Snacks Harrison & the Seahawks snap count problem

The news of a visit for Snacks Harrison next week is welcome. He’ll need to pass a physical and prove he’s in some element of shape. The Seahawks have to do something though — for several reasons.

Seattle started the season with three defensive tackles on the roster, before adding Anthony Rush this week.

They also started the season without Darrell Taylor at defensive end. Since then, Rasheem Green has picked up a stinger and Bruce Irvin (a situational rusher) has torn his ACL.

Their depth on the defensive line wasn’t great to start with. Now it’s being severely tested.

Benson Mayowa and Jarran Reed didn’t practise on Wednesday. The injury report cited groin and back injuries respectively.

Both players were probably just getting some rest. The Seahawks need to be very careful over the next few weeks. Otherwise they could end up joining the likes of Green and Irvin among Seattle’s casualties.

Mayowa has played 90% of the defensive snaps so far. Let’s put this into perspective:

Frank Clark snap counts
2018 — 73%
2017 — 68%

Cliff Avril snap counts
2016 — 77%
2015 — 79%
2014 — 73%

Michael Bennett snap counts
2017 — 85%
2016 — 52%
2015 — 82%
2014 — 85%

Bennett played a higher percentage of snaps because he started at defensive end and kicked inside for passing downs. History tells us a starting Seahawks defensive end is supposed to play 75-80% of the defensive snaps — even if they are a key player like Cliff Avril.

It’s simply not sustainable for Mayowa to play 90% every week.

This is unfamiliar territory for him. In Oakland last year he only played 28% of the snaps. In 2018, with the Cardinals, he played 49% of the snaps. In 2016 and 2017 in Dallas, he tallied 36% of the snaps in each season.

Last year he played 302 snaps in 15 games for the Raiders. He’s already played 136 snaps for Seattle in two games.

Suddenly a rotational player is being thrust into a role he’s never had to contemplate.

Even Chris Clemons, who was something of a one-man pass rush in 2012, didn’t play 90% of the snaps (86%). Everyone recognised at the time that he needed help, too.

However raw or unprepared Alton Robinson might be — they’ve got to take some of the burden off Mayowa. Otherwise there’s an increasing chance he’ll get injured and suddenly Robinson will be the one playing 90% of the time.

Reed also can’t be playing 85-90% of the snaps if you want him for a full, impactful season. You need a rotation at defensive tackle. The Seahawks know that better than anyone as it was a major strength of the 2013 roster.

If he picked up an injury — what then? He might’ve had a fairly quiet start to the season but there’s no doubting he’s Seattle’s most proven and respected defensive lineman.

In 2018 when Reed had his most productive season, he played 78% of the snaps.

Snacks Harrison can ease the burden. He can handle some of the early down duties in the running game and Reed can save some of his energy for pass rushing opportunities.

If he’s anything close to the player who performed so well in New York (we’ll need to see) he should also help keep the second level defenders clean. The Seahawks can’t afford to have their linebackers getting washed out. They need protecting.

There’s no guarantee that Harrison will be up to the job, of course. Having contemplated retiring and sitting out the season, who knows what kind of motivation or physical condition he has?

He’s often listed at 350lbs. Who knows where he’s at currently?

There’s no harm in finding out though — especially with contracts no longer being guaranteed since the start of the season.

They still need another edge though — unless Alton Robinson can play beyond the expectations of the team, considering they made him inactive for the first two games.

Check out our new podcast below where I make a (compelling) case for making a trade for Ryan Kerrigan. We also preview the Dallas game and discuss the terrifying advanced stats from weeks one and two.

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  1. BruceN

    Good breakdown Rob. There is no way these secondary players can play a major role logging 90% of the snaps. Must beef up the rotation. Excited we are finally trying to address the DLine after PC saying they were going with the guys we have. Snacks made $9M last year so we’ll see if they can make it work and if he’s in playing shape. He graded at 63 by PFF (66 against the run and 55 against the pass). Get Cameron wake on the line too.

    • GerryG

      What those #s show is there is no way ANY player can play 90% at a sustainable level

      • BruceN

        BWags has been playing around 95% of the snaps but he is an all pro player and playing LB. Secondary role players simply cannot do that. DL specifically needs fresh players to rush at max ability. So even MB and Avril at their peak were logging 70-80% of the snaps.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I totally agree on the 90% level.

      But I will offer this thought. With no preseason games, how do you get guys in shape? What I saw in training wasn’t full contact. So you go into the season and you have a couple weeks of hell during the games. It toughens them up for the rest of the season. There is a benefit to that. Of course you want to dial it back to normal later.

      • BruceN

        I’m not an expert but I’m not sure it works that way. To push them beyond their capacity will come at a cost. For example at this pace Mayowa will blow a gasket, get injured and/or will be totally ineffective.

        Health wise, this season will be an issue for all players due to lack of preparation due to COVID and so far the injuries’ show that. Nothing to be done. Only hope is for the players to get thru these first few weeks (based on their normal load) without injuries and they start to get in better shape and the rate of injuries start to go down.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        Counterpoint. If guys aren’t in shape because of the lack of preseason, making someone play 90% of the snaps will more likely result in injury than it will getting the guy in shape.

        • AlaskaHawk

          So far, the guys getting injured haven’t played that many snaps.

  2. Ashish

    Finally JS/PC are accepting there is issue with DL, one vet DT and one DE is must. Thanks Rob for prompt article.

  3. Alex H

    This is seriously the worst Seahawks DL I can remember in the last decade.

    • Mike

      Im curious if we went back in seahawks history if we could find a worse dline. Might be a curious throwback test.

      • BobbyK

        I can’t speak for pre-1983 but I can say with almost certainty that this is most definitely the worst DL in franchise history since I became a fan. Starting in 1983 when Joe Nash took over at NT, that unit stayed together in tact through the early 90s. They were good. Jacob Green was great. Then in the early 90s Cortez Kennedy was drafted and played the rest of the decade out. Cortez on a line with clowns is better than any scenario this team has. So, in truth, from ’83 through the turn of the century – the Seahawks had a better DL than this 2020 horror show has.

        To put in perspective the amount of snaps Mayowa is playing – lets go back to 2013 when the Seahawks defense was the best in franchise history and one of the NFL all-time best, too. Avril and Bennett each only played in about 50% of the snaps. They were good. They were fresh. They were dominant.

        • Duceyq

          Right there with you Bobby K. 1982-83 was my years…don’t forget Michael Sinclair and Michael McCrary with that 90’s group also. Why Seattle let McCrary and Sam Adams walk I will never understand. The Ravens set a record with that SB Def with those two players as key contributors. That group 90’s group was relentless at getting to the QB.

          This DLine now is utter trash. If Seattle would’ve kept Frank Clark then they probably keep Jacob Martin and not be in this situation. They could’ve still taken DK and Blair I’d they stood pat in the draft.

  4. cha

    Mayowa 2019 snaps in 15 games: 302

    Mayowa 2020 snaps in 2 games: 136

    I still remember that interview where he was pissed off at all the questions about the Seahawks pass rush and was calling himself the lead pass rusher or some such label.

    Careful what you wish for Benny.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m adding this to the piece.

      • cha

        He’s on pace for…wait for it…1088 snaps!

        • Rob Staton


          • cha

            Or put another way…double his career-high output of 550 snaps.

    • pdway

      i’m sure he’s happy about it. more snaps means more opptys for numbers (sacks and tackles), which will literally translate into money for him — in his what, maybe 5 more years of being able to earn money as a professional athlete if he’s lucky?

      whether it’s optimal for the team or not . . .a different question.

      • cha

        He transformed a 7 sack season into a one year $3m deal.

        Not sure he’s going to get a big deal in 2021 after breaking down about Week 9 from the workload.

      • Rob Staton

        More snaps means you’re absolutely shattered and needing Wednesday’s off to recover in order to get through the next game.

        The only opportunity it provides is to be out on your arse by week 8.

        • cha

          I guessed Week 9 Rob. But I’m sure by Week 8 he’ll be 20lbs off his playing weight and getting IVs in the locker room at halftime.

      • CaptainJack

        He was obviously burnt out especially in the second half against the pats. Played at half speed and had zero impact.

  5. Robert

    If we want to win it all we will need to get Harrison and get an edge rusher in free agency or trade for one. Maybe Ryan Kerrigan? This D-line is going to hold the defense back from winning.

    • dcd2

      Welcome to the conversation.

      I recommend checking out Rob’s article yesterday re: Kerrigan, and perusing some of the many articles written this off-season about the DL.

      Giving the benefit of doubt here, and assuming you’re new(er) here. But that’s predominately what we’ve been discussing here for months.

  6. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    #Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy told reporters that rookie CB Trevon Diggs (shoulder) will work in individual drills, and after some tests, I’m told his shoulder is structurally sound. Just banged up. The hope is, if he keeps trending in this direction, he can play Sunday.
    9:01 AM · Sep 24, 2020

  7. Robert

    Even if we get Harrison we will still need an edge rusher through free agency or by trading for one. Maybe Ryan Kerrigan? If the Seahawks don’t fix the d-line then we will not be able to win it all this year. No matter how good the offense is.

    • Ashish

      Last game is good example. If NE would have score, offense could have not done anything. Time 00:00

  8. Logan Lynch

    Need to see what shape he’s in…

    Round is a shape, right?

    • cha

      Evelle: Hey, these blow up into funny shapes at all?

      Clerk: Well, no. Unless round is funny.

      • pdway

        okay, then

  9. Scot04

    Great write up Rob. It definitely highlights the need to add to this D-line. Especially how thin we are at DT. Whether it’s Snacks or another veteran it will be important to give Reed rest. A DT and a quality DE would help immensely in our chances to have any hopes of reaching the NFC Championship. Atleast upper management is acknowledging the need on the DL. A veteran DT is a start, Hopefully they continue with a starting caliber DE.

    In regards to Brooks 1st and Baltimore’s Pick in Queens:

    I think the physical profile, mainly the weight is why the Seahawks went with Brroks. There’s no denying Queens speed and athletic ability; plus he’s only 21, his frame also looks like it can can add weight.
    Will be interesting to see how Brooks looks in his 1st start.
    Queen through 2 games had some typical rookie mistakes and some trouble in coverage.
    He still has looked worthy of a 1st round pick and what should be a long term starter going forward though.
    Hoping Brooks can show similar in his 1st start.

  10. Uncle Bob

    I’m all in on the Kerrigan deal whichever of the several articles/theories out there pans out for trade material. One of the problems we face is that we’re not the only team suffering injuries, I’d dare say more teams than ever (relative to seasons past) are seeing higher than usual attrition. That makes our thin trade offerings all the thinner for the competition we face. Snacks supposedly has three other suitors. Is he thinking he should make the rounds before signing? And that’s if he’s in or close to playing shape. Won’t be here til next week, add screening protocols, and maybe some fitness work and he might not be able to actually play til after our bye week. We often ask the question that boils down to “Why did we put ourselves in this position.” We can, and have, speculated aplenty, but it’s still only speculation though we can easily see the pickle we’ve put ourselves in. It’s not out of the realm of reason, short of expecting miracles from our youngsters, that we need to add upwards of three bodies to give us some needed rotational help. How about seeing if we can get into BoB’s pocket again, the Texans need wide receiver help. D. Moore is looking good right now, but isn’t an absolute need where we have passable depth. Let’s see if we can get Jake Martin back in a straight swap. He’d be decent relief. Why haven’t we heard about Mychal Kendricks? Is he not healed yet? If he is, and isn’t in immediate sentencing danger he’d be a quick fit for the scheme. Desperation moves? Well, yeah, there aren’t that many quality options just waiting to be plucked. Any of the free agents won’t be of use for at least two weeks from now. This sucks. The only mitigating factor is that with all the injuries it’s getting harder to predict who will be the contenders by season’s end…………a suck swap water team from today could sneak in because they suffered personnel losses the least in the next 10 games or so.

    • dcd2

      Will Fuller, Brandin Cooks, Randall Cobb… Texans are giving up 30+/game and have a mediocre to bad OL. WR probably isn’t a big priority, when their defense sucks.

      Agree with the rest of your post though. There are no good solutions, but status quo won’t cut it.

      • Uncle Bob

        Re: Texan receivers you’re sorta correct for now, but all three of those guys can’t stay healthy and none have completed 16 games in recent seasons. But local pressure is on to help Watson. I’ll admit I’m reachin’ a bit, but that’s where the Seahawks are anyway.

  11. JLemere

    Well this answers the question about Jabaal Sheard…

    Adam Schefter

    Veteran free-agent DE Jabaal Sheard, who has been waiting for the right opportunity and deal, is visiting with the Lions for a potential reunion in Detroit with HC Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn, per source. They all won a Super Bowl together in New England.

    • Volume12

      We’ll revisit this when Patricia is fired by week 8.

      • TomLPDX

        if not sooner. like week 3!

  12. Jawbreaker

    I think our defensive line might be in trouble 🙁

  13. Volume12

    Whose excited for some Minshew Mania tonight? Got himself a weapon in Shenault whose gonna be a good one.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I got to root for Minshew. I still wonder what would have happened in the Apple Cup if it hadn’t snowed so hard that day. Anyway – I like an underdog!

      • Volume12

        Oh he’s fun. Telling ya’ll the Jags got something. Minshew is a top 15 QB, RB James Robinson is a tough runner that finishes runs, has good vision. Shenault is the ultimate gadget player. Can win outside, inside, and from the backfield. Physical as well. WR DJ Chark is a borderline #1 wideout.

        Rookie corner CJ Henderson is tremendous. Imagine if the Cards had drafted him? 👀🔥. Moving Myles Jack to WILL was such a smart move. Revitalized him. We know about DE Josh Allen.

        Should be 2-0. Have Miami tonight, then Cincy, Texans, and the Lions. They should win some ball games here.

    • Adog

      I plan on riding that magic mustache to the fantasy championship! Oh yah…

      • Big Mike

        Mustache ride???

    • RWIII

      V-12. You asked who is excited about Minshew Manis? The answer is. From 710 ESPN Sports. Jim Moore.

    • dcd2

      Should be a fun game. Minshew and Fitz were going back and forth.

      Fitz said “The mustaches versus the beard…I think the beard is cooler. Guys that grow mustaches have patchy sides.”

      Minshew’s reply: “I’ll let mine speak for itself… but I’m gonna have respect for my elders. Especially when they’re much, much elder,”

    • Rob Staton

      Cox’s contract is an absolute nightmare.

      Would I take him for a R2? Yes.

      But I’m not sure his salary is workable.

      • cha

        I think the Eagles would have to eat some salary for a R2.

        Cmon JS you owe us one. Get him for a 2021 4th and a 2022 3rd.

        • cha

          Side note: Cox 2021 and 2022 salaries appear to be completely non guaranteed. So the hawks could trade for him and maybe rework his contract. Perhaps Give him some bonus $ and spread it out to lower the cap hit.

          • cha

            Side note 2: this trade would be really unpopular with Eagles fans. One thing Roseman could do to salve the sting is get Rush back in the trade. If the hawks can send Rush in trade and negotiate even slightly less draft capital, that’s a win win.

            Cox will more than eat up Rush’s snaps, and/or you can find another similar type on the street.

    • Trevor

      If the Hawks could get Cox for a 2nd and figure out a way to make the cap # work that would be ideal as he is more than just a 1yr rental. Still think Kerrigan might be the better option though. We need both but that is not going to happen.

      • Volume12

        Whose an under the radar pass rusher Seattle can get for a 4th or 5th? That’s kinda where I think the help comes from.

        • Logan Lynch

          It’d be very boom or bust and I’m not sure of the fit, but maybe Markus Golden?

        • Big Mike

          Calais Campbell
          too soon?

          • Uncle Bob

            LOL, Calais had to replace Joe Thomas as the perpetual wishful think acquisition.

            • Rob Staton

              Except Joe Thomas was never available for a fifth rounder.

              • Uncle Bob

                And it appears, for the Seahawks anyway, neither is/was Calais.

                • Rob Staton

                  A common misconception.

                  Calais has stated clearly there was no concocted deal with Baltimore and multiple teams showed interest.

                  If they wanted him they could’ve made it happen.

                  • Big Mike

                    BJ Finney was the better get anyway so you know Rob, water under the bridge and all.

    • Trevor

      Wags and Adams would certainly be happy if they could get Cox and his double team attention on most snaps.

      That is the problem with the Hawks DL now they don’t have one player who requires a double team.

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not a salary cap guru.

        What is Cox’s cap hit next year if the Eagles trade him to us this year?

        • cha

          I believe the prorated bonus is what slams the Eagles and stays with them, that’s what happened in the Brandin Cooks trade (which set the current dead hit record of $21m – Cox would shatter it at $27m).

          Base salary and roster bonus comes with him to Seattle. Plus whatever performance incentives.

          So after week 3

          $9.1m cap hit. ($11.2m / 16 games x 13 games)

          2021 $16m ($15m base + $1m roster bonus) age 33 year
          2022 $17.1m ($16.1m base + $1m roster bonus) age 32 year

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks man.

            • Sea Mode

              Cha is right on. The prorated bonuses would accelerate to this year and they would eat a whopping $27,950,000 dead cap hit. (!)

              I just wanted to mention that Spotrac makes it easy to see the numbers for cut or trade by clicking on the red “X” at the far right in the desired year:


              There might be details of the contract that are unknown, but in general I find that they do a pretty good job sourcing their information.

              • cha

                Thanks SM. And by the way, I probably won’t be able to do the PC press conf tomorrow afternoon. Feel free to do it, or I can do it later that night once it’s posted.

                • Sea Mode


                  Unless there was something of note going on, during the season I usually only did the Wednesday (i.e. mid-week) press conference just to kind of get through the middle of the week as we wait for the following Sunday. The rest of them I would just grab the notable quotes from the beat reporters on Twitter.

                  But I’m happy to read whenever anyone wants to do any of them, and honestly I either haven’t had the time or energy to do them recently, so thank you for your service!

          • DC

            And he gets younger after 2021, a real plus!

            • cha

              LOL He’s going to “Benjamin Button” himself

        • Ashish

          That’s insane number 🙂 got me excited but unless eagle is ready to eat most cap this year this is going no where. Even if you no analyze next year cap hit it’s still nightmare which we are not even discussing.

    • Ashish

      Need to get DE and DT before bye week. JS better be on phone talking to GM(s).

      • John seahawk

        If we get Fletcher Cox we need to resign Joey Hunt and put him on defense so Fletcher can throw him at someone else’s quarterback for a change.

        • dcd2


        • Nathan W.

          I just spit out my tea

        • BobbyK

          Super Funny Visual!

        • Mike

          You made my morning with that!

    • CaptainJack

      if they’re gonna shop that second round pick,

      it really needs to be on a guy who can supplant Mayowa. That’s the weakest link right now.

      • CaptainJack

        Cox is intriguing but he doesn’t really fit into the puzzle.

        • DC

          Cox fits into every puzzle. Quickest way to the qb is right up the gut.

          • charlietheunicorn

            Commands double and triple teams, freeing other guys up to eat.

  14. NotthatJordan


    If Alton Robinson ends up being not ready, doesn’t it seem like they need TWO pass rushers AND Harrison? Something like Kerrigan in a trade, sign Matthews and sign Harrison. Even then I’m not sure how much better our Dline would be versus last year. But it would be vastly improved from what we are currently looking at.

    • CaptainJack

      I don’t think it matters if he’s “ready” or not, they have no one else to play.

      • NotthatJordan

        I don’t disagree. But in future weeks and to win a Super Bowl you need more than a body. You need an effective pass rusher. If Robinson proves ineffective which obviously I hope he doesn’t then the Seahawks need two pass rushers just to get back to basically where they were last year.

  15. CaptainJack

    The weird thing is with Rush and especially Mone grading out decently, I was hoping they would just give them more snaps to rest reed and ford and use the resources left to bring in an edge. Harrison might be able to contribute but in terms of bringing a new player into the building, all the focus should be on edge rusher right now.

    • Steve Nelsen

      I agree with you. Seattle doesn’t need 4 run-stuffing NTs who can’t rush the passer. Snacks doesn’t fit the profile of what they should be looking for. Even if Snacks is willing to play for the veteran minimum, I would rather let the younger cheaper hungrier guys play. Save the resources for a DL who can help rush the passer.

  16. Volume12

    Has anyone seen those 2 corners from Tulsa? Allie Green (6’3, 200 lbs.) & Akayleb Evans (6’2, 185 lbs.)? Both look like how you’d draw up a Seahawk corner. Especially Green.

    • CaptainJack

      If they can’t make plays on the ball and have conceded record amounts of yards in the first few games, they just might fit the bill.

      • Hoberk Unce

        PCJS would never draft a player for a role they already have filled on the roster.

  17. James Cr.

    I have this feeling Robinson is going to come in and look amazing and we will all ask why he wasn’t playing the first couple weeks. (One can dream right?)

    • cha

      For what it’s worth, Gregg Bell (admittedly a writer and not a professional scout) called him the best DL in camp.

      • CaptainJack

        Greg Bell is one of the reporters i go out of my way to ignore, can’t separate the game from the political stuff

        • charlietheunicorn

          He is more or less on the company dime, so I don’t really put to much stock in his reports, besides the powderpuff behind the scenes stories about players…. which can be quite good.

    • BobbyK

      Pete did play Trufant over a better player in WTIII. When WTIII got hurt (after the Trufant injury before that) that’s the only reason a buried on the depth-chart Richard Sherman got to play. In reality, they had their best player on the bench and their worst was the starter. Sometimes I wonder WTF Pete thinks. Hopefully, lightning strikes again and Robinson is actually good. Wouldn’t take much.

      • charlietheunicorn

        Sometimes it takes an opportunity for a guy to shine.

        Look at the Chargers this year, the best QB might have been the rookie all along.
        Lynn made the right call, by trying to briung him along slowly, but then an incredible accident put him in the starting lineup and “once you seize the mantle, you don’t look back.”

        • BobbyK

          I think the Chargers knew full well he was the right QB all along or they wouldn’t have spent a high first-round pick on him. Most normal teams don’t draft a player high in the first round with the intentions of letting him sit on the bench for however many games/years. It’s much easier in the development of a QB to ease him into a situation, which is what they did until the Taylor injury. Much better for a young QB to sit and watch and then take over vs. get thrown in, benched, and then try it again. The Chargers did the right thing.

          • Gohawks5151

            Most times 5th round picks are special teamers or cut. Trufant was a vet on his last year. Thurman was drafted higher. Sherman was a 5th round receiver convert with limited experience. I think they saw his potential but to say he was immediately the best option is stretching it.

  18. Sea Mode


    Russell Wilson red-zone stats:

    ▪️ 8-8
    ▪️ 82 yards
    ▪️ 5 TDs


  19. Denver Hawker

    This was fun to revisit:
    Love the mic on Bruce and Bobby’s instincts on display.

    • ScandicHawk

      Awesome find Denver, so cool to watch, not just the front end result but what’s going on in the back, especially on the edge on the last play. One thing that really stuck out is how bad number 57 was during those early runs into the ez by Cam. I was like, who is that? He was pushed into the back of the ez earlier in the game or totally locked up at the last play, a non-factor. I was so bummed to see it was Barton. I liked him at Utah, really good college football player, thought he’d be a solid pro. He’s not a starting lb in the pros, imv, from last year and watching this with no improvement, he can’t shed blocks and he’s stiff in coverage, can’t cover anybody. I would go at him immediately any time he enters the game as an OC. Man, we need our 1st rounder Brooks to step up this weekend, or take a chance on the light pants of Ben Burr Kirvan whose instincts and shedding ability are brilliant. Also good in pass coverage, during his college career where he was All Pac12. Problem of course is that he’s a ‘little’ guy by NFL standards. Never thought he’d be a great college lb so he proved me wrong. I don’t understand why Barton was in the game over Brooks? Anybody venture a guess? I wrote off last year as a rookie, but man, he should only be on st.

      • TomLPDX

        Or on the street. Time to move on…

  20. Steve Nelsen

    I don’t see the point of adding a veteran run-stuffing DT like Snacks. Poona, Mone and Rush are all NTs and cheaper.

    Save that salary cap space for a potential trade for a DE who can rush the passer.

    Jawan Short’s contract with Carolina seems much more manageable than Fletcher Cox. Short can be cut or traded with no dead money. But even though Short and Cox offer some pass rush help from DT, wouldn’t a DE be preferable?

    • Mike

      Id say we are about 2 starting caliber DEs short, plus a starting caliber DT, maybe 2.

      So yeah, edge is hugely deficient, but an interior compliment to reed that can push a pocket would be real helpful too.

  21. charlietheunicorn

    Rumor was “Snacks” was living up to his name and pushing 360. We will see.

    Supposedly the first visit is Seattle.. and most likely his last.

    • Aaron

      If he’s pushing 360 lbs and it’s really from snacking and generally being semi-retired, then hard pass on him. We don’t need a guy who’s gonna take a month or more to get into football shape. We need a DT and another edge rusher who are ready now.

  22. Chavac

    Yikes, those snap counts are scary.

    I wonder what he would seek $$$ wise. I assume him signing wouldn’t exclude a Matthews/Wake deal?

  23. Hoggs41

    In 2013 Bennett had the highest snap count percentage at 58%. Rotstion is s must.

  24. Trevor

    One a really postive note the play of special team and the kickers in particular has been fantastic so far this season. Over the last couple of seasons special teams have cost us 2-3 games that could have had a huge impact on the final standings.

    If they can keep this up then it could be the difference between 10 wins and 11 or 12 which could be huge.

  25. Logan Lynch

    What are the guesses for inactives and PS callups this week?

    I think Walker gets activated to play ST and possibly get some pass rush reps, especially if Mayowa can’t go. Robinson should be up. Fuller will likely be inactive with Ogbuehi back in if he can make it. Green likely out again. Linden Stephens probably inactive unless he needs to take over ST role for Amadi.

    Maybe Shaquem gets a PS callup, but you can only do that twice so maybe they want to see what Walker can give them. Sullivan was protected, but I’m not sure if that’s a different designation or if that automatically means he is active for the week.

    • Sea Mode

      I imagine Stephens will be active, cause if Ugo gets hurt, who else will they put in at nickel?

      • cha

        Bryan Mone. Obviously.

      • Logan Lynch

        Possibly slide Dunbar inside and have Tre play outside? I’d trust him more than Stephens.

        • TomLPDX

          This was my thought as well. Much rather have Tre and Dunbar on the field together if Ugo gets hurt

    • CaptainJack

      They’ve got to have Walker and Robinson active and call up Quem from the practice squad. They probably should have signed Speeks when they could have.

  26. Sea Mode

    Not sure why he decided to bring this up out of the blue, but ok.

    Tom Pelissero

    The #Seahawks recently gave new titles to Scott Fitterer (Vice President of Football Operations) and Trent Kirchner (Vice President of Player Personnel). Two respected executives groomed by John Schneider have been GM candidates in recent years, and Seattle is off to a 2-0 start.

    • Rob Staton

      Just reward for the B.J. Finney signing.

      • Big Mike


    • cha

      This feels like one of those “we’re giving you a new title and a $.05 per hour bump to do the exact same job you’re doing in order to ward off other teams from hiring you.”

  27. Jordan E

    Not the edge rusher we really need but I’ll take it. Hopefully he is in good shape. The fact that Snacks still is generating alot of interest among multiple team’s is a great sign. You dont see that same interest with Clay Matthews or Cameron Wake.

    Holding out hope still though for a Ryan Kerrigan or J.J. Watt trade (know its extremely unlikely but maybe 1% chance).

    • Scot04

      Mathews and Wake both turned down Denver. Obviously waiting for right team and enough of a money incentive to play.

  28. Rob Staton

    Pete Carroll tells @dorimonson on @KIRORadio that Duane Brown and Jarran Reed “should be OK” for Sunday. Benson Mayowa will be a game-time decision. As for Rasheem Green: “He’s got a little bit of a problem that’s lingering a little bit here. We’ve got to wait that one out …”

    This is why I wrote this article.

    The Seahawks have given Mayowa far too much to do. He’s banged up after two games.

    They’re already without Green, Taylor and Irvin. I’m starting to wonder if Green’s stinger is in Cliff/Kam territory.

    What an absolute abject mess. They’ve handled this so poorly from start to finish.

    Fix the pass rush? They’ve decimated it.

    • CaptainJack

      There is no defense left for this. No defense for the complete refusal to prepare, the complete refusal to address the problem. This has moved past the realm of incompetence and into the realm of pride and hubris.

      If I was Wilson, I would be pissed.

      • Rob Staton

        It’s a disaster.

        How they handled free agency, the seeming gamble on Taylor’s health, the way they’ve overused the DL they have, to not adding anyone else since the draft.

        And yet nobody ever pushes Pete on this.

        Who is holding them to account?

        • Lewis

          The Taylor thing probably wouldn’t seem like such a big deal if the line had been addressed by other means. But as things stand, it’s really being magnified. And I think we understand this wasn’t a normal offseason and getting medical stuff done was a problem, but that’s all the more reason to be cautious if you are counting on someone to come in and help immediately (and while the team wouldn’t characterize it that way, the fact remains this was the single biggest investment made in the DL this offseason)

          • Rob Staton

            Here’s the Taylor pick in a nutshell:

            “Crap! We haven’t done much to fix the pass rush!”

            “Let’s draft someone”

            “Who’s available?”

            “Well it’s not a good DL draft. There’s this one guy who is a major injury red flag…”

            “TRADE UP FOR HIM!”

            • JLemere

              And because of that, PC will be awarded with a 3-5 year extension. Then we can give Jamal Adams 16 million a year, Shaquill Griffin 15 million a year, and Quinton Dunbar 12-13 million a year.

    • cha

      They actually used a 4DT DL for a handful of snaps last week.

      Probably will have to do that again Sunday. Followed by another Corbin Smith article glowing about their DT depth.

      • Rob Staton

        Can’t wait to see Anthony Rush roaring off the edge.

        With Bryan Mone at the LEO.

        • cha

          Anything we can do to give Snacks a boost in leverage.

        • James Cr.

          Well, Pete did say they needed to be more creative in order to get pressure!

          • CaptainJack

            Unless my eyes were deceiving me I could have sworn I had seen Poona rushing off the edge last week…

            • Rob Staton

              I thought they’d brought Shaquem off the practise squad.

              Then I realised it was just Poona.

              Flying off the edge like a dynamo.

        • Brian Pendleton

          We need more pass Rush! Anthony ‘Pass’ Rush. Between Mone and Rush is there a heavier duo on any team out there now?

    • Scot04

      Crazy to think the offseason top priority was Pass Rush and looking at it going into Sunday.
      That combined with overpaying rotational players as starters. Your article pretty much summed everything up nicely.
      This whole offseason, and the lack of urgency to address anything after 2 games just amazes me. Alot of pressure to put on Brooks and Robinson, let alone the rest of the defense. Feel bad For Russ. If I’m him I’d be pretty frustrated with our front office right now.

      • Rob Staton

        That’s the worst thing. They correctly identified the pass rush as the priority and look what they ended up with.

        It’s like saying you’re going out to get a pizza for dinner for the family and coming back with some wet leaves.

        • Brian Pendleton

          Wet leaves with extra cheese, you’ll never notice the difference.

          • Rob Staton

            I’ve eaten worse to be fair

        • CaptainJack

          We are seeing a perfect example of what separates rotational players and starters in the NFL.

          Mayowa had a nice burst early on last season with the raiders and stopped producing around mid season, and was effectively benched by season’s end.

          He’s not built to last a full season in the nfl. You give him some work early on, albeit in limited fashion, and then he’s liable to get worn out. Give him a starting job and he won’t last three weeks.

          • Rob Staton

            The only question ‘Benson Mayowa’ should’ve been the answer to is: “Who do you want them to sign as camp competition and a possible DE3 for a couple of million?”

  29. TomLPDX

    Hey guys, just wanted to share this video from Dave Wyman breakdown the final play from last week.

    Worth the time to watch. Go Hawks!

  30. JD

    What a mess. It was criminal not to 1. Get any replacement for Al Woods or an additional DT 2. Sign a competent Edge Rusher.

    But then to overuse the two FA signings rather than spread the snaps has led to us losing 3 of the starting defensive linemen within two games.

    They will now be forced to overuse their depth pieces in Alton Robinson and Damontre Moore.

    How did it come to this? Unfortunately, it seems like this trend of injuries at DE might progress to DT. Let’s hope not.

    • JD

      ^ Was supposed to be in response to Rob’s comment about Mayowa being a game time decision.

    • Rob Staton

      Keeping Alton Robinson inactive was ridiculous.

      Especially with Luke Willson sat active doing nothing.

      • JD

        Hindsight I know, but the trade up for Darrell Taylor is extremely frustrating.

        Could you imagine instead if they stayed put, drafted Julian Okwara (or Josh Uche) at 59 and then used 101 for Rashard Lawrence or Leki Fotu.

        The speed of Okwara or Uche at this point would at least move the QB off his spot and having a solid DT for the future would be so valuable at this point.

        • Scot04

          like many here I’m sure. I also had Okwara and Fotu in my SDB Mock Draft.

        • Trevor

          Okwara and Lawrence or Fotu would have made just too much sense.

          I like Taylor when healthy but given the lack of depth they had a DE they could not take a chance on a guy who was injured.

        • Gohawks5151

          Really wanted Lawrence. For what its worth Uche hurt right now. Okwara doing nothing

          • Scot04

            Hopefully our defensive rookies can make some impact this Sunday, we’ll need them to.

      • CaptainJack

        It’s really hard to rationalize keeping Robinson inactive. Unless he’s really struggling in practice and all the reports about him by Gregg Bell and others have been total hogwash.

  31. James Cr.

    Let’s not sugar coat it, our horrible drafting the past 4-5 years is a huge part of the reason we are in this mess.

    • Cortez Kennedy

      We should hire Scot Mclaughlan to help with drafts. It worked pretty successfully once upon a time.

    • Trevor

      Agree 100% both the scouting and constant need to always trade back has certainly not worked and down nothing but reduce the amount of talent and depth on the roster,

      My my estimation the Hawks have made 6 good draft picks in the last 5 years.

      2016 – Jarran Reed (2nd round) / no one left on the roster from that draft
      2017 – Shaq Griffin
      2017 Chris Carson
      2018 Wil Dissly
      2018 Michael Dickson
      2019 DK Metcalf
      2020 Damien Lewis

      • CaptainJack

        And even with this list, you have to put an asterisks next to Dissly’s name because of his injuries. You could also argue Reed was only really good for one season and Griffin is more of a middle of the road player at this point. Might be too early to tell if Lewis is legit and he’s struggled with pass blocking mightily.

        The only slam dunk picks in the last six years are DK and Chris Carson.

      • dcd2

        Shaq is giving up the most yards in the NFL through 2 weeks. I’m not even sure how good that pick is going to be. Looks like another guy who won’t get a 2nd contract at this point.

        • Rob Staton

          He’s just not that good.

          Fans love the Griffin’s so he gets elevated beyond his performance level.

          He improved last year in fairness but not to the extent people were suggesting.

          He has the athleticism to make some nice plays — such as the Hayden Hurst tipped pass in week one or the flying tip vs San Francisco in Santa Clara last year (which was a huge play).

          But there’s a reason why he has only three picks in 3.2 seasons now.

          Dunbar has given up plays too but he’s settling into the scheme. Yet look how often he’s in position to make a play on the ball. He should have three picks!

    • BobbyK

      No 1st or 3rd rounder this next year all but assures of of another future crappy draft. May have to trade another pick to have a chance to win the Super Bowl this year.

  32. Trevor

    With Irvin on IR, Green hurt since game #1 and now Mayowa hurt can someone please explain to my why the Hawks are not bringing in anybody and everybody available at DE to take a look? I don’t think they had anyone in this week.

    • Rob Staton

      Becoz itz not a problam becoz they r too and oh.

      Stop being so negativ

      • Trevor


      • Chase

        Couldn’t have worded it better myself.

      • Sweetjayt

        We were 2-0 with a mostly roster. Going into a game mostly depleted for the season and not bringing in extra talent is reckless and worrisome, not someone being negative. Now we’re kicking the tires on semi-retired out of shape rejects. PC has lost my vote of confidence.

        • Rob Staton

          I sense you didn’t get the joke.

      • Elmer


  33. Scott peal

    Why don’t they play robinson they drafted him he might surprise her whiz

    • Rob Staton

      Because it’s better to have Luke Willson dressed and ready in case you have… three injuries at tight end.

      • Hoggs41

        Very funny on the Willson comment. Answering Scott’s question, most of that active/not active stuff has to do with special teams. Its looking more ad more like the heavily anticipated debut of Alto is going to happen this week.

  34. Ashish

    Our star DL is injured, might be a good news. Green’s injury not looking good, Irvin is out. Mayowa is injured, Reed is dinged. Carroll is injured wait he does not play DL 🙂

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