Some thoughts on the Jimmy Garoppolo to Seattle talk

Jimmy G has QB’d a winning team — but he’s received a fair amount of support

ESPN’s Louis Riddick threw out an idea recently that I thought might get more traction this off-season.

Jimmy Garoppolo in Seattle.

He doesn’t have the arm to really drive the ball downfield like Seattle prefers. Yet his third down passing is among the best in the NFL and he’s been the quarterback of a team that has reached a Super Bowl and a NFC Championship in two of the last three years.

Admittedly, he lost both of those games and benefitted tremendously from a productive and creative running game. Yet the Seahawks hope to create such a ground attack and would simply like the opportunity for their starting QB to blow a Super Bowl or conference championship at this point.

There’s also the angle of the team he plays for. He’d be doing a reverse-Sherman — going to a NFC West rival to try and prove a point. The 49ers traded a fortune to replace him and now appear ready to finally move on.

What better way to make a statement than playing them twice?

Part of me is intrigued by the pure s**thousery that comes with such a move. Although it really comes back to what we were discussing the other day.

The Seahawks are at the start of a rebuild. Adding someone like Garoppolo would simply give them an opportunity to be a little less bad than they otherwise will be. He’s unlikely to provide a long-term answer — just as the 49ers acknowledged with the Trey Lance trade.

You might end up copying San Francisco — using three first round picks to get someone else.

While increasingly people are talking themselves into the idea that Seattle isn’t rebuilding, let’s look at the facts here. They’re bedding in two rookie offensive tackles. They are trying to create a defensive system that works. They are looking for young players to create a pass rush (they have very little proven quality). They’re hoping a group of young, cheap cornerbacks will produce two good starters. They have just moved their two cornerstone experienced players in Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner.

You might be able to give Garoppolo some nice targets and hopefully a running game. I’d still argue it won’t be as impactful as a healthy George Kittle and Deebo Samuel. He also doesn’t get to bring Kyle Shanahan with him (or Nick Bosa, for that matter).

He’d only be added if he’s cut by the Niners. According to Dan Graziano’s league sources, that might happen. If it does, I’m sure they’d make a call. The price would have to be right though — and right now the Panthers ($25m) have more cap space than the Seahawks ($17m).

I’m curious why Seattle just re-worked Shelby Harris’ contract though to create more cap space this year. Considering they still have a chunk to play with, this wasn’t a big priority. Extending D.K. Metcalf isn’t likely to increase his 2022 salary by much (if anything).

It’s possible as time goes on they end up adding a handful of players for camp, none of which really move the needle or cost any serious money. It’s also possible, I suppose, that they’re trying to create a situation where they are financially more competitive just in case a certain opportunity emerges.

I still think they’re better off taking their lumps this year. Spending a lot of money on an average, often-injured QB to try and win games in 2022 (when the reality is you probably won’t be good enough anyway) would be short-sighted. The long-game must be played.

I’d almost rather sign him to a deal that makes him more of a bridge for 2023. He’s recovering from a serious shoulder surgery. Is it plausible to sign him now, put him on IR, with the idea of getting him healthy for 2023 to act as a bridge?

That’s probably fanciful but at least it wouldn’t impact you this year where the aim of the game should be development and draft position. You could do a lot worse than Jimmy G as a torch-passer for the future at quarterback. But he’d have to be playing the Alex Smith-to-Patrick Mahomes role. Nothing more.

I’m not sure what it would take financially this year to try and buy 12 months of patience. Especially when the Panthers might be prepared to let him start this year and re-enter the market in March. I suppose it depends on how he feels about his shoulder and readiness to play.

You can make a compelling argument, though, for that just being an unnecessary waste of money.

If, as Graziano’s sources predict, Mayfield and Garoppolo are cut, I would imagine it would be one each for Seattle and Carolina. The fact Mayfield would cost a minimal amount given his contract situation in Cleveland makes him more attractive, I would suggest. Although Garoppolo is more proven in terms of results and carries far less baggage.

Truth be told — neither is likely leading anyone to a Super Bowl in the future. And that’s why Seattle should stick not twist. Endure a year of Geno Smith and/or Drew Lock and prepare for the 2023 draft.

It might be painful but necessary for the long term health of the franchise.

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  1. cha

    Air yards per attempt, the last three seasons:

    2021: RW 9.9, JG 7.5
    2020: RW 8.6, JG 6.3
    2019: RW 9.4, JG 6.5

    Avg seconds of pocket time, the last three seasons:

    2021: RW 2.4, JG 2.3
    2020: RW 2.6, JG 2.3
    2019: RW 2.5, JG 2.4

    If Pete Carroll is serious about moving to a model where the QB gets the ball out quicker, Jimmy has extensive, extensive experience in that area.

    Not saying he’s a slam dunk for the Hawks, just putting this out there.

    • Big Mike

      But cha, look at his offensive coach and his philosophy as compared to Carroll.

      • cha

        I did qualify it with an ‘if’

        • Big Mike

          Indeed you did

  2. Neville

    Please, not Geno.

    • samprassultanofswat

      Neville: Agree. It will NOT be much fun watching the Seahawks if Geno Smith is the QB.

      • St0pdarun

        I think the plan is for Walker and Penny to provide the entertainer and Geno would be there to try and convert 3rd downs in order to P&W on the field

  3. Eric J

    The current offensive roster is kind of a tough situation for two new tackles and an RB to come into. A semi-functional offense lead by a (probably stop-gap) QB might be a better landing spot for them than a completely broken offense wouldn’t you say?

    Sorry to use a baseball analogy, but there have been so many Mariners years when the new slugger, coming up from minors or brought in from free agency, is slotted into the 3rd or 4th spot in the lineup, where it’s all on them to produce. The results have not been thrivey.

    • Rob Staton

      I suppose you could also argue that it might still be pretty broken

    • Big Mike

      Jesse Winker doesn’t appreciate your post.
      But then Ms fans haven’t appreciated his performance either.

      • Group Captain Mandrake

        I am really starting to wonder if T-Mobile Park is built on an old forgotten native American burial ground. Players are good when they come here and then they suddenly can’t hit. Then they go somewhere else and do alright. It’s a really strange phenomenon.

        • Big Mike

          Adrian Beltre doesn’t like your post.
          Never thought of the native burial ground but you may be on to something.

          • Group Captain Mandrake

            But he probably loved his average after he left. I think he hit less than .300 once when he left for Texas.

  4. James

    If, as Pete has said over and over, the criteria to win the Seahawks QB job is “experience in the system” then Geno is the certain winner. Not Garoppolo, not Mahomes, nor Allen, not even Brady or Rogers, could beat out Geno if the job will be decided, not on performance on the field, but number of months in the QB room.

    • Rob Staton

      I don’t think he’s said that is the criteria at all, otherwise the competition would be over and Tarvaris Jackson would’ve started in 2012 not Russell Wilson

      It’s simply the criteria that has Geno Smith ahead today

  5. Roy Batty

    Do not waste money on a rental QB.

    Front load DK’s new deal with the extra cap.

    Carry it over into 2023 and use it to sign a top talent at a position of need.

    Just do not waste it on rental talent.

  6. OregonHawk

    I agree with you

    “They’re bedding in two rookie offensive tackles.” betting?????

  7. CD

    Better strategy – start me at QB. 50 year old rookie, 9.2 in the 40 yard dash. I’ve got a partially torn labrum so could probably only throw screens. I’m a sure bet to lose every game single-handedly. At least people would be right saying ‘that guy sucks, I could do better’. I’d be cheap and would stick around late to sign autographs for the kids. A lose-win situation.

    • Mark

      Love it!

      A “lose-win situation” is now my favorite turn of phrase.

  8. calgaryhawk

    I’m not a fan of signing or trading for another QB. First, I want to see how this group fits the new offence with all the new additions. I don’t buy that the Seahawks won’t be a good team because they traded Wilson. People seem to forget that the Rams were a very competitive team running the ball with Gurley and a good but not great QB in Gott. Seattle had a lot of talent on the team last year besides Wilson, on both sides of the ball. Cap wise, Seattle will be in a much better place next year to keep talent and to add talent.

  9. Sean-O

    “I still think they’re better off taking their lumps this year. Spending a lot of money on an average, often-injured QB to try and win games in 2022 (when the reality is you probably won’t be good enough anyway) would be short-sighted. The long-game must be played.”

    Bingo! This is 100% correct.

    “I’d almost rather sign him to a deal that makes him more of a bridge for 2023.”

    I think this is where things could be interesting going into ’23. Let’s say whoever is the QB is for the bulk of ’22 plays decent. I could see the Hawks trying to bring that guy back at some mid, lower-level salary to compete with a rookie. Not sure Garoppolo or Mayfield would be down with that. In their minds, they’re still unquestioned starting caliber QB’s. Like it’s been said, let’s roll with Geno & Lock this season.

  10. Happy Hawk

    Stick to the plan: You don’t need an injured Jimmy G – see what Lock can do. Develop our young, currently inadequate roster. Use you high 2023 draft position to get a young stud QB of the future. Return to the playoffs in 2024. Lose for Levis instead of grind it out with Garoppolo.

  11. cha

    Would this be an acceptable QB season for the Seahawks?

    332 for 494 (67.2% completion rate)
    3245 yards / 9.8 yards per completion
    19 TD / 8 INT
    35 sacks / 137 pressures / 24.6% pressure rate
    2.4 avg seconds in the pocket

    For a $10.65m cap hit

    • TomLPDX

      Jarad Goff stats and I’d prefer him over Geno. I still want to see what Lock has to offer.

      • cha


        That’s a perfectly acceptable season. (Let’s just ignore the $31m Goff is owed in 2022).

        Goff had his RBs banged up and no defense at all to work with. Sound familiar?

        With Walker at RB and a (hopefully) improved D, those numbers stand up much better than 3-13-1.

  12. Henry Taylor

    Whilst theoretically I’m all on board the idea of getting a high pick to use on a QB next year, there’s at least an argument to be made that having a functional QB like Jimmy or Baker allows you to properly evaluate the rest of the roster.

    A real QB would give a third WR a chance to step forward and the running game to get in a rhythm. It keeps the defence off the field enough to give them a chance, plus being at least a bit competitive maintains the culture and support in the direction of the team. All of this can backfire of course and create a situation where you get stuck in purgatory, but as we’ve seen with multiple franchises, so can being really bad and picking high every year.

  13. Ashish

    Unless there’s injuries or very bad performance from Geno or Drew lock i don’t want to sign any new QB. We are not paying above vet minimum. We not winning SB with QB available or soon be available. So let’s enjoy season to see who is new star or super star in process.

  14. Rob Staton

    I’ll be on with Jake & Stacy at 12pm PT

    • Ashish

      Is it pre recorded or live Rob? Looking forward to it

      • Rob Staton

        It was live, just been on.

        Will post audio when it’s available

  15. Zach

    To me, Garoppolo makes even less sense than Baker Mayfield, even if he’s probably a better QB at this point – he’s three years older and injury-prone, and more than anything, he represents an uninspiring middle ground between Russell Wilson and trying to get a dynamic young franchise QB via the draft.

    I’m mildly sympathetic to the notion that it maybe doesn’t benefit the Seahawks to have the worst QB situation in the league (which they are verging on, depending on how you feel about a few of the second-year guys), and certainly either Garoppolo or Mayfield would likely help in that regard, but both feel like just good enough to get the Seahawks to 6-to-8 wins, which isn’t an ideal spot for the team this year.

  16. cha

    Jonathan Jones
    As minicamps begin today for the Browns and Panthers, trade talks between the teams continue surrounding QB Baker Mayfield, per sources. The main issue remains Mayfield’s salary and how much (or how little) teams pay.
    5:10 AM · Jun 14, 2022·Twitter

    There’s urgency on Carolina’s side to execute the deal soon so Mayfield can get some time in minicamp with the Panthers. For the Browns, it’s the best offer they have. Talks ongoing.
    5:12 AM · Jun 14, 2022

  17. TomLPDX

    This gal is a firecracker! Welcome to the Seahawks Amanda!

    • AlaskaHawk

      Wow, very impressive. I would hire her!

  18. JimQ

    Sleeping giant? Maybe somewhat possible, I guess if everything goes great rather than just fairly well.

    • Group Captain Mandrake

      Yeah, but the giant probably won’t wake up until 2023 at best.

      • TomLPDX

        But they won’t be bottom of the league either. There is fight in this team.

        • Group Captain Mandrake

          Fight? Yes. talent and experience? Not quite so much. I don’t think they will be an easy out in most games, but I don’t have much expectations this year. Unless their D is lights out, they have to score points to win and I am not sure Geno or Drew can do that.

  19. 10to80

    QB’s so fickle. If Tartt intercepts that pass in the NFCCG, JG wins, probably wins the SB, and Stafford rather than being the talk of LA with a fancy new contract is ‘the Lion that still can’t win.’

    And JG??? Ha, even greater 9er mess than they have now.

    I’ll take Lock. Waldron has a big interest in Lock succeeding. He can make the throws, and the thing that got Pete excited was the early career 1st down percentage. There’s a YouTube comparison video on Drew Brees’ 1st three yeas and Locks. Interesting.

    Role with Lock, let JG go to the AFC and make more trouble for Denver to boost our draft picks!

  20. Malc from PO

    Great slot on the radio, Rob, and this has been a really interesting thread.
    I’d also like to add that the RW trade makes it imperative that Lock is given every opportunity to start. To my mind that includes even if we think Geno “wins” the quarterback competition. Lock was part of the value we got for Wilson. Giving up on that means whatever your opinion of the trade, it was worse than you think. You have to know what you got in return for trading your start player, so give me a year of Lock, no matter what.

    • 10to80

      I’m basically that strong on Lock, but they will have a competition at QB, and if Smith is the better QB, he’ll get the start. I do think Lock will beat him out, and if it’s close, I think they’ll go with Lock.

      Drew’s 26 years old. Who had anything figured out at 26. I know terms like ‘ceiling’ and ‘floor’ get thrown around because of draft language, but you’re playing to win. Geno might be coming into the age where he’s getting it and could be good for 3 or 4 years. I hope not, but if he wins, people will accept him and laugh that Seattle traded Wilson’s upcoming 50 million dollar salary, and we’re better off for it.

      I thnk they’ll work hard to instill an offense that allows Lock to be successful. It depends a lot on Penny and Walker being good. The youth on the O line might actually be more of the QB downfall than lack of talent.

    • AlaskaHawk

      I can hear it in Pete’s comments. He wants Lock to prove himself and start. He’s praying for it.

      But considering our ultimate goal is to rebuild, wouldn’t it be better to make the weakest effort this year? It’s time to suck for Luck , errr. well whoever as long as it isn’t a PAC quarterback. Come on guys, we can do better than that!

      Overall, I just want to see this offense play in rhythmn, passes coming out on time and fairly accurate. That would be a good start. And I want to see what Lock has got.

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