Why the Seahawks don’t need to upgrade at quarterback

Geno Smith & Drew Lock are competing to start in 2022

They’re surely not going to run with Geno Smith and Drew Lock, are they?’

This is the kind of comment you see popping up in the media and the internet. I’ve read articles discussing Seattle’s need to find an alternative option. I’ve listened to podcasts almost ridiculing the prospect of going into next season with a Smith vs Lock competition to start.

The Baker Mayfield chatter is fairly constant. Mayfield is often portrayed as a more attractive option and some have suggested he should be acquired.

All of this kind of defeats the point though.

The brutal reality is this — the Seahawks don’t need an upgrade in 2022.

Sure — Pete Carroll will talk endlessly about competing. He refuses to use the word ‘rebuild’ despite the fact the Seahawks are, you know, rebuilding.

There are a couple of things to remember though that are pretty important and often seem to be ignored in the quarterback debate.

1. It’s mostly irrelevant who plays QB for the Seahawks in 2022. The roster isn’t remotely close to being a contender. This is a year to blood youngsters, take your lumps and set up the future. The best case scenario in terms of ‘success’ is they win a few close games and maybe sneak into the playoffs, given nearly half of the NFL qualifies for the post-season these days. They won’t make any noise in the playoffs, however, and this would only serve to spoil their draft position. Whether you win four games or eight games — the end result is still going to be the same. You won’t win the Super Bowl and you’ll still need to draft a quarterback next year.

2. It’s possible to do all of the things Carroll preaches — compete, buy-in, try to win every game — without necessarily having the optimal quarterback situation. Essentially, you can create the classic Carroll setup and also accept this season for what it is. Look at the way Seattle played in Pittsburgh last season. They fought, scrapped and played Carroll football but still ultimately lost because Geno Smith was playing quarterback. A season of those types of games in 2022 isn’t a problem. It could enable you to produce an identity, direction and still afford an opportunity to draft your quarterback of the future next April.

We need to stop viewing the 2022 season as anything other than a shot to nothing. It’s a free-hit. A chance for players on the roster to raise their arm and say ‘I deserve to be a part of the future’. It’s a development opportunity. A glorious chance to get back to the roots of Carroll’s philosophy, as he desires.

It’s not about winning and losing. Not really.

And just because the energetic Head Coach would never admit that publicly — it doesn’t make it any less true.

I think most people appreciate this — but as noted, there’s a section of fans and media that seem intent on wishing a quarterback upgrade into reality.

Here’s the stark reality of Seattle’s situation. In 12 months time they need to have a young quarterback they can build around as a priority. Therefore, the best thing that can happen this year is to make that as easy as possible.

Sure — if they win seven or eight games instead of four or five, it won’t be a disaster. They have the draft stock to trade up if needed to get a quarterback.

Yet if they can get their guy without having to do that — that’s the ideal situation. A bit of short term pain for long term gain will benefit this team.

Clamouring for Mayfield simply because he’s a bit better than Smith and Lock is pointless. I am not against adding him but it has to be the right situation. The Seahawks, fortunately, seem to view things the same way. They will reportedly only add Mayfield if he’s cut — meaning they can pay him a minimal amount and just throw him into the competition.

Why not? That’s a no-lose situation really. You get a look at him with no real commitment.

If it doesn’t happen — so what? Who cares?

The idea of watching 17 games of Smith and/or Lock might induce a few headaches. But that’s where this team is now. It’s a ‘take it on the chin’ situation. This is a year to endure, I’m afraid.

Comfort yourself by watching college football and the draft eligible quarterbacks. Get your enjoyment where you can. There might not be much happiness in Lumen Field this season.

That’s fine though. It’s all a means to an end.

Geno Smith and Drew Lock are just the middle men between Russell Wilson and the next guy. Whether that’s Will Levis, Tyler Van Dyke, Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud or someone else.

ESPN recently projected the entire 2022 season and gave Seattle the #3 and #21 overall picks in 2023. I’d snatch your hands off for that right now.

This is a process that will take some time. It doesn’t have to be years and years of rebuilding. I’d argue it’s more likely to be years and years, though, if you delay being in the best possible position to draft a talented quarterback.

So please — let’s embrace a year of Geno and Drew. Let them get on with it.

The Seahawks are not going to be winners in 2022. Let’s acknowledge that, understand what this year is and dream of happier times ahead.

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  1. Alex Higgins

    I don’t expect the Seahawks to be horrible — unless Geno is a disaster. And I wouldn’t bet on that. They will win about 6 games.
    I can’t bring myself to root for a disastrous season because that will probably mean a few things:
    Cody Barton is terrible.
    Our cornerbacks are terrible.
    The offensive line is terrible.
    If that is true, then we need more than high draft picks. That means we don’t know what we’re doing and need a new GM and coach. I am rooting hard against that. In other words, I’m a Seahawks fan.

    • Rob Staton

      I think we’ll be pretty rubbish personally. But I also think a favourable schedule could mean they win 6-7 games (even if I would put money on five being the number).

      • Jared K.

        Quarterback aside….we look pretty good.

        We’ve got great receivers, great running backs, great tight ends, and arguably a better offensive line.

        We’ve got a new scheme on defense with some good looking cornerbacks, two great safeties, good DTs, promising pass rushers. Brooks will hold down linebacker. Cody looked decent last year.

        People are going to be surprised. And I’m saying it now – Seattle is going to whip the Broncos in the first game. Just watch.

        • Rob Staton

          People who talk themselves into believing this are just going to end up disappointed and complaining when the inevitable happens

  2. DAWGFan

    I think they will likely draft in the top 10, though not necessarily in the top 5. I also do not think the projections I have seen for Denver to be very accurate. They are the 3rd best team in their division and look like a 9-8 team. But what in the unlikely situation where Lock looks very good and the Hawks go 8-9 with him as the starting QB? Do the Hawks build around him? Draft Jalen Carter and Noah Sewell to infuse both talent and youth on the D line and LB. This would seem to be the ideal Carroll scenario.

    • Rob Staton

      No thanks to another high LB pick

      • DAWGFan

        I was going to mention Ringo instead of Sewell but really like what the Hawks did at the DB position. My biggest concern at LB is moving to the 3/4 and really having only Brooks and a bunch of ????.

        • Thomas Wells

          MLB in a 3-4 isn’t a place to allocate significant draft capital. Run stopping linebackers are a dime a dozen. The 2 OLB are the money linebacker positions in this scheme. They provide your pass rush. And with Taylor, nwosu, mafe, Robinson, and smith they have a fairly deep group.

          • DAWGFan

            Deep but completely unproven, that is the reason for the ???. IDK about a dime a dozen, looking back on the 2012 draft BWagz should of been a top 5 pick. I do not like minimizing due to position. If you feel they are an All-Pro caliber player you pick them wherever you can, RB may be the only exception to that rule.

            • Thomas Wells

              Fair enough on the unproven point. If Taylor doesn’t take a step forward, mafe turns out to be a dud, nwosu is underwhelming, and the coaching staff continues to inexplicably bury smith on the depth chart, then I wouldn’t object to investing more capital in the pass rush. But ill be disappointed if we spend one of our two first rounders on a second MLB in a 3-4. If you could guarantee the second coming of Bobby Wagner I’d make an exception. But there are no sure fire all pros in any draft.

              Positional value matters. This defense declined because the team invested too heavily in non premium positions. We paid an aging MLB and a middling strong safety each 18 million last year. The rams highest paid players on defense were shutdown CB and the a unicorn game wrecking pass-rushing DT who just happens to be the best player in football. That’s how you do it

              • DAWGFan

                I feel more that the team reached for positions as opposed to especially in 2019 with Collier, Barton, and Jennings. 2018 with Penny and Green. 2017 in McDowell(when we could of had Budda and ET was starting to fade), Pocic, Hill, and Darboh. Those picks should of been the backbone of the team and we have received little to no production. The only pick I see that was a non-premium position is Penny at RB. In many of these picks it seems they tried to get too cute and trade down. Thinking they were smarter than everyone else.

                This year they picked best available and it looks to be a very solid draft and they also were able to draft for need.

                Rams have built for now and haven’t had a 1st round pick since 2016 and likely won’t for 8 consecutive years. Not too many teams can find much success in doing that, but kuddos to them.

        • Rob Staton

          Just get a LB then

          There’s no need to invest more high stock in the position

  3. Ashish

    If Geno is QB, he will keep hawks in game which is good for the players to get a game time practice. As Rob correctly mention this team is not going to win SB so if we win 4 or 8 does not matter. Though if we win 4 it will give top 5 draft pick and Geno can help us. No wonder they paid little more in incentive. I feel there is agenda from Brown supporters to get rid of Baker to Hawks similar one where NJ had a success with Adams.

    I know Russ is good but with new team and with good division will not surprise if they miss a playoffs. We have eye on 2nd 1st round too. I wished Broncos vs Rams game was in early schedule.

  4. pdway

    Completely agree w this post.

    I do really hope they end up going w Lock over Geno, if only for the curiosity/entertainment factor – there is at least some small chance we don’t know what Lock can do, whereas we know exactly where Geno’s ceiling is by now.

    For me, it’s a year to (hopefully) watch the defense improve in attitude and performance under the new coaching group, whether Brooks take a step forward as a leader of the D, and see if Taylor/Nwosu/Mafe can be a decent pass rush group.

    • Rob Staton

      Geno is an ugly mix of a known quantity who is a proven bad player who is also, sadly, very boring to watch.

      At least there’s a curiosity factor with Lock.

      • Jeff

        I have the exact same thought. I respect that Pete’s philosophy is all about competing and letting the best player earn the right to play—but I feel like it would be institutional malpractice to run out Geno Smith at QB. As you said, he’s a known (bad-to-mediocre) quantity. We know what he is, and he isn’t getting us where we want to go. Even if he’s a game or two better than Drew Lock, that doesn’t help us this year. They HAVE to give Lock a chance to play this year. Who knows? Maybe something clicks for him. Or maybe not, but either way, this is the year to give it a shot. They will need an answer on Lock before next year’s draft. This year, it’s a no-lose situation. Either Lock helps the team lose games and get a great draft pick, or he’s a diamond in the rough. But we know this much: He’s not Geno.

        • Rob Staton


  5. Greg

    “ ESPN recently projected the entire 2022 season and gave Seattle the #3 and #21 overall picks in 2023”
    Guess they’re really down on Denver’s chances this year then 😉

  6. AlaskaHawk

    Just finished reading the latest on Pete Carroll’s quarterback comments. I get the feeling that he is really hoping that Drew Lock will become a decent quarterback. Based on past performance it could happen. Was he ever given a fair shot as a starter? Between injuries and other issues, perhaps not. I get the feeling this is his best chance to become a starter. Of course it’s Geno Smith’s last chance too.

    Anyway I think Pete is hoping Lock surprises everyone.

    Either way, I still want to see what Pete can do with a quarterback that can make all the throws and make them on time.

  7. Jed Simon

    Rob, please don’t snatch my hands off for 2023’s #3 and #21. I’ve quaffed the panacea of next year’s draft enough times to have developed a keen revulsion toward that characteristically rancid and lingering aftertaste. Having that much draft capital would be great — obviously — and particularly so given that perhaps two or three (not six or seven) legitimately championship-caliber quarterback prospects are setting up to be on the board. But remember what it means for a team to have earned a top three pick with its native selection: that its roster is all but hopelessly substandard, blooded youngsters and all, and that it still remains multiple drafts away from even approaching mediocrity. A couple of anomalously abrupt turnarounds have been posted in recent years, but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking the Hawks can predictably replicate these exceptions. If PCJS lose so many games in 2022 that they win, say, Will Levis in 2023, their long-term prospects would likely prove little different than that of any other perennially irrelevant franchise. Need I recount the lengthy list of premier quarterback prospects who have seen their careers die on the vine upon being drafted by loser franchises. As with the 2010 season, Pete Carroll in 2022 must find a way to avoid racking up too many losses and, thus, shattering his team’s competitive identity — next year’s draft positioning be damned.

    • Rob Staton

      Well it took the Cincinnati Bengals two years to go from #1 overall pick to the Super Bowl.

      The Bengals.

      So I’m not too worried about picking #3 overall.

      • Jed Simon

        Ouch, using an exception to base an expectation. That’s a bad look, argumentatively. Again, “A couple of anomalously abrupt turnarounds have been posted in recent years, but let’s not fool ourselves into thinking the Hawks can predictably replicate these exceptions.” But you know what? I haven’t heard a single person agree with my position. Indeed, groupthink overwhelmingly appears to be on your side — for whatever that might be worth.

        • Thomas Wells

          Your post presupposes that one rough season in a rebuilding year puts us in the same boat as “perennially irrelevant” franchises. It’s a curious supposition for a franchise that has the sixth most wins in the league since pete and John came here in 2010.

          Maybe nobody has your opinion because it’s rubbish

        • Rob Staton

          Ouch, using an exception to base an expectation. That’s a bad look, argumentatively.

          And calling someone’s reply a ‘bad look, argumentatively’ is a really douche-y thing to say but there we go.

          But so is claiming that ‘groupthink is on my side’ (thus implying I’m a subscriber to it).

          The fact is the Bengals, a really crappy franchise, went from #1 overall to the Super Bowl in two years.

          Pointing that out as a cause for not wanting to avoid picking #3 overall isn’t latching onto an exception. It’s a perfectly valid counter to what you proposed. A great example to illustrate the point I was making.

          But while we’re at it, here are a few more examples:

          San Francisco drafted #2 overall in 2019. Went to the Super Bowl in 2019.

          Tampa Bay drafted #5 overall in 2019. Went to the Super Bowl in 2020.

          Jacksonville drafted #4 in 2017. Went to the AFC Championship in 2017.

          LA Rams picked #1 in 2016. Went to the Super Bowl in 2018.

          So clearly it’s more than just a couple of examples and picking early in the draft isn’t indicative of a team being unable to progress quickly and become a contender.

          • Micah

            We’ll served, Rob.

          • Justin

            There’s some misinformation in your anomalies. The 2017 Jags drafted 4th, yes, but drafted 3rd & 5th in 2015 and 2016, respectively. They also had a coaching change.

            2016 Rams? 3 picks in the top 15 the previous 2 years.

            Tampa? Tom Brady. They were really only a qb away to begin with, the Seahawks have far more holes.

            This team’s strongest asset is the WR group, and the biggest liability is the coaching staff’s unwillingness to realize that.

            • Rob Staton

              There’s no misinformation at all

              If anything this further proves my point

              A bunch of really, really, really consistently bad teams turned things around quickly and went from picking in the top five to contending within a year or two.

              Tampa acquired a QB and went from awful to elite

              This all perfectly illustrates my argument that there is no reason to fear picking third overall in 2023. The person I was debating with implied it would be a death sentence then claimed the Bengals were a one off. I simply pointed out legit, compelling counters.

              It’s funny really how what I’ve said gets labelled as ‘misinformation’ when you have to do so much bloody hoop jumping to think picking early one year is catastrophic.

  8. cha

    Look at the way Seattle played in Pittsburgh last season. They fought, scrapped and played Carroll football but still ultimately lost because Geno Smith was playing quarterback.

    That game wasn’t that black and white.

    Their game planning was horrific.

    Their-in game decisions were even worse.

    Their ‘best in the nation’ $70m acquisition had a horrible game.

    It was Geno’s first start in years. And they sent him into the game with one hand tied behind his back.

    I’d argue the same for the New Orleans game.

    I wouldn’t ever, ever count on Geno to be my starting QB if I was serious about succeeding in the NFL, but this coaching staff was absolutely horrid last year.

    It’s great to see them see the light on RW and Bobby Wagner and Ken Norton. But they need to continue that with seeing the light on their own performance in 2021.

    • Rob Staton

      I think it was that black and white.

      At half-time they adjusted to what is essentially ‘Carroll ball’ and it worked. They ran the ball well and produced results.

      Then just before (and during) overtime, Geno Smith couldn’t lead a drive to win the game and ended up fumbling it away.

      • cha

        They ran the ball 4 times in the first half. That’s not setting Geno up for success.

        Carroll decided to punt twice from inside the Pittsburgh 40 when Myers was hitting from 55-56 in warmups and their RBs were getting 5 yards per carry.

        The defensive staff had Benson Mayowa cover Najee Harris.

        They schemed up one hit and no sacks on Roethlisberger.

        That game was a master class in bad decisions.

        Sure Geno could’ve saved them from it, but that’s asking a lot.

        • Rob Staton

          They ran the ball 4 times in the first half. That’s not setting Geno up for success.

          But I’m not talking about the first half. You’re getting caught up on the totality of the game. As I said, ‘At half-time they adjusted to what is essentially ‘Carroll ball’ and it worked. They ran the ball well and produced results.’

          • cha

            Eh, I guess so. It’s hard for me to fault Geno for that one though.

            He led them on a 50 yard drive in 90 seconds for a FG as time expired.

            And if 9 nine dumb/unfortunate Seahawks things don’t happen, that drive is the game-winner.

    • Big Mike

      If their (lack of) approach to the DK contract situation is any kind of indicator, I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one cha. Seeing the light on themselves seems difficult at best.

  9. Kelly

    It’s a dream but if we got the #3 and the a top 15.

    Let’s say the 2 team ahead of us need qbs…

    We take Will Anderson 3rd overall and trade into position for a qb with the 2nd pick. The balls it would take for seahawks to not take a qb at 3 but at least it would be justified by taking a true game wrecker.

  10. no frickin clue

    I can’t disagree with this post. It does make me wonder, though, why Pete continues to act like they’re contenders this year. I think it’s one of two things:

    1. Pete is just a politician. And the political playbook is to always say things are great (unless you’re not in power, in which case, things are always terrible).

    2. Pete is just wired to be an optimist. He really believes, every year, that they’ve got a great shot this year. Always glass half full.

    In other words, he’s either disingenuous, or deluded. I would prefer to think deluded, but just don’t know.

    • Rob Staton

      Carroll will never say anything different

      He’d talk about competing if he had Danny DeVito at quarterback

      • stregatto

        Visions of your post on why Danny DeVito won’t throw over the middle..

  11. Big Mike

    Don’t forget we’re likely going to have rookies start at both Tackle positions. While I was excited for them being drafted, there will be growing pains which will mean at best a spotty run game and likely tough sledding in passing situations. Because of that, if I were Mayfield I wouldn’t even consider Seattle.

  12. Chavac

    If Geno/Lock/Mayfield suck then you’re right back where you started and are drafting a QB high.

    If you win 7-9 games and sneak into the post-season, are you really going to draft a QB next year? Didn’t RW basically get 8 wins on an equally untalented roster last year? I think if you play that well you just draft for defensive studs next year and win games. Getting a franchise QB in the top 10 is, statistically, an expensive shot at less than a coin flip odds. Do you really want to go to that well if you don’t have to? I like shiny new expensive things too, and I’m probably in the tank-for-it crowd, but I think there’s a reasonable argument against it as well.

    • Rob Staton

      Drafting a talented quarterback early isn’t merely getting a shiny new expensive thing.

      It’s adding a talented player at a really important position.

      Nobody’s arguing the player you take is a cast-iron lock to work out.

      But that player will be a better bet than the trio you named, having acquired a 7-win season. And I’ve watched the QB’s eligible for next year and I say with confidence that yes, I’d be prepared to draft a QB third overall based on the information available to us today.

  13. NickW

    I am strangely at peace with this coming season. I am looking forward to seeing actual competition again. I am looking forward to seeing a different qb play style. I am hoping to see more under center snaps, more short to intermediate throws based on timing routes. The stuff Wilson couldnt/didnt do much. I am looking forward to not watching Wilson age and thinking he could still spin out of sacks, which instead lead him to spin into the waiting arms of a defender 20-30 yards behind the los. I am looking forward to seeing the youngsters competing for playing time, competing for starter snaps. I want to see hungry players again. I think we will see some of that this year. I think we will see improvements even though the record will not show it. I also strangely dont think the hawks will do any worse than a 7 win season. And I could see them shocking people and getting up to 9 wins. Maybe I am too optomistic. Or maybe I am just looking forward to a different way of losing.

    • Rob Staton

      I am strangely at peace with this coming season.

      100% same

      • pdway

        same here. There’s been such pressure to ‘win during our HOF QB’s window’, and I’m not saying it wasn’t legitimate, but, along w the “Russell wants to leave” narrative – it created a certain set-up for disappointment and stress.

        that pressure feels release valved away this year. of course, it will be replaced by a different type of agitation if we don’t get back to relevancy, but not in ’22 at least.

  14. 509 Chris

    There’s been a lot of talk about the cap recently. Here’s a cool snippet from McAfee about how the rams constantly sign all their guys. While they have made smart moves and aggressive trades, an owner that isn’t afraid to spend money helps. I would like to say I don’t think the state of the Seahawks potential sale or the trust is hampering us from making moves. While J Allen has a fiduciary duty to protect the trust, the entire salary cap isn’t even 10% of the value of the trust.

  15. Old but Slow

    My naivete aside, I would like to see the offense do some work with formations. It seemed to me last season that it was possible to predict what play we would run by the formation. It would seem wise to be running a variety of plays from the same formation, so that no matter what the play looks like before the snap, it can still be anything.

    Deception is a good asset, and can turn ordinary plays into impact.

    Or maybe they are already doing that, and are just bad at it.

  16. Jordan

    Agreed on all counts.

    It isn’t about W’s and L’s in 2022. Unless Lock takes an unexpected star turn.

    It’s about positive developments with Cross, Lucas, Walker, Fant, Eskridge, Taylor, Mafe, Nwosu, Brooks, some young CBs.

    It is about being excited about the situation you have ready for the arrival of your 2023 QB. Similar to how Russ was set up for success upon his arrival with Okun, Unger, Baldwin, Tate, Rice, Miller, Lynch already in place.

    Let Cross, Lucas, Walker in pass pro take their lumps and get their seasoning with Geno or Lock being sacrificed to their inexperience.

    • cha

      I’d argue it’s just as much about Pete Carroll and John Schneider getting back to what they do best.

      The reset doesn’t just start with on-field personnel.

  17. CaptainJack

    Sounds like Chris Carson is going to remain a seahawk this season… awkward situation at this point

    • Rob Staton

      We’ll see

      • CaptainJack

        I want Walker to take off and have a rookie of the year caliber season. At least that’s best case scenario. Penny can spell him for a few games.

        Homer and Dallas should continue to be third down role players. Hopefully they improve somewhat at that this year.

        Don’t see where Carson fits in anymore. Only so many snaps.

    • Roy Batty

      I don’t see him playing another down as a Hawk. If they’re lucky, he clears a physical and can be traded to an RB-needy team. A team who’s RB room looks like the Seahawk’s has for so many years.

      As long as Penny and Walker get through camp healthy, Chris Carson will be on another team the first game of the season.

    • TJ

      Watching KING-5 and Paul Silvi just reported that Carroll “has hinted that Carson has played his last snap as a Seahawk” due to his neck injury. I think the key word is “hinted.” The nature of his injury and surgery complicates things; much riskier than trying to return from a knee or shoulder injury. I have my doubts that he plays again.

  18. Happy Hawk

    I agree 100% with the content of this article. Rob is right on. I am also at peace with this season. The ESPN computer model has the Hawks roster at the bottom of the league as it is currently constructed and has them winning 4-5 games which i also think is accurate. Whether it is “letting the season play out”, “competing hard and coming up short”, or “tanking” it all works out the same = low finish and high draft picks. Develop our young players, let our new coaches get in sync with their new systems, create positive cap space, and reestablish our identity and culture then add a stud QB. Drafting the right QB will be critical! Then the Hawks can rebound quickly under a last place schedule back to the playoffs in 2 years. It can be done and it has been proven to be done many times. The only thing I am really uptight about is the 1st game – do i want the Hawks to beat the Wilson led Broncos on Monday night which gives the Hawks one more win – or lose and give Denver one more win. Glad your back Rob. Thanks for the first class content!!

    • Jake

      Win or lose the first game and both results help and hurt as we own ours and there first and 2nd round pick. So rest easy that a win doesnt really hurt us.

  19. Tyler A Jorgensen

    “The idea of watching 17 games of Smith and/or Lock might induce a few headaches. But that’s where this team is now. It’s a ‘take it on the chin’ situation. This is a year to endure, I’m afraid.”

    I don’t disagree with this, but it definitely suck as I pay 3800 for season tickets.

    Expensive headaches. Really expensive.

    • Rob Staton


      But the hope has to be that retaining them will pay dividends down the line

      • samprassultanofswat

        To be honest. I am hoping that Drew Lock wins the QB battle. I don’t think I can stomach watching Geno Smith. Especially after what happened to him right after the season was over. Drunken driving. Smith got arrested. Got abusive and threatened people. Can’t stomach the guy being our QB.

        • cha

          Gregg Bell asked him what happened that night and he shrugged it off. Really would have liked to hear a follow up.

    • AlaskaHawk

      Let’s turn those frowns upside down. We are going to watch 17 games of Penny and Walker shoving the ball down our opponents throats!

  20. Joshua Smith

    Thank you for writing this article! More Seahawks fans need to understand this.
    Anyone freaking out that the Seahawks dont have a QB this year doesn’t understand the situation.
    Geno is a decent backup to have but we know what he is.
    Lock has some potential upside (I say with trepidation) but you never know…
    We aren’t going to win the SB this year. We ARE going to watch young players hopefully grow into solid starters.
    And lose several games in the process.
    One benefit is that all the fair weather fans are bailing on season tickets so the stars may align for me to get season tickets this year 🤞

  21. Forrest

    If we sign Baker Mayfield and start him, I can’t see us paying him $30 million+/year after this season. He’ll want to get paid and I’m a hard pass on that prospect. So, the best you get is a future 3rd round comp pick. I’d rather use this year to see if Lock can be the QB of the future or if you need to draft that person.

  22. Sea Mode

    I didn’t know the Seahawks and Rams had held a joint practice…


    • Roy Batty

      I still have an image from five years ago showing every single Seahawk lineman on the ground, while the opposing defensive line is surrounding Russ, five yards in the backfield.

      To this day, it still makes me giggle every time I look at it.

  23. cha

    OK this is fantastic


    • Roy Batty

      Tyler Lockett is the current Mr. Seahawk.

      And people wanted to trade him.


  24. Hoggs41

    Id sign up for 3 and 21 in a second. You could possibly draft Will Anderson and still trade up from 21 to say 10 for a QB.

  25. James Z

    I’m OK with the ‘Hawks this season with Geno or Lock at QB, but I’ll be darned if I believe that PC/JS can get it right again no matter which QB they can draft in 2023. I think I will have to wait beyond their tenure to see things really turned around.

  26. GoHawksDani

    Not sure what’s less likely. They having #3 or Denver having #21.
    I doubt DEN will play that good vs a really competetive schedule to be as good. I’d guess they’ll pick between #12-16.
    And I don’t think there aren’t at least 3 teams who are worse and/or have harder schedule than the Hawks. I think the Hawks will pick between #5-9.
    It would be awesome if they’d suck and pick #4 for example and the DEN pick would come at #12. That could mean a QB and another potential blue chip player.
    And I don’t mind a bit starting Geno or Lock. My only question is…should I keep my Gamepass subscription alive or cancel it this year. If they struggle bad with game planning, finding their identity, injuries, etc then it’d suck to pay that much. But if they run well, re-wamp their D#, young guys emerging and playing at least close games that show they only need 1-2 more years and a couple puzzle pieces, I’d happily watch them live even for a decent sum

  27. McZ

    I really struggle to follow the pack on this half-assed rebuild plan. I think, it won’t work. So, let’s get this off-season straight.

    We had one of the worst defenses in 2021, the offense wasn’t able to stay on the field.
    As usual, we have signed some scrap-level players and overpaid on a TE contract.
    Then we sold RW for an apple and a cheesecake. Which btw was a fear I had in the 2020 offseason. In other words, we sold the player being the singlemost important part of keeping the franchise somewhat relevant.
    Full rebuild mode it is, but the HC will tell us they will compete. For what exactly?
    For the return of said trade, we drafted a questionable LT prospect and one of the top RBs in the draft. We can agree, that the run game should be improved. But handing over both tackle spots to rookies won’t work, without a mentor on the team.

    • Rob Staton

      But handing over both tackle spots to rookies won’t work, without a mentor on the team.

      It doesn’t matter

      This is a learning year

      And I’m not sure how the rebuild plan can be called half-assed. They’ve invested in the trenches which is what most of us wanted.

      • Big Mike

        I’ve been extremely critical of PCJS and in no way wanted Russ traded but rather wanted Pete fired. But since this is now where we’re at as fans of the team (and I am first and foremost a Seahawks fan) I’m willing to see how it plays out. Do I have confidence they’ll get this right? I’ll say “incomplete” at this point but I am encouraged by their approach in the draft. I do agree with McZ about FA though. It was crap for the most part. I also agree with cha who has stated that Pete and John need to reset too. Considering what’s going on with DK, I’m not encouraged.
        There’s no question though that the rebuild will depend more than anything else on who is drafted to play QB. Carroll’s late career legacy will be written in large part by the choice that’s made for the position in next year’s draft and the subsequent development of the guy that’s chosen.

    • UkAlex6674

      What’s your definition of won’t work? Or rather what would be your expectation of them to be able to say that worked?

  28. JJ

    I feel like Rob might have to write about 6 more versions of this article before the season starts.

  29. Matt

    Hi Rob – welcome back to the grind. Hope you had fun on your family vacation time.

    Not sure if you saw this clip from Louis Riddick on ESPN – http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=34070743

    In addition to advocating for the Seahawks to sign Jimmy G if he becomes available, he actually seems at least somewhat bullish on what the Seahawks are building, particularly on offense with their weapons and the bookend tackles they drafted. You don’t seem super keen on an immediate QB add but do you agree with his assessment on the Seahawks overall positioning? Thanks.

  30. Scott Crowder

    How exactly are they rebuilding? WR? Not rebuilding there. TE? replaced Everett with Fant, not rebuilding. RB? Added Walker to probably replace Carson. Reloading, but not rebuilding. Safety? Nope, not rebuilding. OL? considering the state of the OL each year since forever, you can’t claim the team is rebuilding or you’d have to say they’ve been rebuilding since 2015. OL is what OL is under Pete Carroll. DL? They’ve been rebuilding that since they stupidly let Clark get away. CB? If they’re rebuilding there now, then what were they doing when the trotted out Tre Flowers?

    This team has been going to the playoffs every year with a similar situation as they have right now. I agree with Pete, they’re not rebuilding. They have way too much talent.

    This talk of rebuild only started the moment Wilson got traded. That didn’t signal a rebuild, it was just a move necessitated by the need to get something for him since they couldn’t pay him down the road.

    • Rob Staton

      I’m going to let someone else counter this…

    • Joshua Smith

      The answer is in your post my friend.
      They traded away their franchise QB who was the only reason they made the playoffs the last several years (sans last year).
      By the logic in your post no NFL team is ever rebuilding. Just reloading every year…
      Except we reloaded at the QB position with bb’s.. 😂

    • Old but Slow

      One way of looking at the talent on a team is to ask these questions: Would this player be a starter on most other teams? Would this player be a reserve player on other teams? Would this player even make some team?

      With that in mind, there seems much room for improvement. In fact it is rather discouraging in regards to our favorite team.

    • Kyle R

      Ummm….the obvious answers is QB. I would also argue going young and taking lumps on the O-line is rebuilding, but one I whole heartedly agree with especially in a year without a young rookie QB or a franchise one.

    • Romeo A57

      This team does not have ” way too much talent” they actually had very little talent which is why the need for the rebuild. People who actually believe that the Seahawks will challenge for a playoff spot this season are on the wrong Meds.

      People should review that NFL Positional Ranking Chart from last week to see how they stack up against other teams.
      I believe that the Seahawks now are very weak at QB, Edge and Secondary( Jamal Adam’s is still on this team). I also believe that the Seahawks are now questionable at RB, OL, LB. That is too many holes in this roster to expect this team to be very competitive.

      “The Rebuild” is about adding young talent to the roster to hope that some of those players can blossom into a solod foundation of good players going forward. You can they bster weak spots through Free Agency.

      • Big Mike

        “People who actually believe that the Seahawks will challenge for a playoff spot this season are on the wrong Meds.”

        Or the right ones 🥴

  31. pdway


    We put any stock into the Jamal part of this? I really lost my hope in him turning it around last year (after hanging onto for the whole 1st season) – but his first three years in the league were so productive and he’s still only 26. Maybe this is cause for a tiny ray of optimism?

    • Ashish

      That is the only hope we can cling on. Hawks supporters will look for new super stars with new team. If that list includes Adams based on performance thats great.

    • Rob Staton

      Nearly everyone ‘feels good’ at this time of year

  32. Big Mike

    Based on the post by Old but Slow up above, who on the Hawks would very likely start for any other team?
    I’ve got:


    Am I missing anyone (sit down Jamal)?

    • Jordan

      In addition to the aforementioned names:

      Penny/Walker (depending on which team); Cross (depending upon which team); Fant (depending upon which team); Brooks (for any team that starts 3 off ball linebackers), Adams.

      • Big Mike

        Cross: disagree cuz rookie. I think you’ll see he has a ways to go once the real games start
        Penny: if healthy, not all teams but more than half. IF healthy and that’s a large IF.
        Walker: too early to tell but the chance is there
        Brooks: yep, scheme dependent but not “any”. I think Seahawk fans overrate him tho he is improving. By the end of the season I might say any team in that scheme if his development continues on an upward trajectory.
        Fant: agree that it depends, but it was “any other team”.
        Adams: absolutely ZERO chance he starts for “any other team”. He has ranked in the mid-60s and mid-50s for all Safeties in the NFL by PFF the last 2 years. The eye test says the same.

  33. pdway

    and Dickson….

  34. Tyler

    For those who missed it, Salk’s interview with KJ Wright this week was excellent.


  35. KD

    Rob, two questions for you, and the rest of the blog for that matter:

    1.) Have you watched Max Johnson (formerly of LSU now with Texas A&M)? I watched his game vs. UCLA, and he certainly has some arm talent for sure, but his accuracy and decision making seem erratic and downright questionable at times. Thoughts on him?

    2.) Depending on the Seahawks draft position in 2023, would you be for or against spending a future 1st rounder to move up to get a QB if Will Anderson were available with their early natural pick? Personally, I’d be 100% for it as long as it doesn’t take 2 future 1st rounders, but that may be the price if enough teams start bidding up the price. In that case, I’d prefer to pass on Anderson and go right for a QB.

  36. Sea Mode

    Oh, what a shocking turn of events: yet another WR about to get paid more than PC/JS wish they would have to pay DK…

    Ian Rapoport

    #Commanders WR Terry McLaurin won’t be at minicamp, source confirms. The two sides will continue discussions to attempt to work out a long-term deal.

    • Big Mike

      PCJS with another dropped ball.

      • Roy Batty

        At this point, they are stuck in neutral.

        DK holds all the cards and is in no rush to sign anything. He can just sit back and pull a Frank Clark. And that worked out quite well for Frank.

        • Austen

          The Hawks really hold the cards here considering if DK is a no show for training camp then he’s under club control for an extra year as an RFA.

          • Rob Staton

            Well, they hold the cards over him grudgingly participating in camp

            DK holds everything else. The receiver market has exploded and the Seahawks don’t have anywhere to go. They either pay him or trade him over the next 10 months

            • Pavlos

              I have a feeling they will use him to trade down in next year’s draft so they can pick up their new quarterback.

  37. AlaskaHawk

    This is a note on the discussion about rebuilds and how many games the Seahawks will win.

    When you look at the overall injury history of the team, 9 starting players are recovering from major injuries, and another 4 players have minor hamstring issues. It would take a miracle for the Seahawks to field all of their starters on game one. The injuries are particularly troubling on defense.


    • cha

      PC made a pretty big public push for the guys to get in shape in the time between now and training camp. Even said they should work together to keep tabs on each other and push each other a bit.

      Connected it to avoiding in-season injuries.

      We’ll see how that goes.

  38. cha

    Adam Schefter
    Two-time Pro-Bowl free agent DE Carlos Dunlap is visiting the Panthers today, per source. Dunlap is from North Charleston, SC, and the Panthers are his hometown team. They need a pass rusher to replace Haason Reddick, who went to the Eagles.

  39. A.J.

    First thing, love your content, Rob. Thanks for the work you do drafting and editing and letting us all enjoy it.

    The point: although I’ve been conditioned to be bear-ish as a Seattle sports fan, the 2022 Seahawks really could win 8 or 9 games with little imagination. They get the likes of the Falcons, Cardinals, Giants, Raiders, Panthers, and Jets at home. Every one of those games is winnable and dare I say only the Raiders have an indisputably competent QB and an offense that expects to travel well. The Lions, Saints, and Chargers are among our road opponents. The Lions need no review.

    Setting aside the AFC West hype which has ballooned to absolutely unsustainable levels – although neither the Raiders or Chargers can be overlooked – these are both franchises that were barely a hair above average last year and the real proof is in the pudding. The 2021 Raiders needed four OT wins to get over .500 and still got blown out in ugly fashion not once but twice by their division rival Chiefs. The new coaching staff is just as likely to be a disaster as it is to be a boon. The 2021 Chargers had objectively bad road losses to the Ravens and Texans and still only finished with a 5-4 home record needing victories against the Browns and Steelers. The Browns and Steelers had very late leads in both games. Although this is a new year and these are new days, Drew Lock is 3-2 against the Chargers (2-2 vs. Herbert) even despite his positively Drew-Lockian stat lines in those games. As an aside, given the realities of that division, I am high on the Broncos and that #21 pick projection is probably too polite to Seahawks fans.

    So, plenty of teams on the 2022 Seahawks’ schedule are as or more flawed than the Seahawks based just on the intel we have today, although a couple have offenses with more theoretical upside given the Seahawks’ QB woes. Doesn’t mean the Seahawks will win all of those games but they very well could. It’s never been sexy (except when it is) but Pete-ball could easily sneak this Seahawks team into the playoffs.

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