Some thoughts after college football week six

This was a slightly different scouting week, with two big name quarterbacks not featuring.

Will Levis has been sacked 18 times in five games and finally, the beating caught up to him. He missed Kentucky’s game against South Carolina. It probably boosted his stock because without him, the Wildcats fell to a horrible home loss to struggling South Carolina.

Bryce Young was always likely to miss time after leaving Alabama’s game against Arkansas with a limp arm. He didn’t play against Texas A&M and ‘Bama were fortunate to escape with a win.

It gave me a chance to focus on other players, specifically non-quarterbacks, over the last 48 hours. I have an article coming this week breaking down a collection of prospects who’ve caught my eye — along with my usual QB notes.

But I’ll stress again — I am really struggling to find legit top-15 players for the 2023 draft.

I suspect two quarterbacks — Will Levis and C.J. Stroud — will go very early. It’s possible Bryce Young goes very early too although that will depend on how teams view his size and thus, his durability. Anthony Richardson’s ridiculous upside could also mean he is a high first round pick, despite his mixed 2022 season so far.

Will Anderson is not a Myles Garrett or Nick Bosa level player but he is the best bet at acquiring a defensive playmaker. He will go early.

I think many teams will have Texas running back Bijan Robinson as possibly the highest graded player on their board although his position will have a say in how high he goes. In a weak top-end, he could easily go in the top-10. I wouldn’t be shocked if Alabama’s Jahmyr Gibbs is also rated very highly.

Michael Mayer, the tight end from Notre Dame, could also go very early if he tests well at the combine. His change of direction skills at his size are freakish and he’s been a highly consistent, productive weapon for the Irish.

Bryan Bresee missed his second game at the weekend with a kidney infection, having also missed time due to the sad passing of his younger sister. Unfortunately, having missed most of last season with an ACL, it’s hard to project him given how little he’s playing. I know he’ll test very well at the combine so there’s an upside projection that could get him into the top-15.

Jalen Carter is also injured and missed Georgia’s latest win. It’s unclear when he’ll return with Kirby Smart being quite vague at his press conference today. I am not convinced he’s the top-10 pick many project and without a fantastic combine, is more likely to be graded in the later first round.

There’s a dearth of draft-eligible game-wrecking defensive linemen. I am yet to see a single linebacker worthy of a first round projection. The safety position is weak at the top end. There are cornerbacks who can emerge but it’s tricky to project them on tape because teams are avoiding them (and still moving the ball).

That’s not to say good players and rough diamonds aren’t there. Clemson pass rusher K.J. Henry, for example, could end up being a day-two steal. His upside and potential is top-notch — but it’s taken him years to make it happen at Clemson and despite his improved play he has one sack in six games.

I like the depth later in the draft and I think good players can and will be found. At the top of round one, however, it’s a mess. It’s virtually impossible to find players worthy of a legit first round grade.

Currently, the Seahawks would gain the 10th and 11th picks in the draft. There’s a long way to go in the season — but if it finishes that way or something similar (and I suspect it might) I think the best thing to do would be to trade up.

Carolina have to be the red-hot favourites to get the #1 pick now that Matt Rhule has been fired and they are embracing a tank. They’ll likely start to sell-off assets.

Seattle needs someone like Pittsburgh or Las Vegas to keep losing so they can get into range for a trade. This is shaping up to be the worst top-15 in many years. Moving up to get a quarterback or Anderson is the smart move. Currently, anyone watching a lot of college football can say with a high degree of confidence you will not be able to find two players at #10 or #11 that can elevate Seattle’s struggling defense.

Furthermore — and people keep forgetting this — Geno Smith is a free agent in 2023. There’s no guarantee he’ll be back. And if he keeps playing the way he is currently, he’s going to be extremely expensive.

Right now the Seahawks only have $32m in effective cap space for next year because of decisions such as committing $36m in cap hits to Quandre Diggs and Jamal Adams. We shouldn’t assume Smith will be easy to retain, or that a young, cheap quarterback is no longer a need. Or, for that matter, that the defensive players exist in this draft that can change the fortunes of a unit that has started each of the last four years badly, has gone through different coordinators and coaches, tweaks and changes and cannot find a formula that works.

I suspect a trendy viewpoint among fans will be to go defense with their two first round picks and then wait on the quarterback until round two or even three. I cannot stress enough — unless you can get to Will Anderson, I’m not sure any defensive player is going to tilt the balance of this unit from shambles to acceptable. Even he is unlikely to have a Bosa/Garrett/Parsons level impact.

And as I continue to absorb 6-8 college football games a week — including tape of all of the big name QB’s — I cannot say with confidence there is a quarterback worth taking beyond the top group. Perhaps UCLA’s vastly underrated Dorian Thompson-Robinson could be the exception (and if you’re drafting him, make sure you grab Zach Charbonnet and Jake Bobo while you’re there).

That is why I’m so eager to see defensive improvement. This team cannot create excitement and faith in the future without the defensive unit performing better. They don’t have to be elite. Pete Carroll wants complementary football. So complement your offense — which is performing way beyond realistic pre-season expectations. Become average rather than abysmal on defense and you’ll win plenty of football games with the offensive production you’re currently churning out.

Create an environment where scoring 103 points in three games gets you a winning, not a losing, record.

We need to feel good about players like Darrell Taylor, Jordyn Brooks, Poona Ford and Quandre Diggs — not wondering aloud how we replace them, in a scheme none of us can say is actually any good or suited to your key players.

The top of the 2023 draft class isn’t going to be a knight in shining armour for the Seahawks defensively. The players already on the roster need to be better. The answers are going to need to come creatively — via wise trades, solid drafting and good moves in free agency. They need to put their players in a position to succeed. I’m not sure this scheme suits them at all. The evidence certainly suggests it doesn’t.

We need to see defensive green shoots on the field in the coming weeks.

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  1. 12th chuck

    who is Tony Jones? just claimed off waivers, any reason why Alex Collins wasn’t signed?

  2. Peter

    Full disclosure I haven’t watch any Texas this year. What do you think makes Bijan Robinson so much higher rated player than Zach Charbonet? Mostly because I catch a lot of UCLA and really like Charbonet’s game.

    • Rob Staton

      I really like Charbonnet too

      But Bijan Robinson has virtually everything to be a stud RB at the next level for 10 years

      Those physical specimen’s go early (see: Saquon). Other players I really liked such as Dameon Pierce go later but can also be effective. And this isn’t limited to the RB position.

      • Joe

        The Hawks get Levis/Stroud/Richardson and Robinson but it costs them a high 2023 pick, still get the 2 second round picks this year. You down with adding 2 of the best players in the draft and then drafting for quality from there?

        • Rob Staton

          I’m not sure how to answer that

          • clbradley17

            I’d love for us to get ZC on day 2 (doubt he lasts to rd. 4), but we need a QB and SO much defensive help. He’s great Seahawky size at 6’1″ 220, can break tackles and catch the ball, and one of the best pass-blocking RBs in college football.

  3. Colin

    Have you watched much of Hendon Hooker? I wonder of he’s worthy of a 2nd day pick.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve watched a lot of Hooker and written about him a lot and have included him in my notes.

      I wouldn’t draft him on day two

  4. MarkSouza

    I’m glad you are questioning the scheme. When I first heard of the switch to the 3-4, I welcomed it as I thought it was born of analysis of personnel and what defense would would best suit their skills. Clearly it wasn’t. It was just change in the hope that they might be better than last year, a prayer if you will. They aren;t better in the 3-4. They are so much worse (I didn’t think that would be possible). Some real coaching needs to take place by someone who knows what they are doing. I feel this defense has been sliding downhill since Gus Bradley left. At first it was a slow decline, but now it feels like the Hawks are in freefall,

  5. Cover 12

    As much as I dig your writing and level-headedness, trading down in the first is Exactly what the teams that consistently fail in this league do. I REALLY hope they do not. If we name our favorite 32 NFL players, MOST will have been taken in the 10th pick or later, right?

    Jimmy G took his team to almost two Superbowls…Russel Wilson as a 2nd and 3rd-year pro (Before he was anything close to ‘elite’) went twice…there are FAR more Superbowl QBs who were Not early draft picks VS early pick ones.

    Obviously, having your QB on a rookie contract is a Must – the same can be said regarding any two to four of the following: QB, LT, WR x 2, CB x 2, Edge x 2 – of those positions, it will be a major challenge to have more than 4 on free-agent deals, whether they are originally from your team or not.

    Geno at 32 will likely warrant $8-10M – that would require some thought. Anybody paying Geno will be much like paying Mike Glennon or Blake Bortles after they had one decent season. I seriously do not think our guy will garner any more.

    I say play the season and pick them as they come.

    • Rob Staton

      If Geno keeps playing this way, he’ll be asking for far more than $8-10m.

      Mahomes — top-10 pick
      Allen — top-10 pick
      Burrow — #1 overall pick
      Herbert — top-10 pick
      Stafford — #1 overall pick
      Murray — #1 overall pick

      We’re seeing a lot more out of Lawrence and Wilson — the #1 and #2 picks in 2021

      Very compelling case to be made that the top quarterbacks are being taken early. Finding the exceptions is incredibly hard

      • TomLPDX

        This brings up the question: If Geno continues to play as a top 10 QB this season, what will it cost us to resign him and for how long? Honestly, the guy is playing lights out but he has only been tested by 1 defense (SanFran) so far. It will be really interesting as the season continues to unfold.

        • seaspunj

          I think Jimmy G can make up to 16 mill this season as thr 9ers starter with incentives probably a comparable from a backup making starter money. my guess Geno will range 12 to 16 mill next contract per year.

          not saying it happens just pure speculation

        • Marcus

          I’d argue that Geno and the offense have already been tested enough to make definitive statements. He’s faced three top-ten DVOA defenses: Niners (1st), Broncos (5th), and Saints (10th). The two losses against that group had way more to do with the defense pooping all over the bed.

          Who’s first in offensive DVOA? Seattle… That there is the biggest surprise of the year so far. Oh, and how terd the defense has been.

          • clbradley17

            At least people here are level headed about Geno. Heard the mid-week podcast last week after the Lions game, and Brian of Hawkblogger saying that we need to franchise Geno if he keeps playing like this. Never mind that franchising a player is the avg. of the top 5 salaries, which for QBs is 40-45 mil.!! That’s insanity!

            Even if he does play great the rest of the year, we traded a 30+ year old better player so we don’t pay him 45 mil., and after Rodgers, Wilson, Mahomes, Murray, etc. got 45-50 mil. apiece, that’s what the franchise # is, and Jackson, Allen, etc. may drive it higher by the time Geno signs.

          • Peter

            This right here is why the mind reels at what is going on with Geno.

            Still on the schedule. AZ twice who are pretty good against the run. The Chiefs. The Jets. I think he gets plenty of opportunity to be tested further.

            This hyperbolic statement is for demonstration purposes only but if Seattle fielded the league median defense, 16-17, this team would be 4-1 right now and a lot of our brains would be exploding.

      • Peter

        People should really dig into the numbers. More first round picks have one superbowls than all the other rounds combined. Going back as far as the late 70’s with Terry Bradshaw first overall to top ten represent the highest percentage of super bowl winners. The next best spot to get a superbowl winner?

        Round six. Because Tom Brady.

        We remember the busts in the early goings. Mayfield, Darnold, Rosen, etc, etc. But the majority of super bowl going on 45 years are top picks. Want a multiple time champion from other rounds? Good luck. Better off building a time machine to get Montana or brady.

  6. TomLPDX

    Raiders are bringing it to the Chiefs tonight. Doubt the Chiefs let that continue.

    • Scot04

      I’m just hoping Chiefs, Chargers, & Raiders all finish ahead of Denver. Keep that Denver pick going higher yet with division losses & I’ll be thrilled.

      • Scot04

        Lol. That lead disappeared fast

  7. Starhawk29

    With the news of the day, that the Panthers were the first to fire their coach, suddenly i wonder if we can snag a player or two….anyone for trading our 2nd rd pick for Brian Burns?

    • Mick

      I don’t think they’ll let him go. You trade a vet on a high salary not a guy delivering 9 sacks a season and playing on a rookie contract. I would look at their DTs though.

    • Rob Staton

      They aren’t going to give away their best young players for day two picks

  8. Scot04

    Hey Curtis when you look up effective cap space on OTC how do you find it?
    I just get the 54.723M when I look on OTC.

    • cha

      • Scot04

        Thanks. Has us down to under 32M now.

        • HOUSE

          It’s still showing me $54M

          • Mick

            It shows 54 cap space and 31.8 effective cap space. It’s the next column.

    • Rob Staton

      For some reason the effective cap space only shows up for me on a desktop site and not on my phone, that could be the issue

      • cha

        On my iPhone it doesn’t show the effective in portrait mode but if I flip my phone on it’s side to landscape it shows up.

        • HOUSE

          Thank you gentlemen. That’s exactly what it was. It is showing up on my iPad now, when I was looking at it in portrait on my phone it wasn’t there and it’s almost like you couldn’t even scroll over

  9. HOUSE

    Great job as always Rob! I have been thinking about it and picking in the Teens of Rd 1 is not going to vastly put our defense over the top.

    I agree with your point regarding Geno Smith and him getting paid. If Richardson is the quarterback we walk away with in the draft, I would think we would have to have a stop gap Geno as Richardson would need time. With the likes of Stroud/Levis being our QB, I don’t necessarily think Geno stays. That said, I don’t see us going into the draft not knowing/having Geno signed already. I’m curious what Geno’s number would be… I know you and cha have showed us what we have in effective cap and there isn’t a ton to go around.

    • Scot04

      18M range is where Sam Darnold is at. So if Geno keeps playing this way your looking at 20M+
      Crazy, who would have even thought it was possible.

    • Jordan

      If Russ was 32 and playing this way I would 100% want to keep him. So if this is legitimately who Geno is now, with limited wear and tear after being up on the shelf so long, I’m definitely in favour of keeping him too.

      Now mix in none of the bs that you got with Mark Rodgers and Team 3, being well liked by everyone in the building; and it’s a no brainer if this performance sustains the season.

      • HOUSE

        I don’t think $18-20M/yr is out of the question. We won’t have much more to pay 20 other players. What a crazy situation and Jamal Adams continues to screw us

        • CHaquesFan

          Geno is playing like an MVP. $18-20M is on the low end, I can see him easily getting 4 years $120M from a desperate team

  10. Kip Earlywine

    I think it’s a virtual certainty Geno will be back next year in some manner. For now, he currently leads the NFL in many passing metrics, both simple and advanced. His performance, if sustained, makes the 2023 draft probably the most intriguing in team history.

    • Marcus

      The team absolutely has to bring Geno back, assuming he doesn’t implode and his worth to other teams doesn’t skyrocket to a ’18 Jimmy G level.

      Having him on the team in ’23 lessens the need for a rookie QB to start week one. They still need to find a viable QBoF, but Geno could buy them more decision space if the team knows they can let a rookie marinate (Anthony Richardson).

      • Rob Staton

        I think everyone would agree based on current performances

        But how much is it going to cost? How much are other teams willing to pay?

        You only have $33m in effective cap space in 2023

        And I think they have spent this year on contracts assuming they would be taking on a rookie QB contract for the next five years to save money

        • HOUSE

          Agreed Rob. If Geno was say at $18-$20M/yr, there is no way that $13 million is going to cover 20 roster spots. They would literally be zero improvement to the defense.

          Decisions decisions…

          • JimQ

            Is a sign & trade type deal ever done in the NFL? If so, that could be an interesting way to get more draft stock to move up in the draft & get the guy you want. I also think they need to draft 2 QB’s, one early and one in the mid-rounds.

        • Marcus

          As always, the team should set a price and walk away if it gets too rich. I’ve seen some suggest buying low with an extension before the season ends. I just don’t see Geno agreeing to that while he’s on a tear.

          On the cap, the team can get creative with it if they want to. In fact, many have begged for them to do so for the right players. Geno might be a good candidate as long as the cost matches the value. However, that all goes out the window if other teams jump on the Geno train.

          And I think having Geno (again, assuming he doesn’t implode) helps the team not be held hostage during draft-day trade negotiations.

        • Kip Earlywine

          I think the comparisons to Alex Smith in KC are pretty close, except that Geno might be even better than that. Smith was in KC for five years I think? I could see a similar-ish for Geno, albeit a little shorter since Geno is a couple years older than Smith was.

          I think a 3 year deal would be perfect for a bridge QB scenario while looking for the next QB (we don’t know how this draft will fall). I think it should also be acknowledged that there is at least a chance here that Geno is the next Rich Gannon, Kurt Warner or Steve Young. Sometimes a great QB is out there just waiting for the right supporting cast. Maybe Geno is one of those guys. If he proves himself to be such, then it would probably be wise to ride that for as long as possible.

          • Rob Staton

            I have no problem with that if the current form continues (or even regresses slightly)

            I do hope they draft someone though. And not someone later on to tick a box. Someone with legit skills. I want that Smith/Mahomes ‘top-10 pick waiting in the wings’ dynamic, even if said QB rides the bench for more than Mahomes’ solitary year.

            I especially want that in 2023 because the defensive alternatives in R1, short of making a massive move to get Will Anderson, are not appealing

  11. Cambs

    “Seattle needs someone like Pittsburgh or Las Vegas to keep losing so they can get into range for a trade.”

    The Raiders have a pretty gentle schedule so it’s probably nothing, but just to toy with the idea … Derek Carr is out of guaranteed money after 2022 and his base salary bumps up significantly after 2023; he can be cut for huge cap savings at any point going forward. If the Raiders really did end up “earning” a top-two pick — and considering how the rest of this season would have had to unfold for that to occur — they might opportunistically join the QB market themselves.

    • Starhawk29

      Great point. Albert Breer, a fairly plugged in reporter, explicitly state that the Raiders view Carr as an “Alex Smith type” stopgap while in an interview with Colin Cowherd last week. If they finish in the bottom of the league, he could be gone.

    • cha

      That would go over smashingly with their $140million receiver who bailed on Aaron Rodgers for the chance to play with his Fresno State best buddy next door neighbor.

  12. Trevor

    My way to early top QB options for 2023

    #1 Draft Will Levis and trade up if nessecary. Seems like a great character guy and leader. Combine that with ideal physical traits and you have the Hawks QB of the future. Do what it takes to get him.

    #2 If Geno keeps playing this well by week 12 sign him to a 3 yr extension structured in a way where Geno can be cut after 2 yrs with no cap hit. Then draft Anthony Richardson to be your QB of the future. This gives him a year at least to develop into what could be the next NFL star at the QB position.

    #3 Draft Stroud if Carolina ends up with the 1st lick have to think they take Levis and if he and Anderson go 1-2 then find a way to draft Stroud. I don’t like him as much as Levis but he does remind me a lot of Justin Herbert from a skill set stand point and is the only other QB in the draft after Levis and Anderson with star potential.

    Worst case scenario. If they can’t get Levis , Stroud or Richardson then I think you have to roll with Geno and maybe draft two guys on Day 2-3 perhaps Jaren Hall and Hooker or Thompson then hope to strike gold on one of them.

    • cha

      2 If Geno keeps playing this well by week 12 sign him to a 3 yr extension structured in a way where Geno can be cut after 2 yrs with no cap hit.

      You can’t make that work, unless you don’t give him any signing bonus money. Geno would never agree to that. This would be his only shot at a big contract, he’s going to rightly demand a chunk of up-front money.

      • Trevor

        You really think given his history that another team which is not familiar with him is going to give him a big $ deal?

        • cha

          That’s another kettle of fish.

          I was just saying there is no way geno would accept a contract with some signing bonus money.

          • cha


        • AlaskaHawk

          I think some other team would give him 20 million. Someone like the Dolphins for instance, or the Buccaneers after Brady finally quits.

          • Trevor

            I think the only team that would pay Geno anything close to that is Seattle and I don’t believe anyone would give him a long term deal. Let’s remember this is a 33 yr old journeyman QB who has been flat out awful this year.

            • TomLPDX

              Flat out awful!? Are you watching the same Geno I’m watching?

              • Rob Staton

                I suspect he means awful ‘until’ this year

  13. Trevor

    Rob I know your focus has been QB so far but have any OL prospects stuck out for you so far, partially on the interior. I find one of your niches is finding diamonds in the rough on the OL so was just curious if there is anyone we should keep an eye on as Centre and Guard seem like postions of need.

    • Sea Mode

      And here I was thinking he was doing at least an average job…

      Brian Nemhauser

      Austin Blythe with a 39.8 grade, including 27.0 pass block. (if only we had a quality young center…)

      • Trevor

        He just does not seem strong enough. I am afraid to see what Arron Donald will do to him.

      • Big Mike

        (if only we had a quality young center…)

        Creed looked damned good for KC last night. They’ve shifted to a less finesse team and more willing to run and he and Thuney have a LOT to do with that.

        • Bmseattle


        • 12th chuck

          so tired of this team not having a center or legit pass rush (at least the o line is playing better)

        • Ashish

          We got DeeEscridge instead of Creed who play 15% of offensive snaps. Let it go Big Mike, it hurts .

  14. Trevor

    My favorite defensive prospect in this draft after Will Anderson is Jared Verse edge rusher at FSU. He is a transfer from Albany and wow he flashes on tape. He has a great first step, has good bend and even seems to play well in the run game. Listed at 6-4 and 248lbs he seems to have everything you look for in an NFL pass rusher. Think he will be a big riser this year and likely top 20 pick.

  15. clbradley17

    Just noticed a couple more possible DL to track. Tuli Tuipulotu is a 6’4″ 290 lb. DL at USC who leads the country with 7 sacks and has 12.5 TFLs, only behind LB Pace from Cincinatti. Want to see how he plays against ZC & DTR of UCLA late season, and his numbers at the combine.

    Tyree Wilson is a DE/OLB at Texas Tech, 6’6″ 275, and has 5.5 sacks, 8.5 TFLs and 16 pressures so far. As with DL Tuli of USC, want to see if they can keep it up, win in the one-on-ones at the Senior Bowl, and have length, speed and explosiveness at the combine.

    We really need some pass rushing/TFL BAMFs in FA and the draft. Heard somewhere we had zero TFLs in the run game the last 2 whole games. And seemed like hardly any in the Atlanta game the way Patterson had a career day against us.

    • Ben

      Agree on Wilson. He has stood out in the Texh games that I’ve seen this year. He should absolutely be on the Hawks radar.

  16. no frickin clue


    Have you seen DB Devon Matthews from Indiana? Big guy, big hitter.

  17. Romeo A57

    People have lost their minds about signing Geno to a long term deal. After this start he will want 20-30 million a year. and Seattle can’t do that and improve this team. He smells like a temporary flash in the pan, and alcohol,, so let’s see if he can keep this up. I would like to see him put together at least one scoring drive against an NFC West team.

    • TomLPDX

      Well, we can always resign Drew Lock and hope he plays well next year if we can’t afford Geno and are unable to get Levis or Stroud and end up getting a QB after Rd. 1.

      • no frickin clue

        There’s no hope needed! Pete has already told us that he has two #1 guys on the roster!

    • BA

      It would be textbook Seahawks to sign Geno to a sizeable contract and then watch him turn back into a middling QB while the team has no cap room to improve elsewhere. It would be a classic Pete move honestly

    • AlaskaHawk

      I don’t think the cost of a good quarterback will mean the team can’t improve.

      Speaking in general it seems the defense is the issue right now. Whatever money they have thrown at Adams and Diggs is money down the drain. The veterans they have signed are a mixed bag, I like Woods the best. It’s the rookies that are performing best. Not the paid vets. So why is money an issue with the defense when they have blown their money and screwed their draft year after year?

      I say pay Geno, he’s only 32 and has low mileage.

  18. Lawrie

    Sorry, but what is a defensive green shot?

    We need to see defensive green shoots on the field in the coming weeks.

    • Peter

      Think taylor last year. 6.5 sacks. The “shoots,” of something growing.

  19. Happy Hawk

    Today I heard Bill Obrien ( Alabama OC and Former Texans HC) is on a short list for Carolina – would he take B Young with him to the Panthers?

    • TomLPDX

      Hopefully Tepper is smarter than that.

    • HOUSE

      Kingsbury did the same thing when he came to Arizona. They had a quarterback and still drafted Kyler Murray because of scheme familiarity.

  20. Blitzy the Clown

    Between Carolina, Detroit, Washington, Vegas and even Houston — all at 1-4, all needing a QB, and only Detroit or Vegas even hopeful to improve — I don’t see how Will Levis isn’t the first pick in the draft absent a major injury.

    For me, acquiring Levis is plan A. However, I do not advocate Seattle spending what it likely will take to get him — at least 4 R1 picks. Accordingly, I do not think plan A is viable at this time.

    If Anthony Richardson declares for this draft, I think Seattle are well positioned to get him if they want him. For me, this is plan B.

    But what if they don’t want him, or what if he returns to Florida to chase a NCAA Championship?

    We should be discussing what plan C is.

    Here’s one option and I’m not even joking:

    UCLA’s vastly underrated Dorian Thompson-Robinson could be the exception (and if you’re drafting him, make sure you grab Zach Charbonnet and Jake Bobo while you’re there)

    I think DTR’s and Charbonnet’s draft range is 75-100 and Bobo a little farther back around 90-120. Seattle only have one R3 pick, but with two R2 picks, not to mention their two R1s, they could easily maneuver themselves into position to get all three.

    Just a thought, and a start to the conversation of what do we do if Richardson doesn’t declare and Levis is out of reach.

    • TomLPDX

      I’ve been thinking the same thing. DTR wouldn’t be a bad pick at the right spot and he is a 5th year senior.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        But my point, from Rob, goes beyond just DTR. Yes, he’s one of the few QBs in this class I’m bullish on. But we also need a RB and a WR, and Charbonnet and Bobo are excellent prospects. And they have the added benefit of significant game experience with DTR.

        If you draft DTR, why not surround him with skill players with whom he has such chemistry? All the better to help transition him to the pros and especially when we need those players regardless.

        FWIW, I think Bobo has some Dwight Clark to him. He’s a long limbed loping strider with deceptive agility, short area quickness and good hands. A true red zone and 3rd down weapon.

        • TomLPDX

          Charbonnett was playing well last weekend. Wouldn’t hurt my feelings if we got all 3.

    • cha

      I think DTR is an intriguing prospect, but I wouldn’t frame it as listing all the teams you think might possibly need a QB and then assuming they will all scratch and claw against each other for Levis.

      There’s still a ton of season left, and not all teams pursue filling the QB spot by going for the #1 overall pick.

  21. Spencer

    Rob this came up awhile ago, but given our defensive woes and the apparent dearth of high-end talent at the top of the draft, has your perspective on trading for Roquan Smith changed? In your opinion, what would the trade comp and contract have to look like for it to be worthwhile for the Seahawks? (In this hypothetical situation he would be extended, then traded. No more getting Jamal’d or Russell’d)

    • Rob Staton

      100% not

      For starters, he would likely cost a R1

      Then you’d have to pay him

      We’ve been here before

      Invest in the trenches

      • Henry Taylor

        Would you trade for Brian Burns? And if so what would you give up?

      • cha

        The Seahawks are the worst rushing defense in the NFL. They have given up 851 yards.

        #31? The Bears, with 850.

        • Spencer

          I wonder if Sean Desai is just a coincidence

  22. cha

    Mariners-Astros Game 4 in Seattle 12:07pm Sunday if necessary.

    Seahawks-Cardinals at 1:05pm Sunday currently.

    Would the NFL do a MNF double header?

    Or do the UK Seahawks fans a favor and move the Seahawks to 10am Sunday?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m already resigned to it being a 1am kick-off UK time this Sunday

      And dreading it

  23. HOUSE

    Bruce Irvin coming back to save the day? Say it ain’t so…

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