Some thoughts on the Jermaine Kearse trade report

A few quick thoughts on this…

1. Jermaine Kearse has been a fantastic Seahawk, responsible for some of the greatest moments in Seattle sports history. He was also responsible for some of the most important plays, to get to Super Bowls and to help win Super Bowls. He deserves nothing but respect from this fan base. And that should be remembered by all, today and in the future.

2. It’ll be fun for some to speculate on what this might mean in terms of a potential return. However, rather than expecting the Seahawks to collect a defensive line stud such as Sheldon Richardson it’s probably more an acceptance of the wide receiver situation on Seattle’s behalf. They have a logjam at the position. The younger players have stepped up in pre-season. They are a group playing at a high level, including Kearse. It’s also a bit too soon to write off Amara Darboh (‘the future Kearse’) just three games into his first pre-season. This might be an attempt to see what you can actually get in return for a player who has made some big plays in the NFL, to try and recoup the fifth rounder spent on Matt Tobin.

3. When you actually look into the contract situation, trading Kearse only saves the team around $400,000 in cap room despite his $4m cap hit (he has $3.6m in dead money tied to the deal). So trading Kearse doesn’t make any room for a bold move. This is further evidence that it’s more likely an attempt to see if they can recapture the lost Tobin 5th rounder than the catalyst for a power play trade.

EDIT — I was incorrect. According to @Patscap a trade would actually split the dead money between 2017 and 2018, so it’d be $1.8m in each season. This would save Seattle $2.2m this year.

4. It still looks highly appealing to go after a player like Sheldon Richardson but financially, they’d have to do some major manoeuvring. They only have about $8m in cap space at the moment, most of which is required for the existing roster, IR and the practise squad. There isn’t an obvious cut to save money and they’re not going to trade someone like Jimmy Graham. They also have to consider the future. They aren’t flush with cash and have to consider that players like Russell Wilson and Earl Thomas can expect new contracts soon. Look at Matt Stafford’s recent contract and you’ll see how expensive Wilson will be in contract #3. Then you have to consider how much Frank Clark will cost and whether you want the flexibility to keep Graham. Eventually the spending has to be capped somewhere. If there’s a magic trick they can pull off to land Richardson, fantastic. But that’s what is required.

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  1. FAN Person


    I am feeling like the Jets, who seem to cut anyone making any real money, could possibly be open to a 3 for 1 trade…

    If the Jets, void of WR talent, would take Kearse, Jeremy Lane, AND Alex Collins, who won’t be here(they are shopping Matt Forte), wouldn’t this be enough to open cap space for Sheldon?

    The Jets get 3 players of quality that they need, without much $$$, and they get rid of Sheldon’s contract!

    Any takers??? 3 for 1!

    • Rob Staton

      It wouldn’t create the necessary cap room unfortunately.

      The only way they can get Richardson in is to manipulate existing contracts in the way New Orleans and Dallas have done — but that put the two franchises in cap hell. Thus, that is why the Seahawks asked Richardson to take a pay cut when they spoke with him before.

    • HOUSE

      I was think Kearse, Lane and a 5th rd pick for Richardson. I don’t think they’ll take Collins.

      • David

        The Jets have spent all season jettisoning (no pun intended), veteran players with bloated contracts. For a tanking franchise who seems more interested in rebuilding, cleaning house and getting the #1 QB next year with little thought of winning this year, I seriously doubt they have any interest in Kearse or Lane. If they wanted a veteran WR for one year, that hasn’t played up to his contract, they probably would have kept Eric Decker.

  2. Mexican Hawk

    Kearse is a sure fire 12 Flag Raiser (can’t wait). He has been INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to this current generation. Will never forget NFC Championship game (both, but primarily Packer game). He deserves more than just praise, but utmost respect.

    This is not a done deal, far from it. Do understand logic, and agree with it if for right price/reasons. Always a mixture of win now, but build for future mentality. We’ll see how things develop.

    It started with Chris Clemons and Red Bryant, many more to come.

  3. FresnoBrad

    Lots of peeps over looking Moore and the fact Richardson & Williams (both injury prone) need new contracts next year with Locket UFA in 2019. It’s possible we go 7 receivers but I get the feeling someone ends up on I/R or PUP & Lawler ends up on practice squad. Sheldon Richardson wants a huge contract are we planning on trading Sherman next year? Avrill? Is Sheldon Richardson a jerk? Clearly He’s screwing up Jets locker room? What to do?

    • Rob Staton

      Moore is a very likely candidate for the practise squad. Very little fear there that someone will snatch him away.

    • lil'stink

      Not sure if Sheldon is a jerk but he was arrested after attempting to elude a police officer at over 140 mph, all the while having a 12 year old in the car with him. Seems like he could be a great one year rental, though.

      As far as Sherman goes? We might not be able to extend him, but I can’t see us trading him. Is there a better all-around CB in the NFL right now?

      It’s really a shame we didn’t draft a TE this year. I don’t want us to trade Graham, but that would be an easy answer to the cap situation involved in bringing SR here. Graham is too good to trade, but we saw what Wilson could do without him.

  4. nichansen01

    Trade Kearse and our 2018 second for richardson.

    • nichansen01

      Keep, Doug, Paul, Tyler, JD, Tanner and Kasen. Put Amara on IR.

      for the d-line, cut Rubin (he has looked awful this preseason) and keep richardson, reed, jones and jefferson, as well as marsh bass clark bennet and avril.

      • nichansen01

        All you need to know about the Jets receiving situation is that their best wideout is a 2016 UDFA who has two career receiving touchdowns and less than 600 career receiving yards.

      • D-OZ

        JD now wear’s #37, Alexander’s old #. 🙂 He is in the RB competition. Davis and Collin’s are both looking over their shoulder’s.

        • D-OZ

          The Jet’s need corner’s more than they WO’s…

          • D-OZ


            • D-OZ

              I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jet’s and Buffalo weren’t seriously looking at Haden…

    • Rob Staton

      That sounds highly unrealistic IMO.

      For starters, the Jets have been desperately trying to trade Richardson for ages. To get a second rounder would be hugely generous, especially considering he’s out of contract in a year.

      The Seahawks would then have to get a long term deal done swiftly. How could they not considering they just spent a R2 pick? In that scenario they’d be bidding against themselves having never established what Richardson’s actual market is.

      Finally, and crucially, they’d still have to find about $6m in cap savings to carry Richardson this year.

      • nichansen01

        Could cutting rubin help clear up cap space?

        • Rob Staton

          It would only save $700,000.

          The only significant move Seattle can make to clear up the necessary cap space is to trade Jimmy Graham, which is a non-starter.

          • D-OZ


            • D-OZ

              OK you guy’s just lost me… 🙁

              • Rob Staton

                It’s quite clear isn’t it? We’re talking about ways in which to make major savings on the roster to free up room for a splash (eg Richardson trade). My response was the only way to do it is moving Jimmy Graham, which won’t happen (and rightly so). So really, there’s no way to create a big chunk of cap room by cutting or trading one player.

          • Attyla the Hawk

            Trading Rubin results in 700k space. Cutting him affords 2.2M.

            I think @Patscap is wrong. When NO traded Graham to Seattle, they were hit with his full remaining signing bonus as dead money the moment he was traded. I don’t believe teams have the option of splitting out bonuses over 2 years as they do with the post June 1 cut designation.

          • Lewis

            Why is it a non-starter, Rob? Not being facetious here. If it was believed he would make the defense better, I’d cut Graham in a heartbeat to make cap space. There’s no real reason to believe that Graham will make this team significantly better. Of course he COULD, but will he? 6 touchdowns on 95 targets last year. Why is that untouchable?

            • nichansen01

              Graham isn’t a vital cog of the offense, I would trade him to improve the defense.

            • KingRajesh

              The damn defense already costs too damn much. Literally have ~60% of the cap on defense. Russell needs some weapons.

            • MSL

              You guys that think Graham isn’t a key part of this offense must be crazy! Outside of Doug he’s the only reliable receiving option going in to the season. He was just shy of 1000 yards last season. I’ll never understand the people who don’t think Graham is an important part of this offense. Could they use him better? Sure. Is there a huge drop-off from him to Willson or Vannett? YES!

  5. hb

    I think it’s better to look at it as 5.8 mil (4 mil 2017 + 1.8 dead money) vs 3.6 mil dead money just cutting him. When you look at the impact over the contract the 2.2 mil savings (less whatever his replacement would make) it seems to make more sense. We appear to need as much cap space as possible in the future and with other receivers showing well in preseason it seems reasonable. didn’t we let hausch go for a similar savings? Seems like the front office values those relatively small savings here and there if try feel like a decent replacement can be had in order to manage the cap.

    • Rob Staton

      I’ve adjusted the piece with an edit with some new info on the cap situation.

      • Hawk Eye

        does his contract have an “offset clause”?
        if yes, they may save more by releasing him and having someone else pay him something that is deducted from what they owe him. All about the cap, I think.
        who is going to trade for him and pay a low draft pick and his salary? I don’t see it happening.

        I would rather have Kasen and McEvoy at this point, (if P Rich and Lockett are healthy) as they are cheaper, and have more upside going forward.

        • FAN Person

          McEvoy had really good special teams skills, and has blocked a punt, made long TD scores…etc.

          I want a way to keep him on this team…perhaps as TE 4? Who knows…

        • D-OZ

          I agree, your worth is in your availability. By the way that’s where Kearse shines.

  6. KD

    “If there’s a magic trick they can pull off to land Richardson, fantastic. But that’s what is required.” I’m pretty sure putting together this entire roster as it is was a magician’s feat

    • FAN Person


  7. Misfit74

    Finally. Let the upside guys have meaningful snaps and save the money toward extending Graham and Clark. This move was easily hoped for but unlikely to happen. Maybe it finally will, cut or traded.

  8. Aaron

    Kearse definetly deserves the respect of the fan base, but perhaps the time has come to part ways. If a trade happens I would go nuts if we got Richardson. However, the Hawks don’t typically go for the big name guys. The Graham situation was when the Hawks had more cap room prior to Russ’s current contract. Richardson requires too much cap maneuvering and puts us in a serious bind in 2018 and possibly 2019. Got to think about extending our home grown talent like Russ, Lockett, Clark as well as extending some of our 1 year deal guys like Lacy, Joeckel, and McDougald. What about Graham? Earl? Sherm? Lots of guys wanting a piece of the pie but not a lot of pie to share. Maybe we can get a decent draft pick for Kearse, like 4th or 5th. Anything more would be a cherry on top.

  9. Deryck

    If Clark has another season like last year his contract is going to be ridiculous. Clark’s contract will almost surely mean Cliff Avril is done here after 2018. Maybe Sherman leaves as well or if they just re-sign Jimmy for one season he could be out after 2018.

    Another 10 sack season from Clark and I don’t see why he couldn’t get paid $12+ million/yr.

    I guess the good news cap wise is that Joeckel, Lacy, Kearse, and Lane add up to over $20 million so hopefully we could save some there for re-signing other guys like Lockett, Earl, KJ, and Sherman.

    • C-Dog

      If Clark has the type of season in ’17 that I think he might have, he’s going to be due a monster contract around the corner.

      • Attyla the Hawk

        When he was drafted, I kind of assumed he would be the successor to either Bennett or Avril. They’ll be 31 this year. So figure some of that salary will reallocate to Clark.

      • Lewis

        And if he is commanding that kind of salary, they aren’t likely to resign him. I think this FO believes they kind find those type of players for a lot less.

        • Deryck

          I disagree. He had red flags coming into the draft and Seahawks still drafted him the second round, I think they see something special in him. I think it’s silly to assume you can find 10+ sack players for cheap, especially one in his mid 20’s.

    • 1976Hawk

      With Graham remember you can always franchise tag him next year for a year and his salary doesn’t increase by much. Plus, by doing that, you aren’t forced to sign him to a long term deal.

      With Kearse, at best you get back a fifth round pick or sixth round pick. But let’s be honest, the Hawks have had more success under PC/JS when it comes to receivers with UDFA’s, practice squad guys, etc., Also, considering Kearse is a UDFA and you potentially could get back a draft pick, isn’t that a “win-win” situation.

      Out of the remaining receivers, I personally like the options of: Williams & McEvoy. Both are versatile and contribute as WR’s and special teamers. I can see Moore and Lawler sliding onto the practice squad, learning the system, becoming better and then getting their shot next year or in a pinch this year.

  10. C-Dog

    I gotta be honest, the idea of parting ways with Jermaine Kearse stings a bit, but I can see it happening. I was extremely reluctant to entertain any idea that they would cut Amara Darboh just because he didn’t show much in a couple preseason games after sitting the first one out with an injury. The one practice I saw, he looked physical and fast, and was making plays. I think this says more about what they like out of Kasen and possibly McEvoy and also trying to find a roster spot for McKissic, and they see that Kearse just isn’t going to make this team based on the other guys that they want to keep.

    Is another team going to trade for a player that might end up a free agent by the weekend? I know the Jets need a WR but I think they want to acquire picks and not loose any.

    The other thing is how will this be felt through out the locker room? I can’t imagine Angry Doug being too happy about this, or even Russell Wilson.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Yeah I feel ya C-Dog about loosing Kearse he’s an emotional, Hard working, reliable, good dude. I think it’s inevitable that he’s traded or cut now why else would they let this news get out?

      So WR’s


      Mckisickk switched to #37 so he’s in the RB competition now with a decent chance of making the team as he returns kicks.

      Go Hawks!

      • Greg Haugsven

        I’m guessing that your right. That’s probably the six they keep.

      • 1976Hawk

        Thy Hawk is Howling,

        Great name for the record. It is always tough to lose a Guy like Kearse, but all these guys know that’s part of the business. Also, on a positive note, Wilson will no longer be trying to feed Kearse the ball in the red zone, when the situation doesn’t call for it (i.e. New Orleans game last year at the end). For whatever reason, Kearse is Wilson’s security blanket. This may force him to look for other options or become better at throwing to Graham in the red zone.

        I think you’re spot on with your six receivers by the way.

      • C-Dog

        That’s probably the six right there. McEvoy just has so much potential, IMO, and Williams looks good.

        My hunch is that this team wants to keep McKissic as an extra offensive weapon to CJ Prosise, and the switch to 37 probably means the end of Alex Collins and Mike Davis.

        • Lewis

          I think they have to keep McKissick in case Lockett isn’t able to handle return duties. I’m thinking they load up at wr/rb and maybe only keep 5 at LB, given they spend so much time with only 2 and we’ve got at least one backup that can play all three spots.

  11. Greg Haugsven

    I think if they “trade” Kearse they have to eat all 3.6 million this year. If they “cut” him then they can split the money, 1.8 in ’17 and 1.8 in ’18.

    • Greg Haugsven

      Also I’m willing to bet if they can’t trade him they will just cut him.

    • Greg Haugsven

      I asked the cap expert Mr Jason Fitzgerald and he agrees with Rob. It splits the 3.6 million into 2 years whether he gets traded or he gets cut.

      • Redhawk87

        If you look at overthecap, you can see the cap space for trading v. releasing certain players.
        Kearse, since he has $2.2M non-guaranteed base salary, saves $2.2M not sticking to the roster this year. They currently have $5M non-guaranteed on the books for him next year. The remainder (currently $1.83M each of the next two years) still has to come off the books in both situations. $2.2M direct savings coming back to the Seahawks’ books for not paying him this year, another $5M in 2018 for not having him under contract then either.

    • Darth12er

      Yes, this time of year looking to trade is code for willing to cut

  12. red

    I think we are overvaluing Sheldon Richardson a bit. Sure he would help some but I don’t know if I trade depth for a 1 year rental of a guy who is up and down and has off field issues. Also everybody assuming we will get a 3rd comp pick for him I am not so sure, 2018 has UFA QBs not to mention Graham trumaine Johnson Leveon Bell Ansah Malcom Butler Nuke Hopkins Garrapalo Bridgewater. If Richardson had a good year probably 4th.

    • vrtkolman

      Richardson would be $16 million a year easy. He’s not really up and down, Todd Bowles is a moron and had him playing OLB at times. Motor as never been a problem for him.

      • red

        Spotrac estimate/forecast

        Market Value
        4 yrs, $49,755,535
        Avg. Salary: $12,438,884
        NFL Rank: #63

        Plus he is stage 3 substance abuse program, which means more tests and if he pops it is 10 game suspension he carries a lot of risk. This could lead to certain language in contract and less gaurenteed money.

        via espn NY 2015

        This isn’t his first drug-policy violation. Under the league’s policy on substances of abuse, you can’t be suspended for a first failed drug test. For certain drugs, you can’t even be suspended for a second failed drug test. That means Richardson was already in the league’s drug program and that the violation that resulted in this suspension was at least his second violation.

    • Volume12

      Hell NO. Don’t cut off ur nose to spite ur face.

  13. Dawgma

    Can we get a ham sandwich for P-rich while we’re at it?

  14. Ishmael

    Unrelated, I’ve just been watching some Derwin James and my God… That kid is young Kenny Easley.

    • Greg Haugsven

      He’s probably the best player in college football.

      • Old but Slow


        • Volume12

          Once in a generation type of S. The kind that go top 5. Looking at u Sean Taylor RIP.

          Florida St is so loaded this year, especially on D it ain’t even funny. Got a potential top 10 pick in CB Tavarus McFadden, 3 very solid draftable LBs, and 2 DTs one who is a top 25 talent (Derrick Nnadi). Don’t even get me started on DE Josh Sweat. A kid I’m not even sure that realizes how good he can be yet.

  15. Jason

    I don’t see Richardson happening just because of the contract. Any other trading partners you can see that might have interior dl available?

  16. Forrest

    I have a feeling that this signals the end for Kearse in Seattle regardless of a trade or not. There’s just so much upside and talent in front of him at WR; we’ll see…

    • Volume12

      Other than Baldwin and Lockett I don’t see a ton of talent at WR for Seattle. McEvoy is a nice 4th-5th guy or so. P-Rich and Kasen are very talented but so damn injury prone, and Darboh will need a season or two before he’s even close to ready.

      Interesting that their trying to trade Kearse. I guess this is what happens when u keep going to the bargain bin for WRs and have really only struck gold once in a league that’s now all about 1 on 1’s, creating mismatches, and perimeter players.

      Hence, why they seem to be so high on McKissic.

  17. Volume12

    Trying to get Sheldon Richardson? Big, if true.

    Fun to dream about and that’s a fearsome front 7, but dude comes with a ton of baggage and is a FA next year? Don’t give up a 1st or 2nd for that.

    • Volume12

      Secondly,why would the Jets who want to start building an indentity and are in full on rebuild mode, take back any of Kearse, Lane, Rubin, or Collins? What does that do for them? They want 1st or 2nd rounders for a reason.

      So much would have to happen for this trade to work during a time of year where the return on trades, value wise, is at an all time low.

      Lastly, as Rob pointed out, Seattle asked or was rumored to ask, Richardson to take a pay cut for a reason. Dude wants to get paid and deserves to.

      • DC

        Someone suggested a mid season trade for S.R. where a good chunk of his base salary has already been paid. Would love to add him. The trick is in opening up the cap space.

  18. Volume12

    There’s gonna be so many disappointed fans when these cuts come through. The depth is too good. Its very reminiscent of 2013.

    RBs- Mike Davis has put too much good tape out. No way to sneak him through to PS. Tip of the hat if they do. It’ll come down to Carson and Collins. As I’m sure for those who pay attentioin are aware, I loved, loved Carson coming out and couldn’t even envision not only his fit but how good so soon he already is.

    WRs- Williams has played his way onto the 53. Gonna come down to McEvoy or McKissic. And it all hinges on 1 guy. Tyler Lockett. Are they ready to have him return kicks? If no, then its McKissic. If yes, hes gone. Not sure their ready to cut bait on a 3rd founder just yet. Moore and Grayson are ideal for the PS. Perfect actually.

    TE- I see no other changes. Question becomes Swoopes, Donatell, or a cast off on the PS?

    OL- Odhiambo, Joeckel, Britt, Abosuhi, Ifedi, Pocic, Glow, Tobin. Hunt or Roos on the PS.

    DL- David Bass has outplayed Marcus Smith in every sense of the word. Hope they keep him. Don’t like Cassius Marsh but use PFF? Dude is at like an 80 some odd % every game so far. He don’t get home enough, but he makes QBs uncomfortable oh so often. DTs like last year, uninspiring.

    ** A lot of fans (Seahawks twitter just stop) cried like babies and needed to change their dirty diapers when Seattle drafted Malik McDowell. Boy, he could sure be used right about now huh? How was that a wasted pick again when it’s obvious why he was the target from the jump?

    LB- BWagz, KJ, Garvin, Wilhoite, and McDougald.

    CB- Tough one. Tyson is a PS guy. It’s gonna come down to Brock, Desir, or Elliott. Neiko Thorpe is too valuable on STs. Question then becomes, do u go with the vet in Brock, the upside of Desir, or the nickel play of Elliott? However, Thorpe may now be in that group with Brock coming on board.

    S- ET, Bam Bam, McDougald, Hill, and Thompson

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      I don’t think Mike Davis is PS eligible. He played in SF for some time. I agree, he has looked pretty good…. he would be a darkhorse 5th RB in my eyes. He looked like he fit the scheme and understood what to do.

      I think Moore and Williams would be able to give the “big bodied” WR PC craves. I have not thought McEvoy would make the team since the draft…. too many WR drafted for him to stick.

      Local radio (710 ESPN) said that the LB DJ Alexander will get extensive action today. They want to see what they traded for…. sounds like they want him to make the team.

      • Volume12

        They can’t carry 5 RB’s. Who does that? That’s an overload and ur cutting guys at positions of a weakness for what?

        Moore might in 2-3 years. He’s nowehere near ready to contribute.

        Alexander better make one hell of an impression. He’s a perfect example of why when guys get serious injuries, especially if they are to the head, they don’t say anything. There’s always someone behind yoiu coming for ur spot.

    • C-Dog

      I’m kinda expecting both McEvoy and McKissic to make this squad, and the switching of McKissic’s number might mean they keep him over Mike Davis and Collins at RB.

      As for the DTs, I think Naz Jones has played some inspired ball, and Reed flashed during the first couple games. Q Jeff has even flashed a bit. Rubin has looked like he’s either saving it or is maybe loosing a step or two. Kinda thinking this’s is the spot they might add another vet, but in previous years, I think they’ve done that addition earlier in camp.

      I was so pumped when they drafted McDowell. I really hope he’s able to bounce back from this injury. Word is starting to slip out that the facial injuries could be career threatening.

      Maybe it’s me, but I almost got a sense from Kris Richard that they are looking to keep both Bass and Smith. He specifically talked about Bass as someone who can play for them inside.

      • Volume12

        It’d be nice if Seattle would quit being cute and finally add an X at WR. McKissic has as great chance of making it, but he’s in no way a ‘lock.’

        No I’m talking about the fringe DTs.

        Unless Smith is showing out in practice he looks like JAG to me.

        That would suck about McDowell. Life comes at ya fast.

    • cha

      Per Gregg Bell, PC said Lockett will be back next week, and they won’t put any limitations on him. Includes returns.

      • Volume12

        Hope so. Him and Bam Bam are my 2 favorite Hawks. More importantly, they need Lockett because their return game is f***ing abysmal and I truly believe with Lockett, who was more productive than Kearse on 20 less targets, that RW is in store for an MVP like season. Improved line, improved talent in the backfield, and a cake a** schedule. Thanks for the heads up BTW.

        My gut tells me that Seattle will be in the market come draft time for one of these new age RBs. ‘Slash and Dash’ guys. Unless Prosise miraculously becomes Iron man.

        • cha

          I personally don’t like the idea of a roster spot for a guy who just returns kicks and punts. I can understand the logic of it, he is also a gunner, can be a backup RB, etc but the view of treating Lockett like he’s made candyglass and holding him out of the return game devalues him IMO. When he was drafted, a lot was made of saving a roster spot by having him WR and do the returns.

          If you’re a struggling team with a weak roster and the guy is Dante Hall or Devin Hester, sure. But the Hawks have a loaded roster at so many positions, I feel OK with going with Lockett on returns and having Lane, Baldwin, Kearse etc as emergency returners.

          That said, I like McKissic and what he brings. But I’d take an extra OL, DL or DB over a maybe-he’ll-be-the-return-guy-if-Lockett-isn’t-healthy and a 5th RB option.

    • MSL

      Come down to Carson and Collins? Collins didn’t even get a snap on offense in the last game. He’s gone.

      • Saxon

        V12:”** A lot of fans (Seahawks twitter just stop) cried like babies and needed to change their dirty diapers when Seattle drafted Malik McDowell. Boy, he could sure be used right about now huh? How was that a wasted pick again when it’s obvious why he was the target from the jump?”

        This seems like a bizarre comment considering McDowell has lived up to his immature label. I panned the pick because he didn’t seem like a guy who really wanted to play football. Guess what? He’s not playing football.

        • Volume12

          Is he not allowed to have a life outside of football?

          Oh my god. A 21 year old riding a 4 wheeler!? Unheard of.

    • Dawgma

      McDowell was absolutely he wasted pick – what he COULD be is really valuable. But he’ll never be that guy, because he doesn’t give a #$%.

  19. EP

    If you’re going to cut someone at the weekend anyway, you might as well try and get something for them even if it is a low round pick, better than nothing. As for DTs, plenty of them will be hitting the market within the next few days, perhaps seahawks have a rookie or 2nd year player on their radar who they might like to snap up. Don’t think shedding cap room by moving Jimmy Graham in order to get Richardson is a savvy idea. The way Richardson could transcend the team is minimal in my eyes, yes he’d provide some much needed interior pass rush, but he’s not going to become a terror form the inside IMO. Jimmys ability to completely change a game is too valuable, sure he didn’t have the most eye popping numbers last year but his ability and pedigree can’t be undersold. Yes you might score Richardson but Wilson (who I really like btw) and Vannett as your next men up, no offence but they’re nothing in comparison to what Jimmy gives and can give us.

  20. CharlieTheUnicorn

    Perhaps, to create cap room, RW could do a Tom Brady deal… say 16M and extend his contract out 2 more years at 27M or w/e…. magic, 7-10M extra cap space and Richardson would fit under the cap. That would be a heck of a move by a team player.

    I have had the feeling Kearse was not going to be a Seahawk sometime this year…. and with all the young WR talent they have acquired, this is the perfect time to pass the UW mantle from one former Husky to another.

    • Volume12

      What r u giving the Jets? They aren’t taking peanuts from Seattle for Richardson. Kearse, Lane and whoever wise would HAVE to be the cherry on top.

      • FAN Person

        …give them Lane, Kearse, and Alex Collins…

        • DC

          A trade with the Jets for Richardson would probably center on a draft pick (3rd round if it’s pre season, 4th if it’s mid season). Any players involved on Seattle’s side would be mostly for cap relief. I believe this season is our best shot at winning the whole shabang that we will see for a while. “Going for it” aggressively feels right.

  21. Myfanwy365

    Off topic slightly but decent article on SBNation about Russ & Pete

  22. HOUSE

    Interest check on Kearse, Lane and Collins… I know they’re names we’ve brought up…

    • CharlieTheUnicorn

      These guys have had that “trade” smell since early in training camp. Not a shocker any or all could be traded. Trade partners would be kind of tricky. Bills or Jets might need some more talent…. all 3 would make the rosters on these teams. As V12 said earlier, what would they give up to get them…. not alot. Could the 49ers be in trade play as well?

    • Logan Lynch

      Collins is the only one of those 3 that I could see us actually releasing if no trade pops up. And he would get claimed very quickly I imagine (along with Mike Davis). Kearse and Lane have enough value to us that I don’t see us parting with them outside of a trade.

  23. Isaac

    It seems like 1 year only for Eddie lacy and athuba Rubin . As of this moment the hawks may have hit pay dirt with Chris Carson and nazair jones. The hawks are not afraid to ditch players who are just eh and cost a lot. I could definitely see a new contract for jimmy graham coming in cheaper than this current contract or the hawks let him go. He is a luxury not a necessity. Look at how the hawks played at the end of 2015 as an example.

    My point is the hawks will have cheaper options in the coming years and expect js to find a way to keep his “damn good players” around for years to come.

  24. Ceasar

    I think Collins has the most value to another team. He has 3 years left at low price. He might not be a starter but would be a good 2nd RB / safety net. I can see KC taking a chance on him.

    Lane to me only works for a team that has playoff expectations and needs help in their defensive backfield. There are several teams that fall into this category.

    Kearse seems a little high priced for what the perception of him is by fans and other teams. I don’t think the perception is fair but it is out there and may impact the number of teams interested. If a team needs a solid veteran WR who can block and do the dirty work, Kearse would be a good pickup. The team I think could use Kearse and get out of him all the potential we have seen at times in Seattle is the Patriots. Just think of it…Seattle vs Patriots rematch in this SB…Kearse out there making crazy / unlikely catches against his old team. Ugh

    • SeaHusky

      In terms of teams that make sense, Kearse to the Browns (reported interest and would be a good fit for a young WR corps), Collins to the Chiefs (RB depth after the Ware injury), and Lane to Oakland (Mckenzie-Schneider connection helps us there). Frees up some cap space for us as well as garnering us some mid to late draft picks.

  25. Brandon

    Kearse has no trade value.
    No one wanted him as a free agent, and after signing back with us, he had the worst season of his career. Why would anyone give up anything of value for him?

    Similar situation with Lane. By all accounts, after signing his “free agent” deal with us, his play dropped off dramatically. I’m skeptical that anyone would want to take on his contract at this juncture.

    The fact that it is being openly reported that these players are on the market, is all the evidence we need that no one wants them. Especially when we will likely be forced to cut cheaper players, who have more upside, very soon.
    As a GM, would you rather trade assets for Kearse? Or wait and claim one of the guys the Seahawks would prefer to keep over him, but couldn’t?

    • cha

      “The fact that it is being openly reported that these players are on the market, is all the evidence we need that no one wants them”

      There’s any number of reasons it could be reported. The Hawks didn’t tamp down the Sherman on the block rumors this spring. Does that mean no one wanted him? Of course not.

      • Brandon

        I agree that there are multiple reasons it could be reported.
        The rumors with Sherman were that he requested a trade. The rumors regarding Kearse are that the Seahawks would prefer to trade him.
        You have to admit, that is an important difference.
        Clearly the Seahawks *could* have traded Sherman if they really had wanted to. I think it’s fairly clear that they never wanted or intended to trade him.
        I tend to believe they’d prefer to trade Kearse, and that we’d take just about anything in return.
        In that case, the fact that it is being reported openly that the Seahawks are looking for trade partners, is evidence that, so far, they haven’t had much luck.
        Perhaps the rumors that the Browns have interest is true. We’ll see.

  26. Hawkfaninmt

    What is the cap savings of trading vs cutting Kearse, Lane , and Collins?

    I’m sure the savings are minimal with Collins. I’ve seen the 2.2M this year and 5M next year for Kearse. Is that for release and/or trade? I haven’t seen any number on lane. I think he has 3 years left on his deal, but not much dead money after this season.

    If those are true and no trade occurs, I’m guessing Lane is kept while the other two are given their walking papers on Saturday.

    In addition to the Hawks getting down to 53, will be interesting to see if they bring any other teams cast offs aboard. Anyone have guys they are keeping an eye on? I think laken toinson is released and could be interesting competition at RG

    • HOUSE

      Tomlinson was just traded to SF for a ’19 5th rd pick

      • Hawkfaninmt

        Just saw that… wouldn’t have wanted to trade for him, but if he were to be released that would have been a fun “get”

        Saw a blurb about cleveland having some level of interest in Kearse

        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Laken Tomlinson the guard from Duke with the Jamacian grandmother who passed away due to medical inficensies who decided due to that is going to be a Doctor once his football day’s are over? The Lions already gave up on him? Wow, he must not be doing so hot? He was a first round pick #28 in 2015 am I right for a fifth round pick in 2019 geeze la weeze?!

          Go Doctors

    • SeaHusky

      I think I read somewhere that the savings on Kearse would be the same, regardless if he is released or traded. Could be wrong though.

  27. HOUSE

    Browns interested in Kearse? Makes sense. Corey Coleman, Kenny Britt and Jermaine Kearse could help Kizer out.

    • Ishmael

      Mentioned that as a possible move a couple of days ago, he’s the sort of guy who could help a young QB like Kizer out – as well as a kid like Coleman. Bit of a senior presence around a locker room that doesn’t have much in the way of solidly middle tier ‘good’ players. Having young stars is one thing, but you’re never going to get 53 of them.

      • HOUSE


        It makes a lot of sense. The Jets would too

        • Saxon

          Jets and Cleveland would have waiver priority so why would they waste draft picks? Just wait til he’s released and put in a claim.

          • Norman

            Saxon – as a free agent Kearse and Lane would be able to sign with whomever they choose. They’re not going to be on waivers as I understand it? it’s going to be a bidding war and that’s the whole point of trying to get something in return. The team trading with us gets the player without trying to sign him. Or I might be wrong?

          • vrtkolman

            Except they can’t, as both Lane and Kearse wouldn’t go through waivers. They are veterans and go straight to free agency.

  28. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Breaking News, this just in – Aaron Donald traded to the Seahawks for Lane, Kearse, Collins, and a conditional 7th! Not as if that was a sweet enough deal, but the owner of the Rams gets a reserved spot in Paul Allen’s under a mountain somewhere Nuclear Fallout shelter!

  29. CharlieTheUnicorn

    John Clayton mentioned that if Kearse and Lane get traded, it is purely to clear cap space for a big ticket addition…… (maybe Graham gets a new deal).

  30. CharlieTheUnicorn had a nice article with 3 guys to watch in 2017/2018 draft cycle.

    The scoop: “He’s just a man. He plays in a conference that has some smaller cornerbacks and there are some games where it looks like a Pop Warner game with him. I think he’s going to be a good pro.” — NFC regional scout on SMU WR Courtland Sutton

    Has anyone heard of him or have any feel for where he might go (day #1) ?

  31. Saxon

    As expected nobody wants Kearse or Lane. I’ll be shocked if the Hawks get any compensation for them. More likely, both get released.

    I love this site but the homerism sometimes interferes with fairly approximating the value of our own players. Lane and Kearse are j.a.g.s

  32. KD

    Belly full of sub sandwiches. Let’s do this.

  33. HOUSE

    Nice fumble recovery Garvin!

  34. FAN Person

    That was pathetic…ball on the 2 in preseason game 4, and you kick a field goal???

    Pete should have gone for it! Blair Walsh doesn’t need practice from the 11 yard line…


    • Ishmael

      Getting Walsh reps under game conditions is more important than seeing what the second string guys can do on fourth down.

      • FAN Person

        Disagree. We need to SEE our 1st team OL open a whole for a RB TD!

        • Ishmael

          Why? Putting it on tape is just a bad idea.

          The issue with Walsh seems to have been his confidence. Getting that back up is way, way, more important than any red zone feelgoodery.

          • Thy Hawk is Howling

            I agree wholeheartedly on the building Walsh’s confidence statement Ishmael! That’s exactly what pre-season is all about!

            Go Walsh

            Go Hawks

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      #MissedOpportunity? – That was exactly an opportunity for a live game field goal!


      • FAN Person

        #10YardFG Really???


        • Thy Hawk is Howling

          Cool man I’m glad you like #’s.

          I do however Love your name Fan Person that rule’s!

          Go Hawks

    • HOUSE

      I hope to never see our Backup QB on the field, but I especially don’t want it to be Boykin. I don’t know what happened, but he looks sloppy as hell.

  35. Ishmael

    Great play by Palacio, kid just makes things happen

    Man we’ve got some depth

  36. FAN Person

    The “Ref Fix” is on… are you kidding me??? NO CLEAR RECOVERY!!!

    It was in plain sight that a Seahawk recovered it!! #BSrefs

  37. vrtkolman

    Ifedi is looking like garbage in pass protection. On the touchdown pass, he gets beat to the inside way too easily… against scrubs.

  38. Ishmael

    Some nice work from Boykin and Carson in that drive. Boykin does throw a catchable ball which I like, he gives his guys a chance – sometimes too much of a chance, sure, but still.

  39. Ishmael

    Connor Cook is absolute garbage. Remember when the Cowboys tried to draft him and Paxton Lynch ahead of Prescott? If only…

    Rob’s boy Luani picks Boykin off

  40. KD

    Shalom Luani. Now there’s a name drop. Boykin is not making a good case for himself.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Yeah he’s made some bad throws KD however he still is a more comprable backup to Wilson due to his scrambling/ mobility.

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        Boykin’s has two great run’s then is picked off again. I still believe he’s the better backup to Wilson, he’ll learn and become smarter behind Russell.

  41. vrtkolman

    Boykin turns the ball over too much. I’m more comfortable with Davis at this point.

    • Ishmael

      I’m not. Davis is nothing, where do you end up if he’s the QB… 8-8? 6-10? Boykin at least gives you a chance to win, even if you’re more likely to lose. I’ve never understood the argument for mediocrity in a backup QB, you’re better off going for a higher variance guy.

      • Ishmael

        Okay two interceptions is getting a bit rough…

  42. Kenny Sloth

    “This seahawks team is garbage this year. Ifedi is a stupid person and can’t block. He just cant. Time to give up on him. Lets trade away Jimmy and Kam and just start over with Russell and Bobby Wagner.”

    -Most Seattle fans in preseason

    • KD

      Suffer the plebians

    • Hawktalker#1

      Lame idea.

      Let’s just trade our entire team for the Jets team, as long they give us a couple of early round 2018 picks in the package.


      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        That’s close to what I was thinking. I say Russell Wilson for Todd Bowles and he can be our “Defense Consultant”

        Yeah that gets be pumped!

        Go Hawks!

      • Volume12

        U mean the Jets aren’t foaming at the mouth to take back Kearse, Lane, and whoever else?

  43. Aaron

    Two picks for Boykin. I like that he’s a gamer and is similar to Russ, but I’d go with steady eddy and keep Davis. Boykin should not make the team imo. A lot of flash but consistently turns over the ball.

  44. HOUSE

    DeAndre Elliott is out. He was on the list as a potential 53 man fringe player. Speedy recovery kid!

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Well said House, Heal up DeAndre and come back stronger then anyone ever imagined you could ever be!

      Go DeAndre!

  45. Ishmael

    Desir having a busy game, giving himself a shot

  46. Hawktalker#1

    How about we pick up Oakland’s back up quarterback?

  47. Ishmael

    Two catches, two first downs, for Darboh. Well done son.

    Can see why they like him, moves well for his size.

    • Hawktalker#1

      True, but honestly they’re giving him a ton of space underneath

      • Ishmael

        For sure. And it’s preseason. But I’m just glad to see something out of him.

        • Hawktalker#1

          Yeah, I’m hoping he makes the cut as well

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      I have no doubt in my mind Darboh will be good as he’s already overcome so much in his life loosing his parents and becoming a refugee in Sierra Leone when he was around eight years old. Also he has the same # as Bobby Engram so of course he’s going to be a dependable wide receiver!

      Go Refugee’s!

  48. HOUSE

    Damn you Boykin!!!

  49. HOUSE

    Thompson has gotta be careful with hits like those. It looks like he was turning, but damn!!!

    • Ishmael

      Bit unlucky, but it was pretty sloppy stuff. Diving in with your head is rarely going to end well.

  50. Ishmael

    That was so dumb by Marsh.

    Playing with an edge is fine, but silly undisciplined stuff is just… Why?

  51. Hawktalker#1

    Survey says. . . Austin

  52. Thy Hawk is Howling

    With his 5/5 go ahead drive Austin Davis just made his case for backup QB even more of a more difficult decision. We shall see soon enough!

    • HOUSE

      I’ve been rooting for him and the last 2 games just make it easier in my eyes

  53. vrtkolman

    Desir was fantastic tonight.

    • HOUSE

      I agree. Played really well and I think he makes the squad.

    • Volume12

      He really did. Uses his length well.

      Thought Thorpe had a good game too. Just a shame that nowadays a DB can’t win the snap route. If they do its a flag. When has using the sideline been a penalty?

      The run D has not played well. They drop their eyes, can’t get off a block and if we ever lose KJ or BWagz we are in trouble. The LBs can’t contain anything, but that’s a league wide problem.

  54. Kenny Sloth

    Post-preseason Thoughts

    QB Davis or Boykin? My money is on Boykin because he’s the locker room favorite. Despite his red flags on and off the field he fills the Tarvaris Jackson role too well. Davis will find a job.

    RB There’s currently a logjam behind the 3 headed monster of Rawls-Lacy-Prosise. You can’t ignore Chris Carson’s assertion of himself. We won’t keep the others imo

    WR Depending on what happens with Kearse I expect 5 or 6 to be kept. The front runners are McEvoy Darboh and Kasen Williams. To be 5 and/or 6 (maybe #4). Nobody else NEEDS to be kept, but several should be on the practice squad.

    OL I was lovin me some Jordan Roos. 4 of him, Pocic, Hunt, Torbin?, Aboushi, and Glowinski should join the 4 supposed starters with Fant hittng the IR.

    TE Hopefully Swoopes makes the practice squad

    DL Naz Jones is a lock to me. Garrison Smith flashed as did Rodney Coe and Tylor Harris. Tempted to lock in QJeff but you never know. David Bass looked okay I guess. Marcus Smith had more negative camera time than highlights that I saw. But he definitelt seemed to have a rapport with some of the coaches. Still he had some pretty boneheaded plays ala Cassius Marsh so maybe that’s Clint Hurtt’s thing? Christian French in play I suppose

    LB Garvin looked like a starter for this team. Wilhoite and Alexander look like solid depth. if we keep 6 or 7 I could see Palacio or Otha Peters whatever.

    DB Selfishly Elliotts injury opens up another spot on the roster for a DB. If Lane isn’t traded, he won’t be cut. I think it’s Thorpe and Desir after Sherm-Griff-Lane. McDougald Thompson and Hill are your backups.

    Everybody looks great. We’re gonn be great

    • nichansen01

      Mckissic makes it, Carson makes it, mike Davis might make it over Lacy.

      I think McDonald makes it at linebacker, I don’t think Thorpe makes it. He didn’t look too good tonight. I think they keep Lane, Sherman, Griffen, Brock and Desir, and only carry five corners.

      • Kenny Sloth

        Oops forgot Brock


        “mike Davis might make it over Lacy.”


  55. nichansen01

    Sometimes I can’t stand Jared Stranger. He thinks McDowell was a wasted pick… like seriously? He hasn’t seen the field yet and you’re already writing him off? No way the staff could predict his injury.

    So tired of hearing from anti Malik McDowell hawk fans.

    • Thy Hawk is Howling

      Yeah I don’t get it either Nic Hansen? After his facial reconstructive surgery heals up and he can remember his middle name he’s gonna surprise everyone and win Defense Rookie of the year! No matter what, riding an ATV without a helmet is super cool, Malk ain’t no fool! I don’t know why anyone would flip him some shit either 01?

      • Thy Hawk is Howling

        I apologise for being a jerk Nic. Dealing with Insomnia is a horrific ordeal and can turn me into a bitter Man at times.
        Truthfully I just hope Malik can find Peace and Happiness after his accident. Football and money comes after that to me.

  56. Old but Slow

    A lot of impressive play as well as some more than sloppy stuff. Rodney Smith? I wasn’t ready for him and he looked very good, and is very large. The personnel moves over the next two day or so is going to be crazy. The league has not had this big of cut that I can recall, and I have been watching since seeing Crazy Legs Hirsch.

    Venting: Network TV coverage of football is poor. And in a game of backup players it is beyond ridiculous (I know, its about the $), but I am more interested in seeing who is playing the positions than I am in whether the QB has acne, or who is being cute on the sidelines. Meaningless game? Not to me. I am trying to learn about players we may count on.

    Too many cameramen, skilled as they are, and their directors are more interested in making the artistic shot rather than simply telling the story. I’ve got more, but…Vent over.

  57. Thy Hawk is Howling

    Comedy mends those who are sick with despair. Check out “Norsemen” on Netflix it’s a Viking comedy show and pure Brilliance!

  58. clbradley17

    According to ESPN’s Field Yates, the Seahawks have cleared up $5.2M in salary-cap space for 2017 by converting $6.975M of WR Doug Baldwin’s $7.75M base salary into a signing bonus. It’s a rare move for the Seahawks and it suggests that they could be attempting to acquire a high-priced player. Defensive tackle is one area where Seattle could be looking to upgrade. Left tackle is another possibility.

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