Seahawks beat Raiders, thoughts on the QB battle

It was difficult to get much out of the Raiders game on a first viewing. On offense it was basically set up as a battle of the quarterbacks. Seattle paid lip service to the running game, throwing 37 times in total and some of the more successful runs were QB scrambles. Trevone Boykin was the leading rusher with 42 yards.

You could make a realistic case for both Boykin and Austin Davis remaining on the team as the backup.

Boykin was more explosive and exciting but also the more reckless with two poor turnovers. Austin Davis doesn’t have the wow factor and has some physical limitations but he didn’t make any mistakes or turn the ball over.

Neither player has really separated from the other so it probably comes down to preference. Do they want the younger quarterback more closely aligned in style to Russell Wilson? That could be the deciding factor.

There was a large part of the second half where Davis, without any running game, was unable to move the offense either methodically or with chunk plays. The whole thing stalled. Yet at the end he led a successful game winning drive.

In a real game he could at least expect to have more support from the running game and he’d be playing with people like Jimmy Graham. The Seahawks would probably try to keep it tight — so a clutch final drive here is a plus point. Davis presents the option of a poor man’s Alex Smith. If he was required to play a few games he might be able to manage the situation with a strong supporting cast.

Boykin is the opposite end of the scale. He keeps plays alive that appear lost, can get big gains with his legs and occasionally provides a bit of X-factor similar to Wilson.

His two interceptions today though highlight an issue. He can be careless and inaccurate. Just as he did against Kansas City where he threw 0/6, there were also some uncatchable passes tossed around.

He’s more feast or famine. Boom or bust. He could have a day where he’s spectacular and makes explosive plays. He’s also going to be throwing into tighter windows against better DB’s in a more intense environment — not the first half of the fourth pre-season game against backups. Can he avoid missing the target and throwing those crucial picks?

His two turnovers in this game in particular prevented Seattle taking complete control of the game in the first half. Instead of 17-0 or 24-0 it remained 10-0 — and eventually 10-10. Both picks were really ugly — a ‘chuck’ (Pete Carroll’s word) downfield to nobody in particular and a bad read throwing into coverage.

Poor clock management also stopped the Seahawks getting at least a field goal at the end of the first half.

But he is more like Wilson. And while he’s nowhere near the same level — there is some appeal in retaining the same style of offense if your backup needs to come into the game.

Here’s another thing to consider — if Seattle faced an opponent with their backup quarterback, it’s very likely the opponent will try to take away the run and put the game on the passer. Of the two QB’s, who is better equipped to handle that situation? The one who can be creative, extend plays and improvise is probably the answer.

And that doesn’t mean I think they should keep Boykin over Davis. I’m just relaying some of the points to consider. It’s a very close decision and probably why so much focus was on the passing game in this contest.

Davis is probably the more comfortable choice — Boykin the one that allows you to retain a scrambling offense.

If Davis was required for a three or four game stretch, he’d probably give you an opportunity to win each game as long as the team keeps things close. He possibly won’t be as flustered by what a NFL defense throws at him. But he might not have the physical tools to win any of those games if it’s on him alone to do so. Boykin has the skills to come off the bench, make some great plays and win a game. But how would he deal with opponents getting a week to game plan for him, confuse him and when the pressure’s on — will he resort to mistakes and inaccuracy?

Elsewhere, this is interesting:

A big trade could be imminent.

A quick other final point — the DeAndre Elliott ankle injury makes the cornerback situation a little clearer. Pierre Desir, who was arguably already making a strong statement to be on the roster, is in an even stronger position today. His tipped pass at the end led to the game ending interception.

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  1. Kmed

    Thanks for this blog Rob. Been reading for years. Wonderful content and just wanted to say thank you! Love the tone on the site and the crowd that it attracts.

    As a gut I think Boykin wins the job. I think the upside will win out. I don’t think Austin Davis did enough to show that he can be anything more than a fill in for a few games.

    Boykin feels like I’m watching a young Tavaris again. All the potential is there, but can he put the mental side together.

    What games will you be scouting this weekend?

    • Rob Staton

      There’s quite a few games this week. A good 5-6 I have access to. I don’t have the list to hand at the moment but obviously Alabama vs FSU will be one. I will list the rest before the weekend.

      • Trevor

        That FSU / Alabama game is loaded with prospects! Likely 5-6 1st round picks. Really looking forward to seeing the FSU secondary particularly Derwan James. Alabama will be a great test for them to see if they can hold up in the run game.

  2. Zorn is King

    Last factor. Unless Davis has a hidden freak factor, Boykin’s off field issues could tip this discussion. If Seattle was comfortable with Boykin, they’d have not brought in David….or taken a look at Kap… who might just be the best choice of all.

    • Drew

      After Boykin’s turnovers and and consistent erratic throws and poor decision making at the end of the half, I think the edge goes to Davis. Davis doesn’t have the upside, but if either are put into serious game time, who’s not going to lose the game for you? To me, it’s Davis, even though I really like Boykin.

      I honestly believe that if Boykin is cut, that with his poor performances the past 2 games and his off field situation still pending, He probably won’t be picked up and can be put on the practice squad this year.

      • House

        I’m leaning towards Davis as well.
        – Better command and protection of the ball
        – No off the field baggage compared to Boykin
        – Has starting experience

        • Jason

          I am thinking Boykin to start the season, but Davis might be picked up later on. If we have Davis to start the season his salary is guaranteed.

  3. Benjamin Ft. Worth

    It really does sound like you’re lobbying hard for Boykin Rob. It’s ok, I get the appeal. Truth is, we need to cut him. Despite his “Wow” factor and similar style of play, Boykin’s off field problems also come into play. See I live in the TCU district where Boykin hangs out. Word on the street is he’s worn out his welcome. In multiple bars I’ve been in, he’s been kicked out because of his attitude, rude to the females, walks his tabs and has started at least one fight that I know of. No one was more on the Boykin-hype wagon than me, until I started seeing a pattern. He may have similar style of play to Wilson. But in no way shape does he have Russell’s mentalality or approach to a football game. And never will, in MY opinion. Davis is the obvious choice for me.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not lobbying for either. If I was going to lobby for anyone it’d be the guy who had the courtesy to give me an interview when he was at Southern Miss and that’s Austin Davis. Like the guy.

      I’m merely trying to consider the things Seattle will take into account as they make their decision.

      • Coug1990

        Not sure I agree with you Rob regarding if a team takes away the run game that Boykin may do better. First, only one of these QB’s has won an NFL start. Davis has shown he can run an NFL offense. Boykin is just as likely to throw an INT putting the Seahawks behind.

        If the other team focuses on the run game, there will be passing lanes upon. I think Davis would better be able to take advantage of that. Boykin being successful remains the same no matter how the defense decides to play. That is to make a chunk play after he runs around on a on a busted play.

        Isn’t Boykin eligible for the practice squad? If he gets cut, I cannot see another team picking him up. I could see Davis on the active roster and Boykin on the practice squad.

        • neil

          And Davis was able to beat the Hawks a couple of years ago with the Rams, in a regular season game.

  4. D-OZ

    To me it look’s like Boykin brings his off-field decision making onto the football field.

  5. NicotineJones

    If Kaep is willing to sign for the veteran’s minimum, this is where you sign Kaepernick.

    • Rob Staton

      Seattle met with Kaepernick, the only team to do so I believe, and they chose not to sign him. And this is a team that has not only supported his cause, but has an incredibly supportive and progressive Head Coach. I trust Carroll, given his personality and background, has good reason not to sign Kaepernick.

      • CHawk Talker Eric

        Didn’t it come down to money? I thought Kaep wanted more than what SEA were willing to give him.

        Grateful for the start of another season with SDB!

        • Rob Staton

          Not money, no. That’s been confirmed by people in the media. Money wasn’t an issue.

          • Kenny Sloth

            That guy wants a chance to start.

            And he deserves it.

        • Steve Nelsen

          There were more questions about Kap than the money. He didn’t work out. He has been on a vegan diet which has resulted in some weight loss and that plus his private conditioning has raised questions about his NFL strength. We think of him as the guy who competed against Seattle but he is not that guy anymore.

          He needs to do a public workout with scouts to answer questions.

      • Zorn is King

        I thought it went unsaid that Kap could make the divide between Russell and the others, meaning Sherman, Bennet, etc., for both political but possibly personality issues. Seems like the Hawks wanted to insulate their team from that dynamic by preventing its possibility.

  6. dingbatman

    I’m not so sure how important being “Russell Wilson lite” is. Last year the Seahawks chose to play an injured (Austin Davis like) Wilson over a healthy (Russell Wilson like) Boykin. They opted for a dialed back conservative offense with an injured qb over a full playbook with a healthy back up.

    But how would he deal with opponents getting a week to game plan for him, confuse him and when the pressure’s on — will he resort to mistakes and inaccuracy?

    This was his stat line against the superbowl bound Seahawk defense in 2014.

    Austin Davis 20 17 155 7.8 2 0 30 0 0 132.3

    Boykin feels as though every pass is equally likely to be either brilliance or a bad decision poorly executed.

    • Rob Staton

      It is important to have a QB who offers a seamless transition in style. It doesn’t have to be a deal breaker, but it’s something to certianly consider.

      • Roger Davis

        Austin Davis (no relation to yours truly) actually LOOKS like he is trying to force himself to run some. It appeared to me, that considering it goes against his instincts, he was not too bad at it.

        QB 2 comes down to Boykin – WIN – or lose on his shoulders. or Davis – WIN – if the team as a whole can get us across the line. I`ll put my money on the team getting Austin to the finish line over Boykin (perhaps) stealing the game from his own team with an ill advised pass attempt at a crucial moment.

        But, that`s just me.

  7. Brian Hutmacher

    Playcalling for Boykin pre-season is almost certain to be different than playcalling and instructions given to Boykin in a regular season game.

    In a game like yesterday’s there is no reason to be careful and conservative and they will want to see how he does with throws down the field.

    In a regular season the instructions probably shift to just don’t turn it over and lots of higher probability, short and dump down passes, misdirection plays, the very occasion and opportunistic shot down the field, and less than 20 to 25 pass plays called total, while the defense wins the game. Pretty much same way RW was managed his first couple seasons.

    In the Kansas City game in particular, Boykin was dialed up one low probability play after another with deep sideline go routes and fades. Even Aaron Rodgers doesn’t complete those with regularity. Plays that are well outside the skill set and capability of his arm and accuracy.

    Nothing wrong with seeing how he does with those situations in the preseason, but the actual chances of those same plays being called in an actual NFL game? Slim to none.

    With the additional instructions being given, don’t even try that pass unless the receiver is wide open or there’s a busted coverage. Stay safe and take the easy pass that was dialed up for you.

    I’d rather keep Boykin and manage him properly. He opens up more possibilities and provides more continuity with RW from a similar athletic perspective.

  8. Logan Lynch

    Not to divert from the QB conversation, but I thought literally every single WR on the roster who played in the game showed some good things last night. Darboh had some nice catches and got out of bounds to stop the clock. Moore showed good RAC ability and blocked very well on the Lawler screen. Kasen made a few great plays. McEvoy caught that tough low pass. Lawler and Smith had TDs. Grayson looked fast and surprisingly hard to tackle on his catch. Add Swoopes in there too because he looks like a natural pass catcher and plus athlete as a TE. I hope we can get some of these guys on the PS if cut (Moore, Swoopes, Grayson, McEvoy would be my top choices).

    • Logan Lynch

      I forgot Rogers fantastic catch to boot.

    • CHawk Talker Eric

      +1. A position that had been of relative weakness is now a strength.

  9. Seahawk fan in Japan


    What do you make of the hawks taking Doug’s base salary and converting it into a signing bonus? Prelude to a trade or something else.

    • Myfanwy365

      Sheldon is coming! or another DT anyway
      You don’t do that kind of thing unless you really have to

    • Rob Staton

      Yes — a clear indicator that something is in the pipeline.

      • Forty20

        If we were going to end up down the restructuring path at least Baldwin is one of the safest options to bet on. We are now entering peak F5 season for the Seahawks I guess!

      • Lewis

        From what I’ve seen, this is HIGHLY unusual for this team. Some teams push money forward all the time (Cowboys and Redskins in the past come to mind). They don’t do that here. And they didn’t need to create cap space unless something major is afoot. They also wouldn’t need it to extend one of their own guys, probably (because they could have done something similar with that player’s contract).

      • SEA Hocks

        Trade Kearse to CLE as rumored and bring back LT Joe Thomas. They let Haden go already.
        Your kicking the can down the road, but have R Wilson’s salary spread into a bonus like you did with Baldwin and you might be close to being able to afford the Jets DE.
        Probably screw up the retention of some of the younger players, but adding to the trenches and making a push for the SB this year.

    • Cysco

      • Cysco

        insert it’s happening.gif here

  10. Cysco

    RE: Kaepernick, I get the impression that he won’t sign a deal that has him be a backup. I suspect he and his agent are waiting it out. At some point in the coming month inevitably some team is going to lose their starting QB and Kaep will be the first person they call.

    • House

      There are a few landing spots where Kaepernick could start. NYJ, BUF and even JAC are disasters

  11. Mancunian Dave

    Hi all,

    I’m a long-time follower of Rob’s excellent blog and the fabulous community on here.

    There certainly is something big in the pipeline. I think the management feel this is the last year of the Hawks current Superbowl window, certainly the last potentially of the LOB all together and reasonably intact, before their bodies take on too much punishment.

  12. C-Dog

    This is definitely going to be the most interesting cut down to the final 53 that the team has done since 2013. Some good football players are going to be off this roster. Here’s my final projection without any new additions via trade of signings.

    QB 2

    Russell Wilson
    Trevone Boykin

    I would prefer to see the team go with Austin Davis. I prefer his poor man’s Alex Smith that protects the football and makes smarter throws to Boykin’s poor man RW who at times appears to struggle to make smart decisions. If Pete’s mantra is All About the Win, then Davis should win, IMO, but judging from Pete’s post game reactions, it feels like the team still favors Boykin.

    RB 5

    Thomas Rawls
    Eddie Lacy
    Chris Carson
    CJ Prosise
    JD McKissic

    Cutting Mike Davis might be the toughest cut, but I’m thinking the team wants McKissic on the roster as an additional offensive weapon similar to Prosise and a backup returner. McKissic has had a really nice preseason. The team should feel really good about the physicality that the three headed monster of Rawls, Lacy and Carson will bring mixed with with the playmaking abilities of Prosise and McKissic.


    Marcel Reese

    I with thinking the Tre Madden might win the day, but I give to to the wily vet and think Madden goes to the PS to study the position more.

    WR 6

    Doug Baldwin
    Tyler Lockett
    Paul Richardson
    Kasen Williams
    Amara Darboh
    Tanner McEvoy

    I think the if Kearse isn’t dealt, he might be cut. Personally, I’d prefer the team to keep him, but I think they want to get younger, and perhaps they don’t want to carry seven receivers. Williams earned his spot a few weeks ago, Darboh and McEvoy both have a bunch of upside, IMO, and all three can play on teams.

    TE 3

    Jimmy Graham
    Luke Willson
    Nick Vannett

    No surprises. I really hope they get Swoopes on the PS

    OL 8

    Rees Odhiambo
    Luke Joekel
    Justin Britt
    Mark Glowinski
    Germaine Ifedi
    Ethan Pocic
    Odey Aboushi
    Matt Tobin

    I think the team carries 8 linemen on the roster, and IMO, Pocic, Aboushi and Tobin seriously upgrade the depth from last year and provide a bunch of versatility. Roos and Hunt head to the PS.

    DL 9

    Cliff Avril
    Michael Bennett
    Frank Clark
    Jarran Reed
    Naz Jones
    Ahtyba Rubin
    David Bass
    Cassius Marsh
    Rodney Coe

    This is where I’m going the furthest out on the limb. In a bit of a stunner, Rodney Coe beats out Quinton Jefferson for the fourth DT spot. I think Coe has quietly had a really nice preseason, and to my eye, I fear Rubin might be loosing a bit of a step or two. I think they need better depth at nose, and Coe looks like he has upside. Cutting Jefferson stings, but he was drafted to be inside/out and David Bass has shown that he can do that. David Bass has had a great preseason

    LB 6

    Bobby Wagner
    KJ Wright
    Terence Garvin
    Michael Whilhoite
    Dewey McDonald
    DJ Alexander

    I think a very strong enough case can be made for Kache Palacio making the 53, but I have them hanging onto the athletic pro bowl special teamer Alexander, and McDonald has probably made enough splash plays to earn a spot, as well. Hopefully, they are able to stash Palacio and maybe Peters on the PS. I think they are both good players.

    CB 5

    Richard Sherman
    Shaq Griffin
    Jeremy Lane
    Tramaine Brock
    Pierre Desir

    Injury to DeAndre Elliot is a bummer. I think it probably paves the way for Desir to make this roster, but the way Desir has been playing this preseason, I’m not sure he doesn’t make this roster regardless. Desir just seems to fit the mold as a classic outside Seahawk corner. Lane is on the trade block. I don’t think they find any takers for that salary, and I’m not sure there’s any savings to cutting him. I think if the right deal emerged, they’d deal him, but for now, he makes the squad.

    Safety 5

    Earl Thomas
    Kam Chancellor
    Bradley McDougald
    Delano Hill
    Tedric Thompson

    Seattle has seriously upgraded it’s depth at safety. I think it will be really interesting to see how they deploy McDougald and Hill and whether we see a lot of the big safety packages this year

    Specialists 3

    Blair Walsh
    Jon Ryan
    Tyler Ott

    • Drew

      McDougald was a great signing. His been showing up big this preseason. It’ll be hard to keep him off the field. If he’s going to be playing that Bandit or big nickel position, losing Lane won’t hurt much.

      Delano Hill looks like another great draft pick. I’ve been very surprised at how physical he’s been, and always seems to be around the ball.

      I was glad to see Tedric Thompson put in a solid performance yesterday after a couple shaky games.

      • C-Dog

        Yeah, I still think there’s a lot of upside to Thompson.

        I love Hill’s physicality. Part of me wonders if he doesn’t grow into a WILL linerbacker a la Thomas Davis. They guy just has a nose for the football.

    • Logan Lynch

      I agree with 51/53 of your roster and the other 2 are very possible. Great job.

      Change #1: I’m not convinced Reece makes the roster (week 1 at least). I could see them going without a FB against GB and signing Reece after week 1 so his contract isn’t guaranteed. I know they got bit by this tactic with Jahri Evans, but Reece was out there all offseason and no one else picked him up. One of the TEs could fill in if need be as a blocking FB for one week. They seem to be more effective out of single back formations anyway. This spot could go to Neiko Thorpe. Even though he hasn’t looked great as a CB, he’s such an asset on ST. Not sure they’re ready to let that go if they want to drastically improve their ST.

      Change #2: Coe has flashed, but they may feel better about sneaking him onto the PS than someone else like Marcus Smith or Jefferson. I do think they keep 9 DL and Coe’s spot is probably taken by an incoming trade which you said you weren’t including.

      • C-Dog

        On the #2 front, they just adjusted Doug Baldwin’s contract to clear up about $5 million in cap space. A trade for a DT around the corner? Sheldon Richardson?

        • Logan Lynch

          The writing seems to be on the wall. If you trust Davis Hsu (who has been spot on in the recent past with his info from his sources), Richardson is not the target. He said he didn’t know who was, but started tweeting about Akiem Hicks as Robbie alluded to down below. I think that would be perfect if we’re going for a one year rental since he’s cheaper than Richardson and CHI is also depleted at WR so they might take Kearse as part of it.

          • C-Dog

            Hicks is a really nice player. Fits the need to add another bigger DT and he can rush some.

  13. Ceasar

    For me, the choice on Boykin or Davis relies upon one’s opinion on how good do you think the defense will be this year. If you think they will be solid like previous years then having a QB who does not turn it over is preferred for best chances to win a game…Strong run game, great defense and win turnover battle is a pretty good recipe for winning.

    However, if you think the defense will continue a downward trend and giving up big plays then having a playmaker may give you the best chance of putting up more points at the risk of turnovers…offensive feast or famine.

    I think the Seahawks will get better interior pass rush on the defensive line this year, helping them return to previous form. So for me, Davis is the best backup choice for this year. Let’s hope he is not needed.

  14. drewdawg11

    Sheldon Richardson has a lot to prove in a walknyear and he’s super talented when it comes to disrupting an offensive line. With the questions on the O-line, you might as well build up the defense as much as possible. Getting pumped here.

  15. RealRhino2

    Chiming in with mostly what the others have said about the backup QB spot. Prefer Davis. If your run game and defense are good enough to keep you in or even barely win most games, the key for your QB has to be to not turn it over. Make just enough plays to win. To me, that’s Davis.

    Don’t care that Boykin can keep a drive alive or “looks like” Wilson. Because the likelihood from what I’ve seen is that he is also more likely to kill a drive with a bad throw. To me it’s the same decision as punting from your own 40 rather than going for it on 4th-and-3 when you’ve got a great defense and there’s a minute left on the clock. Boykin is going for it, Davis is punting the ball and letting your defense close it out for you.

    • Phil

      Put another way, I think Davis is more likely to win a game –if needed — while Boykin is more likely to lose a game. I like Boykin’s future, but right now his propensity for throwing interceptions makes him a liability.

      On another subject, I like Bevell’s play calling this preseason. The offense seems much less predictable. Also, the Seahawks seem to be throwing more intermediate routes over the middle. Whatever the reason, I hope it continues into the regular season. I’m also looking forward to seeing them run the read option again — something they probably will save until a “real” game is on the line.

  16. House


    THANK YOU for the endless commitment and love to the Seahawks!

    QB: I think Davis has shown more than Boykin in regards to ball security. Davis is less athletic than Boykin and I think his celiing is lower. I think the question comes down to the “potential” of Boykin vs what we see in Davis. I’m leaning Davis personally, but hope to see neither of them play unless we blow teams out.

    RB: Lacy, Rawls, Prosise and Carson are locks for me. Whether we keep McKissic is the only uncertainty I see. Davis and Collins will be on other rosters this year.

    WR: Kearse would love to stay in SEA, but we’ll see what happens. I know CLE has shown interest, but I still think he goes to NYJ/CHI. Doug, Ty, P-Rich, Darboh & Kasen make the squad. If we keep 6, I think McEvoy makes it as well.

    DOUGIE: Converting Doug’s money was news to be excited about this morning. If that wasn’t for a big addition, could it be for an extension that we would frontload/cap carry over? I don’t know how that works.

    TE: Graham, Willson and Vannett. No discussion needed

    OL: Rees, Joeckel, Britt, Glow and Ifedi are the starters. Pocic, Aboushi, Tobin and possibly Roos back them up

    DL: Bennett, Avril, Clark, Marsh, Jones, Reed, Jefferson seem to be the only locks to me. Throw in King due to ST and the rest is still a crap shoot. Rubin seems to make the squad UNLESS Dougie’s $ lands someone like Richardson

    LB: KJ, Wagner, Garvin, Wilhoite, Alexander and McDonald

    CB: Sherman, Lane, Griffin, Brock, Desir and Thorpe. I still see the possibility that Lane gets traded,

    S: ET, Bam Bam, Hill, McDougald and I think Thompson sticks

  17. Robbie

    Hey Rob, what are your thoughts about Akiem Hicks. seems to be the latest rumor about who’s coming to Seattle in a trade. It’s him not Sheldon Richardson I guess.

    • vrtkolman

      Hicks is a monster. 7 sacks last year while weighing over 320 lbs is quite impressive. He’s only 27 and just came off his best season as a pro. He’s also due for a big raise soon.

    • C-Dog

      He’s a really nice ball player.

  18. GoffMann

    I don’t get the controversy. WHY would you want an “explosive” QB who will erase any “explosive” yards gained with consistently under-thrown passes and bad judgment? While Boykin has thrown 4 picks this preseason, if it weren’t for Kasen Williams in the first pre-season game against the Chargers, Boykin would’ve had at least 1 more interception, maybe two. Williams had one catch where the ball was intercepted (underthrown) and he literally pulled the ball away as he and the Defender hit the turf. Boykin may be explosive but bombs can blow-up at the worst time.

    Davis has better mobility than given credit for. He also has a great command of the offense (evidenced by last drive under pressure last night changing calls at line of scrimmage), seems to have good judgment, and doesn’t make many mistakes. He also has a victory AGAINST the Seahawks a few years back. The choice is clear.

    • GeoffU

      Yeah, I’m leaning towards what you’re saying. Those interceptions are deadly.

  19. Greg Haugsven

    I’m not sure who I go with. The way Boykin ended the half really pissed me off. He had an easy 5 yard completion to the sideline which could have gave them a 47 yard field goal attempt. Boykin makes to many mental mistakes. But he does have the higher upside. I would rather have Davis enter a game this year I think.

    • RealRhino2

      Here’s the thing, though: who cares about Boykin’s upside? When is that going to come into play for us? Five years from now, when he’s no longer under club control? Two years from now? Who is going to see it? He’s never going to play — knock on wood. If Russell was as old as Manning, Brady, Palmer, etc., sure, keep a guy you think could turn into a starter in two years. But Russ should be around at least 5 more years, if not more. So Boykin’s upside does us no good.

  20. Trevor

    If the Hawks decide to go with Davis at QB2 is Boykin PS eligible?

    If so that is definitely the route I would go. I don’t see another team claiming him on waivers.

    Realistically if Russ gets hurt the season is a write off but with our defense I think a savy vet like Davis who can manage the game is the way to go and try to win with the run game and D.

    This is why people should never get worked up about the $ QBs make. You can’t win without a quality QB it is as simple as that. It is the most important position in all of pro sports and it is why they are paid accordingly. Russ will be a $200 million man along with Aaron Rogers in their next deals.

  21. Ishmael

    I’ll take Boykin. The way I look at it, if Wilson gets a season-ending injury in Week 4, that’s the season gone. Neither Davis nor Boykin will be able to drag the team through an entire season, Davis wins maybe one more game through the regular season?

    But if it’s playoff time, and Wilson gets a massive bang and has to come off, or miss a game, I think Boykin gives you a bigger chance of winning the game – even if he gives you a bigger chance of losing the same game. When it comes down to backups, I generally think teams are better served going for higher variance plays and players. The odds aren’t in your favour, might as well swing for the fences.

    • David

      +1. For a couple reasons.
      1) even though Boykin has shown a propensity to have some wild throws, there were quite a for throws by Davis (apart from the last drive) that Davis was not even close on. In addition, at least 2 just thrown in the ground without even immediate pressure. Yeah he may be the safer QB but he’s still pretty bad.

      2) yes Boykin looked bad in game 3 and had some poor decision making vs the Raiders, but he also was lights out in the first 2 games and dropped some dimes. You can’t just throw out the 2 good games just because he had a few poor decisions vs the Raiders. Until the Chiefs game it wasn’t even really close. Not to mention the fact that he had already won the backup job last year with some decent play and in his one extended regular season outing vs SF he was pretty good.

      3) aside from the 2 picks and the end of half clock mismanagement, Boykin was pretty dang good against the Raiders. He was making plays explosive plays left and right with both his legs and his arm (19 yard scramble on 1st and 20), improvised toss to Lawler while getting dragged down, I guarantee you Davis throws that in the ground in that position. 1st and 20 is usually a drive killer for the Seahawks (even w Wilson at QB) and to have a QB with the ability to overcome that with one improvised play is huge

      4) yes the picks were bad and can’t be ignored but at the same time, even great QBs have bad games. Wilson threw 4 picks in the NFCG and threw what, 4 or 5 against the Packers last year. Does that make him bad? Yes, this seems to be a consistent issue with Boykin but I believe decision making is something that can be massaged where as athleticism and arm strength is not.

      5) I don’t think it’s really fair to compare Davis and Boykin head to head based on the Chiefs and Raiders games because their game plans were completely different. Like not in the same universe. For some reason most of Boykin 6 incompletions vs the Chiefs were on deep shots over 20 yards down the field. Meanwhile Davis comes in and gets schemed short quick passes which I have no doubt that if Boykin was given those plays, he would have no issue executing. It just seems that PC/DB seem intent on pushing Boykin with low probability deep passes this preseason instead of screens, HB flares, stick routes, slants, etc. He was not given a very diverse game plan whereas Davis was given an extremely conservative gameplay which isn’t really fair to Boykin.

      6) also, did you see that one play where Boykin looks to his left and it looks like he was looking for a Grayson fade down the sideline and Grayson is blocking the CB instead. Boykin looked perplexed for a moment and then scampers for a 9 yard gain. What does Davis do in that situation?

  22. Ishmael

    As for last night, Palacio, Desir, and Thorpe stood out to me. I think Desir might have done enough to force his way onto the team, he’s just so long and uses that length incredibly well. Bass had himself another good game, be interesting to see if he makes it.

  23. vrtkolman

    The Tobin trade looks a bit better now after seeing huge busts like Cam Erving and now Ty Sambrailo going for 5th round picks straight up.

  24. Rik

    Here’s a wildcard for a trade – Luke Willson. Then add Swoopes as TE number 2/3. To me, he’s shown a lot in the preseason, especially in a new position. He also adds the “18 wheeler” – an experienced goal line rusher top help our red zone efficiency.

    There may be a QB-needy team that would trade for Boykin based on upside. That’s probably a dream after his last two games, however. Trade Boykin and keep Davis as the backup. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us grab a completely new backup QB off of waivers.

    • vrtkolman

      Hard to see Willson having any trade value, as he was a free agent last year and had zero interest from other teams.

  25. HOUSE

    We just got CB Justin Coleman from NE

    • HOUSE

    • Logan Lynch

      Slot guy. Either Brock or Lane are gone I bet.

    • Logan Lynch

      If you remember, we got Coleman a few years ago for our practice squad and the Pats claimed him.

    • Ishmael

      Hmmm… He’s a slot guy right?

      Can’t be thrilled with who they have then. I’d say Lane gets traded and and Brock gets cut. Some weird stuff going on at the moment.

  26. Logan Lynch

    It happened you guys!!!

    Kearse and a conditional 2/3 to the Jets for Sheldon Richardson! Wow is our front 7 ridiculous now. All in for 2017 apparently!

    • Logan Lynch

      Also swapped 7th rounders in the deal.

  27. FresnoBrad

    Back up QB is our biggest weakness with a strong QB draft next year we might be drafting a QB, it’s reasonable to expect the Louisville QB & South FL QB to be available when we pick.

    • David

      I doubt Lamar Jackson is still there at 1.32 and Flowers is a much worse passer than Boykin. I mean, if you think Boykin is a bad decision maker…. I mean, people forget this, but Boykin was one of the most productive QBs in the country in the 2 years he played QB (keep in mind this is literally his 4th season playing QB, he started 2 years at QB for TCU and played WR before that, and spent most the season on the bench last year). He is still learning the position, and at the pro level no less.

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