Some thoughts on Nick Perry & 26 to attend draft

I’m not a huge fan of Nick Perry, but that has more to do with his stock rather than his ability. Before the 2010 college season I thought he could be a possible high pick due to the hype surrounding his recruitment, but a pre-season high ankle sprain curtailed his impact. It put paid to any plans to declare for the 2011 draft and he came back to lead the PAC-12 in sacks last season (9.5 sacks) and his stock appeared to be safely in the region of the second or third round. That was a comfortable grade based on the tape.

Fast forward a few weeks and he enjoys a spectacular combine, leading to the inevitable shift in where he’s being projected. At 271lbs he ran the third fastest forty yard dash among defensive lineman (4.64) and had the best broad and vertical jumps at his position. Perry benched 35 reps too. He looked the part in Indianapolis, leading’s Tony Pauline to note, “Perry turned in a workout for the ages. He was fast, posting 40 times in the low 4.6-second range at 271 pounds. He was strong, completing 35 repetitions on the bench press. Perry was also explosive and touched 38.5 inches in the vertical jump. He later looked incredibly athletic in all position drills. Perry solidified himself as a first-round pick. The question is how early will he be selected during the first 32 choices.”

Suddenly he’s in the top-20 and due to the Carroll connection, he’s a hot tip for the Seahawks. Russ Lande at the Sporting News has Seattle drafting Perry in round oneDane Brugler at CBS Sportsline/NFL Draft Scout also has Perry at #12Danny O’Neil took him for Seattle in the NFL Network’s beat-writers mock draft. There’s some method to the projection – the team needs a pass rusher and will almost certainly draft one in round one. Perry and Carroll have history at USC and Seattle’s coach made a point of naming ‘speed’ and ‘improved pass rush’ as key areas for the off-season.

At the same time, the tape doesn’t always match the athleticism. His display against Washington was impressive, but then there’s tape (see above) where he looks pretty good – but he’s far from great. Adam Schefter was asked about Perry in his most recent mailbag, and why he was falling a little after the combine hype died down. Schefter: “Because his performances in games don’t match up to the combine and workout numbers he puts up, Jay. What’s the old expression from NFL scouts – looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane? Not saying that Perry fits into that category, but I am saying he has worked out better than he has played. He still is expected to go somewhere in the second round, though, and even could creep into the bottom of the first if a team likes him enough.”

I can see where Schefter is coming from, and that’s why I continue to mock him in the middle of the second round. Here’s what I see…

For starters, the guy can bull rush. No problems there. When he lined up against finesse college tackles, he excelled. The Arizona game last year was a good example of this, where Perry dominated the left tackle simply by driving him back with good pad level and consistently getting an inside route. He wasn’t double teamed and the guard didn’t slide over to protect, so he had a constant path to Nick Foles and forced some bad throws early in the game. However, he isn’t likely to have quite that same success against pro-lineman.

As good as his bull rush has been, he’s not an explosive speed rusher. His first-step is just above average. He does have a nice lean round the edge if he can get the initial advantage. He seems to prefer engaging, using his hands before dipping inside. Considering the measurables on show in Indianapolis, you kind of expect to see more in terms of pure speed and burst. Unlike the Upshaw’s and Ingram’s who will play more of a hybrid role in Seattle’s defense, Perry would be more of a pure-pass rusher. He could slot in at the LEO or act as a nickel rusher. If you’re going to draft for that role, there are players (Whitney Mercilus, Vinny Curry) who are superior.

Overall he’s pretty stout and isn’t easy to drive backwards, but he can struggle against double teams and in a crowd versus the run. He won’t be a liability playing the edge especially if he stays at 271lbs, but neither is run defense a major positive. His motor is a little inconsistent and seems to ramp up only when there’s an opportunity. He doesn’t always make that opportunity himself. Against the pass he’ll try things – usually a spin move that needs work. Against the run, he seems to go through the motions a little bit.

Scott Enyeart – USC beat writer – offered some thoughts on Perry in a recent podcast for the Hawk Blogger website:

“Here’s a weird guy. He missed most of 2010, he basically played on one leg when he was playing, he missed a lot of time due to injury. You know, I don’t love Perry. I think he’s been a combine freak but the production on the field, it just hasn’t really matched up to where he’s going to be drafted. He had a good year this year but even then it wasn’t elite production. I think a lot of people are getting wooed by the numbers he put up at the combine and at the pro-day and just measurables and that’s the type of stuff you want, but where he’s going to get drafted I feel like it’ll be a reach. I remember during the fall, talking to people at SC and I was like, ‘so who’s going to leave early’ and they’re like ‘well he (Nick Perry) doesn’t like school so he’s gone’. You knew he was going to go before the season even started. At the time it was like, maybe he can sneak into the first round but then the combine rolls up and he performs like a freak and everyone wants to say the Seahawks are going to take him at #12 or he’s going to go in the top-15 and you know, I don’t see that.”

I like the guy, just not in the first round. If the Seahawks take a slightly different pass rusher in round one, it’s unlikely they’ll return to that area in the second. It’s going to be interesting to see where he eventually falls. There’s a lot of competition in that second tier of pass rushers which includes the likes of Whitney Mercilus, Andre Branch, Vinny Curry, Shea McClellin and Chandler Jones. The sheer potential of Jones, the production of Mercilus, the motor of McClellin – these are things that could put them ahead of Perry. In terms of the Seahawks, it’s also worth noting that Pete Carroll has already passed on some high profile, big-time athletes from USC. So while that might be one of the more logical reasons he could end up in Seattle, it probably won’t be a difference maker unless Carroll just flat out loves his potential.

I still think he’s a solid second or third rounder. Thankfully we’re only two weeks away from finding out whether he will sneak into round one.

26 to attend the draft

Nick Perry will attend the 2012 draft in New York, along with 25 other prospects. Here’s the list in full: Mark Barron, Justin Blackmon, Michael Brockers, Morris Claiborne, Quinton Coples, Fletcher Cox, Coby Fleener, Michael Floyd, Stephon Gilmore, Cordy Glenn, Robert Griffin III, Dont’a Hightower, Stephen Hill, Melvin Ingram, Matt Kalil, Dre Kirkpatrick, Andrew Luck, Shea McClellin, Nick Perry, Dontari Poe, Rueben Randle, Trent Richardson, Devon Still, Ryan Tannehill, Courtney Upshaw and Kendall Wright.

As the draft becomes more of a prime-time event, it’s not surprising to see more of the high profile prospects attending. However, there’s something about seeing ESPN/NFL Network showing a guy on the phone pre-announcement that really takes the excitement out of the draft. It’s time the NFL banned camera’s in the green room, or only showed a prospect’s reaction after the pick is announced. Having the first six picks ruined was always bad enough, having virtually a whole round ruined will be unbearable.


  1. peter

    Thanks for setting this up. I for one am always leary of guys who “blow-up” at the combine. Short of Stephen Hill, where the offense dictated a lot of his production or lack there of…a lack of production just signals what it is, a lack of production.

    9.5 sacks in the Pac-12 isn’t exactly amazing..the Pac 12 still has a ways to go to be a legit force (I’m looking at you Washington, Washington state, Oregon State, UCLA and now CU and CSU) I’m going to lay off the easy “Nick Perry, is Lawrence Jackson” comparison, because they play fairly differently to me…..that said, I wish Draft writers would lay off the easy “USC to the Seahawks connection via Pete Carroll.” It’s too stupid for words and is slowly baring itself to be false.


    On an aside I was reading over at Shutdown corner their players to watch series and they refferenced Andre Branch in their eyes to his logical NFL counterpart, which they say is Jabal SHeard….comparable? I didn’t know two things about Sheard until about a week before last years draft so I’m not familiar with who he was in college….just how he plays now.

  2. Rob

    Peter – I had Sheard as a top-20 prospect last year. His tape blew me away last year and alongside Jimmy Smith I believed he was an opportunity to get an elite prospect at #25. True value. He dropped into round two, and what a steal that was for Cleveland. Loved the guy last year and took a bit of grief for mocking him at #25 several times. I don’t think Branch is worthy of that same grade. I can see why the comparison was made, but it’s one of those ‘we need to think of a guy so people who don’t watch the tape know what to expect’ kind of things. Branch is competitive like Sheard, but he isn’t a.) as good around the edge or b.) as good with his hands or c.) adept at counters. Sheard basically ticked every box last year and while Branch is a R1/2 level pass rusher, he doesn’t carry the same excitement I had for Sheard.

  3. andymuhs

    I think I want Chandler Jones just so I can watch his brother Jon “Bones” Jones raise the 12th man flag… obviously joking but if he has as much athletic upside as his brother than lets do it

  4. Madmark

    Vinny Curry has the greatest potential to come in and challenge Clemens for LEO spot and the patriots think so too hehe.

  5. Madmark

    I really look at USC players because a lot of them was recruited by Pete. Three years in college changes people. Nick Perry 91/2 sacks and provided good against the run , I’d be all for it but he sucks againt the run. No, i have to think about it if he falls to the 3rd. Defiantely not at 43

  6. Madmark

    I thinking Nick should bring his pillow and get some sleep. Those that are on the list to attend will be long gone when Nick gets picked

  7. woofu

    They use the green room camera to get the jump on the selection announced by the commish so as they don’t look clueless like most everyone else. What makes me laugh about it is the folks at home see the phone call as real time. lol

    Heres the real sequence,,

    Hey Mike that last pick by the Browns was interesting, blah, blah, blah.
    Yes, and the reason we thought they might pick that guy was, blah blah, blah.

    (producer to director: “so and so just got the call from the Bucs so it will be the Rb.,,director to green room staff : ” ok guys keep the film rolling untill we cue you after we tell the panel who to expect.)
    (director to the panel: it’s gonna be the Rb to the Bucs)

    Ok Mike who do the Bucs pick next ? Well it could be,,,blah,blah,blah,,,
    ,,,but my choice would be the Rb or maybe, blah,blah,blah.
    Oh look it’s the call to the Rb, why yes it is and don’t we look smart!

    If they can 7 second delay *uck, they can do it to anything.

    Still fun and I’ll watch it with my son like always.

  8. Jon

    nice call Woofu,
    I honestly don’t care all that much about the green room because it shows college athletes crying, and getting nervous when they are not selected by the team they thought would take them, kind of funny. For me it is suspenseful, the suspense just cuts out a couple seconds or a minute before the pick. Also, last year they totally had a player on the phone in the green room, said he was the pick and then it was someone else, kind of funny as well.

  9. CFR

    Leroy Hill resigned on a one year deal. I love it, really makes inside linebacker less of a priority (meaning that the team can feel comfortable grabbing one or two linebackers in any round but the first) and allowing a pass rusher to be drafted in the first

  10. Hawkfaninmt

    I saw it another way CFR. I feel like it makes MLB a bigger priority now that we “only” need a guy that will come in and rush in Red’s place on obvious passing downs…

    Hightower’s odds just went up IMO

  11. Madmark

    I like the Hill and Trufant lots of Depth here. Reminds me of Lawyer Milloy and Kam.

  12. Madmark

    Jared Crick Nebraska DE ill get more.

  13. Michael (CLT)

    Kind of odd, but it seems as if picking in the 20’s is a much better deal than in the teens. So much reaching for fringe talent based on need.

    Is Upshaw really that much better than Shea McClellin? Ah, no. In fact, he has better measurable’s, and is more quick twitch.

    Is Ingram really that much better than Curry (irony moment)? Ah, no.

    Is DeCastro at 20 a crazy good deal for a team… even the overpriced Seattle line? Yeah!

    Is Gilmore really that much more stiff than Sherman and Browner to ride the pine and not be an impact ball hawk? No.

    Are the giants tormented by continually drafting DT/DE every year in round one?
    Ah, no.

    Why are we all so hell bent on Upshaw? If he is so damn good, why wouldn’t a KC team desperate to improve the 26th ranked defense take him “at his natural spot”? Well, they probably will. Otherwise, is the guy really that good?

    Does Miami need pass rush help? Hell yeah. Why is it not Upshaw? Is Ingram really better? No.

    In the end, I see the top 15 picks this year being a colossal bust factory. Aside from Luck, all the rest are forced, even TR. Dude ran behind the best line in college… of course he look good.

    Factory build, group-think inspired picks.

    Shea McClellin.

  14. D

    Re-signing of Hill is huge. Hill is a bit of a loose canon off the field but come game day he’s a three down OLB. Excatly what this team needed. I’d much rather keep him than Heater.

    Now if Flynn becomes a decent to good QB I’d never doubt the FO again.

  15. Chris

    I’m wondering if Perry was at 100% in that game. Against Stanford going against Martin he was playing much faster and with a better motor.

  16. Brian

    Wow. That tape includes some of the most egregious holding I’ve ever seen. Perry had at least 2 sacks taken away due to holds/tackles, and had 1 (or 2?) holding penalties called against.

    He disrupted quite a few plays, and had some nice tipped passes. Also drew some double teams and chips that impacted plays.

    Definitely seems to be not strong against the run, though he’s alright in space.

  17. Hawkfaninmt

    I don’t think I have ever been so blaise about who the Hawks pick in the 1st.

    I know that I want:
    2nd-Nick Perry or Vinny Curry
    3rd- Bruce Irvin
    7th- Edwin Baker

    Other than that, Keuchly, Colpes, Floyd, Decastro, Hightower, Upshaw, Ingram…. They all make sense to me

  18. Scotia Seahawk

    Absolutely agree about the draft being spoiled by pre-pick announcements (from commentators) and guys on phones. The NFL should introduce a rule whereby you can’t contact a player on draft day until after they’re picked. Maybe that messes tapping up UDFAs I don’t know but the draft would be a lot more fun if you didn’t know whose name was about to get called.

  19. James

    I think we have all been taking a hard look at DE’s, since it is such a need for the Seahawks, and most of us have found it very difficult to sort out a pecking order. Perry, Jones, Mercilus, Branch and Curry all seem to have proponents and opponents. Two weeks ago the riser was Curry, last week it was Mercilus, this week it is Jones. Perry had his turn a month ago and I believe Branch was being mocked mid-round before him. I have no idea which one of these guys has the most “violent hands” or best “swim move.” I do know from looking at the videos that they all are very fast, but Mercilus appears to have the quickest get-off and most game speed of the bunch. This seems an ideal situation to trade down 10 spots and pick the best remaining one on your board. For me, Coples is too risky and not a good fit at Leo. Kuechly would be my pick at #12, and hope that one of these DE’s is still there in round two, and if not, go with one of the OLB’s. If the mocks this week are correct that Kuechly will go to KC at #11, then I would go with Mercilus and Kendricks or Wagner round two.

  20. Misfit74

    I am also not a fan of Nick Perry as a first-round prospect. He may have a lot of measurable traits, but I’m not sure he’s anything better than that a guy like Everson Griffen was or even Lawrence Jackson coming out.

    A guy I like in that role better (and better than Vinnie Curry or Mercilus) is Andre Branch.

  21. Leonard

    I like Perry if we trade back some. Even more if Upshaw is gone. To answer Mike(clt), yes Upshaw is that much better than McClellin. Forget the measurables. This is football not track and field. Upshaw is a beast. He has the best combination of strength, leverage, quickness and variety of pass rush moves in this draft. I do like McClellin though. Maybe even more than Perry if we trade back. I think he could play MLB and move to DE on passing downs. Still, Upshaw was the defensive MVP in the national championship game. More than anyone else in this draft he intimidates QB’s and makes the offense account for him.
    All that being said, just let it be anyone but Kuechly. I can’t imagine anyone mocking him in the first has actually seen him play. Please take a minute and check him out. Evev in his highlight videos he doesn’t step up to meet the RB in th hole. He bounces backwards off blocks and rides the ball carriers down 5-10 yards past the line of scrimmage. He also is a poor blitzer who brings nothing the pass rush.

  22. Michael (CLT)

    Man, I hope I am wrong about Upshaw. The love for Upshaw is based on size, and ability to win one-on-one when down and distance provide a mismatch. I have provided details of all of Upshaw’s 2011 sacks below. Alabama played from such a competitive advantage, and there are so many other guys getting sacks in the same game… couple that with a horrific run of QB play at Ole Miss, Tennessee, Kent State, LSU, Florida, and Auburn… and ghesh… I don’t get it.

    A RB in the 2nd round makes Washington and Lynch moot. Difference makers in rounds one and two, not depth.

    Total AL Sacks Sack QTR Score Down and Dist Play Description
    4 Total Sacks QTR 1 14-0 1st and 10 at KENT 21 Spencer Keith sacked by DeQuan Menzie and Courtney Upshaw for a loss of 8 yards to the KntSt 13.
    4 Total Sacks QTR 2 24-10 3rd and 20 at ALA 25 John Brantley sacked by Courtney Upshaw for a loss of 10 yards to the Alab 35.
    5 Total Sacks QTR 3 31-7 1st and 10 at MISS 21 Randall Mackey sacked by Courtney Upshaw for a loss of 6 yards, fumbled, forced by Courtney Upshaw, recovered by Alab Ed Stinson at the Miss 15.
    5 Total Sacks QTR 3 38-7 2nd and 12 at MISS 12 Randall Mackey sacked by Courtney Upshaw for a loss of 9 yards to the Miss 3.
    Unknown QTR ? 37-6 No play by play. He sacked Matt Simms… which is like breathing air
    2 Total Sacks QTR 3 3-3 3rd and 9 at LSU 33 Jordan Jefferson sacked by Courtney Upshaw for a loss of 3 yards to the LSU 30.
    5 Total Sacks QTR 1 0-0 2nd and 7 at ALA 48 Chris Relf sacked by Courtney Upshaw for a loss of 7 yards to the MisSt 45.
    3 Total Sacks QTR 2 21-7 3rd and 4 at AUB 26 Kiehl Frazier sacked by Courtney Upshaw and Jesse Williams for a loss of 6 yards to the Aub 20.
    4 Total Sacks QTR 3 12-0 2nd and 8 at LSU 45 Jordan Jefferson sacked by Courtney Upshaw for a loss of 5 yards to the LSU 40.

  23. MJ

    Does it not matter that Bama went up against the most talented O lines in college football? It’s not like Mercilus or Perry were beating Anthony Munoz on the edge to sack Michael Vick every game. Secondly, Upshaw’s job at Bama wasn’t to “recklessly rush the passer every play.” Saban runs an extremely complex and demanding system that requires high levels of discipline.

    Man, some of you guys focus so much on what a guy can’t do over what they do bring to the table. Some of you should go listen to Schneider’s and Carroll’s interview regarding the draft and scouting. They explicitly state that they focus on the positives and what a player “can do,” over just honing in on the negatives. Let’s not water down this great site by being so negative. The draft is about all the possibilities to make the Seahawks a better football team, so let’s talk about the great things that can happen over all the negative crap and how they might “screw it up.”

    You’d think that one of the better players on the best defense in BCS history might get a little more credit with people on this blog. I am not trying to toot the guys horn, but some of you come across as if your only wish is for him to fail so you can say “I told you so!”

  24. Rob

    MJ – It’s a fair point you make about concentrating on the negatives. Hey – I do it myself. When I reviewed Ryan Tannehill this year, I consistently went back to what I didn’t like to make an argument. It’s second nature when trying to argue a certain point. It is important to be balanced though – and I always touched on the positives and others must do the same for Upshaw. The guy can play. If he goes at #20, people will say fair enough. The media will say it’s a good pick. If he goes at #12, the media will say it’s a reach. Such is the draft and the ridiculous way it’s treated. Upshaw will never be DeMarcus Ware, but one day we might look at a guy and wonder if he’ll be the next Courtney Upshaw in the same way.

  25. Michael (CLT)


    Your argument is sound. I will, if time allots, assess other OLB/DE sack scenarios for a truer assessment.

    Or, ya know, you could too.

  26. Rob

    Can someone explain what the list above proves other than Courtney Upshaw had X amount of sacks last season?

  27. MJ

    Michael CLT – I am not sure what you are asking here. I am just commenting on the negativity. The draft talk is slowly becoming like a political campaign ad. I’d rather us focus on the “opportunities” available for the Seahawks to improve as a football team. It’s more than obvious than Courtney Upshaw is not well liked by many members here. I just want the dialogue to be positive and realistic. We are all guilty of downplaying prospects we don’t like.

  28. Colin

    Essentially, Rob, his argument is that Upshaw was a stud player on a stud defense because of the other 10 guys around him, but Upshaw deserves none of that credit.

    I know. About as assbackwards as you can get.

  29. Michael (CLT)


    Competitive advantage is a huge determinant in ratings in my view. I am not one that agrees that being on a #1 rated defense makes you the #1 player at a position.

    Sacks are #1) hugely overrated. #2) Defined by down and distance. #3) Defined by score and timing. #4) Defined by field position and scheme.

    All I am saying is that Upshaw’s tape does not lie. He is a physical player, who is not quick off the ball, generally makes great plays when he tackles, and whose sack totals are driven by QB’s having to hold the ball longer than a normal NFL player does.

    If Upshaw is played during down and distance and competitive situations with a scheme that supports his lack of quick’s, then he will continue his numbers. That would be great.

    In my amateur status eyes, he is a third round player. A down and distance, situational defensive end. No negativity provided.

    He is a great physical presence. He is not a pass rusher.

    That is all I intend to convey.

    I have attacked no one in my response. I have provided an opinion. Opinions are the basis of this blog.

    I ask you provide me the same respect.

  30. Rob

    It seems like an argument in extremes Michael. ‘Great’ physical presence. ‘Not’ a pass rusher. ‘Third rounder’. I’ve seen a lot of Upshaw tape and to say he’s not a pass rusher is – IMO – a bit like saying Ryan Tannehill isn’t a quarterback. The guy can pass rush. Let’s be fair here. A third rounder? Again, there’s a difference between not wanting a guy at #12 and dumping him a full two rounds lower than a lot of projections and a whole round lower than the weakest grades we see for him. That’s an incredible statement to make and seems a bit OTT.

  31. Michael (CLT)

    Opinion. That is all we are discussing. I am fine with Upshaw at 12. I have no idea if I am right or wrong. Time will tell.

    In fact, it does not matter. It is my position. I enjoy the blog in that I can discuss my opinion. If that is unacceptable, I will take my wares elsewhere.

    I love this blog for its variety. I have no idea if I am right. That said, no one else does either. If we cannot debate, what point is their in the discussion?

    Situational pass rushers go in the third round. That is what I see in Upshaw. Physical, yet limited. Down and distance player. I’m not bashing him, nor your analysis. That is what I see. My statistics try to provide fact to support my position.

    No need for anyone to be defensive… right? It is what it is. If they take Upshaw at 12, I will root like hell for him. That said, I won’t be surprised if he becomes a situational player, and moves on in five years or earlier. An opinion. One of billions.

  32. Madmark

    Charley Casserly has Upshaw going 48, If I go by his draft i can get Dont’a Hightower and Courtney Upshaw . I could only Hope.

  33. Rob

    Michael – Nobody is saying your opinion is unwelcome. But other people want to disagree, and that is allowed too. Whether it’s your opinion or not, you’ve said some pretty out there things and they’re being discussed and yes – challenged. In one breath you say Upshaw isn’t a pass rusher, now he’s a situational pass rusher. A situational pass rusher went 7th overall last year, so you can surely understand why people might challenge your suggestion they go in round three. Relax, dude.

    Madmark – Casserly’s mock was pretty outrageous.

  34. Michael (CLT)

    Thanks Rob. Plenty relaxed. Thanks.

  35. Madmark

    Well i want to say rob i can see Upshaw at 12 he’s on my big board at 14 I keep passing him up because he was always gone in the mockdraft before Free Agency. My question rob, sinceI haven’t seen anything major to change Upshaw status, has FA had that much affect now that he’s drop to us?

  36. genax

    upshaw is boring,conservative pick, and the film shows a player that fits our sheme. according to what i read he’s probably seattle’s pick.

    alabama has a stout dline and its nearly impossible to run up the middle…hawks
    alabama has players that know there areas and coverage and play those spots well… check hawks
    alabama can cover wr’s really really welll…. check umm semi seahawks. no one really know until this next year.

    offenses that played alabama were forced to run towards the strength of upshaw, check.

    upshaws obvious weaknesses

    22 benches? weaksauce
    cover skills? the combine and workout did not reveal much apart from he looked confused at times.
    does he have loose lips? heck no

    despite his weaknesses they can be covered by the rest of the team. there’s only one real concern i have can he play strong against nfl lineman can he turn and take the right angles when rb’s try to turn the corner. can he cover at least a little bit when asked to play coverage.

    i don’t remember if he was invited for a workout. if he was i hope they checked his coverage ability if they plan on using him as a linebacker.

    i think i understand what you are saying rob. however i sort of expect a pick at 12 to be a better than the players following him. when i mean better i mean a player with tremendous upside or superstar potential rather than star potential (upshaw).

    players with a history or risk, a superstar at times or has shown it throughout collegiate level but scares teams for whatever reasons rather than picking a player who fits the scheme.

    i think michael is right in that teams picking later in the draft seem to have the better leverage at least this year especially the defensive line/lb side and if that player isn’t available they can pick up a solid 2nd tier level of de/lb/rb’s.

    if the pick can’t be traded down i think we should consider picking upshaw. we have the type of defense that he can excel in. he’s one of those players that seems to stand out after a few games in him in the likeness of kj, but then again i don’t know how smart the guy is? i hated kj but after half a season i couldn’t help but notice how smart he plays the game.

    after upshaw i think we should consider a pass catching te over a rb. i think in order for our new qb to excel he needs another pass catching te alongside the one we already have.

    rob are there 2nd tier borderline 1st tier te’s that’s available during our draft?

    what do you think rob

  37. Hawkspur

    Genax – I agree, and I would be happy with Upshaw as the pick. Who do you see as having superstar potential that’s going to be drafted after Upshaw? There will be some, granted, but none are nailed on enough for me to want to take them above someone who seems to fit the team’s profile like Upshaw does.

    Also, you mentioned, in passing, trading down. This is something I see many people discussing, and I too think I could be a good idea. However, I’ve looked around quite a few other teams’ forums and I can tell you that every single team’s fans from Jacksonville down to Philadelphia, and maybe beyond, seem to want to trade down. If the FOs have the same opinion then it’s fair to say that this will be a buyers market. It also makes you wonder who, if nobody picking 7-15 likes the players available, will invest multiple picks in the same players.

  38. Rob

    Madmark – I don’t think FA changed much. There’s still a gap for a pure DE and a running back early in this draft.

    genax – It’s a rank bad TE class. Fleener will probably go first round and after that it’s hard to see a player that stands out for Seattle in R1-3. I like Michael Egnew as a possible option.

  39. Misfit74

    I like Dwayne Allen well enough to consider at some point in the draft, but probably no earlier than round 3 or 4 and he’d likely be gone by then.

    I still wonder if we’ll sign Shank eventually.

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