Senior Bowl notes: Kawann Short & Ziggy Ansah stand out

E.J. Manuel had a good day, but not as good as Kawann Short or Ziggy Ansah

The Senior Bowl always tends to be a perfect storm for lineman on both sides of the ball. They can just get at it, try to make plays whether blocking or rushing. It’s harder for the skill players to shine in games like this. A cluster of defensive lineman over the years have boosted their stock at this event and not really done anything at the next level. That’s the disclaimer out of the way.

Having said all of that, Kawann Short and Ziggy Ansah were the two most impressive players on the field today, with Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson closely behind.

Everything that is good about Short was on display in Mobile. He consistently knifed through gaps, penetrated into the backfield and caused constant problems for the offensive line. He was the only player to beat Kentucky guard Larry Warford (who was also very impressive overall) and it just seemed like you were noticing him every snap. Short had two near sacks to end the first half, combined with Sylvester Williams to blow up the interior on another play and started the third quarter by sweeping past Warford to drop the running back for a loss.

With 2:31 left in the third he drove his blocker five yards into the backfield, collapsing the pocket and forcing Tyler Wilson to throw the ball into the ground to avoid the sack. There was no doubt in my mind who was the most impressive player out there today. Short turned up to play.

A lot of scouts will put on the Purdue tape over the next week or two to go back and review his performance in 2012. They’ll see flashes of brilliance like this, but they’ll also see a lot of mediocre snaps. Short has enough pure talent to be right up there with the Sheldon Richardson’s and Sharrif Floyd’s of this class. But he does have a lot of mediocre tape to go with the good stuff.

Playing like today he’ll have a shot to be a first round pick. His challenge will be to convince teams that he can play with a high motor. One thing I noticed is he looked a lot slimmer in Mobile and weighed just 308lbs. ESPN had him listed at 325lbs going into the 2012 season. If he’s working hard on conditioning that’s a great start because he always seemed to play heavy while carrying a little extra timber. Slimming down certainly had a positive impact today and he looked the part of an active three-technique.

If the Seahawks aren’t able to address their lack of interior pass rush in free agency, on this display Short has to be an option early in the draft. I’ve included two pieces of game tape at the bottom of this piece.

Ansah showed that despite all of his inexperience he’ll still be an intriguing player to NFL teams. At times he barely looks like he knows what he’s doing out there. When he locks into an edge rush and engages the tackle, he almost panics and doesn’t know how to counter. Yet when he doesn’t have to think too much and can just flow to the ball, he shows off supreme athleticism not matched by a defensive lineman since Jason Pierre-Paul entered the league.

Today he was all over the field, recording 1.5 sacks, deflecting passes and making multiple tackles. He was involved from start to finish. On one play he managed to get away from a block that appeared to have him beat, only to race after and chase down Denard Robinson. He abused whichever poor tight end kept getting lined up against him on the right side. Late in the third quarter he avoided a low block to explode into the backfield and force a sack/fumble. He always plays stout against the run and today was no different — he consistently held his ground and couldn’t be moved.

I’m not sure if Ansah is ever going to be a great sack-artist who really threatens off the edge. For that reason he might be better off lining up in the 3-4 at the five technique — this will minimise his need to get constant pressure and enhance his strong ability against the run. Any 4-3 team looking to invest in him should probably already have a proven, effective edge rusher on the roster — allowing Ansah to act as the left end.

Some people had questioned what all the hype was about after a mediocre practise performance earlier in the week, but Ansah showed there’s a lot of raw potential to work with here.

Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson look ideally suited to be franchise left tackles. Fisher has the classic combination of skills for the role and should be a top-ten pick. He’s good enough to make a team like Arizona consider passing on the quarterbacks early to ensure they get him at #7. Johnson is a pure technician who looks incredibly polished. He doesn’t have quite the natural ability of Luke Joeckel or Fisher, but he’s more than capable of slotting in as a rookie and protecting the quarterback. He’d be a wise pick for San Diego at #11 if the other two tackles are off the board.

It’s hard to see where a third guard falls into the first round mix and Chance Warmack and Jonathan Cooper will be the first two to go. Larry Warford plays with great leverage, locks onto a defensive lineman and wins his match-up and is a big-time force in the run-game. Teams looking for interior offensive line help early in round two or even the last handful of picks in round one are going to get a very solid football player. If it wasn’t for Warmack and Cooper, he may go even earlier.

In terms of the quarterbacks it was a mixed bag. Mike Glennon put some nice plays together in the second half including two terrific back-to-back throws into tight windows. He also missed a lot of easy passes in the first half as he struggled with accuracy. I like Glennon and there’s no reason why he can’t be a productive starter at the next level. However, he’s going to need some time to find a rhythm and patience from whoever drafts him. I doubt he’ll last much longer than the early second.

Ryan Nassib was pretty hopeless overall and did nothing to help his stock. He threw an ill-advised interception into thick coverage (what did he see??) and was the victim of the Ansah sack/fumble. For all his physical potential (strong fast-ball, plenty of athletic quality and mobility) he just looks like a poor man’s version of Jake Locker. Kind of like Locker without all the X-Factor plays. He’s always been a mid-round pick at best for me.

E.J. Manuel had a better performance, completing some nice throws and leading the south roster to all 21 of their points. He’s not a natural passer of the ball — he’s more of an athlete playing quarterback than an athletic quarterback. However, give me a player like this over a player like Nassib any time. Manuel showed some nice composure to find tight end Michael Williams in the back of the end zone for a score despite having Margus Hunt charging into his line of vision. I never really enjoyed watching Manuel at Florida State — he dominated bad opponents but never really looked the part against a good defense. There’s every chance he’ll be a round two pick due to his athletic potential. I think he’s a solid round three-type who would make a good back-up if nothing else.

Tyler Wilson was neat and tidy completing a lot of short passes. He missed badly on an under-thrown lob for the endzone that should’ve been picked by Jordan Poyer. It was a little bit concerning given he doesn’t have the greatest arm strength and it should’ve been a touchdown. He didn’t blow anyone away today.

Landry Jones did everything you’d expect. No mobility, completely panics at even the slightest hint of pressure, a complete lack of dynamism. On a 4th and 8 call in the first half he felt pressure and checked down to a covered receiver at the line of scrimmage. He heard about that on the sideline after. There is just absolutely nothing about his game that makes you want to believe he can be a starter in the NFL. Remember last year when even after a rank bad season he was still being touted as a possible first round pick? Nothing has changed since then. Except nobody refers to him as a first round talent any more. He took a sack to end the first half and you can just tee-off on him — blitz away because you know it’ll work. I wouldn’t even spend a 4th rounder on his services.

None of the quarterbacks did enough to really enhance their stock, which makes this a great week for Matt Barkley and Geno Smith. Barkley didn’t attend as he recovers from a shoulder injury, while Smith just decided not to show. They remain the two quarterbacks most likely to go early in the 2013 draft.

Sylvester Williams had some nice plays and generally played well alongside the dominating Kawann Short. He’s not quite as refined as the other defensive tackles expected to go early and could do with the same kind of conditioning Short has gone through. He can afford to lose a few pounds to increase his quickness and therefore his production.

Datone Jones played defensive end and had some nice pressures. He’s not an explosive edge rusher and he has more success working back inside. The fact he played nearly the entire game at end emphasises how a lack of fit will hurt his stock — no matter how sharp he looks on tape. He’ll be really good value if he’s around in the middle rounds as a Jason Jones type versatile lineman.

Margus Hunt was a big disappointment. He had a hard time even against right tackle Jordan Mills. There were a couple of times when he broke into the backfield, but he really needed to show more. There’s going to be concerns that he’ll struggle with leverage at 6-8 and while he has undoubted physical quality he also has to show a level of readiness considering he’s going to be a 26-year-old rookie. We saw none of that today — he looked inexperienced, lacked explosion and for the most part he was handled easily. You have to feel this week is going to hurt his stock a bit. There was none of the crazy pass-rushing quality we saw in the Hawaii Bowl.

Linebacker Zaviar Gooden had an easy interception of Zac Dysert but flashed great speed and coverage skills. He made me want to go back and watch more Missouri tape. Likewise Sio Moore also warrants some greater attention.

Duke receiver Connor Vernon caught everything, looked good adjusting to some poorly thrown passes and was Mr. Consistent on the day. He lacks game changing physical skills, he doesn’t look particularly strong or fast. His stock is pretty limited but he should get a chance in camp to try and win a job.

Jonathan Cyprien — a safety from Florida International — looks like the real deal. Bacarri Rambo had an interception as per usual. Sudden first-round lock Desmond Tufant was avoided for the most part.

Kawann Short tape vs Notre Dame & Iowa


  1. Cade

    Short really had his motor going today.

    Rob, do you think it was an effort thing or maybe he was getting more one on one opportunities with guys like WIlliams next to him.. ?

    I wonder how badly Hunts draft stock will drop. At the least he can be a kick blocker specialist or something.

    • Rob Staton

      His performance today reminded me of the Iowa game (see the tape) where he was sensational. But then there were games (eg vs Ohio State) where he was mediocre. Every time I watch that Iowa game I get excited about Kawann Short. Then I remember some of the other games he played in 2012. But he pushes the pocket, gets into the backfield. Light the fire and he’s effective. That’s what Seattle needs.

      • Cade

        Any evidence of guys who have inconsistent motors performing better when rotating out for say 35% of the plays?

        Yeah I watched the NotreDame and Iowa games and I thought they were about what we saw at the Senior bowl. Looked like when Short wasnt doubled vs NotreDame he had the same success. Haven’t seen the Ohio State game yet. haha not convinced I want to!

        This does leave me somewhat optimistic about opportunities beyond Floyd and Sheldon at 3 tech.

        • Rob Staton

          It would make sense that a player featuring in less snaps wouldn’t tire so easily. I think a strong pro conditioning plan would help Short more than anything.

          • Attyla the Hawk

            I have said it here before, and I think the tapes bear it out some. Short came into the season with a questionable work ethic. His effort was inconsistent and it was kind of obvious last year.

            I looked at him this year with a focus on blocking out the reputation and just looking at him fresh. And I was much more satisfied with his play last year. I do believe he still suffers the stigma of 2011, but I also firmly believe his effort and dedication to getting better has improved markedly.

            He seemed to disappear against Ohio State. That’s not a terrible team without OL talent. That game aside, if you look at his efforts elsewhere on the season, you’ll see a guy who took a big step forward this year. I’m not as down on him as some are and as I was going into 2012.

            • Rob Staton

              Good insight, thank you.

            • Cade

              Do you think being out of the party atmosphere of a college and in the competitive atmosphere of a Pete Caroll lead locker room would make a big impact in effort for alot of players?

              So basically are players more motivated for success in the NFL vs College? If so do you think the Seahawks locker room specifically fosters high effort?

              I know it varies from player to player.

  2. Aaron

    Since Revis has been considered lately, do you think there’s any chance Pete and John would take Trufant if he’s the clear BPA at #25? From what I’ve read he sounds like a guy that could come in and do really well taking his older brother’s spot.

    • Rob Staton

      It would really depend what pass rush options are left on the board I guess… or whether a Zach Ertz is there perhaps. But you can never have too many good corners or receivers.

      • SunPathPaul

        That would be one bad NFL ouch!, if We got Desmond to replace Markus!! OUCH

        Talk about sibling rivalry! LOL

        • Rob Staton

          Or even making them compete for a start!

          • SunPathPaul

            Holy moly! So true….

            “haha hah… trruuuuu….” (Homer Simpson voice)

  3. Zach

    I heard some good things about Brandon Williams too, he might be the steal of the draft. Ever since I watched Short awhile back I thought the Seahawks should pick him up. The guy is better than anyone I’ve seen at slicing through the line. I agree that he has his strangly slow times but him coming in more fit along with PC pushing him to compete on every play, and being on a playoff caliber team just might start that motor and create a beast. Trufant would fill a much needed role too. If he can be a stellar nickel corner and we picked up a Sparks in the FA market I say it’s worth a look.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve watched coaches tape of one Southern Missouri game and wasn’t that impressed with Brandon Williams given the competition he faced. Today he didn’t stand out. Just looks like a big nose tackle who is hard to shift but ultimately cannot get off a block.

  4. Colin

    I’m really high on Sylvester Williams. He, Star and Sheldon are really the big three in this draft as far as DT’s go. Williams really seems to get that push up the middle consistently, even if he’s not getting the sacks or TFL.

    Richardson has an insane motor and effort. Star L. is just a big SOB and fast for his size.

  5. Mark

    Thanks for the write-up, Rob. Great work as usual. With Short’s performance and the buzz around Sharrif Floyd, I’m feeling a lot better about our prospects of improving at the 3-technique.

    I was surfing the internet looking for some info on prospects before the game, and I saw Pat Kirwan mention a couple of players that sounded as though they could be of interest to Seattle: Brandon Williams at DT out of Missouri Southern and TE Vance McDonald from Rice. Kirwan mentioned that McDonald would be of interest to teams looking to run a lot of two TE sets.

    I hadn’t heard of either of these players until today. Have you seen any tape on either of them? Thanks.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve not see any Vance McDonald or Rice tape this year and having checked none is available at the moment. I’ve watched coaches tape of one Southern Missouri game and wasn’t that impressed with Brandon Williams given the competition he faced. He’s a big dude, moves well for 340lbs. But he can’t get off blocks. I just see a bog standard space-filler until he can learn to counter.

  6. stuart

    Excellent write up Rob. I missed watching the game but your write up has brought me up to speed on all the players of interest for the Hawks, thank you. Regarding DT Short, I dont know anything about his personality or motor but it would could suggest that since he lost weight, (down to 308) he is now able to play full out the whole game due to better conditioning.

    Next thing is about Melton. Think about this, the Seahawks would never let Sherman get away. There is no way that Chicago is going to let Melton get away for the same reasons. Chicago will do what they have to do to sign him, sigh…It’s was fun to dream…

    • Zach

      I agree with your post completely.

    • Rob Staton

      I think you’re probably right about Melton, Stuart. And then that leaves Randy Starks as the only obvious option. Which in turn puts pressure on the draft because they need to find a DT.

  7. PatrickH

    A few observations after watching Kawann Short’s Notre Dame and Iowa game tapes:

    1. Purdue had him lined up at the 1-tech or nose-tackle spot a lot of times. He was generallly not effective at that position. When he had the sacks or TFL, it was almost always from the 3-tech position, one-on-one against a guard.

    2. He was a non-factor during outside runs; didn’t have the speed or effort to chase down the RBs or scrambling QBs.

    3. He was ineffective when stunting outside in a few plays.

    I suspect Kawann Short could be quite effective if he gets to line up next to a Leo in the under front, or between Mebane and Red Bryant (who will absorb the double teams) in the over front. The motivational issue could be a big question though, kind of like Quinton Coples last year.

    • A. Simmons

      I want a guy with a high motor. The position demands a guy that doesn’t quit, ever.

  8. Zach

    Not an expert by any stretch but so far these are my top 30 for the Seahawks:


    1. Sheldon Richardson 
    2. Star Lotulelei 
    3. Jarvis Jones
    4. Dion Jordan
    5. Zach Ertz
    6. Shariff Floyd
    7. Arthur Brown
    8. Cordarrelle Patterson
    9. Xavier Rhodes
    10. Datone Jones
    11. Kawaan Short
    12. Jesse Williams
    13. Alex Okafor
    14. Ezekiel Ansah
    15. De’Andre Hopkins
    16. Markus Wheaton
    17. Khaseem Greene
    18. Tavon Austin
    19. Terrance Williams
    20. Sam Montgomery
    21. Desmond Trufant
    22. Tyler Eifert
    23. Sylvester Williams
    24. Brandon Williams
    25. Justin Hunter
    26. Keenan Allen
    27. Margus Hunt
    28. Jordan Reed
    29. Da’Rick Rodgers
    30. Akeem Spence

    • SunPathPaul

      Good Show.

      Trying in my own way, and Given what picks we have, I would be happy with any off this list:

      R1 – Ertz, Short / Floyd / Ansah, Patterson / Wheaton / Hopkins / Austin
      R2-3 – Greene, Trufant, Reed / Kelce, Hunt, Dobson / Bailey /Davis

      Hard to know enough guys to fill out past 2-3 rounds for me…

      • Zach

        Ya, my list is primarily just for the top 2 rounds.

    • Kenny Sloth

      No Ogletree? He’s my number one choice.

      • SunPathPaul

        He should be on there also… I agree

  9. Michael

    Regarding the “motor concerns”

    Does anyone have an example of a guy who came into the draft with these issues and then suceeded in the NFL? I am of the opinion that effort is not a coachable asset, and if that is a real question mark (as opposed to a conditioning problem) for Short, then I would rather pass.

    This is why Richardson and Floyd are my two most desired players in this draft. Strength and conditioning can be added, moves can be coached, the love of the game and the effort you put into it is something that is developed much earlier in life.

    • Zach

      Maybe a contract with incentives will do. Money is a great motivator.

    • Rob Staton

      Floyd is also in incredible shape and always has been — incredible upside there. Richardson also has the prototype three-tech body. Short looked that way too in the Senior Bowl but has lost weight. Conditioning issues can linger. But I’m sure there have been players with motor concerns who have gone into the league and performed to an expected standard.

    • dave crockett

      I read people question the work ethic of the following DTs during the draft process: John Henderson (J’ville), Pat Williams (Minnesota), Alan Branch (Seattle), Red Bryant (Seattle), BJ Raji (GB), Rocky Bernard (NYG). This is just top of mind.

      Guys get to the league, play with better surrounding talent, get subbed out, and all of sudden it’s not about the motor. Sometimes–not all the time–the motor concerns are lazy.

  10. Zach

    Looks like the garbage QB play at the Senior Bowl might have spiced up Flynn’s stock a little bit. Any thoughts?

    • Rob Staton

      Not necessarily because Glennon showed enough to be intrigued, Manuel’s performance made up for a horrid display by Nassib. Wilson didn’t blow anyone away but could still be a second round pick at worst. Jones has always been garbage. And the two best QB’s — Barkley and Smith — weren’t there.

  11. Phil

    Rob – Regarding the need to improve our pass rush, the focus seems to be on the “name” players from the larger BCS schools. PC and JS like to think outside the box, like picking up Chukwurah — a guy who was the sack leader in the UFL for our last playoff game. With this in mind, are there DTs or DEs at the smaller schools, in Division II, or even in the CFL that we should be thinking about?

    I was underwhelmed at what I saw in the Senior Bowl. At least the hype about Margus Hunt should disappear. He showed no quickness — not surprising in a guy his size.

    • Rob Staton

      Unfortunately Phil I don’t have access to small school tape so it’s hard for me to say. I do have access funnily enough to the CFL but haven’t watched a great deal recently.

      Matthew Elder is a great small school guy I’d recommend following on Twitter –

    • TJ

      There is an old expression in football that the “low man always wins.” Being 6′ 8″ makes it really tough to keep the pads low. I can’t think of very many guys, other than Calais Campbell who have been able to make it work with that types of height. Not saying Hunt can’t do it, but if his technique isn’t great, I see that size combined with a lack of experience as a major disadvantage.

  12. Cysco

    I think the best thing that came out of the Senior Bowl was a solid showing by several offensive linemen. The more players at positions that the Hawks don’t need that do well, the better. With 5-6 offensive linemen making a case for the top half of the draft that’s going to push down some good tallent to the the second half.

    You combine this with some inevitable reaches at QB in the middle of the first round and a player like Ertz, Short, or maybe even Richardson could slip through the crack to the late teen or early 20’s.

    I think #19 is the ceiling for how high the Hawks could realistically trade to. If a player the Hawks want makes it to #19, I could totally see them making a move.

    • Rob Staton

      Great points.

      • Cysco

        Really looking forward to your next mock Rob. I’m curious if you’re going to follow that Floyd rumor and put him in the top-10.

        • Rob Staton

          There’s going to be some changes. Going to mix things around this week.

  13. TJ

    As I read the positives and negatives in Kawann Short’s game I am reminded of two similar players Seattle drafted in the 1st round – Sam Adams and Marcus Tubbs. Adams went on to have a very good career in Seattle and Baltimore. Tubbs showed flashes until a serious injury ended his short career. Neither player was considered to be the top DT available the years they were drafted. I believe it was Bryant Young ahead of Adams and Vince Wolfork ahead of Tubbs. If Richardson and Floyd are not available, I wouldn’t be opposed to drafting Short. Perhaps he could have a similar impact.

    • Mark

      A good call-out on some previous Seahawks DTs, TJ. The thing that is interesting about Adams is that he had the same concerns coming out of Texas A&M that we hear about some of these current prospects – huge talent hampered by inconsistent effort, taking plays off, etc. Obviously it would be foolish to discount those concerns entirely for the current generation, but Adams’ example shows that they can be overcome.

      Tubbs was really an underrated player, a guy who was a key component on defense for the 2005 Super Bowl team. His ability to occupy two blockers at the line of scrimmage – I’d imagine he was more of a 1-tech than a 3-tech – really freed up a lot of the other players on that defense to make plays. Lofa Tatupu’s performance was noticeably affected when Tubbs went down.

      Another guy I’d mention is Rocky Bernard. A 5th round draft pick out of Texas A&M*, Bernard was never a Pro Bowler, but he was very effective as an interior pass rusher, as evidenced by his 8.5 sacks in 2005. I imagine Pete Carroll would gladly take that kind of production today. It’s also another example of a team finding an effective 3-tech in the middle rounds.

      Then there was this guy…

      Forget the draft. Paul Allen should just sink his billions into inventing a time machine so that we can have Tez circa 1992 at DT.

      * Seriously, what is it about Texas A&M D-lineman and the Seahawks? Jacob Green, Adams, Bernard, Red Bryant…that’s a pretty impressive list. I wonder who they have in the draft this year…

  14. Ray graham

    My mock as follows
    1: kawann short dt
    2:margus hunt de
    3: Sean porter olb
    4:Aaron mallett wr
    5a: ray graham rb/kr
    5b: Matt Scott qb
    6: David bass Leo de
    7a: John wetzel ot
    7b: Zachary boran fb/st

  15. Cysco

    Hey Rob, what would your thoughts be on drafting a kicker this year. Would it make sense to look at Dustin Hopkins in the 4th round instead of resigning Hauschka.

    The Hawks ranked pretty low in field goal kicking this year. They tried only 4, 50+yard FGs and made only one of them. They only attempted 5 field goals of 40+ all year wich was second to last in the entire league.

    Kicker probably isn’t a massive need, but it is an area that could be upgraded. Not only would we increase our range to beyond 50yards but we’d save some money over signing a vet.

    It would be nice to have a real weapon in the kicking game to supplement the improving offense.

    • SunPathPaul

      Good idea Cysco! Hauscka is just ok, and we want to be great!

      Rob, I have ZERO kicker awareness… do you follow them at all? Do you like any in particular?

      Which kickers do you think would get us accuracy, PLUS distance?

      I think one of our extra late rounders might be well served here, you??

      • Cysco

        I don’t pay attention to kickers but I do know that Hopkins out of FSU is an absolute stud. He holds the record for most career points for a college kicker at 400ish. This past season he was money, knocking down 24 of 28 attempts including 5 from 50+ and a long of 56 yards. Word is he can drill a 60+ in practice.

        I would love to walk into a game knowing that if a drive stalls around the 40-45 yard line we can just roll our kicker out there for a 50 yard field goal and not think twice about it.

        • SunPathPaul

          Putting him on my list then… 50+ yard FG’s would seriously shift our game strategy…
          We need this!

        • Cysco

          If you want to be impressed, here he is drilling a 60-yard FG in a spring game

          that would have been good from 65. That’s just nuts.

          • SunPathPaul

            That’s impressive! Now I want this guy!

            Hope to hear this on draft day!!
            “Dustin Hopkins taken with the late 5th rounder by the Seattle Seahawks!”

            Let’s get a guy that can kick a 60 harder! …and save a bit of cash!

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t follow the kickers… I remember the ones I see kicking a lot of FG’s for the big teams but it’s hard to really get into scouting those guys.

        • SunPathPaul

          I hear that Rob. Would you though consider it a minor priority to actually be able to not punt at ‘their’ 38-44 yard line? We have a good punter, but 3 sounds much better, eh?

          Would you make this call? Grab a kicker w a leg in the late rounds?
          Might pay off…

          • Michael

            We do really need to upgrade Hauscka, I get nervous on long 40+ tries. So long as the guy can boom it and we don’t spend anything better than R6 I’m on board.

  16. Norm M

    Count ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. among those who’s willing to admit he erred on the grade he gave the Seahawks after they made their selections in last April’s NFL Draft.

    In fact, it seems the line forms behind Kiper, who has given the Seahawks an A in his regarding of the 2012 draft after initially slapping them with a C-minus…….

    This just made my day. Can’t wait for this years draft. Nothing like watching a tool like Kiper eat cror. Thanks for the great site Rob.

    • SeaMEAT

      He will be eating more crow again next year apologizing to the hawks for his inaccurate rumblings

  17. stuart

    Crow, good point! We must improve our kicker! Hawks deserve a stronger leg. We know just how important 3 points can be…

  18. Madmarkus

    I,ve been watching Zavier Gooden from Missouri at the will postion. i was going to draft him at 131 in the 5th round but i thinking i might have to grab him in 4th with the 120th pick. because of his play in the senior bowl, i still think it would be a steal.
    I like Kawann Short and i don’t think he’ll have a motivation problem with atmosphere in Seattle
    but i don’t see him making it to nu 25 and definately not to nu 55 pick. If i was trading up in the 1st rd i be looking for tight end. The Seahawks have never really ever had an outstanding TE.
    Rob we need a Will linebacker where do you feel we should pick one up in this upcoming draft?

    • Rob Staton

      Khaseem Greene looks like a good bet in round two if he’s there. Gooden in the mid-rounds could be a good shout. Could even be R1 if Alec Ogletree and Arthur Brown are on the board.

  19. HardcoreHawk

    I am not a fan of Kawann Short. I don’t feel like he has very much succes pushing the pocket towards the quarterback. He doesn’t seem to have the leg power to pump his legs and bullrush a lineman towards the quarterback. Sometimes he is able to use the linemans weight against him, and kind of push him aside, when he leans too heavily against against Short. I like this ability, but I don’t think he can consistently create pressure without that raw power I am looking for. He isn’t easily moved, but he does not move offensive linemen easily either. I don’t think he will become a dominant passrushing 3 technique at the next level.

    Also, it just seems like he gives up when he is double teamed. I don’t expect him to get pressure against every single double team, but it just seems like he never does. I’d MUCH MUCH MUCH rather have Richardson or Floyd! But they might be long gone, when we get to pick

  20. dave crockett

    Short looks like a guy who “technically” can play the 1-tech, except he’s not good at it. On the other hand, he consistently makes plays at the 3-tech.

    I think DTs are the most consistently misused players at the college level. Few teams have quality tackles or much depth, and guys have to play a lot of snaps and play out of position. Short looks out of position at the 1-tech.

  21. AB

    Rob, curious to see if you’ve watched any Jordan Hill tape or your thoughts on him. Kind of undersized by a few pounds, but a pretty athletic high-motor type of guy. Probably available mid to later in the draft as an option.

    • Rob Staton

      Really, really like him. Sparky little player, quick. Has that ability to leave a lineman for dead in college, flies into the backfield. Decent technique. Only issue is size and it’s why I think he’ll be a R3-4 type. He could get engulfed at the next level. But he’s similar in size to Geno Atkins. So don’t rule this guy out at the next level. I was going to write a piece on him over the next couple of weeks.

      • AB

        Good. Will be glad to read it. I’m a fan as well, gets old hearing guys knocked for Length/height. Kyle Williams from the bills is the same way. Shorter with alligator arms. Helps with leverage. To me the prototype 3-tech DT is 6’1 300ish. He also seems like a decent guy, not a problem type of guy as well. Played pretty well even though supposedly injured for a bit of the year. Looked decent against the Bama o-line, which is always a good sign.

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