Some thoughts on Christian Wilkins & the Seahawks

Christian Wilkins is seeking a new deal in Miami

Last week we discussed the possibility of trading for Chris Jones, who continues to hold-out in Kansas City with no resolution in sight.

The other dissatisfied big-name defensive tackle at the moment is Miami’s Christian Wilkins. He’s been ‘holding-in’ during camp as he seeks a new deal. Talks reached a stalemate and things came to a crescendo this week when they extended his D-line partner Zach Sieler to a three-year deal worth up to $38.6m.

According to Ian Rapoport, Wilkins and the Dolphins are poles apart in contract talks. That’s why Miami pivoted to Sieler, sensing things weren’t going anywhere with Wilkins.

A decision of some kind is forthcoming. Wilkins will be a free agent after this season, meaning he’ll need to be given the franchise tag or allowed to hit the market if a new deal isn’t signed.

Some Seahawks fans (and fans of other teams) have started to ask whether a trade could be in the offing. I wouldn’t get your hopes up.

It might not be as well publicised but the Dolphins are the AFC equivalent of the LA Rams. They are in an extreme ‘win-now’ mode. They’ve gone big in trades for Tyreek Hill, Bradley Chubb and Jalen Ramsey. They spent a fortune on Terron Armstead. The addition of Vic Fangio to lead the defense is a statement appointment.

They’re currently trying to complete a trade for Jonathan Taylor. They are being incredibly aggressive with the intention of winning as quickly as possible.

Financially they are a bit of a mess. They’re already $32.3m over the projected cap for 2024. They don’t have any obvious levers to pull either. They are going to have to mimic the Saints and basically spend the next few years borrowing on the credit card to make sure they can eventually re-sign talented younger players like Jaylen Waddle.

It’d be easy to conclude that trading Wilkins would do them a favour. It’d be one less mouth to feed. Yet it makes no sense for such an aggressive team to make that move now.

If you’re going to be as aggressive as the Dolphins, there’s no half-measure. If you trade Wilkins you create a void in the middle of the defense. The Dolphins don’t have a ready-made replacement waiting or great depth. You don’t go all-in, making the trades they have made, to then push a vital defensive lineman out the door.

If the Dolphins do trade Wilkins, it’s far more likely to be next year after tagging him. What is more likely is down the line they’ll get a deal done. Either way, trading him now would make little sense and would just create a problem.

Aggressive teams have to fly by the seat of their pants. The ones who create these ‘all-star’ teams loaded with stars are focused on the here and now, not the future. The Rams picked their poison, won a title and could easily be one of the worst teams in football in 2023 after being so aggressive. The Dolphins are probably thinking they want a piece of that and it’ll all be worth it if it means short-term glory and pain down the line.

I don’t see a scenario where Miami lets Wilkins walk. It’d probably take an insane haul. You can arguably justify a big trade for Chris Jones fresh off a 15.5 sack season. Wilkins, who’s only a year younger than Jones, has never had more than 4.5 sacks in a season.

Extremely talented, proven interior defensive line are as valuable as any non-quarterback position in the modern NFL. This is why both Wilkins and Jones are jostling for contract leverage, to max-out their pay at a time when they’re services are massively in demand.

I don’t anticipate either will end up in Seattle, or anywhere else for that matter. There’s certainly no excuse for the Chiefs not to pay Jones given their cap riches for 2024 and beyond.

Sadly, there’s not much of a solution brewing for the Seahawks unless they’re willing to be as aggressive as the Dolphins in the trade market. They are light up front, in size and depth, and unfortunately it could be a problem for them when the season kicks off. Fans are hoping for cut-down day solutions but as we keep saying — teams don’t cut good defensive linemen, they collect them.

I want to finish the article with a heads up. For the last few years I’ve had easy access to college football games on British TV. I could watch 5-6 games every weekend live or recorded. Combined with ESPN Player a year ago, I was able to watch as many as 8-12 games per week in full.

This year things are changing. Currently, no British TV channel has rights to show college football other than Notre Dame games on Sky Sports. This is because the broadcaster BT Sport has been bought out by TNT/Discovery. ESPN Player has also just announced it’s shutting down. Right now, I have no access to games.

People will suggest VPN’s but I broadcast for the day job on Saturday’s and when I’m travelling to commentate on a game, I often won’t get back until late. I need to be able to record games to watch back.

It’s not a huge issue because full games are loaded on to YouTube every week. However, I will need to wait for these to be uploaded before I can share my views. That could take a few days.

I’m hoping a streaming service like DAZN might step in at the last minute because there’s a growing market for college football in Britain. It’s practically unthinkable that we’d be shut-out. Sadly that is the case at the moment. If things change I’ll let you know but I might be more likely to write thoughts/reports in mid-week this year rather than the weekend.

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  1. cha

    Miami just cut 3 other defensive tackles. Not sure if that is rock-solid evidence that Wilkins is staying but it doesn’t support the idea that they’re keeping their options open.

  2. Mr. Drucker in hooterville

    Rob, are streamers YouTbeTV or Fubo or Sling not available in UK?

    • MountainHawker

      Switched from DirecTV to YouTubetv this summer. Really happy with it. Their apps are so much better. Still waiting to test Sunday ticket

      • Jeff

        I used Sunday Ticket the Seahawk’s last preseason game. Sunday Ticket is much better than the online DirectTV version I had last year. Last year’s web/app version wouldn’t let you pause or record games. The YoutubeTV one does record games!

        • MountainHawker

          Great to hear! I was pumped when I heard Sunday Ticket was moving. The directv apps were horrible and always crashed on me.

    • Jeff

      I think YoutubeTV is only available in the US. When I was in Italy I had to use a VPN and that sometimes worked, and sometimes YouTubeTV still refused to work.

  3. Mr Drucker in hooterville

    or hulutv?

  4. samprassultanofswat

    Wilkins would be a nice addition. But if the Dolphins are in a win NOW situation, Wilkins is probably a pipe dream. Especially when Miami just cut three DTs. But what does happen if they can’t come to an agreement?


    I know this is a Seahawk blog. But there are Mariner fans on this blog.

    One of Seattle Mariners first round draft picks hit two grand slams in one game.


  5. MountainHawker

    Still feels like Buckner is the obvious choice but you never know with Irsay

    • Rob Staton

      How can he be the obvious choice though when he is not holding out, is a crucial part of the team and the Colts have shown zero interest in trading him?

      • MountainHawker

        Because they’re not in win now mode. They’re not going full rebuild but it’s a growing/learning year for them and i assume they would be open to collecting assets if somebody was interested in one of their veterans. They’re 3 years out from seriously competing and that’s if they draft and develop well. Are they going to keep paying Buckner until then?

        • Rob Staton

          That’s not the sense I get from Indy at all though. It might be misguided with a young QB but for a long time now they have taken the approach of being a QB away. Now they have the QB. They are not going to severely weaken their roster for the future. They aren’t going to trade away one of the big success stories of the regime for future picks.

          I like the player but I’ve found it confusing why Seahawks fans have ever felt it plausible that Buckner would be available. The minute they sorted out their finances and drafted a QB to save money at that position, he wasn’t going anywhere.

          • MountainHawker

            That’s fair. I just don’t see him as a fit for them going forward based solely on his age. He has a few good years left at least, but if I were the colts I’d value draft assets/younger talent more. I suppose we’ll see. I liked their draft quite a bit this year. Maybe they can turn it around faster than I give them credit. AFC is tough

            • Rob Staton

              They haven’t needed to turn it around though. They have been competitive but lacked a QB. Now they’ve drafted a QB. This isn’t a rebuilding team. They have a top DL in his peak years. There’s absolutely no reason for them to trade him

  6. Gaux Hawks

    I like the idea of trading 1R24 and Darrell Taylor (plus change) for Chris Jones.

    Cha, would the Chiefs then have two years of club control (Darrell Taylor)?

    • cha


    • Blitzy the Clown

      I do too. But I’m struggling to envision a scenario where the Chiefs let him go.

      It won’t be for money. KC have a better cap situation than we do and presumably can outbid us.

      There don’t appear to be any personal issues at stake. Maybe Jones’ ego is a little bruised. But nothing that would make either side want a split.

      The trade offer would have to be substantial and I don’t see them doing that post Adams.

      • BK26

        I think it’s honestly this simple: they either make him the second highest paid DT or he isn’t playing. They’ll either have to pay him or their defense will be mediocre. I don’t think it’s personal to Jones at all from what I’ve heard (the fans are COMPLETELY different down here, however).

      • Gaux Hawks


    • BK26

      I’m not touching the 1st or 2nd round picks.

    • samprassultanofswat

      “I like the idea of trading 1R24 and Darrell Taylor (plus change) for Chris Jones.”

      Question for G-Hawk. Do you actually know what Chris Jones is wanting. I seriously doubt the Seahawks can afford him.

  7. Rob4q

    Does the Colts cutting Kenyon Drake so early mean that Jonathan Taylor isn’t getting traded? Not that it was likely to begin with…

    • Spectator

      Maybe they are expecting to get one in return along with picks. DeeJay Dallas and a 2nd? haha

    • Rob Staton

      No they still seem to be negotiating a trade while staying in touch with Kareem Hunt as a potential replacement

  8. Stuart

    Just read on Niners Nation that DT Javon Kinslaw is on the buble to make the roster.

    Is this not the guy that this sight loved and Rob was very high on him.

    If this is the same guy, why not pick up the phone and get a trade going? You might need a 3rd team involved to change the narrative of not trading within your own division.

    Why risk waivers? If its a player that could help you, why wait and risk it?

    The cost does not sound significant in any way. I know this will be met with a chorus of boos but we could throw in JA to seal the deal.

    From a distance i had this quick thought that this is that guy and when he comes to Seattle he becomes a star.

    Thanks to the trade of JA, the deal suddenly was just plane aweful not legendary 5 worst trades all time bad…

    Javon Kinslaw-what do you think?

    • Malanch

      I think English errors make me that much less likely to continue reading.

    • Blitzy the Clown

      I dunno man. I was as high on Kinlaw as anyone. But he’s done nothing in the pros.

      Claim him off waivers or sign him as a street FA if he clears. But I don’t want to trade anything of value to SF for someone that risky.

    • swedenhawk

      according to niners nation, his run defense grade this preseason is 40.7 and his overall defensive grade is somehow even worse. maybe take a flier if he clears waivers. but he’s not what Seattle needs, imo

    • LouCityHawk

      No thank you.

      He looked atrocious in run defense, like on ice skates.

      I don’t know if people here loved him…sometimes you end up being wrong…

      • Rob Staton

        And sometimes you aren’t wrong, it just doesn’t work out for whatever reason

  9. Thomas Wells

    The Texans just cut Christian Kirksey. I’d feel a lot better about our MLB situation with him on the roster but he’s definitely not a priority with Wagner/bush/brooks annd the gaping hole in the middle of the d line. Any chance he’s a fit cap wise?

    • cha

      If they claim him they pick up his contract of $4m + a potential $1m of roster bonuses. I don’t think it’s a fit with their needs on the DL. He’s coming off hamstring injury troubles too and not sure the Seahawks want another piece of that.

      Might be an interesting in-season pickup, after Week One so his contract isn’t fully guaranteed. Some depth to cover any potential injuries.

      • cha

        You know what, scrap that. He’s a vested veteran so he doesn’t go through waivers.

        He can be signed right away for less.

        • BK26

          Great leader. I’d almost rather have him than Bush.

          • STTBM

            Apparently Seattle guaranteed Bush $3 million, so they are stuck with him. Yet another Free Agency fail…

            • BK26

              Yeah…I’d have rather had a guy who had shown that he can play rather than a reclamation project…. But it is what it is sadly.

              As a Hawk fan, there’s a little pride that he’s had such a good pro career.

  10. Thomas Wells

    Good point, thanks for the insight Cha! I imagine he will get a better opportunity somewhere else but if he’s available for a million or two after week one I could see that being a fit on our end

  11. Edmonton Seahawk

    Saw QB Nathan Rourke waived by Jacksonville. Had a good preseason and an excellent year in the cfl. Any interest by Seattle?

  12. HOUSE

    Wilkins was a name I’ve been watching and I agree with you Rob, I don’t think he goes anywhere this season. With their recent moves, I think a HUGE offer is the only way he moves. I have a gut feeling something is in the works and it could involve our 3rd rd pick (we got the extra 3rd rd pick from DEN). We’ll see…

  13. brendon.light

    Rob, I use Apollo Group TV to watch games, they generally have most games available to watch live and on demand.

  14. Charlie TheUnicorn2187

    Sheldon Rankins is an interior defensive lineman to watch for a possible trade.
    Not terribly pricy. has some production and is on the back end of a deal ending in 2024.

  15. Sneekes

    Sadly, I think they best hope we have for acquiring an established nose tackle is at the trade deadline. I hope I’m wrong and some sort of rabbit is pulled from a hat.

  16. Big Mike

    Cardinals are all in to go 0-17. They’ve cut Colt McCoy and it looks like their starter is going to be rookie Clayton Tune. They are definitely all in on getting Kaleb Williams. Right out front, totally obvious tanking and they’re allowed to do it. Rog and the good ol’ boys.
    Here’s hoiping Williams pulls an Eli Manning, tells them to F off and refuses to step foot on a field for that franchise.

    • Mick

      I don’t think they have enough draft picks (11?) to cover all the holes they made in that team, even with two picks in first 5. But McCoy (beat up and injured it seems) vs. Dobbs vs. Tune is all the same.

    • Rob Staton

      Williams could be the one to do it

      • TomLPDX

        He doesn’t actually need to declare for the NFL next year too, correct? I’ll bet if he has a good year his NIL deals will be through the roof next year.

        • Rob Staton


          • Big Mike

            I was thinking the same you guys. If the NIL dough is strong enough he could just not declare. It is possible and man would I laugh my ass off at yet another Cardinals blunder.

            • cha

              And Kyler Murray’s contract means they would have to dump a bunch of dead cap if they want to move on.

              The big one is March 22, 2024 is a deadline to guarantee about $30m in 2025. It’s either exercise it or eat about $81m in dead cap.

        • Denver Hawker

          Maybe Kroenke will give him $10MM to stay

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Already saw him on a Wendy’s commercial last night

    • Georgia Hawk

      He’s basically all but said he is waiting to see who has 1st pick before he declares. Not as direct as Eli and San Diego, but its telegraphed pretty obviously.,go%20three%2Dand%2Dout.

  17. Big Mike

    Good for him, why go play for a crap franchise when you don’t have to financially?

  18. Stan

    What if we are targeting the wrong Miami Dolphins DT? Raekwon Davis is 6’6″ 335 pounds and was a former second round pick. He’s seen as a run stuffer exclusively that doesn’t offer much pass rush, which would be perfectly fine hede. He’s on the last year of his deal and with so much focused on Wilkins and other guys, he could be a nice candidate to have

    • bmseattle

      He’s grade out very poorly the past 2 seasons (according to PFF), though he had a nice rookie year in 2020.
      Still, he was highly regarded/talented coming out of college, and is definitely a big body DL. I could see taking a shot on him, especially if the price is low, which seems very likely it would be.

  19. LouCityHawk

    Bummer about the college sports, surprised the B1G10 and SEC networks aren’t available.

    I feel like a broken record in comment sections and talking to friends about NT/DT trades, this isn’t Madden or your fantasy league, if the Seahawks want to make this trade the target has to be realistic. The Rams aren’t going to ship off Aaron Donald just cause…and especially not to Seattle.

    The Dolphins DT Sieler was one I had my eye on, he just extended. DaQuan Jones of the Bills is another player I thought might be a match. Grover Cleveland seems like a much better target in Indy, but like Rob said above, I think Indy isn’t moving valuable pieces.

    I’m assuming at this point there is no interest in the FA Ioannidis

  20. Hoberk Unce

    The Cowboys cut Quinton Bohanna. 6′ 4″ 360 lb NT. Rob, did you look at him in the 2021 draft?

    • Hoberk Unce

      Actually, is anyone here familiar with Bohanna? Is he worth a look?

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I don’t know too much about him, but below are his strengths and weaknesses per’s draft profile. His prospect grade was 5.88. Doesn’t really seem like much besides being a space eater. And in college, his numbers declined pretty much every year after his freshman year.

        Space-eater with wide hips.
        Potential to explode and knock center off the ball.
        Quick punch and separation to read and react.
        Maintains lateral leverage when he takes the lead.
        Power to swallow runner with one arm fighting off a block.
        Plays with some violence challenging blocks.
        Able to gather and balance despite big contact.
        Penetration potential as a 1-technique.

        Body type lacks proportion and will need to keep weight in check.
        Marginal production over four-year period.
        Only makes plays one gap over.
        Can’t get back across blocker’s face when reached.
        Moves feet but doesn’t gain much ground as a rusher.
        Heavy feet slow twist-game effectiveness.
        Possesses relatively small sphere of playmaking influence.

        • Hoberk Unce

          Thanks, I’ll check in the future.

        • swedenhawk

          34-inch arms though… maybe a ps candidate?

      • Ben

        Seems like he could be a savvy pick up. Started 9 games in 2021, and forced out by the numbers game with Hankins and Mazi at nose, and appears he is 100% a run stuffer. Noted he’s had a good preseason.

        Would much prefer they go light elsewhere and pick up a guy like him for the rotation.

  21. DW

    Seahawks waiving Gotel is….. interesting.
    I thought he played pretty well and was kinda the only big guy out there. Disappointed.

  22. cha

    NT Matt Gotel and G Kendall Randolph cut per Brady Henderson.

    • Peter

      As of now it’s Reed….and…..? For NT

      • geoff u

        Nah Jamaal Adams is almost back. We’re good.

    • TomLPDX

      We really need the rotational depth on the DLine. Hope they bring Gotel back.

      • Zxvo3

        Sad it’s come to this…

    • Big Mike

      Surely they have a plan, right? Right?

      Or is this the Benson Mayowa/Bruce Irvin plan part deaux?

    • Rob Staton

      Nose tackle musical chairs

      • Big Mike

        Where it stops nobody knows

    • Brodie

      Not really that surprising.
      Also won’t be surprising if he gets claimed.
      Also won’t be surprising if we struggle to stop the run.
      Also won’t be surprising if our beat reporters ask more questions about reality TV than the DL.

      At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I think they just don’t value the position. They either think they can scheme a run defense without run stuffers or that it’s more important to prioritize every other position (both?). If you’re a disruptive DL, then ok. If you’re an anchor that eats up two blockers, not our cup of tea.

      My guess is that they think that they just need to ‘get by’ until Mone is healthy and Young is up to speed/healthy.

      In fairness, I don’t think that that many people had Gotel on the final 53 projection.

      • Peter

        It sure would be something if they could scheme a run defense.

        Our team is so weird. No need for olinemen worth a damn….oh wait what would happen if we drafted and developed real ones? See: 2022.

        At some point hopefully they’ll realize “amazing,” depth at DB means nothing when every opponents’ RB gets a record day on the ground against us.

  23. cha

    WRs Easop Winston and Matt Landers waived per Pelissero & Fowler

    • Mick

      Probably keep Dareke Young on the roster, or surprisingly Cade Johnson. Unless we want to get a WR cut elsewhere. There were some interesting names.

      • Peter

        Not saying they should or should not but could they even cut Young? Isn’t he going on IR?

    • STTBM

      Damn, I wanted him over an injured Young. But they don’t want to put Young on IR yet, they’d owe him a years salary.

      I thought Winston looked better than any UDFA other than Bobo since Baldwin…

  24. Peter

    Thought Winston might have made it.

  25. cha

    Pickup about $4.5m.

    Jonathan Taylor 2023 cap? $4.3m


    Jonathan Jones
    The Dolphins are reworking WR Cedrick Wilson Jr.’s contract, source says. Miami lowering his base salary to $2M and giving him a $3M signing bonus to equal his $5M in guaranteed salary this year. Incentives can push salary up to $7.25M. Contract will now void after 2023.

  26. TomLPDX

    Don’t forget that today is only round 1 of the 53 man roster churn. They’ll keep some players on the 53 that they will move to IR (and done for the year) and then add players back to the roster. I hope they do that with Gotel…I thought he had a good pre-season. Same with Winston, so we’ll see come Thursday what the “real” roster looks like.

  27. cha

    Levi Bell and Greg Eiland waived.

    • cha

      Tyler Mabry waived.

    • Ashish

      Ty Okada waived

      • STTBM

        Bell earned a PS spot. I hope he gets it. WTF?!

        Okada made some plays in limited snaps. Plus he’s from Montana State University….lol!

    • Elmer

      Bell is somewhat unexpected. As the cuts come in you start to get a sense of who they are keeping for special teams.

  28. Gaux Hawks

    David Quessenberry over Stone Forsythe ??

  29. Cambs

    Rashard Lawrence released by the tanking Cardinals — an option at DT?

    • swedenhawk

      At this point, why not?

  30. cha

    It’s so strange seeing DT’s changing hands on cutdown day.

    Even Kansas City traded with LV to get a DT to cover them in case the Jones holdout lasts.

    • Big Mike

      So it would seem KC has a plan and a backup plan for the position then eh?

    • swedenhawk

      Well, the Eagles just waived Robert Cooper…

      • Big Mike

        That would be so seahawky….

  31. cha

    Brady Henderson
    Here’s a notable Seahawks cut: they’re waiving S Joey Blount with an injury designation. Blount, who made the team last season as a UDFA, hurt his shoulder in the preseason finale this past weekend.

    • Ben

      Reed making the team then I guess? Good for him.

      • Blitzy the Clown

        Reed was making the team regardless. This means Sutherland has a shot to stick now.

    • Elmer

      If he clears waivers and goes on IR, is he eligible to be recalled or is he done for the season?

      Also, can you put an injured player on your practice squad, in a situation where you expect the player to recover from injury quickly?

      • cha

        They could maneuver things around a bit. Depends on how seriously hurt he is.

        Yes, if he clears waivers he reverts to IR and is out for the year. Unless…

        If he isn’t badly hurt, they could keep him on IR, then waive him at some point with a settlement, then resign him later.

        The Niners tried it with DJ Reed and the Seahawks poached him on waivers. So it’s a gamble.

  32. cha

    Patrick O’Connell waived.

    • Big Mike

      That mean Rhatigan sticks?

      • Blitzy the Clown

        I have a hard time seeing them keep more than 9 LBs. We already have 5 OLB that will make the roster — Nwosu, Mafe, Taylor, Hall and Smith. And these 3 ILB are a lock — Wagner, Brooks, Bush.

        That means BBK, Rhatty, Vi Jones and Christian Young are competing for that last spot. I kinda like Jones out of that group.

        • Blitzy the Clown

          Crap forgot Jones has a high ankle sprain. I wonder if he makes the 53 then immediately to IR so he can come back later.

    • STTBM

      Total Montana Homer Alert!:

      Oconnell should get a practice spot. He made less obvious mistakes and made more splash plays than Rhattigan or BBK, and had fewer snaps.

      Vi Jones has been injured. Can’t make the team from the med tent…

      • TomLPDX

        I’m an O’Connell fan to. Hope we get him on the PS.

  33. Thomas

    Well… John said that they wanted picks for next year’s draft. So far, they’re holding onto them.

    • Peter

      I’ve lessened my eye rolling for John. But that extra third rounder unless it’s 2012 russell wilson most likely won’t tip our draft balance one way or the other.

  34. cha

    Schefter says no trade for Jonathan Taylor.


    • Blitzy the Clown

      I was just about to post a tweet that said the same (at least no trade to Miami) but was a no name account and I couldn’t find confirmation

  35. cha

    BBK cut.

    I think my two biggest questions are Mike Morris and Cam Young’s health status.

    They’ll obviously make the cut / very probably not be IR’d before the deadline (meaning miss the whole year).

    But will they be IR’d short term?

    We need to know what the team is thinking on the interior DL.

  36. cha

    Jordan Schutlz says Jake Bobo has made the team

    • TomLPDX

      Hey! They got something right!

  37. cha

    Corbin K. Smith
    As reported by
    , who was on New Mexico’s staff in 2021, Jerrick Reed II has made #Seahawks roster.

    Sixth-round pick had an excellent finish to preseason and organization loves his upside.

  38. TomLPDX

    Will Grier as our QB3 anyone? He had a really good preseason with the Cowboys. I’d rather have him on our PS than Ahlers.

    • Spectator

      Bailey Zappe is the most interesting QB cut for me.

  39. Blitzy the Clown

    This guy still won’t shut up about Bobo’s 40 time

    Dov Kleiman

    Update: #Seahawks undrafted rookie WR Jake Bobo made the initial roster, per

    The 4.99 40 time WR managed to make an impression.

    • Rob Staton

      We should acknowledge Dov Kleiman for what he is

      Like Ari Meirov, a thief

      They just tweet everyone else’s work, with a token ‘per reporter’ at the end

      It’s a disgrace

      Nobody should follow these accounts

      • cha


    • HOUSE

      Joke is on everyone who only looked at his 40-time. We have picked up some really good WRs as UDFAs before. I like it!

      • RyanL

        RB/WR Demetric Felton Jr was released by Cleveland 😉

    • Malanch

      The Seahawks just posted a Geno interview on YouTube, and the very first question from the press (at the 1:54 mark) sounded like Gregg Bell asking about Bobo’s 4.99 speed. Am I wrong?

      • Rob Staton

        I can’t even be bothered to check but if so, FFS

  40. Murphy

    As a Bruin and a Seahawks fan, I have to say seeing both Charbonnet and Bobo playing for this offense is pretty exciting!!

    • RyanL

      RB/WR Demetric Felton Jr was released by Cleveland 😉

    • Malanch

      May their Hawk stints culminate less precipitously than Derrick Coleman’s.

  41. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Despite the Dolphins clearing salary-cap space today, DT Christian Wilkins and Miami could not agree to terms on an extension. Wilkins’ team was not agreeable to the guarantee structure of the contract proposals, per source.

    Adam Schefter
    Replying to
    There were teams that reached out to the Dolphins to try and trade for Christian Wilkins, but Miami was not interested in trading him, and he was not interested in playing elsewhere this season, per source.

  42. Rushless pass

    Jerrod Clark released by the chargers.

    • Brodie

      He was one of the big boys we thought would be a day 3 pick. Chargers gave him a decent chunk of UDFA money if I recall. Doubt he’s worth a waiver claim, but worth a look if he clears.

  43. Thomas

    Danny Shelton released by KC. I know you’re not a fan Rob, but does he need to be anything other than mediocre? Vet minimum at 345 lbs?

    • Brodie

      I don’t think it’s Rob that isn’t a fan. The Hawks have had multiple opportunities to sign him over the years and haven’t. The lack of interest from our own front office is why I wouldn’t consider him an option.

    • cha

      Quarterback (2): Geno Smith, Drew Lock

      Running Back (4): Kenneth Walker III, Zach Charbonnet, DeeJay Dallas, Kenny McIntosh

      Receiver (6): Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Jake Bobo, Dareke Young, Cody Thompson

      Tight End (3): Will Dissly, Noah Fant, Colby Parkinson

      Offensive Line (9): Charles Cross, Damien Lewis, Evan Brown, Phil Haynes, Abraham Lucas, Olu Oluwatimi, Anthony Bradford, Jake Curhan, Stone Forsythe

      Defensive Line (6): Dre’Mont Jones, Jarran Reed, Mario Edwards Jr., Mike Morris, Myles Adams, Cameron Young

      Linebacker (10): Bobby Wagner, Jordyn Brooks, Devin Bush, Jon Rhattigan, Nick Bellore, Uchenna Nwosu, Darrell Taylor, Boye Mafe, Derick Hall, Tyreke Smith

      Cornerback (6): Riq Woolen, Tre Brown, Michael Jackson, Devon Witherspoon, Coby Bryant, Artie Burns

      Safety (4): Quandre Diggs, Jamal Adams, Julian Love, Jerrick Reed II

      Specialists (3): P Michael Dickson, K Jason Myers, LS Chris Stoll

      • TomLPDX

        It will be interesting to see who we are able to sign to the PS.

        • TomLPDX

          Also, all 10 2023 drafted players made the team.

          • cha

            And 2 UDFA’s.

            Pretty competitive

            • TomLPDX

              Jake and our LS. Says a lot about this year’s class.

              • TomLPDX

                Here are the last cuts…can you guess who will be back on the PS???

                From Florio’s article about the Seahawks cuts:

                S Joey Blount, LB Vi Jones, S Jonathan Sutherland, QB Holton Ahlers, LB Levi Bell, CB Lance Boykin, T Greg Eiland, NT Matthew Gotel, WR John Hall, WR Cade Johnson, WR Matt Landers, TE Tyler Mabry, LB Patrick O’Connell, S Ty Okada, DE Roderick Perry, G Kendall Randolph, DE Jacob Sykes, RB SaRodorick Thompson Jr., WR Easop Winston Jr., LB Christian Young, LB Ben Burr-Kirven, and C Joey Hunt were either waived or released.


              • Sean

                It says a lot about how little depth we had a couple years ago after hanging on to so many iffy vets for a long time and having only 3 picks in 2021. The youth movement is good.

      • Rob4q

        So who are the short term IR candidates? And who will their replacements be?

        • Rob4q

          And thanks Cha, you have been keeping us all up to speed on everything!!!

      • Blitzy the Clown

        6 DL, 2 of which are out for the foreseeable future. What could go wrong?


        • Peter

          Having it typed out with just six names isn’t not a great reading experience.

        • Big Mike

          They have a plan oh ye of little faith.
          It’s the Mayowa/Irvin plan only for DT not DE.

          • Peter

            Are either available? Pretty sure Irvin played on the line in college.

      • cha

        Dareke, Cam, Mike Morris, Jamal may all go on short term IR yet.

        Love that they found a way to keep Tyreke Smith.

        Artie Burns playing nickel and having an impact really helped him keep a spot.

        • Rob4q

          Wasn’t Cody Thompson hurt as well?

          • cha

            Oh, you’re right!

            • Brodie

              Can they put them on IR and and submit 5 corresponding waiver claims? Kick the tires for a week and see what shakes out?

              This feels like it will be a wild waiver period with over 1000 players hitting FA today.

              • cha

                The waiver claims are awarded at noon today. The IR to returns are due shortly after that.

                Still will be plenty of jockeying this week.

                • Brodie

                  Interesting. I would assume they could designate IR to return prior, and clear the roster spot if they wanted to make a claim?

                  • cha

                    Given the two different timing deadlines, I’d say no.

                    If a player was on PUP during the preseason they could (like Jonathan Taylor was). But to go active roster –> IR return they will need to wait until later today.

      • Gaux Hawks

        Isn’t there a limit to how many PUPs you can bring back?

        • cha

          Max of eight players.

          A player can be IR-return’ed twice but he counts twice against the 8.

  44. Big Mike

    Wrong about Dallas. That makes his tweet weird.

    Do they bring someone back when Adams goes to IR or sign a DT?

    • TomLPDX

      I had a feeling it was about another person in the RB room that got cut earlier. Dallas has been pretty solid and he is our kick returner to boot. Special teams and all that.

      • Big Mike

        That makes sense

  45. Peter

    Pro: having that early bye week hopefully cam young and maybe Morris can come back for the meat of the season.

    Con: that early bye week is brutal.

  46. Zorn Is King

    Danny Shelton anyone?

  47. Gaux Hawks

    Worried that Jon Sutherland doesn’t get through waivers… I see him as a valuable piece of the puzzle moving forward.

    Cha, now that they cut Sutherland, what kind of club control do they have (1,2,3 years)?

  48. Palatypus

    Well, it looks like the hurricane is going to miss us here in Pensacola. But I felt the need to “Rob” a liquor store, anyway.

    I think they named this one after Seahawks Twitter.

    • Peter

      That’s awesome!!

  49. Romeo A57

    Since College Football starts for real this weekend, it would sure suck for Mother Nature to knock down power lines. I have family in Central Florida and have been keeping an eye on the hurricane path.

    Never a bad ides to stock up on supplies; especially at a Liquor Store

    • Palatypus

      Got a bottle of Woodinville Whiskey.

      • Miguel

        Up your game to some Blue Run.

      • cha

        Great choice. I have a bottle of every expression of theirs.

  50. Jhams

    Browns released some interesting DTs, not surprising after the draft. Also a few surprising TEs got cut, maybe sneak one or two onto the PS.

  51. Robert Las Vegas

    I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on Quinton Bohanna had 10 starts for Dallas the last 2 years he is defense tackle I guess he is 360 pounds.

  52. Coach

    Better DL options than I thought there would be after cuts. Which one would be best for our needs and do you think we will sign one?

    Chris Wormley, DL

    The former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman had seven sacks in 2021. While his numbers fell off a cliff last year, Wormley has proven production as an interior pass rusher, a coveted trait.

    Matt Ioannidis, DL

    Ioannidis is a rotational defensive lineman capable of helping in run support, as well as a pass rusher. He moves well for a 310-pound lineman.

    Akiem Hicks, DT

    At 324 pounds, Hicks is a run-stopping specialist. He can clog the middle and draw double-teams, freeing up lanes for his linebacker teammates to make tackles on the ball carrier.

    Suh is still an option as well!


    Go Hawks!!

  53. swedenhawk

    Not pinning my hopes for the DL on a waiver claim (as Rob says, good teams collect D-lineman), but some familiar names are currently available: Rashard Lawrence, Trysten Hill, Marvin Wilson

  54. Big Mike

    A moment of silence is in order for the end of the Joey Hunt era.

    • UkAlex6674

      I’m sure we said the same after he left the first time.

      • geoff u

        I’m still being silent about it

    • bmseattle

      Word is that Hunt staggered 3 yards backward and fell on his butt when he heard the news.

      • Big Mike

        Nice. I literally LOL’d

      • AlaskaHawk

        I just spit my coffee laughing. I got to think that’s the test for our centers.

    • TomLPDX

      No love to Hunt, you guys are rough! Bet he comes back on the PS…

  55. LouCityHawk

    There weren’t a lot of surprises with the cuts and not a lot that was appetizing to me, after reading whispers of a cutdown buffet, I’m left wondering “where’s the beef?”

    One name that did surprise me was Timmy Horne (DLine ATL), I thought he popped a bit last year for them and would be a piece moving forward. He has nice size, be interested if the Hawks did pick him up.

    There are some interesting names on the OLine and Edge list as well, feel like OLine may see a move, Edge group couldn’t hang onto Bell, so so assume they are set. Off-Ball LBs just flooded the market as well, but they all share a common trait: old and slow.

    I think Sutherland is gone, same with Sir Roderick of August. Bell seems 50/50, mainly because there are a lot of Edge players floating on the waiver wire (Travis Gipson). O’Connell likely makes it onto the PS.

    • Rob Staton

      There’s never a cut-down buffet. Every year fans convince themselves online that good players will be available and they barely ever are. Everyone cut yesterday was determined to not be good enough to be a back-end roster player for the other 31 teams. Then you have to factor in Seattle’s waiver position of 20th. They were never going to find solutions on cut-down day.

      • Peter

        I read that it averages out to about one player per team gets picked up on waivers.

      • STTBM

        I’m just hoping for a handful of guys I like to make the PS. Seattle went with PS players who’ve been on the roster learning over rookies who have more upside. I don’t like it. I’m hoping to see DY and CThompson put on short term IR and Winston, Cade Johnson and Landers at least on the PS.

        I was afraid Seattle would put themselves in a bind at DT they couldn’t fix this year, and it appears they have. It’s laughable how thin their depth is. Inexcusable.

        No roster cut guy is going to fix this screw up.

        • geoff u

          They kept all their drafted rookies and two rookie UDFA? How many more do you want? And some of these guys with a bit of experience are here for special teams. If we keep undrafted rookies based on upside, only to have them blow it on special teams, is it really worth it?

      • AlaskaHawk

        Which calls in question their first two rounds drafting strategy. Which of the first four players would we be willing to have given up for a Nose Tackle? and who would have been available? As much as I hate to lose anyone, maybe Charbonnet? Not sure which NT I would have chosen instead.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s not how the draft works though

          You can’t give up far more talented players to fill need, that’s when you make mistakes

          The situation had to be addressed before the draft

          • Elmer

            100%. I hate to see them depending on waiver claims. That’s a road to nowhere.

        • geoff u

          Skill position game breaking talent > Nose tackle

          But then I’m probably the only one here who thinks nose tackle is a low low priority.

          • Peter

            NT = low priority


            Dline with more than four players = high priority

            • geoff u

              But that failure was one of free agency. For the draft, you get the best player you can at positions of importance.

              I think we can all agree they didn’t do a good job addressing the need this offseason. And I wouldn’t count on a rookie doing much this year anyway, like people expecting Cam Young to shore things up when he comes back. He hasn’t played a down in the NFL.

              • Peter


                What’s weird for me is that Seattle has often stymied rookies on the defensive front with veteran stop gaps. I’m okay in principle with letting young and Morris, if they were playing, take their lumps.

                It just seems like a pretty simple math problem and the FO can’t show their work on how they arrived at this equation.

                • James Cr.

                  We are one or two injuries away from a full blown disaster at DT.

                  • Rob Staton

                    Going to write about it today

  56. BK26

    One random cut that shocked me: Chiefs cut Darian Kennard from Kentucky. I really liked him coming out of last year’s draft.

    Also only kept three running backs.

  57. Blitzy the Clown

    I dunno, Raequan Williams might be worth a look.

    Kinda surprised the Rams waived Logan Bruss. Thought he looked pretty good last year.

  58. cha

    Seahawks awarded two waiver claims:

    DB Kyu Blu Kelly

    LB Thomas Drake

    • cha

      Rob had Kelly as a 3rd round graded player on his 2023 board.

      Be interesting to see where he fits.

      • Elmer

        And who gets waived or released. No DL help so far.

        • cha

          Probably are submitting IR-return’s right now to balance out.

          If I had to guess:

          Mike Morris
          Dareke Young
          Jamal Adams

      • Scot04

        Was hoping we had a claim in for Darius Rush instead.
        Guessing we passed due to him having some pre-season injuries.
        According to Baltimore, Kelly did not look to great, but I’ll trust Pete on coaching up Kelly.

    • Rob Staton

      Really liked Kelly

      • cha

        I like that he’s 4-years of a rookie contract without the expenditure of a draft pick.

        In my wildest dreams, they’re flipping M Jackson, Burns or Brown for some DT help and this nicely fills the gap in.

        • cha

          Or not

          Adam Schefter
          After claiming DB Kyu Blu Kelly on waivers today from the Ravens, the Seahawks now have released cornerback Artie Burns, per source.
          10:35 AM · Aug 30, 2023

          • TomLPDX

            Someone in their right mind will pick up Burns. I thought he had a good preseason this year. Hope Kelly is a decent player…sounds like Rob thinks so which is a plus!

    • cha

      Jim Nagy
      Newest #Seahawks addition, Ravens fifth-rounder Kyu Blu Kelly, is such a Seahawky corner. We had fringe Top-100 grade on Kyu for
      but then he slid on draft day because of a low-4.5 time at Combine. Another good young depth level player for Hawks secondary.

  59. cha

    Dugar, Michael-Shawn
    Hearing OLB/DE Levi Bell is coming back to the Seahawks on the practice squad as well. Bell led Seattle in QB pressures and QB hits in the preseason. Did a little bit of everything playing on the edge, interior and fullback.

    • cha

      Brady Henderson
      The Seahawks are re-signing S Ty Okada to their practice squad, a source tells me. Okada, a UDFA from Montana State, was part of Seattle’s cuts yesterday and cleared waivers.

      • cha

        Brady Henderson
        The Seahawks are re-signing LB Patrick O’Connell to their practice squad, a source tells me. O’Connell, a UDFA from Montana, was waived by Seattle yesterday.
        10:18 AM · Aug 30, 2023

        • cha

          Dugar, Michael-Shawn
          WR Easop Winston Jr is coming back to the Seahawks on the practice squad, I’m told

          • TomLPDX

            All really good players as far as I’m concerned.

            • cha

              PC wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted every single guy back on their team.

        • STTBM

          Hell yes! I really like Okada, Oconnell and Winston! Glad to see them re-signed.

          And yes, I’m an admitted and unrepentant Montana Homer…but Okada and Oconnell looked good in game action, they earned a PS spot.

  60. Rob Staton

    So as predicted, not a single worthy DT was waived

    That was never going to be a solution

    And they are a Jarran Reed injury away from a crisis

    • cha

      Problem solved. *wipes hands*

      Back in action! #seahawks
      10:34 AM · Aug 30, 2023

      • TomLPDX

        Well, at least we got him back. We need the rotational depth.

      • PJ in Seattle

        I chuckled. But seriously, I think this guy is worthy of a rotational role so I’m glad to see him make it. Made no sense to me when I saw him cut given how bare our cupboard is.

        Yeah, it’s preseason and all but dude was actually plugging holes AND splitting double teams.

    • Peter

      Interested in reading your upcoming article.

      Worried about pushing Reed into 80+% snaps territory. Stoked on Jones. Ascending talent, most likely. Has unfortunately missed time in 3 of 4 seasons. Not a lot of time. But more than Seattle can withstand right now.

    • STTBM

      Either they are working to finalize a trade or two, or both PC and JS deserve to be fired for malpractice. This situation is hilariously stupid.

  61. cha

    Tom Pelissero
    The #Panthers are waiving QB Matt Corral, sources tell
    and me.

    Practice squad project?

    • Peter

      I’d do that.

      • TomLPDX

        I would too.

      • BK26

        Only one out of any of the guys that were cut that I would think about. Or at least have any sort of excitement about.

    • swedenhawk

      Finally a chance to make good on that combine meet and greet with the Kiffins!

  62. Gaux Hawks

    Thoughts on LB Thomas Drake ??

  63. Ashish

    Seahawks release Artie Burns after claiming Kyu Blu Kelly

  64. Denver Hawker

    Kiper putting out a top 25:

    – he puts Duke’s Leonard as his #3 QB
    – 3 DTs in top 25

    It’s not a terrible list and certainly much better than Matt Miller’s recent mock trash.

  65. DW

    Witherspoon STILL not being able to practice is sooooo frustrating. #5 overall

    • Peter

      Was listening to hawkblogger and Brian made a good point about Adams, Witherspoon, and possible JSN….with the early bye if these guys aren’t ready until week three, just an example, would the pull be to hold them out until beyond the bye week?

    • Rob Staton

      Very frustrating given this injury dates back to pre-combine

      Will he ever be healthy?

      • PJ in Seattle

        It is concerning, yes. I’ll hold out hope that this is them being extra cautious with him with so much draft capital invested.

        Please lord, let it be so. Because it’s not like this guy isn’t going to throw his body into much bigger players multiple times every Sunday. His naked aggression is what got him drafted in the first place.

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