Some thoughts on Seattle’s aggressive 2017

I’m heading out to Husky stadium tonight for the Oregon vs Washington game. Before leaving I wanted to put down some thoughts on the aggressive approach the Seahawks are taking this season.

With two big trades for Sheldon Richardson and Duane Brown, the Seahawks no longer own the following:

2018 second round pick
2018 third round pick
2019 second round pick

It’s a considerable outlay and the team might feel the loss of those picks down the road. Change isn’t that far away for the Seahawks. Several key players are getting older. As new players get paid (Sheldon Richardson and Frank Clark presumably) there might not be the money to keep other stalwarts.

There’s no doubting Seattle’s approach. They’re not completely abandoning the draft (they still have their first round picks) but they’re focusing on a very specific window here. Probably this season and next.

This isn’t so much about sustainability anymore as it is maxing out the potential of this core group to win multiple Championships.

Why might that be?

1. The NFC is wide open

The teams that really dominated the NFC during the last two seasons are faltering. Atlanta look completely different minus Kyle Shanahan’s offense. The Panthers have well and truly made that 2015 season look like a flash in the pan. The Cardinals are ageing, injured and without Calais Campbell.

The top ranked team currently is an upstart Eagles with a second year quarterback. They’re good. They might turn great by the end of the season. But for now it’s hard to look at Philadelphia and see the same kind of threat as Atlanta a year ago or the Panthers in 2015.

The Seahawks have talent spread evenly enough across their roster to take control of the NFC, much in the way they did in 2013 and 2014. A couple of key areas were letting them down — left tackle and the running game. The Duane Brown trade solves one of those problems. Now they have to find a way to field a competent running attack.

Neither problem is solved without the deal with Houston. And while they could’ve possibly still worked through the NFC field to get a #1 or #2 seed — the aggressive trade makes it more likely to happen.

I watched a NFL Network segment yesterday where a group of players made their mid-season Super Bowl predictions. All four picked a different NFC representative — Seattle, Dallas, Philadelphia and New Orleans. That’s how winnable the NFC is this year.

The opportunity is here right now. Can you blame the Seahawks for doing whatever it takes to grasp it?

2. Change is inevitable

This core group are not going to just keep playing forever. There will come a time, possibly as early as the 2019 off-season, where major surgery is required on the roster. Will players retire or move on? Will there need to be cuts to allow room for others to be paid?

And perhaps more significantly, how much longer is Pete Carroll going to coach for?

This is his show after all. If he wants to max out this tenure with this Championship caliber team, doing what it takes to win now will be at the forefront of his mind.

That’s not to paint Carroll as this selfish ego-maniac only interested in winning during his time in Seattle. Don’t you all feel similarly? Would you rather this era be best known for one title, one agonising near-miss and a bunch of Divisional round exits?

If the Seahawks win at least one more Championship this year or next, we’ll have lived through a legendary era of Seattle football. Ensuring that happens is the most important thing right now. It’s more important than any future mini-rebuild. And here’s why they can feel that way…

3. Russell Wilson will be the man

Whenever the roster changes eventually occur, the quarterback is going to be so important. We’ve seen Pittsburgh, Green Bay and New England go through roster facelifts and remain competitive. Why? The quarterback.

So while spending future stock might prevent the Seahawks retaining a loaded roster in nearly every facet, Wilson is good enough (as evidenced against Houston) to elevate this team and keep it winning while a transition period occurs.

Hopefully he’ll be doing that as a two or three time Super Bowl winner. If not, well at least they left no stone unturned. Brady and Roethlisberger were able to win Championships without complete rosters so a few big name departures or retirements doesn’t spell the end of Seattle’s window.

There’s one other final thing to remember here. Seattle has made four big trades since 2013:

Percy Harvin
Jimmy Graham
Sheldon Richardson
Duane Brown

Clearly there are mixed opinions about these deals. Nobody can dispute, however, that all four players were incredibly unique, productive players with star potential.

It says something that Duane Brown might be the least talented of the quartet and yet he plays a position where there’s a dearth of talent currently in the NFL. His addition might be the most important.

Draft picks are the best way to bring in cheap talent and build a deep, competitive roster. But you’re not getting players of this quality and proven production in rounds 2-3 or even the late first.

They weren’t trading for washed up players or players who hadn’t proven anything. They were bringing in pure quality.

Such is the NFL, none of the deals have worked as well as the lesser compensated deals for Marshawn Lynch and Chris Clemons. Can you really blame the Seahawks for trying though?

We can only imagine how many rings Aaron Rodgers would have right now had Green Bay taken a few more risks to help him get back to the Super Bowl.

At the very least we can live with the knowledge the Seahawks were much more pro-active.

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  1. Jim

    Hawks also believe that the last two drafts have been bountiful with 5 players drafted with 2nd round grades just last year (according the Schneider after the draft). I think they have a lot faith in their young players.

    • cha

      I think there’s a lot to that. The Hawks have been emboldened even more to find value in later rounds, and so trading draft picks for building-block players like Brown and Richardson are not as big a blow for the Hawks as it might be for other teams.

      Especially when the Hawks can continue to get tasty mid-round picks for even the slightest drop in the draft.

      The Hawks basically turned the #26 pick in the draft into:

      Malik McDowell
      Delano Hill
      Chris Carson
      Tedric Thompson
      Mike Tyson

      That’s getting the guy you targeted anyway and gaining a starting RB and 2 backup safeties with great potential for icing on the cake.

    • C-Dog


  2. drewdawg11

    I often wonder about now this franchise will attack a possible rebuild. Will Pete and John move on? I would have to believe that they would attempt to trade some guys before they are done, but I’m not sure they would want the backlash from the fans. For now, they simply need to win the super bowl and the rest will take care of itself. We realistically don’t have more than a 2 year window remaining to win it all with the current roster.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Rob – this was a great and well written article.

      Pete Carroll should be looking to retire on a high note. So if the Seahawks win a Superbowl or two – that would be the Cinderella finish for him. I really like the chances of the Seahawks this year. The trades for Sheldon Richardson and Brown are great. Got some good guys coming up. Lets call it a sliding window as I don’t want it to end.

  3. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Repost to Ishmael due to no response –

    Ishmael you are always talking condencendly about ” White” Qbs, White this and White that? You have a Jewish name and are from Australia and in my mind I’m guessing you are coucasin. You’re always so PC on here and very opinionated, so tells us why are you always talking shit about White people in American Football because you sound prejudice and or racist. I’ve been wanting to ask you for awhile but didn’t want to start drama however you just said ” White Dudes” again.

    I get it I was born in the U.S and Live here. I Love all good, kind, Loving, respectful, open-minded, thoughtful
    People. Iove all different Cultures and Nationalities and it sucks how so many people in the world generalise Caucasian People in the United States. Most of us living have nothing to do with the oppression and bigotry of our history. Most of those people still living with be dead in the next 10-20 years.

    So why Ishmael do you use “White” quite frequently as an adjective regarding people in a negative connotation!

    Tell us how you really feel!

    • Sam Jaffe

      Greetings tvarrich! How’s the weather in Leningrad these days?

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Sam you responding to me? Just looked up Tvarrich ( Comrade) in Russian and I’m not sure if you are jesting, being cynical, or something else. Please elaborate.

        Go Dante Pettis 9 punt return touchdowns, All Time Greatest!

        Go Hawks!

    • Hawk Eye

      i do not agree with your comments and do not feel it is appropriate to call him out like this. I have never seem Ishmael make a blatantly “reverse racist” comment. I have seen comments where he has questioned some things, but in a realistic and open manner. It seems to me that you are being overly sensitive on the issue

    • Frank

      I haven’t noticed this from Ishmael myself or on SDB but it’s so prevalent everywhere else I look that I’d assume most of us are desensitized to it. “White” shouldn’t be used as a derogatory word and if it has been (on the SDB comment board or elsewhere), it should stop.

    • Shady_Hawkster

      As a regular visitor to this site, I’ve never noticed anyone doing what you’re accusing people of (comment reads like ‘concern trolling’ to me). People came here to talk about the Seahawk’s aggressive 2017 season, please be respectful to the community and keep your comments on topic.

      • Frank

        I read the comments sometimes, didn’t notice this either so I looked through the archives at halftime.

        If you look at last weeks post, about 2/3 down you’ll see Ishmael refer disparagingly to “old white guys”. There’s nothing “disrespectful” about taking issue with this. Howling Hawk finds it offensive. So do I. This has become a very common refrain, and actually there are a lot of people who find it offensive and racist.

        Look at other comment sections like this one a year ago

        and you’ll see more of these comments here and there, disparaging conservative new sites, disparaging the president repeatedly, saying everyone who voted for him is a racist bigot, making other personal remarks then stepping back and saying, “be respectful to the community and keep your comments on topic”.

  4. Seahawcrates

    Additional minor points in support of the win now thesis: Two stars had their contracts altered which will increase (though not wildly) the cap hit in the years ahead. I don’t believe they have done that before. And I know John has stated he doesn’t believe in the idea of paying with that type of credit card.
    Glad you are getting a double header in Rob! You even get a free extra hour of sleep after the game!

  5. Smitty1547

    Go Dawgs enjoy your weekend

  6. DC

    3 Super Bowl trips in 5 years with 2 championships would make for an incredible and indisputable run of historically great football for a mostly single core group of players. Winning a title this year puts the Seahawks into “THE” conversation. So going for it is absolutely a must and applauded from this fan.


    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Hey DC! You don’t happen to be Kris Richard (Defensive Coordinator) that would kick ass!

      Go Husky’s

      Go Hawks

      Go Nice People

  7. mishima

    Surgery or outpatient procedure.

    Only the LOB needs a good tweak and JS/PC got a jump on that last draft. Not sure it’s wise to extend Sherman, so would look to deal him this off-season, possibly recouping draft capital we lost with Brown/Richardson. Would roll with Kam next season to mitigate/lesson dead cap, then cut/trade next off-season. Earl is still tops and Griffin is legit.

    Loved the piece. Your eye on the big picture is second to none. Dig the games, this weekend.

    • Coleslaw

      On the money. Really hoping we can get Byron Maxwell back, if we were to trade Sherm, him and Griffin would be enough to have confidence in our ability to stop most teams.

      • CDub

        People talk about moving on from Sherman, but he is one of the most solid players on the team. He seldom gets beat, and he is a cornerstone of the defense. It’s very possible that it could happen, but he will definitely be missed.

        • mishima

          No doubt. Sherman is one of the best in the game, but UFA in 2019. Smart to extend a 30 year old CB? At what cost?

          If correct, trading him this off-season would save $11 million and net something similar to what we gave up for Brown, 2nd + 3rd. Weaker in 2018? Depends how they use the cap savings.

          Not a huge fan of the move, but would understand it from a cap standpoint. LOB needs to slowly get younger, cheaper. Sherm in 2018, Kam in 2019. Earl can stay forever.

  8. Sea Mode

    Enjoy your stay in the US, Rob, and have a great time at the games!

    I really like your “no stone unturned” take. Put another way for those who might be worried about our future rebuilding: this IS what you build for. Teams strive for years and years to get to where we are at. Now is the time to maximize it, not waste it worrying about the future. (without, as you also said, doing crazy-stupid deals)

    Also, on the Brown trade: I knew he was a good player, but I did not know until a couple days ago that his first 2 years in the league he played under Alex Gibbs = the exact same ZBS that Cable teaches, then the following 4 years continued in ZBS. For me, that makes the trade all the more worth it (the Lane version would have been a steal…) because of his ability to instantly integrate and for what he can exemplify for the young guys of everything that Cable has been telling them. He is not just a good LT (hard enough to find nowadays), but is tailor-made for our OL.

  9. Old but Slow

    Welcome “home”, Rob. Did you bring this snow and cold? Winter already? I wasn’t done with Summer yet.

  10. Sea Mode

    I said last week I thought the run game struggles were on the OL and not the RBs. Well, I was wrong. It’s definitely both.

    Take a look at this first image and you don’t need to be a pro football coach to tell me which way he should run…

    And now here’s the second image with where he actually ran…

    (This was pointed out by Samuel Gold in one of his video breakdowns on FieldGulls.)

    • Greg Haugsven

      I’m guessing on the first one he runs right. If he just goes down the hash marks, Britt can keep his guy going left and Jimmy can get inside his guy that’s a huge gainer depending on where the safety is.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Got to excited, didn’t know they were both the same one. Would like to see the all 22 on that one to see the safety. Neat post sea mode

        • Greg Haugsven

          Only defense I could possibly say for Rawls is that the guy Obushay is blocking could possibly she’d that block but if he explodes through the hole it would be to late.

          • Greg Haugsven

            Another not on the first screen: What is Ifedi doing? How did he get spun around that far?

            • D-OZ

              McKissic would have been long gone with that open running lane. All Graham would have had to do was get a piece of his man, IMO….

  11. Greg Haugsven

    For sure 2019’s roster will be interesting to see. Some of this post kind of goes off a question that I asked at the end of the last post. Of these 5 players who will be on the roster in 2019 out of Sherman, Bennett, Avril, Wright, and Chancellor. It will for surely be interesting if we release/ let there contract expire or actually trade one of them.

  12. House

    Did you guys see the Browns give Joe Thomas a pay raise for next season? He’ll now reportedly made $13.5M (topping Okung’s $12.5M). For people worried about the draft pick compensation for Brown, this is definitely something to look at…

  13. House

    With our potential strapped-cap situation, I personally believe Graham gets more money elsewhere and leaves in FA. That being said, he should yield us a 3rd or 4th rd comp pick.

    Sheldon Richardson and Paul Richardson are re-signs in my opinion. Cliff Avril’s situation will help clarify things when it comes

    • Coleslaw

      Ditto on Richardson, I’d like to see us get to the point where we can actually play Baldwin in the slot where hes best. Richardson is a solid start. Imagine Lockett being our 4th receiver.

    • D-OZ

      Graham is not going anywhere. Seattle will be able to sign him for a cap friendly deal that is back-loaded. After all he is 31 year’s old. He is not going to even sniff 10 mil. per….

  14. sea 12

    go hawks go just do it…………..

  15. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Baker Mayfield. I keep hearing knocks on his size and the like….. but all he does is win.
    Is he going to turn into the next RW…. under drafted, but ends up being a stud in the NFL?

    • C-Dog

      I think he’ll end up in the first round, made be be first quarterback taken. Scott McCloughan likes him over any of the other quarterbacks this year, and compares him to Bret Frave, says he would take him ahead of Darnold, Rosen, etc.

      • D-OZ


  16. Coleslaw

    PETTIS!! Make him a Hawk!!!

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Coleslaw that is my wish as well. I don’t give a damn make Dante our first pick! He’s special so elusive and smooth he Just has it!

      Go Coleslaw

      Go Husky’s

      Go Hawks!

    • vrtkolman

      Not a huge Freeman fan. He doesn’t move the pile so to speak. He does have good vision, but physically I don’t see anything that is more than a JAG NFL running back.

      • vrtkolman

        And Jake Browning is just a bad QB.

        • Greg Haugsven

          Agree on both accounts. Freeman reminds me of Shaun Alexander. Kind of soft for a big dude. Browning is just a college QB.

          • vrtkolman

            Washington’s defense is for real though, it’s right up there with Alabama’s as best in the nation IMO. First time in over 10 years since Oregon has been held without a touchdown. What a performance.

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Yeah Vrtkolman what does your name express, what is VRT? I personally think you are a way better quarterback in Division 1 American Football then Jake Browning. Suck? You are completely dillusinal!

          Say nice things about people especially when you are on a Seahawks Blog where most of us are Huskies and or Cougars M8!

          Even if you are not they’re just kids playing a silly game and need some positivity in this shallow Internet world of ours!

          You want to be mean and negative?

          Take it out on me!!!

          • vrtkolman

            Sorry man.

            • Thy Hawk is Howling

              I appreciate you saying that and have respect for you understanding that it isn’t right to be negative and judgemental to basically kids. You’re good man for admiting that.

              Thank you, and much love.

              Go Hawks

              Go VRT

              • Derron James

                I feel that vrtkolman is entitled to state his opinion.

                • Thy Hawk is Howling

                  I agree Derron and I was just stating mine. Jake Browning is just a kid doing his best under so much pressure. I’m very sensitive about people getting hurt emotionaly I am not telling anyone how to feel. I know how I can be interpreted, it’s All Good.

                  Love you all Seahawks Draft Blog!

                  • nichansen01

                    I don’t think Jake Browning reads the comments of this blog…

                • Thy Hawk is Howling

                  Hey Derron, watched “The Orville” yet? It’s so Awesome!

                  • Thy Hawk is Howling

                    Actually Nichasnen my Lil Cousin Jason goes to UW and is friends with some of the player’s they read this blog. Not positive if Jake does, however that’s not the point.

                    Be Nice, Be Kind!

        • D-OZ

          Browning is just a bad QB. LOL!!!!

    • DavidM2

      Interesting fact slaw. Dante Pettis’s sister is Dion Jordans GF. Dante’s mom and both sisters have attended Seahawk Games.

      WHAT A WEEKEND! Dante and the huskies, Seahawks got the W and the Astros are AL West champs. #dreamteam #gottalovesports 🏈⚾️🍾🙌🏽🎉

  17. Tacoma hawk

    Hey guys,

    Let’s get more patrons for Rob! I know I’m not the only one who checks this site three times a day for new content. There are only 70 patrons right now, let us continue to rise so that Rob can be supported for being the best writer for the Hawks.

    Thank you.

    • D-OZ

      It’s only a buck a month for crying out loud!!!!

  18. Volume12

    These ‘Bama teams are unreal. They’re so far ahead of everyone else in terms lf talent. They don’t even have to play well on offense to win.

    Somewhat similar to PC’s USC’s teams. The difference is, like with most PC teams, if you don’t turn the ball over you can hang with them. USC had a dynasty as does ‘Bama, but ‘Bama’s is like something out of a video game. Its the most dominant dynasty in the history of the game.

    And the god dam ‘U’ is back! With the gold turnover chain and everything. CFB is always better when Miami is back.

    • nichansen01

      UW fan here.

      Miami needs to go undefeated for UW to make the playoff. So go canes!!

      We just need Wisconsin to drop two more, Georgia to lose to Auburn and bama’, have Miami win the ACC undefeated, and I say we have a good shot.

      • Volume12

        Next week I believe there’s 6 or 7 games between ranked teams. Miami plays ND and that’s a matchup of top 10 teams.

  19. Volume12

    Clemson’s Mitch Hyatt got worked today. He’s not good.

    OTOH, VA-Tech’s Wyatt Teller is a stud. Held up very well tonight against Miami. Another really good Guard. Seems to be a lot of those this year.

    • nichansen01

      Wyatt Teller is sooooo underrated right now. I don’t see how he’s not right up there with Nelson and Price.

      • Volume12

        Very underrated. Not sure he’s on the level of those 2, but he’s absolutely on that next tier.

  20. Derron James

    Ronald jones is my draft crush, so explosive, phew!

    • C-Dog

      Love watching him play.

    • Volume12

      Not my draft crush, but announcer Rod Gilmore is a man crush of mine. He’s amazing.

      ‘The beauty of the FG’ are only words he would utter on a national broadcast. He’s the Booker T of CFB. Just gives no f***s and is in his own little bubble.

      • Volume12

        He’s still wondering why Wazzu won’t run all day long behind the ‘Big Continent’ aka Cody O’Connell.

  21. Nathan

    So many 4th round pick have flamed out for us.

    Is there a guy you wish we ‘went and got’ in the first round?

    Aaron Donald is an obvious one.

    Was he worth an entire draft to go and get?

    Surely Brady doesn’t pick us apart in the 2nd half of the SB if he’s on the field.

    • Volume12


  22. JC

    What are people feeling about Josh Jackson of Iowa about now? He was already zooming up draft boards before this Ohio St 3 INT day. He looks pretty good if this is #25’s final year with the Hawks.

  23. SheHawk

    So glad Rob got to take in a UW Home game….never gets old although I miss the painted sections that used to mark off areas of the student section…. luckily the body-pass seems to have been shut down…. Go Dawgs! Vita vea will be long gone by time Hawks pick but agree with earlier mock Bierrea would make a great pick for us!

    We are house divided so see all the cougs games as well. Their Speed D is real deal. Kept B. Love in check all game. Hercules

  24. SheHawk

    Hercules, Hercules, Hercules = Seahawk all day long edge or turn him into the elusive LEO
    Apple cup will be game of year!!

    • D-OZ

      His split @ the combine will be telling. I expect him to ace that and the 3-cone. GO HAWKS!!!

      • Ty the Guy

        3rd rounder?

  25. Ty the Guy

    No 2nd or 3rd round pick? No problem.

    We all “know” JS will be turning our 1st rounder into several picks.

    Let’s say we drop down to the 40-50 pick range (plus additional picks of course.) In this RB stacked draft coming up, who may be in range at RB for us? Rob is right that our 2 main issues were LT and a running game. With Duane Brown, the first problem is checked off for hopefully another year. We need a workhorse or a playmaker or both.

    Damien Harris from Bama? Freeman from Oreon? Nick Chubb from Georgia? Does Bryce Love fall? Is Myles Gaskin an every down back?

    Damien Harris looks solid to me. Might not run a 4.3, but at 225 lbs he looks like an every down back to me.


    • Derron James

      Really a big fan of Damien Harris, he is a jack of all trades but a master of none kind of guy.

    • Volume12

      Harris is a great athlete bruh. Beleive it or not.

      • Derron James

        Yea I heard he ran a 4.51 during spring time.

        • Volume12

          Which is an outstanding time for a 225 pound back.

          At 210 lbs., in HS he ran a 4.48 40, 37.9″ vert, 4.0 20, 35.5 PB throw for a SPARQ of 126.93. That’s extremely close to the 130 ‘elite’ score.

          I know there’s fans of CB Levi Wallace on here but he ran a 4.6 40 this spring. Has to get that down.

          • Derron James

            Very impressive

  26. Frank

    It’s been refreshing to see the Seahawks go after their weak spots proactively this year, not just with the trades for Brown and Richardson but also the way they went after F.A. LBs and OL, DEs, running backs, finally nailed a 3 tech in the draft at a great spot, then adjusted when he went down and ditto for Fant.

    Rob you make a fair point about the competition for the top being wide open this year but more than that I see their new approach as an acknowledgement that the old way, “these guys are pretty good so let’s just leave them on the field”, has led to a lot of missed opportunities/ “almost” seasons. That we’ve had one of the best teams every year but haven’t made it back to the SB since 2014 or won it since 2013. IMO we’ve had the strongest core group of talent in the league for that period, far and away but failed to augment it.

    The Duane Brown trade I think if you boil down the value given, it probably ads up to an upper-mid second rounder. Sure I’d rather trade Lane than the (low) R3 but a R2 to fill the weak spot on the roster is excellent value, especially since the actual R2 pick is in 2019.

  27. Ed

    Funny how much love Elway has gotten, when all he did was draft Miller (easy choice) and get Manning. Yet, JS does nothing but find talent after the 3rd round and gets hardly a sniff outside of the NW.

    • Volume12

      He hasn’t drafted well in the offensive side of the ball.

  28. Volume12

    Haha. Fournette was benched for missing a team photo? How dare he!

  29. Volume12

    Is there any team that drafted 2 guys on each side of the ball that have had a bigger impact than Alvin Kamara and ‘Shon Lattimore in NO’s?

    • vrtkolman

      A more explosive Pierre Thomas is what Kamara is. Perfect fit in that offense.

  30. Volume12

    Hmmm… Who does Seattle have their eye on at Marshall? They’ve scouted them at least 3 times.

    WR Tyre Brady? TE Ryan Yurachek? QB Chase Litton? LB Chase Hancock?

  31. Volume12

    Anyone checked out Colorado St WR Michael Gallup? Physical receiver that does it all.

  32. Volume12

    Are we getting a snow game today? 🙏

  33. Jim Q

    RE: RB’s in round 4/5, likely available and possibly interesting to the Seahawks could be:

    RB-Sony Michel, Georgia, 5-11/215, 4.53/40 +/-, Projected Rd 4/5 (Chubb is proj. Rd 2-ish)
    I need to watch more film, but from what I have seen, Michael seems to run hard nosed and angry, reminds me of a slightly bigger Rawls. Not overly used & has avoided major injuries.
    “”Michel has averaged more yards per carry than Chubb each of the past three seasons (including so far in 2017) and after seeing these two on the same field multiple times this year, Michel has the edge in terms of his long term prospects especially considering there isn’t a serious knee injury on his report.”” – per:
    —-STATS, per—-
    2017: 8-games, 90/710, 9-TD’s-rushing 7.89-ypc, , 3/17, 0-TD-receiving
    2016: 12-games, 152/840, 4-TD’s-rushing, 22/149, 1-TD receiving
    2015: 13-games, 219/1161, 5.30-ypc, 8-TD’s-rushing, 26/270, 3-TD’s-receiving
    2014: 8-games, 64/410, 6.41-ypc, 5-TD’s-rushing, 7/106, 1-TD-receiving.
    Career to date: 41-games, 525/3121, 5.94-ypc, 26-TD’s,-rushing, 58/542, 5-TD’s-receiving.

    • Volume12

      Good shout. He’s great. Gonna be an Alvin Kamara like scenario with him. Will go in the 3rd round or so and end up being a workhorse for someone. He’s a punishing runner.

  34. Volume12


    Clemson DE Clelin Ferrell and Georgia HB Nick Chubb are my 2 favorite ‘Seahawky’ draft prospects this year. Love both of them.

    • Forty20

      I remember Ferrell exploding off the screen in the CFB playoffs last year, in the semi-final against Ohio State I beleive. Was a big time player in a big time game.

  35. Volume12

    Damn. Sheldon out too? 😞

  36. Volume12

    That’s a pick 6 if Kam doesn’t tip it.

  37. Realrhino2

    Four of the Redskins top five offensive linemen are out, and they still run the ball better than we do. Tom cable is LOL bad.

  38. vrtkolman

    Redskins secondary is very good. Norman is top 5 in football while Breeland and Fuller are studs. They aren’t winning this game throwing deep all day like against Houston. Gotta establish the run game .

  39. Frank

    The Winning play from Super Bowl 49, gets another chance…

  40. Volume12

    That’s a trash play from Josh Norman right there.

    • vrtkolman

      Yeah, really dirty.

  41. Volume12

    What was P-Rich doing there? He keeps running and its 6.

  42. vrtkolman

    Aboushi is having a horrible game. You gotta hold against Ziggy Hood?

    • Volume12

      He’s… not good.

      • Volume12

        Wonder if they go Brown, Odi, Britt, Pocic, Ifedi next week.

        • mishima

          I think that’s our OL, next year, so let’s get this party started. Aboushi is straight trash.

  43. Volume12

    Blair Walsh is sh**ting the bed as usual. Surprised?

  44. vrtkolman

    Everything going wrong today.

  45. Del Tre

    Man Naz has me saying Malik McWho? Making an impact play everytime he gets on the field it feels like.
    That being said if Malik comes back looking like he was worth it and we lock up Clark and Richardson? We’ll have a great fromt 4 for many years

  46. AlaskaHawk

    The best rule change that would help Seahawks is to make safeties worth 30 points!

  47. vrtkolman

    This team is really crapping the bed right now.

  48. Rowdy

    Another first half of being out played and coached by a far inferior team

  49. nichansen01

    Feels a lot like the giants game

  50. nichansen01

    I’m not really worried tho

  51. Volume12

    Ifedi with a hold? My god that’s a 1st.

  52. Pran

    Receivers not getting open even with scrambling..skins secondary must b that good

  53. nichansen01

    Funny how we make a massive trade to improve our oline and then the player we traded for looks worse than the player we already had

    • Volume12

      I thought it was ironic that they made a trade for Brown and a lot of fans thought the O-line was complete or it didn’t need to still be addressed.

      They had to make a trade for an O-lineman, and Brown is good, but I’ve always thought he was overrated.

      • nichansen01

        Has he really been any better than Odhiambo?

        • Volume12

          I think he has, yeah. This is also only his 2nd game of the season.

  54. nichansen01

    Duane Brown has been worked all day. And the redskins oline is dominating our dline in pass pro.

    Conclusion? It’s not the personnel, it’s the coaching.

    • 12th chuck

      couldn’t have said it better myself

  55. Volume12

    2 missed FGs, dropped 2 picks, and all the penalties. Shooting themselves in the foot is an understatement at this point.

    Seattle coaches: let’s get 1 RB going this week.
    Seahawk RBs: nah. We’re gonna get hurt.

  56. Realrhino2

    Boy, nobody keeps pounding a square peg in around hole like the Seahawks offense.

  57. Pran

    Can we get bill Callahan? He is getting it done with 4 guys from street

    • vrtkolman

      Yes please.

  58. vrtkolman

    Freeney has been our best pass rusher today. What a signing that was. Lockett isn’t a good return man anymore. Way too hesitant.

    • Rowdy

      He hasn’t been since the first week of his rookie season

      • vrtkolman

        Did you not watch the second AZ game his rookie season?

  59. Volume12

    These penalties are embarrassing.

  60. vrtkolman

    Hey guys, we aren’t throwing deep on this secondary. I hope this wasnt the plan today.

  61. Volume12


    Walsh is hot garbage.

    • Rowdy

      Thhats on the front office, this is who Walsh is

      • Pran

        I would fire spl teams coach for not correcting after not 1 not 2 failed attempts..

  62. vrtkolman

    Lol did anyone expect otherwise

  63. Pran

    Back in kickers market.. don’t know how some teams are so lucky ducks to get rookies PS guys kick 50+ so good

    • vrtkolman

      Harrison Butker was a free agent. They could have drafted Zane Gonzalez. Pete loves his redemption stories though.

      • Pran

        Eagles jake Elliott

      • Pran

        Butler is claimed from panthers practice squad

    • Volume12

      Never draft a specialist.

  64. Volume12

    Ifedi is struggling man. 10 penalties. Leads the league. 2nd place has 6.

    • nichansen01

      Saw that. That has to be on cable, a stat like that.

  65. Volume12

    This is why you need a running game.

    Eventually your going to have games/weeks where the passing game just ain’t there. Especially from this point of the season and going forward with the weather being a factor.

    They need to fix the right side of this O-line.

    • vrtkolman

      Exactly. Russ has always struggled in the rain, and against this secondary? My prediction on another site was 17-10 seattle which is looking likely right now.

    • RealRhino2

      They need to fix the center and lone member of the offensive line coach/assistant head coach/running game coordinator group, that’s for sure. But I put a lot of this on Russell. I don’t want him to just hit checkdowns all game long, but there were plenty of chances (from the TV view, FWIW) for him to hit guys in the flat early for short-to-medium gains and he bails on the play every time. Which means the Redskins DBs don’t have to creep up, which means it’s harder for our outside guys to work open downfield. And which means Russell has to run around back there, which leads to some of the holding penalties that have killed drives. And which leads to Russ taking off and risking injury.

      His throws have been late and high because he’s not making the easy throw with good timing, and it’s hurting our offense tremendously.

      • Volume12

        The Skins haven’t defended TEs well for years and Seattle is leaving Graham in to block.

        This O-line is still an issue and will be all year.

  66. nichansen01

    Aboushi and Ifedi are both trash. The redskins backups are much better.

    I think what we need to do is find more Matt Tobin types, backups you can pry away for low draft picks. Ifedi is just broken by being coached by cable.

    • Volume12

      He’s wildly inconsistent. It’s like 1 step forwards and 2 steps back with him.

  67. vrtkolman

    Run run deep pass to Luke Willson. Hooooo boy, not looking good.

  68. nichansen01

    Despite the constant mantra on this blog that we shouldn’t worry about the oline because it’s bad all around the league:

    Doesn’t it feel like the opposing oline has played better than ours every single game this year?

  69. Volume12

    That’s a hell of a throw by Kirk.

  70. Pran

    Skins in pretty good spot.. our red zone offense stinks anyway, now kicking epidemic, rain… defense Is getting killed now

  71. nichansen01

    How do we go from scoring 41 points one week to 0 the next

    • Del Tre

      Because Russell is being inconsistent. If he is playing smart football and going to his checkdowns we are up in this game. Russ is trying to do too much.

  72. Volume12

    Good lord. They finally dial up a play for Jimmy.

    • vrtkolman

      The Redskins have terrible coverage linebackers, that makes too much sense. Rawls 🙁

  73. Ishmael

    Special teams, outside Thorpe, are garbage. 0/3 on field goals in a half is a truly special effort.

    This is just one of those dumb Seahawks games where they give away 80 penalties and find new and exciting ways to shoot themselves in the foot. Still plenty of time, just have to hope they switch on sooner rather than later. Big third down conversion from Graham.

    • Volume12


  74. vrtkolman

    Are you kidding me?

    • vrtkolman

      There are some rumors going around that Russ has a concussion

    • Volume12

      That was a horrible decision. Throws it back across his body into the teeth of the D?

      • Pran

        Russ keeps under throwing .. looks like we need more jump ballers

        • Volume12

          They do. This team is screaming out for one.

  75. nichansen01

    Wow. The offensive line is having its worst game in awhile.

  76. Pran

    Heck with the play calling., fire bevell cable and damn spl teams coach. On one side mortgaging future for today and the coaches are shitting the bed..

  77. nichansen01

    Look at the redskins oline and then tell me with a straight face that it’s a personnel problem

  78. nichansen01

    Marcus Smith out. Wilson looks concussed.

    Chances of winning decreasing.

    • Pran

      Which play? I don’t saw him taking a shot. When he is not in zone that’s how he plays. You are spoilt by last game.

      • nichansen01

        Expecting the offense to score more than 0 points is being spoiled?

        • Pran

          That’s our standard play.. Texans game is an aberration

          • nichansen01

            Our standard is zero points a game? Well we need to raise the standard then.

  79. Volume12

    Ifedi penalty?

  80. vrtkolman

    This is what we should have done all game. Quick short throws.

  81. Volume12

    Its gotta be so damn hard to block for RW.

  82. vrtkolman

    Russ isn’t right, there is something wrong with him.

  83. Volume12

    Naz is awesome

  84. nichansen01

    Russell leads the team in rushing

  85. Volume12

    Block in the back?

    • Volume12


  86. nichansen01

    We gonna set a record for penalties today?

  87. vrtkolman

    Time for a new special teams coach. Long overdue.

    • vrtkolman

      For a head coach that values special teams so much, the special teams has been bad for two years now. Bad returns, bad kicking, good coverage though.

      • Volume12

        He’s gotta fix these penalties. Those are on him.

  88. Volume12

    Jesus Christ!

    Throwing a slant from the 1 yd line!?

    • vrtkolman


    • Volume12

      Oh god. Now they’re showing THAT play again?

  89. nichansen01


  90. nichansen01

    Hilarious. Funniest play I’ve seen in awhile.

  91. Pran

    Time to add a disclaimer every time offense is on field..

    For HEART HEALTHY only

  92. Ishmael



  93. LeoSharp

    Should have been a running play….

    • Pran

      Skins defense read the play well.. Russ forced throw between 4 skins D players. He makes bonehead desicions time to time. Pete really need to put him thru masters program.

      Russ saved 2 points though on int return.

  94. Volume12

    Look at J-Reed out here starting to provide some pass rush.

    I beleive C-Dog called it.

  95. Volume12

    Freeney baby! The ageless one!

    • Volume12

      Ahh sh*t! Is he gonna be down?

      • Sea Mode

        He´s down. But nice field position!

    • Rowdy

      How was he not employed?

    • Volume12

      Still out here working that spin move.

  96. Sea Mode

    Sweet spin move!

  97. nichansen01

    Freeney still has it. Great signing.

  98. Volume12

    Another block in the back?


    • Sea Mode

      And another Redskin down. Gosh…

    • Volume12

      Why does the NFL enforce this rule more than college?

  99. Ishmael

    Unbelievable. Is it possible to return just one kick without giving away a wildly stupid penalty?

  100. Volume12

    Jesus Rawls.

    What an awful play call right there.

    • Volume12

      Tedric Thompson did himself no favors with that gigantic penalty.

      • vrtkolman

        They should just try to block the punt every time. Otherwise it’s no return with a 15 yard penalty.

        • Ishmael

          Extremely this. The special teams have been objectively bad for two seasons now. They’ve gone out of their way to pick up good ST players, but it’s still been miserably bad. Time to look for new coaching.

          • Volume12

            The coverage units are always good at least.

    • Pran

      Rawls need to stiff arm and get that yard.. or we’ll should be a screen play from the start

      • Volume12

        Something. Call a run straight ahead.

  101. Volume12

    Did Sherm just give up on that play?

    • Sea Mode

      Saw that. Not sure what he was thinking.

  102. vrtkolman

    337 yards of offense vs. 119 yet we are losing.

    • Volume12

      That’s insane. How is that even possible? That’s on Pete unfortunately.

      • Ishmael

        Three missed FGs, a missed 2PT conversion…

  103. Pran

    Oh boy.. need the ball back.

  104. vrtkolman

    Wtf KJ

  105. Sea Mode

    BWagz though, wow. He´s made every friggin tackle.

  106. vrtkolman

    There is no way Walsh is kicking a game winning field goal. Go for the touchdown please please

  107. Volume12

    Bad decision by McKissic.

    • Ishmael

      Nah I think it’s okay. Two minutes is enough time.

      Just need to not give away any more dumb penalties.

      • Volume12

        I agree. But u gotta get outta bounds there my man

  108. Volume12

    Douggie bay-beeee!

    • Sea Mode

      I just knew he would get one before the game was over.

    • Ishmael

      *HEART EYES*

  109. vrtkolman

    Phew! Take it out of Walsh’s hands.

    • Volume12

      Delay of game on a 2 point conversion? Come on Pete!

      • Volume12


        Look how far out on the field Pete is.

  110. Volume12

    Dammit! Russ put a little too much on it, but Jimmy has to make that grab.

  111. Sea Mode

    All that ADB training with DL paid off!

  112. vrtkolman

    Another special teams penalty… wow

  113. Sea Mode

    Flag on a touchback, come on.

  114. Volume12

    Those missed FGs killed us. Not to mention the penalties.

    • Volume12

      Game should’ve been over.

  115. Ishmael

    Wtf was Griffin thinking? Touch him!?

    • Volume12

      McDougald has played well, but that play is where we miss ET

      • Ishmael

        Not sure even Earl gets across there. That’s all on Griffin honestly. He got done cold. That was like Doctson back at TCU.

        • Volume12

          True. Doctson finally made a play worthy of a 1st round pick. Good for him.

  116. Volume12

    Let ’em score here?

    • Sea Mode


  117. Hawk Eye

    can’t let them go 70 yards like this. Heartbreaking

  118. Ishmael

    Three point lead. Well, could be Blair Walsh time…

    That was a shocking defensive series.

    • vrtkolman

      Yes, any chance at a first round bye is out the window if they lose this.

    • Volume12

      Right? Played well all game until the series they needed it most.

      • Greg Haugsven

        I don’t agree with that. #1 seed could be in trouble.We play the Rams and the Vikes, Panthers, and Saints I believe will falter at sometime. Only half way through the season.

  119. Volume12

    Since its a short week, does Walsh lose his job?

    • East Side Stevie

      No they wont ax him after 1 bad game. Especially since it was a wet one in the first quarter.

  120. Sea Mode

    How was that not a tackle by Brown?

  121. Volume12

    So dumb. Why did they not spike it?

    • Volume12

      This might’ve been the worst coached game by PC I’ve seen in a long, long time.

    • Ishmael


      Just some bizarre decisions being made. Really, really, ordinary from top to bottom.

  122. vrtkolman

    Hail Mary?

  123. Ishmael

    Not sure how many more games like this my heart can take.

    Trying to throw strikes down the middle with no TOs left?? Some of the playcalling with this team…

    10 second run off coming, we’re about to lose this.

  124. Ishmael

    Not quite. Four seconds, don’t think you can run a play there?

    Well, can’t say the Hawks deserved to win this. Too sloppy, too dumb.

  125. Rowdy

    Complete team loss right there, unfortunately were a second tier team this year

  126. Sea Mode

    Walsh´d it away.

  127. vrtkolman

    Ifedi somehow got beat there lol. There goes a shot at a first round bye. Horrific performance after giving up a 2nd and 3rd round draft pick. I’m shocked and appalled.

    • Volume12

      Not necessarily.

      We’re 1 game back of the Rams. Who still have to play the Vkings, Saints, and Eagles in a 3 game stretch. Let’s see how well Minnesota holds up with Keenum at QB, and Carolina and Atalanta always match up well with N.O.

      What did the 2nd and 3rd round pick have to do with anything?

      • East Side Stevie

        Atlanta is fucked I looked at their schedule. Carolina has the easiest path to a wild card or Division win.

        We will have a tough schedule with Eagles, Rams, & Cowboys looming.

        Minnesota will cake walk thru their division.

        Right now looks like Seattles playoff hopes are going to fall in the hands of Dallas, LA Rams rest of season. Other than our own hands that is.

        • East Side Stevie

          Division Title** (in the first sentence)

  128. nichansen01


    • hawkdawg

      Perfect word for it. Offense sleep-walked and bumbled almost the entire game, defense went to sleep at the most important time, and the special teams….oh Lord was that awful, all around.

      There is no way on God’s Green Earth we should have lost to that team, at home, in the shape they were in, not to mention in the way we lost it.

  129. nichansen01

    This one goes on Blair Walsh. What a joke. We’re paying him?

    • Pran

      every one sucked including coaches and all sides of ball. Dline and line backers balled out except last series.

      • East Side Stevie

        Thats an absurd overeaction @ Pran

  130. nichansen01

    The eagles are going to demolish us.

  131. Ukhawk

    This is what happens when u wait to win every game in the fourth qtr!

    Didn’t want it

  132. Volume12

    Fun, but frustrating game. Huge win for Washington. That was a must for them.

    Even though they had the game in their hands, they done shot themselves in the foot. Those missed FGs broke our back. What’s to say about the penalties other than why?

    Tough pill to swallow. At least it’s a short week for better or worse.

  133. Ishmael

    That’s a shocking loss. Inept and out of control.

  134. Forrest

    Disheartening to say the least. Walsh might be gone. Ugh.

    • Forrest

      Remids me of the 2013 Cardinals game in Seattle, but just a little worse. I still think they have a shot at going ham, and winding up 12-4. Maybe.

  135. House

    The missed kicks… UNACCEPTABLE!!!

    Why do we allow ourselves to have games like this?

    Duane Brown comes in a trade and does his job. Dwight Freeney comes in 1 knee deep in potential retirement and has 3 sacks in 2 games.

    Why do we squander opportunities?

    • Volume12

      Yeah this one is on Walsh and Pete. Mainly Walsh. Seattle won every battle. TOP, 3rd downs, total yards.

      And the thing is, what do u do with him on a short week?

      • Pran

        Vikings and haushcka must b thrilled

      • 12th chuck

        I am pretty sure our expectations on walsh were way lower than our defense. I feel like the superbowl window for us is a lot closer to being closed than I had realized. You can blame several reasons why we lost. our special teams have not been terrible or good this year until today. our d has. is it the players or the coordinator. maybe a combination, but more so on Richard I think. tough loss. I think we can all agree that this was a total team loss. I hope we can use this game as a wake up call, but without consistency, it wont matter much. on to Thursday night

    • Frank

      True or the offense could have gotten him closer to the goalposts..

      Even when they start the series in enemy territory they’re going three and out. Two weeks in a row. Punting when you start on the Redskins side of the field is uncool. Easy to blame the kicker anyway but House was missing FGs too, it started when they fired Clint Gresham. The snaps still look slow and wobbly in the replays.

      A lot to be questioned here more tHan just the kicker. Anyway it’s not over, more like time for the yearly late season run but these winnable losses make it a steeper climb.

  136. Pran

    Penalties, Turnovers, missed FGs, horrific 2 pt conversions… you name it! It’s a text book game for bad play

    • East Side Stevie

      Yet we lost by 3 points… They’ll be fine.

      • hawkdawg

        Depends on your standard for “fine.” If you mean championship level results, no, they won’t be “fine”–without some major transplanting of talent and coaching. Wow. I was there and that was just awful.

        • East Side Stevie

          Look at the stat line, look at how many points we lost. That wasnt awful. Thats aa ppor narrative you have of the word awful, if thats what you’re going to call it.

          • East Side Stevie

            lost by* a poor*

          • hawkdawg

            Dude, 16 penalties, three missed field goals, nothing inside the opponent’s 20 until the last half of the 4th quarter, a 70 yard opponent “drive” in three plays and 35 seconds at the end to lose the game, against a team missing 4/5 of its starting OL, that had lost three straight–that is ABSOLUTELY awful.

            You are obviously not a “Tell The Truth Monday” kind of guy.

            The best way to get better is to acknowledge how bad you were. No sugarcoating. This was bad.

            • East Side Stevie

              What you said is not being fair. Pete acknowledged things in his press conference. They are going to better. Not once did he even think about calling the performance awful. Either way you slice it losing by the 3 points and looking at the stat line isnt justifying this game being awful. Re watch te tape and go from there. But you have to start being realistic.

              • hawkdawg

                In fact, you know what he said, if you listened to his conference. He said exactly what I’ve been saying, what I’ve said that the coaching staff would say, and what you have been steadfastly denying to everybody on this board: “That was bad.”

                And he is right. Which is one of the few good signs we can take from this game–the staff is not bs-ing themeselves. .

  137. Joshua Smith

    I’m not an expert but it looked like the Seahawks go hosed on some of those penalty calls, especially early on. Anyone else agree?

    • Ishmael

      Not really. They’ve always pushed boundaries, figuring, not unreasonably, that refs aren’t going to call everything. But if you’re going to play right up to the line, then you have to be smart, you have to be disciplined, and you have to at least make things look good.

      So many of the 16 (!!!) penalties today were just dumb. Extremely obvious ones that they didn’t give the refs a choice about.

      • Joshua Smith

        A couple of those holding calls on our Oline looked questionable to me

  138. nichansen01

    Fire Walsh and fire cable

    • East Side Stevie

      Thats ridiculous man, come on

      • hawkdawg

        Firing Walsh is not ridiculous at all. When to fire him might be a question, but teams shit-can kickers for that kind of performance pretty regularly.

        Cable is a more complex question, but it is entirely theoretical, because there is no way JS/Pete will ever do that, no matter how shitty the line plays.

        Brown looked decent, though. Ifedi was horrible, Aboushi bad, Britt mediocre and Pocic somewhere in between Aboushi and Britt.

        • East Side Stevie

          Lol okay, what kicker that isnt on an NFL roster do you want to bring in? We play Thursday in Arizona so traveling will be either Tuesday or Wednesday. So you have 2 days to make a decision my man let me know what you’re going to do for a team thats competing to make another super bowl appearance.

          1 bad game with the conditions there was in the first half does not justify being cut. He’s on an NFL roster for a reason. Those guys who are sitting in their living rooms not Kicking Field goals are also Free Agents for a reason.

          • hawkdawg

            Like I said, timing may be a problem thjs week. But there are at least two NFL teams I can think of right now who are thriving with free agents signed off the streets this season to replace injured or underperforming kickers (Raiders and Chiefs), and there may well be more. The new ones were “free agents for a reason” too , I suppose? Sheesh. Teams make mistakes all the time on kickers. Some existing kickers should be free agents, and some free agents should be existing kickers. Not brain science. The key is to figure out which kind is currently on your team, and act accordingly.

            It can happen, and in this case it probably will. They bailed on Hauschka eventually. They’ll bail on Walsh more quickly–after claiming this week that he is “their guy,” of course.

            • East Side Stevie

              They didn’t bail on Haush Money after 1 game. You’re calling on them to bail on Walsh after 1 unusual performance. If they make 18 more yards, Blair comes out and Makes the game winner you wouldn’t be saying any of this. If Blair comes out Thursday Night and doesn’t miss a beat, then how will you feel? Seattle knows what they are doing and they arent going to cut him based on a unusual performance that hasn’t occurred at any other point in this season thus far.

              • hawkdawg

                The dude has a past. Watch, their leash will be much shorter with Blair than with Hausch.

  139. nichansen01

    The refs were awful as well

  140. Volume12

    Whats the difference between this game and every other one they’ve won exactly like this? It ain’t the penalties. We know they always end up in the top 3 or 5 for most penalized teams.

    Its the missed FGs. Can never, ever leave points off the board. Even if he makes 1. One damn FG, this game is a win.

    • nichansen01

      I know.

    • Volume12

      Another thing is DC Kris Richard. I hate when Seattle goes away from what they do well. Last series of the game they decide to not stay in their zone? Why? It makes no sense. It’s cheap football.

      • nichansen01

        I mean, the defense scored 2 of our 14 points. Allowed less than 20. That should be enough to win at home.

        • RealRhino2

          And we shouldn’t have to win games “exactly like this” in the first place. Not with a team down at least 3 starting OL and two of their best receivers. Shit, how bad must our WR and TE acquisition be if they can lose their starting TE, starting slot guy and their WRs still make our receiving corps look like a handful of crap outside of Doug Baldwin?

          You know how you know if your coach is good, vs. being a loser? When he’s down 3-4 OL and still makes it work, vs. making a bunch of excuses like Tom Cable about how if your 1st-round draft pick is only in his second year of starting you can’t expect a lot out of him, or if you are down a LEFT GUARD it makes it hard for your offense to operate.

          Pete needs to stop being the kindly old uncle and start chewing ass. Russ should be getting a masters class on the sidelines in getting the ball out to the open guy even if it’s not a fancy 30-yard reception. Tom’s job should be open to “competition” like every position on the field supposedly is. So should Kris’s and B. Schneider’s. Oh, and Pete should be asking B.S. and Lockett WTF they are doing us costing us 5-7 yards of field position on EVERY drive by running it out from 8 yards deep in the end zone on kickoffs. Crap like that is why we lose games like this, because we are hoping, waiting and expecting to make the magic play instead of simply the smart one.

          Like not spiking it with :22 seconds on the clock at the end of the game. Stupid.

  141. Hawk Eye

    the good
    – 6 sacks
    over 430 yds of offence
    only 244 total yds by Washington

    the bad
    16 penalties for 138 yds
    2 ints by Russell
    3 missed FG’s and no extra points on the TD’s

    the Ugly
    -giving up a TD in 35 seconds at the end of the game

    too many mistakes, they did not deserve the win today
    Not sure what this means for Walsh, missing 3 FG’s is a big deal

  142. nichansen01

    This team stinks of 10-6

    • Volume12

      They might but it ain’t easy getting 10 wins in the NFL for what, 6 seasons in a row?

      • East Side Stevie

        10-6 is a wild card berth. It can be done. NFC Championship game appearance can be done.

      • Joshua Smith


  143. nichansen01

    Pete Carroll on penalties “never been as big of a problem as it is now. Got to get that done so we play the other team instead of ourselves”


    • Volume12

      Its on him to get those corrected. I hope he at least acknowledged that. Did he?

      • nichansen01

        Yeah he said it’s on him to fix. Promising I guess.

        • Volume12

          LOL. Cut out the STs penalties. Those hurt. Its been a 2-3 year problem.

          • hawkdawg

            Almost exactly that same decision not to spike it in the same situation won them the game last week. Lots of bad calls in this one–not convinced that was one of them.

            • hawkdawg

              Oops, reply fail. I do not have a lot of confidence they can “fix” these penalties, because I think a good number of them, at least on the OL, are not for lack of experience or bad judgment, but for insufficient TALENT. It is very hard to “fix” that, and there is nothing I can see in our track record over the last few years that indicates that we have a coach on our team at this point who can coax good performance out of insufficient talent on the OL.

  144. 12th chuck

    I am pretty sure our expectations on walsh were way lower than our defense. I feel like the superbowl window for us is a lot closer to being closed than I had realized. You can blame several reasons why we lost. our special teams have not been terrible or good this year until today. our d has. is it the players or the coordinator. maybe a combination, but more so on Richard I think. tough loss. I think we can all agree that this was a total team loss. I hope we can use this game as a wake up call, but without consistency, it wont matter much. on to Thursday night

    • East Side Stevie

      We lost by 3 points. The super bowl window is not any closer than being closed due to 1 game. Theres no sense in you saying that.

      • 12th chuck

        I am in dis-agreement. our d has always been the reliable part of this team in recent years. for the second game in a row, a team can score a 50+ yard t.d. in less than 32 sec. they have given up a lot of 50+ yard gashes as well. with all the one year and prove it contracts, along with some contracts being up with limited draft picks and a lot of holes to fill, aging veterans, add that up and it is more than one game by 3 points. with all the expiring contracts,I am not sure what that does with our cap. seems like we borrowed from the future already.

        • East Side Stevie

          Our defense just gave up 17 points. By the way the opposing QB didnt even have a touchdown. Washington leading rusher had 33 yards. WOW, that was SUCH a bad performance. OMG we cant make it to the superbowl if the rest of the season we hold opponents to an average of 17 points.

          Get real.

          • hawkdawg

            You are the one who needs to get real, dude. That performance was bad–bad throughout the game on offense and special teams, and bad in the clutch on defense. But overall, just bad. And I bet nobody on that team or that coaching staff would disagree with that assessment.

            The separate questions are whether it is a precursor or an anomaly, and what it means or doesn’t mean for our chances in the long run this season. But there is no question that this was an overall stinker.

            • East Side Stevie

              1 game. 1 game. 8 games left. This has no effect on the rest of our season. We came out of the game with some non factor back up player injuries. So I see nothing that de rails or propels the season. We are 5-3 not 3-5. Overall it was not bad. They would disagree with that because they wanted to go out and establish the run. They wanted to be balanced and they were. They executed what they wanted to do. The penalties made it Seattle vs Seattle instead of Washington vs Seattle.

              They pulled Lacy early because they knew we have a short week with a game on Thursday, there was no point in risking him an further when he will need to be good to go for the game on Thursday. My guess is we get Procise back. Joekel hopefully returns against Atlanta and gives Pocic a chance to take Aboushi’s spot.

              • 12th chuck

                unfortunately, its been more than one game. Am I reading into this game a bit much? probably. but the way we are playing is not even close to what it can be. they are falling short what amounts to all the aspects of the game. not where you want to be mid season. The way the rams are playing, every game matters at this point. we have some tough games ahead, and if we cant muster a win at home with a decimated team with a bunch of injuries, then I don’t see going very far into the playoffs

  145. nichansen01

    Such a shame to go 10-6.

    How does a team with Sherman, thomas, Wagner, chancellor, Bennet, Avril, Jimmy Graham and Russell Wilson go 10-6 3 DAMN YEARS IN A ROW

    • RealRhino2

      Well, it’s also a team with Tom Cable and Pete Carroll’s nepotism and Horatio Alger hiring practices replacing quality assistants that have left.

      • Greg Haugsven

        Is the season over and I missed it? We have only played half a season. This loss still gs but that’s why God made week 10. Let’s roll the Cards on Thursday

        • Greg Haugsven


  146. nichansen01

    Three years in a row of squeaking into a wildcard spot, eliminating an interesting underdog and then getting embarrassed in the divisional round. Thrilling.

    The team had all the pieces to be a dynasty but I honestly think that one Super Bowl play doomed us to be mediocre for awhile. From here? The future looks bleak. We’re an old team.

    • East Side Stevie

      I challenge anyone to read this and keep a straight face. Good lord man.

  147. nichansen01

    I’m not putting this in the defense. This is a route if it wasn’t for our defense.

  148. JC

    Today is why you don’t do not make moves like the Seahawks did, with the Jets and Texans enjoying today’s loss. There were a lot of people commenting on here strongly otherwise as if the draft picks were not important, even though this is Seahawks DRAFT Blog. You’d think the demographic here would skew the other way and there would’ve been a lot of criticism, especially of the Lane related trade revision.

    • nichansen01

      I hated the Duane brown trade. Especially since Odhiambo is basically just as good.

      Richardson trade sounded good but he’s been a total let down, and is now left injured?

      Let me ask you this:

      Who has been better this year, Sheldon or 3rd round Naz Jones?

      • East Side Stevie

        Yoooo, what is with you today? 3 time pro bowler Duane brown “basically just as good” as Odiambo? Do you even hear yourself right now? Richardson HAS NOT been a total letdown? Who do you think saved our ass in the Rams game other than ET3 ? Chill out with that. How many times have you re watched each game that Sheldon has played in? How much NFL coaching have you been exposed to, in order to diagnose and recognize assignments and instincts when watching tape or watching games in Live real time for that matter?

        You hating a trade for an All Pro NFL Left Tackle about takes away all your credibility for your following statements. And if you think Im being harsh on you lets ask Rob Staton, who has more knowledge and insight than one who contributes to this community/blog. If you dont agree with that than show me their blogs with their own write ups and opinions that they spend countless hours on, not to mention being in a whole other part of the world having to battle a time zone change just for the benefit of those who live in the US.

        • hawkdawg

          You are right on this one. Brown is several orders of magnitude better than Odiambo. I could tell that even today. Now if we could get a decent RT–Ifedi was awful, again–that would be a good start.

          The OL penalties are not just a function of bad judgment on the part of those getting the penalties. They are much more a function of insufficient TALENT. It is very difficult to teach your way out of insufficient talent, whether you are Cable, Pete, or anybody else.

    • Joshua Smith

      I will always think that those trades were good trades. More often than not, 2nd and 3rd round picks don’t pan out, let alone become anything close to Richardson or Brown. Yes, even the Seahawks 2nd and third round pucks usually don’t pan out.

      • Greg Haugsven

        A lot of overreacting going on here. Let the season play out.

  149. nichansen01

    Seahawks mortgaged away their future to get ahold of richardson and brown. And they’re both totally underperforming. Redskins sign a left tackle off the street and make him look like an all pro.

    • Joshua Smith

      That’s good Oline coaching by them and the typical bad pass rushing by us.

  150. Forrest

    So, my armchair game projections for the rest of the season:

    @Cardinals=W The team is pissed off, and dominates a Palmer-less team.
    Falcons=W A bit of a shootout. Sacks are the determining factor.
    @49ers=W Closer than it should be, but still a win.
    Eagles=W Trap game for the Eagles. Reminds me of the 2013 Saints game.
    @Jaguars=L Low scoring affair. Seattle defense blows it in the second half.
    Rams=W The Rams will score, but Hawks will score more. Offensive shootout.
    @Cowboys=? If Zeke is not suspended it go either way. If he’s gone the Hawks have a slight edge.
    Cardinals=W Seahawks are either fighting for seeding position, or fighting for a wild card spot. Cardinals will be sad and cold.

    12-4 OR 11-5. I don’t think they’ll go undefeated for the rest of the season, but it could happen. Consider me apathetically optimistic. Key games: Eagles, Rams, and @Cowboys. Also, when I think about Washington game, I see a team that was desperate vs a team that was maybe a little too comfortable and hyped off of a monster game (basically it was a trap game for the Hawks). The missed FGs were the biggest issue for me. Everything needs to improve, but Walsh missing 3 FGs AND the extra point is unacceptable. That needs to be fixed ASAP. Anyway, go Hawks!!!

    • East Side Stevie

      Very Very reasonable. Well thought out and nicely articulated. Good shit.

    • AlaskaHawk

      What are you smoking? The only loss is to the Jaguars? This must be a joke .

  151. Greg Haugsven

    What an absolute shit show. We actually dominated that game statistically . The best way to look at these last two games is that we are lucky to be 1-1. Could easily have been 0-2. At least we get to get that taste out of our mouth quickly by playing on Thursday.

  152. LeoSharp

    Same issues this team has been having all this season and some of last season

    Insistence on deep shots in the first half. Normally that’s reserved for road games
    Silly special teams penalties, just complete lack of discipline. There needed to be a coaching change before 2015
    Abandoning the running game – Rawls averaged 4.3 yards a carry

    This team is still trying to be a rushing offence with an efficient deep passing game. except they’re neither and will continue to fail unless they commit to something that is even mildly effective. No rhythm to play calling . No consistency in how they want to attack opposing defense. No adjustment to what is actually working.

    Wilson was 24/45 53%comp, In a one score game it shows clearly how much they didn’t trust the ball in the hands of Rawls or McKissic. 12 rushes between them. Both averaged at least 4 yards a carry.

    DONT FIRE BEVELL. Just let someone else call the plays.

    Is it just me or did the Washington street free agent o-line look better than the Seahawks?

  153. C-Dog

    Half way point fun facts.

    1. Seattle is on pace to go 10-6, and if the season ended today, this team would not make the playoffs. They would loose the wildcard battles to Carolina and Dallas.

    I picked this team to finish 11-5 when the schedule came out. Right now I am sticking to that.

    2. Quarterback play

    Russell Wilson is on pace to pass for 4610 yards, 34 TDs, and 12 INTs at a 62% completion rate. Not too shabby #s when you look at it, but he is also the team’s leading rusher at 271 yards.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if a QB that on pace to run for 542 yards for the season is the team’s leading rusher, that isn’t a good thing. IMO, Seattle has to get better at the RB position, if not during the second half of the season, during the offseason.

    RW is also on pace to be sacked 36 times. Not great but numbers were looking worse a few games again.

    3. Receiver Play.

    Doug Baldwin is on pace for 98 receptions, 1076 yards, and 6 TDs.

    Paul Richardson is on pace for 50 receptions, 830 yards, 10 TDs.

    Jimmy Graham is on pace for 66 receptions, 656 yards, and 8 TDS.

    Tyler Lockett is on pace for 56 receptions, 710 yards, and 0 TDs.

    Luke Willson is on pace for 18 receptions, 214 yards, and 6 TDs.

    JD Mckissic is on pace for 18 receptions, 212 yards, and 2 TDs.

    Amara Darboh is on pace for 10 receptions, 110 yard, and 0 TDs.

    Tanner McEvoy is on pace for 4 receptions, 126 yards, 0 TDs.

    Nick Vannett is on pace for 10 receptions, 66 yards, and 0 TDs.

    Some impressive numbers from the top 4 receivers showing that this is definitely a passing team in 2017, and some quality numbers from McKissic and Willson, as well.

    Your second, third and fifth most productive receivers are all free agents after the season. Who do you prioritize? Probably not keeping all three.

    Do you try to keep PRich and JG, and hope to also figure out how to hang onto Sheldon? Do you let one go in the hope of also being able to retain Joekel? Do we feel good about the potential of Darboh, Vannett, and McEvoy?

    3. Running Game.

    We know RW is on pace to run for 542 yards on 92 carries, and 2 TDs, on a 5.9 average yards gained.

    Eddie Lacy is on pace for 256 yards on 96 carries, 2.7 yard average, 0 TDs

    Thomas Rawls is on pace for 196 yards on 78 carries, 2.5 average, 0 TDs

    JD McKissic is on pace for 132 yards on 18 carries, 4.1 average, 2 TDs

    CJ Prosise is on pace for 40 yards on 16 carries, 2.5 average, 0 TDs

    Tyler Lockett is on pace for 88 yards on 14 carries, 6.3 average, 0 TDs.

    Russell Wilson, JD McKissic, and Tyler Lockett have been the most dynamic runners. Seattle is on pace for 4 rushing TDs compared to 34 passing TDs. As promising as Chris Carson was (208 on 49 carries, 4.2 average), Seattle has a running back problem. I think it might be the biggest problem. Let’s see how things shake out in the second half because the first half was putrid.

    4. Sacks

    Michael Bennett is on pace for 13 sacks.

    Frank Clark is on pace for 9 sacks.

    Dwight Freeney is on pace for 6 sacks.

    Jarran Reed, Marcus Smith and Bobby Wagner are on pace for 3 sacks.

    Naziar Jones and Q Jefferson are on pace for 2 sacks.

    Sheldon Richardson is on pace for 0 sacks.

    The Seattle defense is on pace for 46 sacks in 2017. Not too shabby. I think Sheldon Richardson stirs the drink up front with numerous pressures, and looks like the NFL stat department robbed him a sack and is a priority resign, but if Seattle were to let him depart, do we feel pretty good about Jarran Reed and Naz Jones? How good has the new DL coach Clint Hurtt been? How does Malik McDowell factor in the future, is he a DE or DT? And why do people even entertain the idea the Mike B is slowing down?

    5. INTS

    Earl Thomas is on pace for 4 INTs.

    Richard is on pace for 4 INTs

    Bobby Wagner, Nazair Jones and Sheldon Richardson are on pace for 2 INTs. I don’t know about Bobby, but that’s some athletic playmaking magic coming from the DT spots.

    Seattle is on pace for 16 INTs compared to 12 TDs thrown. That’s a plus ratio.

    6. Offensive and Defensive team scoring production.

    Seattle’s offense is on pace to score 378 points, and the Seattle defense is on pace to give up 298.

    Seattle’s offensive scoring is eleventh best, and 4 teams that have scored more than Seattle have losing records.

    The only defenses that are giving up less points than Seattle are Jacksonville, Pittsburg, and Minnesota, and the Seattle defense is tied at 4th best with Buffalo.

    7. This is all stat scouting, of course, but the numbers kinda are what they are. Seattle still has a top level defense. It also has the pass game that is explosive, but it is sputtering to find it’s run game. If Seattle does find it’s run game more, it can make a pretty decent run. There were signs of that with Rawls and Lacy on Sunday where they have really struggled in the past. This is where the trade for Duane Brown could really end up being huge down the stretch.

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