Updated mock draft: 17th April

Jadeveon Clowney should be the #1 pick in the draft.

Is he a can’t miss pick like Andrew Luck in 2012? No. Are there some concerns about his attitude in college and whether he truly wants to be great at the next level? Sure.

But it only takes one revision of the tape to remember just how exciting Clowney is. Especially if he’s going to be gifted J.J. Watt as a striker partner in Houston.

I went back and had a look at a couple of 2013 games this week and even in a disappointing final college season, you can see the potential with Clowney. The Texans spent years trying to beat Peyton Manning. Now they have to try and beat Andrew Luck.

Clowney + Watt is the solution.

Houston might actually be quite comfortable knowing there’s 2-3 QB’s they’ll be willing to take at #33. Are they really much better off reaching for Blake Bortles with the #1 pick compared to selecting Zach Mettenberger, Tom Savage, A.J. McCarron, Logan Thomas or even Teddy Bridgewater (if his fall from grace is legit) at #33?

Is there a threat teams will move up ahead of them? Absolutely. But that threat existed in 2011 when Cincinnati waited on Andy Dalton and still got their man. Or in 2012 when Seattle sat tight and got Wilson.

We always expect teams to move up for that elusive QB — and it rarely happens. The last time a team traded back into the first round to grab a quarterback was in 2007 when Cleveland moved up for Brady Quinn. Seven years have since passed.

And honestly, how likely is it a team will want to trade up anyway?

In the projection below Jacksonville, Minnesota and Cleveland get quarterbacks early (Manziel, Bortles and Carr). Oakland appears to be in some kind of ‘doomed-to-fail’ win-now mode, so a project quarterback in round two seems unlikely.

So who’s jumping Houston to get a QB? I can’t see any obvious candidates in this weeks mock. The Texans could have their pick of the second tier quarterback prospects.

They could theoretically leave the draft with Clowney and Bridgewater.

But don’t rule out Mettenberger or Savage either.

Here’s this weeks projection:

So what about the Seahawks at #32?

Joel Bitonio’s off the board at #27 to New Orleans. Morgan Moses is long gone to Miami at #19. If the intention is to go offensive tackle in round one, the options aren’t great in this mock. Not unless you’re willing to take a sizeable gamble on Cyrus Kouandjio’s health or reach for a player like Ja’Wuan James or Antonio Richardson.

Guard is a trendy pick for the Seahawks among national pundits. I don’t see this team drafting a pure guard in round one. A versatile tackle who can kick inside? Sure. But not a guy who can only play guard.

No defensive players suffered a surprising fall. Anthony Barr goes at #16 to Dallas, while Ryan Shazier goes to Green Bay at #21. Ra’Shede Hageman ends up in Arizona at #20. For me, Kony Ealy and Dee Ford will be lucky to stick in round two. Both players are overrated. Even a wildcard option like Demarcus Lawrence is off the board at #30 to the Niners.

In this projection I don’t see any reason to fight taking a receiver — even following the addition of Sidney Rice. Mel Kiper is putting out a new mock today and in the next couple of days we’ll look at what’s available at #32 (as we did with Todd McShay last week). In Kiper’s mock there might be a tackle or defensive player at #32 that is really appealing.

Not in this mock, though.

In light of the Rice news it’d be very easy to work out a way for a different player to fit at #32. Yet the idea of these mocks — at this time of the year — is to go through possible scenarios. The draft isn’t necessarily going to play out in favour of the team picking last in round one. We should prepare for that.

For me Cody Latimer is a really exciting prospect. Big time athlete, ideal size/speed, extremely strong and reliable hands, terrific run blocker (the best in this receiver class). He visited Seattle on Tuesday and seeing him in that Seahawks cap brought back visions of Christine Michael’s trip a year ago.

He’s pretty much everything I think they want in a big receiver. He’s an elite athlete, he wins contested passes down the sideline, he high points the football and he can play on special teams. He’s physical enough to shield Darqueze Dennard for a redzone touchdown — that play alone was one of the more impressive I’ve seen by a receiver this year. It wouldn’t shock me at all if he was given a very generous grade by the Seahawks.

The one area he can improve — creating separation — will put some teams off. An offense that relies on timing and getting open will see superior alternatives — such as Donte Moncrief (crisp into his breaks) or even Martavis Bryant. But a team like Seattle that is happy to take shots and actually wants to challenge its receivers to win jump balls and dominate the red line won’t be overly concerned by this. He excels when battling for the football.

Rice re-signing would take some of the pressure off Latimer to have an instant impact. He could still contribute without needing to be a key immediate starter. And with Rice, Doug Baldwin and Jermaine Kearse all prospective free agents in 2015 — planning for the future wouldn’t be a bad idea.

I actually think they’ll be lucky if he’s there at #32. This mock is a lucky projection for the Seahawks. Be excited about this possibility. Latimer’s legit.

I think they would take the best offensive tackle or defensive prospect at #64 in this situation. I can’t help but feel the Tennessee duo of James and Richardson would be in play, but it’s a fairly deep class of offensive linemen.

Here’s another Latimer game (vs Missouri, 2013) to flick through and it’s not listed on Draft Breakdown:


  1. Colin

    If Houston could take Clowney so we don’t have him to deal with in the NFC… that’d be great. Still mystified how Blake Bortles can actually be in the conversation as #1 overall. Wouldn’t take him until at least 10 or 15, IMO.

    • Kyle N

      I agree – keep Clowney out of the NFC. That’s the best division for him to go as well considering we just finished playing them last year and won’t play them again for a couple years.

      • Miles

        In my opinion there’s no way Clowney goes to the Rams at No. 2 even if Houston passes on him. The Rams have Robert Quinn and Chris Long and don’t use any kind of rotation with their D-ends. So there is little need to take Clowney even if he is the best player in this draft. I think it would be silly for the Rams to pass on Greg Robinson, but it seems they might trade back if they can swing it.

        I also think it’d be silly for the Tezans to pass on Clowney. How can you say no to a Clowney-Watt combination? It’s a defensive coordinator’s wet dream and an offensive coordinator’s wet pants after he pees ’em. ūüėõ Also the quarterback options shouldn’t be too bad at 33; why wouldn’t they just wait to see if a Derek Carr or Teddy Bridgewater is there; even a Zach Mettenberger would be far more valuable to me than drafting Blake Bortles first overall when they could have Clowney.

  2. AlaskaHawk

    For months I’ve been saying our first pick should be a wide receiver. Then you go and change my mind with arguements for Bitonio and Shazier. Just when I agree with you – bamm. You are back to picking a wide receiver. I’m spinning like a top. Nice mockup Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      WR, OT or the best defensive player available. That’s what it comes down to for me.

      • CC

        I laugh when I see a guard as our pick at 32 – obviously these guys don’t know about Bowie and Bailey.

        • Robert

          …and Carp, the road grader in a contract year, 1st healthy off-season ever, work’n PC’s Championship off-season program for Greatness and already lost 20 pounds. I wonder if PC and Cable thought to incorporate some drills that would improve his foot speed and lateral agility? Yeah, Carp and the OL are gonna have a great year is my prediction! Beast game back to 2012 numbers!

    • Arias

      I think just about all of us are pulling for Bitonio. But the reality is that he’s not exactly under the radar anymore if he ever was at all and there’s a good chance by #32 he’ll be gone. So it makes sense that contingency planning under a no-Bitonio scenario is that wide receiver will provide more bang for the buck in the 1st round than the remaining linemen.

      This mock seems a bit off though with Dennard as the only CB off the board. If Gilbert’s there for the corner starved niners at #30 I would bet they’d treat it like they struck gold.

      • James

        Either 4 or 5 corners, and 2 safeties, go in R1, almost for certain. Rob is exploring various scenarios for our edification, and the only semi-reasonable way he can have Shazier, Hageman, Bitonio and Moses off the board is by dropping virtually all the CBs into R2. This will not happen. A number of teams are in an absolutely desperate need for CBs, and at least 4 will go before #32. That is why at least 3 of Moses, Bitonio, Shazier, Hageman, Benjamin and Latimer will be available for the Seahawks.

      • kevin

        I have to disagree. I could live with Bitonio but I am pulling for a tall WR. Let Cable work his magic of turning late round picks into gold. The whole point of going zone is that you can do it with late picks.

        • Arias

          But a tall wide receiver can be had after the first round. An offensive lineman of Bitonio’s caliber, not so much. Cable’s ‘magic’ didn’t really do a whole lot for the team during the stretch of half the season last year when Wilson was left chewing dirt. Cable’s magic isn’t going to conjure up a competent left tackle replacement should Okung stay true to form and not be able to stay healthy throughout the season. There’s no substitute for top tier offensive line talent when you’ve got the immediate need.

          • Madmark

            I thought Tom Cable did a hell of a job with What he had and what they drafted 2 7th round picks in bowie and sweezy and a UDFA in Bailey. I agree they probably get 2 more OL in the draft maybe a top guy like a Bitinio and a low guy like Eric Schultz in the 7th or a UDFA. I imagine that a superbowl winner has a better chance to sign UDFA’s.

  3. williambryan

    There was a Pauline tweet today that suggested the Seahawks (and Baltimore and SF…) are very high on Easley (DT, Florida), like in the 2nd round high. That seems to be much higher than most have considered giving his injury status. What would you think about Easley at 64 if it happened? Have to assume that would be a scenario where the options at OT and/or WR are not ideal?

    • Rob Staton

      Easley is a monster and would be a top-20 pick if healthy. It’d be a gamble considering he already has two ACL injuries — but when he’s on the field he just dominates. Fantastic prospect.

      • Trudy Beekman

        Easley in contention for #1 overall if he had no ACL history. With 2 non-contact ACL tears and us already re-signing Bennett (which is the type of player Easley would be), I don’t know that it’s worth the gamble at 32 if your WR is there. Him getting red-shirted in SF like they did with Tank and Lattimore is absolutely terrifying.

        Really any team that can afford to RS a player and believes his knees will hold up (he did bounce back from the first ACL better and faster than before) is getting a Clowney-like talent with the tape to back it up IMO.

        • Miles

          I’m really not scared of the 49ers after this year. Therefore if they redshirt a first year player, they won’t be getting him on the field until after their steep decline in 2015. The reason I think they will have this steep decline is because they have big contracts coming up for basically the whole core of the team: Colin Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree and Aldon Smith. Whether they re-sign Kaepernick or not they are pigeon-holed in a bad situation. Kaepernick is going to demand upwards of $15 million/yr. Doing this would handcuff the 49ers salary-cap wise to a quarterback who will never be elite (his numbers stay true to this sentiment). If they decide not to pay him and retain the salary cap space, they are without a starting-caliber quarterback, period. So good luck to them on finding a new one (seriously).

          Crabtree will demand a lot of money and while I think the 49ers will find a way to keep him, he will come at a price. I don’t see the 49ers keeping Aldon Smith though and he’s really a titanic reason why their defense has been so good the previous few years. I just think his sacks to arrests ratio is getting too even to ignore any longer.

          Finally, the 49ers are a much older team than us and they are spending far more dollars on positions like linebacker for aging (although pro bowl-caliber) players. The Seahawks seem to cultivate a developing ground for certain positions the way the Niners (as well as most other teams) cannot match.

          • SHawn

            We had JEsse WIlliams and THarold SImon redshirt a year on IR.

            Farty-whiners had TAnk CArradine and MArcus LAttimore redshirt a year on IR.

            THey copy us on EVERYTHING.

          • Arias

            Kaepernick’s already demanding a lot more than 15 mil a year. His contract negotiations that were just tabled have been consistently reported to be in the 19 million annual range.

            That being said I think you’re way underestimating him when he’s already proven to be one of the best in the league at his position. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be commanding a 19 mil a year contract. Nor does it make sense to assume he won’t continue to improve just like it wouldn’t make sense to think Wilson won’t continue to improve. His work ethic is not in question, as it’s positively Wilson-eque. He’s up at the crack of dawn and the first person into the facilities, his conditioning is immaculate. I see no reason to think he won’t continue to stay neck and neck with RW’s development to make for a fantastic long term intra-division rivalry. It’s hard to think the hawk fans that write him off have spent the requisite time bothering to understand just how good he is.

            Your criticism of their big contracts coming up is just as applicable to the Seahawks. You could replace Kaepernick, Crabtree, and Aldon Smith in your critique with Wilson, ET3, and Sherman and it would make just as much sense.

            Bottom line is that with a ton of picks they’re well positioned to replace their aging stars from the fountain of the draft. Their track record on later round picks isn’t as impressive as the hawks, but their current regime has hit more often than the hawks have in rounds 1-3. So long as Kaepernick continues to develop I think writing off the niners would not only be premature but utterly foolish.

            • Miles

              I’m not writing them off so much as I’m looking at the predicament they’re in. To me, Kaepernick is not worth his price tag (if you’re looking at it in a vacuum). He’s athletic, his game is multi-faceted and he does put up solid numbers. In fact you’re right, they’re right up there with Russell Wilson. But we’re talking about a guy who’s still really immature. To me, he doesn’t have the leadership qualities Russell Wilson has. In the NFC Championship game, besides doing nothing almost the whole game, he made a bonehead throw on the final play. Although Sherman made a great play, Kaepernick has no business making that throw, and a smart quarterback would never throw that. Then Kaepernick defended the throw after the game. Come on, it was a bad decision. So the 49ers are tied up in paying him $19+ million a year? I don’t think that’s ideal at all. I think that’s a lot of cap to invest in a guy who, because of his smarts or lack thereof, won’t put the game on his shoulders and win a Superbowl.

              But the 49ers probably will pay him, because the alternative is to go searching for another starting quarterback. Kaepernick looks the part with what he can do physically. He would be elite if he had a good head on his shoulders but, I don’t think he does. When you combine that with the fact the 49ers are in the top 10 oldest average-age teams in the league, you can see that there’s a window for them and it’s closing on being a dominant NFC power. The Seahawks have contracts expiring, yes, but they also have young talent to replace those.

              Also, the big money the Seahawks are paying, which will eat up all the cap room, are for proven players that are the core of the team; the players the Seahawks have counted on to win games over and over again. I think Michael Crabtree is a good player but I don’t think he adds many wins to the Niners schedule. Last year, SF won without him until he returned. And, despite Aldon Smith’s importance to their strong defense, he’s criminalized himself out of a big contract with the 49ers. On top of the Chris Culliver situation and the talks of Harbaugh being traded to Cleveland, SF is stirring poison soup right now and they’re in for a fall. Whether it’s a long fall or not, the 49ers won’t have to fall far to get behind the Arizona Cardinals who are about to be the new 2012 Seahawks.

              • JeffC

                I don’t think Kaepernick is as good as Wilson, nor are his numbers are as good. With that said, he has a higher upside because of his insane athletic ability, but that doesn’t mean he’ll reach it. When an offensive coordinator limits his offense to “one read and go” that is a weakness that he has to overcome and not every qb can do it. The niners believe he can else they wouldn’t be talking extension right now. It’s still a risk, because he might not get past that, but that’s the way the ball has bounced for them in his contract year. They really have little choice but to work out an extension and hope he rounds out his game. If he does, he will be a scary, dynamic qb who is a frightening weapon and the way seattle played him in the second half of the NFC championship will be a lot harder to do.

                I would rather have Wilson, and right now, he’s better. But Kaepernick’s upside remains insane and that’s what they’re still banking on. If he gets 15-19 mill/year and plays like he has the last two seasons, I don’t think they’ll think they got their money’s worth, especially as the nucleus around him gets weaker by virtue of age and impossible contracts, and they need him to do much more for the offense.

              • Arias

                As far as defending the throw that led to Sherman’s deflection, sure in the heat of the moment but what he says isn’t really important. It’s what he does, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be thinking twice about challenging Sherman again anytime soon. Actually I’d be shocked if he does. Even if his ego was disposed to get the best of him that he would make that throw again, you don’t think former QB and coach Harbaugh would wouldn’t reel him in and ask him wtf did he think he was doing?

                So yeah, we’ll see how it plays out but if Kaep continues to make bonehead throws like that next season than he’s hit a stunt in his development but I don’t think we will. These sorts of things are really easily correctable. Just don’t make a throw to Sherm’s side.

                The “one read and go” shortcoming is a pretty common phenomenon among mobile QBs that I also see as eminently correctable. Lots of them have that problem early before they learn to calm down in the pocket. Mark Brunell played like that exclusively when starting for the Huskies and early in Jax. Steve Young too, who will no doubt provide mentorship to Kaep. I just don’t see it as the obstacle some here are making it out to be. 19 mil a year says the niners are reasonably confident he’ll figure it out.

                • Miles

                  I want to put it simply despite all these arguments in favor of Kaepernick’s future. Of course he’s a quarterback with high upside, and could develop into an elite QB, BIG IF he corrects his mental game. But no one finds it ideal to pay any quarterback $19+ million when he’s only started 20-something games and hasn’t won a Superbowl. Those kinds of contracts are typically reserved for SB winning QBs (Flacco, Eli, Peyton, Brady, Big Ben) and those franchises fall from their pinnacle almost without fail after that. Look at the teams who have doled out these contracts to non-SB winning QBs: Dallas, Chicago. These teams are now, to quote Richard Sherman, Mmmmediocre, Mmmediocre. And that’s at best.

                  • Arias

                    Sure, I understand that. But it’s not so much the SB ring that makes the difference. It’s questionable whether Flacco should have received such a contract though it would have been hard to deny it to him being in the supreme negotiating position he was in after winning the SB. He was also really only one play short of having a ring himself, it’s not like it was beyond reach even if it was beyond execution.

                    And what are we really talking about in terms of difference between the 19 mil being negotiated and what he’s really worth relative to how he’s playing right now? 6 mil a year maybe? Enough to consume the salary for a strong starter at another position but hardly insurmountable and that’s only if he doesn’t improve.

                    Theoretically, the niners could just let him play out the ’14 season and franchise him if/when he shows improvement. They’ve tabled the contracts for now after it was reported negotiations weren’t going well, plus the off field issues might have had some impetus to that. If he does sign the big contract and doesn’t improve that will no doubt hamper their ability to be competitive to win it all. But I just find that outcome as unlikely as thinking Wilson won’t continue to improve. I haven’t seen anything to make me think he’s incapable of ironing out the problems he has shown. He was outstanding in the final half of the season last year.

          • JeffC

            I think the biggest problem they face is the eventual retirement of Justin Smith. He’s like a modern day Howie Long on that defense and I just don’t see Tank Carradine doing everything that he does. Also, if they hold true to what the rumors say and sit Aldon Smith for the year, and let’s say Bowman doesn’t come back till midseason and then plays at a 75% level while he still heals…I don’t care how good the other lb’s are, that defense will be impacted even with Justin Smith in his last year.

  4. Jarhead

    This has nothing to do with the Seahawks, but do you really see Detroit going for Aaron Donald when they already have Fairley, Suh, and Ansah? That is a TON of guaranteed money tied up in the D line, especially when Suh is extended. Especially when they are weak at LB CB AND S

    • Rob Staton

      I see it because Donald is worthy of the pick. There isn’t a safety or corner on the same level as Donald. Fairley is a bust — they’ve chosen not to take the 5th year option on his contract. He’s a free agent in waiting. Donald is good enough to be drafted by a team without a major need at DT. He’s a stunning prospect.

  5. me

    One thing I think is really interesting is looking at the ‘boards’ of all the mock draft guys and seeing how variable it is. You’ve got Shazier as roughly a top 20 pick; others don’t have him in the first round. I’m not saying this because I want to say one or the or the other is better, just that I think its important to remember that the actual draft isn’t a big board – its a composite of 32 big boards, which aren’t even strictly adhered to. That’s one of the reasons your “re-picking the Seahawks in so and so’s mock” articles are some of my favorites on the site.

    Also, it allows me the fruitless hope that somehow a guy like Shazier or OBJ will somehow slip to us.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m going to go through Kiper’s new mock tomorrow or Saturday and see what the options were at #32 according to his projection.

  6. Hawkjaw

    If Teddy is available at 32, WOW! With the 32nd pick the Seattle Seahawks select Teddy Bridgewater. Let the trading begin boys.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not a huge fan of this strategy. At #32 in this mock there aren’t many teams left needing a QB. You run the risk of having a first round backup QB you can’t move.

      • Richard

        In the mock you presented this week wouldn’t Oakland possibly be looking to jump in front of Houston for Bridgewater? Yes, I know you said they would deal with teams higher than the Hawks in that scenario, but when does it get to cost prohibitive for them? I can’t see them going past New England in a deal, because NE might be actually interested in a Bridgewater.

        • Rob Staton

          Oakland have a GM and coach trying to save their jobs. All of their moves so far have been based around putting a product on the field in 2014 that can compete. I think it’s highly doubtful they draft a QB in the first two rounds. I think they’ll look for impact players with both picks.

          Plus, the Raiders have been burned before trading picks. I think if anything they’ll be looking to accumulate more picks in this draft, not trade up.

    • Steve Nelsen

      There has never been a trade for the #32 pick since the draft went to the new format of having an overnight break between Round 1 and Round 2. I could see that happening for the first time this year if a QB slips and if Houston does not draft a QB. There is an incentive to get a guy in the 1st instead of the 2nd since the new CBA gives teams a fifth-year option for 1st-round picks. And I think Seattle would be willing to drop back and pick up some picks (maybe a 3rd rounder?) but there are other teams at the back end of the 1st round that teams will probably try before waiting until Seattle at 32.

    • Kyle N

      Teddy’s value instantly goes down after he’s drafted (assuming that he’s drafted at the #32 spot).

    • Arias

      I can’t see the team picking Bridgewater unless there was already deal in place to trade down immediately. The alternative, thinking you’d hit it big on a bidding war, could be a catastrophe and not the sort of thing I’ve ever seen any team in the draft do.

      • Miles

        Why would we draft Bridgewater? To be fair that literally makes no sense. We have our franchise quarterback for the next decade at least, and our backup QB situation probably couldn’t be better than it is right now. If you draft Teddy Bridgewater and say goodbye to Tarvaris, you’d have a useless first-round QB whom you could never trade for redeeming draft compensation (because he was a first round pick). It would be absolutely the worst thing the Seahawks could do outside of maybe trading their first round pick to the 49ers for Blaine Gabbert.

        • Arias

          Dude, read the post I was responding to. I’m not saying we would, only that the only circumstance I could see us doing it is if there was already a trade in place to trade down.

          • Miles

            I wasn’t referring to what you said Arias.

            • Arias

              ah ok. looked like you were replying to me.

        • Hawkjaw

          Why? (1) All night to work out a trade for a second and a forth or third. (2) If a next day trade can’t be worked out then showcase him for a future trade. Sometime during the season a couple of teams will be desperate for a QB. If Teddy is the real deal and he spends a couple of months with RW his trade potential could be a top ten pick in 2015. (3) Worst case you trade TJax and Teddy is the backup until a beneficial trade can be achieved. (4) Nightmare case, Teddy’s a paluka. Teddy’s value only goes down if he’s no good, his value has already plummeted. When PC and DB roll him out I’m sure his value will go back to where it was pre-combine.

          • Rob Staton

            Hawkjaw — if teams pass on Bridgewater so that he essentially makes it to the final pick in round one — why will one of them then cough up a top ten pick for him? Especially when he’ll be riding the bench and not taking any meaningful snaps of Wilson in camp.

            How many QB’s get traded in-season? The only one I can think of is Carson Palmer to the Raiders. What’s more likely is they’ll be stuck with Bridgewater having wasted a first rounder. Just look at the minimal interest in Kirk Cousins and Ryan Mallett over the years.

            His value dips the moment he’s drafted. It makes no sense to draft Bridgewater. All you’d be doing is risking being stuck with him.

    • Madmark

      We got a RW starter and a TJ who the perfect backup since he’s play his whole life in Bevel’s system and a BJD who Kip really like last year and we didn’t even have to draft him. He was a steal when S.F. released him and we pick him up immediately. I think we just UDFA another QB for competition and use our draft picks for other needs. We don’t need a Griffin and Cousin program going on here.

  7. Steve Nelsen

    Latimer is a really athletic guy. He ranked very high in SPARQ in the article on Field Gulls. There are so many good WRs in this draft that I am certain that one will be available at 32. I would be happy with Bryant, Moncrief, or Latimer. I think Ja’Wuan James would be nice at 64. You mentioned Shazier as a great wildcard pick at 32 if he slips and I agree. I guy I like as a wildcard at 64 if he slips is CB Stanley Jean-Baptiste.

    • Kyle N

      I’d like that pick as well, but at the same time I wouldn’t go for him just because he’s a big corner. He didn’t look really fluid at the combine nor superbly long or quick either. At 64 though, might be worth a shot.

      • drew

        Dontae Johnson would be a better value in the 4th or 5th. From NC State, runs a 4.45, 6’2″, has played both corner and free safety.

        • CC

          DJ is a guy I’ve seen as Seahawky and going on day 3 – he and Jaylen Watkins.

  8. Ely

    Rob, would you rather have Latimer than Martavis Bryant or is that who you think the Hawks will prefer?

    • Rob Staton

      I like both but Latimer has the edge for me and I do think it is who Seattle would prefer.

      • Robert

        I prefer Latimer. But I am sure PC is drooling over a 6’5″ WR that is 4.4 quick AND has the long strides to run past everybody! I became more aware of the stride factor when 4.5 Sherman blew past 4.4 ET3 to tackle Gore. Another dynamic in the PCJS kaleidoscope is opposing FS are going to be preoccupied helping to contain Percy Harvin. If we have an XWR that can fly, the FS’s will have only 2 bad choices: help and abandon the middle or don’t help and hope for a bad throw or a drop. Very tempting prospect for PC!

        • williambryan

          I don’t remember that play, but I do remember, vividly, the time Brandon Browner came from off the screen, blowing by everyone to catch up to Adrian Peterson at the 5 yard line. Adrian Peterson doesn’t really get caught like that and Browner had no angle at all. It was my favorite play of 2013 and I miss Browner… lol

          • Ben2

            Stephen Hill looked good on paper too….I think Lattimer, from what I’ve read around here about attitude and physicality, would fit our culture more that Bryant. Something about Bryant makes me think he might be a bust. Who knows though, maybe he’s the next Randy Moss.

            • Robert

              Enormous advantage to Latimer if you listen to YouTube interviews. Latimer would be a very engaged and enthused contributor in the film room with RW and co. MB seems more like a quiet sloucher with a glazed look of: Is it almost lunchtime yet? But that kid can run like the wind!

          • Robert

            This will jog your memory: In the game we lost on the road to the 49ers last year(2013), the turning point was when Gore broke a long run late in the game. Sherman long strided past ET3 to force Gore to just kinda crumble to the ground so he could keep the clock running and not risk a turnover. A few plays later, Kap sealed the deal with an 8 yard scramble on 3rd and 7 to set up the winning FG for the 49ers… http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-fantasy/0ap2000000295438/RB-Gore-51-yd-run
            BB was(is?) a Beast!

            • David M

              Funny thing is, that would have been a 10 yd run if they called the holding on Sherman, watch closely as a Vernon Davis holds him….

              • Robert

                Yeah, bad no-call. We all re-hashed that play a dozen times the following Monday morning. ET3 too fast and bad angle…Wagz and Kam in the same (wrong) gap…Smith miss-played. So many things had to go wrong on that one play or its a nominal gain, which is a testimony to how great our D is!

            • williambryan

              Ahh yes! now I remember. Thanks

      • SHawn


        You have said you would take Shazier over Bitonio in the past. I agree on that.

        You have now said you like Latimer over Bryant. I also agree on that. I actually think he is near the absolute top of Seattle’s board, along with Shazier and a select few others.

        So, my question is, SHazier or LAtimer?

        • SHawn

          My choice, for the record, would be SHazier. He just LOOKS like a Seahawk when I watch his tape.

        • Rob Staton

          Great question. Tough to answer. Both the LB and WR position has significant free agents next year. Both terrific athletes with big time upside. I might give Shazier the edge and he’s a little more rare, but I think Latimer might be more of an impact player.

      • James

        Rob, if both Latimer and Benjamin are there, who would you take? Latimer clearly is the more skilled WR, and has the competitive drive you are looking for. Benjamin has a questionable approach (something PC/JS have avoided in the past), but offers the size that comes around once every five years.

        • Rob Staton


    • Kyle N

      I agree with Rob here. I use to be really enthralled with Martavis Bryant because of his height and speed.

      However, Latimer is just the better WR to me especially when it comes to what I think the Hawks are looking for. Martavis could blow by his man (and subsequently have to come back to the ball to catch it if Tahj is throwing it to him), but Latimer wins jump balls, can be a red zone target, and is just overall more of a fluid athlete to me. I would even say I like Latimer more than Moncrief in terms of a fit for the Hawks, although not by much.

  9. mrpeapants

    great mock rob we have a lot of the same picks! do u have any thoughts on Crichton de from Oregon st. and where do u think he will go ty

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not a huge fan of Crichton. Thought for the most part he looked average last year. Marginal athlete. Wasn’t a huge fan when he moved inside. What is he? What’s his best position? Lot of questions there. For me a mid rounder.

      • oz

        He’s a LDE who can move inside on passing downs. Play’s with an attitude.

  10. Christian

    Rob/everyone else,

    I’ve just done a mock draft against 31 others and came away with the below. Would you be happy coming away with these?

    1 Joel Bitonio OL  Nevada
    2 Martavis Bryant WR  Clemson
    4 Brent Urban DE  Virginia
    5 Kevin Pierre OLB  Boston College
    5 Zack Kerr DT  Delaware
    6 Ricardo Allen CB  Purdue
    7 Jonotthan Harrison C  Florida
    UDFA Jonathan Newsome OLB Ball State
    UDFA Chris Whaley DT Texas
    UDFA Jabari Price CB North Carolina
    UDFA Maurice Alexander SS Utah State
    UDFA Richard Rodgers TE California
    UDFA Kaleb Ramsey DT Boston College
    UDFA IK Enemkpali DE Louisiana Tech
    UDFA Damian Copeland WR Louisville
    UDFA George Atkinson III RB Notre Dame
    UDFA Jordan Lynch QB Northern Illinois
    UDFA Christian Bryant FS Ohio State
    UDFA Jack Tyler ILB Virginia Tech
    UDFA William Poehls OT Montana
    UDFA Ulrick John OT Georgia State
    UDFA Matt Paradis C Boise State

    • Rob Staton

      Nice work.

      • Christian

        Obviously a tiny bit of inspiration from yourself (thanks for all your hard work). Which of those do you feel has a real shot of making the 53?

        • Rob Staton

          I’m a big fan of Whaley and Ramsey health permitting. Rodgers at Cal has a shot. I’m a fan of Harrison at Florida. Pierre is a Seahawks type linebacker. Hard to complain at all about that group you drafted.

    • Kyle N

      Wow you put a ton of thought into that.

      Would anybody be able to tell me if that’s a normal amount of UDFA to bring it? Seems like a lot (15) for a team with very few open roster spots.

      P.S. Instead of Jordan Lynch I’d love to see Connor Shawn from South Carolina come in as a UDFA (he might get drafted though).

      • Christian

        It was against people who were drafting for the other 31 teams so it’s more how it all came out rather than thinking it all through.

        I like Connor Shaw too but he was drafted by Green Bay in the 7th.

        • Kyle N

          Just curious – did you get any feedback from your draft from the other people participating? Obviously us on SDB know names like Bitonio and Urban, but just curious if other people graded you really poorly because the lack of “big names.”

          • Christian

            There’s a couple.

            Seattle – C – I like the Bryant pick but not much else, sorry but I’m really not a fan of this draft.


            1.32 – Joel Bitonio, OL, Nevada
            I like him, but my days not so soon! Late 2nd/early 3rd I’d love the pick, but he’s hugely developmental and I think this is a terrible value pick
            2.32 – Martavis Bryant, WR, Clemson
            Conversely, this is a sensible pick and an underrated guy who could emerge as a true #1 in the end
            4.32 – Brent Urban, DE, Virginia
            Definitely felt as if there were several edge guys who you could have taken instead, so I’m not high on this pick
            5.06 – Kevin Pierre-Louis, OLB, Boston College
            I think he’s a ST-only guy, but a very good one at that. Extremely athletic, and could become a role player in the end
            5.32 – Zack Kerr, DT, Delaware
            Not on my board!
            6.32 – Ricardo Allen, CB, Purdue
            Solid depth pick, but would have liked to see you go CB sooner
            7.32 – Jonotthan Harrison, C, Florida
            I question why you took him over Linsley, but I don’t hate it

            Overall a disappointing draft for me, but very Seahawk-like! I’ll give you a D

            • Kyle N

              Thanks for sharing this. That’s interesting that the one guy sees Bitonio as a developmental pick when most of what we’ve heard is that he’s ready to step in day 1 and start at LG or even RT.

              Also, something else I’ve noticed is that a majority of people are just really down on Urban. Now I’m not nearly as high on him as Rob has been at time (and I’ll admit his attitude just kind of bugs me and there is absolutely no way that I see his personality fitting on this team), but for people to think he’s a reach at the 4th round is very surprising.

              • Christian

                It’s always interesting to read different opinions, as long as they’re well backed up.
                Just found some other views from when I made the #32 pick (it took weeks to get through the whole draft)

                “Really like the Seahawks pick, good player, underrated and will offer a good deal of versatility along the line. ”
                “Bitonio to the Seahawks! That’s a nice gutsy move…..and your right, no one would have called that one.
                I had Bitonio as my 4th OT. When i started the whole ‘scouting’ process i thought maybe i’d got it wrong with him playing for Nevada n all, but as time has gone on he’s continued to rise in draft circles. He’s more athletic than Zach Martin, maybe not as polished, but has longer arms and is just as physical. He can play 4 positions on the offensive line for me, including LT if needs be.
                That may be my favourite pick of the draft so far, especially from a ‘boldness’ point of view. Good job! ”

                On the guys Urban note, there were others he preferred at that point in the draft, namely Hart, Lynch, Stinson, Sam I believe. I can kind see where he is coming from, but at that point I preferred Urban ūüôā

            • Rob Staton

              A for me.

              • Christian

                Cheers Rob, like I say, a lot of useful information from this blog so I appreciate it.

                • Miles

                  I’m surprised someone wouldn’t like Urban in the 4th. He’s been projected all over the place, including very high. If the Seahawks get Urban in the fourth I’ll freak out with excitement, quite frankly.

      • williambryan

        I think the roster is at about 70 players now with Rice signed. So, with at least 7 draft picks (probably end up being 9) you would need around 10, 11 UDFA’s to fill out the training camp roster…

      • James

        The Seahawks will find it very difficult to sign more than a few of the better UDFAs. After the draft is done, and about 7 new draftees have been added to an exceptional roster, the agents are not going see much possibility for their clients to make the team, or even the practice squad. I think John will target just a handful of guys he really likes and have Pete try to recruit them. If we sign 10 or 12 UDFAs (highly unlikely), most will be cannon fodder.

        • SHawn

          Sure, but what happens to the cannon fodder? John Lotulelei played all preseason for us as I remember and he started 2 games for Jacksonville later in the year.

          Good players will not give up a chance to come here and see how the NFL is supposed to be done, and get coached up by SUPER BOWL winning coaches for a few months, and use that experience to go excel on other, weaker teams.

    • Christian

      As WRs get a fair bit of interest, Bryant was 12th off the board behind the following:
      Jacksonville  Mike Evans
      San Francisco  Sammy Watkins
      Baltimore  Allen Robinson
      New York Jets  Marqise Lee
      St Louis  Odell Beckham Jr
      New Orleans  Brandin Cooks
      Carolina  Kelvin Benjamin
      Cleveland  Jordan Matthews
      Tampa Bay  Jarvis Landry
      Arizona  Donte Moncrief
      Philadelphia  Davante Adams

      • SHawn

        What made you decide on Bryant over Latimer?

        • Christian

          That choice was made before all the Latimer hype started, personally hadn’t looked at Latimer before that point. He ended up at Detroit in R4 but you would probably expect he’d go higher now if we started again

    • Ray bones

      Thrilled would be my description!

    • Ben2

      Good mock…what’s up with the Ricardo Alllen pick in the 6th? I know we always get a CB in rd 5 or 6 but Allen seems like a slot guy (too small for the outside -only like 5’9″ ). With WT3 gone I can see why the pick makes some sense but I’d still prefer a corner with more size. Were any if these cats available: Chris Davis, Benett Jackson, Walt Aikens , or Nevin Lawson (only 5’10 but has 10 lbs on Allen)?

      • Miles

        I think with the additions of Maxwell, Lane and Thatold Simon, our outside corner positions are more or less locked up. Of the Seahawks do take a corner in the draft it will most likely be someone who can play the nickel primarily.

      • Christian

        Of those only Jackson was left at the end of R6. I heard some good things about Allen so took a shot with him.

    • JeffC

      If this is how our draft goes I will attempt to do a backflip in joy.

    • Madmark

      I think competing with 31 other was cool to do. I imagine it got harder as you got into the latter draft knowing who is left and who isn’t. What I see in Seattle in the latter rounds is they like SPARQ quality and scouts comments like Speed, hardworking, and coachable. Sweezy is in the perfect sense one of those players.

      • Christian

        Was just a case of crossing names off on excel when they went. It was harder towards the end of the draft for some of the 31 with knowledge getting a little thinner but it was certainly good fun.

        One thing no-one seems to have noticed is SF took Watkins. Their “GM” used their farm-load of picks to move up to #4.

        • Madmark

          That’s cause they don’t coach up receivers very well but have done pretty good at bringing them in FA. That’s probably what the other guy was thinking.

  11. bigDhawk

    Love the ‘wait-for-it’ on Seattle’s first pick, Rob, and I’m totally on board with Latimer at 32. I’ve been somewhat enamored with him for a while now. I felt that selfie of him in the backward ‘Hawks cap was portentious as well, and he looks mighty good in our colors. Latimer at 32 and Billy Turner at 64 would make very very happy, but if we end up with one of the Vols OTs at 64 that would be fine as well. What if Braushad Breeland is there at 64? Would a pick like him be in play for us as an out-of-the-box, unpredictable Seahawky kind of pick?

    • Rob Staton

      The more I watched of Breeland, the less excited I was about him as a player. Mid rounder I think. There will be a range he appeals to Seattle I think but #64 a tad early.

  12. Darnell

    Something in me keeps thinking Jason Verrett may be in play for the Hawks.

    Yes, Seattle likes big corners and builds up mid-round guys.

    But if Seattle truly grades for their team, Verrett is such an ideal Seahawk nickle CB (a position that is pretty much a starter in today’ NFL). Undersized, but there’s some ET/HoneyBadger to him – plays angry, physical, ball skills. Would fit LOB to a tee.

    Lack of height is the only thing that keeps me from believing that Seattle has a top 20 grade on him.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s a great little player. I just think durability concerns will push him into round two plus this team backs itself to find corners later on.

      • Darnell

        Yep, they absolutely know that they can coach up CBs and don’t have to invest heavy capital into getting good play at the positions. The organization has earned that.

        Dude is as “LOB” as it gets though. Unfortunately, hes is probably too far along in his development to make it to Seahawk-steal range.

        Though the closer he creeps towards 64 due to size, the greater the chance that his grade is BPA by some margin regardless of need, similar to Michael last year.

      • SHawn

        Seisey, Nebraska has little to no hype, since he was out most of last year with an ankle injury I think. He could be a target in rd 5 or 6.

  13. Dude

    Rob, like the new format.

    There has been some national talk of the possibility of ARZ or STL taking a QB. Rob,do you see any of the rookie prospects as an upgrade to our NFC West opponents?

    • Rob Staton

      I could see it. For me the Rams should be embracing a QB early a lot more than they are.

      The Cards will want a big armed pocket guy to fit Arians scheme. They could look at Derek Carr. In round two they are an option for Mettenberger, Savage or even Logan Thomas. They need to start grooming Palmer’s replacement that’s for sure. The Rams — IMO — should take Manziel. But I doubt they will. They should consider developing an Aaron Murray later on.

  14. DNF

    Although I agree with your previous sentiments about the Seahawks not looking for a CB in round 1, has Justin Gilbert’s stock really fallen off to the point he will be passed over in the 1st round? I remember that you have reservations about his commitment to football (or being great at it), but I’d imagine that at least one team will fall in love with his athletic qualities.

    • Rob Staton

      I watched more of his games from 2013 and see the concerns. I can see why he nearly got benched by OKSU. For all his athletic potential it’s difficult to trust the guy. Roby and Dennard are better players who can contribute quickly. I would probably take Fuller and Verrett ahead of Gilbert too.

    • Belgaron

      Most other mocks have him in the 10-15 range. The NFL site ranks him best among CB prospects. If ‘Hawks feel the same, I think they’d take him at 32 in your mock scenario, especially if Sherman’s not locked up.

      • Rob Staton

        Sherman will get locked up, whether it’s this year or next. He, Thomas and Wilson aren’t going anywhere.

        • SHawn

          3, 25, & 29 are the current player jerseys I have. I always factor longevity into purchasing one. My throwbacks are 96 & 42 and Im thinking real hard about picking up a 71.

  15. Stuart

    The new look mock…I like the look but favor the original mock look much more…You have spoiled me…

    This mock feels realistic based on who is already gone by our pick at #32. I would be thrilled picking Latimer at #32, yes please… He will be long gone before our next pick at #64.

    Alternative looks…

    #32 OT Cyrus Kouandjio’s (Is he going to be healthy?-Does anyone know his story?
    #64 WR Martavis Bryant


    #32 WR Latimer
    #64 OT Richardson


    Trade: Tennessee trades 2nd #43, 3rd #75 for Seattle’s #32 and draft Teddy Bridewater…

    #43 WR Latimer, if gone then WR Bryant
    #64 DE Kony Ealy, if gone then DE Marcus Smith
    #75 OT Ja’Wuan James, if gone then OT Billy Turner

    • Kyle N


      None of the above…

    • Rob Staton

      It’s disappointing we haven’t heard more on Kouandjio’s situation. We only received half baked reports from his pro day. I suspect if there was good news to report Bama would be screaming from the rooftops so there are probably legit concerns there.

      • CC

        After what we’ve seen from Carp, I’d stay away from Cyrus – we can’t afford to take a risk on an OT who may already have injury issues. Especially, when there are guys who are healthy out there. Given that Cable was at Tennessee’s OL pro day – Richardson and James are the guys they are looking at over Cyrus.

        • David M

          I havnt been paying attn to them, what round do you think the’ll go in?

          • CC

            2-4 I’m guessing – I really wish we had a third rounder this year!

      • James

        Cyrus K is the mother of all high risk/high reward prospects. If his knee is healthy, and he can play at his best, someone will have stolen an All-Pro tackle for a bargain price. If the knee does not hold up, he may be a total wash-out. The ultimate risk. If you completely trust your doctor, and he says Cyrus will be OK, then I don’t see how you can pass him up….but I doubt the doctor is going to say that, unfortunatley.

        • Miles

          Cyrus may be like Jesse Williams. A guy who falls deep into the draft due to the fact he’ll almost assuredly sit out all of year one. Perhaps the Seahawks will draft him if he falls to that early fifth round pick?

          • James

            ….unless his knee is like over-cooked pasta, if he is there at #64, you grab him in a heartbeat, and let him heal this year, and then you have a steal in 2015.

            • AlaskaHawk

              We need a right tackle now. Preferably one without a history of knee or foot injuries.

  16. Cameron

    Hey Rob, nice mock – curious to hear your rational behind D. Lawrence to San Fran. I’m guessing you’re factoring in the legal woes of Aldon Smith into this pick. Last year San Fran used some extra draft capital to move up and take their favorite Safety (Eric Reid). I could see a similar move this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they see Anthony Barr as a viable Smith replacement in their 3-4 – also – and this one scares me, they have the draft capital to move up and target Khalil Mack if they so desire.

    This is a big draft for them. They’re basically down 2 LB’s and needs in their defensive secondary. Rumor also has it they are shopping LaMichael James – hardly a surprise considering how big of a disappointment he’s been. Frank Gore isn’t getting any younger – you have to think they’ll be addressing running back again in the first few rounds.

    I also think they have a major hole in the middle. We brutalized them in the trenches in the NFCG. They could definately use an upgrade at NT. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are high on Nix from NT.

    • Rob Staton

      My thoughts on Lawrence — Aldon Smith actually ran a 4.74 at his combine but managed a 10-yard split in the 1.68 range. Lawrence ran a 4.8 at the combine but had a really impressive 1.62 split. I think the Niners will consider both players fairly similar in terms of potential. And if Smith is in the midst of a meltdown, drafting a replacement edge rusher could be key. It’s also a lousy overall draft for pass rushers so if they want to fill that hole they might have to go early or miss out.

  17. Forrest

    Here are my picks (assuming we don’t trade)…alternates included:
    1-#32-Cody Latimer or Demarcus Lawrence maybe Ryan Shazier
    2-#64-Trent Murphy or Martavis Bryant maybe Kyle Van Noy
    4-#128-Dakota Dozier or Brent Urban
    5-#134-Jared Abbrederis or Josh Mauro
    5-#160-Taylor Hart or Best OL available
    6-#192-Cody Hoffman or Backup SS/FS/CB
    7-#224-OL or DL
    Some guys to consider if they fall to mid or later rounds:
    Colt Lyerla
    De’Anthony Thomas
    Troy Niklas
    Jimmie Ward
    Jarvis Landry
    Ra’Shede Hageman
    Joel Bitonio
    I don’t think many of these picks will actually happen, but this is what I’m hoping for…

    • Robert

      I would be stunned if Hageman were there at #32. If he is, I doubt there are many prospects higher on OUR board still available. Another guy that intrigues me is Stephon Tiutt. If he would have duplicated his sophomore stats last year, he would be a top 15 pick. Great value, versatility and upside there and he is already a well disciplined and well developed player. Seems to have excellent character and work ethic. So the question is why all the difficulty coming back from the hernia – putting on chubs, which slowed him down last year? Might be our BPA if the draft falls that way…

      • Forrest

        I agree, Stephon would be an amazing addition to the team, but honestly I don’t think PC/JS would use a high pick on a DL guy this year, we have a bunch of “unprovens” that are going to be stepping up this year…but if Ra’Shede falls to the end of round 1, he might get picked up by the Hawks. Demarcus Lawrence and Ra’Shede Hageman are only two that I think we would really want take in round 1. This feels like a WR year though, I have a feeling we’ll be taking 2-3 (including UDFA), I think that’s the priority this year.

  18. drew

    Rob will you be taking a loom at DB options for Hawks in the mid/late rounds? Donate Johnson and Phillip Gaines.have.caught my attention as potential options.

    • Rob Staton

      Gaines is a terrific player who could go in round two for me.

      A DB to perhaps keep an eye on for later on — Jonathan Dowling. Jaylen Watkins is another one.

    • SHawn

      MOhammed Seisay, Nebraska is one of my late round favorites.

  19. Darnell

    Who’s the genius that wanted to put this damn thing off until May 8th??

    Thank God that hockey playoffs might be the best postseason in sports.

    • CC

      The Rockettes…

    • Don

      According to Mike Holmgren, it was actually the NFL Network that wanted more time to talk about the draft. They complained last year that their TV ratings were down after the draft so they moved the draft to a later time. They are owned by the NFL so they can do whatever they want.

      It is all about ratings and money.

      • Miles

        Yeah except for NFL Network program totally sucks.

  20. Stuart

    Surprised that no one commented on the new look mock?

    I really appreciate those of you here that ad constructive ideas and comments. Combined with Rob, you make SDB a fantastic site.

    BTW, where is Kip?

    • Ben2

      Saw some reply posts by Kip the other day….can’t remember what article it was

  21. Nate

    Nathan Slaughter WR/KR could be exciting late. Carp being 30 lbs lighter and healthier, plus Chris Matthews and Rice.. Could make things interesting/true BPA

  22. DawgDav

    More really solid work Rob. This is my third year visiting your site and it continues to impress.

    With respect to this draft, I have a little different way of looking at things that I thought I’d pass along. Basically, I like to take the very specific positions where the team has the most room for improvement and then identify a handful of guys that I feel are perfect “fits” for the Seahawks system (really equivalent to a first round grade that is very specific to the Seahawks needs) and then move from there. That’s not to say that if a player from another position were to fall the Seahawks wouldn’t grab him (i.e Shazier) but more just focuses attention on specific characteristics/positions with the greatest room for improvement. The idea is that in an ideal world you would like to improve your weakest, specific position with the player the ideal player . . . you then move away from both the position or the preferred characteristics only as necessary.

    The needs and characteristics I see are as follows:
    RT (swing to LT or LG ideal) – Seahawks put extra value on athleticism (SPARQ focused on 10 yd split, short shuttle and broad jump), run blocking and nasty demeanor with bottom line necessity ability to pass block (the learn-from-our-mistakes James Carpenter special) . . . worth noting that Schneider drafted Breno Giacomini while at Green Bay then brought him to Seattle and made an exception w/r/t his arm length, 32 1/8″ but only in exchange for elite athleticism (check his draft numbers), nasty and run blocking.
    Split-End WR (swing to flanker ideal) – Seahawks value athleticism (SPARQ . . .big play ability), red zone production (translate = height/high pointing), strong hands to catch balls traffic (translate to either big hands or consistent hands on tape . . . a John Schneider focal point) and run blocking (can be taught for a player with size) . . . notably missing is any form of wiggle, after-the-catch ability, etc (no split end during Pete Carrol’s time at USC ever had such traits nor did any split end, outside of Golden Tate who was initially targeted at flanker, that John Schneider has drafted)
    LEO – Seahawks value extreme athleticism (SPARQ), elite get off, arm length, bend (for turning the corner) and must be able to anchor against the run (the Bruce Irvin-learning-from-past-mistakes special) . . . bonus for pass rush repertoire.
    Early Down 5Tech DE (which swings to early downs 3Tech in the Seahawk’s system) – Seahawks value get off, length, anchor and size (basically a player that has to be able to both 2 gap and be, or become, elite at setting the edge).

    Split-End WR: Perfect Fits: Mike Evans, Cody Latimer, Kelvin Benjamin, Martavis Bryant; Elite Square Pegs (ideal flankers in the Hawks system that you could play at split end) – Sammy Watkins, Odell Beckham Jr., Marqise Lee; Backup Plan “Less-than-perfect” Fits – Donte Moncrief (small inconsistent hands, doesn’t high point/lacks redzone production), Davante Adams (short, speed limitation), Jordan Matthews (blocking, on-field athleticism, lacks strong hands in traffic BUT has big hands and could be taught), Allen Robinson (lacks hands, big play speed, high pointing and red zone production BUT has elite cutting ability . . . more of a flanker trait . . .and solid height).

    RT: Perfect Fits: Greg Robinson, Jake Matthews, Taylor Lewan, Joel Bitonio (bonus late-round-injury-risk-perfect-fit Matt Patchan); Square Pegs: Zack Martin, Xavier Sua’Filo (both guards in the Seahawks system); Backup Plan “Less-than-perfect” Fits – Morgan Moses (lack of athleticism), Cyrus Kuandjio (ditto plus injury risk BUT young run length could cover up lack of athleticism in pass blocking), Antonio Richardson (ditto to Kuandjio), Ja’waun James (weak run blocking, not nasty).

    LEO: Perfect Fit: Jadeveon Clowney, Marcus Smith; Elite Square Pegs: Anthony Barr (weak anchor/run defense), Dee Ford (weak anchor/run defense also minimal pass rush repertoire), Kony Ealy (weak get off, bend), Scott Crichton (weak bend, less than ideal athleticism, length).

    5tech: Perfect Fit: Rashede Hageman, Brent Urban . . . . not much else that really fits here unless the Seahawks are willing to try out a smaller faster player (i.e. Will Clarke).

    • DawgDav

      Just noticed that I left Brandin Cooks off the “Elite Square Pegs” list for split end WR and Brandon Coleman off the “Backup Plan ‚ÄúLess-than-perfect‚ÄĚ Fits” list at split end . . .I like Coleman but he doesn’t high point and he doesn’t display strong hands in traffic (and unlike Benjamin or even Jordan Matthews,his hands aren’t big enough to think he can just be taught). Too many great wide receivers this year.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks for posting those thoughts Dawg Dav — great insight and an enjoyable read.

  23. David M

    Rob, how would you compare the wr’s already on our roster (Walters, Clark, bates etc..), compared to the later round picks we would get in this years draft.

    Also, in lockettes situation, do you think thell use him as a special teams role, like lane/ maxwell were, and carry 5-6 other WR’s plus him?

    I guess what I’m saying is, an extra WR instaid of extra db or safety? Because Shead can play both positions.

    • Robert

      Lockette’s late season contributions on Special Teams were amazing and highly valued because they emphatically demonstrate our “tone” and create turnovers. Lockette also made a few nice catches including an excellent grab in the Superbowl. PC is methodically preparing RL for a greater roll that leverages his tremendous speed. I am confident he is working his tail off this off-season to develop more reliable hands and crisper routes.

      • Chris

        Plus he sells the best weed.

    • Rob Staton

      I’d like to see Lockette remain as a core special teamer. He really developed there at the back end of the season. In terms of the first question — it’s tough to answer. If you can get a Janis, Norwood, Huff, Coles, Enuwa later on I think you can upgrade those guys for sure.

      • oz

        I see Enuwa as a DB convert.

      • Christon

        The options at #32 in this mock come down for me to Latimer or Bryant. Latimer is like a blue collared work truck who can get the job done, whatever the task. Bryant is the flashy sports car who is really fun to drive and makes the highlight catch on occasion but also may be above doing some of the dirty work that Latimer is welling to do.

        It’s hard to pick the one the PC&JS would go after given the choice. In courting NFL WR’s they have going after some big (or a least hot) names, Vincent Jackson, Sidney Rice, and Percy Harvin. The WR’s that they have drafted in the later rounds or UDFA pick-up seem to be more the blue collared type – whatever they needed done to make the team. While Golden Tate in the late second seems like a good mix between Flash and Grit.

        So given the option, Rob, I think PCJS would take Bryant in this senerio. Imagine if Bryant put on 15 lbs of mulcle, which I think he could do with his frame. It would put him in the 6’4″, 225lbs range.

        MSU WR Bennie Fowler could be an option in the 5th or 6th round too. He’s 6’1″, 217lbs – basically the same size as Latimer but he looks more shifty on tape, and has more of an ability to make people miss. Ran a 4.52 at the combine (not buying the unofficial times I’ve seen as fast as 4.35), he makes a lot of spectaular grabs but also catches with his body a lot too. Anyways, I think if they have Latimer high on their board, why not have Bennie Fowler on their radar as a later round pick?

        • Rob Staton

          PCJS like receivers that compete for the ball in the air, have strong hands, win jump balls and are also great athletes. That is Latimer down to a tee. And Latimer, at least off his pro-day forty, is at least as good an athlete as Bryant. There’s little doubt in my mind the Seahawks would love the chance to draft Latimer. The fact he’s also a fantastic run blocker also gives him a significant edge.

  24. Kenny Sloth

    Good mock, Rob. Some really interesting picks I hadn’t thought about. Not as WR heavy as we’ve seen from you recently. Great diversity in your mocks.

  25. Ray bones

    After scouring media types mock drafts all over the internet one thing is abundently clear… The concensus out there is no one has a clue where the seahawks are going with this pick. No other team has such a range of players mocked to them. The vast majority are o line usually followed by TE with a smattering of WR/DL thrown in. There seems to be no thought given too scheme or draft tendencys but simply a “this guy is the next on the list” feel to it. Thank you so much for providing a forum where there is a real sense of insight based on need to satisfy my insatiable draft appetite. The rest of them I suppose are there for comic relief! I would be thrilled to see the hawks draft any of the following based on your research Rob;
    Rnd 1: Bitonio, latimer, Shaizer, Moncrief ( I throw in Landry, Marcus Smith and Tuitt)
    Rnd 2: Landry, Coleman,Richardson, james

  26. David M

    I truly hope they take Latimar at 32 if he is available. He is perfect seahawk prospect, Tall, Fast, blocks like crazy, hands, body control

    after this season is over, Baldwin and Rice will be FA, Kearse will be RFA, will the hawks still be able to keep all 3? maybe not. but if they pick Latimar, he will be here for 4 maybe 5 years on the cheep, and can be an outstanding player. He could almost be like C Mike last year (redshirt), i doubt they would do that, because he is already pretty dang good.

    watch the block at 2:12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mu-UFQCGah4#t=132

    Imagine this play, Harvin lined up on right side, Latimar and Kearse on the left, play is a fly sweep to Harvin, with Kearse & Latimar’s outstanding blocking abilities, Harvin would have to basically beat one player, and i think he can lol. imagine the plays Bevell and the offense could come up with knowing how good of blocking Wr’s they have, more screens, HB tosses to Michael, etc..

  27. Ed C.

    Rob, most “experts” and “mocks” have so many of “hawk” players available, what do we do if all these players still available at 32:


    CBS has a mock that all these players don’t leave the board until Hageman #34. As you say, very hard to move back from last pick in 1st, but would you spend next years one to get another 2nd rd pick and get Bitino/Latimer/Easley

    • Rob Staton

      I hate trading future picks, but I’d consider moving up from #64 in that scenario.

      • EdC

        Wouldn’t next years 1st worth this years 2nd. So wouldn’t we keep our #64 as well? Who would be your 2 picks with this group for Hawks?

      • Robert

        hell Yeah, Im Dreaming About It Now…Coming Away With Hageman AND latimer?!!!

    • David M

      id take Lee

    • Madmark

      What pick would ya need to trade next year to get a 3rd this year. I just fell there’s a player in the 3rd that Seattle could use. Maybe a Landry

  28. Madmark

    If I got to go by this draft I have to take
    Cody Latimer
    Ja’Wuan James
    I don’t see this draft coming out like this so I’m going to stick with my regular
    Joel Bitinio T/G Neveda
    Donte Moncrief WR Ole Miss, with everyone on Latimer I think this guy slips and will be at 64
    Ed Stinson DE/DT Alabama He as powerful as Red and as quick unsung hero on the line
    Antone Exum CB Virginia Tech
    Zack Moore DE/Leo Concordia(MN) this guy may need a year but he’ll make Quin drool
    Marquise Flowers OLB/SS He’s the size of Kam and I know Seattle would know where to fit him
    Eric Shultz T/G Utah St.
    The one thing is I always have options if these guys are gone. You see at the beginning that this draft didn’t go the way my original draft did with my 1st two guys gone in the first round. It was fairly simple looking at my big board that Latimer was higher than Xavier Su’a-Filo. then with pick 64 I don’t believe Xavier will be there so I had to go with next option. I like Ja’Wuan James more than I like Richardson. I think there just more potential that Tom Cable can extract by coaching him up.
    Donte Moncrief doesn’t seem to generate the love that the other WR are getting. If I get him at 64 he will be the value pick of this draft like RW was the steal of the 2012 draft. You heard it here first.

    • CC

      I like a lot of your guys – agree with you on James over Richardson. Flowers is an intriguing guy and you know Petey knows him.

      • Madmark

        I like Flowers and after a year he could take over the backup for a Jeron Johnson who after next year could be gone. I also think he’s big enough to play the Will spot or be a nickel package guy. His measurable at pro day was nice 6’3″ 231lbs, 37.5″ vj, 24 reps, 115″bj, 4.58-40, 7.06 3cone, 4.32 shuttle, and a 1.58 10yard. He needs some coaching but there’s plenty to work with for a 6th round pick.

  29. Nate

    Not.good that the analysts are talking bout Demarcus Lawrence/Marcus Smith to the 9ers. I’d rather see us or another team(s) grab them in 2, lol.

  30. AlaskaHawk

    Rob – With the new format, could you add a couple letters identifying their position? I like seeing how many OT are off the board. I think I got them memorized now, but it is still a little easier if the information is there. Good job on the mock! Lots of comments already.

  31. CC

    My mock for Seattle – my “Seahawky” kind of players

    1 – Lattimer WR
    2 – JuWaun James OT
    3-none (crap)
    4- Dominique Easley DT
    5- Dontae Johnson CB
    5- James Gayle DE/Leo
    6 – Marcel Jensen TE
    7- Ronald Powell/Chris Siddoway

    Taylor Martinez – ATH – 4.36 40 and a 40 inch vert
    Jeremy Deering – S – former WR – 6’2 4.4 forty
    Khari Fortt OLB
    Devin Street WR
    Evan Wilson TE
    Brent Urban DT
    Marcus Thompson – DE/Leo
    Chris McCain DE
    George Uko DT
    Torin Harris – CB – 41 inch vert

    • CC

      Powell is a LB and Siddoway OT/OG

      • AlaskaHawk

        My first two picks
        WR: One of Latimer, Benjamin or Byrant will be available. All three are pretty good.
        RT: Seantrel Henderson (miami) is a giant of a man. If he isn’t there maybe Jaqwaun James will be there.

        I don’t know about the rest of the picks, I’m sure PC will make some good choices.

    • Ray bones

      Would be nice but ain’t gonna happen Cc. There’s no way Easley drops to the 4th and Urban will be drafted somewhere in that range as well.

  32. Ed C

    I love this site!!! Thanks Rob. We have drafted so well, we don’t NEED anything. That’s the beauty. Our biggest needs are really to prepare for next year. OL/WR/DL. So BA at any of those 3 and SB here we come. If Bitinio falls, take him at 32 and if Latimer/Landry/Moncrief still on the board at 35 trade next years 1 to grab him. Then at 64 grab either an Easley (I know health concerns, but a beast) or Smith and we come away with:

    Bitino (OT)
    Latimer (WR)
    Smith (DE)

    No first next year, but we win the SB again and for salary purposes replaced Okung/Avril/Baldwin

    • Kenny Sloth

      It’d be real nice to get a LB in this draft. I don’t want us to be caught with our pants down next year.

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