros in his face shoving him and he finally fought back after telling them two or three times to stop… This is not conjecture, it’s on the security tape at the restaurant it occurred. Upon seeing the tape and affirming stories from several eye-witnessses, the Whitman County prosecutor dropped the charges, and did so rather quickly. Fighting and/or brawling is not ok, but, I think most people would’ve found themselves with the same result.

      Re: His play; when WSU had injury/suspension issues at LB Shalom found himself at LB and even the LOS this year and more than held his own fighting off blocks of Pac12 OL-men. He was a four-star recruit coming out of JC, and if tests well, I’d say even 2nd RD isn’t out of the question.

  3. Turnagaintide

    I’ve read both of the aforementioned books by Ryan Holiday and they are both excellent. ‘The Obstacle is the Way’ is one of my personal favorites. Highly recommend reading it as it circulated through both the Seahawks and Patriots organizations during that Super Bowl year few years ago.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m going to check it out

  4. Jon O

    Good article Rob. Hard to talk about gritty, strong-willed potential Hawks without mentioning James Connor and his battle with cancer. Be curious what he runs if he chooses to enter the draft.

    • Rob Staton

      Connor has definitely shown a lot of grit. I wanted to limit it to five and try and pick five guys who might be on Seattle’s radar. I’m not sold on Connor being a possible SEA target personally.

      On a different topic, I dedicated some proper time tonight to Zach Cunningham. Wow.

      • WALL UP

        I’m enamored as well. If the’re close in the 1st rd, they should go get him! Would be the best LBs in the game bar none, a perfect mix!

  5. sdcoug

    If we’re talking grit, sign me up for some Gabe Marks too. He would fit our WR crew like a glove

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      or the WR from EWU….. small school, big chip on shoulder

  6. Tim

    Hey Rob, you’ve been banging for the Seahawks to pick Bolles in the draft as their 1st pick, whether it be 1st or 2nd round. And we all can see why. He plays with grit and is a tone-setter. But in the likelihood that he’s off the board when it’s our turn, who’s the next player you think the Seahawks are looking at? I honestly wouldn’t want a running back as our first pick since I want Rawls and CJ to be our backs going forward. Do we get the next best DE or we go for Budda Baker? Who’s the next “it” guy?

  7. Tim

    Hey Rob, you’ve been banging for the Seahawks to pick Bolles in the draft as their 1st pick, whether it be 1st or 2nd round. And we all can see why. He plays with grit and is a tone-setter. But in the likelihood that he’s off the board when it’s our turn, who’s the next player you think the Seahawks are looking at? I honestly wouldn’t want a running back as our first pick since I want Rawls and CJ to be our backs going forward. Do we get the next best DE or we go for Budda Baker? Who’s the next “it” guy?

  8. Austin Hall

    Are there any FB prospects worth drafting at any point? Seattle seems destined to add another FB to the competition. I know they liked Cottom before they sent him to IR. I assume they’ll have him as the frontrunner in the 2017 competition, but it will need some more depth. I would definitely like to get excited about a FB prospect if you’ve found any.

    • Austin Hall

      The more I think about it now I’m not sure who was leading the training camp competition and sustained an injury and then subsequently IR’d. Maybe it was Madden? Whoever it was they’ll need some competition because I know they’re hoping to improve their next season. Hawks have a history of FB’s being fan favorites with guy’s like Mack Strong, Leonard unbelievable and too short of a career Weaver, and Mike Robinson.

      • 503Hawk

        What ever happened to Weaver?

        • Austin Hall

          I remember the Eagles signing him (stealing him from us) and then he had a career ending injury a season or two later. I don’t recall the injury.

          • Volume12

            Florida St FB Freddie Stevenson
            BYU FB Algernon Brown
            VA-Tech FB Sam Rogers

            More of an H-back or TE, but if you want an a** kicker in the run blocking department, Iowa’s George Kittle could be your guy.

            • C-Dog

              I’d love to see Freddie Stevenson in Seahawks blue.

            • Austin Hall

              So I checked them out. I like George Kittle and Agernon Brown. They were both looking for contact and had some vicious collisions. An a** kicker in the run blocking department is the most important characteristic in the Seahawk FB makeup. I’d like to see the team keep drafting players that can help them become the league’s biggest group of bullies.

              • Volume12

                Sam Rogers is like a Cooper Helfet type guy. Just a football player. Does a lot of things well, but master of none.

                Stevenson might be the most athletic of the bunch and is more of that hybrid FB/RB Seattle seems to want to get.

            • Kenny Sloth

              Idk anything about him but the Georgia FB laid some solid blocks for a smaller guy.

  9. Seahawcrates

    Sheil’s article helped me consider why for Pete and John it’s always been more than metrics and production and character (whatever that means). In my classroom I will have well- trained, advantaged students who are risk averse and are inflexible when I challenge them to think differently about what we read and how they write. They have ALWAYS been successful and are often antagonistic to change (what I see as growth). They express terror at failure and revert back time and again to what has worked for them.
    For always successful athletes I imagine much is similar. They reach the peak and are confronted for the first time with coaches asking/demanding growth because what has always worked won’t be enough anymore. And for many of those players this is their first real test of that. It’s an existential crises really as they face the possibility they aren’t enough, they are not what they have always thought themselves to be.
    Players who have had real obstructions, have learned grit at another level. They have stared at failure and continued past it, found ways to somehow make it through to the other side. Those players are going to be open to a culture of competition. I think that’s why Pete’s total philosophy works so well for them. It makes sense. It is how they have survived and thrived and Pete puts it at the center and cradles it with respect, fun, dignity, and brotherhood.
    I think it helps explain the abundance (beyond terrific evaluation) of undrafted free agents who stick with the team. Pete and John look for the athletes who have already gone through the crucible because when the fires rain down, as they inevitably will at this level, those players will have the resource of knowing they have survived before and can again. It’s the resiliency after Tampa Bay and against Green Bay in 2014, and in the second halves against Atlanta (2012) and Carolina (2015).
    It’s a trait that is easy to overlook when you focus exclusively or at least too much on success and results.

    • Sea Mode

      Well said.

  10. Volume12

    There’s too many variables in a football game. Football is a game of adversity. Its going to challenge you. Hence the word ‘GAME.’

    If youve dealt with real life issues, fight through it, and came out stronger for it, then when those setbacks and obstacles happen in a GAME, its easy to overcome and a motivational tactic for player and coach.

    If an injury happens, how bad do you want to get back to this game you love that’s provided opportunities for you and your family? Because if you’ve dealt with some of the things PCs guys have in their past, that part of football becomes easy. Or easier.

    Either get tough or lay down. PC wants players impacted by life. This is a boy’s game, but won by grown men.

  11. Ukhawk

    Not ironic that a lot more of these grit players have overcome injury & lack of ideal measurables. Gritty but undersized is the theme for a few. That’s why Bowles is so interesting; grit + bully + measurable + fundamentals

  12. Volume12

    I went back and watched LB Zach Cunningham (a few comments made me). He’s different isn’t he? Not your typical LB. Lean, long, and built like a BBall player. For me, he’s a late 1st-early 2nd. I was probably a bit harsh on him. Was also considering Auburn & Oregon, 4 star recruit.

    Plays a little high, goes around rather than through blockers but that’s OK, hand placement is off but easily fixable, as is his tackling. Likes to grab the shoulders, but again something that a good coach can fix. But, he finds a way to finish and I like that.

    However, keep this guy clean and let him play in space? Wow! He’s fast and very physical. Love his strike too. Violent hands.

    What do I mean by different? He’s a 3 down LB that doesn’t pass rush. He’s a blitzer, but there’s a big difference between the two.

    He’s multi-dimensional. Can match WR’s, can play on the LOS and makes most ot his tackles within a few yards of the LOS, great STs ability. Huge plus there. And can get back into zone coverage quickly when up on the line.

    Can match RBs outta the backfield with safety help over the top, dude runs like a deer, very good anticipation and ability to read, react, and diagnose.

    Sideline to sideline ‘backer, with explosion and a great mindset (smart kid if he’s at Vandy).

    He might be the ideal versatile 4-3 off the ball SAM LB. As I said, he’s much more unique than I gave him credit for.

    And then there’s this. Who else would they be looking at that early in the season from Vandy?

    • Ukhawk

      Yep, he & McDowell were the 2 guys I don’t think are (too) overrated from your list.

      Trying to figure out a comp for him – thought Jamie Collins but think Collins rushed the passer better coming out.

      I think Cunningham will test very well.

      I’d prefer OL or DL pass rush in R1. My only issue is not him but the fact that I undervalue a pure SAM so high in R1 and think there is a bit of overlap re: KJ in terms of coverage ability. Would rather get someone like Williams, McKinley, Phillips to play that Irvin role. Otherwise think u can pickup a prospect later for SAM without too much dropoff (Reddick?). Now if he fell to R2….

      • DC

        The funniest thing to me about the “Bruce Irvin role” is that Bruce wasn’t drafted to play that role. He was drafted to be a LEO, aka the Chris Clemons role. It didn’t work out there and fortunately Bruce was able to transition to SAM.

      • Volume12

        Im still not high on McDowell. He could be Nkemdiche 2.0. There’s questions about his effort and his character.

        I see a lot of potential in him, but not a 1st rounder for me.

    • C-Dog

      Volume, Seattle used to be able to stay in it’s base D more when Bruce was in town, and in the days of Malcom Smith, when most other Ds would probably shift into nickel. Always thought that was an underrated aspect of the defense. Do you feel like Cunningham would afford the D this kind ability? The kid looks athletic as hell.

      • Volume12

        Yeah, I do. He’s a fantastic run defender. He’d kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak.

        Very unique.

        Last year we all thought, at least me and a few others did, they wouldn’t take a 2 down run stuffer at DT before the 3rd. Well, they did. I’m not necessarily saying they’ll take a SAM in round 1 or 2, but if they did it would make sense.

        • Volume12

          I also think there’s a lot of Bruce Irvin in Haason Reddick and Marquis Haynes too. Although Haynes could be an undersized Anthony Barr at the next level.

          The Senior Bowl is gonna be huge for Reddick. Coverage wise and playing at the POA in the run game.

          • C-Dog

            Yeah, Reddick is someone I am very high on right now. I am very intrigued with the fact he started out as a cornerback and worked his way into being an edge rusher. I think Bruce Irving first started out as a safety. So, on that level, they seem comparable.

            Haynes is also interesting.

            I think they could find a 2 down SAM in middle rounds, but I just wonder if they want someone more special there, more interchangeable. Pete Carroll also seems to stress the importance of versatility, players able to play multiple positions. My hunch is that they would want to SAM to also be able to play LEO, but maybe with Cunningham, he’s not an edge rusher, but a blitzer and coverage guy, maybe his unique versatility is the ability to play all 3 LB spots if needed, knowing they have depth of Clark, Marsh, and Moore if they resign him.

            • Volume12

              I’m talking the athletic, dynamic, play in space, ability to get after the passser comparable aspect.

              Haynes rushes with a reckless abandon and style, much like Bruce did.

              I also liked the fact that Vandy HC Derek Mason said that Cunningham is the smartest guy (preparation, film study, football IQ), he’s had since Richard Sherman. Actually compared the 2.

              • C-Dog

                Very interesting stuff.

        • brseahawks

          I don’t think they ever saw Jarran Reed as a mere 2-down run stuffer prospect.

    • Ground_Hawk

      Vol, I agree with your comment, “he’s a 3 down LB that doesn’t pass rush. He’s a blitzer, but there’s a big difference between the two.” Cunningham does such a great job with stopping the run, and I think that is why he has some many tackles and TFLs. He makes life hard for RB’s driving up the middle. I think this aspect of his game, and what looks like great athletic abilities, are why he could go in the 1st.

  13. AlaskaHawk

    Leonard Fournette has some competition with Christian McCaffrey declaring for the draft. They are both first round talent. If one of them were to fall to the Seahawks it would be a tough choice between two potentially elite running back or needs on the offensive and defensive line. I would lean toward going for a game changer and add another running back (even though I love Rawls). Especially if the back was McCaffrey who I see as being more versatile of the two, he had 37 receptions for 310 yards this year.

    I wouldn’t consider Dalvin Cook as he has problems hanging on to the ball.

    Of the big running backs that can be had in the mid to late rounds, I like Foreman with Texas (ROb has profiled him) and Perin with Oklahoma. Either one could fit into that tough running back role with very little draft stock needed.

    I do like Rawls and am convinced he is the back of the future if he can stay healthy, but that is a big if.
    Any thoughts?

    • Rik

      I don’t think Foreman lasts beyond round 2, and I don’t think Samaje Perine lasts beyond round 4. They’ve both had too many big days (+200 yard games) on the field to slip past run-hungry teams.

      Fournette can be a work-horse back, but I don’t see McCaffrey the same way. I’d rather pick Foreman than McCaffrey, regardless of round. I’d like us to pick up a big, strong back with burst, a Chris Ivory type of player to fill out the backfield.

    • icb12

      I’d take McCaffery. And I’d run to the freaking podium if he was still available.
      He’s not popular around this community. But I personally think he’s special and could continue to be In Seattle.

    • Rob Staton

      Fournette and Cook will got top-15. Fournette is a top-10 lock.

      McCaffrey probably late first. 20’s I think.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I’m adding Conner and Coleman to my list of mid to late round running backs. Once you get past the top two, it’s just a matter of seeing who is available when the Seahawks are ready to pick a running back. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the two I jus named is available UDFA.

  14. DC

    I wanted to take a look ahead to the 2017 off season cap wise to see what we have to play with. At first glace things seemed promising with an estimated $32M in cap space based on a $166M cap projection per OTC. Then we start to trim it down.

    Note, this post is only an exercise to show how quickly cap space evaporates, not a prediction of events.

    2016 current cap space $6M rounded.
    2016 draft picks $7M rounded.
    2016 UDFA $3M rounded.

    Applying this year’s #s forward we get an estimate of $16M allocated for 2017, leaving $16M of available cap space.

    Now on to our own Unrestricted Free Agents. Of this group only Hauschka and Willson will likely be more than low to minimum salary guys. I can only guess that Hauschka would get a slight raise to about $3M unless the Hawks risk looking for a new K. Willson is more of a mystery. He’s not a core player by any means but losing him would create another thin spot. $$$ wise? Idk. $3.5M in his first year with a new contract?

    Of the RFA group, Shead is surely a keeper. Slotting him in with a 2nd round tender at the 2016 price tag of $2.6M. He is too valuable to let another team snipe him.

    So of our own FAs that is another $9.1M of space, leaving $6.9M to deal with possible extension candidates.

    Seattle will at least mull over extending Bennett, Chancellor & Britt this off season.
    Michael Bennett is slated for a 2017 cap hit of $9.65M. Does he get an extension and a boost up to $12M? That’s another $2.35M.
    Kam Chancellor is slated for $8.125M. Would he get $10M, an additional $1.875M?
    Justin Britt is set to earn $1.1M. An extension might boost him up to $2.5M in 2017? That’s an additional $1.4M.

    With 3 extensions in the 2017 off season we’ve added another $5.625M leaving the team with a paltry $1.275M to fill out the roster.

    Obviously this isn’t the way things will go down. It is an eye opener though as I don’t feel like I’ve used outlandish numbers for anyone. There are difficult decisions to come. One thing is for sure, this 2017 draft is absolutely critical. Our comp pick fountain is looking like it’s dwindling down to a trickle or an end in 2018.

    • Volume12

      If TE Vance McDonald just got 5 years, $35 mil, ya gotta wonder what Luke will get.

      Luke would be the only guy to get us a comp pick in 2018 as well.

      Ya gotta figure in another $4 mil or so from the guys that aren’t resigned.

      JS will work his magic once again.

      • Volume12

        I think McCray is gone. They seem to like Powell.

        I also agree with Davis Hsu. ET and Kam probably both miss a few games a year from here on out, but as he said, Seattle will re-do the deals smartly with game bonuses and what not.

        Shead is an interesting case. If they tender him, its basically a 1 year deal. By then Shead will be what 30 years old? Who do they have on the roster that can play the boundary with size opposite Sherm? That’s why I think they’ll dip into the talent pool at corner this year and groom a guy to take over for Shead in a year or whatever.

        • Attyla the Hawk

          I wouldn’t sleep on Deandre Elliott who is on the roster. He’s got that size and length and Seattle kept him on the 53 over some other more familiar names. He played some before getting injured. They clearly liked what they saw from him in camp and to start the season.

          We also have some talent stashed (Seisay/SJB) on IR. So the CB pool is pretty deep depth wise.

          Not that I wouldn’t expect them to get some with the DB talent in this draft. I do think though that they’ll go safety earlier. Talent in both pools and the rollover is slated to occur sooner at safety.

          I would expect that CB will come day three. The relative depth there is good.

          • Volume12

            Until Seisay & SJB actually show something, I disagree the CB depth is good.

            Elliott looks like a nickel corner to my eye, Thorpe is pretty damn good however.

            I agree that day 3 will be when they select a corner

        • WALL UP

          Rasul Douglas is a good look, with a pick I thought would go last year, Brandon Facyson. Both fit the mold.

          • Volume12

            Yeah, I like both those guys. Douglas looks like a 3rd rounder though.

            Colorado’s Ahkello Witherspoon is someone I like a lot. 6’3, 195 lbs., and 20 PBU!? Wow.

            I wanna see this Ezra Robinson, CB, Tennessee St. He’s a SR bowl invite, transfer from Michigan St. Could be another Rashard Robinson type. Who has been one of the day 3 gems of last years draft.

      • DC

        That’s a lot of coin for McDonald! Well if Luke gets that kind of money I highly doubt it’s from Seattle.

        On the extension front, I don’t see Britt or Chancellor as major threats to leave the team. December extensions for both of them would not surprise me.

        Bennett though would jump ship if the money was right. He’s most likely of the 3 to receive a summertime extension.

    • Sea Mode

      That’s perfect in my book, DC. Just extend our own guys and keep this group together longer. Fill the rest in with the talent we have developing on PS and IR stash.

      Willson is the only one I don’t see the extension for, unless it’s a real bargain bin deal. Vannett takes his blocking role and McEvoy his size/speed on routes.

      • Volume12

        DC, it looks like the cap will increase again for next year. Theres an outside FA or two right there.

        • DC

          I used OTC’s #’s, so the cap increase from $155,270,000 in 2016 to $166,000,000 in 2017 is already factored in.

  15. CharlieTheUnicorn

    We have been identifying traits people think the Seattle looks for in grit…… I’ve got a guy I was just reading an article about on…. and if this guy doesn’t sound like a Seahawk, then I don’t know who does…… Pitt RB James Conner intends to enter 2017 NFL Draft. (Eddie Lacy clone)

    • DC

      Looking for late round RBs that might fit the Seahawks I was intrigued by Conner’s story and his size (and the left side of Pitt’s OL). Conner, Western Kentucky’s Leon Allen & WVU’s Rushel Shell were all guys that I watched film of and just went ehhh… They all get brought down much too easily imo.

      On the other hand, BYU’s Jamaal Williams who is currently injured (he would fit right in with our current guys) and UW’s Lavon Coleman are 2 that I like a lot for their running style and could see as potential later round picks or UDFA.

    • RealRhino2

      Why does Conner sound like a Seahawk?

  16. Ukhawk

    Gotta do a write up on this guy…… A-Takk. Physically a perfect LEO IMO

  17. Volume12

    Anyone else watchin’ this Sounders game?

    • Austin Hall

      Yeah they need to compose themselves and start passing it around

      • DC


        • DC

          Congrats Sounders!!!!

        • Volume12

          Great match.

          Sounders win the cup!

          Man, if the Sonics come back? What a time to be a sports fan in or of the PNW.

          • DC

            Now that Durant has joined Golden State I’ve healed enough to be open to the NBA returning to Seattle. I was pissssed for a long time though.

            NHL too!

            • Volume12

              The NHL would be pretty cool too.

              Damn I miss my Sonics though. ?

              • Volume12

                Love our boys man.


              • CharlieTheUnicorn

                Let’s just get “football on skates” in Seattle. I’m 99% sure it would be very successful. Built in rivalry with the Canucks…. perfecto.

    • DC

      Thanks for the reminder, I wasn’t even paying attention.

    • Volume12

      Actually, that was a great read. Very cool stuff.

    • Sea Mode

      Haha, just came here to post link to this same article. Glad I read through the comments first!

      I would highlight this paragraph:

      “Basically I was doing a varied regression formula, and what we were looking at was the amount of yards necessary on a single play to significantly raise the scoring probability,” Eayrs explained. “Essentially what it came out to was that for a run, it was 12-and-change, for a pass, it was about 15.9… If we take the field and we allow our opponent no pass play greater than 15 yards and no run play greater than 11, essentially probability dictates, looking at the NFL historically, you’ll probably give up 11 or 12 points in that game, simply because that 12-to-15-play drive on average only occurs once per game.

  18. Coleslaw

    What do you guys think about drafting Lamar Jackson as a receiver later in the draft? I don’t think he goes higher than the 4th since he has to change positions most likely. 6’3″ 205, obviously going to test great at the combine. I want this kid on the roster.

    • Volume12

      He’s not eligible. True SO

      • Coleslaw

        Man.. Maybe next year!

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He has a chance at QB imo. Not perfect, but the college has produced some decent QBs along the way. As previously mentioned, he is a Sophomore. If he continues to produce in the CFB, then he might be worth a later round flier by a team…. say Seattle. He would not be expected to start and could learn for 2-3 years. This was the GB way for many years, so I think this might be likely… developmental QB drafted every 2-3 years.

      • Coleslaw

        He definitely has arm talent and potential but I personally think he’d max out his skill set as a receiver. Thats not to say he does play in the NFL as a QB cause he probably could. Especially since he has 2 more years of eligibility

  19. Kenny Sloth


  20. HawkFan907

    If Bolles, Cunningham, and Demarcus Walker are all available at the end of Rd. 1 (which I admit isn’t very likely) who would you pick? Bolles would solidify an improving line at RT. Cunningham would be an instant upgrade over Morgan and give us the best LB corps in the NFL. Walker fits the bill as an inside out pass rusher which we have desperately needed.

    I think those three positions are the weakest right now on the roster. Personally I’d go with Bolles, but man oh man the other two are so enticing…

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I was very impressed by Morgan in his first game back. I thought he played a very solid game. When the Panthers offense tried to run to his side of the field, they were mostly neutralized. This is unlike previous weeks with others in the position….. opposing OCs specifically targeted run after run right at the LB playing in that spot. They ran away from KJ and towards ….. maybe Morgan is better than we all think in the Seahawks scheme.

      I’ll be honest, a dominant NT/DT would be what the DR ordered. Instantly upgraded the pass rush, making the defense even better. I’m not sold Bolles is the elixir that would cure the Seahawks OL woahs. I’ll just throw this out there…. perhaps a RB would be a bigger “upgrade” than almost any other spot… for a pretty stacked roster.

      • Coleslaw

        Morgan played good ball but he was going up against John Stewart mostly, not much of a challenge for a guy like Morgan. It’s the Shady McCoys we HAVE to worry about. Morgan is not athletic enough to keep up with a guy like that or say David Johnson who we play soon. Good thing is there’s not a lot of shifty guys we’d have to play in the playoffs so Morgan could finish the season looking better than he truly is. If you remember I was saying last year that Morgan should and would step up and we’d be fine, but now I know he is not the long term answer. He’s gotten beat too many times by the faster shifty backs

        • HawkFan907

          It’s true, Morgan isn’t a flashy athlete. He is a serviceable backup and a smart player though, and a solid locker room guy from what I have heard. Cunningham has the athleticism and the range to shit down the McCoys of the world. Bolles is a massive upgrade over Sowell, and I think that it would be easier to address the D-Line in FA. If we want to continue to go cheap and Bolles is there, I say pull the trigger.

    • RealRhino2

      Walker for me.

  21. Kenny Sloth

    Who does Rawls comp to for you guys?

    I almost think Ray Rice because of his wide build, but he might be faster, more physical, and more agile.

    His vision is incredible. I remember reading a stat that suggested that backs with larger eyes gained more ypc. Can’t remember the source, but I think that’s interesting. Like QB’s with higher pitched cadences can be heard more clearly.

    • Volume12

      I personally don’t see Ray Rice at all.

      • Kenny Sloth

        No? He’s a hard one to comp, because he’s so physical beyond his size.

        • Volume12

          Agreed. Its a good question because there isn’t an easy answer or comp.

          • Volume12

            Funny you mentioned that today.

            Aikman says Ahmad Bradshaw, but I don’t see that either.

            • Kenny Sloth

              It’s closer than Ray Rice lmao!!

              I’ve only been really following football for about 8 years so I don’t have the wealth of player knowledge of some older fans

  22. Volume12

    You guys ready for this Snow Bowl or what? Exciting man. Football weather is here.

    • Kenny Sloth


      • The Hawk is Howling

        Hawk Yeah I am!

        Go Hawks!

        • Smitty1547

          We were pumped and ready, not so much for Hawks

  23. Volume12

    Boise St RB Jeremy McNichols going pro.

    I like him. Built like a mac truck, good balance and vision, able to sift through traffic at his feet, has an NFL frame at 5’9, 212 lbs., TD machine, fantastic pass catching back out of the backfield.

    I see a lot of Doug Martin in him.

    • Volume12

      Love his determination too.

      Interested to see his combine performance.

  24. nichansen01

    We need another corner more than anything. And where was Terrell there? I would advocate drafting Budda Baker. Local high school , college star. Let’s make Baker a seahawk.

  25. Volume12

    Tony McDaniel does not look good at all.

    • Volume12

      He comes out and Jarrah Reed makes back to back plays.

      TFL and eats up a double team to allow BWagz to cleanly flow downhill.

    • rowdy

      The whole d line looks bad right now

  26. rowdy

    Were playing Like trash on both sides of the ball

  27. nichansen01

    Russell Wilson… Has had this worst season of his career.

    Tampa Game all over again. I called it.

    • LordSnow

      Jake Browning’s arm + RUssell Wilson’s arm = a perfect pass?

  28. John_s

    Back to back terrible starts on the road.

    The energy level needs to pick up. They seem disinterested

  29. vrtkolman

    Russell is having an awful month, if we are going to make a run we need him to be great.

    • nichansen01

      Awful season. Also, this has to be the worst the defense has been in the Pete Carroll era.

      • Kenny Sloth

        “Awful season”

        He could throw 12 TD’s and No Picks against a floundering NFC West Trio next week.

        He has a legitimate case for MVP.

        It’s not the completely dominant season you hope for, but this is a hyperbolic narrative.

        • nichansen01

          He could. I’m just referring to what I’ve seen so far. He’s been the least productive starting quarterback in the NFL.

          • Volume12

            That’s a bit harsh.

          • Kenny Sloth

            *Blake Bortles waves*

            • nichansen01

              *and has 8 more tds on the season than wilson*

          • TannerM

            … The 49ers have been playing musical chairs with their quarterbacks all season, the Rams had so little faith in their #1 overall draft pick that they sat him until the playoffs were a pipedream, and Carson Palmer has thrown eleven picks down in the desert, and that’s just within the division. I’m sure teams like the Vikings, Jets, Jaguars, Texans, and Bears would be ecstatic if Russell played for them. And dare I even mention the Browns?

            • nichansen01

              I’m not talking about teams who don’t have a qb to speak of. Out of qbs who have started all 12/13 games Wilson has been the least productive. Sam Bradford has more tds than Wilson.

              • Smitty1547

                I’m not one to complain about Wilson he’s great, but today if they left him in the locker room at half I would be good with it. He’s been horrible

        • RealRhino2

          Wilson has ZERO case for MVP. That’s a joke, right? He’s been bad in about five games so far. I’d be with you if he looked decent most weeks and then had a few great games sprinkled in. He’s had the few great games part, but in his “off” weeks he hasn’t been decent, he’s been pretty bad. Dolphins, Rams, Saints, Bucs, and today, all bad.

  30. Volume12


    RW gives GB 7 off a terrible throw and leaves 14 points off the board by missing 2 wide open shots. Lobs too for that matter.

    • nichansen01

      Yup. Last years Russell this game could be 14-7.

      • Volume12

        Yeah that’s a huge swing right there.

    • Volume12

      Keep running the ball!

      • Volume12

        Another overthrow.

        Can he carry us?

        • Volume12

          What is he doing?

  31. LordSnow

    Jeremy Lane can’t tackle.

    And on every pass play Tony McDaniel just stands there.

    • rowdy

      Bennett isn’t any better

      • nichansen01

        Still injured? Bennet has been a non factor two weeks in a row.

        • rowdy

          Maybe but he just looks disinterested

          • Trevor

            Agree completely looks like he does not even want to be out there.

    • Volume12

      McDaniel is bad. He’s regressed like crazy. Sucks that QJeff got hurt.

  32. nichansen01

    I’m going to call it right now.

    Today will be the first game Russell Wilson loses by more than 10.

  33. nichansen01

    On that Lowry sack Wilson had to literally jump up to look to see if Rawls was open, I’ve never seen a quarterback have to do that. Wilson is still affected by his height.

  34. nichansen01

    0 pressure on Rodgers. Worst performance of the defense I’ve probably seen in 4 seasons or so.

  35. Forrest

    I wasn’t expecting a win today…but this looks bad…still early though…

    • Kenny Sloth

      So. Early.

      • nichansen01

        Games almost half way over

        • Kenny Sloth

          Game’s barely halfway begun

  36. nichansen01

    Kam Chancellor trying to get everyone fired up on the sidelines. If every seahawk played with the same tenacity passion and fire as Kam Chancellor, we would win the superbowl every year.

    • Ishmael

      Just isn’t true. Passion really makes very little, if any, difference to performance.

      • nichansen01

        I will have to respectfully disagree with you there. Teams who don’t care… don’t care.

  37. Vista

    This is just wrong

  38. vrtkolman

    This sucks right now but remember how streaky this team is. I’m concerned about the D line though. The old timers like McDaniel are wearing out.

  39. LordSnow

    If Richard stays with this 4 man rush all game the packers may put up 40 on us. You can’t just let Rodgers sit there all day long and expect good coverage to get them off the field. You have to at least get him a little uncomfortable in the pocket. Waiting for halftime to make adjustments makes seattle totally get out of the running game and puts it on RW’s really bad throwing today.

    • vrtkolman

      You can’t blitz Rodgers either though. He will pick that apart.

      • LordSnow

        He’s picking apart the four man rush right now.

        • AlaskaHawk

          Picking apart the secondary. Too many holes underneath and not winning the match ups on longer throws.

  40. Michael (CLT)

    Not our year. Too many holes. Need a pass rusher and a running back. Crew here has switched to the Tampa game. Sigh.

  41. nichansen01

    If it makes anyone feel better… The cardinals blew a game against Miami and the lambs are getting blown out by Atlanta.

    • John_s

      And Detroit won meaning Seattle is 3rd seed if they lose

      • Volume12

        Detroit also finishes with Dallas, NYG, and GB

  42. rowdy

    This team is a joke right now

  43. vrtkolman

    Wilson looks worse than Logan Thomas.

  44. Ground_Hawk

    Rough start for the Hawks. Hopefully Lockett’s alright. It’s good that Arizona lost.

  45. Derron James

    Wilson is losing this for us absolute terrible.

  46. Ishmael

    Turns out Rodgers is still REALLY good, who knew?

    This is a weirdly flaky Seahawks team, not quite sure what to make of it.

    • vrtkolman

      They are streakier than I’ve ever seen them. They could easily win the Super Bowl or go one and done. At this point it depends on which team shows up. It changes week to week which is insane.

  47. Volume12

    This team ain’t built to play on grass.

    • nichansen01

      Interesting statement… May be true… But how exactly?

      • Volume12

        This team is built on speed.

        Grass is spongier than field turf.

        Notice how much the defenders are slipping?

  48. vrtkolman

    Shead getting burned by Jared Cook? Just wow. I’m not sure how hard this team is playing.

    • rowdy

      Obviously not very hard

  49. rowdy

    Baldwin runs out of bounce with 5 to 10 yards in front of him.

  50. LordSnow

    A lot of people want those early picks toward offense. I’m not so sure. Despite leading the league in points allowed, this defense is looking like its trending in the wrong direction the past few years. I’m really leaning for this draft to use most of those high picks, rounds 1-3 on bringing in an influx of new defensive talent. Bring back the competition. Tony McDaniel has no business on a starting dline. A 16 game season might be just too much for him now. We need an SLB to set the edge. Jeremy Lane needs competition to push him. And we need another pass rusher “just in case” Bennett is in a phase where injuries just pile up on him.

    At least the offense is mostly young and has lots of room to grow, and will likely improve. I don’t want us to go thru one of those doldrums where Green Bay is now, where their offense is still dangerous but the defense completely sucks.

    • nichansen01

      I have to agree. Corner or safety in the first frame please… Or an interior pass rusher. Right now we can’t cover OR rush the passer.

    • rowdy

      When the worst D’s we played this year dominate us, it’s a strong argument against this.

      • vrtkolman

        But then we dominate defenses like Philly/NE/Carolina. I don’t think it’s the talent.

      • LordSnow

        THe difference is, is that the offense is young and the defense is starting to show age. They look worn out on that field.

        • nichansen01

          Exactly. Guys like Ifedi, Prosise, Vannet, Fant, McEvoy, Odhiambo and Collins are rookies that still have to come into their own. Guys like Lockett Glowinski and Rawls are just in their second season. Britt, the leader of our O-line, is in his third season. Paul Richardson is a second round pick in his third season.

          The vets of our offense are Kearse Jimmy Baldwin and Russell. This is a young young offense, with a ton of rookies.

          On defense, Clark and Reed represent the youth but other than that people are aging. We really lack depth or even a competent starter at right corner. Thomas is considering retirement. Kam is constantly injured. Bennet and Sherman have both regressed. Morgan is more of a stop gap. Rubin and McDaniel are both old and awful. We really need an injection of youth on the defense.

    • RealRhino2

      Do people really want to spend our early picks on offense? Other than Rob talking about Bolles and others saying we should get a RB in the first 3 rounds, that’s not the vibe I’ve gotten, necessarily.

      Clear we do need to add an extra OL piece somewhere, but I’d say it’s just as clear we need to add CB, DE, DL, and I’d say all early.

      • AlaskaHawk

        There is a group of people who would pick defense first no matter how good the defense is. They simply prefer an elite defense and will say it gas to be replenished, or they will see better value in defense. I won’t argue about the first round choice – but it is pretty obvious the offense has a lot of growth to do. And their is no guarantee that the current crew can grow that much.

  51. nichansen01

    Anyone else want to try to defend Wilson?

    • John_s

      Dude you’re acting like Russ is RGIII or Osweiler. Is he having a bad game yeah but it’s not like this is the norm.

      • AlaskaHawk

        At least 3 interceptions bounced off offense receiver first.

  52. vrtkolman

    Wilson has 5 INTs his last three games. He’s missed three easy touchdowns today. Very discouraging.

    • LordSnow

      I’ve wondered if Russell is a poor qb in bad weather. But after last year in Minny, and today, I’m beginning to think he’s just a qb who hates the cold. You’d think he’d be okay with it having played for the Badgers, but I really wonder now.

      • vrtkolman

        I don’t think it’s that much colder than the Carolina game. Maybe 10 degrees?

        • nichansen01

          Wasn’t cold in Tampa or university of Phoenix stadium.

      • Volume12

        Its frustrating that he’s missed 3 TD throws and the first pick gave GB 7. Bad day.

        This game should not be like this. The plays are there to be made.

        • LordSnow

          Let’s see in the second half if he comes out like he did in last years carolina playoff game. I don’t know if this is a pattern in RW and I hope it isn’t.

      • John_s

        Except in December last year vs Vikes where it was just as cold today (I was there) he was 21/27 274 and 3 tds.

        • LordSnow

          Then maybe he’s just having another bad day. He certainly doesn’t look comfortable out there.

  53. Smitty1547

    Pete likes to say you cant win a game in the first half. true but you sure can lose one, just horrible. leave Wilson in the locker room for second half he stinks today

  54. Forrest

    Defense looked better (not great, but better) to close out the half, but Russel is playing really bad right now…hopefully he cleans up a bit, we’ll see.

  55. Michael (CLT)

    Thank god the NFC west sucks or we would be talking draft

    • Michael (CLT)

      Wilson has regressed massively since super bowl 49.

      • Michael (CLT)

        Seattle has lost its identity without Lynch.

        • LordSnow

          This statement has more truth in it than we may care to admit.

        • Michael (CLT)

          Put in the backups.

  56. icb12

    Only down 18

    Seattle wins this game by 9. Just had to spot them a few is all.

  57. Volume12

    Rodgers looks like he’s one hit away from being seriously injured.

    • Volume12

      Marcel Reece looks like a steal of a FA signing.

      Hey Seattle! Keep running the damn ball!

      • nichansen01

        Couldn’t agree more about both.

      • Volume12

        Why? Look at the #’s Rawls has compared to Russ. Play to your strengths not go away from them.

        • Volume12

          Why is a rhetorical question BTW.

        • LordSnow

          I don’t get it. Rawls had a rhythm going too. At least shorten the down marker. I don’t get it.

  58. nichansen01

    3rd int of the day for Wilson.

    • LordSnow

      Has to be fate. Even when we’re doing good things, GB gets a gift INT. Karmic makeup for the playoff game in 2014.

      • Volume12

        Its ET fault! ?

    • rowdy

      He can’t throw a pass to save his life today

  59. Forrest

    Go home Wilson, you’re drunk!!!

    …Seriously though, he’s throwing the game…

    …Pun intended…

  60. vrtkolman

    Another Kearse redzone disaster.

    • rowdy

      A really stupid throw by wilson

  61. LordSnow

    With all that’s going on I will say…I love Thomas Rawls.

    My favorite hawk and brings it every play.

  62. Volume12

    Delay of game much?

    When have they ever restarted the play clock?

  63. nichansen01

    4 picks! Baldwin what was that!

    • nichansen01

      That one wasn’t on Wilson.

  64. Volume12

    That 1 is on Douggie

  65. rowdy

    This team has no heart right now.

    • Smitty1547

      First time Ive ever seen it, had to quit watching I hope they get smoked NO HEART

  66. Forrest

    OK, that one was on Doug…


  67. LordSnow

    That takes the cake.

  68. Volume12

    Why do they keep going away from the run? For a team that wants that as its identity it makes no sense.

    You set yourself up for HAVING to throw it at some point. This defense never seems to get a rest. In s unreal.

    • Ishmael

      I think they’re badly confused and they got themselves in a shocking spot this game. There’s just a lot of odd stuff going on this season.

  69. LordSnow

    If the packers get a td on this drive Pete should seriously consider going to his backup qb. You don’t want to compound things by getting Russell injured

  70. Volume12

    Kris Richard has no feel for when to dial up a blitz does he?

  71. Ed

    There goes 2nd place and struggling. And another offensive struggle.

    • Michael (CLT)

      Not sure it matters. Hard to imagine this teamdoing anything in the playoffs. This team is broken.

      • Volume12

        Stafford tore ligaments in his hand and probably won’t win another game.

  72. nichansen01

    Whaaaaaat how was that a penalty.

  73. John_s

    Devante Adams, Allen Robinson and Jarvis Landry…all WR’s drafted in the 2nd rd AFTER Paul Richardson

    • Ishmael

      They got it wrong, shit happens.

      Can see why they wanted him, a burner who could really take the top off would have been an amazing threat given the stacked boxes Lynch commanded. The thought process wasn’t wrong, unfortunately turns out that the pick was.

  74. nichansen01

    There it is. First blowout of the Wilson era.

  75. rowdy

    Here’s a game plan. Pack up and go home. There not even trying anyway.

    • nichansen01

      Especially the pass rush. So anemic.

  76. AlaskaHawk

    Looked like a good hard hit by KJ. That sucks

  77. Forrest

    Excuse my language, but it has to said…fuck this game…

  78. AlaskaHawk

    Anyone ready to call this a rivalry? Green Bay fans think it is one.

    • nichansen01

      Not a rivalry if the games aren’t competitive.

  79. rowdy

    Pull wilson already

  80. AlaskaHawk

    Hmm may be looking for more receivers in draft.

    • LordSnow

      I doubt it. They love Kearse. Who else are you going to upgrade if not him? And he isn’t going anywhere.

  81. nichansen01

    The debate is whether or not Alabama could beat the Browns… I think bama would totally be in a game against Seattle right now.

  82. Ishmael

    Trainwreck. Funny in a thread about grit. Don’t lose a game by more than 10 points for what… Five years and then, well, this.

    There’s some very weird shit going on this season. No way of knowing exactly what without being inside the locker room, but they really need to work out who they want to be. It’s almost like post-Lynch they decided they’d move to throwing the ball more, then when that didn’t quite work they decided to go back to the run but then that didn’t really work and so they’re stuck.

    It’s an explosive, dynamic, offence when it’s ‘on’ but as we’ve seen on multiple occasions this season when everything isn’t set up nicely for them it melts down. That’s five really, really, bad games from the offence this year. Dolphins, Rams, Cards, Saints, and now this. No easy answers, certainly none that we can identify from here without really really getting into the tape. And even then I don’t think we’d be able to pull out all that much.

    Might be totally irrational, but I can’t help but feel if we’d scored a TD on that first drive the boys would have got on a roll and really gone toe-to-toe with Rodgers. Didn’t happen, and everyone’s just slumped. Very, very, weird shit going down.

    • vrtkolman

      Maybe Roger told them to take this week off to keep Green Bay in the playoff race? JOKING, but I agree I haven’t seen anything like this season in my life.

  83. Smitty1547

    28-3 I don’t want to sound like a Turd, but i hope it’s 45-3 before it’s done we apparently need a humbling.

    • nichansen01

      If we lose Thursday to LA…

      • rowdy

        Right now I don’t see how we could win

        • LordSnow

          THursday night is now a must win. We need that first round bye.

  84. AlaskaHawk

    Seahawks can quite thinking about a week off and concentrate on winning their division.

  85. Volume12

    Bruce Arians said it was weird when they had the ball how it seemed to rain ‘more.’

    WTF!? Are you kidding me? Does this guy ever take responsibility for anything?

    Does Miami have a weather machine or something?

    • rowdy

      At least his team put up a fight today

      • Volume12

        Good for them. They deserve a pat on the back.

      • John_s

        Yep. From opening play Seahawks have lacked energy.

    • nichansen01

      Ha! I knew the NFL was rigged and apparently Arians is onto them. Employing NASA’s top secret hurricane creation technology. Sneaky.

  86. Forrest

    Despite this shitshow of a game I think that the #2 seed is fully attainable. 11-4-1 is fully possible…3 good wins against rivals may provide momentum going into the playoffs. This game just needs to end though.

    • Smitty1547

      did u watch game today?

      • Forrest


    • AlaskaHawk

      Detroit won’t let up. They will probably win 2 out of 3 with only loss to Dallas.

      • Forrest

        And the Hawks will probably win 3 out of 3.

      • vrtkolman

        That’s fine, Seattle’s schedule is incredibly easy going forward. Three teams that have given up and are defeated. They will get the 2 seed, it’s up to them to take advantage though.

        • LordSnow

          THey still need to prove they can beat the Rams. 0-3.

          • vrtkolman

            Rams quit on Fisher, I would guarantee Seattle wins.

            • LordSnow

              I would love your guarantee to be true. Would LOVE it.

              WHy am I worried? Because you can count on one team they will always bring their best to play: us.

            • Smitty1547

              Hawks quit on Pete today

        • AlaskaHawk

          Rams have Seahawks number. They have a very good defensive line. Arizona is streaky the way the Seahawks have been. Seahawks could win all three – but they could also go 1 for 3. I really thought they would be competitive in Hreen Bay. Very disappointing – they really don’t look like a top team that should get a bye. But the wins are all that matters.

  87. rowdy

    How does wilson fuck this drive up?

    • rowdy

      He throws it away on 4th down, that’s how

  88. nichansen01

    That was ugly Fant.

  89. Ed

    Rob, if you’re reading this, don’t even post an instant reaction. Here it.

    Hawks didn’t show up in any phase of the game.

    Then write a piece on the draft.


    • Smitty1547

      sums it up

  90. Michael (CLT)

    Why did Seattle refuse to a the to at with the run today?

    • Michael (CLT)

      Damn siri. Why has seattle abandoned the run this year?

      • LordSnow

        As you stated above, no more lynch.

        • LordSnow

          WHich reminds me, as much as they couldn’t stand him, they needed him.

        • nichansen01

          I wouldn’t argue with this but… Rawls has looked so good when he gets the ball. Why are we abandoning the run so soon?

          • Ed

            That’s what DB always does. Too many bad offensive games

          • LordSnow

            I think the coaching staff likes him, but doesn’t believe in him as “the guy.” They now live or die with Russell.

            There can be no explanation when early in the 3rd, you are driving by virtue of Rawls, and on 1st and 10 at around their 20, you decide to totally go away from Rawls and go back to winning or dying with your qb.

  91. nichansen01

    Greenbay’s backup qb is about to tear up our starters.

  92. John_s

    Hopefully a Kam chancellor pep talks fired these guys up

    • nichansen01

      apparantly not.

  93. Volume12

    Not built to play on grass.

    Haven’t scored a single TD on grass this year. Speed doesnt translate.

    3 pts
    6 pts
    5 pts
    3 pts

    • LordSnow

      No running game identity anymore to grind it out and make teams wear out.

      • Volume12


        Rawls was running the ball with authority too. I don’t get it.

    • Ishmael

      Huh, there you go. That’s an amazing stat. I think we might have been talking about speed on this blog last year – looking at the Steelers WR corps and how speed kills. The Hawks speed on defence has been the difference maker for them over the last few years – maybe they started looking for it on the other side of the ball. Maybe it really is as simple as that. If it is, extraordinary that the coaching staff haven’t caught on. Would explain the wild swings in performance from week to week.

  94. nichansen01

    Kearse you need to catch those. Kearse needs to go.

  95. Smitty1547


    • LordSnow

      I don’t get what Pete is doing. It’s not like he didn’t wear a tie or something did he?

      • Ishmael

        He’s making him suffer. Seeing what he’s made of in the face of a catastrophic defeat.

  96. nichansen01

    Tanner McEvoy garbage time TD!!!!!!!!!

    I know it’s garbage time but I love this guy and I think he can be a real player for us going forward.

    • rowdy

      Cut kearse and keep him.

    • Trevor

      Agree completely. All the kid does is make plays. Seems to have real good hands and a feel for the game. Hope they start using him more in 3 wr sets over Kearse who has looked worse than ever this year.

  97. Trevor

    I know there are a lot of Kearse fans on this blog but I really hope we address the WR#3 position this draft to go with Baldwin and Locket.

    I prefer Mcevoy to Kearse to be honest.

    Hard game to watch. It is the first time in the PC era I have seen us dominated in a phases for the entire game.

    • LordSnow

      I’ve been saying this for awhile now.

      Lots of Kearse fans on this blog, including Rob. I just find that if your #2 WR doesn’t provide a mismatch, or even win half his battles, it’s a black hole in your offense. Nothing would stop him from going back to a #3 role and be effective. But he has a strong base of supporters in UW land.

  98. Trevor

    The only play I enjoyed this game was Kam stepping up on Montgomery and stoning him short of 1st down. He is getting older but is still the hammer.

  99. Trevor

    As bad as the D has played this game they still show heart with (3) stops less than 1 yd to go.

    • vrtkolman

      You were saying? Davante Adams bullied Sherman today.

    • rowdy

      Lmao there has been no heart at all this game

      • Smitty1547

        I got to agree, no heart no pulse, no pissed of for greatness. Wilson looked like an entrepreneur with a movie star wife. Rather than a hungry QB pissed off for greatness.

  100. John_s

    Oh dear. Sherman got worked on that end around.

  101. Forrest

    Oh for crying out loud just lose quietly…this is embarrassing and stupid…just end already…please…

  102. AlaskaHawk

    Wilson stats 1 td and 5 interceptions. Youch. Followed by a Green Bay td.

  103. LordSnow

    5 ints? C’mon Pete, pull him. Enough’s enough. Just call it another bad day and give some PT to your backup.

    • LordSnow

      Pete is a really stubborn stubborn man.

      • Volume12

        2 of those aren’t on him though.

        McEvoy and Lockett are the only WRs that have helped him out somewhat.

        • LordSnow

          I don’t want him to get hurt.

  104. Trevor

    This game is going to cost the D the scoring title and end the historic run. 5 Interceptions have not helped.

    • LordSnow

      Being #1 in the NFL is an illusion. This defense is not THAT good. It still is good, but not top 5. Has trouble generating pass rush and getting off the field on 3rd down. Not dominant against the run anymore. It’s best feature is goal line, but you don’t want other teams to drive down to the goal line do you?

      It needs an influx if good quality talent to push some of the starters and it needs to start in the next draft.

  105. rowdy

    Cleveland would of beat us today

    • Volume12

      lol. Seriously?

      • Smitty1547


    • nichansen01

      Alabama would beat us today.

  106. Volume12

    TO’s killed us today.

    This would such a different game w/o them, but it is what it is. Ugly game.

    • rowdy

      Up til the last TO they scored 7 points off of them. We were still dominated without them

      • Volume12

        That’s not the point.

        Your not going to win ball games losing the turnover ratio.

        • Ishmael

          Five interceptions is extraordinary. A serious meltdown performance.

          Will be fascinating to see people breaking it down. Is he seeing ghosts, receivers getting routes wrong, just had a total shocker of a day. Couple of stats that I’ve just seen…

          This is from a couple of hours ago… The #Seahawks have played 26 qtrs on road. 21 of those 26 the offense has not scored a touchdown. 7 off TD in 26 road qtrs this season.

          Wilson has 13 passing TDs on the season in week 14. That’s not fantastic, however you want to spin it.

  107. Trevor

    This game and last years in Minn was exactly why I was saying I prefer to play Dallas in Dallas rather than in crappy weather at home in Jan. This offense has not shown it plays well in bad weather since Beast Mode left.

  108. Volume12

    Now they run it. lol

    Why did they go away from Rawls with like 8-9 minutes left in the 3rd quarter?

    • LordSnow

      And it was something like 1st and 10 on GB’s 20, and Rawls was brutalizing them.

    • Trevor

      Even earlier than that I thought GB was showing little resistance against the run but Rawls seemed tired and beatup after every run. His body language was off today.

  109. vrtkolman

    Time to start giving more PT to McEvoy instead of Kearse.

  110. nichansen01

    Collins fumbles again.

  111. vrtkolman

    Collins is a serious candidate to be cut this off season.

    • rowdy

      I don’t see any way he makes the team. Farmer is ahead of him on the depth chart

    • Michael (CLT)

      Why wait?

  112. AlaskaHawk

    Poor Collins – I had hopes that he would be a good running back. Now I’m not sure if he will be on the team next year.

    • Smitty1547

      next week

  113. John_s

    Sweet fumble by Collins. And the Packer sideline takes a team pic before the game ends.

    This was an embarrassment all the way around. Not just Russ, but everyone.

  114. Forrest

    Well…I want to hear how PC sells this loss. Again, I was expecting a loss, but this was utterly heartbreaking…I hope I never have to sit through a loss like that in the RW era.

    • Forrest


  115. AlaskaHawk

    Another Miserable game the way Tampa Bay was. But this time the Seahawks aren’t even in the game. Darn

  116. rowdy

    This team is losing its heart.

    • John_s

      Is it a coincidence that the Seahawks had their best game of the year with Marshawn hanging out on the sidelines?

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