Some thoughts on the Russell Wilson to Chicago talk

Yesterday, ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler offered the following report specifically discussing Russell Wilson’s interest in playing for the Chicago Bears:

It’s not immediately clear why this information was made public yesterday. Why, after all, would Wilson’s people want his interest in Chicago clarified in isolation?

Everything that is reported at the moment feels like bargaining through the media. Which, let’s be right, has been the case between the Seahawks and Wilson dating back to his first contract extension in 2014.

This is how Mark Rodgers operates and Seattle’s top brass are seemingly willing to play the game. After all, Michael Silver is extremely connected to the Seahawks and last week he revealed ‘the starting point for negotiations’ was three first round picks. Then this week, he stated the situation was more serious than he initially thought.

The mention of Chicago likely had a purpose. Just as the continued denials from the Seahawks likely have a purpose too. If any journalist rings John Schneider right now, he isn’t going to say anything other than Wilson isn’t for sale. Why? Because there’s zero negotiating advantage in admitting you’re open to a deal.

But there’s enough smoke out there. Silver’s ‘the situation is worse than I previously believed’, Dianna Russini revealing the Seahawks are listening to offers or the big news last week with Mark Rodgers going on the record to Adam Schefter to offer what amounted to a passive aggressive trade request.

Brad Briggs from the Chicago Tribune wrote this today:

The thinking among multiple sources is the Bears have prioritized making a run at Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

So why are the Bears possibly emerging as the most viable option?

First and foremost, there’s a sense of desperation.

GM Ryan Pace is the man who traded up to draft Mitchell Trubisky when he could’ve had Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson. If the Bears have another season like the last two in 2021, there’s a reasonable chance he will be fired.

Matt Nagy, the Head Coach, is in a similar boat.

Compare that to the other three teams. There’s no imminent pressure on Sean Payton or Jon Gruden. In Dallas, Jerry Jones isn’t going to fire himself.

If Pace made a deal for Wilson, he’d go from zero to hero in an instant. Regardless of cost. He would be the man who landed a franchise quarterback, filling a decades long void for fans in Chicago.

The Bears would be competitive in 2021 and both the GM and the Head Coach would benefit greatly.

They’ve been bold and ambitious before. Pace famously traded multiple high picks to the Raiders for Khalil Mack. There’s precedent for big trades and big statement moves within this organisation.

So the motivation is there to do what it takes to make this happen.

People wonder why Wilson would pick Chicago, of all teams. There are actually plenty of reasons.

The Bears were 12-4 in 2018 with Trubisky at quarterback. Last year, as they mixed between Trubisky and Foles, they still made the playoffs and finished 8-8 after a 5-1 start.

Tampa Bay went from 7-9 to Super Bowl Champions after acquiring Tom Brady. With Wilson at quarterback, Chicago would be competitive.

Furthermore, the desperation works in Wilson’s favour. If he can’t persuade Pete Carroll to do what he wants, he’ll surely have no trouble convincing Pace and Nagy to buy in as they try and save their jobs. He’ll get the influence he craves — with the Bears likely basing their model around Brady and the Buccs.

When it comes to legacy, what could be better than succeeding at a storied franchise such as Chicago? In a huge market with plenty of attention and earning power.

In terms of compensation, it could be limitless. Again — this is a GM and Head Coach in self-preservation mode. Having draft picks for the next few years won’t be much use if someone else is using them.

While the Raiders, Cowboys and Saints have reason to have some self-control — the Bears pretty much have to get this done. They’re in ‘name your price’ territory.

Who knows what it could end up being? If Jamal Adams is worth two firsts, a third and a player — a franchise quarterback on a Hall of Fame trajectory could blow that deal out of the water. Three first rounders was the starting point. It could be anything. Use your imagination and then extend your expectations — you’ll probably be close by that point.

So while many people get caught up on Chicago ‘only’ having the #20 pick this year — in this instance quantity could top quality.

The key to any deal, however, is what veterans you acquire on top of any picks. Because quite rightly, people point out that Pete Carroll won’t want to go through a major rebuild as he nears 70-years-old. Any move has to come with a top-level player (or players) going to Seattle so they can try and construct a competitive (albeit different) roster for this year.

The clear and obvious target would be Khalil Mack.

He graded as the NFL’s #1 edge rusher in 2020 according to PFF with an elite grade of 92.5. He has been a consistently brilliant force. Adding him to Seattle’s defense could elevate the entire unit — allowing them to rush more effectively with four defensive linemen.

The Seahawks would have him under contract for the next four years with a salary of $17m in 2021, $12m in 2022 and $17m in 2023/24.

That would be a bargain for one of the best pass rushers in the league.

You could cut Carlos Dunlap, replace him with Mack, and it’d only cost you $3m to upgrade. And you could still re-sign Dunlap at a cheaper cost.

Of course, someone will mention Mack’s dead cap hit.

I’m starting a movement called ‘dead cap hits are overrated’.

When the Eagles can trade Carson Wentz and the Rams can trade Jared Goff and inherit Matt Stafford while being tens of millions over the cap, then it’s pretty clear teams can do whatever they want to manipulate salary.

And as I’ve pointed out a lot this week — Wilson’s dead cap hit is the biggest red herring on the internet at the moment.

Here are the facts on why it isn’t as significant as many will have you believe:

— The Seahawks, if they trade Wilson, would be left with -$500,000 to spend. It’s not a great situation but it’s still better than nine other teams in the NFL including the Saints (-$62m), Rams (-$35m), Eagles (-$34m) and Chiefs (-$22m)

— They would, however, clear $37m off the 2022 salary cap, leaving them with $178m to spend next year. That would be significantly more than any other team in the league. So they would have ample room to restructure or extend contracts this year to lower cap hits to create cap space. If they wanted to borrow $50m of their 2022 cap, they could do it easily. They’d still have a whopping $130m to spend next year

— If they waited 12 months to trade Wilson, it would still cost them $26m. So while many people keep saying ‘next year it’s easier to orchestrate a trade’ — the reality is it would still cost you a lot of money. And if you don’t resolve your issues with Wilson, you’d essentially be saying that $13m is more important to a multi-billion dollar franchise than avoiding a toxic 12 months with Mark Rodgers leaking to the media, the Head Coach and quarterback at odds with each other and the roster potentially splitting as players picked sides

This is why the dead cap hit stuff is massively overrated. It’s a mere inconvenience and not a road block.

When you hear people say a deal this year is impossible — they’re just wrong.

Going back to Mack, his dead cap hit this year is $21.4m. However — if the Seahawks are expected to write that off for Wilson, Chicago should be expected to do the same for Mack. It would also mean the Bears creating $27.1m in cap space next year, giving them $102m to spend in 2022.

So like the Seahawks, the Bears could add Wilson, trade Mack and borrow against the cap next year.

As a reward, they get Wilson at a discount price of $19m in 2021/22 and $22m in 2023.

As you can see, if you’re willing to look beyond one dead-cap hit number, there’s a pathway to this working out for both teams.

The Seahawks might ask for another Chicago player too. Nobody obvious springs to mind. You can list names, of course, and make a case for certain individuals. There’s nobody like Mack though who just stands out as a viable option.

Plenty of people will argue this is a bad deal because you’re not left with a viable starter at quarterback.

Here’s the reality. If you want a legit starting quarterback in 2021, then you need to make it work with Russell Wilson and accept what he is requesting. Otherwise, you have to prepare to go down a different path.

You would have major spending resources to take on a free agency period that is set up to be one of the most intriguing in years. You would also have a war-chest of draft picks.

It’s not unrealistic that you could create a loaded roster with increased talent on both sides of the ball.

And while it’s certainly preferable to have a fantastic quarterback, there are teams who succeed with lesser quarterbacks and extreme talent elsewhere.

After all, the Broncos won a Super Bowl in 2016 playing essentially without a functioning quarterback. Case Keenum took Minnesota to the NFC Championship a year later, where he lost to Nick Foles (who went on to win the Super Bowl). After that, Jared Goff and Jimmy Garoppolo represented the NFC at quarterback in the Super Bowl. Ryan Tannehill reached the AFC Championship in 2019 and Blake Bortles was a few minutes from the Super Bowl in 2017.

Clearly it’s not impossible to succeed without a top-five quarterback.

The Seahawks would need to create competition and a bridge to the future. For me, that would possibly mean signing a seasoned veteran (someone like Alex Smith), adding a younger veteran (Jacoby Brissett? Gardner Minshew?) and then drafting a rookie.

May the best man win. It worked in 2012.

Alternatively you could try and trade for someone like Sam Darnold or maybe even Jordan Love. I wouldn’t want to go big on either player, however. Marcus Mariota would be another option.

Personally, I don’t think Kellen Mond or Davis Mills are that far behind the top quarterbacks in this class. I wrote about both in detail last week. I think there’s a gap between Trevor Lawrence and the rest — and the next tier has a cluster of flawed yet talented players. I would include Mond and Mills within that tier.

I wouldn’t be that opposed to trading down from #20 and taking either with your top pick. You’ve got to buy some lottery tickets if you trade Wilson.

So there are some thoughts on how and why this might end up happening. For more on the situation with Wilson, watch our podcast below:

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  2. cha

    Chicago’s Mack dead cap would only be $21.4m Rob

    His 2021 guaranteed salary ports to the Seahawks in a trade and off the Bears’ books.

    • Rob Staton


      • cha

        >It would also mean the Bears creating $27.1m in cap space next year, giving them $121m to spend in 2022.

        Minus $24m for RW

        Still a lot of room!

  3. TheOtherJordan

    100% spot on. Great post Rob.

    • Rob Staton

      Thank you

  4. Marcus

    The sad thing is that, regardless of their differences, both RW and PC are better off together. However, it seems they’re both fast approaching a point of no return – and might just be there already. Rip the bandaid off. Reap the benefits and deal with the consequences.

    The Seahawks have been stuck in the good-but-not-great zone for some years now. They’ve excited in the regular season and been a downright bore in the post-season. Pull off a trade like this and we’ll certainly have some excitement again. Maybe they’ll get back to the promised land. Maybe they’ll crash and burn. Either way, it’ll be an interesting follow.

    • Rob Staton

      Brandon Marshall said three weeks ago Wilson was seeking the classiest way to get out of Seattle.

      I think his mind was made up a while ago.

      • Marcus


        You mentioned Mond and Mills. Do you see the team double dipping in the QB class if they do indeed trade RW? Are there any QB prospects in the middle or back end of the draft that you like for the Hawks? Are you expanding the players/positions you think the team will pursue in anticipation of more ‘21 draft capital?

        • Rob Staton

          If they get more draft capital — yes I will, for sure.

          I think the QB class falls off a giant cliff after Mond/Mills to be honest.

  5. RipleyRay

    I think this also serves as notice to the Saints, Cowboys and Raiders that if they have interest they need to get serious about their offers. We are going to be best served if someone out there drives up the price Chicago is willing to pay. Like any auction that’s when you have at least two people bidding.

  6. cha

    I’m going to do a John Clayton and just double down on my position hard.

    Mack is the best player available of the 4 pre-selected teams hands down.

    The Seahawks need pass rush badly and he’s productive, durable and has plenty of good seasons left.

    He plays 80-90% of his team’s snaps. None of this mix and match, situational garbage. Plug him in and watch him wreck.

    You don’t have to go into 2021 relying on Darrell Taylor and Alton Robinson to be your premier guys (remember when PC said last summer they both could get 8 sacks in their rookie seasons?).

    Jarran Reed will explode on the interior. Imagine Mack consistently whipping double teams and Reed able to work one on one on every single play.

    If you’re able to get Dunlap on a reduced salary, imagine a Dunlap-Reed-Mack DL with Poona and Mone filling the gaps. Collier, Reed, Taylor and Robinson can save their energy and go all-out when they get their 20 snaps per game.

    Imagine how much pressure that takes off the linebackers. And the safeties. And the corners.

    You can trade Jamal Adams and have a jackpot of draft picks to get your future QB, replenish the OL and get a RB.

    Mack is affordable, since the Bears eat his left over bonus money.

    And – he’s only guaranteed 2021. The three years left on his contract? All non-guaranteed. The annual $5.5m roster bonus? Obviously non-guaranteed. So the Seahawks have all kinds of options.

    They can cut him loose at any point after 2021 with no penalty if he gets seriously hurt or experiences a decline.

    They can rework his contract and free up even more room to build a monster DL in 2022.

    If you MUST trade Russ, and the Bears are on the line, it’s “Khalil Mack is in any package or I’m hanging up.”

    • Rob Staton

      I’m sold

      • Roy Batty

        cha is making me anxious, and i rarely like being anxious. This is that rare moment.

        If Mack stays healthy and produces at near the same pace, his cap hit will be a bargain in 2022 and 2023. When the cap explodes in 2022, FA’s are going to get paid.

        • cha

          I’m just trying to get you to say “I’ve…seen things…you..people…wouldn’t…believe…”

          • Roy Batty

            Gimme a sec, I need to remove a rusty nail in my palm.

    • Scot04

      I’m on board especially if we extend Dunlap and Reed. We would definitely be able to get pressure with 4.
      Yes Cha,
      Give me 2021 picks 21&52, 2022 1st & 2023 1st along with Khalil Mack.
      Trade Adams to Miami for 2021 pick 18 & a 2022 3rd or 4th.
      Seems like most plans with Adams being traded I like.

    • Katal

      Heck, keep Jamal Adams if we get Mack. Our secondary will have feast with how much pressure we’re getting on quarterbacks.

      • DJ Half Way (Sea/PDX)

        I commented on the last post about keeping Adams and nobody replied. I too am interested in considering this. He has one more year on his contract and the franchise tag the following year will be reasonable. If the defense is reloaded he may like the chance to be on what could be the best unit in the NFL.

    • Qoolio

      I’m on board with this vision. To add another step and look at that “jackpot of draft picks”, I assumed an Adams trade for two seconds from Jacksonville (maybe a future third too), a Wagner trade for a third, and a sign and trade for Shaquill for a fourth. Add that to 20 and 52 this year and two future firsts and a future second, and the Hawks can see a first, four seconds, a third, and two fourths this year.

      I used the PFN simulator and traded back five short steps with the #20 and traded back a bit on two of the seconds as well to get:

      #36-Javonte Williams (RB)
      #38- Pat Friermuth (TE)
      #56- Davis Mills (QB)
      #57- D’Ante Smith (OT)
      #58- Tommy Togiai (DT)
      #66- Quinn Meinerz (C)
      #68- Ben Cleveland (OG)
      #92- Benjamin St. Juste (CB)
      #98- Ade Ogundeji (DE)
      #103- Cade Johnson (WR)
      #108- Divine Deablo (S)
      #109- Darius Stills (DL)
      #122- Jermar Jefferson (RB)
      #125- KJ Britt (LB)

      Is this a bit optimistic with some positioning and the number of trades? Perhaps. Does this help me see a decent vision for building the next foundation? Yes.

      • DJ Half Way (Sea/PDX)

        The acquired draft picks seem reasonable. The players you drafted do not. That is a rich haul and I would be excited for only half those names.

        • Qoolio

          I’d agree with that assessment. After the past few drafts, I’d be thrilled with a third of the list, to be honest.

          My goal was to see what the idea of trading back from a first rounder or second rounder received in a deal could look like for draft position.

  7. KG

    Thanks for all of your work and insight Rob. Love reading your stuff.

    One thing that I haven’t heard getting brought up much is the fact that the jets own our 1st next year. Trading Russ away and having such uncertainty at QB could potentially leave us exposed sucking next year, and not reaping the rewards with a high pick. Do you think that plays into the situation at all, and maybe why a trade with someone like the raiders who could offer a stop gap QB could be attractive?

    • Rob Staton

      Not if you acquire a bunch of resource that enables you to build up the roster.

      A great roster won’t suck — even if it doesn’t contend late into the season.

      • DJ Half Way (Sea/PDX)

        Agree. I look at the fact that the Jets own the Seahawks first round pick as yet another guarantee that they will not tank a year. Suffer through a 3-13 season? No Tank you!

  8. DC

    Chicago has had 312 different starting quarterbacks over the Favre-Rodgers era in Green Bay. You bring in Russell Wilson & you achieve instant legendary status. This is a franchise in a terrible qb drought exacerbated by the incredible success of their neighbors to the north.

    If we do this then my master plan remains to complete the offense in the 2021 offseason with a placeholder qb & then trade one of our acquired 1st round picks to GB in 2022 for the sunset years of Aaron Rodgers. Lots would have to go right but I could see another championship as a possibility with Mack, Rodgers & beaucoup picks.

    Chicago would owe us for eternity if we both gave them Russ & then removed Rodgers from the division.

    • Hawk Finn

      LOL, that’s obviously a typo but I’m sure it deals that way to Bears fans!

  9. TheOtherJordan


    Where would you have put Sam Darnold if he was coming out in this QB draft class?

    • Rob Staton

      I’m not sure — I didn’t study Darnold to the max because I wasn’t planning on Seattle drafting a top-five QB in 2018. I watched him and judged him but not enough to rank him in this way

  10. Jordan

    Fantastic read.

    Jaylon Johnson and Cole Kmet come to mind as the other players you would want to ask about on top of draft pick compensation.

    • Sneekes

      I’m with you on Kmet. Prevents John and Pete spending on a vet TE, and doesn’t cost us a pick.

      • Russ

        Por que no los dos?

        Mack, Kmet, Johnson, and 3 Firsts.

  11. Simo

    If Russ is going to be dealt this year, I agree Chicago makes good sense and that Mack absolutely has to be part of the deal! He’s clearly the top player the Hawks could hope to get back!

    But what else is part of the trade package coming back to Seattle? How do they fully tap into the Bears desperation? Does Mack and 3 R1’s and 3 R2’s do it, with all the picks likely coming closer to the end of the rounds than the beginning? Or will it take more picks and players? Maybe ask for their young TE Kmet as well, he seems like a player.

    • Scot04

      2021 picks 21&52, 2022 1st & 2023 1st along with Khalil Mack would be a very good deal. If we get more I’ll do back flips

      • Happy Hawk

        Thats not enough in my opinion. Chicago has never had a first tier QB and hasn’t won anything since 1985. They need to offer more to take our HOF trending QB!

        • Hawkster

          My quick first thought was Mack, Kmet, and, uh , Foles?

    • Rob Staton

      I could see three R1’s, two R2’s and Mack.

      • Trevor

        If the Hawks get offered that they should make the deal.

        • Rushless pass

          In a heartbeat !

      • BruceN

        It would hard to pass this package up even if you never trade a top 5 QB in his prime who is on a team friendly contract. But after looking at CHI a bit more they are in CAP bind too. OL is not great (regardless of the rumors that RW thinks they’re up and coming), their best receiver is a FA and if he gets tagged that would be for $18M. And they have some tough roster decisions they need to make even without trading for Russell. So I’m not sure how they will swing this.

        Unrelated, how come everybody keeps talking about Brady going to Tampa so every QB can follow his path. TB was a great team in a unique situation with a poor turn over machine QB. They had one of the best receiving tandems in the NFL, two good TEs (one got injured), great OL, good RB, a great defense with a very good DL. And they didn’t have to give up any assets to sign Brady. How many teams out have a SB caliber roster, no CAP hell and ready for a QB. You could say NO but that would not be the same after giving up a haul of 3 first round picks, a solid player or two and more picks in later rounds. If Russell was a FA I would agree.

        • Rob Staton

          they have some tough roster decisions they need to make even without trading for Russell. So I’m not sure how they will swing this

          We need to get out of this mentality.

          The Rams just traded Goff’s contract, inherited Stafford’s and they are $34m over the cap.

          The Bears can trade for Wilson. It’s as simple as that.

          how come everybody keeps talking about Brady going to Tampa so every QB can follow his path.

          Because it’s pretty clear Brady’s experience in Tampa Bay is influencing QB’s like Wilson.

  12. Roy Batty

    Draft Williams from UNC, grab a good game manger vet at QB on a one year deal, a small receiver who runs great routes and vacuums up footballs thrown his way, Mack making a dominat Dline, a great LB corp, a really good FS, and a good OL…nah, that can never work.

  13. Katal

    Great write-up. While I would prefer trading with Oakland and getting a solid quarterback in return, there’s no denying that dealing with Chicago has its advantages too.

    It seems like this has to get done before free agency, right? All five teams will want to know the answer to who gets Russell Wilson before opening their wallets for free agents.

    • Rob Staton

      It seems like this has to get done before free agency, right?

      One way or another, yes.

      You either have to be building around Wilson or moving on.

  14. Rob Staton

    Just finished an interview with Payton Turner (DE, Houston).

    Will post next week. Benjamin St Juste coming on Sunday

    • Qoolio

      Alright! I’ve been loving the interviews and I was already high on St. Juste. Can’t wait…

  15. MyChestisBeastMode

    If we replace RW with a stopgap QB, then it has to be someone with potential upside. The best example that comes to mind in Tannehill’s resurgence in Tennessee after a less than stellar run in Miami. So, I set out on a little thought experiment. Indulge me if you will.

    Blind Stats of 2020 QBs who may be potential targets:

    TD:INT ratio/ Yards per pass / QBR

    RW: 3:1 / 7.5 / 105.1

    QB1: 2:1 / 6.9 / 93.5
    QB2: 3.2:1 / 6.9 / 95.9
    QB3: 0.8:1 / 6.3 / 78.5
    QB4: 2:1 / 6.9 / 93.2*
    QB5: 1.6:1 / 7.8 / 95.6
    QB6: 3:1 / 7.9 / 101.4

    Looking at this list: QB6 >>> QB2 > QB5, QB1,QB4, >>>QB3.

    Now, lets remove the blindfold!

    QB1 = Mitchell Trubisky Age 27 (FA)
    QB2 = Gardnew Minshew Age 24 (under contract)
    QB3 = Alex Smith Age 36 (FA)
    QB4 = Jacoby Brissett Age 29 (FA) *Stats from 2019 when he was a starter
    QB5 = Ryan Fitpatrick Age 38 (FA – possibly retired… possibly not)
    QB6 = Derek Carr Age 29 (under contract)

    So, according to this quick thought experiment, Derek Carr would be a more than admirable replacement capable of managing our offense and giving the team a chance to win games. He’s in his prime, contract is fair. I would love that trade + R1x3 with the Raiders (add Mack too!).

    In all honesty, I started this whole thing hoping to make an argument that Mitch Trubisky would make a viable stopgap with potential to take the reins – and still could, potentially. However, I was surprised that Gardner Minshew comped a bit more favorably. Jacoby Brissett is no slouch either. Still, all of these three would be a definite step down from RW (really though, there’s only a couple QBs that aren’t a step down from RW). These three wouldn’t necessarily win us games, but they are likely good enough to not lose them outright. Surround them with a great squad and we’ve got a “Trent Dilfer wins the Super Bowl” kind of lineup with potential for growth into something more.

    A true stopgap would be Fitzmagic, if he was so inclined to lace ’em up for one more season. We could certainly do a lot worse.

    Last, and least, imho, is Alex Smith. Sorry Rob, I’m not on board with him being our stopgap QB. I like him as a person, but in no way want us near his significant injury problem.

    I also looked at Marcus Marriota, Kyle Allen, Andy Dalton, Sam Darnold, Cam Newton, Jameis Winston. Unfortunately, all of their stats are poor in comparison and I’m not an Andy Dalton fan (if there is such a thing at this point in his career). Though, my gut tells me that Darnold and Marriota still have some untapped potential and would be great assets in a QB competition if the price is right.

    • BobbyK

      You can’t coach Marriota to be accurate. He’s one of the most inaccurate QBs I’ve ever seen. If you’re going to go with a guy like that in 2021 – you don’t need Mack in a trade because you’re not winning the Super Bowl anyways. And if you’re not trying to win the Super Bowl – what’s the point?

      Jacoby Brissett?. The Colts have a decent team built to win now, but they signed a dinosaur to start over him last year and don’t want anything to do with him this year because they actually want to compete for a Super Bowl (insert funny Carson Wentz joke here).

      Sure, Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl. That’s an often used comment to reason why loser QBs can have the sun shining on a dogs ass. The LOB was a historically great defense in NFL history. However, if you compare the Ravens defense with Dilfer to any of the great LOB defenses – the LOB essentially sucks in comparison. Differ won a Super Bowl because of a historically great team (defense & special teams).

      I know crap QBs have gotten close the past five years, but they’re isolated instances with no sustained success. There’s no consistently good/great years for them. Just hot seasons or part of a team that got hot (like the Jags had a great defense – who then collapsed against NE late). Just because Bortles almost got to a Super Bowl, nobody wants him. Nobody wants Keenum (he doesn’t even get to a championship game without a miracle).

      Even with a bundle of picks, I do not see Carroll building a historically great team that an average-Joe could lead to a Super Bowl win. Carroll has been too terrible for a half decade now of grading their off-seasons and drafts.

      I know there’s fun scenarios to think of, but the more I read and think – the more I realize most Seahawks fans can’t remember what it was truly like watching the QBs of the late-80s, entire 90s, and early 2000s. I remember what those days are like. That’s what somef fans seem to want back. Heck, the 1992 Seahawks had a great defense led by Tez. They were the 4th ranked defense in the NFL. But the team was 2-14 because they had crap at QB. That team even had a running game. Chris Warren was a stud and had over 1,000 yards rushing and almost 5 yards per carry. He’s one of the most underrated Seahawks in team history. But a good/great RB and great defense couldn’t do jack and it was because QBs can hold entire teams hostage as much as hot/great teams (not good) can prop up bums like Keenum, Borltles, Goff, Jimmy Garbage, in isolated cases.

      About the only QB I could find myself getting behind for ’21 is Carr (because I don’t think he sucks) and Minshew (because I think there’s still potential). I see no potential with guys like Winston, Brissett, Fitzmagic, etc.

      I’m scared to deal a franchise QB. I’m scared to pick an old head coach over a franchise QB. Heck, Tom Flores is going into the Hall of Fame as a head coach this summer. He was the coach of that 1992 Seahawks team with good/great RB and great defense. Pretty sure the QB is more important than the coach. Ask the Patriots now.

      • MyChestIsBeastMode

        I’m not saying they’re all good options, but they are THE options most readily available should RW be traded. I’m glad to see you agree with Carr and Minshew.

        Still, if RW goes to the Bears, or any team not named Raiders then Trubisky and Brissett are FAs and likely our best available options as Carr is nixed with no Wilson trade. I’m with you though – it’s a sobering to see the limited options for life after Wilson.

      • Big Mike

        Yep Bobby, 100% agree. I said the same thing about the Patriots with the GOAT coach (not my GOAT by the way, that would be Lombardi but I digress) and the QB being far more important.

    • Jordan

      Replacing Russ with a stopgap at QB for the 2021 season delivers a hell of first round pick in 2022 to the Jets.

  16. cha

    Today’s bowl of stewed prunes from Clayton

    The Bears might cut right tackle Bobby Massie for cap reasons. Left tackle Charles Leno could be a cap casualty if the Bears acquire a pricey quarterback, too.

    Yes, that’s exactly what the Bears would do. Trade for RW, then immediately cut their starting LT and RT. Makes perfect sense.

    • Rob Staton

      Just surprised he didn’t write Jay Leno

  17. cha

    Just a friendly Public Service Announcement for the community.

    If some rando with a handle of ‘everybodylovesnudez’ claims he has the scoop on a massive Russell Wilson trade, we can discuss it. But first, check your pulse and take a few deep breaths.

    The trolls for this trade are going to be epic. Don’t get sucked in by the ‘Ian Rapaperts’ or ‘Adam Shefters’. Check for the blue check before you lose your mind.

    • Rob Staton

      Wise words

    • Big Mike

      Incarcerated Bob?

      (some folks will get that reference from another site)

      • cha

        Yannick Ngakoue’s social media pic of an airport had people scrambling to match the carpet swatches.

    • Sea Mode

      Get that man on the radio again!

    • Denver Hawker

      Nudez is a legend tho.

  18. Chris J

    Do we want Wilson to go? No of course not, but the inevitable is upon us and for all parties it’s time to move on, end this distraction and give PCJS clarity on the route they want to build moving forward.

    I’ve seen it too many times in pro sport, and the one thing that you can always be sure of is that if a relationship breaks down, it’s never getting repaired and will always be questioned every time something goes wrong – imagine Week 1, RW3 throws a Pick 6 chasing a game, trudges off disconsolately and the media hype how PC won’t let him ‘cook’. That follows you around for the next 16 weeks and becomes the norm distracting from the real game.

    Secondly. Take the deal while you can leverage as much as you can. Another year down the line, who knows what might happen. We’ve been incredibly fortunate with Russ, but the list of ‘what ifs’ start with unthinkable injuries, loss of form, loss of available markets and ultimately a trade that doesn’t provide the capital Seattle needs right now.

    If we can get a deal from Chicago outlined above, go for it. Use the picks wisely (always a concern given recent records) and acquire some talent to start the mini rebuild. We aren’t SB contenders next year with or without Wilson. Pete’s chance to leave a legacy of a multi title winner has long gone. He needs to now leave Seattle with a strong solid base for the next man to take forward.

    • BobbyK

      This will not happen, but it’s still early enough in the off-season where the owner could fire the head coach and keep the franchise QB. Heck, promote the OC who was a head coaching candidate/finalist for an NFL just just two years ago. He has more than enough time to play more to RW’s liking. Let the coach coach and the GM actually be a GM. I think that would be best for 2021. But, again, it won’t happen. Even though there’s a legit case to be made.

  19. cha

    How did no one in the local media report on this?

    This is a big impact of COVID that wasn’t reported on.

    Finney struggled to properly train last offseason in fear of losing a $2 million signing bonus from the Seattle Seahawks due to COVID-19 restrictions on physicals, sources told ESPN.

    Finney couldn’t take his physical until training camp — Seattle’s building temporarily shut down and the team did not permit third-party physicals, which some but not all NFL teams did. So Finney scaled back his workouts to avoid getting hurt and showed up to camp above his normal playing weight of 315 pounds.

    Another free agent signed by Seattle last year confirmed the contractual issue with the physicals was a hurdle.

    “It put a player like him in a bad situation — he literally couldn’t work out to get in shape, and he was in a funk all year because of it,” a source close to Finney with direct knowledge of the situation told ESPN. “This is the one time you can set yourself up for life, and if you tweak your back or do anything, you’re in jeopardy of losing your contract.”

  20. Pran

    If i had to make a guess on why Chicago
    – Big market, Russ was in the neighborhood (in college)
    – Ability reach out to community and become a legend in Chicago
    – NFC North, Easy to deal 4 games with Vikings and Lions. Rodgers on his way out of the division (if not now next season) makes Bears the team to beat in the division. Much better chance of winning division compared to NFC W
    – Offensive minded coach with good D

    • Pob

      Think his brother might live there too

  21. Mike

    I want russ traded, they’ve reached their ceiling with him and he has become increasingly annoying.

    I just think if I’m JS/PC do I want to take a chance to be remembered as the people that traded away a HOF qb in their prime? It’s a very hard trigger to pull and even if it’s inevitable I think they take there time and try to find a replacement before they make a move.

    • Jordan

      I think even if they were to trade him away their legacy is set as the best HC & GM in franchise history and winning a Super Bowl. IMO anyway, that wouldn’t be superseded by trading Russ in terms of what I remember them for.

    • Parker

      I don’t think Pete thinks like that. If it comes down to making concessions to a QB that he may not even think is worth the cost, and doing things the way he believes are best, he’ll go down betting on himself. Schneider, given the fact he was scouting Mahomes and Allen, probably doesn’t think Wilson is the “best to ever do it” QB Wilson thinks he is.

      With Wilson being 33, short, seemingly unable to see the entire field, or read a defense, maybe getting a record haul, building an elite defense, Running game, and plugging in Foles, Keemun, Carr, or Smith level game managing is the way to do it, when you don’t have Brady, or Mahomes. If Rodgers, and Brees can’t win another eating up the cal, why would Wilson at 33 be able to?

      • Mike

        I don’t disagree with you, there are better qbs.

        IMO they should be working on a way to get some draft capital so they can draft a qb this year.

        Trading Wilson next offseason will still net multiple 1st. It doesn’t matter how mad russ is, they can basically force him to play.

        • Scot04

          And if he gets hurt you screwed yourself

          • Mike

            Not even remotely true, dak presscott still has a ton of value right now coming off a serious injury and about to get a huge contract.

  22. Mike

    If I was Colin Kaepernick, I’d be getting into shape right now. Might be his first real opportunity to make a roster.

    • Rob Staton

      He’s done

    • Matt

      He’s had plenty of real opportunities…he decided other stuff was more important than football. That’s totally fine but it’s the choice he made.

      • Mike

        The worst future HOF qb of all time

        • God of Thunder

          Lol that’s absolutely it right there.

          When he comes up in conversations, I back out … unless the speaker knows what the expression “going through his progressions” means. Kap was a very good athletic QB who just got figured out by DCs by year 3? Year 2?

  23. Rob Staton

    Ah, quarterback tape watching.

    How I haven’t really missed you.

    • Cysco


      1. – What range do you see Kellen Mond going in?
      2. – Does he win the starting job in Seattle his rookie year over Alex Smith?


      • TomLPDX

        If you guys think Kellen Mond is going to be your future QB, think again. He needs time to develop as an NFL QB…let him sit a year and grow into it.

  24. Sea Mode

    The thinking among multiple sources is the Bears have prioritized making a run at Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

  25. TomLPDX

    Justin Britt signed with the Texans…good luck, Justin.

  26. ElroyNumbers

    If we are going to trade Wilson to bears I say go for it but build to really compete in say 2022 – 2023
    Trade Wilson for 3 firsts 2 seconds and Mack.
    Mack prolly has about 2 solid years left before he starts to decline. Years before we will be true contenders. Trade him for 2 1sts or something in that range. It will be worth it to other team as his dead cap hit to bears, will give him valuable contract to whatever team he is on.
    Trade adams for 2022 1st and mid round pick. We might not get that much for him in 2021 picks but I bet for 2022 picks we can get that much.
    Trade Bobby for a 2021 or 2022 2nd round pick.
    Yes our 2022 1st round pick that is now the jets will be a likely top 5. But that is sunk cost.
    Cut Dunlap and see what Taylor and Robinson can do. Try to resign Wright to provide leadership to younger guys.
    Side point but I say let’s see if Penny can be the guy this year. I think he can possibly be based on limited action I have seen of him.
    Core pieces on offense would be Metcalf Lockett and Lewis. Maybe one more guy like Penny emerges as pieces to build around.
    On defense you got Reed, Ford, Brooks, Diggs. Maybe a guy like Blair or Taylor emerges as another building block.
    At QB I really like idea of Minshew or Darnold along with a rookie to compete this year for the spot.

    • Ben

      And the Jets get a top 5 draft pick in 2022. All your scenario does is help them.

      • God of Thunder

        Yes. But so what? They aren’t in our division.

        • Ben

          Not in our division?? That’s really shortsighted. When you tank, which is what you’re suggesting in your scenario, the “reward” is a top draft pick. There is no reward with what you’re suggesting.

    • Happy Hawk


  27. no frickin clue

    I see the Hawks getting the following:

    – 1st rd picks in 2021, 2022, 2023
    – 2nd rd picks in 2021, 2022
    – Mack

    and the Bears getting:
    – RW3
    – Collier

    • clbradley17

      I can see us trying to get additonal players too, maybe instead of the 2nd in 2022. Some of the young inexpensive possibilities:
      1. CB Jaylon Johnson – 6’0″ 195, rookie in 2020. Signed through 2023 with a 900k base salary this year. “According to PFF, Johnson allowed five touchdowns and 41 catches in 13 games for an average of 14.3 yards per reception and also ranked sixth among all outside corners in forced incompletion rate (21%). Johnson was one of the best rookie cornerbacks in the league before a shoulder injury sidelined him for the remaining four games of the season.”
      2. RB David Montgomery 5’11” 222, had over 1000 yds. with a 4.3 avg. and 8 TDs in 2020, very good receiver with 54 catches for 400+ yds. with an 8 yd. avg. and 2 TDs. Base salary is 850k this year, 965k in 2022.
      3. TE Cole Kmet 6’6″ 260, rookie in 2020 with 28 rec. for 243 yds. and 2 TDs. Signed through 2023 with a 950k base salary this year.
      4. DT Bilal Nichols 6’3″ 310, will be 25 mid-September. 4.95 40 and 29 bench presses at the 2018 combine. Had 40 tackles, 5 sacks, 16 pressures, 13 QB hits, 7 TFLs and 1 int. in 2020. On last year of his contract at 2.2 base salary. Could be another interior pass rusher to go with Reed (and edges Mack & Dunlap?). Could be awesome!

      According to PFF grades, RB Montgomery was at 80.2 for 2020, DT Nichols was 71.4, TE Kmet was 57.7 and CB Johnson was 54.9. As Rob stated earlier, Mack was #1 out of 109 edge defenders in 2020 with a 92.5 grade.

      • Rob Staton

        I don’t see some of these options as realistic.

        They only drafted Kmet a year ago. Montgomery only jumped a 28.5 inch vertical. And the Bears have to have some players around Wilson. They’re not going to clear out their best young offensive players.

        I’d rather have the R2. The Seahawks have the money to add major talent in FA. Combine that with picks. Get Mack and feel like it’s a job well done.

        One player who I’d love to get as well as Mack is Akiem Hicks but that’s unrealistic I think.

        • clbradley17

          What about keep the 2nd and instead of adding DT Hicks, add DT Nichols at 7 years younger and 8 mil. cheaper. Hicks had more pressures and hits, less sacks, but on about 180 more plays on defense, playing 74% compared to 58% for Nichols. Either one would still rotate with Reed, Ford and Mone.

          • Rob Staton

            Personally I’m not sure they need another DT that badly. If it’s a rotational guy I’d rather just add a cheaper vet or rookie. For me a line with Mack, Reed, Ford and another (Dunlap?) would be really good.

            Nichols is a blossoming player. Good athlete, good production in 2020. I think the Bears would like to keep him if they move Mack.

            • clbradley17

              I would be extremely happy if we got just Mack and a lot of picks for RW. And traded Adams for 2 more high picks. Just really surprised that we’re still in a holding pattern seemingly waiting until FA begins with so much to do as far as extending and possibly trading several players. Which all can be done before FA starts in 10-11 days.

        • Mr. Bitter

          All of this CHI/Wilson trade speculation from the perspective of the Seattle fanbase reads as if getting Khalil Mack as part of any haul for Wilson is a foregone conclusion. What if the Bears don’t want to give up Mack? Is a trade package that doesn’t include Mack essentially a nonstarter?

          I agree that the Bears will be hesitant to trade Kmet. Jimmy Graham may have bought himself another season with the Bears by spearheading the Wilson recruitment to Chicago, but Kmet is the future at TE.

          Let’s say the Bears don’t want to give up Mack; would Akiem Hicks, James Daniels, Jaylon Johnson, ’21 1st and 2nd, ’22 1st and ’23 1st do the trick?

          • Rob Staton

            What if the Bears don’t want to give up Mack?

            Then they get to start Nick Foles next year and the GM/HC get fired.

            • Mr. Bitter

              Fair enough. Hard-line stance. I like it.

            • Mr. Bitter

              You’re right. Pace/Nagy have to acquire Wilson, regardless of cost. If they trot out someone like Mariota, Fitzpatrick, Alex Smith, etc., it’ll just be another in a half-century line of mediocre QBs. Pace and Nagy would be dead men walking in Chicago. Seattle basically has them by the balls.

              • Rob Staton

                Balls… in… a… vice…

                (Of course, Wilson also has our balls in a vice. Ouch.)

            • Mr. Bitter

              Full disclosure: I’m merely a tourist making the rounds on team blogs in search of better clarity as to how the QB dominos may fall this offseason. I have to say, of all the Seattle media sources available, your site has offered the most clarity and has been so consistently ahead of the curve during the Wilson saga that I’m almost embarrassed for the competition. Their coverage of the Wilson trade reports has been something like a husband asking his wife what she’s cooking for dinner as she’s angrily packing her suitcases. It’s bizarre. You are simply much, much better than them at this. Appreciate the content.

              • Rob Staton

                Thank you — that’s nice of you to say

  28. Frank

    Really love the flexibility and cap space that type of move would create, as well as the idea of Mack and Dunlap bookending the dline, with Taylor and Robinson having the ultimate mentors ahead of them. The temptation with a high pick is thinking about being able to get one of the top 4 QB in the class. Certainly enough draft capital could be gained from trading Addams as well to move into top ten territory, if one of the big 4 slide. I can only really imagine Lance sliding, but would you rather take Mills/ Mond plus another late first rounder or a Lance?

  29. charlietheunicorn

    Damn it, I want more coverage of the Jamal Adams fashion coach, not less…!!!!

    • Big Mike

      Seriously, let’s talk about the important stuff. Maybe Gregg Bell will do a piece on him soon since he’s told us there’s nothing to see in the RW trade situation.

  30. SonGoku
    Could this be towards Carroll or Wilson?

    Man, I miss this dude on the field, what a leader.

    • Rob Staton

      Well it’s not about Carroll. I’m not sure it’s about either.

      But I love how one of the repliers thinks he’s talking about the media ‘making up stuff about a Wilson trade’.

      Some fans are so in-denial they might as well visit the Sphinx while they’re there.

      • Big Mike

        “….they might as well visit the Sphinx while they’re there”

        OK that’s damned funny.

  31. UkAlex6674

    I’d be keen to get Cody Whitehair – centre but can play LG. I see Justin Britt has signed with the Texans on a 1year deal. Hope it works out for him.

    • Rob Staton

      Not an option I’m afraid. Quite aside from the O-line being the one area they’re not going to decimate prior to trading for a franchise QB, it would cost them $4m to trade him.

      Expecting them to take a hit on Mack is one thing. We can’t expect them to take a hit on two players.

  32. GoHawksDani

    My proposition:

    CHI gives 3xR1, 2xR2, 2xR3, Mack, Jaylon Johnson, Nick Foles (? maybe as a stopgap?)
    SEA gives Russ

    NO gives Erik McCoy, Ryan Ramczyk, Marshon Lattimore
    SEA gives next year R2, R3 and Brandon Shell

    For the Saints trade: Saints need CAP space. Both Ramczyk and Lattimore has zero dead money and their last year of their contract. They have Ruiz for C and get Shell for RT. SEA would get a good OC, good young RT and one of the best CB. They could extend Ramczyk and Lattimore to reduce first year CAP hit.

    SEA trades Bobby Wagner for someone for an R2 to get CAP space. They draft an LB with that R2

    SEA trades Adams for an early R2 or late R1 (I doubt they’d get more for him)

    SEA drafts an LG, a QB, RB, WR3, S, LB, DT, TE

    Extend Dunlap, Reed, Ryan Neal, Lockett, and anyone who can reduce this year’s CAP space

    Sign Mike Davis


    OL: Brown, rookie, McCoy, Lewis, Ramczyk
    QB: Foles/rookie
    RB: Davis, Penny, rookie
    TE: rookie, Dissly, Parkinson
    WR: DK, Lockett, rookie/Swain

    DL: Mack, Ford, Reed, Dunlap (in rotation: Robinson, Taylor, Collier, Green, Mone, rookie bigger DT)
    LB: Brooks, rookie, Barton/BBK
    CB: Lattimore, Johnson/Reed/rookie, Amadi/rookie/Reed
    S: Diggs, Blair, Neal/rookie

    OL seems great, DL seems great, secondary is awesome
    Weak points: LB, maybe safety, QB

    I’d sign up for this scenario

    • Happy Hawk

      That would get us a 4-6 win season (maybe assuming Foles can even play a whole season) and last in the NFC West. I think I need to get my head around the fact that this train is heading for an epic crash and back to being bottom feeders looking for a starting QB. All this talk about Minshew, Foles, Mariotta, Fitzpatrick, Mills etc. makes me sick. RW was the winningest QB in his first 8 seasons ALLTIME. He never missed a game. Replacing him is not possible so I guess the next best thing is to dump the whole thing – can’t believe it has come to this and ownership and PC are up for a total meltdown and rebuild of the Hawks. At least with Wilson The Hawks always had a chance to win every game.

      • Rob Staton

        They have two choices.

        Make this right (and that will mean huge concessions on the part of Pete Carroll)

        Or trade him.

        • Happy Hawk

          Rob your are 100% right! Just not liking the derailment coming round the bend.

    • Scot04

      They’re not giving up that much. 3 1sts two 2nds and Mack alone would be a big return.

      • Scot04

        Lol. Somehow i missed part of the multiple team trade

  33. SeattleLifer

    I wonder if we could get Roquan Smith from Chicago and send them Wagner and his bloated contract in return? Smith could kind of count as a high pick for the trade and shedding BWagz contract could help as well by off-setting some of the Wilson dead cap.

    • Rob Staton

      I would think that’s very unlikely

      And at the end of the season you’d have to give Roquan Smith a bloated contract too

  34. Rob Staton

    I’m thinking of starting a regular livestream on YouTube (will broadcast on here too) ahead of free agency/draft.

    • SeattleLifer

      That’d be awesome Rob and there’s sure to be plenty that needs covering!

      Kind of amazes me the ground you’ve been covering for a while now, can only say wow and thank you for such consistently great content both written and recorded.

      • Rob Staton

        Thank you

        • Nathanael O Lyon

          Hey Rob,

          Are any of your podcasts available on any podcast websites.

          I don’t often sit down to watch videos but I listen to tons of stuff in the car. Would love to listen to you!

          • Rob Staton

            Apologies — unfortunately not at the moment. During the season we had a fairly small YouTube audience (Approx 1000 viewers) so it hardly felt worth it. Recent videos get about 4000 viewers so I am considering it. But I’m trying to manage my already massive workload on this blog on top of the day job.

            However — if you have bluetooth on your phone you can usually hook-up to your car and listen to YouTube that way. I do it for a few YT based shows/podcasts.

  35. Rob Staton

    I sit down to watch tape.

    Watch a few players.

    Nearly always watch Javonte Williams again as a treat.

    If you want to play like Cleveland, invest in your OL and get Williams.

    • Ukhawk

      Rob. Have you watched JWs tape in the tougher matchups yet like Notre Dame?

      Not personally certain he is a sure thing. Etienne and Harris had far better games vs the Irish but clearly had a better supporting cast.

      Be interested in your take.

      • Ukhawk

        Sure thing to go R1

      • Rob Staton

        Yes, I saw the game live and have re-watched Williams vs Notre Dame since.

        ND smothered UNC in that game. They couldn’t convert a third down in the second half. They got whipped up front. Williams had 11 carries in the game and a chunk of them were short-yardage/goal line.

        To me, North Carolina just got their arses kicked.

        In fairness, I’d have a look at Travis Etienne’s stat line vs Notre Dame in the first game. He had 18 carries for 28 yards. And when Najee Harris played them, Alabama just hammered ND in every phase.

        As for his status — I’ve never said he’s a sure thing for R1 to be fair. I think teams will look at him in the late first. Could he go in round two? Yes absolutely. He’s not lasting to #56 though.

        • Ukhawk


    • Henry Taylor

      Lol I literally do the same.

  36. John_s

    Randy Mueller with a great view of the Hollywood Russell / Seahawks saga

    • John_s

      “ I personally think Wilson was truly frustrated by his teams’ quick exit from the playoffs last year. Pete Carroll clearly got out-coached and out executed in a home playoff loss to the Los Angeles Rams. Let me rephrase that, I think Wilson was genuinely pissed. ”

      “ I might look into these four teams a bit closer to find what Wilson’s agenda might be.

      DALLAS: Big market, a QB of their own who they can’t get on the same page with (so there may be an open chair there), but a team that is never as good as the hype. A defense that was historically bad and an offensive line that, due to retirements and injuries, would really struggle to keep any QB upright. I keep coming back to BIG MARKET.

      CHICAGO: Big market, no QB, decent defense, but a team whose decision-makers are on a one-year reprieve and whose futures are in doubt. The offensive line that might be one of the worst in the whole NFL. Okay, it takes me back to BIG MARKET.

      NEW ORLEANS: Historically good offense. A QB who is retiring. A coach who is known for being one of the best play-callers and game plan designers in the league. A solid defense that is good enough to win with. BUT, it’s also a place that is desperately trying to reduce cap dollars to the tune of almost $100M just to be compliant by March 17. A trade for a $35M a year QB is never gonna happen. I think this team was thrown into the mix to throw the masses off the trail of BIG MARKET.

      LAS VEGAS: I might be a bit cynical here but…. It’s a team with a head coach known for a ready-fire-aim approach, who also has unchecked authority in team building. He has failed miserably (as the GM). This team flat out spent millions to reshape a defense last year, then promptly went backwards in every way. I am going to put this choice in a category and let you connect the dots. HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE.

      When one circles back with regard to all of this, I can’t get this out of my head — BIG MARKETS, BRANDING, LEGACY ”

      • Jordan E

        My legacy, my lehacy, my legacy, my legacy, my legacy… my leagcy – RW3

    • Rob Staton

      This bit really, really resonated with me. It’s exactly how I feel too.

      Carroll has two sons on his staff, as well as 22 assistant coaches. That’s crazy and not the norm, to say the least. He also made the decision to give up two first-round picks for a player whose contract the team does not control. All of this comes with a price and in the current structure, the pushback is minimal. I really think Wilson has tired of the “fun and games”, the happy go lucky, whistle while you work, atmosphere that Carroll has created. Others have as well.

      I don’t agree with his view on Wilson’s approach though. I think, as some have suggested, he simply wants out. For a variety of reasons. But he wants out. And Carroll is the main reason. John Schneider isn’t going to be able to twist Carroll’s arm to completely change the way he operates in order to please Wilson.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I was just reading about filling the coaching positions and didn’t see his sons mentioned. They must be pretty far down in the coaching chain. I guess I don’t see that as an issue.

        • Rob Staton

          That’s because one of his sons has just departed to be the OC in Arizona. The other is the wide receivers coach. That’s hardly far down the coaching chain. And recent reports suggest Nate Carroll has been complaining about his role.

      • John_s

        I really think Wilson has tired of the “fun and games”, the happy go lucky, whistle while you work, atmosphere that Carroll has created.

        Sherman got tired of Carroll’s atmosphere and so did Bennett, to the point of reading books during team meetings.

        I remember someone saying back then that Pete needs to cycle through players like he can in college. Every 4-5 years he needs new players because players will grow tired of his bit

      • Tomas

        And now Pete has Tater’s son, too. Just wonderful.

  37. Sea Mode

    Details on Britt’s deal:

    Ian Rapoport

    The #Texans have signed former #Seahawks center Justin Britt to a 1-year deal worth $3.2 million, source said, with a chance to make $5 million. Britt announced the signing on IG.

    Also, Alex Smith officially released:

    Adam Schefter
    ·Mar 5

    Alex Smith, the Comeback Player of the Year, will not be coming back to Washington. The team officially released him today, making him a free agent and saving the WFT $14.9 million against the cap.

  38. clbradley17

    Bengals just cut OL Finney. Now just restructure/extend Dunlap whether we trade for Mack & picks or not. He made the D better from the 1st week he was here.

  39. Jordan E

    Lets make a deal with N.O. Get 3 1sts 3 2nds & Alvin Kamara.. if we want to feature running game, lets get one of the best in the game

    • Rob Staton

      It’s very unlikely I’m afraid.

      It would cost the Saints $24m. Unlike other teams, they’re already in a cap black hole. They can’t take that on.

      • Jordan E

        Damn. A Kamara move would be nice. Remember… We made the SB with an elite defense and running game… And Game Manager QB. If we can get a haul for Wilson its worth shipping him out.

  40. Sea Mode

    Um, definitely not wind-assisted at all…

    (video of run is in the thread too)

    • Rob Staton

      This is why I hate pro-day forty times.

      Vertical, short shuttle, broad, three cone — fine.

      Forty? No thanks. Not interested.

  41. Sea Mode

    Yo, my guy Amari Rodgers put up 24 on the bench. Built like a RB:

    • Rob Staton

      Impressive player. Has a shot to be good.

    • dcd2

      I’m with you on him Sea Mode.

      It’s amazing to me that TP has him as something like the 27th best WR in this class.

      I’d be pretty excited if he was our WR3.

  42. Sea Mode

    There are some dudes blowing up the jumps though. Anyone looked at this guy?

    Cameron Wolfe

    Iowa WR Brandon Smith has been an early testing star at #HOACombine in SFla. Just broad jumped 136 (11’4) on first try, 135 (11’3) on second try shown below. Both tries would have ranked third among all WRs in 2020 combine. He also put up 22 bench reps yesterday.

  43. Sea Mode

    Mond seems laid back and well-spoken. I like it.

    • Rob Staton

      Great personality. Measured, calm.

      He will go earlier than most of the media thinks.

      Also, apparently it’s ‘draft day every day’ on the Draft Network. They have T-shirts to go with their own ‘personalised logos’ now.

      • AlaskaHawk

        I wouldn’t mind if the Seahawks drafted Mond and gave him a shot. I really enjoyed watching him last season.

  44. Rob Staton

    Random thought…

    Drafts are more fun when there are top-tier interior defensive lineman projected to go in round one.

  45. Sea Mode

    Jim Nagy
    ·Mar 5

    Landon Dickerson plays the center position better than any other OL plays theirs in this draft class. There, I said it.

    • Rob Staton

      Fair comment from Jim.

      The injury issues are the concern with Dickerson. He’s been hurt pretty much every year in his college career. Based on talent, performance, attitude and athleticism he’d be an option to go in the top-25 for sure.

      • Rob Staton

        Scratch that. Top-20.

      • Mick

        He would be my first option for the Seahawks at 56, assuming Javonte Williams isn’t by some miracle available there. If he develops at his potential it’s a steal. If he keeps getting injured, it’s not the first flop ever.

        • Rob Staton

          I doubt he lasts to #56. If he does, it would mean there’s real concern about his durability.

          • Sea Mode

            Like DK you mean…? 😏

            (just messing… I know DK’s was a freak incident while Dickerson’s seems to be a proneness to one injury after another)

            • Rob Staton

              Yeah I think the difference between the two was Metcalf nearly retired and Dickerson has been snake-bit with knee/ankle injuries.

              Plus the league is desperate for good O-liners. Metcalf was part of a loaded WR class.

  46. ABCinco

    If the hawks do end up with Khalil Mack in a RW trade, the NFC West will be absolutely stacked with top pass rushers. Mack, Aaron Donald, Chandler Jones, JJ Watt, Nick Bosa, and LJ Collier. Amazing

    • Sea Mode

      🤣 well played w/Collier!

    • BobbyK

      I actually started laughing at my computer! Well done!

    • DC

      Ohh man, that was awesome. Thanks 😂

    • AlaskaHawk

      Mark my words, Collier will develop into an all pro during the last half year of his rookie contract. Just in time to cash in!

      • Rob Staton

        I’m not sure he’s even capable of making the most of a contract year TBH

  47. cha

    Ian Rapoport
    The #Saints gained even more cap space today, restructuring the contracts of LB Demario Davis and DE Cameron Jordan to create $13,443,750 of cap room, source said. Slowly, but surely…
    7:07 AM · Mar 6, 2021·

  48. Sea Mode

    If anyone finds the full HOA Combine results, please do post a link.

  49. SonGoku

    ‘As a pure, consistent thrower, he’s better than Trevor Lawrence’
    Chris Simms on Kellen Mond via his podcast

    • Rob Staton

      Mond is really good. Better than many in the media think.

      I suspect the narrative will change on him post-Simms.

      • Ryan

        At this point I’m kind of like “Shhhh guys, stop mocking him so high!”

  50. Rob Staton

    Florio’s on the Mack-to-Seattle bandwagon…

    • Sea Mode

      All aboard!!!

  51. OlyHawksfan

    Chicago makes sense if you’re Russ. If he won a ring he would be a god. Talk about legacy. They would build him a statue for sure. He’s already one of the greatest Hawks of all time. If he won a bowl in Chicago he might become the greatest Bear of all time. Hot take I know, but he’d be legendary.

    • Jordan E

      LeGAcYY?? LegACy?

  52. cha

    Scheduling note:

    Both Chicago and New Orleans come to Seattle in 2021 for games.

    • Rob Staton

      A MNF tonking awaits…

  53. cha

    A little bit of traction out there…

    Corbin Smith
    Replying to
    The #Seahawks would only be $2.4 million in the red right now even with Wilson’s cap hit. But it would wipe off $37 million of cap for 2022. Close to $180 million to spend next year and you could move money from this year to next with restructures/extensions.
    8:02 PM · Mar 5, 2021

    Corbin Smith
    Something to keep in mind with Bears/Seahawks possibility… Khalil Mack’s cap hits would be significantly less if traded to Seattle. Carlos Dunlap could be released to open up $14 million immediately.

    Mack cap hits next 3 years if traded: $17 million, $12 million, $17 million.
    8:07 PM · Mar 5, 2021

    • Rob Staton

      So basically everything we’ve been saying and written about…

      • bmseattle

        lol… that’s what I thought when I saw that.
        It’s like he just repeated exactly what you’ve been saying.

        • Rob Staton

          Not a bad little website this…

      • TomLPDX

        Well, at least he is listening to you now. There’s hope for Corbin!

      • SonGoku

        He also traded Bobby Wagner in his new off-season plan/mock draft article. Seems like you really convinced him.

  54. ABCinco

    I know that you can only trade up to three future years of first round picks but do you think that it is possible that the Seahawks and Bears could have an agreement not to announce the trade until draft day? So that the Seahawks would get this years 1st plus the next three years? So 4 1sts total?

    • Rob Staton

      I think it’s unlikely, personally. Because both teams need to be able to build and move on in FA.

  55. Robert Green

    Kellen Mond or Davis Mills can both hand the ball off really well plus a couple of Chicago’s veteran players could be in the mix… Pete should be happy… John Schneider should get more draft capital so he should be happy… And what a windfall for Seattle’s sports media!

  56. Rob Staton

    Please share if you’re on twitter:

    • cha

      Well said

      • Rob Staton

        I think it’s really important to get this message out there.

        • Scot04

          Used it in a couple replys today

          • Rob Staton

            Thanks Scot

  57. cha

    Here’s some quick and dirty math on their cap if a RW/Mack trade were to happen:

    Currently $4.6m of cap room

    Trading RW costs you $7m
    Mack salary costs you $17.2m
    Call the 2021 first round (or trade down and combo picks) an extra $2.5m

    Seahawks are $22.1m over the cap – let’s call it $25m to capture the rest of their draft class.

    How can the Seahawks possibly get their heads above water?

    The Seahawks have $72m dollars of movable cap room in 2021.


    Don’t want to go crazy? Fine. Cut in half and call it $36m

    And that does not include some reworking on Mack’s deal.

    Repeat after me: Trading RW pre-June 1 is not cap crippling.

    This is doable.

  58. Mike

    How pissed off are dk, Jamal, Bobby and other veterans gonna be when Jamies Winston is the starting QB next year 😂😂

    • Rob Staton

      Dunno… maybe they’ll like it??

      Certainly a few former Seahawks didn’t have much time for RW.

  59. Tomas

    An offensive genius Pete Carroll is NOT. Let it go, Pete, give 100% of your energy and attention to the defense. I Remember when he hired Schottenheimer it was said he would hold Russ “accountable,”teach him to stay in the pocket, etc., like Russ was the problem. WTF? It’s crazy, like an authoritarian manager telling the Beatle-era John Lennon “No, no, John, no lead vocals for you … just stick to harmony vocals and that nice rhythm guitar you play. We’ll let you write a few songs now and then, but stick to your role.” Lennon would have rightly said “F-off, you imbecile.” Obviously, my sympathies are wholly with Russ, and I apologize if I’ve offended anyone. I’m especially frustrated today. Cheers.

    • Rob Staton

      John never struck me as the type to say F-off… I think he’d knock over a drum set and storm out of the studio.

      • Tomas

        “Piss-off?” But can certainly envision your storming – off scenario.

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