Six Seahawks coaching candidates to consider

Brian Callahan (left) worked with Peyton Manning in Denver

I wasn’t going to post this unless things took a turn in the final four games. Then I heard Albert Breer, Mike Garafolo, Ian Rapoport and Gregg Bell all speculate on whether Pete Carroll might be coming to the end in the space of 24 hours and thought, I’m going to get this out there.

Rapoport, for what it’s worth, said on KJR today that he “really thought” Carroll was stepping down three years ago and also linked Dan Quinn as a replacement. He also couched his speculation by saying he hears this all the time and so far, it hasn’t happened. So he’d ‘almost have to hear it from the man himself’ to report it definitively.

Of course nothing has been decided and yes, it’s all what I’d call ‘educated speculation’ at this point. Breer, Garafolo, Rapoport and Bell aren’t just coincidently all opting to fire this into the air at the same time. There’s no smoke without fire. Yet the likelihood is that any decision will be heavily influenced by the next four games.

I’m not a big fan of that idea because I don’t think you should make a decision on such a small sample size of results. Either Carroll is energised and fully committed or he isn’t. Either the franchise believes he can win a Super Bowl before his contract expires in two years or they don’t. Finishing 9-8 and making the playoffs as a seventh seed shouldn’t change anything, assuming it’s a short-lived post-season berth.

This is likely the hand we’re dealt though as Seahawks fans. Either the team is going to turn things around and the status quo remains or Carroll appears to at least be contemplating the end.

Quinn is already being touted as a replacement and he would be on my list of candidates. I’ve written why below, along with five other options I think are worthy of being discussed.

Brian Callahan (OC, Cincinnati Bengals)

There are several reasons why Callahan appeals. Firstly, he understands the modern game. Watch this interview. He’s asked after 55 seconds to discuss how the NFL is evolving. He speaks about ‘the teams who win the most games’ and why they are succeeding (and it’s a very offensive-minded answer). To me this is the way the Seahawks need to go — using their weapons on offense to form a new identity.

I also think the Seahawks need to draft a quarterback early in 2024, possibly after moving up in the draft. Callahan has been the offensive coordinator with the Bengals since 2019. This means he has worked closely with Joe Burrow since he was drafted in 2020. Having experience of working with and developing a rookie is a big plus if the Seahawks are going to take that path next year.

Callahan is very experienced within the NFL. He worked closely with Peyton Manning in Denver and was on the staff when they won a Super Bowl. He has also helped guide the Bengals to the Super Bowl — so he knows what it takes to make a deep playoff run.

Despite an injury-plagued season for Burrow, the Bengals are currently ranked 11th for offense on DVOA. They’re currently winning games with Jake Browning in relief.

Finally, he is the son of long-time offensive line coach Bill Callahan. I don’t know whether they would have interest in working together but the idea of bringing his father — one of the best O-line coaches in the business — to Seattle would be a real asset.

Potential downside — he doesn’t call the plays in Cincinnati and that’s not always an easy adjustment, although he could hire an experienced play-caller.

Eric Bienemy (OC, Washington Commanders)

You can’t help but admire what Bienemy did this year. He could’ve stayed in Kansas City, coached Patrick Mahomes as Andy Reid’s right-hand man and enjoyed a fairly straight forward existence. Instead, he moved on to the disaster-zone that is Washington. He wanted to control an offense and show what he could do without Reid and Mahomes. Instead of the best offensive player in the league, he took on the challenge of a former fifth-round pick starting at QB for the first time (Sam Howell).

He’s done a good job. Howell has been productive. This has happened despite having no O-line to work with and very little in the way of weapons outside of Terry McLaurin. If you draft a quarterback in 2024, Bienemy has shown he can help develop that player and put him in a position to succeed.

Bienemy can lean on his experience working with Reid, he knows what it takes to win (double Super Bowl champion) and his offensive system will be modern, aggressive and would make the most out of Seattle’s weapons. It’d be very easy to get behind the appointment, giving Bienemy a long-anticipated opportunity to lead a team.

By taking a gamble in moving to Washington, he’s shown how determined he is to make things happen in terms of a Head Coaching position. I think that’s admirable and he’d be worth a shot.

Potential downside — he has been interviewed, and passed over, many times — there has to be a reason why.

Ben Johnson (OC, Detroit Lions)

Seen as the hot-shot offensive candidate for openings this off-season, Johnson passed over jobs in the last cycle to spend another year in Detroit. He’s played a big part in the Lions becoming explosive and dynamic — with the #7 ranked offense per DVOA. Johnson is creative and has managed to get a song out of Jared Goff after he was dumped by the Rams.

Johnson graduated from North Carolina with a degree in mathematics and computer science. He’s a good age (37) and is in-tune with all the modern elements of the NFL.

He basically runs the offense in Detroit. Although Dan Campbell is a former offensive player, he’s an overseer. In Johnson you’d be getting someone who knows how to run an offense, call plays and handle a lot of responsibility. There’s also a good staff in Detroit and you’d imagine he’d be able to surround himself with a decent group.

There’d also be some crossover in terms of identity. Campbell combines physical and tough with explosive in Detroit. The Lions are fourth in the league in rushing yards and fourth in yards-per-attempt. That’s what the Seahawks have been looking for. Perhaps Johnson can finally deliver?

Potential downside — he’s been able to work with a veteran QB in Detroit so there’s no experience of elevating a younger, unproven player. This could be a minor quibble if they intend to draft a quarterback.

Bobby Slowik (OC, Houston Texans)

The Texans have been a big surprise this year. They’re competitive, C.J. Stroud has been tremendous and the future seems bright. Slowik, who is from the Kyle Shanahan tree, has done a great job with Stroud. It helps that the quarterback is as talented as he is — but Slowik has earned rave reviews from Texans fans.

The idea of getting someone with first-hand experience of working with a young QB, plus someone who can install Shanahan’s offensive system, is very appealing. Houston’s offense, despite having little in the way of expectations this year, is currently ranked 12th per DVOA.

Although he only turned 36 this year, he was with the 49ers between 2017-2022. His final two jobs in San Francisco were passing game coordinator and passing game specialist. He would be able to incorporate some of the modern-day offensive scheming the Seahawks lack. He could also make the most of Seattle’s weapons — look how he has transformed Nico Collins and succeeded with Tank Dell.

Slowik has the feel of a true up-and-comer and we’ve seen coaches from the Shanahan/McVay tree mimic the Rams’ Head Coach by becoming accomplished leaders in their young careers.

Potential downside — after just one year of calling plays in Houston, he might be a little bit inexperienced. He also might prefer to spend another season with the Texans.

Mike LaFleur (OC, LA Rams)

It didn’t work for LeFleur with the Jets — but that could be down to the fact it was an impossible job to make Zach Wilson relevant. His was a short-lived spell as an offensive coordinator in New York but he might be stronger for the experience.

Speaking of experience, let’s look at his background. He was an offensive assistant for the Falcons working for Kyle Shanahan, before moving to the 49ers with Shanahan in 2017. He was passing game coordinator for three years in San Francisco before getting the Jets job. This year, he’s now Sean McVay’s offensive coordinator with the Rams. He’s achieved all of this despite only being 36-years-old.

Clearly Shanahan and McVay value his ability. This is a piece well worth reading on what he’s doing in LA and the trust he has earned:

The new offensive coordinator of the Rams is doing things McVay did in the past and things that Liam Coen, Kevin O’Connell, Shane Waldron, Zac Taylor and Matt LaFleur, Mike’s brother, never did when they were in similar positions under McVay.

McVay still will call plays, but he trusts LaFleur to take from his plate because LaFleur can connect with players and coaches.

“We’re lucky to have him,” McVay says of his 36-year-old assistant. “You know, he makes me feel a lot better about being able to be a head coach because he can lead those guys on offense. And while we see the game through a similar lens, he’s also not afraid to challenge me. And he takes the initiative.”

LaFleur’s brother Matt has been a net-success in Green Bay and when you’re rated this highly by McVay, I’m paying attention. Kevin O’Connell and Zac Taylor have also become good Head Coaches after working with McVay.

Potential downside: The Jets spell ended badly even if it was a tough gig and it’s hard to shake that from your memory.

Dan Quinn (DC, Dallas Cowboys)

The only defensive-minded coach on the list. I get the sense he learned a lot from his time in Atlanta. When he lost Kyle Shanahan, things kind of fell apart. There’s always a chance that happens again but I think he appreciates the need to have a certain caliber of offensive mind calling the plays.

Quinn knows the Seahawks and has a prior connection to the team, which could make for a smoother transition. There’d be some crossover if Carroll departed. I do trust him to go out and put together a strong staff. I also think it helps that he’s worked with Mike McCarthy, who openly admitted he reinvented himself after leaving Green Bay. Quinn has supposedly also spent time preparing for his next go at being a Head Coach.

I’d expect Quinn to be modern in his thinking, aggressive and rejuvenated. Unlike the other candidates, he’s been there and done it and nothing will surprise him. He’s already made mistakes to learn from.

His Dallas defense is highly productive and currently ranked sixth per DVOA (having finished fourth in the previous two seasons). He wouldn’t get to bring Micah Parsons with him sadly but at least he’d be coming from a team that has invested in the trenches and at cornerback, saving money at linebacker and safety.

Potential downside: He’d have to get the offensive coordinator hire right and even if he did, there’s always a chance that person leaves and then things unravel again.

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  1. cha

    Great article. Good options there.

    I think Bienemy has another asset that would be valuable to the Seahawks: He holds guys accountable. Ron Rivera went to the press and said some of the guys in the locker room have had to adjust to him.

    The feeling in KC seems odd since he left. Reid is fun and has a great personality and does the nuggies commercials but Bienemy may have been the ‘bad cop’ to Reids ‘good cop’ and that worked well in KC.

    Not everyone from this year’s Seahawks locker room is going to be booted off in 2024. The team might really benefit from a ‘do your job’ type guy rather than a ‘everybody loves playing for Pete’ guy.

    Potential downside: He might need a ‘good cop’ to make it work.

    • Peter

      Agreed. Not every coach needs to be a barrel of laughs. As long as things trend up.

    • BK26

      Look at KC: Mahomes throwing fits, wide receivers playing horribly and not getting benched, offense is boring and toothless. Andy Reid even acting…un-Reid-like and putting blame on the refs.

      He’s had some issues in his years coaching, but man Kansas City is missing him.

    • IHeartTacoma

      I wouldn’t mind a hardass coach, it seems like the Seahawks could use that. Maybe it could come from lower down than the head coach, but someone needs to kick ass once in a while, oh excuse me, hold players accountable.
      Now back in my day…..

    • SEAhemoth82

      I think there is a direct correlation between Rob’s “Potential Downside” of Bienemy being passed over in interviews and Cha’s points in regards to his overall personality as a coach, which is holding player’s accountable and players having to adapt to his coaching “style”. His “bad cop” coaching style most likely turned GMs and owners away from Bienemy because it’s obvious that he isn’t a “yes” man, and would most likely do things his way in regards to unlocking the potential of his players. I mean he was an NFL player after all, which would already help garner respect and plant the seeds of respect within the locker room.

      Any ways, I agree with Cha in regards to him needing a coach to balance the chee of the locker room.

      Great work Rob, and thank you again for your tireless devotion to this team and your solid, logical and rational articles.

  2. GF

    Great article Rob, I know you would like an OC (I’d too), but would you consider Brian Flores as an HC?

    • Rob Staton

      I wouldn’t — as a DC yes. But I don’t want ex-Belichick types as Head Coach.

  3. CHaquesFan

    What about Schneider? There’s been the smoke of Schneider -> Green Bay forever and if he and Carroll are truly joined at the hype one leaving one likely mean the other does as well. Ideally I’d like to keep Schneider but a full GM/Coach reset might be in order.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t believe they’re joined at the hip at all and Green Bay have already got a GM

  4. ElPasoHawk

    Man the last two drafts have been awesome so the hawks should be very desirable if Carroll steps aside. A redraft of 2022 on 33rd team had Cross, Woolen, Mafe, and Lucas all going in the first round. The future bright!

  5. Sea Mode

    Nice rundown. I’m willing to take a shot on any of them at this point.

  6. Big Mike

    Thanks Rob. I really appreciate you bringing to light these candidates. Gets me excited for a new direction for the team.

    For the love of God Pete, save what’s left of your dignity (if there is any left inside you) and step down COMPLETELY from the Seahawks.

  7. Hunter

    Great article, I think it’s time Pete calls it a career. I’m really hoping we go in on an offensive coach because I want him paired with a rookie QB and not worry about the OC getting hired away.

  8. Peter

    Rob thanks for this. On your YouTube a Carrol truther tried the old “you didn’t play football card…..”

    Where else are you getting this much information ahead of the curve about our team?

    Even if none if this happens it’s all salient points to consider. TEF, wingspan, all the numerous draft breakdowns, the russ and Pete divorce before anyone….

    Congrats man for making folks smarter even if it’s like pushing a Boulder up a hill sometimes.

    • Rob Staton

      Thanks Peter, I really appreciate you pointing these things out (and for the kind words)

  9. Denver Hawker

    How do we rank the Seahawks among the expected HC job openings? Highly speculative of course, but top candidates will have multiple options.

    • Rob Staton

      Near the top I’d say

    • LouCityHawk

      There are some other thought pieces on this around the web.

      Seahawks would the best the top of not the top. Consider:

      ATL | BUF | CAR | CHI | LAC | LV | NE | NO | NYJ | SEA | TB | WSH

      And there may be others

      Of those…BUF is the only one that really stands out as competing with Seattle. Maybe LAC, but the owner/GM sitch is no good.

      • Peter

        The patriots job will be a nightmare.

      • Jordie

        I am not certain either buffalo or the jets get rid…
        I am certain ATL are grtging rid of Smith and that is potentially a much option than Seattle, esp for a Off focused coach. Think about bijan, oitts and London. They need a QB and improved D. The division is also winnable for a rookie HC. NFC West is gonna be very tough with Rams building, 9ers contenders and AZ having two firsts

  10. cha


    Bob Condotta
    No sign of Jamal Adams as practice began.

    • Rob Staton

      Looks like he’s been told to F-off

      Maybe they could’ve done this last week and told the world, so we could all say ‘well done’ instead of ‘WTF are you doing?’

      • cha

        One can only hope

        • Rob Staton

          If only there was, say, any indication over the last three years that the trade was dumb, the extension was dumb, prolonging the agony of the acquisition was dumb.

          If only we’d talked about this eh?

          Like the Wilson trade and the rapid decline of the Carroll era. Two other things that were a waste of time and just generated a load of abuse and accusations of negativity/mental health issues.

          Funny world sometimes.

      • Big Mike

        I’ll believe it when I see it. Cancer has a nasty habit of reoccurring.

    • pdway

      that’s interesting

  11. Gary

    Never thought I’d be rooting for us to go 0-4 the rest of the way but this is what we’ve been reduced to. Thanks Pete.

    • Peter

      The early schedule really did a number on some fans.

      I’ll take 4-0 as long as myers isn’t making up about 50% of all the points and we look great anywhere.

      I’m at “put it fork in it,” level of interest on the season. Get me to the draft. I’m way more vested in the CFP this year than facing the niners or the cowboys in the playoffs.

      It’s the blank-blank ( fill in your own curse words) sameness that has me down.

  12. nfendall

    Great article as always.

    The 2 names that really intrigue me off this list are:

    Ben Johnson – I love what he has done with Detroit’s offense, including his ability to make Jared Goff viable again. If he is able to bring a similar atmosphere of toughness and tenacity that Dan Campbell has to Detroit he is easily top choice for me.

    Bobby Slowik – As you mentioned his experience is lacking, but seeing what he was able to do with CJ Stroud this year is tantalizing assuming we draft a QB in round one with a new head coach.

    Now we just have to hope that Pete is done after this year.

    • icb12

      Any thoughts on Frank Smith, OC for the dolphins?

      Miami really took a jump 2hen he came aboard.
      As run game coordinator for the chargers, they were much better.
      Helped make Darren Waller who he is as tight ends coach for raiders.
      Zach Miller was a beast in Chicago with smith working with him. Same with Bennet.
      Was with Sean Payton before that when the saints offenses were pretty damn good.

      • icb12

        Oops. Meant as an overall reply to the article. Big fat thumbs strike again.

      • LouCityHawk

        Frank Smith has got a pedigree. A walk on at Miami (OH) he played with Ben Roethlisberger.

        Broke in with Payton’s Saints as OLine coach, 5 very successful years featuring multiple pro bowlers and all pros.

        Went to John Fox’s Bears as you noted above, TE coach. Then the same role with Gruden’s Raiders.

        He propped up Brandon Staley in his first year, then left for Miami.

        I’ve yet to compile all of his interviews for a listen, but you can get a sense of him here

        There are a lot of distinctions between these coaches, but it’s probably worth discussing that further later

      • DJ 1/2 way

        Yes. Johnson and Slowick. These two seem the best options.

  13. Stallion

    Jim Harbaugh?

  14. LouCityHawk

    Leaving to applause, rather than to security escorting you out.

    Real quick note on Quinn, if we are going Defensive minded. It is Quinn and MacDonald from BAL. That is the list I’m interested in. I’ve been convinced that the new HC needs to be Offensive minded, and am starting to believe that he will be.

    I’ve done the least amount of work on Bienemy because I’ve read enough linking him with Chicago to make me wonder if there will be a tampering charge. Bienemy has my vote for Coach most likely to break the league though.

    I’ve become a near Ben Johnson junkie, a definite part of my desire to move on from Carroll is that Ben Johnson has elements of being special. Read his interviews, watch the offenses he coordinates, look at the way he coaches and interacts with people… I doubt he last through another cycle. A major plus for Johnson (in my book) is no links to the Shanahan/Reid/McVay trees…he is his own animal.

    Callahan came back into my attention from his interviews, so it was curious to see one linked. Thinking about Callahan, his pedigree reminds me of another of my favorites Wes Phillips. Callahan actually came up through the Broncos on John Fox’s watch. From there he went to Caldwell’s Lions, then Gruden’s Raiders. QBs were Manning, Stafford and Carr.

    Slowik is popular, working wonders in Houston, but we’ve seen a half season worth of work. As a fan, he is the least accessible, few interviews and articles available.

    LaFleur is a no from me. The problem with trees, is that eventually the choice fruit has been picked over.

    This is a good starting point.

    A lot of people ask about college coaches…there aren’t many that would be worth a look, Day from Ohio State and Matt Campbell from Iowa State are the most attractive. David Shaw is a name to watch however.

    There are a lot of interesting offensive coaches worth looking into, Wes Phillips is one I really think might appeal to Seattle. Frank Smith from the Dolphins and Canales from Tampa are two names I’m keeping tabs on.

    • 509 Chris

      Thats a great point about Johnson not coming from an existing popular offense. I wasn’t a huge believer in Burrow when he was drafted because that LSU team was one of the most loaded in history, but he proved to be great. How much of that success is because the coaches around him had his back?

      • 509 Chris

        Just realized I got Johnson mixed up with Callahan. Both are exciting honestly.

  15. Mr drucker in hooterville

    How about Jason Garret in a role?

  16. HawkFanGA

    While I am thankful for all that Carroll has done for the Seahawks during his tenure, the time has come for a change.

    Your list of possible replacements are exciting. What do you think about Kellen Moore as Head Coach? I know the bloom has come off of his rose recently, but I believe he will be available soon due to the Chargers coaching transition.

  17. 509 Chris

    Thats such an exciting list until you get to Quinn. All the homer fans love the idea of him though at least from what I’m seeing on twitter and facebook groups. I’ve said it before but he’s the equivalent of taking the insurance bet at the blackjack table. I’d really love to see a paradigm shift in Seattle. Who knows Ive been wrong before on things. I was distrustful of the Pete hiring initially and he turned out great for the franchise. I’m a little weary of Bienemy though. I think he could be successful but there would need to be other supporting factors around him. As Cha said he’d need a good cop and who knows who that would be? Tough coaches lose locker rooms too if they don’t have everyone’s respect. Think almost all of Belichecks deciples.

  18. Jabroni-DC

    Looks like MSU QB Will Rodgers is heading to UW in 2024. I know nothing about him.

    • BK26

      I might be wrong, but Dak in college as a better runner but worse passer?

      The comp might have just came to me since it’s the same school.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I think he’s the all time yards leader in the SEC, Orr at least near the top. He played 4 years under Leach so those numbers will be a bit inflated. Not as good this year but his head coach got fired after one year (I think) so that might affect his #s.

  19. Forrest

    I’ll take…any of them!

  20. BK26

    Just saw on Instagram that Seattle is pushing for Geno to make the Pro Bowl….

    Just stop at this point. People are done buying the snake oil, we all have mercury poisoning now.

    • 509 Chris

      Its so cringy. How ignorant can their social department be about whats going on on the field? Snake oil indeed!

    • DJ 1/2 way

      Speaking of Mercury Poisoning, great song by Graham Parker! Give it a listen. Yet another excellent song about how bad record labels are. Also love the cover of the Sex Pistols by Joan Jett. They called it EMI and she called it MCA.

    • Mick

      Probably the only Hawk who should get Pro Bowl is Dickson.

      • Big Mike

        Spoon too?

        • Mick

          If he’s not out with injury he’s got a good shot too, actually.

  21. Andy J

    Haven’t even read the article yet. Trade Pete to the Chargers for mid-round draft pick. Pete gets a QB, a return to SoCal, and an opportunity to play RW3 twice a year (that is if Russ remains a Bronco).

  22. Mick

    Rob do you have a favorite?

    • Rob Staton

      Not currently

  23. Murphy

    Something in Rob’s latest video hit me. He said (and I’m paraphrasing) that although he thinks that changes are needed, he’s not rooting against the Seahawks. i realized in that moment that I am rooting for them to lose and have for the past two weeks. The worst feeling in sports is apathy. I’m not excited by this team (actually embarrassed at times) and truly don’t see a way to the promise land with Carroll at the top. I want his legacy in tact so that I can fondly tell my kids about this era. I want the offseason hope and excitement of dreaming about the new combo of an offensive head coach and a rookie QB. Great article and great work Rob. Your content has kept my passion for Seahawks consistently high over the last 10 years.

  24. Gary

    From The Athletic:

    In 2011, World Series champion baseball executive Theo Epstein announced he was leaving the Red Sox for the Cubs. In an op-ed for the Boston Globe, he explained his reasoning. “Football legend Bill Walsh used to say that coaches and executives should seek change after 10 years with the same team,” Epstein wrote. “The theory is that both the individual and the organization benefit from a change after so much time together. The executive gets rebirth and the energy that comes with a new challenge; the organization gets a fresh perspective, and the chance for true change that comes with new leadership.”

    • JimQ

      “Fresh Eyes” are needed to make adjustments to player evaluation, scheme development & team direction, among other things. A no nonsense, hardnosed coach may be needed to turn this group of players around, what coach best fits that description?

  25. TwilightError

    Cool list! I got excited about all of those candidates. Bienemy sure could be the jackpot but there has been whispers about some heavy personal issues.. But those could just be rumors. He has shown he can call an offense.
    Quinn is not the worst thing that could happen but a slight disappointment compared to those other guys.

    Dave Canales might be another name to keep in mind. He has resurrected Baker Mayfield a bit and has history with the Seahawks.

    • geoff u

      It’s hard to tell if that’s a good thing or bad thing about Bienemy though. Sometimes it’s that kind of character nd drive that’s needed to push a team just that much harder to mold them into championship caliber teams. Much was said about Belichick’s style until he started winning super bowls.

  26. Robert Las Vegas

    Ben Johnson is going to have a lot of options.he can be picky.. someone will probably offer him a boat load of money. But Rob the Seahawks have some pieces probably more than most of the teams looking for a coach.And one thing I like is Ben Johnson is offensive coach who is 37 years old sounds like the Vikings head coach doesn’t it. Just a thought .If Pete Carroll has lost the locker room isn’t it conceivable That Pete Carroll might look for the exit sign.

  27. bmseattle

    Do we think that Bienemy’s extreme leaning toward passing over running is an issue at all?

    I’m not opposed to a pass heavy offense, necessarily… but it does tend to result in a more finesse team, rather than a “bully” team.

    • Sten

      It’s more suited to our current o-line. Our only mauler is Bradford. His offense does get the ball to the backs on routes though. Both Walker and Charbonnet are pretty good at being receivers.

      • bmseattle

        True, but I’m looking at this as a complete shift from the current team.
        A new coach would want to build a team to suit his philosophy.
        Hiring Bienemy might mean an even further shift toward passing and finesse.

        Maybe that’s fine… but if you are a fan of having a tough, bullying team, that can push other teams around… Bienemy might be the wrong guy.

        • Peter

          Two things:

          1. Which are we closer to/closer to succeeding as?

          2. Chiefs…Creed Humphries over gadget player, solid emphasis on trenches as a whole

          • Rob Staton

            I think we need to let the Creed Humphrey thing go

            • Peter

              I could care less anymore much like my hawks.

              I mean as to whether or not Bienemy can or can not build a ‘bully.’ His former team prioritized it while being a finesse team. Our team neither prioritizes it nor plays like a true finesse team.

              I think a new coach could do both.

  28. Canadian Hawk

    Good piece Rob.

    In your opinion, anyone in the college ranks worthy of consideration?

    • Rob Staton

      Nobody springs to mind other than Harbaugh

      You need legit NFL experience IMO to crossover

      College and NFL couldn’t be more different day to day

  29. Palatypus

    You know, the best part of The Rocky Mountain Oyster Bowl is the parade. I love seeing all the bowl princesses waving at the crowd from those floats adorned with those beautiful Rocky Mountain oysters.

  30. Joseph

    Considering without a doubt there is a disconnect between Pete and the locker room, what do you think the reason is? I get part of it is his messages to the team are stale. But I think it’s because the players aren’t put in the best positions to succeed.

  31. Ryan purcell

    As bad as it’s been at times this year I’m still rooting for them to put it together and make the playoffs. And hopefully not face the Niners in the first round!!!

  32. Starhawk29

    One more name to add to the list: Mike Mcdonald DC for the Ravens. While im skeptical of hiring another defensive coach, he’s been remarkable first at Michigan and now in Baltimore. He could bring the kind of creativity on defense we lack.

    Personally, I want no part of Dan Quinn. It’s just so uninspiring. I think he’s a little over rated, he’s benefited from being around generational players. Good coach, just don’t want him as my HC.

  33. Palatypus

    6-5 Howard is beating 11-1 Florida A&M by 6 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

  34. ukalex6674

    Great game Bengals/Vikings

  35. AlaskaHawk

    Nice article Rob!

    Off topic but Joey Aguilar, junior QB with Appalachian State is one to keep an eye on.

  36. DriveByPoster

    Nice list of candidates Rob. One aspect of this that I don’t think you’ve mentioned, is the corporate organisational one. With the Seahawks on the sale block, I think that they may be a bit risk averse & want, at least in the short term, someone who has experience of running the whole show rather than an exciting, but somewhat unknown, up & comer. I suspect that this is why Dan Quinn was the first name to get mentioned.

    Of course, it may be that all that organisational responsibility gets handed back to the General Manager (where it should have been all along) & a new HC is left to just get on with coaching. In which case someone without HC experience is a much more viable option. In any event, with Pete Carroll’s atypical degree of control, it’s just another aspect to consider.

  37. samprassultanofswat

    Hey Guys: Anyone interested in (former Washington Husky) Jake Browning. Browning engineered a 4th quarter and overtime come from behind victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Trailing by 14 points in the 4th quarter. Browning had three 4th quarter touchdown drives. Including the game time TD with 39 seconds to go. Coming into this game the Vikings defense since week 6 had allowed fewer points than any team in the NFL. On that final drive in the 4th quarter Browning was WITHOUT Ja’ Marr Chase. Browning spear headed the drive in over time to set up the game wining field goal.

    • Rob Staton


    • BK26


      I’d rather stick with Lock.

  38. ShowMeYourHawk

    Potentially unpopular take: Browning is making Burrow, his high contract and his injury history expendable.

    Understood that anyone can have a hot streak for a few games (though a backup fighting a team back into playoff contention is pretty impressive) but if Browning keeps it up, CIN will either be able to trade Browning for some great draft capital or turn Burrow’s contract into cap help to address their weaknesses.

    • Rob Staton

      He hasn’t made Burrow expendable

      Come on

      • Peter

        Maybe Browning has made himself some money next year but he’s a free agent in 2024. Maybe he balls out. But Minnesota is on their 3rd, 4th qb? I wouldn’t call this an amazing performance today.

        And talk about trading Burrow…yeesh.

      • ShowMeYourHawk

        Not so sure. In four seasons, Burrow has missed games for an ACL, an MCL and a wrist injury. He’ll have played 52 games, in four seasons. He’s got all the talent he’ll ever need but if he’s on the sideline, who does that help? 77% availability in your franchise QB isn’t optimal.

        Not going to compare Burrow’s natural talent with Browning’s. Burrow wins that comp 100% of the time. But if Browning can keep the team winning, putting up respectable stats AND the Bengals can open up their cap, why dismiss the loss out of hand.

        Anyhow, said it’d be unpopular

    • ukalex6674

      Always an over reaction when a back up plays well for the first few games.

    • BK26

      You’re right, unpopular take. It’s literally Matt Cassel and Tom Brady. One was elite, the other had the same weapons, system, and coaching. Then proved that he wasn’t a starter.

      Browning hasn’t been starting for a reason. It’s nice to have the best receiving core in the NFL.

  39. Big Mike

    Guys I like Browning as much as the next guy him being a Husky and all, but he was bailed out on marginal throws by Higgins and Boyd on those last 2 drives. Plus, he overthrew an easy TD in the first half that I have little doubt Burrow would’ve hit. I admire his grit and he’s an excellent backup but nothing more imo.

    • ShowMeYourHawk

      A Husky-associated QB that has grit and depends on his all-world WR to compensate for his mediocre long ball accuracy? Sounds like a certain player SO MANY of ‘Hawks faithful are clamoring for in the upcoming draft. 😉 As a ‘Hawks fan, I certainly hope we stay far away in Round 1.

      Honestly, CIN doesn’t move off of Burrow based on only what’s been done so far but if you can count on Browning to be competitive and not make too many “young QB bad decisions,” CIN may be left with a decision in the next season.

      • Big Mike

        The only decision they will be left with is whether to resign Browning as a backup if he isn’t signed for next year.

        • AlaskaHawk

          I agree, Seahawks need backups too. And who knows what the future will bring? That shiny new 3 round quarterback may not be as good as we think, or may get injured. And Browning will be back starting with the Seahawks. What a great story!

    • 12th chuck

      wait till there is film on him, see J. Dobbs

  40. geoff u

    Some interesting option. Any promising college coaches anyone know about?

    • geoff u

      Nevermind, question was already asked 😆

  41. Palatypus

    Well, Ben Johnson’s offense is in fine form tonight. It’s 21-0 on the Donkeys at the half. Amon Ra St.Brown breaking records.

    • DarrellDownUnder

      Definitely knows how to use the Tight End.

  42. AlaskaHawk

    I noticed that a lot of the coaches are 36 years old and have never been a head coach. If they are chosen – I wonder if Pete Carrol could be a mentor to them for half a year or so. One does have a lot of knowledge about running things. I think he could be useful during the transition. I just don’t want him in charge.

    • Rob Staton

      No no no no

      Carroll cannot mentor. We don’t want the next coach to be a pretend version of Carroll

      Neither would Carroll be able to be hands off enough to do it

      No no no

      Clean break

      • Hawk Finn

        Stop beating around the bush. What do you think?

        • Rob Staton


      • AlaskaHawk

        Yes just throw them in the deep end. Sure. I’ve always appreciated some training on new jobs- then I did it the way that I found best.

        If the new head coach is so easily swayed by Pete Carroll then he isn’t the right person to be head coach!

        • Rob Staton

          Throw them in at the deep end? This isn’t taking over as sales manager at the local Starbucks. It’s head coach in the NFL. No other team requires a baby sitter for their first time head coach.

          It’s a terrible idea, one of the worst I’ve ever heard relating to the Seahawks. Imagine trying to find your feet with Carroll meddling all the time telling you what to do.

          Either Carroll stays or it’s a clean break.

  43. CHaquesFan

    I’d like to see a defensive head coach just because that feels like the biggest issue with this team – give Waldron a year or two to see what he can do without Carroll because I think Waldron is simply being limited by Carroll – if he’s bad then he can be gone.
    But for years the biggest issue with this team has been their defense and their inability to get stops rather than the offense, which while maddeningly inconsistent, has tons of talent and just needs a young QB

    • BK26

      Waldron needs to be gone. No matter what, he can’t adjust during the game. He’s been a pretty bad coordinator. Probably the worst under Pete. He deserves to be gone.

      They are better off getting an offensive HC for all the reasons Rob mentioned, but mostly for a young qb.

  44. Peter

    I looked to check the any given sunday-ness of getting into the playoffs. I’ve always felt that the eventual winner of the big one was indeed the best or near enough the best team at years end….

    Seattle currently ranks: 18th in scoring. 25th in points allowed.

    Looked at 17 years of winners and found that only three teams have won without a top 10 offense. Only four teams won without a top ten defense. All but one team had either a top offense or defense. That team had a #12 offense and #11 defense.

    All this to say….we may or may not get to the playoffs. In the end the dominate teams will be holding the Lombardi. And that won’t be Seattle.

  45. ska

    Who are Carroll’s most successful mentees? Seems like the Carroll coaching tree isn’t really a thing.

  46. ska

    Love this perspective Peter. If you included Super Bowl losers would our chances be any better? I would love to lose the Super Bowl this year!

    • BK26

      I want zero part of losing a Super Bowl. There is no moral victory to that. If you don’t win it, you still didn’t have a successful year.

      • Peter

        I could certainly look at the winners and lovers but I’m with you BK….the whole point if the exercise was just to find out if there’s some merit to the idea that you have to get to the dance.

        I haven’t looked up the losing teams yet but a few stick in my mind like AZ against pittsburg. I remember them getting hot late. Again though they were the losers.

  47. Lonnie Anderson

    Rob love your work and thank you very much for all of your insight.

    I have a two part question.
    First I do agree that going with a offensive coach mindset would be a great benefit in today’s nfl game. But other than Dan Quinn what about if Pittsburgh let’s go of Mike Tomlin? Would he be a Defensive name that makes sense? Tough hardnose no bs philosophy?

    Second question.
    With the looming clause in Paul Allen’s trust/will it states the seahawks to be put for sale i believe in 2025? Do you think that makes a new head coach hire a little more difficult? Meaning finding the right coach that would be ok with that?

    • Rob Staton

      I like Tomlin a lot — but I wouldn’t want him. The one thing he’s struggled to do is appoint a really good OC. If we’re going with a defensive HC, I want someone who I trust to deliver a proper OC. Quinn has shown he can do that.

      The Seahawks can sell the team realistically from next summer. There’s nothing in the agreement that says it must be put up for sale no earlier than 2025. How long it takes to sell is a real mystery.

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