Sidney Rice signs a one-year deal with the Seahawks

For me, this doesn’t have much of an impact on Seattle’s draft plans. This is just a classic Seahawks signing. They see an opportunity and they’ve gone for it. The price is right, the move fits.

Yet there’s no getting away from the fact Rice has been an injury prone receiver for some time and he’s recovering from a serious ACL injury. After being cut by the Seahawks he generated very little open market interest. He visited with the Jets today and almost immediately after that trip announced he was re-signing in Seattle.

To me this looks like a situation where he feels the best way to get back on the NFL map is to stay in a familiar environment. His new contract becomes a ‘prove it’ deal. Going to New York to play on a (still) wretched looking offense with Michael Vick and Geno Smith isn’t exactly appealing if he wants to launch a comeback. If the money is pretty similar, of course he’s going to choose Seattle over NYJ.

Clearly Rice commands a ton of respect in Seattle’s locker room and if nothing else the depth at the receiver position is bolstered after the loss of Golden Tate.

However — the commitment here is incredibly minimal. There’s absolutely no guarantee he’ll stay healthy. I’m guessing the financial terms will represent the situation and it’s a one year contract. Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse will both be free agents next year too.

If Rice excels next season he’s going to get paid. If he fails to perform or gets injured again, he probably isn’t re-signing. Either way this looks like a one year contract in the truest sense.

The idea that Rice re-signing ends the likelihood of a receiver being drafted early just seems fanciful.

It’s not just the long term benefit you get for bringing in another young receiver who can grow with this offense. This is also a tremendous receiver class — the type you don’t ignore unless you really have better options on the table.

Are you going to be able to pay Baldwin, Kearse and potentially Rice next year? It’s doubtful, especially in an off-season where Russell Wilson is eligible for a new deal for the first time. They’ve already chosen to give Percy Harvin the big money at receiver, so this is a situation that needs to be managed going forward.

If Joel Bitonio and Morgan Moses are off the board at #32 — and no defensive prospects take a surprising tumble — are you really going to pass on a talented receiver because you have Sidney Rice on a one year contract?

Of course not.

If anything this deal potentially takes some of the pressure off a rookie receiver to have an immediate impact. Seattle redshirted its 2013 draft class for the most part. ‘Wide out’ is a difficult position to learn quickly. If you draft a receiver at #32, you’re getting that player on a rookie contract for five years. Expectations would be low in 2014 with or without Rice.

Now if Bitonio, Moses or another offensive tackle (or defensive prospect) is sitting there at #32 — you’re also not ruing your depth at receiver. You’ve got some options.

Essentially it increases their flexibility in the draft. This is a win-win for the Seahawks and for Rice. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t going to look at receivers at #32 or #64.


  1. JeffC

    This is all good no matter how you look at it.

    • Rob Staton


    • Belgaron

      Depth, options, low risk, high rewards, red zone threat, sideline wizard, it’s all good.

      Method of operation was very Seahawks. Go and find your market value and we’ll match it. Done and done.

    • Michael (CLT)

      Such a good dude to have on a team. He was such a visibly positive force on the team even when injured. I feel PUP is in his future. Maybe he has his Percy Moment next superb owl. One can dream.

      Smiling for all that is right in the world of Seattle football. Right on!

      • Ray bones

        One can only hope theres another ” superb owl” in his future! 🙂

  2. David M

    I think we will see a different Rice this season, he has to earn his money now, see how/if that changes his play any. Remember his crazy year in Minnesota, that was harvins 1st season… Hope to see that next season. And it seems like his knee is doing very well, I’ve been watching his rehab videos and he is looking good

    • Rob Staton

      First and foremost I just hope he can stay healthy for a full year. Even in 2012 he was pretty banged up and appeared to be playing through the pain. Injuries have stalled what could’ve been a pretty fantastic career.

      As for the knee, we have to wait and see what shape it’s in. A lot of WR needy teams like Carolina showed no interest in Rice. That can’t be ignored. I hope he can recapture some of the magic and contribute in 2014.

      • Belgaron

        Carolina passed on a lot of free agent receivers, they are clearly preferring the draft class.

        • Arias

          Gettleman seems like a bonehead in that regard. Putting all his eggs in a basket of rookie wideouts when his team should be poised to be competitive after a 12-4 season makes him appear in over his head. I didn’t know Jericho Crotchery still had a career. He was mediocre playing for the Jets a generation ago in his prime, he’s got to be less than mediocre now.

          • Michael (CLT)

            Here in the QC, the fans are beginning to freak. Steve Smith is as beloved as Steve Largent is in Seattle. Strange times in the QC.

            • Madmark

              Someone that reminds me of a Largent in this draft is Kevin Norwood WR from Alabama. When the play starts to unravel he just knows where to go and get open and I think you could get him in the 5th round.

              • Michael (CLT)

                I love Norwood. Runs a 4.5 forty, stand 6.02 and weighs 200. Dude played in a run first program and started two years against top competition. He needs some work on his routes and getting off the jam, but man, this guy could be great.

    • williambryan

      The Rice we have seen isn’t that bad. Watching the rain city redemption videos, Rice jumps out in a good way. Have to consider that most games, Wilson is only completing about 18 passes, and they are evenly distributed between position groups. So even if he was healthy 100% of the time it would’ve been tough to live up to that contract (same with Miller).

  3. kevin mullen

    Makes WR position interesting to watch. With Rice, it adds needed depth and insurance, maybe even moreso BPA to draft at #32, should we stay. It would also allow us to redshirt a 1st RD WR (if need be) so he can learn the position at the NFL level.

    • Arias

      Or better yet, redshirt any wide receiver regardless of round.

  4. CC

    Exactly right Rob! This move gives the team options.

    • Rob Staton

      It’s a classic Hawks move.

  5. Bryan C

    I think the only thing this rules out is Seattle taking two WR in the draft. Our current WR are now Sidney Rice, Percy Harvin, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse, Chris Mathews, Bryan Walters, Arceto Clark, Phil Bates and Taylor Price. Seattle grades against their own team, so drafting a rookie WR means that the WR would have to be graded above at least Walters or there is no point in drafting the guy because he wouldn’t be projected to make the team. Drafting two WR both of him grade above Walters isn’t likely with some of the other holes we are projected to have in the near future.

    One other thing that this signing says to me is that Seattle strongly believes in their medical staff, to the point that they do not feel signing Rice is a significant risk financially or medically. That also tells me that the team is likely to view the upside worth the risk in signing Jermichael Finley, especially to a one year low dollar contract. Once that is finalized, the front office will have the dollar figures to know how much they can re-sign ETIII and Sherman for.

    • Belgaron

      This is exactly correct about how they grade draft versus team but you have to add the step when they then compare opportunity values. When their turn comes to pick they compare the value per their grading system of the top guy at each position minus what they have on the team and look for the highest differential.

      But the other factor you have to include is what their team priorities are.

      This is why a high talent RB becomes their top pick (albeit at the end of round 2), because they want a continuous flow of high end talent from the RB position for years to come. It’s also why road grade maulers like Carpenter and Moffitt (as they were graded at the time) get drafted higher than other teams might. They have a priority for a strong running game on offense spiced up with game breaking talent in the passing game.

      Rice would have been a major risk at 8.5M (especially given the risk involved in Harvin’s deal) but not so much on this new deal.

    • JamesP

      Not sure I 100% agree Bryan. I agree that the chance of us drafting 2 WRs has reduced, and that the chance of going WR twice relatively early is absolutely minimal now. But when you look at that list of names I think there’s a danger of over-estimating some of the “bottom of the roster” talent in that line-up. Harvin, Baldwin, Kearse and Rice (in that order) are the guys I think are worthy of a place on the 53 with no arguments, but of those 3 are due a new contract next year and 2 are very injury-prone. Matthews, Walters, Clark, Bates and Price are all decent depth, but you’re not telling me they’re not upgradeable. I think you’re probably right, but I could still easily see us going WR early and again on day 3 and either letting the later receiver beat out the competition for a 6th spot or more likely carry 5 receivers and practice squad the rookie.

    • JamesP

      PS we both forgot Lockette – but again I’d say he’s a fringe player (although I have more faith in him developing than the rest of the guys on that list, legal issues allowing).

  6. williambryan

    I imagine Rice would be a tremendous mentor to whichever big WR we hopefully get (Bryant, Coleman, etc.)

    • Belgaron

      He definitely has top level skills and is very well like by his teammates.

  7. SunPathPaul

    This is GREAT! The pressure is off us more so now in the draft, and Sidney gets to roll another year with the Seahawks crew!

    That monster year Sidney Rice had was Percy’s first year – Man I hope it looks like that this year!!!


    If 1 of Chris Matthews or Taylor Price rises up, then with a draft addition we could look pretty deep at WR…now for only one thing—–HEALTH!!!

    If Harvin and Rice stay healthy – watch out!!!
    Great post!

    • David M

      WR corp of Rice, Harvin, Balwdin, Kearse, and Matthews and a draft pick would be nice, and Lockette as a combo WR/Special teams guy…

      How many active WR is too many?? We normally had 5 active right?

  8. Stuart

    Welcome back Sidney!

    Brian C, you forgot Ricardo Lockette…Loved him on Special Teams last year! Hopefully his WR skills advance.

    I don’t think any other additional signings (Jemichael Finley?) should delay contract negotiations with Earl Thomas and Richard Thurman getting resolved hopefully before the draft. At least Earl, PLEASE.

    • Mylegacy

      Stuart – I agree 150% about Lockette. It was clear he’d become completely committed to destroying the ball carrier on special teams. He was quickly becoming a monster. Also late in the season he caught a few contested passes across the middle of the field and looked deadly doing it. The man has very special speed – add a new found vicious streak to it – and we might just be seeing the birth of a serious weapon. I really think the guy is ready to take it to a new level. Another improved tool for the Carroll Tool Box.

  9. Stuart


  10. Brad

    I don’t think the signing of rice will alter our draft board/team needs much. If anything having a veteran presence at the wr position opens up the draft more at the position. We now have the freedom to draft a less polished and more raw/talented prospect. Ceiling will be more important than nfl readiness.
    I am now more in favor of taking Kelvin Benjamin and using him in a more limited role, a Leo on the offensive side of the ball. He could get 25 receptions with 8+ TDs and I’d be fi e with that, for his rookie year.

    • Belgaron

      I actually think the more comfortable they are with their in-house options, the more likely it will be for them to move down if they get a reasonable offer. Granted that wanting to and having a trade partner are different stories.

  11. House

    The WR corps is going to be DEEP and hard to crack. We currently have 10 WRs on the roster and we only typically carry 5-6.

    The LOCKS to make the roster…
    Harvin, Baldwin and Kearse

    Fighting for 3 roster spots
    Rice, Matthews, Lockette, Walters, Bates, Clark, Price and ROOKIE

    I’m hoping Bitonio is there @ #32!

    • Belgaron

      It really wouldn’t be much of a fight for Rice IF he’s healthy. He wins that fight hands down.

      • House

        While I agree that Rice is closer to a LOCK, he will still need to be healthy and compete. The interesting battle will be Lockette, Matthews, Rookie and gang fighting for 2 spots

    • hawkfaninMT

      I would not surprised to see them PUP Rice, even if mostly healthy. This would give him an extra 3-4 months of recovery for his knee, and increase the likelihood of him being available down the stretch. Along with giving an opportunity to a younger player to prove themselves and gain some experience.

      • House

        This is exactly what I was just thinking. In that regard, Harvin, Baldwin and Kearse, ALONG with Lockette, Matthews and a Rookie make the roster.

        Lockette showed some receiving abilities in late ’13 and was a STUD on ST. I’m assuming Matthews/rookie will be getting ST reps in as well.

        When Rice returned healthy, I’m guessing Lockette/Matthews would see the door (barring any injuries).

        • Jim Q

          Am I the only one that feels “uncomfortable” with Lockette’s and Kaeperdick’s multiyear friendship, where they get together in the offseason and smoke weed, party, etc.? Could Lockette pass along important Seahawks information? Is it worth that potential risk to keep him, especially if they draft a big fast guy with higher upside?

          • Davison Phipps

            I would imagine Kaep would have more to pass on than Lockette. Besides, the 49ers have been signing ex Hawks for years, to little benefit.

            • House

              I personally am not too worried. Lockette being a ST gunner and not a Top-tier WR doesn’t scare me.

              I highly doubt when they are hanging out and partying they are talking about their teams and/or playbooks.

          • germpod

            It bothers me as well! If it was any other person he was hanging out with it would not bother me nearly as much.

  12. Don

    Kelvin Benjamin looks intersting but he is too fat and slow. I read somewhere that Benjamin could be another Mike Williams (Seahawks WR) who ate himself out of WR position. He might end up as a TE in a few years.

    • David M

      i don’t think he is fat at all, i read somewhere he has like 4% body fat. he is just a big man!

      • Don

        Yes, I read the same thing, but looking at him I have a hard time believing he has only 4% body fat. I would have to see him without his shirt on. If he were faster I think he might be worh the gamble at #32, but as it is I would not risk. it. I prefer more of a sure thing in the first round.

        • David M

          I think he can be an Alshon Jeffory 2.0 Alshon had the same concers, drop passes, inconstitant routes, etc.. Page dropped into the 2nd, look where he is now, one of the most sure handed WRs in the NFL.

          I Just have a feeling that’s how Benjamin is going to turn out.

          • Kenny Sloth

            Alshon WAS fat.

    • Mattk

      6’5, 250 lbs at 4% body fat…according to Kelvin Benjamin lol. Seriously, if you’ve seen this guy you know he’s not fat. He’s a monster in a good way.

      • Mattk

        should read 240 pounds

      • Curt

        Totally agree and I for one would be ecstatic seeing him go to the hawks in the 1st. Living here in Florida I have seen him play (every week) and he is the difference maker in the game. Just like when I watched Percy in the Gator games. They both tilted the field. Whoever the Hawks select in the 1st or 2nd I know and have faith the coaches will coach these guys up.

        • Curt

          Oh, and I really would hate to see him drafted by the 9ers. He would make Crab look pedestrian and make our life more difficult.

  13. Tien

    I’ve always liked Rice and felt that if it wasn’t for all his injuries, he would have been a dangerous WR for us. So I’m happy with this re-sign but I totally agree with your assessment Rob. With this deep WR draft and our need for a long-term cheap starter opposite Harvin, this re-signing only provides us a little more flexibility with our first two picks as to when we get that young WR and hopefully, also allows us to not have to rush the rookie in his development. I’ll be very interested to see what players are available at #32.

  14. James

    WR is the position with the far largest failure rate in R1. About 60% of R1 O linemen are contributing to their original team six years after they were drafted. For WRs, the number is only 25%. More than twice the risk to draft a WR. This move will indeed allow whichever WR the Seahawks draft to redshirt. If Rice is as healthy as everyone says, he will be the 4th WR, and the 5th probably won’t even play unless there is an injury. Lockette may be kept for his special teams play. Matthews has tremendous potential. All this means is that the Seahawks are going to have to really, really be in love with a WR to select him in R1, but given the talent pool, that is entirely possibly, though less likely than the elite defender who happens to fall (Shazier), or the plug and play O lineman (Bitonio, Moses, Su’a-Filo).

  15. EranUngar

    This is HUGE. A healthy Rice is a know experienced quality receiver. Tall, dedicated blocker with a huge catch radius, great hands and a leader in to locker room. Being cleared for football on April also means a rather full off season and being ready for opening day. Just look at the 2012 highlights film and you’ll remember what Rice can be. Rice and Harvin are a top receiving due. Add Baldwin and Kearse and you have a top 10 WR group that can withstand an injury.

    Does it mean no WR in the draft – certainly not. Does it effect the draft – of course it does.

    With Rice and Chris Mathews we have a quality competition for that tall 6-4 outside guy that will yield at least one ready to play. With Harvin drawing attention it will open up the field for everyone.

    Yes, we’ll get a WR. It may be only on the 2nd day and it will probably be BPA receiver rather then chasing for the elusive tall end zone target. He could be more of a raw potential and will not be needed to step in at September.

    In short, life is GOOD. The sun is shinning, Bitonio/Moses and we are good to go.

    • DoubleJ

      I agree 100% re: it’s impact on the draft – this allows us to avoid reaching at WR in the first two rounds whereas we might have been tempted to do so before this

      Really good signing – glad to have him back regardless of the injury history

  16. red

    Huff from Oregon is coming in for workout I am thinking fourth on him. If we trade down and get another 3RD maybe Moncrief or Ellington will be there. Huff is a decent punt returner as well maybe a need we need to fill. Morgan Breslin coming in for work out as well 6’1 240 4.6 forty kind of small for a LEO maybe a SAM conversion?

  17. Cbr1969

    I still see Seattle doubling up at the Wr/Ol/De positions in the draft. Kelvin Benjamin will probably drop to Seattle at pick 32 but with his recent act of laziness it should be interesting to see if Seattle takes him or waits until the second for someone like Moncrief, Landry, Latimer. If that is the case Bitonio seems like a nice fit. I wouldn’t mind taking kareem Martin, Kelsey quarles, juwuan James either depending on what happens with 32. I’m guessing a second ol would be chosen with one of the latter picks.

    I also see SF looking for a lb with their first, Minnesota going after Bortles and Arizona selecting Bridgewater.

    Time will tell.

    • hawkfaninMT

      I have not heard much about Landry since the LSU pro-day where he supposedly “had a rough day.” Apparently improving on some of your combine times is a bad thing?

      Where is his current stock these days? Did he really have that bad of a day that he could be available in the 4th?

  18. DoubleJ

    Great move to bring rice back – definitely adds to WR flexibility and hopefully puts us in even better position to go for best player available

    Here’s my current hopes about what we do in the first two rounds

    Please please please take someone unless it is 1000% clear the value isn’t there – OL
    Great pick if we can find the value to fill near-term needs – DE/LEO, WR
    I can be convinced on these positions if we get a ridiculous value dropping to us to cover 2015 and beyond needs – CB, LB, DT

    Would be swell if we could trade down from 32 somehow – that’s still my hope

  19. Nolan

    Saw a mock the other day the had us taking BITINO 32, and Colemen 64 that would be a great combo Sidney rice signing means we wouldn’t need immediate production from Colemen, but he would be availble as a big body if Rice can’t make it through the season.

    • House

      I would love those 2 picks. Coleman would have time to absorb the playbook. He wouldn’t be pressured into performing right away (which seems to stunt WR growth).

      I’m also interested to see if Matthews makes the 53-man… He could learn a lot from Sidney Rice. CM is about an 1′ taller/10+ heavier and frame-wise looks thicker than Rice.

      • Don

        Wow, Matthews is 1′ taller than Rice? Having a 7′-4″ WR would be great.

        • House

          Thanks for jumping on that!

          Correction… 1″

          I personally wouldn’t take a 7’4″ WR. Knees would be horrible!

  20. EranUngar

    I have decided to make a life style choice – I will continue to have my hopes up.

    It started 2 and a half years ago when in spite of the harsh lessons learned as a seahawks fan for over 3 decades I felt that a very special team is being created. I predicted a breakout year in 2011 and 9-10 wins. From that point it only got better. After a few games at the beginning of 2012 i started telling anyone who would listen that the 2013 season will end by winning the SB and even placed a 100$ bet on it in Vegas. I will not change it now by not letting my hopes rise to high.

    So, here goes –

    Either a healthy Rice or a healthy Harvin are an upgrade over Tate. Both healthy together with Baldwin Kearse and a more seasoned Luke Wilson is a scary top 5 target list. Even when playing hurt at the first 8 games of 2013 Rice managed to post 15 catches of over 15 ypc for a total of 231 yards and 3 touchdowns. Can you tell me which rookie receiver picked at 32nd and playing against NFL corners will post those number on his first 8 games?

    Hence, my hopes are very very high with Rice and Baldwin on board. I chose to believe they will both be healthy for most of year after a year of rest and rehabilitation. I chose to believe that their obvious talent with a healthier OL and a year older RW will be scary good.

    All that is left is to get a few cherries on top of the whipped cream in the draft. Since winning a SB is no longer such a novelty lets go for the perfect 19-0 season. It’s a noble target to aim for.

    • Colin

      Not sure I agree with Rice over Tate. Rice had many, many games where he disappeared. Makes big time catches, but not a ton of them.

      • House

        your last comment is why determining a WR’s true worth in this offense is hard to gauge. Russell Wilson averaged a total of 25 attempts/game in 2013 (completing 16). That isn’t too many balls to go around.

        Golden Tate’s role seemed so much more prominent because of his contributions on ST as well.

  21. CA

    I remember the Sidney Rice catch across the goal line in Chicago and am really glad we signed him. Can’t have enough 6`4″ guys that sell out for a W like that on your roster.

    Thank you again Rob for all of this

    • House

      Rice took a NASTY hit! I remember Anthony McCoy trying to help pull Rice up and the training staff shoved him. GUTSY catch knowing he was not in a good spot to protect himself

  22. coachmattson

    Makes me hope now that we go with the tackle from Nevada at 32 and then Coleman or Bryant at 64 – he can develop behind and learn from Rice and then also be put in certain packages to take advantage of his speed and play making ability. Then get our nickel cb in the 4th, Reynolds or Seisay and I’d say that would be a great beginning of the draft for us. Any thoughts? Do you agree or would you rather see the Hawks go a different direction than OT, WR, CB in 1, 2, and 4? Thanks and Go Hawks!

    • EranUngar

      OT, WR, DL…then CB, LB in the 5th to prepare for 2015. Add 2 BPAs at 6th and 7th.

  23. AlaskaHawk

    Should we trade Turbin for LaMichael James with SF? Guess he is on the trading block and we hardly use Turbin.

    • Rock

      No Thanks. James is on the block because Lattimore is apparently all healed up. James is owned 900K for the coming year and $1m next year. He will mostly sit the bench behind Gore and Lattimore. They are hoping to just salvage something out of it since this years crop of RB’s is weak. Turbin is bigger and cheaper.

    • David Ess

      I wouldn’t mind LMJ for a PR but something about trading with division teams makes me nervous, and i doubt the Niners would want to trade him to us.

      • Miles

        Yeah, why would the Niners trade a third string runningback for another third string runningback? They’d be better off looking for a 6th or 7th round draft pick and cutting their losses. And to trade with your worst enemy is never an option.

        • AlaskaHawk

          They already got 11 picks (?) – Surely that is enough. As for who you trade with- it hardly matters when your just unloading someone. As a fan I hate San Francisco but as a business it’s just a trade.

  24. Yay

    Very happy about this signing- Rice is one of my favorite players! Rob, would be curious who you think compares most closely to Sidney stylistically in this draft..

  25. Kory

    Good article. I agree that we aren’t really “committed” to Rice as much as a lot of people might think. Rice is going to have to prove himself all over again to make the team.

    I think the best route to go would be to PUP him to start that when when he does get on the field he’s as close to 100% as possible. In the mean time we could be getting a feel for guys like Mathews, Lockette and whoever we draft.

    Basically i’d like to see Marshawn and Sidney take it easy through the regular season, that way both are refreshed and healthy for the playoff push. That would allow the younger guys to transition into bigger roles, and make the eventual transition away from Rice and Lynch a lot smoother.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I like your plan for keeping our veterans healthy for the playoffs. We hardly even used Michael last year, give him some playing time while he is still on his rookie contract.

      • Kory

        Geez, apon re-reading what I wrote i’m surprised you understood what I was saying.

        Yea, the idea would be that there wouldn’t be that big of a drop off or learning curve when Lynch leaves. I feel like Lynch will only be with us this year and then we will have to move on from him. There are just too many good young players that need to be locked up (Wilson and Wagner being at the top of the list) to pay Lynch 8M+ next year. I mean, if there was nobody behind Lynch that would be one thing, but we’re stacked at running back. I think Spencer Ware could even give us some valuable carries if need be. We pretty much have 3 hungry dogs(with fresh legs) waiting to be fed the rock.

        We’re in good shape my friend.

  26. Steve Nelsen

    I like the Rice signing a lot. Several of you have already commented on the low-risk, high-reward nature of the signing. But, one of the reasons I like it is that it gives us another option instead of Ricardo Lockette. I don’t think smoking pot with some Niners buddies is what PC had in mind when he challenged the team to have a championship off-season.

  27. Mattk

    Mattk says:
    April 16, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    I’m guessing today’s mock has a receiver at 32? 😉 Latimer?

    Nailed it! Haha. The more I’m seeing of Latimer the more I like him. His hands are as good as I’ve seen out of this receiver class and I’ve seen almost all of the top 4 round guys.

    • Mattk

      Oops wrong thread. Damn 2am posting

  28. Madmark

    If the draft started off like this then I have to go with
    Cody Latimer
    Ja’Wuan James
    I don’t think this will happen so I’m going to stick with my regular draft
    Joel Bitinio T/G Neveda
    Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss, everyone is so hyped about Latimer this guys a steal at 64.
    Ed Stinson DE/DT Alabama, built like McDaniels
    Antone Exum CB Virginia Tech
    Zack Moore DE/Leo Concordia(MN) Drooling athletic ability
    Marquise Flowers OLB/SS Arizona
    Eric Shultz T/G Utah St.

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