Senior Bowl live blog notes

Deion Jones (LB, LSU) had a terrific first half. On one play he lined up at middle linebacker, read the quarterback and reacted to a scramble by Carson Wentz. Jones flashed incredible closing speed to reach the sideline and drop Wentz for a short gain. He also showed some special teams value, excelling as a gunner on one punt to reach the return man and drop him for a short gain. Jones is a sudden, fluid athlete who is light (219lbs) but has some length and physicality. He looks a lot like Telvin Smith at Jacksonville — one of the more exciting young defensive players in the NFL and a pure playmaker. Jones wouldn’t look out of place as a second round pick for the Seahawks if they need to replace Bruce Irvin. He looks like an ideal fit for the WILL position.

Nick Martin (C, Notre Dame) lined up at center and left guard and looked comfortable throughout. At center he was immovable and held position nicely. He hustled to recover a Carson Wentz fumble early in the game. At left guard he helped convert a fourth and one by pulling to the right and hitting the linebacker to create a running lane. On a similar play two snaps later he buried Alabama’s Jarran Reed, driving him on his back into the turf. That’s not easy to do. Martin led the way on a Cody Kessler QB-sneak at the one-yard line. Martin and Dahl came together for a fantastic partnership at center and right guard (more on that later). He looks mobile, stout and powerful. He looks every bit a top-50 talent and could be a lot closer to his brother Zack than a lot of people realise. The Seahawks might only get one chance to draft him — at #26.

Sebastien Tretola (G, Arkansas) really stood out in the first half. He’s a massive, physical guard but the most impressive thing so far is his mobility. On the game’s first touchdown he pulled from right guard to open a lane that the running back exploited for a long score. He also pancaked Notre Dame’s Sheldon Day with 11:36 left in the first half. Day was flattened on the deck. The Seahawks like size at left guard and Tretola is showing today he’s also mobile enough for the ZBS. He’s one to monitor for sure and could be available between rounds 3-5.

Vernon Butler (DT, Louisiana Tech) is one of the more intriguing players in the class. He trashed Missouri center Evan Boehm on a bull rush to sack Jake Coker. Boehm’s as tough as nails and Butler just overwhelmed him. On another play he darted into the backfield with a nice rip/swim move. He’s not a quick twitch pass-rusher at 325lbs but he combines power, great hand use and length (34 inch arms) to create pressure. Mike Mayock compared him to Linval Joseph and Muhammed Wilkerson. The thing is — he looks like he could actually add some tone to his arms and become even stronger. It wouldn’t be a shock at all if he lands in the top-25.

Noah Spence (DE, Eastern Kentucky) has to convince teams he can be trusted after his departure from Ohio State — but in terms of a skill set it’s increasingly obvious he warrants a place in the top-20. He waltzed beyond Stanford tackle Kyle Murphy with an inside move that just looked too easy. He had a sack off the edge, swiping away the right tackle with great hands and showed an explosive finish. On one second half sack he easily beat Jason Spriggs to the edge. He doesn’t have ideal length (arm length seemingly adjusted to 32 inches following an error) but he’s quick-twitch and there just aren’t many players in the league with this type of agility working the edge.

Graham Glasgow (C, Michigan) came into the game midway through the first half and dominated Penn State’s Austin Johnson — manhandling him several times. On one occasion he just drove him downfield about five yards beyond the LOS. He had some issues battling Louisville’s Sheldon Rankins during the week — but Glasgow is building off a good week at the Shrine practises in the first half here. He played right guard in the second half where he didn’t look quite as comfortable. If the Seahawks want size (6-6, +300lbs) at center, Glasgow has the toughness they’re looking to add up front. He could work into a role at left guard. He looks like a very solid third round pick.

Kyler Fackrell (LB, Utah State) is extremely underrated. He’s a splash-play artist and impacts so many snaps. He was too quick for Le’Raven Clark on one early sack, beating him with an inside move from the edge. On another pressure he darted to the inside before countering on a stunt that also had Clark struggling. He might not be quite the all-world athlete the Seahawks seem to like at linebacker (he missed one tackle in space but had the understanding to gain position) — but there’s no reason why he can’t work as a complimentary pass rusher. He could make the late first round as a 3-4 OLB.

Joe Dahl (T, Washington State) lined up at right guard and did a really good job. Dahl’s technique as a pass-protector really translated inside — he kept his hands nice and tight and fought well against the interior pass rushers. Dahl and Nick Martin combined nicely on a couple of double teams. It looked like a really natural fit for Dahl and he and Martin made for a good looking partnership. He pulled to the left on one snap and made a nice block at the edge. Dahl can’t play tackle at the next level due to his lack of length but right guard might be his best spot. If J.R. Sweezy departs and Dahl lasts long enough — it’d be intriguing to see the Martin/Dahl partnership together again as the Seahawks possibly rebuild their interior O-line.

Players who didn’t impress:

Jason Spriggs (T, Indiana) — it’s difficult coming up against Noah Spence but Spriggs didn’t win this particular battle. He’s a tall, long, athletic tackle and teams love that. He has to do a better job against the speed rush to convince teams he can play left tackle at the next level though.

Le’Raven Clark (T, Texas Tech) — he had a rough week in practise and that just continued here. He is the ultimate project. At 6-6, well over 300lbs and nearly 36-inch arms — he’s a perfect looking left tackle. Technically though he’s a complete mess — a genuine start-from-scratch project. The Seahawks, having tried to convert defensive linemen to the O-line in the past, might not be put off taking on this challenge. He’s far from an early round pick though on this evidence and warrants a day three grade at best. Even Sheldon Day, a defensive tackle, beat him for a sack working the edge. Another really rough day for Clark.

Other notes:

Brandon Allen (QB, Arkansas) impressed among the quarterbacks. He has sub-9 inch hands and that’s an issue — but he made accurate downfield throws and had a nice scramble called back on a holding penalty. He looks like a natural passer.

Carson Wentz (QB, North Dakota) had a bit of a reality check. Wentz looked antsy in the pocket, quickly came off his read to try and scramble and was largely ineffective. He’s a toolsy, athletic quarterback but Paxton Lynch and Jared Goff might be better prepared to start early.

None of the receivers had a good day. Too many drops across the board. Nobody looked as good as Tyler Lockett did a year ago, that’s for sure.

Darian Thompson (S, Boise State) made a couple of instinctive, athletic plays in the secondary. There’s room for a safety to make a charge up the boards and go in the top-45 and Thompson could be that guy.

Miles Killebrew (S, Southern Utah) also had a nice day working in coverage and delivered one signature big hit in the backfield.

Jack Allen (C, Michigan State) barely had any game time. Unless I’m mistaken, we didn’t really see him until late in the fourth quarter. That might be a review of his stock. I’ve seen him graded as a day three pick.

Sheldon Day (DT, Notre Dame) is a player I’m going to have another look at. He’s small (6-2, 285lbs) but looked sharp and quick here.

Jarran Reed (DT, Alabama) isn’t a great pass rusher but he’s disruptive. He’s tough to move, works to the ball carrier and plays with a relentless nature. Late in the fourth quarter he impacted three consecutive snaps to force a turnover on downs.

Aaron Burbridge (WR, Michigan State) caught a hail mary to end the game but was virtually anonymous apart from that.

Final thought

It’s impossible to overstate how good Nick Martin and Joe Dahl looked playing next to each other. If the Seahawks are prepared to spend three picks on the O-line (possible?) I’d be comfortable naming that pair on this evidence as two players I’d want to come away with — even if that meant having to find an offensive tackle or left guard by different means. If a player like Phil Loadholt is available as a cap casualty in Minnesota and you can plug him in at right tackle — a line of Gilliam-Tretola-Martin-Dahl-Loadholt would provide a nice blend of size, athleticism, grit and physicality.

LSU linebacker Deion Jones also made a good case to be a second round option for Seattle.


  1. bobbyk

    If we got either of those Arkansas left guards (Kirkland will play G in the NFL, not LT as he was lined up at in ’15) in the third round… I’d do cartwheels. A Martin/Tretola combination in the first three rounds would solidify our interior OL for a decade (along with Glowinski). That would still leave two picks in the first three rounds for defensive players, too.

    • CA

      Speaking of Arkansas, I noticed in the article you listed their QB as Brandon Wilson, it’s Brandin Allen. Great write up Rob love our chance at rebuilding the OL. Get Dahl please FO

      • Rob Staton

        Thanks for the note. I had Tyler Wilson on the brain (another former Arkansas QB).

  2. sdcoug

    Thought Dahl looked really good. Held his ground very well, quick on the pull and even got some push down near the goal line. What I really liked was his lateral quickness. The time or two when the DL started to slip past his outside shoulder, Dahl’s quick feet allowed him to slide and get his body back in front

  3. bobbyk

    Le’Raven Clark probably has some Ray Roberts in him. He looks like he’s supposed to be a good LT but he won’t be one. That guy was terrible. I still have nightmares about how bad of a first round bust he was.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t draft Clark until round six as a major project. The Seahawks have been willing to convert D-liners though so might not be scared off by a guy that has all the tools and none of the technique.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        He’s awful. Just got beat around the corner by Sheldon Day.

        • Trevor

          He will get picked in day 3 no matter how bad he plays with his frame and size. Just like a piece of clay some team will try and mold.

  4. CHawk Talker Eric

    The 4 best OL in this game: Tretola and Glasgow for the South. Martin and Garnett for the North. Honorable mention to Allen and Dahl.

    • Rob Staton

      IMO Martin on a different level to everyone else so far. Tretola impressive, Dahl too. Garnett has flashed and so has Glasgow. Whitehair hit and miss. Clark having a nightmare again. Spriggs disappointing.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        I noticed Spriggs struggling.

        Clark is frustrating to watch. He should be able to do more with a frame like his.

        • Rob Staton

          Clark is a waste of a good frame. The question is — can a good line coach work that potential? Because if you can turn him into a player, watch out. He has everything to be great. His technique is horrendous.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely I was hoping we could get Martin the end of Rd #2 but he will likely be gone by then. He has shown all week he is just flat out solid and exactly what we need in the middle of our line.

        • Rob Staton

          The more I watch of Nick Martin, the more convinced I am the Seahawks will only have one chance to draft him — at #26.

          • Trevor

            I agree unless they trade back to the early 2nd and use that pick on him and gain an extra 3rd rounder perhaps.

            • Trevor

              I just can’t see JS taking a center in Rd #1 even if he is a stud like Martin.

              • Rob Staton

                I wouldn’t rule it out. I know they liked Pouncey in 2011 a lot. I suspect they were willing to take Mitch Morse in round two last year before the Chiefs stole in.

                • Trevor

                  I agree about Morse I think they were high on Morse as you thought and he played real well.

                  I just think if you can get an OT like Coleman, DT like Butler /Rankins they are just so much harder to find than a quality Center.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Possibly, although I suppose a counter argument could be Seattle’s problems on the OL stemmed predominantly from the mess at center to begin the year. If they believe in Gilliam as a LT (or if they re-sign Okung on a modest prove it deal), finding a long term answer at center could be a vital priority.

    • BHarKnows


      Do you think they’d draft Dahl to play RG if they got Glow to do the same thing? Despite how good they looked playing next to each other, that seems like doubling down and not addressing LG?

      • Rob Staton

        On Glowinski — it really depends how they feel about him. If they feel they can upgrade that spot by drafting another RG, I wouldn’t rule it out. Glowinski only played one game after all. Having a competition at RG isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

        Also, I don’t think drafting Dahl would prevent them from addressing the LG position. Tony Pauline graded Dahl in rounds 5-6. If they took him in round four (as an example) to compete with Glowinski — it’s not a significant investment and they’re going to need depth on the OL (Dahl has played guard and tackle after all).

        I suspect they’re going to draft three offensive linemen in this class. Whether it’s LG, C, RG or LG, C, T or even T, C, RG — they’re probably adding at least one veteran somewhere. I do like the suggestion of Phil Loadholt (can play LG or RT in Seattle). If he comes in for a relative bargain due to his injury history, it would allow them the opportunity to really go after the two guard spots and center (for example). And I liked what I saw from Sebastien Tretola as a possible LG for Seattle.

        • purpleneer

          It feels more like a significant investment when you consider all these indicators that they would consider each one locked in at LG. I really do get frustrated the more it seems true that they are so locked in on types and differentiating the 2 guard spots. Sure Dahl had played tackle, but everything out there says that’s not really relevant in terms of actual potential to play there in the NFL.
          As much as I value chemistry, I have to like a player irrespective of that to want him until later. I haven’t seen the game or any practices though, and you do seem to like him on some level on his own. Is that valuation as predicated on teaming him with Martin as it seems to me?
          If they like Glowinski much and are going to be stubborn about the RG/LG types, I do think that would be too high.

    • matt

      Tretola is the type of road grader we like at LG, and really impressed me today. 30.5″ arms though? That’s really short even on the interior OL. It’s obvious that JS/PC pay close attention to arm length. Would be incredibly surprised if we took Tretola.

      • Rob Staton

        They certainly like length overall — Sweezy 34 inches, Britt 33.5 inches, John Moffitt 33 inches. Patrick Lewis only has 32 3/8 inch arms though and Carpenter and Britt both moved from tackle.

  5. Ross

    Spence has obvious athleticism but he combines that with solid hands and a really good feel for the game. He beats his guy with speed, sure, but it’s not just bend the corner speed. He gets in and underneath the tackle’s reach with his first few steps and uses that leverage really effectively.

  6. CHawk Talker Eric

    Kenyon Drake should be in the conversation for a 3rd down RB prospect.

    • Trevor

      If he learns to block at least a little. He was awful in practice and I mean awful. Plus has a history of injuries.

      That said his burst is absolutely special and one of a kind in this draft. The Hawks look special traits and he definitely has elite speed out of the backfield. I am sure you can teach someone how to block if he is willing. If is surprising coming from a Saban team. A 3rd down NFL back has to be able to block and blitz pick up or he will never get on the field.

      Dixon and the kid from SJ State are also interesting 3rd down back options.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Dixon likely a R3 pick, but Drake could slip to Day 3.

      • matt

        ” A 3rd down NFL back has to be able to block and blitz pick up or he will never get on the field.”

        Yep that’s why I highly doubt we draft Drake. He’s got some special skills for sure, but blocking isn’t one of them. With his body type it would take a lot of work for him to be even serviceable in pass pro. Could see us doing what we did last year at RB-sign a couple UDFA’s and sign a vet. Wouldn’t be apposed to bringing back Turbo.

  7. CHawk Talker Eric

    Shawn Oakman having one of those teaser games where he’s actually playing like Tarzan.

    • Rob Staton

      Kinda. One of his sacks was incidental after Dadi Nicolas had the early pressure.

      • Trevor

        Nichols has looked good off the edge after an awful week of practice. Not sure what to think of him.

        • matt

          Agreed Nicolas showed some things off the edge. A bit of an anomaly showing from him…interesting player.

      • Tom Page

        Oakman looks like a developmental player who needs to spend a year or two in an NFL weight room to be ready physically for the league. But his physical tools are undeniable.

        • Rob Staton

          Daniel Jeremiah’s point about his ankles was interesting. He clearly doesn’t work on his legs that much if at all. He’s a natural born athlete — a rare specimen. But he can’t live off that forever — he needs to get bigger and find an edge.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Yeah I spoke too soon. Still, he flashed enough to help himself going into the combine.

  8. CHawk Talker Eric

    Glasgow can play C or OG. He and Tretola are the next best OL in the game behind Martin.

  9. Trevor

    Nice write up Rob I agree with pretty much every evaluation except Frackell I see a guy who just looks really stiff and I just don’t see where he plays except as perhaps 3rd down pass rusher off the edge. To me the is more like a late 2nd early 3rd with the OL and DL talent in this draft but like they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    As for Clark he is a mess at OT but if you interview him and he is humble and willing to be retrained by and NFL coach like Cable he could be a mid-round steal in 2-3 years with that frame. If he is lucky Washington will take him and the best OL coach in the league Callahan will turn him into a pro bowler with that size, length and athleticism. I see waht cable means about the spread offenses not preparing guys for NFL.

  10. Trevor

    Rob my favourite 3rd-4th round OL player is Joe Haeg. Have you had a chance to do any work on him? What are your thoughts as a Guard in our system?

    • Rob Staton

      Not focused on him (or noticed him) in this game so far. Wasn’t blown away by his tape at North Dakota State playing tackle.

      • Trevor

        The hi lighted him quite a bit during the drills and he help up really well /battled. He is not a LT in the NFL but maybe a quality Guard who could be a swing guy in a pinch. Wrestling background which I am sure will pique Cable’s interest and comes from a great program.

        So hard with the small school guys. His combine will tell a lot.

  11. Trevor

    Would love have seen the other Ole Miss OT Fhan Cooper in this game to see how he plated against better competition. He looked real good last week and along with Toner out of Harvard might be late round guys who could actually stick as OTs with a year or two to develop.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Toner looked ok in practice drills during the week, but he struggled a bit in the game today.

      • Trevor

        Definitely a developmental guy have to remember he has been playing Ivy League the last 4 years. It i a huge leap in competition.

    • matt

      Cooper and Shell are the 2 RT’s in the 4th or 5th. Think either one could lock down RT to start the season, if Okung leaves.

      • bigDhawk

        I’ve brought up Ohio State RT Chase Farris a couple times in previous threads trying to get feedback, but none so far. He is an intriguing day three type of player that should be getting a little more attention.

        • Volume12

          UDFA type of guy. Which isn’t a bad thing. Seattle always finds at least one stud UDFA, if not 2-3 in every draft.

  12. bobbyk

    Seahawks just tweeted a happy 25th birthday to “the anchor of our offensive line.” Read into it what you will. Could be a smokescreen, maybe not. If they weren’t set on Lewis, they may have simply just wished him a “Happy Birthday” like they do with some of their players. Who knows.

    • Trevor

      I hope not but with a Glowinski and a quality LG he would be serviceable.

    • Rob Staton

      Yeah, I’m not reading too much into that Tweet. Think it was just a nice message for Patrick.

    • matt

      Interesting. Lewis coming back next year is a given, being a RFA. This tweet aside, think Lewis is our starter at C for 2016. Solid, cheap, 1 year deal leaves the position open for Sokoli in 2017.

      • Rob Staton

        The Seahawks thought so much of Lewis, they started Drew Nowak ahead of him to begin 2015 with disastrous consequences.

        Let’s be right here people. The Seahawks were given a valuable lesson in 2015. They will almost certainly not be relying on Lewis and Sokoli in 2016-17. That doesn’t mean they have to take a center in round one. But we can say with some confidence they’ll be adding another one at some point during this off-season.

        • matt

          “They will almost certainly not be relying on Lewis and Sokoli in 2016-17… But we can say with some confidence they’ll be adding another one at some point during this off-season.”

          Have to disagree and agree. Think Sokoli gets another redshirt year-don’t see him suiting up unless there’s an injury. Lewis is penciled in at C, has proven to be solid, and knows the offense/protection calls. PC and Cable have said they made a big mistake by not starting him earlier. We can win with him as the starter. Feel like there’s more room at LG than C to improve the OL unit. imo Agree that we’ll bring in competition for Lewis at some point. Just don’t see us spending a 1rst or second round pick on a fairly stable position. Especially if we have a vacant spot at LT/RT. It’s very possible Glaskow or Tuerk could be had in the third round. Lem or another vet could be had on the cheap.

          • Rob Staton

            They may well have admitted their mistake — but they’ve never exactly given Lewis a ringing endorsement as the starter and thought at the start of the year that Nowak was a better option for them. That is telling.

            I think it would be a mistake for us to presume Lewis will start next year. They have to get that position right. They know that now.

            And I think it would also be a mistake for us to presume they’ll take a tackle in round one just because. There’s every chance they’ll be starting an UDFA at left tackle in 2016. They are not as concerned with perceived positional value as they are with needing to do what it takes to get this line playing consistently good football. And they’ll do what it takes, I’m sure of that. If that means drafting a fine player like Nick Martin I think it’s highly possible. I wouldn’t rule anything out that’s for sure.

  13. Trevor

    I guarantee the little slot receiver Ed Eagan out of Notherwestern St. ends up with the Pats and becomes an Edleman clone. Really like his game a lot.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Damn Patriots!

    • David M2

      Just don’t want to see Christian McAffrey end up on the Pats if he declares next year

      • Trevor


  14. lil'stink

    Seems like it could end up being a very good draft for OL. Makes me hope we can shore up some other areas by re-signing Lane and Rubin, and maybe adding another DT after the initial spending spree of the first day or two of FA. Hopefully there are some under the radar values to be had, someone that can come in and fill a Clinton McDonald like role.

    Taking 2 offensive lineman during the first 2 days of the draft is starting to seem like a tantalizing possibility.

  15. bobbyk

    I can’t remember a draft where I am as confident as the team getting a great player this late in the first round. Last year (before the Graham trade) I remember thinking that it sucks drafting so far down because nobody great is going to be left (based on where players “should” go), whereas with this draft there are going to be teams picking in the early second round who are going to be getting two great players.

    • Trevor

      Agree BobbyK this draft looks 2-3 rounds deep with quality. Particularly where we need help OL/DL.

  16. Trevor

    The TE from Ohio St. has looked real good this week as well. Man oh Man that Ohio St. team was stacked this year.

    • Volume12

      He’s the best all-around TE in this class.

      S.Carolina’s TE Jerell Adams is a good one too.

      • Drew

        Hunter Henry is the best all-around TE, but the Ohio St guy isn’t that far behind

        • Volume12

          Hunter Henry is not the blocker that Nick Vannett is.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            Vannett is the TE I would want Seattle to draft, if they do indeed draft a TE. Complete game.

      • bigDhawk

        What about Jay Rome of Georgia? He underachieved, but he is quite a specimen.

  17. Volume12

    Kind of dissappointed in this OT class honestly.

    Beginning to wonder if Seattle would be better off taking one in the mid rounds, and going G/C earlier.

    Another guy that’s very similar to Le’Raven Clark is Colorado’s Stephane Nembot. And by that I mean, a guy that looks like a prototype for an NFL OT, both apper to be athletic, but are pretty raw and need work on their technique.

    • Rob Staton

      The only tackles I’d want to take in R1 are: Tunsil, Coleman, Decker, Conklin.

      • Trevor

        Agree completely and I am not 100% sold on Conklin in Rd #1 as I think he is an RT not LT. If they are gone then I prefer a guy like Fhan Cooper mid rounds and a Guard / Center like Whitehair or Martin early.

        Rob may have been on to something with Martin and Dahl to rebuild the middle of the line. Sign a vet like Mathis to play LG and they would be real good.

        • Volume12

          Yeah- Dahl was a guy that we discussed a lot on here. His pass protection was never the issue. It was whether or not he could run block adequately coming from a spread style offense at Wazzu. He might’ve put those issues to bed however.

          He’s another one of these ‘self made’ guys. Originally was at Montana, transferred, and walked on at Wazzu.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Seahawks will have their choice of centers and guards at #26, they should be able to lock down that position. Martin would be a great choice. It wouldn’t bother me if they waited on picking a tackle – as long as they have someone in mind that they think they can train up to professional level.

    • bigDhawk

      Gotta keep mentioning this guy – Chase Farris, RT, Ohio State. Watch his video on draftbreakdown against Notre Dame and tell me what you think.

  18. Tom Page

    Is Miles Killabrew a potential replacement for Kam or are arms shorter than 32″ too much to overlook?

    • Rob Staton

      I think he’s more of a LB/S hybrid than a pure strong safety playing up at the line. Great athlete. Needs time to learn a pro-scheme.

      • Tom Page

        Watching Kam play this year he looks more like a LB/S hybrid more than ever, he was a liability in coverage so I would consider pulling him for sub packages.

        • Rob Staton

          I think he’s always been somewhat of a liability in coverage. The problem is — people noticed it a lot more this year after a hold out. The big problem for me with Kam was the lack of intimidating hits, not the coverage stuff. I just want to see him getting back to striking fear into those WR’s running over the middle next season. I think he’ll be fine.

          • Volume12

            Yup. We were missing his tone setting abilities this year.

    • Volume12

      I don’t think Seattle has an arm length minimum or requirement for their safeties, but I could be wrong.

  19. Volume12

    Love LB Deion Jones. One of the most ‘Seahawky’ prospects in this class. Great STs player too.

    He was a guy that flashed for me all year long. Glad to see him continuing to do so on this stage.

    I think this guy is gonna turn up at the combine. He’s one of m picks to steal the show this year, ala Chris Conley and Byron Jones.

    • Tom Page

      Deion Jones reminds me of Malcolm Smith, fast linebacker who can chase from the backside or excel in pass coverage.

    • Rob Staton

      Completely agree. If he’s there in round two the Seahawks might run to the podium.

      • Trevor

        Can’t wait to see what he runs at combine. Looks like he can fly and brings some thunder.

  20. Elliott A

    Dak Presscott looked pretty impressive, wouldn’t be opposed to drafting him or Vernon Adams with a late round pick to be groomed as a back up to replace Tjack.

    • Volume12

      Arkansas QB Brandon Allen flashed, as Rob pointed out. Appears to have a really good thought process and is an underrated athlete.

      Still think taking developmental QBs is better suited for UDFA. Unless you got a QB that’s at the end of the line like Brees, Romo, Manning, Brady, etc.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        Vernon Adams appears to fit this logic. Needs some time to adjust to NFL and most teams won’t even look at him due to his size ans small stature. Many of the intangibles as the starting QB, RW.

  21. Nate

    I would be pretty shocked if we spent a first round pick on center. They were pretty intent on keeping Sokoli all year and seem genuinely excited about him there.
    I think they intend to keep developing both Nowak and Sokoli. I definitely could see them drafting Coleman, Decker, Conklin, and possibly even Spriggs in the first.
    I suspect Rankins may be a defensive guy they would grab in the first as well. I would love it if Eli Apple dropped to 26. Not so sure about Spence though.

    • Rob Staton

      Let’s be realistic here though — the Seahawks are not going to be starting Sokoli or Nowak at center next year. Not after what happened in 2015. The line play didn’t just improve when they moved the inexperienced Nowak out of the line, it was a complete revolution. While they’ve talked up Sokoli as a nice project for them, they’re almost certainly not going to throw him in there for 2016 and the idea that they’d stall at the position or ‘stand pat’ simply on the hope that Sokoli works out would be borderline negligent by the Seahawks.

      That doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily draft a center in round one — but I see no reason why they wouldn’t take the right guy in that range.

      • Nate

        I agree that Sokoli and Nowak may not be the answer next year but my point is that I do think they want Sokoli there in the long term which would make picking a center a head scratcher move.
        Lewis showed they can survive well enough with him for next year and a one year stop gap free agent isn’t out of the question either.
        Nothing is certain but I’d be really surprised if they go offensive line in the first and it wasn’t an offensive tackle. Even if Okung ends up signing a one year deal here.
        I agree with your earlier thought that they will eventually want Gilliam at left tackle and have a guy like Coleman, Decker, or Conklin at right tackle.

        • Rob Staton

          Here’s the thing though — they’ve had projects before. Jameson Konz being a good example. They will happily take on a project, work on it and see where it goes. But the idea that any decision they make this off-season will be influenced by their hope that Sokoli might one day turn into someone who could even begin to challenge to be a starter — I don’t buy it. He’s a hopeful punt.

          ‘Surviving’ won’t be part of their mentality next year. They know full well they have to get this line sorted and pronto. It doesn’t mean they’ll definitely take a center in round one (I do think they will address it somehow — even if it’s the middle rounds or FA). But if they don’t take one in R1 — I’m almost certain it won’t be because they want to give Sokoli a chance to develop over the next 2-3 years and they’re happy to use a place-holder in Lewis who they chose to sit behind Drew Nowak to begin last year. They learnt the hard way last year about how vital that center position is. It needs sorting out.

        • CHawk Talker Eric

          “Nothing is certain but I’d be really surprised if they go offensive line in the first and it wasn’t an offensive tackle…a guy like Coleman, Decker, or Conklin at right tackle.”

          So what should they do when Coleman, Decker and Conklin are all off the board? Would you advocate they just take the next best tackle even if that prospect doesn’t have R1 potential?

          That’s where a pick like Martin makes sense. He has legit R1 potential. He would improve the OL, both instantly and long term. If SEA picks OL at 26, shouldn’t they get the best OL prospect available, regardless of specific position?

          • Volume12

            Exactly. They gotta upgrade the O-line and add something to the D-line.

            The 2 best position groups are OL and DL.

            IMO, the 5th-6th O-lineman or 5th-6th D-lineman will be the BPA.

    • matt

      “I would be pretty shocked if we spent a first round pick on center. I definitely could see them drafting Coleman, Decker, Conklin, and possibly even Spriggs in the first.” Nate

      Completely agree. Much of it depends on what happens with Okung. If he leaves one of those OT’s will be sitting at #26, and we should take Coleman-with priority being just how Nate listed it. If Okung stays then, only then, a C should be a thought. Just don’t like the positional value of getting a C in the first. Unless Coleman, Decker, Apple or Jaylon Smith fall to us I think trading down is very likely.

      • Rob Staton

        Nothing wrong with taking a center early for positional value. Last season showed how vital it is.

        • matt

          True it’s just an opinion. I’m under the impression, based on draft history, that JS/PC don’t see the positional value of drafting a strictly interior OLineman early, as well. Moffitt is the only one taken above the 4th round(3rd), and he didn’t work out. Okung and Carp were drafted to man LT and RT, with pretty good results. It’s not impossible that we take a C in the first, and it could prove to be the right move, I just find it highly unlikely. imo After the early rush on OT’s Tunsil, Stanley, Decker, Conklin, Coleman and Spriggs(?) there seems to be a big drop off in talent.

          • Rob Staton

            They’ve not needed to go C early though because they gave Unger a big contract. Last year, it’s very possible they would’ve drafted Mitch Morse in R2. The reality is they’ve never needed to consider going center early until now.

        • bigDhawk

          If they do, it will probably be like how they drafted PRich, where they pigeonholed him as the guy they wanted with their first pick and they traded down as far as they dared to still get him. They will pick whichever center they like best then keep trading back till they have to pull the trigger.

          • Rob Staton

            I’m not sure they’ll be able to trade down very far, if at all, if they want Martin.

  22. franks

    Thanks for the rundown, Rob.

    I can’t say I know much about these guys but as far as drafting a Center and RG with our top two picks when what we need is a LG and a tackle, with all due respect you can count me out. I’d rather keep Lewis, let Sokoli and Novak grow behind him and give Glow a shot. Don’t wanna keep Britt starting don’t wanna keep Okung at all and I think you can find centers and right guards in the mid rounds when they’re not a big need.

    It would be really exciting if Spence fell to 26 a la Jimmie Smith, hopefully we wouldn’t pass on him for James Carpenter.

    • Rob Staton

      Let me be clear here — I’m not suggesting they take Martin and Dahl with their top two picks. Dahl is being graded by Tony Pauline in round five. I’m suggesting they’re two players I’d be very interested in making sure you secure. It doesn’t have to be round one and two.

      I’ll also say this — the Seahawks need a functioning O-line, not just to fill in specific positions. They have almost nothing to build on up front. They can’t look at left guard and tackle and force a rebuild up front by locking on to those two positions. They need to build this thing. And if that means adding a veteran right tackle because the options aren’t there in R1, or finding a left guard you like later on or again in FA because the options aren’t there — so be it. After all, it’s almost certain they’ll be starting an UDFA left tackle in 2016. They don’t have to draft tackle and left guard in rounds 1 and 2 to solve this dilemma. They just need to create a line that can do the job.

      • franks

        I’m on board with you there. I do think Glow has a shot, but that doesn’t mean they won’t add some competition there.

        Dahl would be a nice get later on.

        I think they need to get a LT/RT or a bulldozer LG on Day One, and then there’s the pass rush, DT, CB, possibly LB, you can’t overinvest in a position group that most teams fill in the back end of the draft.

        • Rob Staton

          A LT/RT makes sense if the right one falls. I will add this though — Seattle’s big issue in the key games towards the end of the year was interior protection. It wasn’t Gilliam and Okung necessarily getting whipped by the Rams and Panthers. It was the interior. Justin Britt was beat like a drum in Carolina, Sweezy wasn’t much better and Lewis didn’t excel either.

          I sense they can work the tackle spots, guard against the speed rush and generally protect. Plus a lot of teams don’t even rush the edge vs Seattle as they try to contain Wilson. It’s the interior where the big problem lies. And that, for me, means getting an upgrade at LG and C and making a decision on the future at RG (do they trust Sweezy to pay him and make that commitment, is Glowinski the guy moving forward or do they add another RG and open up the competition).

          • Nathan_12thMan

            This is exactly my thinking. IF Okung is cheap I wouldn’t mind us re-signing him and us rolling with Okung-Gilliam at OT. They are solid and Gilliam I imagine will continue to develop. But it is Britt and Sweezy I really don’t like. That is why I was so pumped to see Glow play so well (granted one game but it was against good competition [Cards]).

            Drafting a RG that can only play RG a year before your starting RG becomes a FA should be pretty telling, don’t ya think? I’m not saying he is a lock for the job and we won’t draft another OG who will compete for that job but still…that is a indicator to me that Sweezy will be gone.

            If we don’t re-sign Okung then obviously we gotta draft a OT…considering he has to be a starter I imagine you gotta spend your 1st round on OT (Shon Coleman), but if we do re-sign Okung then we can draft a OT later that has promise but needs developmental work.

            Then as you said, we need a LG (Dahl?) and a C (Glasgow?) so we can (at the VERY least) upgrade from Britt to a different LG. To have the left side of the line solid with either Okung-Dahl or Coleman/Gilliam-Dahl would be great, and to have the right side solid with either Glow/draft pick-Gilliam or Glow/draft pick-Coleman would be fantastic. Then all we got is center…and if that is still Lewis I wouldn’t feel too shabby. We’d know Pete is wanting Soko to take over in ’17. I think Lewis with solid Guards to his left and right would help him look better than what we saw in ’15.

            • franks

              uggg, Okung …. I’m ok with his level of play but never knowing if your starting left tackle will suit up, not cool. Wasn’t there against Carolina, wasn’t there last year against New England, misses more games as the season wears on, unreliable at the most crucial times.

              We should be playing every postseason game with a starting left tackle.

  23. bobbyk

    There isn’t any rule that says Nick Martin can’t play left guard in 2016 and take over at center in 2017 when the line plays awesome and Patrick Lewis gets more money in free agency. Regardless of whether Martin plays LG or C in ’16, he’s going to be good. As I’ve been watching Martin the past few days, due to Rob, he really does seem like a guy kind of like Hutch was in terms of a “safe” bet to have a great career even if they are supposedly at a position that isn’t as “important” as some others.

    I’m on quite a few trains for who I’d be happy with at #26 and that includes Martin.

    • franks

      Interesting thought but for me Martin is a sub-300 pounder and we need more beef on the line and that’s the spot to do it. And we’re already grooming two centers for the future.

      Loadholdt from what I’ve read has been a bit of a liability pass blocking outside, and might be a better fit there at LG than tackle.

    • J

      He’s around 30 pounds short of what we want at LG. We might give that a little leeway, but we aren’t going to roll with a sub 300lb guy there. Same thing for Dahl.

      Never had a RT or LG less than 315 and that was McQuistan.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      Perhaps what he lacks in bulk he makes up for in technique and tenacity.

      • bobbyk

        Watching Martin, it is pretty obvious that he’s going to be a good player. Just because he might not be 330 pounds doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be an awesome LG for Cable.

        Pete Carroll has always loved having a big WR. I remember him saying that prior to his first year and he’s always talked about finding that one big guy who creates mismatches. Well, he hasn’t found him yet and this team has a bunch of guys who aren’t tall enough to creates mismatches outside with their height at wide receiver.

        Pete is smart enough where he can deviate from the plan if good enough players can make the team better, regardless of his original blueprint of what he desires. I’m pretty sure he’d rather have a 300 pound LG with Pro Bowl potential than another year of Britt or some fat guy that isn’t very good (but meets the weight requirements).

        Knowing all of this, I think it’d be pretty awesome if we got both Martin to play center and Tretola to play left guard. With Glowinski, there’s every chance our interior line could be together for almost 10 years. That’s continuity!

        • J

          There is no comparison between WR and LG. ( One reason is Cables input on OL personnel decisions). Pete Carrol has shown a willingness to compromise on height at WR. He hasn’t at LG. We have yet to have a 300 lb guard on the team, the practice squad or even as a UDFA. Its approaching the 32 inch arm CB rule as a basic requirement. To where you can take smaller LG off the board.

          • bobbyk

            I would normally agree with you but if they felt Martin was that special, yet they wanted to continue with Lewis for another year at center while he was cheap… then, yeah, I do see them going with Martin at LG for this season. Kind of like how there’s no way Cable would, seemingly, have two strictly only right guards on his team like he did this past season when he supposedly (and does) love versatility.

    • Rob Staton

      Just my own personal view on Martin — I wouldn’t want to play him anywhere other than center. I think he’s so perfectly suited to that position that if I drafted him — he’d be my day one starter at center and he’d stay there for the next few years. I think he can play guard (although he lacks the size Seattle likes at LG — they really seem to want 325lbs at LG) but for me he’s just a brilliant, natural center. One of the safest picks in the draft.

      • red

        To bad Ryan Kelly was a no show. Would like to have compared him to other Centers.

  24. CharlieTheUnicorn

    I would not be adverse to Seattle building the OL from the inside out.
    Go Center in 1st round, then LB/DE/LEO in second round, then coming back around and grabbing a guard in the third…… frankly, I could see Seattle going 2 OL in first 4 picks… perhaps C and G in rounds 1 and 2.

    Let’s say Martin in the 1st round (for C), then Glasgow in the 2nd (for LG) … this would leave the rest of the draft for another OT or OL if the value and fit is right.

    You could end up with a OL….. Gilliam, Glasgow, Martin, Glowinski, TBD. It might be rough for the first few games, but in 8-10 games, they could really shine… and long term, they might be a top 10 unit.

    • Rob Staton

      I could see a plan that goes OL-LB-RB-OL with the four picks in rounds 1-3.

      I could also see them going OL-LB-DL-OL.

      The third round looks like a sweet spot for RB’s but they might be able to get a veteran third down back. I’m not sure I’d want to leave this class without taking one of those good looking RB’s in the third. It really depends on who’s left and equally the talent remaining on the DL. One issue might be — the Seahawks might never be in ideal range to get at this DL class at the right spot. But that’s OK — they have a track record of good moves in the veteran FA market on the D-line.

      • CHawk Talker Eric


  25. Nathan_12thMan

    Wouldn’t you be surprised to see our O-line in 2016 without Glowinski starting? Granted it was just one game but Pete was raving about him since that game, and if we did let Sweez go you’d think Glow would be who they want to move up and start there not draft a guy specifically to play RG, right?

    Can Glow be moved to LG or is that a different body type that they want there?

    I feel like they won’t attack O-line as hard as we hope, but I would be happy with Coleman/Gilliam-Boone/Draft pick-Lewis-Glowinski-Gilliam/Coleman. By that I mean Gilliam and Coleman at the OT’s (who is LT and RT would need to be found out in camp) and maybe they would rather roll with Lewis for 1 more year and bet on Sokoli being ready in 2017 to start at Center for them. And they let Sweezy walk and start Glowinski.

    That to me is the least we should do unless we re-sign Okung for cheap then instead of drafting OT with our 1st pick we can get a different position player. Then we can draft a OT lower that we can develop into a starter (hopefully) and grab a guy like Joe Dahl as well to compete for the LG job with Britt (in this scenario we don’t sign a LG FA like Boone) and obviously Dahl beats Britt for the job.

    So in that scenario our starting O-line is: Okung-Dahl-Lewis-Glowinski-Gilliam.

    • franks

      The dream scenario for me is Coleman-Loadholdt-Lewis-Glo-Gilliam.

      I like Britt coming off the bench. Young, versatile, experienced, good size, has some upside.

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t be surprised not to see Glowinski starting. After all — they’ve just got to build this thing. I don’t think they’re tied to Glowinski and it was just one game against Arizona. I’m certainly not going to assume he will start even if it’s convenient to pencil him in as the incumbent if Sweezy moves on. They’re going to be adding competition across the board and if they draft Dahl (for example) it might be a straight shoot-out between the two.

      Glowinski will be a pure RG for this team. They like size (325lbs) at LG.

      The more I look at this OL class the less likely I think it is they will add an expensive outside FA. I could see a Phil Loadholt on a modest deal. But not a big ticket FA.

      • Steve Nelsen

        I agree with the need to focus on the interior; particularly pass blocking. Glowinski might be a replacement for Sweezy but it is no sure thing. Some competetition for him at RG would be a good investment – Dahl in the 4th or 5th? Yes, please.

        Lewis is a placeholder at best and Sokoli is still a project. Novak is also a project. So there is clearly room for improvement and competition. Martin at #26 or in the second would lock down one spot on the line for the next 4 years.

        Britt is a mess. If Seattle could replace him with a rookie who can pass block has the potential to compete at LT in the future, that would solve several needs. Shon Coleman could do that. I thought Spriggs might be an option during practice week.

        I would love to see Okung return on a modest 1-year “prove it” deal so we could leave our tackles in place for next year and focus on the interior. If Seatlle brings back Okung and used 2 of their first 4 picks on LG/C and adds Dahl on Day 3, I would be very optimistic about the potential for improved OL play for the next 2 years.

        • Rob Staton

          It all sounds reasonable to me.

    • bobbyk

      I think they drafted Glowinski thinking that they wouldn’t be able to afford Sweezy. I don’t think they would have drafted a guy they see as strictly a RG had Sweezy just signed a 5-year extension. Cable loves versatility with his linemen. If they like Glow, I don’t see them drafting a RG only type of guy to compete with him. I would imagine that Britt would back-up Glow at RG next year, since he has experience being terrible at RT, being horrible at LG, and he may as well add being a bad back-up at RG to his resume, too.

      • matt

        ” I would imagine that Britt would back-up Glow at RG next year, since he has experience being terrible at RT, being horrible at LG, and he may as well add being a bad back-up at RG to his resume, too.”

        lol! Might as well. Agree that Glo was drafted to replace Sweezy. Glo hasn’t done anything to think he won’t be the day 1 starter at RG next year. There’s no reason to ‘double draft’ at RG, unless the first swing was a major miss. Hard to say if Glo is a hit, but judging by eyes and ears he’s not a miss. As impressive as Dahl was in the Senior Bowl week I don’t see us taking him. He’s strictly a RG in our system, same as Glo. We like our backups to have positional versatility, and neither Glo or Dahl are in our system.

  26. Volume12

    Ya know who I really like? N’western’s Dan Vitale. Can block, can play STs, good hands, and his speed might be good enough for a 2 minute drill.

    A guy that can do a little bit of everything. Quite the competitor too.

    He’d be a steal in UDFA or would make a nice,solid selection in the 6th or 7th.

    • matt

      Vitale looked good. Does he play TE too? Really liked the versatility Gronk has. He could be a third TE along with playing FB.

      • Volume12

        He did in college. Well, lined up as an in-line blocker at least.

        Baby Gronk looked good too.

        Vitale will be a Marcel Reese kind of player. I don’t think he’ll be as good, but a little more gritty and more valuable on STs.

        • matt

          Cool. Vitale surprised me with the amount of athleticism he displayed today. I’d welcome either him or Baby Gronk to replace Coleman’s spot. Cheaper and more versatile.

  27. Corn Bread

    Any one have opinions on late round cb’s? I’ve had my eye on Daryl Worley, Xavien Howard, Cre’von LeBlanc, Artie Burns. Anyone else got any other prospects that could be a possibility?

    • Rob Staton

      Xavien Howard is a ball hawk. Would be very interested in him but wonder if he goes day two.

      • Volume12

        Howard and Burns are more than likely day 2 picks.

        How comfortable is Seattle with Worley’s off field stuff?

        LeBlanc looks small, and probably won’t have the length.

        • Corn Bread

          I agree with LeBlanc, he possible could fill in for Burley if he was to move on.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      James Bradberry, CB out of Samford is worth keeping an eye on. Nice size and speed. Definately in the Seattle CB draft sweet-spot round 5 or 6.

    • cover-2

      Michigan CB Jeremy Clark is a late round prospect that I like. Clark is 6-4 205 lbs and he looks to have a great wing span. He was a Safety his first three years and this last year he played CB.

      • Volume12


        Thanks for the heads up.

        Maryland’s Sean Davis is a good looking corner.

  28. Miller

    Rob – Based on your assessment and from what I’ve seen, isn’t Dahl just more of the same (Glowinski) at right guard? Would hate to spend such a valuable pick on depth.

    • Rob Staton

      Possibly — but the way he played today made me sit up and take notice in a way I never did watching Glowinski at West Virginia. I’m not suggesting Dahl should be a second rounder. He’s been graded in the round 5-6 range by Tony Pauline. I’d happily draft him in a similar range to Glowinski and let them go at it. They need competition.

      • Miller

        Yah, if Dahl slid that far, obsolutely. I like your point. Thanks.

        BTW: Hawks have two picks in the 3rd and two in the ___?

        • Rob Staton

          Two in the third, two in the seventh.

      • J

        I wonder if he is a developmental center candidate. Keep Lewis for one year, let Sokolji develop and have Dahl compete with Sokolji in 2017.

  29. Volume12

    Best way to build this O-line is through depth and competition. It’s okay if Glowinski and Sokoli end up as backups. Your hardly ever going to get through a full 16 game season, plus pre-season and playoffs, with your 5 guys all intact and healthy.

    You need 5 starters, 3 backups, and one guy that’s a versatile project.

    • Rob Staton

      Nailed it.

    • J

      True but adding depth and competition is a mid to late round thing. You don’t do that with the top picks.

      • laphraoig

        Sure you can! If your top pick wins the starting role, the incumbent becomes your depth and you’ll probably be better off than if you use a later-round pick to backup the incumbent.

    • J

      Needs prioritize over depth. Obviously it is before FA but right now a new RT and LG are glaring needs. So is interior DL. Although I think we make some FA moves to shore up some of these needs.

      I’d also rank depth at RB more important than OL considering how Rawls is coming off major injury and Michael, while having a decent few games, is a street FA that was a hairs breath away from being out of football. Seems like an issue that is flying under the radar.

  30. Wall UP

    One thing is certain, JS & Company will stay true to their board. Prioritizing selections on need, as JS stated can be a ‘double whammy’ that may lose more than value. I just can’t see Martin as a 1st Rd pick.

    There is a great possibility that the Hawks do trade dn to achieve the needed value and stay true to their board. Would JS trade dn if Coleman were available @ 26? I hope not. But, if it were to occur the choice would be based upon value and each board differs from team to team. If it is possible to trade dn and still get their man, that’s a good pick.

    JS is very familiar with his peers and their needs. I would not put it past JS to trade with Dallas or SD @ 34 or 35 and still get Coleman and receive pick 67 in exchange for 98 comp pick. Risky? Yes, but still true to there board. The same is true for Martin. I doubt they value him higher than Coleman though.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve been as big a proponent for drafting Coleman as anyone — but I would urge people to keep looking at Nick Martin on tape. He is being significantly underrated IMO. There is not a huge canyon of difference between Nick and Zack. Mayock said round two today — and Tony Pauline has suggested rounds 1-2. I would put him in the top-50 for sure with every chance of making the back end of round one.

      • John_s

        Love it. Would definitely take him.

      • Volume12

        I agree.

        Went back, watched, and really liked what I saw.

        Sometimes ya just gotta go watch a prospect again for a couple times and pick up on things you may have missed.

        Almost a mixture of his brother and Jason Kelce.

      • Wall UP

        I guess that’s the crux of the enigma. Each team differs slightly in their assessments. Pauline’s 1-2 transcribes low 1st to high 2nd. Whereas, Mayock and the majority, myself included, have Martin as Rd 2 value.

        That’s the fun part of this, discovering the outcome of our opinions years later. Nevertheless, I just trust JS will stay true to their picks. Our viewpoints tend to change from week to week.

      • Ukhawk

        Coleman > Martin and it’s not even close !

        • Ukhawk

          Plus Coleman could even fill in at LG better than anyone else drafted

  31. Volume12

    Rob, what do you think about adding FA (SF) DT Ian Williams if ‘Bane isn’t re-signed?

    • Rob Staton

      I would be very interested.

  32. SeattleUp

    Thoughts on a Gilliam-Osemele-Martin-Glowinski-draft pick RT/Britt as our line? I think we would be better off not resigning okung and sweezy and using that money to officially lock down our LG position with a top talent?

    • Rob Staton

      I think Osemele will cost a.) more than he’s worth and b.) more than SEA will be willing to pay.

      Can imagine a scenario where they add a veteran O-liner but can’t see it being a premium cost outside FA.

    • Trevor

      I think we can forget all the young free agent OL on the market like him and Boone. Too rich for the Hawks IMO. If the go the vet free agent route it will be for older guys on short term deals like Mathis, Wisnewski, Loadholt, even Incognito. The exception might be Mack but even he might be too pricey.

  33. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Rob. Clayton essentially said on his Saturday morning show (9-12 710 ESPN)…. anyone who thinks Seattle will cut Graham to save 9M bucks… is crazy. I chuckled, since you, me and many others have stated the same opinion on here.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m glad John agrees with us 🙂

    • Volume12

      Ya gotta give him the chance to get healthy.

      His injury was such a shame too. He was really starting to gel with Russ and fit into the passing game and style.

      Would’ve loved and wished to see him when we went on that winning streak and RW had his ‘coming out party’ with his ability to win games from the pocket.

      • CharlieTheUnicorn

        He might have swung the Panthers game around earlier…. he was exactly what they needed

        • bobbyk

          That first Panthers game — The Jimmy was awesome. Most definitely could have used him.

    • Trevor

      Pray he can come back healthy because if so he could be huge next year if this offense progresses to be more wide open as expected.

  34. Coleslaw

    Assuming we let Okung and Sweezy walk, I’d love to bring in one of the free agent guards, hopefully osemele or that guy from Kansas City who could take Britt’s spot or compete with gilliam to see who starts on which side. That way we wouldn’t be pressured into reaching for a guard in round 1 and we could really upgrade with a tackle at #26 (Coleman unless Conklin falls). I really like Kentrell Brothers and he showed that he could play outside this week, fluent hips and speed, hard hitter and a natural feel for the game, could be had with our first pick in the third.

    • Rob Staton

      I doubt they take a guard in R1 whatever the situation. The prospect just isn’t there in this class (unless they took Conklin or Coleman and moved them inside).

      On the big ticket FA — based on what they said in the post-season press conferences, there likely won’t be any big splashes. I would expect some choice moves after they’ve made sure to re-sign the long list of guys they’ll want to keep.

      • Coleslaw

        Well in this case Irvin, Okung and Sweezy price themselves out of reach, maybe they are expecting to get at least one and if they don’t you’d think there has to be some urgency at that LG spot, Britt getting another year will be a disaster, they could resign most of the guys they want to keep and give aa 5-6m/year to a FA guard

        • Rob Staton

          I think they’ll struggle to pay a $5-6m guard and keep their guys (I’m also not convinced they’ll ever pay an outsider guard that much). If they have a projected $18m to try and keep their seven UFA’s (total supplied by Davis Hsu) — even if Irvin, Okung and Sweezy walk there won’t be much left to try and keep Rubin, Mebane, Lane and Kearse. I suspect Lane will get more than people imagine. Rubin and Mebane might be $3.5m each. Kearse $3-4m APY. Even if you let Kearse walk, there’s not a ton of money there. Especially if the intention is to bolster the D-line with a couple of veteran FA’s.

          • CharlieTheUnicorn

            I would assume Lane is gone.. he is going to get more than 4M per year as a FA.
            They have some RFA / ERFA to resign, so that will cut into the money they have to play with as well.

            • Rob Staton

              I think Lane might be the one they make a concerted effort to keep.

          • Coleslaw

            Woah wait, I thought they had $30mil in cap space?

            • CharlieTheUnicorn

              The 30M number is coming form if Lynch retires and a few other minor moves.. cuts.

              • Coleslaw

                Damn.. That’s a bummer I wasn’t worried at all haha

                • CharlieTheUnicorn

                  Honestly, I wouldn’t sweat it….. some of the best CAP people reside in Seattle.

            • Rob Staton

              They do — but when you’ve paid the ERFA’s, the RFA’s, the UFA’s earning less than $2m APY and kept money for the PS and IR — there’s about $18m for seven UFA’s.

  35. nichansen01

    Here is my two round mock:
    Titans- Joey Bosa
    Browns – Jared Goff
    Chargers – Laremy Tunsil
    Cowboys – Robert Nkemdiche
    Jaguars – Deforest Buckner
    Ravens – Jalen Ramsey
    49ers – Jaylon Smith
    Dolphins – Eli Apple
    Buccaneers – Noah Spence
    Giants – Myles Jack
    Bears – Shaq Lawson
    Saints – Jarran Reed
    Eagles – Jack Conklin
    Raiders – Mackensie Alexander
    Rams – Paxton Lynch
    Lions – Taylor Decker
    Falcons – A’Shawn Robinson
    Colts – Ronnie Stanley
    Bills – Darron Lee
    Jets – Shon Coleman
    Redskins – Corey Coleman
    Texans – Carson Wentz
    Vikings – Laquon Treadwell
    Bengals – Reggie Ragland
    Steelers – Vernon Hargreaves
    Seahawks – Sheldon Rankins
    Packers – Andrew Billings
    Chiefs – Vernon Butler
    Cardinals – Jordan Jenkins
    Broncos – Nick Martin
    Panthers – Darien Thompson

    Rouned 2:

    Browns – Kevin Dodd
    Titans – Jason Spriggs
    Cowboys – Leonard Floyd
    Chargers – Ryan Kelly
    Ravens – Kyler Fackrell
    49ers – Germaine Ifedi
    Dolphins – Kendell Fuller
    Jaguars – Jeremy Cash
    Giants – Emmanuel Ogbah
    Bears – Deion Jones
    Buccaneers – Zach Sanchez
    Raiders – Joe Dahl
    Rams – Tyler Boyd
    Lions – Kenny Clark
    Saints – Cody Whitehair
    Colts – Ezekial Elliot
    Bills – Von Bell
    Falcons – Miles Killebrew
    Jets – Connor Cook
    Texans – Devontae Booker
    Redskins – Max Tuerk
    Vikings – Shawn Oakman
    Bengals – Deon Bush
    Seahawks – Sebastian Tretola
    Packers – Hunter Henry
    Steelers – Vadal Alexander
    Cheifs – Scooby Wright
    Patriots – James Bradberry
    Cardinals – Shilique Calhoun
    Broncos – Josh Garnett
    Panthers – Braxton Miller

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I can see the Cowboys taking RB Elliot at #4
      There are a lot of rumbling about 4 QBs going in the first round….. Cook possibly going to Texans as the 4th QB taken.
      Patriots would take WR Miller … he is EXACTLY the kind of WR they would love to have, due to his versatility and size. Now, I’m not sure his route running is up to par for them, but he would fill a huge need for them.
      I also think the Titans will prob go LT… need to keep their QB upright.

      Overall, many exciting names listed!

      • Trevor

        I don’t remember the Pats ever taking a WR early. I think all teams will love Miller though.

        • CharlieTheUnicorn

          Pats need a play making WR….. I know they normally don’t, but he is the guy they would love to get.. get rid of that bum Lafell and some other substandard WRs on their roster

        • Steele

          Aaron Dobson.

    • nichansen01

      With notable remaining day 2 prospects being: Austin Johnson, Carl Nassib, Graham Glasgow, Will Fuller, Adam Gostis, Jayron Kearse, Jihad Ward, DJ Reader, Kentrell Brothers, Evan Boehm, Maliek Collins, Derrick Henry, Luther Maddy, Laraven Clark, Christian Hackenburg, William Jackson, Kyle Murphy, Spencer Dango, Alex Collins, Pharoh Cooper, Pual Perkins, Tyler Johnston, Chris Jones, Derunnya Wilson, Jordan Howard, Alex Lewis, Sterling Shepard, Willie Beavers, Jack Allen, Eric Murray

  36. matt

    “Sheldon Day (DT, Notre Dame) is a player I’m going to have another look at. He’s small (6-2, 285lbs) but looked sharp and quick here.” Rob

    Interested to hear what you see in Day after another look. Really liked what he showed during the Senior Bowl week.

    • nichansen01

      Personally I see a third rounder.

    • Rob Staton

      I watched two games last night and was still largely unimpressed.

  37. Greg haugsven

    When pick 26 comes around who do you take if there all available?
    Coleman, Rankins, Spence, or Martin. Who ya want?

    • nichansen01

      In this order:

      Spence – Top 10 Talent in my opinion

      Coleman (I’m assuming you mean Shon and not Corey) – top 20 talent just not the level of player spence is



      • Trevor

        Coleman, Spence, Rankins, Martin. Love Spence but Coleman is a great talent at a position of great concern with no character issues.

        • Greg haugsven

          True, but he is 24. Not old but older. Could just be a one contract guy. That being said I think I would go same order as you. I flip flop between Spence and Coleman, could change my mind tomorrow.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I suspect Spence and Coleman will be gone by 26….. Rankins is intriguing, but Seattle doesn’t normally go DL in 1st round, except DE/LB types….. so that leaves me going with Martin or Kelly at center at #26.

      I could see a trade down to high 2nd round, trying to get an additional 4th or 5th round pick.

      • bobbyk

        I’d want Spence if he checks out fine with respect to his present/past. Too much upside to get a double digit sack guy this late in the first. Not going OL at #26 would pretty much force them to go OL in the second though, but the depth of this draft on the line makes that okay. A Spence/Tretola first couple of rounds would be awesome.

        • Greg haugsven

          I like Spence as well. Just not sure I like our Left Tackle options in the draft after round one.

          • Rob Staton

            Of all the drafts in recent memory — this might actually be one of the few with some tackle depth.

      • rowdy

        Seattle lost in the trenches, js/pc will address this this year and I can see a 1st this year at the position. I remember PC telling Bradley he’ll never leave him short on pass rushers again after clem got hurt and we didn’t have any. I can see him telling Richard’s that this year.

        • Volume12


    • cover-2

      I would want Coleman. He would bring legit toughness to our offensive line. We lack a big onery bully on the o-line and Colman would be that that guy.

    • Trevor

      Bottom line is if you get one of those guys at 26 you are a very happy Hawks fan as all would likely be impact players year #1. They would actually be the 4 guys I would most like to see them get.

    • KyleT

      You have to go Coleman!

    • mishima

      If JSTC believe Gilliam can transition to LT, I go Martin, Coleman, Rankins. Address LG and/or RT later in draft or FA. Convinced that many of the offensive line problems were caused by poor reads/communication, which improved enough over the season. No long term answer at C, but options at G.

    • John_s

      Rankins, Spence, Martin, Coleman.

      I think Rankins and Spence get drafted 10-20. Coleman is gone if there’s a run on tackles.

      Martin is the guy who i think will be there at 26.

      • Greg haugsven

        All great options and good discussion. I think Trevor said it best. If you get one of the four its all good.

      • Volume12

        I think Martin, Coleman, and Rankins will be there at 26.

        Not every guy that played in this game is a 1st rounder.

        • John_s

          I hope so, but I doubt it.

          There is always runs on positions and this year with the lack of good linemen, I see OT as the position that will have a run.

          Rankins has a 1st rd grade by Seattle. They’re not going to be the only one. Physically he’s similar to Aaron Donald and Geno Atkins. Teams aren’t going to pass on a guy who can disrupt up the middle

          • John_s

            *lack of good linemen in the NFL

            • Volume12

              He’s not Aaron Donald. And yet at this time 2 years ago, Donald was rated as a mid rounder until the combine.

              Last year when Tyler Lockett dominated the senior bowl, he went in round 3, due to size or whatever else.

              When combine time rolls around, a lot of these senior bowl standouts will be pushed down the board. Seattle also grades guys differently. They said he was a ‘1st round pick, not the highest rated player.’

              I think there’s a good chance he’s off the board before Seattle picks, but I have my doubts.

              I get the feeling that a lot of people think the Shrine and Senior bowl are the only pools of talent to select from.

  38. KD

    I feel very encouraged by the reports for the OL today. Just as a position of need opens up for the Seahawks, it looks like there is an amazing OL class entering the draft.

  39. bobbyk

    Looks like Marcus Cannon is going to be a cap casualty in New England. They aren’t going to pay him over $4 million. Although the Pats liked him at tackle, he’s always been more of a natural guard (played LT at TCU, I believe). He’s a candidate to be a veteran on the cheap who would upgrade the LG position. He’s 6’5 340. He’s huge and not quite nimble enough for tackle, but more than nimble enough for LG.

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      He looked like hot garbage vs the Broncos

      • Magmatizer

        To be fair, Von Miller and Demarcus Ware have a tendency to do that to offensive lineman.

      • Steele

        Cannon had real potential coming out of college, looked like a solid pick by NE. He hasn’t lived up. A change of scenery and system might help.

      • bobbyk

        Really doubt Von Miller would be lining up at defensive tackle.

  40. Naks8

    It might just be me, but I’m looking for a special talent at wr. Our offense has evolved and adding another threat is tantalizing. Plus this draft seems really deep at oline. Of course oline is the key to giving Russell some time, so I’m not saying not to draft one. I would just like to see a play making wr

    • Volume12

      Not a great class for WRs.

  41. nichansen01

    Lets say in the third round both Denver kirkland and Graham Glasgow and avaliable. You have already drafted pass rush and a center or tackle, so youre looking at a pure guard. Josh Garnett, Vadal Alexander, Sebastian Tretola and Codywhitehair are all off the board. In this situation, who do you select?

    • bobbyk

      I’m guessing I’ll be in the minority here, but I’d take Kirkland in a heartbeat. He’s a monster. I really hope that someone from Arkansas will be playing LG for us next year, whether Kirkland or Tretola (unless Loadholt was signed and moved to LG).

      • Volume12

        Isn’t Kirkland like 340 lbs.?

        When they cut Bowie and PC called out ‘Pig’ Bailey for being too big, wasn’t it because their weight, both of them, got up around or over 340 lbs.?

        • bigDhawk

          I suppose it’s how you wear it. Does LaQuan McGowan have any business playing TE at 400 pounds? Guys like Vince Wilfork and Terrance Knighton have done well at that weight or above. That weight bracket is certainly not for every lineman, but I’m sure it’s possible for some, maybe even optimal. If he plays well on film at that weight, why not?

          • Volume12

            For one it looks like the strength of his game is predicated on his size. If that’s the case and he loses weight, then what?

            Secondly, blocking for a QB like RW at that weight, I kind of imagine he’s going to wear out due to his conditioning or lack thereof.

          • Belgaron

            Looks like Red Bryant.

  42. CHawk Talker Eric

    @RobRang: Thought Martin was top interior OL all wk. Whitehair, Tretola, Dahl did well too. Good C class overall. Avg OG class

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      Hard to argue with Rang’s assessment. Considering the interior OLs did much better as a group than the OTs (Spriggs had the best week of any tackle, and he struggled in the game), it’s the same as saying Martin was the top OL period.

      • Rob Staton

        I watched the third day of practise last night as well as the game. Martin was the best OL on the field. Spriggs was hit and miss.

  43. Volume12

    Can’t remember who it was, but someone has Deion Jones ranked higher than Reggie Ragland.

  44. KD

    On a side note, looks like Calvin Johnson will actually retire.

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